Fan Yun took home the curtains good, again made up the bed lying in bed waiting.

Today Saturday, two daughters today to go home for a week did not meet their asshole presumably also with his second child as hungry now.

Twin daughters Lin child with Juner since the age of twelve he was playing with anal sex stuff. To read the damn live high school has four or five years.

However, who taught her to read so well! A week did not touch them, and today some stimulus.

Door rang, his eyes closed, pretending to be asleep. Suddenly his second child was grabbed.

Juner, how can you be so rude. He complained.

Dad, do you want us?

think! Otherwise, how could there be so crude?

It is to our breasts with the asshole, right?

Do you not want this big root Bang Bang?

Juner side bicker with his father side solution dad’s pants, while the forest child has begun to take off skirt. Lin child edge off the side and said: Dad, we school no water to take a bath today. You either let us take a bath, or give us lick asshole. You choose that?

Fan Yun few naked: his daughter to lick asshole and no big deal. Lin child you go first.

Lin children go to bed his ass in front of his father’s face: just before I come back over the stool, you lick it?

He stuck out his tongue before his daughter’s ass pulled a face go out into the small hole in the middle of the daisy-like lick.

While, on the issue of child enchanted forest moan.

Juner also naked behind his dick into his mouth.

He played a while away tongue, stood up from his knees to let the girls you gotta let him play. Two white and exactly the same tight circle exactly the same exactly the same smooth and delicate exactly the same seductive girl’s ass sixteen presented in his eyes.

He caressed two ass, ass round ass in two, the following is a trace slit the girl’s vagina, although he did not dare to dig into the vagina, but there are two asshole has been enough for him to play a. If it is not his daughter, so how delicate body will let him play?

He clawed asshole forest children wanted to look inside the stamp. Lin Erque cover your ass: Dad, are you okay to poke sister?

He is a bit confusing: how do you not want it?

A week, of course, I want. But I had a bet with my sister, if you are willing to lick my asshole, even if I lose, then let her stamp.

He smiled, put her second child in Juner top of the anus, and then two fingers digging into asshole Lin children: that I tried to get the stamp asshole Juner, poke your finger.

Push back a second daughter into the top Yujing asshole. Second child in and out of tight ass, his hand clinging to the waist Juner the other hand with two fingers caress the butt edge of the forest children kept poking her asshole.

Daughters moan bursts met.

He looked down at his wand in and out of children’s asshole Juner, each time entering, Juner’s ass back over the top, chrysanthemum petals on the ass are brought inside, and while tight squeeze on Yujing slide from the head of the roots, and in front of the anus skin feel smooth and hug, while chrysanthemum extract that were brought out, then squeeze ring anus as if to turn his essence squeezed like. Entered the room to give him an endless pleasure.

Not only that, round ass and slim waist Juner of one after the other, one last look hip wave bursts of ups and downs, and gave him bring visual enjoyment. The edge of the forest Erque his hands as he stroked Gao Qiao bed ass and asshole in the ass in the knead gently shake moan, a pair of breasts gently swaying, seductive can not help but want to bite on it.

The eldest daughter finger in asshole is clearly can feel the contraction of the delicate skin of the anal opening and the inside of Filet. He excitedly thinking: hip milk waves wave, life want anything else. For a while, he changed poke Lin child asshole. Juner but unwilling to let his father touch the ass, got back his father sitting on the bottom of the forest child to his father’s hand on his breast: Come, my father touch my breast.

Fan Yun below poke daughter asshole enjoy anal sex joy, touching breasts above the second daughter of one pair of muddy garden of the soul simply do not know where to fly. His pro-cheek side of his mouth Juner: I do not know what a blessing to repair past life, this life that you have a pair of good daughter with me, make me so happy!

Juner is a um, Lin Eer is in the interface: .. Well .. Of course .. is us .. Filial .. Otherwise, the daughter will follow him .. Dad .. playability Game .. However, if it is .. you are bad .. on us .. child .. I cheated us .. Today we will not. Let you play .. He rubs the big daughter’s ass daughter’s breasts: So you regret it today?

Two daughters answer: don’t regret! In this answer, he shot a semen into the deep eyes of Lin Ber.

Three people cracked together, kissed each other, kissed, stroking. The whole room is full of love. The two daughters looked with the breasts with the breasts in their father and put two thighs with their father’s thighs.

He suddenly felt the roots of the husband of the daughter on the thigh, reached out, and the original daughter had already started happing.

He smiled: you have a long hair. Juner reached out and touched his father’s stick: We have a hair like you.

Lin Ber interface: Dad, we grow up. When did you poke our points, play real sex?

He suddenly had a little ok: We also play very strong, and you are not very happy to poke your eyes? Why do you have to poke it?

Juner took his hand to his point: this is not the same, poke our film, saying that you are real love us, will be responsible to us.

Lin Chi said: We know that you are afraid of incest. But we are really love. If others don’t know, what do we do a three-port yourself.

Jun took a picture: The two of our sisters have been played down, but not only the fart, but you will take this thing in this thing. What are you still hesitating in a hole?

You have to get married in the future. If you give you your husband, you find that you are not a woman. Then I am not hurting you.

The twins smiled in the same sound: we have anywhere in addition to the hole. Moreover, who is now still a woman, even the students in our school secretly do love.

He shakes his head: It’s really unlike, so you will do this.

Lin Ber reached out to scratch his face: Do you swear our ass in our 12-year-old? Still good.

He smiled and shook his head and turned the topic: Who did you go to dinner? Are we hungry?

Lin Ber jumped out of bed and wore clothes: I. Who let me bet it today. You have to endure it, don’t really play at night.

Juner reached out to put his father’s jade stalk in his hand. He asked the buds and ass while you touched: Jun, do you want to stamp your eyes in your school?

Jun was laughing: Of course I want.

then what should we do?

Juner moved his ass to the head of Dad, and his father can touch his father. But it is not addictive. Later, I slept with my sister to a bed, she came to poke me, I came to poke her. Only a thirst is

He hits his daughter’s tits, and he uses his fingers to enter his daughter’s ass: that is pitiful, Dad must compensate you today. Jun generously opened the thigh fork to his father’s mouth: Dad, you have a good job for me. Even if I compensate for me to eat good night, I have the only clothes, the tableware burned a tub, I first Take a shower, come out, and Fan Yun also stick to a piece.

Juner said: I washed, who is you washed?

The father pulled the second daughter: Was us to wash together?

Juner shakes his head: No, you will wait, I will wash it later. When I took a shower, he came to Turkinger’s clothes.

Lin Bedun made him take off his top, peeled down the pants and then touched and kissed on the breast. His hand slipped from the small belly to the genitals, and looked in the part of the grass. From the bathroom from the bathroom, Liner’s virgin is already flooding in the spring tide.

When the father took a shower, Jun gently asked: Sister, do you see if there is a possibility to make your father with us?

Lin Ber is very sure to say: It seems that it is difficult. It is dare to Dad, I have a way to make him nan. Waiting like this ..

After discussing, the two girls smiled. He is just out: What are you laughing? Say me to listen.

Lin Linger laughed: How do we discuss how to die today?

Not welcome. Come, who makes me first stamp your eyes? Jun Children lie down and pulled the two legs to the chest, so that the entire Yin is coming, Dad, you poked me like this.

When he saw, the daughter’s yin is completely exposed to the bluff in the lower abdomen, and a few black inconsishes, the following is a red clitoris, the big lips slightly crackled, commonly known as the pussy If there is a hidden, the lowermost is the rounded farting that they often use by a circle of red wrinkles.

He first touched him on his daughter, and he said to his snap on the top of the jade. My second daughter can be lascivious, and the whole body can play it above.

When I said, I took my jade stem into the little asshole of my daughter.

The ass is still so tight, so smooth. The daughter issued a happiness in his father’s throduction. For a while, Lin Bed pulled his masher from his sister’s asshole, pushing his father, separating his legs, and opened his own ass, putting his father’s mask.

The thick mince stick was frozed in the delicate hole. He looked at his own base. He was swallowed out in his daughter’s ass, his daughter back himself, the girl’s ass is abnormal.

Although I can’t see the whole two semi-bulls, I can’t enjoy the entire buttocks if it is a poker.

Lin Bed began to change the way, no longer purely pushed his meat stick in the asshole, but every time he took his stick away from the ass, then sat down. His feelings of his stick wiped down from the head and squeezed it out of the root.

He is excited to enjoy the most comfortable moment in anal sex.

Suddenly, he felt that the glans were tight, entered a moist and pressing hole. I haven’t waited for him to react, I feel that the glans passed through a film into a cave that I have acquired. It turned out that Lin Bed took his meat stick into his point when he fate.

Lin Ber, you .. Marshal is that the female film is very painful, and Liner has no sound. Turning a look at the Jun, who is smirking, he understands that it is in the circle of two daughters.

Slowly lifting the body, the jade stalk is still inserted in her vagina, with his daughter’s body in front of him. He toughly took out the jade stem, and the hiding room of the house was different from the ass.

Open the daughter’s two pets, the round farthered eyes under the tender red labiely opened a slight, from the middle one blood. Pull open the lips, you caress your pity, why do you have to be affected by this?

Lin Bai said: When you just poked our ass, would we not hurt? Be happy! Don’t eat bitterness?

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