Sixteen years, my father came from the labor reform farm, but we also wear the right hat, so our family followed the rural. At that time, the bottom of the country was called the squad. There was a brigade above, and there was a community above the brigade. The commune was called the county, the city, province …

Our brigade has six squads. Our home is a six team. It is the poorest team of the whole team. The credibility is low, and there are many people who are busy, and there are many money in the team.

There are a lot of old bachelor in our village. The most impressed is a old bachelor called Yin Qing, if I have not remembered, he seems to have been more than forty. The whole day is idle, and the people in the team are called second-flow son. It should be almost like the Zhao Benshan that year, and the farmhouse will not, but the blow will sing a lot.

The most interesting thing is that when the four people help the Spring Festival, when he came to each household earnings, he and a few people showed a program that approximated the play of the northeast, and he played Jiang Qing. After putting two potatoes in the chest, this was very creative in us. I remember that his show is out, and the laughter of the entire production team is constantly.

He has a uncle, who looks a very serious woman. At that time, I just got to school. The woman was very good because of our family’s relationship, because she looked two girls, so I am naughty for me. The boy likes very much.

I remember that something happened in the summer vacation after I was going to school, because the plums of our family were the kind of peach, very sour, we named peach plum. And the plums of her home are the kind of chicken, we call the heart of the heart, very sweet. This Yin Jiazi knows that I like to eat sweet plum, I will tell me when I want to eat myself.

That afternoon, I turned over from the fence of my front yard and took Lizi in the back yard of her home. The plum tree is not high, I went up in three times, I rely on the head of the tree. That location is just seeing the Chaoyang of Yin Jiazi’s family.

I saw the scene that I can’t forget me. Yin Jiazi’s head is on the window sill of the Chaoyang. The body is in the fire, the legs are very big, she is not worn, the white flowers of white flowers and white flowers I have seen it clear.

In her legs, there is a head in a slight draft. At that time, I was born in the countryside, and the rural people were very small, so I also knew that this Yin Jiazi was in the same way. . I am curious, I don’t dare to look, and I watched on the branch.

Because of the problem of distance, I didn’t see what the head is doing in Yin Jiazi’s legs, and I didn’t see who is the head. Because Yin Jiazi is very positive, I thought it was Yin Jiazi and Yin Jia’s big brother.

After a meeting, the head lifted it. It seems that Yin Jiazi said anything. The one was taken off his men from my men and jumped to the front of Yin Jiazi. Yin Jiazi sat up and reached out to hold the body of the man. From me, I can see the martial body of that man. Yin Jiazi took a few hands and looked up and said something to the man. The man nodded, and Yin Jiazi was in his mouth in his mouth.

The man seems very comfortable, shook his head, at this time, I saw that the man is the second-grade Yin Qing, the second-grade of our squad, which makes me surprised, I suddenly remembered that there are many strong labor to send a lot of money, this Yin Home The big brother is very good, and this kind of thing is can’t run. So, Yin Jiazi is not at home, running shoes with his own uncle.

This discovery makes me excited, this kind of thing is the most short topic in our rural parents.

Yin Jiazi sucks Yin Qingzhi, he can’t stand it. He seems to be able to have a big mouth, and Yin Jiazi stops sucking. It seems that the cock seems to have a sentence, then volts are spit on the ground. .

After exhaling, I pointed to Yin Qingzhi’s nose called, I really can’t hear it.

She took the battle, I used my feet to kick Yin Qingzhi, and grabbed his pants to throw it on the ground, and it seems to be here.

Yin Qingzhi fell down in front of Yin Jiazi, and he fought his finger in front of it.

Gradually, Yin Jiazi did not yell. He died with his feet. Yin Qingqi’s cock, his face revealed the ironic smile, did not know what to say, Yin Qing is nodded.

So Yin Jiazi fell to Yin Qingzhi, she fell, and she screamed in his cock.

For a long time, Yin Qingji’s dick is hard, Yin Jiazi is going to go, and ride on him to start up and down. Yin Qinggao seems very excited, reach out in the tits of Yin Jiazi, sometimes in exchange for Yin Jiazi,……. 掐 掐 掐 掐 顿 顿 掐 掐At that time, I didn’t have time concept. I didn’t remember that Yin Jiazi took a long time. She came down from Yin Qing, lying in the squat, Yin Qingzhen in her legs, holding the dick into her legs, body He moved in front of him …

In his sports, Yin Jiazi lifted his feet, just on his shoulder, and only stepped on his face, and he was bracked in his mouth. Yin Qingzhi has twisted his face a few times. Yin Jiazi seems very unhappy, and then recovered him on his shoulder to kick him. It seems to kick him.

Yin Qinggao didn’t know what it was said. Yin Jiazi didn’t kick him. Yin Qinggao put Yin Jiazi in his mouth, with his tongue like a pig, like a pig, 舐 舐 舐 舐 舐 舐 舐 舐 舐 舐 舐 舐 地 壹 壹 上 壹 壹 壹 壹 壹 壹 壹 壹 壹 壹 壹 壹 壹 壹 壹 壹 壹 壹 壹 壹 壹

I don’t know how long it has been, Yin Qing is on the body of Yin Jiazi, and the ass will shake a few times, it will not move.

Yin Jiazi kept his back and trembled.

After the meeting, Yin Jiazi did not shake it, pushed Yin Qingzhi, and took the palm of his light, then took it out.

From this house, it is the kitchen, can’t see it here.

Yin Qingfeng crowded up and seems to be very tired, and he gasped. He also pushed his trousers and pushed out.

I thought that there was no show, I was going to the tree, I saw Yin Jiazi came in, put it on a stool, and left the legs, and picked water in the lower leg.

When she washed, she looked up at me. When her face suddenly changed, she went to the window, and the tower closed the window.

I also know that she saw me, my heart is very afraid, I don’t know what afraid, and I have been hurrying home. I didn’t dare to tell my father and my mother.

The next afternoon, I put pigs in the mountains behind our house, pigs grazing on the hillside, I lie on the hillside.

At this time, Yin Jiazi came, she sat next to me, I have a little ignorant, she told me: Be afraid of me? I found my secret, I should be afraid of it!

Yes! Why do I am afraid of her? It is her stealing people! So I sat down again, I was not so scared in my heart.

I saw the scorpion to run the shoes, did you tell you how your parents? The voice of her speaking is a bit trembling.


Didn’t tell others?


She took a long tone and said: Don’t tell people, I know that you will kill me.

Is your big brother not good?

Nor, mainly the nephew, the second task foremost run, can get some unusual things. The nephew likes those who are rare strange things.

I don’t quite understand, I haven’t take it.

Yin Jiazi saw four times, then reached out and touched it in my crotch: The chicking chicken has not been long! The nephew made it a confidentiality. After finishing, she took my hand to her arms, and the nephew made it touched, and I also touched it! The scorpion is owed to you, waiting for the chicken chicken long, the scorpion is 肏 肏. good or not?

She took my hand and touched her tits, and her meat was soft. I can’t say excitement for me that age, I feel very fun.

Then she pulled me another hand, I was put into her pants. At that time, the pants who bought the bought in the countryside, they were all the trousers who bought the clothes in the store, so it was easy from the waist of her pants. Into it.

I remember that there is a lot of hairs there, and it is very hard, and it is a bit.

I am also curious, telling her: 子, I want to see!

Look! She stood up and walked behind the big tree, unlocked the belt of the waist and returned the trousers and trousers. The hands were put on the trousers on the tree.

I used to squat on the ground, it was the woman’s. The slit is very long, and the two meat is fat and big, and the color is a black.

You can take a look at it! She whispered her whisper.

I use my fingers to open the two meat pieces, the color inside is much better, white is red, with my finger touching the tender meat, slippery and greasy. She said: Have you seen the hole? Waiting for the chicken chicken long, the nephew let the chicken chicken into the urine!

Sizes, why do you have to pee here?

Because it is comfortable!

Oh! I still don’t understand, but I didn’t study it, I suddenly thought of a problem, my nephew, why did you let him give you an affair?

Well … The nephew is comfortable!

In this way, I ended the close contact with the woman. About this matter also became a secret between me and Yin Jiazi.

In the second summer, I also returned to the county in seventy-eighth year, and our family has returned, but Yin Jiazi runs the shoes. That thing is never forgotten.

Until I sixteen, the Six teams were very good at our family, and the family named Yin’s family was married. Because the father was very busy, my mother went back to the ceremony, and I saw Yin Jiazi. .

She has no change, it is already the original look, just seeing me to see a few eyes when I see me. I was at the beginning of the ado, I remembered the past, and I also pay more attention to her.

Because we have not returned for several years, the owner of the family does not let us go, we have to stay in his family for two days, my mother doesn’t work, I am catching up with a winter holiday, so it’s hard to make it, my mother agrees. NS.

The rural wedding banquet started from noon until it was very late. When I was 9 o’clock in the evening, Yin’s brother was still spelling wine on the wine table. The main woman pulled her mother chatting, I was a little sleepy.

Yin Jiazi said with my mother: This is so noisy here, the big strong sleep is not good, it is better to let him go to our home!

Since Xiaoyin’s family, it is very good to me, my mother doesn’t say anything.

After following Yin Jiazi to her home, I didn’t see her two daughters, I asked to know that her two daughters went to grandmother to play.

Yin Jiazi is paved, let me sit on, then play the water, I will wash my feet. When I washed it, I was wiped, I was still in my back, I said: Our baby The big strength is a big guy, if you encounter it in the street!

I am sorry to say: the nephew didn’t change!

real? Not old?

No old, still so handsome!

Hey, the big strength will be flatter! After that, Yin Jiazi took a bin of the bag.

I think that Yin Jiazi said to me before, and I jumped in my heart. She took me to her home. Will she remember what I said before? I learned from the summer of last year to learn masturbation, the object of fantasy is Yin Jiazi.

When I was thinking, Yin Jiazi came in, she had a short basin in her hand, and she took the bench. She was placed in the border, the basin was put on, rushed to find a hand and said: Come over!

I don’t know what she wants to do, but still moved the butt, she said: I took my pants!

I hesitated, she looked at me: I am not embarrassed? When I was a child, I took a lot of urine! Reach your hand tape.

I quickly pressed her hand, she said, how can I abandon my nephew?

No … no … no! Although my hand is still holding on the pants, I haven’t been so sticky. She spoils my trousers, take my pants down. Because wearing a trousers inside, it is not very easy to take off. Under my consciousness, let her take my pants. Then she took my luminance and pants, I was busy holding myself under my hand, because my dick is hard, she looked at me to eat and smiled: our big strength grew up Yo!

Then she wet the towel in the basin, screw it slightly, took the hand, and the nephew washed the chicken! On the side, I used it to catch my hand, I still hold it, she smiled slightly: obeying it!

I bite my teeth, took the hand, and she wiped me with a wet towel. Although Yin Jiazi’s hand was rough, but it was a female hand, holding my dick with warm wet towel carefully When I was cock, my cock jumped.

She wiped me two times with a towel, put the bench, put the basin to the place where the bench was played, and then she solved her trousers, and she took the cotton trousers with the trousers in the trousers. At the place, then squat above the water basin, just put it below it!哗! … Wash her lower body. My heartbeat is even more powerful. She pulled my leg and said: I am sitting in front!

I moved forward, my legs were hanging down, but the butt was sitting on the edge.

Yin Jiazi took my dick behind him. To be honest, I was developing, the cock was not very big. The erection was only twelve or three centimeters. She held only the holding turtle outside, because her masturbation, so The foreskin can’t hold the glans.

She gently moved and asked:

I am ashamed, I don’t want to conceal her, just nod. She asked: How long is it?

Two days!

You are in adolescence, masturbation is normal, but can’t be so frequent, listen to the scorpion, just get it once every week, ok? She speaks very generously.

Um! I nodded with a force.

Really! After that, she drove away with the water under the body, and then her head was put into my husband, and I contained my dick.

That moment, my head is blank, the sky is turning, and I almost put down, but fortunately, she only handed my arm.

The cock is clamped by her lips in a warm chamber, and the soft tongue is squatting.

Now I think of being very shameful, about it, I can’t control myself, I can’t control myself, and my hands should be the head of Yin Jiazi. Sound, full shot in her mouth.

When I was ejaculation, she included my cock and didn’t move. When I was finished, I took a few times, it seems to have to put the things in the cock. Then spit out the dick, there is a sound of swallowing in the throat, saying: The child of the boy is so good!

She stood up, said to me: Hey, first, bow! Don’t cool! Then the tip of the water is taken out.

I took it off and retained the shirt and turned into the bed. I heard the voice of the door to the door, and then she came back, and the tower! The pull-down electric light is 炕. I didn’t dare to look into the direction of her. I just heard the sound of Zhejiang and Zhejiang, and then was opened by the corner of the nest. She drilled in, and she took it in stock.

The body of the nephew is very cool?壹 The arm of the arm is holding me, and the body with a cool body is attached to me.

Also … it’s okay!

turn around! She said with my ear, and my brother was drunk, where did you sleep, it will not come back tonight. Great, let the nephew have called before you said!

I am excited. When I turned, I was tightly grabbed, my nephew … I whispered, put the face in her naked chest.

Strong, my meat! She is holding me, and she holds her hand to my husband and holds my cock. The big strength is the cock of the roots, it is really love to die!

She just gently moved my chicken, my chicken stood up, strong, I didn’t want my nephew? She kissed my face asked.


What do you want to think about?

Want … um …

What do you think?

I want to run the shoes!

You guys, the word running the shoes is not a good word, you … forget it, you love it, let’s talk! The nephew asked, would you like to run the shoes with your nephew?


Is it not thinking about when you have a child?


Really? She will smoke my hand, put her, only a fruitful tits, I will send it, I am in the mouth, and I have wrapped her teap hard.

Her tits are very large, but some relaxation is still soft.

Yin Jiazi pulled my arm and said: Go to the nephew.

I turned over to her, she held my dick to put her, said: come in, come in and see if the scorpion is ourselood.

My dicks inserted into her guided, it was very slippery and warm, she put her legs to my butt, move, move!

Previously seen manuscripts girl’s heart, but also how to Choucha sex, so I One side of his mouth to suck her nipple, and then one side very dynamic in her ass cunt in Choucha, was very excited, and finally to fuck a woman , finally to verify happy intercourse hearts of girls described a. My dick might be too small, or because of her birth to two children, coupled with the Yin brother of perennial fuck do it, so feel very relaxed in her cunt, thrusting in writing the novel did not feel the kind of tight grip.

Oh oh …… …… …… big strong guy really fierce hard …… …… …… ah ah ah …… good plot …… …… …… ah ah hard fuck …… …… …… looks awesome big strong dick …… …… ah …… ah ah ah …… …… …… is hard fuck fuck fuck sister-in-law sister-in-law …… small show cunt …… ah …… ah …… fuck my little pussy heart …… ah …… ah …… large strong really powerful …… ah …… ah …… ah …… ah …… Yin sister-in-law whining wave cried, his legs clamped my ass sometimes, sometimes loose, one a lower body strength also go up to very move.

The more fuck her cunt in more water, the more relaxed look cunt cavity, due One just shot her twice in the mouth, this thrusts so I did not feel very long time to ejaculate have meaning.

One she seems to have realized this point, she asked me: is not the sister-in-law cunt too loose?

Not …… is not it! I did not fuck cunt else had, so it is not guaranteed to be because of this.

One definite yes, u cunt brother says I’m loose! She said as she reached for pressing on my chest, Naixian out!

I will withdraw dick, down from her, rubbed her hand to the crotch from Cheguo pillow covers, sister-in-law too sensitive, too much water!

Cawan, she climbed to her again, let me, then I fuck her.

Yin sister-in-law’s legs tightly hoop my waist, ass up and down with the rhythm of my writhing.

Suddenly she turned to me One a body beneath it, she straightened up, sat on the activities of the One on One under my dick, my body rubbing her two big breasts jump.

Grand …… like it …… ah …… One face grin Yin sister-in-law said, now I fuck u up!


Yin sister-in-law and contracting cunt chamber to clip my dick, melted feeling permeates our whole body, her lustful twisted waist, made me feel ecstasy Jiaochuang Sheng came to heaven, I am forced to cater to the bulging upwards she.

One sister-in-law will not Yin tired of lying in my body, but still did not stop ass twist ……

Grand …… my fleshy ah ah …… …… Ni Hao formidable tiger like …… really want to fuck dead sister-in-law of the …… ah …… we change the posture it! She spoke down from me, fell down One side, mast butt high tilt.

I straighten the body, kneeling behind her, leaning back dick into her cunt, and then leaning on her hips, desperate sprint dick in her cunt, the One Road glistening sexual secretion flowed down her thighs on the bed.

Oh ah …… …… …… big strong fast hard …… oh …… ah …… ah …… hard fuck …… ah …… ah …… fuck me dead …… ah …… ah …… rare dead big and strong dick …… ah …… ah …… Yin sister-in-law more and more high-pitched moan, I could hear the blood boiling, can not help getting hard, faster and faster, I saw her white ass on that I struck One large red.

Grand …… ah …… …… sister-in-law to die to vent …… ah …… shouting, Yin sister-in-law’s body spasm One array, toward the One shares warm my penis, I can not help but too hot in One fine the first time in a woman shot in the cunt.

She fell on the kang breathing, I lay beside her breathing. Ages, her long out of breath, turned to hug me in your arms, asked with concern: tired of it?

Um! tired!

One that a good night sleep it!

I lay in my arms Yi Yin sister-in-law is not a moment to sleep ……

The next morning, I was clanging pots and pans awakened One array of Yin sister-in-law no longer kang, and knew she One given to prepare breakfast in the kitchen.

I sat up and wrapped in blankets, to reach out and dress pants to get the white picket fence, this time, Yin sister-in-law came in, do not get up, go to sleep while the One.

Already have that relationship, I’m thick skinned it up, smiled and said: u do not sleep with me, myself lying boring.

She squeezed my face, said: sister-in-law will be OK, u will wait!

So I was lying back to the bed, and the morning erect’s cock tached the quilt for a small tent, and I bored my own cock. … 声, the door opened, Yin Jiazi once again came in again, I turned the head to see her, seeing her squat, unpacking the trousers, putting the trousers and the trousers in the trousers At the knee, then lie around me, lift your legs high and say: If you are going to come back, you will be like this! Be fast!

I am so embarrassing, reaching out, catching the cotton jacket, then kneeling at her down, holding the chicken bar to open her black and black labipings, plug in the cock in.

This is not ready last night, and Yin Jiazi’s has no water, so it seems to be much tight last night.

She put his feet on my shoulder, as I was inserted, the lower body was inheate, so that it is strong … great … um … um … make it strong … 肏 肏 … um ……

I suddenly remembered the past of the year: 子, why do he give him a feet?

Well … The nephew is comfortable!

The nephew came until now, I am so comfortable, then I should I make my nephew comfortable? I am very sure of that. So, I took off Yin Jiazi’s cotton socks on the feet. Her feet were not tender, with a thick horny, and her hands were left. I have this hard work, there is no foot bites above, I can’t help but put it gently.

what! Big strong … 妳 … what? Don’t … dirty … um … Yin Jiazi is surprisingly recruiting his feet.

Neck, no dirty! Let me give me a lick, don’t you say it is comfortable?

Yin Jiazi’s tears flowed out, she looked at my tongue to hook with her tongue, even the toes did not let go, and finally contained the roots of the toes. After the feet, I will change another feet.

It seems that Yin Jiazi’s feet are also her 个 性 性, very soon, I am screaming in my feet. Ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … 肏 肏 子 … ah … 是 子 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男 男…… Uh … I’m so good … I am in the heart of the scorpion … ah … ah … ah …

In this way, she hit her feet, so that she was tight below, and the cavity was much more than last night, so I came to a climax very quickly. When I didn’t shoot it yet, she also came climax. This time she felt that she was very violent, and she took my glans.

Afterwards, Yin Jiazi said to me: here is not very far from the county, doing a train only three stops, after a holiday, there is time, the nephew also gives you!

Since then, I will find an excuse to return to this small village, secretly touch the ground.

After I received a notice of the university, I returned to it. At that time, Yin Jia’s brother gave the crops in the field, and I took a scorpion in the granary of his backyard.

Unfortunately, when I was half, the big daughter who was scored was broken, and I can say that I am falling.

From that, I didn’t dare to find Yin Jiazi.

Four years of university life, there are two love, all have no death. After graduating from college, I returned to my hometown. I was arranged to enter the Taxation Bureau because of the people’s relationship with my father. In the authorities for two years, it is also because of the father’s person, I was laid in the tax bureau to cultivate talents, and I will give it a golden place of taxation.

Since the work, many enthusiastic people have given me an object, most of them are the long golden golden gold, and the handsome stuff makes me feel disgusting, so I don’t have officially in love. Speaking of the words, I still like the country girl, simple and hardworking.

I went to the township office of the township office, the township of our house, and several times to make a agricultural tax propaganda, as long as I went to the village, I invited the disease.

Until the day after the year, it was an autumn. I was taking the material in the office. The oldest Qi Jie, the oldest Qualitin, who was old, squatted me, telling me that I have a girl to find me.

I went to the gate to see the girl wearing a dress, although I haven’t seen it for many years, but I still recognize that she is Xiaofen.

The woman has changed in the 18th year, so many years have not seen it, she actually fell into slim. I saw her feeling in electric shock, but I thought she had hit me and her mother, and I was a very bad guy in her eyes, so I didn’t dare to have any extravagance. She doesn’t seem to be aware of my embarrassment, and I am called the sound: Uncle!

In fact, she is only four years older than me, just because of the six hundred percent of the six hundred percent of the six teams, the surname is only two households, of which the house is our home, and the family is in the family. The father of the car is a generation of my father, and his grandchildren married the old girl of Lao Yin’s family, just the girl is the uncle of Yin’s big brother. So I am in the six teams, although the number is not big, but the generations are not small, many three, four people, I am calling big brother, even the young guys at the time, I was young, I called uncle.

I invite Xiaofen into the office to sit, she refused, she told me that her mother can’t, I want to see me. In the same time, Yin Jiazi was so good to me. I didn’t hesitate. Go back and invite a holiday to ride a bicycle with her to her home.

I have been riding for more than two hours to her home. Yin Jiazi is the late liver cancer. It has been thin. My tears will flow out.

She pulled my hand just trembled: help … Help me … take care … Xiaofen … Xiaofang … then snatch the hand.

At that time, I learned that in our college, Yin Jia’s big brother hunting because of drunken mountain, fell from the cliff, and he did it on the spot. At that time, Xiaofen just came to college, Xiao Fang faced the college entrance examination.

It is conceivable that the days of Yin Jia Dadao have been more difficult in these two years, she didn’t go to the city to find me, my kind Yin Jiazi!

After Yin Jiazi died, Xiaofen Xiaofen’s costs were for me. I took the smoke, and the province was killed and the land will take Xiaofen. At that time, I was already a long, the Land Taxation Bureau. The relationship of the school will arrange the Xiaofen of the school to the county hospital.

At that time, my father had retired, my mother’s body was recession, Xiaofen went to get off work every day to help cook for meals, and then the mother simply let her stay in our family.

Every day, I looked at Xiaofen and I wanted to love the taste of love. Father seems to see what, tell me: Our family with the six team old car home is five hundred years ago, the family can’t fight, and the eight poles can’t do it, and the old Yin family is even more than the eighteen poles. What do you want to do if you want to ask for someone?

My father, how can I know? That thing can’t say to my father, more difficult to suffer in my heart.

When Xiaofang graduated from the Teacher Institute, I made a relationship into our county. She lives in the dormitory building.

I remember that Xiaofang’s birthday, Dad said: This is not a mother, it is not easy to be outside, my mother is not in the body, today, I am in Xiaofen, I will find Xiao Fang, let’s Give a birthday!

Although the birthday is not luxurious, it is very warm, when I have dinner, Xiao Fang suddenly slammed the little chopsticks asked my father: Sixth (because my father has six brothers, he took the old six), 妳 said, my sister Is it a good girl?

Of course!

That said, my uncle can’t see my sister?

This … My father did not expect this spicy Xiaofang to ask this question in everyone.

Sixth, my sister likes uncle when I am very small, remember that uncle will go back to us, I have gone home with my sister. When the sister came back, she didn’t see the uncle, but she didn’t see it. She cried several times with my mother. At that time, how much is my sister? I used to go to the six teams every summer vacation. I didn’t return it since I got a college. Of course, I didn’t include my mother.

Xiaofen secretly looked at me, and she won’t let her say, but Xiao Fang continued to say: I used to, and my family is rural, I don’t think I can’t afford me. uncle. But now my sister graduated, and I also participated in work, or a doctor. Although there is still no uncle in the status, the gap is not shortened by heaven? With my sister’s business and hardship, it is also the director of the department in the morning and evening. How can I wait for so many years, and I have no statement? Uncle is not fool, don’t you watch my sister’s mind?

Xiaofang, I …

To say that you are calling uncle, we don’t have relatives, and there is no relationship between 丁 点, this is just what this family is linked. Uncle, you gave a quick call, Cheng, my sister marriage, I can’t make this, and let me die, quickly find an object, she is also buddy. Many people in the unit give a introduction. She doesn’t look at it. People think that she has any problems, now there are many people who say she gossip. Yes! Strong, Xiaofang said, what do you mean? My father knocked on the table with chopsticks.

I looked at Xiaofen, she was ashamed, I didn’t dare to look at it. I bite my teeth and said, I … I have long like Xiaofen, just me …

What? Is it afraid of people saying that the news is reported? Xiaofang asked in smartly.

That is not, Xiaofen, say words, know why.

Strong … Xiaofen twisted the head, it seems that the next child has become brave and not called my uncle, I call my name, I want to abandon me is a rural child, I am willing … I will follow you!

After listening to this sentence, my heart, I am old.

Two months later, I was married to Xiaofen, and she gave me a completely shocking in the night. I was very surprised, and I can keep a virgin to the present. I feel that I owe her, and I will mention the incident of the year.

She said: 妳 and my mother, I have long known. I deliberately. My mother knows that I like you, but also … I think it is her seduce. Do you know? Because of that thing, I haven’t take the initiative to tell her.

Since I know me and my mother … I don’t blame me?

I have grievable, I have been very, I think I am going to college. If my university is graduated, if you get married, I will tell you a wife. But so many years have not got married, every time I see my complicated eyes, there is only embarrassment and love, let my hate and complaints are detached.

Xiaofen, wife …

Now I am a wife, I also saw it, I was completely handed over, but I was not a complete given me, so I owe me. I must be good to me in the future, no matter what the director is still what is long, you don’t usually have a woman outside, and you don’t want to raise Xiaomi. Did you hear me?

Yes, my wife is adult!

Well, there is, every time I love, I have to give me a feet.

Okay! This is exactly what I am willing.

snort! I know that this guy is a footwear, from now on … I will give it to me, I have to be one, I’ll be 壹 边 … 嘻嘻 ……

I was surprised to look at this 小 小, the first time I said a word from her mouth, and I was too excited.

What do you see? I guarantee that I can do a good wife, and I can do my horses. Hey … It is a gentleman who wants to go out, and the bed is a tiger.

Oh, my wife is good, and my husband will change the tiger! … Tiger down the mountain – ah! This is a tiger, this is a wolf, a wolf! Ah … 点 点 … ah … 肏 肏 肏 … ah … Today … Don’t change tiger, people are the first … ah … ah … Help ……

Since then, our husband and wife are like a glue, and the love is abnormal.

In the second year, we have our own children, 壹 白 fat son.

When my son is running, the father-in-law suddenly passed away, and the mother hits my mother, the body is not as good as the day.

The second year of the father’s death, my kind mother is also gone. The house of the three-bedroom is empty. I have already got into the small scorpion of the woman’s raft to live in our home.

My son, the rabbit scorpion is relative to his mother, which makes me very worried. I am a very cheerful person, my family is a place to call friends, and her colleagues and friends seem to be born to alcoholic immunization. I let them drink more The number of times is more than the export entertainment.

In my impression, my whole little scorpion is never officially boyfriend. The one that made me worried is the Teacher’s Day. That night, she is already two o’clock in the second half of the night. The two eyes are rushing to swear, and they will break into our husband and wife. I don’t know. Which big strength she is, I will take my wife, and her sister is Xiaofen from the bed to the ground, and I still have a lot: Who is fucking? Dare to sleep, my man!

Don’t say that it is Xiaofen, even I am afraid. She fell to my side, I went to sleep, I dare to sleep? I and Xiaofen made the room in the original parents. This stinky head, even wake up the next morning, come out from our bedroom, and said, is it sick? Don’t go back to your room to sleep, run this house to dry your fart?

I swear at the time, waiting for my son on high school, I didn’t return her class. What is the teacher? That is a very sacred profession, just she … I am really afraid that I will teach my son in the future.

Time I and Xiaofen took the trend to introduce the object. If you don’t think it, you can’t see it? She is good, the comer is not afraid, introduce it to a look, after meeting, she is constant, and she is degraded. The result is that I have a big circle with Xiaofen, and how many years of good friends see our husband, just like not knowing.

Finally, I can’t stand it. After I was lingering with Xiaofen, I said: 妳 … Is it stimulated when I go to college? If you have a disease, send her to see a doctor, my wife, my sister, I can’t stand it.

Xiaofen held me: I can’t get it, I can’t stand it. I have to ask, I will ask, I ask her to fight with me. I am afraid of her.

I think the whole family is a household, I am a man, I will ask. As a result, I was looking for an excuse to hide, I was solemn with her on the sofa living room, and I almost didn’t have a breath: my sister, I didn’t say it. I can clearly tell you that I will introduce me to me later. I like you. I will marry, I really regret it, I said before my mother died, let you take care of us, no Before I went to my mother, as long as I would like, let’s choose from our sisters. I really fuck, I regret it, how can I get a ghost, but the mother’s take-off put my sister?

I am dizzy! I faint! I … I got me.

When I learned her about Xiaofen, her tears were flowing out, and the sound of the sound came out from the house, I didn’t find her.

The next day, she came back at noon, two eyes were red, I asked her where she was going, she said in her mom grave.

In this way, Xiaofang moved out from my home, and the sisters didn’t talk more than half a year, as if they were dead.

Although Xiaofen is still eager to me, it is a good wife and a good mother, and it is sensual to see, but I have seen it from her eyes.

In the second year, our old director retired, the original deputy director He Zhengzheng. Although my father is not there, he is still in the old comrades and the old part, I have no doubt that I have been promoted into deputy director.

On the day of the appointment, I have resigned all kinds of names, and I will come back home and my wife and children.

After dinner, the child is sleeping, the wife is Xiaofen to me: I am going to bed! I will wash it. Give you a surprise tonight.

When I lay in bed, I thought that Xiaofen would give me something surprise, the door of the bedroom opened, I came in, I closed my eyes and put asleep, I want to see what Xiaofen is doing something.

The hot body drilled into my nest, and the sweet breath reminds me of the newly married night Xiaofen’s carcass, I am excited to hold her, she uses the hand to stand my chest, don’t let me close . I am very embarrassed that I caught in the nest, then a warm chamber contains my cock.

In an instant, I returned to the past, when I was in the case of Yin Jiazi, I feel this.

My and Xiaofen’s sex is colorful, and each other is almost a must process for each sexual prelude.

That’s late, I want to be happy. My little scorpion, I dare to love, I don’t know why, I also express an unusual. When Xiaofen is unable to fight, even if you ask for sputum, my little scorpion continues to be nearly 30 minutes.

I woke up the next day, I saw the sheets of the sheets on the sheet.

Since then, my little scorpion Xiaofang has become my honeymunications. It is a good sister who is spicy and some weird, and the good sisters who have a good sister with my wife Xiaofen Trip, my son is a good little, only when I am, the sisters are coming.

This kind of convinced of Xiaofen Xiaofang Sister Hua Wei, the more lived.

After half of the year, the little scorpion Xiaofang was pregnant, but her hidden work was very good, that is, even a few teachers in her office don’t know.

After half a year, after the notary office, the little scorpion adopted a very beautiful daughter, legalized our daughter, and claimed that he was a single person. Now I have already taken the location of the land tax bureau, and some of my people will introduce the object for me. I have already introduced the object. I am in: My little scorpion, I can’t afford it, I am Sincere, I will take it in myself. Who can say her to marry, I ask the guest, haha ​​…

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