Two beautiful fight

Recently, two women compete for a man’s news, I can’t think of it in me, Jenny likes me two, and it is miserable to go to the two, so this emotional iron triangle is entangled into a group.

Worship, I will not know, it will be so smart, Jenny and Judi come to home to find me, two words are not fighting, naturally you can burn me, I burn you, I am difficult for me, I don’t know what The next sentence is good. Finally, I thought of a puzzle, I proposed that both of them would be better to come out, let me see it clear, then high.

Two silly sisters are conscientious enough, they actually called the palm, Jenny I don’t want, I will pull the outer garrley in one hand, I will pull the breasts, two snow white meatballs will bounce out, two nipples are sharp Thin, fresh red, confirmed to be eighty points. Judi does not accept, and it is unveiled at the shirt. It follows the anti-hand to solve the chest buckle, immediately expose a pagdatory, it is also a big enough, and the two nipples are tied up, not down. If you make me a score, it is also worth 80.

Jenny also knew that the first round is the enemy, immediately wakes up the jeans, then take off the detail to the unusible cloth, revealing the black hair, covering a hoe-like peach, especially topped. Ji Di is also not weak, unlocking the skirt, following a turn, putting the triply pants, turning over, moving over, playing the haired place, and said: “唷!” 唷! Brother, wet, wow! “The sound is touched, it should be a slight wins. However, I am, I am awake. At this time, I naturally refuse. I said: “Two all level!” Said while talking, left touch, right 抠 抠, the two are also intoxicated Enjoy the reality.

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Wan ‘inducera

In Hung Hom Train Terminal, I walked into a train in the train headed by Luohu. When I went to the last level, I suddenly became bright in front of my eyes, and there was a bullet-packed small handbag in the seat. I thought: “This The endless end! “

But I am surprised that in addition to a stack of documents, there is nothing, the big disappears, suddenly I foundal between the documents, there was a mother of Shenzhen Buji Nightclub, her great name is Suless.

Looking at the card, smart and smooth, I will have a very happy person who I want to have this lost handbag, I am very happy to be happy, the result is only a lot of money, and the soul is reversed, returns to Hong Kong, returns in the train Infinity, when you get off the bus, even the most important handbags didn’t take, I thought about it, I decided to go to this nightclub, and enjoy the wonderful of the soul.

Go to Buji, go to the nightclub, Su Si smile, take me into a VIP, she praised me to come to the place, and asked me what cocktail, I also swayed in the rivers and lakes. So long, of course, I know a unknown cocktail, paying at two thousand stories at any time, so I didn’t call any cocktail, but I didn’t want to drink beer. I was afraid that the wine was more chaotic, so I just had a cup of milk.

Followed by three high waves, playing with me in the room, and finally picked up the relatives of the beautiful people. At the time of checkout, the full bill is more than a thousand, who does not know that it is three thousand! It turns out that it is expensive to be a cup of milk, the cup is a grandmother tea!

When the train arrived in Hung Hom, I first rushed out of the carriage, the cup ‘milk’ tea had ordered to my diarrhea. In a hurry, my portable bag left the seat, there is nothing, only my documents, with a Card of Siu.

Sweeping from “x-fruit daily”

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