When I woke up, I don’t know why there are many people who cry and cry. After a long time, I finally understood: I turned out that I am in a mental hospital! Why is this this? I tried my best to recall, but it is a piece of my mind.

After a long time, I remembered the fragment of scorpion, and I was dilute. I saw the mood of the high school entrance examination. I didn’t know anything. I think I am crazy?

So, now I think I am recovering, I can think about it normally, do I have to leave this place? Another voice in my mind is now roar: no, it will never! Yes, my test is really too bad. My falling list lives up to everyone’s expectations, I really don’t have anyone! ! Instead of returning to the family, I listened to my parents, I would rather stay in a mental hospital, at least there is at least there are many points that I have taken, I can not take a university.

I immediately liked this place, here in addition to a lack of strange patients, there are many beautiful female nurses. In particular, Xiaojuan and Xiaowen’s two dead party are the most pleasing, and both of them are classmates, and now they are also greater.

They are about 20 years old, the body is excellent, Xiao Juan is a little higher, the legs are thin and straight, and there is no slit together, Xiaowen is very pure, like Xu Jinglei.

I heard Xiaojuan pointed to Xiaowen: “This person is crazy, you let him do what to do, 嘻嘻.”

Xiaowen said: “Oh? Why don’t I know?”

Xiao Juan said: “Do not believe you!” Differentize the left leg and then slowly swallowed.

Xiaojuan also said: “Let’s get the right leg!” I installed the right leg, then I got up, of course, I fell to stand up.

The two beautiful women laughed, really spent, I also spend a smirk.

Then I listened to Xiaowen whisper to Xiaojuan: “But he is really so handsome, so high …”

Xiaojuan hit him: “Then you marry him as a mad woman!” Xiao Wen face is red, and the two are hip hip hukedly into a group …

I have been in the night, I can’t sleep, some patients still have a weird voice, my mind is still the fiasco of the college entrance examination, which is getting more and more irritated, so I went to the corridor. The lamp of the duty room is still on, I secretly see the gap of the hair glass, I found that Xiaojuan is at duty.

She looked at a table lamp in reading, nurses, tangered, like snow, there is no one, the lights are sprinkled on her smooth face, it is very soft, I have seen it outside, it is really a beautiful girl! The angel is probably this?

At this time, Xiao Juan suddenly put down the book in his hand, holding the crowd. I thought she would like to have God, I want to leave quietly, and the result is accidentally kicked to the door of the door, and there is a lot of sound. Already late in the night, the corridor is very quiet, so I have been heard by her.

“Who?” Xiaojuan opened the door. Seeing it is me, she is a little accident, talking very slowly: “Do you have anything?”

I rushed and said: “Water … Water … I want to drink water.”

She said: “Then you come in.” I drink water while drinking in the house, looking at her.

Xiaojuan was embarrassed by me, asked me: “Do you think I do?”

I said: “You … good … good look.” Her face flew down Hongxia, watching my face, said: “You are really handsome!”

I smirkedly. At this time, we are silent, both eyes look around the other … I am really afraid that she finds that I am camouflage, move the sight, pick up her book from the table, and the result cover Actually a naked girl, it is actually a yellow book!

(I learned afterwards. It turned out that Xiaojuan’s middle school is a female school. After the school, it is a girl, so she has never really touched boys, and there is a kind of particularly curious in this regard.

I stared straight to the cover and smirked and said: “Beauty … female …, hey …”

She was ashamed to grab it back: “Do not look!” I thought about it, she paided the cover: “She is good or I look good?”

I smirked and said: “Hey … She looks … she didn’t wear clothes … …」 … 」…」

Xiao Juan got straight: “I am mad at me! Dead mad! Dead mental ill! Hey …” She looked at the cover again, the red face seems to be in a disc, she looked at the table, 2 in the morning Point, finally set my mind. She went out to open the door and saw it, no one, returned to the door. What she wants? Xiao Juan said: “Do not know the dead madness of the goods, see if you are a madman, let you open your eyes, don’t heal nose!” Down, then she unlocked the bumper’s button … It’s really skin!

The beautiful female nurses take off only the pure white three-point bodies in the duty room in the middle of the night, showing their youth to a person she thinks of ambolic problem. Her body is really great, there is no a little fat, the legs are long, the fiber is round … I have to fall out, my throat is dry, and I have already supported the tent. Fortunately, she didn’t have any boy. Experience, so I didn’t pay attention.

“Dead mad, you talk about it, who is it beautiful now?” She deliberately twisted the waist.

“Still … or she is beautiful … she is smaller than you …” Xiao Juan is so angry, the foot is rumor, she said, “Good! I don’t want to die. ! “Said that the bra is solved, and the two huge soft meatballs immediately played out, wow, too big!

I have never respond to the nosebleeds that want to be thin. At this time, she slowly faded the snow-white underwear, so that it slipped into the ground with a smooth legs … It is Timina! I really don’t have any language to describe this perfect body, my only feeling is dizzy, almost lost thinking.

This time she is no longer asking, watching my stupid, the big mouth, two eyes, the dust, and she already knows the answer.

Zheng Shen, suddenly, suddenly listened to Xiaojuan: “No! You see people, people must see you!”

Then Xiaojuan began to peeled my top, and said, “What is the mental illness!”

I said: “No … don’t …” The upper body has been stripped. At a moment of my wide chest, she stopped, I think is the strong man on me to touch her feelings? She began looking at my handsome face, staring at my eyes, and her eyes agreed with the feelings of the girl.

We are so close, you can feel the more and more heavy breaths of each other. Her cheeks are getting more and more red, then, she turned out to go to my big eyes on my own water! I suddenly felt that I didn’t know if I would kiss her, because I didn’t know that she would not find that I have already recovered, I will send it to my home, I will stop because she will stop because she is shy. She is crazy. Attempt.

I have been in a long time, she opened her eyes, hit my chest with powder punch: “Death mental illness! Stinking mental ill! You are necrosis!” I had to laugh and smir.

At this time, Xiaojuan said: “People will give you a first kiss! But you are mentally ill, I don’t know, so I will not be considerate, I am still comfortable!” Then, she closed his eyes, and she took her feet, and the fresh red cherry is soft and soft. Good fragrance, my blood pressure rises sharply! Not long after, her soft and slippery lilac tongue, slowly sliding into my mouth, I will suck it immediately, suck it, sucking the sweetness of the woman. Xiaojuan’s body is slightly shaking, and his hands tightly hit my neck.

I also tightly grabbed her smooth and slim shoulders, I felt two soft meat balls in front of the chest, and there were two hard small sputum, it’s cool! ! My meat stick is higher!

Because of the closer, Xiaojuan obviously pays attention to the changes below, there is obviously more attractive to her such curious girl. She stretched out a hand and touched it, “It’s great!” She called out. She let go of my neck, kneeling down my hand to solve my belt, I don’t want to fight, but I don’t want to resist it, so she has pulled my pants even down my pants, I am 20 cm. Great The meat stick jumped out of the binding.

“Ah!” Xiao Juan as a shy shy, holding his face, with her hands left, my pants slipped to the ground, my feet quickly, so we were completely clear.

She took her face and started curious from the fingertips. She said she was shy: “Good ugly!” May be that my huge weapon is very attractive, she uses a face The hand is gently touched my meat stick.

With her smooth taps, my body’s blood and heat seem to have concentrated there. Hard, like iron, hot, fire, let her feel very interesting, she started to explore it, but it is too big for me. I have closed my eyes. Just then, my huge glans felt a burst of wet and soft tolerance. It turned out that Xiaojuan had a hot little mouth to contain my glans! I am cool to explode! Just then, a pain came from, I consciously smoked the meat stick from her little mouth, I saw Xiaojuan’s sigmia and her cherry.

She is full of pupils on her face: “What’s it?” “Don’t bite it!”

I immediately felt the loss and stupidly said: “I have to suck … Ice … …” She finally understood, once again opened his huge meat stick in the best, start slowly Sucking throughout.

To be honest, she is really unparalleled, but the feeling of conquest is unparalleled, looking at her above, black long hair floating in the snow white slim body, holy seemingly fascinating goddess. With the skill of Xiaojuan skills, her through the speed is getting faster and faster, and the big breasts in front of the chest also vibrate with wavy, and the silent duty room can clearly hear her little mouth to suck meat sticks. The sound of saliva and “um,”, it is so excited!

With the joining of her tongue, the bottom of the glans was smashed by her tongue, the glans were turned into a circle of her tongue, I really can’t eat, a burning thick semen as the meat stick in Xiaojuan The fierce jumping in the mouth is fierce! Xiao Juan did not prevent it from rushing into the throat by a large stock, and he did not have a “咕 咕”, but he was still in a hurry. Splashing her face …

After a long time, Xiao Juan cleared it. Sitting on the table and rushing: “Men is one! Even mad people, mental illness is so bad! Dirty death! People don’t do! You have to wait for people! However, you should be grateful, or you Psychiatry, other men, come down and ask me to have no chance! Hey. “

I laughed and promised, but she said and said, “If you dare to use your dirty things, I will cut it with the dog! Hey !!” It’s so embarrassing, scared me.

I carefully walked in the past, pinching her huge breast (so soft, comfortable and dead), then with his mouth to have a nipple that had already set up on the pink uli. I strongly knead, my mouth also contains sucking and bite, my tongue squats to the circle, and the virgin is to withstand this. I will be closed in my eyes.

When I lick another breast, the flocking has been extended to the breast. She can’t extricate themselves in her pleasure.

I took the tongue and shouted her smooth skin. After got a navel, I came to a black forest. When I was going to move, Xiao Juan suddenly felt shy, stretched my hands over, holding my mysterious zone. “Well … I don’t want it there.”

Although her moves are resisting, but the shyness in her words, I know that she is not resolute. I pulled her hands, but she insisted that she had my strength, I finally moved her hands on both sides, my mouth saw the needle, sucking her mystery she had already disaster zone.

While my mouth, she realized the crisis, twisted the body: “Don’t!” At the same time, the leg clamping wanted to avoid the attack of my mouth, and the result can only cover my head to form a shame.

I do my hands to pull her hand and don’t let them go back. At the same time, my mouth is in the middle of the rumor, and sucking the flooding love liquid full of women’s fragrance. Finally, I concentrated on the pear beans on the top of the pearly beans to try to attack, lick, suck, suck, bite …

Xiaojuan’s hand quickly let go, the legs have lost strength, and I am lying on the table. Her screams gradually can’t afford it. In order to force the throne, she twisted her body like a snake. When the village’s love liquid, I finally, I licking her peas, her mouth and surroundings The muscles will shrink, it is a famous device!

Seeing her state, I want to burn in the fire, and I can’t take care! I stood up and took the long-awaited huge meat sticks to the flooded hole.

Xiaojuan immediately realized that he opened his eyes and said to me: “Hey … no …!” Do you want to push away me, your legs are desperately clamped. But she doesn’t have a fulcrum, how can I push it into the body as a cow?

And my body stands between her legs, and her white slender legs can only be caught in my body.

I don’t care about her, continue to look for Taoyuan Dongkou, her powder punch is hitting me, but the ass also desperately dodge, I want to avoid my evil. I have once happened, completely lost ingredients, I firmly controlled her butt to make her twist, and then huge meat sticks talked into the destination.

Xiaojuan was scared: “Don’t !! Hey … don’t !! Hey … don’t! Hey … oh!” My glans felt a buzz, squeezed into a wet fever, but the meat rings, but the meat rings, Oh … Is this a bunch of girls? She struggled more fierce, almost exhausted to get rid of the whole power.

I don’t do it, I’m going, my waist is a force, “Zi”, my huge meat stick broke through a layer of obstacles for a while in the mouth of the love liquid, but was strongly gripped by the meat Living. Xiao Juan hurts “Ah!”, The scream of the scream, it is stunned to make me feel awkward!

Her eyebrow is distorted, the big tears flour out from the closed eyes, because of the pain and go up, the nails are deeply caught in the meat of my arm … I still have a desperate struggle. When I said, “I’m not used, you are already mine.” Xiaojuan undoubtedly understood what I said, so she gave up struggling, biased the head and silently crying.

I have a sense of a sense of guilty. I put it on the hand to control her butt, I apologize: “Sorry, I am also attracted by your charm, I am not intentional, I am sorry …… “

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum Xiaojuan does not care about me, shift his head and crystall, and cry. Today, I have been quite remorseful. Is this the feeling of bidder? But what is the case, what can I? Whether it is dead, heaven or hell, in turn, let me enjoy the bliss of this person!

I kissed on her indifferent face, but kissed the tears with lips. Just a long time, I guess Xiaojuan should not hurt so much? I also endure this as if the glans tied a lot of tightness, I used to force it to make further, but Xiaojuan hurt again, but the meat stick did not advance.

Her meat is really tight! In this way, I have worked hard to three times, Xiao Juan hurts to sweat, but there is still no progress.

I decided to try out. I slowly moved out of the huge meat stick, I felt the whole grip of her meat, but it moved, she hurt his lips. When the glans is about to fall away from the meat, a large love liquid is mixed with red blood from the hole, slow flow to the table, Xiao Juan, I am sorry! I will continue to advance in it, I can’t get it when I get halfway again. In this way, I have repeatedly entering a few tens of times, I finally have a lot of success, Xiaojuan’s brow gradually comforted, and the lips did not bite. So I increased my strength, I felt that her breathing became rough.

Finally, at once, I used to force, 20 cm of the big meat stick finally did not enter Xiaojuan, Xiao Juan again “ah” called, but I heard, this time it is not because of pain, but Because the uterus was first violently impacted and the screams of consciousness. I finally entered Xiaojuan! Xiaojuan finally has been fully occupied!

Now I have completely extracted the big meat stick every time, 8 shallow 2 deeply entered, I like to listen to the “啪” sound and Xiaojuan, who hit each other and the small belly of Xiaojuan twice, because the uterus was smashed Cell. This kind of feeling that is extremely tight in the poec, the feeling of pushing out is really unparalleled!

I like to see Xiaojuan’s snow-white body and pink little labia, I have my dark huge meat stick, I like to watch her originally a piece of slit, because I am a huge meat invasion, it is ugly round, like I feel closely to Xiaojuan’s next body.

After all, a woman is a woman, no matter what circumstances, their body will not be biased. The body is not walking with the consciousness of the owner, and they have their own choice! As my violent flip, and the pubic bones, Xiaojuan, Xiaojuan, have been completely forgotten, and begging for forgetting.

Her voice is also augged in a whisper, and finally called loudly, as I hit the 啪 兹 兹 兹 兹 兹 兹 兹 兹 兹 体 兹 兹 兹 兹 兹 兹 兹 兹 兹 她 她 她…… ah … oh … um … ah … “is very emotional. Her arms stood tightly, the cherry lips and I kept kissing, and the lilac tongue reached out. It was very sensual and my tongue to play each other. They completely took care of the mouth of the mouth.

Her body gradually began to meet me, take the initiative to hit me, take the initiative to turn your ass to make it deeper, take the initiative to rub my pubic bones to get a bigger pleasure …

I really have a sense of accusation and conquest of Xiaojuan. With the extremely tight meat hole of Xiaojuan, I can’t stand it! No, I have to bear it again! So, I stopped my violent impact, but Xiaojuan didn’t realize that it is still impacked to meet me, because of her action, our thrust and hit have not been interrupted! I saw her chasing the sensuality. I couldn’t help but laughed. She opened the intoxicated eyes, suddenly realized that I laughed, hit me with fists: “I hate … necrosis !! People don’t come Oh … oh … ah … um … ah … “With her continued efforts, I climbed the peak, I said:” No, I want to shoot! “

She was frightened: “No! Hurry and take it out! Take it out, fast!” She said, more aroused my beast, I used her hands tightly hugged her butt, let her move, then The 20 cm of the huge meat stick is incorporated, so that the body is tight, and the deepest in her body is diarrhea …

I poured all the sperm in Xiaojuan. This also inspired her the most strongest climax. She had the most powerful to hold me both hands. The feet tight, the whole body is stiff, the meat is tightly holding me. The huge meat stick that the beating is quite contracted, and a large stock of burning liquid is in my glans …

After our climax finally succumbed, I kept inserted her from the table to the bed from the table. Then we are tight, my huge meat stick is also inserted in her tightly meat, her lilac hints suck in my mouth, we are tired together …

I don’t know how long it took, I woke up, and I only had me alone in the bed. I looked around and found Xiaojuan already wearing neat, sitting outside the window. White Shengxue, back, is like a fairy.

I can’t help but call her: “Xiao Juan …” she turned over, but her eyes were indifferent, and said coldly: “You go.” I don’t say, silently put clothes. When I went out, I noticed that the blood on the table was all wiped off, and there were a few blood marks on the sheets, such as the red plum petals.

When I went out, I saw her, she still looked outside the blue sky outside the window, she didn’t care. I whispered to the door.

Back to your own room, returned to the middle of your sorrow, as if you woke up, I have been sleeping here. What did you just have to be true? If it is true, will God really care about me? If it is the magical, why is my chest and tears?

I remembered the feeling of just now in my mind. Angel holy face, soft breast, hot tightened meat hole, forgot the embarrassment … But the tears of Xiajuan in front of him, but struggled to struggle Desperate expression, my heart is sinking … I am really sorry, Xiao Juan!

Just when I was grogging between the lust and conscience, suddenly my sorrow in my house began to hysterically episodes, he was crazy and swite all things, and then jumped to another bed, two Personally began to fight violently.

At this time, as a short footsteps, Xiao Juan ran in a sedative medicine and the needle. After entering the door, she first looked here. Probably she first thought of it may be me, when she caught the fascination, she couldn’t justify whether I was normal, after all, I was crazy, so she still I feel that I am crazy.

The eyes of her were just meeting with me. At this moment I saw her as a nurses, and there turned into indifference and observations. Soon she saw the patient, and took a quick step in the past, it was clearly seen that her walking posture was very abnormal, was hit by my rough violent hit and sprint to take the virgin body, and now red And swollen and painful, so it will also involve an abnormal walk.

Xiaojuan walked to the patient, put the tray on the bedside table and desperately wanted to kick up the patient. The unused patient was pulled by Xiaojuan, starting to attack Xiaojuan, I can’t see it, jumping out of the bed to run over, just when I want to run, the patient took a patient The tray is pushed to the ground, raising the small bedside cabinet to Xiaojuan, Xiaojuan scared. Her screams strongly stimulated my protection, I lost my heart from behind, I hugged the patient, as a cow, he looked back, and then the bedside cabinet of the hand turned back to me. The head is falling, then I don’t know anything …

I don’t know how long, I was awake and stimulated by an extreme, although my head was very dizzy, but I still felt that I was 20 cm of huge meat stick towering hard like iron. The glans is being sucking in a very small hot puppet. I opened my eyes and found that I was in the stretcher bed in the duty room, and the snow whitening is Xiao Juan. Wow, the flexible and slippery little tongue swims in the four weeks of the glans, the cherry red lips move down, as a wet fever is a big rod by her, but just in half, I have arrived at her soft soft. The throat, followed by a cool, the meat stick slowly came out from her nozzle until the cherry is only the uppermost end of the glans.

Xiao Juan took the mouth to the biggest and swallowed a few times, and he looked at me. I found out that I was going to hook her. She immediately shamefully shameless, wearing a white coat, even even the hat is not extracted. The little mouth is very embarrassed, she immediately spit out my meat stick right away, and I have to play me: “I hate …” I had to make a smirk. She touched my forehead asked: “You finally woke up, is it better?”

At this time, I felt that the forehead has been wrapped in white cloth. I saw that the resentment in my eyes has become concerned, I am grateful and warm, my heart is very pleased, I said to her: “For … you die. happy……”

I swear, I am telling the truth at the moment, I can compensate some huge hurt for her flesh and spirit. I am really willing to pay everything. Xiao Juan was touched by my words and sincerity, tears almost out of the eyes, gently put the face in my chest.

Her chest soft meatball met my arm, the feeling really couldn’t resist, I couldn’t help but touch her hand.

“I hate it …”

She hit my hand back, I want to take the hand, but I don’t buy it, and I will slide from the gap in her clothes. “Ah …” She hurriedly grabbed my hand. Let me continue, but her strength is too small, my hand is still drilled into her bra, and I can’t catch it at all!

In this way, my hand sticks to the grip in her hand, and two fingers clamp the hardening nipple turns. Soon her hand lost strength, although she also grabbed my hand became a furnish, I saw her big breasts really sensitive, so soon her breathing was very strong and very urgent.

I feel that the giant burns below have to explode, you need to have a hole drilling, you need to have something tight and hit, it doesn’t let him explode. I trembled and said: “I … want … you … …”

Xiaojuan was shocked immediately. I also fell out, she said: “No! People are dying now, can’t!” I also know that she is very painful now, but I am excited. Desire How to suppress it? However, I respect her, I am helpless, my eyes are biased, and the head is biased, and the towering sticks are also shaking.

Xiaojuan looked at the gauze and my giant stick, my giant stick, I apologized, she said softly: “Sorry, people can’t do. Or, as long as you don’t put it, how can I All by you, do you? “

I said: “Okay, … I want … take off the light … Hug … Hold you to sleep … 嘿 … 嘿 … 小 看 看 下, less than 6 o’clock, there is also 8 points from Xiaowen For a while, she wants to pay attention to me first, and I can get up when my giant is soft.

She said: “That is good to go in!” I said: “Dizziness … Will n’t …” This sentence is true, I really have no strength.

In this way, I and Xiaojuan took off the clothes and lying on the bed of Xiaojuan. We were lying face, I was closely smoothed, and her head is on my arm, and the soft hair is in my arm.

At this time, I just smelled her body with a strange fragrance, this is the body of the girl’s unique. I looked at her angelous face, she also looked at my handsome face, and our eyes have the feeling of love in blending.

At this moment, I feel like the paradise, I remembered the famous sayings of Milan Kundera: “There are two different feelings with women and sleep, the former is a matter of love, the latter is a lot of.” I think I am really Fall in love with Xiaojuan. I came to a prank, I took a hand to her meat, “… I am so wet … …”

She is shameless: “I hate it …” said that I clampped my legs to stop my continuity. Although my hand is clamped, my fingers have already touched her little peas, I sport my fingers. Xiao Juan really is very sensitive, I didn’t touch a few, and her meat has flowed a lot of water.

As I brought the power and the amplitude, she started to eat, closed his eyes, opened his little mouth and breath, I can let this opportunity, kiss her little mouth, tongue is also like The snake drilled into her mouth, and her tongue immediately tangled together. After about 5 minutes, Xiaojuan was obviously excited. She began to make a depression snoring, and the body also begun to twist with my rubbing, and even began to catering my fingers. At this time, I suddenly slammed the mouth from her little mouth. Her snoring immediately sent it immediately: “Um … ah … um …”

She opened her eyes and saw that I smiled badly. I knew that I was catching her, and I said: “Hey, let you laugh! See you to die!” Maybe it’s cool to make everything, maybe I look good. She sat up, separated the white legs, and the small hand is a huge meat stick to match the meat hole that she has been flooding. I sat down.

“Follow!” After all, it is just a manager. There is no experience, Xiaojuan sits too fierce, sitting at the bottom, and the whole huge meat stick has not entered her body. But her meat hole is too tight, and the female film is also crusted, so although it has been wet, it has caused a pain.

“Ah !!” hurt Xiaojuan yell, tears fell in my body, bare metal bed, no dare to move, the meat wall also painfully contracted. I had to reach out to continue her little peas below, hoping to reduce her pain. Her painful expression continued for a long time, with my sputum, sweet pleasure gradually filled her whole body, her pain gradually drowned, 呻 呻 呻 呻 也 重 了 咙 了.. 了,,

Xiaojuan began to twist the waist and slowly, my meat stick began to enter and exit under the tight clip of her meat, I saw it still has a silk blood flow out. After all, after all, it was much better than the first time, the channel was developed by my giant, so how long did it, Xiaojuan can be more likely to come.

My hands changed to the huge double breast. I knead hard, ten fingers will fall like grasping the balloons, and I can see Xiaojuan’s double-eyed, and the long hair fluttering. Snow-white cheeks became a delicate crimson because of excitement, the tongue continued to lick the cherry, and there was a loud noise in his mouth.

I said: “Look down.”

Xiaojuan opened his eyes down, and the eyes of the eyes were inserted between the white jade legs. It was dark and ugly, because it was covered with her blisters and bloodshot, but now With her take-initiative, in her body.

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