Wang Lixin is 28 years old this year, so far, I don’t know if I have no marriage, I don’t know, I will tell you, because she and her life father Wang Chun has been holding a father and female incest relationship for more than ten years, and father Already quantified, this life will let your father exercise yourself. Wang Lixin’s body is very good, the height of one mete, 55 kg, very full, white skin, especially a pair of jade hands and jade vests, Wang Li Xin knows that his father especially likes his own jade, so often go to the beauty salon. Do your hand and foot maintenance, clean the nail trim, and painted a layer of pink transparent nail polish, more charming.

Wang Chun did not add a daughter’s toes, but Wang Li Xin prefer to give Dad, at least, at least, Dad is going to shoot in her mouth and face, and also beautiful, I don’t know the true and false, Wang Li Xin The face is getting more and more white. This day, Wang Lixin came out from the shower room, and he was combing hair. Wang Chun took her behind him, and kissed her daughter Wang Li’s new white neck.

“Good incense, my little girl!”

In the thin shirt, he holds two soft breasts in front of the daughter’s hands. Wang Lixin did not make a sound, and his father glanced, and continued to comb.

Wang Chun did a mess in his daughter, but was flashing by her: “Oh, I hate, people are getting dry, dad! You don’t want to come!”

Dedicated by her daughter, Wang Chun had to smoke my fingers in my panties.

He asked the child to sit back to the bed, and his daughter was a hard meritorious, if it was a fire, the package tube did not have a good face these days.

Wang Lixin blows dry hair with a hairdryer, while you have a happy song.

I was tossing for a while, and I finally sorted it almost. She used her eyes to Wang Chun on the side, looked at the father, a bunch of commitment, and couldn’t help but “嗤” smiled.

“See you, it seems to be very terrible.” Wang Li Xin put his comb, sat in Wang Chun: “Not will not help you, do you have so urgent?”

Wang Lixin smiled and smiled. She was skilled to unlock Wang Chun’s crotch, and I had a big penis to send the daddy.

Wang Chun took the bed and was comfortably lying comfortably. The daughter’s mouth is really nothing to say, licking the biting, the rhythm is just right, even if he can masturbate, there is no way to master so good, because of this, I have to play between the daughter. Between the daughter .

“Hey, 喔, A new, the daughter can, change your dad to help you play.”

“Don’t give you a comfortable, Wang Chun listened to your daughter, Wang Chun lies well, a long big chicken is standing upright, I saw Wang Li Xinzhi sitting in the middle of her father, slowly Move your own right foot, extend the scarlet tender meat, the mean jade toe, put a root jade toe into the mouth, the beautiful toenails flashed under the moisturizing of the saliva, and the father The big meat column of the giant, Wang Li’s left hand began to pull down his underwear.

Helping his father, she can’t wait to change my father to help her relieve the small hole. She loves the father’s father-in-law. It is more comfortable than her own with his fingers.

On the king of Wang Chun, Wang Lixin took the small hole into his father’s mouth. That kind of tongue jumped, like a soft feeling in the small hole, and the prostitution immediately secretly secreted.

Wang Chun opened Wang Li Xin’s thigh, let himself go more into his daughter.

“Ah … dad, hello … bad …, lick people … home … … good, so comfortable …” Wang Li Xin couldn’t help but, while using a small hole with a small hole with his father’s warm tongue.

Wang Chun lightly biting the little meat that was excited from his daughter, and started with a tongue to retrieve her daughter’s privately bored crepe cover lips. He is well-trained, the superb soft tongue does not lose to the power of the penis, the girl is sluggish, and the prostitutes are fostered into the father’s mouth.

“Dad … you are always … Hey … I am … stop, can’t stop …”

The craft of her daughter suddenly came, Wang Chun swallowed the crystal honey juice of the tenderness of the girl, lifted the hard-long legs of the daughter, which was the favorite posture of the two.

He gently insert his fingers into the hole, the girl is invincible.

He slammed a while, and the supper, the fingers were quickly entering and forth, and Wang Li Xin Jiao drops to him: “Dad, you will dig me again!” Wang Chun smiled: “So Tighten, don’t get a little bit? “This only puts the penis to the accounted, and you will get the big chicken. When his shed dick inserts a daughter, the two can’t help but get rid.

How to frenzy, my daughter is still so tender and narrow, deeply covered with my father’s meat column; how can I have a hundred wars, my father’s hanging bar is always so high vibe, Quarter to get into the doctor’s path!

“A new, you are really enough!” Father praised.

“Dad, you can’t go today!”

The daughter is charming, holding his father. The huge meat stick of my father couldn’t stand the cute meat hole of my daughter. Two small wet lips flipped outwards with twitching.

Men and women are happy to perform in bed.

Just when Wang Chun finally pursued, the daughter gave him a soft language: “Not today, dangerous!”

In less than a few minutes, Wang Chun took the fullness of the fullness of the soft semen into the small and gentle mouth of Wang Li Xin in the full body. Wang Li’s new stalks were absorbed by the penis that was jumped in the mouth, and the father’s semen did not leak into the belly.

Father and daughter got up, “” daughter, ready to go to work! “

This is Wang Chun, Wang Li Xin Father and Daughters, a pair of “Spring New Gang” Father, Holding Hand, Hero. But there is never someone, he and his own friendly daughter has such a secret incest relationship that is less than the outer man.

Wang Chun took a few years to raise his daughter, Wang Li, although there is no thoughts of remarriage, but women who bring home have never been broken. Often the daughter is still writing homework in the living room. He has slamed the woman who has just taken home into the bedroom.

A wide variety of women have lived together, and the short-term stay will not see the shadows in a few days, and it is almost over the year.

At that time, the young Wang Li Xin was also used to it. Faced with the “aunt” who went to these, and later, even the name was too lazy. These women who cooked rice in their homes were often replaced. Just as ourselves grow up, some things began to be surprised.

When she read the country, she had a young girl with a young girl back, the 17th, eight-year-old girl, some is still a childish, and the daughter who saw “boyfriend” actually and her own almost, and the tenderness will also face Red.

For example, the most exuberant once, Wang Chun fishing a fifteen-year-old girl with a fifteen-year-old, brought home, and it can also wear Wang Li Xin’s clothes. When the little girl is pulled up by the father, when it is, when he was pulled up by his father on the night, it was also harmful. Snoving a look at Wang Li Xin, who has nothing to watch with TV without his affairs.

Later, this “little aunt” also stayed at home for more than half months until Wang Li Xin started to fall in the living room.

Wang Li Xin showed a delicate but spicy personality. Maybe it’s really an environment. When I read the elementary school, she picks up her own panties almost a colorful color, never disdaining, representing the innocent ignorance White small trousers.

Looking at my father’s eyes, she sent a purple blond pocket and drunken bikini pants to her daughter.

When the celebration dinner, drink more parents and daughters in KTV. After returning home, the wine is full of snacks in the living room sofa. Wang Lixin suddenly faded the short skirt, and the generous let his father appreciate him to give birth to birthday gifts.

Looking at my daughter’s white and tempting, Wang Chunyi rushed, first touched the slender little buttocks and swallowed, then hugged the little daughter and rushed!

Before unexpected, the fierce resistance of the expectations did not appear, Wang Li Xin just let his father kissed the young and smooth, and did not rebellion. Even when Wang Chunqiang Dawng Mountain, the 16-year-old daughter’s precious children will take away the moment, Wang Li Xin is just to hold back, and the red is not a sound.

After the end, Wang Li was sitting in the face of the father who looked at the father to clean up his own, and suddenly took a sentence: “I am no longer a child.”

Wang Chun lived, smiled and said: “You want to turn big people, wait a few more years!”

Wang Lixin did not answer, silently took a little, a little ridiculed: “If I am not your daughter, you are now raped, but you have to sit in a secure.”

Wang Chun was killed by her daughter without his mind, and it was a little dizzy. I didn’t answer, I had to pick up my daughter to the bathroom. From the birthday, Wang Chun no longer took a woman home. Life in the outside flower seems to be declared to this end, every day at home, it is to enjoy the delicate and sweet carcass.

After Wang Lixin has a physical affection, the act is even more spicy. As long as you want, if you don’t say it, you will climb to your father.

The daughter is, the more rolled the waves, and Wang Chun has passed the hundred battles. Of course, it is not the oil lamp. He will have a chance to put on the underwear. Until dawn.

The premature prematured daughter is getting more and more open, and after reading high school, I started with my father to cross the crowded people.

Now Wang Lixin is thin and squeezed powder, quickly set up a piece of short dress, showing her wonderful figure that she can’t hold, and the father and a person will start to Taipei Station.

Pick a crowded bus, Wang Li Xin quickly found the object of the start, and was interested in unintentionally being squeezed to a colorful middle-aged man. At the same time as men concentrated on Wang Li Xinqi, Wang Chun has taken away the clippers on this stupid man.

After I got, the two were replaced with several buss. Of course, while the men were in love with these bus, they have made this for the father-in-law.

After the game, Wang Chun took the daughter’s hand and easily strolled on the way home.

In the evening, Wang Li’s new student uniforms were replaced by themselves.

Before school, she and Wang Chun took a car first, covering the father after the bus sucked, he sent him to the school.

On the weekend night, this is a crowded giant music concert venue. Wang Lixin is wearing sexy tight leather clothes. With the fanatical music on the stage, and Wang Chun is the whole game, if there is no reason The men and women of my men and women are desirable.

Wang Chun is also a good person, it can be presented in the plague circle, but it is necessary to pay attention to the help of the boss of him to help him.

Marshae offers a belt in the Railway Street Street, Keelung Port, and the county and cities in North Taiwan, and the Qingye black family of Hengbin, Japan has always been quite close.

When Marsha was young, he had lived in Japan for ten years. He was responsible for the smuggling of Qingye gang and Taiwan’s black road.

Ma Sha it is deeply versed, and he has learned a high-tech technology in Japan. It has a rich person and smuggling pipeline. After returning to Taiwan, I naturally spelled out my own sites in the fierce underground.

Wang Chun and Guo Qinglong and the good brothers in the help, Ma Sha In order to avoid many people to fight each other, they will teach different make a living skills according to each person’s talent.

Wang Chun has responded in a small, the hands and feet are convenient, and the appearance is not particularly eye-catching. It is really a material that is natural. Masha will guide him to learn important techniques for counterfeiting all kinds of documents.

Many brothers in the help are often very much in contact. They are afraid that they will involve each other, when they are monitored, they will involve other homologs. Everyone is usually contacted by each other, unless there is something to support each other. Even usually interacting many alcoholic friends to confuse other gangs and police officers.

The same is true for Wang Chun and Guo Qinglong and of course. It is only two people who have done many ridiculous things together, including the two female people who come from Japan from Japan. It is quite common.

The two people always pick a hidden hotel or the restaurant put the wine, and a pair of little daughter do not put the help in the eyes. After all, as a native, they must find an age. Intimate is not easy, so I love to pull my father to chat with my father.

Adults drink, two little girls are tired and have not finished.

Guo Qinglong and the road specially forged all kinds of identity documents and ancient paintings, but also love to apply some landscape fish from entertainment.

This day, Wang Spring took her daughter to Guo Qinglong and home, and two adults have been drunk, Guo Xingru quietly pulled Wang Li Xin to his father’s studio.

“Why? This is so mysterious.” Wang Li Xin smiled. “Do you think this painting is not good?” Guo Xingru is a little joyful and gently set off a semi-hidden canvas.

It is a portrait of her eyes, a girl in the painting, a smile Qian, a little beautiful woman who is ours, idiotic, and a small beauty hand in a soft cloud, hidden body, shims The kneel looks forward in a mirror.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful, is Guo Shu to help you?” Wang Li Xin couldn’t help but exclaimed.

“Well …” Guo Xingru didn’t have a lot of words, looking at the portrait of his own half-naked, cheeks can’t help but fainting.

“It’s good, no wonder you worship Guo Shu, there is such a father!” Wang Li Xin praised.

“Just …” Guo Xingru seems to stop, and she wants to vomit to her friends, but I don’t know how to talk.

“What?” Wang Li Xin should sound.

“Oh, okay, just smashing as a model, even the knee is swollen.” Guo Xingru quietly turned the words.

“Hey, let’s Xiaomei’s tender meat, too much to get tortured.” Wang Li was pinched by Guo Xingru.

“Hey, you eat my tofu!”

Two little girls started playing.

One day, Guo Qinglong and found Wang Chun discussed one thing, Hong Kong three-in-one would help he help to do two American-necked zinc versions, please supervise the color printing of computer printing.

Wang Chun found a person to inquire, persuade friends to say that you can take this business: “The other party is quite sincere, there should be no problem in security.”

After picking up this big business, not long, Guo Qinglong and two downside and zinc version of the US banknotes in Taiwan went to the Philippines.

During the period from Guo Qinglong and the Philippines, Guo Xingru came to Wang Chunjia to live.

Just started, Wang Chun and daughter also barely avoid guests, but the time has been so much.

One evening, Wang Chun was drinking from outside, Guo Xingru is still in the living room, he is holding Wang Liqin to close the door. Although there is no leak, although there is no leak, the sound of the hooded sensation is, of course, in Guo Xiru Ruur.

On the evening, I will ask Wang Li Xin, who is popular, and the face is red. “Hey, … how can you talk to Liao Shu in the room …” The next thing she didn’t dare to say exports.

If Wang Li Xin said with a smile: “Is it very strange? In fact, I have had a incest relationship with my dad soon.”

Guo Xingru was surprised to say that you can’t say: “But you are the father and daughter!”

“What is it? Do you have your boyfriend?” Wang Li Xin ridiculed her.

“I have no boyfriend, that is just a school classmate, I don’t appreciate him.” Guo Xingru should have a sound.

“How can we, we are gentle and beautiful, how can I not appreciate the boys?”

“Hey, the students in the school are naive, and the big brothers in the help, they can’t wait to take what you eat …”

“What do you want to do what conditions do you want?” Wang Li Xin is very interested.

Guo Xingru thought, “Unless they can have talented talents like my dad.” The light of the father worship is flashed.

She is a very well-clever little girl, which is full of enthusiasm for his future.

After a while, she turned the topic back to Wang Li Xin, “How do you feel with your father?” Guo Xingru is a little careful.

Wang Li, who is lying on the bed, slightly spit a smoke: “It’s very exciting, hey, maybe it’s really guilty. As long as I think that I am sitting a very rebellious thing, the rebellion to the whole world does not allow me to do this, I It is not excited about autonomy. “

“Especially when my dad is going to fuck me, he warmly thinks about my name. When I shouted my father, the climax of the love couldn’t stop.”

Wang Li’s side supported the bodies, and fell into the smile and said that it seems to see a picture of myself and his father incest.

Guo Xingru took a point of expression to look at her, and Wang Li, who is the same seventeen, has always been an object of Apricot Worship.

“That, then do you not refuse?” She couldn’t help but ask a question.

“Please! When I seduce him, you didn’t see his expression on his face!” She said that he was taken to the detailed process of chase the chastity of chastity in the 16th birthday, and heard Guo Xingru Yufei dance and his red heartbeat.

“Wow!” Pure little girl listened to the spring heart, “he … will not want you to do some strange moves …” She saw some a tablets, the more I want to ask.

“Of course, I will like it to help him eat the younger brother! It is better to continue to connect, he is more cool!”

“Hey, isn’t that dirty?” The mouth said that Guo Xingru is more exciting than disgusted.

“It’s okay, but I also like him like him, I can’t stop the water stop!”

Two little girls discussed here, smiles with eating.

Wang Lixin looked at the expression of Guo Xingru, suddenly thought of something: “Is there anything that your father helping you?” Wang Li Xin anti-apricot.

“He, he … he didn’t, our painting is very simple, not …” Guo Xingruhong said.

“Oh, I am sure, he must have a mess, do you not be right?” Wang Li Xin felt the secret of Guo Xingru, laughing.

“You don’t want to say, my father is not as good as Liao Shu!” Loved the woman as a father who worshiped.

“Hey! It’s fun, tell me, how did he account for you cheap, tell me!” Liao Jiayan’s face should be Guo Xingru to come.

“Really don’t, my dad will not be thin to me!” Guo Xingru said a bit of a little straightforward.

“Is it? Yes?” Wang Li Xin felt very interesting, couldn’t help but began to make friends.

“I have told you the secret of my family, you still have me.” Seeing things, Wang Lixin began to make the exemption will be.

It’s just a friend’s entanglement, and the soft Apricot Ru began to move: “You, you … can’t tell others!”

“Oh, I have to tell you this kind of thing, is the control area police, hero!”

Guo Xingru, said: “My dad often call me … take the clothes, then, then he painted with the paint in me, sometimes … sometimes painted, he even used his finger or The tongue is painted on me … After the painting is painted, I put it into a photo … this is just an expression of art … and it is, and you … in bed … is really different! …… “

Guo Xingru is shy, Wang Li’s new eyes: “Is it true, are you playing like this? Painting with your fingers and tongue in the beauty body, wow, good temperament! Use this way to” bully ” My own daughter, ha, really artist, haha! “

“Hey, I can’t think of Guo Shu, who is going to be the same as my dad,” eat “and” “, hehe!” Wang Li’s new lword, laughing is a bit unborn.

“Hey, you … don’t tell Liao Shu, otherwise I will never care!” Guo Xingru looked in an eye.

“Xiaomei, I ask you, do you really love Guo Shu?”

Guo Xingru thought about it, silently nodded.

“Then do you want to let Guo Shu directly, and you …” Wang Li Xin smiled.

“…” Guo Xingru, I didn’t know how to answer the sister Amoy.

“Let’s say, you will want it, right. Do you want to give the first time to the most love?”

Wang Li Xin urged.

“But what is the kind of incest? What do you want me later?” Guo Xing Ru’s eyes saw that the father and the father didn’t care, and there was a bit of heart and some hesitation.

“Oops, please! We don’t want to communicate with the people like this? Finally, it is not a scorpion, but you can see which one, even if you get married, they will not I don’t think that we are still a jade, I would rather give the first night to people worthy of my love. Otherwise, I will not have a long time, I have no counseling and my dad. “Wang Lixin advocated the birk.

“That … but this kind of thing, my father refuses, isn’t it very embarrassed?” Guo Xingru is a bit awkward.

“Less come, you have been with your father to eat tofu, I’m still very pleased, you are willing to deal with it, he is so happy,” ???????? Dog Anthone 肝 肝 骨 」」,,,,,,, 」」 」」 Send your meat to your outside!

“Waiting for Guo Shu to come back from the Philippines, we will design these two bad brothers together, is it good?” Jia Yan is thinking about the sorrow.

Guo Xingru listened to the idea of ​​the midday friends, listening to a red bloom on his face, but also decided to act on it.

After returning from the Philippines, Guo Qinglong made a lot of money. Guo Xing Ruyi gave his father to gather with Wang Chunfang woman, and I also thank him to take care of her daughter during this period.

The two little girls are in the same sound to come to the mountains to camping. Since the daughters are so persistent, although the time is deep autumn, the mountains have a cold wind in the middle of the mountains, and the two fathers have only rented a camper. Departure.

After a remote camp, after organizing the camp, the two girls insisted that they did not want to live in the car, and they were not allowed to work in the camp. Due to the four miles of unmanned smoke, Wang Chun and Guo Qinglong and although it feels a bit of strong people, it is difficult to safely, but also barely set two-neighborly.

A raging fire that rises at dinner, plus delicious food, the four people’s hearts are hot.

Guo Qinglong and happily talked about all the processes of printed counterfeit banknotes in the Philippines. Two little girls have bad ideas, can’t persuade two fathers to drink more small wine.

After the wine is hot, I looked at the father. I had a seven points of drunkenness. Wang Li Xin made a look, and Guo Xingru took a smile and said: “In order to welcome Guo Shushang, I have compiled a double cheerleading dance, come to Guo Shuqing Oh! “

Wang Chun and Guo Qinglong and did not expect that there will be this episode, and it is also laughing.

Two girls hid into the camping car for a while, and the rhythm of wild music was raised from the car, and then flicked from the door, and the warm and beautiful girl danced with the rushing Latin music dance in front of them.

The girls who have a long, although wearing ordinary red and white cheerleadies, but deliberately modify the sloppy size. The upper body’s single short shirt reveals the warm twists of palators, butter the third, if there is a hidden, the girl’s chest is shallower; the ultra-short mini skirt is even more shaded. Bright hips. The two people deliberately mixed with bright yellow and powder tangerine lace in the middle of the two people, and the waist and swing moves in front of the two fathers.

Men who have been burn the mouth of the dry mouth, forget the girl in front of himself, and in the seductive dance of the girl again, I can’t help but take the pocket.

Wang Chun looked at the charming body of her daughter. She had already hired her daughter immediately, but in front of her friends, she had to force the heart in their hearts.

After a period of music, the two girls turned, back to the “audience”, revealing the cute tender hips and hips and the hips, the mysterious hi, the mysterious hi, to the father to enjoy, and then make a sensuality of the whole body action. Wang Chun and Guo Qinglong and the heart were ambiguous, but it didn’t turn his eyes stared at the body of the daughter.

Suddenly Wang Li Xin and Guo Xingru were gently together, slowly fade the diagonal small trip. The girls smiled, and they will throw their own enthusiasm and youthful trousers.

Wang Chun is still good, smile and grab the mandarin, then look at Wang Li Xin with appreciation; Guo Qinglong is a bit embarrassed, holding a daughter’s underwear, I don’t know how it is good.

When the music stopped, Wang Li was going forward. When he took the father’s hand, he smiled into a tenth, and he took out the voice of laughter flirting inside.

Guo Xingru has a lot of Wang Li Xin and the music of the music, it is a bit uncomfortable, watching his father holding his own pants, face a red, and also drilling into another top.

Guo Qinglong and standing outside the hand, the hot dance of spirits and the girl just took him with eight, and then heard a pair of parents in the next door, he took a slight breath, he took a deep breath. Also drilled into the tip.

In the job, Guo Xingru has never looked at his father in the sleeping bag, and the body that just danced was still astishing. Outside the sleeping bag, the cheerleaded team wearing a louder, and the white bra has been lost.

Guo Qinglong and the sleeping bag, the girl is warm and the body is present in front of him.

“How can you think of this?” Guo Qinglong and did not look for something.

“It’s awkward, he said to celebrate it.” The daughter whispered. The whole body has brought a dizzy, Guo Qinglong and gently move the daughter legs, greedy appreciates the short shame of the sparse and ignorant of Guo Xi Ru Xiaoshu. His hand couldn’t stand with a small tender hole, and his fingers felt the tenderness and slippery of the girl, let Guo Xingru are accidentally “ah” shouting.

Guo Qinglong and did not speak again, the whole person gentle the servant.

That night, in the cold night, there is two warm tips, while the enthusiasm is very romantic, from time to time and the other side of the spring, the spring is shy in the mountain wind. .

The next morning, Wang Chunfi is busy going to fish, rolling, Guo Qinglong and and Guo Xi Ru, a father and girl, the beauty of Mountain, and finding the idlers into the hand. Honey; Liao Jiafang woman does not bother, until the evening, look at the home, Wang Li’s new naughty suddenly opened another father’s hand, I saw Guo Jiafu women’s clothes faded, Guo Qinglong And the pink sharp nipple is playing with Guo Xing Ru.

“You, what are you doing!”

Father who were shocked, a little angry, two people quickly pulled the sleeping bag.

“Hey, Guo Shu, if I don’t come to the doorbell, I have to live in the mountains this evening.” Wang Li Xin smiled and said that he couldn’t hold the father and daughter of naked.

“Hey, you go out first, we will go out soon.” Guo Xingru’s red ear rumored.

“Don’t, I am so cold outside, I have to come in warmth.” Wang Li, who came into jealous, saw his friends, and finally played, and the sore walked.

“Liao Chi, your daughter is so skinned, come over, your daughter!” Guo Qinglong and was so tricky, he was in his body, he had to call for friends.

Wang Chun took nearly, and his daughter said: “” Your child is not big, disturbing people “Newlyweds”

do what? “Ming is to drink, but the secret is to help the love of women.

“Good wow, Liao Chi, told you to take a bunch of daughters, you come to dig the wall.” Guo Qinglong and the shadrous daughter shaded with the body, while smashing a good friend.

“Dad, you also come in, it is good ~~ Warm!” Wang Li Xin opened a lot of laughter, and touched the drum on one side.

Wang Chun-hinger is also drilled in his face: “Pot cover, not bad, why do you have warm, 咦, 奇?”

Guo Jiaqi was born by them, and the sorry mutually hid into the sleeping bag.

Wang Chun looked at the friend’s care, I had to turn over and smiled her daughter: “Hey you touched, this will make Guo Shuya, see how you are good!”

Wang Li’s new mouth: “People are just fun, no malicious, why should we weird people, otherwise we will lose them well, dad, you are right?”

“Loosing? How to pay, you are a little girl!” Wang Chun saw the daughter’s face, kneering that she was thinking about it.

“Since we look at them, then we also let them look at it.” Wang Li Xin said with a smile, and hired.

“Guo Gang, the house is unfortunate, I will go back to take the daughter of this naughty.”

Wang Chun is also a pair of parents who have their own problems to hide in the sleeping bag. After finishing my daughter, I smiled into a group.

“Dad, I don’t want you to go home, I want you now” management “me!” Wang Li Xin suddenly turned, and the veins were spoiled, poured into his father.

“Know, the daughter, how to show in white, I am trying to accompany them to them now!”

Wang Chun and her daughter have flirting, and they are full of honey, and they can’t wait to take off their daughters.

Wang Li Xin was lighted by his father, and when he helped his father to pull his underwear, he smiled and said to Guo Xingru in the side: “Xiaomei, let’s take a look, I will let my dad come” to manage “now!” In the mouth of the huge penis, “” sounds.

Liao Jiafang female just boldly flirting early has already touched Guo Qinglong and father and daughter’s Spring heart, quietly paided each other in the sleeping bag, now I saw Wang Li Xin as a big meat stick in the face of his father, simply Drugs are still amazing. Guo Qinglong and immediately turned over to Guo Xingru, and looked downally. Wang Chun did not live in the smooth and delicate waist, smiled and said: “It seems that you don’t have a good” tube “you can’t.” Sogel hugs and sits on your giant.

Wang Li Xin Xiaoyuan was so powerful in his father, and the obscenity is full of overflow.

“Dad, go in … a little bit.” Wang Li Xin said with his hip.

“Dad, light … Light.” Guo Xingru’s light moth said.

Two pairs of parents are so ridiculous while crowded tips. A girl is a style, the crisp chest tower, spring love is like a nine days; the other is shy people, the jade body is soft, the lack of obscene is in the eyes.

I got a mistake, I was dried by my father, and she took the father wheezing. She also included her treasure but also said that “To … I have to … I want …. … “

So a sound, I’m gotting, Guo Qinglong and Guo Xi Ru looked at it, and immediately shouted: “Don’t!”

※ After this experience, the relationship between the two people is more close, sometimes traveling together, and two couples are general.

Ma Sha is eighty-ten-life days, four people went to the birthday.

Two pairs of father and daughters are also busy greeting the congratulations to the coming to go to the coming, next to the warm birthday banquet, but also toast at the same time.

Ma Sha is looking at Liao, Guo two pairs of father and women, do not leave, seem to appreciate what, after the birthday banquet, he argued two pairs of father to the temple, only to see Ma Sha old tone deep Said: “Spring and Aquad, I see that you are also bold, it is always not like a daughter, and the two should have a home?”

“This, since the child grows up in our line, you have to find someone outside, I will be a master, how do your brothers come to a family?”

“Although the daughter married the brothers of the lifelong, the future discussing a little chaos, but as long as everyone is still commensurate, I think it is still acceptable! How do you think?”

Wang Chun and Guo Qinglong and hearing the old man such proposal, there is a color color, and I don’t dare to violate the idea of ​​the elderly, I can only stay and smile.

It is two little and men to hear such a sudden proposal, and they can not help the mid-generation, and they are anxious: “Ma Sha Grandpa, we are still small, but also have a very good boyfriend, no need to be so urgent La!”

Msha looked at the two people who were very well-behaved. After a while, I suddenly pulled my face, I didn’t plead, “I haven’t seen anyone in my elderly.!”

Scared Wang Chun, Guo Qinglong and quickly pulled his daughter forward: “Quickly accompany you grandfather!”

The four people didn’t dare to say anything, and this matter is so fixed.

After the end of Bai Shou, four people gathered together, the final conclusion is: Anyway, the wedding is taken, there is a manifold of the father, but the daughter is still alive. As long as you don’t mention it, the chance to gang brothers meet is not much.

After a month, in the mouth of the gang, Wang Chun and Guo Qinglong and his heart are preparing to engage the letter, which is the special manuscript of Ma Sha Boss.

Before unexpected, the people who helped the inside of the people only have Ma Sha. Two people think that they must be old and angry, they will be a scene to come to them.

When I arrived in Ji Time, I’m still in front of Ma Sha, I thought I had a blow.

Ma Sha Lao Da today is good, it is good, first laughing at the four people and a half, only slow Si Siles, said Wang Chun and Guo Qinglong and said: “The two are my most proudly apprentice, but unfortunately, there is a small and unknown, the blood I just made me sinful Japan’s good door. The two of you did a time, but it was unexpectedly got two beautiful peasant daughters. “

Liao Gui did not listen to the old bodies, and I couldn’t live in my heart. I would like to say that I have to be broken by the old man.

Twenty years ago, in the celebration of the 60th birthday of Ma Sha, Qingye Family not only smuggled a batch of machines who were printed as a group of printed counterfeit banknotes, but also sent two masters to guide printing and platelet technology. These two young women, a family member, a family member, is already a daughter-in-law of Qingye family.

However, when the two instructors met Musa’s apprentice Wang Chun and Guo Qinglong and when the two pairs of red apricots, the printed technology of the counterfeit banknotes did not learn, “people” technology is completed first, two instructor is When Taiwan’s pregnant news is returned to Japan, the president of the Qingye family violently jumped, almost preparing to send killers to Taiwan’s entire gang forces.

Finally, Ma Sha and Mrs. Zengi personally got a trip to Japan, gave a confidant; after the child was born, the daughter of the two was also brought back to Taiwan.

“When I brought back these two cute women from Japan, I thought that the two of the two fengots took the biological daughter on the rivers and lakes. It is also our hidden and hidden, to make a friendly woman. It is not easy, and the time has long, it is difficult for you that these two color disappointments will not want to have their own biological daughters. “

Ma Sha Lao Dicheng did not speak a bunch.

The four people who were lectured were simply hair, and they would like to wait for a gratuit, and they couldn’t help but pray in my heart.

“So, when I gave you the baby, I did a decision, exchange my baby grandson, the man is a man, I don’t think that my daughter’s blood type and I don’t match myself in the past 20 years? Don’t you want to check it out, just know to eat and drink! “

Massa said, and by the end of the apprentice.

He took out two documents from the drawer: “Hey, this is the original document of your daughter in Japan, handprint, footprints are above, parents’ name is also registered above, I will take it to the court tomorrow. The two recognizes the ancestors. “

“It is also to let you marry, the marriage.”

Ma Sha language has no longer talk, and looks at the scorpions in front of him.

Liao Guo two on the father and daughter, first look at his daughter, then look at the other party daughter, a warm feeling, “You, you, you …” It is a half-day four people to say can’t come. .

After all, the flesh is coming, and the father and daughter are confirmed, they can’t help but cry, wait for the emotion, and four people can’t help but laugh.

Wang Lixin and Guo Xingru couldn’t help but pursue Marsha Grande, I couldn’t help but ask the father of the two people; looked at the daughter and lively smile, Guo Qinglong and put Wang Chun to the side, and whispered without moving: “Good The little child, my daughter is still in adulthood, you will gave her, this account will be counted! “

Wang Chun, I will not laugh at the meat immediately: “I have a glutinous cover, that day, you will take my daughter in my face, but I will take it too!”

I remembered the mad game of four people playing in the evening, and now I have a perfect plan for Masha Big Plan, and the two pairs of father have only face each other, and the newspaper will smile.

After half a year, in the happy banquet, two pairs of newcomers, 喔 喔 两 两 女, 喜孜 向 向 行 行 行 大 行 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 女 女 大 女 女 大 大 首 大 大 大 大 大

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