Two parents [reproduced]

One day, Renjiang was early, and he bought the roast goose of Rongrong’s favorite, and planned two father and women to eat well, and the next day is a holiday, so the mood is very good, return home, Renjiang I plan to give Rong Rong and a surprise, so I didn’t get a voice to my daughter. He found that the door was just a mistake, but the house passed the daughter’s snoring: “Yea … … … … “

Renjiang carefully pushed the door, he looked at it, suddenly stunned, the original Rong Rong 躺 躺The mammard that has just been long, the undercale skirt of the lower body is also tall to the waist, and the other hand has stretched into the underwear, although it is in panties, but the Renjiang can clearly see Rong Rong’s fingers are being yang. I got it.

And the Renjiang is surprised. When he looked at his daughter, he was very excited. The mask in the pants was also hard, especially he saw the barefoot of Rong Rong and his eyes. Responsible, ten white and red toes alternately entangled together, Renjiang almost couldn’t help but catch up and catch a daughter’s feet, just at this time, Renjiang accidentally pushed the door. Rong Rong immediately found that his father was standing at the door. She didn’t know that Ren Jiang had already standing for a while, and thought that he just came back to let him know.

Renjiang saw his daughter hurriedly picked up the quilt covering the body, then shy and crying, he quickly walked to the bed, comforting his daughter; “Don’t cry! Dad is not blame you, you are so big! It is also normal! “Rong Rong cried and said. Dad sometimes do it! “Rong Rong said:” Dad, you still laugh! I don’t care! Unless … Unless you do it, you also give me a look! Still saying: “How can this? We are a father and daughter! How can we?” How to know Rong Rong still persistent: “I don’t care so much! In short, I will tell me. I don’t tell anyone. Just! “

Renjiang has always hurting this daughter. At this time, he touched her, and the two Renjiang presses the sexual desire for many years. Renjiang actually said to her daughter, I can’t think of myself.: “Otherwise …… Let’s get together … 公公平 平 … … “Rong Rong also guess the father’s request, first stayed, but curiosity plus the need that I haven’t solved yet, it makes her said:” Good … Let’s get together! “Said that the thistle of Rong Rong immediately rely on the bed, and he is half-legged to open his legs, and then play his tits. The first time, Rong Rong saw the male erection, excited to stop.

At the beginning of Renjiang, he suddenly said to her daughter: “This is unfair! I have gave you a lot of light, but you still wear the underwear!” Rong Rong 言 言 言 是 是 是 是 是 是 言 是 言 言 耶 耶 耶 耶Since the Six-year-old Six-year-old Six-year-old, he didn’t look at her lower body. Renjiang found that the daughter’s small hole was not only a small piece of flesh, and the lower abdomen has grown a tender young. Mao, two labipings have been revealed in both sides. When Rong Rong gently squatted above the hole, Renjiang saw the shallow pink meat, the transparent prostitute was in the past, and the Renjiang couldn’t help but start. It is very excited to see his father because of his own body. It is very excited to be very excited. It has been close to the climax for two minutes. She put her feet on his father’s thigh, and he screamed. ” … Yeah … Dad … Dad … I am coming … Hey … “Yujiang saw her daughter has begun to enter the climax, one hand can put it in the foot of the daughter on the thigh, and Rong Rong feels father. The fiery palms were tightly smashed, and finally the whole body was twitching, and then called. “Dad … Dad … I am coming … Yeah …”

After heard that his daughter’s sensuality is, I can’t help but desmends. I caught up the two foot boards of Rong Rong to put the meat stick, and then pushed between the daughter’s pair of tenderness, in the Rong Rong climax In front of the end, Renjiang also shot the semen to Rong Rong. After the two parents sent a smile, everyone didn’t know what to say, and finally, Renjiang said that he went to get on me, and Rong Rong went to take a shower.

Dinner is carried out in a pleasant atmosphere, and the two fathers and women have no more things. After the meal, the Renjiang went to take a shower. When I came out, I saw Tong Rong at watching TV, and I kept turning it, Renjiang said: “Is there a good look? 」蓉 蓉 ︰:” Yes! A few tables are all dialing those bad shows! Dad, not as good as looking at the video! “Renjiang said:” Also, you wait for me to change your clothes and follow you Street Rent! “How to know Rong Rong said:” I am not the belt! It is those who have received it in your room! “Renjiang said:” Oh! It turned out that you turned over Dad’s things! ” Rong Rong said: “I don’t want to deliberate! When I wash clothes last time, I want to see if you have clothes to wash, I’m not careful! I’m so happy! People have not seen you want to see it! Renjiang helpless returned to the house took a box of 品 日 日 无 出,, Sitting to the daughter side, the two father and women started to enjoy another love lens, with half of the belt, and the fragment of the lesbian, the Renjiang felt that the head is on the shoulders, a powder leg It is also light back to rub it back. He felt more breathing in Rong Rong, and Renjiang said to Rong Rong. “If you want to get it! Don’t have to bear it!” Rong Rong face pink Even the father’s voice: “Um …” Renjiang continues to see the film.

After a while, Renjiang felt that the body of Rong Rong was gentleness, he turned his head, see the knot in front of Rong Rong nightmare, one hand, a snow-white breast, finger more played A small nipple of congestion, the daughter’s underwear, I didn’t know when I had taken it off, and the already wet lable is being made by the fingers of the daughter’s other hand. Renjiang smiled, this caused Rong Rong Li The red powder face is buried in Renjiang Hua, and Renjiang is like a film. On the other hand, the right hand does not consciously put her massage on his daughter’s knee, and the delicate skin of Rong Rong brings him a very exciting. I can’t think of the jade leg of the daughter who is masturbating.

Renjiang saw his daughter did not touch his touch, and he couldn’t help but touched it along Rong Rong. In addition to the touch of him, he also touched her that she was obscene, she was in the hand, and occasionally fell in Rong Rong, and the Renjiang also clearly felt three or two drops of love. In the hand, he also became excited at this time, just how to continue in Renjiang, how to continue, Rong Rong suddenly caught his hand and pressed his hand, and Renjiang felt that the daughter’s yin is warm and wet, but a trace Idea is still in his brain, telling him that it is a very dangerous thing, Rong Rong saw his father’s hand just stopped there but did not move, I had to put the hands of Renjiang’s hand, I slammed it. Go to the pleasure, I can’t help but get the petty: “Dad … help me … people can’t get down …” good hard … “

Renjiang saw her daughter’s mastensity, even the reason why the reason why didn’t fly, the finger began to pick up on her labi, and the Rong Rong is cool, and the body is constantly moving. Renjiang quickly found daughter two The lame bean is divided into a piece of finger, and it has never tried this pleasure. In less than a minute, I saw her convulsions in less than a minute. Renjiang has never seen the girl will lose so strong. He can do the best to do what he does when he is a long-term climax of Rongrong, and he has been busy with the daughter’s milk tip, which has caused Rong Rong. Rong Rong is a more intense reaction. She is tall and desperately arriving at the palm of his father. Renjiang felt a hot hot liquid from the daughter’s acupoints, and the most beautiful Rongrong has long been angry. Capture it.

After Rong Rong returned to God, he sent to Renjiang Road. Rong half-naked body is in the river, and a leg naturally puts on his father’s lower body. She felt hard to help between her father, guessing that Renjiang is very excited, Rong Rong is not intention When I pressed him in one hand, Renjiang took a surprise to my daughter, Rong Rong smiled and said to him: “Dad just got me so comfortable, now let me help you comfort it!” Renjiang is imagined to tell Rong Rong, but his daughter’s little hand has reached into his pants to stroking his meat stick, and the comfortable feelings make Renjiang immediately dispelled the rejection.

Rong Rong saw his father did not oppose, so boldly released the river’s mask from his trousers. This is the first time she serves male service. I don’t know how to start, only to help my father, Renjiang smile : “Is it good to tell Dad? The little incense tongue, Rong Rong then imitating his father’s movements, very fast, two father, female tongue, is entangled in four slippery lips.

When they kissing, Renjiang gently sealed the small hand of Rong Rong to catch him. He began teaching her daughter to masturbate, and Rong Rong learned very hard, soon, she didn’t have to hold her little hand in Renjiang. She went wholeheartedly Holding a father, a powder leg put on the Renjiang also gently rubbed the rhythm of the printed mask, which made the Renjiang to open the daughter’s little mouth, and she sighed a breath, and Rong Rong met The father is also very happy, she moved her body to see the father’s meat stick, Renjiang also took the opportunity to touch her pink to increase their own pleasure. After playing for a while, Rong Rong felt that his father was tight, then a strong and hot liquid sprayed her little face from the cutting side of the meat stick, although the afternoon Rong Rong has seen his father’s ejaculation, but in this near distance or For the first time, and it was shot, and the Rong Rong was shocked. She stayed with a meat stick to shoot a concentrated essence until I almost covered her small face. Renjiang rests the whole minute to get up, he sees the daughter of the semen, said, “Don’t go to the toilet!” Rong Rong also laughed and answer him: “Wash your face! People have to take a shower. ! The following wet wet is very uncomfortable … “

After two hours, Renjiang has also taken a shower. He lies in the bed and sucks a few cigarettes. The mind is constantly thinking about what happened. The most thought is a question: should not happen to her daughter. matter? He finally understood that there would be no results, because he clearly understood what decided, no matter what it had now, he has fundamentally resists the attractiveness of daughter’s pure body, thinking that Rong Rong wear a big T-shirt. I walked into the room, she went to the Renjiang Road: “People can’t sleep with you …” Renjiang then took the position of the body, Rong Rong immediately sat up, this is the common thing that is common in two father and women However, the Renjiang is no longer like usually only a little girl. Fortunately, Rong Rong did not mention the things just now, just told him the school, and the Renjiang also put it into the daughter’s conversation. Remember the just thing.

After talking about half an hour, Rong Rong said that it was a bit cold, and then entered the rinning of Renjiang. She took the body with her father, and Renjiang also only had to be her, and he passed a meeting to Renjiang to him. The body is squeezing and said: “I am so cold, Dad … Hold me …” Renjiang had to put the daughter in his arms as she smell her daughter, and he waved a wave in the heart. Rong Rong caught his father and said that the hand was pressed by the opposite. On the other hand, put it in the daughter’s thigh, so soon, I found that my daughter didn’t wear underwear at all, and this time the action had made her T-shirt faded his waist. He felt his daughter’s naked hip squeezed The meat stick, he felt that the mask was rapidly erection.

“Daughter is … You have just hih!” Renjiang is actually very excited, Rong Rong has been stretched back and said: “Let me see … It’s true. ! Good hot, he, put him in my ass, let me warm! “Renjiang felt that the meat stick was pulled out of his daughter, and then the Rong Rong hips pushed back, the meat was two hips The meat is clamped, and the Renjiang is enjoying the pleasure brought by the daughter’s flesime. On the side of the clothes, the other hand, the other hand is hesitant to her thigh, and Rong Rong has His hand is on the pussy, he feels that his daughter’s small hole has risen sharply, so it is getting up.

In this way, the Rong Rong gave his father in the T-shirt, and the Renjiang was playing with a daughter a pair of daughters. Put it between two labiaries, Renjiang feels two warm and wet labips with the meat stick, the daughter caught the lower body to rub the body, and the fierce, because there is a lot of prostitution, Rong Rong’s small hole There is no difficulty in sliding on the father’s meat stick, the two father and women feel unlimited, and the Renjiang meat has never kissed the daughter’s neck, which made Rong Rong comfortably shook it, The front end of the Renjiang Zang accidentally covered into the small hole of Rong Rong.

Rong Rong did not feel a differentitude, and the hips still still tied to the next, so the Renjiang has entered three, he served. “Daughter … Dad has entered it …” Rong Rong is now I am awake, she said half awake: “Go in … Don’t tighten … I want it …” Renjiang finally ignorant, there is also no encouragement to her daughter, and he slowly advanced, I finally met the hindrance, he knew it was a daughter’s vast film. He didn’t hurry to attack it, but inserted before and after the limited space, he fell into her yukin, and Rong Rong was clamped in his father. Under the adultery, I finally entered the climax. When Renjiang calculated her daughter was thrown into the highest peak, inserted the whole roof in, he felt that the meat stick had pierced the female film and arrived on the daughter’s heart, and Rongrong also suffered from this sudden pain. And the feeling of comfort and convenience is once again, and her mouth is spit. I don’t know how happiness is still sad. Renjiang is also close to the end, he is waiting for her to return to God, said in her ear. “Dad is also coming. …… “Rong Rong heard the righteousness immediately retreated from the hole in the hole. She quickly turned into the front end of the father’s meat stick, the little hand was in the rod, and she felt her father’s semen source In her small mouth, although this is already the third ejaculation of Renjiang, but the amount is still more unexpected, he thinks this may not have to do it, so especially excite! Playful Rong Rong contained her father’s semen back, she swallowed half, then put the other half in her hand, Renjiang questioned her: “Daughter is doing?” Rongrong smiled Site: “I want to take a try to taste it!” Said that I reached out and slowly tasting the semen on the palm of the palm. Looking at the daughter’s innocent action, Renjiang heart wants to have been disconnected three times today Single is that this scene can make her own again.

Because of the relationship between physical strength, I have been honest when I have got up in the second day of the Renjiang. He also heard a smuggling of a girl in the outside of the girl. This remembered that Rong Rong mentioned her classmate and died of her classmates last night. Qi and Peer will pass the weekend, I want to come to the two girls, I want to lie for a while, I will hold my eyes, then he heard the door opened by the door, he thought It is necessary to be Rong Rong to call him to get up, how can I hear my daughter like a voice like a small voice, only listening to Rong Rong said: “Don’t be afraid! My father is very sinking!” Someone took his quilt. When he was strange, when he wanted to do anything, he felt that someone took his mask from underwear.

Because it is a relationship that I just woke up, Renjiang’s tangle has maintained a half-hard state, and then touched by the little hand, and it makes it out. He heard the excitement like Beather: “He! How to really Big! How could it be there? “Rong Rong’s voice sounded at this time:” Why can’t I do it! I will not give him in the Luo last night … I don’t know how to be addicted! “This sound image It is Kiki Road: “Will n’t it hurt!” Rongrong said: “That will not! My father technology is good! He only inserted in me, so there is only a little bit of pain, but then It’s cool to die! “Pu Jer said:” It’s better to ask your father to try it! I also want to try it …. But I am afraid of pain … “Kiki interface:” I also want to … but I don’t know if your father is willing? “Rong Rong said:” Let me talk to him … Hello … You don’t say you want to buy something to do salad, is not as good as you buy, let me talk to my father Renjiang heard the voice of three girls left, and the heart was calculated on how to handle it.

I thought about it for a while, the Renjiang also heard the sound of the door and closed. He believed that this time Rong Rong was coming back. Sure enough, Renjiang felt that it was taken out again, but he was surprised by a warm and warm and When the wet nozzles are surrounded by the front end of the meat stick, Yinjiang opened his eyes. When the purpose of the year, the daughter naive face was in the mask, and the river couldn’t help but touch her daughter. On the calf, Rong Rong returned to him a smile: “Good morning Dad!” Renjiang returned to her with a smile: “Good morning daughter! Is it a daughter who wants to make a dad every morning?” Rongrong playful Stretch to my father: “I want to be beautiful!” But she still continues her work.

Renjiang, enjoy the daughter’s tongue service, I love my white and perfect calf. He looked at the white and red girl’s feet. Finally, Renjiang couldn’t help but kiss my daughter’s barefoot. It couldn’t help but laugh, but when his father began to smoke her toes, she couldn’t help but she gradually understood that she would serve for her, he took the tip of the tongue. The seams of the daughter to the toes are 舐舐, how to ban this stimulus can be found, so they quickly saw a large piece of underwear in her legs.

Renjiang knew that the daughter had already emotionally, and asked her: “Daughter, you still hurt?” Rong Rong breathed a lot of breath: “Don’t hurt … Dad … I think …” Yu Jiang want not to try yet After the daughter’s virgin, although she is not a virgin last night, the prostitution of the daughter just opened, so he said: “Let Dad will help you first, if there is red swelling You can’t play … You put this feet here … Let Dad see … “Renjiang wants her daughter to squat in their own, two thighs are separated from both sides, and the facials of Renjiang are just right. He pulled the lower end of Rong Rong’s underwear to the next side, and a girl with a girl incense was immediately transferred into his nose. Renjiang excitedly found that the daughter’s hole did not have a slight redness due to the sexual intercourse last night. He used The finger pulls the two pieces to the two sides, under such a close view, Renjiang clearly saw the light pink meat wall at the near-hole, and more small amount of love slowly Of the oozing, he couldn’t help but couldn’t help the heart. I saw this father. I was afraid to waste the daughter’s prostitute. He quickly opened up, and the big mouth was scared by his father. I jumped, but I feel so pleadless, so I enjoyed the side of the meat. Renjiang’s tongue continues to go into the mouth of Rong Rong, a large number of obscenees, like a daughter, knowing that his father likes to succinct, especially for his father, and Rong Rong seeing his father to eat. Site: “Dad … Does my water drink very well?” Renjiang smiled and said with her station: “Yes … Do you want to try it?” Rong Rong curiously shouldered: “Okay!” Renjiang has vigorously I took a few sip in the daughter’s prostitute, including a large mouth of love, he patted her daughter’s hips, indicating that she turned around, Rong Rong turned around to climb the head of Renjiang, and she saw his father opened his mouth. When the little mouth, the two father and women shared her daughter in the way, Renjiang left her legs and took her underwear, and she had to go across the waist, everything was ready, Renjiang Up to one, the meat rod is helpless by the help of Rong Rong, there is no difficulty in the small hole.

After two fathers and women comfortably, the Renjiang went to her daughter and taught her how to horing the body to catering the rhythm of the acupuncture, and the two parents were beginning to officially push it. Renjiang also surely put her daughter’s top Take off, so that you can play her breasts while playing, playing for a while, Renjiang sees the daughter is a bit tired, so sitting on her, holding her, and rapeful, Rongrong, a little girl How to stay in this excitement, very fast, the climax has come again again, Renjiang continues to change the posture, he and the Rong Rong goes to bed, he first wants her daughter to hold the desk, then dry from behind She finally took the fourth climax of Rong Rong, Renjiang quickly pulled the meat stick out to the daughter’s powder httles.

After a while, Rong Rong said: “They also want to try to see it! Please tell you!” Renjiang then told the daughter in the heart, and Rong Rong sat very excitement, and the father discussed the details, After that, Rong Rong said: “They are coming back! You should take a shower first, I greet them.”

After lunch, Renjiang said that there is something to do. He said that he will come back before dinner, and asked the girl to eat, so waiting for him to buy it. After the end of the Renjiang, several girls played a play card. Soon, it has been four more time, and the Rong Rong calculates that they don’t want to see the body, Kiki and Peer have a bit dull, and the words are like a good proposal. Rong Rong went to the father’s room with Renjiang She prepared a good tape. When the film started, two Japanese female students were sitting in the room, because the film did not have the relationship between Chinese subtitles, they didn’t understand what the two girls were saying, Kiki, they were strange Rongrong Why did this an inexplicable film, how to know the girls in the film, they immediately understand that this is an adult movie, driven by curiosity, they continue to look down, the film is in front of the film Describe the two Japanese female students’ sex lenses, including the actions of breasts, sip toes, masturbation and blowjob, and an electric toy is also disposed.

After reading this show, Rong Rong saw that they were full of red. In fact, she didn’t feel that it was very heart, and Rong Rong said: “Not as good as we try to be good?” It is not the most urgent One, she has a very resolved in these two days of physiological needs, and the only way to meet the same age, the only way to meet the needs of the same age is to sleep before going to bed. Between rubbing the body, it is not allowed to reach the climax, and the body often has a long-awaited desire to fire. At this time, I saw a Spring Gong play that made them blood, and heard the proposal of Rongrong. It started when he was established.

Rongrong three girls went into the room, they do not know how to start a little embarrassed, Rongrong regarded as one of the most experienced, everyone around her must first try kneeling on the bed kissing, kiss each other for a while, it proposed Rongrong said, “I suggest we stick his tongue out! this can give than it is now only two pro-okay!” three tongue so in the middle of flipping each other up, Rong Rong was riding when she kissed both ecstatic, a left Right across the clothes pressing their breasts to play with, Kiki and wear children immediately trembling like an electric shock, Artest is more to see Kiki wear children Xiangshe sucked entrance Roujin sorption, remember Rongrong and from his father’s agreement, calculations about time, so she took off his own shirt first, then they have to have the shirt and bra off, three girls looked at each other’s breasts, naturally compared with each other, they among the earliest Kiki breast development, so it is also one of the most plentiful, although not as Kiki Rongrong, but wins in the shape of the most beautiful, with her nipples are medium in size, with a small light pink as the two girls Kiki and make children want to wear only two kiss, children wear breasts are still developing the initial stage, it seems a little child looks like, nipple than just a grain of rice on the number, and the color is very shallow but Artest looked Shique inexplicably raised an impulse, so tempting to scrape together the past put into the mouth of a small grain of rice containing suck it up, she was soon wear children’s nipple for congestive relationship up big little , wear children also clear from throat hum a little moan to. Gigi to see her son play on, she is also following suit snout children wear the other side of the breast, but also reached out to rub the chest Rongrong, Rongrong comfortable apart also fired back up, just three passion blooming girl adultery with each other, when suddenly the door was pushed open, surprised girls have hurried hand to cover bare upper body, I saw Jen river filled with surprised look line in, he pretended surprise ︰ voice asked, “What do you do it?” Artest from behind suddenly hugged Kiki, she opened her hands over her chest Kiki, Kiki one pair of hands holding their own again proud breast side rubbing his mouth ︰ “Dad ah! people in this bodybuilding thing to do! you see how great Aki’s chest, not much to do some exercise easily become loose Well …… Well …… not as good as my father to help us look ah?” Ren Jiang Jian Zhao a daughter from innocent girl into the United States yesterday in front of Yinwa, hearts, not without emotion, but at the Kiki two nipples harden quickly in her playing, which has long been exposed enjoy face girl fascinated expression, Ren Jiang then could not spiraling desires of the body, to the bedside of his line to their extravagant Road ︰ “to keep fit and just do chest movement is not enough! let me help you do the whole body sports bar!”

Ren Jiang told the girls sit in a row to the end of the bed, his first on the left side of the road ︰ kneeling in front of Kiki “Now I start with you feet it began.” He lifted his right foot and Kiki took off when her flowers socks, Ren Jiang gently rub her feet for a while, and then also went over to lick up on her feet, Kiki initially feel itching can not help but laugh out, but Ren Jiang began to suck her toes she has Jiaoyin toward Rongrong Road ︰ “your father metamorphosis ah …… how so fond toe loved ones at home ah …… ah …… but he was good people sip comfortable ……” Pei children cried after hearing immediately said, “uncle …… people will try it ……” Ren Jiang then said, “do not worry! for everyone!” he first knelt in front of Artest sat in the middle of his left foot to pull over off Kiki after socks, stacked on the right foot again Rongrong Kiki instep, and finally the children wear the right foot on the instep of her daughter, which the United States completed a full sandwich, Ren Jiang was sticking out his tongue to taste it slowly masterpiece.

With the girls toes to tighten and relax, Ren Jiang tongue kept the shuttle in a too fat, and a different but equally adorable girl between toes, not even three when the two belong to different girls with the entrance of Yu Zhi Xichuo, which makes the three sister continue to spread represents the groans of estrus, Ren Jiang looked to them occasionally, the right to see their own daughter kissing passionately with both sides of the timing when the girl left three more girls touching each other’s body, eyes like to see Jen Jiang as to spray the fire.

When Ren Jiang finally came to a stop, three girl has Jiaochuan again and again, Ren Jiang then stood up and undressed, the girls would have been only modest net under clothes, simply took off as related to Jiang Ren, Ren Jiang watching this three full of youthful carcass, is undecided the first adultery that one, but another idea to Rongrong said, “Daddy, why do not you first play Appel it! I want to try Aki just as the play the girls play! “

Ren Jiang Pei children laugh and pull off the side of his desk chair to sit on their own Rongrong, and then only to wear back toward their own children sitting on his lap, while he manipulate played with no wear children also seem to have a breast and vaginal smooth and hairless, while they kiss beside children wear ear channel, “we look at what they both do it really okay?” Pei children being distracted him confused, heard it points He nodded approval.

Bed, Rong Rong and Kiki have learned the girl in the movie, with the six-nine nine positions, Kiki lying below, the small hole is just into the righteous river and Pep, and he looked at Rongrong with your fingers. Opened Kiki’s labipings, taking the intersection of the tongue on the top of her labipings, the transparent love liquid continued to seep over the small kinky hole, and the expression of Rong Rong also told them that Qi Qi is doing her private parts. The same lascivious hook, Renjiang suddenly felt that the meat stick was touched by a warm little hand. It turned out that the child enjoys him to play with him. I feel that I have been stressed between the two legs. I jump. Earthquake, so I unconsciously reached out to the next step. Renjiang secretly calculated that it was necessary to keep strength, and then solved this beautiful girl in his arms, so he said in Pepler’s ear: “Uncle wants to go in … Do you have it?” I lost myself, but I still can’t help but worry about authentic: “Uncle, you … you kiss me … I am afraid …” Renjiang softly said: “Don’t be afraid! With your uncle, you will have a mouth …” The child went back and went back to the Renjiang kissed. Renjiang first took the mask to the entrance to her small hole, and his fingers were tightly looked at the lips. It was slowly, and he felt very narrow, so he constantly accelerated her speed, on the one hand, her love liquid was flowing out along the ground, and on the other hand, the ear slowly relaxed, So he completes this breakage.

It took three minutes, and Peer finally arrived at the climax in the masturbation of Renjiang. When the Renjiang continued to twist the body, the last obstacle successfully broke through the whole obstacle into her small hole into her small hole. After Penger was repeated, I found that myself had lost my peak, although she had enough heartfelt preparation. At this time, I still can’t help it. Two lines of tears, Renjiang understands this teenage psychology So, I was not busy, but I had a kiss and kissed it again. After a while, he felt that his child began to warmly responded to his kiss, this only helped the girl’s waist, slowly Insert the beautiful girl of the beautiful girl.

Pepler is still a lot of feelings in the small hole, but fortunately, the Renjiang will be temporarily moved, she gradually enjoys it. At this time, the two launders in bed have changed their posture, and they are using another A kind of way to learn from the movie, I saw each other, and the Qi Qi bare legs lying down was high, so that Qi Qi took the body under the top of the chest, Rong Rong cross-station between her legs In this way, the small points of the two girls are close to each other. Rong Rong is constantly moving the waist, which makes the lace to the two sides have a pleasure, and the chest and the back is covered with two. The secreted lascaps, they constantly send a snoring sound: “… so comfortable … Save … Help … No …” Just grinding the climax in two girls When the flow of sparks, Peer also plunged to the Renjiang to the second level, and the Yin Jing was hot when I lost my child, and I quickly removed the meat stick out to the Pasta of Peer.

Yuejiang half hugged in Pei Li, who had not completely replied, and put it in bed. When Rong Rong, I just left Kiki’s body. She saw the Father’s semen on the pink hips. Going to eat, Renjiang looked at Kiki, I didn’t know that she was still her daughter, and he looked back to taste. Kiki’s little mastica actively returned to the Ren Renjiang, and his filled water and brought Pear. The meat sticks of the vast blood included in the entrance, Renjiang’s mask immediately returned to the angry, just when he wanted to take Qi Qi’s financing, Rong Rong said to him: “Dad … Kiki left to me? If you want to play me now … Tomorrow you plug in her? “Renjiang odd:” You are not a man, what to do? “Rong Rong said:” In short, you first Don’t insert her! “Renjiang only inserting the hard mask into the daughter’s hole and starting the next half.

Dinner on the Vietnamese restaurant proposed by Rong Rong, and the Rong Rong left for a while. When he came back, there was a box of shopping bags, but how the Rong Rong refused to tell them what, they asked a few times. Even if I go home, I went home to take a shower after I went home, and she had to wash it, and she had to sleep with Renjiang, saying that her room was this night. She was a new house with Kiki, everyone gave it She was confused with secrets of God, and she did not care about her.

Kiki waited for a while in Rong Rong’s bed. She just took a magazine reading. At this time, Rong Rong came back from the bathroom. Kiki smiled in her, and Rongrong used a panting voice. Road: “Is it very hard?” Kiki looked at her climbed to the bed and said to her: “What do you do? Pan like this? Your father play with you?” Kiki mysteriously said: “Not … He is playing with Ape! Waiting for you!” Kiki throws away the magazine on his hand: “What do you want to do? You just don’t let your father play me, say what to leave for you , Do you rut? 」佯 佯 上 佯:” Don’t underestimate me! Waiting for me, I will rape you! “Kiki took the opportunity to play forward and touched her.” I don’t believe you. If you have more things, you will have more things to rape me … 咦 … Why do you really have … … What is this? “Rong Rong looked at Kiki’s surprised expression while Drop, Kiki saw a fake mask with belt fixed, and then looking at the belt, and then the other end of the fake mask has been inserted into the Rong Rong small hole. It is no wonder that she just has ancient ancient times. ! Rong Rong looked at the self-friendly friend who said: “How? I don’t dare to say that I can’t do it! Hey! I just sin, I will help me with this guy!” Kiki originally felt how many metamorphosis, but I heard Rong Rong, I really fame in my heart, so I went over to put the fake mask into the mouth, she thought that the other half of this thing was inserted into the Corong, so he kept shaking the fake mask. Rong Rong immediately groaned: “You are bad … Shake … Shake vigorously … Yeah …” Rong Rong then lying down and pulled Kiki’s lower body, two lascivious girls six nine The way in the way is adults.

In the Renjiang, I woke up, he looked at the Pei who didn’t hang side, the mind recalled last night, the body of the husband continued to accept him again and again, this little Nizi is actually a person, but still is not tired, Sleeping to the middle of the night, I still wake up once. Fortunately, Renjiang gave her a contraceptive pill, which was bought yesterday. At this time, everyone is fascinating, and Renjiang faintly remembers that they have taken the escape in her hole. I fell asleep, I thought that the Ren Jiang is still awkward, but he first planned to wash your hands.

From the toilet, I touched Kiki, and Kiki said to him later. “Uncle just called home, they said to wait for me to drink tea, so I have to go! But yesterday Said to play again, you are now … “Renjiang does not wait for her, pulling her into the bath, Kiki is also very cooperative, she first squatted for a while, while still masturbation as soon as possible Ordered to be moist, she is ready to stand up and take off the underwear, and the Renjiang rushed over her head and took her legs and helped her pink buttocks. The masher entered her body.

Renjiang sidedly asked questions: “What is the Along who use Along to help you open?” Kiki Jiao aunt: “Yea! Hay … Uncle asked people this kind of thing … Waiting for your own Daughter … Yeah … It’s so comfortable … “Renjiang then clicked this little girl, Kiki lost again, Renjiang changed the flower, and after another, Kiki lost five Subtail, Renjiang only pulled the mask and put it in her chest to solve the breasts. After playing Kiki, Renjiang left her clean, he returned to the room, seeing her daughter is crossing his child, then Yujiang Celebrate her daughter How to take Qi’s fine exercise.

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