The university I have studied is located on a mountain.

The students are slightly less than the general university, but they are not missing, especially many big cities come from the beginning of the country. It is the kind of time to grab the fashion magazine. Chat, you must have an impression.

This university has a non-scenery title called “obscenity”, I am afraid that it is because of the people who are in a general low temperature, and the girl is good. The first year of life is the cat’s class. Spend in the sound.

It is accustomed to the original and roommate to hear this voice, and it is used to it for a long time, and even some intelligence will be discussed.

“When I bought the late night, I just saw the Ansheng Subgrade, and his girlfriend changed.” Aming, a new generation of good men, I have to be honest, I’ve been hitting the praise.

“Dana’s school is coming out?” Dog brother, love scene (claiming), there are many students and female students in the mobile phone, actively struggle, don’t say that the student mobile phone number he certainly has .

“At 7:30 this morning, someone went to the Azagon senior and the dance department, but also didn’t divide it.” Four eyes, in fact, we have glasses, but the four eyes are most in line with glasses equal to the IQ Party The image gave him this nickname, there is no gossip to escape his eyes, and don’t know where the information is coming.

“Don’t think about the dog brother.” I, there is nothing special, living in Yunlin, country people.

Incident, the sentence did not enter the ear of dog brother. He only took care of Line (no need to know who the object is who), if you return to me, “It is really delicious to the A hot dog.”

Our four people have already rushed, but the story happening in the obscenity caulk is naturally a lot. Some endings are not bad. Some endings are tragic. It is better to tell you the next story theme.

And first, the first person who became the protagonist is Amin.

Aming is a hidden house. He is tall and living like a sports player. In fact, he does also play, so it is said that it is a hidden house, and it is absolutely nothing to see him knowing that he is an addict.

When we often got the library, we came back. At that time, the poor students did not have money, and Aming was a person who felt that there was a traffic to do, and the classmates spend money.

In view of our college students who have a college student, “English with digital” film, the computer is almost broken, and it is a library that is free to use a good computer.

At that time, the girls at the counter from the beginning of the stranger, to the provisions of the Aming tujam, “Computer, the computer in the computer area,” the person of her and our bedroom will be familiar with, when eating a certain day, Amin Inadvertently speaking, she is called “Xiaoyu”.

I heard this sentence, I was about to open him, I didn’t expect dog brother to take the lead in taking the fork of the big face and jumped. “You stole your egg!” The two started to chase in the store. After the war, we only knew the follow-up of things after the clerk was stopped.

In fact, Aming wants to chase Xiao Yu for a long time, but he has never known how to open it. You can only go to the computer area of ​​the computer to grab her computer. The reason is this! ” In the face of our doubts, Aming continues to clarify, of course, we have no one believes.)

A day, Aming was caught in playing games, but when Xiaoyu had to get off work, he had to stop him. She only sighed to him. He said: “I have to get off work, I have to stop this game. The next indiscriminate student can not talk so much. “

Suddenly, I didn’t know how to pursue the opposite sex, if I got a help of God, a sentence “Let me send it back to the dormitory, I will stop” Let Xiaoyu red cheeks.

That night, Amin left, but also gave a girlfriend.

Become the first death meeting in us, I changed a person. Even the walking is jumped. We are no longer all men’s party when you eat, as long as the little feather will appear together with Amin.

Original Xiaoyu is a girl who will dress, even in our college, the top, the high-ranking feet of the 1st five feet is enough to make all the foot control crazy legs, C cups, plus she loves to wear T-shirts, stockings With hot pants, I can feel the dog brother next to each time every time I am going to swallow the water, as for what he is watching, don’t say it.

Under private, our friends often live in the blessings of the renewal, even the Amin is also sighted and nod, happiness can’t hear our sincerity.

But tell the truth, which man does not love beauty? It was originally full of masculine, and occasionally lively after Xiaoyu at night. Uven This beauty is suitable for the permanent preservation in the brain. In addition to the dog brother, you should have the frequency of your girlfriend, friends pay your girlfriend? WhyNot.

The next semester of the university began. After a winter holiday, he arrived in the dormitory day after a winter vacation. It was originally thought that there would be only me alone. I didn’t expect that there was already an early in the dormitory.

“唷.” Is four eyes.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time.” I greeted my feelings, “How did you come back so early?”

There is a colorful place in the four eyes, slightly shaking the chair, thinking about what is thinking, he wants me to put the baggage and told me, I naturally seek, the backpack is very heavy.

I spent about half an hour, I looked at my desk with satisfaction.

“Okay?” The sound of the four eyes came from behind, I went back, I saw what he was sliding in his hand.

“Yes, what happened?” I frowned, I don’t know why I don’t like this atmosphere.

“Listen, wait for me to see some photos, these photos are the reasons my early, temporarily confidential.”

Although I don’t know if I am doing, I still have a head agreement.

Take a mobile phone from the hands of four eyes, the first photo location in a familiar place.

“Is this not a hall in the auditorium?” The building is very old, although the first floor is the auditorium but the building has five layers, each layer has two old classrooms and no one in the office, The landscape of the stairwell is very strange to make a lot of horror legend.

The location in the photo is the stairway between the layers, the photographer seems to be taken from the next floor of the stairs.

“What is so strange? Is it difficult to be a fantastic photo? What kind of ghosts like it?” Side like this, I tried to find a human form in this photo.

The four eyes shook their heads, and raised their hands to explain.

The second photo is a bit different. The two men and a woman appear on the stairs. The female expression seems to be very scared, one of the boys caught her right hand.

The girl is wearing a T-shirt, because only the indicator light of escape, I can’t recognize the color, but at least know that the T-shirt I have seen it in Xiaoyu.

I widened my eyes, breathing slightly messy, I don’t know why I didn’t dare to slide the next, but the four eyes are staring at me, why should he show me this? No, the correct question is why “only” give me?

“You …” Many questions are blocked in the mouth, but the four eyes seem to see what I have to ask.

“This matter has nothing to do with me, I just get photos, no matter how you read it, please.”

I learned that my friend is not a sin, I am relieved, continue to fall.

Two men put women on the wall, one of which kissed her mouth, and immediately reached into her clothes (of course this is a photo, but all stretched out will not want to want Helps itch?), Then I see very clearly that this girl is definitely Xiaoyu, I didn’t expect that she had encountered this kind of thing!

The next photo hot pants have been taken off, and a man caught Xiao Yu from the rear, raised Xiao Yu’s legs to the armrest, and the other has naturally reached into her clothes, and the other person is in Xiaoyu. In the middle of the leg, I still don’t know the stockings, but I don’t know, but the ear seems to hear a woman in the A piece of the male, and I am sure that Amin has been NTR.

After the photos have been out of control, Xiao Yu is dried in different postures. It is also available from the back dry mouth like a dog. In a photo, Xiao Yu is also lifted to the armrest, at this time I saw a few caves where her thighs, it seems that they just break the stockings.

The two men wore a pants to leave, the photographer didn’t like the scene of men to wear pants. She quickly lies in the stairs. It is about because people go almost the photographer boldly. The photo moved some angles, Xiaoyu sat up again and a few photos, you can see some liquids on the side of the stairs, if it is ejected, you will have it, it will take it now because it is From the small hole, I don’t know what she is thinking at that time? Finally, Xiaoyu put together his hot pants to put it on, get up.

Because it is going to have a lot in the stairway, it will only be a winter holiday.

But why is Xiao Yu in the school?

I showed a doubtful look to the four eyes, and the four eyes shook his head.

“So, just enter the theme, I only give you the reason for you.” The four eyes cough a few times, and the mold is like a look, “When my investigator.”

“……What’s good?”

“I will give you time, you have ambush, no more than this duties are better close, look at the photo is not cool?” He took a single camera in front of me.

I struggled in my heart, and the subject is my friend’s girlfriend. The best choice is of course to the alarm, but the alarm is really good?

I press the mood who wants to see more, and persuading that all this is just to learn the situation of Xiaoyu, so I change my angle that this is for Amin.

So, when I went back to God, I didn’t have it, I still took the single-eyed camera in my hand.

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