The first chapter Bai Qiubing took a sigh of breath and pushed the dining car to the head class. From today, she is only responsible for the service of the head and other cabins, she is surprised that she will be transferred by the head office to serve the customers from the Hong Kong route to serve the beautiful route, but also the first class.

She and other colleagues have been talked, and they have some services here, and some are also adjusted from other places. Everyone takes the wheel.

Because the heads of the first class is almost all face, but also the frequent visits of Phoenix International Airlines, long-term company aircraft; so, the company decided to find a surprise, showing excellent air service for these people. Man service, increase the comfort and satisfaction of guests.

Bai Qiuling is some fearful for this arrangement because she is good, but only the guests who specialize in the first class are the first time. She tells themselves must perform well.

When she entered the first class, she felt very strange, because there was no half of the luxury cabin, she was so surprised, how can this?

I can’t believe my eyes, she quickly let go of the dining car, and the small running land looks around, the face is a bit confused.

impossible! She clearly heard the superior to serve the first class, and he and the company signed a year of contract. If they performed well, he will continue to sign up with the company; so far, he is already three consecutive years Old customers, no reason, can’t see people!

Bai Qiuling is anxious to find someone, the dissatisfaction is muttered: “It is no wonder that he is a geek. Every time I take the first class, I have to pack it. In addition to let the air service will serve during his designated time, other Time, he will never let anyone bother, it is really blame! “

Her words have been finished, suddenly a indifferent voice came from her left rear – “Miss, do you want to push your dining car? I want to have something to eat.”

Listening to a low and pleasant male voice made Bai Qiuwang, the Bai Qiuling is scared to jump, she quickly turned, seeing a man’s positive side sitting in front of her eyes, she screamed: “Ah … there is ghost A!” She continued to retreat back, her face was scared.

The man heard her screaming, couldn’t help but frown, disdain, got her, “Ghost? I have a ghost?” He touched his face.

Although he is very tight to the woman, they think that they are the world’s lowest animals, but also a tool to solve physiological needs; however, women have always been very high, every woman who saw his woman felt that he did Handsome and more gold, always try to cause his attention.

However, when this woman dared to say that he was a ghost? He couldn’t help but show the cruel smile, very well, she could cause his interest, anyway, every time I sat here, except for the busy, other time is very bored, just and She played!

“You … you are people … or ghosts?” Bai Qiuling scared to say unclear. Just now, there is no seat of the empty, how do you know that she suddenly ran out after walking, it is no wonder that she will be scared.

Still doubt? Likus is dissatisfied to pick up the eyebrows.

“Ah … you … you don’t come over, I am most afraid of ghosts, you … you stand there!”

Bai Qiuling was scared to be soft, and the handlessly walked away.

Who knows that he will still come to her, then reach out, grabbing her hands, put her hands on his strong and refreshing chest, let her hand feel strong and powerful Heartbeat.

“Do you still feel that I am like a ghost?”

Feel the strong heart and powerful heart beating, Bai Qiuling is gradually afraid, she is very embarrassed to look at the front of the man, “Sorry, I … I hit, you … You are Mr. Li. ? “

Her face is full of beautiful red glow, let the muscles of the Ricos cheeks slightly.

“Yes, I am Likus, the only passenger here.” He proudly claimed, then he was looking at her, “You know, if I go to your company, I have interviewed the Air Miss actually misunderstanding the guests. The words … “Bai Qiuling rushed to say:” Sorry, Mr. Li, I really don’t deliberately, I am just … … “

She was stunned by him, and there was no way to make any response. When she went back to God, he had already ended this kiss.

He revealed a satisfactory smile. “Since you are willing to work as a compensation with a kiss, then I will not give you better.” He glanced over her uniform, and then arrived back seat. Seeing Bai Qiuling reached out and wiped his mouth. His hearts passed a little, “Qiuling, what do you do? Don’t you push your dining car?” He is still in order to say.

For his behavior, Qiuling feels very angry, although he doesn’t hate his kiss, but his violations have disgusted her, “Mr. Li, you …”

She is going to protest, and Likus immediately looked at her with ice, “Qiuling, don’t forget, you are my waiter, don’t you serve me, is it here? This is an empty Do you have a professional spirit? “

In the face of him, it is cheap and still selling, Bai Qiuling can’t hit things on him; however, she didn’t forget that he is the company’s guest, if he really tells her, then she Not repaired. Forget it, it’s better to fall today!

She was stinking a face to push the dining car to his face. When he still wanted to make the feet, Bai Qiuling suddenly sounded away, walked to the door and returned to him, “Right, Mr. Li I put the dining car here. If you want to eat, I will take it right, I will go to the towel first. “Then I went back and gone.

Li Kas looked at the back of her, and the eyes were showing the gods. The expression on the face became cruel, ruthless, “Very good, Bai Qiuling, I will write down you, I want to fight with me. ? “He slowly exposed the expression of bloodthirsty, and the corner of his mouth was also evil.

It’s more interesting, she is the first woman who dares and he will play, he is absolutely playing with her.

When the service customers in the Baiqiwang saw the recipient table, she couldn’t help but suffer, mourned: “Will n’t it? How is it?”

The staff member saw her face is very uns, and I am busy inquiring: “What happened? Qiuling, your face is not very good.”

“That … can I change to Chang?”

“Are you alright?”

Bai Qiushou has a colorful color: “As long as it is not Likos, who I am willing to serve the machine.”

“Miss, have you made a mistake? How many people want this position still can’t be rolled out, don’t you?”

Missing Miss, a unbelievable expression looks at her.

Bai Qiuling’s face suddenly shines, “Well, who you like, I will change it with her; ok?”

“No!” The lady immediately refused her. “You have to know, our line is the right to serve customers, there is no choice of passengers; you choose Air Miss this industry, this is the case. I can’t change it for you. “

“Oh!” Bai Qiuling can only be turned to be lost, ready to leave. God! One month, this month’s class must serve the passengers named Ricos, why is she so fascinating?

At this time, the lady of the class suddenly called her: “Qiuling?”

She slowly turned around, “What is there?” She asked weakly.

“Don’t look like it, tell you, Warma Mr. Serve is also very good. He is our long-term speaking! What’s important, people, people who have a bowel of electricity, staying in the United States than Biongi Villa. He, but how many women tend to be a gold single man, you have to take care of people. “

She said someone to say.

“I know.” She turned and left. Like that kind of hateful man, even if he is really rich; then what happened to her? As long as he doesn’t look for any trouble, she will thank you!

In fact, when he saw him as a handsome and cool face, she was a little dazzling. The man is not only looking good, it is very rich, it is no wonder that it will be so arrogant, people have the money!

She is a little unbalanced, who taught himself that there is no money, but in order to pay attention to the mother’s medical expenses, I have to endure the swallowing will continue to be here; fortunate, she is still interested in this line; otherwise she must Can’t stay. Ugh! Forget it, this month is as your own tempered period!

Li Kas is comfortable to lay on the chair, close your eyes. Today, he completed a new software design, although there is a lot, but the spirit is a bit tired. After the design, he has to start running between the company and the company. Therefore, he will designate Phoenix Airways to keep him a month’s head and other classes, think of it, his mouth suddenly proudly, and that the Air Miss will not think that he specifies her to serve him.

Thinking this, Likus’s mood suddenly became great, and he opened his eyes, he saw Bai Qiuling, pushing over the dining car.

She is wearing the uniform, putting out her beautiful figure; the short skirt is a pair of long and snowy legs, it looks like this pleasure.

When he thought, if her double slender legs can be around his waist, it seems more sexy and charming, thinking that he feels that his male desire begins to go up.

He raised her hand to call her. He can see that her face is laughing, but but also shows the eyes of reluctance; this woman, I dare to resist him now!

Bai Qiuling crowded with a sweet smile. She didn’t forget that she was a stewardess, her own points should be done; but her fare, she wants her to stay away from this man, because she is afraid that she is too close to him, say I will hurt myself.

The second time saves him, she only thinks how can this man are so handsome and full of men’s charm? The first time is a heart, the second time is fascinated, she is afraid that her heart will really be addicted to him, but she doesn’t want to become like this.

“Mr. Li, is there anything?”

After smelling the woman’s faint fragrance, he couldn’t help but take a sigh of relief; he never smelled such a sexy and fresh female taste, generally and his woman. Delicate the deep perfume, which makes him very appetite. Unexpectedly, the waves came by Bai Qiuling, but his emotion hormone rose.

“Come and massage for me, I feel that today is a bit hurt, the shoulders are still a bit stiff, you come to let me stretch it.” He is unfair to order her, and close your eyes ready to enjoy her service.

Bai Qiu Ling is so dark, this don’t want a man, what is she? She is just a secret, Miss! “Mr. Bai, you may have misunderstand.” She said to her teeth, and the smile on her face is going to be hung.

“I am a stewardess, if you have any needs, I can find a way to do it for you; but our service does not include the help of the passengers, if you are so uncomfortable, I suggest you take the machine later. Go see a doctor. “

He opened his eyes, and his eyes looked at her mouth, secretly laughed in his heart, and his face was still very cold. “Miss White, I remember that your company is serving customer first, Bar?

Since I am an important customer of your company. It is the only guest of the first class, should you do your request for you? “

“Mr. Li, I have said, there are many of our service project, but I really don’t include this – item!”

She is patiently explained.

She is dead, this death man is clearly looking for her trouble.

“That’s okay!” Li Kas did not reluctantly alleviating, and then stand up, “Since you don’t want to provide this service, then I only have the person in charge of the machine complained.”

He deliberately speaking: “I said, the lady specializing in our service does not want to serve my service, the tone is poor, the service is not thoughtful, and even refutes the guest saying, I have to …”

“Stop!” Bai Qioming headache stopped his complaint, if he really let him tell her in front of the superior, the performance bonus and excellent performance bonus at the end of the year will not fly; and will be It is listed as unwelcome employees, and even may be dismissed. She can’t afford this risk; it is difficult to recognize the company to come here, how can this man destroyed?

She told himself that as long as I endure one month, she is enough, she must, … forget it, massage is not a big deal, why bother to pay attention to him?

“Mr. Li, trouble you go back, I will massage you right away, so that I can always be?”

Li Kas Yang got a smile that did not know the feeling, “Of course you can promise, if you promise, isn’t it nothing?”

Bai Qiuling Station is behind him, can’t help but wolf. hateful! This man has been cheap and still selling, but she still said that she is so angry; she really wants to kick him! “Qiu Ling? What are you watching? It’s not fast.”

“Oh.” She put her hand on his head to massage for him.

At this time, he opened the mouth again: “How? Didn’t you eat? Will n’t you vigorously?” When she started heavy pressure, he complained: “Light, you want to kill me!”

The heart of Bai Qiuling has long been a belly, she said with a very soft, very soft voice: “Is this ok?” The eyes shot the murderous light.

Li Kas just closed his eyes and sent a satisfactory humming: “I am reluctant!”

Jossured time, Bai Qiuling issued a protest: “Mr. Li, can you? My hand has been sour than the yeah!”

Li Kas thought for a while, “Okay! This is ok.”

Bai Qiuling called, “Too good, it is exhausted.” She stood around him with her arm, and did not find that Li Kas has opened his eyes, like staring at the good prey. Therefore, it is straight to lock her.

He can’t reach out, pulling her to his arms, not to give her a chance to seal her lips, “Um … um … this taste is sweet …”.

She wanted to push him, his big hand boldly reached into her short skirt, sliding on her hips.

“You this debate, let go … 唔 …”

Her opening has given him a chance to explore the tongue into her mouth, skilled around, and give her sweetness. And his hand put her short skirt on her waist, and immediately reached into her underwear, rubbed it in her private, pinched, and stunned the strangeness and trembling of the body in her body. .

His another hand still stretched out, from her smooth back to her chest, light and skilled will unlock it, and move her hand to her front chest, holding her. A wave of circle, kneading, leaving his hand-print red not on her snow white breast …

“Well … ah …” She is weak because of his teasing, all the resistance is all disappeared, only the strange lust caused by this hot teasing, then the hot and numb feels occupies all her thoughts. Let her whole mind, only his kiss, his caress.

When she fell in passion, she revealed the slim and white neck, his lip slipped under her lips, reach out of her snow white neck, printing a red mark on her collar and front chest, It belongs to his imprint!

When he wanted to go further, he suddenly came to the broadcast of the plane, he immediately put her sturdy, when she had not figured out the situation, he already stood up, together with her in his arms, Let her stand on the ground.

She looked at him confused, but he revealed her smile and put his hand in red lips that were swollen by him.

“It seems that you are also a warm little thing, but I have to prepare the plane, it is better to go with me to eat, good?”

His words make Bai Qiuben suffocated. God! What is she doing? She is a lady, but she is not a prostitute. I actually … she actually and her customers … on the plane … her whole face became popular, frustrated with her hand.

How can she make such a loss?

“Mr. Li, I tell you, this thing …”

Li Kas said with a malicious smile and said: “This will stay again to do it tomorrow, see you so warm, I really can’t wait to go tomorrow!” He ridiculed, Skated over her meticulous cheek, then laughing and laughing.

When I stood there, Likus pulled her to her arms, holding her tightly, just as she wants to break away, the plane suddenly got a slight shake, harm She can only grab his top until the plane is stable.

Li Kas fails to let her, then unwind the seat belt, “I saved you.”

He mentioned his suitcase, walked to the door, “But it doesn’t matter, I think you should” reward “tomorrow.” He won the bad eyes and looked at her figure, arrogant. Smile, turn around!

In Bai Qiuwang, it is tickle at this time, and you can’t wait to kill this man. Just, she was just because he was heard; tomorrow, he thought he wouldn’t think, she won’t let him go. When she realized that she was still standing in place, I couldn’t help but shout: “I have to pay, why do you still stand here?” She quickly pushed the dining car and left, and I was very angry in my heart. The stinky man.

Li Kas is very pleasant today, and he is easy to step into his residence in Beverly Hill Villa, and he will buy a house here, it is absolutely not because he wants to live in the relationship of the mansion, but for his grandfather.

Since his father found that the mother was pregnant, he did not want to be with a mother who was only 18 years old. In addition, he married the family of family joint women, his mother was originally wanted to fight him, or the external reserve To persuade and promise to take care of him, there is no such person in this world. After his mother gave birth to him, he disappeared without a trace. Since his birth to understand, it is a grandfather to make money to make money. He, he often hungry his stomach, so he will work hard, and hope that I hope to give my grandfather. When he worked hard to develop the first software design, he met Lily. At first she walked into his life with a sweet smile, none of taking care of her grandfather, let him unload the heart. When he began to trust her, he also found her ambition when he went in the evening.

He went home in an early times and found her good to the grandfather, just a camouflage in front of him. She will approach him, just for the soon, it is about to get it, it is equal to getting 100 million US dollars. So she will work hard to get close to myself.

Fortunately, he found her conspiracy early, so it didn’t be cheated by her, since then, he no longer believes any woman; his mother can discard him, and Lily is close to him, but it is only for Money! In these years, he has seen too many women, and they say that they love him, say that love is just his money. Every time I broke up, they all cry, when he sent them jewelry or one chapter check, I immediately smiled. Try not try! So, for a woman, he is disdain from the bottom of the heart, and every woman is loved and greed, no exception! Even the white autumn rib is the same, it is very much like his kiss, but it is a heart.

He is very regarded in her table, but in his heart, it is because she thinks her, she has a hint.

He told himself that he hasn’t played her yet! As long as you lose your freshness, he will soon will forget her, just like those women.

He saw the housekeeper when he went to the living room – Maria. She is a woman in a fifty-year-old woman. She has been kind and enthusiastic. She has been here for more than three years. He also rely on her at home. He also trusts her. If there is any she, he can’t be relieved. I ran in the company and home.

He will take a plane to and from the United States and Canada for his grandfather every day. Since the body of the grandfather has become more and more harder five years ago, he began to rush between the company and the home.

This – point, he never complained, because of his love for his love, take care of him, these simply nothing.

“Maria? What is the situation in my grandfather today?”

“Mr. Li, you can take a look at him personally!”

Likus is a bit surprised.

“Do you have no questions now? It is already so late.”

“He is very good today, but also to do your own business, and explain if you are back, be sure to go to his house, he said that there is an important thing to talk to you.”

“Ok, then I will take a look at him first.” Li Kas took a big step toward the outer public room.

In order to make the grandfather convenient, he arranged the outer room in the downstairs. Bypassing a corner, he came to a door, gently knocked, “Grand Public, is me, have you slept?”

A volatile voice came out from the inside: “Come in!”

Li Kas pushed in, and saw the grandfather half lying on the bed, and his eyes looked at him. “Case? Are you coming back?”

Li Kas sat around the grandfather, reach out of the hand and hold the skinny hand, he is so painful to lose health because of his hard work.

“Grand public, listen to Maria said that you are looking for me?”

“Yeah, I am specially awake waiting for you to come back, although you will be turned back every day, but I have already fell asleep; when I wake up in the morning, you have to rush to the company, holiday Go to other branches to inspect, deal with some files, our ancestors can speak very little. “” Migrant, sorry, I am too busy, so … “

The old man took the arm, “silly children, the grandfather did not blame you, the grandfather is just thinking, if this is coming to rush too tired, you better stay in Canada, wait until you When you have time … “

Li Kas interrupted the old man: “Migle, I don’t say, I don’t feel tired at all;” I said, although I have a little opportunity to talk to you, but at least, I can come in and see you, I am relieved!

“I know that you are filial, in fact, my best means you want you to waste time in me, and you can pay more friends; you are almost 30 years old, have a girlfriend?” He cares Asked Likos.

“Do you think about it, how many days have you live? More than a few months, you have to have a life that is accompanied by your life, and the foreign public can’t stay with you forever!”

“Don’t be worried about my grandfather, this period will not be worried, I …”

“Hey! How can I not worry? I know that you have a feeling of women, but those who are wrong, have a good woman, Case, even have a heart! You have now a career: Is there a woman, so how can the foreign public go to the heart? “

“Migong, you think too much, do you say? Although your age is big, but as long as you take care of it, you will care for your body. If you can’t move your surgery, you will move your surgery. Your heart disease is cured. But you look at you, hard is not willing to move the surgery, and you will not be able to adjust your body. How can I not worry? “” This is good, if you really want me to move If you have surgery, that’s it, however, I have a condition you must do it, otherwise I will not move surgery, nor to urge the body of the year. “The old man is asking for him.

Li Kad is a little crying, which is what he didn’t take the grandfather. “Older, when do I don’t listen to you, why do you give yourself anger?”

“Ok, this is what you said, I want you to pay a girlfriend to give the grandfather.”

“What? Grande, are you not a strong man?”

He’s why Yan Yan Yan, there is no one that can bring to the outside world. If the grandfather will see you will die; not to mention that he does not want to bring them anyone, he has booked the rules of the game, if Destroyed, he will be bored.

“Don’t even make it, I will know that you will only perfuse my old man every time, I also use it for you, think about it, there is no fixed girlfriend now, I have to hold a grandchildren, I don’t know When I wait until there is no hope, what is my life, what is my life? “The old man is very good for Li Kas.

Li Kas felt seriously, and the previous foreign public is just right. I didn’t expect that he actually threatened this time. Ugh! What should he do? People can’t find one casually. The grandfather will not believe.

Just as he was in trouble, suddenly flashed a beautiful figure in his mind, a sweet smile, is that every time he is angry, he is angry, and the eyes are fired.

He moved, right! Why didn’t he think of her? But to get her cooperation, it seems that I have to play some means to think about it; however, he will get what he wants!

He exposed a proud laugh, this is not two? He is now thinking about her, but she can help him with him; when she wait until her grandfather’s surgery, he tells the grandfather that they will break up because they don’t break, don’t you become?

By the time. Not only the purpose is achieved, but he should also feel tired of her! never mind. Don’t think so much. He decided to go to the Phoenix International Airlines to talk about the people of the Phoenix International Airlines tomorrow and further understand the situation in Bai Qiuwang.

He looked at the grandfather and said to him: “Old public, I have not told you, in fact, I am pursuing a lady now, but we have not officially intended; otherwise, I took her with my grandfather this week. OK?”

The old man’s eyes suddenly became very god, and they were excited to look at Likus.

“Do you tell me?”

“Of course, it is true, but I don’t have to grasp her grandson for your grandson!” “How is it? You are so good, which woman can be with you, but his grandson is highly Confidence. “His haha ​​prize said.

Seeing the grandfather so happy, Li Kas is more determined to implement his plan, no matter how big the price, he must make it smooth, things are in the health of the public, he must succeed!

“Migrant, this can you make a good turn?”

“Of course, of course, I can rest assured this.” The old man is eyebrow, I want to lie down.

Li Kas quickly helped him to help him lie down and cover it for him.

“Legal. You have to promise me, eat these days, if Maria stewed your tonic, you can’t eat or secretly pour it.”

“Reassured, rest assured, I will be eaten, very late, you have to rest early, you have to go to work tomorrow!”

“Well, my grandfather is good night.”

“OK, good night.”

Li Kas came out of the room and gently closed the door and walked to his room.

I don’t know why, when he thought that he was in his home because of his plan, he had an inexplicable excitement to suppress this feeling. He warned himself, and he would never produce anywate. emotion.

There is absolutely only cooperation and money between the Baiqiling, there is no feeling of any emotional factors. right!

As long as I give her a money, he should be satisfied, is it necessary to pay? He smiled and closed his door.

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