That time, I did a plane business trip, there were not many people on the plane. There were a few flight attendants, each very beautiful, I think this doesn’t have to say everyone know, if not beautiful, how can be as a flight attendant?

One of them makes me fans, she is very beautiful, the skin is very white, the hair is very elegant, the most fascinating is her fascinating smile, I want to rape her, but how? This is on the plane.

I thought in my heart, pressing her to rape her, I thought for a while, I suddenly heard someone called me, sir, you have to drink something, I look at it, she is! My heart, my face is red, I decided to tell me a drink, she gave me a drink, ah! Her hand is white! !

I tried to peek at her breast, but I can’t see it. I only look from the appearance. I know that her breast is very big. I think I’m so happy. In my unconscious, my head of the guy is very hard. I quickly lived with my hand, I was afraid of being seen by others! !

But she has already gone, I will continue to think about me. After a while, I feel that my underwear is like wet, I want to be bad, my guy out of the semen! What should I do, I quickly went out to the bathroom, I went to the bathroom door. I saw that she also walked into the birthday and did not shut the door. I have been thinking that I have to race her, I feel this is a good opportunity, so I am I looked at her in front of her, I think so too, it is a good opportunity.

I can’t control myself, I fierce, put the door, shocked her, she said what you want to do, I said to her, Miss, you, I like you. We are intimate, I went to hold her, but she pushed me said that Mr. please don’t like this! !

But I really like you, you let me play, she said that you should call people, I see her to shout, I will take out the tape taken on my body, stick her The mouth and hand, then put her on the ground and put her feet and started to take off her clothes and skirt, and only the bras left and underwear were dragged. I began kissing her, kiss her. The face, neck and ears, hands on her big breast, start her mess, after a while, I don’t know because she kissed her very comfortable or she knew that it was still struggling, she was not struggling. Let me put it.

I took her bra and pinch her breast, and took her underwear and added it with my tongue. I added it. She seems very comfortable. Her vagina has been wet. I take off. Under my pants, I took my guys and put it in her yin outdoors. I was right to align her pussy. I slowly inserted in, and then slowly pumped, after a Will, she seems to be very comfortable, I told her that if you don’t shout, I will unlock you, she nodded! I took my guy from his guy in his vagina, unlocking the tape on her leg, and gotting it on the hand, finally solved her mouth, I solved the tape on her mouth.

She immediately said, you can insert me quickly, I am so itchy, I said it, I will make you feel comfortable, I will immediately put my guys inserted in, starting to fly. She also made a pleasant snoring, I plugged in more than twice, I feel that she has flowing out a hot liquid, she is going, I still continue my check, after a while, I feel I feel I have to shoot, but I don’t want to be alive so soon, I will never endure, but I still have to take a light in her yin, and we have two soft, I tell her, I To contact her, you can be able to make love often, she said, this is of course, I am already your person, you will not only contact me, but also marry me, I said it, we Everything we put on clothes, I gave her my phone number, I also want her to her phone number, I said that I have to go first, or I have to be seen by others, let us contact it again, she said good Let’s open the door.


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