Pear Village, this more than 200 households, the water, the macrower, and there is no marginal mountain, there are many pears on the mountains. Every spring, the mountain pear is open, and the mountain is like a mountain, it is like a fairyland.

Although the village life in the mountain village is poverty, the people are simple, the end of the 1980s, the people here began to pay attention to education, and they have a college student. The name is Zheng Qiushan. This year is 20 years old. , The long eyebrows, character is peaceful, like one person thinking.

This is not going to go home, nothing always likes to run alone to the back mountain, climb the big tree, look around, the favorite is the evening, the mountain village under the foot, rising smoke, Zheng Qiushan will be happy, intoxicated in. Going back to the village, Zheng Qiushan just entered the house, only three months old little girls passed out from the house, Zheng Qiushan is warm, he is very loved to Xiao Yu.

The family has been done well. Mom and Dad have sat in it. My brother Zheng Qiulin said with your brother: the mountain, running on the mountain, eat it, your nephew deliberately gave you a plate.

Zheng Qiushan is very respectful to my brother. My brother is more than five years old. I haven’t read my family than myself. I went home and went home. I was very caring for your brother. After the younger brother took the university, I walked in the village. Dad Zheng Fuqiang, fifty Eight years old, it is white, the body is tough, the mother is not good, and I cough all the year round, my body is thin.

Zheng Qiushan sat down “Mom, you eat eggs, your body is not good, brother, don’t let the nephew give me a job. Mom smiled and said: Mountain, Mom, you can eat this, you can’t do it, go to college Can be tired, eat it.

The sound of scorpion is a sweet voice: the mountain, the scorpion is doing, your brother specializes lets less salt, say that you are light. The voice did not fall. The nephew hugged the child and feed the child into the house.

Zheng Qiushan doesn’t like the blindness. The scorpion family is also the village. The primary schools have not read it. The mother is sick. I have been lying in my three years. I have passed the world three years ago, and my brother is also introduced. The three thousand gifts, that is the highest in the village, and the homes have borrowed two thousand leaps, this year is also clear.

I have been worried about this Qiushan, but I have not exposed it. The politely says “Very good, thank you Xi Zi”, a family is happy, after packing the venor, the nephew hugged the child back to her room.

My brother is sitting in the priest: Mountain, your tuition is almost, I am pulling the sand these days, earning points, I am enough, you have to learn peace, you look at us, headache, brake, None of the two doctors, the nearest homesome hospital has 178 miles, you can learn how to see a doctor. Dad also nodded: Mountain, your brother is right, do a good book, I have a good body with your brother, my family has your nephew, your mother is too idle, eat your medicine, I have seen it in these days. NS.

Zheng Qiushan said: Hey, brother, I know, you can rest assured, take a break early, tomorrow, I will pull the sand with you. Zheng Qiutang stood up and said: Pull it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you still stay at home, I am going to rest, you will sleep early.

The stuffy weather is full, and Zheng Qiushan opens the window, lying on the squat, the parents have fallen asleep. I can’t sleep, quietly, wear a big trousers, gently open the door, go to the kitchen, drink the bowl of cold, come out, sit in the wooden pier in the yard, breathing outside the fresh air, breathing It feels comfortable.

Looking at the stars, there is no feelings, or the old family is good, the sky is blue, the water is clear, the field is frog, and it is quiet.

After a while, I came out of the weak and strange voice from my brother’s room. Zheng Qiushan was very curious. I didn’t feel quiet. I aim at the window of my brother. I took a look at it. By the moonlight, Zheng Qiushan saw my brother nude nude In the nephew, my heart was tense, my heartbeat, the blood poured into the brain instantly, he certainly knew what his brother did, quickly closed his eyes, quietly returned a few steps.

The sound became bigger, the brother had a strong breathing, mixed with the snoring of the nephew, Zheng Qiushan couldn’t help open his eyes, and the ghost silently came to the brother’s window, secretly see it.

The brother is holding the buddy, lifting the upper body, the white body, a pair of big tits, standing in the chest, under the abdomen, the brother, the black velvet, the brother’s dick is inserting the nephew, my brother is low, sucking A nipple in the scorpion sucking, the scorpion is lightly smart, “light, light eating, bad, bad guys, grab your daughter’s milk, ah, no, don’t eat, female, daughter wake up, still, also feeding it , Bad, bad guys, make me, ah, ah, comfortable, ah.

My brother lifted his head, and the corner of the mouth flowed down the milk, excited low “um, um, Xiuling, love is you, um, um, Xiaoyu water is much more, um, um, 肏 肏 肏 你 你 呱 呱 呱 呱哒 哒 交 交 声 声 声 声 心 心, 心 心,, 声 声 声 声 心 声 心,, Zheng Qiushan retired, closed his eyes, pulled out the dick, and the big white tits in the mind kept shaking, the vague black shadow, as if twirling is his own cock, the pleasure is concentrated on the cock, close to the teeth Off, tighten each nerve, accompanying high-ejected semen, body tremble, and hold the beating cock. After the jet, Zheng Qiushan lost, a burst of embarrassment, how can he be so down? Actually voyeurous, actually fantasy, it is too shameless, quietly returning to the house, lying on the squad, is like a numb, fascinating.

The next day, the father and my brother began to feed the horse and prepared for a day. The nephew gave the child to the mother-in-law and started to do breakfast.

Zheng Qiushan saw a subtle change in the eyes of the scorpion today, and the first time I felt so beautiful. I made a hair of the big braid after my brain, and the red head rope, bright big eyes, bending eyebrows, small mouth red beep Dear, two breastfeeding big tits are heavy, every step of being trembled, the born waist is not only deformed, but more beautiful, the butt is full, slightly large, well-known legs to make long straight, see The scorpion is fried with the butt, the chicken under the squat is unconscious, Zheng Qiushan quickly bent down, sitting in the face, the face is red, and I don’t dare to look up.

After breakfast, my father and my brother rushed to the carriage, Zheng Qiushan suddenly did not dare to face the nephew alone, in order to avoid embarrassing, a person ran to the back of the mountain, climb the big tree, looking forward to the mountains.

When I returned home at noon, my nephew had already dinked. I was feeding my child. Zheng Qiushan was unintentional aimed at the smell of the scorpion. It’s so big, and the little girl sucking mother’s milk, smiled red, very cute, Zheng Qiushan did not consciously swallow the mouth.

Run hurry to enter the house, say: 子, and my brother, don’t go home to eat? The scorpion is also very wonderful, saying, what should I get home at this time every day, the mountain, you will eat it when you are hungry. Mom coughing a few times: I am so live today, the mountains will eat first.

Zheng Qiushan is really hungry, you are welcome, I just eat half a bowl, the village and my brother pull the sand, the two brothers sweating, panting, come in and say “Show, Xiuling, no, not good.” , Sand in the sand, Qiulin and you buried inside? “

Xiuling’s “Mom” is screaming, Zheng Qiushan throws down the rice bowl, step on the door and urgently ask “Distinguo, do you say it? I have been buried in the sand and I have been buried in the sand.” Yes, Yes, let’s go, Zheng Qiushan raises his legs, and the nephew and children are crying.

Zheng Qiushan ran to the sandy field of Wuli Road, Village. There are many people around the sand pit, and Zheng Qiushan has died, and she uses her hand to use the sand, shouting “, brother”

Everyone is struggling to dig the sand, buried four people, except for Zheng Qiulin, others are dead. Zheng Qiushan passed and shouted “Brother, brother, wake up, brother,,, this is, brother, you wake up.”

Xiuling cried and rushed, and smashing her husband’s name around her husband. Zheng Qiulin slowly opened his eyes, and his mouth flowed in blood. Said: Brother, I’m already gone, my brother, you stick to it, we will go to the hospital right away.

Zheng Qiulin suffered a few blood, one hand grabbed his wife, one hand grabbed the younger brother, and the weak said “I don’t have a hard, I can’t do it, listen to me, Xi Ling, I ask you one thing, After I die, don’t you be married? Waites’ graduation is reorganized, and you will pay you, cough.

Xiuling cried and said: Qiulin, you won’t have something, rest assured, I will not be married, 呜呜. Zheng Qiulin also said to the younger brother, said: Mountain, good, study hard, no, no, don’t always annoy, you, you are a good person, you, you, you, don’t, don’t forget your nephew, and you Female, I, I don’t worry about you, cough, mountain, Xiuling, cough, me, me, ah. . . . . Zheng Qiulin hit his eyes, holding his wife and brother’s hand, slowly released, stop breathing.

“Brother, Brother” “Qiulin, Qiulin”, Ren Zheng Qiushan and Xiuling shout, Zheng Qiuwen will forever. On the scene, the family of the deceased ran. How sad, how can it be tears? Holding, falling back home, mother coughing, crying with granddaughter sitting on the ground, a family crying to do a group.

Xiuling’s father ran over and shouted on the body of Zheng Qiulin’s father and son. Everyone has no tears, Xiuling’s father is calm down, says “Xiuling, Mountain, people, people die for daughters and Zheng Qiushan, people can’t reheal, this day is too hot, and I will be prepared to give them two burials, Xi Ling The latest clothes of Qiulin found it, you also found the clothes of the rich brother, giving them to the new clothes, send them to the road. Say the tears.

Zheng Qiushan endured her grief, cleaning his father and brother’s body, replaced with clean clothes, with the help of the villagers, buried his father and brother, Xiuling’s father accompanied her daughter and Zheng Qiushan in the sea. arrive home.

I am lying on the mother who is constantly crying and coughing. Zheng Qiushan is like a knife, and keeps comforting my mother. Smoking in the sea, keeps sigh, Xiuling cry, holding a daughter, the atmosphere is sad.

It’s hard to get a few days, Zheng Qiushan seems to grow up overnight, understanding, mature, comforting your mother, persuading the scorpion, so there is a sea to help the horse. After burning, I have been started, my mother has not seen it, and I don’t go to the hospital. I have to eat my son from the provincial city. I have no money in my hand. Zheng Qiushan really realizes that they don’t know the fire. Reason.

There are still three days, I started school, Zheng Qiushan didn’t sleep, get up in the morning, in the sea, feed the horse, sit in the house, Xiu Ling put the table, give the mother-in-law and Dad, Qiushan, hug The child began to feed.

After eating, Zheng Qiushan solemnly said: 子, Da Hai, I decided not to go to school, I am now the only man at home. Now I am still going to school, my nephew, you are still young, it is easy, Don’t worry about me.

Xiu Ling said firmly and said: Mountain, what do you say? Do you take a blind man? The nephew promised that you have a brother, although the money is almost, I will go to my point, you have to go to school, you have to go to school in tiredness.

The mother is crying. In the sea, put the cigarette butt and sink: the mountain, I don’t say, go to school, go to the day tomorrow, I will sell the pig, you will take the flower, enough, the autumn is good, the crops are good this year. No problem, the mountains, uncle has a culture, but this is a man’s truth or understand, you can rest assured that there is uncle, the animals I have managed, the place where the place is lived, just when we are a family. NS.

Zheng Qiushan is grateful to tears “Da Hai Shu, how is this, I still don’t go to school,” Xiuling is loud and said: Mountain you have in the mouth, no longer have to go to school, you didn’t see you, did you die? You want to die, I am crying, and the children in the arms are crying.

Limited in the sea, Shen Sheng said: Ok, don’t fight, this is decided, sell pigs tomorrow, the mountains, uncle know that Xiuling is married to you, the color is quite, and there is no brought back, Uncle is sorry, the money makes me pay back, you have fallen in the past, and the money is not flowered, hehe! You are the first college student in the village, you have to let you tens of thousands of universities.

Zheng Qiushan hit the hands of the sea, excited: Da Hai, my mountain must study hard, thank you for your big sea. After saying that the two knee and fell, in the sea, the sea rushed to the Qiushan, and the excitement said: Good children, good children.

The arms have five hundred dollars, bid farewell to the weak and sick mother, nurturing the little girl’s nephew, the loyal and simple sea uncle, Zheng Qiushan stepped on the way. The money in her arms is so heavy, Zheng Qiushan does not dare to spend a penny.

Zheng Qiushan is desperately studying, the work of fighting, refuses to show love for many female students, never participate in the dinner, etc., and often hear that he says that he is “stupid, mountain gun” is not more than. When the night was quiet, the shadow of the little girl often appeared in my mind and always exposed a happy smile.

The exam is over, Zheng Qiushan’s school third, got the highest scholarship, which made him excitedly crying out. Winter holiday, the strong wish of home let him sleep overnight, I don’t know when it is, I want to go home soon, see the nephew and the girl.

The mountains in the winter are snowy, the depression is cold, Zheng Qiushan is coming back, my heart is silently; how is the nephew, the little girl is growing up, “It has accelerated footsteps.

Push the house, a hot air, the nephew is sitting in the mouth, the little girl plays in the 炕, Xi Ling is surprised: the mountain is coming back, Lili is coming back. The little girl is recognized, and quickly climbed into his mother hiding.

The mountains put down the backpack, ask questions: Mom? The neighbors are low, I am sad: You can’t take the mother, I am afraid to affect you, I have not given you a letter tells you. Is the mountain forgive the nephew? The mountain is shocked, there is a hurt, tears, “Mom, son is not filial, mom” huge blow makes him grief, Xi Ling is also sad, wi tears for the mountain.

The hand of the nephew is warm, and Zheng Qiushan can’t control himself, and I will fall into the arms and cry. The little girl used his hand to pull uncle’s hair, and he didn’t know what happened.

Xiu Ling held his child in one hand, and caress the backbrain of the little uncle, and the face is tender. Wake-up Zheng Qiushan, left the embrace of the scorpion, a little fond of saying: Sorry, I just got a bit lost. The nephew “” has a sound, it’s okay, a family is not awkward, I will give you a meal.

This winter holiday is particularly cold, and Zheng Qiushan is a smuggling to work, rarely go out, the big sea uncle often comes to work. After the year, Zheng Qiushan said to the nephew and the sea uncle: Da Hai, the scorpion, my mother also passed away, I also have a scholarship, if there is something, the nephew will go back. Xiuling’s angry loudly reprimanded “Don’t Hua said, do you really treat me as that kind of person? Are you so no conscience? You can’t wait to change it early? You, you, you, you

I didn’t expect the nephew to react so strong, Zheng Qiushan quickly explained apologies, so it’s hard to let the scorpion calm down. The sea uncle said to Zheng Qiushan: Mountain, your temper is the most clear, don’t say, I have moved after you, there are a few people who want to hit your nephew, you will be relieved, now the conditions now Not good, I hope it is on you.

Zheng Qiushan admires the nephew and more respectful to the big Hai Shu. Slowly study the path, Zheng Qiushan does not know how to use the exhaustion, but also self-study Chinese medicine, during return home, just wrote a few letters. I don’t know what is going on, and I am more and more intense to my nephew.

After thinking about it, Zheng Qiushan made a bold decision and went home to open the clinic. After graduating, I declined to hire the high salary hiring of the big hospital, and I saw the way back to my hometown.

The home is coming, so kind, Zheng Qiushan will take a large step into the village. I saw a young young woman standing in the yard, a little girl playing in the yard.

Zheng Qiushan is excited to run past, shouting “Xi Zi, Lili, I will come back” Xiuling lifted his head, saw that the mountain came back, happy to welcome the backpack, “Look at the big man, Li Li Uncle, Li Li, called “Uncle”

Zheng Qiushan hugged a girl, excited: Lili is so big, it will call uncle. Surprise in the sea from the sea: the mountain is coming back, let’s go.

Xiu Ling fried several dishes, Zheng Qiushan and Dahai Uncle pocked with wine, Xi Ling naturally gave his dad in the bowl, looked at Zheng Qiushan, and unnatural red. Don’t pay attention to Zheng Qiushan, and talk to the uncle of the sea.

When Zheng Qiushan said home to open the clinic, the nephew and the sea uncle did not agree, Zheng Qiushan felt a good fortune to convince the father and women.

The wine is full, saying in the sea: I will go home today, I haven’t gone home for a long time, my family must be very messy, there is nothing to rest early. After saying a little in love, I wanted to open a few times, I didn’t say anything, and I didn’t speak. Zheng Qiushan retained the big sea uncle, but the sea uncle was speeding up, flustered out the yard.

And the nephew, Zheng Qiushan suddenly found that the skin is more white than before, and the color is also good, and there is a woman taste, not from it. Xiuling found that the mountain is watching himself, don’t feel red, the little voice says: See you, I have no flowers on my face.

The mountain face is a red “The scorpion is still so young, and the water is so young.” Xiuling is shameful, shy: the mountains learn to be poverty, happiness, or say you, what do you want to do?

Zheng Qiushan said to the nephew: 子, The nephew and the sea uncle can also enjoy, I should also repay my nephew.

Xiu Ling heard that the mountain said so, do not understand the eyes and red, excited: the mountain can have this heart, the scorpion is full. The family can be two years, I like more than 6,000 yuan, you will use it, don’t make a lot of scorpion, you will do it.

Zheng Qiushan touched the tears, such a good nephew, if someone else farewed, it must treat the nephew, and later the owner of the family, support the son and the girl are the biggest responsibility.

Zheng Qiushan began to run the formalities of the clinic, preparing various equipment, busy focus. I am going to be ready, Zheng Qiushan is tone, and it will take medicine. The strange, I didn’t see my nephew for a day, but I didn’t have it in my heart. During this time, Xiuling is also very happy, there is a feeling of excitement and happiness, there is a shadow of his brother in the mountains, and it is a bit perfect.

After dinner this day, he hesitated a will say to Zheng Qiushan: Mountain, I will go, see if there is no hair. I will not come back tonight. After talking about her daughter, I was a little shy. Zheng Qiushan feels a bit lost, someone is sitting on, silently thinking about it.

The scorpion is more than one year old, and the lonely men wido, there is already someone who gossip in the village, and what should be planned, Zheng Qiushan repeatedly considers that the two years have become so important in their own hearts, I decided to come back to a large extent. Because I can’t let go of the nephew and the girl, I can’t believe that if the nephew is changing others, the girl is called Dad, this is the unacceptable that Zheng Qiushan can’t accept, and I don’t think I can’t afford my brother. If I am a wife, don’t I solve it? Thinking of this, my heart is excited, yes, I will marry my nephew. Zheng Qiushan suddenly felt that he was so happy.

Zheng Qiushan wants to be more beautiful, you can’t sleep, climb it up, can’t wait to find the big sea uncle and the scorpion, tense excitement to the uncle of the sea.

The big sea is not far away. If the other road is bypassed, it has been taken for a long time. Zheng Qiushan is too urgent, directly crossing the fence wall of the sea, nearly, the big sea uncle’s backyard, species Full of various vegetables, eggplants, beans, peppers, and a large cucumber.

Zheng Qiushan picked a cucumber with his hand, while eating near the big sea house behind the house. I am afraid to scare the scorpion and the big sea. Zheng Qiushan light hand is thinking around the front door, the rear window has a dim light, Zheng Qiushan believes that the girl has not slept, the cat is under the waist, I want to sneak over the window.

The voice of the speech is “Xi Ling, Lili is asleep? Hey! It’s hard for you, the mountain is coming back, I have come to sleep with my father. If you let the mountains know, how can you live?” Zheng Qiushan A excitement, my heart is there? What do you mean, is it? Zheng Qiushan has taken cold sweat and dare not want to go.

Sneak over, slowly raise your head, sneak it in the inside. The front window is covered with thick curtains, and the scorpion under the curtains is relying on Dad naked, the nephew is only wearing a small sling, a rough big hand is touching a full breast.

Zheng Qiushan was shocked, the air as if it was solidified, closed his eyes, the heart was painful, and the anger was burning, cold sweat in flow. No, this is not true, will not, how the nephew may be with your own father, no, maybe it is to spoo with Dad.

I deeply took a deep breath and slowly opened my eyes. Inside the nephew, kissed a bite on my father’s face, whispered: Dad, this two years is not much thanks to you, in my most helpless, is Dad to give Dad The courage and confidence of my life, the mountains are now coming, I know that the mountain has a conscience, didn’t forget me and Lili, but Dad, I can’t drive you, how many people advise me to change, I don’t do it, I don’t do it. When I arrived, my father’s support made me insist on it. I asked me a few days ago, asking if I want to have a mountain, Dad, I don’t know how to answer.

To be old truth, the mountain is very good, I also like the mountain, but I am his nephew, and I am still sleeping with my father, I am very afraid, very self-blaming, I feel sorry for Qiulin, I am sorry to the mountain, can I don’t regret it. I really don’t want to be married, so I can accompany my father, I can take care of the mountains. If the mountain is married or disliked, I will come back and my father, others can’t say it. Come.

In the sea, the sea said: Xiuling, Dad is sorry, and his daughter is sleeping, Dad is going to hell, don’t accompany your father, you are still young, I think you and the mountain is just, although you are him子, can this don’t matter, like you, there have been it, you have to get married in the village of the village. If you are getting married, Dad is also assured.

Xiuling said with tears and said: Dad, I won’t drop your, my mother is getting late, my father is so hard, I have done me, I died in my husband in these years, and my father helped me spend the difficulties, that is, Hell, my daughter is willing to with my father to go to hell.

Dad needs a woman, I am a person who has been married to children. I know that men don’t have a woman, and women don’t have a man’s day. I have to thank my father. Dad not only gave me the greatest father. I also gave me a happiness, my father, I miss you, for more than ten days, my daughter is so lonely and empty.

After the daughter in the sea, I wanted you. I didn’t expect this year. Dad is more and more wants to do it. Xiuling, I want you, want to eat your big tits, think, think. .

The nephew and dad kissed together, the small sling was taken off by Dad, the big tits were grabbed again, Xi Ling squinted, soft, Dad squatted a nipple, sucking, rough big hands Daughter’s flower pants, hands pinch on daughter’s big butt, finger to flew from the butt gutter. Xiuling’s snoring increased, twisted his butt, with Dad’s deduction.

I am excited at the sea, I spit out the nipple of the saliva, put my daughter in my pants, quickly take off the pants, black and big cock hard, old face red, separate daughter’s legs, head buried into the daughter “呱 唧” lame.

Xiuling’s excited twisted pelicies, 呻吟 “Well, um, comfortable, um, um, Dad will eat daughter, good father never disadvantages, um, Well, Dad gives me, daughter wants Dad .

In the sea, it is inert, and the old face is plagued, and the daughter is white, but the butt is sinking, and the big cock is deeply inserted into the daughter’s vagina, father and daughter Sprinkle, Xiuling’s white hands tightly grabbed his father’s striker, trembling the charming and eloquette “ah, dad is inserted, ah, good luck, Dad, motion, daughter I like it, ah, dad, don’t worry, call, my daughter loves to listen to my father, ah, ah

In the sea, I raised my butt, and I slammed again, and I called “哧」 沉 沉 叫 “肏 肏 肏 肏 屄,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Twisted butt with dad, slutty waves make her more excited, maybe this is the singular pleasure of breaking through the incest taboos, Xi Ling is screaming “Well, the relatives and dads, homes, um, um, relatives are comfortable , Like the dad, um, Mom, Dad, the dad, the daughter is big, “

Zheng Qiushan is sprayed, angry and grief, not shameful and strange, he can’t believe his eyes and ear, the heart is so happy, the big sea uncle is so simple, but it is so sensual, unbearable The prostitution is like such a free, intoxicated.

The big breasts of the daughter were smashed with the big breasts of the daughter. Xi Ling was so excited to withstand the expression of Dad, and the ethical morality had already thrown it after the body, the body of the flesh, the hit , 声 语 is the most autocratory need “Painted father, daughter, ah, ah, shoot your daughter, ah, ah,” in the father and female, in the sea ass, the lower body of the daughter The hot semen jets into the depths of the daughter. Zheng Qiushan screamed in the lady and dad, and a sperm-filled panty wet, after a short white whisper, the soft and sorrowful retreat, slowly stepped out of the fence wall, and it was a mad, and I have been running. Under the big tree in the mountain, I am angry with the trunk.

Zheng Qiushan went around the big tree turning circle, dew wet the pants, unfortunately, the self-contained self-speaking belly “货, let himself, kneel, Wang Ba egg, 肏 肏 亲 亲女, male and female, not, wrong, wrong, wrong. Zheng Qiushan stopped and slowly resumed reason, and started back to the circle.

Also speaking, I am learning medicine, my sex needs of men and women, the nephew is a widow, the young widow, if the scorpion is stolen, what will I do, how can I do? Does the qualifications of the tube, the nephew is for yourself, the nephew and your father are not because of themselves, don’t be married? Big Haishang is a good person, less than 50 years old, it is needed to be a woman’s age , Very normal, normal, wrong, wrong, this is incest, wrong, should not be “

Zheng Qiushan is still going back to the circle. “Do you still want to marry the nephew? Can you want to be, she can’t want her, she doesn’t match, can’t, I don’t work, my scorpion, the mountains love you, the scorpion, the scorpion, you deeply buried my heart. I can’t stop throwing, my scorpion, you can know that these two years I am not thinking about you, for you, I would rather giving up the city and return to the hill village, because you, because the nephew is my heart and emotional Winning, 子, why, why, why, why can’t I hate you, why do I have ejaculation for you, who can tell me what to do? “

Shouting, crying, annoying, after the arrogance, Zheng Qiushan slowly calm down, sit down under the tree, seriously thinking, repeatedly considering, struggling repeatedly, stand up, shouting, decided to go to the mountain.

The day just looked up, Zheng Qiushan came to the three homes, and I said a reply with Sanli, turned home, side and said, today, Jin, Tomorrow, I will open the patient. Looking at the back of Zheng Qiushan, the three smiles showed a satisfactory smile. “The mountains have a conscience, good, books are not reading, must give you a good day, four in the afternoon, Zheng Qiushan is doing pull The drug tractor came back, Xihu helped Zheng Qiushan unloaded medicine, just cooked, Zheng Qiushan brings to the scorpion from the meat that bought, seriously: the nephew made more dishes, and the sea uncle and three Come over a piece of eating.

Xiu Ling was puzzled, did not say anything, went to the house, Xiao Lili was happy, “Uncle was buying meat, there is a meat to eat tonight” look at the happy girl, Zheng Qiushan eyes exposed Happy eyes.

Zheng Qiushan invited the sea in the sea, three people are coming, and I will be smirked in the house, and the father and female are a little inexplicable.

Eat half, three sorrows and chopsticks, solemnly said to everyone: I have something to say today, big sea brother, Xiuling, this Qiulin has been walking more than three years, Xiuling has been guarding, now there is no change, now the mountain is coming back The lonely male widow is not a long time. Xiuling is only twenty-seventh this year. The mountain is twenty-four. I will not be asked to marry Xiuling to the mountain, so that others can say gossip, I put it This layer of paper is broken, big sea brother, Xiuling, your two have no opinions?

The show is shameless, and there is no thought, there is no thought, my heart is so messy. I don’t know how to be good. In the eyes of the sea, the joy is accompanied by the lost light, and the cough said: This is a good idea, this scorpion married Xiao Shu, I don’t know, I have no opinion, I don’t know the mountains and Xi Ling.

Xiuling low, the small voice said: Three 婶Girls have gone, I am a widow that can be a mantle life happiness?

Three smiled and said: Xiuling, this female big three, holding gold bricks, don’t tell you the two, it is a mountain to find me, the mountain, my heart has you, the mountains are in the sea The face of the uncle and the nephew, the table is.

Zheng Qiushan is solemn: 子, 大 叔叔, 子 子 为 妻 妻,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, After the nephew, I will live a good day, and the big sea is, do you give me my daughter, don’t you feel most?子, I am really love you, I love the girl, Lili is like my biological daughter, my nephew, you agreed.

Xiuling cried, the heart was very warm, it was very difficult, I can’t say it, I want to agree, I don’t dare to agree, the contradiction is very.

Three 婶 朗 声: Xiuling, the words of the mountains you have also heard, and there is still a doctor, big sea brother, you said, Xi Ling listens to you.

It is a little exciting in the sea to say “Xiuling, you said the right, the mountains are really sincere, you can’t keep your life, today dad is the Lord, how?

Xiuling lowered his head, wiped his tears, ashamed: I listen to my father. It’s not going to look up in the red face. Three haha ​​laughed: Ok, I have a good thing, it’s a big thing, it’s so big, I am not embarrassed, I see, I will be happy tomorrow, I am happy, a piece of office I have gone, I don’t need a big exercise, I’m going to come over, I have a meal, let the village people know that Xiuling and the mountain are brought up, very simple, isn’t it to move from the house to this house? ,Ha ha.

The firecrackers swear to the clinic, and also swearing Zheng Qiushan and the nephew have been a pro, friends and friends gathered together, happy drink. The last batch of guests were taken away. Lili was taken away by the master, Xi Ling was shameful, and the newly used since the past, the soft voice stupid to the stupid, Zheng Qiushan, said: Mountain, not too early ,sleep early. It’s more red.

Touching the black, Xiuling took off the clothes, quickly and detached it, Zheng Qiushan is tightly taken off the clothes, slowly entering me, two people have not spoken, keep a certain distance, watching the ceiling, quiet Can hear the heartbeat of each other.

Two hands in the nest are slowly close to the other side. Just a contact, all along with electric shock, take it away, slowly close, touch it, stop for a while, while tight Together, a wide and strong, a delicate, scratch with each other.

At the same time, turn around, face-to-face, four eyes, and reach out another hand, Zheng Qiushan is gently in the waist of the nephew, Xi Ling is gently put on the face of Zheng Qiushan, soft touch.

Zheng Qiushan is slightly hard, the scorpion is close to the arms, the warm body temperature, melts Zheng Qiki Mountain’s heart, holds the scorpion’s body, the scent of the mouth, slightly open, exhaled, spray Zheng Qiushan’s nostrils “Well”, tightly kisses the red lips of the nephew. The light-running flesh is wrapped together, and the hot passion hugs the hot kiss. Xiuling is softly twisted. The hot meat stick is not in the legs, open my legs, but the ass slit slightly, a low Oh, the hot meat stick was swallowed by the spring water, and the “哧” in the water is blending, as if the combination of two lives is oath.

Zheng Qiushan trembled, the pain was happy, and the passion in the aggregate was injected out, and he could not calm for a long time. Zheng Qiushan squatted his nephew, shy whisper: I am sorry, I, I, I am shot too fast.

Xiuling’s gentle whisper said: the mountain, nothing, you are the first time, the first time, the mountains are holding me, the mountains, will you regret it?

Zheng Qiushan is tenderly said: 子, does not regret, marry you is my choice, how can you regret it? In the future, the nephew no longer has to worry, do you know? Every day I saw you and Lili, I can’t say that I can’t say happiness, you are my most pro, I have never used the nephew to be outsiders, really.

Xiuling’s happiness, hitching in Zheng Qiushan, faintly said: Mountain, nephew does not necessarily have you think so good, if the nephew is a bad woman, will the mountain will love the nephew?

Zheng Qiushan loves the back, firmly said: 子, no matter what you did, I love you, never regret, I know what I am talking, and know what I am doing. By the way, I will call you Xiuling, you are my wife now.

Xiuling is excited: the mountain is still called the nephew, the scorpion is used to it, you call me a blind, my heart is good. A lot of moving love words, moved each other, happiness.

Zheng Qiushan’s medical university is not white, very fast, the reputation of Zheng Dafu sounded, and the patients in various villages have come, they are satisfied and returned, and Zheng Dafu is spending, and there is no good wife. Two husband and wife are of course very happy.

Night and night songs, I don’t know how tired Zheng Qiushan tillage in the nephew, more and more proficient, getting more and more lasting, but I can’t say confusion with time, I want to go to each time. The sea is like lavatory. That is, I don’t say it, and I always want to make the scene of my love and Dad, every time I am more exciting.

More than a year, the days are so much better, and the income is also imagined. Zheng Qiushan found that every time I did love, I would sneak myself. Every time I came over, I will sneak around every time, Zheng Qiushan understood, and it is also very tangible. The nephew and Dad have come again, there is some expectation, I have long thought, and I also think that my thoughts began to expand. It is to decide whether it is when I want to go, I really have to do it, it is really a kind, Repeatedly pondering, repeatedly measured, just a bite, just do it.

After another passion, Zheng Qiushan said, gentle and gentle: 子, you seem to sneak, tell me why? Xiuling’s body slightly trembled: Nothing, you don’t think too much.

Zheng Qiushan kissed the nephew, hesitated: 子, some words I thought for a long time, the nephew knew that the mountain loves you, I don’t hide, in fact, I know the scorpion. Xiuling said that it is said: You, what do you know?

Zheng Qiushan is tight, trying to say peace: the nephew and the sea uncle I saw. Xiu Ling was shocked by her husband’s arms, did it, the nose pointed to sweat, fear trembling panic: You, you, what did you see? Zheng Qiushan has made a pilot and said: Just a day I got ahead of marriage, I went to you and the sea uncle, and I didn’t want to find that you are doing love with the sea uncle. It is improving, tribuistic, an ordinary rural father, was found to be incest with the pro, not to mention the husband, what would be a situation, Xiuling is cold sweating, tremble to Zheng Qiushan, a pleasant pleading: , Mountain, nephew, don’t say it, don’t say it, nephew, give you a hoe. I have to hop.

Zheng Qiushan hugged the mood, kissed the scorpion, affectionate: The nephew is not afraid, if I want to say, I have said, if I am discarding the scorpion, will I marry you? Ok, nephew, mountains understand the nephew and the sea uncle, really, nephew, I know that you are too bitter, the mountain is not a confused man, the scorpion and the sea Shu Mountain have thought, not aune, really, believe me Ok?

Xiuling did not dare to believe that the husband’s words, the war said: Mountain My dad can not be alive. I’m crying. Zheng Qiushan loves to spend the scorpion, warmth, saying that the scorpion is not crying, the mountain does not blame the nephew, the scorpion is also a woman, it is not easy for more than 20 years old, you are with others, who can say anything, not to mention the nephew To do, and the big sea uncle is incest, as long as I recognize it, others will not know, my scorpion is afraid, I won’t want you, love your heart will never change, don’t cry, good nephew.

Xiuling snuggled in his husband, his heart fiftested with murderousness, remorse, hate himself, embarrassing husband and daughter, no face face husband, shameful tears continue to flow, husband will accept yourself and dad incest, too incredible, this, It’s too super executive. Is it a dream? If the mountain is really accepting, will you still be incest with Dad? Despite how many times think, how many times, the kind of sexual love is also a mountain that can not give yourself, but if it is in the case of her husband, continue with Dad incest, but I can’t accept it, I don’t dare to look up and watch the mountain. Just like this in the arms of the mountain, I can’t think of it.

Zheng Qiushan knows what he is doing, he also knows what the scorpion is concerned, in order to love the blindness, Zheng Qiushan is willing to make any sacrifice, this is the vow to give himself a vow.

In a few days, the nephew did not dare to see her husband. I wanted myself a few times in the night, I was ambiguous by my husband, and my heart was more uneasy and embarrassed. The explanation and persuasion of her husband, although they can’t understand, but the husband’s sincerity is undoubtedly, and my heart is a bit slowly, and the emotions are slow, and there is more desire and expectation.

Zheng Qiushan’s heart is extremely complicated. He knows what this door is open, and thousands of reasons refuse this. Thousands of reasons will stop their strange ideas. Only one reason let him continue, that is, do not let the nephew sigh, no Let the Daxie have lonely lonely. These two people have reported that they have been reported. The nephew is a woman who is not in love forever.

Li Li eaten the ice cream bought by my grandfather, and my grandfather returned home. Zheng Qiushan hugged the girl to say: Da Hai Shu, sell the animals tomorrow, I bought a four-wheeled car, save one day, don’t stop, you It should also be enjoyed, and the family is chaotic. Tonight, let the nephew have changed, Lili and I am at home.

Yu Dahai is very much not awkward, awkward, a few sounds, Xi Ling’s heart is nervous, the bowl of the hand falls under the ground, red face quickly into the house, the heartbeat is so powerful, really want to go out this step? ? Is the mountain really willing to do this? I don’t know how to do it.

Zheng Qiushan comes in, gentle saying: 子, you can rest assured, Lili and I am still don’t worry at home? The nephew should not hesitate, this is my mountain, your husband’s choice. It is said that it is lightly withdraws the nephew.

Lili is very reluctant, Zheng Qiushan bought a lot of eaten to the small selling department. After night, after squatting, Zheng Qiushan lying alone, the heart is extremely complicated, is they started? Will the nephew still waves like before? Thinking of the waves of the scorpion and Dad, the cock is blocked. There is also a sputum as a brain, it is not a taste, the cock is hard, and it will be soft, it is not uncomfortable. Repeatedly tossing, the sky is bright, Zheng Qiushan is anxious.

Gently open the door, the scorpion came in, saw the husband smashed his eyes and stared at himself, full of red, gentle climbing, drilling into the nest, snuggling into his husband, weak: Mountain, You didn’t sleep overnight, sorry for my good mountain, my nephew was not good.

Zheng Qiushan gathered his nephew, kissed the little mouth of the scorpion, a faint tobacco was introduced from the mouth of the mouth, a strange excitement made him quickly tear the underwear of the nephew, Xi Ling very well-organized clothes, no need Front play, Zheng Qiushan hard dicks deeply caught into the muddy swamps, struggling, deeper, more and more.

Xiuling whispered, while nervous whispered: Tight, don’t woke Lili, ah, ah, the mountains, the scorpion is so happy, ah, ah, comfortable, the mountain is so fierce, the nephew came, ah . . . . .

Zheng Qiushan, who took the last dripper, was in a soft body, the breath of the big mouth, today’s pleasure is strong, I really don’t want to pull out the cock, helplessly, squeezed by the shackles of the scorpion, one The large stock sticky liquid sprayed, I am afraid it needs to be washing the bed.

The tired two came together, Zheng Qiushan gentle said: The nephew came today, so good, so wet, hey, there are many uncle.

Xiuling twisted her husband’s shoulder, ashamed whisper: Also, let his wife and pro, do things, mountains, you really love you, kiss your husband a few mouthfuls. Then: I am telling the truth with my father, my father is excited, this is not, the sky is not bright, picking up the horse, the bad mountain, I will not take your father, “」 “our father and daughter Yeah, it is a good mountain that owes me for a lifetime. The new four-wheel tractor opened back, the beauty of the sea love did not release the drum, and he didn’t dare to see the son-in-law. The son-in-law didn’t seem to have happened.

After dinner, Zheng Qiushan said to the nephew and the sea uncle: In a few days, we are ready to cover three new houses in front, do a clinic, now there are more and more patients, the sea is moving together, we are a family, The nephew didn’t let me call my father, nor let me call the name of the scorpion, I understand, I think, my brother will agree with what I did.

In the sea, there is a tear “Mountain, Uncle doesn’t know how to say it, just in a word, listen to you” Xiiling is even more than saying, and there is no conditional support for the husband’s decision.

In the sea, I moved into the daughter’s home, and the people in the village didn’t praise Zheng Qiushan filial piety. In the first two days, in the sea, it is embarrassed to think in your house, I am in a hurry, I am in a hurry, tension is extremely.

Xiuling is also very embarrassed, hiding the sparkling, alone and dad. Zheng Qiushan always smiled calmly to the sea uncle and the nephew, which made the atmosphere slowly harmonious.

After dinner, Zheng Qiushan said to Lili: 丽丽, tonight and sleeps, my grandfather, let the grandfather rest well? Lili is accustomed to sleeping with grandfather, a bit is not very happy, Zheng Qiushan has a half-day consent, and it is red in the sea and Xiuling, slipping back to his room in the sea, Xiuling’s uneasy.

Lili fell asleep, Zheng Qiushan smashed the nephew, whispered: The nephew still went to the sea uncle warmly. Xiubi hesitated for a while, and kissed his husband. He quietly opened the door, looked back and looked back at a quiet husband. Locked lightly opened his father’s door, went in, and closed the door.

Lying in the bed in the sea, his love for her daughter is selfless, for her daughter has never been married, but this has changed, and it suddenly, it is so natural, it turns so panic, It is then so realistic, never forget that moment, it is the moment of changing their father and female relationship.

That is that Qiulin has died for more than a year, her daughter is guarded, her mother-in-law has also passed away, the mountain is going to school, the heavy physical activity of the family is in the daughter of the child. It is too bitter to the days. For her daughter and The mountains have completed their studies. In the sea, they have to take a work of their daughters. My daughter does not dare to live at home. As my father, I can only move into my daughter’s home in the sea, and my father and female are life, and the shape is very good.

I remember that night, the moon is so bright, I am awake in the sea in the sea, get up to pee, in the countryside, men’s pee is very simple, pull out the cock, have a big urine, shake the urine on the cock Drop, just going back home, suddenly think it is a little moving, maybe a daughter is there? Wait, a wooden, a lot of gaps, you will be discovered by the daughter, a little bit blame, At the same time, the cock didn’t consciously, explored from the bottom of the trousers, and quickly ran back to the house in the sea.

Maybe the old day is deliberately arranged, this is nothing wrong with this. Not waiting for the sea to lie down, suddenly daughter screamed, in a few steps in the sea, the daughter is just from? Run, frightened, puff, Dad, all mice, scared me NS.

The back of the sea loved the daughter, caring: there is nothing to show, not afraid, Dad is here. If you accidentally encounter your daughter’s butt, the heart is fierce, the daughter runs too urgent, the trousers are not mentioned, the whole ass is outside, many years have not tasted the woman’s taste in the sea, the cock under the grass is unconscious. I played out from the bottom of the trousers, “Let’s go”, put it on the daughter’s lower body.

Unable to express words, father and daughter stopped breathing, Xi Ling did not know how to “turned” again “. The daughter in the sea flustered, stuttering, show, Xiuling, fast, fast back, return home. Xiuling came back, and it was also very shakes and shakes, and a special smell of men came, hesitated and Dad was too tight, and Dad’s pants were rough and strong, and almost hit her face. In an instant, the blood flooded into the brain, and the Xiuling, who was down, lifted his pants, and quickly ran back to the house. I went back to God for a long time in the sea, and the chicken plus pants, ran back to the house.

Xi Ling is like a tempura, and Dad’s daughter is always jumped in front of him. It has been more than a year. The liberality of deep bellows is suddenly ignited, and the hand does not help into the trousers, stick it, put it under the nose, take it Dad’s taste, I don’t feel the legs, a special pleasure hit, helpless sigh. Really damn, how can I have this feeling for my father, hey, I don’t know what Dad will, don’t bear the burden on the occasion, hey, go with my father to talk back, save my father is embarrassed. Xiuling slowly walked near the door of Dad, there was a strong breath, Xiu Ling lightly opened the door, tightened the nerve, Dad stood on the ground, closed his eyes, was taking his own big cock. Xiuling’s heart jumped. I unconsciously “ah” in my mouth.

In the happiness of the sea, I was immersed in the pleasure of masturbation, and the daughter was shocked. I found that my daughter was staring at my own dick, the movement of the police, holding the daughter, looked at the daughter, and said a word, I can’t say it, the time seems to be, look at each other, one at every turn. One thing happened, there will be accidents. At this moment, the father and girl have already lost normal thinking skills, while stepping forward, in the sea, like an estrus, picked up the daughter’s delicate body, throwing it. “哧 哧 」」,,, 口 口 口 口 口 口 口 口 口 口 口 口 光 阴 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光

There is only one neuro clear, sexual nerve in the sea in the sea. Followed, a hard dick “哧”, deeply inserted into the daughter’s vagina, a beast, “啪, 」啪” a slap.

Xiu Ling closed his eyes, and his father and hard cock were inserted. The long-awaited pleasure made her feel hard to help, fragrant, so, good, and strong impact, the trend of sex, the madness of sex, lost all the reason The hip catering is the only choice, the climax is so fast, dramatic trembling, almost arbitrarily called “I. Ah, ah, I am. Ammy …..

In the oak dick, the daughter is dramatically packed, and there is a whisper “肏 肏 肏 肏 声 声 声 颤 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 颤 颤 颤 颤 颤 颤 颤 颤 颤 颤 颤

After a short breath, in the sea, the fear is squatting on the side, the sweating of the sweat is “show, Xiuling, Dad, Dad is not a human, is a beast, I, I will give my daughter. , I am not a human, “啪” smoked a few slaps.

Xiuling grabbed his father’s hand and said: Dad, don’t like this, your daughter is not blame you, Dad happily, my daughter is willing, I am willing. Yu Zi Ziqi said: Xiuling, Dad is sorry, how can I do this, it is not as good as the beast, hey. . . .

Xiu Ling fossed with tears, saying in his arms and said: Dad, you don’t be sad, you are old day, dad, daughter knows your bitterness, you have to blame me, it is. Women’s way.

Tight the daughter in the sea, love to say: No, my daughter is the best daughter in the world, my father hurts you. Father and girls are comfortable with each other, they are comfortable, and I don’t know that each other’s heart is closer. It is more relaxed, and it has become natural.

Xiuling is shy: Dad, rub it, still wet, I have finished taking towel, gentle wiping the prostitute on the cock, just talking, don’t be nervous, I have a hard time in the sea, I have a hard time, In the hands of the daughter, the heart is exciting, and the sound of light is a few.

Xiuling felt the cock in his hand, heat, heated, in the beating. I don’t think that a lust is rising, just Dad’s cock, Dad just went to himself, anyway, I have been to my father, let my father will enjoy it, a breakthrough taboo is full of full blind, this pleasure makes her abandoned The daughter’s horses and shames, using the daddy “Dad, I am” in a few hands.

The dicks in the sea are more hard, the sky, the daughter makes themselves, that is, what is a sensual word, exciting in the sea. Under the moonlight, the daughter’s snow-white naked, emits seductive halo, beautiful woman, full of double fairy, delicate nipple, steam waiting for picking tasting, flat belly, rich yin hair, As the curved curvature is like a spring grass, the pussy is flowing through the semen and obscenity mixture, and the sea is obedient in the sea.

Xiuling looked at Dad’s obsessed, and the heart was more excited, turned over, got his butt, full of desire, with breakthrough taboo, excitement, biting the teeth, low voice, “Dad, I,肏 daughter

Yu Dahai’s head “”, what ethical morality is thrown behind the brain, holding the dick to the vaginal “” in the gath of the daughter. The madman is called “Hey you, the daughter is small, the relatives, the little girl is really tight, the water is really tight, the water is much, my father is, ah, ah.” Xi Ling’s fascinating slutty waves “Yes, Yes, Dad is a daughter, ah, ah, a good, so comfortable, ah, ah, 肏 daughter, dad, dad, daughter is a sorrow, is a Shu, saying a sensuality, Xiuling It is more exciting to stimulate, it is a near-allergic distorted heart role, is awkward, humiliated as if it is your biggest aphrodisian, the pleasure will be more strong, you want fire to reduce.

The daughter’s walrow is beyond the imagination of the sea, and the daughter of the waves makes him have a strong conquest. The cock is squatting in the daughter, the semen and prostitution flows to the big egg, flowing to the daughter’s wonderland, and splashing. The father and daughter of the prostitution, the fierce intersection, 不 不.

In the scream, the climax let the father and women are chaotic. Unplugged the soft cock, sit on the sea wheat. The cry of the child next door, awakened the father and daughter, Xiuling hurriedly climbed up, and the big white butt, delicate little squat, flowing with the semen of the incest, quickly, and said: Dad, I don’t regret.

In the sea, the tears were excited, from this day, the sea is not lonely, the sea is not lonely, and the daughter is guarding, and the father and woman are more deeper, and the male and female feelings are more reluctant, countless times Love, countless passion, deeply penetrating into the heart of father and daughter, can not pull out, thoroughly thoroughly.

Thinking of this, holding the dick tight on the sea, the quilt is covered with his head. The light footsteps came with the switch gate, it was a daughter, it was a daughter, and the quilt was opened. Xiuling “哧” laughed, low, “巴, Dad shame Oh, “The light drill into the arms, is familiar with the flesh of the familiar daughter, can’t wait to insert the daughter’s body, two sorrows, Xiuling’s pillowa bite in the mouth, I want to call, I am afraid that her husband listens. When she can’t understand why, she is thinking loudly with Dad, I like to listen to my father’s humiliation, the more obscenity, but the husband can’t scream, and I don’t dare to call. There is always a strong shame. Feel, and Dad is different, why is it, it is really unclear.

The sea is equally, the next door is his own grandfather, her husband’s husband, the old uncle, now I am in the girl, my wife’s wife, what I feel, how can I not excite, and I have a different day. Today, the aunt put his wife, that is, his daughter, sent it to make yourself, how can I not grateful, this is too stimulated, and the father and women are sprayed by this feeling of stimulating.

Zheng Qiushan tangled? From the ear, inexplicably want to listen to the sound of their father and female, and very sad, my wife is being worn, I am really a hardcore, actually there is no angry, the cock is very hard. , Secretly scared yourself “Death Wang Eight”

When the door opened, Xiuling drilled into the husband’s nest, and he was very excited to rely on his husband’s arms. Ah, the husband’s dick is so hard, holding it in his hand. Zheng Qiushan squatted on the nephew, excitedly in the cock, inserted into the scorpion is full of semen, “叽 叽 叽 叽”, Xiuling cooperate with her husband, close the husband’s neck, keep constant Kiss your husband’s mouth.

Zheng Qiushan is so unhappy, strange to appear “子, do you feel comfortable?” Xiuling’s body trembled, pleading, a lot, shaking: Comfortable, my father is comfortable, the mountain is also comfortable , Ah, mountain, good brother, ah. A good brother, Xiuling’s feelings are fierce, is it necessary to like incest? A strong pleasure made Xiuling lost, and it is mad “” Brother, younger brother, and you are born. “

Zheng Qiushan listened to the scorpion and herself said such a sensuality, the flame of the breakthrough, ignited the scorpion, nephew, 肏 肏 屄, pro, your brother, you, ah, ah, The strong semen violently jet into the nephew.

No one can describe their satisfaction and happiness, no one can experience their sexual blessings. A new clinic opened, a new family harmonious life, Xiuling’s happiness, beautiful appearance, envious of how many big girls in the sea, full of spirit, rejuvenation, how many people praise in the sea There is a filial lotion.

Xiuling and her husband have more love stickers, making love more relaxing, and Dad’s passion is more hot, considering Dad’s age, about ten days or so, doing passion for a passion for a passion for about ten days, in the sea, there are very few active requirements, and son-in-law I consciously tacit, never smash this layer of paper.

One sentence only the language they understand, that is, Zheng Qiushan will say: The sea uncle is cold by me. Xiu Ling will say: Dad is a bit cold. This is their own language, it is their own style, and it is not necessary for outsiders. The patients with the daytime clinic are like a cloud, and the night is a happy laughter. How many families are envious, the lingering in the night, how is the fierce relationship, the lamise is passionate, use their words, it is a cock and The dialogue is a deep sound of uncle.

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