Cheng Xi is sitting in front of the computer, constantly changing the drug’s information, the content is the failure product developed by his mother’s pharmaceutical factory. However, he has not been excited from excitement. The bowl of beauty, there is still a unique, pink small bud, and unlike the general big breasts women. Just when she sent her home, Cheng Xi, who walked together, he was very clear, smelling another chestnut taste stems from the semen. Of course, other passengers who take the same class underground railway are also smelling this burst. This attractive smell, every person with men and women, as long as you think carefully, you will know what the source is. There are many men, after understanding what the smell is, the alert is to look at, about it, who is looking for this smell. Liu Peijun naturally knows that this obscene scent is from her bra. She is naturally fear that she is afraid of being discovered, and I hope to reduce the smell of fluttering from the collar, so I don’t dare to raise my head. More hopes to be able to deduct the garment, but Cheng Xi specially asked her two buttons in the top of the two buttons. The two stood in the car box, standing around her, every time I saw someone’s sight, I stayed in Liu Peijun, I would tell her in her ear, whisper telling her now who is in Look at her. For this kind of behavior, Liu Peijun only feels extremely shameful, and he is a poor and equivalent, why will it be willing to be such insults here? But every time I think of this problem, it seems that I have been persuading myself, as long as I want the other party, then many events don’t worry. This continues to repeat the whispers in her brain, as if every time, it is fertilized from Cheng Xi’s concept to her mind, so that this idea gains irrigation growth in her heart. Only for Cheng Xi, those men think about the performance of the other side because of the performance of the other party, those who talk about the sky, because of this smell, although let Liu Peijun is ashamed and low, the same Let Cheng Xizhen feel a fresh stimulus pleasure. The people in the car come to the car, Liu Peijun’s feng-full breast is very obvious, and the man is watching a very general event by men, but now this is that she has never experienced. The only saved object is the original murder that caused all this. Every other party tells her that others have responded to her in their own ear. It is like a needle to penetrate into her heart, let her feel that he is naked. . But looking at Cheng Xi’s happy look, let Liu Peijun can’t help but feel satisfied and happiness, please to obtain support, it is an important idea in her heart. Under this contradictory mood, Liu Peijun is even more unknown, and the next consciousness wants to hide in the corner of the car box. I found that Liu Peijun’s intention, Cheng Xi did not stop her, but in front of her, pulling her to go to the door, let her can face the door, reduce what she is watching, but she doesn’t know Cheng Xi just wants to use Method to humiliate her. Take the moment of the brakes, Cheng Xizhen will press Peijun to the door, and the full of flesh is also deformed, and when Peijun stabilizes, Cheng Xi will talk once again. “You see, the door is stressed by your tits. Because the bra has long been worse because the semen is worse, and in that tailored part, it penetrates to the school uniform. So just now, Liu Peijun’s chest has left a small circular curvature on the door on the door. Cheng Xi saw Liu Peijun’s eyes a little water. It is planning to call her not to cry, but before he opened, Liu Peijun closed his eyes, and taking the tears that would be dropped. At this moment, Cheng Xizhen Liu Peijun was strongly appeared, with a figure in his heart, which was the source of his debauchery and fall. The strong will of this classmate made him find a venting pipe, wanting to devastate the other party to the body without a skin, and she is more firm in her tears in her body. After the iron is on the station, Cheng Xizhen dragged Liu Peijun’s hand and went home with her. The cheap house living in civilians, although there is an independent toilet and kitchen, but there is no room interval, the double bed of the wall, that is, Liu Peijun and her mother sleeping. Since Pei’s mother went out, there is only two people in this small place, so after letting Peijun lock the doors and windows, then told her a hypnosis. In the Liu Peijun home, she entered her hypnosis, completely opened her own mind, waiting for further instructions from Xiu Xi.

“Remember, when you sleep, you have to put the bra next to the pillow. After relaxing, you will cover the bra deep breath on your head. When you sniff your smell of the semen, you will make you feel happy, comfortable and happy, and you will take this special smell in your own brain. But when you get up in the morning, you will take the bra to clean. “Cheng Xi just made a new directive, no humiliation in her or when she was destroyed. The hypnosis effect is indeed very powerful, but the biggest problem is to make the inhaler produce similar “addiction”. About 24 hours after inhaling, the most impressed smell, food, etc. “addictive goods” with the other party’s impression. The reason why Cheng Xi made Peijun put his semen in the bra, just to let her constantly sniff their semen, with the intensiveness of hypnotic instructions, slowly make Liu Peijun addicted to his semen, not all semen They have reactions, and finally, for her ejaculation to her, they will come to her, become a love sore, which belongs to themselves. Of course, for the big breasts like the identity, Cheng Xi will naturally not let go. In his memory, he has seen the mother’s company has a failure. It was originally intended to develop into a breast augmentation, but the same side effect was too strong and unable to launch the market. However, for Cheng Xi, let him remember that there is such a drug but because of side effects, because one side effect is to secrete milk. After looking for a while, Cheng Xi finally found the name of the drug required, and there is a small amount of inventory in the city, and only the place where it is stored. The only thing that made him is wide, the person in charge and him are familiar with him, otherwise the relationship between him and his mother, it is necessary to take this kind of special drug that is not rescued. At eleven in the morning, when Cheng Xi came to this “Relief Credit Finance Co., Ltd.”, there are frequent people who have frequent frequently, it is really unexpected. When he remembered this year, there were a lot of people, but most of them were those who were dominated by a swearing. But most of the new suit is very straight, a fluent ghost, people think they are foreigners. “Paul brother, I haven’t seen it for a long time. “Cheng Xi finally found the people he want to find, he is the boss of this company, in fact, a man of Cheng Xi’s mother, helping her to control and address the city’s unable to see the business. However, the relationship between the two is very good. Paul brother. “Siki, it’s rare to visit me. I saw Cheng Xi, who took a long looking from a small, came to find yourself, and the man immediately throwing people and Cheng Xi he greet. “Come to my tailbits. “There is no other files and reference materials on the bookshelf in the room. And the owner of the room, wearing a black suit, with a dark black mirror, plus the Confucian elegant referring to the Wen Wen, let the unconscious person think he is a legitimate businessman, will not think of him, it is the city The biggest gang boss, which controls people who have 40% of dark power in the city. “Paul brother, how can so many people outside? And it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t matter? “I know the bottom of the other side, but I am curious about the outside people. They are obviously those who have just career, which generally rarely goes forward, not to say such a large number of coming. “They are mainly accountants and auditors to help the company handle account. Because Miss Miss intends to list this company, I have a big charge. I used to think that the boss of listed companies seems to be very prestigious, and there are reporters visit on the same day. Actually, there is really enough fucking … “Single is to find a pile of receipts, the invoice is going to die, there is an account, check it, let me want to enter The hospital repaired. The dark emperor, rare, spitting in front of the other side. “Is the woman crazy?” This kind of company is actually going to list? Do she want to challenge the law? The other party’s words made Cheng Xizhen very shocking. His mother actually wanted to list the company opened by the gang, but he also noted that although the other party complained, but it was still difficult to hide the look. “Miss Miss is not temporary, I understand when I have dealt with these questions. When I am preparing for the company ten years ago, she is especially a bunch of requests. It turns out that she has been doing this since then. “The man is deeply stunned:” And this is also good, the brothers in the will be in the sun, the company’s funds are all bleached, and they will get a big street outside the street after listed. Many brothers have become Auranta. “Ok, don’t talk about these things.

“Cheng Xi’s most annoying is the topic related to her mother. It seems to be compared with her, it is nothing, just a parasite that relies on her mother:” Paul brother, I am coming to ask you to take some medicine. After listening to the drug name and number of Cheng Xi said, Paul brother farthed on the computer, and when he saw the relevant information, the face changed to Cheng Xi Question: “Who do you want to do? “” There is nothing big, just want to play to play. “Cheng Xi is a relaxed answer:” And I remember that my mother said, this kind of failure, I can use it? “” The big lady is a conversation, but this thing is not divided into men and women, plus there is currently no treatment. The man wanted for a while and continued: “Can you give you, but you have to promise me. “” What do I do? ” Cheng Xi, carefully answered. “lose weight. Paul said, “” When you want to play a woman, I don’t blame you, I am also young, understand. But you can’t play too fierce games, and you can’t do it. And there is only one mother in a lifetime, what else does not open your body? And the man can’t get rid of a woman, but it is very shameful. “” You are enough to put this paramour in front of my mother. “Cheng Xi’s negative gas. “This can not dare, plus I have never regarded the big lady as a woman. Music, counseling, courage, doing things, etc., I am all not her level, and I believe that there are not many people who can compare with her in the world. The city’s dark emperor, his face revealed the expression when he was talking about his belief. “When you are not born, I started to follow Miss, I still remember that the big lady was only seventeen years old, but she was to bear this multinational company, and there were nearly 500,000 people in the dark. Miss gives me. “” Okay, don’t you mention her again? ” “Cheng Xi interrupts the other party directly:” When you take the medicine, you will slowly recall again. “” When you go in the afternoon, don’t you use lesson? Now I have to go to school now? “” Anyway, I am just staying, what? In fact, Cheng Xi really wants to return to Liu Peijun’s situation, but he still feels that after you have taken the thing, you can take it out when you need it, don’t worry. “Are you too much? How do you don’t read this book? “Go, what is the use of reading? Do you read a lot of books again? And the book read more, not when it works, every day, you have to look at the boss’s face. As if he heard what is very funny, Paul brother can’t help but laugh: “I did not read a lot of books when I was young, but I graduated this year, and now the world is hard, the black society must follow the times. Can. After a surprise expression for Cheng Xi, PAUL did soon continued to say: “The times change, no matter what person, it is necessary to go in the times, will not take you a mixed industry. A lot of accounts like our company also use computer to handle account, informing police information is also transmitted with networks, and to see a live record is much more effective than previously utilized. “You are talking about it, scared me! Excessive surprises, let Cheng Xi also linked. “Do you really have a black? “” The so-called black road, what is just a name and profit, how to do it. Like the pistol, it is not so fast that one person has a knife. Paul brother continued to give each other. “Like yourself, although you say you hate your mother, but in fact, you are like her than anyone. The arrogant, confident look, there is an attitude and method of doing things, and simply looks like her. “Isn’t I not as my father?” Although I have never seen him, I don’t know who he is, but he is bold on my mother, and I still get me out, I can’t always be an ordinary person? “” Your father? I am not sure. I heard this topic, this time I saw the top of the big wind, the head of the big waves, I didn’t feel anything that should not talk, immediately transferred the topic: “But the medicine you have to be careful, this is not available casually. I have a work in my hand, just playing two needles. After a long time, a handsome boys will grow two, and the waist has become slightly, it seems that the shape and women don’t have a separate. “Well, Paul brother, you still go to take medicine first, anyway, there is no matter here. “Hearing the other party hard is a conversion topic, how can Cheng Xi will have something hidden in it?

He is from famous amen, but in the eyes of many people, he is just a private child, plus his mother, just in adulthood, if not his mother’s heart is much better than other family members, maybe it is empty Kick it. “no problem. “Perhaps it is fear that the other party continues to ask his father, this time the gang head is very refreshing, but then he seems to have something difficult to say:” Siki, although I should not take this thing, but You seem to haven’t going to find a new 玟 for a month? ” “what? Have you long? “Cheng Xi is surprised to answer, in his impression, the last time I find a short body movement like it is still a thing ago. “Listening to the dean said that her mental situation is very bad, and you also laid her for three years, and be enough? I know that the black gang boss of the intermity can not help but ask the girl. “After taking medicine, I will go to the way.” It seems that it is a tight thing, Cheng Xi wants to answer after it. The five-layer bungalow in the suburbs, due to the advancement of urban development, the number of orphans is not much, so this unique building is the only orphanage of the city. Of course, for the outside world, this is only one of the good things that Cheng Xi’s mother gave back to the birthplace. He won’t know the darkness behind the orphanage. After the coming, Cheng Xizhen was invited to the dean, sitting opposite him, is responsible for all the dean of all the operation of the orphanage, Xie Master, 34 years old this year. Tailoring the decent dress, wrapped her body, after the black rodbus glasses, was a pair of eyes that contained an anger. After I took this orphanage in my father, Qiu Yi understood why my father did not show. For so many years, the children developed by the orphanage have many, but only the huge spending fees, most of them are the donation of the black enterprises, and most of them are volunteers, and there are more gang people. This is the condition that Cheng Xizhen’s mother helped the orphanage, as for the fat man in front of him, using his mother’s relationship, hard to imprison a girl in these three years. A prematter-hearted, good at the excellent students who think about thinking, the most developed opportunities in her life can only be locked in bed, no windows, no friends, no books, no conversation, except for basic vibrant supplies, Only Cheng Ti is accidentally coming, with her body as a leak tool. “Do you finally want to see her?” “The resentment in the heart, although the Qiu Yi said with a smooth tone, but that is like a question, the inner dissatisfaction is revealed. “I didn’t expect Xie Master’s interest in this area. I actually care, I didn’t come to my toys, or I would like to introduce some good to give you? In the face of the dissatisfaction of the other party, Cheng Xi is only responded in a light pod. “I hope that you will come to stratemate her spirit, not to continue your meaningless thing. Xie Dean continued to explain the other party: “Because of long-term confinement, plus only you and Yinyi communication, she caused her to be very dependent on you. This time, because there is a short period of time, I didn’t see you, and she was extremely fearful, and her food in the past two days was half a day. I want to do her physical condition, she didn’t resist. Subsequently, Cheng Xizhen walked into the room of the girl named Yin. The place where she lives, let every people who have entered another world, pure white wall, the same white floor, no windows, white bedding with bed, mounted in the center of the room. And people sitting in bed, have a long, such as snow-like hair, her chin, flat, a pair of sparse but slender eyebrows, is a pair of big eyes without gods, though It is very beautiful, but there is no angry. Similarly, her skin is very white, and it is a long-term gum that has not been exposed to sunshine and lose vitality and is full of illness. Cheng Xizhen whenever I see this helpless look of Yin Rong, I recall that she is a fascinating appearance, let him feel a unable to describe and happiness. And now she will not resist what they do, as long as she is their own request, she will try their best. Because I heard the listening of the door, I was sitting in the bed. The head is looking at the only entrance and export. When she saw the people who came in, she issued a knot from her throat. Sound, the locked chain buckle in bed, can only make a limited action, make a hugging posture. “What’s wrong? Want to hug? Cheng Xi walked to her, reached out to stroked the other’s head, the hair of the white hair is still smooth, and it is obvious that the delegation spent a lot of mind to take care of the heart. “You ………. Come … ………… … …」 结 巴 的 方式 方式, this is because Chang Yin is only the result of a very few opportunities for three years.

Gently hold the other party, the body of the body is soft, because she is strictly controlled, so her weight is not high, the Xi Tie is very fat, but this weight will not have an impact on him. There is no excess, Cheng Xizhen leaned over, there is no half-point blood color lips, hands with sake of sake, don’t take the other party’s clothes, so that the pair is just a slightly bulge pigeon milk exhibition in front of himself. From the cracks of the young girl’s hidden, when one by the other party takes off the clothing, it will start the spring water as habitually begins. This time, there is no process habit habit, Cheng Xizhen is just talking on her body, full of playing her body. “玟, I let you leave here, ok? “Cheng Xi said that this sentence is just a whispering in her ear, but the reaction of the Yin Rong is completely absent, the beautiful but pale face is twisted, climbing the mood known as fear. . In the imagination of Cheng Xizhen, she should be excited and not believed, and she is afraid of being able to leave. “I ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… The cause of the fear, perhaps the life of these three years has long been grinding the last wonderful courage of this girl. “I have a little bit more than I want to help me, as long as you do it well. Cheng Xi thought that when the two character similar women in Yin, the two character of Peijun wiped out? However, he will have to enjoy greater fun from the two. Many times, it is precisely because there is some support, the chance of the soul falls is much lower. Relatively, when the pillar is lost, the expression of the instant crash is also the most memorable. “I will pick you up after a week. After leaning over a child’s pale denomination, Cheng Xi came to leave, and the white-haired girl in the room was quietly sitting quietly, and once again launched her head and did not have used it. Think. After leaving the orphanage, I didn’t go to lunch. After the time, Cheng Xizhen decided to go to the school and went to the school. I always wonder if Liu Peijun’s situation, as I originally in the beginning. At that time, in the virgin of the Yin, she strongly held the appearance of tears, as well as the appearance of the confidence and anger, really let himself forget. “Cheng Xi, what did you use a woman!” After being tied to the body, his legs were shamed to open to the limit. There was no fifteen-year-old girl with a resentment to ask himself to ask himself. It is just a short year. The school, the place to make the talents, cultivate the national seedlings, but accompany the progress of the times, the school is gradually commercialization, in this high degree, the time is found, and every school is more or less affected, thus Extremely attach great importance to the students’ achievements, relative to the first morality, as long as students are not making too much things, basically all are installed, so for absence of the morning class Cheng Xi, the teacher adopted an ignored attitude . “Notes take it.” Sitting in the handsome boys in front of Cheng Xi, handed him a notebook. The boys can be said to be the only friend in the school – Lin Yaozu, the birthday of their two is the same day, and one is born on the same day, that is, Lin Yaozu’s twin sister. The two people have a little bit of life, that is, they are from single-parent families, perhaps because of similar backgrounds and experiences, people who have not intended to have a good friend. “Yao Zu, I said, what is the real relationship between reading and my character is not combined …” reached out of the notebook, Wang Xizhen can’t help but complain to the other party. “Agree, I don’t help it, so I will hand it to you directly. When you go to the exam, you will copy the answer to me. “Lin Yaozu said with a look. “You die, is I am a person who answers? “Unlike. Thanks to this friend, as long as I go back to school, Cheng Xi has never been abandoned. And it is different from yourself, perhaps because of inheritance, Yaozu’s looks is even more beautiful than most of the girls, and it also includes his own twin sister. It is worth playing, and when three people are together, others always think that the girl is the sister of Cheng Xi. “Yes, what happened to you and Liu Peijun? She saw that you didn’t return school this morning. “I haven’t waited for the Xi Xiang to ask, Yao Zu’s situation has been in the case of Pei Jun. “Nothing, just that the homework has not been completed, she is not cool. Because it is an excuse that I have already thought, I answered the other party very smoothly.

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