When the big one, our school was too much because of the new students, the teacher was not enough, such as a new teacher who had just graduated. I heard that there are many very beautiful in new teachers! Teacher with our computer class is a new teacher, we are looking forward to a new beautiful teacher, so go to the classroom early, waiting for new teachers.

When the new teacher just entered the classroom, he called us big fell glasses, it was a super beautiful woman! Her name is Liu Qianyi, with a height of 170cm and the body is backward! With her angel’s face, the boy called the whole class unconsciously jacking up a small tent.

She is wearing a slender jeans, and she is showing her perfect leg shape. A pair of black high-heeled sandals do not wear stockings, showing white feet, can’t help but think of biting!

When she raised her finger on the blackboard, she kept swaying, and she suddenly swayed, and she squeezed the middle of the mouth, revealing the red lace, the towering chest does not seem to be satisfied. The wrapping of the milk cover and white shirt is hop. Everyone is watching, the beauty teacher seems to feel the hot eyes, and the face has been red.

She left a 20-minute time to give you self-study, let the do not understand him. Everyone suddenly discovered that when she stepped down, she was low, she could clearly see the red cream inside white shirt and deep cleans, white skin, smooth meat, so that the tents underneath are more high! So there is no problem, you start to have a problem to ask her, everyone will start to keep this pleasing pleasure.

The first class is over, and everyone will begin to discuss this beauty teacher after class.

This knows that she is still a graduate student of Huasheng, just graduated. But there is your own car, although it is just a snowford, but I still bought a house outside. I didn’t have a far away from our school. I was very doubtful. If I have money in my home, I still teach what book? ? If the money coming in other means, he will get her sooner or later! I broke up with my former girlfriend for a year. I haven’t lived in life. I feel that it is hungry. I have come to such a beautiful person. Can I still move? I have been looking for opportunities and Liu Qianyi, but I found that she is very shy, very stunned, not so easy to close.

Finally, the chance is coming, because I have a good performance in class, the class is also talking to her (嘿, there is such a beautiful person, can you do good?) Liu Qianyi wants to take the test simulation question How is the classmates learned, just ask me to ask. Just in the afternoon, there is no class, just go to her home! After entering her house, I watched Liu Qian again. I saw a long skirt of the white swan wrapped her unevenness. As the black waterfall, the black waterfall, such as the black waterfall after the next day, was built into one thing in the head. Bun, exposed long, ivory white neck, hidden red halo, shallow smile, is fascinating. Today, Liu Qian reflected in the body is the most beautiful side of the kind of thrilling beauty that makes all men.

I started carefully and got a small family. The small family is very delicate, as she is usually tasted. She made me not to rest, I started to pour me water. I took the opportunity to appreciate her on her back to pour the butt on the back of the water. So full of flexible, then the tempting, I have to couldn’t help but I wanted directly to hug and started! Suddenly “touching” the sound interrupted my ingredients, it turned out that the boiling water bottle suddenly fled. Silhouetted a lot, the beautiful teacher Liu Qianyi wets a lot of skirts and feet, Liu Qianyi began to call: “I am burning me! Xu Le is coming to help me!”

I quickly passed, but I didn’t know what to do. Do you picked up her?

“Let me go to the bathroom!”

I got the indication and immediately extended his arm. She seems to be very hot, and the whole person is on my body. My arm feels her body temperature and the girl’s body, the people enjoyed in my heart must be soft. She is walking, and the chest is interested in hitting me. I started to feel obviously my lower body is gradually expanding! Finally, I went to the bathroom. Liu Qianyi began to take off her shoes and took her skirt ready to rush with cold water.

The white skin is already red, but the problem is not big. It is probably that this princess has not burn it from the little, and the white skin is so water temperature. At this time, she seems to see my lower body, and my face is red, and I didn’t see it.

“Teacher, I will give you some soy sauce, it is useful!”

I suddenly came up with a coup to touch my favorite a long time. Liu Qianyi said, giving me the position of the kitchen. I brought the soy sauce and started to stroke it. The lubrication of soy sauce plus the original smooth skin, let my hand seem to slip down her skin. I gently came to pick up her smooth calf and feet, feel the soft curve of her legs, secretly paying attention to her change, her face is more red, the eyes are closed, the speed of breathing seems to speed up . Not anything? Will there be so sensitive? I tried to continue to touch, slowly slipped over her knee, in her knee, repeatedly stroked, while continuing to observe Liu Qianyi’s reaction.

“Teacher Liu, your skin is really good, so smoothly!”

Liu Qian was slowly opened and slowly opened his eyes: “Is it? My boyfriend also likes my skin! He also likes to touch my back, say that my back is beautiful …” It’s low, it seems to be aware of it. I see the situation seems to have been further deep, and she is not as sustainable as the surface.

“Really? Can I see your back?”

When I said, I reached out to her back and gently stroked it. I suddenly remembered that there was a soy sauce in my hand, and her white dress had a black palm. She quickly made my hand.

“You have dirty my clothes, I have to go to the clothes!”

“Oh, sorry, I see the teacher’s back seems to be really beautiful, I can’t help but I can’t help it, I forgot …” “Hey, don’t be tight, you don’t want too guilty, I will clean it. If you help me go in and change clothes! “

Finally entered her boudoad, I seem to feel what happened next, and my heartbeat began to accelerate. She didn’t want to rush me. I hit her bed and stayed at the bed. She shouted: “Is it good to help me? My feet are still hurt …”


“The clothes are in the second drawer, right, is the pajamas.”

She looked at me, said a little doubt, said: “Are you going to help me clean me down the boiling water bottle?”

Oh, it was still being expelled out. But she didn’t lock the door, how would I miss this scene? So hiding next to the door, opened a small seam, and started a peep. She began to slow down the long skirt, revealing the white smooth back, the nine purchase of sex medicine then is a round ass, it is a pair of flawless thin legs, it is a perfect curve! She is wearing a set of black underwear, more looks like a white skin, is like a white satin, smooth! I haven’t seen me! She started to change my pajamas I just gave to her. It turns out that the pajamas is a sling, showing a lot of back! Isn’t this giving me a while?

At this time, I quickly smashed the broken water bottle, and I started to pretend to knock on the door. She should have a good time I can’t wait. Looking at Liu Qian, who was wearing a sling pajamas, I didn’t consciously got the past, and admired: “Teacher, you are so beautiful! Can I try your back now?”

Hand began to stroke on her back. She immediately photographed my hand, “No!”

“Teacher, I like you!”

“Yes? Oh, I am very old than you!”

“Really teacher, I like you when I just see you! It’s time to fall in love!”

I said that I started kissing her neck again, smelling her taste of shampoo, is Icah, my ex-girlfriend is using this brand, and that flavor is more stimulating every nerve. She began to rebel, I am now going to burn, how can she resist her resistance? I caught her hand, hug her tightly, and the legs also clamped her legs. She is a girl after all, and her legs have just been burned. I suddenly touched her burn. She lost his balance in my arms. My hand started to touch her chest over pajamas and mask, she seems to struggle, “No, I am your teacher, no!” How can I stop going easily? ” So caught her hand and continued to kiss her earlobe, blowing the gas in her ear, gently summed: “Teacher, I really like you, give me ok?”

Liu Qianyi seems to be very sensitive, so the redness on his face is deeper, and the throat seems to start to breathe, and the ability to resist the resistance is quite small. I went deep into the breasts in the pajamas. Mind her nipple, the mouth also begun to kiss her cheeks, she began to have estrous signs, but they still said nothing, but the whole person has fell in my body, and the hand is also placed. My back. I put her in bed, push her pajamas, pulled down her breasts, her towering chest finally showed now my eyes! Still a pink, the small nipple is already very hard, I really can’t think of such a big chest nipple or so small! I bite hard, I really don’t know how to completely contact my body completely, and melt her. At this point, I took a hand slowly start to touch her down, God, the underwear is even wet! So sensitive, is it still a woman? But she is clearly said that she has a boyfriend? Her boyfriend did not last? It’s not her boyfriend? It seems that I have to speed up her!

I have touched it for a while to start pulling my zipper and put her hand on my chicken. Just also biting your lips in a hard, and she immediately opened her eyes again, I want to pick it back. At this time, I didn’t bare her, then enjoy her wonderful body and started kissing her tempting lips. She is still close to the lips, not letting me enter her mouth. I still have patience, I don’t believe that she can persist! If I increase my hand, one hand took her breasts, one hand and opened her underwear, and went deep into her forest bus. Finally she opened his mouth, and the big mouth started to breathe. I immediately reached into my tongue into her mouth and started to enjoy her beautiful saliva! She couldn’t breathe, and she started to grab it. I touched my chicken. This time, she didn’t pick it up again, just grabbed forward. It’s almost the time, do you give a gentle sly lips, unpacking your pants, pull down her underwear, starting to taste her below, there is still a mouthless! Her laborary is the same as her breast, or is red and tender, starting with the tongue in Liu Qianyi’s labipings, when the tongue just came into her labia, Liu Qianyi screamed softly, and then silen down. . I took two times, I only listened to her gently sighed. At this time, I found that there is already a little love liquid to seep, but I will make persistent efforts, use my teeth to bite the lips, clitoris, gently bite. I can hear her constantly gentle, the snow white butt is unfortunate, and there are more and more love. I used the tongue to explore Liu Qianyi’s vagina, sucking the gradual flooding love liquid, I feel awkward, I use my tongue to do my best to drill forward in her vagina, drill more deep …

Liu Qianyi whispered, after half an hour, now Liu Qianyi will not hold it. Her faxes and smooth thighs touched me tightly, the snow white buttocks twisted, and the violent pleasure may be more likely to make her climax.

My tongue explored a lot, hard to smoke the tender meat around the vagina, only more and more love liquid, suddenly, I feel Liu Qianyi, obviously feeling that her thigh suddenly tightened, buttocks It’s also quite a lot, and the love liquid in my mouth is obviously more, after a few minutes, Liu Qianyi’s buttocks are relaxed. I know that I have brought her a climax of sexual desire.

I laughed and climbed up, looked at Mr. Liu after the climax. Due to the stimulation of the climax, her face was red to the nose. I saw my temptation of the gods, just hired by the climax, let Liu teacher twisted At start, beautiful eyelashes are gently jitter.

I don’t want her to escape, twisted her head, smile and ask: “Is it comfortable?” She is still shy, want to twist the head to avoid my eyes.

The taste there can be different from the above, and more exclusively inspired the original instinct, and the Sao is really couldn’t help but then play, just inserted it directly! Liu Qianyi is no longer just suppressing his feelings, and finally began to come out! But it is still a small whispering. Wait, I will have to come to the prototype of you! I gently turned in front of her small hole, slowly rubbed, she still didn’t know that I was about to be inserted, and I will continue to immerse in her wonderful feelings. I am inserted into the whole root, and I can’t care about what is pity. It is to make her clearly feel that I have entered her body! She is hurting, she is screaming. I just hugged her, putting a poor saying: “I am sorry for the teacher, I have hurt you!”

I will be told! “

“Don’t don’t, don’t move again, you are too big, I have a good hurt!”

Her vagina is really tight, I am not happy! Hot and hot package, don’t say that I don’t move, I think it seems that I have to pay more! Is this a legendary pool? I don’t move it below, I can not be idle, I will kiss her earlobe, her neck, hands touching her proud beauty, feel her skin. It’s hard to help but I can’t help it, I started to squat, the water below is getting more and more, I started to try lightly, she frowned! I can’t help but I can’t help it, I can only say the speed and strength of the throduction. She finally started loudly, “Ah, ah, ah, ah …”

I don’t know if this is a painful called or comfortable. She also started to take the initiative, hand hosted my neck, the hair was scattered, as the up and down the hair was also wavy, the unconscious began to increase the speed and strength of the throduction! At this time, she really can’t stand it, she started loudly “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, I can’t do it, I can’t do it!”

At this time, she shouted my shoulder, and I took the opportunity to suck my shoulder. At this time, the nipple has become a lot of lots. I can’t help but take the hand to help her, the waist is holding her chest.

I feel that her vagina is shrinking, I am so comfortable, my lower body is gradually coming, it seems to come. How can such a beautiful body? At least to change your posture, do one or two hundred times!

So I put her on the bed flat, adjust the posture, ready to insert it again.

She started to look at me with praying, it seems to be looking forward to my insert, I can think about playing with her at this time, and I deliberately stop in the hole to grind the flesh, ask: “Will you want?” ? “She still reluctant to nod or called. I didn’t insert it with my heart, and my hands touched her little hole, looking for her sensitive part. Her body began to take the initiative to close to my chicken, I want to take the initiative to let my chicken go in. I asked again: “Do you want me to withdraw!” Make a movement of pants, she finally succumbed, pulled up my hand, said: “Don’t, you can then!”

I can’t help it, listen to the horses and then inserted it, or I faded, and she fierce “ah”, I closed my eyes and started to enjoy the fun! This time, in order to extend this tender pocket, I started to push it as a previous experience, using three shades and a deep interpolation. Her long eyelash is shake, moving is incomparable. The towering breast is still so big after it is flat, so the circle. Every time I impact her chest is also fluctuated before and after, like two constant undulating hills. The blur of Liu Qianyi did not find out my deeper, until the top of my glans, she was comfortable, and her eyes still did not open. As I was deeply inserted again, she called “ah”, and the frequency is getting faster and faster, the hole began to get tight and tightened, but the ass will start the event, slowly Twisted, hicety in the nose, then the fierce legs spasm, the obscenities inside the small hole seems to have a moving flow, and my chicken is hot, so comfortable! Then she called “no, no, ah, ah, ah …!” Just the whole person. In this way, I have been inserted almost more than 100, I feel that I can’t stand it, I finally shot, the feeling of a semen from my body into her body, not just the pleasure of ejaculation, more There is a kind of pride that is soluble with this beauty! I still hurt the cock in her vagina, reach out and gently squat her red face, asked: “Comfortable?” She opened the blurred eyes and gently greeted her head. . I feel that this beautiful teacher is conquered by me!

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