When the big one, our school was too much because of the new students, the teacher was not enough, such as a new teacher who had just graduated.

I heard that there are many very beautiful in new teachers! Teacher with our computer class is a new teacher, we are looking forward to a new beautiful teacher, so go to the classroom early, waiting for new teachers.

When the new teacher just entered the classroom, he called us big fell glasses, it was a super beautiful woman! Her name is Ziqi, the height has 170cm and the body is front-fashionable! With her angel’s face, the boy called the whole class unconsciously jacking up a small tent.

She is wearing a slender jeans, and she is showing her perfect leg shape.

A pair of black high-heeled sandals do not wear stockings, showing white feet, can’t help but think of biting! When she raised her finger on the blackboard, she kept swaying, and she suddenly swayed, and she squeezed the middle of the mouth, revealing the red lace, the towering chest does not seem to be satisfied. The wrapping of the milk cover and white shirt is hop.

Everyone is watching, the beauty teacher seems to feel the hot eyes, and the face has been red.

She left a 20-minute time to give you self-study, let the do not understand him.

Everyone suddenly discovered that when she stepped down, she was low, she could clearly see the red cream inside white shirt and deep cleans, white skin, smooth meat, so that the tents underneath are more high! So there is no problem, you start to have a problem to ask her, everyone will start to keep this pleasing pleasure.

The first class is over, and everyone will begin to discuss this beauty teacher after class.

This knows that she is still a graduate student of Huasheng, just graduated.

But there is your own car, although it is just a snowford, but I still bought a house outside. I didn’t have a far away from our school. I was very doubtful. If I have money in my home, I still teach what book? ? If the money coming in other means, he will get her sooner or later! I broke up with my former girlfriend for a year. I haven’t lived in life. I feel that it is hungry. I have come to such a beautiful person. Can I still move? I have been looking for an opportunity to close, but I find that she is very shy, very stunned, not so easy to get close.

Finally, the opportunity came, because I made a good performance, the class is also the most talking with her (嘿, there is such a beauty, can you do good?) 子 子 要 要 考 模 模, I want to know the class. How is the classmates learn, just call me.

Just in the afternoon, there is no class, just go to her home! After entering her house, I looked carefully, I saw a white swan bag, wrapped her embossed body. The next day, the black waterfall, such as the black waterfall, such as the black waterfall, a choked in the head into a borne hair , Exposed long, ivory white neck, cheeks, faint blush, shallow smile, like a dream.

Today’s quarter is the most beautiful side, which is the kind of thrilling beauty that makes all men.

I started carefully and got a small family.

The small family is very delicate, as she is usually tasted.

She made me not to rest, I started to pour me water.

I took the opportunity to appreciate her on her back to pour the butt on the back of the water. So full of flexible, then the tempting, I have to couldn’t help but I wanted directly to hug and started! Suddenly “touching” the sound interrupted my ingredients, it turned out that the boiling water bottle suddenly fled.

Silhouetted a lot of water, the beauty of the beautiful teacher, there are many skirts and feet, and the quaise begins to call: “I am burning me! Xu Le comes to help me!”

I quickly passed, but I didn’t know what to do. Do you picked up her? “Let me go to the bathroom!”

I got the indication and immediately extended his arm.

She seems to be very hot, and the whole person is on my body. My arm feels her body temperature and the girl’s body, the people enjoyed in my heart must be soft.

She is walking, and the chest is interested in hitting me. I started to feel obviously my lower body is gradually expanding! Finally, I went to the bathroom, and the ionbok began to take off her shoes and took her skirt ready to use cold water to be burnt place.

The white skin is already red, but the problem is not big. It is probably that this princess has not burn it from the little, and the white skin is so water temperature. At this time, she seems to see my lower body, and my face is red, and I didn’t see it. “Teacher, I will give you some soy sauce, it is useful!”

I suddenly came up with a coup to touch my favorite a long time.

A lunchbox said, giving me the position of the kitchen.

I brought the soy sauce and started to stroke it.

The lubrication of soy sauce plus the original smooth skin, let my hand seem to slip down her skin.

I gently came to pick up her smooth calf and feet, feel the soft curve of her legs, secretly paying attention to her change, her face is more red, the eyes are closed, the speed of breathing seems to speed up .

Not anything? Will there be so sensitive? I tried to continue to touch, slowly slipped over her knee, and repeatedly stroked it in her knee, continued to observe the reactions of the dislvelet.

“Take an antelope, your skin is really good, so smoothly!”

Ling sub blushing slowly opened his eyes and asked: “Is it my boyfriend liked me very much of what he still likes to touch the skin of my back, say my back is beautiful ……?!” Then they It’s low, it seems to be aware of yourself.

I see the situation seems to have been further deep, and she is not as sustainable as the surface.

“Really? Can I see your back?”

When I said, I reached out to her back and gently stroked it. I suddenly remembered that there was a soy sauce in my hand, and her white dress had a black palm.

She quickly made my hand.

“You have dirty my clothes, I have to go to the clothes!”

“Oh, sorry, I see the teacher’s back seems to be really beautiful, I can’t help but I can’t help it, I forgot …” “Hey, don’t be tight, you don’t want too guilty, I will clean it. If you help me go in and change clothes! “

Finally entered her boudoad, I seem to feel what happened next, and my heartbeat began to accelerate.

She didn’t want to rush me.

I hit her bed and stayed at the bed.

She shouted: “Is it good to help me? My feet are still hurt …”


“The clothes are in the second drawer, right, is the pajamas.”

She looked at me, said a little doubt, said: “Are you going to help me clean me down the boiling water bottle?”

Oh, it was still being expelled out.

But she didn’t lock the door, how would I miss this scene? So hiding next to the door, opened a small seam, and started a peep.

She began to slow down the long skirt, revealing the white smooth back, the nine purchase of sex medicine then is a round ass, it is a pair of flawless thin legs, it is a perfect curve! She is wearing a set of black underwear, more looks like a white skin, is like a white satin, smooth! I haven’t seen me! She started to change my pajamas I just gave to her.

It turns out that the pajamas is a sling, showing a lot of back! Isn’t this giving me a while? At this time, I quickly smashed the broken water bottle, and I started to pretend to knock on the door.

She should have a good time I can’t wait.

Looking at the liapse of the tape pajamas, I didn’t consciously got the past, and admired: “Teacher, you are so beautiful! Can I try your back now?”

Hand began to stroke on her back.

She immediately photographed my hand, “No!” “Teacher, I like you!”

“Yes? Oh, I am very old than you!”

“Really teacher, I like you when I just see you! It’s time to fall in love!”

I said that I started kissing her neck again, smelling her taste of shampoo, is Icah, my ex-girlfriend is using this brand, and that flavor is more stimulating every nerve.

She began to resist, and I’m about to burst into flames, how was she by the revolt? I caught her hand, hugged her tightly, legs also clamped her legs. After all, she is a girl, but the legs just been burned, I suddenly touched her burns, she hurt a man lost his balance and fell in my arms.

My hands started across the pajamas bra and touched her chest, and she seemed to struggle hard with, “No, I am your teacher too, no!” I then how could easily stop hand? And he took her hand and continued kissing her earlobe, blowing air into her ear, to gently begged: “Teacher, I really like you, will you give me?”

Sub-Ling seems to be very sensitive, so look on his face flush deeper, throat appears to Chuanchu for breath, and the intensity of resistance also a lot smaller, I went deep, reached into his pajamas bra start rolling in her nipples, mouth began to kiss her cheek, and she began to have signs of estrus, and just said, his mouth still do not, but the entire people have soft down on me, and on my hands It backs up.

I put her on the bed, pushed her nightgown, pulled down her bra, her tall chest finally appeared in my eyes it! Or pink areola, nipple small at this time has been very hard, I really can not think of such a large breasts or nipples are so small! I sucked hard to bite, I really do not know exactly how to put such a beautiful full breasts and touch my body, put her to melt away.

At this point I drew a hand slowly started to rub her lower part, God, even underwear are wet! So sensitive, is still a virgin? She can clearly say that they have a boyfriend ah? Does she not her boyfriend? This is not her boyfriend does not work? It seems that I want to speed up the possession of her!

I touched a while began to pull his zipper, put her hand on my penis.

Just still he kept clenched lips, eyes closed immersive look she opened her eyes, trying to withdraw his hand.

Then I will not force her, and then enjoying her wonderful body, he began kissing her lips a seductive.

She closed her lips, let me into her mouth.

I still have the patience, I do not believe she can hold on long! If so I increased the intensity of men, one hand kneading her breasts, a hand clawed her panties, her deep forest leaves, walk back and forth on the creek.

Finally, she opened her mouth, big mouth and start breathing.

I flew into my tongue into her mouth, she began to enjoy the beautiful saliva! She is not breathing moment on, I began poking his hand up, and it touched my penis, this time, she may no longer withdraw, and just grabbed pulled forward.

The time has almost see, say goodbye to her gentle Xiang Chun, unzips his pants, pulled down her panties began to thin taste since she is constantly flowing water goes below the mouth! When her labia and her breasts, like, still red and tender, beginning in the sub-Ling labia Shangtian smoked tongue, the tongue has just come into contact with her labia, sub-Ling softly called out, then fell silent.

And then licking the two, heard her sigh softly, this time I’ve found a little Aiye leaking, but not much, I make persistent efforts, bite labia, clitoris with his teeth, gently biting.

I could hear her moaning softly continued, white ass restless writhing Aiye more and more.

I probe into the vagina with his tongue child antelope, sucking the gradual proliferation of Aiye, feeling of Xing Xing, I try to drill ahead with his tongue in her vagina, drill a little deeper ……

Sub-Ling softly moaned, half an hour after my devastation, and now finally starting to sub-Ling could hold up.

Huanen but her white thighs clamped tightly to me, white ass writhing, after the thrill of tyranny might make her more likely to climax it.

My tongue probe into a lot of hard meat tenderizer vagina licking around, more and more just licking her Aiye, suddenly, I felt sub-Ling ah cry, obviously felt suddenly tightened her thighs, ass quite up, my mouth Aiye flows significantly more, and after a few minutes, the child’s buttocks and thighs antelope just relax.

I know, I’ve put on her sexual climax.

I smiled and got up, looked at the child after the climax antelope teacher, because the climax of stimulation, she blushed to the tip of the nose, and eyes to see my liberties, has just been playing shy to bring the climax of handicap Ling twist beginning teacher, beautiful eyelashes and gently shake.

So I do not want her to run away, her head Niuguo Lai, smiled and asked: “? Just wrong with you,” she shy away from the beginning wanted to twist my eyes. Where can taste not the same as above, more aroused people primitive instincts, Sao Sao’s really so I really could not help but then went on to play anymore, I wanted inserted directly! Ling child is no longer just suppress their feelings, and finally began to moan out! Be still very low voice muffled hum cried.

Wait, I’ll show you will show prototype absolutely shattered! I gently top in front of her pussy, slowly rubbing, she did not know I was going to insert, continue immersed in enjoying her wonderful feeling.

I jerk the whole root inserted, attend to what Lianxiangxiyu, that is, to let her know I’ve felt her body into the! She sat up screaming about the pain.

I just hugged her, filled with pity said: “I’m sorry teacher, hurting you, I will tap the!!”

“Do not, do not move, you too, hurts me up!”

Her vagina is really tight, I’m really happy clip! The warm wrapped, let alone told me not to move, I want to move appears to be a cost point of strength! Is this the legendary cave of the best? I do not move below the above can not be idle ah, I went to kiss her earlobe, her neck, hands stroking the back of her proud beauty, feeling every inch of her skin.

Finally she could not help, groaned beneath the water more and more, I began to try gently thrusting up, but she frowned up! I can not help it, can only say Choucha speed and intensity of a small point.

She finally began to loudly cried, “ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ……”

I do not know if this is the cry of pain or discomfort sounds.

She also began to take the initiative, arms round my neck, her hair fell apart, thrusting up and down with the waves like hair fluctuations in the look of the unconscious began to increase the speed and intensity of the Choucha! This time she really can not stand, began to loudly cried, “ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, dying, dying!”

This time, she flowery facial features, tall chest one last look beating hit my shoulder, I took the opportunity to latch onto hard suction, when the nipple obvious a lot bigger, a lot bigger breasts ‘I can not hold on to her waist out of hand and then to rub her chest.

I felt her vagina in turn contracted, I’m so comfortable hot pussy clip, my lower body gradually came a feeling rose up, seemed to be coming.

How such a beautiful body can end up so hastily it? At least to do it again on another position good a hundred times! So I put her on the bed lay flat, adjusting the posture, ready to be inserted again.

Then she began to look at me pleadingly, it seems I’m looking forward to the insert, then I want to be good to play her, deliberately stopped at the entrance and down a piece of grinding Roufeng, asked: “If you want it ? “she was reluctant nod or calls out.

I did not insert resistance to the heart, then touched his hands around her pussy touched, I found her sensitive parts.

Her body began to take the initiative to move closer to my penis, my penis would like to take the initiative to let go.

I asked again: “? I do not want it dismissed!” To make the action to put pants, she finally caved in, took my hand and said: “! Do not you followed it.”

I would not help, listening then immediately inserted into it, or is it a sucker punched her in the end ,, grunted “ah” Just close your eyes begin to enjoy the fun! This time I forced pussy order to extend the enjoyment of this tender, according to previous experience began thrusting up, with three shallow a depth of interpolation.

Her long eyelashes trembling, very moving.

Towering breasts after lying down was so big, so round.

Every time I shock her breasts with both front and rear fluctuations, like two constantly rolling hills.

Blurred sub-Ling did not find my depth, until I glans at the top of her cervix, she was comfortable snorted, her eyes still did not open.

As I deeply inserted again, she would call out a hard look “ah” and called frequency faster, and began getting tight pussy, ass began activities open, slowly twist, huh nose outgoing calls, then shoved a bit of leg cramps, pussy inside the sexual secretion seems to surge followed a surge flowing out, my penis red hot, and so comfortable! Then she shouted “die, die, get pregnant ah … ah ……!” Soft on the whole person anymore.

In this way, I have been inserted almost more than 100, I feel that I can’t stand it, I finally shot, the feeling of a semen from my body into her body, not just the pleasure of ejaculation, more There is a kind of pride that is soluble with this beauty! I still hurt the cock in her vagina, reach out and gently squat her red face, asked: “Comfortable?” She opened the blurred eyes and gently greeted her head. . I feel that this beautiful teacher is conquered by me!

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