At night, God gave people to rest. It is also a good time for the magic gave the rape. So, rape is almost all nights where the moon is high.

Tourism, in this year, it seems to be the first step for many students who started their horses. Borrow from home self-service travel and the mystery of life, cultivate physical strength, and hone self-cultivation and flesh. Li Kaiyan is a young man pursues life, pursuing fashion, and pursues knowledge.

In foreign countries, they did not have a rich nightlife as Taiwan. So, in addition to 7 o’clock, in addition to eating, people go home, only some of the students at night.

The university in the evening is not like the same day, cold, dark, and short-term light, cold wind, and footsteps full of college. At any time, a wind blows and blows, it is enough to make people feel sad.

趴 趴,. After the end of a gram, many people came out from the classroom and scattered to the four sides. Among them, of course, there is also a tour of Li Jiali (or how to write it?). He has been in half a month, it seems to be accustomed to class at night. He walked on the road to the parking lot, licking, licking, and a sound hearing a few times. In the university in the night, it became a wind, the only voice.

Walking in front of him is a Korean alien – Jin Hanna. Long still is beautiful, but it is old. Often with strange movements and words, as well as her laughter, especially Li Jiali. Whenever he wanted to stop her with no scruples, he became the latest people’s meat. But today is different! Today is the last day of his class, he got the credit, and he never used this university to come back. And tonight, he also wants to pay!

With the footsteps, they gradually walked into a building, and he certainly won’t miss this good opportunity. When he fell to Han Na, he broke her mouth with her hand and dragged her into the toilet in the building. He does not turn on the light, and it is a chaotic, hard to put her peeled light. If she has a further resistance, she took out the four handcuffs bought by 50 pounds to guard the guards, and put her in the water pipe superior.

Her body stalk, twisted, seems to find a way to escape. It’s a pity that because of the weakness of the body, her hopes to gradually disappear in the struggle, until the last feet is also in the water pipe, he has wiped the last one. He used his tongue to lick her trembling body, and saw her muscles slipped over the tongue.

Li Jiawen also tied a black cloth on her face at this time and took her mouth with his underwear. At this time, Li Jiawen opened the lights of the toilet and visited his well-designed art. He kneeling again, his legs died, kissed her thresh neck, but she wiped her lips because she kept in the face. His fire is a slap, and she hit her Venus straight, and shed for a long time. During this period, he also removing his own clothes, with his hot stick, stroking her carcass.

After awareness of his metamorphosis, Hanna is even more relocked, and there is also a sorrow in his mouth. But all this is too late, the Jia Wen on her body has been raped. This is the head. I saw him keeping her body, with his left hand, with his left hand, digging her vagina, chrysanthemum, his mouth, his mouth, licking her. nipple. despite this. Without experience, there is no secluded water in the vagina that makes his fingers are difficult.

He looked back a few soaps that had slowly wiped into her vagina. The playability of soap liquid made her feel the temporal and soreness in the secret. At this time, the protective role in the body also made her small secret point. Prostitution.

With her physiologically changed, he also moved her stick toward the hole of the peach cave, and the round-back painting circle was teased. But for a while, her will has collapsed, no longer calling. At this time, he did not hesitate to put his stick into her body. A sting of stinging, brought her god and brought back reality. She is not too mourning, vigorously twisting.

The crazy bullfighfiner did not pull out her fork, he twisted her, riding on her, and smashed more hard. And she is also crazy struggling. Her tight muscles make her vaginal contraction tight, ironic is the tightness, the more you can get greater enjoyment. He grabbed her double milk, and he took his stick in the top, and her secrets were inserted. She also responded with shaking and mourning.

Suddenly, he pulled his stick in a moment, and then inserted his blood, soap and obscenity, inserted into her chrysanthemum with a greater force.

The pain in the chrysanthemum is piercing, let her have grown, but he keeps inserting two holes. Until finally, he grabbed her breasts to the next, and the body came up, hard to advance the hot and spicy sticks into her vagina, and broke his semen inside.

On the afternoon, when he took the international flight to other places, his headline in his hands wrote: “Oriental overseas Chinese is insult! The victim is tied to the road light under the road light …”

He smiled and wore sunglasses, fell into sleep, letting him bring him to another country.

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***************************************** (2)

At the end of the year, it is always a time that is most annoying with normal students. It is destructive, enough to put the happiness brought by the school. It is reversed, day and night, God is not going to work. Its consequences often make the soul of charcoal and mourned. Only a few people can shake the tail and go out.

This inhuman test system is also a good opportunity for people who are not positive. Pick up, ask God to worship Buddha, rent a book, selling tonic, cheating instrument, and even trafficking. Many good ways to make money are dazzling, and it is eye-catching. Finally, if it is a one or two points, it is also a big man, and there is a big man.

“Professor Lin, please! As long as you have a good point.”

Late night, in a well-known university. The fluorescent lamp in the classroom has no effort for 5 hours, and it is flashed. The bright light shines on both the classroom.

“Yan classmates, how do you give you this kind of fault?” Lin Mingzhi professor said: “Which people do experiment to do the test tube explosion?”

Teacher Lin is the first Domestic Ph.D. Research Class graduated from the first XX University. Height 180 whole, the long phase can only be described in order. Fang Fang’s face is unclear, not very unsatched nose, not thin lips. The mediocrity of the extreme glasses wear a little S.

He is nearly 31, under the hard work, although life is rich, but because it is too busy, there is no red knowledge. Although he has highly realized the attractiveness of the opposite sex in recent years. But he has never been able to pull his face to participate in those who have no red brides programs, and they have been used for many interests several times without interest.

“But I didn’t make a mistake!” Yan Yanyong’s face wronged: “I will do it in the set of your week …”

The Yan Yan, who is born, has a pair of angelous faces, devil’s body. It is nor a person who is very anticipated by the people in the human suffering. She can only use too naiveness = stupid to describe it. In contrast, Lin Mingzhi, from the originating orphanage, is too understanding how to achieve the goal of the means. She climbed out from the pile of money, he is not.

“Which set?”

“Ion separation, soaked in zinc sulfate hydroforms …”

“Copper sulfate water melt? God! That is” “”! Strict students. Our test products are “sodium”. You should do the trial nonal separation technology with coal smooth and lime at high temperatures, which can naturally produce acetylene oxygen in the addition of oxygen-blended water … “Lin Teacher Lin has a smashing error.

“Ah! I am finished.” Yan Rong a pair of disappointed expressions, there is another delicate and beautiful. No matter who, whoever looks, I can’t bear it.

“Teacher, what should I do? … Teacher?”

At this time, Lin Ming knows that it has been stunned by Yanlai, and the bears want to burn, can’t look at her beautiful double milk, as if there is no clothes covering the same.

“Strict students, teachers have a way to help you! But the teacher must first look at your sincerity.”


“If you do it, I will protect you, if it is not good enough, the teacher is not powerful.”

“Then, what should I do?”

“You have to make love with me!”


“Don’t do it, but …”

“Can you do it?”

“You can live.”

“But I … I have not done!”

“That’s better! This happens, your grades will be higher.”

“Can you not do it?”

“Okay, the teacher didn’t force you!”

“But you can’t have it.”

“The words are not talking like this! You should say that you can’t get sympathy.”


******************************** That …

Writing here, cats also want to sleep. ^ _ ^ That … how to do it without writing?

The cat is above the top, this is temporarily written on the Internet! If you don’t write, you will wait for the “lower”.

That … Is there any “lower half”?

I want to think about it yourself ~! ^ _ ^ Ok?

Kitten cat signoff!

************************************************** (3)

********************************** is an article on the online fry, hot, just put it The yellow library is unpleasant and stir-fry together. Of course, if there is a “网” in the article, the kitten cat is definitely “deliberate”.

BY night-fork ******************************** “Ye ~ !? How do you swear on today? ? “The little original belief.

In the afternoon of the weekend, it was a neutrality of the T large computer room, and it was one of the “best time” of the small original secretly porn.

Linyuan, T large computer system, the leader of the computer maintenance team, and is also a suggestion of the low grade. It is often used in maintenance time and some maintenance of computers, and uses universities to internet access, and some ultra-to-law is made.

He is exquisite, high-ranking technology, soon won the firewall (firewall) in the same way.

The title of the killer.

Due to the relationship between the school, he can use the opportunity to illegally website, and use the university’s computer room. After many websites on many websites, go to his most beloved website – Yuanyuan’s erotic literature online After reading the article, hide in the host room.

Today, after online, I saw the “good thing” about the Yellow Library, although it is not worthy of self, but he is also full of indignation. After taking the Internet online, he hurriedly closed the net. Today, it is not a good day to go online.

After the next network, he was shocked by the scenery in front of him after turning on the host room. I don’t know when, there is a look, the girl in the figure, hiding in the other end of the computer room, secretly on the net.

He secretly hid the computer room and used the host to check the position of the girl, and trend with her on the Internet.

It turned out that the girl is chatting with others in a certain chat. The small people are illegal, and when they see the beauty, they will be difficult. After thinking, they will go to the chat room, trying to use the Internet to chase a good person.

“Hey ~ Shuiling An An!”

“Chocobo, you are also Ai’an! Yes, where are you? I have never seen you.”

“I live in XX City, what about you?”

“I also live in XX City, I am so clever!”

“I am 22 this year, I read T big.”

“Ye? I also read T big yeah, but I am 20 ^ _ ^ this year, you are two years old.”

After a long time …

“Water spirit, let’s change your place!”

“Ye? Why?”

“(Whisper) I want you to do CS.”


“(Whisper) Cybersex!”

“I haven’t done it!”

“It doesn’t matter, I teach you!”


Playing, Xiao Yuan and the girl outside the door, turned to the couple chatting room. In that, the little active teaching the girl outside the door. Soon, I did a few.

“Xiaoling, imagine that I am licking your nipple, and my hands are stroking your private parts.”

“Ah … so comfortable! … and I, like licking ice cream, is licking your strong hot dog.”

“My hot dog, it is hard, hot, slowly slipping from your honey door, keep shaking, rotating …”

“Ah ~! It’s so comfortable, don’t stop! Ah ~ Continue to insert the sister. Ah … ah ~ ah ~ good hot! The sister can’t stand it! Ah … um …”

“Your vagina is so tight, pack my little brother, ah! ……”

Just after I finished this, the little original secretly opened a fine seam and looked at the reactions of the girl outside the door. I saw the girl outside the door, and I was touched by my hand with my hand, and I responded to the small city.

I can’t walk my girl, quietly walking to the girl, suddenly with the waist of the girl surrounded by hands, hugging her whole from the chair.

“What kind of cybersex is he wants now!”

“Ah! Help …”

If you have a girl, you will cover the girl’s mouth with a preliminary cable tape, pull her hands behind the back. And pull a chair.

Then, the little original from the girl’s posture she picked her, sitting in the chair, and the girl was sitting on his thigh. The little original is a close to her body, stroking his chest, and uses his own meat stick to tease the girl.

Despite the panties, the passed girl still feels that hot meat stick, like a pointer to her own twisting. The girl is trying to d’affaire, let the sheame of the sheame, can’t make up.

“Hey … … …”

“Just thinking about it? How do you don’t have it now?” The little lark licks the tears of the girl, saying: “This is not ok!”

Soon, the underwear of the meat stick is also driven. The little original will pose the girl, and after the meat stick is aligned with her little shell, the girl will press the girl.

“Ah …!” Just smelling sorrow, issued from the girl’s mouth, the meat stick of the small original is plugged into the girl’s body.

Although not a virgin, the girl narrow vagina is still tightly in the sheame. The thrill of shrinkage of the vaginal burst contraction makes the cracks.

“Hey ~ 呜呜 …” I saw that the girl did not resist other resistance, so that the atrocities of the Sheigo were easier.

The small original plugs, and suddenly hugged the girl tightly, and the body was relocated. Just in the jitter, the small original in the womb, shooting out him to collect a multi-week white pulp.

Afterwards, the Sheigo still squatted tightly. Constantly warm. Until he wear clothes, hereded the rubber cloth on his mouth.

The girl, I have stopped crying, and I am looking at the little.

“Forecastter,” girl said: “You have evidence you left in my body, enough to let you sit in a half-life, now, what do you say?”

The little original dream also can’t think of it, is it a threat? !

“My requirements are very simple. As long as you can guarantee that my annual computer score is more than 90 points, I will not open your atrocities!” The girl smiled in the small city: “Of course, I have to take your nude photos. Otherwise after the semen is washed away, you will not have the handle, don’t you? Lin Xue Chang? “

The girl got up, put it on the clothes, after taking the nude photos, then walked to the door, I said before I left: “Forecastle, I have to remember! I am a 2-year Yu Xiaoxian.” A flying kissed direct sunlight.

A small slate only spins in front of the sky, then there will be no provincial personnel.

********************************** @ 小: …! Write ~!

This time is over! I hope that you will not remember, the last time cat is really Jianglang, so I haven’t finished writing.

@ 倩: Really ~! Cat, she is not intentional ~! I can also do a certificate! Because he won’t be “can’t play that day.”

@ 小: Go Go! Hey, “can’t play it, you can play your face! Please don’t wait to see it, because the cat doesn’t know when it will be inspired. @ 倩: Don’t expect him, look forward to me to find it! ^ _ ^ ^ ^! ? … Help!

@ 小: Haha ~! Going home, tie you, slowly punishment, see you dare not chase men …

喔 ~! Are you still watching? @_ Next time ~!

************************************************** (4)

In any university, there is a good place, you can read the book, check the book, that place is the library. The nature of each library is very similar, so don’t more introduce.

Ye Yiqing is a student from New Zealand. Although it is very close, but after all, the white people in Australia have the concept of racial discrimination. For them, the people of white skin are still superior!

Even in the class, she is still her good time with another Chinese – Shao Ling is better than the general white. Even so, there are still many foreigners who are reluctant to approach them, even some of them are unreliable names.

Shao Ling is transferred from China to exchange students. People are very self-closing, although a little talent, but unfortunately, it is not very useful, so they are distributed to this third school to exchange students. After leaving the motherland, Shao Ling is even more unannous. Every day, the free network in the dormitory, find some porn sites, illegal websites, etc. in the motherland. Among them, the most love of Shao Ling is the favorite of Shao Ling, every day, you must come in this station, look at the pornography, look at the picture next door, then you will be satisfied.

At the library, I will go home at 9:30 in the evening, and I have always been the habit of Yiqing. Instead of being in the “confusing” dormitory, it is better to stay in the library. Take a book in the library until close, go back to buy a simple meal. For Yisqing, the dormitory is just to take a bath and sleep.

Today, it is the day before the university holiday, the people in the library are extremely rare, maybe because everyone ran to a holiday relationship, even in the classroom is only two or three. But Yiqing is still like usual, and after leaving lessons, they will be used in the library.

Night, gradually, the library has been rare, gradually walked, three floors, there seems to be only Yi Qing and Shao Ling.

“Shao Ling, isn’t there? It is about 9 o’clock, do you want to eat together?” Yifei asked.

At this time, Shao Ling came from another head of the library: “Yeah is so early? Then you will wait, I will come here!”

Yifei listened to Shao Ling, and then sat down again, continued to use Shao Ling to call her.

After a long time, someone came over, but it was not Shao Ling, but a strange white.

“Who are you?” Yi Qing asked: “Do I know you?”

“You don’t know me, Chinese dolls, but you will remember me soon!” White people finished, grabbing Yiqing’s hair, dragging her from the chair.

“Ah … Shao Ling! Help!” Yi Qing screamed, but Shao Ling sitting in the other corner did not respond.

“Shao Ling? Is it in the other corner? He is being huddled by my friend!” White people pulled down the top of Yiqing, saying: “The yellow pig, weaken, we won the same as the scorpion. Just give me a homosexual friend! “I haven’t finished it, the other end is a sprint:” I haven’t heard it? It should be I have it. “

At this point, the white people put Yaqing in the ground, ignored Yi Qing’s resistance, hard to pull Yaqing’s long skirt. At this time, Yiqing, there is only a slightly thin pink underwear. Whether there is any resistance of Yiqing, the body-strong white is pressing the body of Yiqing, kissed the body of Yiqing, biting Yiqing’s external beautiful breast, regardless of the braish, and grabbed the nail. Yifeng’s abdomen, then even the legs of Yifei, licking the little jade lotion of Yiqing.

“Ah … don’t …” YI Qing tried to kick the white people with your feet, but he was caught by him, and the rack was on his own side shoulder, so that Yifei’s feet did not hurt him. . Yifei is like a yellow onion, because he is not hitting, it is also twisted by white people, pressed into Yixin himself.

Poor Yiqing, desperate resistance in the ground, but there is always no way to leave the ground, leave the white man’s mou. Yifei twisted his body on the ground, not only did not get rid of his tongue, but made him easier to take off his legs. Then, bite Yiqing’s labi, and the Qi Qing’s words can not be said, only mourning, gasping. The white man then hooks Yaqing’s calf on his shoulders, support Yiqing’s waist, lifting her from the ground, and hitting high, then it is hard to pull down, so that my hi进 宜 那 干 干, unpredictable little honey.

“Ah … hurt ~ !!” Yi Qing issued her mourning of her virgin who was holding for twenty years.

Continuously pumping did not make Yaqing out of the obscenity and lubrication, but wipes Yiqing’s pink vagina.

The white mask of white people, this is like this, and the lower body is quickly joined in Yifei. With the pain, Yiqing’s vagina has also begun to convulsive, and it is contracted. These reactions have made the white people more exciting, and the thick and long masks are very deep and more force.

“Do I want to join?” Another person’s voice. It seems that the other is solved.

“You don’t have you polite, go!”

After that, another meat stick is inserted into Yiqing’s anus. Yifei’s poor chrysanthemum, has not been destroyed by dew moist. The two meat sticks separated by a piece of meat film, drilling in Yixi’s body, and each plug is allowed to take a breath. Not long after, Yiqing’s lower body is bloody, and it is terrible.

Under the hundreds of times, the two people shot delicate in the body of Yiqing, and Yicqing has already dumped. Yifei was discovered by the administrator until the next morning, while Shao Ling lost his trace after Yixi came back from the hospital.

After two or three days. The body of the two people was hang before the library. A white, a yellow.

The whole body is naked, the lower body is blurred, and the blood dried blood is full. After using blood, write a few buckets: “Suspension of the country!”

Yifei also turned into this after this, and no one will see her again …


Cai Wei, the president of the same mission, the long phase is long, the general, neither wave, not beautiful, but is the middle of the ordinary people. Making a savvy and practicing, strong and decisive, it is quite the wind, but unfortunately, it is a good job, only hand covering the sky, and you don’t have a bleak.

“She × Cai Man! … this time is her fault, everyone knows, but she is pushing to my head, but also put a large number of large numbers to forgive me! I forgive your ancestors, I × × your ancestors 18 generations, count you in our last life! Feed ~ Bi Qian, have you listened? “

The complain is called Xiao D, the family is small and medium-sighted, and the father is a black hand, starting with hardship. The gentleman was mixed with the little confusion of Temple Street until they got a university. The homework is still, but it is a one-class one.

“Ah … it is a pity, Jojo Sam is really, even if you haven’t played, you haven’t played. 德, you turn to look at it!” Bi Qian said: “True, harm my stick The stick is not going to go now, it is really painful. “

Luo Chiqian, the dog head military division of Geord, often nothing to go online, East look, west. It is a sinister color, like a cranky. His website is also based on chromious websites, especially the giant bean erotic literature network, which is commonly known as Yuan Yuan, but also the road to him every day.

“Where?” 德 瞄 一:: “Well … It is a bit unfortunately, I also thought it would say.”

“And people still talk to me, which is the same … Let me have a feeling of rape my sister.” Bi Qian said: “This can be full of soup!”

“Go to you, your home is a whole, where is the sister gave you?” Gede knocked him.

“Right, have you just said that?” Bi Qian said: “Is it better to perform analog murder event? Change it into an analog rape incident.”

“This idea is good!” 德 接着: “We can use Odin’s rape.”

“No! This is not good, because the body is extremely strong, the light is such a word, it is certain that she can’t hurt her, and maybe I have been arrested to tell us two!” Bi Qi wants to think: “It is better to do this, Let’s first come, come back to hook on the abdomen, follow the big break of the midnight, come back to rking’s double formula, the last …, then you will know! “

“Wow, the guy is still awkward. I think you are using the essence of the potential Yuanyuan.” “Fortunately, okay! Nine bull is a year.” Bi Qian arrogant Said: “If all make it out, I am afraid that the goods will be killed by our lives.”

Then, it is some plans that are not known …

*********** After school, he came out from the computer room on the 15th floor. Under the compact pressure of all day, he only felt that the limbs were weak. She wanted to go home. Bubble in the bathtub, take a shower, then go to bed earlier.

But the sky is not willing, she must go to the two people from the stairwell, because the elevator is dying, the bad eyes are in this bones, after the other students are going downstairs. Bi Qian today does not seem to have a weird weird.

“Bi Qian, let’s go first! I am going behind, I will not be lost by you!” 绨 绨 谦 体 体,,. 向. 向 向 向 向 向 向 向 向 向 向 向 死 死 向 死 死 向 死 死 死 死 死 死. 死 死 死

“Yes ~ Yes! Will be big!”

“Hey … Bi Qian! Wait!” 绨 绨 now a little regret: “Slow slow!”

“Who cares about you! 掰掰 …” Bi Qian’s voice is getting farther and farther.

“Remember you give me, I will have to kill you next time!” 绨绨 绨 妇, 谦 谦 谦 楼 谦 谦 谦 楼 步 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦 谦

When I went to the seventh floor, when I went to the seventh floor, the door of the toilet was suddenly opened, and two faces were rushed out, and dragged her into the toilet. One of them raised her hands, and another person did not help but borrow two punches in her small abdomen.

“Do you like it … 货!”

“Cough, cough. Let me go … Help … Hey!” Don’t finish it, the Bi Qian will give her mouth, and in front of the stomach, rest Boom a punch.

“Call it once, we will kill you!” Xiao Die finished, showing the short knife hidden in the pocket, scrape it in front of her face: “Miss Cai, I heard that you are in the same mission, be powerful Fu, bad people ask our two brothers to kill you ?! You said, what should I do? “

“I pay you double money, don’t do what you can do, as long as you can spare me, and tell me about her name.” He said: “There is a wallet to have about 30,000, If you are all, I will pay you in another way. “

“Listen to you, I am really a bit movement! However, you can take it on your body, I don’t have to pay for me, I don’t have to honor me, as for your head …” 德 上 手 手On the 绨 上, gently tease: “If you have the past, you will naturally know!”

If you don’t stand, Bi Qian will bought the hands of the flea market in the flea market, and his feet are also separated by him with gentle, and the handcuffs they have improved are actually two handcuffs, one end. In a curved iron rod, the other end is on the feet of 绨绨, so that the 绨 will use force, there is no way to combat her feet. Then, the two beasts tear a clean clothing. Because of the screams of 绨, it is too harsh, her mouth, also let her own clothes, it is blocked.

“Hey … I didn’t expect that our Cai Dalong likes when the white tiger! The whole body is really shaved and clean.” After the two people fell into the ground, crazy playing her carcass.

Her milk tip was biting hard by Bi Qian, and gentry rose to her body. She was losing the ability to resist, and they can only distort her body, trying to get rid of the moul of the two. The effect is not not big, but it has aroused the beast of the two, and the madness bites every part of her body.

The gentleman licks, gradually got to the meat, and grabbed the feet, buried himself in her legs, biting, sucking the meat abalone, poor 绨, in I haven’t enjoyed a male and female, I will become a disabled. I thought of this, I can’t help but leave tears, and gentry, I enjoy my first meat abalone, but I kept sucking, biting.

“Well … oh …” accompanied the sound of 绨 绨, never being touched by people, the body has changed significantly, the nipple gradually collapses, and the genitals are also slightly moist. The bodies of the bodies gradually became mature in the two people.

“Is it time?” Bi Qian asked. “It’s time!” Yude said, while lifting 绨 lifted, taking your own pants.

Bi-him a jar of Vaseline out, wipe it on their pedicle, and Germany called gentry side of the plate, put Bei ti aloft, while the gentry Germany accounted for two points went to the Virgin of Bei ti. “Woo ……!” To people like large Double Vision soul into it like Bei ti intake.

Two virgin hole while being inserted violence, in addition to psychological harm, physical pain also makes Bei ti pain fainted. Bei ti dizziness, and did not make the two beasts stop their brutality, while two dragon meat in the body of Bei ti, separated by a layer of film, crazy raging. Tremendous pain, and soon the Bei ti woke up again, to accept her fate.

With the Bei ti trembling, two meat dragon is provoked reactions in the body, even if Bei ti or not, the body is honest reaction the two results. Sexual secretion kept flowing from the body, and pain and itchy feeling spread through the body of Bei ti. Bei ti kept twisting his body, but can not stop feeling that strange, I just feel more and more intense, and gradually occupy his mind. An powerlessness arises spontaneously from the heart, Bei ti unable to “woo woo …… ……!” Moaned Pitt was modest gentry Germany as Yinjiao, and more efforts.

Bi Qian and the gentry Germany, and thus separated by a layer film, constantly stuck Bei ti, ti while the Rou Dong Bei and after court, also kept at Choucha, swelling up. But Pitt Qian and the gentry Germany showed no reaction, still stuck vigorously ti Bei Bi Qian and the gentry Germany, soon to be shot, although Bei ti unwilling, or both of them will give all shot in the semen of Bei ti in vivo. They then put the clothes in Bei Dikou pull out.

“Little bitch, cool it?” Pitt asked Him.

“You Kuaifang Kai me!” Bei ti still dead duck fooling: “Perhaps I can not tell you two to go jumping.”

“Ha ha ha ha …… anyone who did not know what to jump!” Shen Pei Tak ti dumped a slap in the face:? “You think this is over yet Cai Assembly so that we do not misjudge you two HIM,?? get off her mouth! “

“Hey …… Yuan Yuan from the school to the dislocated magic, regarded today come in handy!” Qian said Pitt put his hands pressed on Bei ti cheeks, forced down one click, and then said something Bei ti jaw …… no dislocation.

“Yeah how could this be?” Regardless of Tong Hu Bei ti, Bi Qian once again test their own Yuan Yuan from school to that move. After tried two or three times, Bei ti jaw, and finally fell off.

“Okay …… fairly successful!” Pitt said Qian masturbation “good head ah! Let her call more than a few times, we do not have to go home, change to the cell to sleep!” Shen De said, while his cock Seru Bei ti mouth.

Bi Qian seeing this, will be moved to their soft flesh strip Bei Yin Zhuo ti on, back and forth rubbing his hands with no idle, stop poking pull on Bei ti breasts than just mouth, start more unsparing, the clenched her breasts swollen.

“Mmm …… ah ……” Bei ti be used dislocated mouth, after the cock gentry Desai, in addition to issuing “uh-huh” sound outside, but could not reach gentry Germany cock son. The tongue kept revolt, puts Clifford Chance Germany cock stimulated greater.

Cock, soon to turn hard up, the Bi Qian did not even wipe Vaseline, in turn Bei ti inserted into the backyard, make every effort of thrusting forward. Bei ti eat pain, I want to get rid of Pitt wriggled Qian Long of meat, but it did not move. Stop torsion pendulum, except for a more modest increase Pitt and gentry de vices, also increased their contacts with the Dragon Bei ti of meat. Later into the front and rear, Bi modest but regardless, the two suddenly before suddenly stuck swollen up Rouxue. Interpolated Bei ti pain faint several times. The second broke out after the court issued Yang Jing Bei ti’s. At this point gentry in Germany also vent Bei ti mouth.

Vent behind again, then I do not know where to bring a big jack barrel, suck the water go straight Bei ti of anal penetration. The water is then poured all Bei ti vivo. With a once poured, Bei ti belly bulge gradually, while two are still poured into the water. Soon after, Bei ti will be in the toilet toilet, pulled a large bubble. At the same time ti Bei shit, German gentry kept his fist against the Bei ti belly. Under the double pressure, making Bei ti miserable. The Bi Qian at Bei ti face, marked his third hair semen.

After the vent is finished Bi Qian brought a bottle of chili oil, the bottle inserted Cronenberg Bei ti’s. Hot chili oil, not only was poured ti Bei Bei small and tender, even after her court were not spared. Before long, Bei ti body, it ignited a raging fire two. Hot chili oil, too hot Bei ti Montreal Luangun, and Bi Qian and the gentry Germany face sitting on stage, took the opportunity to rest with. Bei looked ti fornication, gentry and Germany meet laugh. Bi Qian, also laugh together with Clifford Chance Germany.

I can’t humish such a recess of dozens of people who have been insulted by the two, and the two have been more filled with some sleeping pills, and she put her into the dark lane next to the city center. Then, if there is anything in which you have anything, you will enjoy the rape. Of course, Bi Qian and Gede didn’t forget to knock on the side of the drunken, about seeing a certain man in the alley next to it. ************ The next day, he did not return to the school, but the newspaper was named after the newspaper. It turned out that it was very discovered in the early morning. When sending medicine first aid, the vaginal and rectum have been torn, and a large amount of bleeding is already. And 绨绨 神智 has also been blurred. According to the doctor, he seems to have been raped for more than 30 times. The semen is also not possible because it is too mixed. Only nearly a few drunks were caught back and interviewed and accepted the investigation.

After that, many different rumors are transmitted in the campus. But the end of the 绨, it seems to be the most in the madhouse. Hey, no longer came back. And the school will also strong the police facilities, and implement the policy of “security to accompany the woman to the car”.

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