He walked into the studio, the lights were very bright, a long-awaited female student was only in the bed along the underwear, and the director made a “heart building” on the side.

He fails to go to the director chair, sitting on the chair, the person in the side also has a photographer, lighting engineer, record, recording and other people, in fact, the entire studio is just a small hostel and a camera. .

That’s right, he is the male protagonist of this small film, and today, the actress of him is temporarily lost, I don’t know where to play, I can’t find someone, and the director can’t do it. I have to use this people who have just absorbed. .

In fact, there will be some awkwardness just in this industry, because you have to take your own light before the camera, and the hotness of the opposite sex, sometimes there are some special skills, not happy, I have to do it, although I don’t have a climax But I have a very exciting look, I really have a lot of feelings.

He looked at the female student, slowly thinking in his heart, she was absolutely habit, just like her partner, she is still holding a banknote in a big pen.

“It is also the same as the flesh. What is embarrassed?” Once I met her in the county city, she told him that she had a love, she told him, he remembered that she didn’t have love and specially venting. friend. If she really doesn’t want to sell the flesh to “work”, she should not say “to see the work environment” when she is looking for her, he knows that although the director is engaged in this bad industry, but the director will never use it. Real advertising is fortery.

The female student is still low, it seems that it is not willing to promise.

“It’s really stupid, if you really don’t want, then don’t, then get up and leave, why still bargain, what can I only touch …” The photographer said with a disdain.

He agrees with the photographer, this era is different, although the chastity is an outdated concept, but he has always been unclear about the young people in the old ten year old, once he and the female student who smashed only “Work” once Over, he was very surprised that her sex skills. The thrill of desire to die is definitely an experience that is more experienced than him. It has also found a group of students to work together, even more outrageous and a pair of twins. Sisters have slept. In this circle, he used to understand women, it turned out that he didn’t understand anything, especially the female students in this era.

She has a Popular, from the bikini underwear, her body is not very prominent, how can the director take such a girl? It seems to prove its identity, her school bag is still on the side, and the light blue school uniform is full of neat.

He is smirking, this situation is much more, in his small movie in his and director, at least thirty is a high school female student, she thought that the high school is alive, see her It seems that there is nothing special skills. If the girlfriend is not very convenient, he is not invisible to the bed.

He thought of his girlfriend, I was a bit awkward, because she didn’t know that his deputy industry is a small movie that is unable to see.

He muttered himself, “It doesn’t matter, anyway, I am forced by the situation, she should understand my pain.”

Every time he filmed the movie, he always comfort himself. However, there are fifty shades, and after the bed is in bed, his aesthetics becomes very strange. His girlfriend is also a girl in Puttong, if it is more than sixty women. She may only be ranked 50th. However, it doesn’t matter, he thinks that the beautiful appearance is all he touching, he feels awkward, he is afraid that the woman he really pays will be in the back and other men, he may not care about them. In the past, he couldn’t stand the current uns, prove that many people with his opponent’s female students were boyfriend, which reminded him a crisis, and wakes him to the beautiful persistence, so he would rather choose A woman who has no heart, no moisturism, he wants a heart that can be mastered, not gorgeous but can’t touch the love. He thinks that he will lack your feelings about beauty, probably because of this part-time relationship.

Director and her decided, she still agreed. From the tone and unsuitable look of the words, she will absolutely promise.

He took off his clothes and pants and drove to bed.

He climbs her body, it is a very familiar touch, how many days have experienced, how many different women have experienced, each is the bright, smooth and soft, but he is only happy with them. Once a climax, a combination of once, but when he went deep into their flesh, he was abandoned outside of their hearts, and many of the universe were far like

He thinks in your heart, is they wrong? Is it “raped” what he is wrong? Is it a director who provides their “working” opportunities? Is it the wind of this whole society wrong?

He remembered the era of gigmatics when he graduated from school, but it was very ridiculous. That is a time and space you have to change, white forced you, black forced you, finally he confirmed that he was introduced by colleagues, or the saying is a boss, he chooses to work part-time with this behavior. This is paralyzed by himself, and it is also a good idea to consciously think this is a good way to get out of the boss.

In the time of shooting the porn, he is just an actor and does not have any big responsibilities. He reached out her underwear, worked in her breast, and the micro-chest of the chest did not attract him to bite. He further went deep into the center of her body, he solved her lumbar clothes, took off her underwear, he was detained, it was a set of expensive underwear, he didn’t know why a female student would buy such something, How to have enough money to buy. He didn’t want to know if he was sincerely enthusiastic.

Then he moved himself to the triangle of her, and the nose was lightly placed on her niger, the flexible tongue touched the central zone of her lust, the same bright red, the same moist. His gentle breasts in hand, the entire tongue is attached to the center of her legs. He felt that his body and legs gradually had a power to put him throughout. Suddenly, she cried in her, crying? He is suspected.

The director hurried forward, holding a bath towel on her.

She is sitting in bed and sobs her eyes, and the bows that bows you can’t see the place where he just tongue is flat. The last heroine is a bit a little, maybe a special plot makes him miss, on one, the director will combine the appetite, a rich big meal, delicious wine, gentle music, naked beautiful people, fierce The gasping … He is still unresolved, but unfortunately, the heroine of the drama is the foreigner, and works once in order to make a travel expense. In fact, he is a little heart to her. If she can stay, maybe he will pursue her without considering her.

Men, he thinks, it is possible to fall in love with women who have skin.

Time dropped, his thoughts returned to the first few actresses, he compared the chest of the female student, the skin’s touch, the thrill of the body, he tried to force himself to find out that is The most special, and that is the most embarrassing soul, but he can’t, because they all make him crazy and experienced him have to defeat their skills.

He, perhaps only one of their many partners, can be sure is not the strongest and longest, and more certain is not the last one. He remembers the twin sister. So far, he still unclear when they look like a man, will it go to bed with him? At that time, he was a gentleness of his sister, and he had made him a few days of physical strength. He thought that he thought, suddenly laughed, because he is the only one that completely conquered their sisters – – Although this is after the three people have finished the film, the two people said to him when they were eating the night, and the two people didn’t focus on him. However, there is no doubt, that is quite good about the sister. Men’s psychology, can be very lucky with them, if they meet again, can their throne keep?

The director once again shouted his name and pulled him back from the memories of the past. It turned out that the director put her comfort. Play, you can continue to start.

The director took the bath towel on the body of the girl. He climbed to the mattress. After the priority of the actress of the actress, he found himself start picking, he couldn’t help but beautiful women, no friendly female students again Head, so he got up, move his lower body to her lips.

She sees it, then she holds the slender finger, and opens the size of the size in the size of the size. When he will push the hips back, so that you will be humid in this. Get pleasure in lips.

Not long after, he is hard to elongate again, and the female students are pure and pure, and they can’t accommodate his huge. Suddenly he felt that his cutter into her throat, a sudden vomiting sensation made her open him, and then hysterically I cried, and my emotionally said that she had no way to continue playing, the director is still comfortable to comfort her.

He returned, returned to the director chair, after so many toss, whenever he was starting hard, he was interrupted by her, the heart is really impatient, have never seen something like she is so embarrassing I have already on the camera.

Suddenly he thought of he was too worried? He shook his head, don’t have a sympathy for this woman. A woman has promised to take off her clothes, and have a problem that she and the male protagonist have come true, have shown her values, since To shoot, just simultaneously, what is only two points, only three points, the rubber cloth, the external behavior is the most important focus, all being looked, was exhausted, still What is the pure and pure? She thought she would hide her lost her film? She thought that her future husband would gratitude, let him leave a film?

He really doesn’t understand the phenomenon of uncontrollability in society. In order to make a name and producer to take the bed, in order to earn a big money in a short period of time, in order to hit the name of the audience in front of the audience. Light, think about, those moving stars are not the same as the super-restricted grade actress in his arms, the previous person is called, the latter kind of person is profitable, but the average person has a very disdainful stars. Is this not unfair? Is it possible to satisfy himself on the TV screen? Still not the porn, appease the young men and women that have grown up? What’s more, the movie star is in the special class, you can’t see it. “Hey?” He knocked himself to the ear of healing, “I think there is there …”

She once again moved to continue to shoot, he climbed into the bed, grabbing her legs, the central red location is where he hits, her place is wet, flashing in the reflection.

He didn’t do more, and he sent himself in. He or hurriedly waited in her body, as long as it was a woman, once the friction in that place was the same, only her long, her body, her skill will make people who have psychologically The degree of pleasure is.

He was picked up by the warm and humid in her body, and he was more firm and more impact. That female student did not have any movements at this time. There is no trembling of sexual experience, and the body is weak, and there is no bone, and it is like a woman who has passed through how many clouds.

He was surprised in his heart. It was a time to slow down. She woke up in the clouds, like forgetting something, she started to shake, her hand covered her eyes, tear drops and smoking. He felt disgusted this little action, then gave her two slaps with a big man’s gesture, and waved her hand on her cheek. She looked at him horror.

He is full of anger into her body, he does not allow her to hold him on the cloud and want him to fall. He is more wild, more violent, she can only lying on the bed, do not dare to cry again, let her take a snoring.

Finally, after many interruptions, he put the liquid rushing in the body on her velvet, but he felt that he was numb. He didn’t meet the film a few times. This time, this time it is not finished. One job, he couldn’t stand her trouble. I wanted to leave, but since I had already excited, even if it would be trouble, I have to put it out, I can vent it in the opposite sex. Masturbation, the management is not satisfied, I am not excited.

He got up, his female student who was lying on the bed in the back of the bed. He wore a button with a button. From the Yunguang in the eye, he visited the director to go to the female student side. Director took a bath towel to cover her. Naked body. Then I don’t know what to talk about, the sound is very low, I can’t understand.

He didn’t care about it, in the film, he just exposed his body – from the body below the head. He knows that it has been in this room until now four hours, spending so many times, it is the first time, the time used to take the experience of the experience actress, including the first day before, before the appearance of love, And the most consumer piston movement, etc., but also a half a half, then a group of people eat a night, then they are separated.

He looked at the table, “3 in the morning … forget it, don’t wash it,”

He hits yawn

“Ah … what to do, I have to go to work tomorrow, after get off work, I have a date with my girlfriend, and I will have enough sleep every day …”

He opened the door, suddenly heard her, there was no tone that had just been weeping, “What is …

He closed the door, and he couldn’t hear the roar of the director and the photographer and others. The female student made a few screams, and the floor of the small hostel made an extremely huge sound when they chased it. When they took her bed. The sound sent by the time and just hampt from her madness.

He knows how it will be angry, it will be angry, it is unfortunate that this seemingly experienced female student. For four hours, I have repeatedly interrupted his stunning reason is to raise my own price, think that the director will feel embarrassed to give She is a little more money. The director will give her more, and several people who use some utensils in her. He felt funny, I have long told the director to cultivate a special actress, don’t always catch one in the street. If you promise, if you promise, you will be pulled down.

It’s better to shoot the porn, if you hold a red erotic actress, but the director is to persist in voluntarily. If you want to shoot, you will come to him, it is a strange professional philosophy.

Female students screaming into his ear, crying as much as possible, smiling at him.

The people in the public are only self-policy. No one will ask a girl who is gang-raped. Anyway, the violent criminal case here is enough. Anyway, rape the case in the erosional society is too unusual, anyway, The place is the pipe area responsible for his position.

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