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[Small Village · Spring]

Publishing: River map culture [Endeen episode] Chapter 1: Excellent teacher “

I just felt that my heart was so warm, I deeply gave a lot of feelings, said: “I am so pressing you, how do you get it? You will not eat.”

Lingling said: “You can let me be above.”

Encourage, come over, exchange two people, just below, Lingling pressed into it. The flesh of the two is overlapping, and the combination is so close. Although the big stick has been ejected, it still has a hardness, staying in Lingling’s beauty, and experience the beauty after climax.

In the back of the Lingling, the hands of the Gigonded, the buttocks were stroked, and “Lingling, you are really good, it is the first beauty of your school.”

When I mention this, Lingling’s pretty face showed a smile: “You can don’t mention it.” Stating this, Lan Xue opinion is big, she always feels that I grabbed her. This first position should be her, I always say that I will walk the back door and grab the first. “

It is very easy to say: “How can you be a second? As long as you know that you are beautiful.”

Lingling felt that he was a strong and powerful heartbeat, he smelled him a man’s height. Nothing, just provocation to me, I am angry, sometimes I will ask her. “

The finger slipped on her hair and said: “Lan Xue is similar to your age, but she is far less than you. She is always like a child.”

Lingling smiled, exhaling, said: “You don’t want to praise me, I will be proud. I think Lan Xue is very similar to Zhou Yu in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The eyes are small, and others are better than her. Who is strong than her, she I can’t stand it. Every time I see me, I can’t wait to eat me. I seem to have fired her house with a knife. “

I just laughed and said: “You can really understand her, she rushed to be such a person.” People have not finished people “, we have educated her, she slowly turned into a girl like you. Our family People will work together. “

Ling Ling laughs, driving the body, even the meat sticks have been trembled. Just listening to Ling Ling said: “She just wants to take me as an enemy, I will relieve a breath. It is not very good. I have a feeling of enemies in the whole day. I always worry that she will suddenly have a sudden extensive, and let me solve me. In the past, I was not afraid of death, but I feel that life is particularly expensive. I have to accompany you for a lifetime, can’t be so dead. “

I have just heard it, comfortable: “Don’t think about it, I see your physical condition, live to the face, live to eighty years old.”

Lingling said quietly: “I have been eighty years old. I don’t want to think that when I am 80 years old, I may be almost the same as the ghost. I lived to 50 years old. At that time, I was very ideal. At that time, I should still be beautiful. “

It is just looking to Lingling’s young ruddy face, saying: “You have these girls, thinking is really special, think so much, even died, it is too short. After all, it is regrettable.”

Lingling also said: “Life is not long, but is quality.”

I just sighed and said: “I have a little saying that you are right. Yes, I haven’t asked you yet, how can you choose to swim at me? I feel land, I’m.

When I mention this topic, the smile on Lingling face is gone, her face is sinking, and there is melancholy in my eyes. I just felt strange and said: “What happened, Lingling, what happened?”

Ling Ling faces a few times on his face, saying with the tone of the grievance: “Before I come, my mood is bad, I want to vent my heart through swimming.”

I just asked: “What happened?”

Ling Bing replied: “I went home at noon, I was a lot of time. My father quarreled with my brother, and I still do it.”

It’s just that you can’t think of it. He knows that Lingling’s father is not a good person with his brother, and it is always despised. However, they are not good, and they are Lingling’s loved ones.

I just asked: “” What is it turned over? “

Lingling said: “What else is it? It’s not for women.” He couldn’t help but laughed, said: “Men like women. Laozi likes, my son also likes, each like each, noisy ? “

Lingling said: “The problem is that they look at the same lady. Last night, my brother went first, with the lady into the bag, my dad arrived, I couldn’t find the lady, I lost my temper, the boss told my father. After that, my father hit a stomach and went home, waiting for my brother to come back with him. But my brother has been playing for a long time, until this noon is going back. My father is fire, I am smelling him. I don’t want to find this lady in the future. I asked why? My dad said: “That is Laozi’s look.” My brother is not full: “I also look. As a man, we should be equal.” I Dad is fire: “Little bastard, there is no Laozi? You don’t know the filial piety, I will not give you a piece in the future.” I urged: “Old bastard, I am not filial, I am not filial, I am I’m filming you, I can’t let your favorite woman. I have the ability to compete with myself! “My dad is broken, reached out to my brother, squat:” Little beast, I will raise you. ” My brother, my face, I walked back: “The old animal, how can I become your son. I have to have myself, I want to be your Laozi.” My dad can’t say anything, rushed over a fight, I’ll kick; I Brother is also angry, I am playing with my dad, and I will turn it on the ground. I saw it, I will persuade it, I shouted, how can someone listened to me. I am angry. I will run. I think of it. Your dating is coming to the pool. “

I just laughed: “What is the father and son? Lingling, you don’t have angry. Together, you should be happy.”

Ling Ling promised, said: “Be big brother, in this world, my favorite person is you. My dad is not bad, but they are not good, but they are not good. Only with you, I am I feel beautiful, life is sweet. “

I have just smashed her, comfort: “I will wait for you. If there is any problem solving, I can call me, I am free to serve you.”

Ling Ling couldn’t help but show a smile and said: “Still become a big brother.” Said, loudly on the face of Gigong.

I just stroked her and asked: “What kind of woman can call your father with your brother? Is it very beautiful?”

Lingling screamed, said: “Women who don’t have a don’t go? Once I have a brother, she came out, let me see it. On the face, very general, it is more than me. Good figure, high, especially a pair of big tits, catch up with the cantaloupe. “

I just listened to my life and said: “Lingling, you can really fight, too exaggerated?”

Lingling scorn, like seeing a bunch of garbage. She said: “It’s a big brother, the kind of woman, I will look at it, too embarrassing, no self-esteem, thousand people ride, people touch, chaotic smelly, but my brother is obsessed with what One time, I said my own opinion. My brother smiled and said: “Sister, the woman’s benefit you don’t understand, only to have a man knows. Her kung fu, can call The man does not regret it. When you have a man in the future, you will understand that a real woman will understand. “

It’s just that I just said: “” The original woman’s bed is good. Well, this is special. But the row, the bed is not good, and there is no way. “

Lingling stared into the colang, asked: “Cheng Big Brother, you tell me, have you found a lady?”

I just thought about it and said: “The place has been to the place, but also ladied the lady, but I never told them.”

Ling Ling, said: “Be big brother, you can promise me, don’t go to the place. You go find those good women, I am not angry. However, if you find that woman, I am uncomfortable.”

I just laughed and said: “I know, I don’t like the kind of woman. Men find that woman, too is too useful, simply attribute yourself in waste. Good man should find a woman, just like I You, just find the moon than the sun, the emperor found the queen, Adam found Shanda. “

Lingling smiled, said: “It is completely correct.”

When two people talk about women, they have just been able to come, think of that dust woman is big, can’t think of Lan Yue. Lan Yue is also a big milk woman, believes that tits are not poor than that woman. Then I remember the rain. The tits of the wind and rain are not small, or if you can reach your hand.

When he came, he could see that the pair of trembled tits were moved to his mouth. This makes him think that it is not too much, and he has smarts him. Emotional excitement, naturally cause changes in the body, and the roots do not know how to become small steel guns. Lingling felt the changes in his stick, beautiful shine, shy: “Cheng big brother, how do you have hard? Do you still want to do it?”

It is just a smile to her, slightly twisted, makes the stick in the small hole, said: “It is hungry, of course, I have to eat. Lingling, let’s play again.”

Lingling laughed happily, said: “It is a big brother, you are interested, the little girl is not to eat, and the life is going to accompany you.” Saying her straight, with the hard-working belly, twisted his wife, Two white tits have jumped like a rabbit.

The feeling of fighting on a man is very good, both a physical comfort, is also a psychological satisfaction. Lingling at this moment is like a fish to go into the sea. When I met the firewood, I didn’t have to say more. Although she has just been crazy, but the young man has a quick recovery. Now she can be as crazy like a female knight.

She twisted, while squatting, as if each nerve jumped to dance. Her skin is much better, the warm gloss; her size and moderate tits, show the excitement; her waist and ass are the most active, like machine movement. The most fascinating figure below, the man’s thing is long enough, but her exquisite small hole can swallow it in, swallowed. Under her movement, the big meat sticks in the small tender hole, in the middle of the small tender, early, and dried the sophisticated water into the milk.

It is also coming, trying to cooperate with Lingling’s emotions. He fierce the lower body, let the meat stick play a small hole in the best posture. That feeling itchy, warm, tightly, rich in water is more refreshing.

Cheng Zuo said: “Lingling, you are really enthusiastic today, I like it very much.”

“No, become a big brother, I am a bit tired. I don’t have this kind of physical strength!” Lingling calls positive.

In order to save the power, she slowed down and changing it. It turned out to be a mess, and even the shackles turned, and now I can’t now, it is an activity straight down. In this way, it is like a small red mouth to swallow sausages. It is very clear that it is very clear, but I see the two meat of Wuxi, my big meat stick has appeared in a while, and I will disappear, and the scene is very fun.

I just asked: “Lingling, can you not do it?”

Lingling passed away, “” Cheng Big Brother, I am tired, don’t move. “

I just said: “So, let me take a look? You just want to listen to the command, wait for the happiness.” Said Ling Ling got up, lie down, the top of the upper leg, this, in the white buttock It exposed a narrow gap. That is a good look, tender, plush, men like it.

I just laughed: “The real tricks like it.” Said that he kneel down, stretch your tongue, from the head to the end.

Lingling wars said: “It is dead, itch is dead, become a big brother, don’t teach me, let me.” She comfortably screamed. Obviously this way is too excited.

I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable, and I held a leg in one hand, holding a stick, going toward the most attractive place. The thick and long stuff is slow, straight into the end. Lingling said: “Selling, swelling is really good.” Said, turning his head towards a smile, like encouragement, but also praised.

In this case, how can a man go forward? It’s just to do your strength, I feel her.

Insert a while, just pumped the stick, turned her body into a lone lying, just on her body, gently separated her jade leg, then tried to plug into the point. Fortunately, you can go in with this posture. It’s just dry, and it feels soft and warm with her ass. Youth girl naturally has her advantage, completely different from those young women.

This posture is not deep, but the body is very tight, allowing the two to feel the enthusiasm of each other.

Mangang just inserted, asked: “Lingling, this strike is not good?”

Lingling smiled several times, said: “It is very fun, but I feel weird.”

I just asked: “Don’t you eat?”

Ling Bing replied: “It’s almost, you shoot. I feel a bit tired.”

Cheng just said: “Okay, I will end now.”

He turned the body of Lingling, and then pressed it, turned to normal. The big meat stick fell inserted, and then he didn’t leave, like a pile driver, everything is very powerful. Lingling called: “No, no, become a big brother, I have to finish.” Said, the small hole began to shrink.

I just said: “Wait a minute, let’s work together.” Said, put the speed to the extreme, and the sound is even loud. After he was mad, after dozens of times, the retrorellulus was spurted out. Lingling also told him with a long time and reached a climax with him.

Lingling opened his eyes and smiled: “Fortunately, it is almost dead. Your power is really big, you have to die.”

I just asked: “Don’t you like it?”

Lingling said: “I like, I like it, I like to do this with you. Every time I have a pain. Every time you leave you, I will teach me for a long time.”

I just listened to I am happy, saying: “I also have the same beautiful feelings for you.” Can you make beautiful happiness is the pride of every man.

Lingling has a quilt, resting for a while, saying: “Be big brother, do you know? The small road sister is coming back.”

It’s just a good, saying: “How do you know?”

Ling Bing replied: “She called me, did she not tell you? Your relationship is so good, how can I not know?”

I just laughed: “I have a good relationship with her?”

Lingling smiled, said: “I don’t know anything? I know anything. When she came back, I can serve you with her, okay?”

It’s just a big eyes, saying: “Really? Are you not jealous?”

Lingling shook his head and said: “I like you, I also like her. As long as people I like are happy together, I am very happy. But if you are with the people I don’t like, I will be a bit uncomfortable, maybe I am angry with you. “

I just loudly, I looked at her mouth and said, “You are really a good girl.” He imagined two women to serve their own Yan Fu, I don’t know how soul will be. Which man does not want the beauty of the world to be his own, is it good to himself? Small roads, small roads, her flesh is more tempting, especially a pair of legs, can be compared to professional models. Unfortunately, the flowers are inserted on cow dung, falling into the hands of the old, is not a good thing.

The two have taken a break, they get up, they dress their clothes, and their handsome guys with ice and jade girl. They looked at each other with each other, and they were the greatness of love, and the beauty of sex.

It is said that I have just pulled Lingling’s saying: “Lingling, I have time, I invite you to eat.”

Lingling shakes his head: “What to eat, all are eaten by my dad and my brother.”

I just laughed: “Let’s go together, what do you want to eat, I invite you.”

Lingling said: “That’s of course, together with you, even if you eat the nest, I feel delicious, better than Shan Zhenhai.”

It’s okay to just smile, say: “Lingling, you will really speak.”

They have packed this, and they will go out. Lingling, like last time, wearing a hat and mask, afraid of being recognized. Lingling came out first, and then he just came out. Save this is already careful, but they still teach someone to see. This person is not someone else, it is Lan Xue.

Lanxue wears a pink dress, keeping a cute browing, a melon face is handsome and white, a pair of black eyes are active, and the red lips should be promising, and it is a person who is not jailed. Her overall image is quite good, I want to see such a beautiful and moving female student in the street is not easy.

But how can she appear here? The last time I bought the bag, Lan Xue has always remembered this. So she saw it everywhere, inquired the market, if I met, I wrote in my heart, I planned to call back to pay. She didn’t feel embarrassed, she thought: I am his woman, he has to be responsible for me. I give him love with the body, he gives me money and help, it should be.

It’s so clever, after it, I accidentally saw a motorcycle. Although there are many of the same motorcycles, Lan Xue see that this is a car. Her heart is not thick, and the car is as good. Her heart is strange, why is his motorcycle appeared here? Do he swim? Didn’t hear that he likes to swim?

It’s just that she is not alone? If anyone else is it? She went behind a tree that hid opposite. She didn’t enter the swimming pool. Because she thought it was a fool, I think it is more appropriate to stay in the rabbit here. So she saved my mind here, etc., what is going on? She waited for her mouth, I wanted to go a few times, but I thought I thought it was. What do you have to do anything wrong with him? I have to pay attention.

Waiting for waiting, wait until Lingling came out. Don’t look at her hand has covered his face, cover his head, but it is useless. It is to know who Lan Xue is familiar with Lingling to himself. Everyone can turn into a variety of things, but the breath of everyone is not changed, let alone Lingling’s body changes. Lan Xue immediately recognized that it was Lingling.

Lan Xue thought: What is she come here? Is there any relationship with it? Don’t she come to him? Looking at Lingling left the swimming pool. After two or three minutes, I have just appeared at the door, I got a motorcycle, looking at Lingling left.

Lan Xue will be a little excited, this is her heart. She just wanted to shout: “Sister Drive”, the motorcycle is gangled, and behind Lingling. Then the car stopped, and after Lingling took the car, the car went. This makes Lan Xue’s heart, then slams the land, just crying.

After returning home, Feng Shuping asked in detail the scene of the wind and rain, and said unlimited: “This child is really good, there is a good time. My brothers finally got a person.”

The orchid said with a spring and said: “Mom, the cousin said, when you come back, you will come to see you.”

Feng Shuping said: “It’s very busy, if you are very busy, you don’t have to come. Hey, when can she come again? This is hard to say.” Her pretty face has melancholy, make people feel heavy. Her beauty is a mature beauty and also has a few vicissitudes.

It is of course the most concerned about the most concerned that the wind and rain are talking about. He quietly asked her that orchid smiles to him, smiles like a warm air blowing, and like a cherry blossom, it seems to be the happiest person. Although she just looks almost every day, she can’t help but feel the heart.

The orchid also quietly said: “Gang Ge, you don’t want to be anxious. I will tell you all at night, I am satisfied with you.” It is very happy to have a smile on his face. He thought: I have to listen, the rain is in the orchid, saying what bad words I am. I can also know that she has the attitude she holds for me “Non-ceremony”.

Wait until Lan Yue is coming back, the atmosphere at home is hot. Why? Because Lan Moon announced a good news.

Lan Yue is always a steady and implicit person, and he will not express his emotions. Today, she passed the door, her face with glorious smile, which made everyone feel unexpected. When she smiled, she was too small, and she may only be only one year.

Everyone see her with a smile expression, naturally ask. Still in aunt, asked: “Is Lan Moon, what’s wrong? Is it praised in the school?”

Orchids ask: “Big sister, is it a suitable object?”

It is intentional to tease her: “Lan Yue, you are so happy, um, must be halfway to get on the road.”

Lan Yue glanced into a glance, and the eyes were odd, and it was very beautiful and very charming. I saw her book to take the book to the table. I took a few mouthfuls, smiled to everyone, and then looked at Feng Shu Ping said: “Mom, the school announced that I was rated” Excellent Teacher “! I can’t believe it. “

Feng Shiping listened, smiled and showed full of white teeth, with a little excited: “Lan Yue, you have a positive follow-up of work, it is a” excellent teacher “. That’s time.” Said, her eyes flashed in tears, in the past, pulling Lan Yue’s hand. Lan Moon is in the abroad of Feng Shuping, and the head is placed on the mother’s chest. Her own high-chest is falling together, obviously emotional excitement.

The orchid said next to: “Yes, big sister, you are so active, hard, hard work, so on the students, put all the energy with the heart, the school should give you this honor, you will take this honor.”

It is so excited that it is so excited to come to the heart, I really want to give her a hug and kiss to reward. But someone is next to it. He doesn’t know what to say, I don’t think it is. He just took the warm eyes, and the Lan Yue sometimes met him, as if he took out the hot spark. He read her heart and knew what she wanted to do. She also wants to pounce into his arms, share her happiness with him.

Feng Shu Ping asked: “Lan Yue, do you want to eat? Mom all give you.” Lu Lanyue said: “Mom, what to eat, what to eat today, don’t be prepared.”

Feng Shu Ping said: “Lan Moon, today is a good day. Since I have been going to work, I haven’t been there so much reward. Let’s talk, what do you want to eat?”

Lan Moon thought about it, said: “Mom, what do you eat, what do you do, I love it.”

Feng Shu Ping smiled: “This child is happy to know how to eat. Get it, mom will do it.” Said, Feng Shu Ping wore apron, cook.

Orchids I wanted to help, and I was afraid that Lan Yue took the opportunity to hook into just, so she sat there. In this case, it is necessary to take the initiative to go outside the house, and go out to the hospital to breathe fresh air. He walked at the alley outside the door, looking at the high blue sky, looking at the bungalow of people, the family of people, the firewood in the house, the mood is leisure, and it is very happy. Occasionally there are a few chickens or a few ducks, or a stupid dog has passed around, and it has just read a few eyes and make fun of the sound. But these sounds often make these poultry to run away, and obviously don’t agree with his farmers.

He thought: When I was old, I got rid of all the treasures and bondage, moved to the countryside. It is really sincere, it’s really good, there is nothing to bother me.

He thought of Lan Yue’s good things, thought: father’s work is really fast. Take a call in the morning, there is good news in the afternoon. It can be seen that this year is the reason. If you are not blessing, can Lan Yue wish? It is only a sentence that Lan Yue is so excited, and it is only in one sentence, and the power of power cannot be underestimated. One sentence of people can determine your life.

However, this thing is sometimes like honey, so sweet, so that you are in love; sometimes a sharp knife, tie you, let people live in a lifetime. It is always easy to see, never want to mix in the officialdom. You know, with his father’s power, he wants to be too difficult to be too uncommon. However, he doesn’t like the officialdom, this is the same as the Tao Yuanming of Dongjin.

“Under the parchment, see Nanshan. The mountains are Japan, the birds are also …” There are also those beautiful women, are also the object of his nostalgic. People live a life, destined to choose a road, but can’t step on two boats or more boats.

He got an alley, got a big road in the village. After a while, he walked back, and it was occasionally to encounter the village. They all recognized it, and they knew that they became the second aunt of Lan. They will also have a few more eyes, after all, is a city, regardless of the long-distance, dressing, expressions, and they have differences. But it’s not that it is not like this, I feel that when the city is good, when the country people are not bad. The little girl in the occasional country has passed by him three or two, and he naturally read a few eyes. When they saw him, they whispered, waiting to have just near it, they did not speak. After walking, look back, the small reply is written, from time to time.

Although I didn’t know what they were saying, what was laughed, but I also knew that they did not maliciously to him, ten eight nine, or to their own praise and friendship. His people can only be in the city, but to the rural areas, it is the dragon of people, absolutely first-class people. Which of the rural woman does not fell to marry such a man? It is necessary to have a long phase, we must have a demeanor, and you have money to have money. It is very difficult for a man to have these advantages.

At this time, there were two rural little girls after they had just, and they were almost very large with the blue snow. They were not so white, but the body slim, the eyebrows showed the sky, and there were browse the sea, a pair of black eyes with pure rays .

They pay special attention to the special attention of MG, and they have a small reply. When I came to enter, I suddenly stopped talking: “Enome, my sister wants to marry you.” Said, one finger next to it.

The high brush is blushing, and he said: “Dead girl, nothing wrong, see I don’t tear off your mouth.” Said that the past. Dwarf ran, ran out a few steps, I still have to breathe. “My sister said, the woman has a blue sister, marrying to marry into just.” Said, stretching tongue I have been running, like a crazy deer. The next one shouted to catch up, turned to the blink of an eye, two little girls were far away. Their laughter and shouts are still vague.

At this time, Lan Yue came to find a just, and the scene just told her to see it. She looked at the girl’s back, she took a few vinegar to say: “It’s just that you are really not simple, become our dream in our village.”

It’s just a good mood, I’m going to see her, and the mood is better. He smiled and said: “Lan Yue, what is the strange? I can warn you, I don’t want to hook three four, when I have a heart radish. “

I just stared at her ruddy lips and said: “So I hit the fifth to six is ​​allowed?”

Lan Moon face is cold, said: “If you dare, I will go high, let you regret a lifetime.” Say, turned to the alley in the house.

I have just kept up with it, and I said: “I have a joke, I don’t want to be angry.”

Lan Moon laughed and said: “What is it to be born with you? Go back soon, have to eat.”

It is just chasing, walking side by side, turning around, looking at her clothes, the clothes, itching, I really want to extend out of the pawl of Lu Mountain. But he knows that time and the environment is not suitable, only have to force, his mouth said: “Congratulations, Lan Yue. I am very happy.”

Lan Yue said with him: “You have helped me so much, I am very grateful in my heart.”

Cheng just shake his head and said: “Thank you for it, I as long as you accompany me for a lifetime.”

Lan Moon sighed, did not say anything. She knows that this kind of thing may not be able to do it. During the speech, the two have come to their own door.

When eating, Feng Shuping should not praise the Lan Yue, orchid is also happy for my sister. Although I didn’t say much, I was called her. He believes that this honor is obtained in Lan Yue, and the feet is justified. Even if you don’t intervene, she should receive this honor.

Feng Shu Ping looked at Lan Yue, said: “Lan Yue, you have to have this honor, in addition to bonuses and provincial capitals in the school?”

Lan Yue thought: “The school said that inspections in the county in these two days will come to school to inspect, so that the teacher’s teacher’s teacher is open to class, the teacher’s loved ones can listen.”

Feng Shuping is full of joy and says: “This is very good, when you are in the family. You stand on the stage, you must look good.”

The orchid also laughed: “The big sister must be the most beautiful and best teacher.” Suddenly thought of her incident, couldn’t help but sour, it is a kind of heart. Although she is not a small woman, her husband has a good job, she is not very comfortable. Even if she wants to think, or try to forget, they will not wipe a shadow of the heart. She can’t imagine, in case one day, I really see that scene, can I accept it? Now I can only see it.

I just looked at my love, said: “Lan Yue, when we are cheerleaders, help you applaud. You will be very face.”

Lan Moon’s beauty looked at it, showing gratitude, and there is a touch of tenderness. In the case of someone next to it, she is trying to cover her mood, she is reluctant to let others see the unusual relationship between the two.

She laughed and said: “The school wants me to prepare, don’t get nervous. But I will not be nervous, I will express it.” Her play is a little more confident, this expression makes it I thought of the wind and rain. That girl can often have this expression, such a girl is often a strong.

Feng Shu Ping smiled: “Is Lan Moon, what is nervous? You are not the first time. Public lecture, you only have the same class as usual.”

Lan Moon nodded and said: “Yes, Mom, I think so.”

When the orchid, I said: “Big sister, it is best to come back in time. Her voice is big, shouting is more effective than anyone. Again, her favorite is lively, encounter this, she will certainly I am happy to jump. Her videos can be reached three people. “

Feng Shuping also nodded: “Yes, this little girl like this occasion. Orchid, wait for you to call Lan Xue, let her make a psychological preparation.”

The orchid promised, said: “Well, this incident is in me, guarantee smooth completion of the task.”

I have just met Lu’an Jiao Yan to drop, smile sweet, my heart is a little itch, tease her: “Lan Yue, do you want me to do a few small red flags. Telling the brilliance, let’s swite together.”

Lan Yue can’t help but laugh, say: “Don’t use it so exaggerated? This is a lecture, no football game.”

Feng Shuping said: “This idea is interested. If you need it, let’s do it, you will pay a lot of money.” Lan Moon smiled: “Mom, you also follow it, I said no need.”

A meal is eaten in a relaxed and festive atmosphere, and everyone is very good. After the meal, the orchid really called the school, so half of the day, Lan Xue, the orchid told her to the good news of Lan Yue. It is not very warm, just saying: “This is a good thing, I congratulate her.” The voice is faint, like water.

Orchids can’t help but feel strange, ask: “Lan Xue, what happened? Is it uncomfortable?”

Lan Xue sighed and said, “But not, the mood is not good, it is bad, it is never wants to find something, kick, things, bitten, venting, it is quick.”

The orchid saw it, he was not around, and he lowered: “Lan Xue, are you still angry with the big sister? I have forgot this in my wife, you still have a good thing, don’t play children Temper, if you look at something, I can buy it. “I want to say this, she should be happy.

Which Zhilai is still unburable. Lan Xue increases the volume: “A sister, not because of the big sister, I also want to open. Yes, you are not just more than you, what is the little scorpion? I am mood Bad, not because of this. “

Orchid, I said, say: “Not because of this, what is it because what? Is it homework? Is it hidden by the teacher? Or do you want to twisted with classmates?”

Lan Xue snorted, said: “You have guess it almost, I am unhappy with me. I think of her, I am angry with my eyes, I can’t wait to find the root whip to smoke her. She is too Over, too bully people, I can bear it, I want to fight with her. I haven’t me, I have n’thing to have. “She said, the more the sound is, and it is necessary to shock the ears of the orchid.

Naturally refers to Yan Lingling, Lan Xue usually looks at her, why? One mountain is not a long tiger! Lan Xue was originally in his homework, appearance, and a rare good. How to knew, Yan Lingling is also a natural beauty, style, homework, is quite flat with her, and will surpass her from time to time, so that she is the first The hope of a school flower is often destroyed. This often sighs when Lanxue: It is born, and He is bright. Lan Xue most hates someone to grab her head. She can allow male students to peek at her, secretly love her, she is helmed, but she can’t allow such a strong girl to force her, that is unable to tolerate.

This time, she accidentally found that Lingling came from the swimming pool, then the secret of God, secretly touched, and did not look like doing good things. The two also ride a round of motorcycles, what is their relationship? Do they just know? Still there is that relationship?

The more I want to be more nervous, the more I want to have more, I really want to face Yan Lingling, but she doesn’t do this. Is there something in my heart, how can the emotions are good? She has suspected that Lingling is also a lot of lover, but it is only doubt, no one, there is no other certificate. As for the big sister, Lan Yue, now it seems that it is a secondary enemy, Yan Lingling is the biggest enemy.

For the concern of concern, it also asked in deep sisters, orchids asked: “Lan Xue, there is a feeling of talking with the second sister, the second sister will help you.”

Lan Xue thought, said: “If you can’t help me, if you really want to know, wait for me to return home, I will tell you again.”

Orchid said: “Well, Lan Xue. The big sister lectured the class, do you want to participate?”

Lan Xue replied: “I naturally want to participate, just don’t know if I can catch up. Wait for her to decide the lecture date, you call me again.”

The orchid said: “Ok, no problem, just do it. Lan Xue, you should also learn to grow up, don’t move, you can’t move, you can’t get it. People live in uncomfortable things. More, if you are so angry, you will not be mad. Xiaoshi, listen to the second sister, what is angry, don’t put it on your heart, sleep well. A awakening, nothing. “

Lan Xue um, said: “A sister, I will listen to you, so I forget my own affair.” I thought: I am easy, the enemy has appeared, how can I not move? I am not a person unless I am not Lan Xue.

After a few words, the orchid is a few words. At this time, I met from the house, it turned out that he was convenient.

He entered the East House, said: “Orchid, are you calling Lan Shuang?”

Lan Snow Tita: “Yes, the little girl is not good.”

I just thought of Lan Xue’s character, laughed, said: “Lan Xue is a little ghost, love is angry, just like a child. It is quick to get fast, it is not enough to be in the heart.” Orchid The smile and said: “I think so too.”

I suddenly reached a thing, near the orchid, took her hand to sit on the edge, said: “Yes, what is Rainhe to tell you?”

Orchids followed by just the way, say: “There is no big thing, it is quite trivial. Do you love to listen?”

I just laughed gently and said: “Natural love listen. You must talk to me? Honestly, say that I said?”

The orchid has a look at the eyes, a pair of memories. I said that she told me a lot of things that she lived with her mother. As for you, we really talk about it. She mainly ask me what you think? “

I didn’t help but get a vigilant, say: “How do you answer?”

The orchid said: “I said that we are couples. No matter what this person, no matter how the truth: he is my husband, I am her wife.”

It’s just awkward, saying: “One is a lot of words? It seems that I am a bad guy, let you have helpless.”

Orchid is busy statement: “Gang Ge, you misunderstood. My isomery said that marrying chicken with chicken, marry dog ​​with dog.”

The orchid laughed and said: “I also said that this answer is to pay, she is not a direct and clear answer.”

I just said: “I also want to know what you say.”

The orchid took the head in Zigong, saying: “I certainly boast you a flower, say you are right, kind, arrogant, derogatory, love, talents, enthusiastic intestines, is a rare good person in the sky. Marry you, I am bless, I only follow this man in this life. “

I just listened, I couldn’t help but laugh. “Do you still want to follow the second man? Your answer is too exaggerated.” Said, huh, laugh, almost fell.

The orchid blinks and said: “Gang Ge, my answer is so funny? Do you know what reacts after I am listening to?”

Cheng just said: “I want to know.”

The orchid is then said: “The cousin asked me, there is no feeling in the advantages of Gang, don’t look at the color?”

The heart of the Gang has just tight, I feel that the wind and rain should talk about it.

[Episode 11] Chapter 2: Before you have a laughter, you just look at the orchid, but you will look forward to the back. The orchid said: “I have something to listen to her. I didn’t dare to answer directly. I asked her what is it. The cousin said, according to her eyes, you are not a Liu Xianghui, and there is no difference with other men.”

It’s just a breather, saying: “Isn’t I am a mortal? Isn’t I really like a child? Then I am still a man?”

The orchid smiles, smiled and bends: “I talk to the cousin, saying that you are not bad, I have never had any gossip, but I haven’t brough it to my home. I have been very satisfied. I have never thought about what the perfect man is. “

Mondang, I nod to say: “Orchid, you love to listen, it is more in line with humanity. The people are the meat, all have the advantages of human nature, I really don’t believe that his boyfriend does not have a man. Farming. “When you talk about a man’s problem, you have just been tempered, and the voice is big.

The orchid said: “I told me with me, why do he have anything about it? In addition to three dead, other men have been eliminated because they can’t stand the test.”

Cheng Gang asked: “how she tested those tests boyfriend??”

Orchid went on to say: “Cousin said she would give them many problems, if their performance in line with their own requirements, that is, through a pass, then we must not be eliminated.”

To just smiled and said: “This fall when her boyfriend intentionally ah certainly not easy..”

Orchid said: “My cousin told me that she would come up with all kinds of questions to test them, test anytime, anywhere there is a very good man, did not bother him a lot of problems, so my cousin find a few beautiful women. seduce him, and see how his powers of concentration. the first, second, and the second did not seduce into the results to the fourth man has picked on. you say fun is not fun? “

It is too big to say: “This is too difficult to be people? A normal man can have so temptation? If a man is seduce by a few women, I don’t want to be healthy. Men, affirmed sexual dysfunction. “The orchid sighs:” I also think that the cousin is too much. I have given her an objection. She said, for men to prevent them like a thief, but also like a child Like them, don’t relax the warning, let them honestly like a small sheep, let them be soft like a slave. “

I just listened to the head and said: “Is this looking for an object? Is this looking for a man? How did I think of a slave society?”

The orchid is beautiful, saying: “I think so too, so I said with the cousin. But I said that she is different from other women, it is like her boyfriend to have this requirement, otherwise she The pursuit behind him does not know how much. She is to use this way to scare them, so that they are daunting. “

I just laughed: “This is no wonder why she has not married. Such a woman, who can marry?” But I think of her style, I’ve gigmated it, for it. Such a beautiful woman, who will be interested.

The orchid pauses for a while, then said: “I also said that I have been eliminated by her pursuit, and he can’t even go.”

I just listened to this, my heart was a little angry, asking questions: “Why?”

Orchid said: “I have a sister to laugh a few times, saying that it is not enough for the minimum, and his man said that a few women attacked him, and she was a woman to hook him, he can’t stop. Such a flower bonus How can I be a candidate? When she said this, she still waved the arms, very chic. “

It’s just that I didn’t think about it.

The orchid is tie: “I also think that you have a fixed force. Of course, I don’t care about the cousin. I will ask how she knows that it is not to force? I have a few a few words, saying that it is a good color, she When I saw it for the first time, I saw it, and I also said that the prey of the sly did not escape the hunter’s eyes. “

I have just laughed a few times, saying: “I have become a quarry, I don’t know whether sheep, or tiger? Just when the empty mouth is speaking, what evidence is to prove that I am a good color?”

The smile on the orchid is reduced, saying: “I also asked her by eight hundred. She laughed first, laughing very mysterious, and finally her eyes were turned to say, seeing you many times, she wants to help her. Keep your face for you. If you come up with her, she is not polite, I have to take your fox tail to everyone. “

I just listened, my heart was a little off. He thought: What handites will I fall in her hand? But when she left, I held her and touched her, kiss her, in addition to this, it is to help her. She is not bad, it will always replace me, if she is in the orchid, the orchid must not be good, if the people who let the Lan family know, what do they change to me? After I return to the provincial city, I must go to the door to find her. Don’t she be with me? Don’t I afraid of her? Comparison is better. I will be afraid that she is still not?

If there is another chance, I will definitely take her clothes. Don’t blame me, who told her to grow beautiful, and hook like Lan Yue? I am not a marriage object, I just want to be your lover. When you miss you, you can find you a few times; don’t want you, leave you. Such a girl, a woman can’t control it, she is a good wild horse, want to control her, have a super group. I just tried it when I was good.

It’s a shamefulness that I want to think about it, the more I want to be more and more, “” What did she say? “

Orchid replied: “I have seen, she still wants to tell me. But she is serious, like a teacher when I go to school, then she only said, I want to keep your point, often give you Sing singing “Wildflowers on the side of the air path”. “

I just listened to myself and said: “You are a cousin. She still listened to her boyfriend.” Revealing her feeling in her pregnancy, really like a dream. He really wants to return to the provincial city immediately, face her face, stare at her body, listen to her voice, it is a beautiful enjoyment.

Two people talking so that they have just colored the color of the wind and rain. He thought: there is no chance to pay, as long as there is an opportunity, I must be actively moving forward, not afraid of suffering. Even if she is a lot of Juguku Jin soup, I will also fierce, long drive, dry, she wants to die, life is not forgotten. I want to be my woman in my life.

Time is really fast, and it is about Friday. Lan Moon received a notice and said that on Friday, the inspector is coming, and she wants her to be fully prepared, so that it is good to pay a public lecture. Lan Moon cautiously, the smile is less. The whole family naturally encourages her, give her strength, so she can deal with it. The orchid also called Lan Xue, the answer is that on Friday, the day, Lan Xue wants an important exam, even if it is not, she is not coming.

Lan Xue can’t go, and you will be a bit regrettable. She can’t go, everyone still has to go, so everyone is ready to prepare for Pen Lan Yue.

On Friday, a family dressed up, took out the most beautiful side of myself, and even the winds of Feng Shu dressed as a thirty person. She replaced a little bit of clothes, still following the help of the orchid, and got the lipstick, wiped the powder. When I first saw her, I couldn’t recognize it. I don’t think she is so young, so good, saying that she is a orchid, will have a letter.

This time, she also put a little pants and wrapped her body wrapped unevenly. Her body is basically unfolded, not influenced by the age, the waist is not bloated, and the chest is high. I have just seen her chest httime, and my heart will play a drum again. I saw that Feng Shuping’s chest is high, it is big enough, it is definitely the style of Bacard, and the tits of Lan Moon must have been hered by her. Look at the butt, being tight, big, round, drums, is really a perfect big ass. Although it is closely pants, it is also called just a good horse.

On this day, Lan Yue first went to school. When do other people start, wait for the phone to wait for Lan Moon. Before the departure, I had just brought the sympathy of Feng Shuping back to Dongwu Shen. At this time, the orchid came in. She also dressed as flowers like jade, tender like a new onion, can take out the water.

I just pulled her, let her sit on the thigh, slide it in her body. It’s not enough to stay with her chest and butt, how to touch it.

The orchid smiles, I am very happy to love him. While breathing, he said: “Justo, what’s wrong with you? How is this color?”

I ghed her face and said: “You are dressed as so much today, I am a heart.” The orchid wearing trousers today, making his legs until the legs, and wear a piece of clothes with a dot, make She has more lively feelings. The face doesn’t have to say, but also carefully modified.

The orchid is comfortable, saying: “Justang Brother, my mother is good. I have to look so good to her age, I am in Nan Tianmen, I.”

When I got this opportunity, I asked Feng Shuping why didn’t marry?

The orchid is hooked into a coliglement, and she sighed. “Why didn’t my mother marry? I don’t because of her, I want to have some old. It’s so good, my dad is dead, she can find a similar thing. The man married, but she didn’t do that. Why didn’t she marry? White, isn’t it for us? She is afraid of marry, we are helping the children follow the breath. “

I have just nodded and said: “Your mother is really a great mother. She is mistaken for you, you should take her life in the future.”

The orchid is moving, saying: “No, it should be.”

I just asked: “Then you have not opened her, if you want her to marry? Anyway, you are also big, you don’t need her to worry and be tired.”

The orchid said: “We naturally open her, but my mom does not agree. She said that the children are big, she is already old, there is no need to marry, I will live alone. In case, I can’t marry, but also Jump yourself in the fire pit. “

It’s just awkward, saying: “Your mother is really not very good. If you marry which man, that is the blessing of the man. Unfortunately, in addition to your father, other men don’t have that Yan Fu.”

Orchid should be and said: “No. My mother’s life, and those men don’t have that Yan Fu.”

Cheng Jun said: “Wait until Lan Qiang married, Lan Xue is married, then your mother is really old, then I want to marry late.”

The orchid laughed, said: “Gang Ge, you should also see, my mother is still a conservative side. She will not marry, for the sake of children, I can give up everything.”

Cheng Zhao said: “It’s great, I can’t really, you are a good blessing.” He couldn’t help but remember his aesthetics, my heart was sour. Nowadays, my father already has a wife, and I have already forgotten my mother. This can not blame him, people are very real, they are looking forward.

At this time, the phone of the orchid rang, it was Capy, inform you to go to school. So the orchid came out and greeted Feng Shuping to school. Three people are locked, and they will go to school. On the road, I also saw other villagers to go to school. In the folks who met Feng Shuping, he tried to her, saying she raised a good girl. Feng Shuping is modest, and I am proud of my daughter. The folks also saw Feng Shuping’s dress, and praise her is a big beauty, and the big star on TV. Feng Shuping feels a bit unfortunately, I feel that I have been in all years, I shouldn’t be so appearance. The orchid is comfortable: “Mom, you are doing so good to look, they praise you are sincere, you don’t want to be inexhaust. Others are in your age, I don’t think you are so beautiful. When you don’t work, you will not work. You will dress yourself … “Some words make Feng Shing have confident to yourself.

At school, I have seen several cars on the playground, and they went to the class of Lan Yue. The classroom door is open, and the students in the class is only half. This half is sitting in front, and the position behind is empty, obviously for others.

They went to the door, and Lan Yue came over from the table, greeted everyone to sit behind. When she was right with her, she smiled, smiled so enthusiastic, all clearly. He couldn’t help but praise: “Lan Moon, you laugh, it is beautiful, put your cousin is all down.”

Lan Yue said: “Are you too exaggerated? Where do I catch her. Fast, let’s take it.” She looked at the face of the orchid, there is no unpleasant color.

So, three people sat behind their students, and other folks were standing at the door. Some old people, old women, have children, they all know that there is a lively today, so lively, they will not miss.

Because this is not good, Lan Yue will be politely in the house, arrange the folks, and arrange them to their loved ones, specifically stay some tables to those inspectors. It is so elegant, then I am very happy, because this is his woman.

Before the inspectors didn’t come, the orchid took the empty asked: “Big sister, how is it only half of the students today? What about half?”

Lan Moon replied: “The other half of the principal put them, saying that their achievements are too bad, afraid to give your school.” The orchid listened to a smile, did not speak again.

After that, Lan Moon sat next to it, and the heart is probably imagined. After about half an hour, the principal and vice presidents led the VIPs in the county, and a group was full, and the spirit was shaking, like a holiday.

Lan Yue quickly walked on the platform, in the face of everyone, shouting: “standing, salute.” Those primary school students do.

The principal waves, let everyone sit down, and attract everyone to fall. After sitting, Lan Moon took a stop on the podium, like a star. Everyone pays that this young female teacher is very beautiful, the body is not bad, almost makes you pick it up. Those of the guests, no matter how men, women, have a good impression.

Today, Lan Moon has dressed in a special dress. She wore a white skirt, and a small saffron was also with a small red flower in the chest, and the clothes were suit collar, showing a long neck. She is solemn, her eyes, and the temperament is particularly elegant. No matter who reads her, she will praise her.

Today, she is talking about an ancient poem, called Night Hishan Temple. She said with a crisp voice: “Students, this poem today is Li Bai’s work. I first wrote this five words in the sentence.” Said to turn the jade wrist, only listen to Shasha Sound. When she flashed, she revealed the word written, a total of four lines: “The dangerous building is high, the hand picks the stars, not high-quality, fear the sky.”

That twenty words are flexible and delicate. I have to recognize the word very beautiful, I have a sense of kung fu. I didn’t pay attention to it before, people said that their words were like a person, and they did not fake. Lan Moon is not only beautiful, the word is also good.

Next, Lan Yue is carefully taught this poem. Tell this poem’s general, writing background, and its meaning of its words, and find the following students to answer questions from time to time. Each step, every link, it is so natural, so smooth. From her face, it is dedication, it is serious, it is the love of education, loves to students. Her face will have a smile from time to time, so that others know that she will shave the spring breeze outside of the cold.

I was talking about the hush, a student raised his hand, and the Lan Moon called him and asked him? Students say they want to go to the toilet. If this is changed, it will feel uncomfortable. This is not usually class, but there is a VIP to listen to the class, and before class, Lan Yue has given the students to solve their own things. Changed a small teacher, it will be considered to be a student deliberately, but Lan Yue is only a faint smile, saying: “Let’s go, come back soon.” The student ran out the classroom. Lan Moon then class. She said with her? Little didn’t affect the emotions, like painting, chasing people, changing people, even have been listening to it, and I want to become students often come. Seeing that people in the hearts are so beautiful, so good, the pride in justice has increased a bit.

His hand was put on the table, could not help but think of that night, the two were doing love in the classroom. The situation is so fascinated, her performance is more fascinating, the meat stick, the power of the movement, and her twisting and 呻 吟 人 人. Her tits are so powerful in the moonlight, but also floating with fragrance, how much it is, and how powerful below it! That night is really beautiful, I can’t forget it.

At this moment, the dried beauty is leaning, and the children talk about elegant poems. How never wear, how S. is in the lecture, and her face is not in the eyes. Who can imagine that she is so attractive under a man, then sexy, so enthusiastic!

However, this is indeed the same girl. Teachers are also people, when needed, they must be elegant; they need to be swayed when they need to be swayed. Everyone is a person, no one has to look down on who. Such a girl is cute, and they live true.

At this point, Lan Yue is still so excited, a pair of beautiful eyes clear as water, a pretty face is like a white rose. The little red flower took a vollate together in her prominent chest, so that he had also followed him. His recalls that there is a bounce in the inside, and his heart is somewhat idling.

One forty-five-minute class is coming soon, the latter the guests stand up in one person, they stand up and applaud, applause, long time, make the Lan Yue moved to the ceremony, but also have a wind with orchids. Shu Ping feels excited and has also joined the ranks of applause.

Finished, the guest announced that there were noon asked Lan Yue and his family to eat in the county. In this case, everyone will not be welcome. But I am not willing to go, he doesn’t like to be with those official entertainment, so he tells everyone to go home, and Feng Shuping and the orchid have Lan Yue sitting in a city in the city. Go go.

A person returns home, don’t mention how quiet. He is lying in the East House, thinking about the performance of Lan Yue, is very good. He is also a person who is going to college, will it be less? But there is too little class that can be praised, and the performance of Lan Yue can be hit. It is really great that Lan Yue is really great. As long as it works, she will be in the education community in the future.

Others have dinner, what should I do? He suddenly remembered Lingling’s words, saying that Xiao Road is going back. I thought of the small road, his eyes immediately appeared in front: Long hair bending songs, eyelashes long and charming, suspenders, white light shoulders with arms, drums, a ditch, the most fascinating That pair of jade legs. The legs do not lose professional models at all.

In terms of sex, she gave him how much tenderness and honey! Such a woman is called death, and there is no regret.

When the luck is good, what is it coming? When I was hurting, the phone rang. When he picks up, there is a warm and charming voice in the phone: “Flower Mon, have you taught a few flowers recently?”

I just listened to the laugh, said: “You can really become the whole person, when will I become a flower son? Unfortunately, a flowers are not taking. I want to pick you this, give me a chance. “

The small road giggled a few times, said: “Don’t I have eager to have this flower? What is the freshness? You still go to pick those fresh, those who just explore the apple, bite straight water.”

Cheng Jun said: “Hey, small road, you come back? Can you die.”

The small road snorted, said: “Roll the chicken egg, come to me. I see your morning fucking forgot me. Or don’t come, I will not come to a call.”

It is a bit not used to you just listen to her crowd, but she is this. He said: “Small road, I didn’t forget you, but my wife is strict, it is inconvenient to call.”

The small road shouted: “It’s said to go. The wife is strict, why have you had the opportunity to do Lingling once? I really hate you.”

It’s really hard to deal with it. In order to be able to do it, sometimes you have a look. So he said: “You don’t know, I will take a lot of insurance in order to go. If you are known by my wife, then the world is chaotic. Yes, when did you come back?” The small road is smirk, Said: “It’s just that you also know? I just got off the bus, I went home. Do you dare to see me?”

Two numbers in Haha, said: “Is there any dare not? I will go to you now.”

Small road reminded: “But I can remind you, in case fucking, I can’t do anything.”

It’s not even more than saying: “I will be afraid of him? If you want to fight, is he my opponent? I have no relationship with him. He dare to play with me, it is Guan Gongmen to play big knife, Luban Don’t worry in front of the door. “

The small road laughed and said: “Then you come, I am waiting at home. If you don’t dare to come, you will never have to see me later.”

Encourage: “Ok, wait for me.” I thought about the wonderful blessings, my bones were crisp. He thought that the road is in the bed, how hot, the average man will be a bit nervous, but he is not nervous, because he is also a master in bed, just like his skills.

The small road also said: “If you come, I will give you a surprise.”

I just said: “Where is I come from? From your stomach?”

Small roads: “It’s really a crow mouth, will I be so unhappy? Now not when a mother. You want to know this is awkward, I first sell a Cat, waiting for you, I will give you a answer, save you Happy to jump. “

Cheng Gao Haha laughed: “Ok, I am going to jump up for this accident. Anyway, I am not afraid.”

The small road said: “Then I will see it. I have to take a shower, I am dirty.”

I just listened to it, I quickly said: “You wait for me, I will have a bath with you.” Said hanging up the phone, ready to start.

In fact, there is nothing to prepare, just change your clothes, comb, and rub the skin. He is busy while recalling the benefits of this person of the road. He has been a good relationship with her for several days. This dress is not clear, it is unclear, and he doesn’t have much time to think about it. This can’t blame yourself, his side is not lacking, like Lanxue, Lan Yue, Lingling, which one is not a fascinating esteem? Which one can be called it into the heart, staying forget.

After packing up, become a good door, ride on the car, and I am so happy. He made a happy mood, got on the village avenue, the houses in both sides, and the air land made him feel the fresh atmosphere outside the city. It is not only rich here, but also a special beauty, if there is no need, often live, change the air is also good.

Facing, it has turned into a long official path. He is visiting, running in the blue sky of Liyi, the light wind blows his face, recalls his heart, the uniform and smooth engine is his music. He hated that like a bird, flew to the small road of the soul, weaving the dream of Wushan with her.

Because the official path is not the cement pavement, but the local road, the road is rough, there is a pit, there is a small stone, the stone, so he does not dare to ride too fast. When he was in the suburbs of the county, he suddenly accelerated, the wind on his face became violent. The motorcycle is like a flying arrow, and it will go to the small way.

His memory is good, accurately found the apartment of the small manager, which is the 3rd floor east gate. He took the door to the door, and he didn’t slow the door. He immediately came to the voice of the road: “Who?”

I just laughed: “I am your dream lover.”

The sound inside laughed, and the door opened, he saw the charming and passionate face of the small road. Her eyes also laughed and reached out and pulled it in. When you are close to: “You want to die, what dream people, if you let the neighbors hear, pass the old ears, then I can eat it. Old strictness is very taboo to wear a green hat.”

I just got up and down, I said: “What are you afraid? Is it still harmful to have a green hat? Don’t say that you don’t say, just say that you don’t only wear a green hat?”

The small road glanced, smiled and said: “Let your shit. Do you have so unfair? Since with your old strict, I haven’t followed other men yet, he only wore it. One more. You see it, I am more desirable to him. “

I just looked at her: “It’s quite enough. I thought that his green hat accumulated to catch up with the flag of the flag.”

The small road is angry to push it on the chest. He said: “Roll you, is the grandmother? You don’t know, how is I am outside, so many men seduce me? I haven’t promised. Don’t you believe? “Say this, the smile of the small road disappears, and it is the color of the melancholy. This expression is always a good love, sympathy. It is very important to say: “I believe, just start a joke, you are still true. Yes, have you still take a shower?” He looked at her hair or dry.

The road replied: “Oh, don’t you wait for you to come back?”

The hand of the road is just pulled, saying: “So, let’s start now.”

Small road shakes the head: “What is your urgent? Do you have to go back to your wife? If you are, you will go back.” Her face floating provocative laugh.

I just got, said: “Small road, do you see me so useful? I told you, I am at home, it is boss, she can’t manage me.”

Cheng Jun explained: “Where I am afraid of her, I am respecting her. She is a good wife, I haven’t done something sorry. I have to eat some wild vegetables. Of course, my heart is a bit uneasy. On the surface, I still It should be taken with her. Do you say that I do this? “

The small road sighs, saying: “Yes, yes, I can’t think of a good color. It is too hard. You said that I have a bit of a blue orchid. When you are divorced, you can get the first I don’t know me, I have to fight for it. “

It is the least like “divorce”. He is the kind of man who wants to eat wild food and will not give up on the home. He doesn’t want to play his family, and the derailed returns can not affect the relationship between husband and wife.

He said: “Small road, don’t think, I don’t want to divorce.”

Xiaowei said: “Then I don’t want to give old stroming for a lifetime.”

I just asked: “What should I do?”

The small road is helpless, saying: “Ghost knows.”

It is not willing to entangle in this problem, you can meet each other, why don’t you talk about your happiness? He pulled up the hand of the road, kiss, said: “Small road, don’t you ask me to sit down? Let’s talk about the good things in the provincial city.”

When I heard this, the clouds on the face of the road were scattered, and the sunshine was replaced. She pulled a strong hand on the sofa, and she became a thigh, and the road understood, soft and smiled, and the butt was sitting. It’s just with your waist with your bracelet, and I’ve been a soft and jade, I just thought that my aroma was aroma. The young mature smell is how fascinating, and everyone wants to have a meat stick, do her personal horses and rivers.

On the small road side, sitting on the legs, followed by just four eyes, her eyes filled with tenderness. She said: “Enome, do you know? Every time I sit in your arms, I have a sense of security, it seems to be a hurt bird to find a nest. But every time I leave you, I will Lost this feeling. I always feel that someone will hurt me, I will have any natural disasters to be harm me, I want to be with you! “

This is very touched here. He said that she said tightly: “Your words make me very uneasy, although you are my lover, I also like you, I also want to spend more with you, but I am worried. But I will try to Let you happy, let you smile often, not as unhappy as before. “

Small road is beautiful, saying: “You have been doing well, I shouldn’t pick you.”

The path to just put into his arms lying posture, the path would be happy to be so. She looked up to the shackles of the shackles, in order not to cause the mutual feelings, the small road decided to tell their own appearance and feelings in the provincial city.

Just looking into his arms lying in the road, and I feel particularly good. It looks like the path turns out to be lovely, and she wore a strip harness dress, chest slightly lower opening, you can see some cleavage, part of the meat ball, like this already hot enough, not to mention she just fell into the arms, with his body with stickers, just had to feel her soft with the temperature.

To just not worry, endured desires. He wanted to take it, anyway, is not to go immediately, he should listen to what he says to keep the path.

The road closed his eyes and opened the beauty and started his trip to your province. She said: “Still is good, buy things, you can really have money, you can buy anything. For example, clothes, high-end, from thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of money, let you choose, You pick. If the conditions are not good, you can buy a wholesale place, there is really cheap, it is really a big white cabbage, ten eight pieces, you can also buy a dress. “He has just smelling her body, The color is fluttering: “Of course, the business is developed in the city, else, how many people want to live in the city, Ning Ke, don’t go back to the countryside, the city naturally has the advantages. If you, don’t say It must be a city. “

Small road point: “That is of course. I want to live in the city, there is a shopping paradise. It is like in our small county, even if there are a few money in your hand, I want to buy something, I can’t buy it. Or the city is good. I said to move to the city later, and the city people live too much. “

I just listened to my laugh and said: “Still tell your city. I want to know what gains you have this time.”

The small road said: “In addition to visiting the street, I purchased a computer market. I want to develop in the county in the county, etc., etc., the provincial city will be the direction I struggled “

Encourage: “Okay, I support you.”

The small road stretched his arms hooked the neck of Gigne, saying: “There is a computer that is really cheap, the same is new, we will sell it three, there are two thousand dollars. You said that this is more Black. “

I just smiled and said: “Businessman, the picture is a good! No, who will work so much?”

The road said: “Can you earn less? Also let the people live to live.”

I just said: “You are also doing business, you should know the characteristics of business people. Right, what do you think about the market?”

Xiaochuan said: “I feel a lot. I have to open a biggest Internet cafe in the county city, earn more money, I have to rely on my own strength to become a woman, but I don’t want to rely on men.”

I just laughed: “You are very ambiguous.”

The small road also said: “I visited a lot of electronic shopping malls this time. I have to listen to the computer in the computer. I have already said there. As long as I call the phone, he shipped. As long as you start action, I I have to be busy. At that time, I will let the old strict look at my business. “

I just said: “At that time, you can give you money to you.”

The small road was obliquely and said: “I want to be beautiful.”

Cheng Jie looks at her dark circle, said: “You have so good, must you encounter sexual harassment?”

The small road listened to a smile and said: “No, there are colored wolves everywhere, I will tell you, and you will be jealous.”

I have just yet, I have a big eyes, say: “Let’s talk about it, what is interesting.”

Small road thought, said: “Isn’t I going to examine the market? I often have to deal with people, most of whom are men. Those men, ten is a good color, talk to them, their mouths talk to me Holding the sky, his eyes are chaotic. Fucking, all fucking is a wolf, the eyes are not too strong, it seems that you can see my clothes, so that I don’t have it. This is also polite, there is More, shake hands with me, I have been holding a long time, I don’t want to let go. I reminded them that they are like waking up. Also, don’t you take a bus in the city? There are also many people. Some deliberately squeezed with me, and it is crowded. It is a squeezedit. Have a mother? There is a small child, dare to touch my ass. I am fire, go back He is a big slap, and he doesn’t dare to say anything. “

I just said: “Well, I am playing well, this kind of person will have to hear him. Don’t be, he takes you as a soft persimmon.”

The small road said again: “There is another time, I turned in the electronic building. I asked the computer everywhere. There is a kid to smoke, there is no happiness, there are a few hairs on my head, and I’m still ugly. His hidden face Come on, ask me how much I do. I blindly, say loudly, go back to fuck your mother, your mother doesn’t want money. “

I just listened to a laugh and said: “You can really embarrass. His big man is so embarrassed, not angry, you can’t get you a meal. You will suffer.”

The small road laughed: “The kid listened to the liver, shouted:” Brothers, I will roll me over. “There will be three or four kids around me.” I think in my heart, this is broken, how can I have to play them, calling a friend is not used. In my martial art, the ugly child is forced to come to me: “The smell of odor, dare to marry my mother, see how I pack you. This grandfather doesn’t take you grandfather. Grandpa is here. I just sigh: “It seems that you are suffering. I am not on your side.”

Xiaowei said: “I don’t have anyone who has never seen the world. I didn’t show it on my face. I said to him:” Good dogs don’t stop, give me one side. I tell you, I just drink with the public security director. After drinking, you will not let him open, I will call him. “I said it is very serious, the kid is confused, I really don’t dare to come. I use my finger to say:” You know I don’t know me. ” No Into the taxi, hurry again. I ran so far, my heart also jumped to stop. These two bastards, I almost planted in them. “

It has also grown a breath, saying: “This is too dangerous. You a woman, you can pay attention to the outside. Good guy doesn’t eat your eyes!”

Xiao Road huh, said: “If you return it, you are really paying attention. If you are with me, I am not afraid.”

I just said: “If they are lucky, if I am with you, I must put their head into a dog’s head. Yes, do you have not encountered a good man in the provincial city?”

Xiaowei said: “Yes, I met a handsome guy in a computer store, it was the little boss, only twenty-five, six years old, the face was very white, the eyes were very big, and the eyes were. I went there. I have been fascinated by me. When I talk about the computer, he tells me that he is graduating from college. It is not willing to be a workman, and he is a boss, a lot of girls chasing him, but he I didn’t look at your eyes. He asked me, could be his girlfriend? You don’t know, his eyes are more affection, I have a little heart, but I think of you, I still get back. I can’t betray You, in my heart, you are the only one. “

I just listened, I really got a sour, said: “Fortunately, you have not promised, otherwise, you have to be ignorant after two days. It is easy to follow. You don’t look at his appearance, it is good, maybe it is a good style. Big rogue. At that time, you can’t cry. “

Smiling, smile, smile. She said: “Go to you, the net is said to be bad. I saw him really a S. people, not being installed. Where to you, I want to pull the people to bed, every time I put it. People don’t want to do it, don’t want to do anything, just think that. “Say this, her eyes are so elegant, and the look is so fascinating.

I can’t help but I can’t help it, I have a low head, I have pro, I have a friend, say: “Small road, don’t seduce me, I have got your temptation!”

The small road broke away from his arms, on the ground, said: “That is your heart, do you have not heard it?

Small roads have just said: “You are sitting here, I have to take a shower. I don’t with the wolf.” Sayed to turn around and twisted his butt to go to the bathroom.

Where did you endure? I quickly chased it and followed it, said: “” Do you take me wrong man? I have to prove it with strength, I am a good man. “

The road grabs a small road to her, saying: “What good men? It’s hard here, what is it is full.”

It has just been transferred for a while, put her down and said: “Small road, I don’t want you to go back to the first love, but let you return to the first night.” Said, will press the big mouth, two hands tight Live her waist and played it. The big mouth kissed, kissing the small road almost breathing, the most interesting is his hand, catch up with her body, make Xiao Lu Fangxiang like a pool, a blossoming, every flower Let her have been intoxicated.

[Endeen episode] Chapter 3: Two tongues in the lips “fight” in the lips, sound. Four hands are in the opponent, looking for something you want. I haven’t been a while, the gasping sound is full of bathroom, which is not a fierce battle.

This bathroom is not small, except for the Lianshek, outside the pool, there is a short small bed, which can take a shower to take a temporary rest. This bed has a thick leather pad, very smooth.

After the two were intimate, the small road gently pushed him, said: “Enome, I don’t want to play fresh?”

It has been a long face has been burned red, saying: “Of course, what is your fun?” The beautiful light of the small road, said: “Let’s go on the bed, save you, you don’t want you. leave me.”

I have just yet, say: “Is there such a good thing? I have to see it.”

Small roads smile, said: “Then you listen to me to command.” Said, pulling it to the bed, let it sit down. Then the small road bent down, gently and skilled. The long hair rock, touched the face and nose from time to time, so that the nose is itchy while thinking about it, I always want to do something. His hand scratched in her body, and made a few times from time to time, he said: “Honest point, I am angry, I will drive you out, like catching the dog.” Said, she is huh, Laughed. In the charming laughter, she has already got a lot of nothing. She saw the stuff in his crowd, like a cannon.

The road took a piece on the meat stick and glanced at it. After a few steps, slow down your long skirt, it is a leopard skin pattern, quite sexy, and is quite wild. It is the kind of teasing underwear, the main role of underwear is only attached, and it is more important to seduce. Otherwise, why do you only take a pocket, not big? Why do you have a secret, followed by a line, and the entire white butt is exposed?

Her long skirt is almost, I have just been very enjoyable. This time he saw the two legs of the road. So long, then round, then white, fat and thin, bright, with its beauty, enough to do it Long leg models. Of course, it is also noted that the roots are not seen in the roots. He knows that there is already a strong spring, waiting for himself to appreciate, there is already a beautiful wine, waiting for yourself to taste. The woman is the man’s “I am giving me the door, I’m dead.”

The small road did not take yourself, and let go here. She turned to the wall to remove a slender white bottle, with a goose mouth, I don’t know what it is. The eyes of a Gigne fell to her back and watched a few eyes. In addition to the two legs, her jade back, the waist is good, and the completely exposed butt is even more compelling. Although it is not so big, it can be drumped, enough, enough to be white. How nature of the waist hips is, how bright, always make people want to do a few poems. It is a pity that it is not a poet, but a colorful wolf.

I haven’t waited for him to look at it, the small road has turned back, sway the bottle in his hand, said: “Good things come, lying down, waiting to enjoy.”

I just looked at the small road floating with the scent, asked: “What is it in this bottle?”

The small road got a mouth and said: “Don’t tell you. You just want to enjoy the enjoyment, I am everything for you.”

It’s just that there is no way, I have to lying on the small bed and see what she has. I saw that the small road bent down the waist, and the pair of tits were smootted like two apples. She pinch the bottle mouth, out of the milk-like liquid from the mouth, falls to the body, cool, slippery. She pinch, the other hand helped it, did not have a while, the half of the body was white. Under her movement, a pair of tits shake, although it is not as strong as Lan Yue, there is also a moving.

It is even more fascinated by the thighs of the road. Close, it is more clear, just like ivory, it is also bright. How rich in the thigh is, how is the calf part, and the two parts build perfect, making it just sighing. This legs are coveted three feets, whether wearing shorts or wearing a skirt.

Wheak is between it, the whole body has been applied to the white, like it is only from the big snow. The small road looks at the beginning to the foot, and smiles and profits: “Turn over, then apply it.”

I have just laughed a few times, saying: “Small road, what are you doing? Is it playing the snowman?”

The small road smiled, revealing the lovely look, shake the bottle of the hand, said: “Let you obey, you listen to it, where is so much nonsense? It’s a dog biting Lu Dongbin, don’t know the heart.啰, turn over. “

I met such a woman, I became very helpless. He took a series of doubts and turned it. This time I can’t see the face of the road and the body, I can only see the bed.

Xiao Xiao Xiao smiled and said: “This is awkward. Where do you know, how good I have been to you. This thing I bought it for the first time, I will use it. I don’t even have it. I will not like it. You are waiting for him like you, you are the only man I love, I just want to be alone with you. “Speaking attended. Still does not affect her action. I just felt that I started cold from my neck. Where is the coolness, he guess, where is it to enter the army. When you rub your butt, the small road will be more somewhat more, and reach out to pull the things out of the legs. The things have been painted, and the small road is still playing with a scholar, saying: “This thing, always restless, is it still who wants to play?” Said, painted it, make it white It can’t see it.

It’s just trying to turn to the head, the aftertaste of the eyes only see a leg of the path. He said: “Small road, I am with you now, you are a beautiful woman, wear so exposed, you can think of who it wants to do with knee.”

Small road smiled and said: “Do you want to fuck me? Which is easy, when I look at it.” Said, I took it down, I didn’t have a few minutes, and I was all white behind it.

The small road puts down the bottle and re-read it. Very satisfied, said: “Good good, first use, the effect is good, now you can carry it.”

I just asked: “What is the second step?”

The road smiled and said: “The second step is a woman’s man.” Said, she jumped into the bed and took the body. It is just a warm and soft post. When her whole body is completely pressed, it feels not serious, this weight is very welcome.

I just laughed: “Small road, what are you playing? Will it be the push oil in the film in the film?”

The small road is awkward, saying: “I don’t learn anything, this is my own invent, will make you happy.” After that, she started. On both sides, the double arm is grinded, and it will do it up and down for a while. This grinding makes it fresh and very comfortable. He thought: the small road must be in the city or in the film, it is used to get your own people. He is very moving to her.

After grinding, the small road called him over. The small road was once again grinded, and he wanted for a while. Grab a little pain.

I couldn’t help but, I said: “Small road, you are tight, you can’t afford it.”

The small road squinted, laughed: “If it is broken, cut down, help you change your donkey, then you will be more addicted.”

It was also laughed and said: “” At that time, I would insert your. “Said, reach your hand, catch her tits.

The small road gasped and said: “Turn the paws back, I have not finished working, wait for a while, you have to do it.” So I have just dismissal, and then look at her performance. After she was finished, he kept playing his stick. First, hold it with your hand, the other hand all the glans, and it is necessary to take appropriate talents, showing a certain talent. Then, the arms are behind, but the butt is sitting on the legs, sticking out the legs, clamping the gigns in the legs with your legs, but also, it is also a set, but also shake, learn to start The action.

It was said that it was giggling: “Small road, you really have two minutes, where to learn crafts, is it so powerful?” He not only fatched, but also feel comfortable, play with your hands and playing with your hands. a feeling of. This kind of game is called “Foot”? He is only seen from the computer, but he can experience it in the actual life.

Small road laughs to play more joy, praise: “You haven’t played something. I will slowly discover it, so that you can find it in a lifetime. I will let you know, in Your woman, I am the most calling. Even your wife, you will feel that there is no me. “She opened his mouth, showing white teeth, even white teeth flicing a happy shadow.

Enjoy the service of the road, my heart is very happy. He took the intersection of the meat and the meat stick, and I saw the two outstanding legs of the road, only cover the breast of the milk, and she took a few beautiful faces. He thought: It is really refreshing with such a woman. She said that I have to surprise me, is this surprise?

It is a bit shade to the small road to see if it seems to be a lot about the way to the small road.

After a while, the small road made her high-speed recruitment: mouth skills. This is her good play. She said that she didn’t help but use, only to just. It’s also happy to believe in her, deeply aware of her love of fire, deep.

I saw that she first cleared the meat with the water to make it true. I took a bottle of honey and poured on a cornice. Next, she kneel down, fix it, so that it can’t move, then spit out the tongue, like a flame, look at the stick. Every time you pick it, you will have a delicious meal, as if you have a taste. It’s just that I have already made colored heart, I have a good power to say: “Small road, you will really play. In the woman who touched me, you are the first.”

The small road is headed, saying: “I just want you to know that you have more women, but I am more than I have this one.” Tell, the tongue swept the glans, giggling, can’t speak Come. He felt that he would say that it was called a little relaxed, and he would raw.

Small roads lick the glans, and also played the part of the following parts, even the two eggs were treated friendly. The small road is first licking the skin, and then contains the egg, spin the tongue, patiently serve. I can’t wait to push her immediately, I’m fucking.

Subsequently, the small road swallows the meat stick into your mouth, slowly set, clamping, making the meat stick to get the best care. The flexible tongue, warm cavity, superb skills, so that it has just been the taste of another kind of soul, and also deeply feels the weight of the beauty.

I have just take a few mouthfuls of breath and say: “Small road, you lay down, let me exercise you.” Reaching out her head, finger a little trembling.

Small road spit out the meat stick, laugh: “Why do you make your man? Today, let me fuck you.”

I just laughed and said: “You don’t have a long time, you can’t move.”

The small road took a long hair and smiled: “I haven’t long, but I have a hole, I can work.” Said, adjust the posture to squat, hand put the meat stick, start . When the glans came to cross the next, they were separated.

When the big tapping is on a soft part, it looks particularly hard, it is now the most soft. It is just a lot of gas and says: “Small road, you won’t intend to make my gating like a knife, go into your small hole?”

The small road smiled and said: “I think so, just that your big cock is not a knife, the stab is not broken.” Say, reach out to the side, reveal the hairy small hole. There is already wet in the water.

The small road allows the glans to sit down to the quasi-hole, and the meat is one point next to it, and it will go in half. The small road has taken a sigh of breath, twisted his face, adapted to the big stick. It turns a few laps, it will finally swallow the roots. She didn’t move immediately, but she took a few breaths and felt the beauty of insertion.

It also feels that the meat stick has entered a warm place, very comfortable, and the face is excited. He reached out and pushed her bra, and the whole tits were present before. Two ears, dark red.

I have just played one hand, saying: “It’s really soft, with the dough.” At the same time, don’t forget to use the thumb to make a teap, he wants her to completely estrine.

The small road was made on his face. She couldn’t help but sat down with the stimulus of the meat stick, I couldn’t help but sat. The meat stick is active in her small hole, touched every corner of the small hole, touched the waves: “It’s good, good things, you have to die!”

I just laughed: “This is just beginning, joy is behind.” He had a hands behind him, so that the meat stick is strong, and the combination is sent from time to time. The small road has also been affected, and it is restored. She put her hands on the knee and landed hard. The big meat stick was frozen, it was clean, and the waves came down along the combination, and the two people got a wolf.

It is a beautiful look at the landscape of the combination and feeling too beautiful. A beauty is playing with yourself, and how happy this beauty is. When I played, the small road took the head, and the movements were accelerated. Long haired sagged, and they kept shaking. Two hands are not in place, grabbing their own tits, very popular. And her beauty is also squinting, and the nose is emitted from time to time, so that the house is full of the most beautiful sound.

When the road movement is slightly slow, I just came to a Raptors to turn over, and I didn’t pull it out. I didn’t pull it out. I tally and tiger, I didn’t say a small way. “” “” It’s really a man, catch up with the beast. “The two legs are automatically clipped on the waist. Her waist hips cooperate up with the work of the work.

It was just inserted her, and smiled.

Small road told: “Yes, yeah, I will do it in my next life. You can’t run.” Cheng just like a hometown mountain, the momentum is dried in a few hundred, and the small road is dried to bump like a hot pot. Living fish in. Then, it is necessary to just pull out the wet gum, and put the beautiful legs of the road in the arm, and then insert the murderer’s big stick.

A small road is called, saying: “” Cheng just, do you want to die? “

I just laughed: “It’s fun!” Dried one side, feel the beauty of the legs. The legs on their own arm also moved with action. At the same time, you can also see the masturbation of the small road, shaking the tits, and the following battle.

Under the violent attack of Gang, the small road is endless, the twist is not limited, the following lascivious water does not know how much, is also formed into a milk color.

The small road came: “It’s just a bit, not to die. I still have many wishes.”

Made in the hard work, I took it to the hole every time, then inserted into the end, I said: “For the exquisite goods, I must die.”

Xiao Road mouth, said: “I am not a big goods, I am not a big goods, I am a good girl.”

Magong intentionally, smiled: “It is a woman who is serious. It is also a good thing. This is the truth, you can’t excerpach.”

After a few minutes, I met a posture. He stands on the ground, picking the legs of the road on the shoulders, and then plug in. This posture can be inserted deep and more powerful. I just laughed: “Small road, I must let you cool enough. Waiting for the old, you can’t even go. He will ask you how to do it, you say, let other men give up. He will feel unlimited happiness. “

Xiao Lujiao said: “Happy fart. I really said that he is not able to kill me. He is a person who wants to face.”

It’s a woman who has just sidedly, I laughed: “He is already old, not used. You don’t have a wall, then it is a strange thing.” He noticed that you think that the small road is a woman. When you do it, you will be very strong, and the meat stick will be harder. Do you have this psychological man? I always feel that I will be more powerful than other men, and there is more books.

I just noticed that every time I took the meat stick to the mouth, I can always see the tender meat in the point, and when the stick is inserted, the tender meat is in, still can only see her red. Meat and black hair on both sides. There was already wet, stick it into a piece.

For fun, he pulled out the meat stick and let the small road bend his legs, and this posture is more induced. The thighs, butt, and two holes have a clear, that is clearly a clear contrast of color. Look, there is black, red, white, brown, then equipped with the milk on the round milk, pretty face red and eye-catching, men are not crazy.

It’s just holding your own meat stick, smith, staring at her water, and the small hole is not plugged. The small road is anxious, and the fragrance is sighful: “Enter the just, express me, I want your big dick.”

It is also liked to tease her like a teasing moon, saying: “Let’s say it, I satisfy you.”

The small road is not like Lan Yue. She smiled and said: “My pro-man, quickly use the big cock to felt my little Sao. Xiao Sao, it is impatched, I have to explode.”

I just heard a sense of accomplishment, proud, immediately said: “Ok, see how I fuck you.” So he like a bow arrow, set, inserted in most. Then, it is just like a machine. When you move the key, you have just picked her, get up on the ground, and do it, very comfortable.

The small road is hung in the body, but also feels enjoyable, said: “It’s just a lot, you are a good man, everything is good. If I only have a woman, it is better.”

I just smiled and said: “There is not good to me. I am an emperor, you need a bunch of scorpions, you can listen to it.” Said, it is hard to do, you have a small road, it is a bit like Play swing.

Waiting for the small way, I can’t call, I just went to put her in the small bed, and it was a hard work. One breath will drive the small road to the climax, and he is not shooting.

The small road screams, and the neck of the colum has just said: “How do you still not shoot?”

It’s just that it is much more comfortable than the sofa. He replied: “I am not enough. I have said, I want you to get the bed.”

Small road giggling, saying: “You will blow the cattle, you will have you.”

I just laughed: “Do you have any tricks, just take it out. “

This can not help but make a puzzle, carefully pondering her, but I haven’t figured it out for a long time.

They rushed out and handed over the bathroom. The front stop in the big mirror is a distinctive naked nude. Through the mirror, both people look at each other’s flesh. I just saw the small road, gave birth to white and clean, uniform flesh, her curved bend was divergently on the shoulders, and the black contrast to the body formed a dazzling contrast. Her lips are flaming, the eyelashes are very long, the smile is charming, the tits are standard, especially a pair of legs, more exciting. The advantages of others have all.

I didn’t forget to see her jungle. Because I just did it, there was still nothing. If the meat under the hair is hidden, it is slightly opened, and it is particularly pink. I have just reached a hand and smiled: “Small road, your stuff is good, I want to spend it.”

The small road also reads the public, see him to have a high healthy, muscular drum, plus a handsome face, there is no reason not to be favored by women. The sticks under the knee are still very old, the glans are big like a egg. The state of them, so that the beauty is love and afraid.

The small road also laughed: “You have a long time, I have it itchy.” Said, reach out, feel its strong heel.

I just got her waist and said: “Small road, let’s fight, I haven’t finished it yet.”

The small road is gently pushed him, saying: “You are a fever, is there a time? Is it afraid of a wife, have you eager to return to report?”

I just went to my dedication: “I have this thing. I said at home, is I am the kind of man who is not?”

Small roads, smirk, laughing, tall. She said: “I will guess, you are not the wife, you are a gut, can have a man, or I will not like you. This way, you go to the bedroom first, I sent a newsletter Come with you. “

It was just staring at her dark red, said: “What is this news from this time? Do you say that you have to call the old strike?”

The small road reveals the mysterious smile and said: “Old strictly can’t fight you, I won’t call him. Ok, you don’t have a lot of idle, so I will wait for me.” Said, I went to coffee table to catch my mobile phone.

Since the small road does not let you know, then you don’t have to look strong. Everyone has their own privacy, or keeping their own secrets, so that she will not cause her dislike. After all, she is just a lover, not a wife.

I have just laughed with her, and I walked into the bedroom. He lie on the bed and it feels very comfortable. He looks at the ceiling, so white, white is like a beautiful skin. He turned a few bodies in the bed, sitting up, licking the environment of this bedroom. I saw a long time, I didn’t find photos of a small road in the house. Why is this? Maybe the small road doesn’t like to put yourself on the wall? Or is there any reason.

He is waiting patiently. The meat stick has always been so high, it seems that it is not enough to be fast, it will not go soft. He looked at his baby, can’t help but think of rain. That big beauty is also interested in ourselves? What did this explain? At least she doesn’t hate me. If there is no good impression of me, she said she said her own “sculpt” to the orchid?

As a beautiful woman who tastes, it is not interested in the mashed mask of men. It’s just that the mask she has seen is not only one? It seems that she is not very serious in terms of life style, maybe a bit like me.

Recalling her warm and cool character, Yi Xiyi’s pretty face, and punching, brave gangsters, graduated. Such memories have increasing the good feeling against her, and the yearning for her, but also makes themselves more regrettably, and the meat stick has an impulse. Total fantasy can have a day, you can come with her “physical” battle. Such a beautiful woman, since it encountered, as long as there is an opportunity, it should not miss it. Such a beautiful woman, can you meet a few people?

Isn’t she asked himself to compete with her? When you go back next time, you must actively will will. Even if she is playing with a rolling tape, the wolf is also awkward. I can get lost to her in Kung Fu, but I am in dignity, courage, guts, can not succumb. She is a good woman, absolutely can’t afford to waste. She absolutely likes that Ning Ke stands, and she will not lying.

Just give me an opportunity, this woman I want to be. She is a double-peak confrontation with Lan Yue, two water diversion, can be called a blociety. If one day, they can sleep with me at the same time, that is, the first thing in the world. For this purpose, it is also worth it. When you think about it, his face can’t help but show your smile. At this time, the movie is flashed, and the eyes of the eyes appear in front of the bed. She smashed the long hair, and the beautiful stared at the great stick, smiled and said: “See which sales is there?”

It is just near the bed, pulling the small road to the arms, laughing: “Where do I see where there is a salary goods? Unless you give you.”

The road snorted and said: “Go to you, I am not a sailing.” Said, twisted his butt grinding his stick. The stick is still so hard, so long, so amazing.

She is so grinding, she has been able to stand, said: “Small road, lying down, let me fuck you.”

The small road laughs and said: “Let me rest again, you want to kill me again.” She felt that she was sitting in front of her, and the pleasure caused by friction is very comfortable.

It is just a good, saying: “That will wait for a while. However, you can’t run away. I don’t fill enough, you will not go!” He kneel her waist, one hand, take her tits. . For fairness, in the two tits, it is cut, pinch, allocate, like playing toys.

Play to play, put it down to her. It is so wet, so soft, so that I just thought of tropical jungle. When the finger is there, like a piano, like a walk. Sometimes pinching the peas, sometimes inserting the finger into the seam. There is a stimulus, there are more water flows, and occasionally happen to take her chrysanthemum, so that there is a shrinkage and let the small road straight to the ass.

Her mouth said: “It is dead, itch is dead, don’t touch it again. You want itch to die.” Turned the horns, the eyes are like a hook. How does this look have just been? He breathed and said: “Small road, I want to fuck you. I don’t want to hide again.” Said that I pulled up a small road, I said, “” You got it, I want to operate from behind. “

The small road is white, saying: “You, still so color. I have to be killed sooner or later.”

I just laughed: “That is your best dead law. Which woman doesn’t like it?” Said, urged the craft. The small road is not a special quiet, especially shy girl, so there is no difficulty. She faced the bed, she looked up, this posture showed the biggest charm of a woman’s body.

Two round and robust buttons show the style of mature women. In the stock, the two holes are extremely popular. Chrysanthemum is tight, contracted from time to time; the small hole is shining, the meat is hidden, and then with two beautiful legs, don’t mention more charm.

The small road returned, smashed the long hair of the bending, screaming: “It is necessary to spend the fucking, otherwise, I have to wear clothes.” Said, she slightly twisted, so that the buttocks swayed. The two holes also followed.

Cheng Cheng smiled: “Don’t you waste it? I am coming.” Said, holding a long work, make up, grinding in her ditch, smashed a lot of water.

This is more urgent, she is helmed: “” Cheng Jun, my good man, I will furtin. Xiao Sao can’t wait. “

This is like a stimulant, making it never hesitated. He is a butt, the glarets go in, and then it is already dry. Then he stroked his butt, twisted the waist, and made the meat stick in it.

The small road turned back and said: “It’s just that you are really bad, you can always think about it. But I like it, I am willing to let you exercise. I don’t regret it.”

Cheng Gongha, said: “I have to do you, you can die.” Said, slammed the sound, hit the snoring, hit the butt and smashed, hit the small road body It is very comfortable to sway before and after, two tits are like a flower, and it is very good. Men can call me so cool, do you work, fight, crush all. “Her voice is high and low, and the sound of the sound is risen, the sound of sound is faster than Shang Lan. It is the best music in the world.

It is just a great effort to make the sound more. His hands have been holding her tits from time to time, pinch her ass. I only think that this woman is really slippery, like a layer of oil. This is someone else’s woman, not in her day, so he is more selling more.

He won’t be so fierce against orchids. Why? That is your own wife, I am very familiar with her. They sleep together every day, always feel happy, all things that are not easy to get more tempting! The two are doing well, the men are angry, the woman is yarning, the spring is full of gardens, and the language is difficult. At this time, the mobile phone of the road rang several times. That is not calling, but there is newsletter. The ear of the small road, when the soul is time, she can also hear.

She turned back and said: “” It is just to stop, I will see the newsletter. “

It is not mistaken to take care of it, smiled: “What is the title is dry? Still do it.”

The small road shakes his head, saying: “No, it is useful to me, and it is also related to you.”

I just thought about it, this only took a look. Small road straight, light with your mobile phone. I don’t know what the pattern she is playing again.

The small road picked up the mobile phone and saw it, and said to Cheng: “Good things, there are valuables.”

I was just shocked, asked: “What? Gourn? Is it a good time to come here?”

The small road smiled: “Of course not him. This way, you hide the toilet, let you come out, you come out again. Ok?”

I have just confused, say: “Small road, what ghost you are doing?”

The small road turned to his eyes and said: “Go hide.”

I have just wore the vest underwear, and I still have to cover the outer garrison, the road said: “No need to use it, this will be.” When he entered, the small road quickly wore his clothes, and took photos of the mirror, resting the garment crown, and then she hides the things that have just been hidden.

In a short while, knocking on the door. Small road opens the door, standing outside a slim girl, looks good, smile, wearing a school uniform. The upper is blue top, below the skirt.

When the small road, she laughed, said: “Lingling, only to school?” The original girl is the lover of the Gigong – Yan Lingling.

Lingling walked in, said: “I haven’t elapsed it yet. I have a physical education class. I have been following the teacher. I ran out. I am so eager to find me, what is it? I have not bought a gift from the provincial city. ? “

The small road laughed, pulled her jade hand, said: “Lingling, the gift is certainly less, but this is a little thing, there is an important thing to tell you. Guess what?”

Ling Ling thought, smiled and said: “The small road sister, if I haven’t guess, is it related to it?”

The road is a glimpse, ask: “How do you guess?”

Lingling said: “It’s too simple. I saw the car in the car, stopped his car. Needless to say, others are here. Well, people?” Said, look at people in a room.

Small road laugh: “You are smart enough. However, he has gone.”

Ling Lingmei turned and said: “I don’t believe it.” When she pushed the toilet door, I was hugged her, which was shocked. When seeing, it is time, Lingling grows up, happy: “Cheng big brother, you are here. What are you doing here?” She is willing to be hugged by him.

I have a smile and say: “Lingling, I am replacing your father and love to love the love. So good, it is unfortunately.” Said, squeezing the small road behind her.

Small road giggling, saying: “I want to hurt me more, I can’t get it?”

Lingling is unwilling to leave his embrace in front of the small road. Seeing this appearance, there is a little sour in my heart, saying: “Be big brother, do you love with the small road sister?”

I have just ok, say: “According to my temper, I will not go to her, but her old foot seduce me, I am afraid that I am not at her. I am also a victim.”

Xiao Shao said: “Fart, put your shit. It is your own good color, I have not seduce you.”

Ling Ling said: “As a big brother, the small road sister, isn’t I bother your good things?”

I have just pulled her hand and said, “Where? Will n’t. You are not my lover? You also accompany me together. I have not played enough with the path.”

The small road puts a hand, saying: “You can don’t pull me. I have already played enough, you want to play, or play with Lingling. Lingling is more tender, it is Miss Qianjin, much better than me.” You all don’t go, come with me together. Anyway, we are all people. “Said, put Lingling horns and walked to the bedroom.

Lingling is 10,000 people, saying: “As a big brother, let me down. The small road sister is squatting, how do I like it?”

I just laughed: “Who is this kind of joke? She is not afraid of long eye, let her see it.” He took Lingling into the bedroom and put on the big bed. That is the bed bed, usually only a small way. He just had a good thing with the path.

It is a master in helping women’s undressing, and he has three hands, not a few, take Lingling only leaving underwear. Lingling wears a black bra today. That black put her skin as soon as snow, light like a satin. Her girl’s flesh is wrapped in black underwear, mysterious and seductive.

Ling Ling saw that the road station at the door and looked at them at the door. It couldn’t help but be a bit shy. He said: “Cheng Big Brother, the small road sister is watching me.”

I have also turned back to see the small way to watch the show at the door. Her expression is excited, it is like a doubt, it is dissatisfied. Some part of the long hanging on her shoulders, her black eyes are staring at the bed, like all good things to see all.

He said to her: “Small road, you also come to wait for me, I am wanting to enjoy the blessings of Qi people.”

Xiaowei said: “It’s just that you are gallblators. If you are old, you don’t know his daughter, you also do his favorite woman, you watch it, see how he will deal with you? He sure Drop your head is playing as a ball. “

I just laughed: “” “Peony flower is dead, do ghosts, also rim.” The old thought is cheap, and he doesn’t even suffer, I have to learn something. “Said, he jumped to the bed to Lingling. Lingling smiles, come over, so that it is just airs.

I just said: “You will look at it, how is Lingling to me.”

Lingling’s face, said: “It’s a big brother, such an environment is not suitable for us, let’s find a place? In case it is given to my dad to come here, it is bad.”

I have just shaken my head: “I am not afraid of your dad. Come, let’s play.” He easily “seized”, two hands and her breasts. I only feel that the girl’s tits are really good, the flexibility is good. After that, one hand explored Lingling’s arms, and the part of the piece was already drumped.

Lingling sucks a few mouthfuls, saying: “Be big brother, let’s change a quiet place.

When I was twisted, I said: “” This place is good, I am very satisfied. If you see who is not pleasing, I will grasp her, let her exercise, give you ventilation. “

Lingling said: “No, she is my good sister, don’t hurt her.”

I just laughed: “I will not hurt her, and will let her live like the fairy.” He touched two parts of Lingling, soon I felt that my hands under the arm have been wet.

It is still not ejaculation, how can I endure? Then, three, five, except for the second, let Lingling take a light, revealing the true face.

Lingling is ashamed. After all, she is a female student. In the case of audience, she is still a little bit.

The small road stands at the door, saying: “You only do it, don’t worry about me. You play a happy.”

I just saw her, saying: “The taste of the emperor is naturally happy.” Said, it has already taken himself, and the stick is still reluctant to high.

Ling Ling saw a new question and lie on the bed. The girl’s petite is getting glare, the white clouds, the cherry, and a piece of fluffy hair in the abdomen, even the small road will breathe accelerate, let alone a man who is just a blood?

I just got it and kissed her red lips, and stroked her tits. After a while, Li Ling’s enthusiasm was rising, forgot to pay, gradually dared to reach back into just. Her breathing, her mouth is a few times in her mouth. It’s still not enough, I have just separated her thigh, put your mouth up, this trick is too exciting, stimulating Lingling screamed: “Be big brother, don’t tease me again. I like you to plug in. The stick is so long. I have been sinned. “

The road is next to the side: “What is confen? Who is a blessing? Who is not willing to marry a person like this. If you feel uncomfortable, I will play with him, guarantee that he doesn’t want other women. “

Lingling said according to the head of the college, said: “No, I will not oppose the woman who plays another woman, I know that the woman he looks will not be poor.” Even gangnao wet mouth, smack Children, said: “Lingling, come, let’s start to enjoy life.” Said, lingering, the stick is topped forward, top on her hole.

Lingling arms grabbed the neck, humming: “Cheng Big Brother, I have gone to the door, you have no reason not to go in?”

It is intentionally used the meat stick to take a few down on the point, and it is rumored that Lingling screams, saying: “It’s a big brother, I really love you, don’t you love me?”

It is just a smile to her, saying: “How can I not love?”

When the meat stick came to the heart, Lingling had a comfortable gasping and said: “It’s a big brother, your things are really long, really hard.”

It is gently plugged in, saying: “It’s enough to have a hard time.” Two hands holding a tits, like kneading, and the thumbs don’t forget to stimulate the small teap. This kind of little action, really makes Lingling feel a thoughtful beauty.

For a while, I have just started speeding up speed, and the pleasure increases. It’s just astishing like a cow, the action is awkward, and the voice of Lingling is even greater, and the only audience next to it is also attracted to leave the scene.

Small road feels that Gong Ling is different from yourself, it is quite horrible when you just do yourself, and Lingling seems to be so gentle, and I am afraid that Lingling will hurt. It can be seen that it is better to prefer little girls.

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