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[Small Village · Spring]

Publishing: River map culture [26th episode] Chapter 1: Woman has a passion of enthusiasm, will become a brighter, and you will ride on his underwear. The fantastic ecstasy is to let her want to die, and I can’t believe that all this is true. This taste, she is really looking for too long, and now I have finally tasted. She is excited to cry, think about it!

She turned on the body like a wild horse, tossed, twisted, and exhausted his best to play a big meat stick, and a long-lost man’s hard and Dongxi touched every corner in his point. Every corner is itchy! It’s really suppressing for a long time, almost rusted almost quickly?

The flatness of flatness is also hopped by her crazy and violently. She can be more than the last time, it is crazy. If the last is just an ordinary wild horse, this time is simply eating the wild horses of the stimulant, and it is simply to break your meat stick. He feels her enthusiasm, passion, spring love. The woman’s meat hole wiped the big meat stick very comfortable, and the water flowing out of the hole wet his belly.

I just lying there, admiring her performance, I think: “The woman is very terrible once it is crazy. The woman’s sexual desire can still be suppressed, otherwise, how long it is, I have to do it! Just like He Yuxia, I have been with my father for so many years, and there is absolutely no problem in character. She makes a red apricot, and she is caused by the environment and physiological factors. It is not good to have character. She is really a good personality, then My father’s green hat I didn’t know how many tops. “

He looked at He Yixia. He Yuxia did not look at him, but squatted, ah, looked back, his hands were put on a knee, and set the big meat stick, and a face is intoxicated and comfortable. It is like a paradise. Her earrings flashed in golden light, making her less sensuality, and a little more expensive. Her long hair is scattered, as her movement is swaying, as if she shouts with the flag.

She didn’t take off, the slings were still on the body, covering her lower body, couldn’t see the combination of the two, but the next half of the skirt kept trembled, it was fierce.

She was crazy and was twenty minutes, then slow down, and he had just felt a warm stream on his own meat stick, which means she has already leaked. But she is reluctant to stop and still keep talking. She knows that such a carnival is too little, playing this time, I don’t know when the next time.

Due to comfort, she couldn’t help but reach out, beautifully licking his red lips. She also put her hands on the chest, and the more it is. The sling on her shoulders also moved, and the more they left, finally slipped down, slipped to the arm. But she didn’t notice, still playing her own tits. The heads below are still set, do not let go of a little time.

Her greed and hook, make it a big open eye and very fascinated. When this is a luxurious young woman, it is simply seductive than the 189th girl. The mature style, the look of the wind, the action of hook, all teach men to dizziness, can’t wait to pay life on her body.

But I just endured, I didn’t touch her. He wants to see what extent she can play, and let her wait for himself, but they are just too sorry for the father in the hospital. If he sees this scene in front of him, I am afraid I will immediately don’t save people’s people, and I have no hope for rehabilitation.

At this time, He Yuxia is completely immersed in the realm of enjoyment. She feels the benefits of men and tastes the happiness of sexual love. She touched her own tits, after a while, it was suspected of clothes, she pulled down, piled up on the waist, and the tits were revealed. That is a completely mature tits, so round, so smooth, then tall. Don’t look at her out of forty, but the tits are not influenced by the age, still so towering, so proud. Her teat is very large, it is purple black, the uli is also big, the Bilan is not small, and even the older who has just been like this can not help but swallow a few mouthfuls.

He Yuxia didn’t touch it right away, but his hands returned to the knee, and made a power to get away from the butt, making the small hole and the meat sticks are more close, more deeper, more powerful. In this way, the two tits will dance and dance. It is seen that you have just flowing out.

He is not a first time, but there is a heavy psychological burden on the last time, and it is not asking for it. Today, I’m taking a clutter, it is a mouth-watering, compared with Lan Moon, and it is not inferior. Women who have been forty-year-old are also so charming!

After that, He Yuxia force weak, it changed squatting to ride this next effort more. She returned to the upper chest and hands, rub fierce breast, Jiao blow, and moans constantly, did not even speak the time, made just be happy to watch her. He thought to himself: “! What a rich woman’s image is ah” just like He Yuxia, who met who would like her, praised her, thought she was a dignified and discreet, with grace, beauty temperament there is definitely a standard lady, and when she got the car, the shuttle in the streets of the city, is a wealthy aristocratic woman, and to her husband in, but also a gentle, reasonable good wife, in front into the industry, and is a demeanor rules are decent good mother, but after she was told to just go to bed, but it is another image. Woman is really changing ah, it is also so varied, it seems more attractive. He Yuxia active for a while, finally tired, put Dress child something to go off and throw it away, then smiles as just fell on the chest, with his skin coherent picture, rhythmically Jiaochuan, happily closed his beautiful eyes, and my heart still happy than when the Queen. She felt the man’s breath, thinking: “it tastes really good, really teach people to endless nostalgia but, next time when it is so happy every day, if they can, even if you want me as an ordinary woman, do laundry every day.? dinner, I was willing. “

Just as his hands stroked her back. Her back is very smooth, like wiping a layer of oil-like. The rich really lucky, to beauty, can be a lot a lot of throwing money. If they were ordinary people, where to find the money went to it? Just to know that He Yuxia beauty can be maintained up to now, I do not know how much funding it. Her life is good, family is not short of money, you can easily spend. Therefore, she looks very young, she said she was three years old, no one will doubt, like how many years did not leave a trace in her body.

Just to smell the aroma of her, feeling her scent, that she really fascinating, really want wrestled her Menggan a while, after all, the two men also stuff together yet. He Yuxia, although tired, nor willing to spit big cock. She also did not enjoy enough.

To see her just a bit tired, did not immediately act. His fascination with both her, and some sympathy, and some dissatisfaction. They will be rolled back on a bed, both sides have a responsibility, but today, she took the initiative completely, a little rape of nature. She should not have done, and he did not psychologically prepared to have sex with her. As long as the father was alive, he would not do without this worry, he was a man focused on ethics, in essence, he did not want to pleasure, betrayal etiquette, drop a fate universally condemned. However, He Yuxia was in force him. If these things spread out, the consequences could be disastrous, even though his father forgive them, I’m afraid he did not face going into the company’s work.

Cheng Gang touched her shoulder and said: “? This time you satisfied now.”

He Yuxia in the beginning, opened his beautiful eyes, smiled and said to him: “.. Satisfied, very satisfied with this good, I will not betray married, How about you, they account for my cheap,” she Qiaolian flushed, there has never been beautiful, her beautiful eyes sparkling, as if fully charged the light bulb, her voice was soft and sweet, like a bride at the beginning of the storm.

To just sighed and said: “You know, this is pushing me into the pit of fire, hell ah this matter if spread out, I do not kill my father, I will go to suicide!.”

He Yuxia shook his head and said: “?… What are you afraid ah we do, only two of us do not know you, I do not say that there is no third person as long as we know to be careful, be uneventful.”

Just as worried and said: “There is no unventilated wall.”

He Yuxia resting his chin into the chest just said: “Even if spread out, you have nothing to fear about it, what will happen then.?”

Cheng Gang replied: “What else do we notorious together, everyone pointed us in the provincial capital have not cursed place, and everyone will like us to spit on us across the street?.. Like mice, people cry. my father would be in order to maintain their dignity, divorced you do not keep the women’s wife, talk to my son disown you think about it, then I’m afraid we have to commit suicide together must be made. “

He Yuxia could not help laughing, laughter ringing in the bedroom merrily echoed.

Just as puzzled and asked: “What are you laughing yet Did I say something wrong??”

He Yixia stopped the laughter, got a few mouthfuls on the face of Gigne, said, “You really have failed. Even if you are talking, the situation is bad, we don’t have to commit suicide! Now no Old society, there are those feudal morals who have died. Now but new society, twenty-one centuries. We have this relationship, in the eyes of the average person, it is not normal, in the eyes of the upper person, also Not a rule. But this is not a matter of law. The government will not sanction us. If the police will not arrest us. Even if the provincial capital is not we, we are not far away, to a free place to have a comfortable day. Even Going out in the air, you will not starve to death with our skills. Do you say that it is not right? ” Even if you reasonably, can I really leave everything, forget the past, stay away from the provincial city, have you been there? Can this do it? Besides, I really have to go high, and I can’t take my stepmother? This is too absurd. But I think I want to have a lot of ambition that I want to occupy Wind, isn’t it more too much?

He Yuxia Wang Yindicheng expression, said: “What are you thinking about? You, don’t think about anything, we grasp the time to enjoy, we have to go back to the hospital. Time delay is too long. The old man will have a suspicion. “Said, and then ridicule, jumping on the body.

And it is not so free and easy, still thinking about things tomorrow, afterwards.

He Yixia is once again active in the body, and it is generally bitered like a wild horse. She first squatted, but the butt was twice, and the hands were supported on both sides of the shoulders, violently, and the two big tits were violently jumped, and the best scenery in the world was very beautiful.

I just met, I couldn’t help but I stood the past, one hand, holding it in my hand, playing with pity, and dialed the teap. The meat, the feel is another love to end. The move is even more comfortable, she said to become Map, said: “It is really good, really cool, hard, I want you to be rude.” It is just that it is hard, pressed, pinch Pulling, pushing a pair of tits, all have a bit of pink.

He Yixia did not oppose at all. Her body is longer, I have been alone for too long, I have long hoped that men will catch it. How many nights, her spring love is difficult, I can’t help but masturbate, I still kneel. She didn’t know how many times she sighed. Such a good body actually no man came, just like the Mid-Autumn Festival, no one is watching. It is also a man who is too disappointing, and lost the minimum combat power. Her husband’s age can be no sex, but she is not a few years old! As the saying goes: “Thirty Wolf, Forty Tiger”, is a long-awaited, who is old: “There is no sex life, let me live?” She hopes to have a roughness every night. The guy is in the body! However, this is just an idea. It’s too sad for long night.

She last time, it will have a close relationship with it, in addition to the illness, in addition to their good feelings, physiological needs also account for the strength. At that end, although it is nervous, although scared, it is full of ambulance of a dream member. She not only tasted the taste of sex, but also appreciated the power of a strong man for the first time. Since then, she is looking forward to the next joy, come and come, but I didn’t expect it to wait for so long. I went home to take something, she thinks the opportunity.

Originally, she can find someone else, but she believes that no one is just just. It is also possible to help her take things, but also help solve physiological problems. She is determined, and today, she must let him be in the case, and I will escape again. Not only that, she still wants to stick to him, just like a lover. If you want to do it, you will do it anymore. She believes that it is also willing. A big man, there is a beautiful woman to make a shot, how many can I refuse? Unless he is eunuch. However, she knows that there is also a high wall between the two people. Since I don’t want to push it, then she will push it. So, she lured it, so that she had just mistaken again. She is all thinking, any consequences can be borne, whether it is on the knife mountain, or a fire sea, she is not afraid. She is not afraid of paying any price for the bliss of the dream. The odd taste is more uncomfortable than the journey!

Now she is finally wish. She is proud to ride in a righteousness and dance, yelling, no longer ashamed. Even if her husband pushes it now, she has to finish the good things. This kind of happiness is never replaced by spiritual happiness.

Subsequently, her is back, and her hands do the grandparents, and they are so happy. This time, I have just seen the two people. The plump meat is covered with meat sticks, and the ground is set, and the obscenity of the midst of each other is wet, and the stomach of the two is wet. Not only that, the prostitution has flowed down in the body, flowing into the sheets, just at this time they can’t take this. It is also excited to be affected by her. He sat up, holding her waist, and tall the body, let the meat sticks in the heart, add her pleasure. At the same time, his mouth is busy on her big tits. I will eat this later. After a while, I will eat it, I have a smirk, and I have a roughness: “It’s just that you are really Greed, I will really play, I will really eat milk, eat me so itchy. “

I just laughed: “You have raped me this time, I will definitely revenge, I will not let you blame the breast, and then spit it out, then spit it out, put the two tits Delicious, washed with water.

He Yuxia moved his white piety, and he didn’t care as as shameful: “You have to retaliate, I am not afraid. Anyway, I will be yours in the future, I have this life, in addition to your family father, never. Ok. I like to be dried by you, your dick is really easy to use, much more than your dad. “

I just said: “My dad is not good, I can’t accompany you, it is also in recent years? It is not a start now.”

He Yuxia satially the meat stick, while said: “When I just married me, his body is OK, you can always accompany me three or four times every month, but since I have an industry, I will add the company’s business. When he accompanied me, it was more and less. Especially after heart disease, we also do it, but every time, it is rushing, and it is rushing, and it is not beautiful. In recent years, we all have a natural life. Your father can live, it is good, can you still accompany me? As a result, I became a misfortune. “

Entangled her hands on her back, on the legs, buttons, feel the beauty of this body, said: “Have you ever thought about looking for a lover outside?”

He Yixia replied: “I think, but I have a good feelings with your father. He is a well-known person in the provincial city. I really can’t bear to do it, I have to endure.”

I have just listened to a bit of sadness and asked: “What do you do when you want to do that?”

He Yuxia said: “I only solve it. Your father helped me buy some masturbating equipment. Although I can solve the problem of my eyes, I can’t solve the fundamental problem. What can I have a man’s true chicken compared? Follow you with your cock. Your dick is just like steel casting, and it is growing, I love it. “

This boade made a lot of music, and the heart is full of pride. He called: “Said, since you like my big dick, today I will let you get enough to add addiction. Come, you lay well, let me fuck you, I must felt your people, I am unforgettable.”

He Yuxia listened to the joy, widened, cheered: “Okay, okay, you are killing me, I am willing to.” Speaking, spit out the meat, next to it. The legs open, revealing the big round, and flowing in the water. The lips are so thick, red is purple, and one is one, like talking. The following chrysanthemums are also breathing. Ah, her thigh is really fat, but the ass is really rich, and it can be higher than that of Feng Shuping.

I have just seen two eyes to glow, and I have a big meat stick. I have come over, say: “Auntie, your body is so beautiful, my father is really beautiful, every night, you have to enjoy.”

He Yixia’s face smile, the style is very kind: “His Yan Fu is limited, not so powerful. Now, you inherit his Yanfu, do you say good?” She put her legs high. It is the charm of naked temptation to become a naked temptation. When a man is going, in addition to dry, what else can you think?

It’s just that her body, with the lubrication of obscene, inserted into the bottom. He Yixia called a very happy, and wrapped his legs in a Gigne, and blocked the mouth with the red lips into a Gigne, and the lower body made it hard. It’s just too cool, squatting on her, followed by the cotton bag, and the beauty of the hole. He Yuxia is a mature young woman, has been born with children, the meat is big enough, deep enough, the general meat stick can’t serve, but the stuff can be appropriate. His stuff is very large, plus training martial arts, and often in the case, the meat stick is quite powerful. The two people have fun together, it is a pair of natural pairs. He Yuxia is not so happy even when he just married.

It is natural to have a woman who has just encountered such a big appetite, and he will not show up, he will do it in front of him. Every time you take the glans to the hole, then insert it to the end, repeat it repeat, repeat this simple action. Every time, He Yuxia is drifting, I don’t know how many kisses just have just, I will praise it from time to time: “It’s just a real man, you are a small steel gun, ten times more than your dad, 100 times, thousand Double! You can do it with confidence, I will also be your woman in the future, when do you want to do it, do it. I am willing to accompany you, accompany you to the old, accompany you to death. “She used Happy and excited cavity, plus the tenderness of women and spoiled, adding infinite charm, putting it into the soul of the god. Those concerns at the beginning, just like the clouds. At this time, he had already forgot what father, what steps, only know the beautiful woman before the eyes, enjoy Yan Fu. In order to show a bigger prestige, a more vast and huge greece, he put He Yuxia’s legs on his shoulders, then bind the bed, so that the lower body is floating, then powerfully dried, everything is like a pile driver in piling, Dry Ho Yuxia said, even if he shouts, a face is beautiful than sunset. She grabs the sheets in her hands, and also puts the body, actively cooperates, and I am afraid to miss any intimate opportunity.

The wind is like a typhoon. She is doing her, and she will look at her blush pretty face, the earrings flashed. Look at the lower body for a while, the big meat stick is in the past. Each plug is dry and splashled, and each pumping is pulled out of the tender meat. Another plug is no longer seen. The pocket was supported, and Yoshixia’s scorpion was called some hoarse.

I don’t know how long, in He Yuxia’s frequent frequency, in the lamise, it is finally ejected to the spring breeze. He Yuxia called him tightly, forgot to say: “Begang, become a just, I really like you. You are my half-life. You can’t leave me later, I am willing to tell you. I have a lifetime. I can’t go, I will stay in you, I will stay. “

I really listen this, such as fairy music fluttering. I just quietly squatted in He Yixia, and I feel the soul after ejaculation. This beauty is unsubstituted.

It is less than three minutes who just squatted in He Yuxia in the stepmother. He Yuxia pulled his hand and asked: “It’s just, what are you eager?”

It’s just a few more panic: “Father is still waiting for us, let’s go back, otherwise, he will be suspicious.”

He Yuxia nodded and said: “Ok, but you have to accompany me five minutes.” She stubbornly will gradually pull it down, lay together with her. Her heart is sweet, happy than she married. Her face is beautiful, charming, moving, emitting heat, two beautiful eyes are also bright as stars. I will know when I look at it, this is the performance of sexual desire.

She screamed into just, close to his man’s body, and he was unlimited. Their body is a bronze, strong, strong, muscles such as the ball, a white, delicate, rich, and the curve is smooth. They are close, like a one.

He Yixia took the body with the body, and the red lips were brought to the shoulders of Gigne, and the tenderness and honey said: “It’s just that I live so big, I have never been so comfortable, I am really saying,” I only thought that this sentence was too exaggerated. It was a fake. Today, I know that sex can be achieved. It is visible, I am in a good time before you are good. I am. How I hope we can stay in life! “

I just sighed and said: “But you still have husband, how do you stay with me? Especially your husband is still my father.”

He Yixia smiled and said: “This is completely two things. You and my husband said that it is a father and son, but in my opinion, it is a completely independent man, there is nothing relationship between each other, is a man I love. You The father’s body is not good, I am afraid it is alive for a few years. He is alive, I am his woman, keep him. I will keep you. I think, I don’t think too much? “

It has just long sighed and said: “I don’t know how to get along with you in the future.” He is in a mess, there is a sweet, nervous, be timid. Make love with your own stepmother, this is completely unsolicit in China, but the soul of the soul is also taught people.

He Yixia said very sprinkled: “You don’t have to think so much. How do you get along with me? How to get along well. Before, I am still your stepmother, we don’t reveal, you don’t even touch my hand. But Only when we are two people, I am your lover, you can just touch me, just do it, as long as I don’t have any problems. “Say it, her voice is swaying, especially.

Cheng Gang of sadness, I thought: “Oh, really a mess today do not drink, I was thinking too clear, really betrayed his father, like a scar, is in any case can not erase the father ah, please forgive me “to just think for a moment and said:” we do, do not be exposed. “

He Yuxia Enliaoyisheng, said: “Of course I understand, once exposed, you can not be heir, I do not succeed to his wife, we do not have a good day..”

Just to sit up, looked out the window at the sky and said: “Well, we have to go.”

He Yuxia no objections, sat up, put on the underwear with short skirts. This time, she was burning seductive nude gone, but in sexy pose appears. Time to just look at her, still feel a little itch, that is not dry enough.

He was to bring clothes, He Yuxia got out of bed and said: “Cheng Gang, let me wear it for you.” She had just agreed to regardless of whether or not they wear him up. Fraction of a second, just to have recovered well-dressed appearance, like a decent man.

He Yuxia kept looking at him, while a distance, while close look, while looking up, looking down for a moment, tongue praise, said: “Cheng Gang, you’re a talented ah If I were ten years younger, and if single, I am willing. marry you. you comparable to industry much stronger, it is the real man, iron-clad body, wolf character. “

To just always feels, he said: “? Auntie, iron-clad body is still appropriate, after a wrong bar I never felt like a wolf.”

He Yuxia giggled and said: “Cheng Gang, just in bed, you do me, just like almost that vicious wolf, now I’m still a little sore over there you do not like that thing made of meat, and like iron. “she said, and still rubbing his lower body, and just looking into the crotch, seem to have seen a ferocious Flanagan and lovely things.

After listening to just really proud of, he said: “.. Well man, could it be otherwise in the future, your industry will become powerful like me.”

He Yuxia approached Cheng Gang, his hand rubbing the crotch, and said: “I like a little sheep into the industry, and then how to exercise, there is no way to become a wolf.” She ran her face close to the crotch , there has been the feeling of hardness.

Into just smiled and said: “Auntie, as that industry should be my own dad, right?” He deliberately tease her.

He Yuxia inside glared at him and said: “That is, of course, disguising my life, I only worked with two men, one for you, one for your father, your father the child of course, is natural. of the. industry looks to have many similarities with your father. At that time, your father’s body Fortunately, my loyalty to him, but that time I was still young, there are many men interested in me, I want to soak. but I feelings, moral weight, a person belongs to your father. “said, and she took a good line to just untie the belt.

Just staring into, asked: “Auntie, what are you doing ah limited time, we do not have the time to do it again?.”

He Yuxia to just fly into a flirtatious, said softly: “Cheng Gang, I do not know the next few enjoyable it is when, let me feel it feel it.” Even his pants panties down, then, a holding rod projecting licking up powder.

Oh just to cry, comfortable a blind eye, lips flutter flutter, said: “Auntie, your effort is too high, I can not help it.”

He Yuxia big lick the glans, that the above exudes a thick heavy smell of fish, that is from both a human body. Dissolute smile on her face, and said: “Just as when you can not help, you shoot it you like, you better shoot my mouth..” Then, was busy licking the cock.

She licked very carefully, from beginning to end, throughout all corners, from time to time just to get comfortable with the sound of ah. He enjoyed her service, occasionally looking down at her focused and passionate way, and my heart infinite pride. Such a glamorous and sexy Mei Fu for their own oral sex, this is how inspiring thing ah! Look at her happily, who will find it on something wiped the honey, otherwise, she would then put it?

She crouched there, lick for a while and took cock in your mouth, frequently Taonong his mouth emits the sound of cooing like a dove calling. She hands into just round the ass, vigorously Taonong forward. Flanagan mighty big cock it and out into the lips in her fascinating, long while, a short while.

Her “ventriloquist” quite good, see that they are experts, presumably before the regular service for his father, becoming experts in practice.

Her service is very thorough, not only draws the egg to the mouth, but also stretches the tongue into the stitch of the firm. The feeling of itch silk is almost shot, and Zao: “Auntie, you will really play, you will play, my father is too blessed.” He Yixia smiled: “You also Have a blessing. “

In order to enjoy more pleasure, I have a slight squat, reveal the anus, said: “Auntie, let it go here.”

He Yixia smiled and took a picture on the buttocks, said: “I have to lick, but there is conditional.”

I just said: “As long as I can do it, you say it.”

He Yixia said seriously: “In the future, you have to take the time to accompany me, you can’t do it once. I will be your woman in the future, you can’t be cold, do you know?”

It’s just that it is just right, and I don’t think much, say: “Of course, I try to be.” You hurry me. “

He Yuxia came to enter the back, low body, stretched out the tongue, and licked it on the anus. The tongue is moving on the side, and it is a big call, it is an extremely happy reaction. That is that he has never experienced the taste. It comfortably his pore, it is all breathing.

It’s just not to shoot, then, the wave of the waves of the waves came, and his defense line became more and more fragile. After only one minute, he was very urgently said: “Auntie, I am shot, don’t lick. I can’t control it.”

He Yuxia is a smarter, and it is busy stopping the action, and it has once again contains the meat stick. It’s just astishing like a cow, the muscles on the legs are shaking, pressing He Yuxia’s head, pumping with the meat stick, just like a dry point, and the mouth of He Yuxia. The more you do, the more we do it, the more you don’t have a few dozen, and you will shoot the land and take it into He Yuxia’s mouth. He Yixia then took a smile and went all in his mouth.

I have finished eradication, and she has finished eating. Then spit out the meat stick, and the drops on the meat stick are clean. I gangled to breathe, touch her head, said: “Auntie, you are a good woman, so you will be happy.”

He Yuxia has just wearing a pants, taking a good trousers, stood up, saying: “I have been so big, I haven’t so much to give a man. But today for you, I also recognized.” She Feng Yu Looking at him, the moon is excited and satisfied behind the moon.

I just listened to the touch and said: “What is your bitter?”

He Yuxia’s face revealed a happy smile, Yan Guang four shots, said: “I am thinking about my own happiness. Ok, let’s take a break, I have to pack up.” Tell, I will go to the bathroom. Walking up, one step three shakes, that ass, the waist, is a bit exaggerated, showing that people who want to enter non-non-non-non-unreasonable style, so that they have just feel a little fluttering.

Soon, the two wear it. He Yixia reads the public, the mood is good. And I just looked at her, but my mood was very complicated. She is wearing a long dress, trousers, boots, wearing a necklace, bracelet, and becomes a lady who envy. A beautiful and beautiful face is also confident and self-contained.

Before going out, put the antique into the bag, from Cheng Ji, Pen Electric is taken by He Yuxia. I just asked: “Auntie, still a little picture? I haven’t found it for a long time.”

He Yuxia said: “Let me think about it, it seems to be in the drawer.” She went to the desk, it was very easy to find.

It was just a great achievement and said: “It turns out that you are deliberate, giving me a circle, you have long known there.” How much is a bit less comfortable in my heart.

He Yuxia hid to he apologize, said: “Be a just, don’t blame me, I am thinking about you. I can’t talk to you, I have to sleep with you? I have to let you The active. As a result, it is still active, my face can all be all. “

I just exposed a bitter smile and said: “Okay, let’s go.”

He Yuxia has been washed with his face, comb, and pack it properly. She took the things, locked the door, followed by a car. Sitting in the car, I feel sweet in my heart. Especially He Yuxia, feels full of strength.

He Yuxia drove while driving, saying: “It’s just to see your father, are you afraid?”

It is a great fear that I am really scared, I’m really afraid of what he knows. “

He Yixia swept him and said, “Don’t be afraid, everything has me. If you really have a problem, you will push me, let him hate me alone.” Ye just listened, grateful He Yuxia glanced at it, but didn’t say anything, but the heart is not in peace of mind. When I arrived at the hospital, they hesitated before entering the door. When you push the door, you will see what Jiang Shu and others are sitting in front of Cheng Subrities. Therefore, they will close the door and retreat.

They are sitting on the bench, putting things on the ground, and silently thinking about it. They have a sense of sin, after all, Cheng Ziying is their loved ones, their betrayal behavior, people who directly hurt him!

I have just frowned, I am very chaotic, I don’t know if I have seen it in a child, what should I say to him. He is really afraid that he will reveal the horse foot on the speech or expression. He suddenly lacked his confidence and realized the seriousness of this problem. He produced the thoughts of escaping. Today, I really don’t want to see my father, maybe it will be better for a while. He wants to escape to a safe place to hide, I believe it is time to return to the normal state.

I have just sat on the chair, such as the pin felt, sitting upset. He Yuxia laughed, whispered: “It’s just that you have a long scorpion? You look like a stealing veteran, it is like a newbie.”

I just smiled I am embarrassed, saying: “The head is like a monster running, like I have to eat me.”

It’s talking, his phone rang. When you look out, instantly act, because this is the phone number of the wind and rain. Since she goes out of tour, the two have not passed. He is excited to stop. He pressed, then stood up and said, “Auntie, I have something to go, I don’t see my father today, you said for me.”

He Yuxia nodded and said: “Go. I see you today is not suitable for him. It is very easy to see. That thing is only you know, you can’t say it.”

I have finished solemnly, then go downstairs. When I went back, I couldn’t see He Yuxia. He long sleeper, thinking: “This is all true with spring dreams, and teach people like it, it is fear. This taste is really difficult to describe.”

He strives to converge his mind and transfer attention. He picked up the mobile phone, dialed it back with a mood. One pass, he heard the strict sound of the wind and rain: “It’s just that you are going on? Even my phone doesn’t pick it up, do you not want to mix in the provincial city?”

I just smiled: “I said that it is rain, why are you so big, and eat explosives. I am now in the hospital, it is inconvenient to answer the phone.”

The wind and rain, I said: “What is your hospital?” Is it a physical body? “

I just listened to my laugh and said: “You are really fun. I am really fun, as hard as the iron, is as hard, I don’t have to run hospitals in this life. How strong, you are the clearest.” Behind, there is already a meaning of pornography.

The wind and rain: “There is less, you have no more. You have come to see me, I have important things to tell you. If you don’t come, you will regret it.”

I just asked: “Where are you? When is it coming back?”

The storm is a simple reply: “I am in the police station.”

I justified it in color, said: “I will arrive soon, I will take a rocket.” Hanging on the phone, step the meteor to go outside the hospital. His mood is very good, just like the sun, the spring breeze blows the willow.

He got a taxi and rushed to the police station. He thought: “She must think about me, must be alone. She still loves me. Although she said that she said to break up, I still have to give me me. Which girl will forget her first night man? I haven’t seen you for a long time. She must have a doctor. If we can see it, she will pounce into my arms, let me give her, touch her, love her, let her feel comfortable, just like aunt asking me. She will Serve me like auntie? And said that only one person belongs to me, don’t love others. “

The more he wants to be happy, and it is almost 要 几, temporarily forgetting the trouble from stepmother.

It was just a hurry to go to the police station and came to the front of the wind and rain. I settled the god and knocked on the door. I saw that the wind and rain are hovering, and my heart is heavy. She is still a police uniform, a pen, majestic, and daunting. Her figure is also as good as before, looks again, but the face is not good.

She didn’t immediately forth, but it was very beautiful, it was very strange, very cold, very unfriendled, like raising hands, there is a way to play. This makes it a lot to understand, I don’t dare to be too close to her, I don’t dare to make jokes, which will not use her to use violence like the mother tiger. It was just stations left and right from her two measures, said: “Rainhe, I listen to you, come over the fastest speed.”

The wind and rain, a chair behind the desk, and a chair behind the wall. I just took the past and sat down and looked at the big beauty that many days. I thought: “” Her face is very bad, is it tours that are not very habits, or what troubles? “

The wind and rain head stares into the face, the eyes are still awkward, saying: “Do you know what I call you?”

I just replied: “I don’t know, I guess it is official?”

The wind and rain, neitched, a little smile, said: “I call you, I want to inform you to chase your father’s murderer.”

I have just angry, the big voice: “How? Caught the guy?”

The wind and rain shook his head and said: “I didn’t catch it. That zone is too awkward, I have escaped it two days before we go. It seems that he has internal line inside the police.”

It sighed and said: “This kid is too hate. If you hate me, you will have a good time, use it to hurt my father? Too much.”

The wind and rain blinks, said: “Who said that the murderer is Zhuo? Is it your own guessed?”

I just laughed and said: “I still want to ask you, how do the police know it?”

Wind and rain replied: “The police station’s colleague told me. I have received a notice before returning to the provincial capital. Our talents quickly shot, I can’t think of it, I was running, but I didn’t have a relationship. , “Running and still running the temple”, today we have officially released the wanted order. “The French net is restored, and it is not missing.” He is nowhere to escape. “

I just said: “I believe in your ability, I believe you will rope him soon. Just don’t know if you meet him again, will you catch him?”

The wind and rain, the wind and rain, strongly said: “Of course. I am a policeman, he is a suspect, how can I not catch him.

I have just reminded: “He is your previous boyfriend, is you a heart?”

The wind and rain did not say: “Even if he is my husband, I also take it wrong. The law is not comfortable, it is never playing.”

I just said: “Okay, Rainhe, I believe you will seize him personally.”

The beauty of the wind and rain turned on his face and said: “What are you busy with?”

I just replied: “Not busy with my father? He has not returned to health in the hospital. I have to accompany him every day.”

The wind and rain head holds the chin, squatting, saying: “You are full of filial. If your father is unfortunate, are you the successor of the company?”

I just said: “Yes, I am afraid I will let my father disappoint.”

The wind and rain said: “If you are a chairman, then, a lot of women who hit your idea later?”

I just laughed, said: “Rainhe, how many people hit me, I don’t care. I just thought, will you hit me?”

The wind and rain, the pretty face, glanced at him, said: “Enamed, in my office, don’t talk nonsense, I have long said to you, we have already a knife, there is nothing to do. Now You are also relaxing, I am also relaxed. “Although I said, I found that her eyes were red, and my eyes were also flashing.

I just stood up and asked: “Ye Ye, what happened?” He felt that she was a bit wrong.

The wind and rain put his hand, and Shen Sheng said: “Nothing, it may be a big work pressure, but not sleep well.”

It is just concerned: “Otherwise, I will take you to see the doctor?”

The wind and rain said coldly: “No

I just listened, and I sat down again. The wind and rain are low, thinking about what, still seeing just a few eyes from time to time. That is very complicated, I can’t see what my mind is playing in my heart. [26th episode] Chapter 2: The bed dialogue has just looked at the wind and rain, and I can’t help but ask: “Rainhe, I have to sin you recently? You seem to be angry with me.”

The eyes of the wind and rain have also fallen to the face of Gigne, saying: “We have not met recently, I went out to travel, naturally I can’t talk about sin. But I have been sin, I am too much.” In the back, her tone is colder, so that it has just felt the cold wind, and the body is in the winter.

I just smiled and said: “The previous thing is my fault. I did have made some things that made you unhappy, uncomfortable, but those things have passed. I think you have forgive I am, don’t care? “

The wind and rain said slowly: “I want to forgive you, I don’t care, I am terrible, I am terrible, I will have evil, I have continued to come today.”

I just listened, such as the two gold did not touch the mind. He worched and asked in an eye: “What is the meaning of rain, what do you mean? I can’t understand, please express it.”

The wind and rain is standing, and the eyes becomes like a sword, shot into a GG, so that it is like a hidden. He thought: “Rainhe is not too strong today, is it going to work with me? If so, I have to find a way to run. I don’t dare to pass the way, and the losing wins is not good.”

The wind and rain, the head, suddenly spur, almost vomiting, and the face is swollen. When I was busy, I just took her back and patted her back and said: “Is it still when you are sick? Or you eat something is not careful, eat bad stomach?”

The wind and rain, stopped, straight back, pushing hard, reprinted: “Enamed, I am tired of you and hate you now. I am nowcoming this, I have to go to the hospital to check the body. If I have confirmed my guess, I will not let you go, you must make you pay a heavy price. This world is cheap, some is a cost of several times. “

Her attitude, her speech, teaching into a confusion and uneasy, then brain like lightning, he asked anxiously: “Rainhe, are you not pregnant?” He felt that his voice trembled stand up. You know, if she is pregnant, it is not a child!

The wind and rain also sat down, so he shook his head, said: “Now I don’t know, I have to know through the hospital’s inspection. But I don’t want to be pregnant. I haven’t married, it is a policeman. If you are pregnant, your face is Lost. “To talk, her face is shame, her hands could not help but cover their faces.

Thinking of she may be pregnant, like the orchid, in the belly of her own descendants, I just thought about two eyes, I thought: “She is pregnant, I can have a great advantage to me. Do you break the relationship with me? But if I have my child in my stomach, I will always be entangled with me, she may always belong to me! “

It was just said that “Rainhe, I will go to the hospital with you? I will take care of you.” His heartbeat is so powerful, as if to jump out of the chest, fall on the ground.

The wind and rain, I said: “Don’t stay with you, I will quietly go, I don’t let people know. This is too serious, if you let those boring people know, will be shocked, will affect my reputation And image. “

Cheng Ji immediately said: “If you are pregnant, I will definitely be responsible. If you talk to your back, I will fell to his stinky mouth, cut down his tongue.”

The wind and rain put his hand, saying: “It’s not so serious. As long as you care, you will not have any accidents. Some news reporters are like fly, there is no peelem, say more.”

I just asked: “If you really have a child, what do you plan?” He thought: “She will return to my arms, re-when my woman. He is looking forward to this day, hope, hope I have been a long time, I hope she will come back quickly. If she can last for a long time, there is no white living in this life. The spring breeze is two degrees, but it is a rainy, I want is the big wind!

The wind and rain bite his teeth, I can’t help but touch my stomach, replied: “If you really have children, I will knock him, I can’t let him influence my life and future.”

It is like a good heart, just like someone thorns a knife in his own heart. He excitedly grabbed the wind and rain, the big voice: “No, no, absolutely don’t work, you can’t do this! The child can not only belong to you, he is mine. Do you do it, you have no murder. You Can’t be so stupid, so crazy! “The wind and rain pushed his hand, reminded:” Here is your home, here is my office, you can’t do it in the small life? Are you afraid that others can’t hear? “

I just turned back to see the door closed, then smash the sound and said: “This is my true words, you understand.”

The wind and rain said: “But if I stay this child, aren’t I ruined? How do I go to see people in the future? How do I still do business? How do I still rush? I just Like athletes, I haven’t arrived yet, how can I die in halfway. “

Cheng Ji caught the wind and rain, and he said, “Listen to me, rain, for this matter, you don’t do your own, act. We have to discuss it. This is not your own thing.”

The wind and rain accumulated, said: “The child is in my belly, he naturally belongs to me. I have the right to decide his future.”

Cheng Jun said: “No, no, you can’t fight him, I am a child’s father. I like children, I want him to be born, to raise him.”

The eyes of the wind and rain turned to the face of Gigne, said: “Do you really value this child? I really want to leave him?”

I just replied to the cross, I replied: “Yes, yes, I used to like children, and you have children, I will prefer it. Now, there is one in the orchid, they are all born, it is brothers. , A sister. No matter how men and women, I like it! “Say it behind, it was just grinned, smiled stupid, happily.

The wind and rain also hesitated, and his hands couldn’t help but he said: “What should I do if my work is? What should I do in my future? What should I do with my life? How do I do with my mother? Taking care of me? “

It’s just comfortable: “You don’t think so much.” There will be a road to the mountain. The boat is naturally straight to the bridge. “We discuss together, think together, there is always a suitable solution.”

The wind and rain said: “But if you are really pregnant, your child can wait.”

It has just turned to the eyeball and said: “If you want to do it, you don’t affect you, you don’t affect your child.”

The wind and rain drone twice, said: “Is there such a perfect thing? If you have already, you only have to fight him.”

I just asked: “Don’t you have a little feeling about your child?”

The wind and rain said a few more distinctly: “I haven’t married it yet. I have to get so much? I only feel afraid, I feel nervous. I am afraid that my belly is bigger, I will be overwhelmed by people. The whole person will be destroyed, and there is no such thing in the province of the province. “

I just laughed and said: “Rainhe, you are too speaking? Even if you are really pregnant, when you are unmarried mother, how can it? What is the era? Is it twenty-one century, not a Ming Dynasty The feudal society like the Qing Dynasty will give a unmarried mother to die. You can’t get the police, you can manage your business, so you have a good thing. A woman does not have to be a policeman. Killing kills over the day. “

The wind and rain said: “No, no, I don’t want to give up the profession. For me, this profession can make my personal abilities, realize my life. I want to be the police, I will wait for my improper woman. serious.”

I have just nodded, didn’t answer anything, sit back and back to the chair, thinking. The wind and rain said faintly: “What can you have? In addition to accompanying me to check, abortion, what can I do? You can’t go home to tell the orchid, I have your child, please let her make a place? “

The sound of her speaking is not big, but I just came to listen, just like a series of thunders rolled, the ear squeezed, the more than a long time. He is like seeing the dawn, but it is like seeing hope. He stood up and swayed in the house. “The orchid can be faulty, you have to take her, change your wife, it is too much.”

The wind and rain stood up and said: “No, no, you can’t do this. If you do this, if you do this, I will not forgive you. Orchid is a good woman, it is a good wife, She is already sufficient to have you have enough. If you abandon her, it is too unman. Moreover, she also has your child in her belly. As a man, you can’t do the bad thing of the kind of people. ” Asked: “Don’t do it, what do you do?”

The wind and rain said: “You don’t have to worry. I am already an adult. I will take care of myself, I will deal with my own things. You don’t know anything, I will do not leave traces. We have You can have their respective days as before. “

I just sipped: “No, it’s not allowed to come. If you kill my child, I haven’t finished with you.”

The wind and rain also glanced at him, said: “If you can think of a good way to have two full beauty, I will leave him. Otherwise, I will stick to it. I won’t ruin myself for the child. I can I don’t want to be an ordinary mother, I want to be a woman, any resistance can’t stop me. Unless I die, I will give it. “

I just nodded and said: “Ok, good, I will find ways to solve. However, you can’t make trouble.”

The wind and rain, I thought, said: “Well, if I have been pregnant, I want to contact you in advance, I will respect you when I am Dad.”

I just hook hook and said: “Well, we are said, you are not allowed to regret.”

The wind and rain touched the finger, said: “Okay, let’s go. I should be busy with my business.”

I have just seen the wind and rain, this is a very complex mind, I am in her office. His emotions have been traged by this unexpected thing.

Leaving the police station, walking on the sidewalk of people in the people, his heart is chaotic. If Rainhe is really pregnant, there is your own child, this is a good thing, you may have a close relationship with her, and the child may give her like a rope, so that she can’t take off later. The wild horse of the reil is my line. The problem is that she is not pregnant? Look at her face and reaction, very like. If you are pregnant, what do she don’t want to do? She is a very ideaful person, very personality, is likely to sacrifice children for their own interests. In any case, I can’t let her kill my own children. But if you leave a child, how should I deal with the next thing? What should I do if the work and future of Rainhe? How do you have to be responsible for her? Doesn’t it make the orchid to give the wife’s location to Rainhe? Don’t do your own conscience so you. Orchid is a lot of competent wife, she is babbing to herself.

He repeatedly reminded himself in his heart: “Can’t do so, can’t be Chen Shimei. You are not a bad man, can’t hurt your woman.”

He returned to his home, and Lan Yue was reading, seeing to come back, come out to give him slippers. Seeing that it is very poor, I asked: “What happened? Cheng just, have you encountered anything? Can you tell me?”

It is just holding her hand, sitting on the sofa, showing a smile, said: “Nothing, what is nothing. If you see you, you can see you, you will have a cloud.” He looked at Lan Yue’s face . Lan Yue’s face is like peach, and it is high and elegant. Who will be happy.

Lan Moon blinked, said: “There is no need to put in your heart. Although I am not your wife, but it is also your kind.”

I gangled up her jade hand kissed my mouth, saying: “I know that you are very grateful to you. I am very grateful to you. I can have such a good woman in this life. Even I will also be willing to live for more than one or two years. “

Lan Moon smiled, laughing, said: “You are very cherished. However, you should live longer, otherwise, there will be a woman to marry you? How many children will lose my father? You have to lose longer? Who is it? “

It is a warm and warm, saying: “Yes, don’t don’t do anything, just for you, I should also live to ninety years old.” He put Lan Yue in his arms, warm and comfortable, those troubles I also dropped most of them.

Lan Moon said: “It is really bored to be bored at home all day, and women who have been entered into the Cold Palace are almost.”

The face grinding her face and said: “When you are annoying, go out to stroll around the street. The world outside is very exciting, you should go out.”

Lan Moon sighs, said: “I don’t love to go shopping. There are too many people in the street, I am afraid that I have been stepped on by others. And there are many thieves, I don’t care, I will lose things.” I just laughed, Said: “You are different from all. How do women don’t like to go shopping, don’t like shopping?”

Lan Moon said: “Follow the teacher, compare the students to the class, I still like to stand in the classroom, face a group of innocent children, give them knowledge, let them continue to progress and long Big. This is the main value of my life! “

I have just nodded and said: “It turns out that you are eager to go to work. Otherwise, I will remind you to take a moment tomorrow, I want to move soon, let you go to work as soon as possible, end the life of the woman.”

Lan Moon stopped: “No, I am not so urgent, I don’t want to trouble people.”

I just swayed and said: “What are you welcome? Jiang Shu is my father’s good brother, it is my own person, I can’t talk about any trouble.”

Lan Moon said: “But I still feel very uneasy.”

I just gangled her, saying: “Lan Yue, I sometimes think that you are still a bit, don’t take me as yourself.”

Lan Lan looked at him and said: “You think too much, become a just. I have already taken you as my man, my husband. Otherwise, I will not with you, not even I have lived in your home. I have already taken this home. “

I just listened comfort and said: “This is almost the same. I like to hear you say this, don’t like you, don’t move my go, let me cool.”

Lan Moon, said: “Then I will never tell you a passession.”

At this time, the mobile phone in Gigne rang, and I saw that Jiang Shu came. I don’t know what he is looking for him, should it be related to my father?

After the connection, Jiang Shu said: “It is just that the chairman has handed it to me. I also pass the people. I have passed the child to go to school is simple, and give you a big sister. Looking for a good school, it is difficult to get the difficulty. “

I have just yet, say: “Don’t know where it is?” Lan Moon heard about his own business, and heard his ear.

Jiang Shu said: “Take a speech every year now, every year is too much, everyone squeezes the head to be a teacher. This is no wonder, now the teacher is a rice bowl, the country has given the teacher to the teacher in recent years. The better, the salary is up – tune. I originally want to give you a good school, find one in the center of the city, but now those famous schools are crowded with people, not good. I want to go in, except for people , Open the relationship, you have to worry about it. If you don’t want to wait, then you will go to the city center, you will not be willing. You don’t worry, I will find a way, let her go to work early. “

Cheng Jun said: “Jiang Shu, since this is difficult, I will talk to you tomorrow, we discuss it, how do you see? My little scorpion is going to school, you have to hurry.”

Jiang Shu said: “Things to transfer, it is relatively easy, waiting for a few days. This is a matter of work, well, we will see the chairman of the afternoon tomorrow, just ask what he thinks. “

It’s just a refreshingly: “Okay, just do it.”

Putting down the phone, put Jiang Shu’s words to Lan Yue once, then said: “Lan Yue, since the famous school in the city is not good, things are difficult, is not as good as this, you are waiting for some days at home.”

Lan Moon frowned, said: “Don’t know how long to wait? Will you wait a year and a half?”

It’s just comfortable: “It shouldn’t, but I don’t have to wait for two or three months.”

Lan Moon Face, said: “This will give me a bitterness. I will not work for a long time, I will get more and more stupid, I will slowly degrade, become a mediocrity.” She takes back to the sofa, Yang Yang It starts, looks at it, and it is very beautiful, and it is seen to have a high-hearted sour.

I just said: “I don’t think so. If you are uncomfortable, then find something to do. I can help you book a plan every day, such as the upstream pool, gym, library, and then on the scenic area. Every day, The plan is set, it is organized to ensure that you will be happy and happy every day. “

Lan Moon sat up straight, watching the public, said: “” Bengtang, we have been together for so long, you should understand my character, the kind of life is not suitable for me. I don’t want to be a idler, the waste. I think Like the moon, like the sun like the sun. I don’t want to be what two milk, Golden Sky. Do you understand what I mean? “He just thought about it and said:” I understand what you mean. If you are really anxious, then you can Select to the school to deviate from the city. There is a missing teacher, but it is far away from here. I am afraid that I will be more tired every day. “

Lan Moon is thinking about it, saying: “There is nothing wrong with deviating from the center of the city. If you can go to work, let me work, I can go.”

I just said: “” There is only too far away from here, you will not bear to suffer from the school and home every day, I really can’t bear to suffer, and I feel poor. “

Lan Yue thought again, saying: “If you go to work too much every day, you can rent a house near the school. Is this not affustable?”

I just heard my heart and trembled, saying: “You do this, it’s good, can we do it like a Cowherd’s weaver girl? If you can’t sleep together every night. If you are, do you feel comfortable?”

Lan Yue smiled, said: “” If the two love is long, he is in the DPRK. “Every day, you will be greasy. Separate, I am attractive to you.”

I just listened to my eye, said: “I firmly oppose your unmanaged ideas and inappropriate thoughts, how much I hope we are together every night. You know, how much I miss you after we separated each time. How 惦 惦 你? We are not easy to be together, why do you want to make separation? You can’t stand it, I can’t stand it. “

Lan Moon smiled and said: “It’s just that you are too exaggerated? Your woman is not only me. I am not around you, you can freely follow the woman, I don’t see it. The heart is not chaotic. If I see it, I can’t help but get angry, but I will affect our intimate relationship. You said, this is not a good thing for you? “

It is necessary to admit that she is reasonable, but I can’t accept it. He said: “You still think about considering it, don’t make a decision easily.”

Lan Moon laughed: “There is nothing to consider. I come to the provincial city mainly to work, not when I have a milk, I don’t want to enjoy it. I want to do a career. Although I am not as good as I am, I can do it. Try to do it, make your value maximize your value. “

I nodded in a hard time and said: “I understand, Lan Yue. I will respect your choice.”

Lan Moon said happily: “That’s good. You will turn what I mean to Jiang Jiang tomorrow, please arrange it as soon as possible, let me go to work as soon as possible.” I think of working, her spirit, rejuvenate, A pair of beautiful eyes are bright.

I just watched her, I thought: “The original Lan Moon has a similar thing, they are all kinds of women. It seems that I didn’t see the Lan Yue, always like the orchid. People, this moment is the real Lan Moon. She is not a total of hundreds of people, indulging in the secular love and sensuality, she also has their own pursuit and ideals. “

Lan Moon looked at the kitchen and said: “It’s just that we have dinner. Before you came back, I did two dishes, I did specially for you.”

I have a warm and warm, ask: “What is it?”

Lan Moon smiled: “Do you know if you look at it?” It was just holding the hands of Lan Moon to the kitchen. On the dining table in the kitchen, two plates were put, and they were covered with the waiting. Unveiled, a plate is a cuisine and fried eggs, a plate is peanuts. When you look at it, the aroma has been drilled into the nose and makes the human index finger.

Cheng Ji sniffed and said: “The light heard will make people ‘s appetite. Come, let’s eat, what are you waiting for?”

Lan Moon takes a bowl of fun. She has two bowls, and a bowl handed it to myself. She is sitting next to it, and the two have dinner, while talking.

The kitchen of Cheng Gang is big enough. In addition to the kitchenware, a dining table is placed. The wall is pasted on the wall, and the center of the center of the hooks is attached to a few vivid fruit patterns. Every time Lan Moon looks, it will remember the fresh and sweet aroma in the fruit store.

It is just a taste of Jinjin, because the Lan Moon craft is very good, the dishes are really delicious, which is directly related to her consistently serious style. Because it is serious, because of the law, do something better than others.

Eat it, praised: “Lan Yue, you have made the strength of the dishes.” Lan Moon revealed the smile of joy, said: “It is just a good time. After I have to go to work, No time to eat every day to eat. “

I just listened, sighed, said: “If you are gone, I will be very uncomfortable, just like my wife runs like people.”

Lan Moon laughed: “It’s really a nonsense. In addition to you, no one will run me.”

I just grinned and said: “I like this. I know, you can’t see it. Only I can let you move the heart and spring heart, I want to pay my life to me. I am too Happiness, happiness than any man. “

Lan Moon smiled and said: “You know, you know why I do this today, do you eat this dish?”

I have just seen the dishes have been eaten half of the dishes, and “why?”

Lan Moon revealed the smile and said: “It’s just that the two dishes are usually usually, but it is very unfortunate, but I heard that the body is very good to the man.”

The eyes of a Gigne, said: “Do you say these two kidneys?”

Lan Moon nodded and said: “I also listen to others, I don’t know right. I think you have so many women, I often consume physical strength. In order to let you not kill kidney, Yangshui, I want to give you a supplement. “Say here, her pretty face can not help but red. She is a unmarried girl, involving topics in this area, she will be shy. Even if each other has a close relationship, she can’t be indifferent.

I just listened to Haha laughing and said: “Lan Yue, you are really a heart, I want to be very thoughtful. Good, I have a little more, give you happiness at night.” Said, big mouth, big mouth, The eggs are found in the eggs.

Lan Yue saw it, smiled and said: “Enome, you just have the same as pig. Don’t you use so exaggeration?”

I have finished me, put down the chopsticks, say: “You think about me like this, I naturally want to have a lot of time. See how I packed you in the evening, I will let you be happy to call my husband, others will not say I like you most like you swear on the bed, shouting. The time of the day is the most charming, most sexy, most calling me crazy. “

Lan Moon is shy, it is white, and said: “I am not that kind of person, but you have talked me every time, I have changed a person. I am thinking about it. I think later, true I can’t believe that the person is me? How can I be so thick? If you say that it is so difficult? Similarly, it’s the same as the goods, and the goods. I often regret it for your own performance. “To talk, she Can’t help but low, even the ear is red.

I just listened, haha ​​laughed, said: “I said Lan Yue, why do you always have a child? Do you have something shy? Adult men and women doing the same thing, you don’t need Shy. Again, when you do things, you should be mad, boldly, hot, indulge, if you shrink your feet, care about it, you will do it according to China’s traditional morality, what else does it mean? Do you say it? Dear Lan Moon wife. “

Lan Yueli, said: “” The words are right, but I always change my thoughts. I also want to change, no way, I am the kind of ink. “

I just laughed from the ground, pulled the hand of Lan Yue, said: “Lan Yue, since you are this kind of person, then you don’t change. What to change? I insist on your style. This is you. Well. Again, you don’t have anything like this. Every time we do things, I see you shy look, I am very moved, especially excited. Every time you want to die, you will be addicted. “When it comes to the back, His eyes have porn, and hands are also touched in the thighs of Lan Moon.

Lan Moon pushed him, smiled: “Go to you, after leaving the bed, you give me the rules, like someone, I don’t like your rogue.” To talk, stand up to clean up the table, Wash the dishes. I have just looked at her, I feel warm, I think she is more like her wife.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, the two lie down. Get the light, in the dark, drill into the nest, the body is passed, and the infinite is warm. It has just wear the vest underwear, and Lan Yue is three-point underwear. Stick together, very comfortable. However, it doesn’t mean it tonight.

His thoughts were very messy. I wanted to think about the stepmother. I wanted to rain, I thought about my father, and I thought about Feng Shi. Because of your heart, you will have a desire. Lan Yue felt wrong, asked: “What happened? Cheng just, is it worried?”

I just sighed and said: “I am very chaotic in my heart, thousands of Wanxu.” Lu Lan Yue said: “Since you can’t sleep, let’s talk about it.”

Lan Moon said: “Talk to yourself.”

Cheng Jun took a deep breath and said: “What is I have? I am not all clear?”

Lan Moon said: “Some things are clear, some are unclear. I really want to know, what is going on in the future.”

It’s just that I can’t say it. “What is going to have? The fact is in front of you, after my father is discharged from the hospital, I will listen to him, take your position, take care of the company, run the business, and push the company to the new The peak. At that time, I could become a busy person, no longer belong to yourself, but it belongs to the company, belongs to those employees. I became a leader, take the leader, the train head. At that time, I have no Good life passed. “

Lan Yue sent a sweet laughter, said: “Enamed, don’t know how many people envy your blessings, you are still unknown, it is really blessed!”

I just sighed a breath and said: “I don’t know, what I am worth enviable.”

Lan Yue said: “Do not say anything else, you have a rich father with you, it is enough for others. If others have such a father, they will be happy to have forgotten their surname, every day, every day Don’t do it, just eat, drink, play, bright, how to be happy, just how happy, will not be like you, you will be so far from your dad, please no longer come. “

I have just smiled and said: “” Everyone has a difficult experience. Everyone has their own distress. Born in the rich people, there is a happy family. Because the parents are too good, they The heart of the soul is even greater, and the requirements for children will be higher. Let me say, after graduating from our university, it is trying to cover your family background, never want to be with your father, think of yourself, think yourself I have a career. Although I succeeded half, but I still can’t get rid of the family’s entanglement. My father is not good, and my brother’s character is too S., I don’t want to be a successor, I must give up my pursuit. Return to the family, go to the successor. If I am improper, my dad will die. If he knows, if this business is given to the industry, it will not be able to carry forward, but also decline and collapse the fastest speed. He selected it. I, I can’t refuse! But I know that the deputy burden is very heavy, can I be competent, still a problem? “

Lan Moon listened to the laugh, said: “” Cheng Jun, my dear husband, how can you be so confident? “She kissed a bite on the face of Gigong, said:” It is the same as the girl. The truth, when starting to chase a woman, it is a good fortune, can’t touch the door. But when you know about her, it can accurately find the breakthrough, take effective measures, will be getting closer and closer from success. Similarly It is also the truth. When you start, it is inevitable that you can’t do your hair. However, when you are familiar with it, you can go to your hand, you can go easy, and you will have a long time. “

I just listened to the big encouragement and said: “Lan Yue, where is you listening to? It is too good.” The heart also tried to figure the “bubble” and “entrepreneurship”. According to its own experience, this truth is confirmed.

Lan Moon said softly: “Who didn’t listen to it, I think it is, I don’t know right and wrong.”

I have just laughed: “It should be no mistake. In the future, I will be like a child, I hope to succeed as soon as possible.” Said, put the Lan Yue tight, full of love.

After breakfast next day, I became went to the hospital. In order to see my father, I also in order to see Jiang Shu. Lan Yue’s work should be solved as soon as possible, let her stay at home, she will make trouble. I thought: “She is the same as the rain, it is a blessing. Compared with the orchid, she has no pursuit, just want to be a generic man.”

He went to earlier, and Jiang Shu has not come yet. He came to the ward, thinking less. After observing, I want to find out that the police in the door will not see it. What is going on? Maybe because the case has progressed, the murderer has a eyebrow, don’t you need to monitor again?

When pushing away the ward door, the father is still sleeping, and the bed is lying next to the bed. It is looking at the ceiling, and the face laughs for a while, I will worry, I don’t know what I am thinking.

He has just went to him, he discovered. Entering, please just sit. I just sat down and looked at my brother, like watching strangers. Indeed, since Yao Xiujun began to pursue Yao Xiujun, the cost is like a person. What to do, often unexpected, completely following the past. Is this the power of love? I just asked: “How is the police, how can the police see? Is it going out to eat, come back?”

Enterprise replied: “Brother, they finished the last class yesterday, have been sprinkled. The case is already clear, don’t take time here. They have to hunt the murderer, give us a confidence. Just murderer is too mysterious, It’s so embarrassing, what is so good? “

I just didn’t understand: “How do you know the murderer and mystery?”

Encore replied: “It is said that Jiang Shu said with his father. I heard it. This murderer is not familiar with our home, and our family is not guilty.

It didn’t explain it, just said: “Lin Zi is big, what bird is, not surprising. Right, how is your pursuit plan? Is there any progress?”

One mention this, the spirit of the intelligence, both eyes are wide, said: “I don’t know if there is any progress. Anyway, she is already a friend. She is going to the mall today to watch home appliances, I will accompany her Go, she did not oppose at all. I thought she would not agree. “

I just said: “Enterprise, this is said that your hopes have increased.” He said that he said, don’t fall too deep, the deeper is getting deeper, and finally the injury. That Yao Xiujun is not four people in the Three, and since she is already engaged, it is impossible to have anyone with other men.

I have a bitter laugh on the face and shook his head. Just as usual, I have no way. “Say the final, the tone has been turned to be bleak.

As a brother, the shoulder of the integrity, comfortable: “Enterprise, you have to look at this kind of thing. Pursue girls, the victory, the victory, the family, don’t have to be sad. Good girl is more If this is not, we can change one. “

The enriched shook his head and said: “There are many girls in the world, but Yao Xiujun is only one. If she is married, I think, I will don’t lose forever.” Once the sea is difficult for the water, except Wushan is not a cloud “Ah! “

I have just heard my mood, I don’t know how to say it. He thought about it and said: “” Enterprise, what about your girlfriend? Is there anything? “

It sighed and said: “I will break your hand with her, she does not agree, I don’t have to get wrap. She is crying again, I have a good heart, so I can’t bear my heart. Therefore, we are still interacting now. I always feel that it is like two boats. “

I just laughed, said: “In the business, since the girl really likes you, you will cherish the people in front of you, or don’t play Yao Xiujun’s idea. That Yao Xiujun is only a plain friend, you are not a foot Two boats. “

The establishment has grown a breath, saying: “” I will be a lamb, with her side, I wish she takes the leather whip every day, constantly playing with me. “This lyric is written, representing my heart. She wants her sheep, I am really willing to be a lamb, I have no regrets for a lifetime!”

I just asked: “Enterprise, you tell me, which is Yao Xiujun attracted you? Where do you fall in love with her?”

Encourage: “In addition to beauty, outside, it is probably that she has different temperament, and it is not ordinary woman.”

I just listened to my laugh and said: “Is there a woman who has been more charming than her?”

It is honest to answer: “No. Yao Xiujun is the best.”

I just smiled and said: “Enterprises, I know two women, they don’t care about it, they are on Yao Xiujun, to ensure that you can see it, you will look back.” He thought: “If you see the rain You can know that there are people outside, there are people outside! “

Encore firmly said: “No, no, good women, in my eyes, I am not in Yao Xiujun, she is the fairy in my heart.”

I just sigh, no longer say, my heart 嘀:: “This kid is really not saved. It seems that I don’t have to talk to him, wait for him to fall a few times, more hits, more flow, multi-flow He will be difficult to retreat. “

It was just caused by the body, and I thought that the beauty of the carnival, who had a carnival, his own mother. He has a burst of fever in his heart, and his face also has a fever. It doesn’t feel the father on the side. The father is still asleep calm, and the chest is rhythmically. The expression in this time is relaxed, maybe he has thrown away everything in the dream, you can live freely! Made in secret, thinking: “Father, father, I am sorry again. If you know, please forgive me. Yesterday, the main responsibility is not in me, it is her take the initiative to seduce me. I am also a victim. I did as a son, never want to give you a hat. But I don’t do her, she will go to find another man, so your green hat will wear more. With this, It’s better to do her, so your loss can be somewhat. “

It is just to justify yourself in your heart. In this way, the pressure in my heart is alleviated.

It’s just whispering: “What about aunt? What is the aunt? When did she go in the afternoon?” The surface is very calm, but it is like a river in the sea. His heart is like playing pictures, playing two “shots” on the bed. That piece is so exciting, so ecstasy. He Yuxia’s body is so fat and beautiful, so enthusiastic and soft, the feeling of 趴, is more comfortable to smoothing on the high sofa. Her debauchery and emotions, more expressions, as well as gram-forward, passionate waves, teach people to be unforgettable. The young woman is so elegant before the person, it is so bright in bed, so hunger, the real people can’t afford it.

The property said: “My mom will go to my own store. I will come here. She sent things here yesterday, and even dads did not hurry, she said she was a bit uncomfortable.”

Cheng Jun, said: “What happened?”

Enterprise replied: “I don’t know. I look at her face and spirit are very good, I really don’t understand. Maybe can’t let men know the problem.”

I have just nodded, I thought: “She didn’t see my father yesterday, maybe I was afraid of seeing what flawed by my father. For safety, she also told me, I chose to avoid it. Aunt is also a smart person, do things really Very cautious. Be careful each other, so the father will not be suspicious. The father is really a poor person, so magnificent in the mall, so powerful, but can’t give my wife happiness, so that the wife only has the wall to solve the physiology Question. Father, father, what did you fight for a lifetime? I hope you don’t know this secret before you die! So, it is good for us. “

I just looked at my father’s old and majestic face, my heart was a bit panicked, said: “The air here is too bad, I went to the corridor to sit down.” Said, stand up, open the door. Sitting on a bench in the corridor, because he can’t see his father, his mood is much better. He thought: “Do you have to keep the relationship with the stepmother in the future? If your father is not there, I am very happy, the aunt’s body and the charm of the bed are the teach people can’t refuse, as long as it is a man, who is not Happy to enjoy? Just father is still alive. He is like a mountain, there is a mountain, blocking us, I have no courage to go to the mountain or move. Or do it, for safety, don’t go to bed with her before the father It is. I want to think so, is it just that the stepmother will agree? She is in the year of the Tiger Wolf, how did she have a long-term desire to burn? “

I thought about my heart, and the Jiang Shu came over from the corridor. Jiang Shu parked in front of him, saying: “It’s just that your father woke up?”

I have just replied: “” Oh, I still fall asleep. Otherwise, call him. “

Shu said: “Don’t have to say, there is no big thing to tell him, let him sleep well. His rare can sleep well this life, I am waiting for him here.” He said, he is angry around him sit down. It’s just turned to see, watching his two whitening, the corner is also filled with deep wrinkles, and I feel a bitterness in my heart. I thought: “Is there a habit of people?” I will be like this? “

Jiang Shu is smiling, saying: “It’s just that your relatives enter the school work. How do you think? Do you think? Tell me, I will do it.”

I just sighhed and said: “I asked her, she said that she is far away, as long as the school is good, I can go to work.”

Shu Xia smiled: “Is it true? Is it really thinking? That’s how much it is. Now Songbei District is developing in a hurry, it is very lacking, it is better to go there, there will be it later. Bustic area. “

I just nodded: “Ok, just do it. Don’t know how long to go to work?”

Jiang Shu said: “If the words are smooth, it is the matter of these days.”

I just smiled and said: “This is the best.” He is not a taste. If the Lan Yue is gone, he has become a lone. [Twenty-sixth episode] Chapter 3: After the arrangement, the property came out from the room, and he also listened to the slight cough. Jiang Shu asked: “Is it a business, chairman wake up?”

The industry smiled to Jiang Shu, said: “Jiang Shu, my father just wakes up, you please go in.”

Jiang Shu promised and entered the door. There is no time to sit down and said: “Brother, time is almost. I have to accompany you to the mall. I have already spent fake with Dad, you have worked hard, take care of him. I will come back about it.”

I just nodded, said: “Enterprise, you go, don’t worry, I wish you success soon, hold a good people.”

Enclaimed, smile, said: “Thank you for your Ji Yan, brother, I hope I can create a miracle.” Said, he took a deep breath, with confidence and perseverance. It’s just looking at his back, it is not conceited: the power of love is incisive, and the small sheep in the industry will become a wolf. What else does this in this world can’t happen?

Jiang Shu is waiting for half an hour in the house. After he came out, he said: “It’s just that you have decided, I will go to the matter. You wait for my good news, tell your relatives, don’t worry, it is not difficult to enter this school, just It’s far away from the city. “

Cheng just said: “Then, please.”

Uncle Jiang said, and Yan Yue, “” Cheng Jig, say this, we are not outsiders. “He has just pulled a few words and returned to the company.

Magnificent pushed the door. I saw my father had already looked at the bed, standing in front of the window, which makes it a lot of unexpected.

I have just been busy and said: “Dad, can you go to bed? Do you have a good thing?”

Cheng Ziying looked at his son, his face was a kind smile, said: “Fortunately, just there is no strength. How, the private matter has been tied with the old river? Out of the Laoyang, I am relieved, efficient, efficiency, There is also an effect, otherwise, he will not be my deputy. “

Encourage your child and sit on the bed. I just looked at his face, I couldn’t help but think of the stealing of stepmother, my heart was embarrassed.

Cheng Ziying said: “Waiting for the whole day to stay in the hospital, I have to be crazy. The taste here is really unknown, every day, even a good person will be sick. I still want to go back to the company, there Is my kingdom. I decided, I would go out. “

It is just a sound, saying: “Dad, no. Your body is too weak. You have to go out, what do you say?”

Zi Ziying did not say: “Doctor said, I have to stay in the hospital for a month. I am not very good now? I don’t want to be a wasteland here. The company still needs me. I don’t go, my heart is always not practical. “

I have just advised: “Dad, you will stay more than one month. Anyway, these days have come, don’t care for a month. Waiting for the body, then the hospital is not late.”

Sub-boy said: “No, you can do more than a few days, but you can’t wait for a month. I will definitely, I will be sulking. You go to the doctor, I have to go out as soon as possible, it is not a person The place to stay. If they don’t agree, I will go now. “His voice is very large, strong, and there is no room for discussion.

I have just met him on my breath, there is no way to persuade, say: “Dad, since you said, then I will try it.”

Cheng Subing urged: “Go. I would rather die in the company, I don’t want to live here.”

It has just been out of the ward. He thought: “Is it really unfavorable with the doctor? This is really unfavorable to your father, but if you don’t go, your father will stick to it. What should this matter?”

It is difficult to do it, He Yushan is coming. She as an example is a long boot trousers, and it is a good figure. And her mental state is very good, the face is ruddy, the phoenix is ​​clear, the men see, they will praise and move. The mature style is better than youthful girls.

She watched him in front of her, and the beautiful looks at him, saying: “It’s just that there is anything to make you frown?” She saw it wrong.

I have just seen her, my heart is happy, and I am afraid. He will say it just now, and said: “Auntie, what should you do? I want him to listen to the doctor, but he can’t hear it at all. Otherwise, you will try it?” He Yixia gently Shake your head, the earrings followed straight, and the golden light shines. She said: “You can’t advise it, I can’t. Forget it, I will go to the doctor to ask, see if I can’t stand less.” I saw that He Yuxia went to the doctor’s office with a light step. That abdomen, the legs, the flexible waist, which made the madness and enthusiasm of her in bed, my heart is fun. That kind of taste, who can forget?

Shortly, He Yuxia returned to the fragrant wind. I just asked: “What do you say?”

He Yuxia facilitated and said: “Listen to my proposal, the doctor said, then half a month, if there is no problem, it can be discharged.”

I have just been happy, saying: “This look, my dad should be able to accept, tell him this good news.” The two people entered the ward.

Hero Ying listened to half, still not very satisfied, long sighed, said: “Half a month is also sad. This is a hospital, it is a cell. I think I am not getting sick, but I am sitting firm. I I want to go back to the company immediately, sit in my office, let the company’s development. “Say it later, his face is full of heroes, like a generals who want to command the battle, will win the battle, one change These days are deeply sinking.

He Yuxia glared at his arm and said: “Ziying,” wear knife is not mistaken. , Can’t you wait for 15 days? If you don’t raise your body, even if you are discharged, it will not be so fast. Although it is difficult to listen, it is true. “

I also said: “Dad, Auntie is right, don’t affect the body because of the urgency, and affect the company’s future. You are not told me,” I can’t bear it. “

Hecheng British is helpless, says with fist, say: “Ok, ok, listen to people, eat full, I will work for fifteen days. Wait until time, I am going to die, you also want to die. Take the stretcher to put me. I am dead, you should die in the company, where it is the place where I fly Yellow Tengda, should also be my cemetery. “

He Yuxia has a few mouthfuls, saying: “Ziying, don’t mention this” dead “, I am very taboo. If you die, what should I do this?”

Cheng Ziying smiled and said: “Is there anything is taboo? For the post, I have arranged it properly. Once I died, I will have justified my position. The company is handed over to him, there are those elderly people Help, there should be no problem. I don’t have to worry, I have left enough property, enough for you for a few days. If you want to marry, then you will never blame you. This It is already a new era, there is no need to be alive in the empty room. “He said that his smile disappeared, and it is a desolation, just like the sun will fall.

He Yixia didn’t like listening, said: “Ziying, what is your saying? If you die, I am not ready to marry again. I have been forty years old, how many years can you live again? Twenty years. The first half has been handed over to the home, nor cares about the twenty years. “

Head of Cheng Ziying, sigh: “This is too unfair to you, you are still young, you don’t need to sacrifice so big.”

He Yuxia looked at it and said: “There is no sacrifice. Since I have chosen home, I have no regrets. In the family, I am very happy, very happy. Although you are, there is deficiency, but I am already very contentment. I have gotten something that the usual woman can’t get it. I have lived the life of the lady, what else, what else, I have already got enough? You If you die, I will keep my son. “

The face of Cheng Ziying took a tragic color, saying: “It is good, it. You really don’t want to change, just stay. There are just supported the company, this home can also operate as usual. What is difficult? You can find a just. “His eyes can be found.

It was just said that it is said: “Anything I can do, no effort. I will let the aunt live as happy as before.”

Cheng Ziying showed satisfactory smile and said: “Okay, I believe you can say it. Yuxia, this time you can rest assured?”

He Yuxia looked at Cheng Ziying, and looked at it again, he didn’t speak, and his face was sad.

Into sub English but smiled and said:?. “Yuxia ah, you have nothing to worry about, even if I was really dead, and you do not cry for me in life there is always a dead, I’m almost six years old, I have contented . “He Yuxia into sub-holding arm of Britain, said:” Having said that, but I want you to live for at least another decade or two. “

Into sub-Ying laughed: “This is too greedy right for me, now dead willingly If you give me 10 or 20 years time, I am sure to become China’s richest man, the best entrepreneurs?.. “

By noon, He Yuxia went booked a meal. After dinner, and everyone together to chat, chat, enjoy their grandchildren. After a while another child, as the child Ying said: “Just as you go to busy, my aunt have some private words to say to you.”

Just as he stood up and said: “Well, I go first, see you tomorrow.” He looked at his father, looked at the aunt, then turned out.

Walking down the street, he had a sense of desolation. This feeling is naturally caused by a father who just will like to say. He kept asking himself: “Is it true my father will die you father really can not live a decade or two it This is too cruel, he was not old ah??!”

On the way home, he thought Yuhe things straight heart sank, for fear that her pregnancy was confirmed after given a free hand, her child destroyed. Fearing, we will have to play her cell phone. Rang for about a minute before they heard the sound of wind and rain bearing blame: “? Just do as we do on a mission.”

Cheng Gang, said: “You go to the hospital not pregnant yet??”

Storm bearing a low voice: “I did not go, but my body’s reaction, which in all likelihood not be wrong to blame bad for you, I hate you..”

Cheng Gang Hey smile, said: “? I have a responsibility to do what I have not thought make you pregnant.”

Wind and rain Netherlands sneer or two, said:??? “How did the responsibility of it, if not you do me that thing, I would be pregnant if you had not put the dirt shot into it, I would be pregnant if you had not, I today will fall into such a tragic end? that’s the culprit of all is you! “she said as she spoke, the sound bigger, a little bit unable to control their emotions. Then, her voice growing small again. It seems, she also realized that some gaffe.

Just do not want to dwell on such issues down, he said: “Okay, okay, all the responsibility on me how good you want to hate me, I accept it wants me to ask you, when you go to the hospital check the body? I want to spend time with you. “

Dutch pondered the storm and said: “not like a good thing to check, or do not accompany you, to save an eyesore, I resolved it wants you worry, when you need a responsible, I will let you know you have been trying to let off, I’m not willing to lose a man. “

Cheng Gang concern, saying: “Then you have to take care of themselves and other official results of the check out, we’ll discuss how he born..”

Dutch wind and rain, said: “This is not even good, do not say to you, do we have to perform the task.” When he finished, he hung up.

To just holding the phone, long time without moving, in their heart they are all the other kids. He thought, Yuhe born children must be a very good child. When parents are good, children must not be worse. Like a peasant farming, well good seed, grow crops naturally great.

Home and did not see Lan, what did she go? I must have one at home too stuffy, out to relax a. Cheng Gang did not give her a call, but the thinking mind alone in a quiet environment. Too many thoughts, so he felt very tired.

I waited more than an hour, Lan was carrying food back. Just took the dish to put down, he said: “Lan, you are a good housewife ah.”

Lan while changing his shoes, while saying: “.. If I’m flattered, but later moved out, let orchids come back to help you cook it.”

Mentioning her removal thing, just as he frowned and said: “I really do not want you to work so fast, I want you to spend more time with me and so you go to work, and moved out to accompany my time. too limited, I will be like the ancient emperor as lonely. “

Lan hearty laugh and said: “The ancient emperors are not alone ah They had three palaces and six homes, seventy concubines, have Zinfandel three thousand, who sleep sleepy who”

Cheng Gang stopped laughing, he said: “.. Lan, I have already told Jiang tertiary, and convey your ideas he has started to handle, you can use a few days to go to work.”

Lan Moon listened, excited to play pretty light, said: “Too good, great, these days have bored me to become wood. I got the class, I can see those cute children. I just said: “You don’t want to be too early. I will remind you that children in the city can not be as honest like a country, so good, don’t do it, they will let you headache, will put you Cry. Cry, maybe you will also rush to my arms cry. “

Lan Yue did not smile and laughed like a rose in sunlight. She is very easy to sit on the sofa, saying: “Not so? I got the child for so many years, my self-confidence experience is enough, I don’t believe that the child can cry. For those who are naughty, I have Packed up. This is the same as the gardener in the botanical garden, seeing a tree for a long time, just cut off, let it go back to a healthy road. “

Cheng Jun said: “That is the best. Yes, where did you go to my heart?”

Lan Yue replied: “There is no vegetable home in the family, I will go out and buy it back.” The smart woman is difficult to be samous “Ah, will do it, no material is not.”

I just sat next to Lanyu, said: “After you go to work, is it going to rent a house near the school?”

Lan Yue replied: “If it is not convenient, if you affect your work, then you have to do it. Do you disagree?”

I just barely smiled and said: “How can I not agree? Do you see people like an unknown person? For you, work is very important, you don’t want to be a milk, so you need to find a house. When I will go with you. Since I am your man, it will certainly take responsibility. “

Lan Yue is happy to have a bite on his face, saying: “This is almost the same. I know that you will say this, it will do this.”

It is just sincerely said: “Sometimes I don’t want you to work hard. I hope that you always stay with me, accept my care and love. What do you want, I will give you, don’t need yourself Struggling.”

Lan Moon laughed: “I am not that kind of person. If it is Lan Xue, she will make this, and I don’t. I like to create everything with my own hands, don’t rely on anyone, just rely on myself. In order to reflect your own survival value. “

I just said: “You don’t want to be so thinking about it. I should support you. Just like you are a sister, she wants to be a qualified policeman, I don’t want to have anything to become a stumbling block, I will pursue my ideals in my heart, according to my own ideas Live, you are really like. “

Lan Moon said: “Of course, we are relatives, how can you not be like? Right, she came back? Have you seen her?”

It’s a sinking in my heart, saying: “She has come back, I have seen her. But she is very busy, there is no time to see you.”

Lan Moon said: “She is also a strong sense of business, I will go to her. I will look at her again with her.”

When I said this topic, I have a heart, I have interest, said: “You are very beautiful, you can’t get high. She gives people a sense of hard, agile, and the machine, you give people a gentle, quiet, Elegance, decent. It can be said that one is a mountain, one is a water, can you say which one is better? “

Lan Moon laughed, said: “But every time I see her, I will not help but compare with her. I feel that I feel that I have charm, and more than others, I don’t think there is a face. This is Like the martial arts, we have to find high-fighting, even if it is lost. “

I have just connected my head and say: “It makes sense, reason. In addition to the rain, don’t you compare someone else? How do I introduce Yao Xiujun you know?”

Lan Moon remembered the outstanding girl and said: “Very good, good shape, and connotation. Her shape may not be as good as the cousin and me, but her temperament can be a little less than a little. Your brother is fascinated by her, also Allation. If you do, you tell me, you are also fascinated by her, I am not surprising. “

I couldn’t help but laughed, saying: “I will not make it lively, let her vocabulary have a chance to satisfy. Have my younger brother’s industry pursue she is already enough, I will not pursue who, I have been satisfied with women. “

Lan Yue opened a big purpose, said: “It’s just a good color, good gambling, it’s not good, it is not good to control. Do you dare to guarantee that you will change evil?”

I just listened to my laugh and said: “Lan Yue, you use words. I haven’t” evil “”? “?”

Lan Moon is very charming, he looks like him, saying: “Forget it, what is it? We are old wife, I still don’t know you? Fortunately, I am not your wife, otherwise, I have long protest to you. I can’t be allowed to fight my husband outside, and I keep betrayed me. “Cheng just bitter face, said:” Lan Yue, when do you see me? ” The action is very careful, how can she know? “

Lan Moon smiled and said: “Is it easy to see? It is also known to use the knee. I know you are like understanding myself. However, I am still a little conscience, otherwise, I am early Just rushing with you. “

I just gangled her in his arms and said: “Lan Yue, I found that you have a measure than before? Why?”

Lan Moon frowned, said: “There is no way, what can you do? Do you want to turn your face with you? Is it a lot of your pain? The kind of pain is that I can’t bear it now. For this feeling to continue , I have to let the concessions, I hope you can turn back in a day, no longer out of the wall. “

I just listened to my gratitude and said: “You are more and more like my wife, I have already caught up with orchid.” Snooked, kissed her red lips, one hand touched her chest. That is swollen, like a spring, but it is soft as cotton.

The hand of Gigne will catch this for a while, and I will play it later. At the same time, the tongue is also crossed, reaching into the mouth of Lan Moon, meets her incense tongue, wrapped together, and each other has a pleasure of ecstasy.

It has just been able to rise, and also pull the zipper of Lan Moon clothes and will be handed in and explored the milk activity. Deep cleavage, deep temptation, men’s hand is inkiring here for a long time, do not want to leave. It’s just touching milk, and I’ve been breaking free from the troubles, and I have forgotten everything, and my mood is temporarily pleasant.

When the bra back hook is just to solve the Bust of the Lan Moon, Lan Yue pushed him gently, and it was ashamed: “Big daytime, not allowed to fire. I should go.” Then, set it into it. I just got a look, and I walked to the kitchen while sorting.

Lan Moon is cooking, just standing outside the kitchen. Her one fell in a variety of eyes, only at all, there is no beauty. Whether it is reaching, flexing, squatting, bending, legging, showing her soft and elegant, peace and stretch.

Lan Yue felt the aggressiveness of Gang, said: “It’s just that you have no trouble, go to the sofa to sit, or go to bed, don’t monitor me. You look at me, I am a little nervous.”

I just laughed, smiled very evil, said: “You do your best, just when I don’t exist.”

Lan Moon glanced at him and said: “But in fact you are behind me, like a special agent.”

I have just laughed: “You can also like a bodyguard, like a flower gossip.”

Lan Yue smiled and said: “The most like a big wolf, a grungy wolf, the goddess, the water is long, and it is dropped.”

It is necessary to have a big mouth, reach out of your tongue, and your hands are high, and the hand is a hawk claw, like it is to be. Lan Yue mock said: “You look like this, I want to run.”

I have just smiled and said: “How do you give it to you? I will bring you happiness.”

When eating, the two sat. I just appreciate the cooking cooking in Lan Yue again, naturally praised. Don’t look at Lan Yue, don’t kitchen at home, but what she does it, it is not ordinary people.

Lan Yue thought of a thing, said: “Enched into just, I forgot to tell you, today my mom called, play with orchid.” She put down the chopsticks, the beautiful light.

As soon as I heard the things about Feng Shiping, I became enough to jump, I asked: “What have you said? Is there anything good?”

Lan Moon replied: “In addition to concerning me and Lan Qiang, the most important thing is that she said recently to come to the provincial city.”

Magn, I’ve said: “Okay, okay, she has not entered the city. Then I must entertain her. Which day? I will pick up her.”

Lan Moon said: “There is no decision yet, it should come soon.”

Cheng Jun guess: “She comes, must be to see her son?” He thought: “When the mother’s concern about his son, the daughter is still more than my son, this is China’s traditional thinking is In fact, for the parents, the daughter is far more than the son. “

Lan Yue replied: “Yes, it is mainly to see Lan Qiang. My mother hasn’t seen Lan Qiang for a long time, I remember it. Although he is mixed now, I don’t have to see it. I have to see it. Son, my heart is practical. “I just sighed and said:” I guess it is true, but not to see you. “

Lan Yue immediately stressed: “In addition to watching Lan Qiang, she also wants to see your home, I know that the orchid is married, you have to suffer. I also want to see if I am in the city.”

It’s just a noddler, saying: “This is similar, parents should take a tutor to children. Otherwise, I have opinions. My son is treasure, my daughter is not treasure?”

Lan Moon blinked, his face was red, very nice. She said: “So, the orchid is born is a daughter, you don’t mind?”

Encouraged to answer: “Of course, I like the daughter better than the son. When the son’s most is no conscience, do not believe, you can confirm from the actual life.”

Lan Moon nodded and said: “This is right, when the daughter is often careful, it is better to parents. When the son’s own is full, the parents are not hungry.”

I just said: “That’s it. If I can decide gender, then my child is best to die. So I can guarantee that when I am in my later years, I can have a good time. If it is a bunch of son, I am about the streets, they will not take me. When the son, the filial piety is a small number, most people teach their parents’ sadness. “

Lan Moon listened, giggling, smile, as peach blossoms, bright and eye-catching Laugh, Lan Yue said: “Is it not so serious? If you have your ability, even your son doesn’t care, you will not be able to live on the streets, you can always live a living.”

I just said: “I am just a bit more. Right, your mother came to the province, is it a person, or come over with orchid?”

Lan Moon replied: “She didn’t say it. But I think it should be two people. You think, my mother has never entered the city, she is alone, I am afraid I will be lost, even if I don’t want to lose, she I don’t know how to take a bus. And she won’t play mobile phones, and there is no one to take care of it. “

I have just sighs: “Your mother is not old, everything can be learned. I still advise her to leave the country and settle in the city.”

Lan Moon nodded and said: “We all go to the city, there is no reason to let her alone in the country.”

I just said: “Orchid will come back with her, she hasn’t come back for a long time. However, what do you do?”

Lan Yue said: “Just leave a few days, it doesn’t matter, you can let the neighbor help look at it, anyway, it will go back.”

I have just nodded, slowly clamped with vegetables, eat, said, “After you come, you will accompany her, give her more wear, give her a little, turn her into a city. She If you change your stylish clothes, you must look good. “

The Lan Moon face is full of proud colors, saying: “My mother is in our belt, it is always the first beauty. Although it is already a middle-aged person, but I really want to dress up, she is better than the city woman. “

Cheng Jun said: “This I believe.” He thought: “Feng Shugang’s long-term phase, just wearing too rustic. If she also wears fur, sleepers, wearing tights, and wearing the earrings necklace It should be able to follow the stepmother He Yuxia a higher and low. “He imagined her way of dressing, and he couldn’t help but speed. He is really looking forward to her coming.

Lan Yue did not carefully eaten things and said: “My mother’s life, I really should have a word, the red gong! When she is young, she is almost as good as me. Pursue her people into groups, what The good man is there. However, she didn’t mind at that time, listened to the arrangement of the elders, I found a honest father. I can’t think of it. My father is not good, I have died early. She took the four children to live, think The remarriage and fear of affecting the healthy growth. As a result, she will live alone for so many years, even a man who accompany her. I thought that my mother would not be married, but later I thought, agreed to find a man. I am afraid that I am not married, when the lover is also a woman, she also has the desire, there is physiological needs, such a woman, just like a green grassland, no one is patron. The grass is also blue and yellow, yellow It’s a young, very poor. One turn, my mother is forty years old, and if you don’t look for someone, no one wants. “

I just asked: “Do you have any of these ideas?”

Lan sighed and said: “to say what is talked about, but each time have not finished it, they were rebuked my mother, she said, she has been accustomed to a person, do not need to find a man, later told me not to mention this. thing. she is now thinking very stubborn, this may be a long loneliness and depression caused by it. “words to make just can not help but think of the stepmother, he found two women were similar. Wind Shuping was a widow, not a man. The stepmother is her husband, but no sex life, as widowhood. Stepmother at the time of need, endured not find a man, masturbation, wind Shuping then endured, when he is made of wood. Stepmother in the case of intolerable, and finally out of the wall, and take the initiative to find a man, but the wind Shuping more conservative ideas, desires rather be burned, not derailed. That’s the difference with the urban redneck bar. If she lives in the city, she would not think so, and it should be a lifestyle change it.

She has come to the most beautiful age, a bright and final. Her early forties, not too old. Until the age of fifty years, completely no hope, then I had to think about old age, where there remarry heart of it? If she is willing, I can change her, let her life turn the page, to ensure that she never had lead a happy life. Not only materially, spiritually, but also make her satisfied. In particular aspects, sure to make her forget the painful past days. But she would gladly do? Even if she pleased, she also because of misgivings, and back down. But, if I do not help her, she was completely finished in this life.

As just after a meal, she said: “? If she came to the city to settle the case, is not it should remarry ah.”

Lan said meditatively: “supposedly should remarry her in his forties, a man too is not the answer when, although it can accompany their children, but are two different things with men accompanied by so many years of living alone, she might. even men what it was like forget it? she soon be consigned to limbo like ancient women pathetic, sad. we are a group of children drag her, otherwise, with her looks and character, should be able to find a good men. this time she came into the city, I’ll have to straighten her out and let her start a new life, to pursue their own happiness, then do as a loner. “

Cheng Gang, said: “That we work together well, hoping to change her life, and her mental outlook.”

In the evening, two bed, into bed, and did not turn off the lights. Lan supine, amused beautiful eyes and asked: “?? How not to turn off the lights in your house electricity is free of it.”

Cheng Gang sideways, smell the aroma of her, she looked elegant and gentle face, said: “? The do not do, how it can turn off the lights.”

Lan Qiao Lian immediately infected with pink, rhetorical to say: “?? Is there anything else I can not remember how not to do it.”

Some just leaned into the face and said: “do not speak cunt”

Lan Pooh a cry, to lean back off, then shouted: “really rude, disgusting, a good thing to teach you blasphemed.”

Cheng Gang chuckled a few times and said: “That is love, called cloud Well, anyway, is the case, the woman is the man’s stick is inserted into the hole.”

Lan Ha ha laughed and said: “More and ugly I want to sleep, do not want to have sex.” Said, pull the quilt, put his head to cover up.

To just chuckled and said: “Lan, his head covered, and have less sex appeal Hello.” Quilt will hand down and thrown aside. Lan erupted in the whole body is exposed to just in front of, so that he looked thirsty, increasingly horny.

Lan who is not naked, but wearing a milky white bra and panties. Her large breasts, wearing a bra, actually exposed to half of the meat ball. It was packed deep cleavage, strong allure. Look at the following, it will be her underwear Secretariat tightly wrapped, because the fabric is not thick, faintly visible shadows fluff. Most particularly, the focal point is on undergarment has a pattern, is smiling lips, the space between the lips is the natural beauty of the Xuekou.

Cheng Gang met straight smile, said: “? Lan, how you wear such a pair of underwear ah.”

Lan own legs and up and said:?. “Lan Xue is not the idea to do it before this, we visit the lingerie shop in town, she helped me pick up this bra I say this too small, does not fit, she said I was big chest, wearing a small point sizes can show great chest. she added that the panties with pattern, more interesting, and you like to watch. I advised her Jiabu Zhu, buy this set. “said, and she subconsciously pattern on the briefs cover up, make her more like a shy little girl.

I have just stood up, and I’m up and down. Lan Yue. That rich and well-known body was lined with underwear and more moving. The white and delicate skin exudes the aroma of the girl. The big tits before the chest, it seems to be burst. The underwear blocked the lower body, but two fluffs stretched away from the side. With the colorfulness of Lan Yue, exquisite face, elegant symptoms, as well as the eyebrows with a faint spring, make her charm more than the red actress. The Lan Moon closed the chest, one hand closed the body, softly said: “Be a just, don’t look at me again. You are already familiar with me, we are all in this day, you don’t have to wait for too long, as long as one year, you will I am bored to me. “There is no scenery in the familiar place!”

I just sat up and smiled. Come over, gently squat in the beautiful body of Lan Moon, kiss her face. Her face is already very hot, it can be seen that she also wants to do it.

It is just that I have a little bit of water, then, then hold a tits, like playing fitness balls. How nice clothes are big and flexible. His hand is not small, but it can’t hold it entirely in your hand. I took a minute or so, Lan Yue can’t stand it. Her breathing is rushing, and the nose also has a humble.

She opened the lips and said, “” Benefited, don’t tease me, take off the clothes, our real guns come to a war. “

It is a lot of tits, laughing: “What is the long night?”

After a while, he got up, and the legs of Lan Yue’s legs were opened, and then kneelted under her, and stretched it. He first dated the “red lips”, and he knew it. Then, spit the mouth water on it, carefully lick, top, bite, and make the beautiful body of Lan Moon twisted. The fabric is not thick, so, there is not much difference in playing with direct play.

The Lan Moon twisted his hip, ten fingers flexed, his nose was smashed, and his mouth sent a dream: “Encounger, dear husband, you will be cute, I am more and more can’t attack your attack. I have to fly, I have to be crazy. “

I just laughed in huh: “Lan Moon, you will wait for the immortal.” The underwear is so fresh, except for the mouth of the water, there is also a love liquid from Lan Yue. The wet underwear is translucent, not only can see the fluff, but even the shape of the lip is clear. The lip is having a rhythm, like a man who is eager to give greater excitement and caress.

Lan Yue, called, beautiful, blush like blooming peach blossoms, she twisted, one side: “” I have just, my dear husband, dear man, hurry up. You have to have my little life, I have to get a bad woman by you. “

I just laughed: “It’s better to become a bad woman. I like you most like you in bed.” To talk, reach out of her wet underwear, I saw her fluffs already gumped. Petals a piece of wolf. The pink petals are particularly good, and the acupoints also flow in saliva, and the following chrysanthemums are also particularly sexy, especially hooked.

Lan Moon is a bit shame, I want to close my legs. Just closed, and it was also separated. I just laughed: “Don’t go up, wait a big dry trunk.” Speaking, and put your mouth and put the mouth, and a fierce snoring, the sound of sounds Eating noodles is similar. Lan Yue has been played again, as in dreams, love liquid does not know how much.

I have just played the rise, put it down, put the Lan Yue behind my own lap, so that her legs open, buttons. In this way, Lan Yue’s double hole is under the eyes of Gang, and even a fine context on the small hole. The little chrysanthemum is so tender, so beautiful, wrinkles, tight, still a drum.

For this shame, Lan Moon is shy, she closes the beautiful eyes and whispered: “Husband, dear husband, don’t play me again, start dry, I don’t want to tongue and mouth, I want you The mask, that is what I need now. “

I just laughed, saying: “Lan Yue, you are too conservative, talking about it is enough to stimulate, wait a moment when I fuck you, I am more enjoyable.” Said, the mouth is low, play it again . The tongue not only ravaged on the small hole, sweeping, but also licking the chrysanthemum, making the chrysanthemums kept contraction, the Lan Moon screamed, the petty body trembled like earthquake, the soul has to fly.

She had to make a sophisticated wave: “Dear husband, Lan Yue’s Sao Sao is not good, it takes your big cock. I beg you, my husband, quickly use your big chicken Bar Excore, Lan Month, let you exercise, kill her, swollen the cockroaches, and do it. “Because it is too dirty, Lan Yue is embarrassed to say loudly, the sound is only a big point than the mosquito. Despite this, he also heard the sturdy, the three souls must be hooked away. He hilied a few mouthfuls, excitedly: “Good, Lan Yue, so very good, I like you to talk, this is like a woman, like a woman, only such a woman taught Men is crazy, you usually be too conservative, too serious, you have to learn Lan Xue! “When he stood up, quickly took off his underwear, then slammed into Lan Yue’s body, it has already been Swelling with the flashlight of everyone insertion.

One plug, only half. Another plug is inserted. Lan Moon issued a satisfied voice: “Husband, this feels feel comfortable, like floating in the air!” She crouched his neck, put the butt, with the work of the work.

The meat stick in Gigne was tight by the hole, and it was warm and humid, very comfortable. His conquest looks great, slammed, and the big meat stick has tricks to the deepest place, and then pull it into the hole. The outdated movement is repeated, and the love liquid is not strapping. Both people move, come crazy, enjoy the bliss of the world.

It is just a spirit of playing, and the momentum is highly dried, in the bedroom, under the light, spring is sultry. The meat, the flavor of meat, the sound of the combination, the sickness of the man, the woman’s snoring, the sound of the sound, the sound of the bed, and became the most moving music at night. And the two parties are even happy to flutter.

It’s a tone to you, and the thrill is full of all the whole body. His man’s ambition is greatly satisfied, and the water of the water will make the meat stick so comfortable. Lan Yue was also comfortable by a man, and his heart was ambiguous, and once again felt the benefits of sex.

When it was still stopped, he said: “Lan Moon, my good wife, what do you think?”

Lan Yue opened beautiful, and it was full of passion, and said: “Beautiful, wonderful, when the fairy is just this!”

I just listened to a sense of accomplishment, I said: “Lan Yue, I want to see your big tits dance, pick the bra.”

Lan Moon smiled sweetly, reached out of the hand, took off the hook, one waved, the bra was gone, the two big tits were exhibited. That tits have expanded because of sexual desires, and the two tears are hardened. That is big, that is full, that tower, that highlight, the snow, is naked naked temptation.

I have just seen three feet. He glanced in his eyes, just like a dough, the thumb is still pressing the cherry tap, big over the hand addiction. Lan Moon is comfortable, delicate: “You hate it too much, always playing my tits, I can’t bear it every time.”

I just laughed: “Who is teaching your tits so big? This is to let the man touch.” Say, his hands stand on both sides of her body, the big meat stick is hard, the two tits have a Music dances dance. Such as waves, such as water balls, be more charming.

At the same time, it is also full of eyes. This happiness is not every man.

Lan Moon was more comfortable, screams and the waves were bigger: “Husband, husband, dear husband, your stuff is really big, really hard, every time you get the most itchy. I like it. I love you so much. You have to be more striking, but it is so fierce, and I am broken, broken into a piece, every piece is I love you, “

I have just been very moving, and I don’t even sell it. When you are as far as a wild horse, the rain is poured. Le Yang Yusheng Lan Moon is weak, can’t stand huge attack, then ask for 饶: “Husband, slow, light, I am going to be scattered by you.” The voice is charming and charming.

It turned into a rainy rain, and looked at the beauty in his own body.

Later, the two played a pattern. Enough in the arms of Lan Moon, dig your jade leg and plug in. This posture can see the binding of the two. The long meat stick does not leave in the small hole. The petals were dried in water, turned into it, and it was good. Link a small chrysanthemum, round buttocks, beautiful thighs, and the expression enjoyed by Lan Yue’s flowers, this charm is not famous!

It’s just a trunk, every time you have a man’s passion and a greece.

Lan He in turn put into a lateral type, own knees, picking Lan leg while doing, while touching her big breasts, done Lan chuckled softly said: “My husband, this good posture, gently dough, pinch flowers like beauty, is not rude I like this “just to see her eye shot spring, enraptured, his heart is also comfortable, he said:” like, we would do more about . “so, this formula was done cadres quick change strokes.

He again placed into a pup Lan style, the style she presents a great charm to. Because the body is more plump Lan, Yang belongs to that class. And Lan Xue, is a mermaid that type.

Lan kneeling on the bed, tilted ass, low waist, from the side, like irregular letter “M.” To just look back, but also waves of ecstasy. Full type, looks best part Lan Jiaoqu part of the standard should be that the breast. According to her body proportions, slightly larger breasts. Secondly, her ass looks very beautiful, although not as good as his mother’s ass big, but enough round, Alice enough, strong enough, coupled with the good of her skin, therefore, not only to look good, feel good there. So, every time work, in addition to just fascinated by her breast outside, but also fascinated her ass. Every touch it, observe it, he will not help to think of the wind Shuping.

He stroked it, imagine the wind Shuping naked butt, stick up like running water, twist the way, waiting for the man operating it looks like big cock, ass cock meat trembling under attack look like and her man operation when do groan, Langjiao, shame and in good spirits, they are just Norinari mind all drunk. He thought to himself: “? What she will one day let me speak her if she really does not want to, it can not force, just as I am no longer a man, he was reluctant when a rapist.”

His hands touched the chaos on Lan ass, mouth and Coushang obsessively, and pro and licking, which makes Lan hee hee laugh, looking back, Jiao Chen said: “My dear husband, my good man , quickly insert it, you really can not stand Lan sexual harassment. “

Just as in the beginning, a squeeze of her eyes, said: “Since you like it, then we exercise it, you have to ensure that the operation satisfied, never forget,” he finished, to straighten the big stick distended uncomfortable, Puchi, whole root into the room. That sufficient Aiye outflow lot was packed, the flow of the thigh.

Just to the side of the thrusts, while playing with her big breasts. In this position, two breasts like two floating pumpkin, rhythmically swaying. Just look into the eyes breast and sometimes low, sometimes hand holding and tearing. Ah Lan cried, sweetly squeamish to say: “Honey, you really will play this game, I’m going to play selfless, and more and more shameless.” She turned, facing his men Menggan smile, his face full of passion and affection, untold charming.

Just as the big cock thrusting in addition to, and sometimes still inside the mix, tamper with, the cock hit any corner. He also appropriate to adjust the tempo of activity, faster or slower time, when light weight, try to make Lan does not feel monotonous. Lan fucked my body are readily endless, just felt like being asked joy airflow up, float along, do not know where to drift up.

To just gently patted her soft white ass, whirring panting, and said: “? Lan, how do you feel now.”

Lan turned around, amused beautiful eyes, moaned: “flowering heart, soul are flying, bones are like cotton such a nice thing, to forget what troubles me want to be good to you. wife ah, every day is you speak. “this time, she talking dirty to, and no longer awkward, like her lecture in front of students as smooth.

Just listened to, haha ​​laughed:?. “Lan, you are now with my wife to see what’s the difference if we orchids so good, she will be jealous of, but you must be willing to place easily with this lover ah which woman unwilling? “He finished, another burst of Menggan, Lan did quivering ass, tits dance, Lan did cry echoed in the house, a long time without a break. That voice is full of raw passion and sweet, teach people the smell of madness.

While, Lan will not stand, could not support the first arms, face to the bed, Alice ass higher, then popping sound is more dense and intense. Subsequently, Lan body softer, leaning forward a slip, instead of lying flat, all the big cock fall out. In light water cock sub shiny, head up, a posture of shoo.

To just smiled and said: “Lan, we have not finished yet, are not allowed to be lazy.”

Lan hum or two, said: “No, I’m a little tired of it much later..”

To just shook his head and said: “Since they started, it is necessary a lot of fun midway truce, meaning no more than ah.”

He looked at Lan Yue and pleading his eyes. Lan Yue is there, naked white as snow, is flush, the beauty of the body is impeccable. Under the lining of the color sheet, there is more features. And her legs did not climb, so that her femur is micro-dew, but see the fluff like a forest, the petals opened, and the powder is dried. The waist of Lan Moon, slightly, the fascinating flesh is also moving, and sometimes becomes bigger, sometimes small. Plus Lan Yue turned to him, the smile is like a fairy, and the smile contains praise, love and encouragement, make people move. It’s great to be very impulsive, called: “Lan Yue, I love you, I like to fuck you.” Speaking, squatting in Lanyu, I can’t help but say, I will insert the big stick, then it is one The big movement of the stage makes Lan Moon have a unique pleasure in this posture. With a comfortable, she spit out the incense tongue, and he just took her with her tongue.

Didn’t do it, Lan Yue is going to be climax. I just said: “Don’t worry, wait for me, we climb the peak together.” Turning the Lan Moon, restored the traditional style, and then squatted again, and it was a slope. The two sides are holding together, together with the lower body, the two people have a combination of intimate.

When Lan Yue sent a long wave, when shrinking the small hole, it was almost almost. Lan Moon shouted: “It’s just that I can’t do it, I love you. I want to love you for a lifetime, I will always live forever.”

I have just listened to the big joy, and I couldn’t help but call: “Lan Yue, I also love you, and also Allai, Allai Snow, I also love your mom. I not only like to exercise you, I want to fuck your mother. Lan Moon, I fuck your mother! “Under the impulse, I rapped the land and shot into the small hole in Lan Yue. The two have been together, not moving, restored quiet in the bedroom, only two slight wheezing.

After a while, I just turned it from Lanyu’s body and lie on her. He found that Lan Yue frowned, the beautiful, like a heart. Just still, how do you suddenly make a lot of emotions? He asked: “What happened, Lan Moon?”

Lan Moon sat up, and he said: “What did you just say just now, or serious?”

I just asked: “What?”

Lan Yue opened the beautiful and glanced, said: “What else? The sense of reason and shame have been restored.

I just listened to my laugh and said: “It turned out to be this? This is also worthy of you?”

Lan Moon replied: “Of course, I am angry. You will take our three sisters to bed, I can tolerate, but you want to play my mother’s idea, I can’t stand it, she is a person who is born us.”

Cheng just asked: “Why? Why? Your mother is also a single woman, but also a man loves, but also men’s fuck.”

Lan Moon said: “She is a man who needs men to love, men, but this man shouldn’t be you. You are her son-in-law, if you have a big rebellion, is it a big reverse, is it in violation of ethics? Old days have eyes? It will also punish you, these do you think? “

This is like a hammer, and I’m knocking in the heart of Gang, making him calm down. Lan Yue said: “If you sleep, is this not a chaotic set? What is the relationship with you? Do you want to manage your dad? How do we get along with my mom? What is it commence? In case you have made my mother, I have a child, isn’t it a chaos? “Speaking here, Lan Moon eye blind low, hands holding head, a distressed look. Her beauty has already been tears, if it is not a try to restrain, tears have been raining.

She rarely be so excited, I have just seen it, I am uncomfortable, I will hold her in my arms, say: “Well, Lan Yue, don’t cry, you just joked, play the gun gun. You Don’t put it in your heart, affect your good mood. “

Lan Yue used his head to arch, whimped and said: “It’s just an old antique, I really don’t want you to make mistakes, ruin yourself. Of course, if you really like my mother, and my mother is willing to tell you, then I also don’t care. “

This, let’s just listen comfort and say: “You know that she will not agree, her thoughts are more old.” I thought: “If there is nothing happened, the wind Wade will not pounce into me I don’t want to think about me, she can’t pull my face, I am looking for her man. But she is really fascinating! She is a good appearance, fat round butt, and soft character, kind The soul is attracting me. Although she is more than me, I still like her, I really want to sleep with her. “

This idea will be successful, or is it only a dream?

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