My name is a grandmother, a girl who is still fifteen years old, and studies the young girl in the high school in Oo Women’s Middle School.

In addition to browsing overseas, I didn’t have a short hair since I didn’t have a short hair, so I left a white brown waist with the brown waist, and everyone said that I have a cute face. White and delicate skin and perfect to unacceptable body, but also said that my appearance and anime are as cute, although I don’t want to admit it, everyone said this, I am also recognized. In order to be the school flower, it seems that they should be truth.

In addition, my chest has a H cup, starting from elementary school, I think my chest is too big, but I don’t want to shrink the chest, I am born to graduate, but I really don’t understand why I started from primary school, some people Just like to play me, bully me, I still like to touch my chest, this is really uncomfortable, don’t they know? I am very angry, but I’m not used, they still bullied me; some students also said that I am proud, self-righteous is, lack of work, they say that my eyes don’t look at people, but I really don’t deliberately; In addition, although from primary school, teachers and parents said that I am very smart, I will read it, but they also say that I am very confused, often forgetting to pay, even the money to pay will be lost, they all think I am a dumb, a girl who is hysterious.

This day is the first day of my high school officially prepared, I have been looking forward to the school. I heard that the new school school rules are very strict, so I have slept early yesterday, so as not to be late like it, so after I got up, Fast speed put the uniforms and come to school with the best speed, but I didn’t expect, I am still late.

The female talliance stationed at the school gate said to me: “Take the student card out.”

I turned over the book bag, but I didn’t look for a student ID, so I said: “I ••• I forgot to bring.”

The instructors said: “The big courage, the first day of school is actually late, there is no student card, what do you want to do!”

I said: “To ••• Sorry.”

Teacher said: “Is it safe to use? Don’t say these, what is your name?”

I have a little timid and hesitized: “I ••• I am called the silk.”

Teacher said: “The scorpion, I don’t know, according to the stack of school rules, if you are late, the first time I have to fight the fifteen butt, I have to play twenty times in the second time, and forget to bring the student ID. Ten. “

After I listened, I was stunned on the spot. I have never been hit on the high school. I didn’t think this school has a corporal punishment!

Then the instructor saw me wearing a white sports shoes but didn’t wear socks, and said to me: “Although there is no problem, although there is no problem in other places, I don’t forget the white over-knee stockings required to wear school requirements. It is not qualified, so it is necessary to fight ten. At the same time, because of the provisions of the provisions, in accordance with the provisions of the school, all the weeks, the whole week, the whole day, please leave, just Shun, and add a day, take the effect! “

After I listened, I was completely scared. When I got up this morning, I was busy, so I didn’t pay attention to my socks, and I used it to my home. I used to wear sports shoes and don’t wear socks. Therefore, I used to be natural, I naturally Noted this question; when I am going to go out this morning, I can’t find a student ID, and the result is something.

The instructor said at this time: “The scorpion, let me go with me.” Said that the instructor took a handcuffs, put my hands, then she took me to the playground.

Now is the meeting time, all the students all gathered to the playground to listen to the teacher, and I was brought to the podium, and in addition to the teachers’ Tempo, I also put another empty table, one piece There are three caves and a whip.

At this time, the female teacher who caught my violation of the school regulations said: “Everyone, this is a new year of the new year, she must accept penalties because of the simultaneous violations, I also hope that the students should not be like her. Like the school rules. According to the regulations of the student manual, the first person is late, to fight fifteen; forget to bring the student ID card, to fight 10; the instrument is not all, to fight 10. Now she started the first It’s late, but I didn’t have a student card. I didn’t wear socks. I had to fight for forty; at the same time, she started today, she started today, and the school is in the school. Penalty Station. To perform penalties, today’s head will end after the punishment of the scorpion. “

Said that the instructor explained my hand, then unlocked the plate on the three caves, and put my hands on the grooves on the side of the two sides, and then the instructor put my neck in the middle. On the groove, then the instructor puts the other half of the board and locks the board, and I can’t move. The instructor then took off my skirt, I said: “This ••• is what is going to do?”

Teacher said: “According to the regulations, you must take off the skirt and underwear, revealing the ass, anyway, all students and teachers who are on the scene are women, and they don’t have to be shy.”

I want to resist and say: “This •••”

Teacher said: “According to the school regulations, the anti-anti-teacher first played fifty off and punished the station, and the second time I hit one hundred times, the penalty station was in a week and stayed in the school, and the third time two hundred and in the penalty Stand in two weeks later. “

I am still not able to accept the undertaking thing, but I can’t move because I was fixed by the wood board. After taking off my skirt and underwear, she tied the board on the chain of the board, fixing me on the empty table, then picking up the whip, starting my ass.

I feel very painful and shame, so I cried, but I didn’t have a way to resist, I can only accept the whipping of the instructor.

It’s hard to get a painful punishment, the instructor put my underwear, and then unlocked the iron chain of the wooden board, then took me into the corridor next to the instructor, and fixed my wooden board Another iron chain next to the faculty room.

I said: “Why not let me wear a skirt.”

Teacher said: “Don’t really love you? Here, all the students who are punished are can’t wear skirts. Also, don’t want to complain, because this is useless, no matter the external pressure, the school is not Will make any changes. “

After I listened, it became more sad. I didn’t expect this school to have such a unbearable side. I thought that I was so sad that I was in the next Monday. I was more sad, but this is no way, more Worse, every section, see my classmates, you have to tease me, and some people have always touched my chest, until the clock sound of the class stop, all of these students, let me want to rush to play them, but because I have been tied, and I can’t stand it, I can only endure, although I will not cry, but the pain and various humiliations make my heart can’t be fixed, but I What can I do? Only the next leather is tight, be careful.

I was like this with my hands and headed by the wooden board, although the uniform is wearing, did not show the chest, but did not wear a skirt, the feeling of underwear exposed to the outside, made me feel very shame. Unconsciously, it went to the time of lunch break.

Originally a lunch break is when everyone is going to have lunch, it is one of my most expectations, but the instructor who is penalized me is not allowed to have lunch.

I asked: “Why can’t you?”

Teacher said: “This is the school stipulates. They say that if the students can’t punish the stations, they can’t give birth to enough warning. If you really want to eat, you must find a teacher or classmate to buy it.”

I said: “What?”

After that, the instructor rushed to eat lunch. I feel hungry and tired, but I still have to stand, I still have a camera to monitor my dynamic, I am afraid that I will run away and I have been discovered by the camera, so even the instructor is not, I still have to get Stand.

However, there is a classmate to come to me, I saw her, I feel that she is a cute, very good girl, she is like me, leaving the front cuts of the sister’s head of the browser Long straight hair, and her hair is tied to a horsetail.

The girl said to me: “The scorpion, I want to be hungry, come, this is the end of you, I have some eating.”

I said: “Thank, thank you.”

The girl said: “You don’t have to be polite.”

I asked: “Right, how do you know my name?”

The girl said: “I am a squad leader, my name is Xiaohua, please advise you later.”

I said: “This •••.”

In this way, she fed me to ate something, and my hunger has also been relieved.

After that, under my request, she took the get out of class to see the class, helping me know the progress of the class.

The next time I arrived at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. I stood in the iron leg. I really want to go home and have a good rest, but because of the students of the high school and high school to be late, I can’t go, according to the regulations, I Must wait until the school students can learn to let go, they can unope them, and they will pick up the book. It’s hard to get the time at the end of the self-study at night, I finally got home to pick up the book, because the hands and neck were stood in the wooden board all day, so I got home, so I quickly fell asleep. NS.

On the next week, I have to go to the school office in the morning, wear the school uniforms to add inner pants and will hold hands with the neck on the wooden board, and have to stand until the end of the self-study can be home, even the holiday When I need to go to the school because of the high school students, I must go to the school to continue to punish the station. Is it not to say one to five?

On a day before the end of the third year, in the afternoon of May, I confess Xiaohua. On this day, Xiaohua Zhizhi will help me with my book.

I said to Xiaohua: “Xiaohua, thank you for your take care of me for three years, but I found that I have unconsciously love you. I love you, Xiaohua.”

Xiahua listened, it was completely scared, she didn’t know how to be good, nor did she respond, saying that the school is to prevent students from falling in love, so the punishment, of course, it is, even worse, teacher It seems that this thing, Xiaohua also has a responsibility, so the next day, I have been put on the platform, and the two of us have been hit by the wooden board, and the punishment station on the podium is. Take off underwear and accept the punishment of the instructor.

According to regulations, all students talking about love, regardless of people in the school or outside the school, as long as they caught, they must be hit by the ass, and must be punished for two weeks, then one of them must leave the school, and Xiaohua Due to the sect of the school rules, the position of the squad leader is lifted.

Although I have already specified Codec, it is not much more than a month, but I still feel very guilty for the story of Xiaoli.

In the words of the buttons, I and Xiaohua, I wore school uniforms, and I was punished in the corridor on the corridor.

I said to Xiaohua: “For ••• Sorry, I am sorry, I have harmful, all the position I lost the squad leader and the station.”

Xiao Hua said: “No ••• is nothing, this is no way. Who is a school’s provisions are like this.”

Two weeks later, Xiaohua’s parents took her to other schools, and I continued in the original school, the days of being punished, until the days of the university designated Code .

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