I have a prominent home world. I used to live in Jinyi jade, my parents were born with my brothers. The big brother had married my wife. The third brother is still studying in elementary school. I rank the old two, with my uncle. The uncle is the financial community, only three thousand gold, although Fujia is the county, unfortunately lacks a son, the aunt does not give birth, and there is a small, still there is no news, but there is no child. It’s hard to ask for a child, and the uncle is discouraged, I will have a son of my father next to me. In the eleven years, I gave my son, in fact, the son-in-law, because I was married to the second cousin – Meiyun .

I am Zhou Zhongping. In the school, I am a basketball joke. Every time I have a foreign contest, I am in any game, as long as I came, the fans will applause, immediately stabilize the global turn, the woman Classmates are more exciting and eloquent.

The second cousin is called Meiyun, and it is my unmarried wife. She is with me, but it is more mature than me. It is more mature than me. The second cousin is very mature, knowing the human accident, born Also beautiful, good temper, Swousi, the most love of the aunt.

This day is the second anniversary of the death of the father, and the aunt takes us to the city of Ji Guanyin to the uncle trick. Every morning, everyone is ready, the aunt carries the big cousin, two cousins ​​and Chen Ma sitting on a carriage, little aunt and cousin, Shantou Xiaoyu Take the second carriage, the third carriage is a bull with a mother, I was riding a horse in front of the horse, and I went to Guanyin.

When we arrived, the old nun had led the disciples to welcome the disciples, with the temple, showing the farmland, the cigarette, the migrant, the mother, the mother, the cousin, the cousin, the public Super transition, bell drums, 声 语, don’t have fun. Because there is a passenger sacrifice in the evening, I have to stay in the heart, and the old nun greeted the room to organize the room, gave her aunt, and I slept in the backyard alone, of course it is a blind-growing situation.

In the evening, I can’t sleep at the time, I passed the corridor, and a smiley voice attracted me, what is going on? I curiously leaning on the window, I’m holding the naked nun. It is a wonderful and wonderful Hui. I used to walk in my grandmother, so I met them, wonderful and wonderful. Plenty of obesity, usually they are wearing a big muff around, and now I don’t hang it, but I look so the meat, the two bare flesh stack together, the four grandmothers are relatively, a uniform and exquisite curve is wonderful, one is full There is another kind of meat, two homosexual and different types of jade, like mating, and wonderful humming in the flesh of wonderful snow, the lower body is constantly caught, two cave, two holes For a while, there is a rock, two lains are strictly seamless, and the wonderful fat labello is one, and all of them will succeed. .

“Ah! Good sister! Hey … Hey … oh … I can’t eat.” This is the waves of wonderful, then it is a swaying and grinding, and the waves of the fountain in the jade hole are surprising.

“Hey! Good sister … I have lost …”

“We are all women, but they are so hurt, if you do a man, don’t you know how to soul?” Said.

“This is our life, come to this short-lived nun, don’t want to taste the man in this life.” Wonderful Hui said.

After a long time, they had endless aftertaste, but the music is long and sighing, and hugs for a while, and wonderful wonderful ladies and leave the room. There is only one thing in the room, and you will be very beautiful. It’s very good, I can have this opportunity tonight, I certainly won’t let go, let alone I have already seen it as soon as I can’t hold it. I gently pushed in, quietly near the bed, she was still lazy closed eyes did not find out, I quickly took off my trousers, and I pounce on her crystal gliitive jade.

“How come you come again, what is it still?” She asked me as a wonderful, and said to himself.

I didn’t make a sound. When I put hard, as I iron, she was not imagined, she didn’t think about it.

“Hey! Table Shaoyle, how can you, I am not dreaming!” She was surprised and happy, if she went to the treasure, she kissed me, two blood palm kept I blew it on my back, I touched her drum-drum-drums, sucking her nipple, biting her bright red grapes with my eyes, she was shaking, she was coma: she whispered:

“Ah! Table Shaoyle … Parentai … come on ………….”

Her pussy had already lassed water, so I was inserted in a rigorous righteousness. Under the long-term tissue of sex hungry, once I tasted the irritation of the opposite sex, there was a special tension and excitement in the psychology. It’s just that I was tight, I can’t move, just “… …” in a coma. “Hey! I am dying, it is really a Buddha Xiang Ling, let me taste the taste of the man, and I don’t want to go with wonderful Hui.”

She wrapped like a water snake, grabbed my hand on her grandmother, the kind of sensuality, like it is still unfinished, I shaken the spirit and determination to let her have more addiction, so I started to take it, no A few off, the wonderful cockroaches have been shouted:

“Well … vomiting … Table Shaoyle … I am fine … fast … fast … vigorous point … um ………”

“Ah … I … I lost hard … I am so young … I don’t do it … I can’t … you die … so cool ………”

I am on, keep shaking, rub, plug, point, point, and dial.

The wonderful cockroaches are under the following, roll, wind, clips, suck, suck, close cooperation.

The two have been dried more than a time, and the wonderful cockroaches three times, I am “,” launch, put hot rolling sperm into her uterus.

Wonderful cockroaches have not moved at this time, I think she has gotten the true meaning of life. I am open, I’m asked:

“Do you often follow the wonderful mirror? Who is the way?”

“It’s a wonderful trick, her addiction is big! Every day, I have to go to my room to die, sometimes I will be deducted from the gods, but it is itchy, there is no way to itch, and finally only War with eggplant, there is always a lot of happiness, the slice! When will you come again, I really can’t drive you. “

The uncle of Meiyun is the big landlord in the county. It is all of his fields, a grandeur, and a grandeur, a grandeur, and the level of the county. The family’s farmers or relatives, is really an idea of ​​the Emperor, Miyun’s uncle eats opium poisoning, and is currently his alone. Chen Xinqing’s palm.

Chen Jiazhai leaning against the water ring mountain, the scenery is elegant. During the summer vacation, Meiyun wants us to take the heat in her Chen Jia, and I am willing to come. Chen Mother is very loved to Meiyun, the so-called love bird and house, I also sprinkled light.

Here, I have a sweet time with Meiyun, we have a boat Liuyin, a fishing, swaying a pond, picking the beautiful lotus and tasty lotus. I have an intimate melon field, golden melon with the west bucket of watermelon, let us enjoy it. That a large Taoyuan, the fat peach is full of profit, and you will choose your beloved peach. We are also often riding a cattle, 徜徉 field, and a flute, and a scene of this country is very cute, which makes people feel different.

Chen Jia watch brother, thirty years old, is sterling, a wife who is like a flower is still insufficient, and often looking for flowers asking Liu, full of praise, the so-called “warmth of life”, rich uncle Not this adjustment.

This night, I returned to the Meiyun, seeing the atmosphere is a bit wrong, the first servant is handing in the ear, I don’t know what it is talking about? Look at us, stop talking immediately, I suspect what accident, Meiyun pulling me quietly into the lobby, Chen Mi’s anger, is in the big master:

“You are also more than 30 years old, but also face? What a mess is dragging home, I am not something like this stinking, you still put her on the head, now make this Insulting the door, how do you do people? “

Chen Dafa lost to Chen’s aunt not:

“Mother! Don’t be angry, wait for a while, I ask, and clean up her.”

“Will I take her? See what you have not yet, don’t roll out, stand here to make me angry!”

Chen Uncle is in the hall.

What is this, I can’t touch my clue, pull the Meiyun, run to the backyard, meet the big wife of Chen Dafa, it is a quite consotive young woman, Meiyun asked forward:

“The big table! What is going on, let the aunt are angry.”

The big table is a long-awaited look:

“What’s going on! Your big cousin is wearing a green hat! Sanyu is too hooked with Mf Pin, hit by the people, usually, how to persuade, treat this stinky as a baby, this time When the Wang Ba, you can be willing! “

“Big Table! You go to persuade big brothers! He will not play three 姨 too.”

Meiyun is a bodhisattva heart, big cousin hits three 姨 too, the big table is not asked, will she advise him? I am so happy that I am so happy.

“Ah! Gourmet! You don’t know your big brother’s temper, he is in your breath, who dares to persuade him!”

Meiyun touched a nail, really can’t get it.

I don’t want to talk to her, pull the Meiyun and go back. At this time, Chen Dafice is in the second aunt, laughing and waving the whip in his hand:

“Give me a pot of wine!” “Uncle!”

Second, Tai Snow, understand his intention, all the whole body is shaking:

“Rao she!”

Dade of Chen’s gesture:

“shut up!”

So I took a pot of wine, I took a pot of wine, and I personally gave it to Chen Uncle. He drunk, and she wandered the second cup, the third cup, three cups, he stood. Get up, proud of the ocean:

“Snow! You are waiting!”


The snow is screaming, reaching out to pull Chen Uncle, grandfather is holding a leather whip on her back, and Xue is screaming. So he took a few drunkenness and swaying the swing to the three sorrows, I quickly escaped Chen Uncle Chen, secretly followed it, Meiyun seems to be a little scared, tightly hold me. put.

At this time, the three sorrows were more sick. Chen Dadai rushed out of his wife, and the hand was on the door.

Three distresses are too low, and they call:



Uncle Chen saw that she was only walked in a pink dress, tightly wrapped the bulky chest, the lower thigh, showed the rich hips, he feels slightly, it seems to be fascinated by this now. One thing, he recovered again, screaming loudly:

“Stand up! You give me a death!”

Three aunt is too fearful to move forward, I want to open, Chen Dawei raises, and the whip is hit on her back, and the three sorrows are too sharp. Dade lifted the whip again. The call on her back is a few!

“Uncle! Have something good! You are really ………”

The three sorrows are too afraid of a 10,000th, and they are retreating back.

“Don’t move! Okay!”

Chen Daren is like a crazy beast, the horse whip hits on the door and makes a burst sound!

Sanyu is too scared to tremble:

“Uncle! Rao me! I don’t dare again!”

“come over!”

Chen Dawai’s “ㄔ” torn off her small dress, and torn off her underwear, three 姨 too muchly shrunk, the grandmother of the drum, the imaging, a thin The blood of the skin is played, and a black black is scattered on the top and his face. Chen Dade is laughing, and the three sorrows are too painful.

“Still stealing people don’t steal people?” Chen Damei’s two eyes!

“It’s fun!”

Sanyu is too reluctant, this has also caused Chen Uncle’s liver fire, grabbing the hipster, poke her lower body, or the three distortions are too fast, this will be smashed with Yumen, her body muscles They are shaking, I can’t stand this torthar pain, and finally the hoarse and pleading:

“Uncle! I am addicted! No more stealing!”


Chen Dawei smiled at the victory:

“What about Xiaolian? I will roll me!”

Xiaolian is the three sorrows of the heart, 178 years old, Jiao Dicks are a fox, I heard that Chen’s grandfather shouted, gallbladder from the miles.

“Is your little scorpion to pull her skin?”

“Uncle! I don’t know!”

“Call!” Is on the body of Xiaolian:

“Take your clothes, kneeling there!”

Xiaolian wearing a tight-fitting small trousers, taking off the shirt.

“Fast! Take off again!”

Chen Dawei, a whip, scared Xiaolian’s unlikely, her development is very mature, the light breast is elastic, the high mulberry, yin ray, the sorrowful yin, the only life Chen’s grandfather sent the eye, and the blood of Chen was spoiled:

“Uncle! Put our mother to this, you should take it!”

“Little prostitute! You are light, see if I pack you!”

Dade of Chen, the grievances, like it, and smoke a deep sucking, pulling the chair in front of the three 姨, looked at Xiaolian, he was early to Xiaolian The color is three feet, usually because the three sorrows are too close, and there is no chance to start, this should be done.

Xiaolian is not a heart to hook Chen Uncle, always likes to get in front of him, often in the heart of Chen Uncle, the grandfather is smashing, and there are several times to enter the port, but Being too broken by Sanyu, it is difficult to make a good thing. He borrowed the little lotus tonight, of course, don’t have a heart.

“Little prostitute! Where do I see where?” Chen Dawei said to grabbed the breasts of Xiaolian, but the lotus did not hide, but in turn rolled in him, he pressed His hand squatted on the tip, and touched his trousers one hand. The three aunt who is squatting is too painful, it is painful, seeing them this situation, has already arrived in the past. Dade seems to have a little pity, picked up three sorrows too lost in bed, turned a hungry wolf to put the little lotus pressure under the body, can’t wait to take off the trousers, show the hard-clamping mask, Xiaolian is a long time, and you want to welcome it in the following, Chen Uncle does not go in. This time I have sent a fire, I took her a few yin, and slap hit her drums on her drums. Place the little lotine “Gege …” laughing.

Grandpa Chen is the older in the wind, of course, I can’t cope with Xiaolian, and the mouth biting her teap and opened her thigh, but the butt is sinking, and the mask came into the sound.

“Hey! My mom! Hao pain! ………”

It turned out that the hymen broke, the painful little lotus came, and the mixed body tremble. Dade is not moving for the turtle of Xiaolian, biting a tooth.

“Eat! Eat! …… ……”

“Uncle! … light … light … fast … Can’t stand it … ah! … 唷! …”

There is a tea in the foot, the pain of Xiaolian passed, and a big cock in the hole, it is a bit itchy.

“Uncle! It’s a bit better now, but some itchy!” When it’s like a big chapter, your hands and feet are wrapped around Chen Uncle.

“Treat this uncle to help you kill you this little woman kill!” Chen Dawei said, he took his heart and kept grinding, then he was big, a slap.

“Well … um … grandfather … No … Pupire … You are so powerful … 喔 … 喔 … this is the same as the heart … Heart … 唷! …… 好 … beautiful … beautiful … God! ………… “

“Ah! Amma! … fast … fast … vigorous point … 喔! 对 … more … vigorous … 唷! I want … I have to lose … I lost …….”

Little lotus is lost, the yin is smooth, and there is white, there is red, and the bedding is wet.

After a burst of wind, they seem to have been addicted. At the same time, because the bed of the bed wakes up the three sorrows of the dizzy, her tears blurred his two battles. Chen Damai is still unfinished, and when it turned it over, it was pressed in the three sorrows of the scorpion, and set off the fat. The thighs, the same is full of mood, no matter what the three are too dead, the same is not allowed!


Three aunt is too unknown to be happy or painful, send a low slim:

“Family! You want my life … Hao pain! …”

Where is the three? Is it hit? Is it still painful? Dade is a little abuse, she is painful, he is satisfied, for a long time! For a long time! He is too addicted, and the three sorrows are too proud of his arms. Xiaolian is deducted by him, and Chen Uncle has left right, and it is like the “Dai Green Hat as Wang Ba”. Things, forgot to have two nets.

Dade of Chen, the mixed world, listening to the three sorrows of the murderer, only a Buddha born two Buddhas, a pen whip like a peach like a peach, the ghosts, this grievance final The thief is not in the past, and the smoke is not a cloud. It is worth a lot of Xiaolian who is a long time. Because of this storm, it is true, it is “Seth lost the horse, knowing non-blessing.”

The tragic joy of the three protagonists of men and women, the performance is quite wonderful, two hours, I am watching the window of the eye, Mei Yun pulled back to the house several times, I can’t bear it. When I saw Chen’s grandfather waved three aunt too, Meiyun was holding me, buried his head in my arms; seeing three sides of the Taikhao crying, she also spread, a tear of sympathy; when they When the cloud was flushed in the bed, she was shy to the head, and she was shy “Don’t face!” She snuggled in my arms, burned myself, the servant of the chest, I gently touch her whole body, kiss her ear In the cheeks, she gradually became a grain, I picked up her piety and quickly rushed back to the bedroom I lived.

I am crazy to put her in bed, take out my basketball tartle, quickly take off her outer shirt, solve her lien, her jade, crystal clear, curve is exquisite, like a The lying of the “Venus” goddess is like this, I am very unhappy, I will take off the masterpiece of God, quickly take off my clothes, my soft and incense, gently twisted her round jade milk, sucking her red The red nipple, stroking her mulberry, sucking, sucking, the grape nipple, the pointed erect, the solid breast is more elastic, she is full of hot, wants no power!

“Well! Zhong Ping … Zhong Ping …”

She made a low call, I raised the hard mask, slowly approached Yumen, the two Qiao’s labi, hidden the red nuclear nucleus, the yin house filled with jade, I used the glans. Slowly rubbed on her yuocide, rubbish her full body trembling, gently bite my shoulder, this is a flower-containing flowers, people can’t bear to ruin, I am very pity, I will send it. Her eyebrows are tight, the silver teeth are dark, and it seems to be a painful. “Zhong Ping! Hao pain! …”

“Second sister! The first time it is to be hurt, and it will be separated by the feet.”

She slowly moved the jade leg, the yin, I followed it again, and the mashed mashed clothes didn’t enter. The glans came to her uterus.

“Well! …! …”

She lowered, I gently pumped.

“The servant is eaten! … servant!”

“Second sister! Is it still painful?”

“Well! Necrosis!”

“Slowly will be more happy.”

I know that she is no longer painful, and she has no scruples, I have made the hustle greenery on the basketball court, a darkness of the nine, and it will not stop.

The pussy of Miyun is very shallow and up, so it doesn’t take power when you pick it up. Tempered, there is no pleasure.

“Okay! Zhong Ping! It is scattered by you!”

She fell in the soft, the stars made a soft light, and the yin felt once again, burning my glans, spread my whole body, there is a feeling of fluttering, the desire is like a tide, the wind is coming again Go, come and come again, a burst of climax melts two flesh.

“Zhong Ping! This is a break!” She whispered in my ear.

The four-piece lips were rubbed together, the arms were holding, the legs were wrapped around, her pussy was tightly absorbing my glans, a heat refined sea tide, and shot into her flowers deep, body body I feel floating, such as a Ye Duckweed, sailing.

“Zhong Ping! Beware of cold, get up and finish, sleep again.”

She looked at my hair, biting my bliss, I was lazy from her jade body, she sat up, wiped the body, a woman’s red, red dressing, then腥 点 点 点 点 英 英,, 点 点 点 点 点 点 点 点 点 点,,…

“What is this like? It’s all you harm.”

Her white tender labians have a slight red swelling, when she wipes, frequent crops, like some children, I can’t bear, I can’t think of the second sister of the beginning, will be so delicate. I am very gentle to put her in his arms, lying in bed, gently touching her jade milk, and kisses her red lips and went to sweet dreams.

Among a large group of beautiful servants, there are several excellent beauty, Chen Ma is one of them, thirty years old, the big eyes of Water, a floating, can hit the soul, a cherry lips The bright red beauty, a fine white meat walks from the road to flush, although the two years have been sent, people are more fat, but the nipples are waves are not bloated, especially to say good, love dress, Very discouraged. Chen Ma is aunt’s diet and clothes management, and everything is a way, let the aunt weigh the heart, and the aunt’s heart is a red person, sometimes it is a bit based on the old, and the people are more afraid of her three points. Chen Ma has such a special relationship in our home.

Second, it is the most fragrant in the head, it is necessary to count the little squad of the small aunt! 178 years old, smart, thin strips, water snakes, walrow, walking to the way to the wind, makeup, more handsome than small households, although, although like a big cousin, Miyun The squid, the sister’s head, Xiarong, is a beautiful dripping, but Xiaoji, this small machine, she can solve the people, the best, so no one in the head is more than her.

There is no designated head in my room, the name of the beautiful clouds, the gimmick, Sumid, to wait for my diet, and the actual work is still a little, because I like her careful and gentle, so The neighborhood is also the neighborhood, this girl is in the eyes, what she knows, sometimes, sometimes the story of men and women love is to tease me, I have almost all between me and the squad. Point.

On the evening of the early autumn, I slept more late, and the small rushing ran into my bedroom, smiled and said, I made me inexplicably!

“This is the head, what is happy?”

“Table Shaoyle! Do you want to watch Western mirrors?”

“Come! You know it in my room.”

Xiao Ying’s bedroom is in a small room downstairs Eastern Hospital, on the back wall covered with a single bed and a small wardrobe, a dressing table stood by the window, the room is very delicate Jiejing. Chen Ma’s bedroom is next door, separated by plank, she was both easy to live here and serve Xiaojiu Ma aunt, aunt because their upstairs bedroom in the East. Xiaoying crept to the door, I looked back to make a face, I do not mean to make a noise, she quietly pulled me into the room, gently climb beds, Sticking between the wooden wall and looked back inside, the original wooden walls dug two holes, you can see all Chen Ma’s bedroom in the cave. Xiaoying limbs kneeling on the bed using the following a small hole, and a hole in a schematic backwards I above, just when I climb back in Xiaoying. Head against a hole saw, “Phew!” Chen Ma Ying in the eyes of every move.

Chen Ma Then late strike early makeup, wore a thin Troy put a juicy white meat, wrapped knurled, it is good enough to have large breasts several kilograms of weight, like prominent general trembling, her positive the mirror behavior among self-pity, she was the strangest bird male German shepherds “tiger” was kneeling at the bedside, lining up at her, I do not understand what is intended, biting his ear whispered asked the Xiaoying road:

“Hey! She pulled into the bedroom Tiger do?”

“Hush! …… Keep it down, you’ll know.”

Xiaoying mysterious smile back to me, I touched a clue. For a while, I saw Chen Ma slowly approached the “big tiger”, “Tiger” call standing up, front paws cling Chen Ma shoulders, chaotic mess sniffing lick on her Fenjia, Chen Ma retreat after the step, patting its head Jiao said:

“Beast! What emergency?”

She turned off Luoshan, leaving only a bra, she bent over micro, a pair of plump breasts, mouth leaned next to it, it will soon bite the lower end of the bra, pull back, bra is pulled down, two big breasts stand out, a pair of big tits round stands up, of course, the “big tiger” did not appreciate the vision, but do not understand the art of exotic, chaotic rush blindly to Chen Ma body, if it were not tied with rope refining it, Chen Ma they could not get out.

Chen Ma slowly off the pants, upper body lying on the bed, the bed legs bent pedaling feet, then open the vagina, the labia hypertrophy packet bright red clitoris, Chen Ma not birth to a child, mons high uplift, black pubic hair and more, over the long Tripe and overcast Kuajian, I did not expect Chen Ma and this one charming capital.

I have seen carried away, hands touching up has been dishonest in Xiaoying body, Xiaoying only wearing a small pink underwear, let what I took it off, she was seen with relish, my move is also not refuse, I rubbed her firm nipples, she issued a “ah …… ah ……” sound slightly, and then I looked from the hole.

Then Chen Ma’s legs further apart, out of the big tiger blood-red tongues shoved in her pussy licking, big as a trained tiger-like, the name of the circle lick with gusto, licked each of her sensitive office, Chen Ma on the “princess” waves more than laugh, swinging his legs shaking constantly, really fantastic.

Tiger may be Shisuizhiwei, suddenly raised his front paws, flapping in the groin Chen Ma, it seems a big penis blood-red pepper, front also with a hook, Chen Ma penis in one hand and guided her hand ask her pussy and let it go from inside the fingers with the aim of reducing its length, like a large tiger has tasted the sweetness, Wag welcome buttocks, slowly pumping again and again to the inside, Chen Ma also met issue “ah …… ah ……” sound.

At this tiger tongue mouth, breathing such as cattle, but the stop pumping, Chen Ma always penis manually controlling it, not with it into the palace, tiger penis through Saoshui a bubble, certainly inflated, it forefoot, the first turn directions, but was suspended from the hind leg of Chen Ma crotch, like the bitches love to play in general, Chen Ma also to eyes closed enjoying the music.

Xiaoying has seen a wave of hair, covered with burns, more than Jiaochuan, buttocks fat that circle, back Yi Gong Yi Gong, is top in my groin, then my penis also iron hard, and I quickly take off clothes, hugging her Jiaoqu, she was paralyzed, I’m sucking her lips, rubbing her firm full breasts, red pointy nipples are twisted erected, Xiaoying already I can not stand, gently in my ear:

“Table Master! Do not rub! People uncomfortable thing!”

This gives me great encouragement, already stiff penis, jumped jump, I fell on Xiaoying body, she was quite knowledgeable automatically separate pair of pale legs, my penis has been her top to Yumen , her bright red shade seam has been filled with waves of water, I aligned in a pussy to her slight wrinkle his brow, eyes narrowed, weakly, “ah!” a cry, and her full performance with an uncomfortable effort, under this roof, into the penis have been more than half, I feel very comfortable, Xiaoying pussy warm, tightly wrapped my penis. Xiaoying may be a virgin, so I’m not too much of a hurry, afraid to hurt her, pumping the pumping back and then forward the top, which under the penis from the root and did not, she did not dare shouting, gently Hutong:

“Table Master! People there will be pain! …… Aw! …… small force that ……”

I slowly pumped about five or sixty. She no longer became her eyebrows. I slowly lost it, it was slow, and her fat hips were automatically set off, catering my actions. Because Chen Ma, which is afraid of the next door, he is always quiet, and Xiaojie is very comfortable, and can only be exposed on the face, do not dare to call.

After a while, I played a cold, and a hot refrared into her flowers, and Xiao Yan had a burst of shadow, and how many times, she touched me, I am still one Shake, the semen is still going on.

I am weak in the pregnant, she is passionate about me, holding a smile with satisfied, taking out the sleeper, rubbing me, then rubbing her own red slings We all closed your eyes and hugged An An quiet.

I don’t know how long, Chen Mom is like a ghost standing in our bed, seeing me and Xiaoji naked intersection, she doesn’t know how to be jealous, I am full of envy, my eyes are full of fire, staying at us, Xiaojie was scared, buried his face in my arms, but I was lying in Thai.

“Chen Ma! Are you comfortable?” I hit her.

“Well! Do you feel comfortable?” She was red face against her back.

Chen Ma’s rape giant, first come to the right, scare the little, I know what ghost idea she is in my heart, I don’t panic.

“Chen Ma, you don’t want to be poor, probably the tiger did not put you with you, or I would like to give you a fire.”

Xiaojie was laughed by me, laughing Chen Mom’s red red, but I was a little difficult. I took the front of her bath towel. Two big breasts shake the mess, I took it. The big breasts smelled in the top.

She separates two fat thighs, clamping my yin, hot pussy tightly tightly touching my mask, two blood palms gently in my back, touching me like a massage I am a crispy, I quit the mask, I will be full, a fierce pump, a darkness of the nine, rotating, and does not let her have a pleasure.

Chen Ma is hard to endure this unparalleled excitement, and the pussy is in a deep shrinkage. The uterus is straight, because her red lips are blocked by me, only from the nostrils:

“Hey! … Hey! …”

A burst of infinity rushed to Chen Ma’s heart, she trembled his waist, hips, the two legs were hanging, and the hearts of the Yellow River were like the Yellow River. I hot my glans.

“Hey! … small ghost … I am dead … beautiful … beautiful … I lost it ………”

“Chen Ma! Is there not addicted?”

“It’s enjoyable! … Your mask is better than the tiger! Hey! …” she gasped.

Retreat her thigh, rushing her pussy, and slammed the same, before calculating the fine, the hot water drills Chen Mom smashed.

I finished, Chen Ma is still tightly holding me, I am also happy to lying on a spongeic body, a white fat, as if it is like a crystal bed, pressure is not possible, The masher gradually shrinks in her yin, and it is broken to her pussy. I naturally slide out, I am tired to lying in Chen Ma’s arms, heading on her, holding a big breast, holding a small and exquisite Ying, grabbed her strong small breasts, three people supported a faint sleep.

The big cousin, the most gentle, and the thinness, the weakness is weak, is a standard “Lin Daiyu” style beauty, kindness, unordered the world, and the people are harmonious, especially filial parents love the brothers. Unfortunately, it is a long-term death. The husband is dead, and the young and light is guarded. The hit of life can be imagined, and several times find short-see for freight, all rescued, fortunately Resulting in tragedy.

The aunt is afraid that the big cousin can no longer can’t think of it, make a mistake, so she will pick her back home to live. In this year, because of my sisters, she slowly forgot the pain, she and the little aunt were mostly coming, how many times were in the little aunt to learn Chinese paintings, make a red red, even more to Meiyun, they went to the next street, accompanying The aunt worships the Buddha. In addition, the closing house is quiet, and it is really a good show.

The big cousin loves a pale yellow satin cheongsam, short and knees, below is a flat-bottomed black satin shoe, which is the most popular girl makeup bunch. This relaxed shadow is still firmly printed in my mind.

Perhaps it is the escort, since I tried the physical love of men and women, I often dreamed of sorrow, especially Meiyun, she gopened, autumn water as God, a smile is a beautiful incarnation, the bulky chest is slim Willow, red lotus nipple, uniform powder, 娉娉 Tingting like a waterful white lotus, a burst of virgin, stimulating me like a horse. Whenever we are alone, I am ready to move, I want to have a good friend.

“Zhong Ping! Good younger brother! Don’t worn again, we have already been once, isn’t we not satisfied? In the next day, I am yours, why are you eager to now, what do we do?”

“Good brother, obey, don’t think about it, the heart is calm, come! Let my sister pro-a pro.” Every time she is like this, I don’t let me easily, I can’t think about it. Suddenly, I came to see a good idea, I bought a “Jin Ping Mei” to give her a “Jin Ping Mei” to see it. This book I have finished watching it. I have to be burned, I’ve been burning a few times. Fire, so I have a grasp, as long as Meiyun looked at this fragrant and exciting song, I would never achieve my destination – with her to the balcony to Xingyun. So, I held “Jin Ping Mei” and rushed to Meiyun’s residence.

I have a dedication:

“Second sister! Send you a masterpiece, I hope you can enjoy it.”

“Oh! What book, give me a look.”

She confused me, quickly disassemble the paper bag, white my eyes:

“I know you have no good books, this kind of absurd words, how can we see!”

“If you have a lot of money, look at what is the relationship!” I wanted to Meiyun.

I believe that Mei Yun will read it after reading a page, then I will receive the expected results.

Two days have passed, I guess Americans must have a difference, as long as the Spring heart moves, I am not afraid that you don’t send it yourself. At that time, I should put the shelf, so that you can’t stand it.

I have taken it all the way, I came to the door of Meiyun. I saw the lights in the room. She was lying in bed. She was looking for her back to the outside. I was holding the Qi Shu Jin Ping Mei to see the god. I went close to the bed along the bed, she never It is found that I will give her a defense, it is a hot kiss. At first she is like this sudden action, she is frightened and she is struggling, but the enemy has a strong kissed, slowly no longer resist At the same time, my two giants also licked her breasts and made her astlow.

“Ah! Zhong Ping! You … deceive big sister …”

I didn’t know what I didn’t know. The beauty lying in bed is a big cousin, but it is not a beautiful cloud. This is amazing. However, the big gushan is full of spring, and the face is flourishing. Although it is ashaped, there is no angry meaning. I think this is a big effect of Jin Ping Mei. Otherwise, I have never laughing as a rigorous big sister, and I don’t hit me. The light is blamed!

“Zhong Ping! No, don’t destroy your feelings with Meiyun, I will destroy your feelings with Meiyun.”

“Big sister! You love me from small, why do you have to reject me now, it is Mei Yun known, she will sympathize with us.”

Said, I don’t give her a chance to think, I will take off the big cousin’s trousers. I gently stroked her whole body. She is delicate, but the curve is exquisite, and the yin-like jade body is not A little scorpion, the small abdomen is rounded, the black hairy masks the bright red slit, the solid jade milk, maybe because of the relationship of pregnancy, especially rising round, I sucked her breast, fresh red nipple Out of a crystal milk, it is charming.

“Hey! Zhong Ping! Itching inside!”

At this time, her Yudongjin flowed from the agar, I knew the timing has matured, raised the mask to live in her pussy, and inserted a lot of money, I didn’t have a big sister who did not have a person, call:

“唷! … Zhong Ping! Slow! Sister will hurt ………”

“Zhong Ping! I can’t do it, let me breathe!”

Her face is pale sweating DC, and it is soft in bed. I am afraid of moving the baby. I have to be in a hurry, slowly, kiss her red lips, and ferry into her mouth.

“Big sister! Now feel comfortable!”

“Well! Well! It’s more comfortable, how can the big sister can get you very much!”

Her rosy cheeks gradually shift, sex fluid waves of the vent, I felt too hot Ma Ma exciting moment, I found myself again forced pumping up.

“Poof Eat! Eat …… Poof! ……”

After a burst of fierce send emergency pumping, she was like a coma, the body shiver, the accumulation of all sex fluid excreted, I have pubic region heat rises, a surge Yang Jing fired into the depths of her playboy. That efforts to reach a long dry at first glance by the rain moisture, she leisurely wake up, she melted, sublimated, Yuxianyusi shake the body floating in the clouds.

I lovingly around her Jiaoqu penis slip out of her pussy, she met and kissed me, cuddle tightly in my arms.

“Zhongping! Mei-yun us how worthy!”

“I told her bright, so the three of us together.”

“Well brother! You have Zhefan affection, sister of the dead rest in peace!”

“No! Sister! Mei-yun is a good girl, she gently rolls, she will sympathize with our future, we will be happy.”

Suddenly the door opened, Mei-yun maids, clouds blush for shame, hastily dressed and want to play, the United States stepped forward to hold her cloud Jiaoqu said:

“Big sister! I know you love Zhong Ping, Zhong Ping also loves you, I am not a selfish person, as long as the big sister is willing, I hope that the three people will always be together!” Cai Yun moved the tears:

“Mei Yun! You are too good, but I …”

Meiyun is full of fangs:

“Fool! Do you do it there? Don’t help me retain big sister!”

Caiyun is holding a gold bottle plum quality asked Meiyun:

“I don’t know why this is so impulsive today, it may be that this animal is in the monsters. Two sisters! Where did you come from this novel?”


“It’s all bad of Zhongping, and the result is harmful!”

I just said:

“Who teaches you that I don’t let me get angry! Old is twisting, provoke people.”

Meiyun is shameless and said:

“Hey! Thick face!”

Mei Ruo Tianxian’s Meiyun, that’s smile, like a spring flower, thousands of beautiful, I grabbed her, it is a warm long kiss, for a long time, she launched me, charming me, swear:

“Small ghost! When the big sister’s face, you will be happy, not afraid of the big sister joke.”

“The big sister is not the relationship between the outside, will you laugh at me? Big sister!”

I said that I took the color cloud in my arms, sucking her bright red nipple, absorbing the Joan Tong of Jinjin.

Caiyun said:

“Okay! Zhong Ping, the big sister can’t afford your teasing, go to the Meiyun!”

“When the heart is born, I will leave you in front of the bed at night.”

“Big sister! You are making fun of me!”

Mei Yun is not dependent on the clouds. I took her under the body, and the colorful cloud helped me took off her underwear. Tilted it. The three stuffed a group. Meiyun may be shy. I don’t let me put it, two jade legs clamp , My hard mask is always going to the top of her casino, I have to go to the door, and she “eat” is smirk.

“This sibei deliberately makes bad, come! We both pack her!”

Caiyun said that she took her head before, I took a hand, separated her thigh, and took a pillow pad on her butt, let her pussy tower tap, like rape In the end, she “hey!” Is shaking. I played an unprecedented life, and I was soaring that I didn’t have a few pieces.

“唷! … Zhong Ping! … It is going to be dead with you! … I … I … I lost … I lost … Little ghost! You are dead! ……”

I think the beauty of Meiyun, I have to slow down, with the glans to live her heart, like the stone is grind, come to a left right, grinding the beautiful cloud:

“Good brother! The trick that came, it is really comfortable! The heart is all grinded by you! Hey! … I lost …”

Meiyun is a whole body, and a bright intensity is like a flood. I also slammed my hometown into her uterus.

After I launched with the colorful cloud, the Meiyun launched, the three mutually hugged each other and sleep.

The school participated in the “County Governor Cup” Basketball Championships in the county. I am a team of the school team. So this week, I will turn it on the basketball court every day. It can be said to defeat a few teams, the champion is looking at. So I also got the highest rank, the girls were admired, and I was surrounded by them, asking this, asking that, I brought the trouble to Meiyun, she only afraid, what kind of wind Things, only at any time warned me:

“Zhong Ping! I am really annoying, every time I am involved in those girls, I really don’t worry!”

Three table sisters Li Yun mouth smile Mei Yun:

“Second sister! You still don’t worry about him every day, just put him in your bag!”

Mei Yun said:

“Who is willing to follow him in that occasion, will be smiled by those girls!”

“Two brother! I will go with you tomorrow, which dares to smash me, I will tear her mouth!”

Li Yun has a full Taimei taste, self-satisfying, spicy, what is dare to do, a little boy, a little boy, born is a high-head horse, the skin is red, very body, is the citizenter in the swimming pool, also on the sports field She is good at the character, at the track and field, and she is good at, the hero of the water and land, because of the black and pretty, beautiful and spicy, the students call her “black rose”, she is not awkward, but they are comfortable.

On the horizontal, she really accompanied me on the court, and how many girls certainly ignore the point, whispering privacy.

“Look! Zhou Zhongping is coming, followed by the female insurance!”

“Why didn’t you come today, you have to come back!”

The girls discussed seven tongues:

“Will n’t you want to be a black rose to stab! Haha …” “Hey! Black roses! You always follow your brother-in-law, little scorpion?”

They are more unlikely, this can be turned into Li Yun, and go to twisted the girl, like an eagle grabbed the pawn, scared that her flowers can’t be ignored.

I really admire this style of Lie Yun, in any occasion, she is free, not twisted. After the end of the game, we have to go away.

“Three sisters! Thank you! Take a lot of trouble for me.”

She pulled me and raised me:

“Don’t be orally thank you, I want you to accompany me tomorrow to swim in Xishawan.”

“You go crazy! You are still swimming in such a cool weather.”

“What is the relationship, I am not in the water for more than two hours?”

“But the second sister does not dare to swim in the water?”

“You only have your wife in your heart, don’t you put her at home, accompany me alone!”

“Then you have to say it well!”

“Yes! Two cousins, I am responsible for you to leave before the Tai Shou!” We are talking about it.

Although it is the weather in September, it is not too cold at noon. With Li Yun carrying all swimming equipment, arrive at Xishawan, here is a natural fresh water bath, the river is clear, there is no hurricane, surrounded by semi-yellow drops, is the most The ideal dressing room, the beach is so warm, lying on the top is soft and very suitable, the land is very remote, but the no visible people are disturbing the fun, is a good lover.

I put the blanket on the beach, put a lot of food, change the swimsuit, and the cousin came out from the reeds, she wore a black swimwear, tightly wrapped the delicate body, the more appeared, the curve is exquisite. Tingting Yu Li.

“Second brother! Let’s go first, then rest.”

She immediately rushed into the river, quickly swims to the other side, I hurriedly chased it, with her side by side, her skills, gentle, the wonderful mappie, really like a mermaid.

Tour, swim, she suddenly “ah!”, Sinking in the water.

“Xiao Nizi may surprise naughty, what kind of trick?”

I don’t care, who knows her for a long time.

“Two brother! Fast! ……..”

She shouted, she went down, she saw that she was not joking, she was in the second time, struggling, playing water, splashing.

“How to do it? Is it a big fish biting?”

Swimming techniques like a cousin, big fish is also Mo Ne, why! I hurried to go, hugged her slim, she held my shoulder, swim to the river, I put her on the carpet.

“Li Yun! How is it?”

“The legs are cramps, I will die!”

“How can you cramp every day?”

“It may be too cold, and you are too fierce.”

I set off her thigh, put it on my knee and massage her.

“are you done?”

She has a long round of thigh, very beautiful, I can’t help but go.

She glared at me angry:

“Well! Okay! Hey! I ask you …. Why don’t you call, you don’t save? Is it still to let me drow me?”

She said that she said:

“Hey! I know that you will come with me today, I am very reluctant, put your heart and liver baby at home, you are very sad, the more you are more difficult, the more I don’t put it!”

“Good sister! You are too worried, are I not accompany you?”

“But you are here, the heart is in the Meiyun in the family, who is rare your emotional feelings.”

“Good! See if I have gone out of you!”

This is very naughty, I know that it is not good to pay, not to take out some means can not, or she will not be affected. I turned it over, and I reached out to tear off her swimsuit, grabby her. Breast, so, she is a bit nervous!

She guards his chest and said:

“what are you doing?”

“Don’t you say that I am false? Now you are so small!”

“Who is like you so thick, how can you ……….”

“There is a come here, come …. Come!”

I said a force, torn her swimsuit, ah! The 17-year-old cousin is already very mature, the two breasts are more big, and the round is rumored as two hills. It is good looking. The black and red skin is now healthy, because the relationship of love sports is particularly seductive. I will be free to be welcoming. I ride on her yin, my hands, my hands, her big breasts, pinching her pointed grace, pinching her.

I have no pity in Li Yun, and I have to conquer the character on this sports field. I can’t call her, I am slammed with her, holding her legs with two hands, holding her hands. The upper body does not let her have the room for struggling, and the nine shallow is we like to have a lot of breath and tears.

Small abdomen impacts the intercourse:

“Hey! …….! ……”

At this time, the prostitute is at any time:

“吃! …… eat! ……..”

She lasque will be said:

“You are a little bit! People are dead! …….”

I deliberately scare her:

“You think this is fun, it is like a knife!”

“No! I don’t want to open it …….. 唷! …….”

I am afraid that it is stunned, I have to be slow, slowly, while the hands don’t stop caught her cheeks, earlobe, chest, and lighted her two pink nipples.

She slowly shouted and showed a satisfied smile, I know that she has tasted the sweetness, so the big rose, the mask rushed into her pussy. At this time, the cousin that I was pressed in the following was also silent, she was in depth, and the sound of obscenes

“Hey! …. Hey! …….”

“Oh! .. Oh! …. It’s so cool! …… true … beautiful ……”

“唷! ….. hit .. hit .. hit .. Sweeping …… is right! ….” ………

“Hey! I …. I .. No .. No …”

“Hey ..! I ….. I … I want to urinate .. urine …..”

“Stupid! …. That is not urinary, it is a discharge …..”

After a wave of climax, we both ventined, sticking on the blanket and wet a large piece, but did not see the red, is it a virgin?

“Li Yun! Why don’t you fall red, isn’t this the first time?”

“You said, I have had the first time, and the hymen is broken when I exercise.”

The two sides are a bit tired, but it is a bit cool in the open sky, so we cover the bath towel, hug, two big breasts, the top of my chest, the light of the light floats with her breath, I am very useful to rub my itch, I am licking her double milk.

“Two gods! Don’t kneel again, people are miserable!”

“Such a good body, can’t stand the same, really bad!”

“People still have the first time! Who is like you so old fritters!”

“Good! Little head, look at you!”

Said that I was buckled with her yin, she drilled into my embrace and laughed:

“Eat …. Eating …. So sorrow, I don’t dare! …”

At the coming of the comedy, we both worked together to return.

The big cousin born a girl, because her body is thin, it is a lot of bitterness when she produces, fortunately, no accident. For a week, I didn’t miss her, but I didn’t dare to enter the house. I had to find a US cloud method.

I asked Meiyun:

“Second sister! Is the big sister’s body? Have you seen her little doll?”

Mei Yun said:

“The big sister is really sinful! The pelvic is not open, the child is only a long time, finally the old days bless, so that their mother and daughter are safe!”

“I really want to see the big sister, are you going to take me?”

She nodded, we both joined to enter the bedroom of the big sister. The big sister relies on the bed, and the face is not very pale. It is particularly clear, holding a baby in his arms. Anxity is feeding, seeing me, she flew two red clouds, I went up to hold her hand:

“Big sister! You suffer!”

Caiyun said:

“The dangers have not sent it, and you know what our woman is bitter!”

Meiyun took the child, red, round, and had closed his eyes. I am sitting around her, with her beautiful face, caressing her, how much care, how much feelings are in not saying. I have a low low place to tell her about the suffering:

“Big sister! I really missed me in these days!”

“Silly brother! The big sister is also the same, when I am in production, I have diluted twice, I am really afraid to see your face, I used to die, now I am afraid!”

Her feelings are so fragile, and tears are almost over.

“Little ghost! You have a big heart again, and people have a great affairs. I have never seen you crying.”

Meiyun is full of sorrow, and the purpose is to be happy in the funny sister, we are all laugh.

The big sister’s thin cheeks set off a pair of deep wine vortexes, she pulled it, covering the rounded peak, then the breast was bloated is particularly full, the milk is dripping down the tap, soaked the chest The front of the jacket, she gently squat, or could not stop the milk out.

Sister said:

“There are many milk, small things can’t finish, always hurt!”

Mei Yun said:

“Let Zhong Peicheng succeeded, rising too long!”

Sister said:

“Hey! Zhong Ping is quenching, come over, let the big sister feed you!”

I no longer hesitate, I buried in the big sister, I can’t stop in her chest, the big sister like a little mother, gently open her clothes, put the whole bright red teap in my mouth, she still Hugging my shoulder, the hand carested my hair, it is so peaceful love, I hold her full of jade milk, take force, a roller injection into the mouth, warm, sweet, sweet Sweet, 咕咕, because I succeeded too much, the big sister took a breath.

“Silly children, light a little, why do you use it so much.” The big sister hit me.

Meiyun pointed to my face:

“Little ghost! It is like a bit to eat, is it afraid that there is no chance after it?”

I looked at her beautiful face and low questions:

“Big sister! Is it comfortable?”

The big sister moved, and sent another pointed tip to my mouth and said:

“Well! Very comfortable, come and eat this one!”

Meiyun asked:

“Big sister! People say breastfeeding is a kind of enjoyment, what is the taste?”

Big sister is playing, Meiyun, said:

“What is the young head? You will have a son in the future, can you taste the taste of feeding?”

Mei Yun poured in the big sister, and the delicate and delicate.

“People tell you, you are happy again!”

Big sister said:

“Really, the pain of the woman has a child, gets this compensation, when the child sucks the milk, it is a crispy, the uterus has a tight, the taste is difficult to describe!”

At this time, Miyun and I have headed in the big sister. The big sister holds our two, and the Miss Yun is looking at the taste of the big sister in telling the feeding. It is very god.

I am 美 云 说:

“Second sister! You also eat one! I have the game to see who is comfortable, then I have to comment!”

Meiyun really a Sakurakou, with another tip of the big sister in the mouth, our two simultaneously smash, put the big sister “eat! Eat!”

Big sister loves me and said:

“Little ghost! You will have a big sister, and the two heads are also crazy. How can the big sister can succeed in you?”

I say:

“Big sister! Who is it to succumb to? Who lost, then cancel his qualification!”

Meiyun said:

“You are greedy, I will not learn with you, let you eat enough!”

Sister said:

“Okay! The legs are taught by you, let the big sister stretch your legs!”

Mei Yun sat up, the whole clothes, I touched it, still snuggling in the big sister chest, caught her jade milk.

I asked:

“Big sister! Is it still painful now?”

Big sister said:

“More comfortable!”

“Then I will often eat it in the future? Big sister!”

Big sister and fun, Meiyun Road:

“There is a two-old, you can eat, you don’t have to eat big sister.”

This is ashamed of Miyun, and pulled the big sister to tear the road:

“Big sister! You are necrosis!”

Big sister said:

“Okay! Time is not early, you should take a break, go back to the house!”

“No! Big sister! I have to sleep with you, don’t go back.” I got to go.

The big sister asked: “As long as you are not dirty, sleep here! Where is the second?”

“Second sister, of course, sleep with us, is you so embarrassed?” I answered.

“What do you want to follow you, you!” Mei Yun white, I didn’t think it.

At this time, I sent a big bowl to the big sister. She ate a few mouthfuls, and a spoonful of spoonful of arrogant, the big sister’s love is like a spring of the Spring, warming my body, warming me. Heart, I am really willing to die is a hometown, I don’t want to leave.

I am lazy to leave the embrace, holding the piece of pajamas in the wardrobe, Meiyun gave me a cup of hot milk, I hugged her slight waist in hand, let’s take a mouth, drink it in her hand, she contains the veins Looking at me, delicate red lips, like a cooked cherry, I can’t help but move, I am unsatisfactory to sneak it on her mouth:

“Sweet! Let me try again!”

“Ningmast is dead! So you eat, just eat big sister’s milk, you can also eat this big cup of milk, see if you are not bad?”

“I have to eat you for a while.”

She gently hit me, I bent her, step by step by step.

The big sister smiled and said:

“Zhong Ping is quite exciteful, like it is always not over.”

I am unable to say:

“Big sister, you don’t believe it, you can also hold two!”

The big sister smiled without saying, Meiyun fell two red clouds in his cheeks.

I love big sister’s words, delicate like a flowers in the warm room, round, moving, slightly touching sweet milk, I am accompanied by her anytime, anywhere, volleying in her Deep cleavage.

On the bed, I will fell in the big sister’s chest, holding her breasts and keep sucking, sucking, squatting, she was smoked, “Gege” is smirk.

“Silly children, big sister is eaten by you, let me rest for a while, go to eat the second sister!”

She pushed me gently and didn’t care seriously. I am still my line.

Big sister saves Mei Yun:

“Mei Yun! Failed to him, I was scattered by him.”

“Zhong Ping! Why don’t you listen to the big sister, the big sister just produced, you don’t know how to love her body, the big sister hurts you.” Meiyun blamed me.

I dull, I’m looking at the big sister, I can’t say it in my heart and regret it:

“Big sister! I am too reckless, I love you too much.” I sincerely apologize to the big sister.

Big sister said:

“Silly children! It is still not the same as the second sister? The second sister loves you so!”

At this time, I found that Meiyun only wore a pink small rrower, silently sat in the bed, and watched me very much. I made her cold, gently pulled her hand, she didn’t respond, is it angry?

“Sleep! Second sister! You will be cold!”

I put her in his arms, covering a cotton, let her pillow my arm, she is still ignored me, this is really scared, hurry to her. Not.

“Second sister! Are you angry with me? Sorry!”

“Who dares to give birth to your gas, the big sister, you don’t listen, will you listen to me in the future?”

“Good second sister! I am wrong, come, I will pay for you!” Said it is a hot kiss.

“Hey! Who is with you hippie!” Mei Yun white me.

Big sister from the meaning:

“Okay! Two heads, the gift is lost, what is it? Is it true that Zhong Ping gives you in front of the bed?”

Meiyun top hits big sister:

“Both big sister spoiled him, seeing him will climb your head!”

“Second sister! Then I will give you a little!” Said that I was really in front of her.

“To die! So cold, frost is not torture me, lying down.” She pulled me to sleep, put me in his arms.

Sister said:

“Zhong Ping, you are also afraid of a person!”

Mei Yun said:

“He is not afraid of me! It is not to show it to the big sister.”

We have a happy three people.

I am lying in the arms of Miyun, a burst of hot flow hit my whole body, my hand began to creep in her chest, she hit me, holding my hand, I will re-rehabilitate, A hand refers to her clothing.

Meiyun low low:

“Don’t hurt! The big sister has not fell asleep.”

I am reluctant to talk:

“Is the big sister told me to eat you!”

The big sister smiled, and then turned out, and she was asleep. Of course, I don’t have to let this opportunity. When I turned, I quickly took off her small dress, revealing the rushed jade milk, although there was no big sister, but the big sister is much bigger, though I can’t succeed, but the pointed tip slides into the mouth, don’t have a taste, I am sucking, the mask is gradually hard. My hand started to explore it, and I will enter the front of her smoother like a satin, explore the dense jungle, after the bulk hiju, then it is the meat peak of confrontation, put a stream, Jinjin Flowing in prostitution, further, it is a culvert, my hand hits it, and I will go back, go back to the exit.

Her heart is like a small deer, the cheeks, half-cheek, half-checked, delicate, such as hunger, like it!

“Second sister! I started to enter! …..”

“Well! ……. Small …….”

She stretched with me tightly, biting my shoulder, and biting my shoulders, I rushed into Yumen, slowly pumping.

“吃! …… eat! ……..”

“Hey ……… …….. um ……..”

“Second sister! Is it comfortable?”

“Hey! ….. Don’t wake up big sister!”

“Don’t tighten, my big sister wakes me to deal with her!”

“Hey! Don’t face …”

I slowly succeeded and hurried. Mei Yun started to face the face, never dare to make a sound, silently enjoy the thrill of the glans scratch, but as I began to save, the stimulus she felt is even more intense, could not help but make a burst of bursts Obscene:

“Hey! …… good brother …. Pick up ….. hit .. Hit …. Flower, 唷! …. Beauty .. I am … “

“Well … oh! …. comfortable …. Fast …. I am going to …. I’m going to …. ….. Out .. Out. Out of the water …. 喔! …….. “

A burst of climax, a hot flow of a shares, we both made a fine, rose, became a Buddha, satisfied, holding, kiss, nourishing me, I don’t know if there are other people in the world, enthusiasm Although two fleshs were melted. After the wind and rain, he replied calm.

“Second sister! Is it comfortable?”

“Well! Very comfortable!”

“Hey!” The big sister suddenly turned his head and said:

“I thought it was an earthquake? Make the mountain shake.”

“Big sister! You are necrosis!” Mei Yun is shy and self-contrary, buried his head into my arms.

“Big sister! Do you want it?” I hold her.

The big sister laughed:

“Fool! That is not the life of big sister!”

“Who told you to smash us? Zhong Ping went to pack her!” Mei Yun said to push me to the cloud.

“Good brother! Sleep! Don’t get tired of your body.” Caiyun glared at me.

“Big sister! Let me eat some milk!”

“Hey! Come here! Is the second sister still not let you eat?”

I have her teat, and the other hand hugs Meiyun, pinched her breasts, enjoy the blessings of Qi people, and enjoy the dream of love.

The color cloud is still not full, Meiyun is in trouble, Li Yun is always bounced like a boy, no girl’s gentle and charming, nothing to have. So, I was really troubled in these days, I had to make my brains in Xiaoji. Fortunately, Xiaoji is also old, still can’t push three blocks.

On this day, I took care of Meiyun to eat medicine, and I mixed for a while in the big sister’s housing, I quietly ran to the 小莺房. She just changed her clothes ready to sleep, suddenly found that I was in front of her, she first surprised, and then full of angry.

“Table young master, do you run three more nights?”

“Good sister! I miss you!”

“Hey! There is a cousin in the room. The cousin is accompanying you, there are our people in our hearts!”

“Sister! You are too embarrassed, where can I forget you?”

“Then why do you hide me, ignore me?”

“Not too busy, no time to see you.”

“Hey! Ghost! It is too busy to bed. I also believe that today I have touched nails there, I found it!” “Little head, you will smash you, look at me!”

I know that I can’t do it with her hands, so I put her in his arms, my hands were straight, kiss her, cheeks, cherry, and start her, I still want to struggle. And gradually she like only a temperature tamed kitten, tangled me tightly, and the way is very obvious:

“People have just been calm in these few days, and you will come again.”

“How to say that it is messy, should we do it?”

Nowadays, the birth of Xiaojie is more mature, a pair of drums of breasts almost break through the rosers, fat round jade buttocks are wrapped unexpectedly, the fiber willow waist, slender powder. Black black clouds, red scainted cheeks, like a mature little woman, attracting thoughts.

After a stroke, kissing, both sides can not hold, quickly dissert it. She can’t wait to send a cherry lips and secretly, I am willing to enjoy her sweet irrigation. At the same time, Xiao Ying’s lower abdomen still has a “sand” sound with my thighs, and the hairy hair and thighs will produce “Shasha” sound. At this time, Xiao Yan is like a bitch. I was forbidden to hurt her so, when the mashed mashed warered the crown, and a look of going to the sand field.

I let the squat lying on the bed, the calf automatic legs is tall, showing bright red slits, welcoming my hard hi. When my Yang is in the pussy, her pink hips, the thick mask has entered half, the warm and female wrapped the meat stick, really called the soul. I am still again, the whole root is not entered, hit the squat, the squat, the squad:

“Hey! ….. Hey! ……..”

“Hey! …….! ………”

She picks up powder, twisting the willow, shake, shake, grind, frustrated, the yin house is a tight sucking with my glans, unusual beauty, I shake the spirit, the nine shallow, cross-slings, plug her Raw coil.

“Table .. Table Shaoyle! ….. 喔! ….. so comfortable …”

“Hey! …. and .. hit the .. arrived in the heart ….. beautiful …. Beauty … Table Shaoyle! …. I … .. Dead you .. … fast … fast ….. ……. itch ……. “

I slammed, I have a small squatting, and a smashing is smashing, I am burning my glamor, I can’t help but play a cold, a heat is hot and putting on her. Square.

Xiaoji, so cute, it is her kind to understand, what she will take the initiative to do good, so that I have a satisfactory thing, especially the bed is even more unique, shake, pendulum, grind, welcome compression, Make people’s soul, can’t help it, this girl can be a natural esteem, rare got, teach me how to don’t want her.

After the ecstasy, I was soft and lying down, Xiao Zhu smiled to me:

“Table young master, do you see where I am not as good as two?”

“Hey! Second, Miss has her beauty, you have your place, it is difficult to divide it. But where you have learned bed, make me feel so comfortable.”

“It’s all taught me. Every time you don’t teach me how to swing, I have experienced it slowly.”

“Be careful! You are too smart, I will teach you a few sets!”

“Hey! People learn this, let you have a lot of grandfather! When you are happy, you will run, you are not happy, you will play far.”

“Small head! You are here again!” I said that I was taking her with her threat, she rolled in my arms, “Gege” smiled and gave me for mercy.

“Good brother, I don’t dare!”

“Said, Xiaoji, you are not happy, why?”

“People are too embarrassed by the second!”

“Little aunt likes you, why?”

“Hey! Er 二 is too pitiful, busy during the school during the day, no sleep in the middle of the night, recently often insomnia, so temper has also become mixed!”

“Why didn’t she sleep early?”

“Fool! Where do you know the woman’s heart, the second is too young, with her status in society, can not marry again, if it is still like this, then I will wait for a long time, I often see her Biting the can’t think of the ceiling, the next day, the pillow is wet, and she is really bitter. “

“Why don’t you want to rule out your hard work?”

“How to eliminate it! I can’t do it like Chen Ma, I also take off my pants to let the big tigers are dry!” This is so naughty, saying to make people laugh. I really can’t say sympathy. She is called Zhang Sujuan, she is born in a famous door, graduated from a well-known university. When reading, the homework is good, the long pretty, and the sage, the pursuit of her son brother is like a river, but she is in love with her father. Of course, the uncle is in middle-aged, and the business economy has brilliant achievements. The ten-year-old uncle is still so fascinating. He quickly won the heart of a little aunt. She got rid of a number of young people’s entanglement and family opposition, and resolutely married the uncle, let the heart. Over the years, she has gone in touch with the uncle, helping the uncle’s career, regreting that there is no half-woman with a man, now she is inevitable.

Five years ago, the uncle founded a woman middle school in the local, and the little aunt came to the principal. The school was flying, and she had a color. Although she was widowed in the middle, she suffered this kind of blow, but she still stood up, to school There is no impact, saying that people don’t dare to confuse, like a little aunt like a flower-like beauty, actually has such a person’s energy.

The little aunt loves the big sister, because they have two nature, the same is the same, so she takes the colorful cloud as a little sister, and the two are very intimate, all nest, I often get some little aunt from the big sister. The situation, wait for me to ask, the big sister always sighs:

“Talented Red ……..”

The little aunt is very rigorous and loving me, and my little aunt of this Yan Ruo Li, cold frost, does not dare to do it in addition to sympathy.

I listened to the actual situation of Xiaojie’s narrative today, I guess the little aunt must be emerging. People have seven emotions and six desires. They also have another side of her life. She is just a tiger wolf, and she is more difficult. She is not in their own status, and she may not be able to go.

Xiaoji looks at the god of my stay, she can’t help but ask:

“Hey! What are you thinking about? Is it a brain that I want to move?”

Xiaoji, this small walker is such a heart, she can see my heart, but how is it? I had to smile and didn’t answer.

Xiao Yan is mysterious to me:

“I have a good way to let you achieve the goal, but I can make the second aunt are too happy, it can be counted.”

I am anxious to ask her:

“Good sister! What are the two full meals? You say it!”

“I will not be so stupid! I have two times too later, I don’t want me!”

“How can it be? If it is successful, I thank you still not yet!”

“Who believes in your ghost! I have to sleep.”

Said that she was really snuggling in my arms, and the streets did not move.

“Good! Xiaoyou is sincerely takes me to joking, not give you something bad!”

So I grabbed her pair of breasts and smashed again, and she made her smile, and the sound was given.

“Okay! Don’t be ignored, I tell you is.”

“Say! Otherwise I will still have to.”

“Do you still remember? Does Chen Ma not often take the tiger? It has a certain time. Sometimes the tigers can’t make Chen Ma to be addicted, so I often watch Chen Mom to take some black medicine powder, mix it Feeding the tiger in the rice, the tigers are eaten, so I will be crazy about Mom, I have a bitter asthma, I have a cow, and I think this black powder will be a nature. , Changed when Chen Mom did not pay attention, I gave her to her, and the dog would not die, and people have nothing to do! “

“Good idea! My careful liver, I really love to die!”

I really admire the little ghost and smart, what is satisfied, I can’t help but kiss her, crazy to kiss her to express my gratitude to her in my heart.

“Don’t burst out! I can’t breathe people, my grandmother is squeezing, and the dead!”

I gently caught her breast say:

“Good! Good! You will go back.”

“Second, I have to eat a little night, take the opportunity to put a little in her bowl, after she eats, of course, will be a big mind, painful, not looking for men to solve problems, then you will be big When the party entered, she made her own, and people didn’t know that ghosts made you achieve a purpose. As for the future, you can keep your relationship, you will rely on your kung fu and means, I will help but have a second Time. “

I gave her a long kiss:

“Good sister! Thanks to you want to get it.”

“In the time, I forgot my sister.”

I can’t wait to ask:

“Good sister, I will think about you at any time, but will this start now?” “Urgent! What is the thing!

“Good sister, I will never forget you!”

I turned over to press her, on the cheek, my mouth, the rain is like the ground.

“Look! I haven’t eaten a spring medicine yet! Just launched a crazy!”

She smiled and hit me and then pushed me into it.

“Good sister, let me feel comfortable!”

My mask has already risen like the iron rod is very hard.

Xiaoji deliberately baked me, the two legs were tight, and they killed me. I don’t let me move, let me tear, catch, pull, touch, she doesn’t let go, I am anxious, she still “Eating” smile, in fact, she has already jade liquid Jinjin, I want to be burned, but she deliberately bite his teeth, hangs my appetite, this little head is so squat, it is a very good, what is it? Love!

“Dead head! People have already rumored fire, and you don’t do it!”

“I rushed me, who wants to give you a fire!”

She smiled in “Eating”, I am really fire, reach out to grasp the long hairy.

“Ah! ………..” she screamed.

“Don’t make the sword, you don’t know how it is, you will separate the legs, otherwise I have to use it!”

“Don’t people!”

I said that I have the way you want to say:

“Don’t say it anymore!”

“The family! I am really worried!”

She separated her legs, and my finger was in her vagina.

“Ah! Good brother! People will hurt!”

“Do you still dare to naughto?”

“Don’t dare! …..! …. Dare to …”

“I will put the posture, let me go.”

“You start starting again, people have a good posture!”

“Leve your hand, let go, forgive you, you can’t do anything else!”

“Dead ghost! Heart! Pulling people’s Mao!”

“Who teaches you to be obedient.”

She turned over, the two legs were opened, the four flat and eight stable pose, the Yinhong slother, the jade Joan is really charming!

“Well! People are placed, you can’t come up again.”

She may be crazy, and I secretly remind me. This time, I put the shelves! I closed my eyes, I was really anxious. I was really anxious. I turned over and riding in me. I grabbed my mask. I took a seat. The grinding is very comfortable, the round breast, as her swing swayed in the chest, especially seductive. For a long time, for a long time, she is in my body, she is fine, and a hot flow is moving down.

I turned over and ticked.

“Good brother! I can’t ……. Comfortable …”

She was a wave of waves and she gently careped with me, showing sweet smile, beautiful, and perfect.

After two days, Xiaojie put into tea, ran to my room, quietly biting a burst of ears, telling me that everything is ready, I will have a success, and I am mysterious to pull out a medicine bag, in front of me Shot, smile to me, I really admire this smart and cute, fine work, when she hits me in front of the water snake, I can’t help but reach her, deeply She a warm kiss, said that I sincerely grateful, chat, her low, said to me:

“Last night, the second aunt was too crying to the masquerade, and wrote a lot of poems!”

“Hey! Little aunt is very pitiful!”

“Hey! You are here tonight, don’t run, don’t let me do things well, can’t find your figure, she is crazy, I can’t pay it!”

This is quite fun, I grabbed her to warm the moment.

“Okay! Don’t wrap me again! Keep your strengths, good luck!”

She kissed me gently and walked out of the door.

After dinner, I took a look at Meiyun. She is already better, that is, people are slightly clear, but it seems to be more moving, I kissed her and advised her to rest early.

In the big sister room, she just had dinner, sitting in the sofa, taking a little more than before, cheeks rushed, faintly two wine vortex, the most fascinating, I will pounce In her arms, touch her breasts, she stretches my arms, holding me tightly, kicking my cheek, a kind of maternal love warms my heart. “Zhong Ping! Have you seen two sisters? She is better?”

“I just came over from her room,” I have a lot today. “

“To comfort the second sister, people are in the disease, the feelings are the most vulnerable.”

After a while, the breasts have flowed out of milk, and gradually wet the roset.

“Silly children, I have been touched by you, come over and suck!”

She solved her clothes, I was sucking with jade.

At this time, I suddenly heard the squat squat outside the door:

“Do you have a young master? Old lady is looking for you!”

“Here, go to see what mom calls you?”

After the big sister replied, hurriedly put me up, and the latty was shocked. I got up and went out and listened to the big sister behind him:

“Slow down, black paint, beware of falling!”

“Xiao Yan! What?”

“Second, I am going to eat, you will go see!”

So she pulled me to the East Building.

The little aunt seems to be the beginning of the evening makeup, a black pile cheongsam, wrapped in a rich and white pneumper, the clouds, the beauty of the snow, the more graceful, simple, she like autumn chrysanthemum Strong independence in wind cream.

She is eating, stopping, sometimes eyebrows, sometimes smashed, unlimited, unlimited, v. Assassin tears.

After the meal, she was sitting quietly, Xiao Hao cleaned up the disffickness away, indoor quiet seems to be particularly desolate. Gradually, she has a little soul, unlocking the button under the item, drinking half a cup boiling water, sit down, take a while walking indoors, sitting in the room, 惚, cheeks red, the eyes reveal the light, I Seeing the time is coming, it is called:

“Little aunt! Are you sleeping? I want to take this post to you!”

“Hey! Is Zhong Ping? Waiting for me … My name is Xiaoyu to send you!”

She heard my voice, hurry to buckle the white crisp, hesitated for a long time, so closed the house, I was so cold, I was cold, but everything failed, but I can’t bear it. . At this time, the little aunt suddenly ran to the door, and wanted to open the door, but returned to it, so three times, “Yeame”, “Yeame” is finally opened.

“Zhong Ping! You come back! What dictionary is looking for yourself!”

The little aunt may be pharmacy in the body, and she burned her to make it difficult. Finally opened the door to let me go in, the things have been successful, I have a few in my heart, and I have turned it on the bookshelf. I took a vicious. go.

“Little aunt! See you tomorrow.”

“Ah! Zhong Ping! Sitting for a while!”

Her lips have a little shaking, and it is extremely unnatural, and she is anxious to know.

She lost the Weiyi in the past, and her lips hanged, and the tears of tears were moving, and they were lazy, and they would be shy. Although I want to be burned, I don’t dare to laminate, and my eyes are ejected to anxious look.

I have held her veins in front of him, and she asked her:

“Little Aunt! Are you a bit uncomfortable? Why is it so red on your face!”

She was held by I held two hands, like electric shock, was shaken:

“Well! It is a little dizzy.”

She is like a child lie, and the sound is small. I can’t hear it.

“Look! It’s so hot! Let me help you go to bed!”

I hugged her floral waist, reached out to take the temperature on her, so I am surprised to express my cordial. She can’t hold, the limb is soft in my arms, I am going to pick up her beauty, put it on the bed, take off the black satin embroidered shoes for her, pull the cotton coated on her jade body.

“Zhong Ping! Replace me with water!”

She is afraid that I will leave, deliberately make me, in order to delay the time. I am a very happy to take care of this little aunt, I can have a friend, this is my most forward.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed, then helped her, got back in my arms, and a beautiful fragrance such as Lanzik into my nose and made my heart.

I sent the water to her lips.

“You try it first! Will it be too hot!” She is in a noise.

In fact, the water is not hot, I have been in half a day, and I will not be hot, but I don’t want to violate her mean. I really drank a bite and sent it to her lips.

She moved to the delicate body, as if they were interested in killing, the black cloud law, was very useful in my extraction. She drunk water, passionately, I still stopped in my chest, I can’t move my eyes, my chin lived in her ear, sniffing with a burst of fragrance, enjoy this moment of temperature.

“Little aunt! Is it better now?”

“Well! It’s more comfortable, let me go for a while.”

“That takes off the coat, maybe it’s more comfortable!”


She nodded, did not answer, and did not move.

So I solved her cheongsam button for her, gently took off her cheongsam, leaving only a green small crust, and a short panties with a short and thigh root.

what! The white jade neck, the towering breast, the exquisite pneumatic body, the uniform thigh, suddenly exposed to my eyes, my heart also couldn’t help but fierce.

She always closed the star model, softly in my arms, I gently caress her whole body and kissed her cheeks.

“Little aunt! You are still very hot!”

“Well! My heartbeat is even more powerful, you touched.”

She pulled my hand and pressed on her chest, and did not stop moving. She blowing like the blue, and her breathed, and according to touch, according to touch, the strap of the crust was loose, the whole slipped down, The snowy, soft, fragrant chest is born with two drums, ruddy big breasts, little aunt’s double milk is too cute, compared to colorful clouds, more delicate than Chen Ma, than Li Yun, More than the softener of Xiaoji, I am holding my hands, starting above, put the left palm on her right milk, right palm is on her left milk, my hand is bigger can catch one Basketball, but one hand can’t cover up her big breasts, the clever ditch in the chest, press the rotation of my hands, I will be deep, and a little later. My fingers are deeply caught in her double milk, and the soft breasts bloom from me. The pointed nipple is sluggable and tower, I mean the nipple, I’m too serious, and love is not released.

“Well! … Well! …….. Zhong Ping! ……..”

Her white breast was blotted, trembled, and I took the head. I bite the grapematic nipple, and I gently took the tongue and turned it on the teeth. She shakes her body.

“Hey! Zhong Ping ……. Good boy, a little aunt is smashed by you …”

She is holding her hands, grabbing, she tears my clothes, waving, the lotus is enough to get my pants, my naked volts are in a pile of snow-shaped jade, she kissed me. , Kiss my shoulder neck.

She is slightly squatting:

“Hey …………………….

My hand is slowly moved by her breast. That flat belly, white hanging, black hair, black hair, hiding the hill-like yin, the fatty labims clamping the Yinhong slit, she is coma, she is intoxicated.

“Well …….. ah ……. ………”

“Zhong Ping! ……. small aunt is sad, don’t ………”

She muttered in her mouth and did not know the cloud.

At this time, my mask is so hard, and I am frozen in her shadow. She naturally separates jade legs, revealing bright pussy, one looks like interested, I am right, I am worthy of Yumen, one Tolden mask, the coarse glans have slided into the pussy.

“Ah! … Zhong Ping, my aunt has not been there for more than two years, you have to be a bit!”

I know that the little aunt has been ridiculous, can’t afford the madness rain, so only to dig the glans in her pussy, rub, do not stop, she is breathing, slightly, low and low begging, sound叫 喊 喊:

“Good boy … Xiaoyu is saddened … hurry! Hey … Hey …”

The little aunt’s petite, charming, kinky, waves, charming, temptation, so that I can’t hold it again, I am struggling, only listening to “吃”, the little aunt also followed “唷唷”, then Hard mask, not, the thick glans looks deep in her.

She is a burst, tears, like a bunch of violent invasion, a kind of pity, I am tightly kissed her enthusiastically.

“Little aunt, I am too reckless, I forgot my little aunt will hurt.”

“Silly child! Little aunt is miserable by you.”

I gently pumped, slowly rub it, sucking her incense tongue, teased her flame, she gradually twisted willow waist, swing the jade hip, with my action, more uncomfortable, she has Get pleasant, lips expose a sweet smile:

“Zhong Ping! This is a good mother of a little aunt. He is alive, he is old, and the aunt is old, and you can’t help you.” “Little aunt, that is because of your ridiculous relationship, slowly It’s comfortable. “

“But your child’s thing is too big, plug in swelling, every time you have a small aunt’s uterus, I have tasted this taste!”

“Don’t you have anyone else?”

“Silly children, how can a little aunt come to people, if there is no one ordered, it is also too old, but the little aunt is a teacher, if you can’t make a little joke, can you still be in the society?”

“The little aunt is still so young, how can I solve these two years?”

She looked at me when she was:

“Britten your teeth! It is a difficult night. It’s really strange. I have passed in the past two years. I can’t go tonight. The heart is bored. There is a thousand ants in the blood vessel. The famous aunt is destroyed. This little ghost, how to see later. “

“In the future, I am willing to accompany my aunt at any time, as long as you like me.”

“Silly children, people like you like this, how many girls are fascinated by you, my aunt is also a woman, how can you not like you, just after you get married, you will have forgotten your aunt.”

“How can it be, a little aunt is so beautiful, isn’t the queen in the mind? I am happy!”

Let us talk, kiss, stroke, pumping, love words, spiritual hike, like a couple of couples, you are greedy, rushing rain, two love, meat, and want to die, I forgot me.

“Little aunt, the Sens Wenwen’s pumping is too irritating enough, I want to force!”

“Wild children who pick up the grass, don’t understand!”

She is white, it is not against it, but her charming look, I am aroused my heart, more adding my heat source and vitality, crazy pumping.

“… ……..”

“Um … ……. ……..”

I am holding her:

“Little aunt, you are also moving! Now I am lying in bed, no, you stand on the podium, then you are just a serious, more boring!”

“Little ghost! I have been so bad at that time!”

She gently hit me, with the buckets of red, the abdomen gradually swayed. The little aunt is not a little girl who doesn’t conquest the style. It is a half-old Xu Niang, who has been famous. His senior Xu Niang, the sex knowledge and experience are very rich. She knows how to furnish the man, how to set off a climax, make sexuality This kind of skill and sexual art may not be general women.

She turned her jade buttocks, welcoming, all, tumbling, rubbing, I made it out of use. Warm, cotton, sucking, throughput, and big glans are in passive position. She a burst of yin, the raging roots of my mask.

“Little ghost! Why don’t you move!”

“I am enjoying the wonderful taste of my aunt!”

“What taste? Zhong Ping!”

“The taste is wonderful, it is difficult to speak!”

“Bad children! Try to enjoy it! Little aunt gives you!”

She made a dissolution, so that I rose the cloud, almost blind, I quickly closed my eyes, the pair of legs, the tip of the tongue, I took a deep breath, the hot essence tired to retain . But I must not be defeated under a little aunt, picking up her down, raising her pussy, tall the rough mask, playing the greenery again, and rushing.

“Ah! Silly children, is there a small aunt?”

“Hey! … Zhong Ping … oh … too comfortable …”

“Hey! … Zhong Ping … I …. Can’t …”

“Hey! … Zhong Ping … stop! … Rao me! … a little aunt is afraid of you …….”

Her sound is given, and only the hot essence once, only the wheezing part, I showed the smile of victory, and a hot bloody water is coming, and she has grilled her long-lasting flower, Tiandi Jiaotong, Yin Yang Tune and She is satisfied with a smile, I am soft in her jade. She stretches the jade arm, holding me tightly, caressing my hair, kissing my cheek, kind, delicate, charming, style, and thousands, I look at this to help The peerless beauty can not help but cause the thoughts. “Little aunt! You are beautiful!”

“Silly child! Little aunt is old, can’t be with Mei Yun!”

“Such a beautiful little old man, I am willing to sleep forever in her arms.”

“Naughty child!”

“Little aunt! Why is you moving today?”

“I don’t know why!”

“I know what is the reason!”

She is anxious to ask me:

“Well! Is your child playing with the pattern? Quickly tell me!”

“Good aunt, tell you, don’t be angry with me!”

“Ah! Do you still have your heart now?”

I paired her powder face, kissed on her red lips, she silently ended, gentle looking at me. I told her about the passage of things and the original.

“Silly child! You killed your aunt.”

I springs, I am squatting in her arms:

“I love little aunt, usually you don’t care about me, people are very crazy.”

“Then you can’t use medicine to come to the whole aunt!”

“Who is a little aunt that is always cold ice, don’t let me know? Don’t you know that I am love you?”

“Xiaojie this is helping you make bad, change my child, I am looking for it.”

“This can’t blame her! If it is not a small yester, there will be sweet! We should be grateful to her too late?”

“Hey! You are a family, it is the mission of my hit, but this thing makes Xiaoji know what to do? If she passed out, it is difficult!”

“Please rest assured, Xiao Yan has become an integrated with us, will she talk about?”

“You! You are in your life, and how many women are not known to death in the future?”

We laugh, and sweetly.

The big sister is a full moon. Forty days after childbirth, sexual intercourse is absolutely no problem, but whenever I ask her to ask her, she always lies me, deceives me, and I will refuse my request.

“Zhong Ping! I will bear two days, the big sister let you play a happy!”

“Zhong Ping! Do you not like the big sister’s body? In case of playing, do you not feel bad?”

“Good Zhong Ping! Observer, big sister is yours, why bother now?”

“Good brother! Let the big sister squat, don’t think about it, you will fall asleep very quickly!”

She is all such a delay, it is anxious, that is beautiful and gentle, although the belly is not happy, but it can’t attack. Finally, I changed the offensive, and I was fighting in her body. The purpose was to tease her feelings, so that I can get it, but she really have the quiet work, even if I am, I have no Lord, the soul, if I will further When she is required, she still pushes the drag and does not agree. Of course, I recognize the failure, so many days, I can only go in her arms, holding her breasts, borrowing to vent my chest, she Also very happy, enjoy the fox to give me.

People are so bad, the more it is easy to get, the more it feels boring. The more you can’t get it, the more you feel precious, and I am this kind of psychology.

Especially after childbirth, after more than a month, she has recently be happy, so it is especially rich, and the skin is delicate, the skin is delicate, and even the beautiful Xixiang Tingting rape, powder noodles spring, autumn wave, a pair of wine nest If there is a hidden, laughter is like a bead style, this ripe little woman really makes people feel fascinating.

On this day, I have the determination of death, not breaking through the heavy, rushing into Yumen, let her feel warm, I am determined to shake will.

So, when I put down the rice bowl, I drilled into her bedroom. The big sister was sitting next to the cradle. I was teased. I saw her soaring the child. I didn’t use it in my heart. I couldn’t help but angry, a word Do not send it.

She looked at me is not right, and I asked me and asked me:

“Zhong Ping! Don’t talk about what you have?”

“With children, how can I rest assured? I will not come here later, so I will hate it!” I will go outward.

She quickly lost her child, pulled me forward, said:

“Zhong Ping! Another child is angry, isn’t the big sister not to love you?”

“Hey! I can’t see it!”

“Don’t be stupid! The big sister took you from the small, are you still my big child? How can I say that the big sister doesn’t love you?”

“You know yourself, you will not let people move, but also say love!”

“Maybe the big sister has recently been cold, but I will compensate you again, it is not worth it! You are not afraid of hurt the hearts of the big sister?”

“Don’t I hurt?”

“The silly child is not angry, come and let the big sister pro.”

She was sitting on the sofa, tightly putting me in his arms, gentle my face, passionate me a long kiss, my grievances, was stamped by her two red lips.

“Big Sister! I have to sleep with you tonight!”

She looked at my “Eating”.


“What is so laugh, I don’t agree, even if I have it!”

“Are you often sleeping with me? Which time I didn’t promise you?”

“I have to take off tonight, otherwise you don’t love me!”

“Don’t hurt … The big sister promised you, you should call the second and sleep together.”

“No! I want us to sleep, so many people don’t sleep, you still don’t want to push me to the second sister.”

“Silly children! Your sexual desire is too strong, big sister can’t pay you, so I told you that I came to sleep together.”

“Then I am a little bit tonight.”

“Every time you said light, but I tried it four or five times, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!”

“Everything is doing this tonight is good?”

“Okay! The big sister is handed over!”

“Big big sister! Who told you to be so beautiful! I will be as being able to see it.”

“You are a beautiful little white face, the big sister is not the same as the same!”

“Since you are constant, why is it always pushing to drag a uncle?”

“People are afraid of you!”

A red halo flew on her cheeks, I held her beauty, put it on the bed, took off her clothes.

“Time is still early! You are like this!”

“Big sister! Since I promise me, it is not the same in the morning and evening. This month, I really died.”

“Will you find Meiyun?”

“The second sister is like you, pushing the larra, only Li Yun ……..”

“How about Li Yun? Do you have a relationship with Sanmei?”

I didn’t pay attention to slippery, and I told Li Yun’s things, and the colorful clouds asked, I didn’t know how to answer.

I swallowed and said:

“Nothing! Just ……..”

“Just what? I truly tell me very old, big sister will not blame you.”

“Only one time.”

In front of the gentle and gratitude, the big sister, I didn’t lie, I had to say that I have a relationship with Li Yun, how to talk to it.

“Do you know?”

“I didn’t tell her, I am afraid that she will lose their temper.”

“I am afraid that she will lose her temper, she should not be so absurd, this matter makes me handle it!”

“Big big sister! My most intimate big sister! I will never forget you!” I kissed her tightly until the lip is dry.

“Family! Our third sisters are cheaper!”

“This is called fat water, not falling out of the field!”

“Hey! Don’t hurt! …”

I slowly unlock her clothes, a piece of take-off, she touched me tightly, no longer refused, then take off his own pants, a pair of naked flesh rolls together, she Like a tame sheep, it is so sad that she is silently, but I can’t bear to rude, the big sister is so good, so people love! I am a sweet kiss, gently squint, taking the tender to take her want to fire, and then slowly pumping. The post-post-birth color cloud, the pussy is still so narrow, warm, cotton, packs my mask, moist, slippery, wonderful flavors.

“Big sister! Is it still sad?”

“Well! I am very happy, it is best to always be this!”

“As long as the big sister thinks it is so happy, I will go on this way!”

“Good boy! If every thorns are Sens Wenwen, the big sister will give you anytime.”

In order to win the favorite of Cai Yun, I will try it gently. At this time, she will slowly meet me. This is a unpretty and wind, the same causes the climax, gets pleasure, we are all ventined, the yin rises, the yin, the yang, the sister is full of fish, the sister is full, the eye wave flows, sweet in the heart, Hi up eyebrows, the pair of wine nest on the cheeks never passed.

Big sister is happy:

“Good brother! This is my most comfortable.”

“But I have never been comfortable!”

“Tell the big sister, how do you play with Li Yun?”

“Sanmei is the most refreshing! Unlike the second sister, it is a fear of shrinking. Everything is being passive, the second sister is love and fear, half-pushed. Sanmei is different from you both. Have my appetite. “

“How do you say how three is a style? How is it so cool?”

“Sanmei said that she will take off, take off, don’t hang it, don’t do it, don’t feel happy, don’t reject it, don’t care below, don’t look at her age, you can never bite frown, compared to you With the second sister, it is really awe. “

“Three heads were originally a furhead kid, no a little girl’s breath, you may be a born one!”

“But she doesn’t appreciate her kind!”

“That is quite, what kind of do you appreciate?”

“With the heart, I still like the big sister and the second sister. I will change the means in the future, the better the big sister, the better, the better the three sisters, the second sister, the second sister, so that everyone Strike. “

“Little ghost! On your bad idea.”

The big sister smiled, so gentle, kind, and moving.

“Big sister! You are so beautiful, I really want to swallow you!”

“I really can swallow me, big sister is also willing!”

I am talking about it, laughs and talks, enjoy the supreme fun.

“Zhong Ping! You are lying here, I am going to call Meiyun and Li Yun, take the opportunity to say wear, everyone will be convenient, save hiding!”

“Big sister! Never let the second sister angry!”

“Don’t worry! The big sister will arrange it for you!”

The big sister worn the clothes and left the bedroom. I may be tired, I don’t know unconsciously, I get the sweetness on the big sister, I am full of satisfaction, sleep is very comfortable!

“Hey! You wake up … awake …”

I wake up to wake up my dream, I saw it, I saw Meiyun stretched with the powder face, I immediately understood what happened! It must be that the big sister tells her that I am talking about with Li Yun, so I can’t carefully handle it.

I pulled her powder arm and dragged it.

“Good sister! Sleep, let’s kiss!”

She broke my hand and said:

“Don’t move me, who is not a rules with your hippie!”

I also know so I asked:

“Good sister! Why are you angry?”

“Ask yourself, always pay everywhere, I have a big sister with you, are you not enough? Also, I’m sorry, what is going on?”

“Do we get married right away?”

“Is it solved by marriage?”

“I am leaving here with my big sister, find a quiet place to set up a small family, we have three people live in the fairy life, what is bad?”

“Then you lose the three sisters?” “Li Yun young, she is completely curious and the feelings of feelings, only to have a relationship with me, there is no love between us, waiting for her to grow up, naturally, I will find another love. of.”

“Since there is no love, why do you have her innocent? Her last?”

“You still worry that she can’t marry it in the future! Okay! Don’t talk about her, come over to hug.”

I have grown her floral waist forward, I am busy taking over her top and knead her double milk.

“You will be so worn, and the big sister will come with the three sisters. Let them see the jokes?”

She said, push my hand, buckle the hob.

“How! Li Yun also comes?”

“Well! The big sister went to call her, etc., the wild is coming, see how you deal with her?”

“You are still afraid that I can’t hold her?”

Said that Li Yun is like a wind, and the big sister follows. Li Yun combed short hair, with naughty smile on black and red. A pair of big eyes are stunned, very chest, high horses, don’t have another sentiment!

“Hey! It’s so intimate! The sage is really the ear of the ear. If the glue is painted, wait until the wedding ceremony, make a big bag, put the second sister inside, you will take a step back, then it is not leave!”

Said that she laughed.

Li Yun has a consistent style, the sky is not afraid, and the beauty is ashamed to face the red ear, and quickly push my hug and sit in the body.

“Three heads! You don’t want to make people,” Be careful to give you one, see how you eat? “

A big sister’s saying reminded me, I have made an eye to Meiyun, Meiyun thinks, we have two, put Liyun in bed.

“Second sister! You hold her head, I will tear her pants, and I will pack her tonight!”

Li Yun wants to save the big sister:

“Big sister! Come on! He bullied me!”

Sister said:

“I don’t care about you? I am taking yourself!”

I have been stripping her clothes three times, and the two legs of Meiyun pressed her hands. I clamped her legs. Meiyun grabbed her big breasts. I got her. The hammer, twisted her yuoconuclear, scratching her flower branches and shakes.

“Good sister! Good husband! I don’t dare!”

“Two brother! Two words! Rao me!”

Mei Yun said:

“The dog is not spit out, Zhong Ping! Take your strength!”

I quickly took off the pants, raised the highly angry mask, making the posture of “Taishan criminal top”, aligned with her Yinhong’s pussy, slamming, “吃”, then rush!

“Big sister! You haven’t saved it!”

“Hey! … 唷! …”

“Good brother! I don’t dare ……..”

“Hey! …… oh … oh ……..”

“Good second sister! Call him stop! People can’t eat! … 喔 …….”

Li Yun is big, no one cares, I still don’t stop the same!

I look at the beautiful cloud:

“Second sister! Turn her and change her posture!”

I coordinated with Meiyun. She held his head and hug his leg and turned Li Yun turned down.

“Let your ass, I want to fire in the mountain!”

“Let people take a break!”

I looked at Li Yun, she made a kneading state, and I was angry on her butt, “Hey!” Hit a slap.

“Good! Good! I am coming up.”

Li Yunxin is not willing to lift her rich buttocks.

“More high!”

She is a slit under her fat butt, I am full of masks, and hold two big breasts in my hands.

“Take ….. …” Yinjing hit her hips, loud sound.

Her red anus, because of my pump, as a one, I saw a bit movement, people said: “Sanshi is not as good as a round” I haven’t tasted the taste of my ass, it is delicious! It’s good to don’t care about the three cousins, and let the opportunity give to her.

At this time, she has ventored several times, the fine water is straight through the thighs, my hi is also wet, I will pull out the mask rush to the back door.

“Ah! How can you get messy! …. 唷! ….. pain .. Dedian …..” I can’t help her have a chance to struggle, and I am also inserted, and the coarse glans are inserted. Warm, tight, really don’t have a taste in my heart.

“Hey! Big sister! You see him chaotic people …. 喔 … 喔 …”

At first, she still shouted, about a few minutes, maybe changed, she no longer shouted, but he was in the top of my pumping.

“Hey ……………..

I don’t know if it is sad, still a happy, in her waves, I can’t help but shoot her little ass.

This dramatic flesh war is straight to her soft, there is no breathing, and the hair is messy in bed.

The big sister always sits on the sofa and watching the lively, until the end of the tune, she has a smile:

“Li Yun! How is it honest?”

Li Yun hated:

“Still said! It is almost still the soul by them, the big sister is not a good person, and a heart ‘helps you abuse’!”

Meiyun also hysterer:

“Are you not afraid of God? How do you know what you are afraid?”

Li Yun said to the US cloud challenge:

“Hey! You only know how to help you, even your sister doesn’t work. When I am not waiting, I will find you!”

Sister said:

“Okay! Li Yun, look at your four feet fork, be careful, don’t put the bed, I should rest!”

Li Yun said:

“How do you do it, I haven’t seen the second sister performance yet?”

Mei Yun said:

“We don’t perform, you have to show you again!”

Everyone smiled, she was squeezed with relising sleep. The big sister and Liyun slept outside, I slept with Meiyun, four people with a pillow, a big bed plug, maybe Everyone is too tired, so quickly call.

Meiyun may be too excited, tangled in my arms, I can’t sleep, I have been friction and wake up in it, and her powder is pressed in my lower belly, knee arrived in my kneak. My mask is slowly moving, and the monk hand strokes in my chest, the small mouth is blowing like the blue, bites my shoulder, I can’t get into dreams.

Looking down, look at the beauty of the arms, face the peach blossom, cheeks, looked at me, I kissed her red lips:

“Second sister! Is it necessary to perform?”

“Hey! Small point, don’t wake up Li Yun!”

She reached out my mask, gently set, and then grabbed my finger into her pussy, her hot pussy, it has already been humid, my masher is gradually erectiler. Turning over her pixin, she naturally separates the two legs, Da Kong Yumen meets the army, I will turn off the village, the short soldiers are connected, everything is quiet, although only a little slight “eat. … 吃 … “The sound, but still wakes Li Yun.

Li Yun climbed up, holding the two thighs of Meiyun, swinging around the car like a car, sometimes the harsh arm of Miyun was hanging, I was still clipped between the legs, like a squatting In general, because of their two people’s synergy swing, I have already used Wu, she naturally clamping my mask and rubbed, this can’t be a favorite of the cloud.

Mountain green water show, peach red willow green, this is a bright season, youth men and women have a commentary, I have been in urban and rural, I really can’t let go of great time.

The school released a week of spring and fake, and the Meiyun contoded to go to the suburbs. Meiyun also agreed that Li Yun, certainly won’t let this play, because the big sister and little aunt’s feelings are most harmonious, so I invite a little aunt to participate. .

The little aunt and my relationship have always been kept at the highest confidentiality. This is a loss of the squatting a policeman, so they can hold the eyes of Meiyun’s three sisters. Nowadays, it is still unknown to continue. .

However, the attitude of the little aunt is not big in the past, the cheeks are ruddy, the eye wave flows, the laughter is like a beaded heart chest, the infending of the past is depressed, no referendum, especially the mirror dressing, light sweep moth Shi, a pale yellow cheongsam, making her young ten years old, the heart of the woman is not touched.

This day, the weather is warm, the little aunt is the colorful cloud sister, with the head of Xiaoji, Xiaofu, take the carriage out of the city, I am running with the white horse, the woman of Chen Gong Hall travels, the air is different, visitors Automatically flash away.

The city of the city is the famous scenic spot in this city. It is facing the Tao Li Yangliu, every spring, peach red willow green, Yan dance, and a good place to travel, there is a tea station on the mountain, special tourists to rest For a natural big park.

We went to the destination, parking, horses to peach forest, falling red, aroma hits people, Li Yun, Xiao Yan, Xiaofu three girls such as the rabbit, hip hop, pursue in the flowers, little aunt, color cloud Mei Yun seems to be solemn, only flowers with a step, or reach out white and tender veins, picking her beloved flowers, wearing in the horns or clothes, the human face, the peach blossoms, the glow, Jing Yan Dou! Miss Mrs. Chen Gong Hall, a day incense, graceful, graceful, eloquent, causing the female guests in an outing, causing tourists’ comrades.

They are divided into two batches, or dance between flowers, or grass. In this case, my only man has no informed ground, sitting is not sustainable.

I said:

“Little Aunt! You are playing here, I am playing with Li Gui to play.”

The little aunt is kind and said:

“When you mind, don’t fall, come back early, so as not to make people.”

Meiyun low low, I am screaming me:

“You can’t always be quiet for a while.”

At this time, the servant Li Gui has taken my horses. I took the horse to Mercedes behind the horses. Li Gui also rode the horses and followed, and the women were robbed, I showed a smile.

After a while, the horse gradually sucked so much, I think it is a bit thirsty, there is no tea seat, it is suitable for the peach blossom forest to flashed two hostels, and the house is half hidden, and there is a good person after seeing the door. Tingting, watching her very good, but I didn’t dare to be a statement.

The beautiful man shouted me like Yan Yan, but I still can’t think of where I have seen it.

“Hey! Table Shaoyle, how did you come here?”

“You are……”

She is charming and smiling:

“I am a wonderful!”

“Sister! How do you dress up!”

“I am coming to it, I will talk to you!”

“Good! You first wait, I will explain the servant.”

I panicked Li Gui, telling him that I met a classmate, invite me to his family to play, I will return to the city tomorrow, I want him to go back and my little aunt, Li Gui, I will run back to Mao Mao, wonderful正 正 依 门 门

“Sister! How are you?”

“You! You think about your sister, sit in it.”

She turned and took the house and pulled me. That is a delicate small courtyard, the depth of Rose Dan, the next hall, two halls, laying the window, a few nets are not dyed, and the bead column is not easy to adjust.

She let me sit on the rattan chair, handed me a cup of fragrant tea, I took her waist, let her sit on my leg and gently knead her crisp.

“Sister! Tell me soon, what is going on!”

Her profit wanted to tears, I kissed her pity:

“Hey! Speaking of the leader, I can’t think of your sister, you can see you this life!”

“Good sister! Don’t be sad!”

“Since you leave me, I think about it, day and old idol, I always can’t see your shadow. I wanted to go to you several times, but I dress up, and Houmen is deep like the sea, I I don’t dare to go, which knows you have no sound, harm my tea, I can’t think about it, gradually face yellow muscle thin, can’t afford! …….. “

“Sister! All I have harm you!”

“My disease is sudden, of course, I can’t hurt wonderful Hui. I will tell her about my relationship with you. In addition to sympathy, there is no way to comfort me, only to persuade me to die. This heart, the rich broad masters will not put me in the heart, such a disease for two months, the drug stone is invalid, I want to be a dead, but I want to see you the last side, so I will be reluctant. die……”

Said, her tears came out.

“Good sister! You suffer for me!”

“I have the disease is a heart disease. Of course, it is not a drug to cure. Thanks to the wonderful comfort, I have served me, my disease is slowly improved. This little life is coming back. At this time I have been thin, I can’t shape it … “

She is already crying, I can’t say it anymore, I keep her, kiss her tears, kiss her cherry, sucking her incense, fragrant, sweet, with warm kiss to consider her Realism in the chest.

“Good sister! I am sorry you!”

“This can’t blame you, because I understand that I can’t afford you, and if you have a flower, you can think of me.”

“Sister! I miss you too!”

“Silly children! My sister thinks that you are holding the belly, engraving the bone into the marrow, you want my sister to be a shallow surface, I have a smoking and eliminate the cloud!” “Sister, what is the future?”

“In the future, my body slowly, I have passed this scene with Wonderful Hui, really sent more sisters, I don’t talk about it, we are very tired of the fat nun life, I always want to find a chance to come out, fell off That gray robbery, no longer accompanied the blue light ancient Buddha.

“Originally! Like a sister and wonderful wonderful beauty, if you are accompanying a bodhisattva, is it a pity?”

“Little family! You are looking for your sister!”

She shy me, the style of the wind, I gently solved her clothes, revealing the red dress, and touched the clothes under the clothes, the strong and rich big breasts, was I am full of holding, gearing soft, can’t bear to release.

“Little ghost! You are not honest, I don’t talk to you.”

“Good sister, I don’t move, you speak!”

I still don’t let go, gently pinch the teat.

“Later, the opportunity is coming, the teacher is in the west, the new is not coming, Wonderful Hui is with me to escape, we carry finely left Guanyin.”

“How come here again here?”

“Is there a fire-fighting Hong mother? She did not have children very pitiful. We tried her in advance. She took us first in her niece, and then she bought this field here, covering the house … … ah … you have used your family again, I don’t talk. “

“Good sister, what is the relationship, so small!”

She glanced at me, kissed my cheek and continued:

“After stay here, I will embroidered every day with wonderful, Hong Mu is in the back, and the three people are worthy of life. It is also a lot of life, and I can’t let you down. Every time I think of you, I am sad for a long time. “

“Good sister, don’t be sad, is this not there?”

At this time, her luncy has been taken off, the drums of jade milk, the hustle and stood out, the pointed nipple has been erected with red red, I took the red grapes, reached out Torn her suede.

“Look! And the hair is feet, my sister is pulled by you!”

“Sister! Good sister! Let me kiss!”

“Beauty! Mouth!”

She “eat” smiling, no longer refused.

“Where is Wonderful, why don’t you see her?”

“With Hong’s mother, I will go to the city, and I will come back.”

“Now Wonderful Hui takes off the gray robes, people don’t know what to do?”

“The Peugeot is very, it is white and fat, the two big breasts have a few pounds, but the arrogant is as big as the pot cover, walking from the road to the real charming, each time with Hong Mom into the city, selling flowers, It is very fast, and the price is high. “

She is like deliberately wonderful, saying that she actually “嗤嗤” laughs.

“Sister! If you sell flowers in the city, you must sell faster and more expensive. If you can’t come back, even you have been bought.”

“Hey! I have never sold flowers, once in entering the city with Hong Mu, when you buy a cloth with the embroidery line, there is a lot of stinky men to stare at people, hate it.”

“Who teaches your sister to look good, stinky men love to see it! Hong Mu is not looking at her.”

“Little ghost! Ask!”

She gently screwed on my cheek, “嗤嗤” is a smile, I took the face in her arms and bite her nipple sucking. The hand put in her is also started to go up and down, knead her hammer, twisted her yukuclear, deduct her “Gege” laughter.

“Little ghost! Don’t make a sister, your belly should be hungry! Let your sister gave you a meal.”

She moved her body and she was ready to leave. I can still take her away, and I don’t put it in front of her.

“Good sister! I don’t want to eat, I want to eat white meat on your body!”

“I have been eating for a long time, my sister’s grandmother is hurt by you, is it enough?”

“I want to eat your meat below!”

“啐! 家! True grinding people!”

I have to get up, I have to get up, the two legs have been pressed by her, they can’t help but “ah!” And sat down again. She was surprised to grab me:

“Brother! How is it?”

“My legs are taught by you, can’t move.” “Don’t move! Let my sister massage for you.”

She left my embrace, and she was sitting next to me. She picked up my calf on her knees, holding powder punch gently on my thigh, massage, very comfortable. The double breast in her chest was shaken as her

“Brother! Can you be a little?”


I only got her sophisticated God, I forgot the thigh numbness, and she saw that I didn’t answer, I could find my eyes.

“Nechat! Don’t give you me.”

She set off my legs, she pulled her clothes and she shredded, she had to get up, I quickly picked up her piety into the bedroom.

“Good brother! Come with a meal! How can I urgently become the same?”

“No! Now I want! Don’t you miss me? Good sister!”

“Hey! It’s really wrapped.”

I gently put her on the bed, took off her clothes, a white tender sprayed jade body now, I quickly took off my clothes, and the thick mask was hard, and her monkey hurriedly The body, on the cheek, on the lips, onto the jade, such as a rainpoint kiss.

“Sister! My sister! I am eager to die.”

“Little ghost! Come on! Sister is waiting for you!”

She grabbed my legs and clamped my husband, turned it on her, and naturally opened the two legs to show the fat pussy. The powder hand held my hard horman to introduce her pussy, pink hips, The thick mask slipped into most, warm and slippery, tightly packaged my mask, I will be in turn, the mask is incpleasant, she picks up powder, shake, shake, grind, frustrated, The yin house has a tight sucking my glans, unusual wonderful. I shake the spirit of the soul, the brightening, cross, plus her call again and again.

“Good brother! Beautiful and dead sister …. 喔 … beautiful .. Dinn .. …”

“Teacher! My sister is very comfortable ……. My sister is lost …”

“Hum hum……”

My voyage is more fierce. I have a lot of flowers and pain, and the waves are gradually low. Only the shares of the shares, the shares of the shallow, the floods are rushing, burning me The glans, I can’t help but empty, a burst of heat refined into her flowers. Her legs clamped my yin, don’t let me move, we all want to die, heart, your heart, you can’t bear it.

Her cheeks turned red and beautiful, Yisiyi is like a complaint, and we have kissed each other, hugging each other, crazy together.

“Good brother! My sister is dead! You are my sister’s heart, my sister can’t leave you anymore!”

“Good sister! I was yawned by you, come back!”

“Silly children! Can not be greedy, lying well, my sister gave me, play again!”

“No! I have to hug you again!”

“Good brother! Listen to my sister, my sister will give you another good!”

She sent her red lips, I took a hot kiss to let her leave the room.

Wonderful hunger, comfortable lying on the bed, like a dream, six or seven gidging shadows in his mind.

Wonderful and fairy is warm, and the star is expressed as hunger, and there is a charm of people, people can’t keep themselves.

Chen Ma is solemn, and the fine white meat is full of snow, the milk wave hips, walking, makes people look, as long as a blending will eat the soul of the fairy.

Xiaoyu is a bud, Tingting, who is full of people, full of virgin, and the eyes are good, and the words are good, and they will send a small bird. It is a speech flower to make people forget the worry.

Li Yun people are big, full of vitality, a muscular skin is rich, enthusiastic, from not meticulous, the strong big breasts are in the chest, such as two fireballs generally burning people , Like a cup of spirits make people feel drunk.

The colorful clouds are soft and beautiful, and the two are like a kindness of charity, just as Xuyang, in the spring, warm people’s body and mind, and the teach people are pitiful. I prefer to snuggle in her arms, enjoy her caress, the mother’s kindness is attached.

The little aunt is heavy, and it is the avatar of Guanyin Tri. It is half old Xu Niang, but the beauty is not late spring, and the white and greasy gendenstened. I love to be on her crispy chest, if it is gentle and charming The style is thousands, and the movement is recommended, so that people like a spring breeze such as the rain, the Xu Niang style wins the next year, and it is not a discussion.

Mei Yun Yanzhuang, beauty is born, the eyebrows are in the mountains, the eyes are like the autumn water Ying, the lips are in the Dan teeth, if the body is light, such as the fine willow, the soft, soft and smile, 黄 莺, passion, , Gentle and not light, she puts the love and love, the meat and beauty, all of which are in my body, she is my unmarried wife, I dare to thank my gift. I am dull, I don’t know when I come in, I hold a bowl of soup sitting on the edge of the bed, she looked at me:

“Don’t sleep? I am hungry! Let’s get some chicken soup.”

She put down the soup in her hand, I was lazy to ignite in her arms, looking at her gentle lauga, she walked me with her hand, and sent it to my mouth.

I ate a little:

“Hey! It’s so hot! Don’t believe you!”

She tasted a saying:

“Not hot!”

“I want to eat soup in my sister!”

“Little ghost! I know you don’t make good satisfaction, make your mouth, I feed you!”

She really drank a soup, and the bright red small mouth slowly took the soup into my mouth.

“Well! Good fragrance! I thought it was a piece of chicken!”

“Hey! Less poverty! Come again …”

We both drink chicken soup in a happy.

“Good sister, let me play again! You see people again!”

I grabbed her hand, I want to stroke my mask, and provoke her “嗤嗤”.

“How to be in a hurry, I will be tired, I will come back later, wait until we have a meal, sleep tonight, my sister makes you play a happy!”

“What should I do?”

“Let her sleep with us? Her work is big! Insurance will be your life. Okay! Wearing a good clothes waiting for her to come back, don’t laugh, you blame!”

She worn my clothes for me, and two people were licking. At the time of life, I suddenly came out of the door, and I hurriedly got up, and organized a mess. I went to the outer hall. She went through the garden to the gate, she pulled a purple beauty, two People whisper come in, don’t say this is wonderful.

Miao Hui is a purple dress, the beautiful body is slightly fertilized, the silver basin is full of autumn months, the starry is like a soul of autumn water, the two powder arm is clean, soft, boneless swing, tight spring The shirt wrapped the trembling big breasts, more likely the clever ditch, the fat butt, the fat spikes in Luo, the fat, the fat, the two flies were filled with trousers, and it appeared particularly. Remember.

I ran to me in front of me, took my hand to welcome it.

Wonderful saying:

“Zhong Ping! See who is it?”

Wonderful Road:

“Hey! Is it a young master, is that the gust blows you? Can you think of this big girl! So small white face, how do you not teach people?”

I said:

“Hui Sister! How are you?”

Wonderful Road:

“Well! The little mouth is sweet! No wonder the big girl wants you to die!”

Wonderful saying:

“Okay! Waice is waiting for you to eat?”

They are busy with the side of the soup, and the big eight fairy table, the seven big eight small is full, in addition to some wafers, vegetarian dishes, there is a fat chicken, the cooking technology of wonderful cooking is quite high, the sample dish It is a lot of color, calculating a clever woman in a talented.

Diet, both of them were picking a bunch of chicken legs to my bowl. In fact, these big fish meat have already eaten, but it is not as delicious as the vegetable tofu. I will give them the chicken.

“Little ghost! How did you give me this again, don’t you like me …..?”

I said:

“Sister! I really like to eat green vegetables, you can eat it better than meat!”

Wonderful listening to me in praise her, she likes:

“The vegetables are the faustay, as long as I like it, I will cook the greens to eat!”

Wonderful bodies floating me, one language double off:

“The grandfather must be tired of eating, so I have to eat a job here, and adjust the taste.”

This dinner is over in the laughter of the laughter.

“Zhong Ping! Let the sister to accompany you to the living room, I will take a shower.”

Wonderful Hui left, wonderful to pull me into the wonderful bedroom, the room is very chic, pillow, bed cover, Luo, one clothes all the pink, fragrant, like the bride’s cave , Hit the people.

Wonderful saying:

“Hui’s sister’s bed is very big, I often sleep with her. You first take a break here, I will come to make up.”

After a while, the wonderful evening makeup, a brine is a high-quality, and the embarrassment is a white, a thin spring dress, the pink embroidered soft shoes, Minghao Hao tooth, Yan Ying, a kind Mature young woman flavor is ambulative. I bite her ears:

“Good sister, I want …….”

She hit me, laughing, branch, said:

“Hello, you!”

“Who called my sister so beautiful, provoke people to get angry?”

I spoiled her face. She did not intend to refuse, Yisiyi is smiling at me, I quickly picked up her, press on a sandal chair, picking up her down, and only pulling her Luo pills only half, revealing the snow white Pink hip and bright red ditch, I took out the mask from the pants, gently inserted into the pussy, stuck in her cheeks, kissed her red lips, a fragrant and fragrance into the lungs, gainting Desire.

Her star is embarrassed, and the blue tight spring shirt is small, wrapped the curve, the shallow neckline short sleeve, showing the snow-white pink neck and the like of the jade arm. The fragrant silk sliding is wrapped in a sophisticated body, and the gods of the gods were floating. Although we both wear clothes, there is a taste than the next day. When you are greedy, when I love, the wonderful bath returns.

“Hey! Big sister, how can I worry, I can’t hold it back!”

Wonderful Hui only shaped a light yarn, thin as a wing, breast, fat hip, slim waist, powder, faint approving, it is really a wonderful expression, I pull out the mask, pounce to wonderful, anti-hand Go to the light yarn, the soft jade is full.

I pushed the wonderful push into the bed, and I grabbed her big breasts of papaya. I made a madness of my mouth, and I couldn’t help but call:

“Little ghost! You …. 喔 …. you are so embarrassed …. Sister is being yours .. Sucking ………………….. “

Miao Hui’s mouth called, and he kept with big breasts, as if the rain is rain, it is urgent to nourish the mites. . . . . . .

I made a hand, I touched the wonderful yin, the original wonderful Hui Hui has been blocked by the spring tide. I saw the opportunity to mature, immediately shot on the horse, and the wonderful hand-held hand-held my hi-jig, I am a waist “”.

Wonderful Huiji called:

“Ah …. 喔 …. Little Ghost! Light .. Light …….”

It may be that Wonderful Hui Long has not been human, it can’t be adapted for a while, so I slowly put the speed, slowly push it in a gentle and detailed rhyme.

I feel that the wonderful pussy is, one tight, a loose is trembled, like a baby who keeps sucking my glans in breast, this is the feeling of never had, it is really a soul.

I am excited:

“Good sister! Your pussy is different ………”

Wonderful Road:

“Then you will enjoy it!”

Her pussy took a nature through and spurred, Yin Jingjin was soaked in my hook. My fine water was also slow, so that Yin Yang was tune, we were snuggle, and I was hugged. .

“Good sister! What should I do so hard?”

“Hey! …” she smiled.

I spoiled to her:

“People are hard to hard! My sister makes me tick it!”

“Silly brother! Don’t worry! My sister will make you soft!”

Her pussy has shrunk, a sucking sucking into the swallow, making my glans biting the teeth, the entire isthally, I am a crispy, such as a crispy, blood is boiling, such as the cloud end A hot essence is ejected into her flowers in the spring, and she also leaked the yin.

“Little ghost! Is it harder?”

“Good sister! It’s so beautiful! How can you learn this in your inside?”

She smiled and ashamed.

“Who is it? Why don’t you talk?”

“Fool! Can you learn this? I am like this!”

“Why do you have such a kung fu?”

“The head is also her beauty, tight, small, water, can’t you still experience it?”

“Although the sister sister is wonderful, but I can’t always be with my sister, I will always insert it forever!”

At this time, the wonderful spring is full of charming, her beauty! Petite! I was tightly hit in my arms, love in my heart, I warmly kissed her, she silently affected, passionately stroking my whole body.

“Little ghost! Your sexual desire is too strong, it is really not a person.”

She looked at me very much, and her eyes were full of peace, becoming, and the past, she couldn’t find it. At this time, she is like a wife. Wonderful rushing in and said:

“Hey! How to stick it again, it’s a mellow affection!”

Wonderful morning makeup, the moth herb is lightweight, and the white narrow spring dress, the more it seems to be framed, she smiled and wonderful.

I said:

“Sister! How do you run away early?”

Wonderful saying:

“Is this not good? I will give you a chance!”

“Come! Sleep again!”

I put the wonderful in your arms, kiss a fragrant on her cheek.

Wonderful saying:

“Some sleep? Look at the sun has been sunbeare, get up to eat something!”

Wonderful Road:

“I really should get up, let the sister wear clothes!”

She gave me clothes, buckle buttons, wait until the trousers should be on the legs, find my leg roots, sticky Yuxin, she gently hit me:

“Take a look at what is still left on, and the sister is eating!”

Wonderful Hui is wearing clothes, listening to the wonderful statement, looking at my legs, she can’t help but be red, take a red yarn, wonderful, in the pillow:

“Xiao Ni! Little loss is not eaten!” The two women smiled “嗤嗤”.

Wearing clothes, we join hands out of the bedroom, the garden in the garden is fresh, I welcome the rising sun to breathe, feel the spirit, the second woman next to him, the two women who are looking for more than Huago, we are all full of smiles, full of hearts Excited, happiness, and look at the beautiful vision.

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