I came to the company for almost two years, and the Min Ping, the secretary of our department, is a lively and lovely girl, she is not the most beautiful, but there is a charming gesture, and the old youth of our department, all day Around her, not buying chocolate is sending flowers. I won’t join this circle, because my girlfriend, I just got it, but I felt, I only felt something, I was bored.

There is no girlfriend’s day, very bitter, I don’t have, pick up the Gre book for a long time. Finally, one day, I decided to get up early back words, the company went to work 8:30, I got it at 7:10, I didn’t turn on the light, opened my computer, I couldn’t help into my words. I don’t know how long it took, someone unlocked the voice, the door was locked by me, so I went to open the door. I use it to one tolerance, people outside the door are also pushing, and she is a boring, and she is in my arms. A wonderful fragrance directly, I quickly sorry, I originally a sensitive. She is full of red, I don’t know what to say.

I thought: “You are incense. She blew me, rubbing his face: “Didn’t get it. “

Looking at her face, my lower body is not impulsive, it is very cute. I have never been carefully got to be sensitive. White skin, smart nose, red lips, eyes are fascinated, her body is very good, if you let me touch it better. As a result, I didn’t work all day. Min Ping didn’t talk to me one day. I looked at her into and out of the shadow, my heart was laughed, she definitely like me!

The next day, I was still working very early, I know that Min Ping is always half an hour. I didn’t have a back word today, but I sat quietly, I didn’t turn on. Sure enough, I was coming, I opened the door, she was busy in her seat. I went quietly to her, and suddenly grabbed her shoulders. As I expected, she was scared from the seat, screaming loudly, I quickly said: “Don’t be afraid, it is me. “Maybe scared is too powerful, she is scared. I pityed her in his arms and squatted her. She is still shaking in her arms, but she also holds me tight.

I have been strongly feeling, my little brother’s physiological response, Min Ping wear a short skirt today, through her top, I can see her bra pattern. Her breast is not big, but it is very straightforward, I can’t help but kiss her lips, she still breathed me, she instinctively pushed me, but her hand was weak, because I have already hanging it. Her tongue. And my hand touched her waist, her skin was smooth, and I went straight to the destination, quickly dislocated her bra, and put her nipple with my hand, she was ambiguous Paste: “Don’t! Someone is going to work soon. One sentence reminded me, I am reluctant to touch her breast, let go of her. She is red, I don’t kiss it on her face, she gently hit me, said: “Bad! I said: “” Tonight, I want to see your movie, okay?

“But you have to wear a skirt! “I added another sentence, with a face of a face. She is shameful, and she nodded gently. I am very old in my heart! ! !

Finally, I have been waiting for a long time at the door of the cinema, I finally saw Min Ping. If we don’t say, we have diamond into the cinema, we found a box. When I got the bag door, I was waiting for me quietly, what kind of movie put it, I didn’t care. I bowed down, kissed the hair of Min Ping, and separated by her hand with her hand, gently complimentary breasts. Min Ping, gasped, hugged me tightly, unconsciously put the red lips together, I kissed together.

My hand can’t help but reach into Min Ping’s clothes, ah! It turned out that Li Ping did not wear a huge, her breast was not too big, but it was not small, and one hand couldn’t grasp. Min Ping’s skin is like a generous smooth.搓 揉 揉 双The two legs touched my legs, and the fragrant soft cherry kissed me, the smart tongue was mad in my mouth. I finally couldn’t help it. Put Long Ping gently. She only wore a skirt, I touched in her skirt, ah! It turned out that Mitting is ready to come today, and there is no inner panties.

Snow white chilly, I am watching, I put Min Ping on the sofa, gently separated her legs, revealing the genitals of the night thinking. There is not much hairy, covering the pink labia, I can’t help but low, kiss her genitals.

Use my tongue to separate the curled hairy, top the thick labipings, and the fragrance of a shower is rushed into my nose, so that I am drunk, I use my tongue to gently lick the dark red clitoris, light Light jitter, exciting Min Ping has some sputum, the mouth is not sent to the mouth: “Ah. . . Don’t, you can’t stand it, come out. .

Good brother to deep point. . . what. . . Ah ah ah. . . “My tongue slowly Ping probe into sensitive vagina, rapid shake, and out of the rough tongue to stimulate the sensitive and tender vagina Ping, Ping Min sounds more and more, suddenly, two legs clamped tightly I live in my head, a surge of hot mucus sprayed into my mouth. . . . . . I sat on the sofa, unlock the deduction pants, so I hold back a little brother for a long time to be liberated. At this time Min Ping, already excited Fenlian red, the vision blurred. Climbed between my legs, with hand gently stroking my little brother has an erection, raised his head, looked at me charming: “You can be really big, really thick ah! I can not stand fast. . . “Bowed his head and gently with lips latch onto my little brother, put out his tongue, slowly blowing my horse eye, immediately burst of pleasure coming in, my brother drilled in a warm, humid place, up more a big thicker.

Min Ping began her extremely sexy mouth Taonong up, and each time is so hard, so deep, I’m getting close to climax, could not help shouting. . . Min Ping also Taonong more vigorously, and even my little brother, again and again deep into her throat as she excited a pair of physique, into my clothes fumble around, I finally just hugging of both hips, straining to pull her face, so I smelled soul swing moan nasal cavity. . . . . . I did not think how, normally quiet and dignified Min Ping, excitement was actually putting on airs, all stimulate me. Let me again and again about to critical. . . . . .

I can not help it, and threw Min Ping on my thighs, my little brother touched her genitals, there has long been a vast expanse of water, little brother groping in the dark, he found the place, finally drill into it. “what!

Min Ping, your sister can be really tight ah, really comfortable. . . “”Yes? Then you take me plug. . . “So rude words from the mouth of the Min Ping, I am even more excited. Straining upward against the hip, so I better efforts to reach deep into Min Ping, Ping is also sensitive legs tight grip my legs, with a fall, straining down doing.

I gently lifted the Min Ping shirt, I finally saw a pair of dreaming Yuru, not very big, but very pretty, on the rounded breasts, there is one pair of little pink bud, I Coushang face, that I am enchanted kiss nipples, nipples Ping Min gradually increases harden, she is more excited, upturned face slightly open mouth, not when licking his lips, and cried, “ah. . . Come on, day, hard look inside insertion depth point. . . Quickly. . . “I can not help but be excited, kissed the nipple Min Ping, Yu Jing, red lips, with the force of Choucha. . . . . .

I was excited not own, and threw Min Ping, carefully, the hole to prevent the United States from Yuzhu sensitive Ping of prolapse. Stand up, the Min Ping back against the wall, her legs discs in my waist, forced up the dry, perhaps more exciting new position, the reaction is more sensitive Ping strengthen crack, my legs Jinga waist down with a hard focus. Ping Min holding hands Yutun rounded, smooth Rouni kind of feeling, exciting me more excited. This is the middle, Min Ping many times to a climax, the following has been spilled mess, get Yinye everywhere, not only covered her Yutun, more part of the flow to my legs, my legs go down dirty with. . . . . .

I hold Min Ping, put it on the couch, put her down, so that Ping Min climb on the sofa, revealing that little pink round ass, there was already sparkling pussy from behind Min Ping figure nice, fine thin waist, round buttocks. . .

I slowly put my Yuzhu to the top of her labia, did not bother to look crowded into it, I started slowly thrusting, at a time of sensitive and Ping already excited to the point, about Yuantun around Luanyao, and mouth constantly Langjiao “days, hurry Well! I can not wait, hurry up, forced plug. . . Below you nice, quickly. . . “Min Ping state semi faint mystery has been coming.

I’m doing the hard, looked at my brother, and out of the pink Rou Dong Min Ping that in each case turned out regarded her labia belt, and bring out a lot of sexual secretion, and accompanied by bashing laugh Puchi It sounds. I could not help but hands are clasped Min Ping Qian waist, straining to pull back, Min Ping into a wet ass, and I kept hitting the crotch, issue pops sound, so even a few hundred under dry, sensitive Ping in front of me constantly shouted “ah. Ah, I can not stand up, hurry up, I’m dying, dying, fast, fast, really comfortable ah, I would like to make you a lifetime day, Come on. . . “

I burst thrusting, Ping-line sensitive eyes discolor, weighs about later, Min Ping vaginal tightening, as she gave a low howl, a surge of hot water is sprayed onto the overcast my penis, I immediately also to the climax, a shot in the charming exhaustive vagina, Min Ping climb in the back, I can not help but kiss every inch of her skin, “Min Ping, I never felt like this before today, very kind of you, willing can we ever do. . . “Min Ping did not say anything for a long time, I quietly leave, got dressed! ! !

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