Tonight, very beautiful sugar, I invited me to watch the movie. Of course I am very happy. The movie that night is a romantic love drama, and the same is usually, I naturally pull the hand on the sugar sugar shoulder, while sugar sugar is also Also put the head on my shoulder. After reading the movie, we came to the park that often went, outside, temperature and cool.

Quiet, sugar sugar stare, said: “Floating, I want to thank you so much, thank you for giving me such a wonderful night.”

I looked at sugar and said: “Sugar, I am very beautiful, very … um! Very sexy.”

Give me so dark, sugar, smile, the face is also red, whispered: “Floating, … 是 勾 我.”

At this time, I looked at her and said: “Sugar, Yes.”

Will report the white words to say, my body temperature, blood, instant is a burning fire, dry, the extent of the impulse, if some instruments can measure, my heartbeat will be more than one hundred and twenty.

Twisted the head, sugar sugar said quietly: “But, fluttering, I am already a girlfriend in Aizhi.”

“Sugar sugar, is it really very careful? I think he is too cold, and I feel unhappy. Sugar! Give me a chance, I will let you happiness!”

Sugar sugar did not answer, for a long time, “fluttering, I think we should go home, otherwise … it is likely to make us regret it.”

It’s not that it is which one among us, my heart is going to jump out of the chest. Is the sugar candy or like me?

“Sugar sugar, I am sorry, but the truth is too beautiful, I can’t control myself, have many times, I think I am really a beast, but I still hope, I hope that I am not a girlfriend, so I maybe And you … will feel more … I may … “

The emotion is stunned, I can’t fully express the emotions that are strong to the chest at this moment, but sugar sugar seems to be unsuspete to this emotion, but … but it is a bit joy. This, I really feel it in my heart, and affirm that Azhou has never said to sugar sugar.

Such as dreams, a pair of soft palms to do my cheek, sugar sugar holds my face, soft voice: “Flutter, I am really happy, I really feel that I am beautiful?”

I smiled and pulled the sugar sugar to the arms. Runful lips with sugar candy.

Sugar sugar is not moving, but only passively leaned in my chest, the body is a bit unnecessary. I will continue to kiss her, joy and expectations are getting higher and higher. At this time, sugar sugar suddenly started with the same enthusiasm to respond to me, and the lips were restored on my lips. At this moment, I had a little bit of tears, I finally opened a seam in the heart of sugar sugar.

Grasping this opportunity to break through, I kiss this beautiful little woman, from her face, Yingying eyes, like a moon nose, then return to the warm red lips, use my tongue into the exploration, open her original The closed teeth, picking up the lilac tongue, swaying, just kisses like this. It is not too angry until you breathe, and we are reluctantly separated, and you will look forward to it.

Sugar gum turned over, whispered: “We should go home, fluttering …”

When we drive home, sugar sugar is naturally on my shoulder. I secretly saw a happy smile with a pleasant sugar mouth, so I went on the halfway of the backhaul, I suddenly stopped the car to the shoulder, braked the car, and started kissing her. At the same time, I also reached out to her chest, knead the sugar sugar, full of round **.

The man who is being hidden by his boyfriend, the sugar sugar is shocked, and I will drive me away. I will breathe: “Floating! I … we can’t do this.”

For boyfriends and their own chastity, sugar candy is clearly still scruple. However, I don’t care about her opposition, using the narrow space in the car, forcibly oppressing the past, re-kissed the red lips that the desire to pay, just give her to say what she wants to say, at the same time, my right hand Climb the sugar chest, start to take her **.

Ripe sugar’s ** room touch is very good, sinking the two meal balls of the dimples, twisted into a variety of shapes, flexible in my pressing. The sugar is also struggled by the original struggle, and it gradually issues a sweet snoring and began warmly responding to my kiss.

I have been so for a while, sugar sugar suddenly broke away from my hug, low head, whispered: “Floating, we should go home.”

“Ok, sugar.” Sugar Sugar This evening borrows our apartment, returning to the apartment is quiet, all others have slept. Into the living room, I started to grab the sugar and sugar kiss.

Just started, sugar sugar protests: “Don’t … Don’t this, you will wake away others.”

Gently, I will answer: “Sugar, I love you, I have to love you in the world, I want to kiss this. Don’t worry! Sugar sugar, Azhou is already sleeping.”

“Floating, I know, I also hurt! However, I am a girlfriend in Aizhou, and no matter what the shortcomings he have, I am always his girlfriend …”

“But, sugar sugar, we just kiss, I don’t think this will hurt anyone.”

“If someone is woof, what should I do with us? Who is found, what should I do?”

In the living room, we can’t stop, suddenly, I think of an idea, whisper: “sugar sugar, go to my room, we can lock the door, Azhou must have slept, he will not know where to go. “

Silence for a few seconds, I almost thought that sugar sugar was going to go, but she unexpectedly, she sighed, nodded, and finally succumbed to my quarter.

“When I went to the room, I went to see Azhou.”

In the room, I walked anxiously, and finally before I was patiently collapsed, the door was gently pushed open, sugar candied came in, gently belt on the door, low-headed: “Floating, Azhou drink more NS.”

Will n’t make a mistake, in the tone of sugar, I heard a dislike, this is what my good opportunity.

“But I think we shouldn’t do this.” Sugar sugar sigh: “I … I don’t want to betray AZ!”

“I know, sugar, believe me, I will not hurt, no matter what happens, I always protect you, love you.”

I hug sugar and lie down in bed and start kissing.

The kiss became more and more enthusiastic, from the thin cotton underwear, I feel the excitement of sugar sugar. Emergencous hands, all the body of sugar sugar, I will be full of **, I will caress her round hip, I trembled to the sugar chest, to solve her buttons, instantly, sugar sugar The body became stiff, but immediately relaxed.

“Floating, I am afraid …”

“Sugar sugar, don’t be afraid, I will protect you.”

“Well, fluttering, I believe you.” Sugar sugar said something ashamed, then, actively sticked to my strong chest, gently kissed the cheeks of fluttering.

“Sugar, I love you.”

I am afraid that she suddenly changed his mind, untied the button, I quickly pulled the upper clothes, at the same time, I kept kiss the sugar and didn’t let her have a chance to repent.

Pull it on the upper, sugar and sugar, full of sugar, in the white underwear, with breathing, it is tempting, dim, ** Skin is more fair. I quickly took a breath and put the target in the next bra, this time, it is behind the hand to sugar sugar.

Sugar is weak, and the mouth is soft: “Floating, think about Aizhou, we have done ahead!”

“Sugar sugar, I don’t regret it, it is selfish.”

I kissed the lips of sugar sugar, which stopped her resistance. Suddenly, the pair of sugar-sugar-tall towering **** stickers in my chest, fresh stimulus, I snorted, instinct reach out, let sugar sugar, a series of delicate sounds.

Sugar sugar ** room, give me a childhood warm feeling, I can’t help but kiss her pink **, only for a while, delicate milk is pretty from the uli.

“Sugar sugar, I love you, I know that I can’t be with you, and you … but I don’t care. Sugar, I want to be with you **.” I got to sugar sugar, and I kept kissed her lower abdomen. Groutine navel.

Under the intimate contact, sugar sugar seems to be happy, unconsciously put the snow white ** to me. I licking the sweat of sugar sugar skin, tasting the smell of salty, let the sugar sugar issued an approximate cry of the joy, followed, I started to touch the double repair leg.

The thighs of sugar, like silk satin, and very delicate, touch is very good. With the curve of the legs, I gradually moved to the root, where I touched the underwear of sugar sugar, and it was a set with a bra, which is all cotton.

I intently kissing, sucking Xiang Chun sip of sugar, tongue forced open her lips, she drunkenly crooning in a series of kiss, the whole body relax off, unknowingly, more micro separately leg, will be open to the most secret of my private parts.

I really can not believe it. Sugar Sugar at the moment like flowers blooming lilies, waiting for my picking. Through cotton, sugar ** I groped crack mouth, gently Rounong, a little while, the white was thoroughly Xieku Miye steady stream of dye bleeding.

I got up, quickly removed his clothes and body, then, she slid her crotch from sugar who indulge therein. Now, let me look forward to a long time **, exudes intoxicating aroma of cooked brilliant, and I separated only by a thin layer of cotton.

“Sugar Sugar, I’m coming.” I took a deep breath and began to tongue lick across the cotton of sugar **, tongue underwear cloth top lip honey into the cracks, enjoy the glamorous profile **, but also through cloth, she could not suck oozing Miye.

In this array stimulation, sugar Jiaoqu unable to twist. Then I Gouzhuo on both sides of her panties, pulling down, this action board solid body startled her.

“Fluttering, stop it! Do you have so many girlfriends, not worthwhile …… not worthwhile for a woman like sugar ……”

“Sugar Sugar, I said, I love you. I know that this world will not allow such a thing affair, but, if Naizhen love a person, then, such a thing is inevitable.”

Sugar Sugar said: “However, if we find that Arab states if ……”

“As long as we keep a secret, Arab states will not know. Sugar Sugar, we will be very careful, so he will not know.”

I kissed her distribute fragrance of black hair, brilliant eyes water, and finally again to kiss her lips. This time, sugar soft down in my arms, then began to Zhang lip kiss back, it was tongues intertwined.

Reached down, I pulled the last remaining sugar to cover themselves was, this time, sugar has no longer resist. When I put down panties thrown on the ground, sugar instinctively reach out and block the thigh, fluttering like a wild beast trying to block the burning of sight. I gently but firmly pull sugar in hand, staring at that black lush jungle, such as exposure to a dream, whispered praise.

Sugar Sugar straightened up, close to my chest, and gently kiss. I Rounong sugar sugar **, while gently bite full of sugar **, ** a wet finger slid. Caressing her Chiqiu.

** has been very Shiru, my mouth moved to her thigh root, honey kissed her lips, followed up, teasing nibble her pubic hair wildly. Among this process, sugar could not help moan of pleasure, immersed in the thrill of the waves.

Kiss for a while, his tongue pushing two honey lip, breathing the fragrant blooming female prostitution, I was beginning to enjoy private parts sugar sultry beauty, I noticed a small pink mouth, it is sugar urination place. Despite the strong smell, I totally fell in love with every sugar and gently lick, then lick her entire wall, especially ** around.

When the tongue moves to the most sensitive yīn pedicle, sugar could not help but cried out, then I put a finger inserted **, start pumping, while still kept Shunwen her nakedness.

Sugar Sugar breathing becomes more and more rapidly, and I kept stimulate yīn pedicle, sugar nakedness flooding, such as pulp, and my fingers dipped in wet Miye in.

Finally, I heard a sharp irrepressible called long, arching the sugar white torso of the body, then the people began to spasm. Reminding us of scenes did not hear me, still continue to stimulate her joy to know that I have to bring the sugar **.

After a while, Sugar Sugar panting, strong ** rubbing my chest, with a shy, her small channel: “fluttering, my life had never been so happy.”

“Sugar Sugar, you know? Niyou beautiful and sexy, and can u ** together, is my dream.”

“Fluttering, speak the truth, Naizhen I feel beautiful?”

“Of course, should the United States than those movie stars.”

Sugar Sugar gently around my neck and kissed my lips, at the same time embarrassed to hand down, holding my **, slowly Taonong, the fluttering ** directed to her thigh, the upper and lower friction her moist **.

“! Sugar Sugar,” I said softly: “I love you.”

As if silently express her consent, sugar will be open to both sides of the thigh, my Xuekou ** into her office. I look deep into her eyes, I will promote Sugar Sugar her body.

“Ah! Fluttering ……”

My very very rough **, ** and the sugar in my very into, just like the petals, fluttering very hot pedicle to bloom.

Sugar sugar plays the lower body, let my ** surrounded by the deeper. The sugar-sugar ** is very tight, the inner wall muscles are wrapped in my **, like a pliers.

I took it out, then slide in, then puffed like a mad, sugar sugar also swayed with the same enthusiasm, caching the action of **, ** So exclusive for **.

We both combined with the machines who have children, inserting, sugar sugar, come together, full of enthusiasm, full of sexy parabolic, every time I feel ** top in her uterus neck And the sugar sugar has begun to make a more and more urgent wheezing.

Just fifteen minutes, sugar sugar again, the whole body is stiff, while using the hand buckle my hip, ten fingers embedded, ** ** is also tightly clamped. I feel that the lower body is tight, I will shoot the jīng liquid into the body of sugar sugar. One hair, it is definitely a quite large amount, not for a while, ** I feel that the JīNG solution that is injected begins to return.

In this way, I am entangled with sugar and enjoy the remaining rhyme of **.

After a while, ** is hard in the sugar sugar **, I gently pumped. This time, because of it is more soothing, we insist on a long time, and finally reached **.

Long night, for us, it is really short. After we last lingering, sugar is sticked to me in my ear, shy to me: “Floating, you are really big, I have never had such experiences with Azhou.”

The words of sugar, I feel very proud of being a man. I have never been satisfied with all the ** since the sugar sugar and Azhou love.

“Sugar, probably because I love you too much!”

“Floating, my dear fluttering, this is the best of sugar sugar.” Sugar sugar once again show me again, kissing, I should go back, I don’t want anyone else. Suspected! “

I kissed a while and sugar and said some sweet words, she stood up and wipe it clean.

“Sugar sugar, can you leave this undergar?” I asked softly.

Sugar sugar is silent, asked me with an uneasiness: “Is it our commemoration?”

I hurriedly nodded.

“I promise you, but I have to accept it.” So, sugar sugar put on her clothes, left her underwear, quietly walked out of my room.

Just, when the day is bright, everything in last night seems to be like a fog. When you have breakfast next to the table, the sugar expression has been checked, not only does not talk to me, but also avoids it with me.

I am like a broken ice, but I still don’t want to give up here. Therefore, when Azhou and roommates go to school, I will excuse unwell, stay in the room, put the white underwear with the sugar sugar honey, quietly waiting quietly .

After a long time, the door was opened, sugar sugar came in, as I was willing. I saw the trousers in my hand, the face of sugar is immediately shameful, and the trembling said: “Floating, we can no longer repeat the sin last night.”

I am going to order, sugar sugar reach out, I don’t want to talk: “The feeling last night is really very happy, sugar will always remember everything we have owned, fluttering, we can’t do something more.”

“Sugar sugar,” I protest loud, and pulled her to my arms: “I love you! I know that I love me, give me a chance!”

I tried to kiss her, but sugar sugar turned his head, broke from my arms, then shook his head, “can’t, flutter.” Sugar eyes paniced, whispered: “Just because I love you In this way, we can’t open it. “

“Sugar!” She looked at her room, I trip: “I will not stop my love to you, I will continue to pursue 妳.”

The tears of sugar have flowed down, but she left me, since then, the relationship between our two cooled down, seeing, sugar sugar decision made her very painful, but that determined still did not shake.

I feel very painful, because sugar sugar, I am going to push me from her. In order to retaliate, I often take the lack of lack of lacking when she is in the same time.

Girls have long known that I have a relationship with sugar, it is not intention, sometimes it is even called sugar and adds, sugar sugar is always not awkward, but does not escape.

On this day, some strange things happened, sugar sugar gains the attitude towards me, like a woman who is awkward, a little mistake to me, sugar candy will also have to grab me. I smiled and asked her: “Is it not willing to give me someone?” Sugar sugar refused to admit, but when I understood the recent changes, I said that this is the jealousy of the lover, sugar sugar is silent, followed by In the room, there is no coming over the evening.

The next day, when there is only our two in the apartment, sugar sugar said: “Flutter, we will go to the movie, ok?”

It’s a little strange, but I am still very happy, I want to say that sugar sugar is about to comfort me, nod: “sugar sugar, this is great.”

In the next few days, I don’t know how I have spent it, I am looking forward to the arrival of Sunday. After a long time, for our out, sugar sugar dressed up, I am hard to believe, this beautiful woman sitting around me is my sugar sugar.

After reading the movie, I came to the place of our two, I once again put the sugar sugar into your arms, sugar sugar did not refuse, we started a warm kiss.

My hand began to go down on sugar and sugar, and I was very excited from her legs. In this way, we have an hour about it. We returned home, just like last time, Aizhou and roommates slept.

“When I am waiting for me in the house, I will go to see Azhou.” Sugar candy said.

When she entered the room, I had taken off my clothes and lying on the bed. Sugar turned to turn the door, moved to me, and our two started a long enthusiasm.

I can’t wait, I quickly took off the sugar-sugar clothes, pressed her down, kiss her all-inch delicate skin, hands holding her round hips, kissing her lower body, just like this Bring her to **. Following, I am squatting on sugar, let her hold me like iron general hard **, put it in her ** mouth, forward, easily entered the **.

I have gripped sugar and hip the flap and touched hard. I think that maybe a last time and sugar sugar **. Every time I am inserted, I use all my best, one plugged in.

The sugar is reluctant to make my body, she tried to catering me, every time I **, she will hit a low voice, like giving me a milestable encouragement.

We enjoy the rain in the bed, I try to control myself not shè to extend the ** time, and try to enjoy the happiness of our integration.

We have been completely inconvented at this time, and we want to enjoy the sexual happiness of the other party. Sometimes sugar sugar is moving in me to cater to my pump, sometimes I climbed in a sugar sugar body, inserted with an animal **, and play with the sugar sugar.

In this way, we kept the position, at all, after more than an hour, I finally implanted the hot jīng liquid in the warm, slippery **.

Sugar sugar also reached ** in a villagy, and her face was full of satisfied, long-lost smile. This time, sugar sugar also reached **, I have never seen her smile.

“Floating, great.”

“Sugar sugar, should you force me to leave?” With a few uneasiness, I asked her.

“Ah, fluttering, I love you, when I am with them, I can’t stand it, like it is going to be crazy, I know that I am in the heart, I love all everything in this world. “

“Is it like a lover, is it?” I excitedly asked.

“Yes, it is like a lover, I can’t let you leave from me, can’t do one minute and one second.” Sugar candy said.

“Do you want me to love me than Ericsson?” I asked, hugged sugar again, pressing the rounded **, let a feast of meatball gradually expanded, then kiss her swelling **.

In joy, sugar sugar is low: “Ah, fluttering, I respect my boyfriend, but I don’t love him. After you are together, I know what is love, my dear fluttering, when I I am very happy when I am in my arms. “

I was shocked from the words of my dear sugar sugar.

“Sugar sugar, it is to turn me the happiest man in this world, I don’t want to be with other people, even AZ, share your love. 妳 is mine, 妳 **, soul, I want to have I have to lying like this, I want to be integrated with sugar sugar. “

Sugar is in my back, turn it over, adjust the position, sitting in my waist, until all buried in her love nest, this is forgetting to kiss me, up and down. “Floating, so great, but our combination must be the secret between our two, Azhou can’t know, otherwise we can’t be together.”

“Of course, I know.”

I have a mature hip meat, I am selling, and I am very slow, and it is gradually accelerated. Suddenly, the fragrant tongue of sugar is like a mad, followed, followed, in **, sugar sugar shouted, and a silent shout.

I know that sugar sugar has arrived **, and quickly turned over to put her down and vigorously. The glamorous **, I was dried by me, every time, the sugar sugar was shaken, and the emblem hip straight. When the joy of electric waves, the sugar was finally called, and the ** also poked into her uterus, and sprayed my jīng liquid in a large number of sneaked seeds filled with her martyrdom.

After the enthusiasm, we hugged each other, the lower body of sugar and sugar was still together, she pushed me into the bed, start kissing my body, when kissing my two legs, sugar sugar put my ** contained my ** Start **, and I can’t help it, and I jet again. There is no suspicion, this sugar sugar is a charming smile, a bite, put my jīng liquid all swallow into the abdomen.

“Floating, every time, together, like my first time, I give me so much happiness, I feel so happy.”

“Sugar sugar, I also feel good happiness.”

The face of sugar is slightly red, shy nod. Then, I said to her: “Sugar sugar, tonight is a special day, because I returned to me.”

We both kept crossing. I have been leaking five times in the sugar candied palace. Finally, I took the sugar sugar of the ** in his arms and took her to the bathroom to clean it.

I put the sugar sugar on the ground, the skin of sugar is very white, even in the moonlight, even the gentle shin of pearls, it is very clear. Just take me and sugar sugar have been combined many times, but this is me or carefully appreciate sugar sugar.

Sugar and sugar shy and closed, let me help her. The sugar-sugar ** is very large, very tall, elegant, draw a beautiful curve, I feel very lucky, can have such a woman to do my lover.

I took her into the water and let her stood in the water and cleaned her. After that, I let the sugar sugar have yourself, look at the grade of sugar and sugar, I am excited, quietly go to sugar sugar. The water is just immersed in the middle of the sugar sugar, I caught her slight waist, the sugar sugar exclaimed, then I found that it is me, quiet, let me fight her two snow white hip flaps.

I played for a while, and my hands buckled her alley, pull it on both sides. Sugar sugar caught my hand, I want to stop me, but I was caught on her hips by me, and I got together.

After a while, I let go of her hand, let her pull the hip ball, admire sugar sugar back door. The back door closed, like the flower bud of chrysanthemum, I reached out to contact, sugar sugar is nervous, I poked a few times, the small chrysanthemum was closely closed.

Sugar sugar seems to have understood my **, looking at me deeply, saying: “Flutter, do you want to insert sugar fiduma?”

“Well …” I don’t want to be a grate, but I don’t want to panic.

Sugar sugar hesitated for a moment, resolutely said: “Come on, sugar sugar gives you a true early night!”

I am puzzled and unknown.

Sugar and sugar smiled: “When my asshole is a virgin **, I have never let Azhou insert it, the sugar sugar has no virgin ** dedication, then use sugar sugar The first time in the anus is fluttering! “After finishing, turning around and leaving the underwater.

After carefully cleaning the fart, use your fingers into the ass to make a few times, I am relieved to turn around, and I look at me deeply, say: “Come, my lover, for my love wife Let’s open! “

Then, the body is in front of the body, and the white buttocks are lifted, and the hands of the hips, the charming chrysanthemum bud drops the water droplets under the moonlight, especially the seductive, the two full of sugar chest, the two full ** The water is shaken and is very cute.

I can’t help but hold the beautiful buttocks of sugar, my ** is also from the excitement of emotions. It is slowly grinding at the white hip between sugar.

Sugar’s small asshole shy under my stimulus, it looks fascinating and cute, I can’t help but make up and get up with my tongue. “Don’t relatives there!” Sugar candy is asthma, and the naked naked body is constantly shaking. ** The shake is even more powerful, and the size of her size is slightly overflowed. Flow into my mouth, taste some savory, this is from the deep taste of the sugar sugar uterus, let me be excited to come.

I use the hard hip of sugar and sugar, add the small chrysanthemum petals with the tongue, but also drill the tongue to the tongue, continue to give saliva into sugar sugar, the yellow flower, let sugar sugar anus Fully moist, do the previous preparation for the insertion of **.

The anus of sugar is clean, with my saliva moisturizing, the sweet sugar fidum is so fast, and I am dripping.

Intense protests on sugar sugar mouth, but there are more and more in the slit, and yīn is getting harder and harder, and it is easy to see her licking her phenolum and asshole, making her ** gradually high.

Sugar sugar is fiercely trembled, and it is not helpful to make a pleasant snorkeling, and the heat baked is full of face. A pair of festive basters shake, the two tears have been obviously hard.

My ” ‘The anus of sugar sugar, and explored the finger from her two legs to open the thick and dark wonderful hair, accurately touched the yīn of sugar sugar, the hand tip continuous Terain the fresh yīn and **.

Sugar sugar is even more loud, and the juice flowing out in ** flows a mess, and the strand of the thigh is flowing down to the water.

I straighten myself, holding my own sugar glyce, and smashed the ** in the **, and the early erection ** is aligned with sugar sugar already blooming, slowly I went in.

Sugar sugar emits a cycling snoring, and the anus is not contracted by autonomously. Looking out, the anus of sugar sugar first was inserted into inserted, and it was somewhat uncomfortable.

Although the anal sex is more excited than the sugar sugar, it makes my sugar, it is painful that I can’t imagine, so that my heart is very unbearable.

So I took back ** soft and comfortable: “Good sugar, don’t do it, I don’t want to let you feel uncomfortable, I just want to enjoy happiness, indeed anal volume is normal ** I will have more difficulties.”

Sugar glycacose has a brow, but said to me: “Nothing, the first time I was more painful than this pain. I wiped some saliva. I also try to relax the anus. You can make your baby insert it. It’s so fluttering, try again. “

Sugar is placed on the knee, and the head is under the long breath, slowly relax the anus to expand the muscle, and the ass will open a little bit. It seems to be hungry to me.

I saw sugar sugar so persistent, I had to endure my heart. The saliva was wrapped on **, and the hands were separated from the buttocks, aligned with the anus. The assumed sacred sacred farthered the eye launched a new impact. Finally, in the pain of sugar sugar, ** was huddled into the relatively dry, narrow anus.

But ** is plugged in, the feeling of rectal tender meat friction is really cool. I am also loving and excited. The low-frequency kissing sugar is smooth, while standing with your fingers in Yīn Ti, **, **, **, **.

I am patiently pushing, looking at my longer ** a little bit of sugar, there is more than ten minutes, I have a long ** I didn’t get into the beauty of sugar. Hip.

“Sugar, we have succeeded!” I excited whisper, I can’t say excited.

** The sphincter in the rectum of sugar is tightly clamped, and a sense of strong pleasure will be brought, let me excite the ** more and more hard.

“It’s so fluttering, sugar fat finally gave a first time, I am so happy!” Sugar candy reached out and touched my testicles and said. It seems that the anus of sugar is also adapted to the insertion of me **, and the pain in the first time is like alleviating a little.

So I put down my heart, deeply sucking tone, suppressed the first time and sugar sugar anal sex, forcibly controlling the impulse of Shè, and began to try to slowly. The breathing of sugar sugar is rushing, and it has begun to shake the body before and after, and actively cooperate with my ** action.

The original exquisite and small asshole was blocked by my **, with my ** entrance, chrysanthemum mouth bumps, prostitutes exudated from the gap, it looks extremely **. I gradually accelerated the action, and enjoy the big butt of sugar and sugar.

My ** hit the “blank” sound of the sugar buttocks when I was inserted. After the sugar has experienced the initial pain, the anus gradually adapted to my sports rhythm. Whenever I plugged in, she will automatically relax, let me insert a deeper inserted smoothly; and when I smoke it, she The asshole is automatically zoomed, bringing me a great excitement. I have heard that I also issued her mouth and the snoring of different comforts. For a time, I suddenly put a conquest of conquest.

I got a crude to bite the teeth, as if I had to get sugar sugar by Azhou’s resentment, ** I’ve hit the snow whit of the sugar sugar **. Her body is oscillated, and the two plump and towering ** have a big jitter in the chest, and the mouthful of the pain is once again emitted.

Sugar sugar obviously felt the pain brought to her, but I madly ignored it, and the palm was still scratching her two shake ** room.

Under the shouting of the high, I desperately grabbed the fat hip of sugar, in a tremble in a burst of pleasure, I will be as deep as possible into the asshole of sugar, in her rectum, hearty jet A hot jīng solution.

After a long time, the soft ** slipped out from the cute chrysanthemum anus of sugar. When sugar sugar felt a hint pain in his anus, I was also pleased with her hand, I was also pleased, and I was very gratified. I turned my head to watch me said: “Sugar sugar puts the first time in the anus. Give you a giving, I’m going to give an allegation. Sugar is awkward, I want to do it in any time. “

I am satisfied with sugar and breathed.

Under the light, the jīng liquid in the chrysanthemum of sugar and sugar, and the blood of the silk, the drip dripped into the water, the anal blood of sugar sugar made my heart puffed unlimited embarrassment and love.

I slammed her body, tightly put sugar into the arms and sent a hot kiss again. Sugar and sugar and open red lips are gently sipped my tip of the tongue. Although we are silent, but each other can feel the feelings of love.

In the flow of flow, we have embracing together for a long time, and everything around seems to be still still.

Only our lover tongue is sucking. I don’t know how long it is, until my ** is again rising in the grinding of sugar sugar.

I stood up and hugged the legs of sugar, I let the sugar sugar across my waist, the water drowned with the powder of sugar. I held the front arm of sugar, let her go back, and I will put it in the next time, I started pumping. Because of the buoyancy of water, I use this posture to make sugar sugar to achieve **.

Since then, as long as you can find the opportunity, we will be together. Every time I have sugar and sugar, she is now in the peak of **, there is always a strong **, each time I take off her underwear, the lower body is always **. Sugar sugar told me that as long as I think of me, it will become very wet, never let her so excited.

Sometimes, we are like crazy, as long as ** together, make it immediately.

Once, when someone else is still, I saw sugar and sugar into the bathroom, quietly followed. Sugar sugar did not lock the door, one door opening, when she saw me, I was still urinating, I nor hugged her sugar, I didn’t come to dry with toilet, directly put her on the edge of the bath. Snow white round hips high tightened, from behind her anus.

“Floating, some people will come in.” Sugar Sugar said, but I didn’t pay attention, I have been doing us to meet the **.

When I left, I pulled the sugar inner pants and didn’t let her wipe it. Although our thief did not have been discovered, it took the time this day, as long as I watched sugar, I couldn’t hold the lower abdomen. I frightened the embarrassment. I was very excited. I know my jīng liquid from sugar sugar. The anus flows out and drove to her underwear.

One night, I woke up very excited, I really want sugar, so I quietly walked into the Azhou room. Sugar sugar is lying next to Azhou, covering the thin, is pulling down from the body, showing extremely sexy body. I gently wake up sugar, indicating that she didn’t speak, whispered, I would like her, then returned to my own room.

After two minutes, sugar came in, I took her in bed and started to take off our clothes.

“Flutter, sugar, know that you are a woman, you need me, I should be around, but I am in my room, we are unnecessary danger.”

Sugar Sugar protest this, but I kissed her, stripping her naked white sheep became the head, and then began her **. While, Sugar Sugar on wet, I climbed up on her, into her **, began to engage her. Later, when she left me, she told me: “fluttering, after u want me, can do, to put me shake my room tonight, I will go to u here.”

I heard a burst of excitement, but the next night, Sugar Sugar smile on his face, walked into my room and said to me: “I tell the Arab states, he does not love a bath and he likes to drink, I can not stand the smell and therefore less to his room to sleep. a state agreed, so long after u want me, I can live over there, every night I always u of. “

I caught her, like rain falling countless kisses her.

In my jīng liquid moisture, sugar-white skin, ruddy, plump ** huge ass in our post-impact exercise Ran action also more obese round tender, the sugar is more ** I ** in the more forceful contraction under maintenance at jīng ** stimulation and fluid, her anus can freely open hole in the ground, and be able to accept my ** jīng absorb liquid not leak a drop, so I’m so sympathy and affection, and became sugar sugar anal sex first choose our sex life a. Now let me more and Sugar ** ** a.

Ultra-white color party sexual harassment Donna called me and asked if I have any plans, I think they have to open ** General Assembly, and who knows White Na said someone gave her two tickets to Super color party, on condition that must bring their own heterosexual couples, she first thought of me, so I called to ask about going?

I thought for a moment, after all, this is the first time the white na are asking me, the last time they let me nine beautiful women raped all night, this does not seem justified to accompany her, so he agreed.

I was driving a white car on Na, she took me to a secluded private clubs, white Na today wearing a very pretty white dress and a pair of white high heels, made it very beautiful and sexy, ongoing performance hall, I hug with pretty beauty squeeze comfortably sitting on sofa, side reached into the white Na clothes Monie her soft white ** room, while enjoying the erotic stage performances.

On stage out of a beautiful young woman, her naked, beautiful white skin look attractive in its duties under strong light. Two 40-year-old strong man to come out, so beautiful young woman bent down and put a big ** ** into her one into her mouth so she **, one after the other to rape her. After ten minutes did the two men at the same time shè fine and beautiful woman small mouth **, the young woman’s mouth to drink down sperm, the man had her white ass to the audience and broke her hip two tender, jīng milky liquid begins flowing within her breasts.

Followed by a perverted **** performances, only a beautiful girl of fourteen or fifteen is three Han **. Yu-yi, delicate white girls are three huge ** crazy stuck, the poor girl had been raped have fainted.

Here is the good-looking Colon performances, a twenty-year-old beautiful young woman, on the spot stripped of clothes and underwear, and then was forced to lie like a bitch, like hand-foot stage, high ground from her white porcelain-like fresh big ass, the audience can clearly appreciate her anus and tempting **.

A man into her delicate anus of a large enema, the enema about five hundred ㏄ all injected her rectum. Poor beautiful young lady uttered anguished cry and beg for mercy, what man would care?

After filling tender intestines, and the men with anal plug anus tightly stoppered, the enema liquid will not escape, then her breasts and mouth were two large ** insert, one after being evil.

** I see big Chi, a soft white Na in my arms, automatically pull off the bra, two large white towering ** jumped out.

“Fluttering, white play Na ** it!” Said Na pretty white to me.

I Monie the white na white and tender and plump white thighs **, Na white skin is still creamy white and tender like a girl, like, I touch the edge side full of praise.

White Na pair of beautiful eyes lovingly looked at me, her white ** in my room playing gradually inflated. White Na has pulled out my big ** suck up, I looked at the white-na rosy, beautiful and exquisite cheek, I could not help out the big **, ** in with her soft white huge double cheek poke, from time to time to poke her white neck, delicate ears and nose Xiuting small Yao, deliberately tease her: “white Na, which is the root of what things?”

White Na beautiful blush a bit, in my ear he said softly: “.. This is called the big ** ** small dad’s big.”

At this time, the beautiful young lady on the stage was taken by a few men, and the plug on the anus has not been pulled out, and the enema is still in the belly, the poor lady is suffering, and she is crying. I put the disturbance of ** into the white thighs of Bai Na, who was treated, inserted, Bai Na said that I want to go to the bathroom, I also want to go, so I will hold the jade of Bai Na, ** still Plug in her **, do her while walking. When I arrived at the bathroom door, just shè fine, Bai Na entered the female bathroom, I entered the male bathroom.

In the male toilet, there is a beautiful woman who is not hung in **. It is a young woman who is more than 20 years old, not only is very beautiful, but a pair of small feet and tender, beautiful, I will take off her. Shoes, catching her little and tender feet.

Beauty wants to struggle, I have a hands with her hands, holding down, I didn’t let her get up, and I touched it with one hand on her round ass, another hand clenched **, Gutoring her ** is deeply inserted, when I am inserting her **, she twisted her to get rid of my **, and I also hug her tightly. The waist does not let her have a little bit of opportunity to escape, and my ** is always inserted in her **, afraid to be taken out by her, and I also talk to her at the same time: “Don’t Move, I just want to take a look, I want to do it, I don’t move, I will go, I will not say it, I don’t want to let others know that I have been killed by me. ** Insert **, then now inserted it, let me more, do you have more trouble? “

After listening to my speech, she seems to be a bit amazed, so I took this opportunity to quickly enter and out, I just didn’t respond yet, but in nearly 100 After the **, her underwater, and the mouth also began to make gentle, and because I have just been shot in Bai Na’s body, I have a steady this time, I will take it. There is an unstable, I will do it in her, I will see her for a while, I will no longer resist, and I am always a little tired. So I said: “I will take the body straight down. Let’s look too tired now, you are not comfortable, come, obey, let your ass, so I am still comfortable, I don’t have to be so tired. “

She didn’t move after listening to me, but I didn’t make a rebellion, so I took the initiative to pull her waist, I didn’t expect that she didn’t resist her when I pulled her, but it was very obedient. I got up in the upper, which seems to have received the current reality, so I am more expensive **, and the voice passed out, and her ** is now in the water. I didn’t stop the swallow in my mouth. At this time, I touched her on her lower body with another hand, because I was directly attacked, so I quickly touched it. When she arrived at her, her ** was very good, her nipple was small, and she didn’t feel good.

When my hand touched her **, her whole body made a cold, and then it was more crazy, I saw it, I thought about it anyway, ** also touched It’s been in, I’m also in the trouble, I haven’t passed my mouth, so I twisted her head to me, I have been in the past, and I have been hiding, and then she said: “You hide again, I will let you give **, and it is also necessary to shoot in the mouth,”

After she heard, she didn’t hide again, and she was sucking in her little mouth, leaned her little mouth and absorb her scent tongue, so life, because of the especially Reason, this time, the extraordinary time and extraordinary madness, and she is also like an extreme **, and then actively took my hands to me, just at this time I said. “” Let me shoot into my forced, I don’t want to shoot outside, because you are so comfortable. “

After she heard, she suddenly woke a lot, said: “No, shooting will be pregnant in it, don’t, ask, okay?” After listening to her request, I said: ” OK, but you have to promise that I have to let me still do it again. Otherwise I will definitely shoot, and I will do it when I want to spend, I have to spend. “

After she heard, she said: “Ok, as long as I don’t shoot, I promise you, I will think about it, I have made it a time, and how many times, more The same, when I just fuck, I was really comfortable, I used to have a comfortable thing before. “

After listening to her praise, I was more crazy, so that I broke out my hardship in her forced, I was going to shè, and I pulled out the farth. Haven’t come to hide, I was hugged by my hand, and then in her asshole, I was deep in her ass. After dozens of next, a hot rolled jīng liquid shot Her ass. The young woman is separated from the two snow-white sand, showing the anus of the milky white jīng liquid, and I have a rise, I want to rape her, I press it in her jade body, big ** turns Inserting her tender bī and ass, once again, she raped her. This time I took the jīng liquid into her **, the young woman asked me to call the number. , I ask why? She said that she was in a dangerous period, so although she was lied to participate in this ** party, she didn’t dare to be chaotic with others, I would rather hide in the toilet. But now I am raped, and I shot in, if I have a child, she can at least know who the child’s father is.

I got a bit of good feeling against her and left her phone. She also told me the phone, and then said that in order to avoid it, she rushed to put on her clothes. NS.

When I came out, Bai Na just laughed from the female toilet, said to me: “There are three women who are in the female toilet. Four men are ** two beautiful female students. Have a 30-year-old man see me Beauty, not to eat my stool. In fact, I know that he wants to see my ass, it can’t, I have to solve my head, the stool directly into his mouth, he actually eats my stool. Going down, but also saying that it is really delicious. He touched my ass, directly gave my ass again and tender. Later, he wanted to put the ** into my mouth, saying that I will eat milk, I have a little bit. Eat, but I am afraid that you can’t wait, say that my boyfriend is waiting for me outside, running out. “

I heard the big hair, I have to use it with back to me, my hands are supported on the side of the bidil, I put her skirt, Bai Na actually didn’t wear any underwear! A Bednish aroma has been washed in front of my eyes. The anus of Bai Na has been washed. I played with Charena delicate small **, but her freshly attacked anus has droolted me, I lick a white nna white tender Buttons and snow-white thighs, two fingers are inserted into her ** and asshole, and Bai Na makes a charming.

** Intensive, I thought I thought and beautiful, I said, I said to Bai Na: “Good Manna, use the outdoor flower of the **, can you?”

Bai Na bodgedly agreed, I will put the ** top in the anus of Bai Na, one, my more than 20 cm, the big ** slowly squeezed into the rectum of Bai Na.

When my big ** put into the ass, I sent out “哜哜 咯” voice, Bai Na painted, so huge ** poke into the rectum of beauty, any woman will hurt, but I know Charma After a while, there will be sexual pleasure, so big ** is in progress in her rectum into and out.

I was turned to see me, and the gorgeous face is full of expressions.

I took more than 500 years of rape in the anus of Bai Na, and Bai Na was leaked several times. And I also know that I am fine, I asked with Bai Nai immersed in the Yue Yue: “Beautiful people, want me to shoot the jīng liquid in the anus or shoot in the mouth?”

Bai Na’s delicate jade was blocked by my **, such as weak Liu Fu, returning to me: “Fluttering, is it in the rectum of Bai Na?”

I only feel the horse’s eyes, holding the white nice hips, big ** plugged into the butt, “blank,”, a big hot jīng liquid spray Entering the Danya delicate and smooth rectum.

After pulling out the ** in the anus of Bai Na, Bai Na touched his own whispering eyes, smiled: “Flutter, 妳 ** is getting bigger and big, plus the anus of Bai Na, I want My intestines have been called the ** to poke … “

I went out in the jade body of Bai Na. In a corner, a 40-year-old man is raping a twenty-year-old beautiful young woman, young woman’s breasts, underwear and clothes throwing on the ground, snow white beautiful ** is not hanging. The man put two thighs of the beautiful young woman on the shoulders, ** Inserted between her two legs and raped her …

The rapeful young woman is suffering: “The boss, beg you not to rape me again. Today, I have already dried me five times, I am afraid that I can’t stand up.”

The boss is inserted with a jade body. The laugh is smiled and said: “Miss Ji, who is so beautiful, I will swell, I want to take off my trousers. Little beauty, my ** Big, or a husband’s **? “

The young woman is crying and saying: “Yes … is the boss … ** is bigger. Boss, if my husband knows that I am doing other men, he will kill me!” “How is your husband So? It is so beautiful, there are not many people who are dry and have been dry. Rest assured, I will give you a salary in tomorrow … “

“When I came to see for a female secretary, I didn’t say that I would like to give 妳 妳!”

“When the female secretary, in addition to the clothes that make the boss, what else do you want? Otherwise, how do you now a female secretary?”

“I am not **, I am a husband!”

“Why is it still **? How to make my big ** ** ?!” The boss said: “Right, the king of the king, the king of the king, I have to accompany him to bed, I have already Promissing. When you eat with him tomorrow, your clothes should wear, the shorter the skirt, the better, the thigh is coming out, the underwear is not allowed! Wang Boss plays women to put the wine into the beautiful woman’s **, he I also like to insert the ** in the mouth of the woman, in the mouth of the beautiful woman, let them drink. I eat some of his jīng liquid tomorrow. This business is there. I let you make a hundred percent. ten……”

I can’t help it, and climbed into bed. The boss combined with the beautiful young woman’s round butt, the young woman was full of temptation in the light, I’ve gone. In the past, the boss took the buttocks of the young woman made her turn on him on him, with her face to face, I am very big ** to the two snow white big round, the midnone of the bullish Go in, I was taken into the asshole, and the young woman took the body of the boss and enjoyed the two **.

“Who is acting in the eyes, it is so thin.” The young woman’s asshole is hot, I am very easy, I can’t help but speed up, “I don’t know, many people …” The young woman gasped Answer, even which kind of can’t remember, the young woman ass, and the three people gave out of the loud water, the sound of the sound, the sound, the young woman, the young woman also sent a push-up Sound, the ruddy lips are slightly opened, and you can see the pink little tongue. It is gently squatting in your mouth. The whole body moves before and after, and the fat on the big butt of the sky is hit by me. * Hip waves come.

Enjoy the young woman in front of the adultery, the soft squatting on the boss, let me exercise her ass, ** dozens, the new round of strong pleasure has come again.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! … ah! Cool! … is so hard … was you … -! Ah, a good brother, don’t … don’t … shoot in the ass …… It was filled with you! … good swell! … “

I am low, I don’t know how many men’s jīng liquid in the young woman, I will shoot the jīng liquid again, when I took out **, those greasy jug-shaped jīng liquids were hanging in the young woman. On the anus, you can’t get down for a long time.

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