After 14 passed, some people woke me around me, I saw it in my head. “What’s wrong? I’m still asleep.” Ajian said. I smashed the eyes and looked at the time, and time has been over 4 hours. “Hey? Why didn’t you go?” I am shocked.

“Hey! Tap! Walk? I listen, my wife is still alive and live!” I fixed my gods listened, and sure, the next living room is still coming to the laughter and the sorrow of the man. “Do you? Do you have to get four hours?” I doubt.

“Ground! For four hours, we turn to your wife, now I am going to rest, Viagra is really fucking, we have a few times in the body.” “」! ! How is the little 惠? “Listening to him, I am very worried about the situation of the sorrow.

“Reassured, she is very good, the climax is constant. Longbao’s kid will really play, I have sprayed several times, I am! Today, she finally encountered an opponent. To be honest, I have never seen a woman. The following can sprinkle, I have never seen my wife below the water! Haha! Waiting for the creative. However, after connecting a few times, the wife is soft, cooperating, not just starting so hard. “

Son of a bitch! I am in my heart, any woman is turned like this three young guys, and it will not be able to use aphrodisiac.

“Please come here, don’t hurt her body.” For the sorrow, I have to ask Ajian. “How can we say it, we have to say it well. If you have been playing, you can’t erect.” I have finished my out.

“How come back! Don’t! Don’t go in! My husband will wake up!” Xiahui is desperate to move his legs to be hugged into the room. Xia Hui although looks still not too bad, but the naked body is very horrible. The original dark hair is messy, the face and mouth angle are also sticky semen, a few red scratches on the white big breasts, and the legs between the legs are more than a wolf. Long-term pumping, two hypertrophic lains softly pulled out of the yin, the semen of the white flowers continued to flow from the vaginal mouth, along the inner side of the grunge.

The black child put the small babies in bed, he deliberately pair in the little grease under me, just allowed me to see the genitals after the rumor, and Xiaohui’s head is on the other side, so I can’t See me. Xiaofei stretched his legs, tired, lie in bed, no breathing, it seems to be tired.

Long Bao and the black sizes are still still ignorant next to the small benefits, and the two take a breasts and low, and the other hand is not asked to enter the two legs, and the two legs will be separated. Play with your fingers to make a small gaps. “Hey …” Xiaofei’s neck makes a slight embarrassment, and it seems that they are placed by them, and they seem to have become numb.

I looked at the Ajian Dynasty, leaned over with hand, pressed the lower abdomen of the presussion. Suddenly, a strong semen poured from Xiahui big separate labi, flowing to the white quilt …

I looked at the heart of my heart, I can’t tell my psychology. “Ah …” The sensitive part of the stimulation of Longbao and the blackman finger, Xiahui sent a long juicy. Ajian looked at me, turned his head and said to Longbao: “Longbao, Xiao Huiju also wants! Let’s satisfy her!”

Dragon Bao put the index and middle finger into the open vaginal port, and the fingers will slowly explore the finger, maybe, he is looking for a so-called G point.

“Hey … don’t! Don’t get it! I can’t stand it!” Xiaohui shocked, while holding a legs trying to stop the fingers already in the body. “Ah … don’t … ah … … oh … ah … ah …” With the digging of Longbao fingers, Xiahui’s body has been twisted, but the legs who have just joined together Open, a sensuality of a woman who wants to meet.

Longbao’s finger no longer flipped, the finger stopped on a part and gently creeping … “Hey … ah …” Xiahui stretched the neck, forgetting. It seems that Dragon Bao has this matter, and it is actually the most sensitive G point for women’s body.

Long Bao stimulated the small benefit of the baby with his fingers to make a look. The black child smiled and took his index and middle finger into the vagina already had two fingers. Due to long-term play, Xiahui’s vaginal mouth has been very relaxed, coupled with the lubrication of semen and liquid, and the entry of fingers is impossible.

“Ah …” The feeling of expansion of the lower body makes the small benefit once again call. At this time, Xiahui’s lower body was placed in four fingers, and the two fingers of Longbao were slightly shallowed above the vagina, and the two fingers of the black child deeply entered the deepest place below the vagina. Xiaohui’s pink vaginal mouth is wrapped in four lascivious fingers. The clitoride above the vaginal mouth is generally erected, shiny, two dark red and thick and thick laboraries are open on both sides. . Longbao’s fingers entered the two quarters, and the wall was brought to the vaginal wall, and he kept chasting inside.

The two thick fingers of the black son began to slowly pumped, and they also took out some milky white semen and transparent liquid. Ajian was not idle, leaned over in Xiahui Fengqi, bonded to some After the liquid, the erectile clitoris, gently blunt, three young people crazy with five fingers stimulated the most sensitive part of the small benefit body.

“Ah … ah … oh … ah … Xiahui’s snoring is called, the body twists, at this moment, she has completely forgot to have my husband.” Hey … ah … …… “The call is not clear, it is still happy.

Longbao finger vibration frequency is getting higher and higher, the black son is also more fast, Ajian’s finger is quickly blinking, “… ah … …” small 惠 惠 一 獣 獣 獣Get up, the neck is stretched straight, and the green riggen root has violent. I have never seen the excitement of the martial art.

“Hey … oh … ah … …” Suddenly, Longbao and the fingers fiercely took out from the vagina, “…” I saw Xiaohui’s body, if the shock is generally touched, body icon The live squid in the pan is high, and the big breasts are dramatically beat.

The vaginal port of the four fingers did not contraction, still open, and even see the inner wall of the pink vagina in creep. As the small benefit body, the pink vaginal mouth also contracted sharply, and a transparent water column came out from the inside. Is this the so-called female tide blow?

After the spray, Xiahui’s vagina is like the jellyfish, and the pink vaginal wall keeps creeping, “Ah … Oh …” With a sound, Xiao Hui Fu’s body is not stopping Once again, it took a long time to calm down. After the climax, Xiaohui Xiang sweat drummed, flatly lying in bed.

“Xiaoxie, I sprayed a lot of water! Wash the sheets!” Ajian looked at the exhausted Xiaofei.

Dragon Bao has hosted in front of Xiahui, saying: “Hey! How? My finger 仳 海泩 泩 Brother’s strength! Better times, I don’t know myself!” Haha! But! It’s really a prostitute, and the general woman can’t spray it twice. I have to see if I can spray a few times today. “

Xiaohui listened to the way and pleaded: “Don’t! I can’t do it, let me let me, I have been there I have not perpleted it.”

“Hey! How do you say, say good to play, we can’t get it, you can’t regret it! Let’s take a look, how do our guys solve it?” Three guys are quite quite Get straight, they are gently smashed with a beautiful face and reveal breasts around the whisper.

“I … how do I know that you are so powerful! Once I haven’t finished once!” Poor Xiaohui where to know how to squeeze,     ┪ 铩 锒   昧 逞 粢 ┪ 铩? Br /> “I really No, don’t let me. I ask for it. “Xia Hui crying and pleading his face and sorrow, and the appearance is active.

Ajian looked at Xiahui Poor appearance, and his face flashed a smile. Ajian palm held a small holiday, said: “Xia Hui! Do you have a few very comfortable today? Do you want to come back a few times?”

“Oh … I am very tired, I really don’t want it again.” Xiaofei legs sit together, the snow white big tits are towering, and the head is pity and looks at Ajian.

Ajian didn’t answer Xiaohui, and I asked the dragon and black son next to: “How are you? Today is cool?”

“The land is cool! The taste of the young woman in the big city is different, the skin, milk big, butt, the following water, the water is also called, and the hometown of the hometown is a bit. Today, we simply play the sky. ! “” The black child kneaded a pair of big tits before Xiaohui.

“No … don’t!” I screamed Xiaohui. Ajian smiled: “Haha! How do you do two guys don’t know how to pity! Let’s get it like this, Xiao Huijie may not be left tomorrow. Haha!”

“Xiaoxie! It was won by the husband to the bottom of the boutique!” Ajian asked. “I still say it! People are so shy and dead, in case my husband, he woke up, what do I do!” Xiao Hui is said. “Hey! You will be shy! When you have a big butt, you don’t know how to be shy, why don’t you think about your husband! Deep, a black long hair covered a beautiful face. Maybe the sorrow is really regretted that he was betrayed. When people always wait until the painful fruit, it is realized that bitter seeds are broadcast by themselves.

I hate, the unfairness of hate. I remember that she said with Ajian. She still booked me, and she didn’t betray me, but her own flesh betrayed her feelings, her feelings belong to me, and her body needs another man. The emperor betrayal! She is wrong, I have forgotten that I am a sip, the single woman may be said. But she is a sadness, the feelings of the mackerel and the body should be her husband.

嫒, it is a combination of spirit and flesh. She is wrong, so she pays the price for this. At this moment, I will no longer be angry with the humiliation of the sorrow. I only hope that she can get a lesson from this shame, and really know what is awkward, how to be a truly husband.

Ajian continued to hold a small holiday, and said: “Xiao Huijie, I think it is not enough to let it be, do we make a truly shy game? Do you finish the game, I will take it back The tape, we ended this. “

Ah Jian is straight to Xiahui’s eyes, and a deceitful face is almost touched by Xiahui’s nose. He must have a more dirty downward idea to ablate Xiahui. After being humiliated by Ajian, Xiao Hui did almost dared to see Ajian’s face, and said the battle: “Hey … What game is it?”

Long Bao and the black son also looked at Ajian and said: “What game? Our 鶏妑 is still hard, do ghost games!”

“Hey! While we do the last bubble, we do the game, keep it very cool to the extreme.” Ajian smiled. “How? Xiaoxie, first promise me, the game does not do?”

Xiaohui semi-suspiciously asked: “Do you guarantee the last time?” “That place! I promise, I don’t want to die.” Ajian took chest. “That’s good, I promise you.” Although Xiao Hui must know that the R, the color of the spring, the squad, the squad, the village, the squat, squatting, squatting,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

“Do you want me to do what game?” Ajian put down the Xiahui’s lower, and said to the black and Longbao: “Let’s talk about it, why is you interested in Xiaoxie?”

“Nonsense! She is beautiful, I feel like this! I feel excited about the big tits, I feel excited.” The black child holds a small boy to pinch the chest, and it is still in the left and right, so that the pair The tits are usually jumped. “This is just one aspect, is there?” Hezi and Dragon Baow thought, shook his head, looked at Ajian, I didn’t know what medicine sold in Ajian Gourd.

“Oh! I also because she is a young woman with her husband. She has a strong shame when she is playing. The more she feels shameful, the more excited, this is what you can inhibit today. Once again, what do you think? “Ajian’s eyes smashed the black and Longbao, as an analysis like a professor of psychology.

“Yeah! I’ve been right.” Longbao replied. Ajian continued his topic and said: “As a mage, it is a shameful thing to play with a man who is born by his husband. This is why Xiaoxijie just wants us to play outside the living room outside. “Say here, Ajian low asks Xiaohui:” Xiaoxie, what is it? “

Xiaohui is shameful and red, and the low head said: “Don’t say these, is it good? I have been playing like this. I have to play games.!”

At this time, the black son also appeared, while continuing to play the breasts playing in the hands, “What game is playing, I am saying!” “Hey!” Ajian smiled and continued: “Urgent What! To play the land, you can let the child feel the most shameful game. Ask a question, what is the way to play with a shame? “

Dragon Treasure didn’t think, I said: “This I know, the land is in the face of her husband’s face, the man is insulting, and the eyes of her husband should be the most shy thing. “

“Haha! Yes! Smart!” Ajian took the shoulder of Longbao. “But … But the little wary is in front of the mud, the experience does not experience this extreme shame.” The black child stopped to play with the small bau breast. Although they know that I am awake, but the sorrow is not known that I am installing, so she is the shame of the so-called experience. Is it difficult to 禑       」」 」榧 榧 叱芏 叱芏 穑 穑 姨 ┪ ┪ 谧 谧 谧 八 八 八 穑 穑 八 八 八 ┪ 八 八 八 八 八 八 八 ┪ 八 八 欢 欢Amine 穸   业南 敕? Br /> “Hey! Although Dong Dapeng is now drunk, I have a way to let them experience an ultimate shame, and will let us experience an ultimate thrill.”

Xia Hui still lowered his head, listening to Hezi and Dragon Bao to play every kind of belt of her body, and listened to Ajun.

I noticed that Ajian’s sentence is specially used in “they”, and Xiaofei at this time will certainly not pay attention to this detail. I don’t know, R Lu, Rui, rushing, tip, hi-tip, hi-tip, ㄋ, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Start. “Ajian elephant is generally announced. “Xiaoxie, I now climb to the old borders, all the games are in the husband!”

“Ah? Ah … don’t!” Xiaofei shocked, and then broke free from the palm of the top and downwards, hugged his body to make a group, and quickly squeezed a pair of breasts.

I also listened to my heart, my mother’s bastard! I actually came up with such a dirty idea, I have to let me accept their fun on me.

I really want to jump now, throw this king out of the upstairs. However, I have a thin force, they are all young and strong guys, and they are really fighting with them, and they may be my own from the window. Moreover, the mackerel mini may continue to be destroyed by them, and the ending may be even more unbearable.

“Haha! I rely! Ajian! You are really damaging. Such ideas also want to get out! Hahaha!” The black child finger Ajian smiled. “High! Let Xiao Huiju accepted our big borders on her husband, playing with people’s meat sandwich, cool! It’s really good!” Longbao has a thumbs up to Ajian.

“Hey! How? It is pressed against his husband, but it is taken behind him behind him, letting others’ semen into their own uterus, for a sage, this is not an ultimate shame.” Jianzhi said.

“Don’t! Don’t let me do such a shameful thing.” Xiaohui’s body was tightened, and it was dramatically shaking, and he screamed. “妳 … 妳 … How do I know that I will come out such a bad idea, can’t do it, I don’t do such a shame.”

Ajian snorted coldly: “Hey! You can not do it, you are ready, we can’t walk, you can’t walk tomorrow, don’t blame us!” “Do you can’t walk, remember the last one When the girl was smashed below, although she still contracted, she didn’t spray the water, and finally, even the size was incontinent, I couldn’t take a bed at a week. “Longbao threatened.

“Yes! Xiao Hui sister also wants to be turned to the frightening urine! It can be too bad!” Auntie touched the small baili. “Hey … you are so despicable!” Xiaohui’s head is angry at Ajian. “Don’t be angry! This is what I promise, don’t repent!” Ajian said.

Ajian slowly helped the small Huiqi naked body, Xiaohui did not make too much resistance, perhaps she also realized that all resistance is just futile, but will trigger more of them. Xiaohui is looking at me silently in the bed, she slowed his eyes slow to my face. I just had a underwear, and I slept quietly, I didn’t move, and I close my eyes.

After fifteen, I felt that someone climbed the bed. Immediately, a familiar warm and soft body lightly greened my back, I clearly felt that the meat of the two drums capenial cavity was first attached to my naked back, which was a full breast. Then, the position of the waist is in contact with the soft belly. The smaller hip covered my hips, I can feel the shame of the martyrhosis between my hips.

It may be that I am afraid that I am waking up after pressure, the sorrows of the elbow holds the beds on my side, the upper body is trying to support, and I don’t let me withstand more weight. Even so, the sorrowful breasts are still in the back of my back, and the rolling is kept with the shaking of the sand.

“Haha! Sensual odor, poor husband, how strange posture!” Ajian sigh. “Look! It’s really indeed of the scorpion! It’s so high on your own husband! That is to let us look at the hole below.” That is the sound of the black. In fact, I am clear, but the sorrow is not my own posture, and the sorrow is suffering from the pain, the waist is definitely sang, the original fat ass, because my hips are supported, and it seems more high.. And a bodybuilding thigh is unavoidable to separate on both sides of my body, so the seductive genolic genolic between the two legs naturally opens before they are open.

In his husband, it plays so lustful posture, Xiaohui’s full body is slightly shaking because of humiliation. The breasts that were hanging on my back began to rhythm. I feel that the small nipples painted in my back, and sometimes the huge tits left my skin, and they were placed back. My back. Someone is putting a savage breast.

“Don’t do this! Don’t touch my husband! He will wake up, you have to get it, come in!” Xiaohui said.

“Hey! So anxious! Rest assured, my husband now doesn’t wake up in his body.” Ajian’s voice sounded in my ear, and it must be him with a small breast.

“Who is coming first! Our small wary sister can’t wait!” Ajian told. “I! Still come first, look at the woman under the water, I am swelling below.” That is the sound of the black. “In a man, he is fucking his sorrow, or there is still a time! I will try this taste first.”

“Hey!” A crisp shot came from behind. “Ah!” Xiaohui quickly called, his body creep. Someone is pumping Xiaohui ass. “The legs are separated again, I want to go up, I will open the thigh to meet my big!”

Xiahui behind him has a movement, and the two thighs on my side are more open, and the knees are put on the bed parallel to my waist. Some people climbed the bed, and the bed under my body was shaking a few times and issued “吱”. Xiaohui knows that he has to be stated by a man behind him, and this time is a scorpion of the man who has received his husband after his husband. It may be to reduce the pressure of her man’s body to my body. She puts the butture, and the small belly is slightly leaving, leaving my hips.

“Ah …” Huifa is long, and the body is dramatically shaking. Immediately, Xiahui’s abdomen was returned to my hips, and my back was obviously a heavy pressure. I understand that the penis of the black son has entered the body of the sorrow, and he didn’t even make any prediction.

“Oh …” Although the sorrow is as low as the sound, but since the distance is so close, the 呻 吟 呻 呻 呻 呻 还 还 还 地 地 地 中 中 还 还 还 还 吟 吟 吟”Oh! Oh …”

With the black son, the warm and soft naked body behind me also fluctuated, and the huge breast rolled back and then rolled on my back. “Ah … ah …” In the sorrowful snoring, behind the peristaltic motivation of the flesh, pressing the penis under my body gradually erect.

Oh my God! How could this be? I am. Under the impact of the black child, Xiahui naked body can’t stay in me, and my body also creeps with the creeps of the crowd, and the erection of the glans continued to rub the underwear, a strong pleasure from Downhill.

“Ah … oh … please … ah … please lightly … ah …” Xiaohui slammed while interruption. The black child seems to have not ignored Xiahui, and the body’s impact once is fierce.

At this time, Xiaohui “ah … ah …” The sensuality snoring, the buffife “!!”, The phonody, the strong belly, and Xiaohui big ass hit the “惠!”, “嘬 … 嘬 …” in the woman’s wet 悻, the sound of the water, the bed under the body, “gure … gure …” sound, and Longbao and Ajian’s laughter sound , Strongly inspiring my body’s desire, the penis under the body is more fierce.

Under the impact of the black child, Xiahui’s body is getting smaller and soft. The whole upper body is pressed against me, half of the face is on my back neck, and long brunette also sprinkles on my shoulder. Two round spheres are tightly stuck in my back, and the exception is soft.

“Ah … oh …” The body of the boss is more fierce, and from time to time, it will move backwards to the income of the black man penis. The naked body sweats, making my back slippery. “… …” The mouth of the black child hampered.

I Xiaohui across the body can feel sunspots body twitch, burst after burst, the body’s semen inside my body inch into the desolate child’s body. And Xiaohui body under me, actually are at the moment body-inch fine, straight body feels twitch, the body of liquid spewing out …… I try to suppress the body’s reaction, let me sad son found the body of abnormal. Xiaohui limply fell on my body, mouth constantly breathing heavily and let the semen sunspots inch body into his body. Perhaps because sunspots twitching body to cover up my body’s reaction Xiaohui did not even notice my body strange. Shortly after, my body look relieve pressure, sunspots left Xiaohui body.

“Oh! Ha ha! It was great! Such a method onyx really exciting, I did not have to cool down to tinker with a few inches to the body.” Said cheerfully after sunspots out of bed.

“What else, Xiaohui more than a body under the pads, feeling the Kuwana is not the same.” “Ha ha! Just suffer Dong Dapeng ah! Wife is another man operation, but also for their own pads. Ha ha!” ” Xiaohui sister! how her husband who was in his own people dry taste ah? not cool it was great? ha ha! “

“What would not she was great! I just go to bed, she was following on the proliferation of sexual secretion, a talent not a few, she was holding a big ass back hard top, I want to play slowly makes does not work, the next a few did not do was her following uproar hole to suck out. “obscene language again and again three guys, I play sad son’s body did not forget to use words teased.

“Stop it fast, u have to hurry to play, the next who? Hurry up ah!” Xiaohui urged in the upper body, she must hope that their abuse can end quickly.

“Hey! Well play the game! Jia doing so!” Ken Qian laughed. “U has put such a posture more boring, let’s play another position, right!”

“Today we each change in one position, so that Ni Hao thrilled Enough!” “Come! U down. It allows you to turn over her husband.” Ken told Road.

My back naked sad child hesitated a little, some seem reluctant. After a few moments, sad child naked plump body left my body. She must know, tonight, only be dictated to, men abuse her might only be ended as soon as possible. I still prostrate body, his eyes shot from the side and looked around.

Xiaohui back to me sitting on the bed, white ass up close before my eyes. Because it is seated, pressing the edge of the bed bulging rump fruitful to both sides, it is even more surprising hypertrophy.

My body was a few guys are busy divvying up beyond all recognition over the face. “Huh?” Was sound, with a surprised tone. Damn! My heart secretly crying. They must have seen my lower body was soaked his underwear semen. By their own sad child Qian shame, but I was fine in the chill-inch sub-body lower body, it is the most shameful thing.

“Oh! Hey!” They could not help but laugh out loud, but also slowly peeled off my panties. “Ha ha! Oh! Ha ha!” Someone hand and fiddled with my shrinking penis, but also with underwear stripped wiped his semen remaining in the above. Ken stick with your fingers carrying a lot of semen panties in front of me shook, turned to a wave threw on the floor.

“Ha ha! Ha!” I know just the lower body after body Xiaohui inch fine secret, three non-stop laughter son of a bitch. “What are u laughing?” Heard their unbridled laughter, turned the body Xiaohui, asked, puzzled.

“Hey! What did not laugh, Xiaohui sister, u look good small oh u husband’s Jiji! How many Pi a snail big deal. Ha ha!” Ken had to laugh my weak penis with your fingers Rattled go round and round in my lower abdomen. “Ha ha! No wonder Xiaohui sister whom you want affair ah! Ha ha!” “Yes ah! Ah! No wonder Xiaohui sister climax over and over again, following sexual secretion flow forever. My husband had usually not meet ah!”

“They come on u, u can insult me, but I beg u who do not insult my husband.” Xiaohui pleaded. “What a good wife ah so this time also for her husband talk!.” “Good Good Good we do not insult u husband, we insult insult you, then let’s play!!!.” Ken’s ass patted Xiaohui, said: “Xiaohui sister, her husband who go back to u! now it’s my turn this little love u to dry up.”

Xiaohui obediently to his feet, and climbed into bed. “Turn around, turn on your face in front of her husband’s small Jiji u, u big ass in front of her husband’s face, tell your husband to a 69 formula.” Ken command channel.

Xiaohui did not make too much hesitation, according to Ajian’s command, he took his body across me, the knee was separated on both sides of my neck, and the fat butt was high, and the upper body slowly lost, attached to my naked belly. . Merry buttocks, water-haired genitals and tightened ass clarify this clearly print my eyes, I have never enjoyed the lower body in such a posture. I suddenly found that the pink vaginal port has a milky white liquid to spill, slowly gather in the edge of fat and beautiful lips, and finally hang down after it is concatenated … damn! That is the semen that is just in the neck. I quickly opened my face, but the bunch of deep semen or “!” Has fallen in my right cheek. Suddenly, a smell, I frowned, a disgusting. At this moment, my hand can’t be moved, and I will open the slightly greasy semen on my face.

Ajian looked at the expression of my wolf, and I kept laughing with my mouth. He quietly leaned his mouth to put my ear, and said low voice: “Wife is doing it, you must feel very cool! If you can’t think of you, you will actually be inhibitory, you are not ideal!” I listened. It’s a shameful and anger, shame yourself, angry.

“I still can’t see it, now it is good, my eyes are gladdy, I have a good performance show to see.” Ajian gave me a ghost, and then turned over the bed.

After a while, Ajian appeared after a small gantry, his body facing the white big butt, his legs were separated on both sides of my head. At this moment, my visual is all occupied by a furry male and female.

Ajian’s penis is very straight, although it is not very thick, but very long, it looks like an 18 centimeter. It refers to the macro, the water, the rumor, as if it is like a big snake who is going to can’t be entered. Two fat lables are like flowers, and the prostitutes are as erect, and the prostitute and semen are gathered together, and they are full of pink vaginal mouths, wet, see Extraordinary.

Ajian single hand holds the penis, picks up the small lips of Xiahui with the glans, “唔 …” Xia Hui couldn’t help but send a snoring, and the fat buttocks began to swing uneasy. Ajian put the glans between two hypertrophy and gently rubbed the yuki. “Ah …” Xiahui’s snow-white skin begins to jitter.

Her body has could not endure Ajian’s pod, holding a fat butt slowly, I walked at the sorrowful laborant ladle, and I was wrapped in a mushroom-like glans. Jian let go of the hand holding the penis, and the hands of the two sides of the small baq big butt, the lower body is ahead.

“Ah …” Xiaohui is smashed, and it is emitted.

Ajian pink glans, black long penis instantly did not enter the small benefit and wet lazy, only the wrinkled scrotol was hanging in the vaginal mouth, the two furry gennel were closely attached, For one, the gloom is staggered, and the black and faint, it can’t be unclear.

“Oh …” Ajian low, the young people have a strong hip begins to move, and launched a violent impact on Xiaoxue Bai Bai’s buttocks. “Ah … ah …” Long penis did not enter the deepest place of vaginal, and once again took out, the semen inside Xiahui’s body was taken out of the coronary groove of the turtle, and with the penis In-depth and squeezed in pink vaginal, forming white pulp.悻 器 与 悻 悻 运动 运动 活 活 活……………………………….. 般.

“Ah … ah …” under the integrity of Ajian’s healthy hit, the hip shake of the crust whitening fat fertilizer. The more the slurry of the crude vagina is getting more, the two sides are also spotted, and the long penis that is filled out from time to time is also covered with white pulp. “Ah … oh …” The hanging volume of hanging between the Affiliated legs kept swinging, hitting the sorrow because of exciting yuki. “Ah … ah …” This moment, the sorrow is very investment, and it is still in the same way, with a fat buttocks, and cooperate with Ajian. “Ah … oh … ah …”

After pulling a while, Ajian suddenly pulled out his wet penis and stopped the reciprocating movement of the lower body. “Ah … ah? What happened? Why don’t you move? Come in! After losing the impact of the penis, Xiaohui disappointed, lifting the big butt slutty swing, a loss of dissatisfaction appearance.

“Hey! Xiaoxie! I’m too slippery. I feel too loose in my body. I didn’t feel it.” Ajian smiled. “Ah? Hey! I haven’t finished this three men. I will go down below! I still blame me! I’m blame!” Now Xiaowai seems to have forgotten what he suffered. The insuluation, talking, sorrowful, all shameless.

“Hey! Xiaoxie, there are other caves, we haven’t played! Hey!” Ajian smiled a few times, using a thumb to scrape the liquid of Xiaoxing Yellow flower, then scraped into a tightened ass, then The middle refers to some liquids in the anus of the anus … “Don’t! There is not!” Xia Hui realized that Ajian’s usefulness was shocked, the snow white butt was desperately swayed to protest, the anus also followed One of them is tightened. After the slight force, the amajian humidity is straight into Xiahui’s anus. With liquid lubrication, the entry of fingers is not particularly laborious.

“Ah … don’t! There is not ah there …” Xiahui continued to protest. “Tight asshole! I have never been developed!” Ajian is in the middle of the anus that digs the mackerel, and has never been opened. “Ah … no … no … I will be very painful, you! Don’t …” I have had once, I tried to enter the anus of the crack, I just sent the glans just sent a little bit. , The sorrow is hurt, so I have to make a good job.

“Reassuring, no pain, I have rich experience in playing yourft eyes, will be very gentle.” Ajian pulled out the middle finger, and immediately scraped some white liquid to send a slightly open anus in the vagina. He is in the final lubrication for his own penis. Seeing Ajian’s behavior, I won’t be unfortunate in my heart, and the crowded a woman who has been sticking to me. It is likely to be not guaranteed today.

Ajian took his penis, and took the glans to the molas of the crystal lace, so that the above is covered with bright crystalline, and then slowly moved to the beautiful anus. .

“Don’t! Don’t …” Xiaofei is shocked, but he does not dare to fight against it, and the white body is slightly shaking. A, the waist, holding a strong penis slowly topped forward, holding a liquid-filled glans slowly opens the proceedings of the anus. “Ah … hurt …” After the anus is painful, Xiahui’s buttocks are tilted before, to avoid the entry of Ajun. After connecting a few times, Ajian as long as a force, Xiahui’s big buttocks escape from the inch contraction. Ajian is difficult to have.

As soon as I was unable, I made a look to the black and dragon treasure around you. Hezi and Longbao consulted, two people walked to the two sides of the bed, and a guy hugged the small Hui to make her unable to move, and another guy used two big hands to open a small baili two flaps, so that Junior.

Under the cooperation of the black and dragon treasure, Ajian lifted a gentle penis and once again used to force the top.

I will only look at the back door of their strong mood. “Ah …” The same glans in Ajian Mushroom did not enter the anus of Xiaohui. “Hey … … hurt … …” Xiaohui cried, and the body trembled.

The long penis slowly penetrates the depths of the small benefits. “Hey … ah …” The bare naked body is soft and soft, his face is right, and a painful snoring is made. Seeing Xiahui no longer struggling, black and dragon treasure left her body.

The black child holds Xiaohui’s hips, and I am inxicated: “It’s a tight asshole! Haha! I can’t think of the taste of the virgin in the mature and charming small benefits! Xiao Huijie, just a little pain It will be good to get used to it. Maybe you will also like the fun of your fart! Haha! “

“Hey … 妳 … 妳 This bad egg! Where to dry, how can you … … people really hurt! Will not tear! Hey …” Xiahui said with a cry.

“Don’t worry, play anal sex is the most important thing to pre-expansion and lubrication, I have just used my fingers as a full expansion of lubrication, so I don’t have anything. Because the rectum can not secrete the liquid, so the next Lubrication work, it is from Longbao Brothers! Haha! Have you said, play a woman, my brother Longbao is the master in the master, we all call him Dr. He knows how to make women pain, how to make Woman is happy, but it is more than him to make women get happiness in pain. “

Ajian said again to Dragon Bao: “Longbao! Xiao Hui sister now hurts now, can you give her a little happy?” Long Bao listened: “Haha! Xiao Huijie, other, I dare not say, Woman, I want to have more happiness, I can give you how many happiness! “

Ajian began to twitch the card in the fart, slowly pulled out, and then advanced. The open anus red, sphincter, a tight pink rubber ring, tightly hoop Ajian’s penis, and did not leave a slit. The anus is pumping the underlying moist and hyepiarid, and the pink vaginal port is generally constantly opening and creeping.

Dragon Bao squatted next to me, leaning on my head, and watched the lower body of Ajian and Xiaohui tightly. He fell into a small wet pussy, and he continued to stir the pumping, and the brilliant liquid of the brown crystal was placed on the penis that just pulled out from the anus. “Hey … ah …” Xiahui’s embarrassment is still slightly painful, but there is no appearance that I have just painless. “Ah … ah …”

Ajian is regarded as the integration of the small benefit body, and it is not easy to push his penis, and the dragon’s fingers flexibly smashed in Xiahui’s body.

“Oh … ah …” Xiaohui’s snoring is getting loud and loud, and the white body can’t stand. “Haha! Longbao is really great! This mother really estrus!” The black child lifted his thumbs up against Longbao. Longbao used his technique to fell quickly to his vaginal wall, and the hypertrophy was quickly oozing a lot of prostitution, flowing into his back. “Ah … …” Xiahui fiercely squatted, the snow whitening carcass twisted.

Longbao is really worthy of Dr. Ajun, let Xiaohui are liberated from the pain of the anus from the anus, but let her immerse two holes before and after simultaneous intrusion. I just looked at two men at the close of them, and I smoked the lower body of the sore, and I couldn’t help but labeze the woman’s body structure itself is suitable for multiple men.

Ajian’s long penis is more violently smashed with Xiaohui’s fidel, hit the big butt on the white hip meat.

Longbao’s finger is equipped with a high-speed motor, and the speed of speed, smashing, “Ah … ah … … ah …” As with an forgotten, Xiaohui’s whole wet is too sharply contracted sharply. . Dragon Bao quickly took out his finger.

I understand that the sorrow is once again played. A bright sparkling liquid spurt from the vaginal mouth of the mackerel, and then it is dramatically contracted, and it is fiercely sprayed again. Once again … Okuo splash, there are a few drops Spraying in me, I can’t come, the face, slippery, hot hot. “Oh … oh …” Every prostitution of the sorrow is accompanied by the strength of the body.

I am lying in the sorrow, the naked body clearly refers to every trembling of the body when the climax is coming. Ajian also stopped pumping, the penis deep card in the deepest place in the rectum, seems to experience the pleasure of the inside of the small benefit body. “Hey … …” card in Xiahui’s penis is dramatic, and Ajian has a wild roaring.

Auntie inch, in the eyes of my beautiful mackerel. I saw Ajian’s butt and tightly, put all the long penis into my anus, and the black and wrinkled scrotum was stuck in the water, and the body was a bursary. Board. After the climax, the small benefits were weak, and they gave it astily, and they took a large number of semen into their own rectum. After the amtrium, I still left the penis in the body of the penis.

“Hey!” Ajian slammed Xiaohui’s big ass with the palm of his hand, attracting Xiaohui. “Cool! In this 騒 騒 眼 眼 眼 她 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死 死,, 握 被 被 被 被 被 被 紧 紧 握 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧

“Thank you Xiaoxie, give me the first time of the ass! Thank you! Haha!” Ajian took a small hip, said to Xiaofei: “How? Xiaoxie, the assassination of the fart” is not bad Is it? “Hey! Is that still use it? I saw that she was more than a few times. The taste of the front and rear clamps must also make Xiao Huijie cool down. Haha!” Long Bao said with a smile.

“Hey! I am pulling out! Is it still not looking for it?” Long Bao urged. “The turn is here, see so cool, Laozi can’t wait.” Long Bao handed up his penis, a monkey like a monkey.

“Hey! Staying inside comfortably, I really don’t want to come out!” Ajian is reluctantly pulling the weak penis from the small cloth, and the semen of the white flowers also from the frosty fart. The inner is poured out, gathers between the large open labia, and the retiring film forms a bundle to slow down.

Mom, poor, I was can’t be moved by them, I could only rushed to my down, a bit awkward. In this way, the first time in the back door of the sorrow has gave it to play and sell her man, despicable Shajian.

Not long, the last man of the last round of the round game was played. This time, the sorrow is in accordance with Longbao’s instructions, facing the face on my naked body, her face is in my shoulder, the plump chest is pressed in my chest, I feel special mesenchymi. Our lower abdomen is also closely attached, my weak penis can even feel the wet temperature of the crude corner. Many times with the macrose, so many times, and many times in this posture to feel the crazy twists of the pain of the skin, and many times in this posture in the macrise. . The same posture, very different feelings.

The baked body is naked, the warmth is still, and the body we overlap is still borne. Different, our current posture is humiliating, humiliating, humiliating. The body of the sorrow, my soul, was pulled with a miserable gentle, and then rounded.

“Hey … ah …” accompanied by the fierce jitter of the body, the sorghum whose throws rang again. I understand that the lower body of the mackerel is again invincible by the male’s mooyu. And should be an anus. Although I can’t see the situation there, I still have to make judgments from the 呻子 呻 的.

I am looking at the descendants of the long face and a look of the gods behind the descendants. “Fruitful ass! Clip to the old man is so comfortable!” With the evolution of Longbao’s body, the pressure on my body is getting bigger and bigger, and I put me so much. “Ah … oh …” didn’t take long, the sorrow sent a pleasant shout, and the plump body was crazy again.

It’s a sensual woman! My heart is dark. I have to admire the desire of the sorrowful superman. After such a long time, the abuse, and a climax of the climax, I can still be so easily in my husband. Can a woman really can enjoy this from anal sex?

“Hey … … ah … … Dry … Dry me …” Xiaohui’s exciting shouts have made the best interpretation. “Ok … so comfortable … Here … I will also … soon …” I will give it to me … “

After the front and rear stimulation of the front and rear of Longbao, the body of the smelly is no longer satisfied with a single anal stimulus. I can really feel the lower body of the cracks, and the empty vagina must also be opened, and it is eager to enter the entry of foreign objects.

“Hey! I have never seen such a lascivious woman, a blink of an eye, and the following prostitute is flooding.” It is the sound of the black. “Ok! I also use my fingers to pass!”

Suddenly, the lower body came from a bun, I felt that someone was taking my weak penis. Son of a bitch! I want to do anything! It must be a black child, I think. The guy actually turned repeatedly with his fingers to stimulate my penis. With his flipping, the lower body came from a burst of pleasure, and the ankle under the arm was gradually collapsed.

“Xiaoxie, do you want my finger?” “Ah … you want … to be … hurry …!” Xiaihui twisted abunderstorm called even again. “Hey! My two fingers have to come in!” Long Bao smiled.

I only feel that someone moves my erect’s glans to a wet soft place, and then pinch it in the inside, I only feel that my own glans will slip into a familiar, wet warm cave Inside, the lower body is immediately sent a pleasure, Tiannao! That is the vagina of the crack!

The eggs of the black son have stuffed my penis after hardening my penis. It turned out to make me and another man. Dragon Bao still tightly pumping a small benefit of the anus.

At this time, I and the penis of Longbao only took a thin thin meat film. I expanded the penis that the penis can be clearly slided in another hole in my broth. I didn’t dare to move, so as not to let the sorrow I have already entered her body. Despite this, the penis that Longbao continuously fliculates the glans I swell through the diaphragm, so that the lower body has a strong pleasure.

“Ah ……… Comfortable … 妳 ‘s fingers … so comfortable … ah …” The sorrow really thought it was a black man’s finger into it, and the volulted was excited to shake. The black child fingers hold the roots of my penis, slowly pull, shame and thrill, my mind is fainted.

After a while, I feel that Longbao’s penis is exited from the 子 body. Then, a sticky hard-bonus stick is attached to my penis root and squeezed my penis in the somato. “Ah … good swell! …” Xiahui loudly shout.

Dragon Bao’s kid actually wants him to get rid of the penis into the vagina that I have been occupied by me. Xiahui’s genitals have been pulled out for a long time, although it has been loose, but it is difficult to accommodate the squeeze of two penis. Each time, Longbao’s penis just squeezes into a small paragraph, my penis will slip out immediately. “Hey … below … below is scales … Finger … The finger is taken out …” Xiaohui is a lot of money, she thought it was a black man’s finger and the penis of Longbao entered her body. I feel that the black man is deeply inflated into the vagina that expands, and then holds the root of the penis and does not let it slip out. Another thick meat stick slowly supported the vagina, my penis was squeezed, and it came to a sense of compression …

Finally, Dragon Bao and my penis were deeply deep into the vagina. “Ah … good swells … ah … ah … 唔 …” Suddenly, my shoulder came a stinging. It turned out, I don’t know if it is because of pain or excitement. At this time, she is no longer considered whether I will wake up. “Well……”

Longbao carefully smashed, scared that his penis was accidentally sliding. My glans came to a pleasure, although my penis was can’t move after being poured by the black and, but Longbao’s meat stick was tightly sliding, enough to let me feel the thrill of strong meat. Our furry scrotum is also friction with each other, bringing a feeling of itching.

“Ah … ah …” Xiahui finally released his mouth and looked. “Ah … so comfortable … Good … ah …” Xiahui’s big butt is backwards backwards, caught the creep of the lower body of the two meat sticks. “Oh … ah … can’t … I … I have to do it … ah … do it … hard … Dry me … Oh … oh …”

At this time, I have been blurred by the strong pleasure of the lower body and the obscenity of the sorrow, and the shame of the body is completely. “Ah … …” With a long with crying, my penis felt the first strong contraction of the scholar genger. I understand that the martial arts arrived again. “Oh……”

The vaginal horn wrapped in two penis shrinks again and again, stimulates my glans to the peak of pleasure. I am also in terms of impairment, my mask is contrast with other men’s penis. The crude vagina once again contracted again, my penis is also emerging again and again. It’s imphase, our husband is actually arrived at the same time in such a humiliation.

This is an ultimate shame. I strongly believe in a wave of pleasure, trying hard to draw your body with a twitching, try not to let the cracks in the climax find. At this time, Long Bao’s roughness began to dramatically. The black scholar has released his hand, and the weak penis in my appearance quickly slipped out of the wet vagina.

“Hey! Hey!” Long Bao finally finished the last pointers. When he left Xiaohui’s body, a lot of hot semen streamed to my weak penis. The sidewalk is right in my naked shoulder, and the plump body is still in my body. It doesn’t move.

Three guys wore a neat together to bed. “Small Huijie, I am really great.” Ajian said like a model. “Our brothers teach yourself and extraordinary desires.”

“Oh! We may not forget tonight. Such a woman will not meet a few people in a lifetime. “The two guys loudly and.

“Okay, don’t say it, let’s take a break early! I have to take an important figure tomorrow.” Ajian smiled and smiled in my body, smiled and said: “Hehe! Today, If you are tired, sleep well! “Ajian took out the video with the tape to the bed, kneeling his body around us.

He used his hand to open a few slings in front of Xiahui’s eyes, gently touched beautiful but slightly smoother, said: “I am talking about, I want to give it. However, you must It’s so properly, because I should be here tomorrow, they should be here, I don’t let this thing fall in their hands! “

Xiaohui still closed his eyes and lazy to see Ajian. Seeing Xiahui not reacted, Ajian put the tape from the pillow.

“Let’s go!” Ajian waved, and the three guys came out of the room. The hateful black child is still in the Xiahui’s fat buttocks, and the little brows are wrinkled.

The room was quiet. Only the soft breathing ear is generous. I have passed for a while, the sorrow is still leaving from me.

“Hey …” a scream of screaming, suppression for the long-awaited grievance and pain, finally vented at this moment. “Hey … …” The naked body of the sorrow made a burst of trembling with increasingly sadness. At this moment, my heart was broken. “Husband … I can’t stand it … I am a bad woman … I don’t match the 妳 …” Xiaohui muttered, she sat up, pick up a fruit knife on the bedside table, slow and firmly Cutting her wrist. I have been sleeping, but I saw this scene from the eyes, I suddenly shocked the soul, I hug Xia Hui, hurried: “Wife, what happened? What is it?” Xiahui alert I was firmly hugged in the arms, and I still took the fruit knife in my hand. She was surprised: “Husband, how can you wake up?” I am there, I don’t know if I don’t know how to be a spring. BR? Br /> Xiaohui’s face suddenly became awkward, she looked at me: “Husband, I have been awake … I always know?” Looking at her pale face, I nodded. Xiaohui suddenly smiled and gently made the body, and resolutely broke away from my arms, she looked at me with a smile, but the twilight, but I couldn’t say cold.

I am panicked, hurriedly said: “Wife, I … I just want to take it back …” Xiaohui shakes his head, gently sighing, whispered: “I thought … Just 妳 里I didn’t think … I can’t do it. “I didn’t understand what she meant in her words, looked at her.

Xiaohui is cold and smiled: “Is it a living man?” Endless shame in the past, I have poured into my heart, think of the most recent experience, I am silent. Xia Hui slowly stood up and started looking for her clothes, wrapped her with her greasy body. I panicked and chaotic, I thought about reaching it to pull her, Xiaohui used the cold eyes to stop my behavior.

“Wife, I am awkward … I don’t want to lose you!” I think I am very wronged. After all, I am the original derailed is her, why is it now like me? Xiaohui is like looking at it, looking at me, the lips are still a burst of laugh: “Hey I gave me another man humiliated, this is 嫒 嫒 嫒?”

“I …” I want to argue, but in the face of Xiahui’s eyes, I always say that I can’t say it. “I am the first to betray it, so after I discovery, I will humiliate me by other men, is it?” Xiaohui is talking about a very common thing: “Is this a retipment, right?”

“Nothing, I just want to take back the belt!” I urgently authentic. Xiahui suddenly asked me: “That Tomorrow is coming, there is a plate of straps, is it going to continue to let me humiliate me, rotten me? Is it like today?”

I am there, I don’t know how to answer, my heart is faintly, Xiaohui said this is good, after all in my eyes, she is not until the Haiyu. “Is anyone who has my handle in her hand, I will be a wife who is strong and humiliated to humiliate.” Xiaofei is a tears: “Even the roadside is?”

I shy and low: “I just want to keep my name …” Xiaohui’s tears smiled and asked: “When you lose your wife, it keeps it?” Thinking of the neighbors And the rumors, I shook my head under my consciousness.

Xiao Hui sighed, whispered: “I didn’t expect that my husband, actually is such a stupid, weak, unbearable man … In fact, it is not a man!” I am speechless, facing Xiahui Accumbment, half-minded can’t come. “Divorce, we.” Xiahui calmly said: “Although my body betrayed it, but the behavior, my betrayal is more shameful! It is shameful to even make me unbearable!”

“I am!” I am in a hurry: “Wife, I am really awkward, I don’t mind!”

“But I mind!” Xia Hui angry: “I see you, think of you, now I feel disgusting, 仳仳 民工, still things, they just humiliate my body, but even my soul is humiliated ! “” “

“There is a saying, I am really awkward.” Stopping, she said: “It’s really a turtle king eight!” After the end, I saw me very contemptuous, and I walked out of the door. outside.

I looked at Xiahui disappeared in the room, staying for a time, sitting hard, why I spend my heart, even enduring various humiliation, I want to protect my marriage and name, until the end, but become A live turtle king eight?

Xiao Hui Linked, I watched my eyes, I was clear and understood in my heart, in her heart, I was completely disappointed, as she said, even I even even garbage is not as good!

But I really embarrass her, who let us become this? Spring looked at the man who said while crying, the room was in the room, and the face of the girls was horrible, and men’s faces were not very good, yes, the lusts were one thing. However, I like Dong Dapeng like a man who was behind him was insulted by a man, and he also said that he said, his mouth sounded, and the real fucking is very disgusting.

Mom, I like to watch my wife, I will say it. It is a hurt person who is a group of incest groups. I don’t care about this, but this Dong Dapeng is obviously the same as the scorpion, and we all Very despised him.

Said wearing, isn’t it strong?

Just now, Zhao Fei also told her in the bus and Ru Jie was collectively rounded, but it was a matter of matter, we all heard very excited, but this stupid encouraged Dapeng’s aptiorologist’s tone, how many mouths were in mouth Hey, his wife, heard me blocked.

I looked at this man who was abandoned by the world, I couldn’t help but ask: “Later? Wife did not follow and good?”

Dong Dameng shook his head, sighed, said: “She divorced me.” He smiled and wiped a tears and said, “Now our entire neighborhood, not call my name, and call me Dong Dong Turtle … My things are transferred to our company, I am resigned, I have been looking for again after the divorce, but our wedding is not to collect my information, saying that I have this kind of turtle, don’t scour, women, I only bought a blowing doll … “He shakes his head:” I am not an inexplicler, the mountain is in the water, now I am just a day for a day … “

I don’t know what happened, I heard this kind of ending, but I feel very happy, then Hou Tian asked: “What about my wife?”

Dong Dapeng hesitated, or said: “Xiaohui is divorced with me, because she is also famous, but she didn’t find the right job. She just got a sea, I entered a high-end entertainment place. Miss, I also changed a name called Xiaochun … “

I am drinking water, I heard this, “Porthria -” a sigh of the water sprayed out, just got it on Ru Jie, who was squatting, I was sorry, but heard the opposite Hou Tian. And Wang Qiang is also a violent cough, and we have three men face each other. When the eyes are exchanged, they are all nodded.

It seems that it is a frequent guest of Hundreds. I think of Xiao Spring. I am just a crying, so a beautiful and charming female support woman, it is still divorced, and there is still a fascinating past, this world is big, Taiwan is small, It’s just a gifting.

It is probably seen that our face is weird, and Dong Dapeng’s face is very ugly, whispered: “Do you have seen Xiao Spring?”

“I have never seen it!” I and Hou Tian also had a strong denial of Wang Qiang in the same sound. It is not hurting his face. This Dong Dameng is mixed, and it is generally just a long. After his wife, it’s too not to be up. Although we are out ofgency, it is definitely not a metamorphosis, which is not interested in the pain of putting his excitement in others.

At this time, Wang Xue came over, kneeling around me, using her big breasts close to my face, I just contained her nipple, I saw He Yuncan and he followed him behind him. Obviously Wang Xue still does not understand him.

I can’t help but ask: “What is going on?” Because the mouth contains a nipple, if you ask, you also contain a paste.

Wang Xue touched my face, and the look said softly: “In fact, I am still not very angry, but after listening to the story of Dong’s Turtle, I understand a fact, even if you want to play, you have to find it. The strength of the power can only play, the man who sells his own woman in order to thousands of pieces or a box of videos, absolutely can’t rely on … “

He Yuncan and Dong Dapeng’s face suddenly changed, Wang Xue is not seen in the same way, continue to feed me, say: “If you open the car, we all know, you will not be a woman who sells women. Men, since they are all playing, then why don’t I find this, but I have to find a vesicular feast? “

The man in the room is silent. Everyone is just a lustful bubble friend. In addition to the blood relationship, there is no legal and morality, don’t say like Wang Xue and He Yuncan this uncle’s relationship, Even if it is a father, the incest party is really unwilling, not to say, it is broken, it is difficult to say that Rushen is 诖蠼 诖蠼 鸲 鸲 怀 怀 怀? Br /> Hou Tianhe Wang Qiang is the upper person in this room. Although they don’t know my head, I look at my Lamborghini EOQU, I know that I am not rich, as for other people, even if the level is wrong, I know that my car It is estimated that the ordinary BMW Mercedes also value money, but will not say three 禑 R animal husbandry? Br /> Wang Xue puts a fracture of the boom and He Yuncan, although everyone is very embarrassing, but no one has no objection, He Yunjing stayed When I stayed, I sat down and wanted to reach out, I went to pick a girl, but I wished an empty. At this time, He Yuncan discovered that he did not know, he and Dong Dapeng, have become alone, There is no girl in a girl. The girls who are chaos and even incest have pursued only happiness, and after listening to these two little-tempered men, the girls naturally have no half of them who can only bring women’s injury and insults. Silk interest, so the avoidance of the traces.

He Yuncan’s face has a white, like a flower face of a singer, and finally, he sighed, standing up, go upstairs, and Dong Dapeng is quite a few points of breaking tips. Ball, still sitting there, but there is always no girl in the past, he will feel boring, and slowly go to the floor.

I saw the two people who were gone from the hall, and the girls sent a cheer. The depression atmosphere in the ventric was suddenly swept away, and the men who listened so many lustful stories, I have long The meat stick is chairing, just pulling a girl, starting again.

Wang Xueyou soft little hand explored to stretching my lower body, I looked at Wang Xuemanya’s beautiful body, forgetting to suck in the breasts of Wang Xuezhuo, one hand slipped to her. “Ah! 咿! Hey!” Wang Xue sent a pleasant and breathless, I didn’t panic, I didn’t hurry on the flesh of the little prostitute, finally, the tongue stayed in Wang Xue’s left nipple, right hand, I won’t know the other Only a rich breast, left handicide and middle finger slightly on both sides of Wang Xue’s clitoris.

At this time, I suddenly drilled a naked man! It is Bai Zhi! Wang Xue sat up and saw the body of two men in front of him full of male atmosphere. She sneaked with Bai Zhi, which is like a robust man like the Kings Tienson, and the muscles, between the two thick thighs, a black black meat stick is standing.

I pulled up her little hand on the penis of Bai Zhi.

Wang Xue’s grazing must be seven or eight inch, the child arm is as thick, the glans have a big duck egg so big! The coronary grooves behind the glans are distinct, and a meat stick is covered with a raised blue-daring, and one picks up a challenge.

I gave Bai Zhi, and Bai Zhicheng pushed Wang Xue naked body in bed, grabbed her pink calf to the bed, pulling a plurut of white and tender buttons, and then The two rounds of flies of Wang Xue were squatted in the chest, and Wang Xue closed his eyes and only waited. “Hey!” Bai Zhicheng’s big meat stick felt into the vaginal spring of the water, “Ah -” Wang Xue happily.

Bai Zhicheng hands grabbed Wang Xue’s willow waist, the penis was vigorously picked up in the wet vagina.

Wang Xue is like the flood in the river, but the vaginal mouth is as tightly wrapped in Bai Zhi’s penis as the hoop. When the delivery, Wang Xue’s body couldn’t help but move back and forth with Bai Zhi, accompanied by constant trembling and shaking.

I looked at Wang Xue by Bai Zhi, and I looked at it later. I looked down in the chest of Wang Xue, and I took a big tits of her fat, and I watched the big black penis in Wang Xueyin. The case of entering and exiting, listening to the sound of two people: Bai Zhi rose heavy wheezing, Wang Xue has a rhythmatic and 呻吟, the sound of the bed, the penis is in the vaginal water …

Looking at it, my penis has been hard.

“Ah … um …” Wang Xue’s hair was disconed at this time, but he could clearly heard the tempting 呻吟, a pair of full breasts were occupied, she The white and more fantastic butt is very hard, and a hard penis is going back and forth in the middle of the white thighs.

Wang Xue moan more and more, open beautiful big eyes looked deeply into their own body BAI Zhi-liter uncle, see BAI Zhi-liter whole body muscle contractions stop, sweaty see his sturdy body, Wang Xue feel that they are not Qian was kinky, kinky but themselves Qian this brawny, and he is very fortunate to have such a brawny Xing post! BAI Zhi liters of a muscle that I and other men simply can not Pi is …… at BAI Zhi-liter continuous pumping Cha, she’s going to orgasm, BAI Zhi-liter feeling more and more intense, this time BAI Zhi-liter stopped, hands constantly touching Wang Xue with narrow waist and thighs, lower body slowly moving forward. Wang Xue, this time has been unable to control himself, constantly writhing ass, a moment of rest MUSLIM rise slowly pumping from start fast sprint, tidal waves of Lang once again swept Xue’s body.

“Ah …… Wang Xue contain himself screaming stimulate BAI Zhi-liter nerves, skin bump into each house two sound faster and faster, and finally, after a burst of rhythmic Xue high moaning sound stopped, only two of heavy breathing sound.

I also can not hold on, pushed a big cock Cha also in the body of BAI Zhi Wang Xue-liter, Wang Xue pulled her knees bent over the bed, and before Wang Xue react, put his firm’s large Jipa from after ass Cha inflow with great light vaginal BAI Zhi Xue liters of semen!

Oh ~ ~ Xue just emptiness of the lower body and was the other big cock full, she passionately groaned like to welcome my big cock into her own body.

“Baby, Naixiang death of me!” I started pumping Cha forward, hands in the chest Xue stroked a pair of big breasts, buttocks vigorously moving back and forth, Wang Xue head attached to the bed surface, rolling in fat big round ass saw the blood in a swell of people forced posture tilted.

“Ah ah …… …… …… oh I die, u …… ah ……” Wang Xue side softly cried, begged the side of his mouth, my penis into every Cha, Xue whole body tremble about, so I feel happy endless cool, hard penis seems more rough, “snow baby child, Nizhen insane, speak into each has a different feeling comfortable is dead!”

I Cha in, come on in great every time extraction should be exposed glans, Cha into each must do no more roots, hip impingement white ass pops loud. There are gearing up to go again BAI Zhi-liter candidate.

BAI Zhi-liter views from different angles with the A real piece staged in front of, Wang Xuefeng full voluptuous ass in my strong impact, rhythmic shaking, the whole genitals covered Yinye milky, not the lower end of the small ditch meat stop dripping with flowing out from between the labia and penis milky liquid, they do not know their semen or sexual secretion Wang Xue, Wang Xue chest with my one pair of breast pumping Cha, violent shaking.

BAI Zhi-liter stimulated blood again soaring, lower body just inches over the body of a child Rougun rapid erection.

Being drawn Cha’s crazy to see the BAI Zhi Xue-liter bulging black stick more excited, sank ass sitting on the bed, my big cock was forced to slip out. BAI Zhi Xue one hand and the rise of large Rougun grabbed my hand and soapy Rougun, let two big Rougun Du  firm stand in front of their own. Two Rougun Du  in large non-Pi, Pi Ji Pa brothers really as big! Just some of my bigger penis, BAI Zhi-liter stiffer. Wang Xue Yuan does not address the hand stroking over two Rougun, again opened the East a West a cherry mouth sucking the ground.

I Cha in full swing, this time by a suction blood welling Xue forehead, stuffy wailing roar back behind Wang Xue, Wang Xue righting Yuantun, in spite of himself! Back again again! Lovemaking session with smoked Cha ……!

BAI Zhi-liter I see the action up again, he would also large Rougun Cha Wang Xue of the lips, twitching back and forth ……!

Xue up and down the two simultaneously pumping Cha, full of joy, comfortable grin, Yinsheng Lang language, whining, barking.

“Well ah …… …… …… tap the top ah ah ah ah, do not ah …… Oh …… die …… ah …… ah ……” Wang Xue was again put on my happy pinnacle. She felt my body semen inch full ten shares her womb, even the little stomach has a kind of feeling bloated.

I semen out of the body inch when Xue suddenly lying on the bed almost fainted, tilt the buttocks, genitals were red and swollen dry open, milky semen along the thighs Lili dirty, damp bed a water stain.

I saw beside Qian Wang Qiang is fouling Liu Mei, Mei that juicy white round plump ass full of temptations in the light, bulging Jipa I went over, patted Liu Mei Wang Qiang ass to make her stand kneel riding on him, face to face with her cuddle together, I move very large Rougun aligned Liu Mei big ball like that two white middle ass asshole Hongnen speak into it, is I speak into the ass, Mei Jiaochuan hold Wang Qiang’s body, enjoying the cock while two of Xing Yuan Qian kinky pleasure.

“Meimei, who I just worked in my eyes, it was hot.” Liu Mei’s asshole is hot, I am very easy, I can’t help but speed up, “I don’t know …” Liu Plush answered, even which blew she could not remember, Liu Jimao and vaginal us have passed the loud water sound, and Liu Mei also sent a slightly. The snoring of the ruddy lips is slightly opened, and you can see the pink little tongue. It is gently squatting in your mouth. The whole body moves before and after, the fat on the big butt of the snow is all by me. Hipped a wave of hips. Enjoy Liu Mei, which is a continuous climax, soft soft in Wang Qiang, let me play her ass, after pumping a few tens of times, the new round is strong and coming.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! …… Xiao Dad … ah! Cool! … is so hard … is awkward … 缟 缟, ah! Comfort! … and come … cool! Ah! Ah! Dead -! Ah, good brother, don’t … don’t … the body is in your ass …… It was filled with you! … good swell! … “

I am low, I don’t know how many man semen in Liu Mei, I have a semen in the body. When I take it out, those tattoo gelatinous semen are hanging like a nose. Liu Mei On the anus, it can’t get down for a long time.

This time, Wang Qiang took a long time, let Liu Mei stacked, beautiful, Wang Qiang, did not have a body of Liu Mei inch, but pulled out the pain and quickly appeared in her face. superior. The two are sweating, sweating and semen brightens the hair on Liu Mei’s head, and Wang Qiang is sweating. The entire room is filled with semen, obscene and sweat mixed obscene smell.

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