The Eight Zi Zi Dong June was originally a healthy and lively child. Although the wife said that he is his 婶, he has always cared for him like a relative brother.

However, there is an unexpected wind cloud. A year ago, he suddenly gave birth to a serious illness, and it was awake it in a rickets. Perhaps the brain has also been injured. After the healing Dong Jun intelligence became very low, it always made some inexplicable things. Our family also adopts various channels, I hope to find a way to let Dong Jun have to restore health, but in the past, all efforts have been in white, and that once smart naughty teenage has become a low-day life.

Since then, my wife often takes time to visit my heart close to the collapse of the big brother, and also accompany the poor Dong Jun. Every time the wife will always have a while. I remember once, my wife was sitting next to Dong Jun to watch his wolf to swallow the trepidation, and the candy, pastries we brought to him, could not help but hit the Dong Jun in his arms, Put the beautiful face against his head and gently rubbed.

The wife’s face is full of tears. At that moment, my eyes became humid, because Dong Jun him was a lovely child! However, now … also because of his wife, wife likes Dong Jun’s child, Dong Jun also brought his wife countless joy and pin, and now his wife is never enjoyable to enjoy this sister.

The wife almost cried, and the tears had wet the hanging hanging on her face. Dong Jun’s head was tightly posted on his wife because of crying and rushing. I am surprised that Dong Jun has stopped the mouth of the mouth, a pair of the original unpopular eyes have greeted brilliance, staring at the wife’s towering chest, and a somatic smear flows from the corner of the big open mouth. Immediately, his palm quietly moved to his wife’s chest …

In an instant, I realized a fact that although Dong Jun’s intelligence is not normal, his body is still in line with his age, and has some normal response. And his wife didn’t realize this, gently sobbing, still immersed in a pain, did not find out that Dong Jun’s slightly tender hand positively pressed on her full chest.

Under my repeated urge, my wife reluctantly released the Directors of Yongli, wiped the tears of the face and never returned. I know that she really can’t bear to look back and see that there is no expression that is stupid.

If she turned back, she may see a little unwilling to see: In addition to a silly face, there is a crotch that is highly supported by ** high.

Afterwards, when I mentioned the matter to my wife, my wife didn’t take care of it. I also said that I have more, saying that Dong Jun is only a child, there will be no such thought.

Outside the window, the moonlight is like water, and several insects are low and trembled into the summer night.

In the house, the prostitute has been staged and still continuing.

“Xia Hui! The brother has never seen a woman who is more like, and you are a kindergarten teacher. The palm of the palm took the small blind face.

The small shame after the **, a soft look of a soft and weak looks on the table, gasping slightly, the whole ** Xiang Yan’s ** is pan-shaped.

“Hey! Dong Dapeng is really pitiful! I have a wife who is constantly giving him a green hat. Ajian gave it a top, our brothers gave two tops, even this cucumber also gave him a green hat, huh, I don’t know There will be a few hats to him. “Haisheng picks up the cucumber that sticks to the ** from the young legs. After pinching two points, I can’t stay in Xiaofu.

“Please don’t mention my husband is good! Don’t tease me anymore! People are ashamed!”

Xiaohui’s hand threw the cucumber that took a marine hand and said.

“Hey! Love is like this! If you use it, you will be lost! What do you use to meet your dong?” Hai Liang’s sloppy hand slipped the little legs between the legs Part.

“Go to you, cucumber is cold and hard, of course, there are no guys who don’t have a comfortable! Otherwise, I am here to do anything!” Xiaohui did not know the shame.

“Hey! I finally tell the truth! That’s good! I will let you feel comfortable.” Haisheng said in the legs and made a look.

“Hey! No, now it’s now, people have just got it, now I am not interested!” Xiaohui urged the labor force to push the marine to the table, “Don’t worry! Wait for this bottle, etc. I must accompany the two big brothers, just how to play, good! “Xiaohui sat up his body on the table, grab the bottle of the medicine, the cup of the brothers, in the cup of the marine brothers. Go, until the bottle is empty. “Come, I know that the two big brothers are good alcohol, let’s do it!” Xiahui urged. “No, how do you drink, how do you drink, you have to drink this big beauty.”

“Good! Good! I put this bottle of beer, come, do it!” After finishing, Xiahui actually grabbed a bottle of beer directly to your mouth …

Xiaohui will not drink, this is very clear. She, so only to let the marine brothers drink the bottle of “Strong Speed ​​Sleeping”, let the brothers have been sleeping as soon as possible. However, after they have been sleeping, what she wants to do?

I am caught in front of the monitor …

I know clearly, my wife is just a sacrifice. Although I don’t know what her ultimate goal is.

Xiahui actually drunk the bottle of beer, put down the empty bottle, caught the cough, causing the chest, a pair of full-shaped big ** beats.

“Good! It’s so refreshing!” The Haisheng Brothers also lifted the wine glass and looked at the wine glass.

Immediately, Xiahui’s face flashed a smile.

“Jingling Bell …” Just as the marine brothers put down the wine glass, the doorbell suddenly sounded. The marine brothers have an extremely joyful look on the face.

“Ah!” Xiaohui saw the doorbell after the doorbell, like a frightened white rabbit, the body was fiercely jumped on the table, panicked, went to the toilet direction …

Just when Xiahui will rush into the toilet, Hai Liang first stopped in front of it, and locked the door of the bathroom and unplug the key.

“Ask you, let me open the door, let me go in, I have the guests.” Xiao Hui fangs become more white, “Ask, give me the key!”

Hai Yan smiled and raised the key over the top, facing Xiaohui: “Hey! Do you have a better? Just together! Haha! Brother! Go to open the door!”

Xiaofei **’s body leanss in the chest of Hai Liang, tips who want to take the key in the hands of the feet, but it is not enough to ask for astlow.

At this time, the marine slowly moved to the front of the door …

“Don’t!” Xiao Hui’s eyes saw Haisheng soon to open the door, he couldn’t get the key, and he had to return it to the sofa. .

Almost at the same time, Hiisheng opened the door, standing at the door, a teenager who was a bit sluggish student, and a telescope was still in the chest. He is my nephew Dong Jun.

“What is to do, come! Come! Come! Come in!” Haisheng pulled the Dong Jun’s hand into the house.

At this time, Xiaohui put the men’s shirt, only buckled a button in a hurry, low his head, curled with the body, sat on the sofa, and grabbed the brood and hem, a pair of pink The thigh is exposed to the outside, and it is tightly together. In this way, although it reluctantly, the body is most important, but it is more tempting than thoroughly naked.

“Xia Hui! I have a quick look at who is coming, don’t be shy! It’s my own people! Hey!”

The sea is laughing and laughing with the Dong Jun who is awkward.

The small gain has been slow, and a few black hair blossoms to cover the eyes …

“Ah?” When Xiahui’s eyes stayed in front of Dong Jun, the whole person was shocked, and the half-naked body trembled slightly.

Half of her, she only came back God, “What is the little army? How is it? How do you still sleep? What is it? What is it? Listening to the words, go back!”

“I … I …” Dong Jun did not say that Baba did not say, turned around to set his eyes to a marine brother who stood a smile.

The marine saws the words, fake the Dong Jun’s head, and the side face said to Xiaohui: “Hey! How is this 婶婶 so fierce, it is frightened.”

“Tell the uncle, is it?” Haisheng low asked Dong Jun. Under the straightforward look of marine, the Dong Jun was a little bit.

“Ah? 妳? How do you know what you are here?” Xiahui surprised.

Dong Jun still did not answer his question, but he looked at the location of the window.

When Xiaohui also turned the doubtful gaze to the window, this noted the scene of the open window and the window of the window. Suddenly, her beautiful face showed a feeling of anger.

“Hey! Hey! Hey …” Xiaohui rose red face, his finger, the finger said three “you”, but why can’t you say it, humiliated by ruthlessness A few collapse edges. She must know that the body of the ** has been seen by Dong Jun, and she is more shameful to see the slutty of the Master of the Directory that she uses cucumber **. Maybe there is other peeping I also saw this lascivious scene.

Hiisheng sat down on the sofa next to Xiaohui, took the hand on her shoulders: “It’s really embarrassed, forgot the window, but it is nothing to do! You and the little army are self-owned, there is nothing It is difficult to love. “

“Hey! I still wear the shirt of the shirt! The smelling, don’t you feel dirty? Come, or take off!” The marine is standing on the side of the shirt.

“Don’t!” Xiaohui screamed, tightly grabbing the chest men’s shirt.

“Hey! What is it is still shame! For the young army, all the parts are no longer secret.”

Hai Liang said that he lowered Dong Jun. “Is it! Xu is, uncle, said, what did you see?”

“Oh … I … I saw … I saw that I didn’t wear clothes, but also … I also used cucumber to plug … Inserting the urine …” The silly Dong Jun is disconnected.

“Hahaha!” Haisheng brothers rushed.

“Don’t … don’t say it … Don’t say … Don’t say …” Xiaohui shook his head, the original white face was red to his neck root.

“Haha! Xiaojun! Just too far, have not seen it clearly, now I don’t want to see the body of 妳 婶?” Hai Liang stood, and sat down next to Xiaohui, the lascivious palm Post the pair of white thighs …

At this time, Haisheng has put his hand from the shirt neckline, slowly moved slowly on Xiaohui.

“Don’t! Please don’t be in front of the young army!” Xiahui shakes the body to resist. However, how a pair of slim hands can resist four strong powerful hands that constantly attack her sensitive part from both sides.

Soon, the only button on the shirt is ruthlessly unspeakable, with the strength of the sea, the shirt is greatly opened, a pair of full, Fengrun, white big ** play out, Switch on the chest.

“Ah!” Xiaohui is screaming, you want to use your hands to block your breasts, but you are caught by Hailiang’s hands.

“Wow! The little army quickly saw! Hey, the ** is more beautiful!” Haisheng said in Dong Jun.

Dong Jun’s eyes stared at him, whitening chest, did not know that he was suffering from great humiliation.

“Xu Hui goes home! Don’t look …” Xiahui shook his head, and a show raised the shoulders of the silk.

The only shield in Xiahui, the men’s shirt was thripped behind the floor, and Xiaohui thoroughly exposed a full-featured body. The marine wide palm has a huge **, slowly rubbing with an extremely sensual manner, deliberately make a very exaggerated posture in front of Dong Jun. Xiaohui’s ** is pinched by the dough in the palm of the sea, and the small ** is gradually eavatic in the pose of the fingertips.

“No! Please don’t do this, don’t be in front of the young army, he is just a child, you don’t like this.” Xiahui lowered his head and sufficient, in the shame of the brothers, her hands have given up the resistance.

“Hey! Is he a child? No, he is certainly not a child.

Dong Jun wore a big shorts, the lower abdomen is already tall into a small tent, and he has been able to erect it after seeing his body.

Hai Ling pulled Dong Jun to himself, said: “Come, let you look at it, is it still a child.” After that, he pulled the shorts on Dong Jun to his heel. A thin layer of hairy, a fine white □ is very strong ** shows that this is a teenager in sexual development.

“Wow! Hey! Hard Bangbang, Xiaohui! Take a look, this is a child?” Hai Liang said with his hand of Dong Jun.

Although Dong Jun has a little low, it suddenly took advantage of the pants before people, it is still very uncomfortable, struggling to pull the pants.

“Hey!” Hai Bright took a slap in Dong Jun butt, “Mom! Don’t move, let you look at it.”

Director Dong Jun was beaten after the battle, and he did not dare.

“No! Hey! You don’t bully him. He is already pitiful, don’t stimulate him, ask him to go back!” In such a embarrassment, Xiahui still protects Dong Jun.

“Hey! How can you let him go back! He hasn’t seen enough body!”

“Small army, I don’t want to see where you are urine, this time, let’s see some!” Haisheng squinted his eyes asked Dong Jun.

** The Director of the lower body is really a bit, and the ** of the arm is higher.

The brothers touched her white thighs on both sides of Xia Hui, and the fingertips were inserted into the legs closely closed.

“Don’t!” Xiaohui immediately realized what they want, and screamed and more tightly.

The two sides of the marine brothers hold the small benefit smooth knee, and use force to slowly separate the bodybuilding thighs. Xiaofu struggled to use hand to block the most important part of the body, but was opened by Height.

Dong Jun rose red face, took the breath, standing in front of Xiahui, his eyes stared straight into the private parts that was slowly opened between his legs.

“Hey …” Xiao Hui felt, poured on the couch and thoroughly gave up struggle.

At this time, Xiahui’s legs have been largely separated after folding on both sides, and the entire water-free paste is generally fully exposed to the air.

“Oh! This is right, what is shy, let the small army look at it, just give him a physiological class.”

I saw Xiaohui no longer resist, and the marine took a hand and stretched into the seductive private parts of Xiahui two legs, with the finger to make the piece of congestive wet.

“Hey! Hey! It’s really beautiful! Married for so long, maintenance is as fresh as a girl home. The maidies I have been in the past have been black.” Yoseng fingers twisted two Pink **.

“It may be that Dong Dapeng is more useful? Otherwise how to go to Ajian’s little white face.” Hai Liang interface said.

“Oh! After that, give us a brother who have used much here, will it be black?”

Dong Jun bent over, the closer to the two legs of Xiahui, the closer, and finally squatted, watching his body is the most shameful place in ** more than a dozen centimeter.

Xiaofei is weak, relies on the sofa, because of the shame, hold his face with his palm, and the urgent breath makes the big ** in the chest can not stand up.

“Small army, watch! Here is the hole that just puts the cucumber, I just said wrong, where it is not urinary place, this is where the man is inserted.” Sea bright side will refer to the index finger and The middle fingers are inserted into the **.

“Hey …” The small 嘴 嘴 不 不 吟 吟 吟 吟.

“It’s warm in it, etc., the uncle will make the little ** plug in, don’t you like it?” Hey, the helicant fingers are constantly entering and out of the **, stir.

“Don’t! How can I be his 婶, can not be like this.

“Hey! You can’t get a wife in a lifetime. If you don’t help him, he will never touch a woman, hehe!” Hai Yan smiled.

“No! No!” Xiao Hui hurriedly called.

“Hey! Xiahui, why didn’t you understand, now you can’t say it, you can’t say it.

“Give me the key of the toilet, I … I am going to urinate …” Xiaohui is in a hurry to have the key to the toilet to the toilet. At this time, my heart in front of the next door monitor: the dead dog hybrid! I have a small holiday that I have been shameless, my mother! I still want her to and my nephew!

Pushing the urination, it is very likely that Xiao Hui is trying to delay the time, let their brothers will avoid their further insults. However, it is also very likely that Xiao Hui really has a urine, after all, I just drank so many beer. I miss here, I pay attention to my wife’s body …

The wife is in the bodies of the marine brothers with a very humiliating posture, revealing the most hidden shame of two legs. The dark and bright inclusions have a distinct end of the whole white belly, and the lower abdomen is slightly raised. Obviously, there is a urine. It seems that the wife really wants to be convenient.

It is enough to say that it is enough to betray my punishment. Now, I only hope that the medicine in the wine in the wine will play a little, so that my humiliation is able to get back early and return to my side.

“Oh! It turned out to be convenient! Hey! But it is not necessary to go to the toilet! You can also!” The Hai Liang still refused to take the key, even if you want the small benefit.

“Haha! Yes! You are getting well here, just the Dong Jun still doesn’t know where the cave of the woman’s pee, now give him, just! Hahaha!”

“Hey! Don’t say Dong Jun, don’t know, I still don’t know! I have never seen a woman to pee!” Hai Liang said.

Hai Liang turned to the corner of the house took a bronze washed basin on the floor of Xiahui two legs, and said to Xiaohui: “Come! Just here, let it!”

“Ah … no … can’t …” Xiaofei twisted with a white body scream.

“Hey! Hey! If you are broken, you can’t help it! I will help you!” After the marine finished, he copied his hands in Xiahui’s legs. He hugged her behind her, and the fertilizer White big buttocks slowly low in the wash basin …

“Don’t …” Xiaohui twisted his body and slammed the calf.

The hands of the sea is as strong as the pliers, and the small benefit of the long legs is firmly folded in the chest, almost crossed the constant shaking big **. At this time, Xiahui is a little girl who is hugged by adults. However, the big butt and the shame of the shame around the beef belly and the **, which showed that this is a mature young woman.

“Hey … don’t! Don’t …” Xiaohui’s voice with a crying chamber because of shame, and finally gave up struggle.

“Hahaha! The little army, look good! Hey, you want to pee.”

Hai Ling pulled the Dong Jun together, kneeling in the small gift, watching the charming of the two legs in both legs …

Xiaohui rose red face, and she saw that she was inheriting urine.

One minute passed …

Two minutes …

“Hey! Omersma! You can really bear, I have to see if you can endure it.” Hai Bing muttered, it seems that he can’t wait. He reached out and touched his hand under Xiahui, dialed the most sensitive part of the woman, and immediately opened his finger to open the **.

“Don’t … stop … Stast …” It’s been tolerate the strong urine, and the body has made a tremble after being treated by Hengliang’s finger.

Five minutes have passed …

“Don’t …” Xiahui’s forehead gradually seeps the crystal sweat, the breathing is getting more and more urgent, the head is around, and it seems that it has come to endure the limit.

Hai Liang saw this scenario, remove his hand from Xiaohui’s body, quickly stood up and took a bottle of beer from the table, re-woven.

“Hey! Big beauty, let me try to have a strong endurance.”

Hai Liang put the bottle of beer at a high position above the small belly, sloping, slowing the wine in the bottle) …

Beer is finely poured on that depressed navel, then rush to open the two legs to the open legs in the bloom, and then sprinkled with urine as a urine. inside.

“咚 … 咚咚 … 咚咚 …” Liquid dropped in the bottom of the copper washing pot, made a crisp and pleasant sound. This voice is also more intensely stimulating a small benefit that is strong, I saw the bean big sweat floating on her pink skin, and the head like the depression drum, and the beautiful long hair also danced.

“Don’t!” Suddenly, Xiahui’s head suddenly led, stopping the swing, the body was violently trembled.

I saw the tender meat of Xiaohui Yin, also violently smashed, a small yellow liquid shot between the two legs, after relaxing in the tender meat of the genital, and then a more raging urine Shot out …

“Hey …” “咚 … 咚 …” The fierce urine shot in the copper wash basin. “Hahaha! I finally shot! Hahaha! It’s still fierce, I almost sprayed into the old man.” Hai Liang put down the wine bottle in his hand, while watching the scenery of Xiahui peeing.

Dong Jun looked at him, and his eyes didn’t blink.

Nine Xiahui closed his eyes, in front of her loved on Dong Jun, the man hooked by his ass to pee, made her not dare to open his eyes.

“Wow! Such a long boiled urine! My hand is getting sour.” Hairy deliberately lifted the swing before and after Xiaoli’s big butt, Xiaohui long urine also followed “S” shaping, there is Many urine splashes on the floor outside the wash basin.

“Hey …” With the fierce contraction of the flesh, Xiahui squeezed out the last few drops of urine in the bladder and softly on the marine. “Go, remove it,” Hai Liang refers to Xiaohui ** **, and pulled several paper towels to Director.

Dong Jun took his hand to grabbed the paper towel, trembled with her charming private parts, and gently wiped the residual urine. “Ah …” Xiaohui did not stop Dong Jun’s move, but instead did Dongjun touched those sensitive parts. Dong Jun was scared when he heard Xiaohui, he did not dare to move. He must think that he has hurt his own.

“Dong Jun! Let me help you! Hey is because it is comfortable.” Listening to Hai Liang, Dong Jun still did not dare to reach out. “Mom! It’s a little fool! Come! Come! I will teach you.”

Hai Liang reached out to make Xiahui privately, showed the Yīn Ti of the tender meat and the ** of the **. He pointed at the pink Yīn Ti Tie said to Dong Jun: “Come, you can help you, you must like it.”

Dong Jun carefully stretched out the index finger and gently smashed the yīn Ti, just touched, the tender meat in the genitals contracted it. “Ah … don’t … Xiao Army … Don’t touch it …” Xiaofei is shocked. After listening to Xiahui’s voice, Dong Jun was scared and retracted.

“Don’t listen to you, you can’t really like to touch him.” Hai Liang actually grabbed Dong Jun’s hand to Xiaohui. He held the fingers of Dong Jun’s finger in Xiaofei Zhang, and picked up on yīn.

“Oh … ah … ah …” The thrill of the lower body makes the small benefit. Dong Jun is no longer afraid, actually with his fingers to make a small benefit, but also observe his body’s reaction, maybe for him, his body is a very interesting toy.

Hai Liang guided him at Dong Jun him for a while, inserted there, and knew it. “Ah … ah …”

“Hey?” Suddenly, Dong Jun stopped to play against Xiahui’s body, with his finger between Xiahui two legs to turn his head to Haoliang: “Hey … How is it?” How did you have urine? “

It turned out that Xiaohui gradually reacted in the body of Dong Jun, yīn is bloody, ** also became dark red and thick, the whole ** mouth is wet, full of transparent **. Dong Jun saw such a scene and thought that he had to pee again.

“Haha! Little fool, that is not, you want to urinate, is she wants to use a small ** to insert her.” Haisheng laughed. He lowered his head and said: “Is it ah! Xia Hui! It’s really sophisticated, I can’t think of the stupid scream, let him meet you! Hahaha ! “

“Don’t …” Hai Liang let Dong Jun stand straight to the body, Dong Jun’s ** pen straight in front of the body, Xiaohui’s full sexy body gave him strong **. “Go! Use a small ** to plug in the hole below, you are waiting!” Hai Liang said taking a touch of Dong Junguang Yulong.

“Small Army … Don’t …” Xiao Hui shouted, desperately twisted his body to make a bondage of his hands. But the hands of the sea launched the small bodies like a straw jack, and put her fat butture, and will greatly open the body of Dong Jun’s body. “Go! Hey, I can’t wait.” Hai Liang pushed one after Dong Jun, so that Dong Jun’s ** and Xiahui’s ** ports were less than one inch. Dong Jun used a trembling hand with his own ** to Xiahui’s **, a little close …

“Ah … don’t … ah …” Xiaohui unnecessary struggle, but it can’t stop the lower body of yourself from being angry with his nephew. She may already know that she will inevitably be trained by her favorite low-energy nephew.

At this time, I can only look at the most sexy and most miserable scene in this room.

At the time of the Dong Jun’s blood, the Dong Jun’s body suddenly shaken, and the thick liquid of a white flower came out from his **. It is also a shares …

Dong Jun was premature ejaculation, and he had never had experienced men and women, he was stimulated by such a sensuality scene.

I grew up in front of the monitor, and I was fortunate that the scene of the ** finally did not happen. In the blink of an eye, Xiaofei Zhang’s **, the white-backed small belly and the thick incumbent baked full of sticky jīng liquids. Xiaohui horses stopped struggling, hitting the sea gasping in the sea. Although she has been close to her eyes, she can still feel the reactions of Dong Jun, she must also celebrate that she is not trained by her nephew.

“Mom! Don’t use the little fool! Let’s go! Let the uncle teach you how to do it.” Hai Liang saw his arrangement did not succeed, and he was able to pull it out and immersed in Dong Jun in **. . “Hey! Little fool! Let’s take a look at how our brothers are satisfied!” Haisheng also put down the unobstructed small benefits. The brothers did Qi Qi to take off a refined light in front of Kaihui and Dong Jun, and the ** half-soft hanging is that. Even this is still very thick.

“Xia Hui! Let’s help us blow hard, blow up the most, I don’t have to have the door panel today, let us feel comfortable, let you taste the taste of the brother. Oh! After the sake of the seafood, the two legs were sitting on the sofa, and the furry legs showed that Xiahui was **.

“Ah? Don’t be good in front of Dong Jun, let him go back, wait for him to go, I am so good to serve two good?” After all, in front of her nephew, Xiaohui said hesitated The paper towel wiped the JīNG liquid just in his body. “Mom! It’s still dry! Laozi can’t help it.” Haisheng said to take Xiahui to his own two legs.

Kneeling in front of the marine is a little hesitant, but he was grasped by the big hand of the sea. The Xia Hui’s eyes did not see the resistance. I had to use a slim jade hand to hold the thick but somewin. That ** has a good one after a small hand-in-hand palm. After the small benefit, the light scarlet lips slowly surrounded by the huge ** …

Xiaohui swayed with his head and slowly swallows the blacks of black, ** the upper body started to have a rhythm, and the big ** of the chest is also kept. At the pitting of Xiahui tongue and the kit of the lips, the black ugly ** became more and more rigorous, because it was bonded to the saliva, it appeared bright crystals. Xia Hui’s mouth is almost surrounded by a surrounder, and the nose has become more and more heavy …

“Come! Little **! Don’t help me blow with my brother, let me be happy!” Hai Liang watched it and couldn’t help but hold his own ** set.

Xiaofei gave birth to the gods from the mouth, spit it out from the mouth, and hold soft and gently set with one hand. At the same time, she will move on the upper body to Hailiang slightly, and she lowered the other thick ** to swallow up …

Seeing this scene, I just can’t believe my eyes. The wife who was proud and self-responsible actually turned into two men **, but they were she asked for more than one man. Today, the wife has turned to put the sun in her eyes into their mouths in their mouths, and contains ** to latency, through the prostitute.

“Oh! Oh! Really fucking! Oh … 妳 妳 功 功 不 不! Many scorpions have no comfort, huh, huh! Look! What to do, 妳婶 喜欢 喜欢 男 **!”

The Haisheng Brothers enjoy the service of the small benefit to play with the words. “Hey …” Xiahui sent a jealousy, she seems to be more and more investment, and the left is right with both hands and mouth, there seems to have forgotten the existence of Dong Jun. Dong Jun ** is standing on the side, looking at the scene of the eyes with confused eyes, seems that she doesn’t understand why she likes to contain the two men’s big **. Hai Ling stood up and held his thick ** behind the small benefit, and gently kicked a little big ass with his feet.

“The goods, put the butture, so that the mouth under the mouth also enjoy the taste of my big guy.” Xiaohui spoiled the **, and turned his head and looked at the sea behind him, and then moved to the ground When I got a fruitful hip against Hai Liang, change the original knee posture into a kneel. “Do not lazy!” After the marine violent, press and hold the small-owned head, and then the thick ** was put into her mouth.

Kaihui is supported on the floor, stretched with the neck with a suede, a pair of plump ** drooping appearances before the chest. Kneeling a fork open legs, put the fat, white big butt high, sleeper waist and high high-rise snow white big butt form a very beautiful curve. In large-on-ceramics, the beautiful ruddy ** still maintains moist, and the hypertrophic ** opens, revealing the pink ** mouth, seems to be ready to be insertion of the sun.

“Look, now I look like a dog, hey!” Sea-rape smiled and said to Dong Jun. Dong Jun squatted with Xiahui Feng’s body, actually really got a head. “Hahahana is optimistic, uncle must use the big bitch now, this big mother. Haha!”

Hai Bright laughed a few times, he kneelted after the small gift, holding his own ** to slowly rub the friction on the open female genital, like a large ** card like a table tennis in two ** creeps Walk, soon, it quickly filled with the secretion of mature women’s secretion.

After taking a diagram, the lower body of the marine slowly advanced, and the congestive dark red big ** was gradually between two **. “Hey … …” Xiahui’s throat emitted a low snorkeling, a white skin trembled gently. “Ah …” In the Hai Bright, it will put the fat buttocks in the lower abdomen. After inserting the thickness of the small benefits, Xiao Hui can’t spit out another ** in the mouth, send a long jump . The marine after the body began to pick up, the thick ** did not enter the small body again and again …

“Hey … …” Xiahui more fiercely swollen his head, and swallows the big guys of the sea, and the black long hair is fluttering. Xiaohui ** is inserted by a huge moisture of the marine brothers, and the white pink skin has a strong contrast between the two-dimensional and strong male body, which constitutes an obsceneous picture.

I saw my wife and were trained by two strong men. I couldn’t help but I would have to be brought by the monitor. After all, such a scene has only seen it in the A film, I can’t think that this is actually seeing such a living scene. What I can’t think of is that woman is a beautiful wife who is proud. Now, there is an incredible thought in my heart: I hope that the medicine in the blessings of the blessings will not attack very quickly.

“Hey …” Xiaohui rushed into the body to meet the insertion of Hai Liang, a pair of fruitful ** like a huge pendulum. Hai Liang huge ** is like a large SED in the small benefit body, two hypertrophic ** is also brought into **, and it has been brought into a large number of milky white. Mucus.

That silly Dong Jun is elongated in his neck for a while, and a while, he will look at the overall situation of Hengliang and Xiahui’s lower body. “Oh … oh …” “Oh …” The marine throat also made a burst of humming. Xiaohui has increased the amplitude of the head swing, and the long ** actually did not enter the petite oral cavity.

Suddenly, the sea hugged the head with both hands, and the body trembled vigorously. “Hey …” Xiahui shaky struggled, but he was killed by Hai Sheng’s hands. A silky milky liquid spilled from the small benefit of the mouth, and the journey of the mouth of the mouth, the liquid of the mouth, the more the liquid, and it has flowed to the chin.

The dead guy! I couldn’t help but secretly scream in my heart, and the evil marine actually took the jīng liquid into my wife’s oral cavity. The wife has also been more than once, but she never wants to shoot the jīng liquid in his mouth, she thinks that is too disgusting. However, now, the dead marine actually shot her full of one.

“Do not vomit, all swallow, do not have a good look.” Until the ugly ** is no longer pulling, the marine will let go of the hand on Xiaoli’s head. Xiao Hui didn’t stand the mouth, raising the neck opened his mouth, although the mouth is full of white jīng liquid, but she still can’t spit it out, she has to close my eyes. “Hey …” After swallowing the jīng liquid, Xiahui began to breathe. “Oh! How is the taste? Hahaha!” Haisheng scraped off the jīng liquid on Xiaolib with his fingers and fed into her mouth. “Hey …” Xiaofei was humiliated with a cry. Hai Liang still tightly pumped after Xiahui’s body, he didn’t seem to be very fast.

“Brother! How can I pay so soon, deal with this Sao Niang wants to come slowly like me.” Hai Liang said a few times and stunned the snow white hips. “Ah …” Xiaofei is a neck. “Hey! Don’t think that I don’t want to slow down, but, it is really … … …」 … … “

“Hey! However, I just have to take a break and tap, and I have a long yawn. It seems that the pharmacy in his body starts to work. Hai Liang stretched a few times, then pulled the wet ** from the lip, at this time, ** has been covered with Xiahui **.

“Ah … ah? What is it?” It is immersed in the Xiahui lower body in the pleasure, and swaying the fat buttocks, she has already wanted to stick. “What is it? Call a fart! For a posture, you come to the top, let Laozi also enjoy it.” Hai Liang has a vulgar drink, he turned and lie on the sofa.

Xiahui helplessly climbed the sofa, facing the sea bright squats on him, holding the firm ** to his own **, slowly sat down …

“Oh … ah …” When the thick ** did not enter the inside of the body, Xiao Huiyang got a neck to ask me. The small benefit is pouring before, with both hands on the head of Hai Liang, holding a big fat butt up and down, let the big ** in the body in their body, a pair of chest * * Also unable to jump.

Sea bright and lie down with both hands to grasp the constant jumping **, knead like the dough in the palm. “Ah … ah …” At this time, I found that the other of the sofa closed his eyes, and pulled his head. Under the role of alcohol and medicine, it seems to have been sleeping. The Hai Liang and Xiaohui who are immersed in sex are not noticed.

“Ah … oh … oh … oh …” “Hey! Hey!” Wu black and bright rough yarn once once again drowning in the body inside the small benefit, the furry communication ** is full The body fluid secreted by both sides. “Ah … ah …” At this time, Dong Jun stood behind Xiaohui butt, watching the business of the piston movement, Zhang Dazhao, the eyes did not blink.

“Ah … Oh … Oh …” Xiahui’s rhythm is getting faster and faster, the amplitude of the buttocks are getting bigger and bigger, and the fat hip meat is hit by Hai Liang’s strong body. The sound of “!”, A beautiful meat is fierce. “Oh … oh …” Hai Liang also can’t help but make a bustle.

Hai Liang’s hands were removed from Xiaohui’s chest, helping the fat buttocks that constantly hit their own, and suddenly jumped from the big ** of the chain. “Oh … oh …” Suddenly, the Hailiang’s throat made a suffocated low. After he supported Xiahui’s body, he made a few times of his body. After slamming Xiahui’s butt, the upper body followed the electric shock.

He is fine. After several times, he was quietly lying quietly, and he still did not move. Xiao Huoqi’s sweating is a beautiful body, and it is stunned in the breeze of Hairiang. After a while, the combustion part of the two slowly moved, and that all came with a strong ** like a dead. The loach is like slowly sliding from the hypertrophic **. Completely followed, a thick jīng liquid has poured ** …

Xiaohui is slowly supporting his body and cross the sofa.

At this time, I am surprised that Hai Liang has also slept in the eyes. Alcohol and drugs have finally made the brothers and old and old, so sleeping on the sofa. Xiaohui stepped on a leg on the sofa, pulling a few tissue bowed and wiped himself with the cross between the jīng liquid.

Suddenly, she stood up his body, closed his own legs, covering the private part to the Dong Jun: “Hey? Xu turn over!” It turned out that Dong Jun, this silly kid is still stunned. Looking at her is the most shameful part, heard Xiaohui’s sweepstakes, he turned his body.

Xiao Hui also ignored him again, ** with the body in this room, it turned up in this room, it looked at what she was looking for. However, busy for a long time, she didn’t seem to find something to find, but gave it sweaty, and there were many dust on the body. “Small army, you will come together to help you find something good?” She thought of the young army, and she did not care about his own dew, and stationed to Dong Jun. Dong Jun took a look and stared at the small benefit of the chest. Xiao Hui used a palm to symbolically obscured in his chest, follow another hand to continue to say on Dong Jun’s shoulder: “Small army, do you know what is a film? It is something to take pictures, round.”

Until at this time, I fully understood the goodness of Xiahui. She sacrificed her body and endured the suggestion of the marine brothers as you want, the purpose is to retrieve the volume film. She clearly understands that only retrieving the volume of the film, she can resist, in order to completely get rid of the marine brothers.

Dong Jun got a head and said that he knew what the film was. “That’s good! Help together!” Xiaohui touched the head of Dong Jun, showing a long-lost smile. Dong Jun did not idle, and his talents were busy together.

At the corner of the house, Dong Jun seems to find something, put it in front of the eyes and lifted in the hand. I am delighted that Dong Jun’s hand is a film, that may be despicable Ajian to leave the film’s film, it is the little thing to let Xiahui have so unbearable sacrifice. “Hey!” Dong Jun turned his head and called.

Xiao Hui did not answer, because she was looking for a store in the big cabinet, the whole half of the whole body, there is no call for Dong Jun.

Dong Jun saw that Xiahui did not respond, walked towards the cabinet. After approaching, Dong Junli started his hand and seemed to take a small body. However, the raised hand paused after the small benefit butt it again. Xiaoli is bent in the waist will be on the cabinet, and it is looking for it. She will resist the abdomen of the cabinet in the edge of the cabinet, with the tip of the feet, but the butt is high, revealing the furry patent.

Dong Jun stands behind the little ass, watching the ** straight hair that has just been raped. I am surprised to find that the Dong Jun’s lower abdomen has been taller again. Suddenly, Dong Jun took a step and helped himself with his strength.

Oh my God! Do he wants to rape his own 婶. And Xiaohui is trying to find a film in the cabinet, don’t know how to get rid of the big butt, I don’t know if I have to be raped again, but this time is my usual care. Some low energy nepheses.

Dong Jun’s body passed a very fast speed with a small gardened fat butt, the relatively fine ** quickly slipped into the ** that has been widened by Hailiang.

“Ah? Ah!” Xia Hui’s scream came out from the cabinet. “Ah! Small army! Ah … … What is your dry … Quickly open …” The fat buttocks outside the cabinet swayed, it seems to get rid of the next **. At this time, the Dong Jun face where the red ear is listening to Xiahui shouting, but with both hands holding the fat butt to go to the top.

“Ah … small army … … 唔 … 妳 … you can’t … Ah … I … I am … I am awkward … ah …” The small Hui in the cabinet Failure to say. After being pushed by Dong Jun, Xiaohui’s originally packed foot tip has left the ground, and the body who lost his power is more powerless to resist the traitor of Dong Jun.

“Ah … ah …” Dong Jun has begun to rapidly after the small benefit, and the strong hips of young people are moving forward before and after a very fast frequency. “Hey … …” Xiahui seems to be crying, just get rid of the marine brothers, but they have been trained by their nephew, this kind of magence has made her pain.

“Oh … oh …” Dong Junli grown up his mouth and made a happy voice, but did not know the humiliation and pain he asked at this time.

“Hey … … … ah … ah … ……” Inner humiliation and ** inevitable pleasure to make Xiahui send a cry and groan, this sound Sorrow. Looking at the beautiful wife is trained by his nephew, I am also infected by this cruel and exciting scene before the monitor. It is fast to get my own strength with my gloves. The strong pleasure is here …

“Ah … ah …” The wife’s cry is no longer, only bursts from the headphones. “Oh … oh …” Dong Jun ** has a more rapid rhythm, just like a small-scale machine, and the face is covered with sweat on the face of the red ear. “Ah … ah … oh … Oh …” Suddenly, Dong Jun’s body sprinkled a few times after a few times, stopped the delivery, and put the ** deeply inserted behind Xiahui butt, the body made a burst jitter . Dong Jun has arrived at the body’s **, and the jīng liquid is sent to Xiahui’s deep body. At the same time, I also erupt in this time, a lot of jīng liquids are discharged from my body …

After the moment, Dong Jun took weakness ** from Xiahui’s body, a large number of viscous jīng fluids flourished from pink **, flowing down the inside of the two legs. Xiao Hui Hua has been talented from the cabinet, and the face is stickd to dust and tears. It looks like a wolf.

“Hey, give you.” Dong Jun War and dredging the film in his hand gave a small holiday. “Hey!” Xiaofei passed the film of Dong Jun, fell on the floor, followed by a slap in the Dong Jun face. Immediately, the Dong Jun face presented a few red-red fingerprints.

“Hey … …” Xiahui suddenly covered his face and cried on the ground, crying and listened to it. She can endure the brothers of the marine brothers, but I can’t afford to have a traitor by my nephew. Dong Jun grabbed his cheeks and looked at your own. He will never understand why he is so sad. “Hey … wow …” Dong Jun actually stands on the small gift.

After a long time, Xiaohui stopped the crying station, wiped the tears full of face, and walked to the Dong Jun who was crying. After watching Dong Jun, she stretched out the tinsel hand, scraping the tears on Dong Jun’s face with his fingers, followed by his hands holding his cheek.

“Don’t cry, the little army, you don’t weird.” Xiaohui said softly, at this time her voice is very gentle. Dong Jun stopped crying. He looked at Xiahui. It seems that he did not have such a large change in his tone.

“It’s my fault, it’s not a small army.” Xiao Hui slightly lowered, it is more like self-speaking. Xiao Hui and side face looked at Dongjun’s red cheeks and smiled softly. He asked in distressed: “Is it hurt?” Dong Jun’s face had a few times, it seems Want to cry. Looking at Dong Jun’s poor Baba’s appearance, Xiahui does not care about his nature, and take Dong Jun …

“It’s not good, I shouldn’t hit it.” Xiaohui let Dong Jun’s head rely on his smooth and white shoulders, and gently stroked the brain. At this time, she has resumed the gentle and care of Dong Jun in the past. Dong Jun was quietly leaned by his shoulders, enjoying Xiaohui gave him, and his mother’s average care. For a long time, Xiaohui started the film that just angry and fell on the ground, ** with the tempting **, handed the Dong Jun to the door.

At the time of the door, Xiaohui looked back at the brothers who slept on the sofa ** body. Her eyes look like from the past, with a despise.

Eleven weeks later.

Summer night street, diverts. The breeze is in place, the phosphors of the phoan leaves are jitter, and the sound of Shasha is issued.

Tonight, there is a little cool, and the high temperatures that have been almost asphywood have finally been alleviated. The people on the streets, three or five groups, the people who chatted were significantly more than a few days ago. The men and women got together, and the three long two shorts of gossiping, constitutes a beautiful street view of summer night.

I finally got home, I wiped my head on my head and watching the watch. Because there is a lot of time on the road, it is very late. Xiao Hui is afraid that I have an unexpectedly, I have already played a few calls to me.

Not far, there are five or six people around the door at the door of our community. It seems that the god of the gods listening to the middle of the story. When I approached, I found out that I lived in the old neighbors in our building. I saw that they all greeted them, and they hurriedly walked next to it …

“… I said, the Saoshuo under the maidies is more! Hey! I am inserted, she doesn’t have a few, she is like only estrus, the same thing …” heard the inside People talk, I have stopped the footsteps, and the people who speaking were clearing the boy. I quietly rely on other people to look forward to it …

Sure enough, he said that he was spit and furtured, and the listener was even more taste, and the saliva of the old man came down from the corner of the mouth. “The Niangnan is always the time, suddenly the call is not coming, but guess what happened?” Hai Liang’s kid said that he still sold a close. “What’s wrong? Say!” “Haha! Look at these ghosts, hehe! What can I still, the mother’s mouth is blocked by my brother! The brothers put her two mouths Live! Hahaha! “Hai Yan said laugh.

Oh shit! Son of a bitch! I listened to my heart and secretly screamed! Needless to say, Hai Liang said that my wife Xiaohui, no wonder these neighbors are always weird, there must be uncomfortable, it must be sent out. Oh shit! This guy is not a thing, Xiaohui’s body has been played by them, but also to tell these processes to these acquaintances, this is what our husband and wife see people.

It seems that Xiao Hui has paid the body. It is indeed that the roll of Ajian sneaked film is indeed, so the Haisheng Brothers have not been for my wife. I can only despite the sound painting behind it. Show off your own record.

“Hey! Dong Dapeng!” The heart was angry, and Hai Liang saw me.

“Oh! Hai Liang!” It seems that hiding is can’t hide, I stand at the beginning of the person. Those neighbors have come back, all the eyes are brushing to me, everyone’s eyes have a little, let me feel uncomfortable.

“Oh! It is Dong Dapeng! It’s also going to walk!” The little king downstairs greets.

“No! Just go home, I haven’t had dinner yet! Let’s chat!” I know so.

“Oh! I didn’t talk about something, listening to Hai Liang telling the story!” Zhang You turned his head and smiled.

“Let’s talk, I will go first! Waiting is waiting for me to go home!” This occasion made me how to stay, I raised his hand and turned his head.

“Oh, just, don’t put the little benefit to you! Oh!” Hai Liang said loudly at me.

“Hey! Hey!” There were people in the crowd showed a laugh.

I haven’t taken a few steps away, I heard the sea loudly: “Don’t say it, don’t say it, Laozi said that his mouth is doing, and which one wants to listen, wait for the wine to me, I will follow While drinking, you can explain it. “

When I returned home, my wife didn’t, gave me a note, and roughly said that I was about to go out to go shopping with my friends, let me have dinner alone. After I was a few my wife, I opened a monitor that connects to the climbing room early, and I wanted to know who I would like to buy a wine and listened to the obscenity.

Under the camera, all the sights of the next room is full of eyes … Mom! Just now, the guy actually gathered together, put the boy from the sea in the middle, one by one, with her mouth, and he listened to a word.

“Don’t see Xiaohui, the girls are installed in the next day, and there is a thing of the man to do anything.” Hai Bag lifted a cup of wine.

“It’s said that the door can’t be lost, but you can’t tell the ghost, you can’t think of the kid with Ajian.

“On that day, our brothers saw Xiaohui and white and fat big butt appeared in the door hole, and I really can’t believe my eyes.”

Hai Liang has drank a wine, seeing the cup, I am looking at it, I want to extend to the wine bottle, the old Zhang on the side is afraid to delay the Hai Yan to talk, and I will take the bottle to help the sea.

Hai Liang has an eye, continue to say: “Hey! If you come back, if you don’t have this door, our brothers have the opportunity to engage this self-cultivation of sexy, you will not think about the door. After she is not light, it is Ajian … “

“Hey! That night is really cool! We three rounds of Sao Niang, straight to her, ** even again …”

Next to Xiao Li is deeply swallowed, I said: “Is this a woman who is like this, is the small Hui nana?”

Old Zhang made a look at Xiao Li Bai, “What is it? Xia Hui’s mother’s milk big butt, naturally, the lax, the three five men are of course not going on.”

“No, that evening, we will get rid of the following night, but the names of the girl are still in the fat butt, and Ajian will play such a thick cucumber. The sidelines of the women in the water were smashed in … “Sea shouted while using the finger to show that the cucumber has more thick. “It’s impossible to think about it! You also blame Dong Dapeng. He is the appearance of Sens Wenwen, which satisfies such a ** wife!” The old Zhang shake his head.

I heard me, I went back from the monitor screen. Hai Liang’s little son said that the sound is painted, although I have seen the video tape, but it is still attracted by his depiction.

Xiaohui ** has always been very strong, I am very clear, in fact, I can self-denial not a personal incompetent man, and I should not be too small every Thursday. However, the number of times seems to be far from satisfying my delicacular wife.

Although the wife has always taken care of my feelings, they all have a very satisfying, very happy, but I know that she is not satisfied. After several times, we did it. When she thought I was asleep, I would secretly take some cucumber and what kind of masturbation of eggplant. I don’t know if I have been put, it is unbearable.

“Finally, Ajian grasped the rude cucumber, and then got into the hand, then the **** arrived at ** to give it.” Hai Liang continued. “After the cucumber is removed, the downsides under the sides of the women are open, and the water is moving out from the inside, and the pink tender meat is like the river in the water, the shrinkage, creeping … “

The level of Hai Bright is really first-class, drawing the scenes of the scene, straight to the guys who are surrounded by the side, and diverted.

“Wow !!! It’s a **!” Someone sighed. “Now Ajian is gone, I don’t know who she will look for the **.” Xiao Li is squatting.

“Hey! You don’t think about it! You are so thin, the next door, the maidies are not allowed to suck, haha!” Hai Liang took the head of Xiao Li smiled.

“However, these days I think weird, big day, Dong Dapeng is not at home, the next door is always coming to the Ni Ni, the old man is god, maybe this ** is also tested.” Hai Liang has drank a big mouth like what is considered.

“Really! You can hear the sound from the next door?” Asked Xiao Li asked.

“That is also a fake, the voice of the Niang ** should have a lot of waves, our brothers are really ignorant, which is not only torture, often sleep well.”

“Don’t believe, you can listen, if you are good, you can hear the Ni Niang’s **. This depends on Dong Dapeng today can’t do it today.” Hai Liang said finished connecting the wall of our room.

I haven’t waited for the Hai Liang to finish, and the guy who came around and stood up and put the ear on the wall. I really listened to my heart …

I saw such a scenario, it is really a happy and funny. It is the bang’s eight eggs to say that there is something to say to this neighbor. It is a good look that this neighbor is usually a way.

Hai Liang said what to listen to Xiahui during the day does it mean? Is my beautiful wife really give me a green hat?

In this week, Xiahui’s work unit kindergarten was in summer vacation, which may be influenced to defraud the film by the sediment that the film was succeeded, and it was not very good in the past few days ago. According to her, she didn’t go out. Will you take it home?

I am full of fox. In the living room, the living room came back, and his wife came back.

I quickly closed the monitor, and I climbed into the bed, and I closed my sleep.

Xiaohui enters the bedroom to see I have already slept, and I will go out with light and foot. After a while, the sound of “” came from the bathroom …

After the shower, Xiahui lightly looted down, and he hugged me from the side, with a soft palm to touch it in my chest …

The wife is **, my back directly can feel the warmth and moist after the body, exudes mature body fragrant **, a pair of full ** close to me, I can even feel the two ** Location. Xia Hui’s hand is going to slow down my chest, and the edge of the underwear is directly stretched into the edge of the underwear.

As the fiber, the jade hand slipped over my naked skin, I feel uncomfortable, but I still put it out why I didn’t feel sleepy.

After searching for a moment in my underwear, I was slightly smoking, and I started gently … Xiao Hui, I often picked me when I was asleep. ** I was firm, I would like to make me completely after reminding me after using such a technique. But today, my brain is considering how it is going to Hai Biang, which man is a wife who makes my wife. So, between the time, I will not get up below.

Xiahui’s breath gradually became rush, and the plump and warm body began to creep, soft fingers were back and forth in my scrotum and ** interrupt, flip.

However, I still don’t feel anything, the lower body is still a point of reaction.

I feel that Xiaohui’s other palm begins to make his body, and the two round thighs began to restless and ruthless, and the detailed snoring remembers in my ear …

Seeing that I have no reaction, Xiaohui handle took out from my underwear, and soft body was removed from me.

Next to the body, Xiahui’s breath is more and more urgent, and the bed under the body also has a slight tremor. Obviously, she continues to masturbate.

In order to be able to see Xiahui’s lustful appearance, I turned back and continued to install a sleeping model such as Ray.

Xiaohui stopped the sound in the moment I turned over. “Hey …” After a moment, the kind of snoring that was barely lowered and gradually sounded …

I squinted, secretly watching my wife’s masturbation.

The wife closed the blunting look, the two legs were separated, and the two plump ** even be so firm even with a supine posture. Two fiber-optic jade hands were swallowed in ** and the bodies, and the white body was slowly moved like a water snake. Beautiful and lustful woman! I can find such a thing, I really don’t know if I should celebrate.

“Hai … call …” Xiahui’s breath is more and more urgent. Suddenly, Xiahui stopped masturbation, supporting his body with hand, and looked on the bottom of the bedside table.

When she recovered the posture, I found that when she was in bed, I found that she had more things … day! That is a simulation **, covered by the wife’s slender hand, which is extremely rough and realistic.

I saw this, my heart is secret: Dong Dapeng, Dong Dapeng! How can I marry a woman who is a wife, Ajian just can’t live loneliness, I went to buy a fake ** masturbation. Isn’t she countless insertion?

But let’s think about it, hehe! Xiaohui ** is strong, and I can’t completely meet her, using this stuff, and I will go to the man in the future. Thinking of this, I have relieved a lot of my heart.

Xiao Wei grinned the fake ** put it in the mouth, closed the eyes of the lips with a sexy lip to take the part of the **, forget to smash, and put her on a small and firm **.

“Hey …” suddenly the fake ** twisted, the ** part can also turn separately, make a slight sound. It seems that it is still an electric guy.

With the fake ** in the white skin, the small-full body is twisted …

Xiahui spit out the fake in the mouth, holding it along the deep cleavage, depressed navel, cleansing the white belly, and finally exploring the crowd between the black haiol …

“Ah … ah …” a snoring shook from his wife’s mouth, and his body twisted. At this time, she had already suppressed the pig’s sex, almost forgot the existence of my husband around me.

I can’t see the situation between my wife, I can only see her hand quickly mechanically reciprocate. I can imagine the scene of the fake ** in my wife’s pink genital, I believe there is already spring water.

“Hey … … Oh …” Xia Hui as low as possible, the slight sound sent by the fake ** turned to the sound of a very awkward voice.

Looking at the wife’s **, my ankle has actually reacted, and gradually became firm. Not long after, Xiahui’s breathing has become more urgent, and the jade hand is flying in the mouth …

“Hey … ah …” Xia Hui arrived in a few times, and arrived on the **, his legs fierce, interlaced together, ** delicate body is constantly twitching …

For a long time, Xiao Hui sweaty bodies came down, there was soft palsy, and the chest was still upset. Take a small shock state after the small benefits, I quietly adjusted my position and secretly appreciate her charming lower body. The wife is shining, even the inside of the thigh is full of **, the fake ** is still half inserted, half of the ** is still twisting, making ** pink When the tender meat is hidden, now …

Seeing such a scene, the ** in my underwear is even harder, my throat is straight.

I sat up and stretched my hand to my wife’s crowd, gently hold the fake **, then fiercely smoke …

“Ah!” Xiaohui’s body is like electric shock, just with my face to face.

“Hey! Wake up!” Xiahui shouted, ** full chest continued to fluctuate.

“Hey! Wake up! I didn’t sleep at all!” I looked at her panic. “Ah? 妳? Ye bad!”

“I am bad? I’m bad, there is such a fun toy yourself and play! Haha!” I held a rumored fake ** sway in front of her.

The red scains behind Xia Hui face have not yet fade yet, and it is even more shameful.

“Hey … you are bad!” She put her face with a cry. Looking at Xiao Hui ingredients, I pushed her into the bed, and I opened her hands and said: “Wife! I am a good! Tell me, when do you bought this thing?”

“I don’t want me to say it!” Xiao Hui is shamefully sweeping me.


“Wow! It’s still imported! No wonder so exquisite, it must be very cool!” I played.

“Which is really good! People sometimes uncomfortable! Hey! Hey, this bad egg, just when people need it, I still have a sleep.” Xiahui’s head is white.

“Hey! This is not right! So, do you have this time during the day?” I suddenly remembered that Hai Biang would say that the wife is issued when the wife is sent during the day, maybe nothing else. man.

Xiao Hui was shy and red, and she buried his head in my arm. “Husband, don’t say me! I have used this thing in a few days, people think about it! I am one side I want to get myself! “

Sure enough, Hai Liang heard the laxation of Xiahui masturbation. “Who knows what this ** is thinking!” Green hat finally did not add, and the mood has a lot. I have finished grabbing a big ** kneaded.

“Speaking, don’t say that I am, bad!” Xiaohui pretended to push my palm.

“Good! Good! Good! My wife is a purest woman who likes to use fake **, haha!” After I bowed my wife’s sexy lips.

“Hey …” Xiahui’s body’s positive twisted on me. At this time, I have been caught in front of it. After putting up the body, I put it up and hurt, and I have inserted my wife’s warm and humid body …

“Ah …” At this time, Xiaowu has no need to smash his own embarrassment, and you will indulge your own **. “Oh … oh … husband … ah … …”

Xia Hui and forget the fake ** stuffed into your mouth … “Hey … ah …” Xiaohui’s scorpion, a loud, fierce.

At this time, I suddenly remembered that those men next door were listening to us here. Xiaohui crazy ** sound should be able to get clear and easily into their ears. It is also strange, I think that someone has to teach the sound of our love next door, I am even more exciting, I am crazy, my belly is very moving, and the hard ** is all spent every time, and the beautiful wife is smashed. Continuous …

“Ah … ah …” After the bed changed a few postures, I surely took the wife to take the bed, and then let her face the wall, and slightly bent back, put the snow whitening butter buttons against me.

I stood in the small gantry, I sent a strong ** again to her ** …

“Ah … oh …” Xiahui hands helped the wall, the side face was close to the wall, a pair of snow white ** swaying under my impact, she completely entered the ** frenzy, squatting, loudly, I don’t know if there is a group of men listen to her prostitution in such a posture. And the distance between himself, just a wall that is not soundproof. I even imagined the guys next door, I took out my own ** masturbation.

“Ah … oh … ah …” Under my violent **, Xiahui’s body is not trembled, and it comes to the continuous contraction of **, which makes me feel very strong.

“Ah ………” accompanied by long sorrow, wife ** … I posted a small back of Xiao Hui swean, and the hands can’t live a big **, facing the snow white big ass Immortally shocked the last few …

“Oh!” Under a strong stimulation, I also diarrhea, and injected all the jīng solution into the womb of his wife. After the passion, the body gets extremely satisfied, soon, I will enter my dreams.

After the eleven waves, I opened the monitor again …

Several guys next door is still there. Haisheng doesn’t know when it is also joined in it. It is drinking wine, talking about is being

The old man actually laid the ears to listen to our movements.

“Old Zhang! They have already been over, I still listen to a fart!” The marine is driving at the old Zhang.

Old Zhang was reluctant from the wall. When he stood up, I found that his crotch was high, almost suffered his pants.

“How? Old Zhang, I feel different here! Not only can you listen to the story or listen to the true ** sound, you don’t have a white flower!” Hai Liang shakes the wine in the cup. Ask the old sheet.

“Yes, yes! Xiao Hui Niang is really a sensuality! I have a heartbeat, I haven’t saved it yet!” The old Zhang squatted with the chest.

“Haha! This old guy, listening to a few calls, let’s make you like this. I really want to see the old life of the Shan Niang, isn’t the old life?” Marine laughed.

“Hey! Unfortunately, because of your greed, you can get the film by Xiaohui, or now we can look at the woman’s round buttocks.” The big Liu in the side sighed.

“That is, the woman’s ** is also quite quite, and it is always wearing a low-chest slider into the building. I really want to touch it. I don’t know what it is.”

“I have to look at the old girl’s daring, how can I get this?”

“Unfortunately! The film is gone, the photo is gone, now I can’t see it, I can listen to the woman’s prostitute is already good, there is any way.”


Several guys sighed there.

It seems that Xia Hui’s price is worth it, or it is, and the photo is filled out. It is enough to be seen by these neighbors. How do our husbands can be mixed here. What’s more, Xiaowei will be marine they want, I don’t know what to humiliate by the brothers.

“Oh! Hey!” At this time, the marine face revealed the treacherous laugh, and the sinister eyes swept from the seven-tongs.

“Let’s help the fool, I only know one, I don’t know their second. I only know that the film is gone, I can know that Ajian also took a tape.” Haisheng said that the cup fierce a wine .

“Really, that is a piece? Let’s take it out to let us have a look!” The man sitting together is interested, almost in the same way.

“Take a child! It’s not here, in Ajiali.” Haijing replied.

After a few guys listened to marine, it would be unfortunately.

“Hey! Don’t you talk nonsense? Now Ajian back home, is not equal to no.”

The sea has a small heart, and a few sheets of paper are touched from the pocket, and it is raised in his hand.

“Do you see this?” I didn’t wait for someone to answer, and Haisheng continued: “Train ticket, starting at three in the afternoon, train tickets from Ajian Mei.”

“I have tested with Ajian. Our brothers will come to him. He immediately gave me a zone, where it is a famous scenic spot in the country, he will bring us there for a few days.”

“As for the next door, there is this video tape, huh, huh, huh! I will climb to our brothers sooner or later, I will take my butt and ask us to exercise her, haha! “Hey! She thought that she took the film and didn’t worry. I met us a few days ago. I didn’t look at us. I didn’t look at us. I said that we are a country, hey! When you call her, try to taste our country people. The taste. “Hai Liang also said with his mouth.

“When we call us, let’s take a look at how to play the woman, is there?” Xiao Li Yuba looked at the marine brothers.

“Okay! Of course, I can give you the son, don’t say.” The sea patted the shoulders of Xiao Li.

That old blonde has a mouth of water, and asked in Baba: “That … that … then I can’t do this!”

“Haha!! Why can’t you do it! I am afraid that my old age can’t stand it, I die in the belly of the white flowers of the mother, hahaha!”

“Hey! I haven’t finished the woman like Xiahui, as long as she can touch her big **, inserted her, even if my old man died on the mother’s belly Zhang You said that it took a picture of his chest.


Looking at the old neighbors of this group of usual relationships, they were sorbine, and they didn’t want to be treated with my wife, and morality and etiquette were actually don’t care. I can’t help but get cold in my heart.

Haisheng Brothers actually went to Ajiali to take the tape, and Ajian’s eight eggs actually promised them.

If you are really gotten by them, the consequences will be unimaginable, my wife will completely become their sexual tool.

I immediately appeared in my mind, the guys in the next door, my wife, my wife’s scene, and even the old old man in front of the old man shocked the picture on Xiahui. And my wife is full of snow-white body is helpless, and I can’t sit on them, wheezing …

When I went back, the gods next door have left, and the marine brothers have already turned off the lights.

No, I have to give A Jian’s call, even if you seek him, you can’t let him hand over the small video tape to the marine.

Standing in the living room, I dialed Ajian’s mobile phone.

“Ah … ah … Who?”

Ajian’s response from the ear, seems to have slept, while talking while playing yawn.

I hesitated for a moment, after all, this is hard to teeth.

“Hey! Which?” Ajian asked again.

“… Oh … is me, Dong Dapeng!” I only interface to the scalp.

“Hey? Dong Dapeng?” Ajian’s tone was a bit surprised.

“Dong Dapeng! Oh! I thought that the husband and wife won’t care about me! I have called many calls, I don’t pick it up! I miss you!”

A few days ago, I have called my phone a few days ago. I didn’t pick it up. If I have now available on him, I will never call this to sell our husband and wife.

It seems that he also hit a small call.

“Ajian! I don’t think about it with you, but I hope that I will not do the despicable thing again.” I think of this child selling my wife, I have some angry.

“Oh! It’s so late for me to teach me? Sorry! I am going to sleep, I don’t know how to ask me.”

Ajian seems to have a call.

“Wait, Ajian, you said with your conscience, before our husband and wife are not thin.” Since there is a good time, my tone is soft.

“I will remember, I will give me a chance to work, give me a chance to work, and give me a flower like a flower, the sexy faster wife, how can I forget?”

Listening to him so humiliated me, I strongly pressed the anger: “In this case, Ajian, I ask for a matter.”

“What’s what, let’s talk!”

I thought about it: “The two brothers want to take the tape tape, don’t give them.”

“Oh, just this thing ah! This thing is too much trouble, and I have promised them, and say they have already bought a train ticket, I can not let them traveled the Baipaoyitang it.” Ken said. “Hey! I heard them say, Xiaohui sister really smart, so actually want a way to get his hand to film, which led to me that the brothers had a trip, but they are also said to be Xiaohui sister play cruelly is not? “

“People say the woman did not milk the big brain, it seems Xiaohui sister should be an exception it! Ha ha! ……”

Damn Ken actually told me about them, I interrupted him, humbly said:! “!?!? Ken ah Even if I beg Ni Hao bad u do not give them ah okay” “Well I think about …… “Ken’s voice interrupted for a moment there.

“!. Well Dongtai Peng, we are all friends, what about it, than so be it,” Ken paused and continued: “u are husband and wife in time for the marine brothers to me to visit, I put the tape u have to. they and other sea life, and I would say to them Xiaohui sister cassette is taken away, how you see? “

Ken guy is meant to give me a problem, say the couple we got there, unfamiliar, maybe gave that guy fool you.

“You’ll know you can not directly videotapes destroyed it?” I asked. “The world is not so cheap thing! Now I ask you a little sincerity, OK? Besides, I really miss quite Xiaohui sister, girl we have here no one comparable to her.” Ken did this kid really safe kindly, that we want nothing more than to once again play with my wife. I saw those guys on the tape that held the ass u wife, all desires intolerable that have the opportunity to experience what a real person, do not give them a chance to see Dong Dapeng u of a. “

This son of a bitch actually also videotapes for others to see, this time I could no longer hold chest anger, shouted: “The son of a bitch fuck u, u is the man?” “Hmmm first scold people, this thing is! u in begged me, u will be coming with u, when u have to anyway who should come to whom I put the tapes. “

“Also, my uncle looked after the tape also want to see u who I called several times before that u have this thing, he said, are willing to come here as long as u, u were here all room and board , overhead play by him. but my uncle somebody here! “Damn! This seems to have seen videotapes of people are still many.

“Finally, a reminder u, time is running out, u have perhaps only possible by plane than I marine they first come here, of course, you are round-trip plane ticket u can find my uncle for reimbursement. Okay, bye! “Then, Ken hung up the phone.

In addition to anger or rage, shaking the phone in my hand a long time to put into place. I hugged his head slumped on the couch. How to do? If you go there, when the brothers got marine tape, it will definitely hold that against Xiaohui, Xiaohui but also must re-become their sexual plaything, let them spoil, even to those who have been neighbors goat of rape.

If you go there, naturally, it inevitably plays Ken and his friends who, abuse. Moreover, he is a di-how about the characters? He saw what our purpose is? Everything is unknown. Before me only two choices, and no matter what I choose, wife Xiaohui will be faced with humiliation, abuse, rape fate.

Twilight sky, the beautiful East Lake glowing water waves Linlin.

Lake, morning exercises of people everywhere. Several Energetic elderly holding a fan, danced fan dance, that red silk fan like peacock-like twitching in the morning breeze, the old people face around the wrinkles may reflect flushed red. He ran a lap around the East Lake is essential for us early in the morning a couple of homework every day.

“Sit …… will take it! Take a break!” I gasped while wiping the sweat under the brow hung side against the run in front of his wife cried, sweat already put me in sports vest wet. “Oh! Ni Hao useless Oh! Every time Nixian clamoring to rest.”

After Xiaohui hear my call, slowed down, turned and ran down facing me up, wet with sweat under the jersey, chest one pair of plump ** camel beating like a rabbit, hook people unlimited reverie. “Well! You to take a break there.” Xiaohui Then they turned and cast white, muscular legs run fast, rounded hips wrapped shorts with side to side, look vibrant.

Many men face walked bedroom eyes staring straight forward Xiaohui chest, back glance that strong build plump buttocks from time to time until we have ran all the way. Every time his wife to go out and always be able to meet such a situation, Xiaohui beautiful and sexy to attract any man’s attention. And I, as her husband, always feel a sense of pride in the men color color eyes.

Why! The man in the world! I took a fascination of a fan behind him, and I couldn’t help but sigh. We chose a stone bench in the lake. Xia Hui didn’t care about our two, and he cuddled in my shoulder. On the lawn in the distance, a pair of elderly couples slowly moved the dance step, the harmonious dance music sounded from the recorder next to it, and I looked at them quietly.

“Husband, can we also love as they love?” The wife muttered. “I don’t know, what?” I touched my wife’s white cheek. The wife was silent for a moment, and he looked at me and said: “If I have done something to don’t afford to do things, will you forgive me?”

I know what she refers to, and also looks straight to her eyes, saying: “How to ask this? Is it sorry for me?” “Of course, there is no! It’s just asking. ! “Xiaohui hides my gaze, and put the face on my shoulder, the beautiful big eyes looked at the remote lake, like what is thinking.

Looking at the shy wife, I suddenly remembered the things last night and remembered the vulgar brothers and the dangerous and despicable Ajian.

“Wife, where is the summer vacation to go?” I tried to ask my wife. Xiaohui can go out for two long holidays every year, but I have never accompanying her because I am busy. For this matter, she has always been with me.

“I haven’t thought about it yet? What happened? You won’t go out with me, I know you! Work!” Xiaohui blame. “This time it is not necessarily!” I smiled and said. “Really?” Xiao Hui famed, asked me.

“That is also a fake, as long as I apply, the company must approval.” I am proudly. “Too good! Too good!” Xiaohui took the palm like a child, and she waited for a long time.

I looked at my wife, my heart couldn’t help but kiss, Xiao Hui know, I first promised to accompany her after marriage, and even sent her to the arms of the man who sold her. And there, I don’t know how many men are waiting to play with her, rape her.

And all this is caused by her own. If she is not her back to think with Ajian, if she is not her, the buttocks are facing the genital genitals, how can the Haisheng brothers went to her? Such a beauty. Today’s situation is caused, then she should pay for this. I thought here, I firmly made my decision.

“Where do we go?” Xiaofei started, happily kissed my face. “Jiangdong Linshui Scenic Area, I heard that the landscape there is the most beautiful, do you say good?” I looked at my wife’s look and tried her reaction. “Okay! Okay! I have long I have to go there!” Xiao Hui Xin said.

“Hey?” Xiahui suddenly remembered what, the look changed, “That is not a hometown?” I said. “Don’t go there! Is it good?”

“What happened? How is it? How did you change it?” I asked her that there was a surprise, “There is a junior photo, isn’t it very ok? I said, I don’t want to think about this, I don’t want to think? ? “No … no … Yes … I want … I also want him.” Xiaohui side faced his face, and settled in Baba.

“Isn’t it very good? Go to the old friend, visit some beautiful scenery, how good!” “No! People don’t want to be!” Xiao Hui 娇 娇 着 头 头 拉 摇 摇 摇 摇A few times, delicate.

I know that the small benefits have been bone to Ajian, maybe she never wants to see the negative person. However, my decision can not change, I can’t let the supuncture they get the box, I can’t stand the wife in the old neighbors.

“Oh! Listen to Ajian, he seems to see a box for a box, saying that it is very exciting before he left, saying that it is very exciting.” “Ah!” Xiaohui is the rabbit, from I stood up in my arms, my hands were brought to the chest, and my mouth was muttered, “Is it … Isn’t he take a video?”

I walked up and helped her soft shoulders asked: “What’s it ?! What is it? Do you know what a video belt?” “No … No, I don’t know, what is he telling you?” Xiahui returned Come eager to ask me. “No, the kid is mysterious, ask if he doesn’t say anything, I don’t think about it.” I didn’t know anything. “

At the beginning, I didn’t let the combo brothers got there, and now I actually be a bait that the videotape is also bait. I think Xiaohui will stop me from seeing that box. Xiahui spirit looked at the lake behind me. “Hey! What do you think? I said that I still can’t go!” “Oh! Ok! Let’s go there!” Sure enough, although there is some extraordinary, but she finally agreed. I pulled up my wife’s soft and white hand, walked to a willow tree by the lake, helped his wife’s weak shoulders, and looked at the bright and beautiful eyes.

“Hui! I just asked me, I haven’t answered you yet. Hui! I love you! No matter what I have done, no matter what will happen, I love you, I love you!” I excitedly confession.

Xia Hui’s eyes have a bit of grief, a little touched, the lips are slightly shaking, and it seems that I can’t say anything else. It seems that Chu Chu is moving. Farm, I put the small face with palm, and kissed the sexy moist lips. “Um …” Xia Hui slightly, then stood my back.

The green Liuzhi rosted my face, with a drop of water drops, it was a cool morning dragon. Then, another drop, hot is hot. That is clearly tears, and the wife’s tears. Reminding or touched, from the tearful teardow, I faintly read something.

At this time, the elderly husband and wife have walked from us. “Look! What kind of love little couple!” The old lady said.

Twelve aircraft arrived in Jiangdong Province Linhai City is already at 5:40 pm, and the twilight has quietly commends this beautiful small town.

On the airport outside the road, the traffic is rolling.

“Mom! I have been waiting for half an hour. How can I get a baby? I haven’t come to pick us up, saying that my mobile phone is not picking up, and what ghosts.”

“Forget it, the time is not early, we will find a home hotel first!” Xia Hui watched the watch.

It is hesitant, and the two motorcycles have traveled from the distance, and they stopped in front of us.

The car in front of the car walked to us in front of us.

The people are being Ajian.

“Hey! Dong Big! Xiao Hui! Sorry! There is a delay on the road.” Ajian reached out to shake hands with me.

As soon as I saw this guy, I hate to smoke, but in order not to be seen from Xiahui, I still sang smile and smile.

When he stretched his hand to Xiaohui, Xiaohui did not see him, his eyes louder his eyes on the street, a disgusting look.

“Oh! It’s only a week, don’t you recognize it?” Ajian had to return his hand, and smirked a few times.

“Get bus! I have already replaced it. We will send it there. The young man on the car.

In fact, I have long noticed that a pair of thieves has been fascinated by Xiahui’s body.

Ajian sits back to the motorcycle, and the head raises us to get on the bus.

I paid an eye and some hesitated.

“What is hesitant, look for us this motorcycle? Tell you, this is the authentic Italy Dukadi, the price is definitely not cheaper than those who have been in the middle of the car.” Ajian took the car under the car and said.

In fact, I am not a car, just Xiaohui wearing a white skirt suit. If you ride a motorcycle, is it a spring light diarrhea. Xiaohui is nothing more and is hesitant.

At this point, I also can’t care, Xiaohui grabbed me in front of me, lifting the skirt, rushing the motorcycle named Long Bao, I saw the sexy fat buttocks wrapped in pink underwear. .

It’s seen that Xiahui is abhorrent, and even his car doesn’t want to sit.

If you are sitting at a distance, Longbao’s kid will add the throttle, and the motorcycle slammed out, scared the small baili called, hit the body of Longbao.

I quickly sat on Ajian’s motorcycle followed by.

Two motorcycles are chasing me on the open road, whistling all the way to drive …

Dragon Baozi deliberately opened the car quickly, and he will increase the throttle to fly, and suddenly step on the brakes. Straight the small benefits, huge **, as the inertial effect hits the rear of Longbao from time to time. When I started, Xiahui did not take hands to shoot a skirt that was blown up by the wind. Later, she was frightened to close his eyes, and he died in the body, a pair of plump ** tightly His back.

The white short skirt is rolled up in the waist, a pair of sexy abdomen under a white tender thigh and underwear, which attracts countless passers-by to wait and see.

“Haha! Dong Big! Yakan’s butt is still so fat, so sexy! I can’t wait to touch it now.” Ajian side said loudly.

“Go to death! Wang Ba Easter!” I am angry.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Auntie stepping on the throttle and speeding …

At the corner of a street, a young man next to the road is sure, the front Longbao’s motorcycle suddenly stopped.

The young man didn’t say, actually on the seat of the legs, sitting on the pedestrian after the small benefit, put the small ival sandwich in the middle.

When the birman is sitting, the motorcycle is driving again …

“Who is that?” I asked the shoulders of Ajian.

“I also grow up from a small piece, we call him black son.”

“Yes, it is to have seen the video tape. Now I have heard that you are coming, I am excited, I must take them together.” Ajian said while speeding, catching up the front motorcycle Keep up behind.

At first, the guy called the black child helped the small benefit of the waist. After driving a road, the guy became unresponsive, and the hands were covered in the chest of Xiahui, and gently squeezed Get up.

Xiaofu struggled to make a hand to stop the palm of the guys, but in the case of rapidly driving the bumpy motorcycle, her efforts were honest.

The sophisticated hand of the black child kneaded in the small harace, and Xiahui’s struggle seems to be more and more powerless …

Seeing this situation, I am so angry that I am screaming, and I shouted with Ajian: “妳 … 妳 … 妳 妳 妳 妳 朋友 住 住.”

“Haha! Dong Big! Since it is here, should there be this psychological preparation?” Ajian smiled and said, “After my friends saw the tape, I dreamed that my wife was big and white. ** Now I have seen the real person, of course, I can’t help but want to touch! Haha! “

“There is a blessing! There is a difficulty! I have already played the woman to share my brothers to share. So! Dong Da Ge! When I am here! I advise anything I don’t want to ask, so I am Will you pay the video to you, understand? “

Indeed, before you come here, you can really expect that Xiaofei will suffer humiliation and play, just now see your beloved wife is thin, still unbearable.

The thing is here, I can only endure for the purpose of this line.

I don’t know, the motorcycle has left the city, and the people in the spacious road are gradually rare, and the night is getting stronger and more.

Although I have been separated from a distance, I still have a motorcycle that takes three people in front of the street light.

In vicissus, I saw the hand of the black child has already extended the small white top from below, and continued to be thin inside …

Xia Hui seems to give up struggle, and it is unlikely on the shoulders of Longbao, only black long hair is dancing.

Suddenly, Xiahui’s body struggled to shake a few times. Immediately, the black child took out from the small clothing top, and there was a white cloth stripped thing in his hand …

sky! That is a Xiahui’s breast, the guy actually took my wife’s breasts.

The black son will hold the white bra in the hand over the top, show off like a few times, let it go to the air …

The white breasts rolled back in the wind, and rushed up by the hard wind that our motorcycle passed, until it was quietly lying on the pavement of people.

“Haha! How? My buddy is not a good hand! If it is in the motorcycle, the kid, the kid, said that the wife’s underwear is also peeled off, haha! However, I promise, no Ten minutes, the middle finger of the black child will enter the wife’s **. I believe? Haha! Haha! “Ajian driving a motorcycle.

It seems that I am intended to let me clearly see the move of the black child, and Ajian drives the car to the side of the motorcycle is slightly close to some.

Xiaohui put his face on the side of the dragon boar side, so she couldn’t see that the car I sat in the distance.

The black child has really stroked in the inside of the thighs of Xiahui, and slowly gathered in the middle of the position …

Xiao Hui looks very nervous, hands with the wrist of the black child, the two legs are desperately twisted, and it seems to want to go to the legs to prevent the pair of lustful hands from entering more.

However, any woman is impossible to close together in this case.

Xiahui is no exception.

The black sibranti finger is easy to pick the cloth strips in the middle of the underwear, and then hidden into the furry part …

“Ah, no!”

I also heard the scream of Xiaofei.

Ajian may not want to be Komai to find us on her side, slow down speed, keep a distance behind it.

“How, I didn’t say anything! Ten minutes didn’t come! Haha!” Ajian smiled.

Xiaohui has twisted his delicate body in the middle of the two men, but it is still unable to break away from the guys of the black. Moreover, the black child kisses her sensitive back neck behind him, she is desperate to move their heads, but only a beautiful long hair floats.

After a while, Xiaohui seems to stop struggling, the head is also unable to rely on the shoulders of the black child. And the black child has reached into a small benefit, grab a big ** knead, and the other hand still explores, teases between the two legs of Xiahui.

“Hey! I look at it, my wife looks quite enjoyed!” Ajian side face said.

I am speechless, I also know that my wife’s sensitive body has could not endolynese, her resistance will be completely overwhelmed by the body’s **.

At this time, a bus passed from us. When the motorcycle beyond the front of the motorcycle, several heads drilled out from the window, and the eyes stared at Xiahui’s body.

They must have seen the strangeness on Xiahui.

After the black son found the car’s fascinating eyes, the hands were more stunned, and the poor small benefits closed their eyes, and the shoulders of the black son were rely on the shoulders of the head. Everything is unfortunately.

Suddenly, the black and scent set off a small dress …

Suddenly, the small harace is full, the snow white ** is directly exposed to the air, and the jumping of the motorcycle is not hopping.

The bus stops a whistle …

“Ah!” Xia Hui, this is shocking, screaming, holding his hands, holding his own ** chest.

The bus has left very far away, and those guys in the car reluctantly returned their heads.

Along the way, the guy of the black son kept the small benefit, and Xiahui was struggling between two young men.

After more than an hour, we stopped two motorcycles in front of a hotel in the suburb.

After the small benefit burst into the underground car, the fierce turned to the miles of unpacking, the blackman raised. In the motorcycle for more than an hour, it was finally broke out at this moment.

I can’t see my heart.

I haven’t waited for a black child to react, Xiaohui rushed to us. The big ** lost to the shades of the cream swayed in the blouse.

After Xiahui ran to the side, I didn’t see anything, I don’t know anything. Pick up your luggage in one hand, pull up a small hand of Xiahui go to the hotel door.

After the body is not far away, the black child holds his face with his hand, standing in the original place, no movement …

*********** In the restaurant on the second floor, guests have gradually left, and several service students are still inserting busy …

Under the stimulation of alcohol, Ken three young men began their liberties, such bedroom eyes aim at Xiaohui, whispering to each other from time to time, the occasional and no one else to laugh. Xiaohui did not say a word to them, they have not even seen the inside look, only occasionally whispered to me whispered a few words. She has despised Ken gang from the bones.

She has been unable to eat anything, eyes closed, tired lazy to fell on my shoulders, saying nothing. Bumps along the way have been enough for her subject, not to mention also the guy on the motorcycle sunspots wanton teased a lot. Now, she was very tired.

“Wife, Naixian back to the room to sleep, about travel itinerary, I want Ken to discuss.” I whispered to my wife.

“Ah! All right! I go first, do not drink too much, ah!” In my ear and whispered goodbye, Xiaohui stood up and left the restaurant, I always watched TV drama rhythmic swing of the abundant buttocks sexy disappear sight ……

“Come, Dong brother! For we meet again, full on!” Ken while she continued pouring into my cup.

“Yes, drink!” Sunspots toast self-serving drink a big mouth. Indeed Gouhei sunspots, dark face shining in the light. However, Xiaohui left fingerprints on his face was so clear. Dinner, he does not rub his face from time to time. Indeed I have been drinking a lot of wine, and head have been feeling a little dizzy, but not to the point of intoxication. I never forgot the purpose of my visit, Zhizou Xiaohui is to clearly articulate your words with Ken.

“Ken, I know I came here, when that thing to me?” Though I know next to Ken videotape of the two men know something, but I did not say so.

“Oh! Brother Dong ah! U know me u have to aim here, Niyou ready when Xinggefangpian it?” Ken smirking at me.

Despicable guy! I certainly understand that he let us come here for. He was simply trying to play Xiaohui body again, and he also invited on his friend.

“This is a matter between us, and I do not want others to participate.” In order to get the box of tapes, I was able to stand once again Ken raped my beautiful wife, but I really can not accept his two friends to participate his wife’s adultery.

“This is how the line? They’re my buddies, what should share together, of course, to have a woman play with myself! U say is not it?” Xiaohui left, Ken words become more explicit and more direct.

“After that ah! Ken showed us the tape, I was always remembers you the white wife big ass, has not sleep well at night, today met with a real person, more so desires me harder and harder ah!” Kuroko said.

“U ** wife really did not say, just that two groups of large soft meatballs been against my back, but touched nor felt, I made my heart straight itch.” That guy called Long Bao also agreed.

“Hey! I just pitching hand’d moment, Xiaohui chest that is large ** I touched his fill, and even below **, I also used her fingers through. Hey! U really wife ** Oh! I did not get a few, where she had ** again and again, ha ha! “sunspots at me, laughing.

Two guys getting more and more outrageous, I Lengheng said: “!. Well it seems u face suffer a slap in the face is not enough!” “Hey ah can speak on the value of such a woman u wife, then pay one hundred! a slap in the face but also the value! “sunspots guy said shamelessly. These brazen faced guy, I really have nothing to say.

“U wife so lustful woman, u must not fill her! We are brothers, why not let her try it show strength!” “Oh! Listen to Ken said, u Dong brother very generous, the wife speak to someone else it does not matter, but also like others looked on his wife speak u, u today is how? “Long Bao said, laughing.

When it comes to word my pain, at that time, I did acquiesced sexual relationship with Ken Xiaohui. And that when they viewed the doorway across the room ** scene in Ken, I * indeed an erection after stimulation. Ken can not think that this son of a bitch told the others, I am a straight face bouts of fever.

“Hey! By the time u u like to see how we operate wife? Our brothers must work hard to show You see, u say okay?” Sunspots laughed. “Fart!” I can not stand this humiliation, forced after fierce pound the table stood up, attracted several diners and waiters turned not far from the sidelines.

“Oh! What made the fire ah! To! Take! Take!” Ken hastily pressed around my shoulders and I put the pressure back on the chair. “Come! Drink! Drink!” Ken brings me down in front of the glass to the brim. “According to say, Dong brother does not want to return to the box of tapes, right?” Ken said small sip of drink. Damn, this son of a bitch has threatened me with this. “Tomorrow morning, the marine they arrived, You see I was not put tape over to them?” Ken squinting, grinning asked. “U …… u ……” I pointed at Ken, trembling with anger.

I can not let them get tapes marine, and if they get that videotape, then Xiaohui will certainly fall into the hands of their brothers, he will be invited to play with the neighbors who raped my wife, and may even have on their site those workers. At that time, I did not say confused ruin, even my parents would not lift their heads in front of people inside.

But here is not the same, even if they were raped Xiaohui Ken play, home, no one would know what happened here, will not affect the future of my normal life.

At this time, three young men to the side of silence, they were waiting for my answer. After a long time, I grabbed the glass and drink. “U how I have to do?” After the decision of humiliation, I slammed down the cup.

“Well!” “Well! That’s it!” “Well! Dong brother really refreshing!” Under the three guys joy, applauded again and again. Ken patted my shoulder and said:! “Dong brother ah This is actually the right thing ah u wife was gang marine yokel also played, and play to our brothers speak what is a man!!? had been fucked with ten men is no different now! Besides, Xiaohui sister is not a innocent girl, maybe she was anxious that we find her! “

“Cut the crap! U said u were in the end, how can I do?” I interrupted Ken’s bad language. “Hey! Dong brother! U really do nothing, as long as u drunk pretending to be unconscious on the line, we turn on your u who went in the room, as to what happened afterwards Well! Hey! You’ll know you do not consider it! Hehe ! how kind? can do it? “Ken treacherous laugh.

After helplessly nod, I once again raised his wine glass filled up, through the glass, I saw the red liquid, there is a white ** in the ** could not roll, twist. Ear, then came the breathtaking groan.

Thirteen sunspots and Long Bao either side helped me into the elevator. In fact, not drunk with my equipment, my legs have been waving, eyes figure constantly rotating, overlapping. Drinking too is not much, tired body and chest Xiufen accelerated the effects of alcohol. I hard with the palm patted his forehead, trying to make some of their own conscious. “How is it? Brother Dong, we Jiaonai loaded drunk ah, u can not really drunk ah!” Ken came to me and looked me in.

“Whom you want to be really drunk it may be necessary to miss a show Yo!” Ken in front of me joking. “Son of a bitch!” Ken looked ugly face, I shoved it broke free arm around two people, a record straight blow straight into Ken’s face shake off.

“Ouch!” Ken sent pain over his face to the right sound. Where would he have thought of him submissive I have such a motion, sometimes hiding behind the left cheek solidly finish the long march punch. Long Bao busy side of sunspots and forced me tightly by the corner of the elevator, I once again prevent the attack. “Damn! I drink a little wine really courage, ah!”

“Fuck u forget what place is, who is the site yet! Believe it or not I called on this city all my brothers in front of u turn on your wife’s face ** it tonight, then do away u have two. ah? u believe it? “Ken growled at me over his half of the face, really do not see a newly graduated college students actually have such a rogue countenance. However, his words really have the deterrent effect, in this unfamiliar town, I really worried about our own lives. I began to regret the decision.

“Do not kid u toast Monastic, u do not forget their purpose to here.” Sunspot pointed at my nose and said fiercely. Elevator stopped at the 8th floor, the elevator door opened slowly, a few guests out there waiting. Long Bao side of sunspots and pretended nothing had happened and look helped me out of the elevator, only Ken also burst into angry look.

Through the dark corridor, the four of us stood at the door of a room. Sunspots one pushed me against the wall, one hand holding down my shoulder, one hand pointing to my nose and said: “I put u kid to understand the point, according to just say yes we do this in, we play u woman, u u back the tape, whom you want to be out of hand, we can not blame ruthless. “three guys around to front of me, with a very fierce eyes staring at me.

My words should be the default and obedience in their eyes. It is also true that under their threats, I have to consider personal safety and wife’s personal safety. Hez and Longbao hit my body, and I also put it out of the mud. Ajian immediately got a doorbell. The wife is beautiful, very sexy, absolutely one. The wife behind the bath is more beautiful and sexy. White bath towels are tightly wrapped in a healthy and full pixment, the bath towel is not too low, but the gully between the full ** is still as conspicuous. There are also a few crystal water beads on the white skin, and the bath towel will be in the bathroom.

The wife wiped the wet hair with a dry towel. After opening the door, he saw that the door stood in the door and didn’t seem to feel some suddenly, and he lowered the towel in front of the chest.

“Xiaoxie, Dong Da Ge is drunk, we sent him over.” Ajian said to Xiaofei. I haven’t waited for Xiaohui, and he waved, and said to the black and Longbao: “Come, come to the bed to bed.” Looking at my personnel unwaken, Xiao Hui did not say anything, will open the door The biggest back, let them help you in the room.

I am unexpected, such a remote hotel condition is still good, in addition to the bedroom, there is a guest room. Three guys seven hands were taken off my body and put them on the bedroom bed. I only put it in the bed into the bed. They obviously didn’t make a look, sitting in the bed, hippie, smile, smileering my wife Xiaohui.

“You can go.” Xiaofei hand made a gesture that asked them. “Hey!” Ajian has a few mutual peeking with each other after laughing. “Xiao Hui, so I am so embarrassed to go, I didn’t want to tell me this lovers so many times?”

“Hey! Who is a lover? Just don’t match it!” Xiahui smashed. “Hehe! I don’t help it! Do you forget this door? I can forget that I can’t forget that my big butt on the door of the door is awkward! Haha!”

“妳 … 妳 …” Xiaohui’s calmness can’t say, and also turned to see me, obviously she is afraid that I have heard Ajian. I still put a person who doesn’t wake up, calling the look, occasionally squinting everything in the room.

Ajian went to Xiahui, scraped the beautiful face with his fingers, and then took a small chin with two fingers. “Don’t be angry! Xiao Huijie, I really want to be 妳! We are intimate!” After the end, the bastard of Ajian is actually changing the waist of Xiahui, and bowed down.

Xiao Hui fiercely broke it, he took two steps, and his finger in Ajian, said angrily: “Roll! Go away! Do you want to go out! Don’t roll, I will report the police.” Ajian The face became gloomy, cold and cold: “Hey! Alarm, haha! Alarm! Don’t forget that there is a videotape in my hand, don’t forget that the marine brothers will arrive here tomorrow.”

“I heard that you have been playing enough to have you have enough, you can’t let the tape fall in their hands. Hey!” Xiaohui is in the same place, the face is red, even the lips are also Musical slight shook. “It’s better to be happy with our hairs, we can do the best, and our brothers can know how to pity.”

Ajian said to the head and said to Longbao with the blacks: “Do you say that it is a civilized person, know how to use civilized methods to let the woman want to die, right?”

“Haha! Of course, we are the most gentle woman to the woman, especially the beautiful woman like Xiaoxie, I gave us a video tape, I closed my eyes, I was shaking, it’s awkward. Can’t stand it! Today, I saw live people, which can be more sexual and full of sexual feelings on the tape. “

“Just! I heard that Xiao Huiju, you have to come here, I haven’t touched women specifically for more than two weeks! It is not to let Xiaoxie, you will be disappointed! Do you like everyone, 妳瞧, my guy Not much better than the marine brothers! “

When two people said, the black child said that she took off her pants to take her own **. The black child’s ** has been erection, it is really long and thick, but also black and brighter, and the guys who are black in A is almost.

“Shameless! Rolling” Xiaowei twisted, a face of disgusting. Ajian went out of the bedroom and took the door of the room and took a box of video tapes.

“Xia Hui! Don’t be shameless, in fact, there is no choice today. If you have to go out today, I will give this to the marine brother, but I will make this formation into a CD, put it in the street Sell, I believe this thing is good, I can’t guarantee that it will pass it to my husband’s hand. “Ajian is really shameless to the extreme, he knows that Xiahui is the most careful, I actually use this. Means let Xiaoxie flexible. Sure enough, Xiaohui listened to Ajian, and a butt was sitting on the bed. The original angry look slowly disappeared, turned to close his eyes and showed a helpless, completely lost resistance **. Under the helplessness, Xiao Yuri said with a weak voice: “Don’t let Dong Dapeng know this matter, you want what I want, I have promised, I don’t let my husband know.”

A smile on Ajian face, he held Xiahui **’s shoulders sat next to it, saying: “This is right, it’s nothing! That’s all the two brothers looked at the tape, the whole I thought about it, so that I can’t sleep at night. Today, I will satisfy them, let them taste the taste of the fresh and beautiful young women in this big city. Of course! My old lover can not be idle. Look. ! “

“Video! Hey! Waiting us to live well, naturally will give you a good.” Ajian Yang raised the tape in his hand. “Waiting for it, you can take the initiative, you can satisfy my brother!” Ajian said that he was sitting in Xiaoyi and Dragon Bao left one right.

Xiao Hui is not a windy old hand, before the several sexual experiences with Ajian and Hairy Brothers are deceived or forced, listening to Ajian, now sitting in the middle of two dragon and tigers, early Shame is full of red.

The two guys have just spitted the words, and now they are sitting in front of the glamorous Xiaowai, and the Shu Shou is still moving. “Haha! Look two, light, don’t move! Do you want me to teach you! Well! Well! Everything is difficult, or I will give you a head!” Ajian reached I have hit the chest of Xiahui and want to drive the bath towel wrapped in her.

“Don’t! Slow!” Xiaohui is stunned to stand up, and his hands protect the chest. “What happened? Anti-regret?” Ajian doubts. “How do I know that the tape in your hand is the box I want?” Xia Hui asked the video tape in Ajian. “Oh! This is it? Also, I will give it to you, let you feel free to play with us.”

Ajian put the video tape into the video recorder, opened the TV, yes, it is that the video belt, Ajian picks up the remote control, the TV screen has a familiar and lascivious picture …

Familiar door hole, snow white fat buttocks, marine brothers are large **, ** and jīng liquid overflow ** and men’s breath, women’s snoring, ** ** is thick **** The “嘬, 嘬” sound sent, the woman, the woman, is hit by a man hits the hit, which constitutes the most lascivious scene in the world. Xiaohui lost his TV screen, and it didn’t seem to believe that in front of him was an experienced.

“How? Xiaoxie, didn’t swindle! How do you feel?” The black child took Xiaohui and sat back. “Ajian, you are very humble! You have sold me, let me get it like this, how can I take me, don’t you know that marine is my most disgusted?” “Oh! But that is very happy, what is hateful, let you do it, isn’t it? This is enough!” Ajian smiled.

“That is what I don’t know, I only know is awkward, I am so bad!” Xiahui’s tone actually began to become awkward. It can be seen that under the stimulation of the tape, Xiahui’s physiology and psychology have changed. “Okay! Don’t compete, we look at Xia Huiju’s A film, do you don’t cool! Haha!” Long Bao took the small benefit into the arms, a stinky mouth kissed the little lips .

“Hey …” Xiahui can’t avoid, the sexy lips were seized by Longbao, and the two hands can push Longbao’s chest, barely make resistance. In fact, Xiahui has completely abandoned the resistance, in Ajian’s percentage and video tape, she is already preparing to withstand three guys. At this time, the black son after the small leaves also had a move, a pair of big hands crossed the Xiahui’s armpit, and touched the small benefit from the bath towel. Ajian is also not idle, half of the small giving, half of the body, one hand, and the inside of the smoothing of the smoothing thigh.

A three-to-one skins have begun, I push into the bed, I can only look at another bed my own beautiful wife, I can’t do it.

There is a thin and back and then left and right, there are slightly thin hands. Xia Hui’s struggle is gradually toned, and the body is pushing, the body is not twisted, but how can a woman’s soft hands can resist three young guys six Powerful arm? Xiao Hui’s struggle did not have any effect. The bath towel that was tightly wrapped in the body gradually loosened, and the big sliced ​​chest was revealed, let three guys add a few of the beast. The black child stretched into Xiahui **, grabbed the bath towel on the top of it.

Suddenly, Xiaoana gave a lot of trendy big ** like living things, and jumped on the chest. For instinct, Xiaofei busy use hands to cover his chest spring bright spring, but after being caught in his hands, after the hands, the head is hugged by Longbao, so that Xiahui ** is half-body The anti-bow is striking, a pair of big ** is more like a hill bag, and it is not shakes, and the bath towel that is picked up will automatically slowly slowly slowly slowly moved with Xiahui’s body.

Slim waist, wide hip, Fengxiao white belly, depressed navel, dense dark clouds are exposed, a snow white full mature young woman is gradually showing. Although Xiahui’s legs are tight, there is no slit, but Ajian’s palm has explored the roots of the inside of the thigh and trying further. The poor minibus is trapped, and it can only rely on the legs of the legs to try to stop the intrusion of Ajian fingers.

“Ah …” Xiahui finally broke away from Longbao’s lips, deeply breathed a breathwise after a breath. “Let’s let go! Don’t be so good, say good to be gentle!” Xia Hui sat down and said, and immediately took out the hands that were caught by the black man.

Xiao Hui took the hand of the burled pain, and he said: “Do you have something like this! It’s hard to hurt people!” The black child hurts the big ** with both hands from the small hand. Slowly knead. At this moment, Xiaohui did not stop the thinness of the buffet, wrinkled, and bowed to the hand of Ajian. Perhaps, Ajian’s finger has touched the most sensitive part of the body.

“Don’t do this, a one is good? Let me can’t stand it together.” Xiahui said.

Ajian Torked Xiaoli smiled: “Ha! You will not be can’t stand it? Don’t lie, look at the TV screen, then I will have the battle with Hai Yan three people **! Finally, I have to use a cucumber to feed it. I am a hobbian! Even if we don’t necessarily meet you, is it? Xiaoxie! “Ajian is getting more and more vulgar. “Haha! Haha!” Hezi and Longbao listened to laugh. “Do you want me to make a call again to call a few brothers to play?”

“Don’t! Don’t!” Xiahui lined up and worried.

Ajian almost explored the stinky mouth, and the treachery said a few words: “Hey! That’s good performance, we must be gentle and 妳 ** will let you want to die.”

The black child still is not slow, and the small benefit is full of **, occasionally, the left and right, the mouth is sigh: “It’s great! Laozi playing so many women, did not play such a white and big again Very good **, it’s a good baby! “The meaning of the black child sang a few times.

“Oh! Do you know what! This mother is a treasure, don’t say **, but your ass is whitening, my favorite is her big butt, from behind, she is really cool. “Come! Come! Give my brother to see the big butt.” Ajun said that the hips were taken after the small Hui. Xiaohui is shame in their speech, but she has to do it. I have to go back to the three guys stand slowly on the bed.

Three guys rely on the beautiful mature small benefits to the bed.

“Hey! It’s a beautiful butt!” “I heard that women’s ass, the stronger, it seems to be true!” “Hehe! Just! Look at this big ass, you know that this woman has many Sao ! “” When the woman said that the woman’s butt is diligent, but how can Dong Dapeng still have no children now? “” That is Dong Dapeng, there is nothing to do with Xiao Huijie. ” Many seeds in Xiahui sister have a little bit of a fat boy, hahaha! “

Xiaohui put a humiliating posture, listening to the silence, not self-on, the body is slight. “Don’t be so wooden! Come, put a shape, let the big butt.” Ajian told.

Xiaohui has to bend the waist, and the hand is supported in the knee, and the legs of the round and slender legs are tightly and the posture of humiliation. “What kind of sexy ass!” Long Bao praised the water.

A Jian moved to the small benefit, gently patted the white big butt, said: “Take a closer! The buttocks of the young woman in the big city are different, although there is no kindness of the butture of the country, but it is very fat, The skin is like a baby and tender, it seems to pinch the water. “With the beats of Ajian, Xiahui Snow White hip meat is usually slightly slightly smoking, shaking. “What is it hurt! Some of the legs, the butt is also tall, let them be clear.”

Ajian hit a small baili whitening buttocks with palms. Xiaohui whispered a little behind, the two legs were separated, the upper body bent is lower, a pair of plump ** low in the body, appeases more fruitful. At this time, the dragon and blacks behind him not only have a small holiday, but even the most ** between the legs.

The two guys didn’t look straight, and the nose almost touched the fat buttocks. This is not enough, the two also use hands to open a small holiday fertilizer, all the legs of the two legs, the two legs, the thighs of the ** and the pink **, and Ajian is in the interest of the small benefit ** lying on the body is also pinched with your fingers.

“Hey …” Xia Hui’s body made a slight tremor, and the throat was unable to suppress the embarrassment. Xiahui is a kind of sexual sensitive woman. In the three guys, the body has a significant reaction.

“Xiaoxie, you are so wet! It’s so fast!” The neutrality of the black son has explored the small bodies. “Oh! I said, the biggest advantage of Xiao Huiju is to have a lot of water, I will play her all day, she will flow a whole day, huh, huh! The birth of the born!” There is a little bit of prime to, and it is said to Xiahui. “Is it right? Xiaoxie.

“Ah … Don’t you do this? Let’s get started!” Xiaohui whispered.

Ajian one hand like a dough, kneading a big **, while said: “This is called to understand it? It’s like a cat to catch the mouse first, I have to take a good to eat, and the woman who is not easy to come. Of course, Play slowly, know? “

“Longbao deals with a woman’s hand, he can find a woman’s G point with your fingers, then get a woman’s loss. Do you know? He last time you can’t pick up a prostitution. Don’t believe it, ask him. Auntie said.

Long Bao said: “Haha! That is also asked, then the chick is still seeing me to come to find me. Haisheng brothers, they are inexpensive, they have to die. .Hey-hey!”

“Hey! Just, that’s, we have time to play tonight, play, you can’t get the water here.” The neutrality of the black man is stirred in Xiahui’s body **, and the hand is wet. A lot of **. “What do we want to do, what do we do, how to play, how to play. If you look down, look at the dog, then put your ass.” Long Baozhen.

Xia Hui had to squat, and the face is attached to the bed, and the whole big and fat ass glare is high. The fat is like a flower.

“Haha! This is right, it seems that there is an owed bitch! Hahaha! Yes! Yes! Quickly shake your ass, like a big buttock like an estrus.”

Xiaohui lifted the fat buttocks and barely shakes a few times, and it is still very difficult to do so humiliation.

Long Bao forcefully patted Xiaohui’s big butt, drink: “Selling power! Shake!” “No! Don’t be here! My husband is here I really don’t do it!” Xiaohui refers to me, whisper Claim.

I quickly closed my eyes to sleep. Ajian twisted and looked at me, saying: “I am afraid, my husband will definitely wake up for a while.”

Ajian looked at me, and looked at Xiahui. After thinking about a moment: “That’s good, for Xiao Huijie to show your obscenity, we go to the outside living room.”

Xiao Hui is sitting up, but he was pressed by Ajian, and he said with a smile: “I want to go out, not so cheap, now I am not a noble young woman in the big city, I have to remember that it is a bitch, estrus bitch, It should be climbed out like a bitch. “Xiaohui’s humility is shaking, she may have not received such an insult from a small to the big, but now I can only listen to the command of Ajian.

Xiaohui is hard to hold the ground with both hands, the knee slowly moved down along the bed, and the fat buttocks swallow, and the legs are very exaggerated when the legs are exaggerated. Lazy female animals.

I looked at the wife and watched my wife’s big buttocks like a bunch of the bitch. The chest was painful because of the shame. Long Bao and Suzi took the snow-white butt and walked out of the room behind Xiahui, but Ajian came to me. Ajian went to the forefront of my ear, I said: “Dong Da Ge, my wife is good, it is a pity, I can’t see our wonderful performances.” I strongly pressed my anger, facing Ajian The whisper said: “Ajian, please don’t think too much in our husband and wife, don’t do too much, ok?”

“Hey! Do you rest assured, we will let your wife get satisfied, we all take Viagra today, do you know? You should know the effect of the stuff, hehe!” A, A, Auntie said that he faded in front of me. , Revealing a strong **, holding a few hands in front of my eyes, there is a lot of smells.

“How? The play is rootable, hehe! This ** is going to enter the body of his wife. Goodbye!” Ajian said that he turned around **, the lower body came out of the room, but also specialize to open the room door Great, deliberately let me hear the sound outside.

I am so angry, but now I’m now, I know what the results of resistance, I only hope that all this is going. The living room quickly came to the living room, the lamination of the three men and a woman, because I was not around, Xiaohui was clearly released, snoring, screaming. I used the quilted head and strive to get the sound into the ear. Fatigue’s body plus alcohol’s role, I don’t know how to sleep.

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