The teacher didn’t wear a breast, and we were organized to go to the autumn tour. Our class was taken by the teacher, and the teacher wearing a red touted shirt and a black tight skirt, the snow white thighs and the white feet uncovered. Outside, because there is no breast cover, two ** clearly convex.

The expansion neck is surrounded by the delicious shoulders, the snow-white neck and breasts are exposed. Then, the super black skin short skirt that is stretched, and the flourish short skirt is full of snow, and the snow is like a snowy thigh, and the feature hips is simply a fire. pole.

Gao Qual fat **, with walking, do not stop, it is really the soul. The plump fat buttocks are tightly packaged in the narrow short skirt, which is more round sexy, especially the full swelling **, which is high-convex convex ridges through the skirt, and see my gods. The eyes of a few colorful wolves in the class come.

We rented several tourists, driving to Chiayi, ready to arrive in Alishan, Lin Bingzi, naturally to follow. At the beginning of the car, the young people were energetic, singing songs loudly, running around the car, there is no moment of peace.

After Miaoli, the car began to lose the spirit. The students who gathered around the teacher have returned to the seat, the driver slammed the inner light of the car, and the tour is quiet and fast on the road. I took a flight to the teacher, and the teacher took the hand, the teacher slanting the head on his shoulders, she wanted to sleep. I looked around, I didn’t see who was paying attention to this side. I spread my long big coat, cover the teacher and myself, and the teacher closed my eyes, smiled sweetly, I also entered my eyes, gradually enter Dream.

I am a sad feeling, I am confused, I am difficult to open the eyelid, seeing the teacher is not around, I am looking forward to the teacher everywhere. The teacher did not find it, I found that my roommate, Aji, sitting in the other side of the latter row, is a bit uncomfortable.

Aji didn’t know who to sit together, and the clothes will cover the two people. The person who invoven it seems to be in his lap, only revealing the legs of jeans and a pair of cute shoes, the head covering the coat. At the stalk, Aji closed his eyes, of course very well.

“Okay! Someone waited in the car.” I think a little depressed. An Qi’s drama has rushed to the final critical juncture, so did not come, and Jian is coming to the vital leave, and I haven’t come – as for the sister of the bamboo, I am a good medicine? They simply have different layers with me, so I am so miserable to go to the road. Otherwise, where to have to come to Aji, my life.

The teacher didn’t know where to come over and smiled and said, “The students woke up, already arrived.”

I turned around the window, and I saw Alishan Railway Station, and the tour bus is slow, I want to find a place to stop. The teacher told me to say: “Let’s go to wake up Aji, we should first buy the train ticket.”

Aji is the financial manager of this trip, we plan to change to the mountain train from Zhu Mountain.

I stood up, especially twice, stretched out, and turned around to come back. Aji really opened his eyes, and pretended to be in the watch window. I deliberately didn’t get closer, I did a gesture to him. Aji nodded. I turned back, the teacher has already standed away, forward the front door Shilou, shortly Aji also squeezed from me, the tour stop stopped, opened the car door to let the teacher and Aji, the car is cold, two people pull high collar, shrink the neck to the station.

I looked back at Aji’s position, the girl sat positive, the coat still covered, or I can’t see who is, I am in the heart, walk to the seat, pull half of the coat to my body, The girl went to my knee, and under the coat, I was helping me to solve.

I know that she misunderstoods, I just came to open a joke, but I didn’t plan to take her cheap, but I can’t come, she is skilled in finding **, and I will enter in a bite. Oops! I secretly boldly, the girl underneath also issued the question of “咦”, obviously wrong, I think she stops, ** is warming up, not long, the girl is moving.

The girl naturally found that I am not Aji, but how can I correct the mistake at this time? Get up? That is not very shameful with each other? She has already contracted people’s ** in their mouths, how is it? It’s better to be wrong, just got it! Just this ** is so big, who will it?

I was licking by the female classmates, and I still don’t know who she is. She brings me a very pleasant, her lips and tongue are soft and slightly sucking, and the teeth are grinding my sensitive red meat from time to time. I am afraid that I will bite a bite with her, ** hard to hang, although special comfort, it is also unusual. After a few minutes, I passed through the window, I saw Aji and the teacher holding a stack of tickets, and I have stepped down the train station ladder, I came back to the tour, but my heart is more flustered, but the girl still eats. Serious, deeply let the ** arrive at the throat, harm me ** fast beauty, I am panic, back the spine, shè fine, shot and strong.

But I am too nervous, causing the muscles and stiffness, the fine water cannot be fired once, but I have to divide a few shares, and the girl does not spit it, obviously swallowed.

At this time, the girl took a corner of the jacket, revealing a pair of love and pity eyes, found that it is me, stay, the mouth can still succeed.

“Wen Wen is me.” I said, at the same time, I played a cold, sprayed the last jīng liquid.

This name is Wen Wen is a baby in the class. I didn’t expect to be her, I don’t know when she and Aji should be better, this is embarrassing.

Wen Wen branch put the residual brilli in my urethra, I contained in the **, I won my mouth and sat down, and I can’t tell others. “

I have nodded and immediately packed up the resilive, stood up, just returned to the car back to the car, and called everyone to wake up, I took a chaos back to the sitting position, looked at the watch, three in the morning.

The students wore a thick coat, get off to the opposite train station to queue, because it is a holiday, there are a lot of people, everyone gathers together to avoid being scattered, I am a loss, I don’t dare to stand at Wen Wen. Always hide far away, Wen Wen is holding Aji, but the corners are floating from time to time.

The first train three points forty-five points, the students are crowded in the same car, and the lacquer landscape has no scenery. I have to talk to chat. After a while, I will arrive at Zhu Mountain Station, the whole train is like Like the ant nest, the passengers are going out, and the Wu wiped a piece, I stayed in the end, anyway, there is a small road left, not afraid to lose.

We went to the destination, started to climb the mountain, I and a few guys followed the teacher behind the teacher, looked at the plump hips under the short skirt, and the traces of the obvious triangle underwear, alternately exposed with the teacher’s skirt. Thighs and stockings, non-stopped hips exude a obscene taste, and the teacher’s snow-rich legs is more tied to the boys behind them.

Suddenly, the teacher slipped when she climbed a hillside. I wouldn’t take care of it. I can’t take care together. I put it to the teacher’s hips. The palm is kneaded on her sleeper. The hips are filled with women. The skin tact, the teacher is ashamed, and it is rid of my hand. Seeing that the teacher is not angry, I am bold, my tend to laugh a few times, don’t stop eating the teacher’s tofu all the way, and pinch the beautiful buttocks, but also hug teacher. The students were indignant.

In the top of the mountain, everyone is going to urinate, I deliberately find a place to see the teacher, the teacher just saw me urinating, the thick ** 秋 现, my ** is really big, just like the roots The big eggplant, it is rough and long; the ** purplex is shining, it looks a good appearance.

The teacher can’t help but sway, there is a bit of a panic, it is inexpense, especially my ** is thick, and she is more horror: “Floating is 18 years old, ** hard is so big, more than husband. I am afraid there are twenty Cm long, 5 centimeters in diameter. “

The teacher took a few times and took a few times, and I pinched the foreskin, the red and round ** showed it, the teacher is in the heart, the teacher’s heart suddenly beats, the greasy fragrance flourifies ** red tide Heavy nose. I secretly saw the teacher’s reaction, I knew that I was revealing, secretly proud.

In the evening, we came to the hotel, the teacher said that each room can live 2 people, so everyone will find a partner who live together. I went to the teacher to say: “Teacher, I still have a lot of English issues and I’m discussing, I can discuss problems with you today. “

I saw that the teacher didn’t come by the fragrant red, saying: “Okay, I couch.” I was proud and the teacher walked into the room.

I followed the teacher to go to the room, the teacher let me take a while, the teacher took the travel bag, found the dressing clothes, then the teacher bent down the waist to open the travel bag, I was going to turn, I can’t help but stop this scene. Feet, the teacher is wearing a very short narrow dress today.

When she bent down, I watched the teacher’s white trippants from behind, the edge was set with lace, only a small part of the full hip, can see a very small and very sexy a trip, I can’t help but feel the heat, I don’t know how long, the teacher seems to have been able to find something she wants, and I also appreciate this scenery. The teacher felt my hot eyes, deliberate fork, I saw the teacher’s snow white thighs, a black black, because the teacher’s underwear is full of wet, posted in the teacher’s small abdomen, the middle vague can be seen a dark red Small seams are just right.

Teacher rises to the **, wonderful. ** is also particularly full, and the hairy is very particularly, and if the hidden is hidden. Teacher’s ** is beautiful, other women, ** is just slightly prototype, and the teacher actually has a small hill, and the hairy is even more dark, and it is thick, and it has a large piece.

The teacher came back, I was a bit lost, the pants were old, the teacher did not see it, came to the room, hide the door, flowed in the middle, I gently went to the teacher’s room, the door is slightly It is not close to, I will push away, the scene in front of you can’t help me, the original teacher is back to the door, starting to change clothes.

I saw the teacher gently took off the T-shirt. I saw the teacher’s bare back, one of the white bras above, as I just saw the teacher’s tribe, is a complete set.

Slowly, the teacher deliberately wants to take me, gently solve the button on the narrow skirt, and slowly pull the zipper, God! This kind of teasing, has made me quickly break the trouse pants, more difficult, the white lace tripper finally presented in front of me, narrow and small net hollow trip, this time is in the teacher Feeling, I feel completely different from the feeling that I just saw.

Slowly, the teacher solves the bra, I can still see the **, it is so strong, then the teacher gently, very elegant pulls down the trip, I am completely seen, The teacher has a naked body, so beautiful, so beautiful, almost makes me to help you to hug the teacher, but I still endured.

The teacher bent down, pick up a suit from the bed, God! I have already squatted, just when the teacher bent down, I saw it, and I saw the teacher from behind, and a fine slit, a small slit next to it.

That is the teacher’s **, the teacher’s **, then, the teacher puts the new underwear who has just taken it, the same is a sexy transparent pink lace trip, then put a pink that I have never seen. Tarble pajamas, returning to the toilet.

When the teacher came out, wearing the dividend tulle pajamas, the teacher is full of curve, the beautiful devil figure is tempting and shocking, the light is white and tender, full of demon, spreading the lustful **, the next pair of glamorous smooth white **, The pink and delicate bike, mature brightening is full of charming temperament with the lair of the lady, letting my ** erect.

Since I wore a peach and underwear, the teacher saw the small tent. He gave birth to a different feeling. She couldn’t help but fly, and the heart was swaying. I was thick and more than ordinary people. Always can’t make a clear, the teacher can’t help but clamp your legs.

The teacher went to the bed and chatted with me. I chatted to talk about learning the problem, I pulled another top, said: “Teacher, your body is so good.”

The teacher shy and said: “Where, 38 people, the old people are yellow.”

I went to the past, “Teacher, how is my husband’s sexual ability, can you meet you.”

The teacher listened to the shy look, slightly twisted, and the teacher gently shakes the body, I grabbed the teacher, and gently kissed her neck with the ear, and the teacher felt comfortable. At this time, my hands started holding the teacher’s **, gently kneading, making the teacher comfortable!

She lies in my arms, let my caress are swim on their own body, attack her, tease her **, slowly put the hand in the teacher’s skirt, palm in her smooth filled with women The breath of the breath is pinched, and it feels more exciting through the skin touch through the stockings.

Teacher said a little twisted, I see that the teacher doesn’t reflect, the finger is more inch to explore her hypertrophic **, a strong thoughts, a strong impact of the brain, but also panting in her hole, her The secret is unprepared to suffer from attack, and it is not born. I saw the teacher began to excite, I used the hand to get the inside of the thigh, and the teacher’s underwear exudes the honey.

The teacher said, “” Floating, you are so good … How many people chasing teachers, the teachers are not being acted, 妳 … “

I excitedly said: “Teacher, let the big ** of the fluttering to comfort the beautiful **.” Her fresh red cherry kissed on my face, the teacher’s ruddy lips kiss on my lips . The two of the contacts were sudden, and the lips became stiff.

I only believe that the teacher’s lips are not soft, moist, and flexible, let me have a impulse that bits her. And the warm gas exhaled by the teacher with a sweet fragrance, which is fascinating, and it is excited.

“Floating, you will come into the mouth of the teacher!” She opened the heart of the cherry, sweet muttered, her two soft boneless powdered brams in my neck superior.

I use it to suck the teacher’s red lips, and then send the tip of the tongue into the sorcerer fillet filled with warm, moisture and saliva. My tongue is first turned around the teacher’s mouth, and sometimes wrapped together with her slippery tongue.

For a while, I feel a little marma, just pumped out from the teacher’s mouth, her sleeve and soft lilac tongue stretched out to drill into my mouth, the tongue tongue, the tongue, the tongue, I’m going back and forth in my mouth. I warmly respond to the teacher’s love and the teacher’s tongue tongue.

The teacher is trembled, and more powerful and my tongue is entangled, pursuing a very pleasant, the mouth sucks the saliva in the mouth of the mouth. I have a dizziness that is soft and tender and tender and tender, such as hunger thirsty sucking.

I am like a sweetness of the sweet spirits to swallow the tongue on the tongue of the teacher, swallow the abdomen. The teacher’s bright eye is close, and the white and delicate cheeks are hot, and the breathing is getting more and more heavy, the jade arm holds me tight.

I have begun to obviously feel that the teacher is quite full, and the pair of ups and down, and it is rubbed on the chest. My heart is swaying, I can’t help but add more greedy sucking with the teacher’s wet slide, swallow the tongue on the tongue.

It seems that I can’t hate the teacher’s dip in my stomach. I intentionally put the chest tight, the elastic jade peak of the drum, and the elastic jade peaks are extremely squeezed. Make the teacher’s heart panic, Chunxing germination. At the same time, I reached out to my mid-one, I caught it.

The teacher has been full of illness, the whole body is uncomfortable, and now they are so loved by the students, I feel that the bī is more damp, and the prostitute is moving out to the legs. At this time, I just want me to be long and hard. **, you can do it, you can do her tempily sterility bī.

At this time, I can’t control my own animal instinct, the aroma called by the teacher, and the woman who has been emitted from her body, like the empty Valley, the fragrance, sucking my nose, the lace Drunk, make me crazy with my lips and tongue, kiss every inch skin and organ on the face.

The left hand is outside the teacher’s pajamas, and after holding a full **, I feel not addiction, and put my hand into the pajamas, grab the two fat milk that can’t be mastered in one hand, and the violent snoring.

My right hand moves down in the back of the teacher, stroking the teacher’s thin waist, fat hip, and then reached into the teacher’s thigh, I feel that the teacher trembles, there is delicate and soft. In the thighs, my hand brought into the teacher’s short skirt. Excavated from the tribe.

The original teacher’s ** has been disaster! The thin cloth fillet in the flesh is immediately dipped. It has also **, I use my hand to dial the gloomy hair to the slider **, and use the middle finger to dig inserted ** and pinch the yuki.

Subsequently, after the three fingers were combined together, he slammed into the prostitution of the introduction of rape. The teacher’s movement is bold and hot, the tongue is intertwined with me, intensely agitation in my mouth, as if I have to hook my soul, at the same time, the teacher took the initiative to start the thigh, put me The lower body, with the thighs of the soft, gentle and generous, and.

The teacher swollen the genitals increased the feelings on my erection. I can’t say one sentence with each other. Two people’s breathing is getting more and more urgent. The heartbeat is getting more and more intense. I started to take off the teacher’s clothes, but the buttons fall off, and immediately reveal the black bra and the snow white cleans.

The teacher’s chest is very large, and the cream is surrounded by the next half of the huge **, the above round line is clearly visible. If you look at it carefully, her halfway lace is behind, there are two black vague bumps.

That’s a strong **, especially the two microproassant **, is even more obvious. Although the teacher has been nearly forty years, but the teacher’s maintenance is very good.

Teacher Daughter watched my hand and smiled, laughed, got up and took off, the teacher explained her bra later, a pair of strong ** bomb came out, full of fullness, even more than it Two ** rooms of the bamboo school sister. The teacher pressed my head, I was buried in the ditch of the teacher, I extended his tongue and went to the tongue, got up along the teacher’s cleansing until the teacher’s teap. I am covered with the teacher’s milk, I use hard, the teacher is shaking, and I have a snoring.

The teacher’s milk was blozed by me, and I used my hand to take my teacher another teap. The teacher’s big milk is white and sliding, the more I get it more, the teacher strongly twisted the waist, and it is getting more and more loud.

I rolled up the teacher’s skirt to the waist. I saw the teacher wearing a finely transparent tribe, this triply just covered the middle of the flesh, the air was leaking from the two sides of the pants, the whole ** drums Like a spoken steamed bun, through the transparent tribe, very clearly saw the above-mentioned hangup and black and thick, covering the entire **, two purple big ** slightly separated from the two sides, there are some small ** flowing Come out, the yukuclear is also erected.

I suddenly felt that the whole body was hot, the mouth was dry, and the whole heart was like stopping the jumping. Breathing is also more urgent because of tension and excitement. Put your hand on the teacher’s butt, in the empty underwear of the teacher’s snow white lace, the teacher’s Taoyuan Cave has been flooded.

That black thin three-pointed pants were sacrificed by **. I rolled the teacher’s leggings as a rubber sleeve. The teacher’s thick black triangle is present in front of my eyes, many of the teacher’s hairy, partially reached the lower abdomen, a large number of incadvenation covered her charming hole. Need to open the clouds of ** to find the hole.

The teacher’s sensuality separation of the legs showed **, separated by the fingers, and let your shame are completely exposed to my obscenity, and I can’t help but send the sound.

“Is the teacher beautiful? … look at the teacher’s ** … I! Seeing there … Teacher’s ** ** … Because you want to have a hard ** dry … what to do … flow Honey sauce came out … Do you want to suck? … Let’s take your tongue … Quick … Use your tongue …..

The teacher used a cross riding posture to my face, and the wet waves were in front of me. I watched the beautiful bare ** of the teacher. I saw a large furry and thick and black hairy, full of her lower abdomen and fat gallen **.

“Ah … Teacher … Let me know …” I heard my urgent voice, I know that my eyes are completely concentrated in **, strong pleasure almost makes the teacher coma, the teacher used ** 把 ** Separate, with a trembled finger in the congestive jet nucleus, it is natural to twist the ass.

My mouth nose is pressed against her slightly like oil, smelling a strong smell, the white tender meat, holding the red cherry, forming a special sense of sensuality . I am greedy to pick up your mouth, this woman ** with anus, the fragrant of the female branch, strongly stimulating my male impulses.

I hugged the teacher’s thigh touched, and I used the yukotin to play with the tip of the tongue. I used my teeth to gently biting, then use my lips to suck the moist **, then pick the wet ** in the sullet of the squat. , Insert the tip of the teacher into the teacher’s **, scraping her ** 璧.

Also sent a snoring sound to draw honey. I am stimulated by my **, the teacher is constantly breathing, and the heart is very moving, but the buttons are constantly squatting, the two snow white ** rooms are dramatic, the mouth can’t stay, her hips work hard The down pressure, my tongue deeply licking the depths of me **. Then the teacher leaked, the whole body trembled and twitching.

From the teacher’s **, there is no white film that does not stop, let me eat it. Strong pleasure almost makes the teacher coma, the teacher half squats in my waist, the butt is very in front of me, the sensuality separation of the legs show **, use trembling fingers to open the ** thick hairy, Separately covered with honey sauce, show the pink ** in front of me.

A large amount of thick prostitution flows out and drops on my belly and on the carpet. Always swayed around the front and forth, twisted a full butt, lascivious 揉 阴 阴, exposes the sensuality to the pole look in front of me.

“Ah … so good … I … look at the teacher’s Sao Bī … itchy … ah … I can’t help but I can’t help but ……”

The teacher rogue is on my lower half, my right hand is sleeping and standing, looking at the teacher’s ** with the hot eyes. The teacher squatted, I took ** from my hand, let the ** to the positive.

I hold my hands and hold the teacher’s **, and my eyes look at the part of the two-person sex. Because of the strong ** voice trembled, the teacher ass fell, issued a ** “” sound, my ** entered the teacher’s obscenity hole, the teacher closed his eyes, let the body slowly move slowly, teachers and students * * The sin of sin makes her excitement to shake. The teacher will take the hand on my shoulder, start moving up and down, then slowly file and lower her **, I also work hard with the teacher’s movement, make every combination, deep into the teacher’s heart .

While dried, I used my hand to rub the teacher’s **, and I used my mouth to bounce with the tongue. **, the upper and lower thrills were strong, so that the teacher fell into a crazy state.

At this point, I hold the teacher’s hips and stroke, while helping the teacher accelerate the action. The teacher’s waves is tightly clamped, and each lift collides together. I heard the teacher’s **, an excitement, more sold. After the spending, a sputum of scorpion came up from my end.

“… I … I can’t stand it … Teacher … ah … teacher … 喔 … I have to shoot …” I also with the teacher’s movement to swing the ass, and I will tell the point, from the teacher A strong pleasure in the body.

“It doesn’t matter, shoot it in … Good me … fast … fast … I am shot to the teacher … Fast … ah … shoot out … put the jīng liquid to the teacher’s ** …… Ah … ah … “

“Ah … teacher … shot … 喔 … shot … ah …” a burst of, a depth of the palace shot. The impact of hot liquid, the teacher also fused with jīng liquid due to excitement.

“Ah … I … shot … 喔 … shot … ah …” I feel my whole body pulsation, the jīng liquid shot to the uterus, the teacher also looked up the upper body, reaching **. The two are embracing together, touch each other, the teacher is intoxicated, and the teacher and students of me **.

The teacher’s bears want to come quickly, she enjoys the first time ** just warm up, she holds my **, two hands like a diamond fire, constantly fro. The enthusiasm of her palm was introduced to me, so I started to react.

** The angle of the vertical line gradually climbed upwards, and finally became the sky, the hardness is also eight, 90% level, the teacher told me to separate the two legs, ride on her, then put her two ** room close to me **.

My ** is attached to her cleret, the sausage pin of hot dog is in the bread. She came to this tricks, if a pair of milk is not big enough, the clip is not too addictive. But the teacher wrapped my big milk, ** was clamped by her meatball, because the cleans were unlike ** honey sauce secretion to lubricate **, help push, so the clip ** push will Powerful.

The teacher wipes his own thermohydrate from his own **, and the yum is grouped along the teacher’s **, and from the top of the ** to the roots two small eggs.

I will put the ** back to the teacher’s ditch. She has two meatballs into the middle, clamp my ** **, I can send it.

** was used by her pair of meatballs, the thicker, the difference, the inflated ** and ** friction, this strong pleasure made me a shè fine impulse.

“Oh, the teacher, I want to shoot!” My mind flashed like this, I will grasp the teacher’s head, I’m trying hard, suddenly, my body is invincible, I feel that the scrotum is severely contracted, and the heat stored in it starts to boil, and it is eager to find a breakthrough.

“Ah! No, teacher, I want to shoot it! … … shot ……” My voice is very accepted. I finally couldn’t help but sprint it several times in the teacher’s milk ditch, and I started SHè fine.

When the thick-hot jīng liquid suddenly turned around with the mountain flood, it was directly acceded to the teacher’s face. The teacher hungry and swallowed the jīng liquid I shot, and I didn’t want to let any drop. My ** does not go, the jīng liquid is sent to the madness.

In order to receive a messy jīng liquid, the teacher opened his mouth to the maximum limit. The amount of shot was so many, and the teacher did not have to completely swallow them, and the moment, jīng liquid on the teacher’s hair, forehead, eyes Nose, then leave along the cheek.

“Ah … ah …” was baptized by the jīng liquid, the teacher revealed intoxicated expressions, seeing this look, I urgently clenching **, pressing the teacher glamorous face friction.

“Ah …… ah ……” teachers urge to indulge **, ** let me squeeze in the face of wanton friction …… “ah …… …… great” teacher finished, lying on my cross next, without any explanation grabbed my step on step on the soft **, mouth latch onto, mouth and began to suck up and swallow **, ** Shangtian tongue move, the remaining liquid jīng involvement mouth.

“Ah ……” After all, the young capital of the company, although I have just ejaculate, but through the stimulation of sucking teacher, my soft **, in the teacher’s mouth has become larger and more rigid, has completed a state of readiness.

The teacher caressing my ** with both hands, put out his tongue licking lubricating fluid flowing from the horses mouth, put his mouth to suck **, ** also tight scrotum and Shangtian. While his hands rub my erection **, ** one hand rubbing the roots of one hand and rub the scrotum, his face showing intoxicated expression.

Plump white ass high tilt back, to completely expose ** in my eyes. And my teacher sexy ** lips warm wrap violently, already hard as iron bars. I lifted the left-handed teacher disheveled hair, looking at the charming teacher within his own bar with great sucking in the mouth.

Beautiful teeth, mouth temperature, wind tongue feeling intoxicated face, disheveled hair, twisting the waist, this mature woman sexy look, let me excited exception.

Caught the teacher’s hair and hold her head and said: “Teachers really will suck suck …… are very good, sniffing teacher …… ah ……” my ass very excited to move up and out of the teacher happily ** kinky mouth.

The teacher mouth stuffed full, can only groan Yi Yi Wu Wu. My ass very excited to move up and out happily **, ** saliva mixed stir the teacher, the teacher made a mouthful.

The teacher enthusiastically suck my beat stiff **, ** back and forth near the tongue licking move. Transparent lubricating fluid oozes from the eyes of horses **, teacher sucking sound great, Gee’s voice filled the room.

Her right hand clasped root **, as well as back and forth Taonong force, combined with the movement of the mouth, give me a strong stimulus. Teacher excited hold my ass, face to the erection of a good high **, enjoy it and feel my taste, and stretching out his tongue licking meat bag.

“Ah ……” lewd act by the teacher, and the teacher as well as irritation ** close, so I issued by the Ministry of hum. The teacher’s hands around the meat bags from the bottom up, with the friction cheek and nose bar body, sucking mouth and then swallowed meat bags.

“Oh teacher …… …… …… teacher” teacher’s tongue sucking in cross under the sweet touch, so I could not help my hips. ** teacher right hand holding the roots, what he gave me ** swallowed his mouth, tongue and palate began to stimulate **.

“The teacher ah …… …… …… ah …… so comfortable.” ** When the thought of his teacher’s mouth, almost fainted.

“Teachers … too comfortable … ah …… …… teacher” teacher skills ** intense pleasure, so my body positive response, stiff body trembling.

“Ah …… I ** really delicious! ……” teacher murmured, ** swallow the whole of doom in his mouth to suck hard.

“Oh teacher …… …… …… oh …… I’m thrilled,” I said hurriedly, just know let’s ass very moving faster and faster. The teacher’s action also accelerated a lot, with my actions, forced to suck my **, as if urging me to hurry up shot out to her.

“Oh …… I’m going to die, so to get the teacher …… I …… soon shot to the ……” ** about to explode, surrounded by hot wet mouth, I could not help trembling, excited voice issued .

“There is no relationship, the teacher will swallow whole, they shot it in the teacher’s mouth.” The teacher just really like to eat **, ** it swallowed deep throat jacking throat. Although it is difficult to breathe, she is still swinging before and after. ** expandable throat and friction, which produced strong pleasure I shè fine impulse.

“Oh, I want to shoot the teacher!” I flashed this idea, subconsciously, I was clinging to the teacher’s head, even behind the move with the ass, forcing the teacher’s head with his own ass to do relatively sports. Suddenly, my body involuntarily tremble, feel the scrotum severe contraction, the accumulation of heat inside the fine starts to boil, eager to find a breakthrough.

“Ah! No, teacher, I want to shoot it! … … shot ……” My voice is very accepted.

I finally couldn’t help but slam a few times to the teacher’s mouth, and I started SHè fine. When the thick-hot jīng liquid suddenly turned around with the mountain flood, direct injection into the sore throat. The teacher hungry and swallowed the jīng liquid I shot, and I didn’t want to let any drop. At the same time, I still succumb to my huge **, as if I want to completely squeeze my body, don’t let me keep the next point of stay. My ** does not go, the jīng liquid is sent to the madness.

In order to receive a messy jīng liquid, the teacher opened his mouth to the maximum limit. The amount of shot was so many, and the teacher did not have to completely swallow them, and the moment, jīng liquid on the teacher’s hair, forehead, eyes Nose, then leave along the cheek.

“Ah … ah …” was baptized by the jīng liquid, the teacher revealed intoxicated expressions, seeing this look, I urgently clenching **, pressing the teacher glamorous face friction.

Then the teacher quickly turned, the upper body was squatted on the bed, the feet were separated from the feet, and the ass is high, urge: “Fast! Baby! …”

She has been caught up, I also urged the **, and I was on the two legs that the teacher warm and humid. Surveying the flesh bī.

The teacher is very uncomfortable by my heart, but the ass begins to swing, she reached out again to catch the **. Guide my ** to the correct entrance, so that my huge ** is on her hot and moist Sao bī mouth.

“Oh, ok, just like this, go in, children.” She can’t stand it, but the butt is backwards, I want to swallow my **, give itchy Sao Bī itch.

“Come on, baby! Floating, do it, do it hard … put it all in it, the teacher itchy.”

She urged: “Quickly insert it, I want to plug in!”

I didn’t hesitate, I separate the teacher’s legs, Fu Zheng **, aimed at her meat bī, plugged forward, the thick ** successfully entered the teacher’s tight contraction, hot juicy cute **.

“Oh, God … so beautiful … Dr. Dr. … is so happy … ah …” Teacher is crazy to swing his butt, desperately catering my movements, “Ah … floating … plug I am dead … is … is this … hard … … … 爽 翻 … So cool … Ah … “I feel that the warm meat wall is tightly surrounded by my **, Stimulate my violent solving.

“… I am so cool … I originally do teacher … so cool …” I screamed, the lower body violently hit the teacher’s white buttocks, “I want to be so dry forever, teacher … baby, fast folder.”

Now the teacher has a bitter, the air is not allowed to breathe: “” I need a big ** to do the teacher. “

She twisted the ass, she kept yom: “Ah … good … so beautiful … I am so fluttering … I finally gave it to you … I finally did me … Teacher wants you … … I thought about it for a long time … ah … the teacher is always a person … small bī … forever only give you …………………………………….. !……Oh……”

Thinking of your own teacher, I can’t help but shake, the teacher who is dead, I have to go deep into the teacher to twitched hot, and the waves of the waves of ** bī.

The teacher is very moving backwards, and a pair of ** swayed, and it is still very sensuality. “… hard … Continue to dry … ** Crazy … plug … plug Broken … I have to come out … 妳 … shot into the small bī … Teacher wants to be pregnant with the teacher … “

I saw the teacher’s sensuality, I couldn’t help but felt, and I wanted to die. It turned out that the teacher, the teacher, the temperament, elegant teacher, will be so windy, so **.

“Oh … so beautiful, baby!” Teacher Yu Yu said: “Do it, do it hard … Use you big ** … Dry teacher … Yeah …” “” 淫妇, Dry death … … can’t be shot … …… “

I am squatting on the back of the teacher, reaching out on her whispering, licking, listening to the teacher’s happiness, I can’t help but do a more striking plug dry, soon, big ** comes from a burst of pleasure.

Finally, after the teacher leaked several times, I was in her big butt, the big ** was tightly dried in the **, shot a boy from the jīng liquid, my Shu Sun is in the teacher’s soft On the back, wait until the gods are restored, I still have to leave the teacher’s meat. The teacher turned over and pushed me on the ground. Riding on my head, aligned with the big mouth of the big mouth, she held my testicles, lightly stroking, using the tongue to lazy Mucus.

After cleaning the outside, the foreskin was peeled off with the tongue, surrounding the ** repeated sucking. I am facing the teacher’s meat bī, the teacher’s lower body, the milky white jīng solution mixed out **, wet into a piece, and it is full of her entire perine.

The teacher’s mouth contains my **, I feel that my face is near my bī. She immediately separated the thigh to sit down and put the meat Bī is fully presented in front of me.

Looking at the teacher’s meat bī, the teacher’s wet warm meat bī, it is really tempting. I put the mouth to the teacher’s meat bī. I stir into the teacher’s bī in the tongue. Be careful to extend his tongue in the Bī hole. I think the teacher’s ** taste is good, plus your own jīng liquid, is really unhappy.

“Hey … I … Quick Lakes, children …” Teacher Excited: “Use the tongue of the teacher, let the teacher’s meat, hurry, put your tongue into the juice , … 它 … 把 的 的 的 … “

I keep the teacher’s **, the tongue is deeply inserted into the teacher’s **. Teacher, which is so teased, lascivious, but the buttons are constantly squatting, the two snow white ** rooms are dramatic, the mouth can’t live in the mouth. “The teacher is so drifting, Don’t licensed … The teacher is itchy! Fast … still and I do bī … fast … and then use the big ** dry … “

The teacher flew to lying on the carpet and turned the thigh as possible. And use double ** to open the prostitutes of the ** bī. “Come on, dear! ……… I can’t help … I still use big ** … plug in teacher … ** … 狠 插 吧 … Insert it! Insert Teacher’s sensuality Bī! I! “

The teacher waved the sound and trembled: “I will climb the big ** to use the teacher’s **! …… Put the big ** … The old teacher Bī has been opened for my pro, … Oh … fast … Happy teacher! …… “

The teacher slammed her fat hips. The big legs were great, and the hands were shamefully dial.

I looked at the glamorous teacher who was lying on the floor, the mighty and skeleton of the stunned, stimulated that my big ** was more shaped, I slammed a big turned, pressed to the teacher’s plump and tender * * On, I can’t wait to hold the thick big **. I took the wet bī mouth, quickly put the butt, the whole big ** is like this, “Zi!”, Poke into the The teacher’s wave of the waves.

I hardly used the iron ** to forward, the teacher’s powder stocks will welcome it, hit a positive! The uterus has deeply contained ** not to put, the mouth is dead: “喔 … heart … my big ** me! It’s so fluttering … 妳 will do it! Drive … Yeah … The big ** … dried hard … 喔 … 喔 … The big ** put … Teacher … small, do you have a good thing … The teacher loves to die. … 唷 … Teacher love is dried … 喔 … 喔 … Teacher … After … only let the fluttering big ** plug, the teacher’s waves Bī … Daughter’s … Xiaolan bī ……Whoa whoa……”

I don’t have the best of the teacher’s **, while doing the teacher’s point, say: “Teacher … I have a hole … I don’t worry about the ** … …… Oh … Wom teacher … ** I want to interpret my teacher every day, 喔 … 喔 … “

The teacher was pulled by my big butt and twisted the body, catering my strength **, solemnly screaming: “Ah … ah … good fluttering … do it … do it … do it. ! … 喔 … shot in the teacher’s inside … Let the teacher get pregnant … give … give a son … Oh … big ** fluttering … ** Catch it … plug …… Based on … “

I and the teacher’s body, hidden the happy expectations of this taboos, once the world’s moral mask is tight, just like the big river’s decisions.

“Oh …, I plug … plug, teacher, dry death, teacher, 呜, I am so comfortable … ah …” The teacher was plugged in cheeks, the gods, **, ** The trembling of the shares, the changing flow of stocks. “Ah … God! I am cool to die … I am so fluttering … big ** … Insert beautiful … Dry me … floating … you will do it … hole … ah …妳 … um …… “

Now the teacher has a lot of breath, and the air is not allowed to breathe. She twisted the butt and kept warring. “Hey … God … baby!” The teacher groaned, the thigh clamping my waist, desperately shaking the ass, waiting for my another impact.

The teacher has already fallen into a state of madness, and the sophisticated language is constant. The body only knows that the madness twisted meat ** has begun to contraction, tightly, the body is almost instinctive, it is crazy. mine**.

“Silver … vent … vent … … I have come! … Teacher! … Teacher! … I shot to you! … Oh … I want to shoot into the teacher’s uterus! …… I breathed the gas, and I was already in the air.

The teacher’s ** is dramatically twitching, a hot hot stream suddenly flooded, quickly surrounded my **, I was trembled by the heat wave, I didn’t feel the whole body, and I was almost connected. The scrotum is also inserted together, ** straight to the hi Tour, suddenly, feel that the scrotum has been temporary, the eggs are like the sprayed jīng liquid, hot, and the whole big ** is hidden, The thick-viscous jīng liquid rushed out of the horse, and a brain was sprayed into the end of the teacher. Radiosity is fast, and the whole person is on the teacher. I hold the teacher’s snake-like **, stroking the teacher’s slip, starting with a lamb.

Sensual teacher “Sure enough, it is better to meet.” The name is not intriguing. “The teacher must be dressed by my huge **, the tender ** is tightly wrapped in me, and kissed me from time to time. The chest, soft ** room is on me, feel comfortable.

I am, I am not as good as I meet? What does the teacher mean? “My flower is famous, is it going to the school Academic Affairs Office?”

The teacher is white, and the charming eyes revealed the incomparable style. She whispered: “I am two marriage, married old official name is Chen Jian, I have a daughter called Chen Jing …”

“Ah?” I opened a big mouth, “I was Chen Jing … The mother of the mother?” I suddenly remembered Chen Jing’s ** and warm story, that inside, the last girl named Lin Yujie with Chen Jing’s younger brother Chen Force, I used to be a mother of the teacher. The beautiful mother – the name is Lin Bing!

However, Lin Bing is Chen Jing’s high school class teacher, how can we go to our university?

I puzzled the question, the teacher smiled: “Fool, Chen Jing said that it is more than a year ago, now Chen Li is on the capital, and I am also a month ago, I got a senior coaching certificate Only the old alumni invited back to the mother school to teach, after all, with a university, it is much easier than the high school. “

I asked: “I have heard of me, is Chen Jing talking?”

“Yeah, the two of their father and daughter have been brave, and I will soon, I’m talking about me, and my daughter is jade, and I have to come to know you, feel the you. Big **! “Teacher said.

I said that I really thought that I was so charm, I took this glamorous teacher in three or five times, it turned out to be a good propaganda! I am dizzy!

The teacher told me a while, got up and wearing clothes, saying that I would check the night sleep of the students, if someone else is unfailed, I don’t sleep in the middle of the night, I can’t get it.

Teacher long hair shawl, wearing a blue tight dress, but the heart shaped neckline, the clothes are going to be hurt by the master’s huge towering **, walking two ** shake, wearing one Blue tight extrachrone skirt, teacher’s fat, beautiful buttocks, full of skirts.

Skirts are too short, the whole white tender and beautiful legs are exposed to the outside, with the delicate sexy stockings, walking from the road to the beautiful giant hip radiation huge shake, the feet wearing red sexy high heels, I saw ** immediately in the crotch.

The teacher saw me charming, said: “I am waiting for me.” I said: “Okay.”

After the teacher turned out, I watched the teacher’s fine hip to sway in the left and right of the teachings, and every shake the short skirt. Plus the teacher’s featured legs elegantly walks a step behind it, which is hot to the extreme, think about the teacher I just and such sexy **. ** In her beauty, I turned out, I was happy to die, my eyes stared at the teacher’s beauty buttocks, and kept pulpted water.

After the teacher patrol a circle, he came back. I am watching TV, the teacher is tuned, sitting on the sofa, sitting on the legs to sit down.

Because the skirt is too short, the teacher tenderly thighs almost all exposed, and you can see the black shadow of the thigh roots. The lost underwear and the ** of the fat rise.

When I saw half, the teacher suddenly took the side of me, and the left hand held the fragrance, the right leg was bent on the sofa, the left leg stretched, asked me about the class.

I saw the teacher because of this posture, so that the scenery under her skirt was exposed to me. I saw the teacher’s glamorous legs. The sexy tape of the stockings on the legs, and then the teacher, the master, the beautiful and beautiful hid, And sexy underwear, there are high tall pants.

I looked at this fragrant scene, ** brushed it, I took a tent in the quilt. The teacher didn’t talk about my reaction and she twisted a fat hip. When I arrived at me, it may be that the above smell is very strong. The teacher frowns: “Floating, go to wash, don’t love it.” Said that the bath was going to the bath, I excitedly got up , Follow the beautiful fat hip behind the teacher.

When the bath was on the second floor, when the teacher walked in front of me, the teacher’s lascivious buttocks were on this, I excitedly looked at the right and beautiful shakes, a mature The woman’s meat is rushed from the teacher’s hidden hick, and suddenly the teacher stopped. I hit a little bit of the teacher’s beautiful butt, the soft smear of the teacher made me suffocate.

I thought that the teacher had to wash with me. Who knows that she only took me to the bath, I took myself back, I had to hurry myself, and then hurriedly ran back to the room.

The teacher is lying on the bed at this time, support the head with the right hand, the legs overlap, the whole posture will show the S-shape curve of the teacher to the bed, I am sitting on the bed, seeing the teacher a little tired The look, I said: “Teacher, I am massage the craft, do you want to try?”

The teacher said: “Okay.” So I climbed the bed, I looked at the tempting body lying on the side of the teacher, swallowing the mouth, put the hand in the teacher’s ankle, massage the stockings, then gradually handed Upload, always stroked the teacher’s thigh.

The teacher is full of soft thighs to touch the soft and comfortable. I started to pink the teacher’s thigh outside, and then the bold will continue to infringe on the teacher’s skirt. I put my hand to the teacher’s beautiful hip. , Vigorously knead.

The teacher feels that my hand loves your hips to bring the pleasure, Jiao Yang: “Floating, the hand is so bad, I dare to take the teacher’s cheap.” Said hand holding the skirt, another Hold your hand only.

I saw the teacher’s lascivious reaction, the big joy, I will continue to pinch the teacher’s soft fat hip, and the other hand, on the back of the teacher, the teacher’s ridge is full of **, and a bit of pleasure is immediately The lower body is shocked to the teacher’s brain, the teacher is skewer, “Ah … don’t … oh, itchy.”

At the same time, there is no steamed back. I want to get into the teacher’s towering fat hip and short skirt, I can’t help but move down in the palm of the teacher and love it, the teacher’s abundant fat hip seems to be filled with water ball, rich Elastic, touch it is comfortable.

I got inch, and the palm of my hand came down and returned to the teacher. When I was uniform, I couldn’t stand it, and I took the palm into her short skirt, and I touched the hard buttocks. I love it to move forward forward.

Gently touch the happy **, the warmth of the flesh is borrowed through the whole body, but there is no pleasure, my ** is excited, and the trousers are almost Brake!

I surely boldly cross the teacher’s fat buttocks, my hands are pretended to be in the shoulders of the massage teacher, and the pants are tall and have intentionally slowly slowly rubbed back and forth in her round, so it is comfortable!

I hotly swabbled with a fat buttock, the teacher was stimulated to the spring heart, hunger and thirst, the tribut is wet, she is a little fuse, Zhang Youmei’s eyes contain the spring, called me, the teacher then Said: “Fluttering … 妳, 妳 想 老 老 师 … … 作 作 作 作 虚 虚 作 作 作 作 作 作 作 作 作 作 作 作 心 心 心 心 作 心 时 时 时 时 时 时 时 时 时 时 时 时 时 时 时 时 时 时 时 时 时 时: 时 时 时 时

The teacher’s powder face flourifically, and it is a tenderness that is full of wrestling and tenderness: “Xiaozi … 妳, 妳 妳 想 想 老 老 … … … …

I heard a lot of red, shy and bowed, the teacher is already a fire, the powder is blushing, the heart is rushing, hunger and thirst will take off, the teacher took her brilliant red lipstick to cover the cherry Make up my chest small tap, with a slippery tongue, and leave, leave the lips, she is passionate, and I have a comfortable, and it is pleasant.

The hunger is very excited. She actually took her journey, a pair of fat breasts rushed out to show in my eyes, ** room with breathing and risks like grapes The pink luster of the tap is mouth-watering.

The teacher hugged my head sexy delicate body forward and put the crisp in my cheek. She said: “Take the gramma of …” The grandmother of the teacher … um …

I have been happy, my hands are holding the teacher, the soft and tender, the snow white shake, the snow white shake, the housing is also 揉, I am like a baby in the arms, bowing greedy, including the teacher’s delicate pink teap, is It is also sucking and caught out of the milk water in a plump **.

The reddmers are unleaned to make up, stand up in the crush, the teacher is sucked so hot, the lust is too small, can’t help but send joyful: “flutter … ah, the teacher can’t stand it … Hey, 妳 is a good student of the teacher … 唷 … The tap is so comfortable … Oh … I am so good … “

Teacher is excited to want to fire, tremble. Teacher ** frequently emits a faint powder scent and mature woman’s meat, I am intoxicated and jumped, and my hands are not stopped with the teacher’s fatty crisp. I hate to tear down the teacher’s short skirt, a triply, a smile, the dream is smooth, and the glamorous mature is full of temptation.

It is not suitable, and I will struggle for the teacher’s short skirt. Everyone and the beautiful buttocks are all emptied, and they are both sexy and fascinating! White fabric faintly revealed the abdomen black and thick and thick and thick, more than a triply, it was a charming.

I took my right hand to the teacher’s crisp. The left hand reached into her trippants, falling in the ** surrounded by swearing, and I went back to the fingers to get the left and right wet **, more well The micro-coached yuki, the middle finger is light to the ** flesh and slide, and the teacher will tease the teach. It is like a raging tide. Oh … 唉 … “

Teacher’s crispy, positive and fused: “Ah … bad children … don’t toss teacher … comfortable … um … can’t stand … Ah, ah … fast, stop …”

“Hey!” There is a lot of songs that do not hang, the teacher’s most beautiful mysterious zone is in a list, the beautiful body of the frost, the flat and white belly three inch full of dense black fellow Grass, the jungle shame covered a fascinating and mysterious **, the middle and slender flesh is clearly visible, I have to see this snow and white, sexy mature women, in my heart. I don’t want to say, my eyes have come to the glory of the fire, and the teacher is shameful with a mature tomatoes!

The teacher’s beauty, Zhu lip powder neck, strong full of breasts and full round hips, first-class body, proud three surroundings, enough to be Miss China, any man, will have a heart, intention Beauty woman!

The teacher embraced me passionately, Zhang opened the cherry Xiaowei to send a warm long kiss, two tongues launched a fierce battle, her hunger is so hungry, it is necessary to swallow me in the abdomen. The teacher’s scent lips slipped to my ear, the two rows of jade teeth were drilled into the ear, and I could clearly hear the teacher’s breath as the rushing water in the valley. Creepy makes me feel very comfortable!

No mistakes, plus the teacher also hugged my neck and kissed, hunger like a heart, the ** of my pants, hard, hate can also share the teacher’s tongue’s first-class cherry lips, two people breathing I urgently, the teacher’s enthusiastic desire is constantly brewing, and the eyes full of different eyes seem to tell people her needs.

The teacher will help me, put my pants, and the hot ** “Bu” presents her eyes. “Wow … it’s big … it’s great …”

My ** is very strong, the teacher can see the hot, holding the ** feeling hot, and thinking about inserting **, unknowing, etc. She is in the luxurious floor, learn the grassland on the grass, the teacher, the teacher’s jade hand holds the hot **, Zhang opened a small mouth with the tip of the tongue **, do not stop using two cherry lips Get it, the fiber-optic jade hand gently rubs the ovals under **.

I looked like a glamorous teacher, I was blown like this kind of new, exciting, so that I was full of merits, I was excited from my throat: “Ah … Teacher is good, I will contain ** … good, so comfortable …… “

The teacher is encouraged, and the tightening sucking makes the mouth in the mouth.

“Hey … chicken, ** can’t stand … Hey … so cool … I have to vent it …”

Teacher heard the words **, but seeing my large number of transparent hot Jīng liquids from ** straight out, the teacher’s flourish cheeks slowly slid down, dripping her white cleansing.

The teacher who is hungry and excitement is not allowed to let **. The teacher held the slope after the discharge and sagged and licking it, and he took the ** rapid erection, and then put me in bed.

“Hey … Let the teacher teach how to play … so let us be happy!”

Teacher ** Charming ** across my waist on both sides, she touched high fat hips, the ** wet ** aligned straight quite **, the right hand diet two refers to the neck of the **, The left hand, the two fingers dial their own **, with ** lubrication willow waist, fat buttocks sink, “Bu Tu”, hidden in the teacher’s **.

I know that this trick is the so-called “inserted candle”, the teacher is white and big fat buttocks, up, up and down, to get rid of her fragrant, show, show, petite, like a cattle.

“Hey … so beautiful … yeah … so cool …” She grabbed her own enthusiasm **, continuous self-squeezing, jealous, plus the joy of men and women, and sent a lot of excitement!

The hair is fluttering, fragrant, fragrant, lust is completely liberated in the constraints, the teacher’s delicate obscenity is unreasonable to blame the sadness: “Ah, ah … so enrichment … … 喔 … The teacher is good, I like the big ** … wow … good, so comfortable … “

“Oh … well, so cool … Teacher loves to die ** …”

The glamorous teacher is cool, she wants to die, her ** has been discharged from the ** hole, which is covered with my thick scrim, and the wandering of the waves, I am excited to call me: “Oh … the teacher … I also love, love the teacher’s ** …”

“Oh … oh … beloved … Teacher, 妳 * * 好 …… Clip … I am so comfortable …”

“Bu TO”, “Bu Toss”, the ** sound sent when the **, makes the teacher heard more meat, passionate, cheeks, and only seeing her anxious buttocks and arms straight, keep up and down The tight set, the full set of tight sets, I am, I have contracted the two pieces of the teacher, just like her cherry smoldering, tightly bite the root of **, The teacher who secretly loves is not only the mouth contains my **, but also lets the wonderful ** deeply set **, so that I can be excited to be extremely!

I put on my upper and down, drive ** to cater to the queen, a pair of magic hands are reluctant to pinch the ** room that is moving with the teacher.

“Ah … teacher … 妳 ** is fat and big, so soft … It’s fun …” I am in admiration.

The teacher’s reddish little milk was scattered and scaled. The teacher was white, the cherry is half-opened, and the blood is connected, and it is tips, keeping the fat hips, greedy. Unparalleled, beautiful cheeks are full of obscene expressions, drapes, fragrant sweat, sorrowful yokes: “哟 … so comfortable … good, so good … ah … you want to top, death … 哟 … I have been, I can’t stand it … oh, oh … “

“Ah … pro, pro, pro … I have to vent it …”

“Ah … fluttering … so cool … Reothermn … I have to vent it … oh, 喔 … Hold the teacher together ……”

When the teacher suddenly felt ** a large amount of warm jīng liquid, such as the fountain, such as the rain, the rain, it was like a long-lasting **, her crisp is unbearable, and a moment from the heart venting a lot of **, only Silk her soft and weak, satisfied with me, fragrant sweat, Jiao asthila, the teacher crazy shout became low cut, I also felt very happy, I kissed the sweaty teacher’s ruddy cheek , Hands touching her smooth white **, glamorous teachers are the masterpiece of God! I think, the little play teacher is not too unfair, I have to play the teacher’s ass to play a fair! I am going to turn around and get up. The teacher was amazed at the energy of my years, I am afraid that I haven’t finished it today, the teacher who has been tired is closed, relieved ** 插 ** pleasure, think about her ** can not help but **!

On the soft bed in the room, the teacher Ming Yan **, the unevenness of the embarrassment is deeply attracted to me, the two cries in the chest are up and breathe, the abdomen ** surrounded the triangle, the rich The infinite charm, the moist hole is fine, the fresh ** is separated from the left and right, and it seems to look forward to the man’s **.

I watched the two eyes, my heartbeat, I think the teacher is living, I am in bed, the fascinating and seductive ** will make me conquer, play, really happy, my mind refined teacher In my body, the samptone of the waves, so that I have a soft ** after it is brush, I am determined to completely conquer the fascinating sexy charm of the teacher!

I want to burn in the fire, “Hungry Tiger” seems to be on the comfortable mattress, and the mouth is hard to suck her red and seductive teap, and the fingers stretched to the beautiful legs. The thick incapacity, followed by inserting the finger into the teacher’s ****. The teacher was teasing to be smashed, the mouth is slightly smashed, and it is a lot of breath: “Hey, hey …, 喔 …”

Soon, I turned around, I formed a head and feet with the teacher. I brought my face between my faces, and the tip of the teacher was flexible, and I talked about sucking the little-priced of the tender protrusions. The teacher’s lust is high, ** is flooding, caught: “Hey … fluttering … 儿 … Teacher, to be killed by you …”

Teacher’s crisp is shaking, can’t help but hit my head, her slender jade hand smashed the 立,,,,,, 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使**, frequently used incense **, the teacher’s small mouth is set out of the stunnel to make I have the impulse of the strand!

I suddenly took out the immersed in the cherry puppet, I turned around, my eyes, my eyes, my ear, my ear, the left hand, the left-handed two fingers, the two stones, The right hand holds the burden and large ** to take the hole, and it is teasing to rub the acupuncture of the acupuncture.

After a moment, the teacher’s desire was teased, and the incomparable sensuality was revealed by her eyes: “Oh … I don’t tease … I am so fluttering … I want … Tropics me … ** Quick plug Come in, … “

The teacher was teased, and I was very eager to comfort my comfort. I was very embarrassed, and my hand held ** to the wet red wet red, but I used to force it, “Bu TO” ** Among the teachers, the teachers made a scream: “Wrong … not the hole …” said the built-in force push me.

I insisted, slowly put the ** in prostitution, slowly inserted into the teacher’s ass, the teacher’s snow smashed, and I brought the tears in a time. I felt the tightening of her intestines, I couldn’t help but ask : “Teacher, Chen Jing’s father and my brother, did you never fuck a fart?”

“How can they become like this!” The teacher cried. “The teacher is the first time being taken behind.”

I didn’t intend to be inadvertently, I actually broke the virgin of the beautiful teacher. I suddenly excited, ** I slowly creep in the eyes of the teacher, the more the faster, the faster, the feeling of fullness.

I posted all the glamorous teachers. Under my unremitting adultery, the teacher is long and long. It seems that she has adapted to the adultery of the past. It also has a feeling from anal sex. Close the ** clip with the intestines. I took the teacher’s ** room, and I fought the farth of the teacher, and she gradually excitedly, with her hands, her abundant fat buttocks kept down and twisted my ass to meet my **, Teacher “Well,”, enjoy the moisture of ** in the asshole.

I listened to her **, and she was sent to the top of the big place. He directly took the teacher’s anus to the top, and it hurts the limbs. The so comfortable and pleasure is that the teacher has never enjoyed She has been suspended to the extreme, the teacher is desperate to press my hips, and her own big butt is desperately, the slippery ** makes my ** and her asshole bites. Enjoy the joy of **. From time to time, the teacher will look at my sight. My thickness ** is fiercely entering and out of her anus. But see the farthered meat flipped with the ** ** kept turning out, straight to the teacher and enthusiastic, and the powder is hot.

I enthusiastically kissed the teacher’s wet cherry, the two lusts reached the extreme, she took the drought in the ganlin, my flowers, the limbs, the mouth kiss, the sexual organs and excretion officials, doubles such as glue lacquer In the ** whirlpool, youth students are excited, and the shammous and woman satisfied, and they are in the big space!

“Oh … well, so comfortable … I love to die … ** is more comfortable … 喔 … fluttering also let the teacher are so comfortable …”

“Oh … so cool … flutter … The teacher will be big … Big ** is dead … The teacher loves to die … Teacher likes the chicken, ** … rape fart … Oh … …… In the future, the teacher taking it … Just love how to play … Teacher, you like to make your eyes … “

“Ah … so cool … I am so good, the teacher is going to die … Hey … ass to be rotated … so comfortable …”

Teacher’s sensuality and wind’s face expression stimulates me to explode a man’s wildness, squatting, teacher is like a silk, asthing, fragrant sweating, dreams, enjoy ** giving her anus The stimulation of: “Oh, oh … too cool … good news ** ……”

I listened to the teacher like a wild cat, and I was more sold, and the teacher’s asshole. “Teacher …” I called spring, I am so charming … I will make it more satisfied … “

In addition to teachers without scorpion in the entire bedroom, there is also a voice that is pumped in the asshole: “Bu.” “Bu.” She is refreshing to twist the fat buttocks to cooperate with my **, desperately interssed the high fat buttocks so that the asshole is closer to the **.

“Oh … so floating … Teacher ** is coming … you want, you have to lose …”

I don’t fear the tiger, put the teacher, I will play the teacher, I am in the eyes: “Hey … ass … I am so comfortable … Oh … I am finished …”

When the teacher, the teacher tightly grabbed the sheets. The head is backwards, and the head is called. Her ass steading my **, ** has a warm ** straight out, the farthered muscle bite My ** burst of messenger, directly sprint, suddenly touched a few times, suddenly a very hot jīng liquid shot, filled with the teacher, the ass. Ass.

Bed, the blood silk and the jīng liquid, the ** wet, after leaking, the teacher held me tightly, her lip is sufficient to satisfy smile, sweat, breathless, my heat I am spreading in the teacher. She was completely conquered by me, I was weak, and my face was sticker. The teacher felt that my heartbeat became slow, and I also felt the hard and unbeatable ** in the anus Slowly shrink from softening!

After the passion, “Hey … I didn’t expect anal sex, so happy and comfortable …”

The teacher who is immersed in the ** joy has an unlimited emotion, and the jade hand cares for me on her rich **. My face is full of soft **, Into drunk in the fragrance of **, I忖忖 忖 成 美 美 男 老 老 老 老 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧 紧, The fairy wants to die, it is a great pleasure in this life. That night, the room had been coming out of the teacher’s sweet and twirling snoring. All the two nights we were in the big dry, until the sky was bright, just asleep for a while.

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