The story of the story (1)

Bai Na’s ** story is very exciting, I can’t help but shoot it again in her ass, when she lies with the farting of the jīng liquid, Chen Jingwen is softly sat up, and she is tight. The fart wrapped in my ** – The President of the Student Association of Early Children’s Education Department, whether it is a literary talent, still a look, so she speaks the story, it is exceptionally exceeded.

A courtyard of approximately 270 square meters, sitting north facing south, and the courtyard is a two-story small building, which accounts for more than 200 square meters. The wall to the hospital is a small courtyard, and the cement panel is paved. It’s a small flower bed in front of the wall, and a small flower bed in front of the small building, a chrysanthemum in front of it. August 6, the rods of the rods bloom … west is the gate. Like a traditional Chinese courtyard, this small courtyard is also closed, it is difficult to peek from the outside …

The stairs were on the corner of the northeast, from the stairs to the corridor, and the stairs to the south corridor were the bathroom and bathroom. The room on the first floor of the following floor is used to make a kitchen. Along the western corridor, from the middle room into the second floor, there is a bedroom on the left and right side. This small building is the same as the structure downstairs.

A afternoon, the arrogant sun is roasting. The air conditioners in the second floor have blown cool breeze. Chen Li is watching TV on the sofa. In the hands of the remote control from one station to another, then change to another. … Hundreds of bored. The seventeen-year-old Chen Li, one meter, a head, because of sports in the school, the strong muscles put the T-shirt. He is already high, and he is enjoying his summer vacation …

“Oh,” Chen Li looked back, the door of the west bedroom opened, his sister Chen Jing hurts out, she wears the pajamas can’t cover the white thigh, the gauze clothing is even more Land a large figure of her curve.

Chen Jing is twenty years old, the body is high, one meter seven zero, there is not much in the girl, the size of the body is more beautiful. It is now a big second student of the Department of Early Children’s Education, just helping her father to take care of the business, but they don’t need her. Because it is a summer vacation, so, she will not go, do cooking at home, stroll around the street.

Chen Jing pushed the door of the living room and went out … I will come back again, she took a shower. When Chen Jing after bath, it was a fascinating and charming.

Chen Li looked at the sister, wet pajamas cleared the Chen Jing’s body, she didn’t wear a bra, two small ** took two small points to the pajamas, almost see its color … with Chen Quiet walking, keeping a beating.

Chen Li was staring at Chen Jing’s chest. His different eyes were observed. Chen Jingshun low his head and watched his chest. He couldn’t help but feel a little fever on his face. He quickly quickly went to his room. White, he glanced: “The little ghost, I have never seen it!” “” Closed the door.

‘I have never seen it! ‘Chen Li’s heart is a hair. Don’t I peek, she is known, or just say it. Oh, no matter it, I still read it first. Chen Li stood up from the sofa and quietly came to the window of Chen Jingyang in the corridor.

In this summer vacation, an accidental chance, Chen Li found that the curtains on the Chen Jing’s window did not have a slice, and that Chen Jing was also changing clothes after bathing. Chen Li missed his sister’s moving body, and his eyes closed. Since then, Chen Li can no longer control his evil idea, and a voyeurous and moving the body of Chen Jingmei, which has become his greatest expectation.

Chen Li made his eyes on the window and split it from the gap of the curtain. As he is looking forward to: Chen Jing stands in the bedroom, the pajamas have been taken away, only a small triangle underwear is worn on the body, but it can’t stop her full, round butt exposure, because the underwear is too small. It is only bunch in her portions.

Chen Jing stood in front of a big mirror, and her ** snow is full, and the two like a red cherry is proud of the rumble, and the lower part and roots of ** Between, because of gravity, draw a dazzling arc, a pair of ** is even more shaking because she combed the action …

Chen Jing looked at himself in the mirror, she was very satisfied with her body, not many people can have such a body, appearance. Her legs are very long, the thighs are full, the calf is round. Her waist is very thin, it is very soft, it is really like the willow branches in the spring breeze. Chen Jing looked at yourself, couldn’t help but start, moved his legs, swayed a few lower waist. It also gives yourself a smile in the mirror.

Chen Jing put down the comb, and two ** gently rubbed, sway. Whenever she is deep, she will always relax, vent itself. But now she is not for her own, because she knows, her brother is voying himself under the window of the corridor. The feeling of girls is always sensitive. Chen Li has not seen a few times, Chen Jing feels some different and found Chen Li’s behavior. She didn’t stop him, but more indulge him, every time I slowly sort out, let him see more. I just said that I said in the mouth, Chen Jing is a little worried about scaring him not to come. However, he still does not change, just reward him!

When Chen Li saw the body of my sister almost naked, he couldn’t yourself. His ** quickly expanded, the top pants were high, and there were some pain. Now I saw Chen Jing’s **, Chen Li couldn’t help again, he opened the zipper of the trousers, and took the ** in his hand …

“Hey”, Chen Jing suddenly came to the window, open the curtains and glasses. Chen Li has not reacted, and it is still licking **, but he sees that he wants to love to love to love his face almost on his face.

A short moment in a moment. Chen Li jumped and ran, passed through the living room, returned to his bedroom, leaning against the door. Almost at the same time, Chen Jing also ran out and shouted at the door of Chen Li: “Open the door, younger brother, open the door!”

“Open the door, Xiaoli, open the door.” Chen Jing shouted while photographed Chen Li’s door.

Chen Li’s face is pale, leaning behind the door. The heart is uneasy, muttered in the mouth: “Oh, it is broken … what to do, finished …”

Chen Jing is still calling the door. Although Chen Li is very panic, he heard Chen Jing’s calling door, and I want to have something to hide. Your own sister can’t see you, I can’t agree with my sister, she can forgive himself. So, in the heart, turned to open the door – Chen Li looked at Chen Jing in front of him – Chen Jing was still only wearing that little underwear, ** with body. Different is that I have just peeked out the window, and now my sister is perfect, the body is in front of himself. The snow-white skin is so smooth, and there is a burst of fragrance to come … Half day Chen Li murmured: “Sister, sister, just me … I am wrong, my sister … forgive me, Forgive me … Ok … “And your eyes are also greedily staring at Chen Jing, to the tempting **.

Chen Jing looked at Chen Li’s eyes, and there was a shackled trousers that were unlealed, gently smiled, reached out and patted Chen Li’s cheek.

“I haven’t seen enough, I have seen a lot in these days …”

“Sister, I am wrong, I shouldn’t …”

Chen Jing * has entered Chen Li’s room.

“Small, I grew up, I will peek at the girl to change clothes …”


“Is it still stolen my underwear and a bra?”


“What, honest.”

“Yes … I took it …”

Chen Li lowered his head and didn’t dare to show again. I thought: “Sister, I know that I am not a child, but I still do it in front of me.”

“Also give me.”

Chen Li turned to take the key to open the drawer of the desk, two underwear is in it. This is this morning, Chen Li saw it outside, and I couldn’t help but sneak it. I just smelled the aroma of the top, I was discovered by my sister. Chen Li felt that it was self-contained, low, red face, and his hand was helpless. Chen Jing took the past and reached out and took them over and looked at the nervous look of your brother. I think: My silly brother, my sister is doing this, I don’t understand it before he is.

“Xiaoli, do you still have to see other girls? For example … at school.”

“No … in school … Learning is nervous, how can there be a kind of thought. I used to … I have never thought … I saw this …”

“Why do you want to steal your sister?”

“I … I … then I saw you changing clothes … I couldn’t help … I want to see … 妳 …”

“I want to see me to change clothes.”


“Small, watching me …, my sister is beautiful …”


“Why don’t you talk.”

“Sister, u so beautiful, really ……” “Is not u see me change clothes …… ** back up ……”

Chen Li, just a little anxious, these things have to ask you. However, from his childhood love, awe sister, I am not reveal.


“When ** …… Is not want my sister ……”


“Is not thinking about holding my sister …… ……”


Chen looked at Chen Li, she knew she go on like this stupid brother will be more and more nervous, scared he may unfavorable. Chen Jing from his hand into the pants zipper mouth of Chen Li, and from the next underwear soft ** Chen Li pulled out.

“Sister, do u ……”

“Small force, do not worry. What u did nothing wrong. U grow up, the girl’s body to attract you, what is wrong? ** say it is normal.”

Chen Liming white.

“But, my sister, I am my sister, ah ……”

“I was changing clothes when u peeps, how are u my sister thought it?”

Chen Jing Chen Li of the belt loosened his pants and underwear down to the calf off at Chen Li ** In the small hands of the stimulation of Chen began swelling up.

Chen Li excited. Kicked off the legs of clothes, all of a sudden Chen hold up. Chen came to the bed put on the bed, impatient hands to seize Chen Jing ** rubbed and rubbed.

Chen Jing slightly panting, lying in bed and let Chen Li presumptuous on her body touching, kissing. Chen Li has never been close to the opposite sex. At this point he just felt sister’s body is so soft, smooth, fragrant; so let him caress the previous years he was willing. Finally, the male instinct he will also Jing little panties pulled down, he threw himself on the bed to Chen static pressure in the body.

“I want my sister …… …… u help me ……”

Chen Li Jing know what to think, but she put Chen Li pushed from their own, down to the ground.

“Small force, I know u want to do my sister, but ……”

“Sister, are u just said to me ……”

Chen Li sat up a little impatient, his bloodshot ** big and hard stand up with.

“Small force, u do not worry, my sister did not say not ……”

“Come on, sister.”

Chen Li sister will stand beside the bed in his arms. As he was sitting on the bed just so Chen will round ass in his hands, Chen Li is put it down.

“Small force, u listen to me, my sister will give u’s. I’m putting you on, but not today. Okay?”

Chen Li Jing let go, looked at her.

“Sister, why ……”

“Do not Guannameduo u … u …… sister will not lie, let sister to help it digest u ……”

Chen said Chen Li squatted between his legs. Hold your hand ** ** to force Chen tightly caught in the cleavage, and then shaking.

“Brother, this okay ……”

“Sister, good …… nice, good soft …… ** u’s really comfortable ……”

Chen Li, after all, is the first and the girls together to play this game, only five or six minutes he could hold up. The thick white liquid spewing out jīng, Chen shot in the chin, and flow to the neck, …… **

Day night late August is always one way or another, have been half past seven, the sky is still very bright, but the room was already dark. Downstairs in the living room lamp has been opened, gracefully plates of food on the table, Chen Li at the dinner table. Chen is still outside the kitchen busy ……

Then the outer courtyard car siren sounded twice, Chen Li heard ran out the door to play, a small hatchback car Chi into the hospital, the hospital is almost full to the brim account gap.

Chen Li and Chen’s father, Chen opened the door to go down. This year he was aged 44; he and his wife five years ago with a large company in the city’s work, when he and his wife, who is blue-collar. However, a bolt, his beloved wife of the year was a serious accident claimed the lives of factory, never left him. His wife, beautiful, virtuous. He and his wife, childhood, deep feelings.

After the accident, because he and his wife showed excellent work in normal work, the person in the unit was good, so the unit compensated him a considerable money. However, he never wants to stay in the place that makes him sad; since then, he has never returned to the unit. The leaders came to talk to him several times, seeing can’t say him, and understanding his mood, he broke the retirement process for him. He leisurely stayed at home, and he was depressed. At that time, he looked like more than 50. Later, he finally wanted to pass, and he still had a lovely child, and he could not do this again for them. He rented a booth selling fruit. As a result, the fortune, the more business, the greater the business, and now he has already registered a business company, and the trade of all kinds of goods, more than 20 employees. Bless people in business, I can’t pay attention to the instrument. Now it seems that the blue-collar worker is still young than five years ago.

“Dad, you are back.” Chen Li hello.

“Dad is coming back? It is good.” Chen Jing also shouted in the kitchen.

“Come back.” Chen Jian washed a face on the water taken next to the small flower pool. Into the living room and sit in the table. Chen Li also sat as his father; at this time, Chen Jing came in with the last two dishes.

“Go, wash your hands.” Chen Jing said to Chen Li. Chen Li’s naughty was pinched up with a piece of vegetables in the plate in the mouth, and went to wash his hands.

Chen Jian looked at his young and beautiful daughter and remembered his wife. Multi-image, clear and long face, tall full of full body. Even the mouthful of smile, the tone of the person, the tone, the same image …

“Dad, what happened …” Chen Jing generously asked.

“Oh … okay … okay …”

Chen Jing knows that he is thinking about her mother. There are many mom photos in his room, and he often looks at the mother’s photo. Chen Jing knows that he is very similar to his mother, because Chen Jian saw she saw her pensive. So she found a picture of a simple photo and my mother’s photo was put on the dad table. I want to know if my father is distinguished. But there is no answer, the photo is still in the same one next to it. She certainly can’t ask her father: “Don’t you see that this is a daughter?”

Chen Jing, Chen Li sat down. Chen Jing opened his mouth and said: “Small, the refrigerator takes the bottle of beer to Dad.”

“Take two bottles, so hot days, Xiaoli also drink a cup, you also drink it.”

“What kind of wine, a little child, drink, I can’t, I am a girl.”

“Xiaoli is not small, seventeen years old, no school, let him drink. What happened to the girl, my mother often accompanied me, but also drink white wine.”

Chen Li took the beer to open, pour three cups. I made a ghost face, I mean: “I said that I am not small today, ah.”

Chen Jing knows what he means, whiten him said: “Dad, come, the daughter will respect you today.”

Chen Jing is not to have a heart, but I didn’t expect Chen Jian to let her drink alcohol, and let it think about this, it is just right, this is not an excuse of the chapter, Chen Jingxin is dark.

Chen Jian today is also good, two bottles of beer will do it, Chen Jing opens two bottles. Waiting for these two bottles to Chen Jian, because these four bottles of beer are mostly he drinking, he certainly knows how much you drink. But nothing to do with your child, he didn’t care.

Chen Jing also opened a bottle, “Small, don’t drink anymore.”

“Well, let’s eat slowly, I am going to rest for a while, some dizziness.” Chen Li said out to go upstairs.

Chen Jing put the empty cup before Chen Jian again, “Dad, drink a cup, I am very tired today.”

“Don’t be tired, the company is still a few days ago.”

“Come, Dad, Cup …”

Chen Jing’s head and drank her in the cup. It was the figure of his wife in front of him. It didn’t make a sound: “Jiao Jia!”

Chen Jing put down the cup, see Chen Jianhao’s eyes know that Dad is already intoxun, so I quietly moved the chair to Chen Jian’s near.

“Do you look like ‘Jiaojiao’?”

“Like … 妳 娇 娇 … … …. 她 她 她 压 她 她 她 她 她. 她… 她.. 她. 陈 陈 陈 陈 她 她 她 她 陈 陈And all of this is a matter of Chen Jing Plan.

“Jiaojiao … Jiao Jiao … I want to think about it …” “” “” I … I am not … is it? “

“Jiaojiao … I love you …”

“… I want me …”

“I want to die … Jia Jiao … I want you … I want to forgive me … I sometimes can’t help but I have been looking for a few lady … Jiao Jiao …? ? … “

“… how can I not forgive me, will it be blame? … I know 妳 … I am so bitter …” Chen Jing climbed Chen Jian’s shoulder said quietly.

“Let’s go to the room …”

Chen Jian hugged her into the bedroom, only a dim bedside lamp in the bedroom. Chen Jian at this time has already been anesthetized by alcohol, and he only thinks that Chen Jing is his ‘Jiaojiao’. I am afraid that he will not recognize his own daughter under the light day, let alone, this is not a clear light.

Chen Jian put Chen Jing to take her clothes on the bed, and the summer clothes were not much, and today, Chen Jing also wear very little, and it was convenient to take off. Three down five eloquence, Chen Jing is already lying in bed. Chen Jing helped the dad to take off her clothes, it took a job.

The two ** are in the body. Chen Jian is crazy. It’s a stunned body. One hand caught Chen Jing’s full **, like holding a dough. The skin of the snow, turned pink. The other hand divides the Chen Jing’s legs, press the body, his ** has been congested, and the top is on the mouth of Chen Jing **. Chen Jing made a big separation of the legs with Chen Jian’s movements, and two feet extended.

Chen Jian looked with Chen Jing’s **, one hand supported ** in the two petals of Chen Jing **. Chen Jing felt that Chen Jian ** has a hard and hot, and shouted: “Come on, plug in, Dad, enjoy your daughter’s virgin.”

However, Chen Jian didn’t know that she is a virgin. Now he doesn’t even know that this ** is his daughter. He released the hand of helping the **, but his ass, he had inserted in half. He almost made a whole body ** into Chen Jing body.

Although Chen Jing is a virgin, how can her ** can hinder Chen Jian’s violent impact. Chen Jing felt a painful pain from her private part, but she was afraid to scare Chen Jian, did not dare to scream, bite his teeth to endure.

Chen Jian’s ** has not been diagnosed with Chen Jing, he is half-legged between Chen Jing’s legs, with the body to share Chen Jing’s legs, and Chen Jing’s legs are too large. Can be held up; Chen Jian squats, borrows the strength of the legs, unknown to pull out the thick **, and tattoo into Chen Jing’s deep …

His posture, a woman’s ** is most effective, violent. And Chen Jian’s ** has been depressed, at this time, Chen Jingfeng is full, soft, and gentle. Poor Chen Jing is a man-made amenities, how can she bear such a rudeness … But because Chen Jing is from the love of his father, it is voluntarily dedicated to Chen Jian, how can I … …

“… 噫, yeah … Yeah … ah …” Chen Jing’s painful expression, his hands tightly pulled the sheets. It can only be used to reduce this meaningless word to reduce the pain in his tenderness … Chen Jing feels from his own ** to high legs like it is to be torn …

“… 噫, yeah … Yeah … ah …” Chen Jing’s yelling mixed with Chen Jian “to …” ** When the lower abdomen hit the loud “… … …”

After all, Chen Jian is also a long time, no **, the woman’s **, plus alcohol’s stimulation, so violently, no stop. About fifteen six minutes, finally shooted the hot Jīng liquid into the ** of his daughter. Then I stuffed myself on Chen Jing, and I will send a snoring, fell asleep …

Chen Jing gently pushed her father from the body, quietly putting the bed in the bed, and turned into the second floor of the bathroom.


Chen Jing came out of the bathroom, she felt a lot. She came to Chen Li softly pushed, the door was locked, she hesitated, and finally slammed two. The door was hit. Chen Li saw his sister standing in front of his own door, and the wet hair was obviously just taking a shower, and she hugged her, “Good sister, I am thinking about it.”

“Yes, what do you think?”

“Take it, my little brother is so uncomfortable.” Chen Li pulled Chen Jing’s hand to touch his own **. “Little ghost, just give you a sweet, you have faced your face …” Chen Jing seized Chen Li’s ** twice, “Brother, let’s go to the house …”

Chen Jing walked into the bedroom of Chen Li, lying on the bed. Chen Li also pulled her with her, pulling Chen Jing’s pajamas from the bottom of the **, and then pressed in Chen Jing, holding the beautiful **.

“Sister, you are so beautiful.” I kissed the Chen Jing cheeks with my mouth.

Chen Jing separates his legs, let Chen Li moved to her between her legs, “Xiaoli, I want to play my sister …”

“Of course I want it.”

“That, come.” Chen Jingzhi lived Chen Li’s ** Guide it to his own **, and use another hand to separate his two petals to Chen Li hot. **. It has never been a kind of excitement, and the feeling of crispy, the whole body is generally passed from the whole body, the skin is very tight under this stimulus.

“Insert it, dry my sister’s **.” Chen Jing hugged Chen Li’s butt, pressed down, and teaching Chen Li knowing how to do it. Under the pressing of Chen Jing hands, Chen Li’s ass will move down, and the thick ** is inserted into Chen Jing **. Chen Jing has just been opened by Dad Chen Jian, and it is a violent rain. The discomfort of ** although there is a relief after bath, it has not been eliminated. At this time, Chen Li’s ** suddenly joked, and it was a pain.

“Oh … Yeah …

“Sister, is you still a woman … I heard that the virgin is very painful in the first time.” Chen Li looked at Chen Jing and a little painful expression.

“Just now, if Dad doesn’t fuck me, my sister is still a woman, it is not.”

“Dad! Sister, this … this … why …” Chen Li did not only happen.

“Brother, do you usually think about the ** of girls?”

“I haven’t seen it before, but I often see you. I often fantasize … I’m fantasy, my sister, I only fantasize a person, I am so beautiful, I have never seen a girl than my sister. “

“Hey, don’t make your sister happy.” Chen Jing uses a pair of beautiful eyes, but it is in the hands of the lips and kisses on Chen Li. “Brother, do you know how hard my father? Since my mother’s accident, one is because of our two, the second is that Dad loves her mother, so there is no marriage. But how can a normal man do not have sex? Don’t you learn **? “

“But, you are a father!”

“That’s what, ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, ** is not very good. Even the Bible has recorded. Again …” Chen Jing Demai smiled with Chen Li, shoot Chen Li buttocks, “We are not pro Sister, but the ** is now inserted now. “

“My sister, too wronged.” Chen Li took Chen Jingfeng’s ** to the hand and said with Chen Jing.

“No, this is my wish. I love Dad, I also love you. When I looked at my mother, I felt sad, I want to comfort him, but I didn’t know how to do it. Later, I I know, I have been too similar to my mother. Dad saw that I sometimes happen, I will have a determination, but I haven’t courageous. I haven’t courageous. I found out that I was voyeur me … I designed this today. Plan, dedicate your body to Dad, comfort him. And you can enjoy your sister’s ** … “

Chen Jing doubled his face, gave him a sweet kiss: “… how can I let my brother who are so handsome to let other girls?” Said the brilliant smile.

Unlike Chen Jian, Chen Jian, Chen Jing, Chen Jian, is a fight, and it is painful. Now Chen Li’s ** has been inserted into Chen Jing’s **. Moreover, Chen Li’s hands are not stopped at the **. Gradually Chen Jing has been initiated, the whole body is slightly fever, and the snow white skin has a shallow color. ** The hoose, two ** also tried hard, more red. ** is a large amount of ** secreted.

“Brother, how do you feel.”

“Sister, you are so beautiful, wet warm, grip, I am so comfortable …”

“But … but … my sister is a bit … uncomfortable …” “Where is it uncomfortable, is it painted, I took it out,”

“No, not … not pain …, is … Yes … my sister’s ** … ** in itch …”


“Brother, use the **, give your sister!”

Chen Li like a dream, adjusting his posture, and slowly inserting ** slowly, it started repeated **. The expandable ** is tightly clamped by Chen Jing, and each time the extraction is scraped with the meat of Chen Jing **, bringing a lot of prostitute, flowing to the roots of Chen Jing’s thigh, and this friction also let Chen The force of ** and Chen Jing’s ** produce a big burst of current, so that the two people first experience the thrill of innocence …

“Well … your brother … you have a sister … good … cool … ah … ah …”

“I … is also … so beautiful … so cool …”

“Good brother … 妳 ** … really big … good hot … ah … ah … cool dead sister …”

“Sister … I just want to let you … cool … I …”

“… ok … Dry death sister … make … … 使 干 …”

Chen Jingqi tasted such a wonderful **, ** the feeling of itching, could not help her promote Chen Li more vigorous, violently came to ** **.

At this time, Chen Li couldn’t help but speed up the speed of ** due to the horing of men, but because of afraid of his sister could not bear, it is painful. After receiving the Chen Jing’s command, I am jealous, so I will fly the flying in the ****, and every time I go to Chen Jing’s **, I will make the fullness of the fullness, as if I will Like really used the thick, hard ** smashed Chen Jing and tender **, piercing the general …

The sound of “… …” in the part of the two people, and “嗤 … Zi …” From Chen Jing’s * 液 液 液 液 … ……

“… ah … ah … Yeah … younger brother … 妳 … Sister … The fuck is so cool … Ah … I … can’t … ah! … so cool … Beautiful and death NS……”

At this time, Chen Li also went to a critical juncture. He quickly pulled out the **, and he took the Chen Jing’s **. Explore, it seems that you have to wear your own people to wear your sister … The whole body can’t say a good feeling, spraying the thick jīng liquid in the deep body of Chen Jing …

“Hey …, ah … Yeah …” Chen Jing rushing in Chen Li, and the inquiry of the strong jīng liquid also poured out of a prostitution …

Two people are tightly holding each other with fever, trembling body. Enjoy the thrill after this lattele ** …

The next morning.

Chen Jian sat on the sofa in the living room downstairs, smoking cigarettes. The door opened, Chen Jing came out of the breakfast and put on the table. Chen Jian looked at her – Chen Jing was just a long wearing a lengthening, a large T-shirt, just covering her round hips, and the snow whitening the thighs were freely exposed in the morning cool air, with her The walking, the T-shirt swayed, and it can see the exquisite curve hidden in the inside, convex and clear;

“Xiao Jing … last night, Dad is not …” Chen Jian will annihilated the cigarette in his hand, and looked at Chen Jing.

Chen Jing is a sweet and a bit of smile;

“… Xiaoshi …, Dad is really damn … How can I make this kind of thing, my father is sorry.” Chen Jian is full of regret.

“Ah, ha!” Chen Jing softly smiled: “So there is also a small force, he is also the same as you!”

“Small …, this, what is this. I killed this stinky boy.

Chen Jing went to Chen Jian to hit his arms.

“Xiao Jing, don’t do this, you are a big girl.” Chen Jian wanted to push her away, but did not drive.

“Dad, it’s not a matter of hard work. This is my idea, I know, I will suppress ** since my mother’s death, I think, I will grow like my mother. Why can’t I replace my mother to comfort? What? Again, in addition to Dad, my mother’s biological daughter, who can be so similar to my mother. As for Xiaoli? He grows up, he peeked about me to change clothes and masturbating. Since I have decided to use the body to comfort You, why can’t you also give your brother. Again, he is still so handsome. “” Xiao Jing, this is true? “Chen Jianyi’s horrified expression,” How can you do this? “

Chen Jing stood up.

Chen Jian stood up, one hugged Chen Jing, thought: “Anyway, it has been made, doing it, why not enjoy such a beautiful daughter, saying that many people want to do this, but But there is no quiet to let my father, my brother’s daughter.

“But, Xiao Jing is so sorry, I’m too grievance.”

“Dad, this is what I volunteer to do. Again, as long as you don’t give people so painful, just vent; let me die like you, I still want it!”

“Xiao Jing, my good daughter, I should think that since my mother is in bed, how can her daughter have no inheritance.”

Chen Jian will go in his hands from Chen Jing’s T-shirt, but then discovered that it was actually vacuum, there is no bra, no underwear. He pulled Chen Jing to his body. From Chen Jing, holding her, his hands just holding Chen Jing, soft and full of **, gently caressing, sitting on the couch, Chen Jingzheng sitting in his leg On the rolling, the plumble buttocks can feel a big thing in the stupid.

“Dad, my sister is not only wafing, I see her is a sensuality.” Chen Li didn’t know when I came in.

“Dad, I saw your brother, saying that people are swaying.” Chen Jingjac said. “How can I be a slut.” Chen Jian said, “It’s still a good thing.” Chen Jing was scattered by her father, and I feel that ** is also divided into prostitution, itching. She is restlessly twisted in Chen Jian’s arms.

“You are a beautiful, lovely …” Chen Jian said but stopped. “What, what, then, Dad.” Chen Jing asked, “a little beautiful, cute; it is a small **.” Chen Jian said with a smile: “Small **, 妳 ** Good Wet, is it itchy, I want to use my father’s **, there is a brother to interrupted the **? “

“People are not coming, they are bullied by me.”

Chen Jing struggled to pretend to stand up, but he was hugged by Chen Jian, put her chest down on the table. Chen Jian off his trousers, his ** has been convinced.

“Xiaoli, let Dad first come to enjoy the little tenderness of your sister,” Xiao Jing, this father will not hurt you again, Dad wants to let it die. “

Chen Jian stood behind Chen Jing Xue’s white and tender butt, and he grabbed two flats full of fles buttocks to left and right, revealing the sewing of Chen Jing **.

“Daughter, Dad wants to do it.” “Come on, let’s go in, don’t worry, I don’t hurt, enjoy the daughter’s **.”

Although Chen Jing has already opened it yesterday, he was carried out twice by his father and son, and now ** is already fully humid, but her tender points are so tightened. Chen Jian’s thick ** made a little effort to be completely inserted, and the warmth of Chen Jing is tightly clamped, let Chen Jian feel that it is so comfortable, and there is a good thing in the brain. ** Inexplicable pleasure.

“… 噫 … Dad, good **, daughter is cool.”

Chen Jing just tickled **, she seems to have been liberated, and the whole person feels full, and there is no feeling of emptiness, but I feel so beautiful, I can’t comfort it. “Small, come … touch your sister’s **, come …”

Chen Li looked at the father and daughter, and it was difficult to resist it. He was coming to Chen Jing in front. Chen Jing is now climbing on the table, standing on the ground, knotting two-petal snow white butt is dried by Chen Jian **, two arms hold the body, two full of rushing ** due to sagging Big, more plump. Chen Li strokes more comfortably.

“My sister, I am really fun, my pointed and soft, I am so soft, I am not willing to let go.” “Hey … play hard, … Hey … ah … Dad, plug good …… “

Chen Jian has gradually accelerated the speed of **, and he gasped. Chen Jing’s tightly small tender points clamped his **, each time ** into the scream, take out a lot of Chen Jing’s prostitute, and flow down to Chen Jingxue white thighs. Chen Jing’s ** can feel Chen Jian’s hard force, because every fierce insert, she feels that the thickness of ** wants to penetrate her body, hit the Yīn Tie of the ** It is so much wonderful. “… … ok … I am dying … Dad … re-use …”

Chen Jian looked at the lascivious daughter under the clam of his own and his son, shouted a mistake, twisted his delicate body; ** produced a wave of waves under the grinding of daughter ** It is not excited to have a very extreme, knowing that Shè is fine, so that the whole body is fucking, holds Chen Jing’s round butt, put hot jīng liquid in Chen Jing’s ** Place. “Ah … Dad … I am dying … I died, I died …”

Chen Jing also joined the Silver ** dry, under the impact of the jīng liquid, from the heart of the flowers, there was a **, and the whole person was a matter of virtual, the whole soft body climbed to the table. superior. It feels like it is in the cloud.

After a calm, Chen Jian shè became smart, and the Chen Jing’s ** slowly squeezed out, filled with wet prostitution, Chen Jian left Chen Jing. “Small, you are. What do you want to do your sister?”

“Just try it, I also want to try it later.” Chen Li urgently came to Chen Jingzhi’s back to grasp the waist of Chen Jing, will rise, and there will be some painful ** inserted Chen Jing. ** is full of obscene **, long out of breath.

I heard Chen Li’s 气

“It’s my good sister, I am coming …” Chen Li got Chen Jing’s encouragement, so ased to go down the mountain, desperately smashed. I didn’t have a few times, I will be able to scream after I have just happened: “Good fierce …, you’re …” Cool … My sister is not alive … just like this, let me die … “

Chen Jing came to the second time, and Chen Li is still struggling **, let Chen Jing’s ** continues longer, put Chen Jingmei is not moving, just **, gasp Rather, let Chen Li are in his own **.

“My sister, I don’t think itch it. I am here to itch.” “Yes, yes. Good brother, then embarrassed the sister’s **, my sister itchy.”

The wind does not end, the rain is not finished. The more fierce things are, the more calm, Chen Li, the strong acupuncture, but it is not possible to make ** lasting, because the jealousiness is too strong. In just more than ten minutes, when Chen Li sent Chen Jing to the cloud’s cloud, he also flowed a thick jīng liquid in Chen Jing’s **.

Since then, obscenity has become an indispensable part of their father and daughter. They are in every corner of this small court, any convenient time, crazy **.


Chen Jing did not carefully walked home, and he raised a lot of vegetables and fruits in his hand.

Chen Li’s school has started. And because of the pressure of the promotion, their schools have to live in a high school, only every Saturday, Sunday can go home. Today is Friday, Chen Li can come back at night. So Chen Jing went to the vegetable market to buy a lot of things, to give the younger brother who lived a week in the school to improve the food.

“Xiao Jing – Xiao Jing – Chen Jing …”

Chen Jing suddenly heard someone called himself behind him. Looking back, a girl ran to himself and has reached his face. “Yu Jie, how is it?”

It turned out to be Chen Jing in junior high school and high school students Lin Yujie; and they are still very good friends.

“I am shopping, I just saw you in the store there, just come out and shout.” “Is it going to work after graduation? How do you at home today?”

“I won’t go, that unit is not very. Again, my mother said, I am not relieved in the outside. And I also worry that my mother is at home.”

“Why don’t you say it early, find me to play.” “I also came back for a few days, and these days are busy looking for work.” “How is it.”

“Okay, the acquaintance introduces a company. Xiaoshi, how about it, married?” “No, no.” “Seeing so many dishes, I thought I got married.” “” ” My brother, he is in school. Only we will go home, and then go home. “

“Small, there is such a sister like this, I am so happy. I also went to my family to eat, how …” “Well …

Chen Jingben wants to go home today, he will not wait to be his own **, so he will not only let him eat, but also let him be cool. However, Lin Yujie is his own good friend. I used to eat in my own home, and then I said that people said that they can get rid of it. The two said that smiling returned to Chen Jing’s home.

“Let’s play it yourself … I went to cook.” Chen Jing said to Lin Yujie. “Okay, I don’t help but do it today, I’m asking guests. I will ask you again.” Lin Yujie said with a smile.

“Okay, okay, lazy, I haven’t helped me a few times before.” Chen Jing took the thing that bought back into the kitchen. Start ready for dinner …

“Chen Jing, Chen Jing, come over.” Chen Jing is busy in the kitchen, suddenly heard Lin Yujie shouting themselves loudly upstairs, hurrying out, running upstairs.

“What’s wrong, I am cooking …” Chen Jing quickly came to the upstairs, but I was shining in the living room. Lin Yujie sat on the sofa and looked at the TV. However, it is a picture of the TV in the TV.

It turns out that Chen Jing family has a DV camera. Once, Chen Li’s blood came to take the picture of them ** acupuncture, and later, everyone saw it yet, so he became a small pattern when they accepted. For this thing, they never replicate. It is also afraid of being seen by others, usually use the same memory card, and now Lin Yujie see is the last week.

Chen Jing in the TV is on the bed with a snow-white butt, Chen Li kneel behind her, who is using the big ** to exercise her **. Chen Jian stood under the bed and worked in her mouth. Chen Jing was scared, I didn’t know what it was, I thought: I finished, it’s over, what should I do? How to forget the DV here.

Lin Yujie saw Chen Jing to come behind and stood there, so she stood up and got it. “Xiao Jing, watching the model is beautiful and pure. I didn’t expect to still be so sensual, but it was still the fertilizer.” Lin Yujie laughed with her.

“Yu Jie, I …, Yu Jie, must not say to the outside people. I beg you, I can’t talk about this, otherwise, our family is finished, I beg you.” Chen Jingyi face Pophard grabbed Lin Yujie’s hand and said.

“Hey, Xiao Jing, you can rest assured. I will not say. I think, we are good friends, how can I sell it? I said, I just saw this film, I didn’t shout, I saw it. Do you know? “Looking at Chen Jing was not light, Lin Yujie hurriedly said.

“Yu Jie, I really will not say to others?” “Of course! I swear. Let me say that people don’t necessarily believe it.”

“Yu Jie, thank you.” Chen Jing said. “Don’t be polite; but I have a better idea.” Lin Yujie slowly tied to the long language, turned to the sofa, lying on the top slowly.

“Yu Jie, what is the idea?” Chen Jing hurriedly followed the past. “Murder!” Lin Yujie laughed.

“Yu Jie, don’t let me kidding.” “Xiao Jing, this is the case; and your brother, Dad do this, I know it; if, Dad and Chen Li also put me, we Isn’t it just on the same boat? I am not more saying it for others? “

“However, if they rape, they will be billed. When they arrive, things are big, I am afraid that people know more.” Chen Jing was scared, the brain reaction was slow, did not expect Lin Yujie why said this. “If I voluntarly let them exercise, still raped?”

“Is it voluntarily?” Chen Jing suddenly realized: “Yu Jie, really?” “Seeing the blossoms.” Lin Yujie pointed at the TV. Chen Jingzheng sucking your brother just in his body. Fine **, and Dad puts the thick ** to **.

Lin Yujie stretched out from the tight belt to his own **, this moment, put a long-haired fresh and beautiful girl like an extremely need, but not satisfied, I have to solve the slogan generally.

“It’s hard to see, think, Xiao Jing is like this, I am still in front of her. Simply use his father today, there is a brother’s ** solve thirst.” Lin Yujie said. Chen Jing sat in Lin Yujie’s side and said: “Yu Jie, it is a hair. It was sent to you.” “Of course, who is still stupid to marry his virgin. People. Those who have seen those men in the heart is to do it, the second thought is how can they do it. Do you say that the woman’s days are good. It is better to travel in time. “

“You are also good wave. Hone other people have done it.” When Chen Jing, a heart was already put down, and smiling Lin Yujie. “

“How many people? A lot, I can’t remember, but there are less than twenty people!” “Hey is harmful!”

“That didn’t have a doctor, your younger brother dared to do this, and his father dared to do!” Chen Jing’s face was shameless: “I don’t know why, I tell you …”

“I can encounter this today is very good. I don’t know, I don’t know if I am not at home. If he is coming back; every day they have died, I can’t work, but after all, I can’t deal with them. Two, you have to use your hands, you can use your mouth to be half-dead. They both pity me, can’t be fed. Today, Xiaoli has to come back, just you can share it; let them dry. “

“Yeah, it’s time to work, it is not able to do it. The forked leg is like being opened; when the university, I was cheated by a boys to his dormitory, and the six people in their dormitory, ** I have a whole night, His soft, he is hard. You can still, it’s cool for a while, but you can’t do it. Just lying there will be, I am tired, I am lying in the dormitory for three days. No class. “

“Yeah! Hey, six people.” “Well, don’t say it, hurry to do rice, let’s go, see people itchy.” Lin Yujie stood up turned off the TV and DV.

Chen Li Xing returned to home. I thought I turned my sister, fucking her **, put a week’s backlice in Chen Jing Xuebai **. I saw that the living room, but I saw my sister, my father and my sister’s classmates Lin Yujie sat there and put a lot of dinner. Since there is still an outsider Chen Li, I have to press my heart, and I washed it.

“Hey, Yu Jie.” Chen Li said. “Small, come back. I haven’t seen you for a long time, I have a good high.” Lin Yujie said to Xiao Li.

“Okay, let’s go. Xiaoli, the sister gives you a lot of dishes.” Chen Jian said. “Thank you, my good sister, really fragrant.” Chen Li got a chap in the mouth. The four people said to have a meal.

“I am full.” Chen Jian said with the beer in the cup. “I also eat it too.” Chen Li stood up and wanted to go out.

“Small, sit down, my sister has done a dessert, I will love it.” Chen Jing rushed. Chen Li sat down again. Chen Jinghu Lin Yujie squeezed his eyes, and two people stood up and started to clean up the table.

“Yu Jie, let Xiaoli to pack it, is it a guest.” Chen Jian said to Lin Yujie. “Don’t say this, I can’t. You will be as good as your daughter.” Lin Yujie said Chen Jing smiled. Chen Jing also laughed. Two got out.

“Dad, Xiaoli, sweets are ready, upstairs, come.” Chen Jing shouted. “Do you want to go to the building?” Chen Li said that Chen Jian came upstairs.

Two people see it in an entered the house: the floor is built on a large and soft blanket, Lin Yujie and Chen Jing two are not hanging, the snow white full of body can make all normal men dazzled. Lin Yujie climbed on the blanket and rushed up the round buttocks. They were gently shaking, and there is a red apple.

Chen Jing squatted on the blanket to Chen Li and Chen Jian: “Dad, Jade Jade is not letting you regard her as his own daughter, do you want? Xiaoli, my sister’s dessert is good?”

“Of course, it is.” “It’s great, but Yu Jie Jie …” said two herself.

“Come and enjoy the dessert.” Lin Yujie said with charming. Chen Li and Chen Jian’s ** entered the door and was stimulated by this fragrant scene. At this time, I was eager to take off my clothes. “Dad, let me go to Yu Jie Jie.”

“Well, I will wait for it to do her again, I will let the sister will cool.” Chen Jianwen was separated from Chen Jing’s legs, and the ** was aligned with Chen Jing. Go down, Chen Jing’s ** has not completely moist, tightly clamping Chen Jian’s **, Chen Jian has only used a little more completely sent. “Hey … Dad, light a little …” At this time, Chen Li stood up and jeoparded the body after Lin Yujie butt, the **** 洁 洁 洁 **, Lin Yujie’s ** has already been a spring tide, Chen Li Put the ** in the end, to the heart of Lin Yujie. Holding a pair of Lin Yujie’s **, vigorously “Ah, so cool, Jade sister, my sister’s ** is really good.”

“Brother, 妳 ** to my heart, itching, good brother, don’t stop, use the big ** of the big **, 妳 ** is thick and long, inserted into **, ** It’s so cool. “

“Yu Jie, the words, good waves.” Chen Li used ** ** to do Lin Yujie’s **, the lower abdomen hit the soft buttock on Lin Yujie, ‘

“Ah … Yeah … Operate … big ** … Reothermn … Ah, I have been spending a heart … Hey … so cool, good brother … Do you don’t like your sister?”

“I like it too much, but the more I am, the more I have to worry.” “” Is it … Sister … make you listen … ah … big ** younger brother … you die to die … I am so cool … put me out … Yeah … 噫 … I have to die … “

Chen Jing’s ** was also in Chen Jian, and the ** is also flowing. Chen Jing is in the body to meet Chen Jian’s **. “Dad, my ** itching, so uncomfortable …” “Let Dad stop itch.” Chen Jian accelerated the speed of the ** dry, and then he was cool.

“Oh, Dad, it’s so beautiful, I have a good daughter is cool … I am embarrassed to die …” “” “” I am also, the ** is so beautiful, caught my ** is so tight, exercise I am so cool. “Chen Jian said.

“Dad … Then, even though it is good … Tell it … ah …” “Good daughter … Dad can be reluctant to work, I have to fill it every day.”

“You have a lot of daughters in the future … ah … cool dead … Xiaoli … Is Yu Jie fun?”

“Sister, I am dying, the beauty like Yu Jie is very cool, let alone people can use ** personally, do you want to die … Dry death …” Chen Li Say the ** of Lin Yujie’s **.

“My sister is beautiful, I like it … After my sister, my sister will make the sister’s sister’s ** … I have been annoying …” Lin Yujie said.

“Ah … cool died … Yu Jie sister … Hey is so beautiful … such a beautiful ** … I can’t help …”

“Good brother … I really want to die my sister … too cool … 的 ** too strong … Xiaoshi … I have to be killed by your brother … What is it … Hey … I am going to day? “Lin Yujie asked Chen Jing.

“Wait a minute … Wait, you will know … Dad … Dad … I will do ** … I am now cool, I just want to call … ah … ah …” Chen Jing Reply. “Yes? … Dad … Dad … I have to leave some strength … Wait a minute … Fuck your daughter.” Lin Yujie is also called Chen Jian Dad.

“Okay, how beautiful is Dad, how can Dad?” Chen Jian said, feeling shè fine, hands from below, the two 陈 两 将 将 操 陈 陈 陈 陈**, every time you deeply insert the deepest to play in the heart of Chen Jing.

“Ah … Dad … ah … ah … so beautiful … I can’t … I am cool … I am going to work with my daughter … Ah …”

Chen Jian was crazy, there were dozens, finally put ** on the heart of Chen Jing’s **, the thick jīng liquid spread out, hit the heart of Chen Jing, flowing to her uterus.

Lin Yujie has also come to the ** of Chen Li, and it is only loudly ” ” ‘. One wave, eventually drowned him, and poured a few days of jīng fluid in Lin Yujie intoxicated **. There are only four rough gasping.

Finally Chen Jian and Chen Li’s soft ** resisted that Lin Yujie and Chen Jing shrinkable ** were pulled out. Lin Yujie came to Chen Jian, but Chen Li hugged two and sat on the sofa.

“Sister, Naixiang death of me.” Chen Jian Chen Jing ** stroked said. “U ah, is to speak ** sister’s nothing.” “Fuck u do not want it?” “U’s go.” Chen Jing Jiao Chen Chen Li, a white, but soft hand Chen Li * * grip gently stroked the palm of the hand.

Lin Yujie Chen Jian has put his head in his mouth latch onto the crotch Chen Jian slimy ** sucking. Rouli tongue to stimulate the ** Chen Jian, Ma Ma Tei, really comfortable. Gradually ** large and tall and straight up, holding up the Lin Yujie mouth full. “Yu-jie, the father of the operation u ** okay?”

“My ** itch today one afternoon, I was just a small force operating thrilled, but now it itchy, and was going to have a ** to exercise it.” Lin Yujie back against Chen Jian Chen Jian stand against the ass the ** slowly sat up, long out of breath.

“Zhenshuang ah ……” Lin Yujie rely on the strength of his legs one last look Taonong up, Chen Jian, a move do not move you can enjoy the thrill of operating points. And just to catch she is fluctuating ** from behind Lin Yujie, enjoy the petting.

Chen Jing force ** In the gentle touch too hard up, Chen’s small hands can not hold up. Brother, ** u’s so hot ah, but also large. “

“All speak so much back u know, ah, did not feel before u of ** it.” “I feel my ** insert made me thrilled, come, my brother, sister to speak ** . “

Chen Li, turning the sky, standing on the sofa to Chen legs aloft on their shoulders, the full strength of the **** Chen Jing into the body.

Lin Yujie struggling to move forward quite ass, pouring in from ** ** surge and wave of standing down Chen Jian ** to go downstream.

“Ah, Dad, u ** hard, well done my good it was great, I’m dead beauty.” “But now in operation u ah father, my father is dead to comfort u did, u ass can really be dry.”

Lin Yujie while issuing a sentence obscene language noise, up and down while shaking ass, speaking with ** ** Chen Jian. Because of the gravity of the original solid body, every fall, ** they are fierce banged it bother, let the taste of sour Ma Lin Yujie shivered every time, cool to the extreme. Approximately twenty minutes, Lin Yujie again **, wonderful feeling for her general weakness, limply. Chen Jianshun potential let Lin Yujie and down and hugged her ass, the violently ** dry up.

“Yeah …… daddy …… daddy …… ** My big Shuangsi I want to die …… u speak to me …… my God, it’s beautiful up …… ah …… ah, ah! Ah …… …… large ** u make me …… plug inserted through the rotten …… ah! ah! “

In Chen Jian Lin Yujie inserted under the ** first ** not ** it past the second wave has arrived. The inside of the body and Lin Yujie Chen Jian also shot a little jīng liquid, soft down. They embrace stroking force is still struggling to see Chen, speaking Chen, Chen Li belly hit the ass snapped as Chen, Chen Jing was operated by brother Huazhiluanchan, alas alas babble nonsense gibberish. “… ah … Shuangsi I die …… …… …… u brother’s ** too will be done …… ah! ……”

“Sister …… I just want to dry out and die u …… u insert the rotten ** ……” “Yes …… …… Come speak to my sister died Well, that’s too cool …… …… ah!”

“Sister, cool ah, I really speak enough of u **, ah, I die!” ** Chen Li will pull out, cocked Chen’s head into her mouth, Chen Jing fit ** ** latch onto the suction of a moment, Chen Li, clinging to her head, thick white liquid in the jīng Chen mouth flow out ……

Tired four hastily clean up the filth body naked under nestled on the sofa with each other, just enjoy the pictures recorded in DV.

“Dad, my brother, I am speaking in cool bad mood?” Asked Lin Yujie. Chen Li holds her small ** said:. “Of course, cool, exercise will do a lifetime”

“But ** u’s hard not wait that long ah.” Lin Yujie said with a smile, “just me and u are too small quiet operation Shuangsi, so now I think u have a thing to help.”

“What is it, we will surely help u do.” “Well ……”


Lin Yujie and Chen Jian, Chen Li, Chen family’s meat fierce battle finally stopped. Lin Yujie told us: “I beg u have to do is to help my father and Chen Li to speak to my mom.”

“Why do u want to do that? Is not too okay?” Asked the three men.

“This, my mother is very beautiful; but when I am 12 years old, my father has abandoned us for a while. My mother is very sad, so I let me follow her last name; I have disappointed with men, she has never been married, now has been ten years. But she is only forty-three years old this year, and it is the strongest time in the demand of **. How is she alone? Can you endure this loneliness !? “” When I grew up the sweetness of sex, and I was sinking, I would like to understand my mother’s loneliness and pain. I want to help her, let her live happiness Life. I advised her, saying to her: ‘Now I have grown up, you can stand, why don’t you consider remarriage?’ She said that one person came over for so many years, it has not matter. “

“Since my mother said, if we rashly do it, it is very likely to be smashed.” Chen Jian said.

“Yeah, especially the mother is still Chen Li’s class teacher.” Chen Jing took the way.

“Teacher Lin? I didn’t expect it, but my mother is so beautiful.” Chen Li said.

“I still have trouble today, but now it is good, as long as I promise to help me, I have already thought of a plan.”

On the afternoon of Sunday, Lin Bing returned home. Although it is Sunday, she is still going to school to go. This has become a habit after Lin Yujie’s father abandoned their mother and female, because only the loneliness of the heart is temporarily forgotten when it is working.

I saw Lin Yujie and Chen Li, who came back from the door, and he hurriedly ran back to the house. The two people have already been ready to be prepared, Lin Yujie climbs in bed, picks up the ass, Chen Li station will send ** to her, and Lin Yujie is also singing loudly: “… oh … good ** … kill me … so cool …”

Lin Bing, who pushed the door, heard the sound from Lin Yujie’s room, can’t help but greeted Lin Yujie’s room. The door not only has no lock, but also a slit slit; it is just a view from the side to the side of Lin Yujie and Chen Li.

Lin Bing saw his daughter in a strong ** of a boy, is being loud. I thought: “Yu Jie has not told me a boyfriend. Again, how can I do this in the day.” I am in my heart to education. However, the hand touched the door but took the hand back. He thought that his daughter was brought by people, and now I went in, and I passed it to the ear of others, or my face was light.

“Yu Jie, my ** is good, it is cool.”

“Ah … good brother … 大 ** is big, so hard … I died my sister …”

After standing in front of the door, I will recognize Chen Li at this time, ‘This is not a good friend of Yu Jie’s good friend, is Chen Li! Hey, you are two, you can … how can you … ‘

Looking at my beautiful, the daughter who was so beautiful was doing, loudly **, Lin Bing didn’t stand, the waist and knees were soft, the breath gradually rough, the original ** is a little bit Inflatable. Lin Bing also realized that the heart thought: ‘Since I can’t go in, I can’t look at my daughter here, I’m doing the same thing, this is like something. ‘Although I think so, but Lin Bing still looked at Chen Li and fuck two times and left.

I have been secretly paying attention to Mother’s moving Lin Yujie. I saw that the movie flashed and knew that my mother was gone, and hurriedly stopped. Lin Yujie came to the door and saw that Lin Bing entered his room, and he took the door, but because his heart was absent, the door swayed again and opened a small gap. Lin Yujie watched the big joy, said to Chen Li: “It seems that the key is not available. I will go see.”

Lin Bing returned to the house, sitting in bed, in front of a dressing table, looking at the mirror, his own year, still beautiful and no wrinkled face, thinking about her daughter just now, could not help but undulation. It is not careless to connect, and I don’t know if someone looks at her outside. Lin Bing stared at the mirror, just like the mirror made a magic, unlocked the set of stits, one hand stretched into it under the shirt, and gently stroked his own ** …

Lin Yujie looked at the movement of my mother, this is what she wants, and she calculates to occur. Looking at your plan, step by step, Lin Yujie is secretly proud.

** slowly high. Lin Bing is still gently stroking his own **, and the other hand, but the button of the brirt is unlocking … The cream is also pulled out and throwing it on the bed …

“Wow, pink! There is no hanket of a slope, if people know that my mother is doing so sexy, I am afraid that many people will nosebleed …” Lin Bing hands holding his own **, gently The air turned. Although the uli and ** are no longer a young girl, the color is a bit deep, but it is still so attacked under the stunning, full, and white.

Lin Bing took his own **. Looking at the mirror, he was approximately perfect, not only a little proud; the loneliness of the heart did not make deep ** flooded her whole body …

Lin Bing’s breath gradually rough, slightly opened his lips. One hand stretched into a skirt, but the butt twisted … a stagnant underwear is also separated from the body of Lin Bing, the body secreted juice allows it to be wet. Lin Bing threw it, and pulled the drawer. I took out a box to open it. I took a self-comfort stick, I took my own **, spit out a long breath, close Eyes, lying on the bed.

Lin Yujie said: ‘I will wait for it. ‘It turned out that Lin Yujie cracked the secret of Lin Bing when he was cascaded the room. Lin Yujie looked at Chen Li, who was watching in his own room, and Chen Li quickly rushed into the room of Lin Bing, and he had been touching the Soft **.

Lin Bing is close to the eye to enjoy the self-comforting stick into the body, but someone feels into their own house. She has not responded yet, Chen Li has already pulled the masturbation stick, inserted into the ** of his admiration with his own **, and grabbed the full **.

“Ah! Who?! No! Chen Li, you can’t! Don’t do this! Chen Li let go!” Lin Bing’s sluggish is slow and reacted, twisting the body wants to leave from Chen Li.

Lin Yujie also rushed into the room, pressed the hands of Lin Bing struggled, “Mom, Xiao Li is in order to be good, a living man, the hot and hard ** is not better than the cold masturbation stick?” ? “She indicated that Chen Li hurriedly **.

“Yu Jie, you, you have to come to the mother of others.”

“Mom, he is not ‘Others’, just now you don’t see my **, let him do it!”

“I don’t … let me go …” Lin Bing said, struggling, still feeling Chen Li’s good **, the hot ** fro a long time without humanity **, violently colliding in himself The heart of the heart, brought a burst of screaming to your body.

“Mom, do you know? Since I know that I am sneaking with self-self, I am very sad. Mom is too grievances. Life is very short, why is it difficult for you? Xiaoli is what I came. This is also my plan today. “

Lin Bing’s body in Chen Li’s ** can not control his body, under the hit of **, it is full of full body, ****, but the whole body is already soft and unable to resist. And I have already forgotten the taste of the soul, so that Lin Bing is not independently open, and the legs just want to interstruct it. Lin Yujie saw that his mother no longer struggled, loosened his hands and took Lin Bing’s top and shirts that Lin Bing.

Lin Bing began to gasp, and the mouth was slightly smashed.

“Mom, is it very cool?”

“But, 妳 … should not be such an accounting mother, let people give it. Not to mention, Xiao Li is still my student.” Lin Beiji.

“I mean, if not Chen Li, my mother is willing to.” Lin Yujie said.

“No …, I don’t mean this … ah … Yeah …” A thrill made the daughter looked at the ** dry Lin ice, I couldn’t help but call out.

“Things now, I can’t tell, I was raped by my daughter and his boyfriend … I hope that I am good to me, love me, care about me.”

“Mom, Xiaoli is not my boyfriend. He just pursues a partner of ** happy. When he is university, I don’t know how many people. Now in this city, only him and his father. But later Have other people. “

“What, there is also his father.” Lin Bing looked at his daughter, I feel some strange, “Yu Jie, how would you like this.”

“Sensuality is, since I know that Dad and other women are far away. I think, why only make a man to go to women, pursuit of joy, but a woman is also ** but not? Later I grew up More, I also know that this is not a patent. Since scientists have invented the contraceptives for us, why we don’t use them. “

Lin Bing Lin Yujie listened to the words of the heart with emotion: ‘daughter had some point, a man of dry ** really comfortable, their years of youth so wasted, every time the dead of night alone in their own loneliness, Guzhennanmian, although heart there unwilling, but are afraid to hang him. ‘Although Lin Bing with dildos, and a man can be and how it compared to the **, Chen Li and Lin Bing put bent on doing the most comfortable, and finally a little sense of shame in front of her daughter Lin Bing Chen also force ** operating without a trace.

“After it was great …… ah …… good little boy force …… …… …… not …… good brother, a good husband ……” Chen Li had put her into a cloud **, take heart gush ** the ** ** warm stimulus to force Chen.

“Lin, ** u’s good tight, can not stand fast ……”

“Can not bear it, I have not been fucked, inserted into that thing or two on another senseless. Good brother, ** u’s great.”

“Mom, u call him ‘brother’, he does not I am, to say we do not mess up the seniority yet.”

“… Oh … Yujie …… Mom is cool too beautiful to say nonsense …… …… …… Anyway, the exercise also exercise ah …… I die …… ah, ah, ah ……”

“Ice aunt …… I …… I have to die, I want to flow out ……”

“Well …… …… …… u are good exercise too …… I can not stand. Ah, no, do not shoot in there, I do not contraception.”

“Come on, sister to help u then.” Lin Yujie kneeling on the bed, pursed his lips, opened his lips. ** force Chen Lin Bing blasted in the next ten ** is operated, the operation to obtain Lin Bing barking is too cool, sticky ** only then inserted into the mouth Linyu Jie, thick white jīng liquid spray out of the laser, filled with Lin Yujie mouth. Lin Yujie Chen Li put away, to force Chen jīng liquid and swallowed.

“Mom, u to lick it, okay?”

“Ah, I try ……” Lin Bing hesitated, still kneeling on the crotch of the bite ** Chen Li, Chen Li to lick up. The sense of shame and my heart is completely thrown out the window.

. “Yujie sister, aunt ice u skirt also off it,” Chen Li before looking at these glamorous mother and daughter, a just solution to their jīng drink; a licking their **, and or your own teacher, the school is so beautiful and noble, and now this has become Unconventional. ** heart up again, ** also followed stood up, Lin Bing into the top of the throat.

Lin Bing Chen Li mouth to spit out thick **, “Ni Hao calendar harm small force, was shot too hard again.”

“Ice aunt, who told u so pretty ah? U see u wanted to speak.”

“In the past I thought about it at school?”

“Of course thought, let’s say your class a lot of pretty boys, privately want to speak for you?”

“Ah, bah, children u are such a big point of also helping them! Small force, then what will you speak ice aunt, Yujie u ……” meaning Linbing Qian looked Lin Yujie.

“Mom, as long as u happy is my greatest wish. Hurry comfort her mother’s small force **.”

“Mom did not wave it, are u ……” Lin Bing said the body Niuguo Lai ass against Chen Li, Chen Li is still standing on the ground, will erect ** rub down, into the forest ** ice **, ** lug stiff standing up.

“Good hard ah ah …… …… provoked me to come …… ** to pick rotten ……”

Chen Li, a hand grabbed Lin Bing ass plump white meat, one hand rubbing Lin Bing in their own ** ** impact of constantly shaking. An ass to a flying camel ** ** in and out of Lin Bing.

Lin Bing is no more the General Assembly would support him, “Well it was great …… ah …… so beautiful ……” sentence by sentence waves with language Beng charming breathing out.

Chen Li Meng about the operation have ten minutes, Lin Bing ** again, the whole body to climb on the bed, his legs stretched out too, so Chen Li had to lie on her smooth back. Lin Bing and his legs tucked tightly, Chen Li ** can not be fucked.

“Small force, do not fuck me …… u speak to me I can not stand dead …… …… u go …… good exercise Yujie was great ……”

** Chen Li had to draw it out. Lin Yujie’s ** has long been a spring tide flooding, is used dildos in it yourself, see Chen Li came, and hurried to the big legs apart, held high in the air.

“Good brother, come dry me, sister ** tickling ah.”

Chen Li pulled Lin Yujie to the bed, grabbed her legs, and I took it in the land, and I splashed Lin Yujie. “Is it cool?”

“Cool, cool, cool, good brother, I love the big **, it told me to die … ah … I am smashing … I smashed me … ah … ah … ah … …so beautiful……”

Chen Li and Lin Yujie did more than 20 minutes. Lin Yujie came twice ** Chen Licai shot the jīng liquid into Lin Yujie.

The three people after the passion took a break in bed and laughed for a while. The sky has been black, and Lin Bing is going to cook, stopped by Lin Yujie.

“Don’t do it today, I will go to a place to eat.” “Where to go?”

“Don’t ask you first, go to you know.” The three people played for rent, and I went to Chen Jing’s home. Lin Bing entered the door to see Chen Jing, I understood that this is Chen List. The table has been placed on the table, Chen Jing and Chen Jianzheng look at the TV. Seeing Lin Bing, they came in, and the two hurriedly got up.

“Xiao Jing, honestly, today is there is also a copy.” Lin Bing said with Chen Jing, “This is also a child’s mind, saying that the truth is also a bit.” Chen Jian busy said, “Come to sit down.”

“Mom, their father and women are already in.” Lin Yujie took the place to originally said that Lin Bing was said to Lin Bing. It’s almost a meal.

“Ice sister, let me fuck the **.” “I came to the family, I ate the rice, I didn’t say it.” Lin Bing said, but said to take the clothes. , Show the beauty of the body in front of Chen Jian.

Chen Jian couldn’t help but be great: “Beautiful, ice sister, you can’t look good, body is more moving.” I can’t help it. “

Lin Bing has walked over and smiled and said: “Can’t help, come. Anyway, you have to give you an exercise today.” Reaching out from the belt below to catch Chen Jianben, “I have just endured Can’t live. “Chen Jian will take off her pants, let Lin Bing have dining table, put her legs open from behind,” It’s so tight, so beautiful **, I don’t want to do it today, I want to Every day. “

“I want to fill the ice every day, the ice of the ice is so comfortable.”

“Well … 妳 的 好 好 … So as soon as you want, I will let you exercise every day … 喔 … so beautiful …”

“This is good, simply dad and the ice are married, so our family is not a named justice.” Chen Jing stood up and said.

“Okay, I have a mother, but I can still furtain my mother’s **, my sister is too great.” Chen Li’s first consequence.

“I don’t know what Dad is willing to be willing!?” Lin Yujie came to Chen Jian’s back and said that he worked hard to say his mother Chen Jian’s waist.

Chen Jian returned to the hand to catch Lin Yujie’s **, smiled and said: “I will have a beautiful wife who is beautiful, and it is possible to fleam like this beautiful daughter. I am married again , Bring home two **, such a good thing, how can I not agree? Ice girl, what do you say. “

“Anyway, it was worked by the father and son, and he was able to say a good words.” Lin Bing’s **, while said.

“Mom, I look at me now a daughter now.” Chen Li picked up the vacuum skirt below, and inserted the ** into Chen Jing.

“Mom, Xiaoli is so bad, deceive me …” Chen Jingjac shouted.

“Dad is not bullying me … can be cool … I am coming … I have to do it … Yu Jie … come … I can’t do it … ah … ah … I am. … I have been fucking three times today … ah … 喔 … cool dead … “

Lin Yujie helped the weak Lin Bing to the sofa, let her lying on the rest. Chen Jianxung is unwilling to walk in Lin Yujie, walk in, step by step, “Let me exercise my beautiful girl.”

After a week, Chen Jianhe Lin Bing had a marriage procedure.

Although the story of Liu Mei Chen Jing’s story is full of unusual warmth, I hug her kissed, Chen Jing smiled, put my ** from her soft ass, it will position Let Liu Mei with the next sign, Liu Mei sat on my leg, swallowed my ** with her full of fat, I feel comfortable, I can’t help but cool.

Liu Meiwen looked at Liu Yingfeng, saying softly: “My father is a stepfather, everyone knows … This is going to talk for a long time … In my impression, there is no impression of my father. Mom has a variety of explanations, but I have never seen my father. Mom is very beautiful, because of this, from my memory, I have always point to me and my mother, some children are also very difficult to listen. Every time, I cried back to find my mother to die, either hit it, or a mother is also crying.

I have been envious of my classmates to squint, finally one day, my mother took a Confucian man to pick me up to the school gate, said: “Mei Mei, called Liu Shu,” that, I first saw the old man for the first time. situation. The old man was forty-two years old, it looks very young, very handsome, strange, I am very happy, say hello to him.

Next or two months, I am very happy, the students speak to me: “Wow, uncle is so handsome!” Mom also became very gentle to me, the old man sent me some dolls, stationery And some beautiful little things. In a rainy night, my mother said to the old man, so big in the rain, I don’t want to go back. On the night, my mother’s room came to some strange and blame, let me blush.

Later, the old man came more frequently, and I have gradually used to the sound. That is a summer, the weather is very hot, the small town often pulls the electric power, when the air conditioner stops, I will go to the door, so that I will blow in some cool breeze, finally one night, the wind may be big, The door was completely blown away. When the old man saw the toilet, I saw the body that I just started to develop, and then climbed my bed.

I am vigorously resistant, but the old man has a deep research on the offshore, not to in the summer, less than two minutes, he is inserted in the rude, I hurt almost dizzy, I can’t help but cry. Mom smelled, rushing to him and bite, took him out, and then hugged me.

Mother started to take sleeping pills – That night, the old man thought that when the mother had a sleeping pill, he didn’t think of it. It was that the mother did not need a drug at all that time, my mother can sleep very well.

I have been tested in the middle school, just organized tourism, my mother decided to take me together. At the airport, I met with the old man, and the old man greeted us very gentleman. My mother didn’t care about him. I looked at him calmly. The old man did not embarrass, and there is no embarrassment. The generous sitting, talking with his accompanying personnel, looking at his inquiry, I can’t help but speak softly: “Mom, that person looks It is a little doubtful. “Mom is a little doubtful, the old man is the vice president of the School of Education, I have long, but I have added this level. I am evil.” “Daily is a professor!” Mom was being beasts! “Mom was being If you tease, you will feel like this, and you will pull your face.

He actually took us with us. After I got on the plane, I was busy looking at the scenery outside the window, and the old man came over, and several people in the mother unit greeted, completely regardless of mother’s white eyes and hate, men next to her mother. Submit some, I changed the seat. He did not speak with your mother, I thought he would apologize, but he didn’t. He wants to have a Chinese central daily newspaper. Thai’s look, ask your mother to ask a few words, get the cold eye and whispered, he doesn’t think it. About half an hour or so, the captain came to the old man, and invited him to the cockpit. The old man is very casual: “Meime, go together to see?” I have a bit of heart, my mother is hesitating, the mother is hesitating, the captain Very enthusiastically: “The children have passed together, the scenery of the cockpit is very beautiful.” Looking at the uniforms of the captain and a righteousness, plus other people’s envious eyes, my mother agreed.

At this time, the colleagues on the mother’s unit knew that the mother had a top boyfriend, the famous vice president, congratulations, my mother didn’t know how to respond, but my heart is very happy. When the plane is going to the plane, the old man has tried to invite us to go with him. Ask my opinion. “Okay.” I said coldly.

When our three people finally have time to be alone, the old man solemnly apologize to my mother and said that I am still a child now, I can’t understand the behavior of that night, can’t forgive, this kind of thing is never I will happen again. “I will be the same as Mei is my own daughter.” He said seriously, very convincing, “Do you want, Mei Mei called my father?”, “Hey! The eight characters are not yet.” “Mom is somewhat shy, I am not happy.

In fact, my mother is very worried, I will not be happy, and later I always found some opportunities to guide me, tell some old age, I am cold, but I am not too oppose that they get married, they got it in my high school Certificate, when Mom was confident that the old man was completely a good person, a good stepfather, I think so. But my mother forgot that I was raped by the old man in the first two, I also forgot, a few days later, the old man ran over and sneaked me. That time I slept dead, the old man gently ** behind, I was extremely disgusting, but still sleeping. The old man is very male morality. After launching it on me, I will not fleate the emperor. He will clean me very gently. He gently wipes, then I will have some pleasure.

The whole high school, because my mother is very tight, I am very vigilant, he has no chance.

When I got higher, my study gradually had some effort, and the old man could give me some counseling and explanations. In order to give me a counseling, he specially found a complete high school class, which made Mom very touched. When he stood behind me, I fell to my point, I suddenly felt the male breath of our family, like loving, and a warmth. When he reached over, he accidentally hit my **, but also crispy, very useful. Mom looked at the back of the father, I was very pleased. Perhaps it is encouraged, maybe it’s so stimulating in the eyelids, his courage is getting bigger and bigger, his motion is getting more and more, and finally one day, he simply arrested I lived in my **, my body was invisible to the autonomy.

As the calm of surpassing ordinary people, I think that I started to learn from the old man at this time. I still asked questions, and he also answered, my mother is very nervous, but she did not find these. I have been convinced that my mother didn’t find it, and the old man was always running after I was asleep. I had a few more times, I went to sleep every time I slept.

Some mother overtime, the old man gave me a counseling, he probably thought this is a chance, very excited, hand shaking, shallow, I finally couldn’t help, one butt, sit down side by side and side , Then put it two hands to take me over, play me **, I tried to get the calm acceptance of him, but I can’t do it, I started to put it into my clothes to touch my **, I have some I hate, so I stopped, didn’t talk, he thought I can play, I can play my lower body, I started to resist.

He walked away from me to bed, I struggled to break away, gave him a slap in the face, told him: “Dad,” That is the first time I called his dad, I got a breath, “Dad, I hope that my mother has a loving boyfriend. I hope that I have a kind father, I don’t want you to destroy all this, is it good?”

The old man is very shameful, and I will take it for many days. I don’t touch me when I couch. I am not used to it. I found a chance to put the ** tightly on his arm, so that I secretly touched it, I feel more than him in the evening. The old man smart, he quickly understood my bottom line, father and female, the window paper can’t be smashed, and you have to play. So he began to rest assured that if there is anything in my mother’s eyes, I will play my youth.

I have to go to the night. When the old man started to learn, it would be alert. A few days before the college entrance examination, the old man checked me the review, the weather was very hot, the flesh of the cream began to be hot, the old man was very painful, my mother went to the kitchen, he walked me Skirt and bra, tap me **, a cool breeze blows, two big white rabies have a chicken skin, cool to life. So when he wants to put down my clothes, I stopped, I would like to tell me the next question, he is happy, and it is very happy, so soon, we are attracted by justice. We discussed the topic, but I forgot my **, and what he did, until the mother walked into the house.

When the mother came into the house, he was gently pulling me, let go, play back, and play it again, and play back, he wants to feel a rare girl’s elasticity, although I am only 18 years old, but it is completely mature, ** is more than the mother, it is very straight, it is white and tender, such a paw on a green violent violent, how is a visual impact on my mother!

I am very calm – old man said that he was found that I was very suitable for the leadership – Rapida stood up to organize clothes, and bowed the room.

Mom toured again and endured, finally didn’t make trouble, maybe I immediately had a college entrance examination. I just found a few obvious scratches on the old man when I was eating, and my ears were bleeding. Mom I touched me and I didn’t say anything.

I am convinced that my mother is preparing to wait for my college entrance examination, I have a general ledger with the old man, but she didn’t find the opportunity. The old man was borrowed. After I came out, I didn’t expect it. I have been there. The student has taken a mess, and the mother has not had time to pursue the reason. The old man will rush. He pulled his mother, put down the shelf, seeking people around, and finally arranged me in the first ten days before the school. School of Educational College. Then, my mother gave me a bag, I have never left my mother, my mother is very reluctant, crying a few times, blaming my words, I have not said that I haven’t said that I will not help me when I don’t help me. “Mei, now I am going to college, if you encounter a suitable boy, you can …” I smiled, holding my mother spoiled: “Mom – I know.” Mom wants to say, “Mom” , I know what you mean, you can rest assured. “Waving his hand and mother’s old man say goodbye, mother’s tears flow again.

I don’t know what kind of family war happened after I got, but the old man’s wife’s work is absolutely first-class, and there is still a calm wait afterwards.

I didn’t deliberately pay my boyfriend, but I was gone by my boyfriend. When he came to chase my, I remembered my mother, and I didn’t deliberately refuse, I always complained to him, never pay After boyfriend, I didn’t want to play, it was too worthless. My boyfriend hugs like a child like a child. This is after.

Big a cold, one day, my mother said to me one day: “I have to go to the night at night, I have a colored wolf, I will lock the door.” I don’t know what to say, and my mother is always unlocked. Mother. Don’t worry about me, let me feel cold, very disgusting. As a result, I haven’t waited for me to enter my dreams. The old man actually uses the key to open my door. I don’t know if he is the key. Later, I asked him, he didn’t talk, he came in, I had to sleep again. He is very exciting, extended to my pajamas to touch the milk, try, I think of my mother’s anti-lock, some funny, forced to be wet, it is hard, and when he is hard coming in, it will slowly slowly **, I Continue to sleep, I don’t want to come with him when I am awake, so I can’t stand my mind, when I am completely complete, I am full of my stepfather, so we are very natural, order People comfortably, even my mother can’t see the same, because we have no strange, it is completely pure parent.

He is picking up, suddenly my bad call, I don’t care, then the phone of the bed is ringing. That is awkward, it is absolutely not as high as a high three by my mother. After four acoustic, I had to reach out to pick up the phone. It is my boyfriend. I am busy looking back. Warning the old man don’t move. It turns out that my boyfriend can’t help but I am thinking about me. I will look at me. Now I will get the train. ” I have been calling people so late. “I spoiled to my boyfriend, maybe my boyfriend is still nothing, I caught in the squad, I am very hard, if he began to move, I turned back, heaven I can’t see it, I am more excited, I am more exciting, put my ** is strict, vigorously pumped, I am very energetic, desperately suppressing, I can’t help but catch up, my boyfriend is talking Holding him to my miss, I feel a bit wrong: “Mei, what is it?”

I sow, my strain ability is first-class, and I have been visible at the time.

At the old man, I know that this is not a mess, stopped, draw a word on my back, it seems to be “high” word, I hate tooth.

My boyfriend is a bit proud to comfort me, saying that he is in front of our community, told me to pick him up, I don’t want to go, sink, old man, keep writing behind me: “Go Go,” down “, I have I promised my boyfriend.

I quit from the old man, I got up and opened the lights. I looked back at him. He looked at me quietly. I looked at him quietly. I really don’t know what to say. Gradually his eyes became gentle, I took me, kissed me forehead, “Shantou, I wore clothes, don’t cool.” I drilled him to him, squat: “I don’t want to pick up He is so cold! “The old man played with my **, while talking:” I still have to cry, now I don’t pick him up. “I think it is also, I want to get up, he pressed Live me, “Wait, pay attention, let him wait better.” I am laughing, but he said, “I am still a little bit, let me come out first.” I am angry with my eyes. ” .

The old man pressed up, put my ** flattened, counted the first time he raped me, this is our second time with normal position **, very comfortable. The old man thinks that my boyfriend is under the following, very excited, speeding the foot and seven eight minutes, only one ventilation, this time, he didn’t shoot on my ass, a full shot of a drop Forced inside, hot Jīng liquid hit the wall of my meat, I hurriedly, tightened my body, tangled, and I made a little forced, and the first time I reached **.

I wore clothes, when I went out, my old man said not to bring it back, and I don’t want to go with him, my mother’s anti-lock door is coming, and my boy is quietly coming, my parents know, wait, Luo Wei Although every sentence is correct, I am very disgusted, I feel that he is very awkward, very annoying. Later, as long as he pointed to my relationship with my boyfriend, I was very disgusted. My boyfriend is my own. I have to be cheated. He lie to my boyfriend, I feel he annoying. I saw my boyfriend downstairs. I saw that he was cold to shrink into a group. I was really very touched, hug him, and gave my first kiss. We kissed the affection, suddenly I felt a jīng liquid flowed out, embarrassed, but the boyfriend did not know, the unfair thought of her boyfriend, I went back to the house, complained about the old man. I didn’t wipe me clean. He said that it may be shot too.

My boyfriend gives my mother’s first impression. Mom said that this person is good, I can contact, I think people are very accurate. I am seriously suspicious in my heart, at least my father and stepfather, these two mothers have no view. But with my mother’s promotion, our relationship is not bad.

When I was a big second summer vacation, one day my mother suddenly asked me and my boyfriend.

“No!” I even denied it.

“Really do not have?”

“Really do not have!”

“There is, there is no, there is no embarrassment in front of the mother.”

“Mom, all said no.” I said seriously, “Really.”

My mother saw what I said is true, my face is gloomy, lasting, cold and cold: “Who is the jīng liquid on the underwear?”

I didn’t get a job, my face was red, some panic, stunned: “That, that is -“, ​​this I remembered that I forgot to linger in the morning.

I want to justify, I can’t find a good words for a while, and I can’t wait to have a lot of drill into it. Mom is cold and staring at me, half rang, starting sad crying.

After the old man came back, he insime to use my underwear **. I will give him a slap in the face, and I ran into the room. My mother looked coldly. I have just shown everything, play more. They are not tonic.

When I arrived in the big two, my mother had an affair, a year of editing than the mother, my mother loves, and may transfer all the love for me to the kid. One day, the old man came to the school to see me, we went outside to open the room, after he stripped me, suddenly buried the head in my chest, crying: “Meime, Mom don’t want me. “

That day, we didn’t rush to the **, hugged each other, listening to some of his mother’s things, I found out that the old man love my mother love is very deep, I sound a little touched, until the end, I said, don’t Say, Japan.

He was broken three times. I seriously suspected that he was taking medicine. He cursed that there was no, I smiled and said that I was so selling, did I say goodbye to me, he nodded, I was no longer Speaking, if you think this is still good, this metamorphosis is also good. As for him, he and my mother did not break up, manage him, this two years, my mother seems to be obviously faint.

They finally divided hands.

The boy is very bad, and it is not bad, I just saw me: “Wow, a beautiful pair of sisters, I have a blessing!”, I will talk about the couch of the sisters for a while. Life is too beautiful, mother is strange, it is more like **. Whenever this time, I have to go coldly.

Just in the holiday, I and my boyfriend, I am very sad, the old boy often give some low-level jokes, I gradually I don’t feel so annoying. One night he famed in my door, my mother is another Room, I really don’t know what Mom thinks, I was like a dead body, and looked through life.

Mom is very moving to him. In order to keep him, it is simply to him. I will never let him touch me again. He is getting more and more arrogant at home. One day, a family is watching TV. He suddenly said to her mother: “Sister, sitting.” Mom is in the words, he said to me , Sister, sit here, I look at him coldly, I ignore it. He saw that I didn’t touch my mother, put it on the leg: “The little beauty can’t hold a big beauty.” Mom said not to make trouble, he doesn’t listen, reach the mother’s **, touch Forced, while taking the side, I went to I laughed, my mother resists him, excited to be red, I can’t see it, get up and go out, and turn the door.

Mom has not been able to get the marriage with the kid, I have encountered an accident, a car accident, I hurried home to take care of her, when the doctor said that her mother is likely to be embarrassed, the kid ran. I am planning to take a long time to take care of my mother. When I heard, I called my school. Don’t worry about the school. He came to take care of your mother, my mother cried, I also cry, “Dad”, I sent Since the heart called. The old man paid a lot of time, time, energy and money in the next year, the reason why the money is ranked in the end, because more than 100 million people may be a very big number, but For the old man, it is not yet injured. Mom is very pleased, I finally have the feeling of the husband and wife, I also believe that the old man really likes my mother. If he is just a graphic **, he can come directly to me, but in fact, he and the mother will break up again. Haven’t come to find me.

The old man will take care of my mother, and finally let my mother can rely on the crutches. When I hear this news, I am very happy, I can’t wait to fly back and hold the old man, kiss him, my boyfriend said that I was very excited, I said that my mother is good, can I be unhappy? In fact, I think about the old man when I **.

After I went back to school, I took him with his house to me, so that I was ashamed that when I asked my school, I didn’t think that there were not in the old man in the old man in more than two years. I want, um.

Mom has been cold after a car accident, and I can pay attention to the old man. Later, I will not be willing to be, I will talk to the old man, “Lao Liu, when the husband and wife are old, there is this companion is already me. The blessings of the big are. “The old man will not be able to stand up, one day, I am watching this, I am watching TV, I heard a whisper in my mother’s room, I am thinking that the old man may not When you have a chance, I suddenly heard my mother came out: “Let’s go to Mei Mei!”

I am awake, I’m going to stand the ear, the old man defense, that, can you say that you can’t do it, you can’t say it, your mother said that you don’t leave, go, I don’t Will be angry, really. Then I went? Go. What really goes? Go. Forget it, still can’t. Roll, Mei’s forced is not to know that it is a hundred hundreds of times, and it is still fake here. The following sentence makes me very unhappy. In fact, we have not done a year. If you are not a mother, it may continue to be pure, it is entirely possible.

The old man came out, laughing for me, a little hard, I barely smiled, indicating that he sat. To be honest, I don’t want to be in love at all. At that time, my boyfriend was in love, but I didn’t have any debris, but I still worked hard to him, I think I am a dedication.

I smiled and saw that he touched my forced, there was no water.

“If we go to wash it again.” I want to avoid letting him see my cold.

He washed me, then brought me, licked me, didn’t get how much water, he couldn’t stand it and climbed and started. I pity, watching him on me, there is no passion in my heart.

“Meime, is it unwilling.” He stopped.

“there is.”

“Is it not too happy?”

“No! I want to do so much, hurry up.”

“If you don’t want to justice, I will not be sun.”

I am angry, saying that I am dead, and I love the day, I don’t want to provoke me. He saw me angry, saying that I really didn’t do it, Meimei, I don’t barely. I hurriedly put the legs around, pressed his ass, saying, old man, you are old, the more live, the more you go, don’t dry, don’t do it, you can’t take me to take the initiative.

“Why can’t you take the initiative, I am so handsome.”

“I am going to die.”

“I am so good?” I asked the old man, Chen Li is the secretary of the old man, very beautiful, great to the old man.

“Chen Li and I am not very familiar.” The old man is vigilant.

“Get it, all say that you have one leg.”

“Is she getting cool? Is it cool?” I try to find some stimuli and ask.

“The big girl, there are so many rough words.” He wanted to spend the topic, I was not cool, I said, my big ** was still inserted into my small net, I don’t say it When you eat, do you eat it?

“Oh, I will die on the belly one day!” The civilized man can’t hear the words, he struggled me, like I want to put my **, I can’t wait to drill the whole body to my forced Inside.

One day, my mother suddenly found a red swelling in the old man. Suspected that he had sexually sick, tortured him, he was looking for a lady, he insisted that there was no matter, the mother didn’t believe it, after coming, after coming, I will take the old man. Shorts, ask me, Meimei, look at what dad is there. I have seen it, “Where?” Mom dials the inclusion of the old man, pointing to the roots of the thigh, “here.”

“I am,” I reached out and dialed my hair and watched it. “Nothing.” Ordinary red, it seems that it is colorful.

“Is it awkward.” Mom is somewhat uncertain, will believe will be suspected.

“Then I take a closer look”, I picked up the softness of the old man, and the fingers dial carefully, and I felt myself like a professional urologist.

“Well. It is haze! Is it a lady who is looking for it!” I am angry.

“Hey, I dare there, there is really nothing, I am a doctor.”

“Otherwise, Chen Li has a buddy! She passed it to you.” After I told my mother Chen Li’s thing, we always took Chen Li to make fun of the old man.

“Heaven and earth conscience, it is also …” He wants to say that I am transmitted to him, please, I won’t want me to take off your pants. But he immediately said that his mouth did not say, his mother overturned, not laughing, turned to watch TV. I am holding his **, some can’t get it.

“Nausea is dead! I gave you Mao’s hair, don’t be transmitted to my mother.” I am disgusted.

At the old man, I saw that I really took the razor, and I went to her trousers.

“Dare! You don’t want to touch me – mother.” I angered, forciting my mother two words, although we now know how to know the name, the face is still wiped.

He is still a deadly, “Nothing, give me a shaved me.”

“Copy, you see people every day? See Chen Li.”

“No, I always have to go to the toilet, others see you don’t laugh.”

Mom is laughing, I have been encouraged, more excited, horses the face to order the old man, and order him to take off his pants, he has to take it, but you can’t put it, I don’t put it, I reach out, I don’t put it. Forcibly plug in and seize **, slightly, say: “Don’t put it?”

He let him go, ** has begun to expand in my hand, I can’t say it in my mouth, “I don’t have fun, Meime, don’t make a joke, Meime.”

I also think about his size is also a deputy dean, and the two hundred people are not good. It is not good to get the stage. Hold the ** sink, no immediately, ** is getting bigger, more and more Hard, I reached out: “Dead rogue, old rogue! Old is not serious, old!” go!”

Mom found that the old man came to hold her, hurriedly reached out to push him, “Go to go! Who is going to go to”

“Mom, I am relieved, there is no more thing to get, I went out, I wish my father and mother have fun!”

“Meime, you are a dead girl, like the madness!”

I ran out of my house and I feel very sweet.

Since then, the memories are getting sweetered, but they are never in the same day, they will open the conference every day. In fact, every day, our family is very normal. Why do you do it, people have a $ 24 of **, just want to be inevitable every day. So most of us, we are all sitting, even if they are sitting, they are lazy and lying, and they must not have to touch them immediately, and the meat meets, no, 99:99 There is no situation, sometimes I am too lazy to be a kitten, the old man is just coming to shoot me, “Shantou, sleep in bed, don’t cool it.”

I think it is not ugly, and my appearance is almost, the number of sexual partners will not be too small, and that day, Bai Na said to me, our level, five or six conservatives, ten It is normal, twenty or thirty are only rotted, I said that I have a little bit, how many do you have, she judge, sigh: “The two hands came over.” I said no bad, I only Need to move two fingers. This is not, she is not asking who is another point, who is so big, my intestines repeat, I know that my hands are still not over.

For a long time, the roommates were strictly sentenced to confess, and I didn’t say another point. I guess it to guess the old man. I won’t be my father. Another girlfriend said, she saw it once. , My father is coming in the cave, my face is white, because this may have been seen by her, so they don’t care, I haven’t believe it, the more I believe it, the more I believe it. I almost cried, they saw that I lost, and I was definitely in my heart. Later, there was a job to the old man’s office, and the old man gave me a breakdown of a student. I was talking, I suddenly remembered the suspicion of the roommate, I said this: “Youth Forum Our students will want Passing two people, Chen Jing is asking this thing today … Oh, yes, I don’t allow my ass to touch my ass. “- Thinking is too fast, the old man has always ignored me, where it is Cool, this is coming, and the head is bright and bright, get up and come to me.

“How did Chen Jing come?”

“Hey, what is your mouth?” I scared straight to the sofa corner, but I escaped his magic. He came over and grabbed my **, my ** is very fat, it is a steamed bread, he is always one Catch a quasi. There is my life, my father, there is my life, as long as you master the method, you can also catch the grab, to ensure that I immediately 80%, the remaining 20% I will see the creation. Haha, joking, I only let the outsiders caught once, on the bus, a metamorphosis is in my body, just when I am, I will do it, I will hold my **, I suddenly It’s quiet, very strange and wrong.

Of course, Dad, then the monk immediately made a mistake. If he has been touched outside my pants, I can really let him get off the bus, touched the water, even together What to open a room – 呸呸 呸! The sin is sin, the man is ugly, is very unborn, extremely disgusting, just I didn’t look back at the time! I think of nausea!

I knew that I didn’t touch him – he had a big cheap, but I immediately made a mistake. He touched three or five times. I haven’t got to add addiction, I want to extend my hand into my pants. Go, God knows that he has dirty, I even imagined the dirt of his nails! God! ! I immediately turned back to his two slaps, watch him so ugly, and the legs went to abolish his martial arts, I was conservatively estimated that I don’t want to use it for at least 30 days.

Ha, it’s still far away, I said that the old man is holding my **. My ** is fat, I can feel the same elasticity like **, big ** flesh, powder, and powder, neither a small ** is just a good thing. There is only one hole of the hole, nor is it like a slutty girl. It is a taro, this is a professional definition given after the old man identifies for a long time. The old man likes to touch my fat. And big ass, it’s just a kind of enjoyment.

Nonsense, I don’t want to enjoy anything! I don’t understand this, touch some women’s purely, I don’t have to take my mind, just to my brother, and we are very pressing, and I’ll be as cool as **, of course, I am more cool. NS! I don’t know if the old man is not true. I am very happy. However, I asked my boyfriend favorite, but he said that it is **, which makes me depressed.

In fact, my most proud of myself is the ass and genitals, I can see it from other men’s eyes. I have a full and perfect line, often causing the colorful wolves in the mouth, especially whenever I wear a relatively close trousers. I am more suitable for pants, especially the close pants, cowboy or trousers, I am very practical, I stand when I have a touch of my body, and I am “attractive crime” ass, sitting, classroom male Students appreciate my forced when they often borrow their things, of course, it is good!

However, once, the old man was in the office, I didn’t receive my underwear. When I returned to my classroom, I found that the male classmate next to me was in the blood, I immediately doubted whether I was like a new egg. Chicken, even busy with the mirror, find yourself very elegant, is dying, see that the boy is aiming at me, sit down and carefully peeks yourself, God, the original thin trousers below The shape of forced is coming out, and the seam is vividly visible, and the shame is dead.

Have you coming, hey, I said that the old man was forced to cover my forced, it was of course his own place. He wanted to come, and didn’t ask if someone else did not agree, especially I asked me. Boyfriend does not agree, hate! However, the method of him is pushing is a senior technician level. I let me get angry, and I am actually made a very sad thing, he solve my button, fading The lower trousers and underwear, put my white big butt and fluffy fertilizer … It is a fine hair, very soft, shallow, meat, small, small, small, 嘻! He put my white big butt and fluffy fertilizer forced out the sun, I didn’t breathe, my heart was turned, I would like to know that the door is open, there is always a possibility! He quickly opened the briefcase and took out a pink jumping egg. I later knew that something called jumping egg. He bought it when he was traveling in Japan. He spent more than 40,000 pieces, not yen, it is a new Taiwan coin , Metamorphosis, then you are also bought, he put the jumping egg to my **, quickly pulling my pants, jumping open, I quickly pull the zipper, buckle, I just sat straight, one Teacher will come into! We are listening to his footsteps, so fast, it is completed in two seconds.

I got to the old man: “Director Liu, then I will go back first.”

“Ok, ok.”

I only walked to the door, suddenly the feet were soft, and hurry down.

“Meime! Meime! What happened?” The old man is a very good, and if you are concerned, I can’t hate him immediately, his grandmother, it still wireless remote control! I hate to bite the teeth, when others’ face, my face can only be purely laugh, “Nothing, Dad, accidentally.”

Whole day, I have endured the rupture of the monster, as if you have a signal, you are crazy. I just had a class, wearing a white coat, look calm and calm, young and beautiful, who would think that I put a french egg, one will be crazy, I will go crazy? That day I was in the face of my classmates, I went to the table from time to time, the body trembled, my legs sent, there was a classmate to see: “Liu Mei, is it uncomfortable?”

I can’t stand, rush to the toilet, I want to use two fingers to deduct it. The result arrived, arrived in the heart, the body couldn’t help but stood up, so I saw it slipped to the door. Touch, I have been arrived, hurry again, so repeated four times, the fourth time, I finally struggled with two fingers to cut the tip, I was going out, I was not careful, my fingers were hard Some, the egg is slippery out from the double finger, and I am shidder. I will take it into it. It happens to just at that moment. The egg is crazy. I have a long time, my body suddenly Slide to the ground, the whole body is paralyzed, and the first time does not vent it in the case of **. I am not easy to slow, I don’t care, I can’t cry.

“Meime! Meimei! What? Pants, open the door.

“Nothing, just hurting me,” I bowed, my body is weak, my mind is a little unclear, “I don’t give me my boyfriend.” I heard the two people. “” May be abortion, just doing a big bigger in it. “

I stopped in the washing, slow washing, telling yourself to stay up, must stay! I clenched my fists, AZA! AZA! Liu Mei, AZA! In the heart, I feel the power.

I called the old man’s office, no one pick, hit the mobile phone, shut down, may meet, the egg is also in all, I sent a text message, warned that he did not make messy, and put some heart under the heart.

At noon, I almost forgot the existence of the egg. Only when I was a Houng’s leg, I realized that I was forced to have foreign objects, which stubbed the potential feeling, so I am in the restaurant and two male students. Chat, chat is pleasant, I have not finished, suddenly jumping, I stopped, I stopped, squatting, wrinkling eyebrows, dying, grabbing the chair, hardciping legs Two male students are very eye-catching, and the mouth is brought together.

It’s only one minute, I have not paid two stinky men, I don’t look at them, I don’t live a painting, self-speaking, “I am very living, holding up!” Cut said: “Maded milk, the stomach is bad, almost flowing into the crotch.” Two boys saw me, I saw you, smiling, smiling, I pretending to be angry: ” roll!”

That day I changed three paper underwear, and I originally wearing a cotton underwear, and finally hanged home. When I got home, my pants were wet, and people were completely empty, and they were almost dead. Hate old man For a long time. After saying that Liu Mei also glanced at Hou Jing’s Liu Yingfeng.

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