My name is Guohua, 3 years of origin is normal boy, now is a 23-year-old CD girl in Japan, self-sized is an orphan, after graduation, do administrative work in banks.

Three years ago, in Hong Kong, I used some tips to deceive customers to buy stocks in Hong Kong. The stock just diarrhea, and I was discovered by the bank, I was wanted by the police, I went to find a friend Xiaoling in the orphanage, she It is a flight attendant. She received my phone, about me to the airport near the airport, she just dropped the machine, she registered us in the room, I am too tired, I am sleeping, I will fall asleep after I use it. I think about the method. After three hours, Xiaoling took a travel baggage, and took a ticket file to Japan. It turned out that she said that I borrowed her to ran to Japan bonds.

At that time, she said that the original flight attendant was infected, so she took the initiative to fly, because she did so much, and the crew of this flight was not familiar, I was scared by her.

Then she opened the baggage, there is a large number of female clothing cosmetics, she is proficient in eyebrow makeup, painting the powder, tie the eyebrows, sweeping the powder, painting the lip, after an hour, after makeup, actually like Xiaoling, very Beautiful, self-singly has a novel, we are very similar, now I believe it, the woman in the mirror is very similar to how to speak, the false eyes is row up, the nose is high, the lips are transparent, Like a water, I took a tight underwear, I took a tight underwear. After the transformation, I saw a fascinating body shape, the chest has a fluys, I tried it a few steps, I found that the center of gravity is a bit pouring, but Double peaks actually beat the rhythm. At this moment, I also think that I think that myself is really a real woman. She finally took off her flight attendant uniform. I cried with Xiao Ling. She said: From now, you are Xiaoling The country is not in this world. She taught me in stockings, pink dress, after she put on a fake, and then wear a flight hood, and finally put on high heels.

Next, she gave me the document silver bag. I have seen the contraceptive sanitary cotton, and finally she taught me to the way to the airport. I dragged the baggage, wearing big, from the room, I took my CD career. The first step.

The hotel is next to the airport, wearing a high-heeled feet and pulling the road. Many people in the way look at me, I try to maintain an elegant flight attendant image, I feel that it is not good at all, my hand is sweating in the white glove. Inside the skirt, the scarves and paper hats on the neck are blown away, very wolf, and press the skirt to press the cap, and the legs are rubbed between the legs.

After 10 minutes, I finally found the airline terminal. When I reported, Miss on the counter was sent to me, I was given to Xiaoling, I showed a cough, I showed a lady. I have seen the notice that I didn’t go to the collection time. I went to the toilet. I went to the toilet. I entered the girl’s toilet to find a hand. There was a garbage bar next to the toilet, and the shoe was taken according to the opening of the cartridge. Very fragrant, sit down, go to the skirt, stockings and bottom, open the handbag, use the Kitty fire machine to smoke, the smoke, the smoke, the smoke, long young, smoky, then eat incense beads Smell, use oil absorbent to remove excess oil to avoid making makeup to melt, then spray GUCCI perfume, the phone suddenly sounds, I found a color phone with a lot of dolls from the handbag, I originally Xiao Ling again teach me how to teach me Capture and other attention.

I found Xiaoling’s locker, I sorted the hair, with a hair clip, I found the black pearl earrings put on my ear hole, and then buckled the neck towel to avoid seeing the throat, nearby. Other flight attendants have come back, I quickly played up to pick up the supplies, see other flight attendants in the makeup table with pure powder and lipstick, I also tense imitating them.

Suddenly there is a rigid flight sister May assignment, my partner is Kary, a stewardess for about 20 years old, she does not have doubts about my identity, plus pretending to be Xiaoling, I am a temporary replacement flight. So I am very good for me, and I will introduce other colleagues to me, I will say hello to the introduction, and then pull the baggage to resolve the departure procedure. When I passed the counter, I will The ticket and Xiaoling’s ID card will be very nervous when they registered, and they turn around until Kary push me, I have to tell my own procedures, and 20 flight attendants in our righteousness are prepared for preparatory work. Guests have a smile while it is.

Not long after, as a flight attendant, I examine the passenger seat belt and the luggage cabinet, and finally sit down with the plane to leave Hong Kong. Since there are not many passengers in the morning, some passengers are also immediately inserted, I am busy with other flight sisters to give a plane meal, inverted wine, sell souvenirs, come back to the narrow corridor, my feet are sore, go to Japan for four hours flights Quickly arrive, from the window to Japan in the early morning of Japan, there is a broad Japanese origin, and then re-examine the safety procedure, sitting with Kary, sitting in the moment of the emergency airport, playing as Xiaoling I am like a bitter sick, I think of her for me, I can’t help but cry ……………

At 6 am, the airport was turned into Narita Airport, but this time, I feel that I have a big difference with the front and outside of the flight attendant. After busy delivery, I immediately packed the canal, my mood is tight, and I will go to the toilet to repair makeup, after the big class flight attendant And MAY arrived at the airport and fill in the attendance record, and just smashed the airline propaganda department at the airport, I, KARY, and the other three compassionate, beautifully forced leaving low assistance shooting, and easily took some uniform photos, propaganda When the flight attendant, the friend is very polite, because they praise the height of 6 feet 7 and the artist Liang Qiqi is similar, so I took some books. After half an hour, when the queue is queued, the kary told me to step up the service, with the completion of the exam as soon as possible, and I will return to Hong Kong tomorrow, I will ignore it, I just want to enter the country to go back to the man. Life, there is an experience of lasting departure, this time is more calm.

After successful entry, I didn’t say that I opened Xiaoling’s handbag. I bought a gambling bookmark with the sun and smoke it out of the airport. I used a female identity to smoke with nail oil in the public. I feel very cool. It seems that all the pressure is like, then it is to escape, pull the baggage, the driver is like a colorful wolf, and I will continue to steal me in the back mirror. I opened the LV handbag to pay more by him. I feel very annoying as a man.

Xiaoling’s home is near Xinjie JR Railway Station. It is rented. After I entered the house, I immediately removed the flight attendant’s uniform to go to the bathroom. I saw my own beauty in the mirror, my husband, I There are many red marks, and suddenly there is a masturbation, but I can’t do this, the only loved ones in this world, not to do it, it is nothing to do, so it is. Lying in Xiaoling, full of female fragrant beds, looking at pink bedroom and doll, sleeping in the dark.

Sleeping is at night, in addition to weaving waist and thin padding drinks and various types of vitamin, there is no other food, open the closet all is a famous brand women’s clothing, I only change back to the women’s clothing to eat, change a yellow Levis short Tee, brown Burberry checkered skirt, picked a pair of SEX’s pink stockings, finally put on black and knee boots in the shoe cabinet, in the makeup table, smuggled with Xiaoling’s branded cosmetics In the back of the mirror, I feel no problem. I have a handbag. It is the red wine. When I am preparing to turn the silver bag cosmetics, I suddenly Xiaoling’s long-distance calls, I explained thrilling The flight attendant process, sudden Xiao Ling said that I dressed very well, and she was almost the same as she was still not reached, and I told me to see the computer screen, the original computer is a mission mode, she has always used the video to sneak me Shirt and told me that I will contact her after she will return to the company.

After that, I went to Yaohan to eat sashimi and cold noodles. I went to the way home. I wore women’s shopping. I felt that the salesperson also had a courteous, after receiving the phone call, I went to Karaoke, and another two Air attendant, anyway, boring, want to drink alcohol, and use Xiaoling’s identity.

The karaoke is very remote, in the entrance of Hengjie, 30 machines on the elevator, I believe it is the private sinus of the flight attendant, I pay attention to some flight attendants and I come to Japan with me, but still wear flight attendant uniforms, kary and my line Four women came into one of the K rooms, there is a panoramic view of Shinjuku, Karen has a karaoke of Joey, Qianxi and Weiolan to sing, repeat and repeat very quarrel, while the ELLA And Mike is about 20 years old, play very placed, or the flight attendant is often raised by boiling drunkenness.

After the KARY introduced four men, I took a drink together. I felt that they were a bit like young F4. When I was a man, I was very disgusted to have a man to stand and gave a woman, but at this moment, the women’s clothing did not have an argument, they were skilled separately and We are touched, my temporary men are called Alex, very cool and very well, I know that we are in the 4pair crazy, guessing, drinking, drinking, drinking is red, cocktail, Zhihua Ye also drinking, Alex is more drunken, after touching my thigh, I rescued Kary, kary called me to rest assured, they all have lesbianism, it is TB, special to sprinkle, find flight attendants to be a girlfriend, I think it is ironic, man Actually in a woman’s chest, like a small bird I, being taken care of the boxing and help me stop, gradually, the 4pair people are more happy with their men, and Alex seems to be very happy. When the public will feed the mix I have been kissed by him, I didn’t resist the Alex chest, I felt that he used a bandage bunch, and Alex paided on my thigh butt, I took it all the way, I will avoid it. After wearing, I will take the handbag to the female toilet and clean, and when I apply the lipstick, Alex is born with me, he locks the door, touch me back, kiss me, use the tongue in my mouth, very Wonderful, kissed me back, I may have no one for a long time, I played Xiao Ling, I fell in love with Alex, I really want to have a relationship with him, but I think that he loves a woman, I will reply to men tomorrow. Forgotten the end of the world, can’t live, so I refuse him, if you have no things continue to drink, I am shallow, and Alex gives me a pillow with the right leg, and use the suit. Finally, I don’t have to check out, Alex payment with credit cards, the advantage of a woman is not needed, and each male is politely sent us home.

Alex gives me home with a gray flat-grade sports car, I’m not rule along the way, I have kissed it on the floor. I am reluctantly until I go home on the 7th floor. He is only will drive away. go.

Because the whole body is very smoke, I took off the shirt skirt in the bathtub, the milk bubble bath solution, while listening to classical music, gradually falling asleep in the bathroom …………………………………….

I woke up in the next day, I still had a headache. I got up the curtain to stretch back in front of the ground glass. I looked at Xinjie at noon busy street scenery. I used my hand to make up messy long hair. I don’t know when, I went on Xiaoling black. Silk textured DEEPV nightdress, skirt lacing ribs grinding thighs are very soft, mirror is a newly wakeful girl body, sleeping on the chest under the chest under the chest, there is a clever ditch clear Separate the crisp, the skin color and the bust are exactly the same. If you don’t pay attention to it, you think it is true, like a tear-shaped, like a peak shape, and the streamline is beautiful, tempting and mysterious, the navel has a brewing umbilical ring And the diamond refers to a set, and the earrings are put on the lower legs and put a jujube red T-BACK shielded LACE underwear, and the lower body is properly collected, and the long legs touch and keep do not leave. He turned to see the back hips is the perfect girl’s carcass, and the mirror is looking back to yourself, there is no broken, beautiful is a temporary.

Open the email, found that all the emails of Xiao Ling, including the trainee, rich businessmen, doctors and second-year stars, etc. , Tell Xiao Ling’s scribble, ready to hand over it later.

Sherrid is in a single sneaked sucking, and the smoky to the smoke is put on the soot. It is recalling that the end of the day last night, even finding his women’s clothing, the original life can live so brilliant, completely There is no trouble, then look at the fake breasts of the chest, I really want to stay at this moment, becoming Xiaoling, the more I want more in the heart.

Suddenly the doorbell rang, the original door is KARY. I will open the door immediately. I will open the door immediately. How do you know that Kary seeing the DeEPV nightdress that I exposed, actually pinned my butt, really picking the skin, wear the flight attendant uniform. After luggage into the house, he didn’t think about the passage of Lesbinanism male with his family last night and asked me to eat.

I opened one of the clothescoat rubber bags in the wardrobe, and the neat flight attendant uniforms and silk scarves were imitation. I boldly put it on, I boldly, removed my longevity nightdress, only left karers In front of, change the flight attendant uniforms, put on a new black long stockings, and then use it to my cosmetic makeup set head in the dressing table. When I put the lipstick, when I was painted, Kary actually used me. Lipstick, but also said that this is SHISEIDOPNMAQUILLAGE05 autumn and winter, the latest superiorrouge, luminous lipstick, very lined with her thin lips, I really gave her bad, in such a close dressing table, I didn’t be worn by Karen, I I also suspect that I am so like a woman.

My two flight attendants came to the nearby Jingwang Plaza to eat fried pigs and tempura. The whole man is interested in simming us, Kary said that I will habits slowly, but it seems to be very proud. After that, I will go to the eager department store with Kary to buy a pain. She introduces me to buy a new super book health cotton bar. I have helplessly bought a pack of health cotton, I am in an eager to put into the middle, and finally we Looking into Narita Airport next to the shopping mall, the young suit, the young suit, who is row, let us, thank you for a lively smile, and let me say that I will sing again next time. And ask me how much Alex I didn’t really happen, just pay attention to the scenery of Xinjie along the way. Go back to Airport Airlines to see May, I resigned to her, compiled a story that she wants to marry, fiance doesn’t like me to be a flight attendant. MAY sister suddenly tensely pulled me into the room, and later the general manager Paco is in a hurry, and gives me a 50 million-day round check and a document, and about HK $ 320,000, I know it originally Yesterday, the propaganda department felt that the temperament of my flight attendant is very suitable for this season’s advertising. I will sign me for the 2006-2008 Asian Goodwill Ambassador flight attendant, and the contract shall specify the deposit of 50 million yuan. After each year, it will be 50 million yuan, and the monthly salary is 50%. If the company has a biennium, the company has a total of two years, and there is a special assistant, a makeup artist, a company special vehicle, a hotel, officially cooperating with an advertisement after three months. The flight attendant style cardboard doll is placed in various travel agencies, and all JPV airplanes have photos with my original flight attendant, plus TV newspaper advertising offensive, which is a shortcut, I also believe that advertising companies have eyes, actually in numerous The flight attendant find a man to be a heroine, really joke.

I didn’t ask for Xiao Ling agreed. I didn’t consider this contract in front of the company’s lawyers. When I left, the general manager had to keep confidential, so as not to plan to expose too early, and put it in 30 days for me for 30 days.

Tear off resignation, holding contracts and 50 million yuan check to Xiaoling, and said that will cancel the Japanese plan, immediately take 1600 to return to Hong Kong, Xiaoling can’t help but take it.

Hide in the women’s toilet, use makeup mirror to look at himself with his fingertips, it can’t miss it, it is Xiao Ling or Guohua, and it is very beautiful along the legs along the legs. The waist and chest are very wonderful. I am in my heart, I will enter the sublimation realm.

After six hours, when Hong Kong time is 2330, I have completed another difficult flight attendant journey to leave the departure hall. This shipment has a Japanese artist incense, and there are two incomplete people to promote, and there are two disabled people need. The flight attendant uses the equipment to help, so the flight attendant works with hard work, and after the KARY, I can’t find Xiaoling in the lobby. I opened the mobile phone to see the short message saying that I will wait for me, I am, I will see her, pull The baggage is in a hurry, plus a high-tech shoes, a losing balance, twist to the feet of the servants, very wolf, the knee stockings wear a hole in the knee, and Chanel high-spirited shoes will be broken, true Excited, remove the shoe step into the E-seat seat, suddenly a man caught me with his hand, I used him to give me the paper towel, and I saw this man, even ……………………… ……

I really can’t believe my eyes, supporting me is my own, a familiar face, white rubber frame glasses, khaki unlike canvas suit jacket, white APE head TEE, blue evisu jeans, converse beige Sneakers All are my usual body, but I look at the long hair in the black NIKE car hat, I will see that he is Xiaoling, she caught my waist, helping me sit down with the tape Sticking the knee wound, she wants to give me a surprise, how do you know that I have seen a flight attendant, I am afraid that I will be tired, ask her to change my identity with me as soon as possible, she said to go home first.

I put two high-tech shoes in the middle, I only wear the stockings, Xiao Ling helped me pull the handbag to pull the bag, I am very ugly, I arrived at the airport and the parking lot, the original Xiaoling drove her black Toyota AlphaD seven The human car will pick me up, double-day window electricity door luxury version, I am worried about her technology, but I am now still the flight attendant Xiaoling, so I don’t have her discrimination, I have to take the passenger, I will leave the parking lot, There is a 24-year-old flight attendant and I greet me, and ask me if my new boyfriend pick up, and call me to introduce. Later, Xiaoling told me that the flight attendant called Ada, just came back from Toronto, see Ada’s boyfriend Later, I was driving an old gray nissan car, I said to the ADA warning boyfriend next time I had to pick up her, otherwise I will go home at the subway airport, the new and old and old It can also become the reason for the flight attendant.

Xiaoling is very familiar, after leaving the airport, take a fee of the metrics next to Go City, she ran into the mall to buy another black high-tech shoes, after passing through the Qingma Bridge, was stopped by the police, original Xiaoling speeding, deducting a penalty, Xiaoling, I took out my license plate ID card from jeans to the police megadownload, I also took out Xiaoling ID card from the handbag to a policewoman, because I know that I was wanted, very I am afraid that I have worried by the police to wear our tonard status. I am very nervous, but Xiaoling seems to be very easy, and it is surprising that the smooth police complete the speed of the speed of the speed. Let us go away. Xiaoling drove again and told me the two days. After she left the hotel, she left the hotel in just two days, she paid her father, and her father was the king of Bhutan. 50 years old, the mother is Chinese, they have a lot of people in Xiaoling 10 years old, after 15 years old, their only prince cancer death, after receiving Xiaoling left the orphanage, with Xiaoling to the UK to receive higher education, Xiaoling’s parent borrowing and transient relationship, the bank is willing to pursue and sell cases to the police, so I don’t have to be wanted, Xiao Ling tells me, don’t worry about the question of repayment, and ask me to pay attention to the flight attendant Details of the ambassador contract, carefully see the contract to say that the ambassador to behave also needs to participate in the November Macao Miss Massenchy Club, and 38 major airlines will send representatives to participate in the 8th award.

In fact, I am not the first time, I’m doing Xiaoling, when I was in the orphans, I heard her first, Xiao Ling was very afraid of people, 10 years old, there is her parents to the orphanage to play a girl Yang, Xiaoling asked me to go to the interview with her girl in her dress, and later, each exam and the exam were put on her school skirt. When Xiao Ling left me to the UK, I I thought I had never had to meet her until I met Xiaoling in the airport after completing the university, I can’t think of today.

Xiaoling will pay car park in Central Lan Guifang, and go to Yunxian Street, a private club, a private club, a private club, through the candlelight of the bar. I saw a lot of rich people and famous stars talking, one of them, I saw the Credit and Wang Hexi in a few tee-top girls in drinking, director Wang Jing took a wine glass next to the dance floor and a three-wire woman Star flirting, Xiaoling seems to come here, because I found a lot of staff and fancy, I greet, some men looked at the flight attendant uniform wearing in my body, Xiao Ling took me out of the terrace pool park, Distinguished by the window, I saw the entire Lan Guifang slope station full of manner, all the bars bombed strong audio, plus rushing color spots, making people especially exciting, turning around, I saw Xiao Ling by a few The girl wearing the Tupe-Tob short skirt, I will hold Xiaoling’s hand, I will see that I have a vinegar to see a very happy, hugging my waist to drink red wine next to the pool, at the other side of the pool, there is A 20-year-old male with Hip-Hop and a British girl kissing in the pool. Xiaoling is constantly looking at them. It turned out that this is a boyfriend jack. It is a hair stylist. She has been knowing Jack is very speechless, but she is not willing to break up. When I went to the toilet in the British sister, I dressed in Xiaoling to find Jack. He was very drunk, and he was very drunk. It seems that you caught me to explain, and I wanted to kiss me. I pushed Jack. Ling, he took him, and the beer in the countertop was pourmed to him. When he turned, the British sister came back to use English, and I pushed her into the pool. The scene suddenly became chaotic, I am so elegant building.

Xiaoling took the car to wait for me downstairs, she saved the car back to the horse stone hill residence, from the parking lot to the elevator to reach the lobby, every inch is very gorgeous, the lobby is a young lady, politely Give me a door and say hello to us, Xiaoling’s top-level unit is the property of porn, the downstairs is a restaurant, and there are four rooms upstairs. Xiao Ling takes me to visit her room. The bedside glass can see Wei Port. And Causeway Bay Night View.

Xiao Ling went to cool, I was in the bedside of her bed, I found a road of apple in the snow cabinet, looked at Wei Port to suck smoke and see the glass women’s own reflection, very happy, Xiaoling Zhong Fully, replace a set of men’s short-sleeved Niketee, gray men’s smoke in the bottom of the sea and I drink alcohol, she is very happy that I will revenge for her, we have added a lot of cups of Mink Henney Xo, suddenly Xiao Ling pushes me to the bed Tight my hands kissed me, I know that she is not happy to let her vent, she solve my uniform button, reach out to my slim underwear to touch my two sides with invisible silt bag breasts, after I unlocked my uniform skirt Take the woman wear the woman wear and stockings, touch my uncontrolled lower body with the fingertips, and take off your top with the chest to rub the breast milk, I found him flat, there is a little breast muscle, I am very strange She rotates between my two legs with a slight lower body. She seems to have to attract me, she uses the tonsted me every one, I wear Xiaoling’s black lace garter with four bone stockings, she saw the curl sock socks and the raw women’s underwear is very excited, crazy with the tongue I am very soft, I squatted down the bed and the tongue of her legs, her legs, her legs, her legs, Xiao Ling used my hands and pressed my head to her petals, like a man sitting in bed, playing me. Long hair, she is enjoying my women’s service, suddenly the foggy water of the petlet is sprayed, I climbed into the bed across her lower belly, wiping in the fake breasts on the fake breasts, using the mouth The remaining moisture, my heartbeat is very hurried, the room suddenly became very hot, she crazy put me in bed, took off all my dress, turned away from the headlights, the two naked, I I don’t move, let her push me with the lower body, one tight, I will imitate women’s pettages, hands in long hair, chin, breasts, waist and thighs, try to distribute women’s charming, We live a madness, Dragon is infertile. After the fierce battle, Xiao Ling smashed her head. I kissed her side. She wants me to do her woman forever. I should take her with her right hand and right foot. She, I am very satisfied in her chest and sleeping safely.

Sleep until noon, was awakened by the sun, Xiaoling replaced a set of DKNY black suit on the bookstrap coffee to read the newspaper, I saw a set of DOIRs next to a piece of DOIR, and there was a pair of underground. MIUMIU light-pointed foot boots, Xiaoling called me to go to the street, I know that she wants me to dress her, I have a slave, let’s take a slave, and choose a set of golden ritti seamless seamless severity in the wardrobe. Bust and color panties, replace the transparent fish shaft shoulder strap, thick push the chest to make the northern hemisphere to come out, then replace the doll skirt, put double-sided tape between the breast and the top, after wearing a long boot, make makeup The last gravard, holding a white Burberry handbag, spraying a small Dior perfume behind the neck, sparse a big wave of hair, about 40 minutes, my entire variation process is full of Xiaoling, I Since your love, Xiao Ling, not only don’t have a holiday, but also began to play clothes, I don’t know what she wants to take me there, but I will wish her happy and pay for her.

After eating breakfast in the Run Hami Yinghuang Junjing, Xiaoling drove to Kowloon Tangzhu wedding photography company. She said to me: “Marry me is good?” And take a woman in a suit bag.无 无 上 …


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