One day, I played a child after school, I was sweating in the ball, my friend said: “You can go to my house to take a shower!” Because we are giving the ball from the place where he is not far from his home.

My friend lived in a rural area of ​​near mountains. I first arrived at his home. He said that the people at home have not come back, take me to take a shower. The place in his house is very special. It is in the kitchen outside, it is relatively simple, my friend said that the door between the bathroom is also broken, it is not possible to close, but also said that their families have always been like this, everyone is also used to it, everyone is also Will take a shower. But because of their hot water furnaces too old, it is broken, there is only mothers and sisters at home, sometimes they are cooking, and he has to take hot water outside.

My friend refers to the hot water pot, helping me burn some hot water, let me take a shower, call me to put the clothes outside, he said to go back to the house.

I took off my clothes and put it outside the door, I started taking a bath, so the bath or the first time! Washed for a while, just hot water quickly used, God! I have to light the body to heat the water in the kitchen.

During waiting, someone heard someone outside the kitchen should be my friend’s mother or sister! I will go back to the bathroom, but the door is broken, just like this, there is no door, and you can see all the situation in the bathroom.

I have been waiting for hot water, I will continue to take a shower, but I am afraid that his mother or my sister will come in, and the small and small brothers have unconsciously pull the flag. After all, I am still a junior high school life!

Suddenly, someone pushed the door to the kitchen, I found out, it was my friend’s sister! Why is it what is his sister? Because I came in a big girl who had a few years, I wore a tight white T-shirt, and the lower body is a very short exercise. It turns out that my friend has such a beautiful sister.

My sister saw me and greeted me. “Hello! Are you a friend of my brother? I am his sister.” And if you continue to say: “Don’t use I 喔! You have to take a shower! I want to take a shower! They are ready for dinner. “

She said that I walked into a few steps in the kitchen. At this time, I suddenly saw the whole phase of my light away. I am not awesome, my sister put her hand on her hand, saying to me: “Don’t be shy! I have seen anything.”

Her eyes were completely gazing in me, and saw my little brother was taller.

My sister looked at the hot water burning, said: “Sorry, hot water furnace is broken, I want you to burn water, I will help you take hot water!” beside.

At this time, I can’t cover my own embarrassment. The little brother who scales is completely exposed to her. The sister is not shamed at my muddy old second, and said: “I didn’t have seen it. What are you?

XX (my friend’s name) When I took a shower, I often look at his little brother! Sometimes I see XX in Edward! Boy is like this. Said to laugh.

God! How is this sister! I said: “Trouble my sister.” When you are red, you will take a bath. My sister didn’t care about me again, I only got a dish, but the position of her station can completely see the scene in taking a shower.

I shy my body and sneaked with the snow whitening thighs of my sister shorts. I also had a tall breast in the T-shirt, and I became more hard, I stole it. Look at my sister’s carcass, while the brother is clear.

My sister suddenly turned and saw it and asked: “Are you self-reliance?”

God! So how to answer this? ! I just understood silly and laughed at that time.

My sister smiled and said, “I will help you down some hot water.” When I came to my side, I said in my ear: “I know that the boys often do this, need me to help you?” I stunned.

My sister then said: “Haha! I laughed with you, I am often talking to XX (my friend’s name). He is very bad! I often live in front of me in front of it, I am used to it. You don’t want to be shy, boys like this Very normal. Let’s take a shower, or you will catch up! “

I heard that my sister said, my mood relaxed a lot, and I slept in front of my sister. At this time, my sister is busy cooking, turning around, I don’t look at me again. In fact, I really want my sister to help me with my mind!

“Oh! Shoot … shot …” The old two congestion, after a while, I will ejaculate, I can’t help but snort. My sister heard, I looked back, just when I washed the semen on the penis, my sister has taken the towel to stand next to me, I watched my brother, I said to my sister: “Not I am so embarrassed! “My sister carefully helped me with a towel and wiped the penis. I said:” I will wear my clothes! “My sister is so good, it is not shy.

I dried the water, put on the clothes back to the outside, when I walked to my friend, “Hey! Have you finished it? That’s to I wash!” He said. My friend should know that my sister is also in the kitchen when I took a shower, but it seems that it is really used to it?

I said to my friend: “I have to go, see you tomorrow!” Go to the kitchen and sister said: “Goodbye!” My sister said to me: “Next time!” Of course, I will come again.


After leaving your friends, your mind is his sister’s snow-white thigh, drum breast and just when I take a shower ……

In the evening, when I chatted with my friends, I accidentally said: “I am really embarrassed today! I met your sister when I took a bath.” Of course I didn’t put me in front of his sister, but Yes to ask him: “Why don’t you take a bathroom? H.

He said: “If I have been repaired, I have no chance to let my sister see it when I take a shower.” Then he also told me a secret: “I also called my sister to help me shoot!”

“Oh ?!” I was surprised to call out, I thought, I can’t blame today, my sister is not shy, so: “Your sister said that you are bad!”

He didn’t avoid it. He also said: “But I still have a peek to see a little, sometimes I will go in to take things, take the opportunity to take a look.”

When everyone talks about his sister, he suddenly asked: “Is there any sister today?”

“Oh! I … I … No!” My support will turn it back: “Oh, I have to sleep, tomorrow!”

Lying on the bed, I think about his sister, while holding a hard little brother, I finally played a shot, I could sleep peacefully.

On the next day, I went to play with my friends after school, but my heart has been thinking, I have finished watching my family.

After the ball is finished, the whole body is sweat, I will take the request to ask for a request: “Can you go to your home to take a shower?” He said: “Okay!” Let’s go back to his home. Along the way, my brain thinking is the attractive carcass of his sister.

Go back to his home, it is so good! His sister is really at home!

Seeing his sister, I can’t say a strange feeling, just say: “Sister is good! Disturbed!”

I don’t know what to say. Just said that my friend said to me: “You go to wash yourself! You know there.” I quickly replied: “Well, okay!”

I peeked about my sister before I took a bath, she still worn a very short sports pants, and the upper body is also a white T-shirt; then carefully look, oh! Sister should not wear a milk! Because I can clearly see her two nipples protruded on a white T-shirt. My sister’s breast is not very big, but the tight T-shirt stands completely her chest, but also tent on the two points. My friend is too happy! You can see such a sister every day.

I went back to God, turned into the kitchen to get into the bathroom, in the kitchen, I saw some dishes on the cuisine, but I haven’t got it, I thought, will today’s sister will come in? It seems that there should be a chance, so I pick up the pot and burn some hot water. On the side, think about it again: “Is his sister not think I am a purpose? The equipment in their bathroom is so simple, I have been washed for two consecutive days. “

I didn’t expect my expectations, and soon, he came in, she said: “Hey! Sorry! I will help you boast the water!” I didn’t take clothes yet, so I naturally said to my sister: “Ah,” No, I will come, I am busy! I am disturbed! “

My sister said softly to me: “You don’t have to welcome! Welcome to accompany you to XX (my friends).” And said: “I hurt this brother, I hope he is happy.”

After that, my sister started to let the dish, she said to me: “The water is burned, you take a bath! I am going to prepare their dinner.” Oh, great! My sister is here, I will pay you right! When I fell hot water, my sister suddenly said: “Oh! How to forget …” I went out, but I still heard her saying about my friend: “My sister bought less, you Is my sister bought it back to the village? “

When my sister told my friend to buy anything, I quickly took the clothes, and I started taking the hot water to the bath.

At this time, I came to my sister’s voice: “Well, I have been separated from the neighboring Wang mother-in-law today, you will buy a light bulb to help she change it!” Oh, great! Now I have two people left in the house!

After the friend went wrong, my sister came back to the kitchen. I pretended to take her, taking a shower sincerely, but she watched me here, but also said: “If there is any need, tell me!” I “Well” should A look, look at it, my old second has been boring.

The sister is busy with the gratia, while talking to me, asking her your brother’s academic situation, I will chat with my sister. How much shame this situation! I took a shower in my body, while chatting with my sister, and the penis was tall, but since my sister was wrong, I used to calm, and I was deliberately chatted with her, and took a shower toward my sister.

My sister’s legs are really beautiful, white, slippery; look at her chest, because there is no wearing a milk cover, round breast, bumps, completely in the T-shirt, outlined outline, I really want to reach out.

At this time, the little brother has been hard, and even feels a bit sticky on the glans. I don’t consciously hold it and get up and down. I started myself. I am sorry to see my sister. My eyes flashed to one side.

At this time, my sister saw that I didn’t continue to talk to her again, and I turned to see me here, ah! I have been masturbating the situation to be seen by my sister! But she just smiled, did not say anything, looked back and got her dishes.

When I came to chat with my friends last night, he said that his sister once helped him to shoot, I was impulsive to tell: “Sister, can you help me?”

Maybe my sister heard the breathing sound of my self-reliance, then I turned again, I saw that I kept in my own penis, and I asked me and said: ” what’s wrong?”

I said: “Sister … Sister, can help … I am?” I can’t think of she actually said: “Yes!”

My sister put down the plate on my hand. I went over with two steps. I looked at my hard little brother. He turned his head in front of her. The glans became drums and swollen

She took my penis and took a few times, and said: “Hey! It’s harder than my brother!” The hand did not stop again.

Oh! The first time I gave my girl, I touched my old second, too cool! That kind of comfortable, exciting feeling, and self-masturbation have not been better!

My sister is very close to me. The left hand took my shoulder, and my right hand held my penis gently on the top. At this time, I saw my sister didn’t have a breast cover, especially the bump two, so I wanted to touch it, but when I reached out before she was breast, she was stopped by her: “No ! Don’t touch it, or this doesn’t help you get it! “I had to retract my hand, stand and let my sister help me continue to play a pistol.

My sister has gripped my penis, while saying: “Although you are hard than my brother, it is shorter than him; and his head is sharp, your comparison is round.”

“Oh? Is me short than him? Will girls don’t like it? I thought, but I didn’t say it, but my sister helped me hit the kinky, I sent some “… …”.

My sister will bent to the next to the two folk eggs. I am even loud, my sister asks: “Is it comfortable?” I turned back, she said: “You are so bold to call me You, you must have told you that I will masturbate this matter for him? “I feel comfortable, I am fascinated.” Well “should have her.

At this time, my hand couldn’t help but put on my sister’s legs. I can’t help but want to touch her body. Since I can’t touch my breast, I can touch the thigh. I secretly stroked on her legs, my sister didn’t drink, I will slow down my thighs to her thigh. Very slippery! My left hand is invaded to my sister’s little butt, I am going to swim in the top, oh! Very elastic! The round, swell, feel good.

My right hand went to the end of the thigh. I have already touched the edge of my sister’s small panties. When I want to further, my sister said: “No! Don’t touch it else!” She said, speed up, speed up. , Holding my penis and bottom set, my sister should think I will take it! “Ah … I can’t help it! I can’t help it! I want … I want …” The glans came to a burst of merits, my right hand pinned his sister two round buttons, shivered Called out.

“Is it shot?” My sister asked me that my hand still kept hard.

“Poor … I haven’t finished it …” I haven’t finished it yet, I’m shot out: “Shoot! Oh … finally shot!” The strong white semen is quickly sprayed from the glans, I am Next to my sister, I keep breathing, my right hand is still pinching her little butt.

My sister didn’t talk, only the right hand softly held my brother up and down; the left hand held my scrotum gently, let me shoot the fine solution.

After shooting, my body seems to all the strength has been used. Even the legs are still unparalleled. I still don’t have to leave my sister’s body, and the whole person is posted to her. My sister let go of my penis, and my hands are full and stunning mucus, and the semen is shot into my sister’s hand.

My sister said: “Okay, don’t touch it again!” My hand reluctantly left her little butt.

My sister bending down the hand to help me cleaned it in the basin, saying: “Okay, let’s take a shower!” Take it back to continue to make a dish.

When I worked back to my clothes, my sister smiled and said to me: “Your boys are the same, usually XX (my friend) also loves me to help him masturbation, saying that girls have more comfortable than them, see you so cute , Help you have no problem! Ok, let’s go outside, let’s sit! “

I have already played, my friend hasn’t come back at this time, I said to my sister: “I will go first, thank you for your sister! Can I come next time?” My sister smiled and said: “Look at it!” “

I waved, and I went home again. On the road, I thought: “” Sister is too cute, I must take the opportunity to take a shower! “

I met a friend’s sister (3)


Since the last two times to my friend, I have been in my sister. I have always been a sister in my mind. I think about her wearing shorts, showing a snow-white thigh, round small chest, and a small butt of play hands. I want to find a chance to go home, but we are not playing every day, and can’t say that suddenly go to his house, you have been looking for opportunities.

Today is a holiday, and my friend chats on the phone. I put the topic to his sister, saying that she is beautiful, people are very good, he said: “Okay! She is very colored, often peeking my erotic comics Also, when I am watching the disc, she is also watching! I also say that those men are very thick, not as thin as me. Hey! “

At that time, I thought of a good idea, say: “Hey! I have a new disc, watch it out!” My friend said right: “Okay! Come to my house!” Success! I immediately change clothes to his home.

But on the way, I remembered, oh! Haven’t asked his sister not there! My purpose is or my sister!

No matter, it will be counted.

At his home, “Hey! You are coming?” The classmate said, “Well”, it will look at his home. His family is not big, but divided by two huts, a bigger is his home, next to the fine is the kitchen and bath, it is where the last sister helped me masturbation, but I can’t see his sister.

After entering his house, because his family is not big, you will see the whole house, I asked: “Do you have anyone in your home?”

He said: “My sister is sleeping in a nap, my mother is going to work, I will come back very late.”

“Oh ~~ Your sister is sleeping?” I suddenly excited.

My friend is very eager to ask: “What is the disc? I will take it! I will see it!” I asked him when I got him: “Where is it?” He said: “Here!”

I said: “No good? What should your sister wake up?” He said: “Don’t tighten, my sister will watch it!” I went to get the dish.

I slowly walked to the door of the room, did not close, the probe saw, oh! The room is not big, there is a top bed, I see my sister sleeping in the shop, so cute! But I can’t see her body, because I was covered by Jin, I would like to sleep with my sister!

My friend suddenly told me: “Come here! Don’t take care of my sister.” The disc will start playing, but my heart is very nervous, I am afraid that my sister will wake up, but I want to watch my sister. The TV on TV, plus my sister’s sleeping position, I looked at it, my brother was hard. “Ah……

Yeah … Yeah … “TV came out of the voice of love, although it was not very loud, but it didn’t wake up my sister, she came out of the room.

My sister is looking at it, my sister smiled and said, “Hey! You are coming?” I said: “Sister is good!” But his eyes have been put on her.

God! So cute sister, only wearing a thin sleeper sleep, oh! Good sexy! The pajamas is too thin. When I look at it, I saw that my sister didn’t wear a milk, faintly saw the nipple. Look again, white in white, oh! Good job! At this time, my old second has been hard to hold the pants.

My sister came out of the door, it should be to wash your face to another! My friend said: “Don’t be afraid, my sister will not be.” Always pay attention to watching the TV on the TV. But my attention is not on the screen, I have been thinking about his sister, this guy really doesn’t know the goods, there is such a good real thing in the family, see the disc!

Suddenly, my friend stood up and took off his trousers and started to go. He said: “I can’t help it!”

He also called me: “Don’t be afraid! Everyone is a boys.” But I think: “No good!” When you do it in front of you, you still have to bear it! “

Soon, my sister came back, I saw her brother in selfishness, as if there is nothing surprised, continue to get my own things. What do I do? While my friend is self-reliant, my sister is in the same house, we are watching porn disc.

Suddenly, my friend took up the hand paper, called: “Shoot! Shoot!” Shot on hand paper, but he didn’t pick it up, shot the semen full of full.

His sister saw him: “How do you get a full? Go to the bath!” Sister said, while picking up the semen on the hand paper.

At that time, my sister bent down, I saw it! My sister opened the chest, the chest opened, and saw the snow white double milk.

My sister is looking forward, ask me: “Don’t you use it? The boy watching the disc don’t want to selfish?”

“I … I … I …” I don’t know how to answer.

My brother refers to my brother said: “You look hard, you will swell! Don’t be shy! I didn’t have seen it.” My sister didn’t finish picking up the hand paper.

I saw my friend to take a shower, I took the courage to take your pants and cool! I finally had a little comfortable. I thought: “I will shoot it quickly, don’t give me friends! “So holding your brother quickly and down.

At that time, my sister came out of the room, poured a glass of water, she walked to me, watching the younger brother, suddenly kneeling next to me, holding my old second, 喔 ~~ cool one hand Oh! This feels back.

I looked at my sister, my sister also looked at me, I used her soft hand and gently put my brother up and down. I peeked about her body, my sister’s chest’s palace was very sensible. While watching my sister to help me shoot, while smoke her two tits, as the action shakes, my old two hard is going to explode.

The sister shakes, saying to me: “If XX (my friend) has not yet shot, I will help him!

Unfortunately, he shot, and it is still everywhere. Whee! My sister smiled.

God! Fortunately, I just didn’t selfishness with my friends, otherwise I didn’t have a sister to help me shoot.

My sister didn’t have a sound, only silently set my hard penis, suddenly, my sister’s head is low, oh ~~ God! it’s not good? My sister has a mouth to have a turtle! Sister this suddenly moved, so I couldn’t help but shake it, “Hey!” Called.

My sister didn’t let go, continue to use my brother, Tian! The use of mouth is so cool!

My sister also used the tongue to pick my glans. My brother was completely covered by my sister. I also felt that she used her tongue, my feelings, I kept “um … um …” sound.

My sister seems to be more stronger, and I’m smashing again. I looked at my sister’s head. I can’t help it up and down. I finally couldn’t help but touch her tits. I hold my sister with a breast. Oh! Fortunately! So comfortable feel.

My sister looked at me, didn’t resist, still I have been smashing my brother, it seems to be very delicious.

My hands have been picking her chest, grabbing, I want to touch the pajamas, I will reach the hand in her neck, oh! Bomb, soft. I used my fingers to pinch her nipple, my sister’s nipple became hard, she also made some slight snoring. The sister’s mouth contains my old second, and starts to speed up the speed of the up and down, so cool! I feel that I am coming, my low breath: “I want to shoot … I have shot …”

At this time, my sister turned out to let the mouth, changed to hand with hands. “Oh! Isn’t it shot in the mouth? “I want to say, a little regret.

“Shoot … shot …” In my name, my sister picked up my glans, let me shoot in her hand. I breathe my head and breathe it, and I touched my sister’s breast.

My sister slowly squatting my brother said: “After shooting?” I laughed: “Then you don’t touch it again.”

My sister took my bag with a big bubble. I smiled and said to me: “Is it comfortable? Don’t say it to my brother! I haven’t helped you! Otherwise, I will no longer help you! “

My sister lost my hand paper, still smiling, it seems that there is nothing happening. I wore a pants, I thought: “My sister said” Otherwise, I will not help you next time. “Is it hints to have a next time? “

I met a friend’s sister (four)

After the experience from the previous and friends, I started to go to his family. When I was in the holiday, I just didn’t do anything. I can’t do anything. I didn’t dare to start the summer vacation. I don’t have to go to school. I want to think about me. What is the purpose of playing or doing something is to think of his family’s sister but my friend is sometimes said that there is nothing to play. I have to go outside …. I don’t often grasp the opportunity this day, I have chosen to swim with the friend. I went to swim in the morning … You have come to the afternoon, my friend proposes to buy a meal back to his home to eat well … Of course, it … I ask your sister, don’t eat friends, say I bought it … She is at home!

Great … you can see your sister ….

Selling …

Sister is good … My sister smiles … The younger brother also wants to have the reaction, my sister is really cute today, my sister didn’t wear pajamas, I walked back to T-shirt and tight short hot pants…. Soon when I chatted …

We are sitting listening to watching TV. …

Look at …. My friend said that he is tired …. Go back to the room to sleep for a while …

You look at it ….. He walked back to the room, and my sister was watching TV ….

I am actually a little tired …. Tour a morning in the morning, but the heartbeat is not accelerated.

Because my heart is always thinking next to my sister ….

When my friend returned to the room and slept …. I started watching my sister’s white legs after I was separated.

I thought about it … The younger brother began to react again. I have helped me on the last sister …. I started to take the initiative, I didn’t ask …. Gently put your hand on the white legs of my sister ….

Gently touch …. Slide ….

My sister looks at me …. Gently put my hand on my hand but didn’t stop me … I am gently touching her thigh in her hand. She also enjoyed the TV. I feel her feeling that my hand starts slowly touching her thigh. …..

I want to touch her secret private parts, slowly go to the middle into the middle …. Sister’s hand suddenly wants to stop but my hand is light and easier …. My sister’s hand does not have a strong speed of my hand. …

Touched … My hand just touched my sister’s abalone …

Although I feel like a pants … 喔 … It turned out to be such a fertilizer … There is a little meat …. Heartbeat is very fast …

When you look at the a tablets … those male technologies are in the brain ….

To use your fingers to gently sofess the middle …

Hand has been touching … 指 指 便 中

Look at my sister’s look …. I started breathing ….

I will speed up the speed …. I’ve been moving …. my sister put her eyes …. I have some slight rumor … I didn’t stop …. My sister puts it. Leaning on my shoulder ….

My sister is completely relying on me …. My hand is softly touching her private parts, I seem to be very comfortable. It turns out that the real scene is so cool …..

I touched it ….. The finger began to wet the sister.

Look at my sister’s look … I also closed my eyes … I enjoy it. I saw my sister’s quarter.

Gently kiss your sister …. My sister opened his eyes.

I didn’t stop Tsui …. I want to put my tongue to my sister. At this time, my sister is again connected. It will open our two tongues. …..

My hand is also swimming in my sister … Touch her chest … Touch her nipple …

Although all this is across your sister’s clothes … but your feelings are very good …..

At this time, the younger brother in your pants can’t ….

I stood up …. I took out the hard brother to start with my sister to her Tsuki … It will also open Tsuikou …. Tightly with me The younger brother is cool ….. Sister uses her tongue to gently get my glans …

Let’s take your brother … all brothers in Tsui ….

At this time, my waist moves with her front and rear movement …

I can’t help …. At this time, I hold my brother’s head for your brother in my sister’s Tsui …

Put your brother completely in her mouth ….

I have been taking a moment, I feel it …. I want to shoot this time to shoot into my sister. …

At this time, the hand holds my sister’s head … I don’t enter her, I will leave the last feeling … I have to shoot it in my sister Tsui ….

My sister made a sound … shot ….

I took the semen into my sister.

I also sent it ….. 喔 ~~~~ “After shooting …. Gently put your sister’s head after ….

Seeing the semen is full of sister ….

I saw my sister’s sister’s sister … I might just pumped too fast too much, my sister stood up …. Going to the toilet and spitting me. I have no power. … lying on a soft chair …. To take a break, my sister is coming back … I went to me, say: this dead child … Next time, you can’t use it. …

My sister’s sister is very painful … but my sister is very comfortable before … smiling and putting a little color …

I met a friend’s sister (5)

Connected to the fourth time …..

After stirring with my sister …. I am tired with my sister ….

I am sitting in Sofa … My sister also changed the pants … my sister came back to me … gently lean me …

Let’s go with your eyes to sleep …. very comfortable …

My sister’s left chest is close to me …. Soft …

I feel very good to sleep with my sister … my sister exudes a flavor …

Carefully smell … it is a sister’s sputum to hold this cute girl … I really don’t want to fall asleep. …..

My sister and my hands closed my hand gently gently in my sister’s body ….

From the hair … to your face … to your shoulder … Touch her little chest … small nipple …

To her little waist … and then her little ass ….

Like a baby, she falls asleep ….. I have been ignive my friend how to wake up …

Unconsciously … I have slept with my sister … I am asleep on Sofa …

I don’t know how long …. I feel that I have a movement … This is gently awake, I will open your eyes gently … The original sister woke up ….. I hope to Outside the window …. Already dusk, my sister is left from me …. I have a bit of phrase in half, I should be the relationship between my sister lying on me. After my sister got up, I got up and got up … I moved it ….

I saw that my sister came out from the room. …

Tell me: The younger brother is not awkward … Have he went out?

I don’t know … My sister, but I just slept with you!

Let’s take a look at my sister to take a towel and pajamas my sister and say: I have to take a bath …

I look at the room again … My friend is really not!

I follow my sister to the bathroom …

Push the door into … 喔 … Sister only take off the small panties, my sister saw me and followed it into the bathroom …

Say: What? You wash it again!

I don’t say it …. I also took off my clothes away from the sister and said … Dead kids … I smile again!

After walking to me … After locking the kitchen door, I take off my clothes … Go to my sister ….

I am in a hurry … I want to take off her small panties …

My sister said: Oh …..

I have pulled down her small panties in one hand ….

I have been pulling to her feet …. Let my sister take off the small panties at this time, I finally saw the sister’s whole body naked in front of me ….

The original sister is like a small chest …

Let’s take a look … The small abalone sister is not too much hair … but the fat abalone is turned around. When you start, I am surprised to the water heater. Oh!

Not bad?

My sister said: I have been repaired the day before yesterday.

My sister also begins with a shower ….

I went to my sister to get together ….

Wenshui has been down …. I use my hands from my sister …

Hold it to the front …. and water to touch your sister’s chest ….

While helping your sister is washed …. Walking her whole body over hands …..

And my brother had hard hard my brother from my sister … I have been close to her little ass sister to get some shower milk …. Well .. Good fragrance ….

She began to apply it on her … I am, of course, I also get some in my hand …

Touching your sister’s body …. Posthand after your sister ….

Touch her little abalone …. While touches with shower milk …

Touch her legs … go back to the top … Her little ass hoist ~~~ “My sister snorted …..

I will slowly touch the small abalone of my hand to my sister.

My sister looks very enjoyable …..

And I am comfortable with your younger brother …

I have been gently hard to top the sister’s little ass side … Top …

My sister felt …. Gently said a word … not inserted!

I really want to think about it at that time …..

Then, my sister said … if you plug in … My sister is ignored you!

Oh …. I have to use your little butt ….

My big glans … I have been walking outside the little butt of my sister …

My sister felt ….. Hold my brother with hands … I started to squat my sister turned and kissed to my quarter …..

Water has been in us ….

My sister has been kissed …. My sister’s hand has never stopped my brother … Prattract him and my hand is touched on my sister’s back …..

Sister suddenly Tsui Tsui …. out of my hands and left …. she turned to pick up a sprinkler head, sprinkling my brother ….. wash my brother ….

Sister knelt down in front of me …..

My brother into her mouth up ….

Around her head vigorously shake …. I had to hand pressing against the wall to let the body do not move … let blow a little sister better ….

My sister gave me this time to enjoy these pleasure …..

Shut his eyes …. let my sister force in Xichuo her sister’s hands tightly holding the legs … head before and after rocking hard at this time I feel very excited …..

Could not resist .. my body … my sister forced to retreat a little ….

Let my sister back hard against the wall … I can draw what I’m afraid of my sister’s head on encounter … I pushed myself …. brother’s head with both hands, guarding her sister on sister in the mouth to twitch forward….

I smoked for just a pain … I asked my sister to sister do …. let go of her mouth …. and then shook his head about all with my brother into her mouth I will look at it slowly sister mouth Choucha ….

Sister’s eyes looking at me … but the water has been hit her eyes …

I looked at my sister …. firmly in his mouth … while thrusting began to accelerate ….

To be shot …. shot …. this is also the sister mouth semen hitting a shot when …. sister tightly in his mouth …. do not open the mouth sister has been in sip my brother ….

Sister finally spoke up …. but then put her tongue Tsui Aberdeen gently suck my semen …. that few really cool too ….

I then looked at my sister …. ah! Why did she not semen spit it …

… sister to smile …. extend her advantage Aberdeen ….

Oh! My sister swallowed semen …….

I looked at my sister …. holds her up ….

Washed with water Tsui Aberdeen ….. her sister to kiss it really is wet kiss ……

After my sister and I have to turn off the water had washed ….. my sister put a large towel bar …. gently holding her sister to help her erase the body of water ….

Sister obediently not move …. let me help her ….

Let the little sister put on pajamas and underwear … ….

I also put my clothes back!

To a friend’s house to take a bath sister met a friend (f)

Now and sister played some delicate relationship like ….

Although I called her sister … but she also just a couple of months older I ..

But now we have to like it …. often eager to get pleasure in each other and in the evening …. msn sister also filled with some provocative obscene language ….

Sister really pretty color it! ..

It has been a full sister to a week without home ….

This week on their own to solve …..

That night … my sister came the msn content “My mom and brother to the country tomorrow will be one week …

My mother would ask me to go … but I’m going back to cram ..

So they do not go back and go with the “Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ‘I’m in the computer on the other side! Yes !!!!!!! clenched fist !!! yes !!!

Immediately hit back to my sister …: That …. I can go to u home?

Sister immediately back: Oh, good afternoon, right after tomorrow … I’ll be back from cram schools ….!

That afternoon ….. mood have been waiting for a way Monday on the way … but hurry … and excited giggle …..

Sister opened the door …. Oh! …. cute sister brother excited again!

I smile to my sister: Hello you to come and see my sister put it – lovely thin like transparent pajamas ….!

Really exciting …..

Entered the hall … Hey! Scared a jump ~ Sit a girl on Sofa! Very beautiful …. The body is better than my sister …. Wear a small vest …

The chest is good! Out of the clever ditch ….

My sister introduced … She is my classmate 喔 … I am good!!

Take a look at the sister of the sister … Hey? I thought. Is it still her?

No matter … look at the ignorant leg … very long …. and your sister’s legs, I am sitting next to the beauty, sit down …. Sister said waiting .. She It is necessary to get some computer sitting next to it …. Heartbeat has accelerated ….

It is the evil in my heart, …. Is it also together with 芷 !!! 嘻嘻. 自己 自己 也 …

Then, 静 sister is going to me … I said, you are the XX your brother!

She also said to me …. Hey! What is it … Is it my and my sister???

I only smiled. No answer ….

But the eyes are all about watching the chest of the sister …

Hey !!! It’s really bigger than your sister! Looking at me in a peek …

Gently say … I am not big than her! Haha …

I said it is awkward … I stare directly … Oh … I want to touch it!

Then my sister came out from the room …

But it actually pounced on me ….. I have kissed my quarter ….

I am a little scared …. 芷 姐 姐!

My sister kissed me later … say: Don’t be afraid … 静 姐 姐 姐 想 想!!

Oh …. I want to ….

I look at the sister of the sister …. I seem to look forward to the sister to take my pants …. I only show up underwear …

Remind my shirt ….. so excited ….

Isn’t it two?

I didn’t say it …. My sister is taking off my clothes, my sister is squatting on the ground …. I also take off my last underwear. …

I am naked in the whole body to Sofa ….

At this time, the sister is moving ….

She is close to me … Hey! It’s so cute … I look at my brother to say …

芷 静 和 姐 姐 也 了 了 了 … Hahaha!

At this time, your brother is not completely hard ….

My sister said to the 试 试 看 看 …

My brother is holding my brother in one hand … I will shake a few times and then I am a sister’s hand ….

Hey! ~ 姐 ‘s hand holds my brother …

It’s a bit sorrowful to touch …. Don’t climb to my body like my sister, I am lying next to me …

At this time, one left and right …. Hey! How can I like this … so cool ….

Sister is touching my body …

And the sister sister is holding my younger brother …

The younger brother is hard … 静 发 发 … 喔! Hard hard …. Haha!

Play my brother while I am ….

At this time … My sister caught my hand …. Take my hand to her little cave ….

My hand set off my sister’s pajamas … Hey! My sister has taken off the small panties away. I will touch my sister’s small cave …. Gently touched ….

Use the middle finger to gently insert the sister’s cave ….

Oh …. My sister is elaborated …

At this time, I watched the sister …. Looking at the sister very enjoying …

Another hand …. Touch to the chest of …

Oh … so big …. 望 着 我 …. Using her hand to catch my hand and rub her chest … I understand … I have been using hands搓 揉 ………………………………………………………..

Although my sister is also very good … But the chest of the sister of the sister is another pleasure …

At this time, I touched my sister’s small cave …. Right hand rubbing the chest …

The hands of the sister of the sister have not stopped playing my brother ….

My hand began to wet ….. My sister is out of water …

At this time, my sister got up …. Holding back my brother in the hands of the younger brother to my younger brother ….

I …. Hey ~~~ “Oh ~~~” I only give a cool voice …

At this time, the sister sister is also squatting on the ground …

Hey … one of them, add my brother with the tongue …

芷 和 and sister a population …


The sister’s sister’s mouth is also good …. very comfortable ….

Suddenly … it’s coming …

I said … Wait a minute … wait …..

I don’t want to shoot 喔 …..

At this time, we have everyone … I am looking for …. Haha … laughs out ….

They also stopped in the brother with my ….

The sister sister is also taken off …. She took the small vest … and put the milk cover and put it on a pair of pairs of chests.

I swallowed the nipple in a silence.

I have been sipping … 静 姐 姐 淫 淫 淫 淫 淫 淫 淫 淫 淫 淫 淫 喔 喔 喔 说 说 说!

Look to my sister …. Catch my head with hand …. Let me sip her nipple … 静 姐 ‘s double breast is really great …

At this time, my sister wants me to stand up …. My sister is called the sister, and I also take off the pants ….

静 也 … 白 芷 芷 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白

Look again … 的 小 穴 就 behind my eyes, they lying on Sofa ….

My sister caught my hand in the direction of her small cave …

Hey! I understand ….

At this time … 姐 姐 说: 好 nervous! Oh ….

I have two small cave to them. The two small caves are also wet. I use the middle fingers to gently blunt outside their small cave. …

Look at my sister, I have enjoys my eyes …

I still see that I still have a little nervous … I looked at my hand outside her little cave … I bite the lips at this time I put my fingers into their small cave ….

They also sent them … 淫 …! It seems to be double …..

At this time, the sister sister is in a breath: … while saying that it is so comfortable … 丫 ~~ “My hand is inserted hard …

I have the water of her little cave ….

芷 ‘s hands …. Tightly catch me in her small cave ….

I saw it for a while …. Slow down …. Gently touch their small cave, they also opened their eyes ….

At this time …. My sister wants me to lying on Sofa … She stands up, I am lie down …. My sister is sitting on me ….

The location is just her little cave posses my brother …

I hope my sister ….. 喔 …

My sister rubs my brother with her small cave …

She holds her hand …. Put the glans to touch her little guys on her small cave begins to shake my brother …

Her little cave is stuck, shake me with hand … I want to plug in 喔 …

Sister is sitting on my leg and shakes his head …..

I took a look at the sister of the sister next to her hand, I laughed to my little cave … It seems that I can’t help my hand, I have to touch my sister’s chest. On the side, enjoy your sister Sitting on me …

At this time … 静 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐 姐

Sister sat on me …

The gesture and sister are the same …. 芷 姐 姐 姐 我 我 我 我 我 碰 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 着 碰 着 碰 碰 碰 碰 碰 碰 碰 碰 碰 碰 碰 碰 触 碰 碰 静 静 把 静 静 静 … 把 把 把 把 … 把 把 把 把 把 把 把 把 把 把 把 把 把 把 把

Oh … I 喔 …. 静 姐 ‘s small cave has been tightly packaged with my younger brother … 喔 … Oh ….. 芷 姐 下 下 上…

Just tell me; you are shouting .. 喔 … Oh …… 喔 … … 喔 …

No … 喔 … … shot in me … Hehe ….

The sister sister has been shaking her body … Her chest also keeps up and down …

喔 … The younger brother is very cool ….. When your sister only smiled … …

My eyes said: I really want to be with her ….

My sister seems to know what I said … My sister said to me: I can’t ….

At this time, the sister is really very powerful ….. my waist also follows her up and down …..

Oh …. It turns out that it is better than in your sister …

The small cave of the sister of the sister seems to have suction …. Tightly absorb my brother ….

Sister next to you kiss me …..

Good fragrance …. Sister is still so fragrant … and sister and sister for a while …

Well! Well ~~ I sent it … um …

My sister let go of Quitai … I said … I’m shot … I’m shot …

I used it to add a few …. 芷 姐 把 我 我 我 我 从

Shot … shot …. 喔 … I took the semen full of my belly ….

The hands of the sister of the sister, gently put my brother …

After shooting …. 喔 … The sister next to him picks up the hand paper to help me erase the semen on the body …

Tender said … I will wash it off ….

She walked into the room with the sister of the sister …. Take clothes to take a bath to a friend’s home to meet a friend’s sister (7)

Connect six back …

After a round of and two sisters enjoy …. I 躺 躺 躺 躺 上 休 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔 回 回 喔 回 回 回 喔 回 回 回 回 回 洗 回 回 回 回 回 回 喔 洗 回 喔 喔 回 回 喔 回 回 喔 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 喔

They only walked back from the big towels and only cover them two half-body … also revealed a pair of soft thigh sister she walked into their room …

And the sister, her clothes, just took off his sister next to the sofa, he opened the big towel to open my big towel. I looked at the niche … Her white breasts are in the body The depression …. Her strong double chest also follows you …. Detailed stare at her double breast …

Put the towel to my head … say: Not allowed to steal !!! Laughing ….

姐 … I just saw anything … I still think about what …

芷 静 小 小 小 小 小 黑 小 小 小 小 小 小 性 小 性 性 性 性 小 上 下 下 上 上

Her legs are really charming …. 喔 … small panties slowly cover the small cave and pick up her black milk … Gently hold in her double milk …

Also said: Come … Help me …

I went to the back of the sister of the sister … I still helped the girl to buckle your girl …

The back of the 芷 喔 喔 喔 …… The neck is good … I mook my neck …

Her body also exudes the fragrance of shower milk … 静 body line is really good …

After helping her ……. I want to touch her double chest …. Stretch your hand to her chest …. 搓 揉 …

姐 姐 说 说 说 好 好 好 好 好 好 好

Pick up her little vest and continue to put on …

At this time, my sister also changed her clothes … From the room, I went out of my sister, I wore a pink little pajamas, and said: I have to go back …

My sister said: 喔 … then I sent it out to send away the sister sister …. We don’t know what to do … Just look at the movie …

When I watched my movie at home, I also cooked things …. Everyone looked at it …. 喔 … I also started to look at me at night … Look at the clock I want to say … I have to go home … I will see you again tomorrow!

But not yet opened …. Sister has said: Tonight stay with me … Can you?

Looking at the gentle and lovely eyes of my sister … plus her arrogance …..

My whole person is also soft …. Of course, I replied ….

My sister looked at me … I said: Too good …. Then you hold me into the room …

I held her legs in my hand … another hand holding her neck like this, I took this sister to the room to the room ….

Entered the room …. Put your sister gently in bed, my sister’s sigh, I’m looking for it. Do you seem to look forward to what I will happen to talk to my hand and touch my sister’s face ….. She really Cute …. The two sides of the palm are red, I started kissing my sister’s ears …. Gently use her ear bead … It’s her neck …

Kiss and sister, the sweet lip …. Start gently kiss ….

Our two lips are not swaying on the other’s lips …

I extended my tongue to my sister’s sweet Tsui and my sister’s tongue. I have been adding my hand. At this time … I started slowly from my sister’s neck … The chest is accepted from her pink pajamas ….

搓 揉 揉 双 乳 ….. this time I have to enjoy my sister everything in pajamas, I will take it for a while ….. I reached out to my sister’s leg and picked up her pajamas .. .. Slowly pull it from the legs to the waist ….. more pulled it again .. Neck ….

At this time, my sister puts it gently raised the body …. Let me take her pajamas out now, lying in front of me … is a small panties … no milk … Cute sister, I gently use my hand to care in my sister’s body …..

Touching her double milk …. Gently use two fingers …. Lightly dial her nipple and use my mouth …. Take her milk cloud … in her nipple Try with the tongue …..

My sister also begins to make some …. 呻 …

I started to force her nipple ….. At this time, my sister smoked my hair and sent a snoring … but it seems to be I don’t stop … I’m trying to take me … I will sow the other side …. While rubbing my tongue with your hand, add her little belly …. Xiao Ma waist …..

Her thigh ….. I gently separated my sister’s legs and add her two sides of her thigh ……. I lighten her black sexy small pants added her. Small cave …. At this time, I saw a sister she had closed my eyes …. I enjoy it with my fingers. I have dial it softly …

My sister’s legs began to excite the left and right, I once again put my sister’s small panties … slowly pulled down …

My sister also made me take off her small panties … I used my hand to catch my sister’s legs ….

Gently open the left and right …. My sister’s small cave is naked naked in front of me, I put my sister’s leg …. pushed into a M word …. My tongue adds to the sister’s small cave. ….

My tongue adds my sovers to the outside of the small cave …. Add to add the speed of the tongue to the small cave ….

My sister is exciting. …..

My sister’s legs tightly put my head, I slowly added it with my heart …. so let my sister excited …

My sister’s waist is not swooping …. I will add her …. I add it to the deeper …. My sister began to be excited ….

Don’t feel … My brother has already been hard ….

I also took off my underwear and let my sister stood up …. I lie down, let my sister … ride on my body, then my sister and I formed a 69 gesture lying in bed. Sister In the brother who smashed my brother …..

My hands gently squatted my sister’s little butt and slowly added to my sister’s small cave. I added …. My sister contained my brother and shake my sister tightly. … but still issued ………………………………………… .. then put your sister’s legs … put it on my thigh, my sister is gently watching me … I don’t fight, I don’t want to plug her ….

She said gently: I don’t want to shoot it ….

I put the glans gently rub the sister’s small cave ….. gently circled and then in the middle of the small cave ….. I have to go in …. I want to go in the little cave of my sister. The glans are right. ….. my waist is moving forward …. 喔 ~~~ inserted!!!

My sister’s little cave is tightly absorbing my brother ~~~ I put it from my sister’s legs …. I started to put my sister hard …..

喔 ~~~ “喔 ~~~” ~~~ “My sister snoring begins to speed up …

My waist will put the power to put it ….. I put my sister’s legs on my shoulder …

I put the waist forward …. Trusted up my sister’s little butt …. I deeply twitch me to slow down the speed. …. Let’s slowly join your sister’s small cave every I also embarked deep …. At this time, my sister is called …. 喔 ~~ “Don’t plug it so deep ….. 喔 ~~” 喔 ~~ “I didn’t pay attention …. only slow Slowly pumped … Enjoy the feelings of your younger brother in your sister’s small cave …. I took a brother … Let my sister change your posture I want to have been a long time …. . Just a dog, I let my sister make the pose of the dog … I put the younger brother from my sister into it ….

喔 ~~~ “It’s so cool …. I like the dog’s hazard …..

My waist began to put it hard ….. The sister is also ….! ~~ “The sound is more exciting …..

Difficult tooth …. Sister is called …. The more excited …. In front of her little butt, I started to shoot her little ass … I sent “pat” ….

I talked …. I played … “” Pat “… Hey !! ~~ Oh !! ~ My sister will send more exciting snorkers …..

Brother … I feel a bit, I want to come … I will stop the action to let your brother don’t shoot ….. I started kissing my sister’s back …. From the back of your sister, pick her chest …. this When my sister can’t help my weight … lying down …

My body is also attached to her body ..

The younger brother has been in her small cave … I don’t want to shoot again. I will slowly draw …. The brother is tightly rubbed on her small cave ….

This posture …. Sister’s cave is tightly absorbing my brother …

I will take a while …. Turn my sister to the front …..

Tripped up your sister’s leg …. This sister gently caught my brother to align her cave … Her grinding with my glans ….

I can’t hush … make the strength plug in …. 丫 ~ 喔! 丫 ~ 丫 ~ 丫 ~ ….

My body is lying on my sister …. I kiss her …. Tightly hug her …. Sidroce inserted ….

It’s almost …. I feel that I am coming … is it shot?

I have my hands to catch my sister’s waist …. Adding a lot of time …. My sister is the most exciting thing ….. 丫 ~~~ “丫 ~~~” 喔 !!! 丫 ~~~ ” Short shot ….. I used to smoke the last …. I took a brother …

Shot …. Shooting to your sister’s little belly …. 喔 !!! ~~~ “Look at the sister’s close eyes … while breathing ….. I shot the semen in her The belly is … My sister looks like it is very tired …. my eyes look at me slightly … slightly smile ….

I took some toilet paper in bed … put your brother clean …

Put the semen on your sister’s stomach.

My sister lie in the bed in the bed … gave me some vacant … I want to sleep together, I also lying down …. I touched my sister’s eyelid …. : Tired ?. That sleep …. Deeply kissed her noise!

My sister relies on me … I am sleeping with her ….

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