Chapter 1: Meat Doll

Hui Xin sat there, a little bit of naked butt, putting his father’s meat stick in his mouth, almost the throat.

“Hey … …”

While the father Zhenwei’s meat stick is not the first time, but the current environment makes Huixin hesitated, being tied to the hands behind, as if you want to swing.

Zhenwei seems to have to disappear this kind of hesitation. In the cute mouth of Hui Xin, deliberately fierce into the meat stick.

Soon, Huixin succumb to the violence of Dad.

Hui Xin’s eye corner contains tears, but closes the lips to the meat stick, rubbing the tip of the tip.

That is to embark on the mother and make her carnival. But now, the daughter licks that things around the mother ….

Although the mother is sleeping, it is unbearable for her daughter. But forced her to do this, it can be very strong for Zhenwei.

“Your mother will not wake up, so your peace of mind.”

I can’t encourage it to be joking, but it is more powerful than usual in my daughter’s mouth, but it doesn’t necessarily eliminate the uneasiness of Hui Xin, so that she is slow, and the uneasiness increases her breathing. .

“Dad … spare me … don’t do this … If your mother wakes up …”

Hui Xin suddenly came to the tears, there was a throat in the throat … however, this situation is more exciting and unable to negate.

Fear is palsy, but now gradually starts to restore the heat, so that it brings a very pleasant pleasure.

Zhenwei seems to see the state of her daughter, Zhenwei’s action begins to slow down, handle everything to the mouth of a positive daughter, then reach the gentle touch of the daughter’s soft breast … 揉捏 I don’t know when to stream the nipple When I couldn’t help but send a nasal sound from the mouth, I closed my eyes, I saw the red flame, and the next conscious twists whispered butt and temporarily forgot my mother. In fact, I only feel that there is something that is in my mouth, not to grab it from my mother, it is my own, so it’s more enthusiastic to suck …

Zhenwei so letting her daughter are bitter in sexual desire, but she still doesn’t forget occasionally watching her wife …

Shuqing naked body is on the upper, the pillow under the waist makes her butt high, or I don’t wake up with just now.

(If she is not sleeping, but seeing her daughter becomes my sex toys, I don’t know what will happen …)

Just think about it, in the daughter’s mouth, the meat stick is more hardness, and his delusions have more increasingly throwing the mother and daughters together, turning into the insert, so that the wonderful wave of the game .

(If you want to do this, you must make them more habitual games …), especially for the wife, Shuqing, must be specially trained …

Such a delusion, so that Zhenwei can’t control your excitement …

“It’s very good … My baby … I have been …” After that, Zhen Wei took out his hi, Hui Xin’s upper body swaying, the sky is going down …

Zhenwei hugged the hometown, kissed on her mouth like the open mouth, kissing and sucking her Joe, and the rope separated her daughter’s thigh, let her ride on her leg, Zhenwei one hand supported The daughter’s body, holding her own meat stick with another hand, ready to insert his own daughter’s homitation body, the daughter also lifted his ass to cooperate with him in a state of continuing to kiss.


The feeling of being inserted by the coarse thing, Hui Hexin is not like a girl, while twisting your ass, adjust the position of the body, it seems to be more comfortable.

“Ah …” When you completely insert it, when you reach your homework, you will make extremely moving sounds, hot faces and father’s face friction, breasts are pressed on Dad’s chest.

“Baby … Your waves don’t call too much, your mother will wake up.”

“Oh …” Hui Xin’s face is tightly leaned on his father’s shoulder, although it is still embarrassed to his mother, although the fear of being discovered is still in the heart, but her sexual desire can not retreat her …

“You twist your ass.” Zhenwei said in her ear …

“do not want……”

“The above people don’t move, and after dragging for a long time …”

“Don’t … don’t …”

When you speak, when you speak, breathe it on your father’s ear, so that Zhenwei feels hot, but this time you will start gently shaking your ass.

“Ah … it’s hard to die …”

“Don’t be afraid, take a little more …” Zhenwei encouraged her daughter.


It is difficult to say, but the twisting movements have gradually become bigger, and the fathers hugged by the father, sometimes moving up and down, sometimes drawing the circle twisted.

“How? This takes the initiative, the thrill will be more intense.”

“This …” “So … I am also moving with you …”

Zhenwei hugged your ass to pull it with force, the meat rod from below, this time, Hui Xin also started to twist your ass.

On the side of the side, it seems that the whole body is weak, and the mouth is biting on his head, but he faces his face to ask for kissing.

Zhenwei sucks her tongue, and reached out into the trench of the ass, stroking the chrysanthemum bud.


Hui Heart back is very up, while standing hard, hitting the lips of the father’s meat stick violently smashed …

“When you touch the anus, the people in front will shrink, so more comfortable …” Zhenwei said …

“Ah … don’t touch it …”

Although this is said, since there is a strong stimulus, it seems that it is difficult to resist, but the buttocks are more fierce, and the sound of excitement is revealed.

The muscles of the anus began to relax, and Zhenwei slowly inserted the index finger.

“Ah … don’t like that … I am fainting …”

“You can’t be like this.”

“But … ah …” Hui Hexin stuffed with a dull voice, but your ass or oscillated.

“It’s very comfortable … two holes are clamped, I feel hurt …”

“Dad … Don’t say … it’s hard to …”

At this time, Hui Xin’s soft power is not, sweating, leaning on his father’s chest, let him play.

The finger has been inserted into the root, and it can feel the hard meat stick in the daughter’s vagina.

At this time, Zhenwei suddenly felt that the daughter’s vagina and anus were violently contracted, and the vagina also started.

Hui Xin’s body violently moved back, one side, one side, madly twisted …

“Ah … can’t … you have to vent it …”

Zhenwei hurriedly hugged almost the daughter who went down later, and opened his patience for a long time …


The homewhere of the Hui Xin is completely opened, and it is not retained to absorb Dad’s hot semen … and then the body fell in his father’s arms.

The fear of just came in, as well as the mother’s side and my father, I forgot this all, closed my eyes, the eyes were very happy after the climax, Zhenwei smeared on the daughter’s mouth, put She put down, she cleaned up the semen flowing out from the vaginal mouth …

Zhenwei looked at his wife and daughter, forgot all the appearance of the appetite expression, suddenly produced the thoughts of the prank, gently shake the daughter’s body, let her wake up from the intoxication, pick up her upper body, let her Look at your mother’s sleep.

“Let’s kiss my mother now, thank you.”

“This …” Hui Xin hesitated.

Hui Xin feels the wolf, looking at the father with uneasy eyes.

“You are my mother and your mother, but you now stole her man …”

“Don’t use this statement.”

“How to say, this kind of thing will be in the future, kiss your mother, thank you and apologize.”

“Ah … how can I do that kind of thing with my mother.”

“A little bit, you have said that you like your mother.”

“…” Hui Xin did not say, slowly relying on the mother … Shu Qing is still asleep, I don’t know what happens.

Hui Xin’s mouth encounters her mother’s mouth.

“Ah … mom …” After the mouth of Hui Xin, it seems that it has a strong desire, and it takes the initiative to rely on the extent to which the mother is not awake.

Unlock the daughter’s rope, let her return to the second floor, then unlock the wife’s tie, the two naked bodies are lie on the bed.

Shu Qing at this time, it seems to be waking up, the body is gently twisted, and it seems to be a dream.

Zhenwei kisses her mouth, stroking his wife’s breast and the lack of labipings below, and later be more careful, don’t let Shuqing wake up to have doubts …

The next afternoon, Zhenwei went to visit his father Xinze.

This morning, I slept until noon, but last night (actually lying on the bed is already an early morning), so that he feels cumbersome. Moreover, the meat stick also has a dull pain. I think of my excitement, I can’t help but smile …

Last night, after his daughter, Shu Qing, who was sleeping, half-sleep, played with a variety of ways. Because women’s keen feelings may find what happens during sleep, he thinks this will avoid being found.

His plan is successful …

When Zhenwei once again became a sexual intercourse, Shu Qing was discharged twice, this time I can say that I really entered the deepest dream. At this time, I’m going to sleep with peace of mind …

(But in one night, you can make two women, it is really tired! ……)

And in one room, two people in the mother and daughter caress, in addition to fatigue on the body, tension also increases the fatigue after the incident, so it has formed this morning. And then add your mother’s meaning, simply like arabian hometown.

Jinden sleeps in the bedroom inside.

Since the weather is getting cold, Jincue is obviously more weak, but because of the relationship of the stove, the face has a little ruddy. The mother waiting for the body is healthy, but not only the face is red and lifting slight sweating, but also more appeared with the patient. Gorgeous.

“Zhenwei, drink beer is better than the dishes.” Mom is good to see his son.

Zhenwei licked the first cup of beer, said to his father: “It seems to be smooth.”

Jinden’s mouth is screaming, and it seems that I am very happy to twist the body …

“Is it true? I didn’t say a headache or the body of the body afterwards. Is it doubted to you?”

“It seems that there is no problem. Of course, I have done some things that she will not doubt.”


The mother exposed the glamorous vision.

Since I have seen a photo with a wife and my son to make love, Jincue began to ask for the nakedness of Shu Qing himself.

“To convince her jumping off in front of her father, or let Dad see me with her, both are very difficult.” Zhenwei said.

“This is the last wish I did my father, you must let me see her naked.”

However, Shuqing can’t agree. And my father is not free to act, let the people who have a wheelchair steal, and there is also difficulties in technology.

Therefore, Jincue said that Sleeping medicine has slept Shu Qing, then take off. Since the illness, Jinshen has a distressedness of insomnia, so there is sleeping pills in the prescription of the attending doctor.

Zhenwei feels surprised, and surprised the father’s request before death.

(I first promised me to marry Shu Qing, is it such analogue …)

Jinden wants to see the wife, Shuqing is like a man tortured, take the initiative to buy video equipment, think of this, and feel very likely that there is a premeditude.

(Though this …)

Zhenwei’s perseverance to his father and even admired. It is probably such a persistence to make your son to play with your mother.

But Zhenwei can’t deny, and there is the same blood in your body. For the husband, the other women and their own daughter-in-law have an abnormal thought, and there is also the same blood on the body.

Therefore, it evolved into a “experiment” last night.

This “experiment” can be said to be very successful.

Last night, Zhenwei tried to hide and half awakened Shuqing. Shuqing’s pussy is still hot and moist, but also feels the slight peristalsis of the pussy, although not a complete “corporator”, but also tastes approximation.

Three people have gone together, and they talk about Shuqing’s things, of course, will not end this.

When I got to the kitchen to take the beer, the New Ze twisted his head chased her back and then said a few words to Zhenwei. Although I can’t understand what he said, but from his father’s eyes and the situation before and after, I can know what he is asking.

Zhenwei did not have a strong sexual desire at this time, in fact, I really want to sleep for an afternoon. However, it is true that you can’t help but have desires.

I don’t want to make the appearance of the appearance of the appearance of the appearance. Of course, it is not like a daughter’s situation and enjoying immature fruits.

And my mother’s situation, there is a bit like a game in the arms of nature. Stay away from men and women, it is completely intoxicated in a pleasant feel.

This reason is not only because of the age of mean, it is likely because she is a birth mother who has gave birth to the vibration …

The mother and son are interested in seeing her, as if there is anything that will happen to her.

“You two, when I am not there, I seem to have discussed anything.” After I got a gentle eye, I sat in the original original to my son to pour the beer.


Jinden exposes the expression in bed.

“Don’t …” It means that the face is red when you fell!

“In this day ………”


“Mom … you hear it. No, drink a cup first.”

It doesn’t resist, put the wine in the cup. It has also been prepared in the heart.


“I don’t want it?”

It is said that it is held with your hands with your hands.

Zhen Weili mother unspeak the button on her clothes, but the meaning of the face did not move. Then take the clothes from her back.


The meaning of the merits before, revealing the snow white round. Zhenwei takes the bag with an appliance from the shelf, takes out the hemp rope used to use it.

Jinden in the bed twisted, from the dark eyes, revealing an abnormal gloss, looking at the nude of his wife. “Mom … You have to put your hands behind, how to do it.”

“Do not say it that way……”

“Is this going to force your hand to change?”

It is gently snorted, but it still moves your hands from the back.

“At this time you have to say, please use the rope to bundle.”

“Don’t …” The head of the meaning is violently shaken.

The plump breasts are shaken.

“Mom will say it once.”

“No, I can’t say that I can’t say it.”

“If it is an old request, is it?”

Means look at the bed and see your husband nodded, couldn’t help but sigh.

“Please …” Tied … “

The sound is almost only her own.

“So, take a mother’s disappointment, today you have to tie it very much.”


After the rope is tied, it is pulled up, and the excess rope is tied to the breast, and then tied a circle.

It seems that it is very painful to breathe because the breast is oppressed. Needless to say that Jinsawa at this time also exposed more exciting.

“Now I have to sit on the legs.”

“I don’t want that …”

“There is no use in elegance now. Don’t you do this? Mom …”

Zhenwei shed the mother’s double milk from behind, and then clamped with the finger.

“Ah, spare me …”

“If you get it, your legs will naturally relax.”

“do not want……”

It is desperately shaking his head, but when she is poured back, in order to maintain the balance of the body, the feet naturally stretched forward. At this time, Zhenwei immediately grabbed, so that the legs were bent, the legs overlapping it together .

“Ah … this look …”

Although like crying, it has been tied to the legs sitting.

Zhenwei brings the rope to pull the rope, the legs are also separated to the biggest limit …

“Ah … don’t …” It is constantly shaking his head.

After this is tied, Zhenwei pushed the mother’s naked …

Zhenwei opened the electric light on the ceiling and supported the mother’s upper body, so that the face of the father weakened can be completely separated from the mother, which is not forced to lit the flashlight in the hand.

Under thick black hair, there is a very small appearance in the light, the lips are separated from the left and right, and the vaginal mouth inside is constantly contracted, spit out the thick honey.

The lab and the vaginal mouth have four weeks of black hair, and there is also a gloss under the dark light. The Xinze mouth has a word, and the exposed secret is illuminated with the light of the flashlight.

However, no matter how close, or if you use light irradiation, there is no way to actually enter that meat, this desire cannot be satisfied.

Probably, it is finally unbearable, insert the pen flashlight in the hand into the vagina. The light illuminates the red meat wall of the hole, but it disappears in an instant.

“Ah … …”

The meaning of the meaning of the body is not from twisting your butt, and simultaneously tightening the hole figures that can be clamped in the diameter of the two cential diameter, so a little light will not be revealed.

“Dad is a metal product, and the excessive force will make my mother’s inside.” Zhenwei played with mother’s breasts, said.

“Ah … I am afraid …” But the meaning does not stop the contraction of the vaginal mouth, from there, it disappears.

When Xinshi pulls out the flashlight, the hole has been wet, and the spilled honey is flowing to the chrysanthemum bud, and it is shiny.

Jinden puts down the flashlight, starting with the source of life with dry Baba’s fingers.

“Ah … ah …” The foot focus of the intersection of merits started, and the head was shuck.

Jinden’s finger dials the lips, pinch smooth clacy with your fingers, makes the meaning of the son in front of his son.

Just when Xinye played with his wife, his son was responsible for hugging the upper body from behind.

“Ah … I can’t …”

The meaning of the meaning is not excited, and the head is backward. Zhenwei, this opportunity, pressed the mouth on the mother’s mouth. It seems that the meaning is waiting for a long time, the active open mouth, sucking his son’s lips, and also stretching the tongue.

Zhenwei also forgot his father in the excitement, one side sucking the mother’s tongue, one side of the spit in her mouth, or sent the tip of the tongue to the mother sucking. Three men and women fans sent a slutty voice in obscenity and flesh, full of time full of rooms.

The vibrating mouth left the mother, this time it is attacked up and down – especially from the attack.

“Dad, you have to use this to vent it once, or you will really go crazy.”

Zhenwei took electric fake mask to his father.

“Ah … don’t use that kind of thing …”

The means mobilized to be bundled. But her voice, was inserted into the wet meat hole by the thick sex, couldn’t help but scream.

“Ah … spare me …” The meaning of the meaning, the speech is not clear. “

However, Xinzhizhen exposed a desire to satisfy the eyes, looked at his wife in front of his son, and his wife’s meat hole.

At this time, the meaning begins to shook his head, and it will make a tight scream.

“Ah … I have already … I have …”

One side is called a face tip, or shrink down. However, it is still not possible to express extreme pleasure, and you start to twist your ass.

Her head slammed back, the body began to tremble.

“It’s going to vent … ah … vent … vent …”

Then the upper body is weak, in the arms of the son, the part of the fake inserted fake is still in the vagina, you can know her pussy is still creeping …

Jinden bowed down and opened his greatness.

“Dad, don’t take it.”

When Zhenwei stretched out, Xinyu nodded, but from his look, he can know that it has been tired to pole.

First, use a towel to sweat, then put the whole body’s weak mother from the bed. Putting in the vagina, falling on the ground while flowing from the honey solution in the presence from the congestive red hole.

“Oh … oh …” Xinze means that it means that the son raped his mother.

In this case, there is still a specification, I don’t know if it is comfortable, or he is not satisfied. No matter what situation, Zhenwei will certainly accept it.

From last night to the meat stick used by the two people and the mother and daughter of Shuqing, this time, it has been unbeatable.

Zhenwei looked at the sun and completely exposed the mother of the meat and stripped his clothes. Grasp the mother pulled the body and let her sit there.

“Ah … I can’t stand …”

It is the son of his own life.

Zhenwei put the erectous meat stick to her mouth.

“Ah … I have …”

The meaning of the meaning is weak, I want to turn my face, but when I was forced to be forced, one side was embarrassed, and one side was slowly covered in my mouth. When I turned back, I saw that her husband gazed his face. It means wrinkled and closed her eyes. The breathing was difficult, so that the nose was large, so that the head was moved up, that kind of pity and lascivious.

This is this look, which makes Zhenwei are more excited, force it to push the two, three times after her mouth, pull out the meat stick from her mouth.

The meaning is deep enough, and the head is weak, and the shoulders are not stopped …

Zhenwei once again grabbed his head, and his mouth gave her a beer.

“Ah … I have been tied to me …”

“Let’s take it for a while, I want you to use this now, comfort me this.”

“Ah … I can’t …”

“So I will give you a little.”

Zhenwei only turned the bottom of the bottom of the body and let her continue to keep the disc sitting. Then push forward from the back to make it a posture that is headed. At this time, the meaning is to support the body with the head and knee, and form a high ass.

At this time, it probably knows what is going to happen, but it is only closed.

Zhenwei takes out the lubricant from the bag and squeezes it. I didn’t think that Zhenwei actually applied the lubricant on the anus, and the meaning made a tragic voice and desperately twisted the ass.

She has expected the son’s meat stick to solve her feelings in her vague, but her expectations have fallen …

“Don’t … beg you … don’t be there …”

“It’s not the first time, the last time you are not yet cheering.”

No matter what mother cried and pleaded, the lubricant was applied to the anus, and then she slowly inserted the index finger.

“Ah … what to do … shame, I am …”

Probably desire to ignite, emit an exciting voice that is reversed and just now. Zhenwei was also covered with lubricant on his own meat, holding the mother’s ass, the top of the chrysanthemum bud that could have escapped, but also a call, and bite root.

Although I know soon, there will be the world’s biggest happiness waiting for her, but only the pain and shame of breakthrough chrysanthemum buds is what she is never habit. Zhenwei hugged his mother twisted butt, separated the meat of the butt, let the meat stick slowly into the chrysanthemum hole.

“Hey … pain …”

“滋 …” A glans have entered it, but the meaning of the messenger clamping the son’s glans …


The meaning of the meaning is friction on the ground, scattered hair spread on the ground.

Zhenwei felt that the chrysanthemum hole was very tight, so I was inserted into the root.

“Ah … ah …”

It is almost in a state of mental disorder, tied to the back of the back, and the whole body flows through the sweat after opening.

When she slowly started withserting, her voice gradually became smaller, soon, the whole body began to spasm, and the tight tight is back, which means there is a continuous climax.

If it is too late to say “ventilation”, it can be seen in her climax, every time the mother has a climax, Zhenwei’s meat stick is almost implicated by sphincter. After that, after a few times, Zhenwei could not control himself, grabbed the long hair of the scattered, as a stiffly backward pull, exhausted with full power.

“Ah … I am going to die …” The mother is like this, and the final climax makes her whole body.

Zhenwei also felt full body hot, let the meat stick explode, bringing his semen to the depths of the mother in the mother.

“Ah …” The meaning of the intention is the same, and after the excitement, the soft fell is fainted.

When Zhenwei wiped the sweat, I thought I thought about the father of the bed, my father looked at my son and mother’s joy, and almost had a fire in my eyes. At the same time, I sent a sound in my throat.

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