It’s so many years with your daughter, and Junming is so nervous. Junming family often take a shower together. He and his wife often often make love, remember the first time and his wife in the bathroom, the daughter is not one year old. Wife doesn’t feel anything, as the daughter is getting bigger and bigger, my wife is getting used to it. I remember once in front of her daughter and his wife, my daughter felt strange to ask questions, and only told her daughter to say that it was washed in the other side. Today is the 12th birthday of the daughter. The wife called back and said that there will be late back, I have to go first with my daughter. Take a bath together. After helping his daughter, her daughter suddenly touched her dick. Junming was shocked and asked her daughter to say: “What do you want?” Daughter is inexplicably expressive: “Help Dad wash!” “Then, put the dick to his mouth, make a piston movement with your mouth.

Junming suddenly remembered that the daughter said that this is to help the opponent, and I don’t know what reason that I should use, I have to go, when my daughter sucks five or six, suddenly lifts the head: “Dad, why you Don’t help me? “Junming’s head breeked up, and looked at the unhappy land of daughter. The evil in his heart gradually rose, and he smiled and said to her daughter:” Dad forgot, come, Dad lying down you wash.”

Junming then lying down and put his daughter’s foot across the bodies of his body became the most common 69 style.

I saw my daughter’s micro-tape, and Job people couldn’t help but sigh. I didn’t expect my daughter so big. Gently, I saw it, I saw her daughter slightly shock, and the breath of breath: “Ah!” Junming smiled: “What is it?” Daughter’s face red Road: “Just like being sent to the feeling, so comfortable Ah! “Junming smiled:” Wife will be more comfortable. “Then continue to the daughter’s pink meat. At the same time, the daughter is not forgetting to do clean work. The cock of the helpless adult is not her old mouth, can only put the pink glans in the mouth, and use her hands to leave the left. Junming licking his tongue to the meat, right hand finger to your daughter’s butt, and gently put your fingers into the plug, the left hand is gently squatting, how long does it take for a daughter, Ast asthma, the whole body seems to be lying on the Junming, suddenly secretes some liquids, Junming knows that this is the first climax of her daughter, swallow the liquid into the belly, there is a bit fragrance, it should be Virgin! Jun Ming wants.

Junming gently picked his daughter, let him sit in front of himself, left his hand with a daughter’s slightly breeze, and his right hand continued to touch her daughter’s meat, asked: “How do you feel?” Daughter smiled: “Good comfortable!”

“There is more comfortable, do you want to continue?” Junming’s evil laughed. “Really? I want.” The daughter said something surprised. Junming thought, this is what you said, then kiss your daughter’s mouth. How can her daughter know what is deep kiss, I saw that Junming stretched the tongue into her daughter’s mouth, gently agitating the daughter’s tongue, and the left and right hands gradually increased. The daughter’s tongue is gradually skilled from the beginning, and occasionally reaching into the mouth of Junming. I didn’t know how long I kissed, Junming finally released her daughter’s mouth, and saw her daughter smiled and said: “Is this comfortable?” I saw her daughter gradually breathed breathing, and replied: “Well It is very comfortable. “Junming then said:” Let’s play us to play the game. I am playing with my mother. “Daughter excited:” Well “I saw Junming to lift the daughter’s butt, daughter’s meat Because Junming has just been touching, the morning wet is somedate. Junming put the meat stick, slowly inserted in, and the narrow meat was gradually opened because of the thick meat stick. The daughter’s face gradually revealed the painful expression. When Junming found that the meat stick was stopped Down. I only listened to my daughter and cry, “Dad, I am so painful!” Junming said: “You should take a little, wait a moment, it will be comfortable.” Entrance, but don’t break the daughter’s women’s film. When my daughter gradually adapts to her cock, my face gradually exposes comfortable expression, when I started to 唉唉, Jun Ming waist is hard, only listening to her daughter. “” Ah ~! “Daughter’s body’s body break. Virgo blood drops along the cock to the ground. Junming hugged his daughter and did not move, wait until the expression on her face gradually relax, Junming also started the piston.

It’s really a 12-year-old virgin, and Junming thought. The cock is tightly packaged by a soft meat. Every piece of thrust can be topped in the most, the daughter gradually came to “Dad … Dad, I …. 好 舒 … 服 啊 …”

Junming smiled lifted her daughter’s feet, while continued to pump, while walking to the front of the mirror: “Look, Dad’s daughter is in your meat!” Daughter looked at the mirror in the mirror The coarse cock in the cave, I am embarrassed to say: “It turns out … Dad and … Mother play … game … This is so comfortable … “Okay, Dad will play with you later.” Then continue to sprint to his daughter in the body, only heard the daughter loudly: “Dad … hard ……………………. Junming then made his daughter’s hand next to the bathtub. From behind, he used to force his daughter. It was less than 5 minutes. He only heard his daughter called, and the whole body came to the bathtub, and it was a lascivious water in the meat. On the glans poured in Junming, the tight meat hole was originally can’t make Junming for a long time, and then he was stimulated by this lascivious water. After the shooting, Junming took a gradually soft cock. I saw that the white semen gradually flowed from the daughter’s meat hole to the thigh, and it was so embarrassing. Junming put his daughter gently, helping his daughter after washing his body, holding his daughter to bed.

When a wife came back, I also mentioned my daughter’s birthday cake. Junming gently wakes his daughter and smiled and told the daughter to say: “Just thinking as our secret, you can’t say it with your mother!” Junming looked at the daughter thought, I didn’t expect her daughter as lascivious as the mother. Eat cakes, mom asked her daughter: “Why is your face so red?” It turned out that the red tide on his face did not retreat, the daughter listened, hurriedly replied: “Nothing, just took a bath!” Mom listened to her daughter! ” In this way, I thought that there is nothing, I will continue to celebrate the birthday, but I don’t know what the daughter is born today.

After two days, my daughter’s menstruation came, and Junming put down a heart. And go to Western medicine room to buy contraceptives, teach daughters to take on time. This will be relieved to shoot in the daughter’s meat. Junming also taught the knowledge of her daughter’s sex, and telling the definition of the daughter incest, but the daughter does not regret it with Dad, and promises to keep secrets, Junming is really letting down. ※ | JKF Czech Forum After a few days, when a family took a shower together, Junming and her daughter bubble the water in the bathtub. The wife was washed outside, and Junming was moved to her daughter. Junming called the daughter banned, and put her daughter to his feet, put the meat rod to the daughter’s meat hole, and her daughter took a breath, and he almost called it. Fortunately, it was covered by the water. Then the Junming holds his daughter’s butt, with force to twisted his waist, see the daughter’s face and comfortable and nervous expressions, the teeth are tightly bitten, and they don’t dare to make a sound. In this nervous situation, The two quickly went to the climax, and the semen sprayed into the daughter’s young meat, the daughter was deeply spit, pulling the meat stick from the body. I saw that the white semen flowed out from the daughter’s meat, and Junming worried that his wife saw it. He would know what happened. Hurry with your hands with your hands, just throwing the drain holes outside the bathtub, suddenly thinking about one thing, laughing, smiling to the daughter, told her to drink, my daughter wants to do it, drink the bath water. Go down. Looking at the daughter, the face, the Ming’s meat stick is hard. No helpless wife has been cleaned, ready to come in, so I have to wait for the next time.

Then change the daughter to take a bath, the wife came in and found that the meat stick of Junming was hard, thinking that Jun Ming wants to do it with himself, smiling, said: “Color Wolf!” Will support your hands to the bathtub, butt Waiting for Junming inserted. Junming is also welcome, with a force forward, the whole root will enter his wife’s meat. Although my wife’s meat is not as tight, but still let Junming feel very comfortable. I saw that the two didn’t care about her daughter, they did love in the bathtub. Because Junming has just been shot, it is not very wanting to shoot, so it will be inserted in the bath for more than ten minutes. The wife thinks more and more comfortable, and the voice is not conscious, “喔 … husband …. You Inserted …. I … so cool … so comfortable …. Fast …. Dry your ….

In order to shoot it early, Junming allowed his wife to stand up, next to her daughter, holding the wall with his hands, and Junming put the dick behind and put it again in front of her daughter. Although the daughter has seen many times before, he knew that the feeling of comforting, now looking at his parents, my daughter only felt a fever on her face, and she would not close my eyes. Parents make love in front of themselves. I only listened to my mother’s constant screaming, my daughter only felt that her meat is gradually wet, and the right hand stretched into the meat. Jun Ming saw his daughter in masturbation, but also showed a smile, plus a wife, only listening to his wife’s constant call: “Fast … fast …. Use you … big dick … kill me” Ming finally couldn’t help but spray it in the meat hole of his wife.

After the shooting, Junming pulled the meat stick from his wife’s meat hole. When the daughter saw the semen from the mother’s meat hole, the daughter’s tongue did not carefully licked the lips, Junming saw, of course I know what daughter is thinking, I reached out to my wife’s thigh, and my wife is red and said: “I hate!” Turned to flush, Junming stretched his fingers to the daughter, only to see the daughter’s face happiness Your semen, the cock of Junming is almost hard. Junming Dark: “You have to look good tomorrow.” Then turned and took a shower. After a few days, when Junming didn’t worry, when I took a bath with my daughter, I looked at the white buttocks of my daughter. The desires in my heart gradually rose. He thought, “I wo my wife for more than ten years. Although my wife is very powerful, the latter hole is a forbidden place, and I don’t let me touch. Maybe my daughter can let me complete this wish.”

So Junming stood up, went to the bathtub, said to her daughter: “Come, come to Dad, come on this.” The daughter also stood up, I was embarrassed to go to Junming, started with his mouth to help Junming The blowjob, with the previous experience, my daughter has already grasped the focus, carefully do not let the teeth touch the glans, and the hands are doing a piston at the meat stick. It can be seen that one is born, and the ancients are not deceived, and Junming has sigh. The hands of Junming are not idle, and the left hand smashed her daughter’s young chest. I saw that the pink nipple gradually collapsed. The right hand stretched from the daughter, stroking two holes behind her daughter. I just listened to my daughter’s breathing. Junming thought: “It should be almost!” Indicates that the daughter turned.

The daughter red face put the butt to Dad, kneeling in front of Junming. After several experience, the daughter also understood that Dad fidilized later. Junming put the meat stick to the daughter’s meat, slap inserted, listening to her daughter called: “Ah!”, The meat stick has encountered the most fascinating soft meat, and my daughter is soft.

Junming is also welcome, pushing up to the daughter’s meat hole, only listening to the daughter starts the waves: “Dad … Your dick … inserted … I …. So comfortable …. Quick …… Your daughter …. “The waves of the daughter are getting more and more powerful, and the sound is almost called Junming, and it is the credit of my mother, Junming thought.

Junming is inserted, while inserting a finger with soap to daughter’s butt and begins to stir in her daughter’s ass. I saw my daughter’s face and comfortable expression, called: “Dad … Dad … my ass …. I feel … I am so strange …” Junming’s fingers with the daughter, said to her daughter: “Wait,” Let’s take your ass to insert your ass, now you have to be clean now. “Junming’s finger can also feel the movement of his cock in the rectum, after all, there is only one layer of meat between the two holes. The daughter only felt that the dad’s cock took the meat plug, and took a burst of pleasure. The butt holes behind gradually gradually have a feeling.

Then inserted for 7 or 8 minutes. Junming is because of his daughter’s ass, even though the daughter’s meat hole makes him cool, but he still endures. After the daughter is called: “Dad … I want to go …”, Junming took a few times forward, immediately pulled the dick, so as not to shoot because of reluctance. Then, the finger of the daughter is also separated from the daughter’s butt, after washing, will help her in the toilet.

After the daughter is very easy, Junming is gentle to help his daughter, continue to squat his daughter, wherever the daughter has been humid narrow meat hole, “I can’t believe such a small meat hole, actually to accommodate my meat stick.”

Junming thought. After the cleaning, Junming took his lovely meat stick to the daughter’s ass, in order not to let the daughter’s delicate ass injury, Junming also specially uses lubricating oil. I saw the daughter’s butt gradually opened, and the Junming’s dicks went in. Despite the help of lubricating oil, daughter is still a painful expression, just like a coin in the nose, it will be hurt in any case.

After a few minutes of struggle, Junming finally put all the daughter into the daughter’s ass, and saw the daughter’s daughter’s daughter, actually was so awkward. “The 12-year-old butt is not a normal tight.”

Junming thought. Looking up with his daughter’s feet, walking to the daughter before going to the mirror, the daughter smashed his eyes, couldn’t believe in the mirror in the mirror, did not expect the daddy, daughter, daughter Think. As Dad’s thrust, the thrill gradually rises. The daughter gradually succeeded. Junming lifted his daughter like this and walked at home. The vibration of walking is also stimulating daughters. When Junming went to the refrigerator, took out a small cucumber to his daughter, and his daughter: “Ah”, the cold cucumber brings her another pleasure, only seems to have two people Put himself ahead.

Then Junming took her daughter to the balcony, at this time, the sun is picking up from the floor window on the balcony, and the entire room is bright. Daughter saw that the frightened said: “No, Dad … don’t … will be … others watch ….” “Junming evil spirits smiled:” Dad is to insert you, let everyone know that I am Insert your own daughter! “In this case, the two have a feeling of exposure to the majesty in the majestic, and the pedestrians on the street, the drivers on the street, the drivers on the road are watching this father and women. Make love. Daughter is so exciting because of this excitement. “Dad … Faster … I put me … I … I am going to …. Ah …” In my daughter’s voice, the cucumber in the vagina falls, and the daughter’s rectum is also imitation there is a suction. Can’t help, call: “Dad is also shot!”

In fact, Junming knows that the refractive index of this floor is very high. When the sun is straight, it is not afraid to be seen at all. After the two people finished, they were unable to sit on the ground. The cock of Junming is still inserted into his daughter’s ass. At this time, I only heard the sound of the door downstairs. The two were shocked, and Junming quickly picked up her daughter and rushed to the bathtub. The first thing to go home is to take a shower. When she took her clothes, I saw Junming and my daughter, smiling said: “Your father is still washed!” But I don’t know my husband’s dick, it is also inserted in your ass cave.

The wife said to her daughter: “Come, my mother helped you to wash your hair.” Although her daughter is not willing to leave Dad’s meat stick, but in order to be afraid of her discovery, I have to pull my butt from my father’s meat stick. Junming saw some white semen in the butt, scared. I am afraid that I am discovered by my wife. Hurry with your hand to my daughter’s ass. Fortunately, my wife just smiled: “Don’t eat your daughter’s tofu.”

Then I didn’t say anything.

After this time, Junming and daughter play more crazy, almost tried all the moves. Junming also specifically used V8 to record the daughter to make a love process into a CD save, then the annual daughter birthday, Junming will record once again, until the daughter married, the two still maintain this secret relationship. Occasionally two people will take the CD together. This spring, my daughter gave birth to a little girl, and the two placed together to help her in a few years. Maybe ten years later, Junming can help the little grandchildren.

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