Zhihao and David are colleagues with many companies with the same company. Since the relationship between work has been seen, he has seen his wife – Yishi. Zhihao is a wooden person, actually will be so beautiful wife, Yi is a beautiful and moving young woman, long temperament is elegant, her smooth skin is white and delicate. Too good, a pair of slender legs reveal from the white silk narrow skirt, giving people a soft and beautiful softening, slender willow waist with the beautiful buttocks of the micro, the line is exquisite, the thin fine It is quite quite, it is indeed a unpleasant colorful one.

David was able to see her for the first time. But when I think that she is a friend’s wife, I can’t make it, but I occasionally eat her tofu is full of pleasure.

Zhao Hao Birthday, about a vote, a colleague went to his family. “Hey! Hey!”

“Zhihao, I am David, come open the door …”

“It’s coming, it’s coming!” It should be the wife of Zhao, like a short skirt, showing two white tender and seductive legs. Half translucent snow whitening shirts are very attractive.

“Please ask, I am sorry that the living room is a bit messy, Zhao went to the bus to buy something, you will sit casually.”

“It’s okay, the nephew is not polite, yourself! Have you had something to help?”

“Thank you David, the kitchen is the matter of our woman, I will come back in one, you will look at the TV first, Zhao Hao will come back.”

“Since the scorpion says, then I will welcome Lu Luo!”

When Yiqi went in the kitchen, David saw four living rooms. Hanging photos on the wall, no one in the living room? Shake to the kitchen, I saw his wife – Yi Ru like a back shadow of the kitchen dish dish, a transparent white shirt, the lower body wearing a white silk narrow skirt, and sexy slender legs, an unlimited dramatic, if The plot of the A film will push the Yi (the wife of colleagues) to the pedestal …) I really want to insert it from Yishi. . . David’s trousers did not understand fantasy due to fantasy.

After a few minutes, Zhihao took the big bag of small bags.

Because everyone is very happy, I drink more wine, David is looking for a white cleaner, an inadvertent and arrogant, an inadvertent and arrogant, an inadvertent, and a self-discovery of David. Water’s peach blossom eyes glared at him.

I was stunned by her, David accidentally dropped the chopsticks under the tables and chairs. When I got on the table, I opened the napkin, and I found that the lower body of Yi Ru is facing him, the spring in the narrow skirt is vague, beautiful The gap in the middle of the legs exposed the white lace hollow underwear, and a few yin also took out the lace, his little brother was doubled. Perhaps the relationship is to be too long. When you get up, you will look at the cheeks, it is really beautiful.

Zhihao said to his wife: “Yi Ru, is there a drink?”

“Still drink?” Yi asked unhappy. “What is the relationship, it is rare!” Zhihao shouted with the wine.

I wish to prepare for it. After a few times of toast, everyone is almost.

“Zhao! We have to go back, Zhao Hao. Hey! Zhihao! …” everyone is busy shaking Zhao, Zhou Wei still sleeps like only dead pigs like only dead pigs.

Yi Ru: “No need to call him, he is drunk, it is nothing to do! You go back first.”

“Okay! Thank you for your hospitality. Big, first.” Everyone returned.

When David went to the door, he looked at Yi. I have been dissolved in the downstairs. He returned to Zhihao Gate, pressed the doorbell, asked with the intercom: “Who!”

“It’s me! David! Daxie, my phone forgot to take it.” He entered the door, asked Yi, “Zhihao?”

“Drunk, sleep in the room.” Yi Ru’s voice is soft.

After David to the living room: “Xunzi, I am sorry! The mobile phone should be in the bathroom, I found some, I didn’t hinder you!”

“It doesn’t matter!” Yi Ru to kitchen tea, and greet David to drink tea in the living room.

Asked Yi Ruyu: “Is it found?” Sudden phone rang, Yi Ru said “Sorry!” Pick up the wireless phone answer.

Yi didn’t seem to want David to hear, and he walked into the bedroom. At this time, David took out a pack of powder (sleeping paters) from your pocket, he hesitated, put his heart … David is very tight.

Yi Ru is coming from the bedroom, and the long hair is published on the silk white shirt wearing a white shirt, the lower body is a white silk narrow skirt, showing a pair of long-fashioned sexy legs, a pair of powdered white high With sandals, the body is more slender. David has no longer desire to be in the heart, and only hope that this beautiful woman is smashed in his arms.

Yi Ru’s tea cup and drunk a big mouth and drank a bite. She seems that I didn’t find what is different, how long will I seize? David was embarrassed.

David’s psychology, there is a lot of things that have nothing to talk to the topic, while seeing Yiyi, if you are in the pharmacy, you get a tired look.

David felt almost the same: “Daxie, thank you for your good tea. I have returned, I don’t have to send it, I will close, let’s take a break!”

As if I want to get up, I still sat down and obviously the drug has been rootable.

“I’m gone, worship!” David went to porch, and closed the door and closed, but there was no out.

Yi was originally a guest, desperately resisting sleep, now heard the door, finally relaxed on the sofa. David hid in the pocket, heard the sound inside, went to the living room. Sure enough, I have been obliquely on the sofa. David shakes a few times. “Daxie! Daddy!” There is no reaction, David has taken care of many, hurriedly put the Yi Ru to the bed, turn back to lock the door .

Looking at the beautiful women in the sleep, David has erected the uncomfortable support, looking at the beautiful pillow, black long hair is scattered on the white pillow, and the tempting chest is lifted with breathing. Beautiful body curve; 白 莹 泽 ‘s calf, smooth and tender, white high heel sandals, fine laces outline two perfect snowfoots, the smooth, the ankle, crystal toe, make men pick up the fire.

David is like a high-heeled sandals, holding her left foot, be careful, then take off the shoes, then picking up the foot of the right foot, put on the bed. Yi Ru’s jade is completely present in front of the front, David hands holding her a pair of soft, using the tongue 舔 怡, 轻 轻 轻 中 中 中 中 中 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻

He set off her white silk narrow skirt, and the thighs of the repair were gradually exposed.

He smashed the skirt to her triangle panties, white hollow lace underwear exposed to his eyes, this is called “Haizhen Spring” David said.

He reached out to the upper edge of the trip, the next pulley, the thick clouds, the pink and fresh laborary, and the triply pants faded to the left calf, showing a mature young woman.

I can’t think of gentleness, there is a temperament, but the hair is very lush. David can’t help it. Gently separate the good legs, I will start with the tongue, there is a touch of faint soap, possibly I just took a shower in the morning. Seeing the usual temperament of temperament, now the big legs show in the pussy, and everyone is still in sleep.

David has not been able to endure. He touched the stunner and Yi Ru private parts. He continued to rub the Yi Ru’s labip with the glans. .

David said softly: “The nephew, I want to go in!”

The glans is aligned with the glossy, gently insert, the glans set into the labipings, and a sponge is tightly packaged. He slightly, the glans fell into her pussy.

Yi Ru Xiyou frowned slightly, “Well …”, shaking it, sleeping in sleep, I thought it was a husband and wife. She screamed softly, twisted with soft waist, a pair of snow-white breasts swayed in the chest, let David more stimulated!

“Ah! It can be tight, it is really comfortable.” He finally waited for this day! Another effort, finally inserted into a large half.

The Yi Ru’s legs in my sleep is tight. He feels that the penis is covered with a vagina, but it is not okay, but it is soft. After the back and forth, the hard-standing glans flooded her two blush and slided labipings, insert the penis whole root! “Well! ~” Yi Ru Li smoked his tone.

Looking at the rough mask, the two lips of the lips were tightly included, the penis was rubbed with the labipings in the hole. “Bu Tu! Bu Tour!” Yi Ru’s tenderness is quite narrow, he grabs the Yi Ru’s snow hip, so the penis can be more inserted more deeply.

“Oh! Ah! Um … um … Ah! Ah! …” Yi Ru’s breathing is getting faster and faster, and the crisp and delicate snoring is so pleasant. Long eyelashes are trembled, white faces into micro-red. As the David waist is constantly moving, Yi Ru’s rushing breath, crisp, “ah ……………………………………………………….

David raised Yi Ru’s sexy legs and lifted it on the shoulders. He was fully inserted with the waist to push the movement. Seeing this beautiful and moving young woman, inserted for at least ten minutes, ” …Um…

Um … ah! … ah … “Yi Ruyi can’t stand the pitch of a wave, suddenly hit a cold, the lower body is constantly convulsive, and the fierce David is a convulsion in the narrow vagina. The semen jets in the uterus of Yi Ru, and a wave of hot essence is hit into the uterus of the Yishi.

After the completion of David, she still should not pull out the meat stick from the tenderness. When the meat stick slowly softened in the wet and hot yin, at this time, David can clearly wrap itself with two red and tender lips. The sex of the person, the deceived, the body curve is really moving, deeply injected into the uterus, the concentration of the uterus is slowly flowing out, the whole vagina is slipping, the embarrassment, the meat stick is very uncomfortable, pussy The surroundings are sticky, but the results left.

A thick and stunned white turbid fluid flows out from the sex gap of the orthogonal ditch, and the milky white turbid liquid flows along the strand to the sheets, the beautiful and moving young woman is fascinated by the rape, the heart of David has one Proud insects.

Yi felt that he didn’t seem to have a dream, fiercely made love, and the hearty snoring shouted, when I wake up, I have been groggy, and I have never opened my eyes until I haven’t opened my eyes. I feel a hot flow in the pussy, suddenly thinking: Is my husband not get drunk?

That … who … Who is pressing the man on him?

Suddenly, Yi Ru is really a thick-tempered thing, Yi Ruyi is awake, earning his eyes, is an eye-catching, the legs are separated on the shoulders of David, By naked, there is only the underwear to hang on the calf, you are with this man.

Yi Ruyu’s anger is shaking. It is unbelievably looking at David, and the voice is trembled: “How can you do this! … You are my colleague … You … you come out! ….. …… “The tone of the shaking is close to crying, tears are full of birds.

She struggled to push away David, but she didn’t succeed, and a leg was taken on the shoulders of David, and the strength of the waist hip did not make it, and they were anxious.

Yi Ru also went back from God from the madness that had been adulted, saw the white turbid semen exported from his own lips, and thought of usual to his husband’s colleague. I didn’t expect to take myself today.

Seeing Yi Ruyi in his southern semen, appreciating the wolf like a rape, Yirui tears, the sorrowful sorrow, not only didn’t let David feel guilty, but there is a kind of obscene pleasure.

David she had no strength to resist, then twitching.

“Hey …” Yi Ruyi is stiff, Zhang Eye looks at David, “No, you can’t do this, pull out! … can’t ….! …… “Yi Ru Jing is eyebrow, her voice is not big, but it is close to cry, Yi Ru bites the lower lips.

“Ah … ah! … stop!”

The Yi Ru’s vagina is the semen of David. It has made lubrication more wonderful than the first time. The mucosa has become more sensitive to friction stimulation. It is unclear that it is a residual or pocket water. Come out, get two genitals and slippery.

“Hey … um … … um … um …” Yi Ru bite his lips. Her tender hole was frozed, when David’s thick meat stick plugged in, the mucosa wrapped around the rod will pull it out together; insert it, along with the labie into the vagina.

But this speed is still not satisfied with David. Under the rush of ambiguous, he is getting better and hard to hold the waist, and the wet leaps have been wet. Show ugly ovate bag.

“No … line ……” Yi Ru is a fierce convulsion, but the acupoint is set to “”.

“Ah … ah …” Yi Ru 10 jade fingerfully grabbed the fierce sorrow of David, “Hey … can’t … you quickly pull it …” … “but David wet meat rod control Failed to go back and flooded in the tenderness, and the two people hit the crisp sound, “Ah … not … ah …” Yi Ru’s body is going to be crisp, it is impossible to Thinking, David turned her face, and the lips won your aroma. “Hey …” Yi Ru’s lips are easy to make David possess. David sucked the soft lips, and the tongue slipped into the mouth of the mouth and mixed “… …” The lip tongue licks.

“Um … Yi Ru …” Looking at the beautiful face, David a heartbeat, couldn’t help but shout her name, and the soft lips were bitten under low.

“Ah … don’t …” Yi Ru Ji Ji Ji Jie’s tongue is coming out.

“Ah … no! … ah …” Yi Ru Yi sent a uncontrolled petitude from time to time, “Ah … um …” The coarse meat stick does not stop the jacket, and the blood is full of vagina. Let her a few times.

At this time, David couldn’t help but I used to do the last squatting, stir the Yi Ru’s pussy, twitching, once again shot his semen into the arrogant point. “Oh ……Oh……

Oh … “David is called a very lower body, and Yi is also twitching, and the hot concentrate is again ingested, and Yi Ru is half-loving, the soft lying is lying in bed.

David returned to the soul, quickly wipe it with the lower body, hurriedly put the Yi Ru dress on the bed, hurriedly left Zhao Hao.

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