Yafu, twenty-eight year old this year, is a middle school teacher; the husband is called Zhang Zhiqiang … two mouthfuls have just been married for half a year, live in the first city of Sha Tin.

This Saturday, Yafei is often doing housework, using it for two hours, only put this peace nest, there is a strip of the well; she has a sweating, and then take a shower.

Just as Yafu washed back to the clothes, he found that all his underwear was all woned, only the new white T-back small panties that I bought yesterday; looked at this little thing, she also looked a little funny Yesterday, when Yafu saw this small underwear brand in New City Square, I saw this small panty, I can’t smash, and let her smoke a cold … Such a dotted shredding Even if it is underwear?

“Miss, do you like this? I’m too vision, this is the latest most popular in our brand, not just a female customer, even men have very appreciated … I have to buy it back to give my girlfriend or wife. . How? Do you want to try it on? “The female Sales is sincerely promoted to Yafu.

“No, no, I … I don’t look good.”

Female Sales smiled: “It’s too modest, like you so happy, it is best to wear this style, you can show you a beautiful body.”

“This is too sexy … If you gave my husband saw it, I must … scare him …” Yaffe said.

“Ah … I think so, my wife is so good, it is really natural … Don’t be buried by the styles of the old earth …, then, men like freshly exciting …” Female Sales fine in Yafu The ear is said.

Can’t live with the sensation and attentive promotion of the female Sales, Yafu finally determined that the small cloth strip was coming back. Originally, I went out to wear a husband tonight, and now I have to put a few hours earlier …

Then Yafu also put on her favorite white dress. After the body mirror, he didn’t forget to finish it; she is not a big beauty, but it is also good to Peugeot. I want to love the feeling; she is not high, it belongs to the delicate type, but the rich breasts and round buttons are very right … Looking at the mirror, it is not forbidden: “Ha! You 我So? Who said that the woman who is married will become a yellow woman? “

“Now it is at four o’clock, time is still very early!” So Yafi went to the nearby shopping mall; she was free to go shopping in the mall, but it was found that some people screed her, it was not in the beginning, But this kind of feeling, but it is more and more strong … so she is dark, and there is less than five, six meters, and standing with a middle-aged man wearing glasses. It is secretly Yafu, the man is a Swen look, but from time to time with color fans, staring at Yafuiyuan and is quite ass …

“Ah … I am really too big. How can I wear this T-back? How can I go back to this white personal dress?” Although this is not a big thing to wear T-back today, even if it is not completely exposed But for the character conservative Yafu, this has been ashamed, and the face is hot.

Yafu quickly left the mall … Walking, I don’t know why, my mind continues to remember the eyes of the man who have just been obscene, and the heart jumps up …

“The color is fascinated, I don’t know if I will take my sexual fantasy object to masturbation? How do he fantasize me? How do he come to me …

“Hey! See his appearance is also very S., how can I peek in color? He must be a good color and metamorphosis … So a wolf, what else is there! Then … then … he will take the thing from the back … also use his pair of rough hands … “

“What happened? How can I come up with this? Which … Where will a woman will think so? How do men who want a husband to rape myself? How can I think that the kind of thing is going … I think it is very disgusting. Oh, as shame! “

“Oh, yes, it must be those ghosts …” It turned out that Yafé, Yafei, did not receive a few porn discs from the students; when no one in the family one day, she couldn’t help but curious, and they broadcast a come. The head of the game … female is extremely sensuality open, and the male is doing that, let her unexpected; one-to-one, two-to-one, even three-to-one … there are those actions, put the place to combine the place close up……

Going to the halfway, I don’t know when I got a big dark cloud. The whole sky is already overwhelming. After a few, the wind is scraped, and the rain is grown down. Yafu is walking forward, but I can’t find a place where you can take the rain at all; it’s hard, Yafu ran back to your house, but the clothes were wet. “Hey! My white dress is slightly water is equal to transparency … Fortunately, I have already returned home, otherwise I will die.” At this time, Yafu has entered the elevator, and I work hard to twist the wet clothes skirt.

As the elevator door opened, Yafu quickly walked to the gate; but, at this time, she found that she had forgotten the spoon …

On the occasion of justice, only after listening to the body, “”, the door of the other unit opened, an old man got out of the house.

“Hello! 咦? Do you forget to take the door? Ah … I have a full body and wet, come! I will take a towel first.” Said that the old man walked back to the house, no one Take a dry towel and hand it to Yafu.

“Don’t catch cold, use it first!” The old man said with a smile.

Yafu took a towel and smiled. Thank you! Thank you! Mr. you are really good. “

“Don’t call Mr., 嘻嘻, 嘻嘻, neighboring neighborhoods call me Zhang Bo, right, all couples move so long, have not yet been urged …” The old man said.

“Is it so clever? My husband is also Zhang … Please advise Zhang Boto!”

“Ah … Zhang Tai Nai did not bring a door, but went first to sit, put dry body, or drink a cup of coffee and warm … stayed back to come back.” Zhang You sincerely.

“This …” Yafu first is a little longer … in front of her is a fat old old, the long appearance is also very kind … He should have a trust! It is really uncomfortable that the whole body wet is indeed very uncomfortable, and the husband is not so early, so he will agree.

In the house, Yafu is unfortunately wiped on his head and the wet place; Suddenly, some warm things have been passed on her wet buttocks, Yafu is scared, immediately turned and looks. It turns out that Zhang Hao is reaching out to touch her ass.

This time, Yafu is afraid, I don’t know how to react! !

Zhang You did not worry, I still laughed: “Is this a little warmth?” Said that his other hand picked up the fu’s skirt, the palm of her butt stuck and did not stop exploring; Ya Philippine is a T-back small panties that need to be rope, just like some than Nikini, so the part of the butt will be exposed …

Yafu is angry and anxious, screaming: “Stop, let me go!” Suddenly be disturbed by a benevolent elderly, but it is a thing that does not expect it, and Yafu does not know what to do. good.

When Yafu wants to push the old head, he seems to catch the psychology of Yafu, even more likely: “The truth is bold, wearing this exposed underwear, is it to seduce a man? Let me frank. Frank, otherwise I want to tell your husband, say that you deliberately seduce me! “He just finished, a palm had taken down to see the yafi butt.

Yaffe lost his voice: “Ah … don’t!” Zhang Ya is so rampant, Yafei is so exciting, but it is in the heart of a fierce! ! Because Zhang You’s rough palm directly explores her delicate and smooth vest, use a finger to hold her chrysanthemum door!

“How … no … don’t like this! Itch … good … good metamorphosis! This metamorphosis is! At this way, look at the head.

At this time, the old man took a few times on Yafei’s chrysanthemum in Yafu, “Ah! No!” Yafu is calling, but weird is that in addition to being humiliated, when the old stick finger When you come into contact, it will be a burst of irritating feelings and scour. Yafu is afraid of shame, but the body’s response is very useful.

It is undeniable that Zhang You’s behavior brings Yafei a shame but very exciting! !

“No … I can’t, how can I use this old guy to infringe myself?” Yafu came back, but Zhang You has once tied her little T-back to the waist. “嗖 嗖”, quickly take away the small underwear of Yafu!

Yaffrie hurriedly took his hand to protect the important zone of the lower body. He said: “You … you can’t … I am … don’t … please … please give me … I … You …” Who Knowing the old man, in front of Yafu, put the little t-back before his nose, deep smell, laugh and smirked: “You can still, but you have to blow it, or you have to put it. Take you with your husband, say it is sent to me! Hey … “

“Blow … What is it? I don’t understand … I have never tried it …” Yafu is rushing out.

“Will not teach you … When you feel a rising and hot thing in your mouth, huh, huh, guarantee your music! Hey, this woman is really cute.” Said to stop the old Put the trousers down, and the other hand has taken a purple black hood that grows and bends and the glans fat!

“This thing … How to grow like a cooked cucumber? It’s still fat … more ugly than your husband, but the husband is … but he is so thick! It … it is really rough!”

“After I gave him, he must learn the man in the porn, when I blow him to the ejaculation, I will shoot the fine solution in my mouth or take it to my face. Full face is his thick sticky semen … “

“If this is the case … What kind of feeling will it be? I … my husband has not so much asking me!” Yafu is looking forward, but the mind is full of pornography.

Zhang said that Yafu saw that God was able to use his hand to make a few down to her demonstration, the ugly genitals looked up in front of Yafu’s eyes, Yafu is not self-contained, and it is automatically squatting. Near it.

“Oh, yes, come and taste my baby’s taste!” Zhang’s old man encouraged Yafu, but also sent his waist forward, and that things came to the Yafu’s mouth.

A unpleasant urine dry flavor counts all the feet! But she has already opened his mouth, and the mouth was rushing in a big turtle that was swollen by Zhang’s old man.

Zhang Yao moves, moves, indicating that Yafu continues to contain it; Yafu is open, don’t help but learn the appearance of those women in the porn, one handstover, two eggs, slut, slut Testicular; another hand thumb, index finger and middle finger into a circle sleeve in his magic threat, starting to make it in a warm mouth.

Yafu gathered to sneak the porn piece that did not accept the students, and he did not know that this set of “art”!

“Ah … so cool! It turned out to be in this line.” Zhang Yaoyou enjoys the mouth offered in Yafu, and he also said that the vulgar lascitation, heard her heart jumping, ashamed.

Zhang You’s stinky and ugly genital genitals were full, but the glans did not go to the throat, but there was still a dishonestane, but it was dirty water secreted by the octave or the sun. Philippine mouth is squeezed, along the chin DC; Zhang You’s fat belly is long, the bunch of thick hairs, from time to time, Jaffi nose itching. So, she feels a strange desire, it seems that I want to meet the bug in the mouth. It seems that I have to make a look, learn the plot in the movie, and suck it.

Just as Yafu sent a power of Zhang Hao, her handcuffs suddenly sounded. The two were scared, and Yafu quickly spit out the mask, pick up the phone, see the call show: “Husband”.

Yafu is hesitating without answering, Zhang Hao said to her: “Zhang Tai, it seems to be a husband call to you, don’t answer? Or I will give him a greetings, talk to him now?”

“If the husband knows that his wife’s wife is mixed with his neighbors, he is not awkward … Hey, listen to the phone, lying to him! As long as you listen to my instructions, my husband will never know today. …

Zhang Lao said again.

Yafu knows that his husband is a doubtful person. If you don’t answer, it will suspicion, so press the phone to listen to the phone.

“Philippine, what happened? Why did you answer the phone so long?” The other side of the phone came to Zhang Zhiqiang cordial voice.

On the occasion of Yafu, I suddenly felt that a heating was blown from my butt to the legs; the original metamorphosis of the old guy is blowing up in the yafi leg! He also made a few times, making Yafu’s itchy, suddenly stayed.

Zhang Zhiqiang seems to feel a little weird, and asked carefully: “Wife, are you nothing? Is it uncomfortable?”

Yafu consciousness recovered from: “Ah … no … Nothing, just a bit … it is a bit tired.”

At this time, Zhang You has boldly opened her lips and gently biting the ripe granulation in her hot cave; Yafu had to bite the teeth and endure the impact of the lanter’s tongue.

She tried to put the sound softly, went to the phone: “Nothing, I … I will take a break … should be fine.

Zhang Zhiqiang asked nervously: “It’s better to come back early, is it good?”

Yafu has worked hard, and as soon as possible. “I … I am really nothing, husband …

Husband, you have tightened, I have a rest … a while walking … “

Zhang Zhiqiang seems a bit of a bit of helplessness. “Well, then be careful.” Then I received the line.

As the phone hangs up, Yafucton suddenly tested his tone; immediately pushed the old ghost that she buried her head under her body.

“I … I have already made this … I beg you to let me, please … Please give me the underwear!”

Yafei’s eyes are full of tears, and the low cry is pleading.

Zhang Yao, of course, she didn’t care, even more, Yafei is busy to avoid it, “No … don’t, please let me let me go.” But if he didn’t finish it, he had hugged him later.

“Oh, oh, I still want to install anything, just smash my big snake to absorb very comfortable? Hey is it really wanting a man, is it? Oh … give me a guesses!”

“You said! Let me go!” Yafu struggled.

In the entanglement, the old man has successfully pulled the clothes and her milk on the body. One hand trocked a tits, and the other hand quickly picked up the skirt, and saved the Sensit Triangle of Yafield!

Zhang You laughed and said: “Although this is small, it is so strong … Skating is tender!”

“Yeah! Don’t …” Yafin kept rebellion hard, but Zhang’s old legs wandered her death like a starfish. “Ah! Don’t …” Yafu, the sensitive zone continued to be invaded by his two hands.

“Let me go!” Yafu called. At this time, the old man was using two fingers to knead her inlet. This behavior made her a bit of sourness; Yafu religiously twisted the lower body to see him, but she knew that she couldn’t help longer Her body and mind have begun to be soft, the reaction can not be self-made, and the shouts have gradually become low.

“Give me a cool? Well? The meat hole is hot and wet, is it going to have my big throw?” Zhang Lao said, his fingers also drilled in Yafu vagine.

Yafei is shameful and anxious. She knows so that I will give the old colored wolf, and the consequences must be imagined.

“Come on, let me give you a deep-entry … Waiting for your meat, wait for my brother, I will squeeze it again and rose! Haha! Ok? Hehehe …”

I don’t know how, Yafu has been pushed into the big sofa in the living room. Zhang You has squatted to suppress Yafu, and reached out toward her reddish milk. To get it, just like a dog, reach the tongue long, and let the upper and lower teatons in the upper and lower sides.

“How can this tap rise again? Is it going to stream water? It is better to give Boke, I will feed my grandmother? Oh …” Zhang Yaqi did not wait for any reaction, and Zhang Dadao Her left nipples are sucked, and they will succeed.

Yafu’s crispy was succinked by him, and the two milk did not consciously rose, and the milk was thadied. But can’t deny that the old man’s sipping is so comfortable, very comfortable! Her heart is rationally warned himself, can’t let him like this, there is a husband of love, a happy family, this is the betrayal of true love, the illegality of marriage …

“Ah … let me go, don’t this, my gentleman will come back, please let me!” But Yafu’s Central Strike is so hard … “What is the meaning of me to hurry? , But I haven’t tasted it here! “

Said, Zhang’s old man rushed to the legs of Yafu, with his hands through the legs, then the arm, firmly buckled the thigh, followed by the end of the roots of the Fari legs.

“This action is not the porn, the man is giving the female! Now … now he must …” Yafu was shy.

“Oh! No …” Yafu nervously twisted the waist to avoid it, but this seems to be more moving, “Oh … 妳 I like this to your clothes? Ok! Let me taste the taste of the peach ! “

He said, Yafu felt the hilarity of the pussy, the old man was grinding the tender meat of the chin; Yafu was nervous to avoid it, but the thighs gave him power It is not possible to move. This kind of taste that it is itchy, it is anxious, itch, but it is very comfortable! I dizzy makes her brain empty, it seems that I can’t remember, “Yeah … ah … ah …” in the mind in my mind. Zhang You’s wet and dry hot tongue, mad, in the entrance to Yafei meat and the sensitive districts around, sometimes pitching, time to cut the grass, every time, let her down It issued a shudder of a burst; Yafa is now realizing that the man’s tongue can still be flexible.

“Oh … … Yeah … Oh, … Squint. The old-high-hit head is scattered in the Yafu leg, while the meat is like giving a living snake or jumping fish plug in, in order to live, it is desperately drilled, desperately and tempted!

Yafu is very contradictory: “Husband, I … I am going to make my old man. He is now licking my meat, that is where you never lick. Oh … husband, he is good Deep, good strength! Don’t … “

At this time, Zhang’s old man lick, but also extended his fingers to Yan Yafu’s meat hole, got the wet small cave, “… …” sound.

Yafu’s little dried lips have long been bullish, and it is difficult to be extremely sensitive!

“Very cool, isn’t it? Hey, this meat is tender and lovely, huh, huh … I watched it watered, slippery, I couldn’t help but do it! Haha!” Zhang Lao He said I will continue to lazy again, he is close to the little hole in Yafu, and the mouth is absorbed to be quite flesh; Yafu is like touched the current until the current is out of control.

“This place … is my husband, I am now very can’t help him. How can I still want to be eager to come?”; Yafu knows that he is going to collapse, and the whole body has started to let go of people. .

“No … this is not true! How will I want this grandfather-level man to do that kind of thing?” Yafu is in the only way for a sense of reason and consciousness, the legs have been opened again. The calf gave two hot palms to grab it up.

“That action … Hey! He is coming to rape me! What should I do? How …??

“Don’t!” Yafu shocked; at the same time, Zhang You has made a position that Yafu and his husband have used it. This time the calf is hilarious to the shoulders on both sides; Yafu feels a thing is at her The shares kept sliding touching … Zhang You is ready to press it.

“He is looking for the entrance …” Yafei urgently, twisted the waist in the next side, one side to protect the inlet; a hot baking, the hard break, the hard break, she immediately poked her back, I don’t know if it is afraid. What, Yafu is immediately turned back, Zhang You then bent down, one, one, one of her milk, two hands, the two hands, the two hands who are going to resist, she makes the dream It’s no longer twisting.

Yafu pleaded with: “I beg you … Let me! Don’t! I have a husband, he will come back!”

Zhang Lao took the bottle of the tip in his mouth, and smiled and said: “Oh! Just! Before you have not come back, we quickly get one or two, this is our fate! You is not a head Back, still so shy! Look at the redhead on your face, really let me love it! Do you rest assured, I will make it very cool. Haha! “

“No! I don’t want! No!” Yafu is anxious to move his head. In the panic, Yafu is pressed in her body, the thick ugly, the big ugly, that purple black black, is like a lot of mouth to export.

“Ah! It … it seems to be a big snake who wants to swallow me, so big, so strong!”

Zhang You hugged Yafu, and the lower body is immediately moving. The ugly thing is constantly exploring in the legs of the Yafu, the inside of the thigh is hot, and it is a few times; I feel that the hole is gave to the big blame! She couldn’t help but call it, think that it is not expected, the poisonous snake is going to plug in!

But Zhang You is not inserted immediately. He is like to be teased, first repeatedly, then release. It is also strange that this will increase the sexual desire in Yafe in the heart of Yafei, and the hot hot feelings make Yafu. Put the big blame snake.

“My husband, I die! His stuff has found entrance forbidden, I could not help my self that place has, I could not restrain, please forgive me.” Yafei husband repentance in my heart. Suddenly, the strange head again against the big Yafei of Rouchun not move, then gently polishing the zone next to the Roudong, what answer it, the research could not help but want to get Yafei came to meet it immediately. She biting the lower lip, forcing moan they want to twist up pretty ass and intend to bring exports.

Zhang Yafei old man seems to see through the mind, proudly said: “?! Oh …… You’re mouth does not mind, do you want a good, Sao bitch, you move her husband to really Hello” After much talking, he then slowly lower buttocks, ready to cock squeeze in.

“Meat …… Rouchun distraction to come! Oh! That big head blame it …… it …… big ah, it softened the entrance! Ah …… so hot!”

“Ah! I can not do this! Do this!” Yafei made a last request.

“Hey! What are they afraid ashamed? Xiangni so bitchy, I do not believe u have no other man on the outside. Hey!”

Yafei want him to be kind, I hope that he will miss this good woman; then try to calmly said: “I …… I addition to her husband, really did not do with other men do …… …… …… this thing.” here, however he said it would not go on.

But instead of listening to Zhang old man excited Yin Xiao said: “!?!! Hey Oh is that right, that I’m going to you on behalf of my husband reward u u have to try to look at the job service.”

“Woo … you let me, I would not say to someone …… you say you do this to me.” Begging to try Yafei he said.

“You can rest assured! As long as u listen to me, I would not say u and my old man this year, this month together today in mating thing ah! Ha ha!” Shameless Zhang old man replied.

Yafei nothing to say, just let Zhang old man trying to look at what will be thick with kinky inserted into her lower body.

It gradually swell undeniable pleasure Yiba she conquered, in addition to down moaning outside, Yafei do not know what should be said to myself.

Zhang old man firmly pressing Yafei, a drawn unbroken forced to send a man doing the original Choucha movement.

He also did not forget to lure Jaffee: “u really kinky goods, but only doing so good a husband to u people to enjoy, too wasted Oh …… You see, I come to him for help is not very good care of it!?”

Then he deliberately strive to deliver top a few times, making intercourse They are at issue “chirp” sound a few times, making this obscene evil force is to stimulate and harsh!

Zhang old man went on to say: “u hear me u hear me ha??!”

To be honest, Yafei has been inserted as limp body and mind over the body grow numb; bursts of desire surging tide and to the. Spiritual, are just more physically Zhang old man severely dry, so she quickly freed!

Yafei think to myself, would not it then nervously vaginal contractions a few old guys also felt, they proudly while thrusting aside and asked:! “Oh tight tight dead man dead are women, and how!! Nina Xiaodong also so tight ah? folder will be men? Ha! I’m about to die to pinch too. “

Zhang old man getting on hard, thrusting a while rolled over command called Yafei said: “tummy, hand shore, but only one knee knees.”

“You …… What do you want?” Yafei asked shyly.

Zhang old man very proudly said: “I want u like stray dogs mating, like the roadside, I severely dry from behind you, you really do ha ha?!”

He finished after Yafei grabbed the waist with one hand and lifted her foot outward; Yafei look like a bitch, Zhang old man to this old mangy dog ​​from behind beeped, like roadside mate Like a dog. Yafei feel sick, but sensory stimulation.

Yafei to do that again for a while, has been completely know obedience to cooperate with; somehow, she suddenly remembered who confiscated student’s porn set drama is about the heroine’s husband out of the poor, but because she’s kind of cute innocence It is a solitary old man Pianjian a neighbor.

Later, the old man still attracted to other men gang-raped her neighbor, actress since become sex slaves nearby neighborhood of well-wife …

“I …… I do not want to become like her results …”

Zhang old man from inserted after a while, he gave Yafei feet down, simply let her legs and climb tummy; He Yafei almost the whole person lying on the back, like a dog about to finish up the public, It is anxious to get away and awkwardly swinging ass \ wildly thrusting.

Zhang Yumi command: “Collipitate again! Skinate, hardcore!” Yafe didn’t know how to make the vagina muscles, but where is the giant, where can I get it? It seems that it seems to make it rose, the more you pull it, bringing it to the huge meat taste to make Yafu dizzy. Yafu This vagina tightening action makes Zhang Lao’s head very useful, and the palm of the palm of the palm and continually ignorant: “Hey! Hey! Said! Hey! Hey!” Yafei two buttons He fell out.

From this moment, Yafu felt that the old man will come in every time, she feels that I will get to him below. “Fast! Fast! Hey … itch is dead!” The slump of the lower body is never, and Yafu finally squatted.

Give men, although I have seen a lot in porn, how can Yafu think that today really gives a man to make a man? And this man is not his husband …

Just when Yafu was confused, it was found that there was a square mirror that was about two days to have a long distance next to it, leaning in front of a wooden cabinet, the mirror actually reflected them. Like a dog, look at Zhang’s head from the back of his ass, the thick waist will move forward and move forward, and his giant will keep his giant to pull it in your own meat.

It was described in this way, and Zhang You is almost on the back of Yafu; he grabs the little waist of Yafu, and the two squatting the legs are shaking, and the waist swings. . The most fascinating, is a big thing that Zhang You is sending out of the shares. At this time, it seems that the thing seems to be a knife in the body; Yafu It was slaughtered by it, and he looked at himself and the dog on the street of the dog is only the same as the trend. Everything seems to look at the erotic movie starring himself.

Zhang Hao will be sent and fast to send, and it will be a deep and deep to pull; on the side of the merits of Yafu, bite her tender shoulders with mouth; Yafu is getting it. It is painful, and I heard the clear and expressive sound of my belly from time to time.

“Is this not all the encounter of female excellence in porn? Ah … How do I describe this? Sorry, my husband … people are giving this mink.”

Everyone seems to be in the uterus of Yafu, and Yafu feels that he is going to have a syncope. I only know “Ye … Yeah …” in the mouth. , Densely short-selling, the burning big strange head is scraping that Yafu is both a lot of pain and comfort, both refreshing and uncomfortable.

“Oh … oh … Yeah … ah … Yeah … ah !!!!” The female excellent in Yafei is a pride of the porn movie, and she doesn’t know that this is please I am still pleasing to the old man; she is going to make it mad.

At this time, the old man with a very fast, and the rude imstination slammed into the Yafu honey, and the glans poked to her homework, it seems to hit it. In these dozen, the touched touch, get Yafei died, huge stimulation of almost uninterrupted by the uterus directly to the brain, so that she is lightly fluttering as flying in space.

“Do you really want to plug in my uterus? Ah, can he really insert? If you insert it, then … What is it? I never know that the man can make people like this. The taste of wanting! The sensitive nerve of the whole body is all concentrated to the lower body? How can I have other awareness? “Yafu, an exciting, and now, now I need to keep with men sex, eager to use Oscillation bio.

A fierce comfort signal, starting from the lower body to Yafu’s whole body every neural line. That is an uncommon level, she can’t help but ask why and other men do it so fast?

Finally, I finally went to the last moment, and Zhang You fully made the mask into the meat hole of Yafu, and put her tightly, but the ass seems to have a madness of seven, eight.

Yafu felt that the big strange head has been on his own homework, which makes she can’t help but shake a few times, and Zhang Lao is also tremble with the whole body.

“Ah! He wants to eat, he wants to take the semen directly to my uterus! Ah … no, don’t! This will make me pregnant, can’t be like this, I have already wear a green hat to my husband, can’t be pregnant Other men’s children! “

Yafei is panicked, but then I feel a hot flow instant into the depths of the core, and hot and spicy burge spreads to the entire uterus. That feeling like jumping into the hot tub, first is like a hot hot, and the heat is gradually transferred, and finally the whole body is warm and comfortable. The kind of unsolicient satisfaction, driving an original turbulent and comfort, cheerful to Yafu’s entire person. “Ah …” Yafu finally shouted his soft body. Before I lost the consciousness, I only heard the back of the old man in the back, and there was a painful feeling of a double milk to him.

I don’t know when she finally woke up; next to the corner, Zhang Yutang was fascinated by Yafe’s solemn and wet, and Yafu quickly grabbed the clothes that were scattered.

She immediately smashed the clothes, and she wanted to leave the house. However, at this time, she rushed up from behind, and she took Yafu, and her hands were again invaded again. Part.

Yafu, I gave courage to say: “Please let me go …” Zhang Yao has increased his hand, and attached it to Yafu Early: “Cute little woman, when will I forget to bring my spoon, Let’s explore my old man, I am waiting for you with my good brother! “Yafui listened, his heart was panicked, somehow came and exhaled, and she didn’t take care of everything. I don’t dare to be too excited, and I haven’t chased it again.

Yafu walked back to his home, but he saw the bracelet to fall on the carpet next to the iron gate …

Yafu is really want to cry without tears … Because of your own point, in exchange for the neighbors, the old man is ruthless, the uterus is filled with the old man’s semen home …

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