My wife temporarily moved to the United States, accompanying two children, in other words, I am currently a typical inner beauty. I stayed in Taipei’s busy career. I am loyal to my wife. Unlike Mrs. Don’t be around, I will do a relationship between men and women. Sometimes, we will be in the long-distance calls, but this practice is very uncomfortable, it is better than going out, so we use the letter to express the boring and talk “masturbation.”

Recently, the wife wrote a love letter again, the content is as follows:

I looked at you into my room, your black suit is more handsome than the last time, I am excited to sweat. I took off your jacket for you, put on the carpet, so that I have to burn, I can’t wait. You put the tie, I solve the buckle of the shirt, a piece of solution, each unlined, and printed the wet hot kiss in the newly exposed muscles, by the neck to the chest, by The chest is in the lower abdomen, which is inch. The male smell on your body is the most violent destruction, so that I can’t help but take more sweat.

When I took your shirt completely taking off, I took the head on your chest and heard your rapid heartbeat. My hand holds a hard thing, I stroked, I heard the call you made a pleading, I know, you are eager, you need to liberate. I am taking off your trousers for you, you stand in front of me, Bolokky is more majestic, more powerful than the bull, I am a kiss that I admire your male.

I am squatting in front of you, holding your thigh, pulling your body to my little mouth, I am a hungry woman, I need your comfort. I have not known meat flavor in March, I can’t hate it all the whole, but I still remember your preferences, you like I use the tongue to take the top to the root slowly massage, then put the top in the mouth in the mouth I remember that every time you will be big: “Use force to swallow, wife.” You will use your hands to press my head and put the body to forward, once I got almost suffocated me.

In the past, I never let you enter the climax at this stage, but today, I want you to get surprises, if you are worth, your steel-like desire will be dissolved in my mouth, tell me, this taste?

Then we interchange the role. You put my back and shoulder and then instantly unload, I am like a jade carving in front of you, you check every part of my hand, see if there is any change. Tell you, I have a bodybuilding every day, the body is more than one day, watching my man is more than a day, will you eat vinegar? You said, your favorite is my breast, but the most urgent need still It is my “shelter”, I am willing to be open for you, welcome.

You take me on the bed, use a small pillow in my waist, so that my flower bud is completely open, you are fighting between my legs, tilting forward, from my forehead, always kiss Go down. How? What is the kiss? Is it more delicious? Is it a family flower forever than wild flowers?

Your hot kiss is in full body shock, so that I am hot, I can’t wait to force your legs, swallow you throughout. I know that you have once again lifted the head and do it. You use your fingers to open the door small door on my flower bud, and the two fingers ride. I said that you are gallbling, don’t dare to drive straight. You said that in order to politeness, first by “explore”, the flower path is cleaned, and the generals will enter the channel. I said that everything is ready, and welcomes the generals. You no longer answer, bravely in the jade gate, I am very happy. Your offensive is bigger than imagining, maybe you miss my relationship? I haven’t tasted this taste for a long time. It is like a pepper, like the second time (I only know pain, I only know the pain, ” But it is expected that the second time).

I have learned a special effort to control it, you must have an unprecedented feeling, I can make you one more, and then the climax of the three, you will definitely don’t think about it.

I can’t write it, because I need to make my hands, I will replace you, solve my emptiness. Quickly book tickets to achieve this wonderful fantasy, otherwise, I don’t dare to ensure that your patents can last! However, this is probably just a threatening? In addition to you, who else can satisfy me?

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