Aggress: Qiu Qiu (Year 32)

(Po Ten Lion Lion Industrial Zone Director and General Secretary and Assistant Special Secretary and Assistant of General Manager)

Male’s Rope: Shi East (35 years old)

Content: This story is a woman who is in a place where the wolf tiger is, it is hard to remember because of the hardship of the family, and under the feelings of vain and physiological amazing. .

My name is Qiu Qiuxu, is a growing girl in the country and keeps girls, and the family is dead. The full-hearted mother is one person, and the family is a lot. I am a little brother, there is a brother, I have a little bit of life, I Some of the girls with their ages, and often see the situation of my sister and my sister’s love, plus the parsing of the husband, and when I got, I often saw the wonderful movements of men and women, but because of curiosity It is also often peeking to see the situation of the gods, so in the second grade of the country, I have sex with a big school, so I have been going to fall in this long-term king, I am indeed a fall. NS. A premature fall, add an environmental sense of temptation, so that I completely disappear the ability to be good and evil. Perhaps God has given people such wisdom. So once I gain a good time I am awake. I hated it, and I was ashamed. I hate my own sensuality is too powerful. I am worried about my empty space.

So, under the mutual battle of a sense of sensation, I decided to change the life of the lost, I have to continue to complete my academic.

At noon in a thin rain, some daily necessities have been organized, leaving a letter to the sinking mother, indicating that my future intended and going, don’t mention it.

I have a long time to live in a hostel, this hall is very quiet. Everything is satisfied, happy to make yourself have a quiet opportunity, time day, January … past.

Morning on a certain day. A messy footsteps will wake up from sleep, this is the first time I have a speech. I curiously pushed the door to wait for the people asked: “Is there a new moving guest?”

“Miss Miss may not know, this floor is a black man, specialist with people to make English.” The waiter laughed.

“Ah! It is a US black, it is really good to make people, it is really good. I am trying to make up, because I can’t find a professor, I am getting annoying?” “Yes! This black man is really strange, from the past Just teach one, don’t teach, and just women, I heard that I am free professor! “The treatments seem to be very proud, and it is very interested in this black.

“It seems to be very angry today,” I am a little angry.

“Today, I heard that he received four girls this month. Today, the jade ceremony is said.” Waiting for people did not read what books, what finishes, and the class, so I always have a little morality, so, ” Ah! I know, thank you! “I am going to walk into the room.” I see Miss one person, now make a lot of money now? “The waiter said with a very envious tone, just left.

After seeing the waiter, he hurriedly washed it again, and took a little bit in the restaurant, he prepared to visit the black English teacher.

The room in the fifth floor is full, only the black people live in a housing, walk to the door, see the door, I want to step into the door, a very familiar taste rushed into the nose, a messy dress is across the earth, Make my heart, I didn’t think of it. “Is this black teacher, is it a good thing to teach, and make a good guidance?” My reason and sensation is fighting again. Is it immediately return? Still to the inside? I can’t make a decision for a long time.

I think of a black man, let me looked at the dark tall body, that is full of smell, the black and shining hair arm, there is a black big mask, with the superman general sexy … … Just like the big black goblin in the zoo, there is a stimulus in the barbarism, and the hunger is more showed.

My reason and curiosity failed in the desire, I have forgotten everything, and the light hand walks into the room.

“Ah! Teacher … Dear teacher … disciples ask for money …. 饶 子 ……………………. Wave it. … “This was once a sound called the whole day, and now I have passed in the inner bed, it seems to be more tempting than myself.

I am looking for a novelty, I am really different. I saw four young girls like flowers like a flower. The full naked hanging, a high and large black, the following hook is very incomparable, honest in a bed. A young girl riding a horse-style wolf will have a sleeve in a sleeve, and the shape of a wave is really prostitution.

Another fatty girl is sitting in the bed, and the eight characters are separated by two thighs, let a small hole is great, the black is using a black hair, it is like a black brush. The excavation of her waromell is shake, and the mouth is still “stain”.

On the black head, I still squat, black, open up, a big tip, in the dead, only to the girl obscenity DC, white butt buttocks. There is still a girl who is not idle to bed, and holds a black feet with a black man. The mouth is still rushing: “Teacher …. Dear teacher ………………………………………. .. Try to learn ….

“Ah! Zhenmei …. Help teacher …. Your great pen … also wrote a precious chapter of my life …..” The plus girl is extremely excited Say these sentences.

“I will always miss the great teacher! Your sexy tongue has said a lot of moving stories, now you are silent, tell me the teachings of the teacher, everything, everything, I will live for life.” That kind of girl is poem it.

“Dear Black Teacher! The writer’s hand is unrestrained, by your hand, you can change the excellent article, now you …. Change to the heart, pick up, dig out my veteran, let me It can also make a warm article! “The fat girl, the grinding of the cavity, and the sauce is also slightly split, and it is really like writing articles, full of pillows.

I saw the gods, the morning of a small ribbed seedlings, now like the wind and rain, the rain is blown, this is a heart that can be peaceful, and now it is tempted to hungry, I can’t wait, one Hands are not from insert into wet heat.

Under this black, it is really comfortable, and it is really comfortable.

I can’t stop in my mouth. Every water from the first kind of water, I have been moving the third kind of prostitute, and I will sleep with the black people and sleep.

How can I endure this temptation, even if I have never had a tender hole that I have never prepared, I’m trying to try, I have a woman who is a sexual desire.

A highly plenary pleasure, the heat is really sad, and it is time for a long time, and the lips are shaking.

Those who have a girl with a black teacher, the cock is soft but still so beautiful, the glans are rounded, and the black is dark, and everything is invisible.

I love black, eager to decline in darkness, black world is the highest realm of life. Only a shady cage is the active beginning of life.

Initially enjoyed the nourishing in the night, if you are here, you are also in the dark, black, black, black … through a black temptation, black impulse, black, black, black … ……

In front of everything, you will hold the black chicken, bite, bite, bite, bite, 舐 … The chicken is like iron, and the black teacher is also excited. Sexuality wake up.

When he saw me first, he would hold me, and then hugged me. From the beginning to the foot, I was so beautiful, and the swearing peak is soft and smooth, and the round butt is red, red Randed water.

Legs are so well, white tender breasts, face honey is red, like a flower race jade, there is a high-convergent pussy …….

“You are so beautiful, I have already paid attention, I can’t think of it today.” The black man gave a long kiss.

“Ah! God! You are a great teacher, love you the smell of you” a unique smell of a black body, make people feel sour, enough.

“What? You also called my teacher, when you can’t afford!” He touched his hand with his hand and said.

“I came here today.” I explained.

“Being sincerity, then we are in the class!” He said, putting it down to put it down to wear a pants.

“Ah! Dear teacher, this is not studying? What do you have to pay first?” I hugged his legs and twisted him with big butt.

“You will say it very much, but I am free professor.” He raised the hook on the butt, the shock, I was a happiness, itchy points, it …….

“Well, then don’t pay the tuition, how is it?” I tried to sit on him, he hit me in bed, crushing the whole body, straight pressure.

“Your gift, I sent the soup, two non-comparable” 阳 具.

“Please don’t press it too much.” I move my ass.

“The more you press it, the more the hole is flat, the chicken is broken, it is called a lobby sentence, in the hook, the small hole is itchy!” I listened to haha ​​laughed, he hugged me , The ass is a quite: “I just played not addiction, I love to rub the meat, your fine leather white meat, really hurt, you have to raise!”

“Come on! Dear teacher, students are training, please make a stroke!” I can’t wait to say. The black teacher is grinded on the hole, and the water is straight down. I scream, he smiled, and the thick black chicken is plugged in half, and the body is a large, this is thick The chicken is really a matter of eating.

He smiled slightly, it will insert the cock to the cock, straight to the heart, I am afraid again.

I am afraid that he has not yet dried to the palace. If you are afraid of wearing it? How long does it take to taste, now a special size, equal to the special prize.

Try to reverse your ass, there is no obstacle, and you still have a heart, it is good, the waves are called: “Ah! Kiss … My black teacher … dry hole Teacher …. Student …. Beauty …. Di …. Comfort …………………………………

He saw that I was so happy, I used the big talents to rub on the wall, and I hooked down, and my meat was mixed. “唷 … itch is dead … Itch …. Di … the teacher of life …. Fast …. Don’t grind …. Dry … Heavy dry small hole wants you …. ……Dry………”

Hold in the legs, and the hands are tight, but the buttocks are more powerful, and the hearts also cooperate with his glans: “Ah …… You really have a set …. Get …. I have a lot of …. I have to do it …. ah …. Ok ……. “

He accelerated the speed, inserted the uterus, and the two eggs were hungry, but also in the asshole, beautiful, comfort.

“Ah …. is really beautiful …. Extreme … disciple …….. The points are comfortable …. I’m going to have …. Um …….. 唷 … 死 死 死 …… … really … will plug … every time Call me for sale … ah …….. I love you ……. “

I am more surpassing, the cheeks have two color traffic, and the gods are sensual, gradually being crazy, the magic is crying, the yelling: “Hey … God …….. Mom …. The United States is dead …. is good …. Teacher …. comfortable … ah … um …. Dry dead …. Small Dry dead … ah ……… “

The black teacher is swayed, and the tapping of the mask is striped on the top.

“Ah … I can’t help but … comfortable … I have to lose …. Fast … Dry … Zu Zong …. Fast turns .. Mastering …………. Want … lost …. Return …….. Fast grind …. lost……..”

I contracted the walls of the walls, and a deep thermal sacred teacher woven the black teacher. It also brought hot spicy semen, a burst into the uterus.

After the two doubles entered the bliss, the black teacher hugged the milk and did not want to let go, and the cock jumped in the hole.

“Haha, the teacher can’t want to move the teacher, simply grab the meal of the sisters?”

The old black and me, the original four girls founted early in the bed, seeing me with the old black and died, until the end, they shouted with the same voice.

In this case, I shy the old push, turning over the trousers, I ran down the upstairs, I was lucky enough to walk, otherwise naked me, the original shape, the original, is it good? ?

I rushed into the room, and I slammed the door, and I wash the lascivious water and smell. I didn’t know when I was so sleepy …. ….

After waking up, the night is quiet, the loneliness street lights appear to be almost metamorphosis, thinking about it, thinking of the scene of day and black teacher, speechless, there is still why?

A pure girl stepping into sensuality because of curious impulsive and turned into a swaying woman, and people want horizontal flows.

I have repeatedly jumped out, but I have been confident, but it is more deeper, the volatile resistance of expectation, however, the anti-weakness is unable … What? … 吧 …. 尽 的 … 忍 …………………

After a few times of the old age, I have to dismall the way. It is because the students love people to me, see me into the enemy of the Tianzim 1, and warned that I am not put, they will Destroy to answer my “Cheng Jiejin”.

This stopped my lascivious, I have to quietly move from the hostel, temporarily avoiding them, hehe! What is it? !

Perhaps thinking that it is satisfied with the desire, maybe someone thinks that all the life of life, but under the dismissal of sensuality, is it so mixed? . In the lifetime of life, waiting for aging?

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