“Daughter, your little hole is tighter! I am so comfortable!”

“Dad, do you have your own pro-daughter?”

“Stimulating! Daughter, your tits are big, so soft, I have to play your tits.”

“Dad … you have played hard … Hey … ah … Dad, plug it ………

Dad gradually accelerated the speed of the throduction, and gasped. My little tender hole clamped his big meat stick, making it a lot of fizzing every time, bring a lot of prostitution, flowing down the white thighs.

Every time I am inserted, I feel that the thick meat stick wants to penetrate her body. I hit the clitoris of the small hole and rolled the heart, the taste was so wonderful.

“… … cool … kill me … Dad … Re-use …”

I have worked hard to twisted the delicate body, so that the body is in the body to catering the daddy’s thrust, the small hole produces a wave of friction in the friction of the meat stick, and the whole body is not excited. Dad also made a few efforts to the whole body, then grabbed my breasts, and killed my body, squirting the hot semen violently in my uterus deep.

“Ah … Dad … I am dying … you died me …”

I am also in this kind of throduction, under the impact of semen, from the heart of the heart, there is an unprecedented climax, and the whole person is an unprecedented, and the soft body is in bed, it feels like Floating in the cloud.

After calm, Dad sat up, “Daughter, dad is sorry for you, I should not do this.”

“Dad, don’t do this, you let me taste the happiness of women.”

“But …” Dad still wants to say anything, I climbed up and put my dad to bed, I used the breast to squeeze his chest, and I went down and grabbed him, and stroked his two small. The ball, the meat stick slowly increased in my hand.

Dad hugged my waist, turned me over, my pine is facing his face. He hurts my little hole, God, I think, what do he want to do? When I still have to react, his tongue has begun to go outside my lace, and insert my tongue into me. Small hole. I can’t help it. This is the experience I have never had. In addition to the inside and outside of the labia, the flexible tongue does not let my meat core, the tongue is in the yuki, I am not self-shaking once, in the mouth Constant, in the body, there are thousands of ants in the soul of my soul.

Dad’s big meat stick has been standing upright, and the top is hard to beside my face.

“Daughter, contains it.” I glanced, but immediately understood the meaning of Dad, but I have never done it.

Seeing that I didn’t make a sound, Dad reached out to hold my breast, gently knead my teat, stimulate me, “Don’t be afraid, I will have it, have you been done before?”

I hesitated, or grab the thick meat stick with hands, first put the tip of the nose, it was strongly jumped in my hand, and the strong male smell from my nose to the brain, stimulating my nerve. Also completely erased my woman’s horses, I put a mouth with a mouth.

It’s too thick, it’s more than I think, I can only barely include the glans, I don’t know how my little hole will hold it! Dad sent a satisfied voice, I believe he must be very comfortable, in fact, this is also a stimulus for me.

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