“Kang Yu”

When the bathroom came out of the bathroom, Wei Ta was originally on the Internet. It was shocked to rush to the bathroom. “If you like? If?”

The door of the bathroom is still locked, there is no response inside. Wen is a Wei Tian’s daughter, this year is 17 years old. From the year of 14 years old, Weidian is divorced with his wife, and the ex-wife always complained that he was too investment. When I returned home, I always nest in my own room. I finally finally endured, I lost my father and myself ran. Resentful Tian Tian is even more depressed, it is even more embarrassing, turning into a standard Run snake man After losing your mother, life is more depressed, so that you have added a thin body, add a few points, more than a thinness, and the essays of the chest are more than the girls who are not in the same age. Although there is only a cup. Although In this way, he has a quite white skin, as well as the water snakes. Because it is too thin, both the legs are closely clamped, there will be a big gap between the stocks. With his melonian face, deep outline It is also a potential to become supermodel.

Unfortunately, the decadent father can’t take care of the words of the youth, plus the indifference of the accumulation of the month, so that the text is disgusting to her father. He blamed the father in your heart, think he is a culprit of the family. Even In this way, Wei Tian is still insisted in “such as”

Come to the daughter, that is the nickname after her child, this point has increased the paradise of the father. Wei Tian did not reach the daughter, and it has already knocked the door for a long time, the mind is not appropriate, I have a hard work The door is blocked. The scene of the eye is made greatly shocked. Only the text is like a pajamas, and the side is in a bloody water, it is like the posture of the fetus in the mother, and the sleeping pants are faded. Visible visible sillet flows from its share of the shares. The current judgment should be a menstrual tide, and there is a coma caused by anemia. Weidian quickly checking the signs of the daughter’s life, the breathing heart is normal, this is loosened. Wei Tian I think that I have just nervous appearance, I can’t help but feel funny. I am not intentional, I will once again see my wife’s white waist hip, surprises, my daughter will wake up at any time, this situation is not awkward. But at this time, Wei Tian feels one The strong swelling sensation of the stock, it turned out that he had a physiological response to his daughter. Even he was surprised. Since the wife pregnant, Wei Tian didn’t taste the fish in the fish. The wife deliberately cold It not only made him a feeling, and every time I looked at the A piece of hand, I felt very inferior. Today, he has not had a bare female body for more than ten years.

Nowadays, a half-legged daughter is in front of his eyes. It turns out in a time. I want to pull the legs to escape the scene, but I can’t bear to put my daughter. Don’t worry about my daughter, I want to come to always The daughter took care, a bite, I saw the Wei Tian hands slowly extended to her daughter, and Xu Xu faded her trousers … I don’t know how long, the text is gradually awake, but the scene of the eye is yes. It is most shocked. Wenru only seeing his body naked in the bathtub, the body is still slightly humid, his father squats outside the bathtub, holding a towel in his hand, is wiped her thigh roots close to the private place And the father’s eyes seem to be devil’s lower body. It is even more afraid that the father actually only wore a white tripper, the position of the trousers also vaguely visible to the micro-yellow diapers. At the horror of her double The arm also grasped a pass, I want to get up, but I found it is weak, even lifting the legs. Don’t move, you have just fainted, maybe hit the head. And flow a lot of blood, in order to wash off those blood Check if there is no wound, put you here. “

While talking about it, I reached out and wiped the past. “噎!”

If you have a sorrow, you can stop your father from going to wipe her lower body. This is really shameful, and the shame is flooded. One pass, now she only wants to rush out of the bathroom. I don’t know if it is intentionally or unexpected. The father’s hand is gently passed on the text, and the text is just like melting, it is like melting, just Stand up straight, I immediately fell back to the bathtub, but I couldn’t help but sip. “Oh!”

. Wenru’s struggle is easy to be embarrassing, and it is ashamed for his own disappearance, and his father is angry. It is difficult to say. If you have a father, you will not only give your daughter. Private parts, use two fingers to open her labipings. If you can’t believe in your father’s move, you are going to break the big waist, just a melted waist, just to the mouth, but a word I can’t spit it. After the father opened her labia, the other hand wiped her petals with wipes, and if there was a little bit of nip.

Let’s also see any scruples from my father’s face, just wipe my daughter’s genitals. Helpless full body is soft and weak, a wave of crossed pasta with his father’s finger, take a look at the swept If it is just a simple touch, it is absolutely unable to achieve such a strong effect in such a short period of time. Before the text is like a wake, the father must stroked the text as a short time. Think of this, if the text can not help but Suddenly, it is like a wave of rocks, a wave of a row of spots, direct access to the brain. “Worse, it is a climax!” Abdominal muscles are tightened by climax, and the legs are stiff, and the text is a pair of vice. The shape can’t do it again. I only listened to my father said: “Here is especially clean, otherwise it will breed bacteria and stink.”

I said that I still have to stop in my hand, and I wipe again. Every time I rub, the text is awkward. Every time I’m alive, I have made a waist, but she makes her strength. Come. This is the only silent protest that she can do. She will definitely don’t want her father to hear her voices. Unfortunately, her breathing and expression are still selling her. She Zhangcheng O-type lips, The eyebrows and heavy breaths, when they wipe it, they will sell her once. Finally, they can’t stop tears. With a burst of convulsions, tears are dried down from the eyes. She only hopes that all this is over.

In less than half a minute, Wen was already can’t be 20 times. Just when she felt that it was about to end, the shares suddenly came from the strange warm feeling, perhaps physical strength, maybe it is insufficient, but she conscious Still awake, the stimulation of the climax has gradually faded, even if the father still can’t stop her petals. But the warm feelings did not disappear, and spread from the bipartile to the waist. Wen. ” If you look at the lower body, you can’t help but face, the original feeling of warmth is from the urine of her incontinence. “You are enough!”

And ashamed and angry, she also caught everything, and pulled down the towel on the side, covering the lower body to jump out of the bathtub. Slip floor is harmful to her. Wei Tian is embarrassing, but I still hurt my daughter, I want to pick up the furting from the back, of course, just cause greater dislike, and more struggle. “Dad just hurts you, I want to take care of you!”

The clumsy Weidian does not know how to let go, the more hug it. The strong chest is passed on the back of the back, the warm body is passed between the skin. “Then you don’t wear clothes!”

“I want to help you clean, afraid to get wet …”

A burst of silence, two people speechless. There is only a slightly diaper. “Let’s let go of people!”

Breaking from the father’s arms, Wen is like turning to open the lotus head, preparing to rush to the body. Text is once again stepped into the bathtub, and the temperature is rising. “You are still dry here?”

At this time, Weidian has already been self-contrary, and it is of course not, but I have to leave but I am unwilling. I can’t say a word in the same way. Just when I have been eloquent to go to soap, I will see my own fainting. Pajamas. This moment is soaked in the soapy water of the face basin. It is still a slight blood red. When I see this scene, I can’t help but be soft. I look at my father on the side, see the shyness I don’t dare to look at myself, and it is a bit very embarrassing. Even if it is very humiliated, it seems that I can’t see if my father is deliberate, but the mood is a bit reluctant, but I want to say that this father is. Dad. Very Lu Snake, today is only when he is a white-eyed.

Pick up the soap and wash it on the body. After washing a moment, I feel that the back is not too much. I just seem to have a little urine, turn the head and watch my father, I still doubt it. I will have a while. , Said: “Wash behind.”

Said that the soap has been reached out. “Only after washing behind.”

Wen, if the redemption of the sky, Wei Tei can’t believe in my own ears. Looking up to your daughter, I only see if I have a little disdainful expression, but very quickly avoided the eyes. Contact. So, only the Nord’s got up, the bathtub is prepared to help her daughter. Wei Tian is shocked and fearful, the hand is helpless, looking at the body of the daughter, the graceful posture makes him can’t help but see God. Wait I’m impatient, such as urging: “Faster.”

Weidian came back to God, quickly licked soap, soap in the back. “You have also washed it, it is smell, it is a few days without taking a shower.”

Weidian stunned, just taking off the underwear, washing his body, and habitual lingering faces soap together. Just when he closed his eyes, Wen was turned to rinse the back of the back. Fortunately, this turned, the text is like a pure childhood, this is broken. I saw a kind of evil-fried hi, half either hanging in the father’s two legs. Wenru have never seen such ugly mask In addition to green privileges, there are irregular meat swatches in many places, rugged. Text is a complicated mood, both curiosity, nausea, and even some kinds of shame. This size is not known. Small, but the light is half-erected state, holding the text, and it is also enough to reveal a glans. Weizhen is washed with the face. The whole person sticked to her daughter. I touched the text like a navel along with the body. Wenru frowned turned the head, and used my hands to push the father, but the back is already a wall, my double peak and my father’s chest is only Passed together. Weidian is amazing, but it is too late. The body of the daughter passes through the pass of the penis, as if it touches the switch, once the penis has grown a fist length, but also up Micro-curved, topped on the daughter’s belly. Once the speechless, the two people coincided with the four eyes, the eyes of Wei Tian were full of fear and beg for mercy. Wen, this pair is deeply affected.

Daughter is somewhat different, although it is less likely to be embarrassed and shame, but there is a taste of a little bit. Why do you ask your father to use the male roots? Is it so majestic and strong? The strong potential is as if he is paying tribute to his daughter. Ferry, the father stared at himself, and the text did not dare to look directly at the reflective.

But I still have to see the majestic mask, let alone, it is touching my belly. Wei Tian feels helplessness, this is afraid that the previous commitment may also push, said to take care of the daughter, now this It is said that it is not used. I have to be annoying forever. I don’t have to leave. Just when Wei Tian wants to turn around, the strange things happen. Wenru with hands with soap foam, reach out Wei Tian chest. Weidian saw her daughter down his head and washed silently. Of course, he did not dare to breathe.

I saw her daughter washed her father’s chest, gradually washed to shoulders and armpit, and then went to the two waist and abdominal muscles. The more the daughter’s movement became slower, hesitate, but you can find that the daughter’s sight is always Leaving the father’s mask. Time seems to be frozen, every minute has become Wei Tian’s suffocation, he is afraid that he will cherry, let the daughter know that his father has evil. But daughter The fiber of the bottleman is moving on his own body. This is fast, and it is possible to say. When Wei Tian is still immersed in the pleasure of touching, the daughter’s movement suddenly stopped.

Wei Tian’s heart can not help but feel hard, on the one hand, I am worried that my daughter has discovered her evil mind. On the one hand, I can’t bear this wonderful touch. It is a long silence. The soap in Weiitian has already been successfully cleared. The atmosphere is full of a whole bathroom. Wenru reached out, got the lotus head, no water, the bathroom is quiet to get rid of the needle, so that the original two people are more embarrassing. I saw her daughter. The eyes were murdered, but also frowned. Wei Tian’s heart is thinking about it, it is about to be discovered. It is necessary to explain, and the lower body suddenly passed a bit of itching. Looking down, daughter Even with his hand, the soap foam allowed the text like the palm of the palm. After a while, the palm of the glans went around the grunner. After a while, he took the girl to hold the penis body repeatedly from the root to the glad neck, and the index finger was tapping The trench and horseparel. Weidian shocked the mouth, the body trembled, and could not be suppressed.

This atmosphere is really too embarrassing. The whole bathroom has an irregular breathing sound. There is only a daughter’s hands to pick up his penis. “兹 兹 叽”

Sound. The daughter always did not dare to contact his father’s eyes, and his head was silently done. Looking at the daughter’s hair, clavicle, and glanced in the shoulders and slender arms, and then to the exquisite ten fingers. A standing pink nipple, which is more flat under his penis. “叽, 叽”

The sound lasted for a while, even Wei Tian did not dare to know that the daughter was really cleaned, still teasing. It is a feeling of pushing into a strong acidity, every time, after each time, Wei Tian It must be very easy to keep the muscle contraction and avoid launching a chain reaction. But the impulse of this stock has only increased. When you go, he knows that he can’t hold it later. He can’t help but doubt your daughter is I don’t want to revenge him. If you do this, he still feels softened on his daughter’s attitude. Maybe just your own wish, but he feels that his daughter’s movements become more delicate and gentle, no longer a slap. Tian said that his ex-wife, I remembered the joy from the front Wushan clouds. He felt, the daughter exquisite hand squeezed his penis, like his semen. He believed in her daughter. It turned out to love him, he is willing to return the daughter’s love, go to the soup, do not hesitate. What secluded, ethical morality does not matter. Now the impact is everything, this fierce love tide It is true. Close your eyes, look up, he opened his mouth, the throat was low, ready to put all the love, a brain to the daughter. Suddenly, the daughter stopped the movement of the hand. Just When Tianzheng had to vent, the text actually stopped the action on his hand.

Obviously, I have just been shamelessly intoxicated, I have been seen in the eyes of my daughter. Wenru didn’t say anything, just quiet handle extracted from the father’s penis, faintly turned out to take a bathtub. Weidian can’t understand what this is? Means, why doctious doctors to suddenly come. Is the daughter not to please my father? Daughter said that the father is shameless? I only see the text, I don’t say, just take care of my father on the shoulder. The hands of the mask. I saw my daughter or I didn’t want to talk. I went to the bathroom door to go to the bathroom. From the mirror of the shallow station, Wei Tian saw a contempt of the daughter’s eyes.

It turns out that everything is a false icon? What love and admire is just a good product? Wei Tian can no longer bear this kind of shame, he is not just anger, and hate. Weidian crossed the bathtub, Before a stent, I pulled the right hand, put her back. On the other hand, the neck of her daughter, pressed her into the mirror on the shoulder wall. Wenru struggled to open his father The hand is in vain, the whole person is pressed on the washing station. She lifted the knee to my father’s mouse, but unfortunately, I just wiped the Wei Tian’s mask. Wenru is pressed a buttock Sitting on the Washground, struggling but could not get up. He changed his father, helpless arms could not shake his father one minute.

The father left the left hand, and the right hand lifted her left leg to the right shoulder. If you can’t drive your father, you can use your fist to beat, and there are also a few punches in Wei Tian’s face. This A little painful feelings, it is more proud of Wei Tada, reaching out the right hand hooked the next neck, and put the text like a head to his own chest. The left hand put the like of the right leg and lifted his left shoulder. Just constitute a position of the railway.

The father’s lower body is full, the glans is completely erection of the penis and just in the essay of the essay, and the meaning of the words, so that the words of the words, the push to push the father, but just touch the glans, shameful and angry hand. Before going to the chest. The father saw that the words were disgusting, and suddenly ignited an anger. The left hand held the whole penis, the entrance to the vagina, and a very waist to send all the penis. The force is too heavy, and the bottle tank of the entire washstone is on the basin. This is a place where the text is like, the vaginal has been smoked by his father, and now there is a fat foram in the father’s mask. The lubrication, the glans is easy to go to the uterine mouth, and the air in the uterus is squeezed to go, I have to “”

A, mixed with obscenity, splashing from the vagina, spraying his father’s pill. Just listen to the text as “”

A little, I don’t know if it is comfortable or painful. The heart is full of shame, and the text is struggling to stand up straight waist, so that the penis slides out of the vagina, but several times have been arbitrarily grabbed back neck, hard studies After that, it is not only possible to escape, but it is also deeply inserted. “Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!”

Under the four consecutive, every time you look at a second. Every time you have a strong extraction, and a strong insertion. 睪 睪 拍 打 户 户 清 清 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 文 声 文 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 响 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声Then fall back to the washing station. A softness of a waist makes text to support both hands. Father is not inserted, it will experience the insert, the text is like a hole, there is a new heavens and earth Words. Borrowing the text from the penis, let him feel more completely to the body of the daughter. I am very exciting that my father’s last silk is a sense of reason. I only see that he looks straight into the integration of the two. Atmospheric, the right hand from the back of the neck, the left hand hugged the left hand, and changed her daughter with the whole body. The two people were completely attached. This piece is like understanding itself I hope to escape, my father’s body is not a weak woman can be promoted at all. I have a slender legs from my father’s body to the father’s mind. Wen is like a heart, just like this, you also If you can’t force me. Unexpectedly, the father doesn’t love strong, change it to twisting your waist button, use the body’s weight and the irregular meat wart on the penis, repeatedly scrape the daughter’s vaginal wall The vaginal wrinkles do not have the experience of the owner. It is strong to meet the foreign guests, dance with the meat. If the electric shock is trembled. Wenru feel that people in the world are doing to her, even their vagina I have to betray myself.

Strong grievances made her stiffness, refused to send a one-run voice. But my father got a little, let every shame of everything with pleasure. I can’t help but doubt, is it not a bitter? I don’t care? I am Don’t you fall in love with your father? Otherwise, how can everything you will be so soul? Weidian twisted, enjoy the daughter’s vaginal wrinkles to provide the private service provided by him, and take a shower when taking a shower It was awakened. The father of the beast is completely abandoned. “As if you are, you are so hot ~!”

“If you like,” Pull “is doing you just as you have just peeing.

“If you are like, how is you tight? The clips are so cool. When you do your” Ma Ma “, you are so cool ~!”

“If you are, it is very cool to do.”

Text is like a shame, and the sorry is closed, but the tears do not live up to the cheek. “If you, pull this, it is hurting ~!”

I saw my daughter’s tears, Wei Tei replied a little humanity, relaxing against her daughter, letting the like slipped from his shoulders. Wenru, a chance to get a breath, immediately turned to wandered from the toilet station How to let go of the legs, it will be discovered that the legs and waist have long been paralyzed because they have just been oppressed, they can’t come, and they are still in the ground, they are gently portable by their father. Sitting on the washstock. For the Wei Tian, ​​after the two people met, the head saw her daughter so unhappy, even if the daughter’s chest is not very big, but playful standing , The uli is red, the nipple is even more strong. If you can’t say it, your hands are grabbing, but also use the thumb to make the nipple, make the daughter’s whole back, the bow. Even so, Wei Tian’s penis is not idle, continuous Dynastal output of the daughter. The daughter stared at his father and looked at his father’s persistent look.叽 … “

Weidian language is speechless. A carcass focus on daughter, slowly putting his own daughter, one is helpless, watching his father to insert your own sex. The whole bathroom has only the sound of the penis and vaginal friction. “叽, 叽, 叽, 叽, 叽 … “

After a long time, I have never seen my father’s signs. Wenru feel that the waist is not myself. Every time my father slowly sent the penis into her vagina, it will make her abdomen in the abdomen, and the roots of the thighs will be empty when the father slowly sent the penis into her vagina. Self-shaking. Father has closed his eyes, as if it is finely explored the structure of the daughter uterus, taste every undulation on the vaginal wall. It is more exaggerated, as long as the penis is sent to the vagina, Wei The field will gently make a praise. “(), (), 吼 (), (), (叽), () … “

In fact, every time the delivery, the text is built into the edge of the disappearance. Maybe the father did not detect, but every piece of flipping, the text is gradually starting to make a soft petitude. “Is it so cool?”

Wen Rang uses the tone of question, I want to cover my own disorder. Sustey, I interrupted Wei Tian’s intoxication, but also a burst of mistakes. In the balance, I think about the beginning of the beginning, my own total Non-ritual. Everything is too late, your penis is also inserted into the daughter’s yin! Remending is going to rise, the text is just a contracted force, holding the Weitian’s penis. This hoop, Almost the idea of ​​remorse is to extinguish. The impulse impulse is under this daughter’s vagina, straight to Weiitian’s brain. I haven’t come to regret it, and I will face the choice of God’s battle. Think of yourself The penis has been enjoying so long. It is about to score, and there is a halfway. But now, but your daughter, this vent, but it is a common anger. This kind of suffering Pressure, at all, it is not the loungers of Wei Tian’s loser. It is unaffiring, it is unscrupulous, and it is like a self-speaking self-speaking self-speaking. When you say it, you can make a daughter to rape him. “Hey, if you can’t do it, how can you follow your love?” “

“If you are like, how do your small cavities have been struggling to pull out the machine, this is not good, don’t pull it out.”

The body is talking, the body can be not idle, one draws one plus, the performance is like a daughter’s genitals can’t take his penis. This way, the actuated panel, it is really a Run snake The special performance of the character is fulfilled. See the father’s shameless behavior, thinking that he is actually used by this rushe to make a mess, it is ashamed and indignant. I want to play him again and weak. My father’s hands are still in their own. The breast is on the breast. It is reluctant to be refreshing. When I said it later, my father suddenly became a big move, and the text felt that the whole penis burst into into his lower body. The strong pleasure left by the glad neck is still eliminated, and the homework felt the top of the glans. The electric shock-like pleasure was on the top of the text. At this moment, she finally couldn’t help it. .

Following his father almost smoked the penis, followed by it immediately, just rushed to the yin. Text is naturally a prostitution. When you look at it, Wen Ru followed the same. Wenru, the father, why is the father? Suddenly became so excited, the original Weitian’s penis was taken behind the daughter’s vagina, and finally couldn’t help but explode the chain reaction of the sympathetic nerve. His a long-lasting ejaculation urge, all tilted out. When the penis is inserted to the deepest, the burning semen makes the daughter who have originally spring is more close to the madness.

At first, it was hanging on the side of the washing station. At this time, I took the initiative to hook the father’s back, tightly clamped my father. With a few stiff, it is, and the woman in front of him is my own. Bone, Wei Tei, put all the semen into the generous body. After the shoot, the two legs trembled. The light is still not satisfied, the greedy Zhang mouth is kissed to the daughter’s lips.

Originally, if you work hard to make the vagina, this kiss, the text can only be uncontrolled, and the tightened vaginal exit is finally relaxed. The full semen 兹 兹 兹 汨 兹…. 高 汨 汨 汨It is awake, the two come together, half-minded can’t come, because I can’t believe what I have done just now. Weidian has been in the middle of the daughter’s vagina, which is like a zombie. I walked out of the bathroom, leaving a wrong daughter, from the semen flowing out of the vaginal mouth, dried out the edge of the washing station, dripping on the tile, emitting the sound of ticking. ~ End ~ post mark. Next day, Weitian As usually, I was going online, just in a hurry, I didn’t think that I didn’t have a long-awaited, I didn’t have a long-awaited. I stared at the father’s small father. Wei Tian did not know what it was, but it could not be interrupted. He had to let his daughter looked at him to pee. In a hurry, he pulled up his trousers.

I saw a daughter and two hands, sitting on the toilet. Although the text is still touched with his father’s eyes, but the two hands unspeak the shoulder strap of the next year, let it fall, reveal the good bids to the children.

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