[Woman with a ring with a ring]

Foreword, my growth experience is my real story, life is colorful. I revealed my privacy, I want to describe my life growth experience from another side of my side. This kind of opportunity is not much, friends, you have to cherish it!

My life can be said to be a legendary life. Mom and Dad have been married for four years. Mom has not pregnant, and did not check for children at the time.

Once an accidental opportunity, my mother met uncle and was love at first sight. It was a god-a-service opportunity. Dad didn’t have a bad time. Mom did not experience the temptation of uncle and showed a woman’s chastity. Mom finally made uncle, and the two were approximately madly mating for three or four days.

Uncle’s greatest achievements are also his masterpiece, which is a new life in the mother’s uterus. Mom gave birth to her only baby daughter, this is my brilliant life.

Mom used her smart wisdom and savvy to deceived Dad, let Dad easily believe in the fetus in her abdomen is his masterpiece, and uses the opportunity to ask uncle to give his mother to the household, so uncle has become Dad and Mom Common friends.

Since then, uncle can come to my family and my mother with his mother, since then, the two will have more opportunities.

*********** Under the care of mom, Dad, and uncle, I was born smoothly, since then, I have become their pistachios, common topics and spiritual pillars.

I gene in my mother and uncle’s two best genes. Uncle has inherited his intelligence, chic, and wisdom. The gene in which I have, my mother’s beauty, beautiful, and kindness, and understanding are my advantages. As a daughter is the most proud of, I have a long and mother, beautiful, and the devil’s body, people love. The little sackow, the man is, but also the man’s soul dreams, can’t cut.

I graduated in junior high school, I successfully entered the state-owned unit. The master is like a father, and it is a general care for me.

Although I am still two years old than his daughter, he is still in my sixteenth year old, asking me to watch the movie named, I took my first night in the cinema. The girl’s breast and Xiao Sao were first played, and the virgin prostitute wets the girl’s underwear and a short skirt.

In fear and shy, accompanied by incomparable comfort and curiosity, since then, I tasted the cheerful and sweetness of women who were played.

On the eve of the 17th birthday, I sent a sister to marry the way, in the car, I was opened by the master. Just developing mature Xiao Sao is ruthlessly inserted, with my seventeen women’s mask being roughly torn. The narrow and delicate vagina is opened by the master, and the top hit is put into the top. In the pain of the heart, I lost my virgin, since then, I bid farewell to my career. The first time in my vagina is injected into the man’s semen …

When I was crying to my mother, my mother was not angry, but I congratulated me said that I grew up. She said: “As a woman, it is a morning and evening, let a mature man will be more comfortable and more addicted.”

Mom tells me the story of her and her men, and analyzed me to make a woman’s truth and the stakes. It is said that women have to learn to conquer the man with their own physical conditions, let them be willing to serve you, to do things for you.

She said that when she became a few more acres of land, she got her home in the city, and she had a lot of affordable, and she also got a lot of affordable; talking about her own and uncles seventeen years I also got her baby daughter.

I gradually understood the truth, I started learning to use my beautiful body and the natural and delicate delicate Xiao Sao to seek benefits and schedule for myself.

*********** This article reflects my growth course from my life. It real records my privacy, and all friends will be a joke.

In the first chapter, I introduced you to my childhood. At that time, the family was very poor, a house was paved, and the chance of accidental chances found the mother and uncle.

The scenes of their mating are in the eyes. When she came in the day, my mother would put me out. After the uncle walked, my mother always scattered his face red, and the look was particularly excited. .

After telling you in the second chapter, the master takes me to the first night in the cinema.

My Xiao Sao was first touched by his big hand, and the virgin nipple was first biting and sucking by a man. I first tasted the girl by a man to play with sour, irritation, shy and comfortable. In the third chapter, I will introduce my friends on the road to marry, and the master gives me a bud.

My little Sao was ruthlessly inserted by the master’s hard and long big cock, my hymen was torn, and the woman’s narrow vagina was opened by foreign body, and the pain and pumping of the heart Topping hitting sour and sorrow. The first time, in the fear and pain, the fourth chapter is that I am dragging a swelling Xiao Sao, I cried with my mother.

Mom patiently guides me, let me want to get open, saying that the girl is a morning and evening, who is useful to let Who have a few times.

Mom tells me the story of her childhood. Telling her mother, when I was young, in order to get a few more acres, I went to the city in the city, so that the village had a few days. Of course, the payment of has been returned. Mom in this chapter tells all the crowds and villagers’ steady and.

The fifth chapter is to write a mother to the temptation of his uncle, and the chance of the father is giving for a few days. Finally, there were their combat results, giving their only daughter, causing my brilliant life.

The sixth chapter is written in my mother’s patience and understands some of the truth of life. With the help of my mother, the master has a second time in my home, and finally let me taste the girl’s comfort and pleasure. . Since then, I will learn technology while I am. With the help of the master, I am full in advance, I can drive independently and become the first female driver in the county.

Chapter VII and Chapter VII I recorded the second man of my life with a more detailed space. It is a fundamental turn in my life. It is that he reported my “deed”, let me say it. The provincial labor model. Since then, I am going to the hospital.

Destiny is unpredictable, when he is 肏 肏, my residual virgin is unexpectedly flowing out of the girl’s blood, making me become a virgin. When he was full of exciting mood, he knew that the master had already been more than a dozen times, I have given the master’s blood. He finally became my husband was in Chapter 8.

Chapter IX, I introduced you to my sister and married my house. She narrates to me, the passage of the arrival of the marriage. When she asked me, I also told her that while she was in her, I was passed by the master. I want to tell me, and the cousin is generous to express my brother-in-law for a few days, so I have a story that I have mate my husband.

In Chapter 10, I told my friends that I helped the master to achieve his hiking, on the way to go home, I drove the master to make a cousin in the rear car.

At the home of the cousin, I had a for a few days with the help of the cousin, and I saw someone else in front of myself. The kind of mood could not be expressed. It can be said that it is more enjoyable than yourself. Under the eyes of the third party and others, the feeling of being shy and exciting is really overflowing. These few days of sexual life makes me taste, as a woman is the biggest pleasure.

In the eleventh to thirteenth chapter, I took a series of people who were in the talents, I wrote in detail for my friends.

Since I was inadvertently, the webmaster began to pay attention to me. He looked at me naturally, beautiful, and I took me in his office. In order to occupy me for a long time, it is carefully designed, and it has set various traps, so I have to jump in the future.

In order to get me, let me spend on him to pick up the car. In the senior hotel, he brought me a few days, all kinds of torture, constantly refurbished, so that I was willing to become his lover, of course I also got the benefits. Since then, my destiny has begun to have a fundamental change, and I will enter the party to make a hair.

In the fourteenth chapter, in the fifteenth chapter, I introduced you to Master after I was hung, using the relationship to move the hostel’s account from the countryside to the city, and to recruit metrics. I passed the relationship between the webmaster, arranged the cousin as a flight attendant at the long-distance passenger station. In these two, I have introduced the situation of the cousin in the city and the two people after entering the city, and the cousin of the gods.

The sixteenth chapter is to write me a homework that has become a webmaster, and the stationmaster has made the manager of the transportation company, and I was also added to the webmaster of the freight station.

I also started my own beliefs, put my brothers, and used I am going to set up the opportunity of the three-eighth women’s car class, and give each brother a brother for them to play. Of course, the brothers are not expensive, and these female brothers are cultivated into a new generation of female drivers. They also opened their own female brothers, with a species. In an article, I focused on the pain of my brother’s female brother who was opened. In the seventeenth chapter, I explained the special relationship of my mysterious people in my article. Because I took the contact with her, and she witnessed the entire process of my high-altitude, I was particularly interested in her experience. Under my many efforts, I finally opened her. mouth.

She described me with a high station long with a drug with a drug when she had just participated in the work. At the moment she was opened, Xiao Sao was awakened by the pain. The high station long is naked on her virgin, the hard-long big cock has inserted into her narrow and delicate vagina, and the shammed female film flows. , Tear-hearted pain and virgin fear is shameful.

When the webmaster sprayed the thick semen in the womb, the girl could only use tears to scrub their shame …

In the 18th chapter, the cousin has been adjusted in the city for a few years, and the cousin finally wanted to transfer his brother-in-law to the city. She is looking for me. I am determined to pull her down, I found uncle and contributed to their good things, my brother-in-law was successfully transferred to the city, and arranged to work. Wonderful, you are slowly appreciated …

Chapter 19 is that the brother is back, and the thoughts for a long time make us approximately crazy mating. I have been twenty-six years old, I feel some old, I should marry, I finally married him …

The twentieth chapter I describe the scene I married, please see yourself.

Chapter 21 is that I have gone my baby daughter.

The twenty-second chapter is Dad retired, and the high-rise, in my home, I must let you refresh …

Chapter 23 is a story that happened when I wrote me in a break.

Chapter 24 is to describe the high-rise director to transfer to the provincial city, I use my body to send him …

******************************************* (1) 丫丫 刘 刘, 桂 桂, The name is 丫, it is a single girl, born in a remote town in Heilongjiang. In three years of natural disasters, I just read primary schools.

My family lived in a unique unique house of my family to my family, the yard is very large, and a lot of flower grass and small dishes are very quiet, very elegant.

There is only one bedroom in the house, a kitchenette. Only one small fire in the bedroom, squeezing a squeeze. The cleansing of my mother packed by the mother, and there is a mistake.

My mother is called white blue, and it is very beautiful when you are young. She is director in the street, at that time is the job, no salary. Mom smart can be beautiful, at home, everything is my mother. Dad is a random worker. The name is Liu Qiang. People have been very handsome, the temper is particularly good, very good, never sent to me and my mother, let my mother.

At that time, Dad’s wages were very high. However, at that time, the family was not affluent, and later, I only knew that my family had to take the life of my mother’s mother.

At that time, every family is very poor, and it is necessary to drink food. Mom served twenty pounds per month, I was at the time to supply more than a dozen pounds. At that time, each person only supplies two pounds white faces per month, one catty rice, two soybean oils, only in the New Year, can eat rice white face, and the rest are coarse food. Buy cloth to buy clothes to use cloth tickets, in short, most of the goods are supplied, the life of the family is very tight!

I am particularly embarrassed at home, I am very obedient, I am a father and mother’s palm.

************ Mom has a friend called Li Yan, is a military transfer to the county government, is a mother’s old iron, often come to my home, very beautiful, very savvy. He is very good for me, I like me very much, I call him uncle Li. When he came to my house, he was my talented. Every time, uncle will bring some delicious things, what is rice, white, and some tight goods, of course, will bring me some candy.

Every time I am coming, my mother is particularly excited, especially happy. At this time, I am more happy.

Mom will say: “Hey, go out to play for a while! Don’t go too far. I summon you will come back!” I am happy to ran out of the candy.

Mother will always plug in the door. After a long time, my mother opened the door to pick up the uncle, and shouted me: “Hey! Let’s return to write homework.” I ran back and said to my uncle, “Uncle, goodbye!” “Just go back to the house. At this time, my mother’s face is always red, and the hair is very chaotic.

I started writing homework, my mother will always sit in front of the mirror, re-complining the scattered hair, with a sweet smile.

******************************************************************** At this day, my uncle came to my house, brought a lot of delicious things, I bought it a good look. In the evening, I bought the flower clothes bought early asleep early.

In the middle of the night, I was awakened by a blame of “,, 哧, 哧哧”, I am busy open my eyes, my mother is riding a person. I took a closer look, it was the uncle of naked naked, riding on a hint of mother.

At this time, my mother is like a delicate little martial marty with naked uncle, and the uncle is like a tall warrior ride on the mother naked body. A hard and thick big cock in him, inserted into a smashing Xiao Sao, in the narrow, delicate, delicate, Xiaosao, a narrow, delicate, Xiaowei, a narrow, delicate, Xiaosao. Up and down, taking the narrow and tender vagina with the narrow vagina in the mother.

Uncle is crazy, the mother is narrower and delicate, and the hit of the big cock and the little Sao is endless, “叽,,,,, 呱 呱, 呱呱, 呱呱 叽叽 叽叽 叽叽…… “

My mother kept squatting, screaming, in exchange for uncle’s more violent, and more violently.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Rock, my sister’s Xiao Sao is yours, you can bother! My sister’s Xiao Sao is sour, so numb! You give your sister! Do a child again. Bar!”

“咕 叽, 咕, 咕叽, 咕叽 叽 … 哧,, 哧, …” The frequency of uncle’s mother is significantly accelerated, and the strength is getting more and more fierce.

Mom is still shouting: “Hey! My sister is so comfortable!”

Uncle suddenly grabbed his mother’s strong beauty, the big cock died, his mother’s Xiaowei, yelled, “Ah! Ah! Ah! I am shot.”

Mom said: “Shoot! In the sister of your sister.”

Uncle is in the mother’s body, my mother is tightly holding uncle. After a fierce convulse of my mother, I gradually calm down.

Mom is gentle: “Is it shot?”

Uncle said: “Shoot!”

Mom said: “How many?”

Uncle said: “Take more!”

Mom said uncle: “Don’t pull it out, sleep on me! You can give your sister.”

Mothers are falling asleep with uncle.

At that time, I am still very small, I don’t know what they are doing, scared me to sleep.

************ The next night, very late, uncle has not come, my mother will be paved early, let me take off your clothes. There is no TV, radio, and even small speakers, just a fifteen small light bulb at home. The house is dark, not sleeping.

I was lying on my heart and couldn’t sleep, and I have been secretly thinking about my mother’s business last night.

At this time, the door opened, the uncle came in, my mother greeted myself, holding uncle, snuggling in his arms, said: “Rock! You are coming! Sister, etc. Anxious, your little baby is in a hurry, my trousers are wet. “

Uncle looked at me: “Did you fall asleep?”

Mom said: “I have already slept.”

Uncle was holding his mother, reaching his hand into the mother’s crotch, stroking my mother’s Xiao Sao, said: “Oh! How is it so wet, still water!”

Mom said: “You are bad! Let my sister wait for you for so long, and we are in a hurry.”

Mom said: “The rock, you will take a dress on your clothes! Sister is washed with your baby, so let you eat enough.”

Uncle took off her clothes and drilled into the bed, my mother took a pot of warm water to the kitchen, took off her clothes, pulled down the pants.

At that time, no one was wearing a breast, and my mother exposed her proud naked. Mother’s white crisp with a pair of strong beauty breasts, two red cherries in the breasts, mouth water, flat, soft abdomen, brainless. Mom is white and tender, and the drums of the drums are smashing, and more beautiful, more beautiful and more moving. She squatted in the basin, washed the water was washed the narrow and delicate sketches of emoticity. Uncle is really can’t help, from being drilled out in the nest, tall his hard and thick and long big cock like a python, come to the mother’s face, kneeling down: “Sister! I am coming to you. Little baby. “

Mother opened a narrow red swollen scepter with hand, let the uncle pink carefully. Wash, wash, uncle’s big cock is harder, more thicker, longer, like a thick fire swing in front of her mother. Mom twisted his body and he kept. She has already touched.

Uncle took the clean, naked mother hugged it on the edge. Mom puts two pillows on the back, lie on the head, and the mother put the legs to the half-empty V-shaped. Uncle was squatting his mother’s ass, appreciating his mother because of estrus, and the red and tender, more dumping. Mother opened blood red silent seam with hands, so uncle’s inner structure of women who were still in enough.

The top of the mother is narrow, the top is inlaid, and the slot, the sinful juicy, the sluice, and the small cloudy lips care, the woman, the woman, the urethra and the valuable and sacred forever The narrow vagina man is reversed.

Uncle is carefully tasted every delicious food in front of him. He uses his tongue to bite, bite with his teeth, rub with his mouth, stimulate the mother’s body tremble, a boy’s sticky prostitute, from Spreading in a narrow vagina. The butt, a bow, a bow, the face of uncle, the mouth is constantly embarrassed.

Uncle fierce, drunk, the mouth sucking the mouth, the uncle’s uncle is full of paste.

My mother screamed: “Ah! Ama! Ah! I can’t stand it. Rock! My sister can’t stand it, come and come to the sister’s Xiao Sao! Come to the sister! My sister is not …”

The face is covered with a paste, holding his hard and thick and long big cock, and he has listened to the tender and tender vagina that has flooded into the disaster. Plug in.

My mother screamed, “Oh! I really hurt, really comfortable, hard!”


“Falling, swearing, swearing, swearing … 扑, 扑 哧哧, 扑 哧哧 … 叽, 咕叽 叽 … …”

Mom accompanied the rhythm of uncle to push the collision, screaming, using her charming body, narrow and delicate, struggling to meet the uncle’s hard and thick dicks once inserting collision . Mom is full of passionate, screaming, exciting uncle’s stronger thrust and intense collision.

“Falling, felt … 叽, 咕叽 … 叽, 叽, 呱呱, … … … … … … … … …,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Mom made a humiliating shout, “Oh! Oops! I have entered my sister’s split, insert into the uterus! It is too comfortable! My sister is too comfortable.”

Uncle suddenly shouted, “Ah! Ah, my sister, I am shot.”

“Shoot! In the uterus of my sister, give my sister.”

Uncle is tightly smashed, his mother is tender, and the body is twitching, shining the deep semen into the uterus of the mother.

The two gradually calmed down, and the uncle took out the weak cock. The strong semen flows out from the tenderness of my mother, and the two are exhausted into the nest, hugging each other to enter the dream …

*********** Dad will come back.

Mom put me in the arms and said: “Hey! Mom and Uncle are good? Love you?”

“Mom, you all love me, good to me, this I know. I love you, love uncle.”

“Hey! I really understand, my mother tells you, don’t tell my father to my family, understand?”

I said: “I know, I will not sell my mother.”

I put it out and pull it with my mother …

*********** Dad came back, I snuggled in my father’s arms.

Dad asked me: “Are you at home,?” I said: “Hey, very obedient.”

Dad said: “Good boy.” Dear me and said, “Give his father a chicken.”

I touched my hands and touched my hand. I extended my hand to my father’s mouth. My father kissed: “Really fragrant!” I also kissed my father and ran out.

In the evening, the petite mother relied around his father, and the two spoke. Dad also squats in a beautiful mother, and the mother is delicate and narrow. Mom will also be embarrassed, but there is a fierce scene with uncle.

************ I grew up, Dad’s unit changed my big house, there are two bedrooms, I also have my own small world, no need to crow with Mom and Dad in one Pave it.

My family’s life has also been greatly improved, and Dad is still going often, and Uncle will come to my house for a day or two.

Of course, I can’t see the scene of my mother, but the child grows up, I always leave my mother’s father.

Whenever the uncle came to my family, I always put my hand on the squat and stroke, gently rubbed, recall the scene of the uncle’s mother’s narrow and tender. I didn’t know any liquid in my embarrassment, and I couldn’t help but gently …

************ I came to the first menstruation at the age of thirteen. At that time, I didn’t understand anything. I only feel that my body is strange, my whole body is hot, and I am somewhat dizzy. I am very uncomfortable after class, I feel very hot below the lower abdomen, what is pouring out of the, hot, as if the diapers are the same. I put my hand into the skirt, I took out, I saw it is blood! Although I know this is a genital tide, but I am very panicked, it hurts. Later, my classmates told the teacher, the teacher immediately made me back home.

Mom asked me how to come back, I said that I have blood.

Mother let me lie down and see my little, give me a pad to give it to the new underwear (there is no sanitary napkin.).

Mom said to me, “Child, you adults, is a big child, will come every month, learn to take care of himself.”

The next day, some classmates worked about what I was going on, and there was no disease. There are also many male students to laugh at me, digging me, and even the male classmates who have neid, I still ask me that I have flowed blood and some disgusting words.

At that time, I was very angry, but I was also embarrassed to tell the teacher, I had to bear my grievance.

(2) Watching a movie with the master – My first night is sixteen years old, I graduated from the junior high school because I didn’t focus on high school. Uncle knows that I will have something to find a good job in finding a good job, my father said that the child is still a little bit reluctant to go to school, I said that I want to work how much money can also pick up my home.

Uncle’s door is very wide. After a few days, a recruitment quota is engaged in the labor department. It is the recruitment indicator of the bus driver of the county transport terminal. If you are going, you will find his comrades to make my master. He is also the surname of the army to Zhao Zhao, forty-year-old.

After a few days, my uncle took me to the transport terminal, I met with the master, the master praised me very much, very machine. The next day, the master took me, and met with other masters and my brothers.

In a few months, the master and my brothers are very good. There is no girl here, they take me as baby, I’m cadely call me my milk name. My master is a pet, I am still two years old than his daughter!

*********** One day, the master said: “Hey, I will take you to the movie this evening.”

I am so happy that I have agreed.

In the evening, I was sitting at the movie to the cinema.

The master got into the hall, and the master specially found a seat in the dark corner. The movie is shown, and there is a dark, no one pays attention to us.

The master pulled my hand, I joked my hand, I was very hot that day, I wore very little.

The master entered the first inch of my flesh, explored, the master’s hand had to touch my breast (then I was still small, the breast was still mature, I have not worn the breast cover.).

I am sixteen, how can I go through this kind of scene, scare me shive, say: “Master, don’t touch it! I touched my (Northeast Division). I am really afraid!”

The master put me in his arms and said, “Don’t be afraid! My 丫丫 乖哎, let the master don’t have a happiness of the hare.” He unlocked my clothes button, both hands already Stroke my pettelous breast, fingering my woman with my virgin. I can’t have it from it, the two legs are not from the autonomous straightness, and the head is behind. A smashing current spreads through the whole body from the tip, a burst of heat flows from my narrow and delicate virgin.

Another hand of the master opened my student skirt, and the other hand unlocked the chicken mouth of his shorts and took out his hard and long big cock. He put me up in his arms, sitting in his big cock, put his hard and thick and long big cock, inserted from my trip pants legs, clipped in my mouth buttock Outside.

A pair of delicate crispy breasts came out, the master bowed, licking, squatting, eating my small and exquisite virgin.

I am so big, except for my mother, no one has touched my naked. My two haven’t developed a mature pettened small breasts, were somewhat embarrassed by Master, eat could not be swollen from autonomous congestion, hard, sour, Ma Ma’s icon spread throughout the body, my nude The numb crisp, the sour is soft in the body of the master, and there is no strength, no resistance.

The master is unscrupulous to play with my young and tender naked, I gradually lost my reason, lost dignity. I gently squatted, there was no purpose: “Don’t, don’t!”

The master’s hand leaving my pettelous breasts slowly creeping, through the flat soft belly, after playing for a while in my umbilical eye, gradually reaching into my trippants, I haven’t, I have not The narrow and delicate virgin, being developed.

The master’s finger played with my sparse yellow, and I was gently separated by my hand. I have flooded into the disaster, and the virgin of the virgin and delicate church gap. A finger stretched into it and gently explored, stroking my virgin, fingering gently squatting in the squeezing clutter on the top of the woman.

I was stimulated to shake the whole body, twitch, a prostitute with a confused prostitution with a virgin, a rush.

The master’s hand is covered with the aromatic paste on my tribe, and he smokes to the palm of the palm of the palm of the palm.

He stretched back in my trippants again, using two points to separate the female congestion red and narrow sketches, and softly touched caress in my hymen.

I also hidden the secretly secretion of the secretly secreated vaginal, which was covered with my slightly smuggling, and wet my tripd pants, urine. Chair, full of his big hand.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed him once. I touched again and again, Xiao Sao tied it itchy crispy, screaming, a strange pleasure and pleasure made me panting.

I instinctively clamped the long legs, my narrow and delicate virgin, the masquerade is already flooding, and the vocal vague scent of the vocal smell flows out from the master’s big hand. My trip, covered with his hard and long big cock and his crotch. Wet, cool, sticky, my butt on his big cock and his crotch is covered with paste.

I feel particularly shy, I don’t help but hold his hands to stop. The woman under the hand under the hand, the shortcomings of Xia Zai, the shortcomings of the shortcomings, let me tremble with my body. The small and exquisite clitoris and narrow vagina have a tight jumping, narrow and delicate Xiao Sao, has been developed.

The master’s finger is still stroking on my white and softening hymen, looking for my mysterious entrance to the girl’s internal cave.

My body is not coming to the self-container, and breathing is rushing. Soon, I feel that my narrow and delicate Xiao Sao, there is a bit itching blood swelling, so comfortable, good pleasure.

I have never had this feeling, my narrow and delicate sidelines are getting more blocked, more and more drums, as if they want to pee. Tight virgin virgin is very hot, my body is keeping a shake. At the same time, I can feel his hand because I am excited.

Suddenly, the master’s finger is bent down, from the small hole of the hymen, “Oh, Mom! Pain! Help.”

Top chef in my ass ditch hard and thick and long big dick, a gust of convulsions shaking, fired his semen deep slimy, a children rush to catch a child’s delicate spray in my Jinzhai virgin small show cunt outside, like paste, like and sticky and thick, and cold, and slippery, dip in the small show my cunt. Master’s body limp for a while, hand drawn from Jinzhai delicate small show my cunt just been developed, he had that big dick too weak slipped out of my ass ditch.

I lay in the arms of the master, from Jinzhai delicate small show cunt in and flowing out of an an sexual secretion of slimy, channeling down the ass out.

Master arms around me and kissed me and said: “!? Yaya small show cunt wrong with you.”

I Fadia said: “! Master, it is good or bad you feel other people’s little cunt cunt, which makes it so sad Yaya Let’s go.!”

I’m going home, I stood up feeling lower body cool, wet, thick semen sexual secretion and master of my sticky like glue stick in the small show as my cunt Jinzhai delicate hand touched, slimy stained with one hand, smell, Xing Xing, strange taste.

I cried and said: “! My master triangle pants wet, not wear, that little cunt cunt on paste filled with paste, how do na?”

Master cuddle me and said: “!. We do not cry to enchant a new car.”

Master put me on the car the trunk, on the seat, I took off my pants triangle, put my white Sang Sang, paste on a small show of plump and tender pussy licked.

His master out of the bag in a military lace thong (which is the only kind covered cunt seam) I put on, and come up to help me put on lace bra, back I bought a piece of cloth it Kyrgyzstan (a kind of dress is called in Russian, is very fashionable at the time, I could not bear to wear, often stood in my bag.) I put on.

He picked up my slimy Yin Ye covered with virgin briefs sniffed, then put the bag and treasures.

Dressed, the master put me into the cab drove me home ……

In the months after the ************, I often recall this wonderful spur of the moment. My body has also been subtle changes, breast swelling often inexplicable, and soon development. My Jinzhai delicate small show cunt often unclear outflow slimy sexual secretion, constriction delicate little more to show cunt drum, more juicy, like bread, like opening arouses love.

Chefs say I am more and more beautiful, older students often take me happy.

And when the master alone together, he always hug me into his arms, put his huge hands into my bra in two swollen breasts rub gently pinching the nipple, like an electric shock to stimulate my the body, stimulate my constriction delicate maiden small show cunt, then a surge of slimy sexual secretion from Sao virgin cunt my Jinzhai delicate belching.

I limp in the arms of the master, charming in his ear, said: “! Do not touch the Ya-Ya’s a small show cunt and Tangshui”

Master said: “My Yaya grow up, more and more like a woman, a few days, to master Yaya Kaibao okay?”

“Well no! Master, you good or bad ah!” I broke the embrace of the master, ran into the bathroom to wipe my Jinzhai delicate small show cunt ……

(C) the master gave me a bud – suffer fuck few days before my seventeenth birthday in the car, who lives in remote rural areas, two months older than me come to my cousin’s house guest. In the evening, we were joking slapstick undressed in my boudoir. Cousin told me she wanted to get married, the young man is a temporary village, eighteen-year-old, named Shen Gang.

My cousin asked: “brother look handsome?”

Cousin said: “People can look, the body is also good, but not along the furrow plow BEAN manna city people like you have iron rice bowl?.”

Cousin looked at me firm breasts and thong bulging drum in Le Jinzhai cunt crevices hypertrophy supple small show cunt, envy said:. “You city people life is good, more mature way you see your development I just look at milk dish muster, yet small tender cunt from the package, still flat, not yet mature we must endure the fuck. “

My cousin asked: “Brother do not play with you yet not touched your breast and tender little cunt do??”

Cousin said: “He wanted to play with me, I want to feel, I just do not give him.”

I told her: “.. Women and development of fast, if a man does not lie in the development of eating, playing, development soon, or you’ll be much slower.”

“Then you do not have a boyfriend, who developed you?”

I smiled for her and said, “I will tell you again later.” The cousin didn’t even force me to tell me, I had to tell her: “Master often plays me, 罕 我.”

The cousin cares about me: “Do you have you?”

I said: “Oh.”

The cousin said: “Hey, my sister is going to marry, and later people are people, they have to make people.

My sister really wants to have a scene, give me a car? “I promised her, said:” No problem, I will let my sister look back. “

I found a few new clothes to give her, let them prepare, and I have arrived at 6 o’clock in the morning.

************ The next day, when I went to work, I didn’t have anyone else. I cuddled in the embrace of the master, and I played with the master.

The master stroked my hard-slaughtered breasts, and I won the wonderful woman.

I said that I said: “Master, I am going to marry, give me a car, I promised people.”

The master is tightly licking me, saying: “My baby 丫丫! Can you not agree! When?”

I said: “Is it okay in the morning?”


*********** Saturday morning four minutes, the master came to pick me up, and the only big japu in the station.

I put on the master to give me the cool short-sleeved shirt, very thin, this kind of fabric is very cool, I have just been happy, I can see my lace hollow breast, firm beauty breast, and inlaid Two red cherries on the breast. Lace Ding Jump Pants in my narrow and tender seam, the meat-colored net pantyhose can clearly see the white life, the fat, the fat, and the pantry, the woman who is bright, the hair is bright. Drill the meter. Set of Shanghai blue short student skirts, just able to cover my little Sao.

The charming body, ups and downs, high-spirited breasts, tall and unique breasts, wearing white high heels on your feet, just like a proud Snow Princess …

The master hugged me on the cab and drove.

All the way is on the wind, at 6 o’clock, we came to the village of the cousin, cousin and aunt to welcome us.

Aunt said: “He is so beautiful today, how did the mother come?”

I said: “Dad is going on, no one in the family, there is still something to come, send me a representative.”

The cousin is crying and said: “Hey, see how good people in the city, when will I go out?”

I said: “Don’t cry, come see my master, after your things, I think the way is!”

My sister said: “Thank you! Master Zhao, really trouble you, this is coming so early.”

The master said: “The thing is my business! It doesn’t matter, there is something to talk later.”

I ask the cousin: “When you send you away? Let’s go!”

After the big jewel, the car was very large, and I took a dozen little sisters at once, and they were so happy, and they have never seen the car. Everyone has a laughter to send a laughter to my brother-in-law …

The home of the brother-in-law is not far away, and the sister is sent, and the cave has eaten the candy. I went back to my aunt with my little girl, and the master had to go back to work.

The aunt played a few poached eggs to let the master finished, the master said to me: “Take you at night, you and the little sisters play a day!”

*********** The master is coming very late, and the master is drinking a little wine, we will drive back.

After opening the village, the master said: “Hey, you will come for a while.”

I am very happy with the master to change the position, holding the steering wheel, and be careful. Start really, then shift, come on, step on the brakes, there is some hands, and the more busy, the more messy, the more the car begins to draw dragon.

The master quickly took the steering wheel and stopped the car and let me stand. He sat in the position, hugging me in his arms, how to teach me to do your hand. With my heart, my heart is not panic, the hand is not chaotic, the car ran normally.

At this time, the master reached his hands into my breasts, stroking two stunned beautiful swelling breasts.

At the excitement of the master, I originally bleeding the bulging breasts, and the sour, the squat, my body is not from the autonomous. The master’s finger is smashed with my teat, and the painful feelings feel like current. My body is soft, I barely drive the car to the forest and stop the fire.

I straighten my legs, put the head behind, close my eyes, let it play. The crispy electricity is transmitted to my hypertrophy, and a sticky lascivious water is sprayed from the hole of my hymen.

I am screaming: “Master, I can’t stand it! Let me go! I can’t stand! I have a diaper.”

The master took the car, took out his hard and thick and long big cock in front of the front of the front, shaking the urine on the big cock, opened the car on the car, put me from the cab, Put on the back seat of the car.

I am like a lamb to be slaughtered, 乖 躺, the body keeps trembling, I will be awkward, Xiao Sao is going to be opened.

The master couldn’t help but put me up, unwind the button, took off the cool short sleeve, pulled down my lace. My strong beauty of the drums, towering on a white chest.

He took off my short student skirt, pulled down my meat-colored net trousers and lace dipplicions, virgin white, and slammed the drums, and smashing, like a cracked white-faced buns. In my crowd, a delicate, white and innocent delicate girl showed in front of the master.

I shy my hands unconsciously, the master appreciates my whispering and sleeper. A pair of rushing a sturdy breasts towering on a white proudly crispy chest, the water seductive red cherry is in the top.

A gem-like navel is inlaid in my flat soft abdomen, a high-arched white life, a vulgar hills of a vulgar, a narrower, delicate, delicate, a narrow, delicate, delicate, a narrow, and a narrower More attractive. The crystal clear and transacha of the scent of the hypothyroidized vulnerability, like a clear spring.

At this time, the master is like an estrus, full of mating desires. He took off his clothes, showing tall and healthy naked naked and ready to go ready, hard, thick, long big cock, like a python, in his crowd.

After I saw it, I was scared, such a big cock, I would insert my narrow and delicate Xiao Sao to give me melon. Can I get it? Do you have to live? He still doesn’t kill me?

The master is separated from my legs, and I appreciate my white life, the drums of the drums, and the dark-shredded embrace. Touching with hand, playing with a virgin, the finger is separated from my narrow softening virgin.

The soft red clitoris of the small and exquisite blink drum first jumped out, followed by the exposed pink soft succulent two small labians, hidden in soft, unique virgin, and Delicate white female film. A new moon shaped small hole on the hymen, such as a blind spring flowing out, with a violent thin flow of a female aroma, and the sticky paste is crystal. In the soft and seductive virgin hymen, the master dreams, and each man wants to enter the virgin and tender and tender.

I have moved my body, let the rear of the back to the seat, see how the master is playing with my narrow and delicate virgin, how to lick my tray.

I put the legs as soon as possible to the half-empty V-shaped, and the hands were skewer and delicate. The inner structure of the virgin is fully present in front of the master, but also the most abundant delicacies dedicated to the master.

The master’s tongue reached into my narrow and delicate scerenality, and the tongue tongue anti-repeated licking my small, exquisite clitoris, delicate and white gentle female mask and the urethral mouth with a virgin odor. He took my small and smooth and bright red clitoris and two delicate juicy little labipings in his mouth, wrapped, chew, bite.

The fierce electric shock feels stimulating my nerve center, my naked trembling. I screamed, screaming, a confused prostitution sprayed from the virgin pores. The master is carefully licking, and the big mouth is sucking, and his face is covered with a female aroma.

I hit the butt and a bow in his face, enjoy the more strong excitement of the master, I can’t help but shout, “Ah! Ah! Ah … 丫丫 香? 丫丫Does the soup are delicious? How many? … 丫丫 comfortable … “

Virgin master eat nectar, like a rutting male wolf stood up. Eyes blazed desire, one hand on the already well poised ready to mate, hard and, rough, long, big dick, my other hand to separate delicate Jinzhai virgin congestion swollen cunt slit, his purple glans to swell my cunt sewn to the top.

I was scared to close my eyes, he was hard and distended hot virgin pussy big dick squeezed into the crevices of my Jinzhai delicate. My cunt is stretched seams, tightly hoop on the glans master, preventing the advance of the master, a few did not crash into it.

I cried out in pain, “! Oh OMG, killing me ……” I cried: “Master, have mercy on me Yaya little cunt too small to let me grow a long, well developed!! fuck me up again, okay? “

Master said: “Silly Yaya, if you then develop, you little cunt tender on tighter listen to the words of the master, help me to break apart cunt, let master insert..”

I know his arm twisted, but the thigh, not the master of non-fuck me tonight. To alleviate the pain, I forced my constriction delicate clawed congestion swollen cunt slit.

Master happy to say: “My Yaya Zhenguai!”

Master hard and thick and long big dick dawdle on my hymen few delicate white, acid chirp, the exciting moment, plump so comfortable. Unit a slimy sexual secretion from the discharge hole, nourishing glans master.

Then suddenly he shoved a hard master, his crotch forward and shoved one hears “Puchi” sound, his hard and thick and long big dick mercilessly tearing my hymen, insert virgin constriction tender vagina.

“Oh mother! Hurt! Hurts me, master, you put a small show of the Ya-Ya cunt torn! Ya-Ya can not stand.”

Simmer sticky sexual secretion in Jinzhai tender vagina with hymen rupture released, sprayed on the master’s big dick and belly. Master win the sucker punched a force, his long, rough, hard and big dick inserted into my vagina virgin Jinzhai tender, like inserting a huge red-hot poker, the my Jinzhai tender vagina can make full fullness, with no space for burning.

Strong impact, fierce contradict my vagina moist Jinzhai glans can not resist the invasion, the last bastion of the virgin has finally been overcome. Piercing pain temporary relief, I long out of breath, my maiden career is finally over.

I let the master dick pull out first, I want to adjust the position. Virgin master pulled out covered with blood and sexual secretion of thick hard and thick and long big dick.

I leaned back against the seat, lifting his fork legs to try to split up in the air. I Jinzhai delicate just been Kaibao Sao cunt, on sweeping exposed in front of the master. I can clearly see how the master and mate of me, see how I suffer the fuck.

Master hand stained with blood and sexual secretion of big dick hard and long, thick, distended purple glans align my Jinzhai delicate small show cunt, ass sudden force, hips forward and shoved a share Ting, heard “Puchi” sound, master of big thick dick hard into the top Jinzhai delicate Sao cunt I just Kaibao of.

I screamed in pain, “Oh mother! Hurt! Hurts me, master, you do not Yaya, you want to fuck Siya Ya-Ya! Ya-Ya little tender cunt can not stand it!”

Master said: “My good master Yaya willing to fuck you to death can do your little too tight cunt, fuck you master this, after a few will not hurt!!.”

Master of hard and thick and long big dick in my cunt tender constriction force thrusting, violent contradict. My Jinzhai delicate little vagina, is the master of hard and big, thick and long big dick, I make it full of fullness, burning. Each impact have hit my flower core “womb”, a Unit of sour tingling feeling melted me, my Jinzhai Sao cunt is so delicate fullness to fill up that pleasure.

Big Cock inserted deeper you feel comfortable, the more I fuck the more ruthless fun. Master collision Choucha have become increasingly frequent, more violent, Puchi, Puchi …… Puchi, Puchi, spent batteries in the master again and again contradict shock, waves grow numb pain.

Slimy sexual secretion gushing from spent batteries, under the sexual secretion of moisture, my vagina more slippery. Fuck my master greater momentum, we grumble mating quack, quack grumble grumble …… quack, quack grumble voice heard.

Master in my cunt in the tender it out, insert, extract, the insert …… cushions grumble, mutter mutter grumble …… grumble, mutter grumble. My tender cunt fuck are becoming more and more comfortable, more enjoyable. I moaned softly, enjoy our mate pleasure and joy, I also tasted the taste suffer fuck.

The strength and speed of the master are obviously accelerated, and I am a fascinating fascination. He suddenly grabbed my strong beauty swelling breasts, and the big cock took force on my twin, the body trembled, and called, “Ah! Ah! Ah!” The thick, sticky semen shot on my flower core. The master leaned over and took a break in my naked. She stood up and took out the weak big cock I was narrow and delicate. I took out a pack of toilet paper and a white handkerchief in his military bag.

The master put his hand on my Xiao Sao with his hand, and my virgin, the master’s semen and my epithelium were adsorbed in the fiber of the handkerchief, and he wipes him with my lower body with your sanitary paper. Take out his long-awaited lace, lace breasts, and pantyhose.

I was like a little bitch and snuggling in the arms of the master. He took me to dry the handkerchief, I said, “What is this?”

The master said: “This is a woman’s imprint!”

My face is red, said: “Master, you are bad! I have a happy family!”

The master is proud to appreciate it in his hand, I also secretly look, a beautiful picture! A “freehand wind snow plot figure”.

I am lying in the brothers and naked embraces, playing with a weak cock with hands.

He asked me, “Hey! Is it hurting?”


“Is it comfortable with Master?”


“I still want to do it?”


The master said: “Today is too late, mother will worry.”

I said: “The little Sao, let the master swollen, hurt.”

The master said: “It’s okay to take a break tonight.

He wore clothes and took me back to the cab and drive home.

*********** Runned all the way, soon arrived at home, the master rang a few speakers to take me.

Mom opened the door and greeted us said: “Master Zhao, take a break in the house, drink the water!”

“No! I have to go back to send.”

The master drove, I came into the house with my mother.

Mom asked me, “Hey, what happened?”

I am crying to my mother’s arms and said: “Mom! The master took me tonight, my Xiao Sao is swollen, it hurts!”

Mom looked at me and said, “Hey, don’t cry, talk to my mother, how is the master bullied my girl?”

Dad tonight didn’t come back, my uncle didn’t come. Mother sleeps with me in my boudoir, I tell my mother to the passage of me.

Mom said: “Mom congratulations! My 丫丫. From tonight, you are a woman. Our woman wants to go out, except for their own efforts, it is necessary to rely on men to help, people can help. Do you have money?

We didn’t. What are you relying on? We only have something that is the favorite of men, only to give the body of our women to repay people. “

I said: “Mom, I understand.”

I looked at my mother and let her talk about her past story.

(4) Mom tells her mother that the mother of the past is gently smashed with the swelling little tenderness, and asking: “Is it hurt?”


“Master is comfortable?”


“Do you still want to do it?”


I wrapped my mother to let her talk about the story. Mom couldn’t put me in his arms. I gently said her past in my ear: My childhood is in the early days of liberation, and the home has just been divided into land. Mom also gave birth to a brother, because the government let the newspaper account, Dad gave me a name called white blue.

Dad is very able to do it, and my family is still not worried, my mother is very beautiful, very strong.

Later, there was a literacy class, and Dad sent me to learn.

*********** One day, Dad went to the city, I learned back and heard a strange voice in the house. I saw it under the window, see from the gap of the window paper. The mother’s head is in the middle of the legs, lying on the edge, the pants are placed next to the pants, a man stands on the side, holding her mother’s thigh, putting the hard and smashing the hard and 6park.com long Big cock inserts my mother’s narrow and delicate Xiao Sao. A burst of “咕 叽, … … 叽 的 响到 响到 是, 是, 呻 和 呻 和 呻 和 吟 和 吟 和 呻 和 吟 和 呻 和

I took a closer look, it turned out that the village head was narrow and delicate in the mother.

The village is spent for a long time, only the semen, pulled out the weak big cock.

Mom hurriedly put on the trousers and wiped the milky white viscous semen from Xiaowei.

The village head hugged his mother in the embrace, squatted with nipples, sucked with milk.

Mom said: “If you are a little, you will be addicted? Don’t let people see it during the day!”

The village head has released his mother, and the mother buckled the button, and the two came.

The village chief said: “You recently showed very well, the village decided to be more than ten acres of land. In the future, as long as you actively cooperate with the work in the village, I will think about you.”

Mom said: “Thank you for your care.”

The village chief said: “When is the old white come back?”

Mom said: “It’s probably three or four days.”

The village head said: “I will leave a door at night!”

Mom said: “Come early at night.”

The village is gone, I ran to play.

*********** Evening, mother is paved early, urging me to sleep quickly. After weep, the mother broke the kerosene lamp.

The door of the middle of the night woke me, lending the village head of the moonlight, climbing the head and stripping clothes, drilling into the mother’s nest. The two are together, and it is intimate.

Mom said: “How come you come, I am eager to die, people are cleaned for you for a long time.”

The village chief said: “Too much, is it bad? My brother is tonight.”

He climbed his mother naked body and put his milk in his mouth.

My mother said that the waves did not lose: “I leave my brother, he woke up.”

He continued to drink mother’s milk, after eating a breast, said: “Is sweet! It’s so delicious! Is it enough to give your child?”

Mom said: “The child is not small, it is enough. You have no longer eat, wait for you to finish it.”

The village chief sucked for a while, satisfied with the mother’s teap.

He stretched out the tongue and licking it, when he got to the gap of his mother narrow and delicate. Mom tried to open his legs, and smashed the sight of the smashing, the internal structure of Xiao Sao in front of the village head.

Mom is gently squatting. Put your butt and bow on the village, with the village, with the village head.

The tip of the village is licking, and the mouth is sucking in the mouth of the mouth. The viscous prostitute sprayed from the narrow vagina’s narrow vagina, sprayed on the face of the village, and smashed him straight cough.

My mother’s naked twitch, trembled, kept squatting, screaming: “Oh! I can’t hold it, I can’t stand it! I have to fly, come up with me! Let me come. ! “

The village chief looked on the mother’s naked body, and his hard and thick and long big cock were aligned with the mother’s swelling drum, white tender. Just listening to the rumor, inserted into the narrow and delicate vagina, the village is crazy to push the top.

In the place they touch, they have issued “叽,,, …”

Mom made a burst of joy, and the sound of the sound, “Brother, the little girl is yours tonight, casually, let you play. My sister is not sleeping tonight, let you play a stay.”

The village head accelerates the thrust and collision speed and increases the strength of the mother. Mom twisted the body and put the butt, one arch, and gherring the fierce pins and violent collision of the village head.

“Full … … …..”

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” The village grew up, tightly grabbed the mother’s body, trembled, twitching and shot a deep semen, the village is in the mother’s nude. On this night, my mother was tossed by the village head and had no sleep.

In the future, the village chief often comes from my home, my mother will pick up clothes, let him pick up the mother’s teap, drink sweet milk, one hand stretch in my mother’s crotch, tick my mother’s Xiaowei, and my mother dating. Mom is a lot, of course, my family also gets a lot of benefits …

************ I was sixteen years old, my father died because of illness, and the life of my family fell sharply.

The younger brother also read the school, and the village head often came to my family’s mother’s Xiao Sao, and I sent a homage from time to time, but I never always event.

Mother Trust gives me an object in the town, and the condition is to help my family. The introducer brings a young man to my family blind date, people are very handsome, is an orphan, basically understanding my family, is the year old, than I am nine years old, it is not him big but I am too small. I am sixteen, I haven’t been adulthood.

He likes me very much, I also like him very much.

Introducers and mothers let us go out, we are in the village head, I am in his arms. He unlocked my buttons, reached into my clothes, and stroked my little breasts that I haven’t developed yet, pinch with my fingers and play with my small tap.

At that time, I was afraid and comfortable, like a crispy, sour, a lot of electricity spread all over the body, exciting my Xiao Sao, took a hurry, and put my pants. Urine, cool, tide tide is very uncomfortable.

He wants to touch my little Sao, I am afraid to have a child, don’t let him touch.

He said that as long as I marry him, he will be good to me, let me go home … right! His name is Liu Qiang, a worker, earning salary, and units have been distributed to him.

*********** When I got married, I reported more than four years old. After the end of the simple wedding, Liu Qiang’s friends came. Take him with him to send passengers, I am inserted into the door, play the basin, wash my narrow and delicate little tender.

When I left, my mother told me. Small nature, be good to explain. “

Liu Qiang came back to see if there is a basin in the ground and ask me what to wash? I went out with a red side, he rushed to the past.

Come back and plug in the door, tell me: “Blue, tired for a day, let’s take a break!”

Of course, I know what to rest means, my man is going to exercise his husband’s power.

I quickly put our new bedding, put my mother deliberately gave me a small mat (she told me that it was a new bed.). I am ashamed to find a big light bulb, let him change it, and the house is lit.

I am sitting on, waiting for my husband. Liu Qiang was built, and I kissed me in the arms. His tip of his tongue reached into my mouth and mixed with my tongue. buckle.

Soon, take off my clothes, unlock my trousers, take off my trousers, pull down my pants. At that time, my breast was not well developed, and I haven’t brought a breast. I was taking off the light, naked exposure to her husband.

I am like a docile lamb to be slaughtered, gentle and smart in his embrace. He kissed me, appreciating my white and fat, sleek body, towering on white and smashing on the chest, two tender red cherry in the breast, smart deep beltinal dishone fell in flat The soft abdomen, the white student, the drum-drum-drumd, the drum, the squad, the cracks of the fans, buckled in my three-way mouth, under the stuffy black, and appeared to the women’s Xiao Sao more white and tender .

The husband played with the small and exquisite breasts that I have just developed, and I stroked my white life, and the people who swollen. I looked lighted, and I sent a sound in my mouth.

Liu Qiang took off his clothes and exposed naked strong body, and his hard and thick and long big cock.

I quickly drilled into my nest, paved the small pad under the butt, waiting for her husband to open and mate.

He rushed into my quilt, lying on me, holding my tender body. Hand strokes my breast, squatted with my mouth with my mouth, eat.

My breast is swollen, but it is screaming, swelling drums, like an overcham, and stimulates my white tender, Xiao Sao in the drums flowing out to sticky. Under the bright light, he kneels to my mouth. I am smashing the legs, open my narrow and delicate squandering with my hand, let my husband carefully check the internal structure of the woman’s narrow and delicate Xiaowei. Appreciate the sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sachet.

He stretched his tongue into my narrow sick, squatting, licking, biting my small and generous blood swelling virgin, and two softened meat slices. His tongue stretched into the middle of the soft meat, licking my smell of urethra, and soft white female film.

He appreciates my narrow and delicate Xiao Sao, and the tip of the tongue is constantly stirring, stimulating my nerve center, the body is like current hitting, full body crisp.

I am happy, screaming, the vaginal is full of viscous lascaps from the new moon-shaped hole of the white skin, spray my husband. His big mouth sucking, taste the fragrant viscous obscenity.

Liu Qiang climbed my naked, put his hard and thick and long big cock on my tender girl, told me: “Blue! Brother give you a bud, ok?” I Shy and desire to nod.

He said: “Open, your may have some pain, you try to open the legs, use your hand to open a narrow tenderness, let your brother put the dick in.”

I am so embarrassing the legs, and use your hand to swollen the sumbled scholars because of estrus, and the soft white hymen is exposed.

He topped his hard and thick and long big chickens on the pores of the hymen. He looked at the rumor. The defense line, inserted into the final position of the 17th year, the virgin and delicate vagina.

I hurt loudly: “Oh, my mother, hurt! It hurts me, my brother, you tear the blue-blue squat!” With the cleansing of the hymen, it is in the vocabulary of the virgin. Out, wet us in the pine in contact, and our first mating began.

Yes, from this time, Liu Qiang is your father. Your father is inserted in the mother’s narrow and delicate, delicate and delicate, and the violent plug is hit.

“Falling, …, 叽, 扑 哧哧 … 扑 哧哧.”

I screamed, screaming, my body twisted, my butt, a bow, a bow, a bow, a bow, a bow, a bow. The tender meat in the soft and narrow vaginal was awkward, and the concave and screaming. I was soaked to reverse, and the prostitutes flew, and the waves were called.

He 肏 My frequency is obviously accelerated, and the strength is also more intense.

“扑 … 哧哧 …”

He suddenly grabbed me, his dicks died on my sphere, the body was violent, trembled, and his semen took a hurry to spray it on my flower core, stimulated I lost a burst of viscous water.

Your father took out his weak cock and returned to his nest, and his body fell asleep.

I took out a white quaque under the pillow (it was prepared by my mother), and I wipe my Xiaowei, who had just opened narrower, delicate, and cleans it carefully. The white silk is covered with my virgin blood, and the brightened semen of your father’s stick.

I smelled, smell, whispered, licked with tongue, Xiazz, and awkward.

The next day, I gave her husband with the white silk of the vast blood, and he cherished it.

*********** In my 19th year old, I met on the street and met with a young man.

My impression is very good, he is surnamed Li, called Li Yan, twenty-two years old, people are very beautiful and handsome. Because my external age is twenty-three years old, he called my sister.

He is from the troops to the county government to open a car, and can say that it is often opened, and the liberation car of the county government is often opened to our streets to help clean up garbage and snow, we talk about it.

One day, he drove to help our streets clean up snow. The spring is cold, Li Yan is frozen, the face is red, straight, the comrades of the streets said: “White Director, Leading Qi Li comrades to your home to warm, this is us.”

When I got home, he put his hand on his head, but he was not hot. I really didn’t want to go, I took the hand to give him, and he told him home. He just wedding a year, and his wife was a full moon to live. He said: “I haven’t been embarrassed for a few months, and I am so uncomfortable. My sister is so beautiful, can I help me? Can you let me go?

Insert a license. “

I really didn’t expect that he would say so much, my head suddenly became awkward, stupid …

He had already put me in his arms, his hand stretched into my clothes under the clothes, started to touch my breasts.

My body is soft, I am weak. I fell to take any of his touch and let him play.

His hand moved slowly, passed through my soft belly. A hand of my trousers, rely on my hand into my little Sao.

I am squatting, creeping, I have a vulva in the tenderness, wet my trousers, and wet his hand.

Just as he wants to take your pants, I am slamming: “Rock! No! Now it’s okay, there are too many people outside, let people see it. You have to go to it later, your big brother is going. Sister tonight makes you enough. “

(5) Mother gave the uncle, my daughter, I just wiped the rock. It is your Li Shu, I bought a lot of things. After we greet each other, I rushed to his arms, said: “How come you come, my sister is eager.”

Li Yan kissed me in his arms, I took anything to hugged each other. I put the dinner and bought the table on the table.

We rushed to finish the meal. I quickly packed up, I hurried to his arms. He said with me and kissed me while kicking me. Our tip of our tongue is stirring together to suck each other’s Jinluidi. He stretched into my clothes, and he was asked in my body.

My body is soft, he puts me on my side. Touching my strength, soft and flat abdomen, unpacking my trousers into the panties, touch my tender mulberry, swelling, white tender narrow and delicate Xiaowei.

I am like a tamed lamb to explore, let it play. He stretched your fingers into my little Sao, gently touch, slowly smashed. I gently squatted, twisted, put the legs as possible, so that he made more convenient and smoother.

When I let him play, I said to him, “rock, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand the month! I want to take my sister to have a happiness is it? My sister will make you a good night, it’s fun. Don’t miss me anymore, my sister is a husband. “

Li Yan is busy explaining, “Sister, I am really like you, from I see you the first day, I will fall in love with you, if I choose, I don’t hesitate to be my wife. As long as you give me this opportunity. “

I said: “Rock! I believe you, don’t think about it.”

At this time, from my narrow and delicate Xiao Sao, I caught a hurry. I gently squat, feel the pleasure he brings to me. Li Yan hugged me and started to take off your clothes.

I rushed his hand, “Don’t be busy!”

He let me go. I got up and paved the quilt, hang the fine check of the curtains and read the place where there was no light.

I found the big light bulb used when I was married, let Li Yan change, put the snow in the house, so that we can see yourself more clear.

I first helped him to take off the clothes and said: “Rock! You first sleep to wash it.” I went to the kitchen to play the basin, stripping clothes, naked squatting in the bouly.

He jumped: “Sister, I will wash.”

He naked his naked in front of me. His hard, rough and long, as a python is quite a lot of mouth, it is obviously more than your father, it is a bit dizziness. I use my hand to open a narrow and delicate, the swelling is swollen, and your uncle is carefully washed away with my little Sao.

He put me up and put it on the side of the border and separated his legs, kneeling in my crowd. I know what he wants to do.

I put two pillows in my back, I tried to high, so I can see how he licks me, drink my soup, how is he 肏 小 屄, how is it to mate? .

I extended the legs to the half-empty V-shaped, and the hands of the blood and swollen skeptic squeezed squeezing, and the uncle of my narrow and delicate Xiao Sao. He carefully appreciates, putting my swelling drum, white tender narrow, and soft with tender man, watching women’s internal structure. He stretched out his tongue and started licking, squatting, biting my congestion swelling small and exquisite clitoris, fat, juicy little labia, with a woman as a bloodless urethra. He led his tongue into my narrow vagina, stirred inside, licking the prostitution in the vagina.

His eyes looked at my internal landscape, biting with his mouth, squatting my clitoris and small labians. I stimulated that my body trembled, my butt, a bow, a bow, hit it on his face, catering his bite and licked. My Xiao Sao is numb, sour, itchy crisp, stimulating my nerve center.

From my narrow and tender vagina, I spurred a sticky prostitute, and his face was covered with a slurry paste. He stronger, and more fierce sucking.

I am squatting, twisting, I am so comfortable, shouting: “Rock! Come on! My sister can’t live. Come on my sister! Come with my sister!” Sister! “

Li Yan stood up, and the hard-held and long big cock was right. In narrow and delicate, rubbed a few times, prostitution covered with his glans. His ass slapted the front, hard and thick and growing up the cock in half.

I narrowed sick, and narrow and tender vaginal congestion, the tender meat, tightly, took his hard and thick and long big cock. His offense is restricted, he is anxious to call. I have also been able to flow out of tears.

He suddenly hugged my legs and shouted: “Ah!” After a hard work, he listened to the “哧”, his hard and thick and long big cock, inserted into my narrow Detaded Xiao Sao.

I hurt, “Oh, Mom! It hurts! …”

He pulled the top in my narrow and tender vagina that sent a sound of “叽, 叽, 叽 …” in the place where the collision is collided. Tightly wrapped in the vaginal tender meat of the big cock, he was got to vomit, and the concave convex, “咕叽, 咕叽, 咕叽 叽, 咕 … 哧, 哧, 哧哧 …”

Every time he cries to my spin, insert my uterus, a kind of inflation, meat, sour feeling is very comfortable.

I got unprecedented satisfaction, cool, blocked, but a feeling of feeling. I sprayed a lot of prostitutes, humid, lubricated my vagina, and he pumped the resistance of the collision and smaller.

“Falling, felt, felt, swearing …”

He is getting faster and faster and fierce. I twisted my body, but I greet him with a bow.

Suddenly, he grabbed my two strong beauty breasts, his hard and thick and long big cock died into my spin. The butt is violent twitch, and a stunned semen sprayed into my uterine neck.

He took a break in my body and took his weak dick from my narrow and delicate little Sao. I let your uncle drilled into the woven, I took out a white cloth from the pillow, wipe it out of my Xiao Sao, and brought it out.

Looking at him carefully, I watched him into the semen of my mother. Uncle’s semen is milky white like jelly, viscous rubber object. I smell, a strange taste, pick it up with the tongue, taking the tongue.

On the white cloth, I still have my drip, I put the white cloth under the pillow, lying on his arms and fell asleep.

After a break, we all woke up, I gave him a white cloth that was stained with my blood.

He said: “Sister, I am sorry! I will give you a blood.”

I said: “No shouldn’t you? My sister is married for several years, your big brother is born one or two each week!”

He took me in his arms, kissed me, telling me: “My cock may be more born than the big brother, my sister, you are born, so I have been bleeding.”

He stretched his tongue into my mouth, and my tip of my tongue was stirred together, and I took the water with each other. I use hand to touch his weakness like a small mud. Playing with my loach is so fast, and I will restore it to the majestic and mighty look.

I posted it in his ear and said: “It’s so swollen!” I opened his glans and fingers in my mouth. His big cock is getting harder and more rough, growing and longer. He said in my chest: “Sister, I want!”

I said, “My little, can I finish, can my body do? Don’t be too tired.” I lay flat on the mat and said: “Go up.”

He rode on me, put his big dick into my tender, just like a cavalry warrior ride on his beloved horse. The hands grabbed my pair of strong beauty breasts, and the body drove his hard and thick and long big cock. Inserting in my narrow and delicate little Sao, riding in my naked on a bump.

I am like a beautiful little mother, with my owner running in the grassland. He strikes his fierce, pulling the big chicken, and insert it. I was tight and softened in the vagina that was brought out and went deep into it.

“Falling, felt, swearing … 叽, 叽,,, …” We mate the sound of the ear.

Li Yan crazyly carried my narrow and tender, every time I was inserted to my heart. My tights in my narrow tenderness, being swelled, crispy, itch, a burst of rushing out the viscous prostitution.

My ass, a bow, a bow, greeted his attack, and he touched the impact, a sound of “叽, 叽 …”.

Our mating has become more violent, just like the warriors of the warrior, it is difficult to understand.

I have enjoyed the pleasure of joy, and the pleasure of 肏. Refreshing, full, crisp, sore, sore in the narrow vagina, the narrow vagina.

We tried to mate in various postures. I will be a little mother, with the owner to bump on the grassland; I will be estrus little female dog, climbed in the squat, put the little butt, showing white tender, swelling drums In the micro-opening sewing, I have a sticky liquid, waiting for mating …

I changed the pose according to his requirements, playing various patterns. Under the bright light, I clearly look at how I am embarrassed, how did he insert me narrow?

Until he played exhausted, when he had diet, his weak cock was still unrelenting, he fell asleep.

This night we were too tired, physical strength overdraft. When I woke up, it was already noon the next day, he has not woke up.

I played a few puppy eggs to give him the past and let him make up. He turned this night, he became played with me. How many rounds I have already remembered.

He is awkward, ejaculation, sleep, then ejaculate, then sleep again. I am awkward, sleep, and then sleep again. In this way, we toss a night.

Fortunately, today is Sunday, we have dinched and sleep again. Wake up is night, we will submit the battlefield.

*********** After continuous mating three bed, your uncle is the final winner, he let me pregnant with his child. After a month, I didn’t come to menstruation. After two months, I often disgused, vomiting, I am really pregnant.

Fortunately, my father is coming back, I always wrapped him to let him tender (long time to win newly married?), So Dad will not doubt me.

I told him: “Husband! I have, you give me a match.”

He asked horrified: “How do you know?”

“I didn’t come to menstruation for two months, and I was sick and vomiting.”

Your father is happy to dance, put me up, and turn it on the ground. Since then, I will be protected, and the family is living in the family. It is all of me, but also let me go out to go, play.

In fact, from the day I marry my father is his pet, from him, I will listen to my belly every day. My stomach gradually drums, he didn’t dare to bother me. Every day just touchs my more and more drums, I am a tender breast.

Sometimes, I miss him too much, I will put the dicks on my son and shallow, I have enjoyed it, shoot the fine solution in my tender, never touch my stomach.

Your uncle came, I cuddled in his arms, I said to him: “Rock! My sister makes you match, my sister presented your child.”

He touched me tightly: “Really?”

I nodded! He said: “Sister, marry me, I will always be good to you! You will take a divorce first, let’s register for marriage.” I said: “Rock! My sister knows that you are really good to me, I really love me. My sister thank you! I really love you. My sister’s will make you casually. You give your sister, my sister is pregnant with your child. I will always be yours, as long as you have a chance, how do you have a good thing. But I can’t marry you, you already have a wife, I can’t destroy your family.

My husband is particularly good for me, I am his pet. I let you 肏 肏, I’m sorry about him.

I can never abandon my husband. The child is doing you, but you can’t recognize it back. You will have a lot of children, my husband can only have such a. I will always be your lover, not your wife. “

Uncle said: “Sister, I understand what you mean, I know your heart, I will always listen to you.” He kissed me and stroked me.

I said: “Rock! Want to be?” He nodded.

I faded her trousers, hand-held edge, picking up the butt, revealing the swelling. He stood behind me, hand-held hard and long big cock, insert my tender, gently, quickly shot his semen.

Sometimes I said to your uncle: “In case my husband meets me and you, what should I say? I have to think about a full strategy. Right, my account is still a rural account, I haven’t eaten goods. For this reason, my husband I have a lot of hardships. My food, I have to rely on the village to do things in the street. I let him ask you to give me a household, so he will be grateful, will be with you. make friends.”

Uncle said: “You think too much, this way is really good!”

One night, I lie on your father’s arms, said to him: “My hukou can solve it, can’t eat product food. Can you talk to Xiao Li, let him help. His way.

Dad said: “Do you want himself?”

I said: “No! Such a big thing, how can an old lady can come. You are the Lord, you have to do it.”

He said: “Okay!”

Just as the father and uncle finally became a good friend, uncle can get into my home.

****************************************************************** I am very far from the hospital, I can’t take it at all my stomach.

Your Dad said: “I will give the little plum.”

After a while, your uncle opened the county government’s car sent me to the hospital.

Dad accompanied me for two or three days in the hospital, and Uncle did not take time to see me. I was pushed into the room, and they were anxious outside the ant groups on the hot pot. When the class has passed a baby, Dad is happy to hop the uncle crazy.

My daughter returned to the ward, Dad can’t wait to kiss me and our daughter. Uncle is happy to drop the tears.

On the morning of the morning, my uncle drove our mother to go home.

Dad said to uncle: “Accompano yourself. I am going to buy vegetables. At noon, I will come back at this time, the market is not far away, and the brothers drink some, please happy.”

Your father is gone, I will give her daughter. The child is enough, and the other is too swollen, it hurts.

I greet your uncle: “Rock! Come! Helping your sister to suck your milk, I am too painful.”

He squatted in my chest, sucking his tap. He said: “Sister’s milk is sweet!”

I said: “Sweet is clean,” he was so comfortable!


In the morning, my uncle came, giving her daughter over the Moon, Dad is going to get off work. Uncle took me in his arms and touched me, I licked my teat, I made him finished a tissue.

I said to him: “Rock! Want me?”

“Think! I really want to.”

“Is the daughter of the two beautiful?”

He said: “Pretty! Long is really like a sister, it is beautiful.”

I said: “Do you want to be a sister?”

He nodded, “Think!”

I put the pants slipped out, head first lying on the kang edge. Pide legs apart to open by hand, too high in a V-shape. I just restored Sao cunt, exposed in his eyes, said to him: “!.! Sister just clean, good sister to play for months did not suffer nearly suffocated fuck me, I miss it.”

He knelt at my crotch, licking my very loose vagina. Hou sexual secretion when I cross the stream, his uncle hard and thick and long big dick, Sao inserted into my cunt, violent thrusts, contradict.

“Puchi, Puchi, Puchi, Puchi …… grumble quack, quack grumble, grumble quack, quack grumble ……” In my moans, shouts, waves, his semen shot into my cunt show.

Night, simmering for months of your father, I have to speak a cunt full of pots overflow sexual secretion cross-flow, the whole accumulation of semen shot into my cunt in show.

My life was really fast, instant my daughter grow up, tomorrow is her seventeenth birthday.

************ I was surprised and said: “! I am your mother and uncle of life, is not it?”

Mom nodded and said: “Yes!”

“How did you know my mother?”

“Mom told you not yet! I’ve seen their sperm, semen obviously not the same father and uncle, my father’s sperm immaturity.”

“Mom, how can I do that?”

“Ya-Ya! Let’s surname does not matter what the woman, who gave birth marry your father take you as treasure, like, afraid of scaring the top of his head, in my hands afraid of, and you are now his life part of his upbringing your seventeen years, he can not do without you can not live without me. though uncle loves you, but he is still a child, he did not much you have you a lot. do you understand me? “

I said: “I understand I will love my father, more dutiful father!.”

“Ya-Ya! Tomorrow is your birthday, your master will not come.”

“Come! To come.”

“Do you still want to do it?”

I am shy to say: “Mom, I want to.”

Mother said: “I understand I have to go shopping tomorrow to master, locked the door, come back to me cry and tell you that this matter must not let my father and uncle know, otherwise they will master and desperate..”

(Vi) the master celebrating my birthday – the goddess on the levee today is July seventh day, Sunday is my birthday.

Morning, the master bought a box of birthday cake, and some women’s health products.

Hellos mother said: “Zhao teacher you are, but also how to buy things Oh!.” Mom took things to say:!! “Yaya it in the back room of her little sick, go see if you go to the market to buy my disciple . food, “she shouted to the back room:”! Ya-Ya accompany master Laoke, I went to buy food, “mom is gone, he locked the door.

Master asked me to sit on the kang edge: “!? Yaya small show pussy hurts you.”

I blushed and said: “hurts small show also inflamed cunt go again!.”

Master said: “Yaya master to come rubbed small show you cunt!.”

I obediently lay down on the side of the master, the master unbuttoning my belt, put his hand into play for a while after cunt sparse dark hair, rub to play my small show swollen cunt, the other hand stroking my two breasts.

I tender swelling pussy rub the master drum more swelling, the more supple, soft secreted from the constriction of the vaginal slimy Yinye flowing pussy inflamed joints, the paste covered on the palm master.

He put his hand out to me, “Ya-Ya, you see! Your tender cunt flowing out of the water so much.”

I play whine said: “! Master, you feel good or bad ah Who told you that little cunt show up.”

Master said: “Yaya, want to fuck cunt, right?”

I shyly nodded. Master pulled me on the kang edge, stripped off my pants, ripped off the thong, put my legs in high split into a V-shape. In order to appreciate the master girl enjoying delicacies, I clawed my Jinzhai delicate congestion and swelling of joints cunt with both hands.

He knelt down kang put his head in my crotch, enjoying Kaibao by his possession of the girl congestion and swelling Jinzhai delicate little cunt show, enjoying the torn pink white broken hymen his big dick , estrus bulging erection of the clitoris. Shiny soft little patches, accompanied by the girl peculiar smell fishy smell of spring-like urethra, ruptured hymen covered with delicate pink constriction of the vaginal flowing viscous Yinye.

In order to see how the master is playing with me, I put the pillow pad in the back of the back. Seeing him carefully watched my narrow and delicate Xiaowei’s internal landscape and structure. He reached out and he had to lick my baby. I said: “The master can’t be lick. The tenderness is too dirty.”

The master said: “I am not too dirty!”

I said: “No, I am afraid to do a disease!”

The master said: “You don’t move first, I will wash you.”

He went to the kitchen to play the basin, and he was cleaned with every corner of the tenderness. Wash the sticky prostitute and the sake of the inside and outside, I feel refreshed.

He said: “Hey! Can you?”

I nodded, he kneeling in my mouth, reaching out the tongue and explored the little tenderness I just opened. Can’t carefully lick, squat, bite the estrus and erectical clitoris, spannette, sour current spread throughout the body, my body tremble.

I slammed his butt to his face, and I joked it. A burtless liquid sprayed out of narrow and delicate vagina, and Master was full of prostitution.

He lick, smoothed with a soft and smooth lips, sucked the girl prostitutes on the top. Use the tongue to the tongue, stirred with a salty urinary tract. He leaned his tongue into his masculine, and his narrow and delicate vagina, stirred in it.

In the narrow vaginal mouth of the girl, the mouth is sprayed in the mouth of the mouth, and a girl who swallowed the woman’s aroma, the girl’s precious prostitution, like a dog, eat the girl’s delicacies, put My little Sao is dry and clean.

I can’t stand it anymore, I am screaming, screaming: “Master! Come on the tenderness! He can’t stand it, you can’t stand it.”

The master stood up and faded his trousers. He hugged my legs, but the ass, my big cock took my narrow and delicate Xiao Sao, listening to the sound of fuss, his hard and thick dick, life In the narrow and delicate vagina.

My vagina is supported, the sour, the meal …

“哧哧, … 叽,,,,, 呱 …”

His hard and thick and long big cock in my vagina, recovered fierce pumping top hit. He is getting faster and faster, and the top is getting deeper, and it is more and more fierce.

The laminated prostitutes that have been secreted in my core are also more and more, and the viscous prostitution is lubricated with a full vagina that is supported by Master. He got a more comfortable and inserted.

“咕 叽, 咕叽, 咕,, 咕叽 …”

I am getting more comfortable and more addicted by the master. I am embarrassed, but my ass twisted. Suddenly he tightly grabbed my strengthless breasts, his hard and thick and long big cock took the narrow and delicate Xiao Sao.

The master burst into a fierce twitching, spraying his deep concentrate on my flower core. The cool filling of my vagina is really comfortable. The master put me is fascinating, fluttering. He is soft in my body, and the weak cock slipped out of my vagina.

I used handkerchief (prepared by my mother) to wipe the semen flowing from the vagina. I secretly looked at it, the semen of the master was also like a colloid like jelly.

The master stood up and took the wet towel just used, and wipe my ass and tender. The master was washed with me wash my face and helped me cleaned the battlefield.

I said while I talk to the master: “Master, you are not afraid of you to give you a child?”

Master said: “Life is born!”

I said: “Master! Song born, your child is called grandfather or called Dad?”

“Of course, I call my father to manage you. Although you are still small than my daughter, I am, I am your husband.”

“Master! Hey is so afraid to have children!”

“My 乖! Will n’t, rest assured! You are now safe.”

“What is a safe period?”

“Hey! The girl will not be pregnant eight days before the menstruation of menstruation.”

“Master! How do you know Yaya is now in the rhythm of it?” “Oh! I obediently silly, master Yaya not touch it every day! I started to touch your tender little cunt, cunt you say, there are blood menstruation. fourth day of menstruation gone, all rhythm before twelve. “

I said: “! Master Yaya want to do!”

Master said: “Tomorrow we go to work by car go wild fuck cunt okay?” I nodded!

Mom came back, shouted: “Yaya, Mom is back!”

Mother entered the room and asked: “! Master Zhao hungry?”

Master said: “I’m not hungry!”

Mom to the kitchen for a while, end up poached eggs to a bowl of master said:. “You first pad bar point, one will be her father came back, let’s dinner.”

Master very sorry, I lie in his ear, said:. “This is for you make sperm”

Master’s face was red ……

Afternoon, my father came home early, is the uncle drove to pick.

Give us joy, I had seventeenth birthday.

************ work the next day, the master class finished with something, with my colleagues said:. “I thought the car out with Yaya”

We went to a very remote corner of the master again captivated me fuck, cunt full of pots overflow, sexual secretion cross-flow. Later in my rhythm, the teacher would take me out to the car and thought, actually fuck cunt Lianju correct, I gradually got used to this kind of life.

Instant apprentice I have two and a half, and I passed the driver’s license. There are also six months internship, I also drove a truck, followed his master to turn around.

One day, I drove two cars and master, to send to a remote rural flood control materials.

In the evening, we went to the river brigade, we had the supplies to the Corps even completed the task. But the team sites are still far away from the levee, my master, and as good as the material directly to discuss a dam, can win a lot of time for the brigade, save a lot of manpower, production team leader for us thank you very much.

Back to the brigade late, something which is also co-production with the captain of the quilt brought his marriage, said: “! Let’s brigade no decent house, you will will overnight in the team part of it.”

Very heavy overcast, rain soon. Master said: “You get busy now!”

Production team leader gone, the rain also down, no one will come.

I stripped the master pressed on the kang, I put the word National Cheng Kung University, a naked, naked little woman, overturned, showing in his eyes. Stripped naked chef, carefully appreciate his beloved little woman, never play enough pet!

He glanced at me white slip body fat, proud of ups and downs on the tender breasts, stands one pair of tits supple expansion drum. Dotted with red cherry-like nipple on tits, charming and moving mouth-watering. Soft flat stomach, inlaid with a jewel-like navel, like the boundless expanse of blue prairie, dotted with small size of the basin one.

High arched in place of separate characters, so cherished master, ecstatic girl most precious, white Sang Sang, water tender, plump Jinzhai Sao cunt, just as white and tender new pan bread in the middle of a deep cut Jinzhai gap. It flows from the inside to catch a child slimy, shiny, with a unique aroma of Yinye girls.

Master lying on my side picked up my nipple, forced Guo forward, sucking hard. Gently squeeze your finger pressed on my clitoris, gently rub. Current spread throughout the body from the vagina, I trembled, groaned, I said: “!? Master Yaya tender little cunt can not wash, dirty, how to do.”

He said: “Master Ya-Ya never too dirty!”

He knelt there, my ass up down arms, and legs stretched split in the air. Girls most valuable, white Sang Sang, water tender, plump and tender cunt Jinzhai, is split in front of him. Tender cunt hidden inside small size of the clitoris due to heat and swelling, the girl exudes a unique smell fishy smell of the urethra, two soft fat slippery labia, vagina pink soft and tender like a fountain flowing viscous Yin Ye, like served in white Ciwan in delicacies, so coveted master.

He held my ass, like a dog lick lick up the same dish. His mouth Guo with soft butter slippery labia, clitoris swelling of the small size of the teeth biting his tongue licking girl with a fishy smell smell peculiar to the urethra, he put his tongue into my thick Yin Ye flowing springs which stir exploring.

It is stimulated my central nervous, and a viscous prostitution is violently ejected from the vaginal core. The master’s mouth is tightly absorbed my vagina fierce, smashed, and he squatted. His face is covered with viscous prostitution. He put me flat on my body, put his hard and thick and long big cock, inserted into my narrow little tender. A slap inserted the top and hit it, and I sent a “, felt, felt, felt …” in my vagina.

The dark night sky, the wind and rain plus electric flash thunder, the rumble of the Rumina is as if it is for our guides, ringing. When the master took me in the landscape of the obscenity, he called: “Ah! Ah! Ah!” Kneeling on me. His hard and thick and long big chickens hit my narrow and delicate Xiao Sao, a burst of fierce twitching, shivering his thick semen into my fingers. I went to sleep in my dream.

The rumble of the rumble and the drum of the battle, and we have started again. This night, I got me four times, every time, the new posture new pattern. The master put me is fascinating, fluttering.

*********** The next day, we woke up simply eaten, ready to return to the county. The captain told us that the backdential bridge was rinsed, and it took two days to repair. We can only help the production team to transport the grass bag to the embankment, transport flood flood staff, because the road is hard, the road is difficult, good to help the cart.

We have been very difficult to reach the embankment. Just put the goods, the captain came over, said to the master: “The county came to the phone, and the provincial report came to interview, let our brigade first, the master can help!”

The master said: “Okay!” Let me wait for him on the embankment. He allowed the captain to take the cab, two people went to the ferry.

I went to the embankment to help. These fellows have never seen such a beautiful woman, come over and ask the cold to ask warmly. Men’s and women do not have tired, I picked up the grass bag, helping them to install the land, everyone will do it in the air.

At this time, the master took the reporter, and the captain shouted us on the road and said, “Their posture fought in the first line of anti-flood has been three nights for three nights.”

The reporter came to the embankment. I saw that I was working with the old man in the old man, and I took the camera to take the camera.

After interviewing in the fellow, the reporter has discussed me to shoot a close-up, I certainly agreed.

He made me stand on the embankment, holding a shovel on the embankment, facing the sunset, gherring a close-up.

The production team took us back to the team and killed two chickens and made a table.

After eating, the reporter is in a hurry back to the county, and his car is waiting for him on the side of the ferry.

I drove him, and he interviewed me all the way. He gave me a business card. He said: “Xiao Liu!

You grow too beautiful, I thought I saw the goddess on the embankment. “

When he took my hand, he pulled my hand: “I hope to see me in the county hotel.”

Because the bridge has not been repaired, we have to stay in the team for one night.

************ The day is dark, the master holds me in his arms, one hand strokes my breast, and the other hand touchs my narrow. The finger reached into the vagina with the water, and the sticky prostitute flowed out.

He squatted on me, inserted his hard and thick and long dick into the narrow and delicate Xiaoyao, gently twitching, gentle my tender, he worked hard to ask me: “Hey! The master will open a bud, do you hate a master?”

I shook his head, he said: “Hey! I am a little tender. Are you really willing?”

I said: “I am willing!”

Master said: “Hey! You grow up, you have to fly yourself in the future. Can not be mixed with the master, you have to independently sway the rivers and lake.”

I said: “Master! No matter how much I can fly, you are my master. No matter what I did, I am your little woman, as long as I have a chance, my little tender, you are just like.”

The master is happy to have a big burst of me, I waved the buddy of the border of a bow in a bow.

I said: “Master! Do you give you the baby?”

The master is sitting up, and the cock has not been to pull out from my tenderness. I took out one of his collections in the military bags around him. Spotted handkerchief. We appreciate it together, recalling the first time. He said: “Hey is his older year old, Xiao Sao, the most tender and most tight girl!” So he cherishes this handkerchief, and the common memories arouse the desire of our mating. Our battle has begun.

*********** The next morning, when I woke up, the master was still squatting on me. I woke him, he pulled out the big cock in my tender. .

We dressed in the clothes, the produce captain greeting us to eat.

The sector of the production team sent us to the county city. We have been driving very far, and you can see their figure.

Go back to the unit, we report to the leadership.

Leaders say: “You are fortunate! Let you have two days, take a break.”

************ I went home for a while, and I finished my meal with my father, changed clothes. Wear shallow pants, set on the meat pantyhose, wear light pink lace hollow breasts, put on white short-sleeved shirt, short student skirt and white high heels. I dressed as a white lotus, beautiful, and beautiful.

Fortunately, it is still far from my home, and I found 304 rooms by my business card.

He is Hu Jin, twenty-four years old this year is a reporter of the provincial report. I knocked on the door, he greeted me in his room. He let me sit on the sofa and take a drink in the closet. He sat around me, let’s drink while drinking.

He said: “You call you! Yes?”

I nodded!

“I call you Xiao Liu, or is it awkward?”

I said: “Still calling! I am used to it.”

Reporting him: “The goddess on the embankment – the female driver fighting in the front line of the fire” let me see.

I said: “Hu Comrade! You can’t just write me one, there is a master?”

He said: “I call you 丫丫, you should call me big brother is right. It is your master to report it.”

He also gave me the close-up of me, and gave me a photo taken on the embankment. A magnified color photo shocked me, a slim girl welcomed the wind, facing the sun in the sunset, holding a shovel on the flood control embankment.

Girlfrievous long hair, collar, red silk scarf, girl single summer dress with windward, strong beauty breast convex is now on the girl’s proud crisp. Upper and downtown, showcase the girl’s bright and tempting posture.

Under the sunrise, it is like the East Venus.

Big Brother said to me, he wants to take this close-up to participate, let me sign a word.

I said: “Brother! As long as you look at it, I can give you a model, how to shoot me is willing.”

Big Brother said: “Hey,”

He hit me in his arms, kissed me, reaching the tip into my mouth, our tip of the tongue, sucking each other’s Jinluo.

He put his hands into my breasts, strokes to get my strong beauty breast, and the fingertips knead the small and exquisite teat. A spicy crisp current spreads through his fingertips, passing to my narrow and delicate Xiao Sao.

I am lying on his arms straight legs.

He strokes I have spread the narrow and delicate Xiao Sao, his fingertips inserted into my narrow and tender vagina gently agitated. I am screaming, screaming, but the ass catering his play with a bow.

Just when he took off my clothes, I said his hand and said: “Brother! Hey, there is no bath, the body and Xiao Sao are very dirty. He went to the bath, let’s let your brother. ?”

He smiled and said: “There is a bathroom in my room, my brother will be washed with you?”

I nodded …

(7) The reporter gave me a nude photo – my brother first 肏 My brother put the water in the bathroom, come back to take his clothes, naked to me. His hard and long big cock, standing standing in his crowd.

He picked me up, gave me clothes, and discussed with me, I want me to cooperate with him, take a few naked close-up to exhibit.

I am ashamed: “Brother! Take the photo of 丫 骚 骚 屄 展 展 展?” He said: “This is published on professional publication, I will do it. Don’t know that it is you! “

He took me offset, a list of unregrand shows in front of him.

He kissed me affectionately, the tongue reached into my mouth. The tip of the tongue is stirred together, absorbing each other’s nectar.

He took me into the bathroom and stood under the spray, and the water flow like the rain is the rain curtain.

My brother took a triangle high stool, let me step on it, my head is slightly low, one hand opens my narrow and tender, let the water flow from my narrow slit.

He is lying on the floor, the camera is facing my tender, pressing the shutter.

He stood up and took me into the warm pool, gently, and gently washed my body.

Appreciate my naked petite and beautifully ups and downs.

On my high-tech and tender and tender, towering a pair of outstanding latex peaks, fresh and tender red cherry in the peak, mouth watering. Brother greedy kiss sucking my teat. The warm water flows with his breath into his mouth, his tongue tough tough in the flat abdomen.

My buddy, my ass, I extended my head to my mouth, and enjoyed the first day of browsing my most sacred and mobiquette, swelling drums, and tender and narrow. He carefully cleared my sorrow, washing out and swallowed my sticky prostitution, and the refined spots left with the master.

I use my hand to open a narrow and delicate scerenality, let him browse to enjoy the landscape inside the tenderness. My most privacy landscape, showing in front of my brother.

He appreciates, use the tongue, clean my small and generous, gerical, soft, soft and soft, two small labia, with unique odorless urethra, by Master’s pink residue Virgin. The warm water flows under the tip of the tip of the tongue, drifting the fensive prostitution and the residual reflee of the master.

He stretched the tip of the tongue into the vagina in a narrow, and the warm water flowed into my mysterious portal. With the warm water flow, drifting with a unique fragrant macotic liquid, my brother, he smoked, and the tip of the tongue fierce. A boy’s prostitute, sprayed out from my narrow and delicate vagina, warm water floating a layer of sticky, greasy prostitute, my ass, a bow, a bow, body twisted Move. I screamed: “Brother, 丫丫!

I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it, I am coming! “

He took me up and put my silk yarn towel on my side shoulder, let me take a pool, give me a close-up!

My brother puts the naked me back to the room, put on the edge of the bed. Put his quilt in my back, let me get the head. I lifted his legs and lifted the legs, revealing, and tender and delicate.

He made me swim with his hand, showing the baby inside, and the camera is right for me.

He found less than anything, put down the camera and squatted in my.

The tip of the tongue is licking, and my little small and exquisite swelling clitoris, soft and smooth, small labia, the urethra. He fierce, I was so comfortable. I am squatting, twisting, a sticky prostitute sprayed out of my narrow and delicate vagina.

His tongue stretched into my narrow and delicate vagina violently agitated, there were more and more painted prostitution, which was in my brother’s face, streamled from my tender. Urine the bedding under the body, he presses the shutter for my precious ban.

My brother is like an estrus, who is tall with his hard and growing dick, and pounces to the mother beast you want to mate, listen to “哧”, inserted into my narrow and delicate vagina. .

I screamed: “Ah! Ah! Ah! Hurt! I really hurt, my brother, your dick is too thick, and you can’t have it.”

He is not awkward, he is slamming.

“Hey, 哧 … 哧哧, 噗 …”

My narrow and delicate sorrow is full of swelling, hot, delicate vagina, is tightly wrapped in his hard and thick and long big cock. Pink vomiting. I was drunk, the fairy, the fairy, the spicy, the feeling of fire, the fake drums stimulated my central nervous, a born sticky prostitute sprayed from my narrow and delicate vagina Out. I was more comfortable and more addicted by my brother, and my butt, a bow, a bow, a bow, greeting his throduction. I am soring, screaming, “叽, 咕 … 叽 … 叽 … 咕,, 咕叽 咕” 肏 肏 My frequency is getting faster and faster, the strength is getting more and more fierce, getting deeper.

He grabbed my firm breast, his big chicken, the top of my narrow and delicate, the body fierce convulsions, a poor sticky semen sprayed in my flower core I’m filled with my narrow and delicate vagina.

He squatted in my short-lived rest, pulling out his weak cock, his confused milk white jelly, the semen was brought out, my drip blood as the squeezing of the semen from narrow Standard to the ass, brother took this precious lens.

My brother saw a blood from my narrow and delicate, he was happy and distressed and hugged me! I have turned a few laps on the ground, saying: “Hey! Do you think you are still a woman?”

I am secret, I am secret, I can’t think of my narrow and delicate, and I help me when the key is the key, let me be a woman!

My brother hugs me: “Hey! Do you live here tonight?”

I said: “Brother! I haven’t going home for a few days, my mother is very worried. I still have a rest tomorrow, I will accompany you to let my brother a day, do you?”

“Hey, can you come early tomorrow?”

I nodded.

My brother took me into the bathroom, washes the semen on tender, helping me put on clothes, driving me home.

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