The female police officer’s SM vacation experience, I am called Xiao Hui. Twenty-two years old this year, height is one meter six five, weighs forty-eight kilograms, this year, I have just graduated from a police officer, there is a beautiful and beautiful and beautiful posture; I am in college There is an unforgettable experience. Now I think of it, still in front of you, can’t make it, not spit.

That is a summer vacation, I am thinking there. At this time, I received a call to a very good big three boys Wen Tao, asked I would like to go to the villa of his family, and said that there will be a surprise waiting for me. In this way, I received a villa of his house by Wen Tao. I remember, I wore a white mouse blue short dress, the black high-prize skirt, the upper body is a black night t-shirt, long hair, happiness, very sexy. Wen Tao’s villa is in the suburbs, walking into the hall, I am screaming: “True luxury!”.

There is also more surprises: there are three handsome guys waiting for me! They are all the big three boys in the country, family music, great strength. After appreciating the luxury of the villa, Wen Tao brought me to a luxurious bedroom on the third floor and said, “There is a new dress that is specifically bought for you.” At that time, I knew their conspiracy, which caused my life to start turning here. This more than 40 days of summer vacation is both a nightmare and a dream, both hell is heaven, both pain and stimulating, hehe!

I just had breakfast in the first day, and Wen Tao smiled: “Xiao Hui, you are so beautiful, good, don’t dress you dress up, it is a pity!” I thought he would send something good gift, who Know that he takes out a seven or eight meters long, and the finger is thick white.

“Do you want to do it?” I just finished, I was grabbed by him, I panicked, struggled, yelling, but no to help, others not only saved, but also helping Wen Tao Grab my arm and make me move. After Wen Tao put the police rope folded, on my back neck, Wen Tao was put on my back and neck, and I wandered the seven eight circles in the two arms. I have been wrapped around the wrist, and then overlapping the two Only the wrist is tied together, then the remaining police rope passed through the rope after the neck, and the hands that were bundled together were hoisted high, almost hanging to the neck, all parts The rope is tightened, I hurt me: “Hey, want to kill me?”

Finally, the rope is folded down to pull the wrist to fight a dead knot. In this way, I have been bundled with no one moving bomb, and the upper body is not from autonomous flooding, and the breast is tall in the chest, and it seems to wear the coat. Later, I learned that this is the Chinese-style bundle of bundle. I am screaming them, and I am not enough. They said that because of the friend, I will let me enjoy the stimuli life, then they threaten to say that I have a good cooperation, otherwise I will take a few pieces of shadow, and I will send it anonymously to the school. I thought this is over, fell into the trap, I stream my tears and died.

At this time, Wen Tao said excitedly: “I used to see some of someone who was bundled, I didn’t think that my hand is really too exciting!” Wu Guo, I won’t know where to take a side of about 8 cm, Take me with a 15 cm black high heel, give me up. I have never passed like this high heel, I am surprised, I found that Wen Tao, one meter, and the country is not much higher than me, my family is happy, and Wei Qiang is surprisingly looking at Tingting Yuci. Because I am more than they. They excitedly called: “Too beautiful, walk around”.

I, a future female police, just like Wen Tao like a prisoner, falling into the fall, and Wei Qiang took the camera from time to time, first walked in the hall, then on the third floor of the second floor Finally, I returned to the hall, let me be bundled against watching TV on the sofa.

At noon, they tied me on the second floor of the second floor, and then appreciated my posture, more infusual: they also opened the rice in the hall, while eating on the other side, saying it is delicious. . After they fed me, they still didn’t give me a loose, but they made the mahjong table and shrewd the small call. I was tired of tired of being tired, let the sexy legs stationed, and I fell asleep. When I woke up, they were still building a Great Wall, but they were clear, I saw that the wall clock was already 9:30 in the evening. This feeled that the arm and the legs have been numb, so I shouted: “Let me let me go. . They also feel almost the same, give me loose. Then everyone eats the late night.

After breakfast the next day, Wu Guo was also a smile: “Today, the round is coming to me!” They are still a Chinese-style bundle, but it is slightly different. After the police, Wu Guo took the police, took it on my back neck, passed by the armpits, and wrapped around my two on the arm, then pulled it back to the back, pulled it tight. My arms have been pulled back to the limit, I called: “吆, don’t you light?”

Since the arms are tightly back to the back, the waist is bent into 90 degrees, and the breast is tall before the chest, almost wear the coat. He quickly took a tight rope, and his hands took my strength to the back, tightly tied my hands and wrist, I got a sound. The center of the lobby is in the center of the ceiling, and a long rope on the pulley is sliding down. “Ok, do they want to hang me?” I thought. Sure enough, Wen Tao pushed me into the center of the hall, tied with the crossed rope that I had already put it down, I was shocked, and I kicked. With the rope of Wu Guo, I feel that the hands of the fell tie is slowly mentioned. If the sweat of Bean is, if I hurt, I shouted: “Rao, don’t want it”, until the foot Stop and fixed. In this way, I only have to work hard to support the weight of more than 90 pounds of the whole body. It is slightly relaxed. The weight is moved to the red-tied arms and double-handed bowls. The pain of drilling heart is spread all over the body. I have been from small to the big. Pain, it is simply torture. About one time, the hands that were hailed gradually became numb, but the pain of drilling is more intensified, and the gods have gradually become unclear. The whole body is surrounded by sweat and fatigue. In the end, I said weakly: “I can’t do it, let me down.”

Seeing me, they put me down and released the tied rope. I fell on the ground, my arms were numb quickly, on the arm, on the wrist, the rope marks on the back neck, and red. Two arms and hands have been blueders because they have been bundled too long. Looking at the purple arms and arms on the arms, the tears can’t live down. They also panicked, while talking with good words, I will help me with my arm, and Wen Tao also gives me something to eat, I have only broken into laugh. Wen Tao’s villa has a large manor, surrounding beautiful scenery. In the afternoon, they like redeemed confession, golf ball on the manor lawn; open party at night, they will take me with me, I gradually forgot the pain in the morning, but I don’t know why my heart is always a bit lost.

On the third day, I woken up, the rope on the arm had already saved, after breakfast, the family’s face is bad: “Today, the round is coming to show your hands!” I panicked, I don’t know what the way they have to treat me, I am thinking, but I caught it by the Wuoku. In struggle, my sling dress was torn, high-spirited double breasts, they surely put me, and naked jade is not legacy. I have been so big, I have never been so humiliated, I have been in front of the chest, but I was tightly tightened by the rope behind the rope.

Jiale persuaded me: “Struggling will only make them more painful, it is better to obey, see how I dressed more beautiful, I think it is right, give up struggle, but my heart is” 砰 “straight, both Tight, there is a little excitement. Jiale took the rope from the hands of my wrist, crossing the high breasts, over the right arm and the back of the rope, gumped (I felt that the tied hands up The right arm is rolled out below the breast, and the left arm is cross-knit on the back of the rope; then, from the right armpits through the front and rear rope, it passes through the front and rear rope, with the back rope tie.

At this time, my arms have not been able to move, and the excitement is pleasant to be lifted by a little bit. Then, the family music passed the rope from behind the right shoulder cross the rope between the rope between the rope, and the upper left shoulders were knotted with the back of the rope. The double milk is oppressed by the 8-character bundled rope, my hands are more up, closer to my back, when he does this, I feel the rope under my armpits and my arms on my arms It is very tight, caught in my flesh, but I didn’t feel pain, but I felt that I have never felt inexplicable feelings, I didn’t know that it was a pleasure, “Okay”, Jiale They call them excitedly as they complete a piece of art: “It’s too beautiful, too featured.”

They pushed me to the big mirror, let me appreciate my own beauty. I am ashamed, but I can’t help but sneak out. Surpected in the wonderful people in the mirror, my whole body in the mirror, the light of the sweat, the double milk is high tonna, two pink small nipples I don’t know when Outlook, the rope deeply fell into the edge of the breasts, and the rope is extremely soft, the rope on the arms have been struggling, twisting, and spasm, which has fallen into a soft limb than just bundled. I can’t help but ask: “Is this me? I am really beautiful, true sexy, but the skin shows that gloss makes me feel a little shame. Later, I only knew that this is a Japanese bundle. This bundle has no pain, although the freedom of the hands is limited, but the body is tight, can inspire my inner desire.

So they took me around, and I started to walk in the room. Later, they actually pushed me to walk in the garden. I will tease me from time to time. I will push me down on the grass. I will tied me on the trunk for a while. Pinch my delicate nipple, touch my shame, I will relatives my red lips, even the rice is eaten in the garden. I am really afraid of being seen by others, “砰” jump, not only to panic, excite excitement, “Fortunately, I didn’t meet other people all day” I am very fortunate. In the evening, I was still bundled against watching TV on the sofa, and they played their mahjong. Or until you go to bed, or I insist that they are not letting me tie it! On the fourth day, after breakfast, Wei Qiang is very happy: “The time is round to me!” Wei Qiang still bundled me with a Japanese style, then he took out a full-knitted rope, from Jiale, Wen Tao, and pushed me across the rope. I suddenly hit my brain, my face became popular, I tried my best to suppress myself. At this time, Wei Qiang took two wooden clips on the thick line, joined me two nipples, and there was a pain in just a pain, but I exacerbated my pleasure. Wei Qiang touched the thick line, the traction of the nipple, I have to move forward slowly, then a knot begins with the front of the patenta, after clitoris, cross-room, anal mouth, then second, third junction. When each knot is scraped with my genitals, the climax and the unbearable itch, let me constantly twitch, burst of pleasure, but I can’t move under the rope bundled pressure. In the body, the climax of the climax is nowhere, the more accumulated, and the excretion of not free, I can’t help it, I am loud, hot flow from the lower body, every time a rope knot, not autonomous out more love liquid .

Caute Wen Tao, Wu State, one breath, can’t stand it. I saw that they really want to rape me, but they still endured. I am really grateful, otherwise, my chastity can’t keep it, let alone I have been tightly bundled, and there is no room for resistance. Afterward, Wei Qiang picked up a hemp rope, hit three big knots, just put it down, use three knots to compact my clitoris and tender lips, in the waist. Tight tie, the tail of the rope is fixed on the old rope behind the chest and behind.

They took me all around, and I twisted, the white rope on my body was touched by the Internet, more in my white skin, spreading the colors spread into my cerebral cortex. Even the head, tied to the rope on the neck, taking down the trench thoroughly, pulling the waist, driving the knot on the clitoris, and then driving my flower, coming a burst Electric shock and weakness of acidic acid. This takes a step, the upper body tie the rope stimulating sensitive breasts, and the rope brushes tied to the two legs rope in the thigh rope, the most sensitive clitoris, small labia, and chrysanthemum buds. My footsteps are getting more and more scattered, a bit of falling, and the friction between the two legs rope is also more powerful, and the bumper is fiercely shaking, and the rope is more exciting to the breast. Finally, I can’t stand it, I fell on the ground, rolling it, my legs kept rubbing, the plump hips were twisted, said: “I can’t stand it, I will give me a loose.”

※ | JKF Czech Forum Featured, the fifth day, they couldn’t help but push me on the table, and the limbs were tied to the four legs of the dinner table. I poured a cream honey juice, put a candied fruit cake. It turns out that today is Wen Tao’s birthday.

“Xiahui, do you know? Japan has a famous dish, called the people’s sushi, is to shave the naked girl in the figurus, full of mountains, and taste and play with the sensitive part. And the girl only Can stand, otherwise it is to be fried with the boss. This is a rich work! Today, you are my body sushi! You are my birthday cake! “.

They play me while playing me, I can’t help but go. Cold and not anti-Wutao clamp my nipple with chopsticks to pull up, stimulate me very chest clamps, whole body anti-bow, not from independently. He laughed: “You are unqualified human sushi!” Next, he used chopsticks to dial my private parts, and he was extremely pleasant. I turned into my whole body. I turned it, I smiled. .

This birthday, birthday cake, they eat and drink, including the Chinese, until I am sweating, and the soft palsy is like a mud to let go. After the afternoon, it is a birthday party. They began to dress me, first gave me makeup, my family’s makeup craftsmanship, the college opened the literary evening, the makeup of our girls is tangent, this time he gave me I have made a very beautiful thick makeup, see the face in the mirror, even myself is amazing, let alone them.

Then, Jiale took a small screaming hemp rope. He first put the hemp rope, carefully got the same length, put the middle sleeve of the hemp rope behind my neck, play a knot before the neck, along The body is pulled down, and the second knot is hit in the breast. I have hit the third one before the navel, I am strange, do you want to do it? I understand the fourth time, I understand, the fourth knot, just pressing my clitoris, I feel strong after tightening, the rope passes from my two legs, tightening in the ass ditch After the buttock, the rope was pulled in the abdomen through the two ropes in the abdomen, tightened on both sides, crossed behind, and then passing the two rope in the middle of the upper abdomen. Two sides were tightened, and then they crossed behind, and then tiered two times, I bowed down, I was tightly bundled with a hemp rope, more round and tall, appeared. Beautiful and sexy. During the entire bundling process, my feelings in my body are simply surging, I feel that the rope of Return in our genitals has been wet. Later I knew that this is called a turtle bundle. They took a towering breast with me, and they were very towering, and I deliberately made a lot of action, driving my movement, it becomes very big, pulling it in the junction of the clitoris and the junction of the anus. My front and rear stork came, a burst of electric shock and soft feelings, plus romantic erotic atmosphere, stimulating me very chest clamp, full body anti-bow, while dancing, while do not help with autonomously. Even the dreams of the night are all this party, and the soft sheets are everywhere, I am diarrhea.

On the sixth day, they still bundled my naked bare, tied my naked, and tied the waist and the roots of the thighs, and the face was hung in the half-air. The legs opened on both sides of the manifold. The efforts are different from the roots of the waist and the thighs, respectively, and it is a little dizziness that is gotting. Then, Wei Qiang took out a gold coin in my labie, so that I took the vagina clamping. I am not used to it, I don’t know how to force, the gold coin repeatedly fell.

Wei Qiang said: “Xiao Hui, don’t lose confidence! This kind of exercise is very beneficial to women, you will understand it in the future. If you can clamp the gold coins for ten minutes, it is successful. Otherwise, you have been hanging you a day! I don’t have it, I have to work hard with the lips to clamp the gold coins that fall again. I don’t know when, I suddenly felt that my muscles in my lower body were strong, I finally clamped gold coins! A burst of simultaneous attack, almost let the gold coins fall out. I hurriedly clamped the gold coins and touched the stimulus of pleasure, I persisted very wolf.

After ten minutes, Wei Qiang was satisfied, but he continued to implement the vaginal tightening of the vaginal, but this time he took out two gold coins and stuffed into my labipings, still reminds me to zoom in vagina, more difficult than just Big. I am shameful and angry: “Wei Qiang, when do you want to get me?” His hippie laughed and his face: “So old, as long as you stick to ten minutes gold coins, it is successful!”

I have no choice but to turn again and again, and I don’t let the two disgusting gold coins. They have been enjoying my embarrassment next to it. I gambling, I don’t want to look at them, concentrating the idea as much as possible. Finally, when I used the lips to hold the two gold coins, I was exhausted after ten minutes. Then, he released the rope that fixed my feet, and then bend my feet up, tied together with my back of my back, and used a small bell in the two ends, bundled around Two nipples. My nipple is standing up, as if the autumn is just mature red dates; a bunch of jams happily spread all over the whole body, can’t help but stick to the hip, then I touched the foot followed. From the wall mirror on the left side, see yourself to bend into a beautiful circular arc. With the jitter of the body, the nipple sounded on the tap ringtone; this situation, the real people are beautiful! Wei Qiang pushed, I will play a swing in the half-air; in a crisp ringtone, you will be full of softly, soft, and Shumei is intoxicated.

I was taking the hanging hanging to play too long, until I am a bit numb, I will put me down. At this time, Wen Tao is in order to active atmosphere, proposes to go out tomorrow, hunting in the mountains, I am cheering; Wen Tao is said that it is best to wear a police service to save some trouble, and say that there is a first in everyone’s own bedroom wardrobe.

In the morning of the seventh day, I opened the wardrobe to find that the so-called alarm is just a woman’s police uniform and a police hat, and others are all high-end very sexy cranes, black blue mesh Stockings, etc. No way, I have to replace the blue mesh stockings, black hanging belt and black mini skirt, and then set on a woman’s police dress and a gear hat. Going out, they have already changed their police uniforms. They amazed: “Good Sexy Police”.

Then, we got up to the Audi police car, Wuku drove, Wen Tao in the front row, I sat in the middle of my family and Wei Qiang. Along the way, I am so happy, ask this question. Although there is cold in the car, it is still a bit hot, so we took off the police uniforms. After two hours, the provinces were drove, turned into the mountain road. The car is like cradle, gradually I fell asleep. I don’t know how long, I woke up, I found out that my arms of my arms and two sides have been tied behind, and I put on the super high heel shoes. I panicked, I don’t know them. What is going on again. “Let me go.” I yell.

At this time, the car stopped, Wei Qiang and his family have left me, and I got a car. Here is a very remote hillivore, beautiful scenery. On the way, there were many villagers in the land, all around, and looked at me with doubts. I am very difficult, low, I don’t dare. Wei Qiang and Jiale pushed me under a tall peach tree, and the remaining rope had a thick branch, and I was pulled down, I was reversed, until the hand and shoulder, the rope is tied Tree. And they went to a small hotel next to it, I have been crying.

In noon, the villagers got more, and all the eyes were stabbed on my body, the woman was surprised, the man didn’t care well. I felt a shame, ashamed, no emotion. I clearly listened to people in the discussion, insulting me: “This beautiful girl, what crime she made, was hang here by the staff?” “Dress up, definitely a prostitute”.

I have become a beautiful landscape here, and there is no short man in the onlookers. They may have a non-division, but in the face, in the majesty, I have to put the gentleman. But there are still a few colorful old men who want to touch my towering breasts, sexy thighs, but fortunately, Swent Tao is in time.

The sun in the summer, the sun is like a fire, stabbizes my fragrant sweating, I can’t lift the head, it is lower. At this time, I found that sexy sling almost made my towering breasts. I have never experienced pain, humiliation, wild sensual mix, frenzy, feel along the rope, mix pain, shame, spread my whole body, moisturize my lower body. I feel that my paters have been humid, and the tight panties have been wet. I shaken, just bite the lips, pressing the snoring, not issuing from the throat.

Just two hours, they had finished eating, and I solved me, and I took the car to return. In the car, I fell softly on the car chair. Under their strokes, I can’t stop the snoring, I can’t curb it, and I broke out, and the climax of the trend is like the flood of the decissete. From my uterus sprayed. They saw that I like this, and it was also very surprised. I started thinking: “My nature is so sensual, so?” I have completely collapsed, completely lost the dignity of women. My confidence, arrogant, is it going on in my face like before? When I returned home, I was very late. I installed very angry. I went to bed to sleep, but my dreams were in the mountain experience …!

※ | JKF Czech Forum Early 8th day, they will sit on the chair in naked, asking me to relax, and ask me to sing. Sing some popular songs, let me relax a lot, and the Wei Qiang behind him is a sudden action, from me, tied me on the back of the chair from me, and put me into a lazie on the chair. Use the rope to put my feet up, fix it on the armrest, let my hips just leave the seat cushion and face forward. Then, a series of bundles, tightly tightly tighten the chairs, can not move, and even breathing is difficult. My line of sight is just looking to my neutrial department, and I see the stamen in thick hairs like this.

Wen Tao pointed at my patent, I want to read the name, my shameful whole body is hot, but I can’t shout. The Wu Country took a man-made penis, there were three sections of granules and they all turned to differently, I have never been inserted by this kind of mask. When I started to encounter my yin, the granules made me itchy, I couldn’t help the whole body force, a great demand, I feel the feeling of air-conditioning. And the sense of mandatory, put all my ideas waiting for pleasure and climax.

Wu Guo finally inserted the mask, I feel so happy, actually shouting the waves of the loud: “Give me, I want, I want A, ah …”. Wuko gave me a slap, then stuffed my mouth with the cave ball, plugged into my anus with the egg, I first let the foreign object into the anus, but nervous tightening brings great pain. I seem to have a very happy force to twist my lower limbs in order to get the biggest pleasure. Struggling wants to pull it with hand, but the hand tightly tied to the chair, I fierce struggle even with a chair to beat it, and I can’t help it again, I can’t help it again, get it out, get it. The biggest pleasure.

Loosing me after having lunch, we played for a while. Then they ordered me to go to the center of the room, kneel down. I know that I can’t resist, my hands are lifted, let the home music will be pulled into the merger, wrap it with a hemp rope, at least ten laps. The two ankles are also tightly entangled, and they are not ten laps. Then, Jiale picks up the rope in my breasts and winding, the waist is also around the circle, and then use the rope to hang up my hands, I look at the ground, and each lap is The hemp rope is tight into my skin. Titao used two wooden clips to clamp my two sagged nipples, and the wooden hooks were tied. He hung two small weights on the small iron hook, and the small weight came down, and immediately pulled my two nipples and drove down. Titao pushed the weight with hand, hang in my milk tip Two small weights swayed around and pulled my two nipples! I was tortured by the four men’s sexual abused fancy, but they want to die! I feel that the genitals call the land, a kind of satisfaction is natural, and suddenly it is soft, and the fairy wants to die. At this time, Jiale uses the hemp rope to tighten me, and tighten my hair with the piominal rope, and the scalp has passed a gum. My neck is trying to support it, but I will be pulled with a low hair, and I will call me. I was suspended in half empty, I feel that only pain and pleasure and dissatisfaction is dissatisfied. Then the stimulation of the uli is what I can’t imagine, and finally I have fainted my pleasure in pain and climax.

In the ninth day, they didn’t hang me. I still bundled my upper body with the Japanese style, then tied my ankle, the rope headed through the rope, and pulled my feet to the back. Push me in the center of the hall, tied my rope on the pulley to tie my head and rushed my head. Although it was first been inverted, since I have hailed it a few times, I am not afraid at all, I feel very exciting. I learned from the newspaper that Western developed countries such as the United States, Japan and other Western developed countries are beneficial to human health. I personally experience it feel good. Now in the inverting state, it can promote the blood circle of the whole body, improve the blood supply of the brain, and the hanging taste is also very comfortable.

It is close to the eyes, suddenly feel that the breasts and the lower body are stimulating. I look at it. It turned out that Wen Tao was using my breast. The Waruo pulled the rope of the labia to the laborar. I can’t help but squat, the nipple is bloated, and the prostitute is from the yu nuclear space. The thigh roots have been wet. I will struggle, helpless hands are reciprocated, and the feet are more bundled down, without resistance, can only let the whole body sway in the air. The more you struggle, the more you are, the more you get my nipple and the lower yin, the more blood rolling, it is like Wan Ma Pentium, but I can’t do it, but I want to kiss, but my hands and family. Le Weiqiang deliberately with his mouth to sway, just don’t let me kiss, I can only struggle in the torment of the fire, the more the sound is more. Wen Tao grabbed my underwear to put into my mouth, so that I couldn’t speak, I could only happen. At the same time, both hands of Wen Tao speedy frequent frequently came to my breasts and genitals. Not long, I have made me enjoy a climax. My flesh, my flesh, stony in the air, the anti-tied hands I really want to get ropes, go to catch their “small steel gun”, but I can’t do it, it is can’t be blocked in my mouth, I am very awkward. The head is turned to express my excitement to them, I will experience the fun of sexual abuse again.

In the morning of the 10th day, Wu Guo took the police rope to the fold, on my back neck, pass by the armpits, wrapped around my two, then wrapped around two laps, and then to the back Rolling, pulling is very tight, my arms have been pulled back to the limit, and the twins are almost merged. I called: “!”. Since the arms are tightly back to the back, the waist is bent into 90 degrees, and the breast is tall before the chest, almost wear the coat. He quickly took a tight rope, and his hands took my strength to the back, tightly tied my hands and wrist, I got a sound. They let me stand in the middle of the hall, and the rope on the back is on the hanging rope that is sliding down on the ceiling, so that my body is fixed. Wei Qiang brought a small iron chain, two heads were two small wooden clips, he put the small clip on my two nipples, then pouched the lock on the small chain, one, two, three, the lock The head crane fell down on the chain, and the weight of the small clip pulled my nipples, making me a painful.

At this time, the family is taking a bottle of lubricating paste, opening the cover, putting a large piece with your fingers to my vulva, then use a rough rope, passing my two pieces full of lubricating cream The labians, but then take the rope through the two iron pulleys, Wen Tao, one person, one person, one person, one of the rope, and start to pull the rope back and forth. At this time, I was standing in the ground, the touched rope came back to rub the tender meat that I was sensitive to the clitoris and the vaginal mouth, and the two nipples clamped the wooden clip and was hang a few locks. Sexual abuse gives me the flesh sensation to be more and more strong, I can’t help but give up. “Hey! I can’t stand it, my brother, my sister can’t stand it!” I screamed, I will succumb, I will enjoy the joyfulness of sexual climax again. Afterwards, they tacted rods until I stopped and fixed when I was in my foot. In this way, I only have to work hard to support the weight of the whole body. It is slightly relaxed. The weight is moved to the shoulder blade, and the pain of the drill is spread throughout the body, which is more uncomfortable than the next day. The two clamps and the stimulation of the nipples that are hanging a few locks is more intense, and the elegance of the ultimate abuse is coming again.

On the eleventh day, they said that today I went to the market, I bought some stuff, but I have to dress me up before going out. Wen Tao found a fine rope, tightened on my back neck, tightened in my two arms, tightening behind, tightening. Toured down again through the rope under the neck. However, he didn’t tie my hands, but I was tied to a rope on my slim waist, and the bundled arms rope passed through the rope circle on the back waist, and the buttocks were tied down. , Go up, pass through the rope before the waist, and back, it is tightened behind. In this way, my whole body has to be forward, although the hands are free, but one moves, the whole body is born. He made me bending my waist, and the double breast due to low waist was tightly tightly tied. After this set of rope is tied, the whole body is tightened. Especially the activities of your hands, more addicts. I gave me myself, my top is short-sleeved, just cover the rope.

Then, we will take the downtown area. Since the rope tied to the back is too tight, my upper body has to be quite straight, walking from the road to a very awkward, the body is like a stiff steel plate. The rope in the vagina keeps rubbing my shawl, itchy, just like a bug, every step, just bite my vagina, stimulating I don’t know how it is good, make me think about it. I am very worried that it is seen by others, try to take a small step, smashing the arm, at the same time, tall chest, head, even when I take a Chinese meal, it is also this posture. Because the arms are moving, it will affect the whole body, especially the rope knot in the vagina, and take the bite to bite me, the tied breast is also bloated; the head is low, the rope of the back neck will Pull the whole body of the rope, make the rope in the anus and the vagina tightened, and painful and stimulated; the double milk is also like exploding, hot, more like a pair of big hands, keep picking, thinking about Do not dare. I am nice, I am afraid of elapsed voices. The more this, the more you can show my proud devil’s body and women, this point I am looking at the vast eyes of the people around. I always have urine, when I have urine, when I am urinary, my body is squatting, and the rope seems to take me.

It’s hard to get to them, I have been bought, I have been in the evening, and the two arms are not smooth because of blood circulation. It has become blue purple. I can’t help but I can’t help, I am soaked, the climax is coming one after another, the lower body has been wet, and the sedate is soaked.

On the twelfth day, they dragged my naked naked from the nest, pulling my hand, and pulling my palm of my hand on the top of the same party, I wrapped it with a hemp rope. Such a tie method makes my hand and uncomfortable, because the feeling of being reversed makes me feel that I will draw at any time. Then, my breasts were wrapped around the waves, and I took my arm’s shoulder and the shoulders. Then, I was forced to kneel down, my feet were concave, and the rope tied my calf with the thigh. Only used iron clips to put my nipple, knot the rope near the knee, connected to the burr rope from the ceiling. Then, I was pulled up, and the hanging on the foot of the head hang.

Then they use a very thick big mask, the two shapes are the same, lubricate with saliva, and insert my small hole one end. Because the big mask is very long, I have to mention the hips, I am afraid that the big mask is too deep. I was halting, the higher it, they opened the power of the big mask, I was stimulated by strong sudden vibration. The big mask is deeply inserted into my little hole. It has caused pleasure in strong vibration, and causing my hips unconsciously swinging, and when I immersed in this excitement, the blood to the brain and the nipples are constantly triggering a climax. They began to push me, let me swim, the more I pushed, and I won’t be too high. Constitutional gravity triggered my fear, the speed of swaying made me unconsciously, but this free drop is magically double my pleasure, just when the speed is the fastest, my climax Also coming. On the thirteenth day, they came out of the video and I gave me a few days, I saw my face enthusiast, my body is idling, I don’t know if I have passed the day. In the evening, they insert a roll-up ripple in one inch into my vagina. This fake mask has a lot of features, except for normal vibrations, fake masks can imitate men’s mask to telescopia before and after my vagina, can rotate in the positive and reverse direction, which deepens more of the vaginal stimulation for my vagina. I will not help me, I can’t help but I can’t help but have many contacts on this fake hood to discharge my vaginal and uterine port. Because I have been gang-raped, I want to gang gang to give me the pain that will not be more intense than this. They put a jumper in my anus and inserted an anal plug. Then, I made a turtle line first, and the three big knots were compressed with my clitoris and labia. Use the rope to bind my leg legs, and there is a room for a long room. Give me a feet, there is only one foot of the iron chain between the foot, and I still have a bell on the foot of the feet, the bell is very angry. In my mouth with a plug, let me bind my face after my brain. After giving me a windbreaker, I started into the car.

I don’t know if they have to take me there, I am very frightened, but unknown stimuli makes me excited. The car is approaching about three kilometers. When they are close to the city, they stopped, after pushing me into the bus, driving the driver. This can be frightened. Because the blocking clock is caught in his mouth, it shouted and shouted, and I only had a slow way to move slowly. Fortunately, it is already very late, and there are very few passers. Street lights on the street and the headlights of the vehicles, I have to take me like I seem to hide every light, Into in the shadow.

A burst of deep autumn, sweeping the body I tightly, I feel that my body becomes more hot, the fake matrix in my genitals and the jumping in the farth, in the park, the rope is still pulling me is tender Lips and lovely small nipples. When I slowly moved my footsteps, I turned to overcome the instinct that I want to clamp the vagina. I felt that my prostitution was smooth in my thigh. The bells on the feet are deafening in this quiet night, making me feel scared. The sweat left is flowing down in the rope, and the delicate skin has already grinded a blood marks, now in sweating, and it is as needles in the rope friction skin. . Every time my private parts will come to let me tremble. With my pain, there is a pain together, I will pay for the first climax of me tonight. I am awake after the climax. I am glad. This time no one passed.

On the way, my climax is constantly, every step is to stop, and if you don’t have a constant climax will make me lose rationality. I feel more and more uncomfortable, but how can I have only three inch ropes between my two feet? Three kilometers long road calls me when I can go back. I am helpless. Out of the pole, I have torture my body with a variety of binding items, and the fake mask has turned this time that I have become my pain. My chest is towering forward because the rope is moving forward, and two of the two blood filled nipples flares in the night. My body is still on the pole, because if I fall on the ground, I can’t stand it again now. I am struggling, I want to make my hands behind the rope. However, this is just futile, the rope puts my slimming hands or not, there is no way behind me, there is no way to break free. Just when I was desperately struggling, I opened the fake hi in my legs and opened a big one, and a current hit my vagina and uterus. I think it’s a shock, and the water that sausage is like a train spurt. My body is tightly concealed forward, I can’t use the vagina to step up the fake mask with the vagina, but the more I am more intensive, the insertion of the current and fake mask is bigger than my excitement, I have twisted my body.

Just when I was struggling, I had a car to drive back and stopped. I thought it was Wen Tao who came to pick me up. Who knows a few strangers. I am desperately moving, but I can’t get up. I think this is really over, this looks into a strange person. When they hugged me, I found out that I was more excited to put me into the car, and put it on their legs. I am afraid to have a whole body, but there is a little inexplicable stimulus and hope. In the car, they took off my windbreaker, carefully check my decoration, say “Bundled technology is good, but it is far more than us, let you taste it, enough to stimulate, enough for you to enjoy, Ha ha!”. Excessive fear is intertwined with stimulation and merits, so that I have been sleeping. When I woke up on the 14th day, I found that I was hang on the steel beam of the truck, and the hand tied behind him was able to move, and the two legs were tied tightly together, and they were behind him. The two thick ropes passed from the bundle on the rope on my back and my butt, and the other end took the steel beam at the top of the truck, so that I am growing in the air, I am struggling, but there is no use, but there is no use. I have a hurting my tears: What happened to me? Where is this going? Waiting for me?

In the borderless fear, I don’t know, I have been sleeping. I don’t know how long it took, the car finally stopped, and only numbness was left in the body, and the sound of the tide sounded in the ear made me believe that it was the sea. When the car door is open, the glare sunshine makes me open your eyes, some people solve the rope of the car, pick up me jump off the bus. I am afraid in my heart, I want to yell, how the ball in the mouth is pressing the tongue, I can only make a sound.

Gradually, my eyes adapted to the sun, see the empty beach, standing a few men wearing a casual dress, although they have grim, but they still can’t help but surprise: “Good pretty chick!”. Naked exposure to the eyes of strange men, making me ashamed. The man silently puts me on a large fishing boat, and then others have followed. After a few people boarded the boat, the boat sailed off the bank. The man put me on the deck, skilled me to explain the rope on my mouth, take off the ball in my mouth, take me a meal and water. I am acting that I have a numb hand, I am still looking at him, and I asked him with a hoarse voice: “Who are you!” The man gave me a slap in the face: “Small slaves, don’t talk, eat!” “Then, he stood aside, looked at the tears, I used numbers to eat, of course, I also recovered this rare time.

When I finished, they first put on the black tight bunch of tights, and tightly hidden the belt of the waist, entangled my elegant waist, so that I was angry, then they grabbed my long hair. With the hemp rope, from my neck, wrapped around the upper arm, went around the breast, there are a few laps on the breast, and there is a few laps under the breast; use another rope through the milk ditch on the rope up and down the bundles of breasts. My white and beautiful breast is standing upright because of the bundle, the rope is still tight, hitting a knot after the brain, then the remaining ropes are tightly entangled in my waist. They brought a big massage stick to open, and smiled and stuffed into my red forced, never in the end. Then put a few big knots from the rope spared from the waist, pull down my forced, anus, block the exit of the massage stick, the dead, in the back waist, make me Painful and pleasure in the pleasure! The leather is tightened, and the lock is locked behind, and the lower mouth of the chastity belt also locks with the lock. Massager crazy agitation makes me shit, bent down, can pull the two men to pull straight my body, lock the collar on my neck, let it hand, waist, gave me, give me Stockings and high-heeled boots, lock the foot. A iron chain segregated from the neck, looked at the lock behind the lock, even the feet, the left, the iron chain of approximately twenty cm, locked a heavy iron ball.

※ | JKF Czech Forum I painted on the deck under the pressing of the binding, but they also used a rope on the wrist who had already handcuffed, from the back of the rope Through the knot, make my arms above the back of the back, and the other ended the back waist, I wore me the foot of the feet backwards, so that my size is tight, put the rope and thigh. Inter-boundary, so I only leave the mouth, I can cry in my eyes. But soon, I was also deprived of the right to scream: a stuffed ball blocked my mouth, its strap was connected to my head after the brain and passed through the telled strap, one The lock is locked again! Two people pulled a thick rope from the mast, passing it from the rope on my body, and a snoring voice sounded. Suddenly I feel that my body is light, I am hanging up by the rope, the iron ball fly together, with its cruel gravity ruthlessly pull my ankle, pain, shame, fear, pleasure, my tears He is full of eyes, and as the hull is shaking and the traction from the rope and the power of the iron ball, I am shaking in the air.

Open the fans of the eyes, through the long hair, the whole boat is within my vision, surrounded by the sea, except for a few sea birds, there is no active object. Lonely surrounded me, there is a face of the face in the brain, I really want to call their names, but only the crying of the mouth. As the massage stick can’t get rid of ruthlessness, my fragile nerve is tuned to the limit. The pain in the pain is in the moment, and the sea is suddenly beautiful, my body is like it. Like the situation in the dream, floating in the clouds, the breast is hard, hard as the iron, the blood is boiling, rolling to my head, the body is eager to stretch this torture, but taking me The rope and the iron chain deeply into my beautiful carcass, don’t give me a little freely released space, but more effort to get tortured, each capillaries are expanding, each muscles are spasm, make my The body is uncontrolled in floating fierce trembling, the honey is crazy, can’t stand down, dizziness is close to a while, with all the strengths of all the strengths to gather in my current unique venture — The scorpion, emit a long and slut, and the wild beast is called like a pleasant whim, and there is no way to sweep the climax, just like a heavy hammer, the nerve is also unbeatable. I feel that the sky is turning, and then it is the boundless darkness. In this paradise and the torture of the hell, I am sour and weak, I have been fainted. Although it is summer night, the cold at sea makes me awaken, I am about hanging on this high mast. “I am still alive?” I thought, there is no moonlight, the sea is painted, only the faintness of the cabin, I really hope that I have died, but unfortunately: I am still alive. The hidden laughs of the men are crazy. The body of numbness seems to have been left me. Only the tears of the dry face can feel the nightly blem, and the mouth is still attached to my mouth, and the teeth are therefore extremely sore, there is no mouth water moisturizing. The throat is like a fire in burning. The massage stick in the lower body is no longer turned, and the vagina is repeatedly introduced into the mind because of the pleasure and tightening. I will imagine the activity of the limbs, but in addition to the pain of the bones, my efforts can only make me gently sway a few times under the traction of the rope.

Listening to the laughing sound from the far, the incomparably pain, lost and lonely, I looked down again, I really want to kill, but the tight bondage makes me even the last point right is also deprived. NS. I helped and burst into hoarse crying from the throat, and struggled to make the wooden mast slightly hook, a strange feeling from the tightly closed thighs. Massager In the vaginal silk friction, this feeling prompted that all the muscles of my body were extremely nervous, coupled with the struggle of the limbs and the bumpy hull, let my body flourish, climax again It’s coming, but it is very pleasant to be replaced by pain – day, this day will end! Waiting for me, what is it!

The fifteenth day, gradually brightened, and an island gradually introduced into eye blind, and it is estimated that the trip should have a high-ascend. At this time, they put me down. Suddenly, a strange feeling came from the lower body, and the pleasure was mixed with a meal, sphincter couldn’t help, and the height of the leather boots was too high, the feet, the body, the body supported, Get hiped to the ground! But I didn’t feel the pain of the collision. The lower body was uncontrolled. The scream became a pleasant, the thigh is cold, the honey liquid is not angry, the two legs are twitched Quite straight, the iron ball touched on the ground, the chain is stretched, because the chain is not long, it is a collar, and a suffocation makes my mind, stopped.

The ship has arrived on the shore, put on a 1-meter wide springboard, they got me. I strongly held the balance and looked up and looked at the road. After the springboard, there was a long way to go, the foot lockd the iron ball was tied to walk, and it was more difficult, let alone hole and anal I still have jumped egg! I am strolled with the waist, the two legs are unstable, I am looking at the big eyes, but I can only make a mixture of pleasants in my mouth. I strongly endure the tears, bite the mouth ball, board the tight arms of the board, swaying, high-ro,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The towering hard, the towering double breast trembles with the rhythm of the egg, I don’t know if I have a taste of the abuse of the sun, it is better to fall from 1 meters wide, I have fallen into deep sea. inside.

A thick man follows me, holding the whip and smoking: “When do you want to go, it’s just a little! The whip should not stop, bundle is tied to a very wonderful rope, let me really understand the beauty of being abuse, can’t help but struggle with the rope confrontation, and there is no place in the whole body is not being tied as one, and the hands become a fist, grasp the body The chain of the iron chain, the jealousy is no longer hidden, and the word “climax” is a blank in the mind! — Is I really become super abuse! I can’t manage, I feel the thrill of arms! After the climax, the body slowly cooled, but the whip has not stopped, the man’s voice changed the cold: “You are enjoying, let me wait for you here, happiness! Go, no one will lift you Go back! ” I am rushing to have a snow white naked in the rope, holding a chain, slowly going to the empty beach, about more than 20 minutes. The whip is still inserted, and there is no stop, in order to be less pain, I strongly supported the footsteps into the shore.

After passing the Coconut, there is another world. It is a relatively bustling town, and the house is wooden. The first thing to introduce the eye is a not very big square. The thick round wood on the square is a few singular strange high shelves. The above is bundled with a variety of postures. Beautiful naked girls, several men are whipping them with whip and bamboo scorpion, and two men shoulders carrying photographers in photographing, their Peugeot is distorted because of pain, and the beautiful body is scars Tired, everything in front makes me feel very fearful.

Because I came to you, I added an amazing glamorous, I attracted the eyes of the pedestrians on the square, “Wow, beautiful little slaves!” I saw them very surprised. They surprised me, the more fearful, think about what I will happen, I almost desperate, of course, there is also a short expectation in the deep heart. I was dragged into a wooden house and lost it on the floor. I couldn’t move down. I came back to cold ice. “Miss is hard, this is your room, first take a break here, there will be people when China Call you! “

They didn’t know anything behind him. I was originally tangent on the ground. After I hang, I opened my lock in my foot, and I took the foot in the wooden column in the house. One iron chain, so that I was hang in the half-air, the body stopped, I also threw two keys in my hands, and I went out and went out, and the wooden door was also pushed.

Quiet in the room, I also stopped the crying of people, open the red eyes to the dim, looked around, looking around: This is a two or ten square rooms, the furnace is very simple, the most inside Opened two coarse wooden pillars, wearing a chain in a high place, and my feet locked on one of the columns, and there was a strange thing in the corner. There are about half a small wooden frame, a sharp-angled triangle wood is nailed on a wooden column, and the other is supported by a horsepoot shape (later knowing this called Trojan); It is a big thing that is covered by black cloth (a iron cage); a high-hit gap hanging a closed electric light and a few pulleys, and several ropes are hanging from above, I am caucaso at a high place. The legs are fixed by the iron chain, which makes me feel painful. There is no use of a few times, and the syndrome is no longer movable. It is solemn that it is more painful. I don’t know how to sleep.

After being wokene, they took me down, bringing to another house, and scared me in front of the door: the house was sitting in a few dietary tables, and eight boots like me. , Neck with a collar, a collar, a teenage girl. Then, they remove all our shackles and let us use rice.

After the meal, we were allowed to wash a hot bath. We stretched on the side of the tits and the body while taking a shower. He also chatted. The name (the specific name is confidential, because there are three people like a few more famous singers, actors and models, but they can’t be sure), they call them a small name: Xiaoying, Xiaoqing, Xiarong, Xiao Wei, small Min, Xiaoying and Xiaomei.

It was washed for about twenty minutes, and he was hired by a man. The man brought some short ropes, just simply rearily demonstrating our hands behind the wrist. At that time, I was very strange, I still have some disappointment. The men use the nipples with 1 meter long thin chain, clamping our two nipples, the other end of the thin chain is on the wrist of the other girl, one is connected, one meter. And I am in front, the other end of the thin chain is held in a man. He is a little bit, and the pain comes from the nipple gives me to follow him. At the same time, I will drive another girl and follow us. Taking out the door and walking on the street.

The onlookers are surprised to our face and the body. I have a point to our point. I heard a voice saying: “This batch is the most beautiful”, many people have shot our naked us, next to guard Other men have quickly blocked them. The least active is that when we become a concern and discussion center, the pain commented on, hitting my brain, all of all, have a pleasant, all of the body feels one It is difficult to describe hot and impulsive, my lower body begins to flow out of the mucus, I have tightened the vaginal mouth, but I can completely don’t help, I have obviously feel that there is cool ice, wet feelings. I am very fearful. This posture is already shameless on the street. If it is being found to be humiliated by people, it is not only humiliated, but it is sensual.

I am afraid that I have to shake in my heart, and some people have called: “Look at this Shuang Niang, the man is still wet, you look at the water on her legs!” Dare to step.

In this way, we were taken to the stage of the square. The stage is a black-pressed population. After the front, there are more than a dozen colors, and it is estimated that some big bosses are all booked. Men’s deduction of the other end of our nipple clamping chain, all the buckles hang a number plate, I am No. 1 No., Xiao Min is No. 6, Xiao Ying is the 7th, Xiaomei is No. 8. Then let us walk a few minutes on the stage, and stand in parallel.

At this time, the host announced: “The auction will start”. I am very shocked in my heart. “How to sell us, this is really finished,” I feel boundless fear and despair, the auction has begun. The big bosses in the front row, all the bosses are coming, and a colorful eyes are straight. It is also touched by us, and it is also holding. Breasts, small points, thighs, fractures, face, brilliant lips, no one is never touched, play me with a climax, dizzy, strong stimulation, like a flame, quickly igniting my whole body, I really can’t help but Just squatting.

Under the host of the host, they walked back to the seat by a love. The host announced: “Official auction, start auction from 8, starting at $ 60,000,” The big bosses are frequently tried until 450,000 US dollars. I am the last auction, starting from 200,000 US dollars, the competition is quite fierce, and the price is rising all the way, until a white big boss shouts this auction is 10.5 million US dollars, the highest price (Xiaoying) More than 250,000 US dollars.

After the auction is over, I thought I was taken away by the white boss, but I was unexpected to take back the wooden house (later, I learned the island of these three, and the world of abuse schizoms around the world. One of the resorts, the island’s own staff and his family have more than 500 people. This auction will hold it once in about half a month. The bosses that shoot the female slaves have proposed their respective training requirements. Tunned the contract, the top 5 days is responsible for training by the seller, and then handed over to the big boss personally taught).

On the night, they did not treat me, but they were locked into an iron cage that was locked into their rooms, and she was also paved. Although I was happy with the unpredictable future, what did they do in these three island? Come out, but because of the toss of the day, I still entered a dream soon.

※ | JKF Czech Forum After the sixteenth day after breakfast, the eight girls were brought to the makeup room, and the eight makeup artists were very delicate, and then eight men were like yesterday. Tied up in the afternoon, I was touched on the street, attracted a large group of pedestrians to surrounded us. When I walked to a “Red Light Seafood Hall” Wooden Building, the two men made the most in front of Xia Ying, Xiao Qing Xiarong and other girls continue to be held forward. go.

Two men shouted in the building: “The boss, give you two free door welcome, how do you?” There is a pavilion at the door of the Seafood Pavilion, and the pavilion has two stainless steel pillars, about 30 cents thick, and there is an iron ring at two meters. Just under the public, the two men made me back to the steel pipe and started to bind us. Xiao Ying hands were tied to the column iron ring, and the chest double milk was bundled, and the legs were tied to the hips of the pillar under the pillar, and the hips were protruded from the column outward Top, charming naked into shape. Taking the Japanese bundle, bundle it very hard, hurt, I have sobbed, because the oppression of the rope, the two breasts are more full, strong, bundled after being tied to the iron ring, double feet upstairs Sub-bundle on the column, just completely expose the woman’s private parts in front of people.

More and more people in the Seafood Pavilion, entering and exiting guests, seeing two iron pillars that are bundled in the shape of the welcome shape, a eyebrow dance, no one, don’t touch it, use your mouth Pro our beautiful face, delicate red lips, high nipple, delicate underneath, some will mention a tied rope, and say: “Miss” The face of the face! “” Good Eyelash! Really! “” “Good Sexy figure!” “Bundle is cool!” I am nervous, helpless, struggling to accept “appreciation”, but the flesh and sensory stimulation of the ultimate abuse brings me more and more strong, so that I will boil, I will be shame, I can’t help but send a burst, Welcome the climax of a wave that is unbearable, followed by the thrill of pleasure to keep me halfway, at this time, the body’s air-conditioning is the depth of the small cavity, waiting for the strongest stimulus, although all guests have grown hard, But all the trousers are touched by a pants, and there are many guests secretly unlocked the zipper. I want to enter my small points, and I regret that I am watching our two men stopping. This situation has almost no stop during the day, and it is more lively at night. The spotlights at the door are gathered in our two, and when I am engaged in my man, I have four people, sometimes there is a woman. Ugh! I really don’t know how to get overnight this day.

In the end of the seventeenth day, when the sun jumped out of the sea, the two rounds of men solved us, bringing back to the wooden house, and other girls have also been brought back. At this point, even if you are hungry and tired, you want to sleep, they are really open, let us sleep one morning.

After eating lunch, I was brought back to my own room, and my hands were big by a big character, and I was handled on two wooden columns, and a stuffed ball blocked my mouth. The man in a doctor looks out from the box, with a cotton sign, apply a cotton sign on my two nipples, and he takes out a steel needle with a diameter of about 2 mm to immerse it. Wear my left nipple, I scared the body and hide, but I didn’t help, a painful pain from the left nurture hit the brain nerve, hurting me to shake, my mouth screaming Who knows another pain from the right nurture, and I have a dizzy.

When I wake up, I have been lying in the iron cage. The hands and feet are shackled. I am moving. The double milk is still hurt, and the nipple has been put on the nipple ring, but there is no redness, it seems that the medicinal water Effect is good. The sky is gradually black, they didn’t bundle me again, but I turned down and couldn’t sleep. I didn’t think of anesthetic during the day to wear the nipple. I would like to know the future …, I want to be afraid, I really want to kill, but I am not willing, I am still a policewoman! It should be biting his teeth, and the hearts of the fluttering also want to taste the more stimulating taste.

After the 18th day after breakfast, a crude man walked to me, with a long white rope folded, take it on my neck, I know this is Chinese style bundle, bundle is very embarrassed, my hands are Remove the limit, the finger pointed up, the hand is in touch with the rope, the rope is high, hurts me tooth, and the rope is deeply pulled into the white body, and the color of blue violet. He woven with a rope through my double breast cream, and then I will go forward.

I turned a few bends, and it was a big hall. It is a long hall with a length of approximately 30 meters and about 15 meters wide. The whole hall does not have a window, and there are a variety of ropes on both sides. Tipping, handcuffs, iron chains … etc .; dozens of large-scale criminals in both sides: such as various electric shock devices, split holders, various suspension equipment, and other all kinds of hair tailitors and prostitution There is a row of upright steel pipes before and after, with a diameter of approximately ten centimeters. Two parallel steel beam rails are installed on the middle ceiling, there are seven or eight-seat pulley on the rail, and there are several pulleys on the top, and the pulley is sliding or the iron chain or rope. At this time, Xiao Ying also brought to it here.

They pushed me into a pulley. I saw a man with a button. I hang down from the pulley. A stainless steel hook like an anchor with an iron chain. The anchor is three hooks, this only two The hook, the hook is about 3 cm, and the hook tip is round. I am in the gods, the man hooks into my lower body, straight to the flower core, this stimulus makes me feel the hot feeling, I suddenly broke out, I loudly. I only listened to the man, and I was ashamed to hide because I was hooked at all.

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