Chapter 1: Hostun, J. City, a shabby small supermarket is surrounded by a police car group, and the warning line pulls up. The nearby residents are in dozens of meters, but they are like a movie, not a realistic Hijacking hostage case.

“Zhang Wei! You have been surrounded! Hijack hostages, the negative arcrack can only increase your crime! I will pay for you to deal with it!”

The Special Police Captain repeated an old statement in the megaphone of the police car, as if not shouting, but a big net sprayed from the mouth, can capture the criminal on the spot.

“Less and talking less! Laozi is over more than 10 years ago!” The supermarket is in a black leather, the hair is messy, the dark skin is shouting. “Who is it, I will come in, I will follow this little scorpion. perish together!”

While shouting, the man was more difficult to breathe, so that a woman’s neck of a small sheep was even more difficult to breathe, not to say it. And the dagger of the right hand, shallowly resists the neck of the woman, seems to be ready to insert her throat at any time.

“Liao! Zhang Wei, this kid is now awkward!” A police officer ran back to report, “he hid in the interior of the supermarket, only revealing the human body, don’t say the sniper, just Even the naked eyes can’t see him in the position and action! “

“How is the back door?” Asked the captain.

“The latter is very small, the second squad is already there, waiting for your order to break in.” Police officer A: “It’s just a small door, and it will be unlikely, and will leave the prisoner to kill the opportunity.”

“People who immediately remove the back door !!!” Otherwise, Laozi put it some blood to you! Zhang suddenly shouted: “Laozi knows that drug trafficking is death, today you don’t let me go, I will let her pad!”

The voice just fell, suddenly, the knife tip of the criminal inserted the neck of the hostage! The blood is smooth and the knife tip and the wound, slowly flowing down.

“Ah !!!!!!” The hostage is miserable.

“Shut up!” Zhang Wei, warned her, “Don’t shout, otherwise, I will let you go directly!”

After saying, I immediately shouted: “Did you see it? Liao captain! Before her blood, you don’t let me go, she will take a step by step!”

“You calm first, I can withdraw the police officer of the back door, but you can’t run, hurry to put the hostage!

Human crimes, no one, no one can save you! The captain is a bit anxious.

“You put her first! I will do your hostage!”

A crisp sound, almost everyone is surprising to gather in a long hair policewoman wearing a skirt, wearing a meat stockings and black high heels. Her name is Wenjie, one of the best women’s prisoners in J, 27 years old as a member of the Criminal Investigation, cracked a lot of cases.

Today, she originally left-behind Bureau, in the morning, the leaders of the bureau notified her: “The city’s famous drug dealers are discovered by our line people in a community back door, but in the process of arresting a female hostage. Because There is no police officer on the spot, so please come back immediately. “

In the case of Zhang Wei, Wen Jie is clear, he is almost on the market, the anti-drug group has been eyeing for a long time, and at the same time, it is also a suspect in which they have to arrest.

This person is full of spicy, and it is colorful. It is frequently selected with the lower line. It didn’t arrest him early, because I hope to lead his online. Today, the chances have appeared, and Wenjie is not coming to change clothes, and quickly arrived at the scene.

“She is innocent! And she is hurt now, and the action will definitely slow, so you can’t run more!”

Wenjie continues to shout: “I do your hostage, the effect is the same, she wants to die, you will die!”

Wenjie continues to shout.

“Give me a car! You come!” Zhang Wei shouted his last condition.

“Small text! This! It’s too dangerous!” Said the captain.

“There is no other way, I believe in me, the Liao team, I have a way!” Wenjie is determined.

The female police officer entered the small supermarket gate: “I am coming, you put her!”

“Less waste !! Car !?” Zhang Yu Road.

“Is it toned, is it difficult to do you want to open a police? I have to come over, let her go.” Wen Jie said, while walking forward. “When I want to exchange people, I kill me!” Zhang Wei has a great depression: “Come to the inside!”

The criminal said, while retreating inner. Wen intellectually followed it.

“Liao! The target leaves the viewing range!” “Target hidden, no shooting!” The police officers in each location have reported that the captain is in a hurry, and the heart is silent: “Now I can only rely on Tilness, if we still go in, She is dangerous with people. “

“Stand! Don’t come over again!” Zhang suddenly stopped the front of the police, “Do you have a weapon?”

Zhang Yan is screaming, and at the same time, there is a bit of this height of this height, nearly 1 meter 7 is height, a black long hair, a pair of big eyes directly let him think of the star high round, older Light her, there is a kind of sexy similar to the height of the young woman, which is completely different from those who are trying to try in the windyground. A pair of long legs under the black skirt, there is no extra fat, no male is strong, nor is it thinned, the fine bamboo pole, under the package of the meat and transparent stockings, it seems a pair of beautiful artworks to pack the most unhappy.

“No!” Wen Jie answered, let Zhang’s eyes and thoughts come from that pair of legs back to ruthless reality.

“Fart! The staff didn’t have a truth!” Zhang Wei seems a bit nervous, the hand began to slightly vibrate.

“How do you want to prove? Search!”

“Operation! What are you stupid? Take the clothes to Laozi!”

Wenjie is shocked, although in view of the understanding of Zhang Yu, I have already made this, but when I truly happened, as a woman, she still hurts some instinct fears.

Wen Jie looked at the humanity of fainting. The blood has been reddish. I can’t delay it anymore. As a staff, in order to defend the lives of ordinary people, even if I sacrificed my own life is also the duty, this Sacrifice is nothing. The policewoman gently lowered, and one of them, and unlocked the stuples of the police uniform. I strived, put the outer clothes and threw it on the ground. Leave a shirt stuffed into a short skirt.

“You see, is there a gun on the belt?” Wenjie said firmly.

“There is handcuffs! Wrong! Skirt take off!” Looking at the towering shape of nearly 1 meter 7, the towering shape and the faint black bra, Zhang Yixin is a bit confusing.

The policewoman hesitated, after all, in addition to his ex-boyfriend, she did not take off her clothes in front of any other man, but the moment of mission made himself a courage.

“Let’s go,” brush “,” “,” “, two handcuffs and empty guns out on the ground. Then, “」 拉 拉 动 动,, 动 到 到 到 到 成 一 成 成 成 腿 黑 黑 成 黑 黑 腿 团 腿 腿 腿 腿 团 腿 到 了 腿 黑 腿cloth.

The long shirt is hung down and instantly covering the big eyes and barely see the black underwear that wrapped in stockings.

This scene, for the man like this, it is indeed a lot of stimuli, and it is a slow feeling that the business is going to take a lot of people.

“Line … shirt!” Zhang Yanlian has begun to tremble, and his heart is angry.

Wen Jie knows that he has already relaxed, this is a good opportunity, if you give up, you will give up.

The female police did not hesitate to start from the collar, one, one, and the chest …

Zhang Qixong did not looked at the lace side of the lace, and deep cleavage was approaching himself.

“Let her, I am now you.”

A gentle voice is accompanied by the slipping of the white shirt, has arrived before. The towering double peak, the flat belly, the slender body is revealed in front of Zhang, letting him not believe that standing in front of it is a staff.

“Panties! I have seen a US movie before, and the policewoman plugged his panties behind the panties.” Zhang Wei has been panting.

“Oh, how do you think so rich, you come to take off!”

The policewoman smiled and let Zhang Zuo more reluctant. The black underwear wrapped in the stockings, black lace bra, the deep cleret, let him seem to have forgotten what I am doing now.

Suddenly, the criminal pushed the woman, and took a policewoman in his arms, crazy about his dirty mouth to the lips of the patriarchant. Wenjie will lift your head! Avoiding the dirty kiss, and Zhang Yishi stared to her white neck. That is a woman’s savva, not the inferior perfume of the night!

“Laozi looks a gun!” Zhang Wei muttered, and took a hand to grasp the tanity hips, and the other hand still cleared the dagger.

“Ah!” The policewoman feels a big hand to grasp his jade hip, hurt, shame, shock, three feelings, and strike from the throat from the throat A bitter.

At the same time, Wenjie clearly felt that the bulls of the criminals were firmly labeled, and I thought about this is a chance. I can pincal him, let him move!

So slowly put his jade hand along the upper edge of the criminal jeans into his crotch. I don’t want to touch the shame of the body of the body for the first time. I also take care of the other party more powerful to my own jade hips. I will cut my hand to cut my hands. .

And Zhang was touched by this, suddenly stimulating the hard-inprivable animal, suddenly released the mouth that was going forward to the ditch, and is planning to enter the hands of the panties from the stockings of the waist. side! Put the back of the policewoman, at this time, it can only sigh the chance to lose, and the arms are bent and support the wall, waiting for the next opportunity.

Suddenly, Zhang Yishun once again hugged a policewoman again, with his hands straight to the past, and grabbed it! Jingle! The dagger fell on the ground.

“Ah!” Along with another delicate, Wenjie feels that the chest is pinched, but it will not think so much, because she knows the opportunity.

At this moment, Zhang Yao is separated by a bra. It will feel that the pair of mulberry is like a water balloon. The four fingers touched the skin of her silk, silently taking it: “Today, you do this. The female policeman fired! Laozi is dead! “

At this moment, the opportunity of Wenjie observes came, instantly concentrated the power in the right hand elbow, and strive for the ribs offended! Just listening to “哢 哢”, a routing is “”, it was covered, and Zhang was quickly pumping back, hugging his own double rib, and retired a few steps.

And Wenjie did not dare to neglect, the momentum turned and flew up, and kicked high heels directly on Zhang Wei and the life of the expansion. The criminals fell directly to the ground, and even the screams did not.

“Do you still want me? Is my chest comfort? Your bastard!

Wenjie bites his teeth and remembered that there was a nausea just in that. I don’t know if it is in order to revenue, I will retaliate the humiliation of the prime, the women’s police go down, and the next neck of the criminals! Zhang Wei did not fly directly, fainted.

Wen Jie is immediately three-to-three shirts and skirts! Hold down the huge blood of the blood. With her shout, other police officers quickly rushed into the supermarket to live, and they will take the hostages to pack the ambulance.

Wenjie step out of the supermarket gate, all the police officers and the onlookers have burst a warm applause! The captain came to shoot his shoulders and said.

In this layer of hero’s cheers, Wenjie is not happy, recalling the sick scene just now, there is a strange taste that can’t say it. What is even more strange is that the bottom of your underpanties has a slenderness, which seems to be soaked in the liquid.

Chapter 2: The undercover task is tired and tired, and the mind is still a scene of the day.

Unscrew the hot tap, just like the day, a button to open the chest during the day, each unlocked one, I think of the same actions you have done during the day. As the shirt slipped, the short skirt faded, Wen Jie looked at myself in the mirror, I understood this is what the criminals today is such a self-tall figure, the towering chest with each action of the body. Skille.

Gently unlock the bra’s and then take it off, the crisp chest is rid of the shackles of the bra, and the shake is slightly smashed, and the pink nipple still is still the same as his teenage, there is no extra illegal, fortunately It is, the criminal does not have a chance to involve two beautiful two points.

Sitting in the toilet cover, lifting the jade leg, gently fading stockings, like the stockings advertising on TV, softly move, from round thighs, fading into slim legs, and finally leaving jade, then Another madness of the madness turned into a boring nylon. Stand up, gently take off the underwear, Wen Jie down looks at the bottom of the slightly wet undergar and the traces of white and white, and Wenjie can’t believe his eyes. Turned against the ketone body in the mirror, I understand that in addition to my former boyfriend, no men have seen their beautiful naked.

Nowadays, I have a dirty criminal’s teasing the lower body, and a tear is shed from the clear eyes, and I dropped to my towering jade milk.

I have an incomparable strong self, since the death of the former boyfriend, it becomes frank. During the day, I am a sense of embossed female criminal police, and when I am alone, the vulnerability will erode the mask of the appearance.

The text is mad, rush into the shower room, desperately squeezing a shower, squatting on the neck and chest, as if it is also contaminated with sinful saliva.

“Honest! Who is your online? How many people? Where?”

“Anyway, Laozi is also dead, don’t say what you can!”

On the other hand, the trial of Zhang is started. At this time, the chest bandage, the jacket is on the body, and a framed look. And the brain, all the women’s face, the chest. The lace, the stockings, the legs … and the remorse that was captured by the female policeman, and there was no annoyance of the policewoman body.

“You let the policewoman come over! I may tell her!” Zhang Yu Road.

“Bastard, you are not eligible to talk to us!”

“Then you will forced the penalty, and the Laozi is all dead, come out to mix for so many years, what is going to have?”

The trial of the troops made a few days, and it is always difficult to make progress. On the other hand, Wenjie also continues to be put into normal investigation.

叮叮 咚!! Wenjie mobile phone rang, pulling himself from a piece of case back to reality.

“Small Wen, I will come to my office right away!” The phone is the director of Lin.

“Forest Bureau! What is it for me?” Wenjie came to the director’s office.

“Xiaowen, close the door, sit down first.” Wenjie felt a mystery of different past.

“This is the case, now there is a sudden situation!” Director got a smoke and continued, “the day before yesterday to the Burg Festival, I learned that Zhang Yan is not a general drug dealer. He is H City The middle and low-level members of Yeha Group, black social background. “

I heard the four words of the Years Group, and the heart is shocked! Then, it is more sad.

“I know, your boyfriend Xiao Wei is sacrifice when investigating the CHING Group, I am very sad. But he is not the only policeman sacrificed in this case, and Ho City has two people who sacrifice. Week Although the Group is a black society, it is not difficult to deal with, but the problem is that the high-level leaders need us to conduct in-depth investigations, because behind the Years Group, it involves the high officials of H-city, this is not the same. So we have been long time for this Organizational’s secret investigation is the undercover. “

When it comes to this, Wenjie suddenly realizes that he has abandon himself, disappearing for more than 1 year, it turned out to be in order to this undercover, until he sacrificed, he didn’t see him.

“I know, I heard here, you must have a bone of the Years Group, but also to arrange Xiao Wei to go into the bottom, but Xiaowei, we are a police …”

“Forestry! What is arranged, let’s talk!” Wenjie interrupts the director.

“Ok, that is, because the two cities jointly have no losses, we found that the organization is very detailed on the newly joined male membership, the background investigation is very meticulous, which is the reason why they don’t fall all year round. And their group is very wide, smaller to KTV, restaurant, model company, large to construction company, big hotel. And according to the survey, only KTV and models of women’s controversy is not deep, and they are close to high-level personnel. “

“I understand, let me go to the end!” Wen Jie said.

“I know, this is very difficult for you, we are considering your family abroad, usually relatives and friends are very small, and you can perform very well in the work of this year, can be randomly strain …”

“Don’t say a forest bureau, I will go!” Wenjie is now full, it is to solve the case to smash the Zhou Group, revenge for his boyfriend. “Good!” The Secretary is somewhat amazing in Wen Jie, so our breakthrough is Zhang Wei. At present, the news he was arrested has not flown out, we need him to bring you into our group. Currently he has not agreed to cooperate. I hope that you will do him. “

Wenjieyi thinks to work with this person, I can’t help but get nausea, but still nodded firmly.

On the other hand, the interior, Zhang Yu is still the appearance of death pigs, not afraid of boiling water, at this time, he is only a smoke in his hand, and there is no difference in a few days, except for the mouth of the mouth. Several police officers were helpless, and they were open.

Zhang Qiqi took a look at the eyes, and he widened the eyes of the mouse. Looking at the Wenjie in the interrogation room or wearing the uniform of that day, the only difference was that stockings were converted into black. Zhang Wei seems to have a spirit.

Wenjie shows that other police officers are going out, lock the door, then ask: “Zhang Wei, the director talks to you.”

“Talking, what is free of death, what is sentenced, Laozi doesn’t want to take a prison, there is a matter of this, you will kill me.

In addition, today you wear so so, is it still black lace? “

“Shut up! This is where it is, I can’t get you wild! The president’s meaning, if you help us to solve the case, give you a long-term probation, don’t have to enter the prison. Wait Group’s illegal income can also be divided into you “

“How do you believe in you?”

“You have no choice, or immediately on the court, shoot in a few days, you can see it. Either take me into the Western Group, do my internal orientation!”

“Ah? The undercover is you?” Zhang Wei listened to this, suddenly revealing a evil light in the eyes of the mouse, so that Wenjie suddenly felt something uneasy, “Good! With you, I didn’t do it, you let you let you let you I will work with you. “

Wen Jie listens to this brush and stand up! Clasp the double box, hate the teeth.

“How? I know that you are in a cool day, you know my size, I really want to let me do it, come to a gun, I will listen to you!” Zhang Yizhang hooks The translucent black stockings, the saliva is flowing.

Wenjie did not speak, pushed the front door. Zhang Yue looked at a pair of green high heels, 哒, 哒 哒 得 自己 自己,,,,, I feel that the whole world is quiet, there is the sound of the high heels.

Wenjie elegantly walked to the face of Zhang shared on the chair, next to his legs, slap, discrete his own legs, tightened the skirt itself.

At this time, Zhang Yizheng has already supported the tent, plus it in the past few days, often in the wind and moon, eat and drink, and rarely not near the woman. Looking at such a beautiful black silk legs before his face, I couldn’t help but reach out his pair of dirty hands and put the outside of the legs.

“Wow, soft stockings!” That is tied to the cheap stockings of the cheap stockings, feeling happiness. The hands along the legs, slowly slowly, the skirt will take a little down with his hand back.

Wenjie did not lick, looked at the top of Zhang Wei’s sparse almost bare scoop. The skirt is slowly pushed up, revealing deep black socks.

“Laozi immediately saw what underwear today!” Zhang Yuzu.

Suddenly, Wenjie is grasping Zhang Zhang’s crotch, making it hard! Since the foot is still hurt in the past few days, Zhang Wei feels painful from the lower body from the lower body!

“Ah !!! Madai, let go!”

Zhang’s salted pig hand immediately left the legacy legs. Desperately shook his head.

“I still want to do it!”

“Don’t you never!”

“Do you dare to mention the last time ?!”

“Ah is not never, ah, ah!” Zhang Qi kill the pig’s voice full of the entire interrogation room.

“Do you work with me?”

“No never no never!”


“Ah, cooperation! Cooperation cooperation !!”

“Very good!” Wenjie put away the crotch of Zhang, pulling a dress, returned to the seat. Leave a Zhang Wei and shook it there.

Chapter III: Underging KTV Wen Jie sits on the window of the train, looks at the scenery outside the window, don’t know how it will face another different landscape. The heart is medcorpted by the Secretary: I can’t reveal the fight. When I saw Zhang Wei, I can’t let him get a different heart, and there is a danger to immediately press the help button with a special phone. At this time, she has changed its name to Wang Yan and code fire rose. It is Zhang Wei, and the body is short, and he is more short. At this time, his eyes are aiming to wear a floral dress, the black stockings, and you can’t wait to touch each other. Every action, change the leg, he is never missed, see the roots of the stockings Perhaps it is a black lace underwear.

Arrived at H City, two people straight to the Yinghuang KTV.

In fact, the Secretary is arranged to join the model company, because the texture of the text is absolutely enough to have a model standard, and more charming is more charm than those of those who are thin. But Wenjie himself did this decision and did not report the upper level.

Because he listens to the Higa’s high-level characters that often go into their own KTV, it is more chance to the model company.

“We are here, Huijie!”

Zhang Yu faced a year in the middle age, dressed in fashion, sexy rhyme, enthusiastic. Wenjie heart understands this is the mother of the mother.

“Introduce, this is my relative, Wang Yan! But she doesn’t have it! Hui sister, you care more …”

Mom Zulin is looking at the sigh of Wenjie’s body, temperament, and the beautiful face, no makeup, immediately understand this is the high-rise of Zhou Hao, instead of all the ordinary people Miss.

“It’s good! Since it is my own person, I will be assured to me!” Mom Mulberry.

“Do you have a small night? Laozi hasn’t touched it!” Zhang Yu is looked at.

“In, do you miss her again?”

“Then I will find her!”

Zhang Yan said to see Wenjie and seemed to ask.

Wenjie and slightly: “Let’s talk.” He is more disgusted in this unusperating frustment.

Hui Jie gives Wenjie, which introduces the working environment and working methods. Wenjie is basically not concerned, because it is not to make money, and do not want to be in the environments where the paper drunken.

“Come over tomorrow night, I invite you to eat this evening, so that the sisters will meet you.”

Hui Sister is still so enthusiastic.

“Can’t, too tired, I invite everyone.”

Wenjie thinks that the lady who wants to smoke and drink the murder of the smoky, and it is not awkward, and the words are ascended.

The next day, finally arrived at work, Wenjie put on the work clothes, a slight-white tight-fitting dress, the chest was opened by his 36E’s chest, leaving a deep cleret and black bra lace. Black hybrid trousers stockings with white high heels of different other ladies.

Wenjie looked up the high heels of hate, and the thick bottom plus the following heel, this is a deception of men’s vision, and its own long legs do not need this extra chips.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I feel that I have seen this, the tight skirt seems to be able to cover their chest that with the body movement.

“No. 88 top box. “

Huijie ranked with a young sister who wandered, and went to the depths of the corridor. Wenjie feels that he and them like a group of chicken ducks on a group of markets to sell money, but at the same time continue to remind themselves: “This is not me, this is not my own, this is Wang Yan, this is Is another person, she is a lady, I am a police! “

Entering the red wine green, the music sounds, and the sound of Wenjie saw that is the pair of Zhang, sitting on the sofa and holding a wine glass, sitting around him, a middle-aged man, full of oil, Wearing an open suit because of an open suit.

“Good boss, welcome to the Emperor!” A group of Miss a mechanically greeting, let the whole box instantly quickly.

“Pang Chi, you see that No. 100, that is, I will tell you Wang Yan, just to enter, you have taken care.”

Wenjie listened to a dislike, thought: “If I am really your cousin, you will sell me to this place to do this business!” Thinking to see the No. 100 number on his waist. Introduction to Zhang, Pang Hua’s eyes quickly scanned up and down. Wenjie felt uncomfortable, and strive to let his eyes avoid the dark eyes of the pair of clouds.

“Wang Yan, this is the old, Pang Shiyuan, the project department of the Years Group!”

With the introduction of Zhang, Wenjie immediately understood that this is the three people of the Years Group, and all drugs in H are almost from him. Zhang Yu, the child entered the role.

“Hello, Hello!” Wenjie took a greeting to the Pang fatigu, did not bring the smile of other ladies, and felt that the evil dress sat down, and the lower swing was almost to go to the thigh root. I showed a half-black sock, and I went to the skirt.

On the side of the scene, I looked at this scene and I still seemed to have forgotten what I should do. I looked at the beautiful black silk legs.

“Yes, different.” Pang Hua Zuo, looked at her body, plus the temperament, plus that kind of attitude that was not humble, so that he produced a special freshness and curiosity. During the speech, the right hand came over.

Wenjie feels that a hot meat hand is attached to his naked arm, and the chicken child is getting up.

“Come, Pang, let’s drink a cup!”

Wenjie hurriedly picked up the wine glamue first, let this Pang’s fat dribble, lest him for further action.

On the other side, you must not have so much, holding a night cat, it seems that it is still not addicted before the day.

A few glasses of red wine, the Pang fatigan is full of red, and the panting is now, and the text is still not changed. Her alcohol is not clear, almost a natural thousand cups do not fall.

When a man is in a pierfun, it is the most open state. It is obviously ignored this in the case. It only felt the hand on the arm, and another hand suddenly passed on his own thigh. , In front of the stockings, there is ahead of the stockings. Slowly remove the roots of the thigh.

Wenjie one holds the salty pig hand, and pick up the wine glass: “Pang, why don’t you drink?”

“Drink a fart!” Pang fatigu pushes the wine glass, harden the first floor, two people are attacked. Then I turned it, I was full of alcohol, kissed the tangered ear.

“Ah!” Wenjie is full of numbness, all over the body straight. The jade hand according to the salty pig hand is also loose, and the Pang fatigue’s hand took the opportunity to slide the roots of the thighs of the skirt, and one of the deepest deepest on the inside of the thigh.

“Ah! Hurt!” Wen Jie hurts the sound, “Ah!” Is another, it is not the pain of the thigh, but a burst of hot air from the ear, it seems to go in the body from the ear.

At the same time, the big hand that is embarrassed on the arm, slide down, a shrinkage, stretch! Going through the tangered armpits directly to Wenjie right chest, one grabbing! Pang fathers immediately surprised that the softness of the two layers can still feel, and their own hands cannot be completely buckled.

Cleaning this time, it is crazy, the shame of the roots and pain, the crisp of the ear, as well as the sump of the chest, this time you can’t do what you are doing, why come this kind of damn place!

Why is it mixed with this kind of fat pig, let him take his pure and beautiful chest and legs, and there is only the ear of Xiao Wei kisses.

“Xiao Wei!” When this name is flashing in his mind, killing him is this Zhou’s gang organization! And the enemy is now infringing his body! Wenjie really can’t help but push Pang Shiyuan!

Several wine glasses swept in the ground as the opened hand.

The atmosphere in the box instantly solidified, everyone did not dare to come out, only the speaker repeatedly sounded over time. Disgrace.

“You!” Pang Shiyuan himself was shocked by this scene, and his favorite woman has never encountered such a resistance.

“Sorry, Pang, I have never done this, I didn’t think that I will bring me here …”

Wenjie instantly wakes up, and a line of tears flow from the white cheeks. They are not clearly a performance of random response, or the embarrassment of Xiao Wei.

“Big brother, little girl does not understand, don’t mind, don’t mind! I also blame me, I don’t know with her, the little girl boyfriend has not paid, suddenly coming out with me, it is difficult to adapt.” Zhang Wei The handle took out from the underwear of the nightmare, and quickly came over to play. “do not talk!”

Pang Fungus collapsed three words, everyone almost all breathed breathing, but looked at the tears of the beautiful Wen Jie, the tears of the rain, and the attitude that is not humble, the Pang fatigan seems to be touched, “It doesn’t matter, I I don’t like it. The little king is so beautiful, come here to work, it is true. Let the cousin are working in KTV, and you are also doing it. “Said, handed a business card, handed over the hand:” In this way, you are willing to come to our company to do my secretary, you hit my phone. Or, I will give you twice the salary! “Finished, with a skilled younger brother, got up and left the box.

Wenjie understands this is a good opportunity, doing his secretary, you can enter his work and life circles, you can contact the high-level confidentiality and people around Pang Shiyuan. But at the same time, I also understand that this secretary is actually the identity of a mistress. This is really difficult to accept it for yourself. As a member of the police, I have the most embarrassing of this mistake, and now I have to do my own enemies, and it is a mistress of the criminal. I didn’t think about it. Things.

“Let’s go, I will drive you back!”

Zhang Yanqin pulled up the tanity and left KTV. Sitting on the pick-up seat, Wenjie looked at the general building that gradually became a brilliant palace, flashing the word “Emperor”. I thought that if I left here tomorrow, I totally became another person. If I don’t leave, I don’t know how long it is sleepy.

“It’s time, this is where you live.” Zhang Hui stopped in front of a apartment.

“How do you know that I live this?” Wenjie is shocked, from the contradictory thoughts.

“Tracking you yesterday.” Zhang Wei got a smoke and said in guilty.

“What is I do?”

“This is H city, it is my site, it’s right! I promised to cooperate, do you remember my conditions?”

Zhang Zhang spitted a smoke. One hand placed on the legs of the driver.

“You this metamorphosis, you believe that I will report it right away.” Wenjie took out the special mobile phone.

“You press it, you report J city, your superior is arranged to Ho City, send people here to save you, how long? I now tell me that the brothers nearby, you are the police’s undercover, you need to have Long time? Do you see who we die? And, I help you get into contact with the three hand of Wen, this kind of chance, you don’t thank me? “

“you this……!”

“Hey! There is also!” Zhang Yu interrupted the taste of Wenjie, “With our capacity of our group, what are you afraid of returning to J City, we can easily find you, even if I am dead. “


“Don’t be you, I don’t think about you. You will go to his secretary tomorrow. I will secretly assist you get the more secret information, tell you the identity, division of labor, relationships of those people. By the way, you can guarantee your identity Not exposed.

So you can soon solve the case, you get what you want, I get what I want, or we now make a call to the same phone. “

Wenjie is silent, Xiao Wei, Bank, Secretary, Women, Zhang, Pang Shiyuan, Zhou … all the information is crazy in his own brain! Plus a little alcoholic catalyst, make yourself entered a state of embarrassed.

“” A loud sound, the text is shocked, and it is like a hurting stick to play himself more inner confusion. That is the voice of Zhang Yu closed! Zhang Jie entered the door of the apartment, and returned to the text!

At this time, the Wenjie is like a ghost, open the door, get off, and follow it.

Chapter 4: The sheep enter the tiger mouth 402 room, Zhang Yan looked at the words that he was holding the key in front of him, and he jumped. From the top to the top, the first-class body, the first-class policewoman, I can’t believe that the female police officer who arrested himself earlier, now wearing such sexy white dress, so you can crazy black stockings, you will Have himself.

Thinking, the Zhang’s crotch is rapidly taking the balloon. I can’t help but gestate my hand to the tanity of the hips.

At this time, the cleansing has completely felt the hands behind, and I opened the door, I habitually opened the lights, walked to the bed, I would throw it to bed, it is said that this is all the single apartment women The habit, and at this time, it seems that it is impossible to think about what problems. When you can’t choose, people often wait for the situation to see the situation in their hearts. Zhang Yu quickly closed the door to the text, then hugged this tall beautiful policewrough from behind, and the hands were moved directly from the flat abdomen to the double peak.

Wenjie and one, resist the two wolf claws on his chest hands.

“What’s!” Zhang Yu hurriedly asked, I am afraid that she changed his mind at this time.

Wenjie hesitated. “No” said, slowly put down your hands.

Zhang Yixin is ecstatic and knows this day you dream of. Immediately grabbed the side shoulders turned to her, hugged again, trying to get together to kiss the lips, if the crystal lips, but found helpless one half of her short.

“High heels are off!” Wen Jie listened to Zhang’s order, it seems to hear the superior command of the police, take off his high heels, a pair of black silk jade is flat flat.

“It’s still enough! Bending the waist!” Wen Jie listened to Zhang’s request, bent a little legs, and two were flat.

Just in this moment, Zhang Wei was full of wine, and I contained my CHU, I immediately reached out and immediately extended the tongue of how many women who didn’t know how many women. A poisonous snake usually drills into the mouthful of mouth.

This is the first time with a man kisses yourself in addition to my boyfriend. The poisonous snake caught, hooked, wrapped around, sucking, Wen Jie only closed his eyes, let this happen, no more feelings of the year and Xiao Wei, only feel that his tongue is filled with the smoke The mouth of the taste of the taste is swallowed.

5 minutes in foot, Wen Jie swallowed the man’s mouth, the back and hips paced on the opposite and repeatedly told himself, and the heart told himself that all this is to smash the Zhou, for Xiao Wei. Soon, it will end, very fast! The curved legs gradually tremble, it is tired, it is tight, it is fear.

“Leap is acid? Then you come to kiss my old two!” Zhang Wei pressed the back and tangent, let her kneel down his crotch.

“You don’t catch my old two? Now let you know him! Help me take off!” Listening to Zhang Yu’s more and more deflated, even the boyfriend did not have exported, Wenjie once gave up, but Be pleaded by his own ingredients.

Wenjie squatting on the ground, slowly unlocking the belt of Zhang, “」 」拉 拉 张 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 卡 下 卡 卡 下 下 卡 卡 卡 卡 卡 卡 卡 卡 卡 卡 卡 卡 卡The old two popped up from the pants, supporting the underwear high. Wenjie will fill the underwear to the ankle, and the head is biased, and the two hands stretched into the edge of the underwear …

“Hey!” Suddenly! Wenjie mobile phone rang!

Zhang Yixin is shocked, “Who is a good thing to interrupt Laozi at this time!”

Wenjie reach out quickly pick up the phone.


I heard the name of Wenjie shouted this name, Zhang Ziyi walked through the whole body.

“Yes! Everything goes well!”

“Yes, I have already connected my head with them!”

“Zhang Wei?”

I heard my name, and I am gladd at the eyes.

Wenjie looks up and looks at it …

“He is very honest! Well! Yes! I will pay attention to safety!”

“Hey!” The phone threw it.

Zhang Yu felt this is his most wonderful call in his life.

“Continue!” Zhang Happily said.

Delicating this time did not hesitate, directly took off his underwear, a thick and long, half a half-semi-exposed penis was high in front of himself, although Wenjie was still behind, but Yu Guang Still can’t escape the strip.

“Start!” Zhang Yan said, double-headed tanity head, put her back and positive two.

“I won’t!” Wenjie has never been so close to his face. @! So pure! Zhang mouth! “The female police swallowed the saliva, and he opened her insort.

Zhang Yu grabbed the head of Wenjie, and in the future, his waist was sent forward, and the dirty dick inserted into the mouth of the female police officer.

“Hey …” is inserted by a gray foreign body, almost straightforward throat, and Wen Jie is almost vomiting immediately, but it is blocked by the giants, can only have a boring.

“Operation! Good warm, soft!” The side of the female police officer that I can enter him in my face, I feel unbelievable, “Is it a lollipop? ! “

Wenjie thinks about this, there is no need to be greasy, just want to start this nightmare as soon as possible.

So the right hand grabbed the thick mask, wrap the swelling glans with the tongue, start stirring, snack, the head also begun to help, one is very shallow, one is very shallow.

Zhang Wei is cool, I can’t cool itself, I feel that I am driving fog in Teng Yun, although I am screaming, but the Miss’s mouth is like a form, or let you hurry. At this moment, the soft tongue of the female police officer is wrapped, stirred, it is really like a paradise.

A drop of water drops from Wenjie’s lips to the floor, two drops … only have the rest,, 滋,, 滋 文 洁 洁 了 了

“」 “, Wenjie feels behind the back, Zhang Qi pulled the back to the back of his tight dress,” Let’s “skilled the buckle of the back of the back, pick up the black Lace bra tap! Zhang Zi went to the nose and smelled!

“Good fragrance! It is the taste of you when you are in Laozi. Today, you have to double-pay!” Zhang Wei thought.

Wenjie did not pay attention to him, just “咕 咕 咕” is not well worried. However, I only felt that I put a pair of big hands inserted into my clothes on both sides of the rib. I directly wrapped around the chest, I took two times, and I took force to grab the two soft and firm double milk, and I started to pick up.

With this action, the clothes of the chest have almost spread, there is no feeling.

“Sure enough, it is soft as the water ball!” Laozi guess it! “Zhang Yao looked, while sighing,” Pang Shiyuan did not touch, Laozi first touched! “

Wenjie and soft double peaks and smooth skin and the gradually hard nipples make Zhang Yau self-extricted, plus their own hiking in the mouth of the beautiful police officer, this feeling has made him cool to describe.

5 minutes of blowjob and squatting, Zhang Yang suddenly took out from Wenjie and mouth! Pull out a long mouth of water, bend to the ground. The female police officer immediately took a support and pushed down in bed. Zhang Yu can’t hold it, just excited to the extreme, almost shot in the mouth of the female police officer, but feel that this is too much in the grass.

With the fall of Wenjie, Zhang Wei saw the blush face, a bunch of long hair, let him excite the twilight of the double milk with shakes, have been out of the clothes, Zhang This is the first time I saw the Lushan Station of Wenjie Yu’s milk, some shocked! So pink, then perfect, then flexible, just stop up and down, due to exceptional soft, some stalls are like two cakes, but still bulge.

The line of sight is transferred to the pair of legs. The ultra-short skirt seems to be more difficult, and the soft sheet is soft on white, and the white skirt is struck out of the black stockings. Especially sexy.

Zhang is eloquent, take off all clothes and footwear, jumping into bed, just like an ugly 蛤 趴 趴 般 一 般,, 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地舔, pro, bite. From time to time, you have to look at the bottom of the dark skirt, after all, there is no see you.

Wenjie feels that the legs are unbearable, and as Zhang’s gaspard, let himself hot rush.

A blank in the mind, looking at the ceiling, like a lamb, usually listening to the day.

On the side of Zhang, I took my hands into the skirt of the police, caught the edge of the stockings, and let go, let go of the busy mouth, force the stockings to take the stockings to the knee. , Revealing white and innocent thighs, the busy mouth once again licking the jade leg without stockings, kneeling, licking, licking, while sneaking, I have to put the right legs in the right leg, I have fallen Ankle, foot tip, take out. I don’t know if it is a good or anxious, leave the half-hatched black stockings on the left.

Zhang Zhaoyou, saw him always imagined the female police officer’s underwear, black, silk, both sides of half transparent, hiding the beautiful aroma in the middle of the fast pattern. Zhang Yuzy is swimming, bites the bottom of the underwear. Wenjie is ready for this sudden attack. “Ah !!!!” Originally, she is going to stand her, and call the sound in pain.

And this bite, but surprised to find that the female police officer’s underwear has been wet.

“Hey ~~ is so wet, is it very much thinking about me!?” Zhang Yaoyou.

“Abnormal! To do it, hurry!” Wen Jie bite his teeth.

“Good! You said, then I am coming!”

Zhang Qi said that his hands grabbed the edge of the underwear, pulling down! The female police officer’s aroma is clearly presenting in front of Zhang Zhang. “Too good, it is a steamed bun!” Zhang Wei looked at Wenjie so fat, there is no more than a few width of the lips, surrounded by sparse and neat hairs. , My heart is dark.

Wenjie feels that the lower body is cold, understand this moment, it is coming. Close your eyes quietly, trying hard to think that you are a police, and he is a dirty criminal, his youthful and the opponent’s poor wretched.

Zhang Yu handed the two fingers to open the fresh labony, saw the pink flower heart, could not yell, the pink nipple must be a pink flower heart. Extending another hand, more than a middle finger, inserted into the labipings, trying to explore the clitoris of the other women. I launched myself, I didn’t dare to show the middle fingers to the staff, and now I actually refer to the vagina of the beautiful female police officer.

“Don’t worry! It’s faster!” Wenjie can’t stand this kind of gameplay, just want the storm to come early, end early!

“So fierce, you will get a little gentle.” Interchange, Zhang Yan found the text and tangered clitoris, dringing a lot of honey in the vagina, starting to apply it.

“Ah !!” Wenjie feels strong excitement, suddenly straight, that is like itch, like acid and non-acid, makes you very uncomfortable. “Ah … don’t … don’t like this … Ah … hurry to do it, hurry up!” The chastity of the chastity in this state can only put down the posture to seek speed speed.

Zhang Yu is ecstatic, took out the finger to grab the jade milk of the female police officer, and wipe the prostitute on the nipple, and the mouth is dried off, followed by the knee to open the female police officer. At this time, the female police officer’s jade garden has been pulled into a slight seam, like a small mouth to move over the top of the mask that has been congested to the top.

Wenjie does not want to look at this dirty and wretched person, the head is biased, and the glasses are closed. Just feel that two big hands are still licking in their chest, and the lower body seems to have a hard object to the left, and the right to grind his grass.

“Come, hurry!” Wenjie is a bit impatient, but faintly feels that there is such a silk expectation.

“I can’t find imported, you can help me!” Zhang Yu smiled.

Wen Jie knows that it is Zhang Wei and you are humiliating yourself, but there is no back of the arrow. If you don’t do it, you don’t want to reach yourself, you caught the hard object of Zhang, put it on your honey hole, and retract it quickly. The more it only feels that the hard object that arrives at your honey, the more weigh, and it seems to squeeze your skin. Wenjie closed his eyes, biting his lips, silently enduring.

Sudden! I feel the waist! That hard object sliding into the depths of his body! Wenjie understands that his last defense is broken by this shameless criminal. A lifting instant in a lower body is attacked.

“Ah!” With a pleasant hit, accompanied by the shame, Wen Jie called the sound, and Zhang Ji listened, it was the most gentle, most helpless in him since he saw this beautiful policewoman. A wheezing. There is also all of all unable tolerance.

“Fuck, it’s really tightening! It’s soft and comfortable!” Zhang Yu is excited to the extreme. one time! Two down! Three!

Four! Started his first round of thrust.

“Ah, um, um … ah … um …” Wen Jie did not know why he couldn’t help but send this voice, as a first-class female criminal police in J city, as a big beauty pursued by countless people at the time If it is divided by this crime, let him insert the secret garden.

With the pumping of Zhang, a piece of honey, a honey juice, and the mask that turned into it came out of the secret hole, dried in bed, and a tears, and dripping from Wenjie’s eyes, almost dripping in bed. .

“Call, call!” Zhang Pingping is inerage, hand pinching the soft chest with the squad with the lower body, seems to have a rhythm clear waist dance, the room is a black body package In a black and white jade leg, while the hands of the two hands are released, the surrender is on the bed. “Hey … …!” Wenjie stretched a hand, holding his mouth, do not want to let the schilled criminals in front of him, it seems that you can reduce yourself. Respond to the humiliation from this frustic man.

And Zhang has released a hand on the breasts, supported to the bed, the whole body looked forward, one squeezed on the white pink jade milk, with his sucking and shaking, Wen Jian jade Milk constantly changing many shapes in his mouth. Suck, lick, bite, and repeated.

With this series of movements, Zhang Wei only feels that his hi is getting tight and tight in the body of the policewoman, smoothing, it seems to be a lot of noise. “Swit is nitty …” The piston movement seems to start acceleration.

“Call !! It’s so tight, slide! Fuck !! You also have today!” Zhang Yau got a few words, so that Wenjie is more difficult to accept the dual devastation of this body and spirit.

Let go of your hand: “Ah … you let me … let me … turn over! Just ask you …” Wen Jie pleaded, in order not to make him nausea man.

“Brush!” Zhang Wei stopped the piston movement, took out his mask, and Wen Jie down the body feels emptiness and easy, and it seems to be a warm crisp in the fast blood flow, and also with a small shares The juice has flowed to the honey to the anus itch.

“Yes, you will take it off first!” Zhang is clearer and answering.

Wenjie is slightly sitting, and he does not hesitate to raise your legs and catch up. He seizes the skirt. Then, the two hands are surrered, and the whole body is squatting on the bed.

Zhang Yu is amazed, and the female police officer really fell agile. With the moment of turning over, he saw the whole female police officer’s crystal clear back, the whole white and brainless body, and the two ribs were squeezed out Milk, slender waist is the round full hip, full of shadow of the bits between the two white meats, which can only see the two white meats.

“Harmony is a bit!” Wenjie followed the command, slightly curved the knee, gently raised his own calf and jade buttocks, and the whole body presented a beautiful curve. A sexy black silk is still wearing a small leg, and the other side of the other side and that have crumpled underwear.

Zhang Wei saw that this scene is more difficult to self-control, holding his own mask, knees walking a few steps, moving the past, and is inserting the pink honey, unwillingly insertion.

Wenjie was hit by this bomb, followed by the fat life of the lower body again in his own.

“Oh!” Wen Jie hurriedly grabbed a pillow buried his face into it.

“Hey!” Zhang Yanyu is pressed down, close to the back of the text, inserted from the rib into the jade breast from the bottom of the rib, put it up and down, and grab the literacy The calf, the soft stockings, the mask starts the second round with the force of the waist.

“Hey, Hey, Hey …” Zhang Yulin beer hit the tanity of jade hip once again, once again popped once. The coarse mask feels tight in the in vivo in the following effects.

“Hey … …” Wenjie under the pillow still strives to make the sky, don’t pass it into Zhang, but under the pump of his hard, you will continue to react, acid, itch, and rising A round of merits.

The shortness of the fever can only be lower below the neck, and both hands are busy in Wenjie’s chest and legs.

I don’t know how to get more and more loose, it’s more and more sluggish, and I haven’t had a series of mechanical sports when I have a series of mechanical sports. Already opened, the climax is coming. So the two legs, one of the hands and tightened the chest, hugged her, and the body will go back.

“Hey … ah !!!” Wen Jie’s face quickly left the pillow, comfortable, and surprised, he ran out from the stuffy pillow. If you lose your body balance, you quickly adjust your posture, bend your legs, separately in bed! Immediately, I was gradually lying down, I sat on him, I sat on him. With this sitting, Wenjie only felt that the coarse mashed mask was splicing to the bottom of his honey, tightly on the uterus. mouth!

“Ah … do it!” The sudden drill made Wenjie feel that his belly seems to be poked, but with a smooth and fear. Xiao Wei has never treated himself in the past, and every time I do love, I seem to be afraid that my loved woman, the delicate honey hole is broken by himself.

“I can’t move, you move!” Zhang’s voice came from behind.

Wenjie does not want to include the confused time, and the climax seems to have uncomfortable.

So did not hesitate to twist his waist, ride over the body, plus the pull-up knees and legs, all together with the ground, sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down, then The roots are deeply inserted into the bottom of their own heart, and that impact seems to go directly from the lower body through the whole body.

“Ah … ah … ah … um huh …” At this time, the cleansing is completely unable to scrap the identity and shame, completely resisting the embarrassment from the heart. It is a round of thrust, the difference is that this is completely cleaning, not the lascivious Zhang.

“Hey …” With a full-time plugging into the bottom, Zhang Yan gradually felt that he was going to be erupted, and his own hair was gradually gradually squeezed with the actions of Wenjie. The honey sauce is wet.

“Turn over!” Zhang Yu wants to slow down, I want this to enjoy more full, more fun, let my own enthusiasm for a while, and some miss the front of the beautiful policewoman.

At this time, Tuxi has been tangled, repented, and sad thinking, the other half is immersed in the original wild thrills of men and women, and the two emotions intersection together, making them simply unable to think, The hands are slightly supported, and the left and right legs cooperate with the side that slowly turn to Zhang, and the expanded mask is still inserted in his body. It is not intentionally to give Zhang Yiguo.

Zhang Yu looked at the beautiful female police officer to open two jade legs rogue crossing themselves, and the black hair was caught in the chest, the beautiful big eyes were still the rain with the rain, in the heart It is also a big impulse, plus the unexpected poisonous dragon drill, let his brain “”, almost spurt from the throat.

“Hey …” There is no such thing as Zhang, Wen Jie started to get on the top one, and the crisp chest of the jade is like a waves in front of the waves. . I don’t know how long it is, every time I am inserted! Zhang Yu Ben can stretch the legs, a double peak that puts his eyes in his hand.

“Ah, ah … ah … Xiao Wei … ah !!! Xiao Wei …… 力! ……”

Wenjie is toned, let yourself imagine yourself to make love with my boyfriend, not by a five short frustration. I want to go to the depths, I can’t help but catch the hands of my chest, I will take my own crisp. The thickness and sorrow, calling, can not help but take the head tall, the body is slightly down, and the hair is hanging on the back.

Zhang Wei is so uncomfortable, but it is soon stimulating this scene in front of him, together with the actions, the waist is up to top! “Operation !! Oh !!! … Laozi can’t work, ah …” The Zhang Wei in the Sandwrais will not live in the top, and with his own hi, it repeatedly inserted into the deep place of the female police officer. I feel that my body’s blood seems to be quickly gathered to the roots of him! Open the hands and clean hands, reach out will look up to the ceiling of the ceiling! Hold, hold!

When Wenjie is already a blank, only feels that the pleasure in his honey is spread quickly to the whole body! Suddenly someone hugged themselves, and she didn’t care, and hug each other! A pair of white legs also clamped the dark body at the same time, and then felt that the mask in her body seems to be inserted into her own body with the whole body! Getting heavier! getting bigger! faster and faster! ! “Ah !! Ah … ah …”

Wenjie is inheriting, with another man’s low snoring, I feel that the yang in the body has a hot hot flow, filled with your own garden! A twitch! two!

Three! ! As the masher swells, one, two shares, three shares …

“Hey!” The double hand of Zhang Wei is a dead, and it is loosened to the bed, and the Wen Jie also suddenly stresses the whole body and powerlessly stalls, and the high-and-white policewoman official pressure is on the fever. Dark-skinned, just like a layer of snow covered, covering the mud on a beach, looks so uncoordinated.

The softened tone is still in a text and tangered body, and it seems to be dying, and the sweat is dropped from his own double breast. Wenjie gasp, it seems to be gradually awake. She understands that the man under his own love is Xiao Wei, but the dirty criminals who eat and drink gambling, drug trafficking rape, and they are the excellent female police who arrested him. Today, he made such a person’s penis into his own body, shot his semen with a sinful gene!

When Wenjie is humiliated, hate the heart, and drive away all the original madness just now. Push it on! Hiding in the corner, the hand-held sheets like a mermaid, sit in the bed, low head, and the scattered hair blocks his face.

“Roll!” Wenjie low 低..

“Why, baby!” Zhang Yu looked up, slightly smiled: “Isn’t it very comfortable?”

“Roll!” Wenjie is shouting! Body slightly.

Zhang Yu was scared, got up and wore clothes, got a small smoke, stood up, gently said: “Then we will see it tomorrow.” Turned out of the door.

“Hey” With the close of the door, the tears of Wenjie tears, two drops, three drops wet the sheets.

At the same time, I feel that my lower body is also extruded out of the liquid, and I also wet the sheets. I understand that it is the semen of the man, with the tears of the hazy, Wen Jie looks at his room, a piece of wet, a wet in the bed, hanging on the black stockings wearing it on a leg, hanging on a chair The white dress on the bra is smashed, and the body, it seems to have emitted the smell of the disgusting man, the smoke, and more uncomfortable is that it seems to have the ugly mask in his mouth. Sorrow, this is yourself! This is a room for a sensuality.

“Hey …” Wenjie took the pillow to sow, he understood that his life was completely changed, and he was no longer pure. He was opened by an ugly criminal, and for the next underground work It is also definitely full of such a scene, and I don’t have to worry, but what is the difference between myself and prostitute?

I don’t know how long it is crying, and Wen Jie is fascinated.

Chapter 5: Zhou’s Tour Cleansing is about the Westernhouse Building, at this time, it has become another person, a long hair is worried, wearing a white shirt, a black skirt, The skirt is a gray stockings and black high heels, a standard OL shape.

Although not KTV’s kind of dress, it is excellent, and it is a good thing, still puts this ordinary dress out of his own charm. At this time, I seem to have been guilty, no longer afraid of any soon.

“哒, 哒, 哒” With the crisp footsteps, Wenjie stepped into the lobby of the richest hall and came to the front desk.

Hi! My name is Wang Yan, and I will apply for it. “

“Sorry, lady, we have never recruited.” The young girl in the front desk replied.

“I am talking about him.” Square is a bit nervous.

“Is this? It is definitely that Pangong personally invited you. Please send a little next to the sand.

Wenjie is sitting on the sofa, a beautiful leg is lifted up to another leg, waiting quietly to wait for Pang Fat. The staff who came to work in the land, went to the sofa, and they have a secret, and the heart is secretly admired: beauty.

A tall round fertilizer suddenly passed in the eyes of Wenjie, it is a Pang Fungian! Wenjie and Quick Stands: “Pang Tong!” A good voice juggled in his own throat.

“Oh, you are coming, come up with me.” Wenjie followed the pontoon into the elevator, the fat man pressed the 19th floor button.

“You find out, there is no 4th floor and 18th floor here, do you know why?” Pang fatigu turned his eyes.

“I don’t know what it is, Pang Pang you said why?” Wenjie began to make a cute tone, let himself like a little girl who has not lived.

“The 4th floor is unlucky, but 18th floor. It is 18 floors. Hahahaha.” Pang fatigan said with a laugh.

Wenjie pretend to be smoked by this giant cold joke, giggling three meals. I thought: “This sinful place itself is a hell, it is also you! I will kill Xiao Wei, I have to send you in 18 floors sooner or later!” I thought about it, I didn’t know, I didn’t know my fist. Come to the office of Pang Shiyuan, Wenjie quickly scanned a circle around the environment with a staff habit.

Outer secretary, table, chair, computer, office equipment, and ordinary company’s office without any difference, but seems to this secretary seem to have a long time, no one is working here, and the desktop has a thin layer of dust.

“That is your location.” Pang Shiyuan finished the table, and then walked into his own office and slammed the door.

Wenjie generally cleans the table, turning over all the information clips on the table while trying to find some spider silk.

Drip … Wenjie was shocked by the phone on the table! Hurry and pick up: “Xiao Wang, come in!”

Wenjie is a bit nervous, due to the previous two days of experience, it seems that he has a feeling of obscenity in this place, or he has just been able to turn to the ground, he is noticed.

The door of the manager has pushed the manager. It is not a special place to see a special place. It is not a special place, and the middle desk is sitting in Pang Shi, it is better to sit, it is better to say that the bunch of obesity is trapped. inside.

“Total, what?” Wen Jie went to the table before.

“What do you do in our company?” Pang Shiyuan suddenly asked seriously.

A problem, letting Delinating feel a little back, but soon, he has not shown his expression in his expression in his own expression.

“go to work?”

“Oh, go to work? Don’t you ask a salary?” Pang Shiyuan laughed.

It turned out that it was a boring joke, and the stones hung in Wenjie fell.

“Pang Pang you said something!”

“Good, 6 thousand months start, if you express it, I will add 60,000 to you.” Pang Shiyuan said his eyes began to put light.

Wenjie is clear that the “good performance” and the “60,000” are meaningful for these words like Pang Shiyuan.

“Pang, I have just been working, I hope I can come slowly.” Wenjie remembers that Pang Shiyuan’s “don’t like it”, there is a hopes.

“Hahahahaha!” Pang Shiyuan laughed, “This is a business card in my business, and then they will contact you.” Saying out a thick business card.

Wenjie’s heart is dark, one, you can fully analyze the circles of Pang Shiyuan, two, also explain that Pang Shiyuan trusts himself.

Wenjie returns to his position, with a relaxing feeling from the magic. On a page, look at the famous cartridge. Read the name of an ordinary name, a general company name, there is no exception.

But when I turned to the last page, a name called Chu-Hanlin allowed the eyes of Wenjie.

“K City Trade Investment Consultant Co., Ltd.”, Wenjie’s heart is medically, “K City, the drug smuggling 獗 border city, almost this source of raw materials and semi-finished products here, maybe this surname” The source of all the drugs of the group, and found this layer, basically the first step is completed. “Wenjie has firmly determined the belief in the continued exploration of Wen.

One day, in addition to the bubble coffee, the list of printed files, there is almost no substantive work, and there is no call from this side, only to hear the mobile phone in the office, the mobile phone is constantly sounding, and The fuzzy call sound is more strange that the ringtone is two, and one of them, Pang Shiyuan is very loud to answer, laughing, laugh, and the other is like a mouse whispering in the middle of the night.

Wenjie’s heart understands that the important secret of the old fox is unspeakable. To find out something, you must first understand another mobile phone, and the mobile phone, you don’t have to investigate, you will definitely not register himself under his own name, you can’t Track his call record, it seems that you can only start with the surname.

At night, Wenjie returned to the residence, lying on the bed, remembering all the behaviors of Pang Shiyuan and the office of all the behaviors of Pang Shiyuan during the day, and it is difficult to find any flaws. I have helplessly grab the phone, and I have turned out the name of the man who is sicking with the stomach: Zhang Wei. It seems that only relying on him can make yourself breakthrough, and if you ask him, this villain doesn’t know what to make people disgusting and unacceptable requirements. Wenjie hesitated for 1 minute, resolutely pressed the dial button.

“Beep … Feed the baby, think of me?” Zhang Yao quickly flew, and sure enough to collapse the words.

“Shut up! I ask you, do you know this person in Chu Hanlin?” Wen Jie asked, but surprised to find the face on his face.

“Listen to Pang Shiyuan, I don’t know!”

“Then you go to check!”

“I found you how to reward me?”

“You check it again !!” Wen Yan is angry with him, quickly hangs on the phone, don’t want to listen to this man a vernacular. But some regrets just now “find it again” seems to have left him a little more.

Two days have passed, Wenjie continues to work with the meaningless work, and the busy Pang Shiyuan also has no time to take care of the beautiful little secretary, Wen Jie and even think about whether he should go in to seduce him, then take the opportunity to study his mobile phone content, But it was defeated by your own self-respect.

“咚” his mobile phone rang, showing “Zhang Wei”.

“Hey, baby is me! Chu Hanlin I know. Is it popped up for a while?” Or the wretched voice.

“I know, say, what do he leave you?” Wenjie is a bit impatient.

“The phone is unclear, is he going out?” Zhang Qi monkete is very anxious.

Wen Jie looks at the work arrangement. “Don’t take me!”

“He is still not fully believed, I came to you in the afternoon, I waited for me!” Zhang Han hangs.

After the next few hours, Wenjie spent all in trouble.

It’s hard to get to the afternoon, Pang Shiyuan dragged the leather box, threw the next sentence, “I am gone, do you call me!”

I walked out of the door, and I left a snack in a quiet office.

After less than half an hour, “嘎 嘎” is open, it is Zhang Wei. That is the head.

“How are you so fast?” Wenjie is a bit surprised.

“I waited in Pang Shiyuan downstairs.” Said that I got the Wenjie sitting there, I still wear the white shirt and a black skirt, a pair of gray stockings, the double slender long legs crossed, Zhang Wei I still remembered the text of the bed on the bed that day, the crotch could not be encouraged by autonomous.

“Let’s say, what is the situation in Chu Hanlin?” Wen Jie saw that his eyes started to seem to have an attempt.

“Then, Chu-Hanlin is the side of K City, give us Wen’s Wood.” Zhang said, walked to the table, squatting on the side of the legs.

“Strap!” Wen Jie did not hide, “I have found it out, and there is!”

“There is something I miss you!” Zhang Yan said, one hand placed on the calf and stroked.

“I certainly have further information …” Wen Jie just wanted to hide, I was interrupted by Zhang, “But don’t forget, here is a group of people, all our people, only I know your identity, only me Can help you. “

“I have to threaten me!” Wen Jie is a little irritating.

“It’s not a threat, and now Pang Shiyuan doesn’t trust you, I can convince him to take you to see him.” Zhang Yan said, while taking off a high-heeled shoes, stroking the gray feet, “or In a word, now the people downstairs are all come up, your life and your mission, all finished, then I am the most reluctant. “

After taking it out, the jade is placed on his mouth, kiss the pro, biting, and playing.

Wenjie feels that the foot is itchy, and the heart does not know how to choose.

“Get up!” Zhang Yan said, put the literacy and powerfully from the chair, and he sat on the chair.

“kiss Me!”

Wenjie hesitated, and thought that his body has been inflated, no more clean, just like this. Gently, the hair on the head, closing his eyes, closed your eyes, bent down, and made your slightly opened Zhu lips into the dry big mouth. “Wait, how do you ride?” Zhang Yifang blocked the lips of Wen Jie herd near him.

Wenjie got up, grabbed his skirt, thaw it … The whole skirt is shrunk to the waist, Zhang Yu’s machine saw the white low waist panties under the semi-transparent gray stockings.

Wenjie goes forward, the two legs are separated, gently ride on the legs, slowly lower, close your eyes, and send yourself with the hot kiss with fragrance.

Two people’s lips were placed together, and Wenjie immediately felt the familiar smoke, smell of saliva, and the poisonous tongue that was forced to drill into his mouth.

“Too … …” Zhang Jun, smashed the tongue of the beautiful policeman, the heartbeat, the inflated lower body seems to feel the incomparable emptiness.

On one side, I suck it. On the side of the hand, I went through the neck behind him. I wandered my hands through the tangered body. I grabbed the tanity of jade buttocks, I went to myself, and I felt that I was riding it. On the body of the root hard, it is followed by the pain in the hip.

This is sucking, smashed, squatting, pinching, Wenjie feels that the tastimation of the group is moving, and it seems to increase, and the hands of his hips gradually follow the waist, ribs, Slowly played to his chest, and he was heavy and his own soft chest.

“Oh,” although the mouth of Zhang Jie stuffed the tongue, he seems to have a natural reaction with this stimulus, spur.

One, two, Zhang begins to unlock the literary shirt button, from the neckline, to the chest, to the belly, solve the waist, the remaining skirt blocked.

Zhang is not waiting for a text and tangered shirt to go to the left and right, go off, shirts into tube top, revealing white back shoulders and chest, Zhang Wei took his mouth from Wenjie’s mouth, low-looking The white lace bra has just been exposed, the package is still so strong, beautiful chest. When Zhang Wei, there was no patience to play, push the bra, two white pink jade milk moments played out, and swayed a few times before Zhang.

Wenjie did not feel the mood, and wiped the mouth of the mouth and felt that a hot gas suddenly passed to his left milk. Zhang Wei was crazy, the tongue wrapped around the tongue around the circle, and the tangent and soft chest was directly topped directly to the ribs of the milk, so itching.

“Ah, ah … um …” Wenjie and couldn’t help but fell out, the neck couldn’t help but go back, a beautiful long hair hangs.

After a while, Zhang Wei seems to be more can’t hold more than the last time, I left the mouth of Wenjie’s milk for a while, and pushed Wenjie, Wen Jie stood up and wondered. He took out the mask of his hard Bangbang, tall highly.

Wenjie this time, I don’t want to wait for him to say that the sensuality is fascinating, and simply reach the legs, gently kneeling down, and standing over, grabbing the life of Zhang, The next squat, softly peeled off the pneumatic bag of half a glans, and the other once again joined a long hair on his face, clamping in the ear. Under the low, open the sexy lips, contain the ugly mask into the mouth, “start, start, start, drop” Wenjie’s head, one low, one low, accompany the parcel, entangle Zhang Yu feels pleasant to all over the body, there is an impulse that wants to look up, but she has to see.

“Hey, hick, 咕咕, 咕滋” mouth is mixed with the mask, turn it out, and the soft and warm oral cavity makes Zhang Wei feel intoxicated. Strive to look down on the text and clean, spread the chest with the shoulders, the double breast, with the blow, this time the beautiful policeman has simply put down the last dignity due to the leg, and she was on the ground.

Zhang Yan stretched out the right hand to grab the text and tie, knead it, lick it on the top of yourself, and used the thumb with the pink nipple.

I looked at this, I couldn’t believe it in this life, I can have a beautiful female police officer in my life and give myself.

Looking, pinching, thinking, Zhang Wei couldn’t help, almost ejected, quickly took out your hands, push it open, put her up.

Wenjie feels that the mask “嗖” has been touched from the mouth, knowing to start, nor intended to twist down, the sooner of pain, the sooner of pain, the double hand stretch to the waist, prepare the stockings and Panties. Zhang Wei seems to have been waiting, take the waist of Wen and Jie, turn her back to himself, “Take it half!” Panting orders.

Wenjie wants to be better, don’t see your ugly face. The curved legs are slightly squatted, and the hands of the hands will grasp the fountain of stockings, go down, connect with the underwear, take off the knee. A pink and tender, the wet flesh is aligned, or the same beautiful chrysanthemums above it, this action, let Zhang Yan think of the women who steal the women’s toilet when they developed, and the women were taken again. , Kneeling the action, I have hooked my excitement.

“Operation, I am looking for!” Zhang Yizhi is tall and standing, just like demonstration.

Wenjie looked back at an eye, determined the position, reached out to grab the hard bat, moved to his honey, touch it, touched it, the skin of the glans and the skin of the lab Stick together. Wenjie eyes closed, the whole body sat behind, the thick mask drilled into his own body.

“Ah !!!” Wenjie can’t help but open his mouth, neck behind, sitting in the same moment, and then started to support the chair, with your legs, obliquely, On one, move it.

“Still so slippery, this mother is so wet every time!” Zhang Yixin secretly moved, and moved his waist to move forward, so that each shock can plugged more, or that tightly Warm package …

“Ah … ah … um … um ~ …” Wen Yan, no matter who the person behind, only feel that the penis will enter and exit in his body, more and the deeper.

Zhang Yixin understood that this policewoman was unfined in this position. The kind of dry stopped scrap was even more lifted. He was a bit can’t wait. When you start the move, the waist is hard, push your hands!

Wenjie “ah !!” is on the table, half is scared, half is hurting by the thorn to the bottom of the honey.

Wenjie is like this on the table, and the chest and the hair are flattened together, jade hips, underwear, half-socks are divided into three layers. Zhang Wei also came to see these, and he helped the waist and started a new round of rapid thrush!

“Ah, ah … um … um … ah!” Wenjie feels that his lower body is crowded, a slippery thing is fast into and out, and his body is shaking before and after the impact. It is another round of feelings, “ah … ah … ah … um … um …” At this time, there is no pillow to make yourself hidden.

One down three times, four lower five, six … 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes … Wenjie bites the lips, preventing their own snorkeling again, but still squeezing from the nose “Well, Well, Well aunt.

“Slide ~ It’s so tight …! Laozi can’t!” Zhang Wei jumped with electric hip dance, nor intended to keep the playing sentiment, pumping increasing faster, getting more and more serious. Let Wenjie feel again starting every sprint to the lowest part of his honey, and the uterus has opened a little bit.

“Hey”, the sound seems to have a resounding office. Suddenly, the fast piston movement turned into a slow shot! ! With the last 4, 5 tablets with the full plug, Zhang Yi frowned, closed his eyes, “Oh, oh …” snorted a few times, the energy of the whole body concentrated on his own hormon root, gesturing Together, break through the hindrance, once in the cultivation of the text, Wen Jie once felt swollen, occupied by a hot flow of spots!

“Ah … ah …” Wenjie also instantly let go of the lips biting, and I can’t help but shout a few times.

Plop! Zhang Tei sat on the chair and breathed it.

And Wenjie is still squatting on the table, and the scattered show is covered with no expression. Wenjie feels that he has become a prostitute who wants to pay, and no need to pay the free prostitute, the prostitute patronted! Resentful heart jump in the chest. At the same time, I feel that there is one body, two sitting squeezes out some liquids, slide along your own flesh, itch, warm. And the Zhang Qi, who took it behind, took a silk, pulled a silk, dripped into the underwear of the knee, turned a piece of water, an incomparable sense of accomplishment .

Wenjie decided to be strong, can’t let this ugly man see own grievances, timid and shame, can’t let him feel that they will be a small woman who slaughtering. Holding the table stood up, pulling down the bra buckled the shirt, bending the upper panties that had been slightly wet, lifted the stockings, and failed. Just finish the messy hair, turn around to wear the high heel shoes that wear away, take the desk half of the hips, support the table along the desk, the pair of slender body is again displayed again Zhang, front. Zhang Yu looked at this shirt skirt stockings OL long hair beauty, there is a silk impulse, helpless just leaked, the little brother bowed his head could not move.

Zhang Yu put his pour back to his trousers, pulled the zipper, slowly swallowing a smoke, ignited igniting, gently, a live god.

“Speaking!” Wen Jie fire, the feeling seems to pay a huge sum of money and the other party’s feeling is not shipped.

“In this way, the Chu-Hanlin is a big drug lord of the K city border.” Zhang Yao was disgusted and said, “He is the main source of the drug, should be in the wood, but I don’t Know where the warehouse here is, he and Pang Shiyuan are almost single, I only know so much, you want to know the specific situation must get the trust of Pang Shiyuan. I heard that Pang Shiyuan, the next week, I have to fly to K City to see him. Your current identity is my distant house, I have a good relationship with him, I will convince him to take you together tomorrow. “

Zhang Yan said that he stood up and destroyed the cigarette butt, went to Wenjie, and smiled and said: “I am gone ~”

At the same time, the face extends to the text.

Wenjie disgusted the head to the side, but he was grabbed by Zhang Wei, and he went to yourself, then the big mouth full of smoke once again kissed above his own Cong.

“Well !!” Wen Jie will open Zhang Wei. After Zhang Yu, I took a few steps, and the hippie said: “That will see it tomorrow!” I got out of the door, and I was on my own chair. The brain entered the chaotic state.

It is also a boring work and Pang Shiyuan, the secret of the interior of God, no phone, no one visit, Wenjie feels that there is no progress in the office. And Pang Shiyuan left the office from time to time and not let himself follow. Anxiety, gradually start to occupy your own brain, will it be white and white? Xiao Wei also killed by them?

Hey, the door opened, interrupted his thoughts. Zhang Yai, one side of the office of Pang Shiyuan, but the sight has never left the tanity of body. Wen Jie turned into the past, do not want to touch this person’s unbearable gaze.

In the office of Pang Shiyuan, two people began to pass two people, and Wenjie seems to have the first to expect his harsh man, but it is a little worried about what will be coming. Conduct, it is often a person who has a comfort before things happened, really happened, what will be a mentality.

I have been a long time, Zhang Yu has gone out of the office of Pang Shiyuan. After the text, I have made a look, I walked out of the office.

“Drip …” The table sounded on the table.

“Xiao Wang, let’s go to K City ticket next Thursday, 2, you also go with me.” Wen Jie heard this, a happy heart. “Also, let’s order the rooms of K City Western, 1.”

Only book only one room, Wenjie clearly talks about Pang Shiyuan … I feel that I have entered a deep swirl in the swirls.

Chapter 6: The K City is very fast, and the days of departure. Wenjie and finishing baggage, quietly followed Pang Shiyuan to the airport, wearing the dark floral dress when he just came to H.

Because I heard that K city climate is hot, this time, there is no stockings, and there is two white long legs, and a pair of green high heels, walking at the airport as if to participate in a high model of a model contest. And Pang Shiyuan is still usually the big belly wearing shirt black pants, full of oil and hoare head top.

All the way, Pang Shiyuan still talks about his boring cold joke, and Wenjie is reluctantly catering, and he has already changed to K City after K City.

I got on the plane, followed by Pang Shiyuan to find my position in the business class, put it under the baggage, and the goal of Pang Shiyuan seems to have a constantly scanning a few beautiful flight attendants, so that Wen Yin is disgusting, and it seems that There is no a person who is doing.

“Pang, how did I have never seen the company’s boss? Since it is called Zhou, he is not surnamed Zhou?” Wenjie began to slap the company’s inside.

“Ah, the boss, it is a week, he is almost not coming, very busy.” Pang Hua sighed, “This is a family business, most people are all surnamed Zhou.”

“Then you are not surnamed!” Wen Jie Yizhong smiled and put it out of the kind of cute girl.

“Oh, my wife is surnamed!”

“Wow, do you have a wife?” Wenjie pretend to be a little unhappy, and our hearts understand the interior of the company.

“Hey, the yellow face, I have no feelings, they need me, I have no divorce.” Say, put the big hand in the thigh of Wen Jie, “I, of course, I like you.” Such a beautiful girl. “

The big hand came back in his jade legs, and rough hand scraped his skin. But Wen Jie does not resist, and you know that you can’t resist.

“I know, you like me so mature successful men, I also like you, with me, you will live very well …” Say, Wenjie feels that it only begins to slide over the depths of his skirt. Cleansing suddenly made everything he said.

Wenjie in order to prove his loyalty to Pang Shiyuan, no rebellion, no move, let his hand swim in his skirt.

For a while, the workmanship, and Pang Shiyuan sighted in the smoothness of Wen Jie skin, while stretching his fingers to the thigh root, trying to plug from the edge of the underwear, but because the legs close up, it is hindered. Wenjie aware of this, hesitated, gently separated your legs.

Pang Shiyuan is satisfied, and the three fingers will gently open the edge of Wenjie Panties, and easily touch the sparse aromatic grass, looking down with the traces of the grass, and find that between the legs. The delicate flesh, and a finger began to gently lick in the hole.

A flight attendant passed, looked at the man’s hands in the beautiful skirt, turned away, and Wenjie felt that his face was hot, as a policeman, actually in this public, by one The honey bowed under the skirt …

After a few rounds, Pang Shiyuan felt that your hands were gradually wet, and the Wenjie at this time has lifted his head and closed his eyes and gasped.

Pang Shiyuan bent in the middle finger, a hook, one turn, the first two sections directly inserted into the vaginal vagina, began to mimic the action of making love, into and out, enter and out.

At this time, the Wenjie is not clear whether it is comfortable or uncomfortable, bites his lips, and gasped. The hand was drawn in his own vagina, and immediately pulled out along the meat to the top of the clitoris, and then slipped again to enter the vagina … Anti-repeated, repeatedly repeated, Wen Jie’s hands The handle of the seat … I feel that I can’t pull the abyss, just like the fingers in my body, it is unbearable, and I can’t take it. Sometimes I really doubt it for this task, I sacrificed so many values. Not worth it, will there be a good result in the end, and after the end, I turn into a person …

Bang rumbling! The plane encountered the airflow, the whole plane was trembled, and this shock seems to be scared to wake up the confused.

“Pang Tong! Don’t!” Wen Jie pulled the hand of the Pang Hua.

Pang Shi Yuan smiled and squeezed his face, pulled out his fingers, recovered his arm, and fell behind, began to close his eyes. Wenjie left a heartbeat and jumping, I didn’t know how to breathe, and organized my skirt.

Subsequently, Wenjie is more difficult to communicate with this brain full of enteric fertilizer, and it is low, followed by Pang Shiyuan, it is ignored to Pang Shiyuan’s boring jokes.

Wenjie feels that everyone’s eyes seem to be criticized by a discreating small three, and there is such an ugly pig’s lottery.

Two people stepped out of the airport, a black Ben quickly stopped. The car is down, a black suit flat man, “Hello, Hello! Chu boss let me pick you up.” Said that it is a bit of literacy, revealing a smile, seems to understand what.

“Well, come, Xiao Wang, get on the bus.” Pang Shiyuan said that Wen Jie was sitting on the car of the other party, and Wen Jie also immediately recorded the license plate.

“Pang Chi, all the way is hard! We go directly to the warehouse inspection or go to our boss company?”

Suits in a suit, sitting in the deputy driving position and asked back. “First send this Miss to Western Hotel, then we went to the warehouse to meet.” Pang Shiyuan replied.

The next way, both sides have no chat, Wenjie and understand, the content is more exciting, they are not very trustworthy.

Car to the hotel, Pang Shiyuan took a card, handed over to Wenjie, “That took this card to open the room, I will do something, wait for me to come back. This card has no password, I am interested, I will go shopping. I bought it when I like it. “

Wenjie “Well”, get off the bus, turn around and look at the car leave, quickly got the house card in the front desk, straight to the room.

When I entered the door, I didn’t have a mood to enjoy the luxury of the Presidential Suite. Wenjie quickly took out the mobile phone: “Director, check Ka78560 black guests, Pang Shiyuan to go to the warehouse.”

“Very good! Xiaowen, I will let K City help us check it, you are standing in place.”

“Director, check at the address telling me, I have passed! Since my work has progressed, I don’t want to miss any details.”

“Small Wen, this is given to the K city police, our main task is to find out the boss of Zhou’s background boss and his criminal evidence, do you understand?”

“Yes! Director!”

Wenjie hangs the phone. The feeling of anxiety is unable to calm down, decide or go out first, maybe you can open your own brain.

K is really hot and tidal, but the scenery of the South has a special style, but I think about this situation in myself, then the danger, then the soapy, it is difficult to easily.

Wenjie pulls out the phone and dialed the phone of the colleague Xiao Liu.

“Wen sister, H city work well? Are they doing the people here?” The small Liu policeman of the phone asked freely, obviously they didn’t know that this is an undercover task.

“OK, it is very busy. Right, the director didn’t check a license plate number? If there is no?” Wenjie talks with a very peaceful tone and colleague, do not want to be heard any flaws.

“It’s already found.”

“tell me.”

“K city northwest area, No. 1097, Town Road.”

“Okay!” Wenjie hangs and immediately hit a taxi straight to the address.

After half an hour’s distance, the car came to a foot of the mountain, and Wen Jie thought, no wonder the mountains, this is a wilderness mountain area in the suburbs, there are many plant and warehouses around the suburbs, and most of them seem to do wood business.

“1093, 1095, master! It is here!” Wen Jie has a house number, found the warehouse, “from far, don’t open it!” Wen Jie see the warehouse door in the distance seems to have a few wear camoufines. The person who served was there, and it should be the guard of Chu Hanlin, and the black guests stopped at the door of the warehouse.

“Miss, who is this, who is tracking?” The driver asked curiously.

“My husband.” Wenjie answered without slowly, “There is a woman outside.”

“Hey, now people, there is such a beautiful wife not cherish it.” The driver said a smoke.

After waiting for less than 20 minutes, I saw a few trucks filled with various types of wood, from the warehouse, I got a big road.

Wen clean, this should be the camouflage of their transportation drugs. Wenjie once again quickly recorded the license plate number, and sent the Director of Lin.

Then, I saw Pang Shiyuan and a thin man stepped out the warehouse, and she took a woman and walked toward the passer. Wenjie allows the driver to reverse the city to open the city to prevent the danger of encounter on the road.

Dragning tired and tension, Wenjie finally returned to the hotel. Slowly swipe, enter.

“Where have you been?” Pang Shiyuan’s voice came from the bed, and the clear instant is a radius, but it is instantly recovered.

“Go buy things, K city is not awkward, I see.” Wenjie pretended to be wronged.

“Then your empty-handed it back?” Pang Shiyuan seems to be plavited.

“I bought this.” Wenjie pretended to take a box of condoms from the bag, and understood that this is, once you think of these things, you will immediately relax. Wenjie said his head and saw Pang Shiyuan sitting in the bed and smoking smoke, a set of nightgows wrapped his huge body.

“Oh, go to take a shower.” Pang Hua sully said that it seems to be swallowed with saliva. Wen and tanhing, put down the package, walk into the bathroom.

Looking at myself in the mirror, Wenjie understands that there should happen, the woman in the mirror is Wang Yan, not the women’s penalty police in his J, although the same beauty, the same tall, the same charm Complete. Some are unwilling, so good, how many boys’ pursuits make you coldly refuse, only Xiao Wei will make yourself show this woman, but now I love the disgusting short and fat drug dealers. Today is This obese drug lord does not know what behavior is made.

“Hey …” Wenjie sighs for the mirror. Slowly kicked off the zipper behind it, and his hands helped his waist to pull down. The dark floral dress was out of the ground, and the feet took off the skirt and took off the high heels, K city Wet heat makes yourself slightly sweat, mixed with a fragrance.

After the hands reached behind, unlocked the bra buck, gently took off, whitening jade milk left the bondage of the black lace bra, slightly hanging, and lifted tight, slightly shaking.

Take off the lace half-transparent underwear, the traces of Pang Shiyuan on the plane on the plane.

Into the shower room, Wenjie carefully cleaned his body, as if did a delicious food, waiting for another person who did not understand the taste, to taste himself, the water flows through the white neck, smooth the shoulders, flow through the shoulders Delicate double peak, flat belly, slender straight legs, squat, squatted to the ground.

Pang Shiyuan outside the door is like a dog who listens to the owner’s meal, and I am excited to have a bit tremble.

Wenjie pulls the sprinkler, separate your legs, gently cleans your own tender points, but I am also informing yourself, why do you want to do this, this is your own finely cared secret garden, the most confused part.

Nowadays, I have to clean my cleanliness to make the fat pig, sometimes I doubt whether my decision is correct.

Wenjie decided, don’t think about it, since things go to this step, let everything goes naturally, there will always be Zhang Wei, Pang Shiyuan, pay the price!

Wen Jie closed water, wrapped in a bath towel, pushed the door and walked out of the bathroom.

With the steam, Pang Shiyuan seems to see the fairy, the general feeling, Wenjie hands chest, the wet hair is put on the bath towel, which is more charming.

Pang Shi Yuan took the smoke and went to Wenjie and heard, and he looked at it for a while.哗! The whole bath towel falls on the ground. Beautiful female warning white tall ketone body is not reserved in front of Pang Shiyuan. Wenjie feels that his face is burning, and it is another naked barely to show in front of criminals.

Although there is no thickness of the high-heeled shoes, there is nearly 1 meter 7 body, but in front of the Pang Shiyuan stood in the figure, Wenjie also realized a feeling of a petite woman. Pang Shiyuan has not waited for the cultivation, and a princess hugs the words and landscape, just like a hurtful little sheep. Turning around and walking on the bed.

“Hey, set!” Wenjie tried to reach out to catch his bag, Pang Shiyuan is clear: “Oh, set, I never use it!” Say that I put the slightly tangered and threw a bed. Then, his pajamas took off, climbed to the tanity of the tanity, and the rough big hand came straight to the soft and pink jade milk.

“Soft! I read a woman countless, this is the best milk I have touched!” Pang Shiyuan said, holding a bed directly to kiss the lips.

Wenjie closed his eyes to meet the tongue of Pang Shiyuan into and out in his mouth, capturing his tongue, and also felt rapid erection of the hard object on his small belly.

咕 咕, 咕滋, 咕,, 咕 世 元 元 地Wenjie wrinkled, silently, did not have a sound.

That big mouth left his mouth, a little, gradually kissed the text and tangeting chin, ears, ear, neck, and tanity, twisting, and started a gas. “Well …” is squeezed from time to time. The big mouth, while kicking, one side, neck, chest, followed by a mouth, on the other jade milk, the tongue is on the nipple, sweating a pit, caught in a wieter jade milk In that, the white jade milk is squeezed two sides, more white, more trembled. The tongue is stirred in a circle of jade milk, sucking.

“Well …” Wenjie feels itchy, slowly swaying the head, the legs began to alternate slowly telescopic, seem to want to relieve the feeling of itching. The big mouth continues to go down, the rib, the stomach, the navel, the small belly, the flat belly is slippery by Pang Shiyuan’s tongue, and Wenjie feels that his belly seems to suddenly shrink, “ah!” Shouting the sound. Still walking down, Wen Jie closed your eyes, don’t dare to see what action on this obese man is doing, and continue to endure this scene. Lucky, lick, the tongue passed through the grass, suddenly turned down, along the delicate and pink meat, slipped from the top, like a fresh and juicy peach.

“Ah … um …” Wen Jie did not pay for the population before, and did not be paid by the population. He suddenly slipped below, let himself, and then an original relaxation begins to hit . Pang Shiyuan gently squatted with the delicate flesh, nor did it know that Wen Jie was still wet, and lubricated this honey, and Pang Shi dilute, stirred, and “,” , 」” Sound.

“Well …” Wenjie feels the body, wet, there is a burst of hot breath to call to his honey hole, feel some butt, some comfortable, and some uneasy.

Suddenly, the tongue snipped, drilling into his honey, as if a mud drilled into his own body, slightly full of feelings, Wenjie can no longer moving.

The tongue agitated the inside of the honey, and Pang Shiyuan only felt that his busy tongue licking the four weeks in the vaginal, and he continued to encounter a small shares of honey juice. Pulling the honey juice, Pang Shiyuan took half the tongue from the honey, crowded with the sut into the top, put it in the left hand, two fingers, the closed small hole, stir with the tongue to stir the small flower heart, and right hand The middle finger gently inserted the wet, warm honey.

“Ah! Well!” Wenjie hands grabs the bed, bites his lips, seems to have a feeling that is always bursting.

The Pang Shiyuan tongue is stirred, and the finger is pushed, and the frequency is slowly accelerated, and the lower body of literacy continues to pass the sound of the liquid. Wenjie feels that the kind of messenger has not feeled in this life, and it seems to have a heat in his honey hole. It is always necessary to spray.

Suddenly, Pang Shiyuan reached out his own nameless, two fingers, plugged into a tangered honey hole!

“Ah! Don’t!” Wenjie feels uncomfortable, and it seems to be split by these two foreign matter. The body can resist the resistance.

Pang Shiyuan seems to have patched the pockets, the fingers in the honey, the body is turned into the body, the lower body moved to the side of the text, no mouth left the honey hole and small flowers, close to the knee, two legs After the tanity of the head, the whole fat belly is in a clean chest, and the size of the size covered by the fat belly is directly scraped in front of the.

Wenjie understands what is going on, reach out of a jade hand, grab the roots of the mask, head slightly, contain the head of the thing into the mouth.

Based, stir, through, and clean and clean, just learn a little alive, waiting for Pang Shiyuan’s ignorant glans.

Pang Shiyuan suddenly hugged the double head, the body moved on the side, to the top, the good body suddenly got above the body of Pang Shiyuan, and the mouth still contained the kinematic. Wenjie legs are separated, riding in the face of Pang Shiyuan, and his honey has been drilled in “Zi” by the muddy tongue again. And I will continue to mechanically swallow Pang Shiyuan’s mask. The two men have issued a sound of “咕滋, 咕咕”.

A standard 69 style, letting the text not to believe in such a lustful posture you started with this criminal.

The two people lick each other, passing each other with the original pleasure, didn’t take long, the hard work in my mouth begins, slightly, I’m taking it, and the Pang Shiyuan after myself should say: “Fast, come on!”

Wenjie “Well”, spit out the mask that is covered with yourself, turn it, uses a double knee, facing the fat face of Pang Shiyuan’s oil, the right leg cross is better than himself. The big belly of the double peaks, riding to the cross part of Pang Shiyuan, followed by a jade hand to spend the rumor behind him, taking the odds of the jade, letting their honey, to align the root The meat is gently put into his own hole.

Wenjie closed his eyes, deep sucking a sigh of relief, sinking his heart, the jade hip is going down, and the hard object “Zi” drilled into his own honey.

“Ah!” Wenjie looked up his head and hangs behind it. After sitting, Wenjie feels that Pang Shiyuan’s horman is not inserted into the way, it seems to have a little space left, and then a kind of shamefulness is born: I actually compare the two criminals. Different things, Wenjie can’t believe that you will have this idea. With the rhythm of the beginning, Wenjie slowly twisted the slim waist, starting up and down riding, the hard object has begun to enter and exit in his body.

“Oh … … Oh …” Pang Shiyuan’s shout covered with the embarrassment of “um, um, ah, ah”, seems to have this moment.

With the skin of the honey, I flipped into the meat sticks of Pang Shiyuan, stirring the internal honey, Wenjie can feel the little baldness over again and again.

The first round is coming, and Wenjie seems to release himself. If you don’t think about it, since it is done, let yourself follow. Unconsciously, I accelerated the rhythm of riding.

But how long, Wenjie feels that the first wave is still not going to the peak. Suddenly, I feel that the hard object in the body struggled with a few times. Pang Shiyuan pressed the Wen Jie’s waist, and fixed her, Irs I The waist is taking force! Along with Pang Shiyuan “ah … ah …” a few screams, Wenjie feels that there is a hot flow in your body with a hard rod, and I spray into my body …

“Plop!” Pang Shiyuan launched the hands on the card, and suddenly stared in bed.

“Oh … older, the ability to decline.” Pang Shiyuan felt unfortunately for his own ejaculation, then a beautiful woman, stripping clothes can make yourself for what you want, but you will shoot it so soon.

“Don’t say this, Pang Tong.” Wenjie relaxed himself, leaning on the huge body of Pang Shiyuan, the legs still ride in his crotch, the meat stick that has been paid and surrendered is still slightly vibrating in his body. NS.

Wenjie has been completely awake, understand that he must find some clues from Pang Shiyuan, otherwise he really became his mistress, and there are countless beds will wait for yourself.

Wen Yan face relies on the chest of Pang Shiyuan, listening to his hustle heartbeat, feeling that the bottom is slippery, the softened mask squeezes his honey hole, followed, Pang Shiyuan’s heavy breathing, Slowly transform into a slight snoring, slowly, getting bigger and bigger, more and more, “call … call … …”

It seems that you have to die.

Wenjie from Pang Shiyuan’s body and got up and went into the bathroom. Open the nozzle again, separate your legs in the shower room, trying to make your dirty semen in your body come out, Wenjie really wants to let the liquid of those who are shot into their bodies, and they even want them to shoot. Dirty blood.

Wenjie thinks about thinking, there is a kind of impulse, but I have returned. Looking down at yourself, there is still a lot of white liquids, and Wen Jie holds the spray, and rushing them directly into the sewer.

Naked the body back to bed, Pang Shiyuan still in the shock, Wen Jie is a big, and the old man’s ability to be so bad in the middle of the old man, but all like to spend a lot of money, how is this? thing.

Think, quietly took out his secret mobile phone from Pang Shiyuan, gently looked at his call record and SMS. But this phone does not save any number, all numbers have no name, SMS is also deleted, but the call record has two numbers to contact very close, a text and clean, it is the number of Chu Hanlin, and the other, It seems that the Hual’s local number, I don’t know, but Wenjie still remember it, then put the phone back to the original place.

Go back to bed, Wen Jie looked at the body of a pile of fat pigs and the voices of the shock, and the mood was very embarrassed. I remembered my deep love, I remembered my parents who were far away, I remembered that I was a wise and sympathetic in the police, but now I have a pillow with a criminal of killing my lover. Kill his impulse, but reasonable is not allowed to do this.

Wenjie pulled the quilt to cover his naked ketone body, and then closed his eyes quietly. I feel that I really tired, but my mind has always thought about my own plan, I have to contact Chu Hanlin. You must contact Zhou’s higher level, otherwise you will give you your own body in Pang Shiyuan and Zhang Zi, and there will be no progress, thinking about sleeping with a fascinating.

I don’t know how long, a different feeling of the lower body allows Wenjie to wake up from sleep, it seems that the whole body and bed are gently spoons, and the lights from the curtains come in to tell themselves. When you open your eyes, I am surprised to see my face is lying in the sky, and a man who does not hang naked ketone is put on a man, his obesity, is hitting his body. Wenjie suddenly woke up! Just wanted to shout out, all the information was all poured into his own brain: this is Pang Shiyuan, my current identity is Wang Yan, is his secretary and affection …

I just think, I only feel that Pang Shiyuan’s heavy body is hard. As my body follows a vibration, Wen Jie finds a hard object in their honey, with the fat body. One power, the hard object slides once in their own body.

“Ah … Pang you … ah!” Wenjie is completely awake, the feeling of the lower body is also coming, the ear is called Pang Shiyuan’s gasp: “Didn’t cool last night, call … I just … call … I touched you … call … or wet, I will insert it. “Pang Shiyuan gasped and was difficult.

“Ah … slow … um … hurt …” Wenjie clearly has no mental and physiological preparation, this sudden offense makes his honey a bit uncomfortable.

After a while, the scene appeared again, and I was unexpected, and the Pang Shiyuan didn’t have a few times, and I went a few trembles, and I spurred in the body.

“Ah …” Pang Shiyuan seems to be very investment, shot a little bit of semen accumulated in one night into the in vivo. Then the whole body is loose, and when I got it on the text, I can’t breathe.

After a while, Pang Shiyuan took out the soft thing in the text, climbed up into the bathroom, said, “Today I will talk about business, you continue to play.” The bathroom came. Bathing.

At this time, the text is noted in the two suitcases in the bed, a big one. When I knew that the two were just coming, Pang Shiyuan took only a big leather box, and a box did not leave, now two, can’t help but weird.

“Pang always, can you bring me?” Wen Jie did not take the problem of the box, and took a few pieces of paper towels and wiped the liquid that the following efforts were ejected. It seems to ask.

“Today will be very busy, you can manage yourself …” Pang Shiyuan took the towel to wipe it out.

“You must do something bad, or why don’t you take me.” Wenjie pretend very angry and low.

“That way, I will take you in the evening.” Pang Shiyuan said, while wearing a good clothes, put the small suitcase into the cabinet, and raised the big suitcase and walked out of the room. “Take this box, wait for my phone.” Pang Shiyuan threw a sentence and closed the door.

Wenjie picks up from the bed, pull the cabinet door, take out the box from inside, and password! Wenjie picks up the box and shakes a few times, inside, slap in the sky.

“It should be a cash!” Tujie’s experience in handling the case tells yourself, but why do you want a big two suitcases, why do you want to stay here? Wenjie is thinking … It seems that there is an eyebrow, and there is a flash of ideas in the brain.

One day is bored and the past, Wenjie finally waited for Pang Shiyuan’s phone: “Nanhua Road, South Country Hotel, VIP room.” Wenjie quickly took the bus.

When I came to the South Country Hotel, Wenjie was guided by the waiter to the VIP private room, pushed in, only the smog of the private room, the tables on the table, all kinds of drinks were covered with the entire table, and the all-in-the-job is scanned. Sitting in the middle, sitting on him, sitting on the thin man wearing a flower shirt, there is a brownish skin of the southern border, the hair is already gray, big eyes, collapse nose, ahead of the mouth is left next A walking of a long goat beard, at first glance, like a face of Beijing and Goats. Wenjie realizes that this is the big drug lord of Chu Hanlin and K.

At this time, the Chu-Hanlin is even more shocked by this high-tech long hair, wearing a black perspective shirt, vaguely seeing the black bra lace and that deep cleret, the whole shoulder And the sleeves are close-fitted black lace, putting the thick cheeks of Wenjie, more white, under a blue bag, hip skirt, tightly sticking on the buttocks and legs, with a pair of blue Colored high heels, more leg whitening. Chu-Hanlin, who had stayed in the border, looked at such a high-tech beauty, a bit shocked, “Come, Chu boss, this is Wang Yan, my secretary I said! Wang Yan, this is the boss. Pang Shiyuan introduced, and screamed to see him.

Sitting, Sitting, while sweeping, the next four weeks, except for some of Chu Hanlin, there is a woman sitting on one side, there is a woman who is quietly cultivating red wine, wearing graceful, but that dark skin It still reflects that she is the locale, can’t say beautiful, but also a mature woman’s charm.

Wenjie understand this is the woman who saw at the door of the warehouse. The Wen Jie’s sight sweeped back to himself, but found that the eyes of Chu Hanlin were still gathered in themselves. It is simply a point of attachment, and for Wenjie The eyes are always in contact, still don’t avoid it, still watching the scan.

“Chu boss, recently we have a little decline, this is not good.” Pang Shiyuan said with white wine and said in secluded.

“Oh, Oh, I have done so many years with you, but I have never changed the price. You have a lower $ 500,000, and I still have a problem with my quality.”

Chu Hanlin laughs.

At this time, Wen Jie saw Pang Shiyuan’s big slider at this time, it was placed on the leg of Chu Hanlin, and it understood that it was the payment.

“When I talked to you, he had never moved the price.” Chu Hanlin continued.

I heard that he said that the total two words, Pang Shiyuan and Wenjie expressions changed. Pang Shiyuan is a bit unsatisfactory, it seems that only his boss in the eyes of Chu Hanlin, and Wen Jie is heard, it is a big boss that is like Zhou’s big boss.

“Okay, cooperation, you have to have a happy point, what is the business we have behind.” Pang Shiyuan seems to be relieved, and the wine glasses and Chu-Hanlin have been opened again. Two people pushed the cup and drove. A few mouthfuls. And the eyes of Chu Hanlin, when I was quietly sitting quietly.

In the past 2 hours, Pang Shiyuan has been drunk. Obviously he did not expect the power of the border specialty liquor, and Chu-Hanlin personally sent Pang Shi to the hotel.

“Drip …” Opened the door, Chu-Hanlin put Pang Shiyuan into the room, put it on the bed, turned and looked at Wen Jie: “Miss Wang, here to give you.” Said that the room will go out of the room.

“Pang total, Pang, wake up!” Wen Jie pushed a few Pang Shiyuan, still drunk without reacting. Slowly, the voice begins.

Wenjie determined that Pang Shiyuan was really unconscious, quietly took out his mobile phone, accompanied by Pang Shiyuan, I walked into the bathroom, closed the door, and dialed the phone of Chu Hanlin.

“Which?” Chu Hanlin’s voice came from the phone, and Wenjie was tense.

“Pang Pong’s Secretary, Xiao Wang.”

“Miss Wang!? Haha, what?” Chu Hanlin listened to Wenjie voice, seems very excited and accident.

“Chu boss, now business is not good?”

“What is the meaning of Miss Wang?” Chu Hanlin is a bit vigilant and uneasy.

“Nothing means, I only know that there is a box of money here, I don’t know if the boss is there.”

“Oh, do you know what?” Chu Hanlin had something wrong in listening.

“Let’s talk, how much is the value of such a batch of goods when you trade with us?”

“5 million US dollars.” Chu Hanlin said no amount.

“Oh, then it is 4.5 million, and it is.”

“Miss Wang is very smart.”

“Oh, it turned out that there was 500,000 dollars in the small suitcase in our room.” Wenjie laughed.

“What?” Chu Hanlin is a bit shocking. “This kid is so taking me a few million!”

“Does the boss? Chu boss give Pang total goods do not have quality problems?”

“Miss Wang is …?” Chu Hanlin was somewhat confused.

“I don’t want to make a secretary of Pang Shiyuan, I don’t want to be bullied again!” Wen Jie started with a kind of grudge.

“Miss That Wang’s meaning …?”

“Two points, one, I want to cooperate with you, give me the best goods. Second, I want to contact Zhou’s big boss.”

Clean and straightforward

“Coope with you? Why do I help you? In addition, the Big Board I don’t know.” Chu Hanlin seems to be in trial of literacy.

“No, you know, is your phone? Is there a number of 0563 end?” Wen Jie knows that the Pang Shiyuan mobile phone is this number.

“Oh, huh, very clever. I met the big boss of Zhou 10 years ago, yes, I have good goods, I am also annoying this person for a long time.” Chuhanlin began to relax.

“Toth, let’s take Pang Shiyuan, you will refer to me, I will cooperate with you, I don’t want to do a small secretary, and I don’t want to do Pang Shiyuan.”

“Yes, but why do you want to trust you, I can tell Pang Shiyuan directly with the big boss, then contact him directly, what can you give me?” Chu-Hanlin began to reveal a evil.

Wenjie will be silent, I don’t know how to pick up, my brain instantly think of today’s Chu-Hanlin looks at her eyes, and it seems to understand how he wants. However, once some words said, it became a situation that could not be turned back. Since he said these with Chu Hanlin, then once Chu Hanlin turned his face, the consequences were difficult to clean up.

Wenjie hesitated, tremble with Zhu lips, said a word: “How do you want!”

“Hahahahaha!” The phone came to the sly laugh, smile and clean and clean, “Ok, I can go to you next week to see the big boss, but …”

“But what?” Wen Jie premises his conditions to come.

“Oh, is there a time tonight?”

Wenjie hesitated for a while, “” Have time. “

“Good, after 30 minutes, 1103 rooms.”

“Are you also in this hotel?” Wenjie is somewhat surprise.

Listening to the beep in the phone, Wenjie is a bit stunned. Why these men will never be able to open this topic! Wenjie is sitting in the bathroom, thinking, heart is hopping. Go, you can contact Zhou’s big boss, but you have to be blade your body by the third man, more than a month ago, or a beautiful woman with ice and jade, just have a relationship with his boyfriend. In order to now, there is no difference between a person who is simply a woman.

Poisoned, you can do love in your own room and wear yourself in your own, you can wear your career in your desk to make love, and the same bed with the poisonous Pang Shiyuan, each is in your own body …

Wenjie can’t think of it, but now it seems to have a situation in riding tiger, go forward, you will enter a deeper abyss, and now give up, your previous efforts and sacrifices will pay the east.

On this two directions, it seems that the answer is obvious for the current Wenjie. Your own body has been tarnished, but only to continue to go, in order to complete the task, it can make these wicked people to pay for their beloved Xiao Wei.

Unconsciously, Wenjie has sits more than 20 minutes in the bathroom. Deep thoughts make you feel so painful. Look at the table, Wenjie is deeply sigh, stand up, put it into your own skirt in your own, halfway, halfway, put the black lace underwear lightly off And put it in your own bag.

Going out of the door of the bathroom, listening to the voice of Pang Shiyuan, turns around, got out of the room.

I have never been like this to go out, along the way, Wenjie feels your own lower body, I feel very uncomfortable. “” Elevator to the 11th floor, Wenjie turns to find 1103 rooms, casually, the room is not far from the elevator, but the Wenjie feels that the road is so long.

1101, 1103 … arrived, Wen Jie just wanted to press the doorbell, and found that the door was hunning, and it was not close. I took a deep breath, reached out and pushed, the door opened, but Wenjie found that there was no light in it, a paint is black, can’t help but feel anything. But Wen Jie believes that his intuition should have no flaws, step on his high heels, “… 哒 … 哒 哒” left. “Hey!”, The door is automatically closed, and Wen Jie is in this darkness, listening to his breathing, feeling some nervous.

Continue to walk a few steps, suddenly I have heard that there is a little movement in the room, one seems to be a footsteps, it is slowly “噔 … 噔 … 噔”, Wenjie stalls, do not dare to move …

Sudden! Holding your own backpack, a pair of hands, Wen Jie almost wants to make the thaw to make this pair of uniforms, but they have been strong. Immediately pushed to the wall of the wall, Wenjie felt hands and held the wall to prevent himself hurt. The hands seem to continue to be busy. From the back shoulders, move to their own ankles, gently, slowly, take a very slow speed to close your calf skin inch one inch, it seems to be feeling So smoothed and soft legs, so that it is very straightforward.

Wenjie feels that the hands have been slightly laid, spend the knee, touch it on his thigh, the long leg under the short group seems to show a big cut, that is due to the pseudo image of the leg, in the skirt The truth is still long, this is the capital of the long legs. The pair of hands came to the thighs and changed the way. Beginning like a massage generally separate five fingers, packing the whole jade leg gently squatting, Wenjie feels that the hands seem to be more rough, grinding The delicate leg skin is more uncomfortable, and the pair of hands continues to touch, squat, suddenly a warm calling, and the inside of Wenjie Thigh, with a fur. Itching.

Titting, this person confirmed that this person is Chu Hanlin. His hill sheep is swept with his own thigh. Wenjie continues to endure, let him touch it on his own pair of legs, kiss, Lick.

The big hand slowly slipped, the side of the thigh, close to the soft leg skin, pushed the tight bag buttocks, gently contracted, and the text is getting more and more cool, I know that this is a skirt that is pushed up to him. The chill is getting closer and closer to my thigh root, and the mouth is the mouth, or the inside of his own thigh, kiss, lick, sucker.

Wenjie suddenly felt that the hips were hit, and they understood that their skirts have been pushed to the waist. They didn’t wear the entire hips of their underwear. The hands were retracted from the waist, and they were gently touched, full, full, Runful jade hip, Wenjie Xin Chu-Han Lin should be satisfied, I really didn’t wear underwear, this may be his feelings for his conquest.

Wenjie is bitten with teeth and is tortured by this shame. The big hand is licking there, grab, pressed, from time to time, I will open the words and clean jade hips, which makes the anus that seems to be tearned, even the hometown is also given this action. Open your mouth. Still 揉, catch, squeeze, and clearly, there is no pleasure, the jade hip is only pain and nervousness from the pain and my heart.

After a while, it was a torn feeling, but the hair suddenly left his own two jade legs, and it’s hard to feel that your anus suddenly felt hot, a slippery , Wet, one itching, the mouth actually passed to his anus, Wenjie “ah!” Is shocked, and it comes to a tightening of his entire rectum and belly.

This is never experienced, and Wenjie is surprised to a wet, soft tongue, and it is sliding his anus. The same feeling suddenly walked through the whole body, the tongue was exploring, turned, turned his anus, Wenjie seems to feel that he has an inexplicable desire from his body to slowly emit it, it is The sound of “啧 啧” seems to be made by Pang Shiyuan to his own blowjob.

Wenjie issued “um … um …”, the body also started slightly twisting, I don’t know if it is escaping or enjoy.

Suddenly, the tongue stretched hard, the tongue was tongue and tangered into the diamond!

“Ah !! Don’t!” Wenjie shouted the voice, that feeling that it seems that his intestines must be hooked out, and it feels it itch from the anus.

But the tongue does not seem to listen to his own words, gently drill into the rectum of Wenjie, and gently slip out, then enter, then come out … After the next, Wenjie is not clear that there is no stool Encouragement, it feels that it is slippery, warm.

Finally stopped, Wen Yan tone, the hands still stroked his jade hip, and it seems that it has been standing behind him, and a breathing breath is blown to the back of the back. Wenjie feels that his jade hip is opened again, but this time, it is no longer the wet tongue, but a hard border, it is gently passed through his jade buttocks, slipped over himself Wet anus, go down, then topped in his honey hole. Wenjie understands that this is about to start, there is no much thinking, gently and more yourself, simultaneously separate two thighs, waiting for the drilling of the snake snake. And the hard object didn’t seem to worry, the small half of the head squeezed his flesh, sliding up and down above, it is a feeling that is almost the same, and it feels ominable. Every sliding of wet and hard bats seems to cause the reaction of their body. It seems to be a kind of a kind of seduce, it seems to be a temptation, this slowly swallowing attitude, so that Wenjie seems to have a little bit of feelings, and is negated by his own.

Sliding stopped, with the hands on the jade hip, suddenly hurry, Wen Jie, the top of the top of his honey, slowly opened the obstacles, slowly squeezing toward the deep body. .

“Um …” The familiar feeling made the text clean and could have smoothed from the nose. But this feeling is different, this hard object does not seem to be very thick, but especially long, plus slowly inserting, Wenjie feels that it enters the process of the body is very long, and hurts for a while, Thoroughly, he had the deepest place to his honey, and a warm lower abdomen was also attached to his own soft jade hip.

The big hand left the jade hip, inserted the skirt to touch the fine waist, and the hard rod in the body did not start, so it was deeply plugged, so that Wenjie felt a full and empty sense As a result, your body is also in the same reaction, and it seems to be tick in the lower abdomen.

The hard rod finally smoked out, clinging with the vaginal wall of the text, slowly pulling up. Wenjie himself can’t believe that he is a bit hopeless. It seems to be a long distance, the meat stick is smoked to almost one head bag in the pocket of the pocket, followed by a thorn! Slide in the deepest place of honey.

“Ah …” Wen Jie called, this is a voice that cannot be resistant to drill in his throat.

At this time, it is still a darkness, and Tiang Jie feels that it is a loneliness and helpless. Only one elongated meat stick is in my own body into and out, gradually, Wenjie feels that the body The hard rod began to slide faster and faster, get more and more smooth, every time the twitching, let himself have an unprecedented pleasure, that feeling is not before.

“Um … um … um … ah …” Wen Yan, dragging a long sound, just like a secondary, long-distance thrust in the body being accepted in the body. However, the man who is in the strange body is not particularly excited, and there is no sound, and only the breath is harassed to harass your neck.

Inserted, the meat stick enters and out in your own body, and Wen Jie slowly feels that the small belly with his hips began to twisted, wrapped around the clockwise, and the hard rod in the body began to reunite The inside of his honey, seems to wipe every inch in his vagina, and it seems that there is more honey juice in your own body, it becomes smoothed and more hot.

“Ah … ah … um …” Wen Jie’s scorpion begins, just like a feeling of suffocating, stirring, sliding, sliding, impact, and tangeting body hit the movement with the movement behind In the past 10 minutes, the rhythm, strength has always seem to have changed, and the Wenjie has already passed. I feel that my jade buttocks have been wet and calling. This is my own experience. After that, I am afraid it is that my hijing has flowed out, and she has brought her body and wiped his body.

Inserting is still continuing, Wenjie has been completely indifferent, but feels experience, although our identity and the dirty identity of the opponent, let their own thinking from time to time, but very fast It was overwhelmed by the pleasure.

Gradually, I only feel that I have a little cold, and Wen Jie suddenly found that my clothes didn’t know when it was already taken off, and it was more amazed at my own investment, and even the clothes were taken away. I didn’t feel. But this time I feel, the hands began to reach my back, unlocking my bra’s buckle, a relaxed feeling of getting rid of the binding to make my chest a release, and this series of movements does not affect The one behind him.

Wenjie can’t go to the hands, let him take off his bra, thrown into his own jade milk, wrap the soft chest of your own water polo, gently knead. “Ah … ah … ah … ah …” The snoring has changed to the waves, and Wen Jie can’t hold the neck, close your eyes, and the mouth is big. “O”. Wenjie and even how it is thinking about his expression, but fortunately in such a dark environment, he should not see yourself.

Suddenly stopped, the meat stick took out his body. At that moment, Wenjie and even suspected that his honey pockets were taken out of a water. I am wondering, I just feel that I am pulled up, I pushed a few steps, and I was pushed down in bed. Then, his legs were lifted high, and she was in someone’s shoulder. The hands extended to her waist, and she scrapped into a skirt, stripped down.

Wenjie lifted his hips, let his skirt leave his body smoothly, after his own double jade leg, throw it on the ground.

Wenjie feels that a vibration plus a voice, the man climbs the bed, and his legs are still on his shoulders. As he posted near his body, Wen Jie’s legs were lifted higher. The hips almost left the bed. Wenjie felt that he was waiting for the long snake to enter again. It is like a mouth in a pleasant mouth. I was suddenly caught by the hands at this time, and I was put in my own soft chest and took a few times.

In these two, let the hand of Wenjie are like a few down, starting to gently pressing his chest, this is the feeling of Wenjie never, that is his own chest, Of course, I have figured out countless times, but there is no such 揉 揉 让 让 感 感 传 传 到 到 成 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液 液

The long snake is not coming in, and Wenjie keeps lying on his chest, twisting his body, “um … um …” issued a gentle 呻吟.

“”, The light is opened, and the literacy will feel the sky, and after the glamorous light, Wen Jie is surprised to look at the bed, the legs are in a ribs, skin brown On the shoulders of a black man, separate your legs to align the holes on the side of his man. And your own hands are in their own double milk, and Wen Jie can’t believe that he actually puts a so silver. And that black and thin man, looking at himself with a thick big mouth smile.

What can’t believe that Wenjie suddenly sees another person in bed. The same is dark skin, but the naked nude appears to take a tightened wild, no more than a flesh, Shuangfeng doesn’t have you so much, but it is not too small, black and black and black Eyes, thick lips, embodying a word: wild. Long dark hair is batch to the shoulders, how to say something defect, is the black eyed ring, and black nipple.

Wenjie “ah!” Is an exclamation, he really didn’t think that there is a full-naked woman in this bed, this is the woman who has always been bringing in Chu Hanlin.

Wenjie scared voice has not completely disappeared in the room, and a head of a head has just been bursting out from his mouth, but suddenly, Chu Hanlin waist! The long snake turned “Zi” once again entered his body. “Ah …” is another cry of scared or pleasure.

Inserting and starting, Wenjie’s hands are still on the double chest, although this time is embarrassed, but with the impact of Chu Hanlin, his soft double breast begins to vibrate, driving his own Hand, it seems to have no fundamental difference with his own 揉.

“Well … ah … ah …” The familiar feeling again hit it again, and Wenjie felt the more smooth, but the thrill was not so strong, it seems that he has become accustomed to Chu Hanlin. The long snake in the body into and out, stirring the honey sauce.

Wenjie can not help but close your eyes, raise your head again, open your mouth, breathe, squat, “咕滋, 咕 … …”, there is a sound of extrapolation with water. Every time, it is inserted to the deepest place of his honey, and it seems that it has already entered his belly.

“Ah … um … ah … …」 文 呻 吟 suddenly blocked, Wen Jie opened his eyes, found that his mouth has been kissed by the black beauty, the tongue is inserted into yourself, the tongue is agitation Holding your own tongue, emit “,,,” sucking.

Wenjie has never kissed by a woman, the weird feeling in the mouth and the pumping sensation of the long snake, while full of his own brain, let himself blank.

Wenjie attempts to cater to the tongue, to fight against his weird feelings, but the lower body is naturally catering to the pumping of Chu Hanlin, and it is not from twisting his waist, so that the setting is more smooth. More deeper, and this time, black beauty’s hand holds Wenjie that pair in his chest, start helping yourself. “Oh … … …” Wenjie can only send a snoring from the nose.

“Oh, oh, ah … ah …” Wen Jie’s mouth was released, black beauty left the bed, slowly walked to the bed, gently kneeling under the bed, just like a dummy bitch On the ground. And Chu Hanlin took out the long snake in the cultivation in the cultivation, and then retired, and he was also behind the black beauty. Wenjie suddenly felt that his lower body was empty, can’t help but have a jeal who couldn’t believe it.

But crazy is not over, black beauty moves to the bed, hands holding a tangered legs, talking about taking the text. Wenjie down looked at himself opened his legs. Black beauty stretched out his tongue, buried his head into his own legs, and started to squat his honey. Surprising, stirring, Wenjie has never imagined the same size, and he can’t help but take some shyly.

“Well … um …” Wen Jie scored, and his hand was caught by black beauty, pressing his chest. At the same time, the black and hips of the black beauty have been inserted by Chu Hanlin, continue to plug in the rhythm of his habits, and the two people have the sound of “咕滋, 咕咕, 咕啪”.

In the lower body of Wenjie, “咕 滋, 咕滋” tongue licks the sound of the water codes, and the “, 唔 …” 呻吟 子 声.

Three people have met a line, ten minutes have passed, and Chu-Hanlin is still inserting with their own rhythm. It doesn’t have the meaning of shouting, and black beauty has left the cleansing chest, mouth and tongue. It is still busy with the lower body of Wenjie, and Wen Jie. At this moment, it is difficult to control his own chest and cannot stop.

It is 5 minutes, and the black beauty of the mouth has dropped with the tangered honey, and the handyman is still in the bottom of his chest, and it seems to be immersed in an illusory. And Chu-Hanlin pulled out the long snake in the black beauty, and reached out of her body, moved to Wenjie. Wenjie only felt that his body climbed a black shadow, and then climbed a few steps forward, and used her ankle to face her face, obviously black beauty took more than 10 minutes, now go to the return NS.

Black beauty sinks his waist, and the text is getting closer and closer to his face, getting closer and closer. Wenjie can’t think, instinctively reached out her own tongue and so on, while, in this case, Wen Jie suddenly felt that his lower body suddenly inserted by the long wet mask, walking along the vaginal wall. I slide to the deepest point of the honey.

“Ah … …” Wen Jie just shouted the sound, but his mouth suddenly blocked by black beauty’s black pocket. The black pocket wet, covered with her own obscenity and Chu Hanlin, which has wiped the lips of the lips, and the taste of the wild, I have never thought about it. It’s so like another person’s lab.

Wenjie closed his eyes, extended his tongue, and started a black pocket of black beauty. In your own pink honey, Chuhan Lin’s long snake has rhythmically.

“Hey … … …” Wenjie only left the nose can be sent, the lower body was inserted by Chu Hanlin, and he had to go to the climax, which made the text. The resistive body is also caught in a pleasant and desire dissatisfaction, and his own faintly found that Chu-Hanlin is a master of women, but he has been played with this criminal. Complex emotions I was screwed together into a group, and I was instantly punched by the body.

“Oh … oh … ah … ah …” Black beauty also lifted the neck ride on Wenjie’s face to enjoy the thrill of the tongue in the dark.

It is nearly 10 minutes, and Wenjie feels that the rhythm of the throduct of the long snake in his body has gradually changed, slowly accelerated, the strength is also increased, and the depth is also more powerful. The deepest place of the hole seems to have squeezed the homework, let him feel that every time it seems to be inserted into the belly! Fast, faster, slide, slipped, heavy, heavier, Wen Jie’s body also feels more and more strong, more and more difficult to control! I am more likely to ignore my own double milk.

Inserted to the fastest speed, Chu-Hanlin’s ass, like a motor, quickly contacted a few tens of times, suddenly stopped, changed to three shocks! I suddenly opened the tangered uterine mouth! Wenjie put away the black hole of the black beauty, and Zhang opened his mouth crazy shouting: “Ah … ah … ah …” is more than a long, a more input! Almost shouted the sound.

Chu-Hanlin wants to erotize! Wenjie feels that the familiar twitching in the body, look, two down, three …

Wenjie plays a body, ready to accept the crazy ejaculation of Chu-Hanlin in his body, but suddenly feel the body! Chu-Hanlin’s mask had a sudden suddenly took out his body, and Wen Jie’s honey hole was followed up with a small white liquid, wet the sheets.

Wenjie has not quickly lost the pleasure for this suddenly stopped emptiness, but the doubts in the mind doubt half a feeling of the body. At this time, the black beauty has turned down, holding his own black hair, and the sexy thick lips is up to the biggest. And Chu-Hanlin quickly kneelted in bed, hand holding his own highly standing tall, the mouth, from the side to the mouth of black beauty, “Oh, oh …” to squat, shoot A white viscous semen, all sprayed into the mouth of black beauty! Almost filled with her whole mouth!

And the black beauty looked at Chu and Han Linyi, reached out to grasp the towering huge mask that had not been soft, like licking the lollipop, and sucking it in every corner of each corner, let Chu Hanlin from her mouth The unplugged mask has been clean, and there is no semen remaining. Black beauty’s throat immediately issued “咕咕”, swallowing all the liquids into the belly.

Wenjie was shocked by this scene, he never seen this scene, nor did you think about swallowing the stomach in the stomach, and it feels unprecedented. But I feel that my whole body is so tired, I suddenly breathed the chest and gasped in the bed.

And Chu-Hanlin is obviously tired, and fell his own thin brown body to a naked naked bare.

Wenjie is slowly awake, see yourself and another woman lying on the same man, and he is a drug dealer who should arrest sooner or later! CENT I feel that this scene is so sensual, and I have never thought that I will have this day.

Wenjie does not want to put it almost crazy, slam from the bed, quickly pick up the clothes from the ground, hug in the chest, cover your own smuggle, clear body, watch the black skin lying on the bed The pair of men and women, saying coldly: “Chu boss, don’t forget that we say good things!”

“How can you forget! By the way, you will introduce you to him. “

“Okay, a word!” Wenjie calmly answers. After finishing all clothes, I said: “Then we h in the city see.” Go out of the door, returned to his room, take a shower seriously, wrapped in a bath towel to lying on the shock of Pang Shi It is too tired, and I have slept in the past.

The next morning, Wenjie once was fired again, and the Pang Shiyuan came up again, putting his honey, smashing his own breast, cleaning and closing his eyes, accepting Pang Shiyuan One is not lasting!

Wen and intense in the faceless face: “You will be raped, your day is not long!” After a while, Pang Shiyuan once again ejaculate in his body …

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