Tao Wei originally had a very happy home, and the husband is handsome, and it is a micro, and the husband and wife are as early as the beginning. However, unfortunately, it was so sudden, half a year ago, so that the husband lost the “capital” of men, and also made their families into desperation. Tao Yu loves his husband. She vowed even if her husband will never recover, he will never betray him, go to him.

Tao Wei is a surgeon in the city hospital, beautiful appearance, outstanding, plus a well-known family unfortunate, a lot of male colleagues want to enter non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-unfortunate, often saying that “wind” teasing her. Tao, gentleness, every time you encounter this kind of thing, always smile, neither is not angry and not hook, still guarding you.

Her morality and sage have more let the colorful wolves tickle, among which Cao Da in the night shift, Ma Bin is hard. Cao Da is 35 years old, married, healthy, like a cow; Ma Bin is twenty-three years old, unmarried, is a small hemp face, and is ugly. The two people look at the peach peach every day, but it is really anxious.

There is an emperor who is not a person, and this day finally waited.

This day, it should be Tao Wei, Liu Xiaohui, Cao Dao, Ma Bin four people value night shift. Liu Xiaohui suddenly had a holiday, leaving only the three people, Cao Dao, Ma Bin was happy to dance, and Tao Wei did not know the danger.

It’s a good patient and returned to the lounge tired. There is only one large room in the hospital, and the middle is separated by two meters high. On the other side, the other side is three huts: the female is in the most inside, there is a door; male in the middle, there is no door, only Blindness is blinded; the outermost is a simple bathroom.

“Dr. Tao,” Cao Dad said, “Today Xiao Hui is not, it is better to sleep with us.”

“Don’t say!” Tao Wei said with a smile, she has been used to this joke.

“Yes, my sister.” Ma Bin said, “Is a person not afraid?”

“Go to you,” Tao Wei said, “How do you learn from him this little?”

“Where is my little?” Ma Bin said, “Hey, it is big.”

Tao Wei played his face, “I am going to be angry.” After I finished the housing.

Cao Da and Ma Bin laughed, they knew that Tao Wei was the best, not really angry. Looking at her twisted back, the two eyes discharged.

Time passed at all, Cao Dao and Ma Bin did not sleep well, they talk about Zheng.

“Pony, have you have a girlfriend?” Cao Dado asked.

“Yes,” Ma Bin said, “Can be positive.” The tits are big. “

“Have you touched?”

“Of course, how can I let her go.”

“Is she willing?”

“Don’t want it when you start, then you have to call a non-stop.”

“How is she called?”

“Ah … ah … ah” Ma Bin loudly, they knew that these words were passed to the ears of Tao Yu.

Sure enough, Tao Wei protested, “Don’t make trouble, don’t sleep!”

Cao Dada did not hear, and asked: “Do you have a relationship?”

“Yes.” Ma Bin said, “” The first time I slept in Tao, my sister. “

“Ah!” Cao Da exclaimed, “Is it here?”

“Yeah, I am a person value in the afternoon, my girlfriend came to me, I didn’t think about it, I took her into the house. I hug her kissed, she said no, I said it doesn’t matter, no relationship If someone comes in, press her on the bed. “

Tao Yu moved his body, “” It turns out that they are in my bed … “

I only listen to Ma Bin to continue to say: “I kissed her while taking her tale, she quickly soft, but I was harder and harder.”

Tao Wei knows what he does what he said, the face flourifies.

“I took the opportunity to take off her top, kissed her chest. Her reaction is getting stronger, I put it into her pants, you guess how?”

Tao Yu knows how will it be, this feeling has passed.

Cao Da doesn’t seem to know, “What?”

“She was wet. I immediately took her pants and underwear. She lying on the bed. I pounce, resist her thighs. Her vagina is very narrow, tightly wrapped me The big meat stick, I am so comfortable, quickly push up. Torked … Zi Toss … “Tao Wei felt his heartbeat accelerated, a hot flow slotted from the chest. She sat up and she wanted to go to urine.

Cao Da knew that Tao Yu couldn’t help, he heard the sound of Tao Wei. Then, it is the footsteps of Tao Wei. “She wants to go to the urination.” Cao Da and Ma Bin climbed up and slipped before the partition. In order to peek two women, they dig several small holes on the partition.

Tao Wei, kneaded the light of the toilet and plugged into the door. Pick up white coat, fade underwear, and the white hips are revealed. She squatted, but she didn’t have a diaper. Cao Dad knows that she can’t hold it quickly, and the woman can’t hold it.

Tao Wei only took a few drops, the sound was very large, ashamed, she was full of red, and rushed up clean and ran back to the hut.

Two men next door are still talking, but they are replaced with Cao Da.

“I have been with my wife, I love it. I just got married. I will do it every day. My wife is a lawyer, I am big, I usually have the road, but I like to kneel in the bed, I stand in bed, I’ll in bed The posture. This posture can be inserted into the end, top to the heart, so women like it. And men can see the scene of the cock to enter the hole, the more you look, the more you look, the more you look. “

This is also a kind of pose of Tao Wei, she has always feel beautiful, and now it is so sensual to say from Cao Daku.

“My wife is strong, sometimes I can’t pay, so I have been worried about her red apricots. Pony, Pony.”

Ma Bin seems to be sleepy, Cao Da is still very spiritual. Tao Wei hopes that they will sleep early, but in the deep heart, I hope to continue listening to the story below.

“Sure enough, once I was caught by me.”

“It turned out that his wife had an affair.” Tao Wei suddenly felt that Cao Da was very poor.

“When I was early, when I opened the door, I felt that some are not angry. There is a movement in the house. I quietly pull out the key, bypass the wall to climb the wall. I saw it from the window. I saw two people to take light. Delicious? Male does not know, the female is my wife. The male ass before and after, my wife is kneeling on the bed. I can imagine her cavity. There are many. The man’s cock has two feet long and is thick and big.

“Is it so long?” Tao Wei thought.

“The man is dry while asking” Is it more comfortable than your husband? “My wife said” Let other men are too comfortable. “

“Oh …” Tao Yu can’t help but low. She felt hot, so she simply took off the white coat, only wearing underwear, covering a towel. She touched the body, actually already wet, a urine is coming again.

She climbed up, wrapped in a towel, and opened the door and ran out.

Cao Da heard the voice of Tao Wei, knew that she had to urine, and quickly climbed up, and drilled into the cottage.

When Tao Wei lie down, he felt wrong. When a man’s breath, she stretched out the right hand to pull the bed, the hand was immediately caught.

“Who?” Tao Yu Mingzhi asked, heartbeat straight.

“Don’t speak!” Cao Dad said, “Pony is outside.”

“What do you do?” Tao Wei asked, “Go out, I shouted people!” The left hand touched a large scissors from the pillow.

“Don’t, don’t shout, let Pats heard bad.” Cao Da didn’t expect her to have weapons, hurriedly ask: “I just want to see you, there is nothing else.” Move.

“You don’t mess,” Tao Wei is slightly relieved, but the left hand is still holding the scissors, and the right hand breaks from Cao Dao. It is close to the towel, cover the naked piety, move to the bed, and the eyes are tight Staring at Cao Da.

Cao Dad saw that she didn’t yell, my heart was very happy, said: “I have always like you, my mind is your shadow every day.”

“Hey …” Tao Wei sighed, “We are all married people, why are you going back, let’s go back, we have made this.”

“I took a while, I will pass it later, you are not easy, I will not bully you.”

“Um … You know it.” Tao Wei is a burst of heart, and he actually lying on a bed and other men.

“My wife … you also know, I am also connected to you.” Cao Da said. “I am tall than you …” Tao Wei is sad.

“I am bitter than you.” Cao Dad said, “I haven’t finished it yet.”

“How is the following?” Tao Wei wanted to know the future story.

“The man is a repair pipeline, quite strong, and it is quite experienced, and my wife is very comfortable.”

“I also say these underflow words.” Tao Wei said, but did not stop, she really wants to listen to the end.

Cao Dad saw that she did not oppose it, and her heart was dark, lended through moonlight, he secretly looked at Tao Wei, although she was wrapped in a towel, but the chest or a part of the white smooth skin. Her long hair is hit on the chest, more charming. The towel can not be wrapped in her, the body, and the calf is exposed, like a white root.

Cao Da continued: “I opened the window and rushed in the kid. He scared away. My wife gave a matter of the matter. It turned out, once, I was not at home, the repairman came to repair the pipe. My wife just finished The bath, I still wore pajamas, commanded him to do it, and the body was seen by him. He couldn’t help but pouncefully pressed the bed, reached out her pajamas, she didn’t wear anything in her. The kid explored, my wife was soft, wet below. The kid took off his pants and plugged in … “

“Oh …” Tao Wei exclaimed.

“You know, from behind, the woman is most comfortable, my wife struggled to cooperate with him. In the future, he often came. I asked my wife, he said, his wife said, he is big. I am bad. In fact, I am not small below. “

Tao Wei sneaked with a look, it noticed that Cao Da was shirtless, only shorts. When she saw the part of the short pants, my heart was flustered.

All this fled Cao Dao’s eyes. He deliberately made a sneeze, said, “Cold, I have to pass.”

Tao Wei is disappointed, out of mouth: “” Wait will wait, later? “

Cao Dad said: “It’s too cold.” The corner of the towel is on the body.

Tao Wei was shocked, the scissors in the hand fell to the ground, and did not dare to turn over, and I didn’t know what it was.

Cao Da continued: “Later, my wife ran with the boy.”

“Ah!” Tao Wei did not expect this, a female lawyer will run with a repairman.

“Hey, I am tall!” Cao Dad said, the body rely on Tao, and the skin has been in contact. “Do you say that I am so ugly?”

Tao Yu turned his head and saw that Cao Daden eyes were very eye-catching, actually quite handsome.

Cao Da suddenly said: “Can I kiss you? Just, I will pass it.”

Tao Yu did not speak, when considering how to do, Cao Dao’s lips have done their own cheeks. How familiar feelings are this. Cao Da’s tongue opened the lips of Tao, allowed her. Tao Wei seems to return to the newly married night and is accepting a sweet kiss of husband. A husband’s arm is on his neck, and the other hand takes away his bra, caress his nipple …

“Hey … no, no!” Tao Wei hurriedly said, “Take your hand out! I … I can’t lose the chapter.”

Cao Dadi is so funny, “We are already like this, let me kiss you again, I will pass.”

Cao Dao’s lips were repeated. Tao Wei seems to have returned to the dream. She felt a hands and touched her chest, then this hand sliding from the chest to the lower abdomen, crossed the navel, touch the mysterious triangle area of ​​women …

“Ah!” Tao Wei exclaimed, from fantasy, she found that I didn’t know when I was all naked, I was covered by Cao Dadi, and his hand just touched his own hamma.

“You don’t do this, ask for you, we can’t …” She struggled, guarding the last line of defense of women. Her hand stretched down, did not catch Cao Da’s hand, but caught his “life root”

Cao Da also took off the light, his hood was like a donkey, so that Tao Wei shocked, and let her give up the last shy.

“Husband, sorry, sorry.” She silently prayed, “What should I do?”

“You don’t do this, ask for you, we can’t …” She struggled, guarding the last line of defense of women. Her hand stretched down, did not catch Cao Da’s hand, but caught his “life root”

Cao Da also took off the light, his hood was like a donkey, so that Tao Wei shocked, and let her give up the last shy. “Husband, sorry, sorry.” She silently prayed, “What should I do?”

The pussy of Tao Wei has long been granted in the river, and the “ship” of Cao Da is easily drilled in, and the waves are swatched, and unimpeded.

※ JKForum.net | JKF Czech Forum “Husband, I was inserted, I betrayed you.” Tao Wei secret …

Cao Da entered and out of the body of Tao Wei, he knew that this woman had not tasted this taste for a long time. His action is both gentle and teasing. He wants to make this woman to become a prisoner.

Ma Bin woke up, maybe he didn’t fall asleep at all, he secretly admired Cao Dao’s ability, easily led a loyal woman to bed. He secretly pushed the door of the hut, under the moonlight, the Tower’s Cao Da stood under the bed, and the snow-white Tao Wei squatted on the bed formed a distinct contrast.

“They do it behind!” Ma Bin immediately tidy.

“Uncomfortable?” Cao Dado asked.

“Um …” Tao Wei said fascinating.

“say clearly.”

“I … comfortable.”

“I don’t like me to plug you?”

“Hey … I like it.” Tao Wei is completely intoxicated in the happiness of sex.

“Speaking, I like it to plug you.” Cao Da continued to play with her.

“I …” Tao Wei hesitated.

“Don’t say, I will leave.”

“I … I like, like … you plug me.”

“What can I use?”

“You … you use sticks.”

Cao Dadians have been laughed, “Where do I have a stick?”

“You, you have below …” Tao Wei is completely conquered.

“What did the stick do?”

“Yes … is a meat stick.”

“Where is the meat stick inserted?”

“I … I will below.” Tao Wei will not speak sensuality.


“I … my …”

“Say it!”

“My … small hole.”

Cao Da has not held it. He has already ventilated it. He didn’t expect this shy woman once the outbreak is so unhappy. He saw Ma Bin, recruiting. Ma Bin’s heart will got the god, immediately stripped the clothes, and he walked over the mask.

At this time, Tao Wei has entered the realm of forgetting my, and there is a low drop in my mouth. I don’t know where it is. She only felt a joy of a meat stick in her body. The pinear suddenly became empty. She is looking back, the big meat stick is inserted, this time is more violent. A pair of hands also hit their own chest, pinch your nipple, more than half a year of loneliness, solved it today. Cao Da, this person who has hated, but he gave his greatest satisfaction tonight.

Cao Da did not go, after standing in Ma Bin, said: “I am doing bad?”

Tao Wei feels extremely comfortable, “Okay, great!”

“May I don’t want me to insert you frequently?”

“Willing!” Tao Wei did not hesitate.

“Say, willing to make me frequently.”

“I … I am willing to exercise frequently … I.”

“It’s a little bit.”

“Yes, it is.”

“Just comfortable, still comfortable now?”

“Oh … now.”

Ma Bin smiled to Cao Dada. Cao Da also smiled and sneaked out.

Two people finally fell out of bed.

“What did I do?” Tao Wei gradually woke up, “Why don’t I know shame?” She is painful.

Tao Wei looked at the man who was squatting, this is not a small, “Ma Bin !!!” Tao Yan flying outside.

“Of course, I am, my sister.” Ma Bin smiled and said: “The sister is really a person, so that I will have a good aftertaste. I really admire Cao’s big brother. Otherwise, the younger brother will not have a sister.”

“Ah … you? What do you say?” Tao Wei is a bit embarrassed.

“Cao Dawang’s wife did not run with others, I also didn’t have a girlfriend, just want to get my sister once. So, Cao Dawei set a monopoly, called” One night “. In the future, you are mine. Haha”, Rush up …

Tao Wei did not resist, she finally understood that tonight not only loses, but also … it is two men, real demands cry. However, what is more terrible? How to get rid of the future?

Sure enough, the next day, Liu Xiaohui was invited to come, at night, two men directly entered the Tao Yu’s room, hug her and took off her clothes. Tao Wei did not dare to yell, but he had to fight against the resistance. Two men grab her arms together, easily take off her clothes, and raped in bed.

Tao Wei no longer resists, she knows that it is useless to resist, but they have to listen to life …

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