After I graduated from my classmates, I was assigned to a large hospital for a woman. I have been envious about his work. It can be close to a lot of various women every day. It’s too cool. I have been regretted at the beginning. Medical University.

So often I have time to find him, there are always several doctors in the usual clinic, have not had the opportunity to enter.

One day, the opportunity finally came, their hospital organized medical team to go to the suburbs, leaving only one of him a person duty in the afternoon, so I put down the work, arrived at the hospital, borrowed no one of others, make a trainee! After finding the classmates, I confirmed the security, I put it on white coat, and wear a mask, and then sat down next to my classmates, anxiously waiting for the first patient.

A little longer, there is a woman who has been 50 years old, only a menopausal disease, after the classmates opened the medicine, they sent her away. When I regret that there is no enjoyable, a high heels are coming, I I feel that my breathing is getting more and more urgent, some can’t be self-restrained, my classmates said to me: Don’t be nervous, let you open your eyes! Sure enough, a young woman, a dress, black stockings, high heels.

Typical white-collar, towering chest, let me be coveted, her menstruation is not normal, I want to be a medicine and leave, really disappointed, learn my mind, after inquiry, said to her: Check Let’s see if there is a tattoo disease, then tell me, you will come together.

So I was excited to walk into the inspection room with my students. In addition to some drug cabinets, I was a gynecological examination bed. I used to see it in some pictures. I think that there is a woman immediately show me a real show, I The little brother did not feel hard.

The young woman told the classmates, took off the shoes lying on the bed, and the classmate pulled a curtain in the position of her shoulder, and explained that this is the practice of hospitals, this, the young woman is lying there, can only see the sky, as for What we are doing, she doesn’t know. So, under the authority of the classmate, I watched the young woman with the young woman, turned out the skirt, and separated the two legs, put it on the brackets on both sides, the classmates opened the lights, the entire privacy of the young woman was exposed to me. before! Black stockings wrapped in jade feet, round and meticulous, fine ankle, rounded calf, round thigh, leg root and lower abdomen skin, with black translucent stockings form a distinct contrast, black black The haired, dark red labians, chrysanthemum-like anus, one, officially presented, let me feel excited.

The classmates put their gloves and indicate that I put it together! Then let me take out the vaginal expansion, and tell me to operate! At the same time, the bracket is extended to both sides, so that the young woman’s legs are greater.

I carefully put the expansion in the labip of the young woman, then hold, the young woman’s vagina is open, it is tender red, still shrinking, the classmate tells her: Relax.

Sure enough, the circular hole is big, I have carefully observed the inside, but I am not addictive, so my classmates have asked some questions, then, I need to visit the hood position, and then dedication to me in the finger. I paint some oils, let me put your fingers into her vagina.

I am grateful to my classmates, I can insert her vagina! So I will insert the middle finger! It is very hot inside, I have been inserting all the middle fingers, then slowly stir, the vagina is soft, probably the uterus, I will bend my fingers, so the young woman has a sound, coincidence, classmates I rang, so he went back to the phone and let me check it slowly. It is a good place, so I also learned the tone of my classmates, asked some, and told her, but also need further examination, please cooperate.

So I do advocate from the index finger inserted into the anus of the young woman! Perhaps affected by the stimulus, the young woman’s anus about tightening up, I let her relax, and use your fingers rubbing up around her anus, I felt my little brother has been expanded, so can not wait with the other hand, pulled out a little brother masturbation up, while the index finger into the anus of the young woman, the middle finger is also inserted into the vagina! Then stir each other up, with the acceleration of masturbation, the faster the agitation, the young woman did not know the truth, but from time to time whispered moan, from time to time to tell me the pain, while kicking his legs straight, toes wide open, apparently she was very painful, and bad cry, watching it all, feeling her vagina and anus, I was the muffled sound of young women, the shot I succulent fine! Later, I quickly clean up the scene, after the completion of all, let the young woman dressing up, the young woman sounded blush, get out of bed, in front of me, put on underwear, finishing a good coat, he walked out of the examination room, students in the clinic gave her medicine, and I just think on the inside stimulate the scene, can not help but masturbate again! Later, another opportunity, I went to my classmates trainee, that time, there is a forty-year-old woman, vaginal dryness, vaginal discharge need to test, so I took the opportunity to big strange idea, to give her a massage from the clitoris, in I disguised masturbation, the woman actually aggravate breathing, legs clamped together, presumably from sex, right? Anyway, a lot of vaginal discharge flow out, and I shot a lot of my buddies in the hospital. I often went to him, to have some understanding of the hospital, my experience will slowly tell you! First period to satisfy desires! On one occasion, find a friend to go to the hospital, sitting bored on the bench waiting, suddenly found a smartly dressed young woman being opposite “anorectal” treatment, then could not help but fancy glances. While, on the young lady walked into the treatment room with the doctor’s room, treatment rooms actually just hung up a curtain, presumably due to the effect that the doctor, and did not pull the curtains tight, leaving a gap of about ten centimeters, just from me sitting position to see the inside of the case.

After the young woman walked to, according to the requirements of medical, heels off, lay down on the examining table, the skirt folded up, off the underwear, and then the two stockings wrapped grayish leg frame to the bracket, and the examination bed I actually facing, due to the far distance, I could see her entire lower half! So I slowly unexpected treat, taste, two exquisite jade foot on the bracket toe together, ankles rounded and smooth, so I had a hand grip impulse.

Plump calves, thighs rounded, born stunner! In the package stockings, even more sexy! I regret being in low light, when she was unable to savor a dark pants, a doctor walked over and sat down on a stool facing her lower body, and switched on the light, direct light in a young woman living in, I hurried closer view Look, the young woman lights the hidden parts of the fully lit, thick black pubic hair, slightly curly, dark red labia due legs apart, slightly open, I looked to the examining table, slightly blushing young woman lateral side , slightly shy of Weibi eyes, suddenly the whole body suddenly a channeling up, then came a humming, turned out to be a doctor Yiba gloved fingers into the anus of the young woman! Doctors inserted a finger in the anus young woman, seemed to stir something still groping, one hand around the anus stroking the young woman, the face of a young woman said: “! Relax, relax your anus”

Young woman blushed and big mouth panting, hands tightly gripping the bed. The doctor pulled out a finger, after what to say to young women, but also put some oil on your finger and then in one hand and gently massage the young woman’s anus, while asking for something, for a moment, the young woman seemed to relax a lot, then, two doctors fingers close together, inserted into the anus with a young woman! And churning! Young woman in pain, shaking his head, the body constantly twisting, came the crooning cries. Two exquisite Yuzu, stretched very straight, like to break wrapped stockings.

I see are agonistic, the doctor stopped the action, has come up with a white cream, a young woman with a finger in the anus painted inside, then got out the door, the young woman also sat up in bed, wearing underwear , turn a skirt, put on the shoes out. When the curtain lifted, and I just gaze, the young woman seemed aware of what, just calm face, red and fast, in a hurry, and the doctor said a few words, hurriedly left the office, out Shihai ruthless He stared at me! The young woman looked at the back, I suddenly felt below has some wet!

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