In 2010, I did an actor, that is the only acting.

In fact, my body is a screenwriter.

I accept this role, it is entirely because of Tongianfang.

She used to be an idol of my teenager.

I still remember the first time I saw her movie was on TV, a chance to be a chance, named the laughter in the dormitory.

She plays an optimistic female college student. I was ten years old that year, I am in love with the screen.

In fact, she was already a big star, and she took a lot of movies, and her image often appeared on the cover of the magazine.

My feelings that I understand made me start collecting everything about her introduction and interview, as long as I play her movie in the TV.

She is like a goddess suddenly coming in my life, and she opened a door for me, but she is far away.

Every time I look at her in the movie, I want to be associated with my mind.

At that time, my biggest wish was to realistically see her, I got her signature.

I often simulate a scene to see her in my mind, what do I say, what to do.

For a ten-year-old boy, this is a very important thing.

Once I was really in the street, I just didn’t see her.

That day, there were too many people, people shouted her name, surrounded her group to sign, I only heard the people who kept happy in the crowd, but they didn’t enter in.

When the group is scattered, there is a car to take her in time.

I was disappointed that I didn’t eat well in three days. I always thought that I had already feel her breath.

I am more fascinated by her, soon, I will put “the first time”

Dedicated to her.

I am unforgettable for that excitement and nervous.

And that photo with stains, I have been keeping very well.

Later, I saw she went to the United States to study on the newspaper.

This news suddenly, so that I have been sad for a long time.

At that time, I often think about her in the United States? I have also fantasy to study hard. After graduating from college, I will go to the United States in the United States, maybe a place in exoticial hometown and I have not been encountered.

Reality is reality, after many years, I grew up, I graduated from college.

But I didn’t go to the United States, I met different people in a busy life, and all kinds of girls, and her attraction has long been indifferent over time.

Until one accidental opportunity saw a newspaper on her news that she had already returned to China, and it is currently participating in some of the drama, but it is some insufficient role, and the protagonists who have played before and cannot be compared.

I looked at that news, there is no feeling.

That day, Kangdong Xu came to me.

We both cooperated with three movies, my screenwriter, his director.

Although there is no impact in China, it has gained some of the more than seven miscellaneous awards internationally, so that we are still small in the circle.

At that time, he also had a judge to be invited by a film festival in a foreign film festival.

At present, we are in writing a script. In fact, it is mainly written by me, he just gives some opinions.

He said that this movie is going to Cannes, not picking a piece of palm leaves, he swear is not a person.

I didn’t have his macro picture, and I can tell the story.

After a short exchange, we have compiled such a story: In the 1980s, the old king is a steel mill worker, his wife is a middle school teacher.

Two people are organized in the Cultural Revolution.

Due to the special social environment at the time, his wife was very unwilling to pay with him.

After marriage, both of them are unworthy due to personalities and academic qualifications, so they often quarrel with the old kings.

So that it affects their son’s child’s personality is extremely introverted, almost never talk.

Just in the year of Xiaotian University, the wife of the old king committed suicide. Not long, the old king married the wife of the sister of the sister.

Xiayue is also because of the family rupture, and the old king came together.

Xiao Tian can’t forgive my father in my heart.

He believes that they killed their mother.

Later, after investigation, although they were already good, they did not hurt their mother.

The heart thought that the inner direction and paranoid Xiao Tian still killed two people.

After the story, Kangdong Xu felt unsatisfactory, did not have the effect he wanted.

He wants to shock, there must be controversy, and when people look, they have a heart. After reading the heart and special twists.

I like to praise this movie, I don’t like it.

He said that it can be attractive, he wants the sword to take the front.

He decided to make the story more edge, more human, and more ethical.

Finally, I made the story outline according to his authority.

The front story is basically unchanged, then it is changed to the old king. After the summer month, the family became harmonious.

Xia Yue is a nurse for steel mill employee hospital.

Since she arrives, she has not cared for Xiao Tian, ​​let Xiao Tian feel the long-lost mother, and gradually opened his closed heart.

Although he is never designed to call her mother, but the heart began to have a good impression on the summer month.

One accident, causing the old king to bed.

Xiayue is busy busy, Xiao Tian did not take a university because of the impact of his mother’s suicide, to be worn at home, and finished some boy friends.

One night, Xiaotian took the yellow video outside to see the father has slept, and the summer month is doing housework, and the strong hormone makes him stunned, he forcibly occupying Xiayue.

Summer is ashamed, don’t eat it in a few days, Xiao Tian’s heart is very regretted, take care of her like a careful lover.

Xia Yue finally forgived Xiao Tian.

After restoring health, the summer is still busy, and the old king has not detected.

Another night, Xiao Tian still can’t hold himself once again posted a summer month.

And the bottom line of the summer month was completely erasted.

Later, after waiting for the old king to sleep every night, Xiayue will take a relationship with him.

Xiayue told Xiao Tian. It turned out that the old king was too fatigue and spiritual pressure, and the bodies had never sexually lived.

And she also told Xiao Tian, ​​the reason why his mother suicide was because of the pregnancy with the school’s colleagues, so they were resigned by the school.

She felt that she didn’t live a life.

Not long after, Xia Yue is also pregnant, in order not to let the old king find it, she is ready to do the flow, but she does not agree.

In fact, the old king will know the two things, but he feels sorry for the summer month, and I’m sorry for Xiao Tian.

If you have a born honest, he doesn’t know anything, as compensation for Xiayue and Xiaotian.

But the heart of Xiao Tian began to change, and he decided to kill his father and remove obstacles.

So he got into the water of the old king, but he was drank by the summer month.

When I died, the summer month grabbed the hands of Xiao Tian, ​​and I couldn’t say it in a word.

The summer month is dead, and Xiao Tian’s grief is committed to suicide.

Finally, only the old king is alive from the window.

Kangdong Xu was very satisfied after reading, he said at least himself was shocked.

So I spent two weeks to drive out the script to give him.

He brought a message: “I found an investor, a rich.

Thirtel fortune, even your eyes are not.

After reading the script, I said that I just take it, the money is not a problem, and I don’t have to win.

A condition, let Tongya Fang have a summer month.

And also said, must have a bed, but also to shoot delicate.

Later, I was in listening, I realized that this grandfather was a Tongya fans in the early years, making a mess. “

“That let him take the Tong Yafaffi to have it? It can’t get so much money.”

I do not understand.


The people are called a dream.

His little honey has to be able to rank six rings from the Second Ring Road, a branch of the flower branches.

But why do he spend so much money for an early air? Do you know what is obscenity? “

“Don’t tell me that he just wants to see the Tongya Fang in the movie.”

“To, he wants to see the Tong Yafang in the movie, it is his dream.

He wants to use money to round his dream. “



I feel very good.

Who still remember his previous dream now? Don’t say a dream, even sell it, what qualifications talk about dreams? The owner is now rich, and it is not easy to remember his previous dream, this is not easy, and this dream is more than the flow, we have to encourage him to help him.

There are not many people with dreams. “

“I don’t believe in Bo Yami consent.”

“Another fault.

I have contacted Tongya Fang, she agreed, and the script gave her. “

“Do you talk to her? There is a bed play.”

“I also said that I have to do it.”

She didn’t want to agree. “

“I do not believe.”

“Sometimes I think you are very simple.

You are also mixed in this circle, do you think that Tong Jiafang is still the previous Tongya? Her era has been over.

After you come back from the United States, what do you know? The old mother, the village woman, the city is also a unusual single mother, the best talented female third.

She can’t speaking at the same time, now I can only mix some judges who don’t enter the stream, or they are not in the golden years.

Nowadays, there are many actresses like her, and when the most red is going abroad, I can’t mix it back and I have discovered it early.

It’s a good job of mixing, you have to do business.

It’s not good to mix, you can grab your meal with your little girl.

Tong Yafang is not mixed, but she has to support the strength.

do you know? It is mixed to make an advertisement to what sausage giving townships.

When I met her yesterday, I told her that script and my plan.

She didn’t want to agree, and now I want to turn over the old artist who turns over. “

He said that the old artist looked at me when he was.

I really uncertain Kangdong Xu said that the idol in my memory and my memory is not alone.

The goddess who once admired in my heart was a thing in his mouth.

Subsequently, his words make me shocked.

“I thought, you come to a small day, male No. 1.”

“What? I? You didn’t make a mistake? I am twenty-eight.”

“Didn’t make a mistake.

You are a man who belongs to Lin Zhiying.

Don’t say that twenty-eight, it is 38 to give you makeup, you can also play a class in the 16-year-old season. “

“But I have never played the play, I don’t know how to play.”

“The screenwriter is an actor.

What kind of person is Xiao Tian? Inner direction, dull, don’t talk.

Pretty much same as you. “


“Don’t talk nonsense, I am a director, I am so fixed, I can’t get a Cannes, I can come to a Cannes, when I spend the words, don’t forget to mention me.”

Kang Dongxu didn’t listen to me, I left, I left the contact information and address of Tongya Fang, said that I have said it with her, when you contact it, to the play, more cultivation of emotions, play Used. Also, it will be turned on next month.

After he got, I thought again.

Life is really interesting, while others are dreaming, the way is also circularly.

In fact, after so many years of mixing, women, stars, no longer have new and mysterious feelings.

The dream of the teenager’s era has also been blurred and uncomfortable.

When I heard the three words of Tongya Fang, there was no excitement in the heart. She has become a unrelated middle-aged woman who has already become an irrelevant middle-aged woman from the generic fantasy object.

But I still checked her information again.

“Tong Yafang, born in 1964, Beijingers.

In 1982, he was admitted to the Film Academy. He didn’t graduate to hold a warrior in the movie in the steel gun.

After graduation, it plays the protagonist in a series of movies in the troubles of the annoyance of the group branch.

Especially in the movie wind, from the sea, it has successfully plays a patriotic overseas Chinese Xu Huishan, and she has won the golden chicken award and the hundred flower award for her.

In the early 1990s, I went to the United States to study, and I went back to China to continue to engage in film and television. “

Introduction Next, there are several stills of the year and a present artistic photo.

Those stills evoke memories that bury deep in my mind, but I haven’t had the urge to masturbate their masturbation.

Her art seems to be young and beautiful, but how to think is another person.

The next day, I first called her mobile phone first.

She invited me to meet her family.

I got a hair, I got a set of clothes.

She lives in Xia Meng Garden, a high-end apartment community, and 20th floor.

I knocked on the door, soon, Tong Yafang smiled and appeared behind the door.

“Zhang Xiahai? Please enter.”


I followed her behind her.

She is wearing a tight red sportswear, the hair is tailing, a white towel is on the neck.

I have to say that she is a good figure, the waist is round, the long leg show, there is no more meat in the whole body.

“Don’t be polite, please take it.

Let you laugh, sorry, I just exercised. “

She wiped sweat and entertaining me.

“Do you want to drink tea or coffee?”

“It’s all in boiling water, I don’t know anything else.”

“You are really interesting.”

She took out a bottle of mineral water from the refrigerator and poured into me in the cup.

“Sorry, I will take a shower first.

You will take a look at it, don’t welcome it. “

Said that she walked into the bedroom, and she passed the water without a while.

I drank a mineral water, the cold water entered the stomach, and I felt a lot more cool.

I stood up and looked around.

The living room is very large, there is a treadmill in the window, a circle of leather sofa, and the opposite wall of the sofa is decorated into a fireplace.

The whole fireplace hangs a Tongya’s oil painting, and she is wearing a white low-chest skirt, black long hair is scattered in the white shoulders, like a fairy in a fairy tale.

The fire furnish is full of small and small photos. They are in the past eighties. There are still photos, and the photo of the prize is placed in the middle of the most striking position.

She is always laughing in the photo.

Going out of the living room, her bedroom is covered with the left hand, the door is covered, the water inside is very pleasant.

I can’t carefully push the door, the room in the bedroom is spacious, and the semi-hidden gauze blocked the outside of the sun.

The wall is a large soft bed, and there is a big photo of her young. This photo I once seen on the cover of the popular movie. Several photo frames are placed on the bedside table, but also the image I have been obsessed with.

The whole room is filled with a fragrance. This aroma is a unique taste of a woman. I can’t help but feel it.

I hide the door and returned to the living room and finished the remaining water in the cup.

After a while, the water stopped.

For a while, the sound of the electric hair blow is ringing.

After a while, everything was quiet.

About ten minutes later, Tong Yafang came out of renewed.

I can’t help but secretly surprised, this forty-six-year-old woman is really good! Her body is tall, long-haired shawl, simple and white shirt and jeans are in her body, so that she seems to be at least ten years older than the actual age.

She didn’t wear her shoes, a pair of meat stockings, stepped on the carpet and generous.

She makes makeup, but it is not awkward.

The appearance has little, just when she looks at her, or when she laughs, the angle and mouth will expose the fine pattern.

She sat in front of a cup of aroma, and she had a bite.

“I am really sorry, I just exercise, I forgot time at once.

This is the habit of I have developed when I am in the United States.

sorry to keep you waiting. “

“It doesn’t matter, anyway, all my time today is coming to meet you.”

“I know that you and Kang Guigu are gold partners. I have seen your movie, very expressive and appeal.

I think you are just Cohen Brothers. “

“you flatter me.”

I strive to find the look of the previous movie from her face, but I always feel different.

“Really, this is definitely not flattering.

I didn’t expect you to see you, you are so young, it is true.

And you can act now.

In my era, the screenwriter is absolutely not acting.

I and Kang Gui said it. If this cooperation is successful, you must do a script for me. “

“OK, no problem.”

She took a cup, I had a mouth coffee, continue to say: “Have you seen my previous work?”


Our family has no TV before, let alone movies.

However, your name, I have an ear. “

I don’t want her to know that I used to be her obsessed with fans, she used to be my goddess.

Her face has a disappointment expression, but it is turned into a smile.

“In fact, as an actor, we want to forget that the past, always thinking that the next role can surpass yourself, beyond the previous.

So I said this role with Kang Gui. I have done it. “

“Have you seen the script?”

“I have seen it, I like it very challenging for me.

This is the role I have never played before, and I don’t even want to think.

You know, after you become a star, it is difficult to break through, and the image of the individual has been restricted.

I often feel pain.

Later, I went to the United States to study and learned a lot.

Going back, I have been looking for opportunities to reshape myself, surpass yourself … “

At this time, her cell phone rang.

“Sorry, I pick up a call.”

She got up and took her mobile phone out of the living room.

“it’s me.

Zhang Guide, Hello, Hello … Oh, I am sorry, I really don’t have time today.

I am talking about a script … Yes, how do you look after the day? ……tomorrow? I can’t affirm it …

Hello, feed, ok, then this is, goodbye. “

She is coming back to sit in front of me. “Sorry, it is an advertising director.

Now there are many businesses to work with me, let me endorse.

But I always feel that movies are my goals and ideals.

So, I have to push it. “

She shrugged and made a helpless expression.

“Now there is a problem with many star endorsements, you must be cautious.”

“you’re right.

So I will not easily pick these advertisements, although I make money, I still have my own principles.

In fact, I usually very busy.

Many TV stations have invited me to take a judge.

Recently, there is also a seminar for movie art in the government to participate. “

She drunk the coffee in the cup and said to me: “Can I call you a small sea? This looks intimate.”

“Of course, everyone can call me so.”

“I have an idea that I have already discussed with Kang Gui, and he also agreed.

It is what you can move to me temporarily, so that we can understand each other and the play, I have already prepared for you.

Everything is from the perspective of the movie, I value this play, I want to do it best. “

I am in my heart, this thing, Kangdong, did not tell me.

But I will promise soon, because I have a curious about her.

We talked for a while, I got a doctor, ready to go home and pack things. I lived in the next day.

When I stayed in, I found that Tong Yafang has prepared everything for me. I said that all things.

She said she was responsible for three meals a day and cleaned it.

I think she has already entered the role in advance.

“Don’t blame, I want to enter the role in advance, so you can help me better understand the people in Xiayue.

Of course, there is no opinion, some people are waiting for a good thing, let alone this person is my goddess.

When we have time, we will talk about the script, analyze the role, and the lines.

She often presents their own views on the role.

“I think this story is not incest, but reflected from a boy and a tragedy of a woman.

Xia Yue is a tragic person. Although she is already in the same time when she is alive, she is good, but the reason is that the two people complain about their unfortunate marriages.

From this point, although they have some common languages, they are not enough to fall in love.

So, although it is a beginning to the old king after divorce, it is another tragedy, and this tragedy let her pay the price of life.

After marriage, I made a good wife and a good mother.

But the old king did not give her better life than the previous life, even the basic sexual life could not satisfy her.

I think there should be some play at this time, such as Xiayue inadvertently see Xiao Tian’s naked, or inadvertently seeing him in Morning.

Xiaotian is also a small year, and the heart is natural to be curious to the woman.

And Xiayue’s concern is not much for his concern.

So he turned the summer month to his feelings into malformed love.

This may explain that he lacks the result of maternal love and father’s love from a small child.

If you arrange him to take a shower in the summer month, or steal her underwear, I think it will have a good place for future development. “

I think she is reasonable, and when she is inadvertently seeing Xiao Tianmine, her face is in unintentional.

In addition, in the same day, Xiao Tian also started to pay attention to the body of the summer month, and the drama of her bath was taken.

“My understanding of the relationship between Xiayue and Xiaotian is that the first time is completely forced.

Although she saw the morning morning, but that is only a fever, after all, she is not a sensuality woman who wants dissatisfaction.

The first time Xiao Tian is completely a plenary, he not only has a summer month, but also destroyed her line of defense. She forgived Xiaoxiai is because of her kindness, on the other hand, she also knows that this thing is absolutely not known by others.

The second time has a summer month. In fact, she should be half-pushed at that time, I think it is.

Among them, she is afraid of the reasons for being discovered by the Dynasty, and the most important thing is her inner weakness.

And this kind of retreat has aroused a larger impulse for a small day, thereby generating a sexual relationship.

Just put two people step by step to the abyss that cannot be self-extricted. “

I looked at Tongya Fang’s face, and my mind was still a bit.

I can’t imagine my goddess in my juvenile, sitting on me and talking about the script, talking about incest.

She is serious, as if she has already been in the play.

“I agree with you, Teacher Tong.”

For politeness, I called her teacher, she also accepted it.

“And, I also think that Xia Yu is in Xiao Tian, ​​she also feels pleasant.

It should be said that Xiao Tian’s rudeness makes two people get sex, although it is deformed. “

“Too right, you are right.”

“Do you think there is feelings between the two people? Is it just a physical relationship?”

“I think Xia Yue has feelings to Xiao Tian, ​​of course, first is a little and foreign affection, and later is the mother and child.

Although they are not a pharmacist.

But I must admit that when she has a relationship with the day, this feelings have changed.

Xiaotian is the earliest woman’s feelings in the summer month, or only sex and possession.

Because he didn’t know how to love, he did not learn from his parents.

He spent a quarrel in his parents from small.

Later, he and the feelings of Xia Yue became the so-called normal facts of more malformed men and women.

In fact, incest cases have many people since ancient times.

Not afraid of you joke, because of this script, I also specially checked some information about incest from the Internet. I think it will help me.

Many examples are because two people live in a closed space, and the fiction of malformation leads to the collapse of reason and morality.

Of course, there is not excluded that the result is a happy, but most of them are condemned by social public opinion because they exceed the moral bottom line, even touched criminal laws, and finally produce tragedy.

So I like this book very much, not only is a challenge to me, but I have broken the previous inherent image, and it is also a challenge to society and people’s psychology. “

“How do you think of incest?”

I asked her.

“How do you say it? To tell the truth, I don’t know.

Standing on the perspective of morality and law, I am of course opposed.

But I can understand what those doing, such as Xiayue.

I just think that I have no right to judge that a person is good or bad.

It is more than the incest, maybe the two people, whether it is a mother and child, or a father, or a brothers and sisters, there is really feelings between them, and this feeling does not affect others.

Sometimes I think, what is it? However, from the perspective of human development, it should be prohibited. After all, human civilization has developed to the present, and it is no longer the primitive society. “

She smiled and said: “If I have never hesitially, I will condemn this kind of thing.

After going abroad, I have experienced many things, and I have some changes.

I am more concerned about individuals, or I don’t have anyone’s ideas. “

“If you are you, you will be in the summer month, will you accept incest?”

I took the idea, and the expression asked her seriously.

She looked at me and said slowly: “I understand the summer month, but I don’t agree with her weakness.

But if I am her … she shakes his head, “I don’t know, I can’t know … I am full of unknown, I said it is not good …” Although I didn’t get the answer I want, but her words still let me Quiet is hard.

The script is what I wrote, the lines and each scene are basically in my mind, so there is no problem when the line is.

But when she wants me to bring my feelings, I have been hard.

Her demand is very high, it will not work.

She said that she must not only be responsible to herself, but also to be responsible for the whole drama.

Especially the second half of the movie is almost our opponent, if I have something wrong, I will affect her performance, and I will drag the entire movie.

I have mixed this circle for so many years, like she is so meticulous to treat performances.

And what is the most red star now, I think it is only what we know.

Initially she still poorly poorly pointed out what I should pay attention to when the performance, and I also remember her.

When my performance could never let her satisfied, I saw that she was already controlling her emotions.

After lunch, I slept in the sofa in the living room for a while, she said that I let me rest, relax.

I don’t know how long, I am fascinated that she is talking on the phone.

“But he really has no experience, I am worried … I value this book … I know …

… Kang Guo, do you want to think about it again? Maybe change a good thing to have experience … can … well, I heard …

… um … um … um … you say what you said … or you have a way, you don’t lose your name … See you, I will of course understand, this is for the sake.

Don’t forget that I am an old actor. This truth is still understanding … In fact, I have already prepared it, you can rest assured … Ok, thank you, goodbye. “

She hangs and walks in the other side and looks at the script.

I haven’t heard anything, continue to sleep.

After a while, my cell phone rang, I installed the awakened look, rubbed my eyes, she has smiled and handed me with my mobile phone.


I took a mobile phone to see is Cangdong Xu.

“Hey, I am sleeping.”

“How’s it going?”


Tong Yafang turned over the script while stealing it.

“Xiaohai, I think, your drama is very heavy, especially emotional play, must be true.

I think you should communicate more, don’t always say that the script is also said.

Multiple communication can increase your feelings.

As long as you really have emotions to Tong Yafang, the play naturally came out.

She has no problem there, and doing all kinds of preparations, they will see you.

Not everyone can go to bed with old artists. “

Kangdong Xu smiled on the phone.

“Do you drink it?”

“I said it is.

Once this man and woman have a relationship, feelings naturally different.

Next month is started, you hurry up.

With my understanding of you, I believe you, no problem.

Let you have an emotion to the old lady of a seventh old eighty, that is, it is difficult for you.

What do you like to have a rhyme-dependent female star is not something difficult.

Just say it, wait for your good news. “

I looked at my mobile phone and laughed.

“This grandson.”

“Is Kang Guard?”

Tong Yafang put down the script to sit by.

“Ah, it is him.

Miss me grow up. “

“You are really interesting.

What did he say to you? “

“Let me get tight, and have more communication with you.”

“that’s it?”

“Ah, just this.”

“Kang guide is right, I think it is.

After all, there is not much day of leaving the machine, we should know more deeply. “

She suddenly appeared very excited.

“This way, from now on, let’s put the script and talk about it.”

“Do you talk?”

“Right, talk about things, do something else, and things that have nothing to do.”

I know that Cangdong Xu said with her and said to me is almost the meaning.

In fact, I am emotional to her, of course, is not difficult.

Just like a diary written from the back of the carton in a certain day, although some old, the mood is difficult to describe it.

What can I say, how to start, we seem to have found topics for a while.

I was awkward, she suddenly stood up.

“I will boil the cup of coffee to give you a drink, mention the spirit.”

“No, you will open the water.”

“No, you must drink.

You have to listen to me now. “

Her laugh is very charming, I seem to see her previous look.

When she turned, the round hip under the dress jumped in my eyes.

Soon, the fragrance of coffee was filled with coffee.

For a moment, she elegantly closed a disc, put coffee above, and two desserts in sugar.

“Do you like a few spoonful of sugar?”

“Let’s take a lot, I am afraid.”

She laughed, put two spoonful of sugar into my cup, stir well to me.

“If it is too sweet, it will destroy the taste of the coffee, you must keep a little bitterness.

And the dessert is sweet, not only will not grab the original flavor of coffee, but it will be integrated with the bitterness of coffee and complement. “

“It’s like advertising.”

I drank a coffee, and I really suffer.

I immediately picked up a small point and put it in your mouth. I feel better.

“I am not used to start first, I like it later.

And you can lose weight, because caffeine will promote metabolism, reduce fat. “

I barely drunk and saw her smiled and stared at me.

“Tell me about your business in the United States.

I heard that you are going abroad at the most red, why? “

“I want to open my eyes.

When the actor like me was red in China, I wanted to see it.

At that time, I felt that foreign countries can realize them more ideals.

When I first arrived in the United States, I wouldn’t let go of that shelf.

You think that I am in China, but I will have someone to sign me.

Can be met in the United States, no one knows you, you are an ordinary Chinese who first arrived, even in Chinatown, no one knows you. “

She smiled.

“I am very lost at that time, but it is very cruel.

I don’t just go to school, but also I have to win money.

At that time, someone introduced me a copy of the work, I think it is not suitable for me.

Later, there was no way, in order to make money, I didn’t make money.

At that time, looked at the busy people around you, I will slowly think that my heart is also balanced.

Later, I found some work with the film and television, and the situation was fine. “

“Are you married over there?”

This unexpected problem made her feel surprised.

But she quickly calmed down and nodded.

“In fact, few people know.

After graduation, I met an American, and we got married for half a year. “

“and after?”

She looks at me, slowly answer: “We are two years, because of the personality is not, there is cultural difference, it will be left.

In addition, I have always said that I have been single. “

“no kids?”

She shook her head.

“Okay, now I ask you.”

Her emotions turned very quickly.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”



“Every one ends with breakup.”

“is it a lot?”

“It’s just that it is just the bed, about six or seven.”

“I didn’t expect you to be a kind.

Why? “

“Not suitable.”

“Not right?”

“Simply speaking, it is to meet each other, and each take it.

They find me, know that I am a scriptwriter, mixed in the circle.

I want to be famous by me.

And I, look, their body can satisfy me. “

“You are very frank.”

“The present society does not need to be imposed.

Directly, you can get what you want.

Although this process may be twisted. “

“It is not a big screenwriter, talking is different.

Say it, this movie must be written separately for me. “

Her face suddenly emerged as a unaware of the perception.


“Really? Not perfunctory? Say really, as an actor, I am willing to pay any price for the role.

I love it too much. “

“I understand, Teacher Tong.”

“Hey, from now on, don’t call my teacher again, I am old.

Call me Afold. “

“Afang? Listening to a brand like a shampoo.”

“It’s bad …”

She smiled and hit me, and a face of a face is undoubtedly.

I was so dizzy by her powder punch, and it was uncomfortable below.

If you are other women in front of you, I will have a lot.

“Xiaohai, I found you very charm.”

Young handsome, talented, improper actors is really unfortunately. “

“The actor is too passive, although the surface is bright and beautiful, but there is nothing behind it.”

My words swept the smile on her face, she didn’t speak, and she didn’t know what to say.

“Right, Yama.”

I have never thought about it.

“Tell me about how you keep your body so good? It’s like a little girl.”

The smile is blooming like a flower on her face.

“In fact, there is nothing secret, more exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables.

Maintaining a healthy and upright mentality is most important.

You know, I used to go to the beach in the United States. Many foreigners look at me, and there is still a way. “

She is proud, her body is eager to try.

“I believe that you should be beautiful than Kini, I can think of …”

I hit, because this is what I have thought of before my mind.

She is also silent, and said: “Yes, they said that I am born is a clothes shelf, and I don’t look good.”

“Yes, I agree.”

We have no words again.

I think we have two hearts, “cultivate feelings”

A process is required.

“Right, I haven’t officially taken you to visit my room.

Come, the small sea. “

She pulled me from the sofa. Before walking to the fireplace, I pointed to the photos in the photo frames, such as the number of people gave me the year and background.

Especially the photo of her award, I saw her proud of it.

That oil painting, she said that she would like to draw in the United States, she especially likes, so she will bring it back.

I said that you look like a fairy.

She listened to a smile.

She took me to her bedroom, and I gave me a photo of the bed, and she appeared in the time of each time.

I have a TV and disc player in her bedroom, I asked: “What movie do you look at?”

“I have a basic movie I collected.

My favorite is the French new wave period, like Turf, Gordar.

Of course, Kang Gu’s movie, I also like it, and I have seen many times.

Every time I am fine, I will lying here and see my favorite movies.

Nothing movies, there are not many, right? “

I didn’t care about what she said, I walked out of the disc rack and took a picture, I actually watched the movie that she played, the laughter in the dormitory.

On the cover, she is a picture of a female college student in the 1980s, pure and beautiful.

“You also look at your movie?”

“Ah? Hey, that is a friend, let me miss a commemoration.

It is hard to see. “

“Can I have a look?”

“Forget it, this is good.”

It’s been shot very early, very naive. “

She came over and took the disc.

“I haven’t seen it, I think about your style of the year.”

She didn’t say anything, put the disc into the machine and opened the TV.

“Do you want to lie in bed?”

“No, my clothes are dirty.”

“You can take off …”

“You can just look at it.”

We all laughed.

I’m sitting on the ground and back in bed.

“makes sense.”

She pulled the curtain before going to the window, and she sat down next to me.

Her aroma is quiet, haunts around me.

My desire is a burst of tumbling, like a dark stream under the sea.

The movie has begun, the familiar plot and the white oppose it once again appeared in my eyes, opening the memory depths of dust.

I found that I have already cooked in my heart, and even her dialogue can still be back.

We both rely on the bed, unconsciously, her body met me, the fragrance, it is not stimulating my olfactory nerve.

I turned to see her, she also looked up at me.

Her eyes are bright and clear, and they have not changed through the erosion of the years.

Many years ago I have gaze their fantasy, and now they actually appear in front of my eyes.

The photos can’t feel in the photo is her fascinating breath.

I am nervous, I know what will happen.

She seems very calm, slowly closes her eyes, send her lips.

We kissed, I kissed the idol of my teenager.

However, I can’t express it very calm, the whole process, it seems that she is guiding me, bringing me more dangerous to more exciting.

It’s strange, then I thought that there were countless times and her kissing, but I didn’t think about one day on her bedroom, watching her movie, kissing her.

Her tongue is very soft and very soft, as she is impeccable, I have experienced a lot of “strength”.

My courage and desire were ignited by her skills. I put her on the ground and kissed her, listening to her delicate snoring back on my ear.

My hand opened her skirt and took off her underwear. Her name, holding me, keeping me without stopping me.

I have sent a mad, take off my clothes, and separate her legs.

My cock in the 亚 的! I shouted in my heart, I want the teenager’s dream again, but my brain is 懵.

Her eyes are too beautiful, like a pair of stars, shining me, seeing me in a mess.

Those movements in the weekly were all forgotten, and the following was just tough mechanically.

I didn’t feel it, but I was satisfied and unprecedented.

She has a mature woman with a mature woman, just a simple eyes or wheezing, it is enough to make me unable to extricate.

“Use force … hard … ah … ah … too comfortable …”

Her delicate voice set off a huge waver in my heart, I opened it like a four-hoofed wild horse.

Strong thrust makes her call more fascinating, and the whole body is rhythmaving.

I can’t control myself, I have a dramatic pleasure, I have to use my favorite way! I flipped her body and passed her ass, I was quitly inserted.

Her long hair blocked her face, only heard her full of joy.

Her flesime trembled in my thrust, and she made a sound of pleasure.

I opened her meat and saw her little ass, I also saw that I was covered with her dick.

Am I dreaming? I didn’t use my hands, but I put the dick over again and again into her depths, and I could prove that this is true! Yes, this is true! The texture and pleasure produced by the strong friction of the cock and the small hole are really true! I slammed her hair backwards, she had to come up, and she called.

“Hahaha, how beautiful our life is …”

She is laughing in the movie.

A group of female college students who ride bicycles in the sun are far close, laughter.

She is the most eye-catching position in the middle, and the elegant is so beautiful, and the horn is shining.

I raised his hand on her flesime.

A crisp, then I heard the scream of the exciting.

I struggled to pump, let her cry a high rise.

I am drowned, my consciousness is a bit blurred.

I slammed her hair, she couldn’t stop the body, and the body kept shaking.

I hooked her butt continued, I would like to make it happily, and I burst her like a volcano.

So slowly, I feel getting closer and more obvious, my body burst in unlimited comfort, magma sprayed into her body, burning her exclaimed, full body shot … “Your ideal What is it? “

The boy in the movie asked her.

“My ideal is to go to the most difficult place after graduation, and I need to go to my place.

There to realize my life value.

I believe that the tomorrow of our motherland will be better! “

I said in my heart and the movie, and her eyes were pure, and I still made me.

I gave a smoke, she put the ashtray to me, I walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

Look at her back, look at her in the movie, I laughed.

I remembered a sentence when dreaming moved into reality.

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