Yan Ling is the sixth grade of the East Gate. After school every day, we must go to the micro-intersection. Although Yu Ling is only sixth grade, but because of the nutrition, the body has been very well known, the white face is quite beautiful, so it is very popular among the class.

One day, Li Ling’s parents did not have time to pick up her school. Dad gave Yuling a hundred dollars to eat dinner, and a country named Jiawei was just going back to eat, and said: ” Ling, are we going to eat together? “

“What to eat there?” Asked Yan Ling.

“My family! It is nearby.”

“But I didn’t have someone else’s family!”

“It doesn’t matter, no one is at home.”

“What should you eat?”

“I will cook the cooking!”

“Really? You really!”

“Let’s go!”

So Yan Ling was eating with Jiawei. After eating, Jiawei asked: “Yan Ling, do you want to watch the video?”

“What is there?”

“My dad, I am very good!”

“Really? That takes it!”

Jia Wei listened to Li Ling agreed, took out his dad to rent a strap, and when the TV picture began to appear, Yan Ling was shocked: “What is this? How did they wear clothes?”

“This is a film!”

“It’s strange!”

“It’s not! A film is most interesting, you see the boy’s old second ….”

“Wow! It’s so big! It’s not so much like my brother. His old two is very cute. After boys grow up, is the old two?”

“Do you want to know?”


“You wait.” Jiawei took off his pants.

“Hey … how can you be so big?”

“Sometimes it will become bigger, don’t you want to see?”

“Well! Can you show me?”

“Yes! But you have to take off your clothes.”


“Otherwise I only show you, you don’t think it is too unfair.”

“Okay!” Yan Ling took off the ocean, and the two nipples were protruded from underwear.

Soon, Yan Ling was not obscured in Jiawei.

“Wow! Your chest is so beautiful! Yan Ling.” Jiawei said while using his hand to touch the nipples.

Yan Ling said: “There is no! You must lie to me.”

“I didn’t lie to you, or you see my old two.”

“Wow! Started.”

“Yeah! The girl who saw the favorite girl will be like this.” Jia Wei said to Yan Ling: “Yan Ling, I like you.”

玲 头 一 一 一一 一.

Jia Wei broke the words: “Okay! Don’t say it again, believe in me …!” After you have kissed the mouth of Yan Ling, Yan Ling is a bit resistant, but in Jiawei The hug gradually relaxed.

Jia Wei watched Lu Ling no longer resist, quickly move his right hand to the mysterious zone of Yan Ling, and gently stroked the Taoyuan hole in the Taoyuan hole with his fingers, and licked the nipples with the tongue. For the gentle care of Jiawei, Yan Ling gradually intoxun, the arms will also hold Jia Wei.

At this time, Jiawei hooks the thumb to hook the rigorous pants of Yuling, gently decline, and the flower bud that Yuling has not yet grown out of the flower buds are completely revealed in front of Jiawei. Ling’s nipple, breasts, cleans, navel, to the mouth of Xiaoling, then in front of Xiaoling, then lick the two thresholds of Li Ling, the small bell on the door, gentle doorbell The fairy in the inside is called it, as if you are welcome to Jiawei’s big old.

Jiawei found that Li Ling’s prostitute began to flour, and he held his own ‘Xiaobi’ to Yan Ling: “Yan Ling, you come to play banana ‘.”

“Eating bananas?” Yan Ling did not understand Jia Wei’s meaning.

“It’s still two!”

“But I will be afraid.”

“What are you afraid?” “Your old two is so red, and it is always shaking, it seems to bite people.”

“No! It is because you like you, it will be red!”

“Why is it shaking?”

“Because it is afraid of cold! So use your mouth to warm it.”

“Okay! I am sucking your old two.” Yan Ling put Jia Wei’s old second in his mouth, but immediately spit Jia Wei’s old two.

“What’s wrong? You don’t want to suck my old two?”

“You are lie! You said your old second will be cold, but I think it is so hot! It will not be cold.”

“I didn’t lie to you! You said that my old two will be hot, just because it has a cold is fever!”

“Okay! I am sucking.” So Yan Ling once again contained Jiawei’s old two, and then sucked like a juice.

“Not right! Not like this, Yan Ling, you watch the girl in TV, just like she is like it!”

Yan Ling listened to the same movement with the work, and the two of Jiawei came out in the mouth of Yan Ling.

“Wow! How is your old two become long?”

“You continue to suck, will be longer!”

“Really? How long will it be?”

“Not necessarily! Sometimes it will change to 18 cm!”

“Wow! So long? Then I can’t catch it with my hands!”

“You continue to suck!”

“Well!” So Yan Ling continued to succeed with Jia Wei’s old second, and the husband of the work in a while became longer, more thicker, and harder.

“Wow! Really grows long, and is more rough, harder than just!”

“Then you can start!”

“What start?”



“The gun is like the boys in the TV, put his old second into the girl’s hole, and then entering and out, the last two will be like a cannon,”

“Then? Why is this this?”

“The cold of this old will be good! Yuling, let me play a gun?”

“But the girl in the TV seems to be very uncomfortable.”

“Where is it? If you look at her uncomfortable, why still hold a boys, call him hard?”

“Well! I promise you.”

“Then you open your legs, I will insert it.”

“Well!” Li Ling took the legs bigger, Jia Wei held his old second, and the small hole in Zhuling was interpolated.

“Hey … Yea! Good … pain …! Quick … stop … come, I … I am hurting … death!” Yan Ling was inserted by Jiawei, and his tears fell.

“玲, don’t cry!” Jiawei saw Yan Ling crying, afraid of the opportunity to go to the hand, so rushed to comfort her: “The girl will be pain in the first time, but it will be very comfortable after a while. Will you want to shoot every day! “

“You didn’t lie to me!” Yan Ling didn’t believe in Jia Wei: “If you lie to me, I have to talk to my mom.”

“You rest assured, I will never lie to you.”

“Okay! I believe you, but you have to lightly!”

“I will.” Jia Wei said finished and kissed, and gently stroked the nipple of Yan Ling. After a while, Yan Ling was all touched by Jia Wei. I really feel very comfortable. It is a bit breathing, my mouth is very Naturally, the hands are coming, and the hands are not compromised by the complimentary Jia Wei. Jia Wei is slowly swaying his ass, let the second slim in the little little in Yanling.

“Will it still pain now?”

“It is not painful.”

“Then I want to start.”

“Light ….”

“玲, you relax, I am more relaxed, you can’t hurt.”

Jia Wei began to insert it to Xiaoling’s little bit. The front of the old second was hungly wrapped in a small mouth, and the red head was rubbed, and a hot feelings came. This feeling is much better than sucking with the mouth with the mouth. Yan Ling felt that there was a kind of heath, itchy, and a little pain, but very refreshing, and the feeling of pain gradually disappeared, did not feel hurt. Jia Wei’s one more inserted, so that Yan Ling’s little screams contained the old second-class water, and quickly gave the sofa chair to a wet, and Yan Ling lost the most precious first time. .

One year later, Yan Ling also entered the Jianhua State, and Yan Ling’s parents went to the United States, and Yan Ling took himself to school, and often went to Jiawei Jia to play the game. Yan Ling’s younger brother Yu De has been twelve years old. It is full of curiosity to the body of the girl. It is often to see some erotic publications in the classmate.

Yan Ling often went to fight with Jia Wei, inadvertently known as Yu De, this night, Yu De came to Xia Ling, saying to Yan Ling: “Oh, you have a boyfriend, I have to talk to my mom.”

“There is no! You don’t say.”

“There is a person named Jiawei, you know it!”

“Know it! But it is an ordinary friend.”

“Really? Then why do you often go to his home, but also ….

“What is it …?”

“I don’t say, you know yourself.”

“How much do you know?”

“It’s enough.”

“How much do you want?”

“Don’t pay, but I have never been very curious about the body of the girl recently, as long as the bodies have let me study.”

“How can it be?”

“Then I have to say it with my mother!”

“Okay! Let you study it.”

“Thank you! Please take your clothes!”

After Li Ling gave his clothes, Yu De said: “Oh, can you lying down?”

Yan Ling lie down and opened his legs, but he blocked his little embarrassment with his hand.

“Sister, your hand is blocked, I can’t see it!”


“Forget it! I am going to call Mom now.”

“Okay! Hold it, you have to look at it quickly.”

“Wow! Sister, you seem to have ears, can I touch it?”


“Wow! Soft, tender, must be delicious.”

“How can this eat?”

“You can! I was reading a book in my classmate yesterday, there is a book!”

“What is there in the book?”

“There is a girl who licking the boy in the same place like a lollipop.”

“Really? Is the old two not used to use it? How can I be like a lollipop?” Yan Ling pretended to be.

“The boy’s old two is like a lollipop!”

“You are lie, when we took a shower together, I also played your old two. It is clear that soft things are soft!”

“That is a child,” Yu De said, take off his pants: “Otherwise you can see.”

玲 一 看 一 心 心: “: 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大,

So Yan Ling said to Yude: “Wow! How long does it take time, your old two is already so big.”

“So! I didn’t lie to you!”


“The two old two is not big?”

“This … how do I … know …?”

“Oh, you are covered less! Do you not know?”

“Okay! I told you that his old second is smaller than you.”

“Oh, do you have the old two of Jiawei?”

“What do you ask this?”

“Oh, do you want to compare, I and Jia Wei, which one is delicious?”

“Okay!” Yan Ling said using his hand to pull the layer of the old two, revealing the red head, and Yan Ling’s ability to gumped in the old two of her.

“Wow! Sister, you will be 舔! 舔 的 我 全 全 麻 一 一 说 说 德 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地Put the mouth of Yan Ling. Although the old two of Jude is bigger than Jiawei, but the hardships have been mated for a few times. In the skill of Su Ling, it is very exciting, and the old two of Jude trembled. Yan Ling just opened his mouth, and the old two spurted a burst of fragrant and white and hot semen. Small.

“Oh, your face is like a girl in the book!”

“Do you like this?”

“Well! Oh, you are so powerful, I will make me out.”

“Do you still want to play?”

“What else?”

“Do you want to eat my little?”

“is it okay?”

“It doesn’t matter, let you play once today.” Yan Ling said to open his legs in the bed.

When I looked at the land, I started using his tongue to go to Xiaoyu’s little, and said: “Si, your little bit is soft, so tender and flexible, eat well!”

“Then you have to eat enough, don’t hungry!”

“Sister, my old two is coming again!”

Yan Ling hoped down, there was a good one, and he said: “Do you want to use the old two to insert a small?”

“Of course I want! Can it?”

“Well! You pull the second skin and then insert my little.”

“Is this?” Yu De was in accordance with Yan Ling, and the old second came into the little lingering, between the time, Yan Ling felt that the little embarrassment was so full, so satisfied.

“Yes! It is like this, then sway your ass before and after start.”

德 听 地 地 自己, 二 二 像 像 像 像 热 热 热 热 热 喔 得 喔 说. 是. 好 好 好 好 好 好 好…. 好 得. 说 说 好 好 好 好 好 好 喔 喔 好 喔 好 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔 喔”

“Still said! Your old two is so thick, my little holes are filled with you.”

“Oh, your little seems to take the same thing, clamping the big old two, big old seconds can not draw!”

“Because your old two is too big! There is no air in the hole in the hole, you can’t draw it, it will be fine now.”

“What posture wants?”

“I turned over, you insert it from behind!”

“All right!”

So Yan Ling changed the smoothing butt, let Jude plug.

德 手 双 的, hunger, the big old second, hungry, and the little flow of Xiaoling’s little flowing out, Xiaoyu is full of fullness The taste made Yan Ling not compromised back to the back, only the work in a while, Jude leaked the semen.

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