On the summer vacation of me, I have a night train from Tainan. I will go back to the Taipei School. I will enter the school dormitory at night, I will discover the school summer vacation, stop working for a week, the dormitory is also posted for temporary shut down, This is over, the students have returned to the south, and they are not a female classmate in Taipei, otherwise it is not familiar with him, and it is already as so late, I am sorry to bother them.

Forget it, I went shopping in the East District. I want to send some time. It is too tired to get twelve o’clock, and I don’t have a good stay. I look for a look, it is clean, not the kind of dark glass, the signboard is also old and dirty, it looks very low, I also hangs XX luxury big hostel. In the door, the counter is an old Oougang, she said that there is no single room, she has to live in the double room. She only counts my single room price. If I register my name, I took the key to the third floor. The room, The equipment is also clean, the sheets and cotton are very refreshing, and the color of the plain curtains with pale yellow wallpapers, you can see that the owner is also very worrying.

Bell …. Bell …. Bell …..

Strange, there is a phone, how can someone will find me? Maybe it is a counter to explain something!

“Hey! Mr.! Do you want to find someone?”

Looking for someone with people? Strange, what should I do?

Oh! I thought, I want to call Miss.

At this time, a evil thinking from the brain: Anyway, no one will recognize me, and the gallbladder is a lifetime.


When I hang up the phone, I will regret it. I still have a man, put the first time to give a prostitute, it is too ugly, and if she is very ugly, long like Apiao? Even if there is a bid? Hide diagnosis, syphilis, long mango, even in love, I will not finish my life.

I am more awful, and a heart is also impacted, the more you get the psychology, and the psychological is more and more tense. The cold sweat is also straight.

No, no, I can’t get it in trouble. Brave pick up the phone tell the counter, I don’t want it.

Just just picked up the microphone.

叮叮 …… … …

Oops! Not wonderful, it is a ringtone. People have come.

Forget it, manage her, it is impossible to win the bid for the first time, and the heart opens the door.

A girl who looks clear and showed the show outside, and the fresh face of fat is not surprised, but it can be seen —— She is very beautiful. Wearing a T-sleeve and jeans in a mouse pattern, a pair of white cloth shoes, keeping a soft long hair, shallow smile: “Hey! Hello.”.

In front of such a beautiful girl, I suddenly came to the hand, and I stated that Baba said: “Ok … Oh ….” “I have a stay, I suspect that she is not the wrong room, because She looks like a college girl in the campus, unlike the intention of the call.

“May I ask Miss …” I have to ask clear that she is not going to go, but don’t worry.

However, this seems to be redundant because she has taken T-tip.

She wearing a shoulder strap, such as the 8-glyph, the round cup covering her rich breasts, the tender powder thundered lace, tightly holding full breast, tailoring a suitable bra The filling is just, the slim towering of the entire breast is at least 33 吋, just like advertising, those women are very pretty.

The center of the round cup is slightly picker, and it is definitely her nipple.

I feel that there is a different pressure sensation in front of my trousers, keep swelling, swelling … The photo of the beauty of Miss Kikini has made me a female body that can shoot the soft legs while shooting, actually in front of my eyes.

She seems to have been used to the man who is stunned. I am going to the next hair, and I look at my head. I smiled and said, “Is my beauty?”

I opened the opening, but I didn’t say anything.

Unlock the jeans button, pull the zipper, take off the pants, and kick the shoes. Everything is so soft and natural, and there is no need to do it, as if she is preparing to take a bathroom at home. Her underwear is white, there is a white pattern of lace rolling, a slight ridge in the triangle place, cars that there is a blurred black shadow, reflecting a slim waist, her thigh is well known, just like Xiao Yu’s pantyhose ad Seductive.

She took my hand, and I suddenly had a shock of electric shock, just like me and my secret love, I steal her hand when I was crossing the road, not only tense and excited. Pulld my door to the bathroom, turning back:

“You take off your clothes outside.”

The brood shirt, the pants took off, only had a panty, went to the door of the bathroom, deeply took a breath, pinch the thigh, and I believe that this is not a dream.

When I got into the bath, she had taken off the bra and underwear, and the whole body did not hang, the slender hands were gently licking their nipples, biting the hair in the mouth, making her and shoulder the long hair. Some Messy. Her lower body is full of thick body hair, the first time I saw the woman’s black and red, my breathing was quite fierce.

When I haven’t come back, I have returned to my panties, and I have grip my hard a little painful penis, slowly pick it, the tits, the whole of my chest, I Almost almost suffocated.

When she took my underwear, I took a very much meat stick, and I rushed into the red meat stick, and she was more harder in her. One hand, the other hand, but flexible, playing my two eggs, a wave of hot waves from the lower body, from the spine, never touched the female body, I can’t stand it This stimulus is that a liquid is striking from the glans.

no! No, this will shoot too much, I must be a joke.

I tried to clamp the buttock, she probably saw my embarrassment, with my hands left my meat stick, and started her body with soap.

“You are sitting on the bench.” She opened the lotus head and told me.

I thought she had to help me with soap. I didn’t expect that she started to use the shadow of soap to help me rub back, from the back, shoulder, chest, naturally, I lay on the ground, let her ride on me to help me brush the body, that kind The bathing of the haired service is more than just to help me soap, and I also excitedly enjoy it. She has a hot water. When I am doubtful, the glans have felt a hot flow ever. With the glans to my own, use the tongue of the tongue slowly, gently squat, and this hot water is stimulated, this time I can’t live.

A strong stimulus suddenly overfits into the brain from the lower body, it is a sudden, even if I can’t prepaid, it is short. The penis is strong and powerful in her mouth, a wave of liquids rush out from the glans into her mouth, she holds the root and keeps elapsed, let the penis are more fierce and more stimulating, the muscles of the whole body Tighten to the extreme, the blood is almost completely concentrated in the lower body, and feel the physical happiness of the world. When the extraction gradually slows down, slow, I also plenty of collapse. She revealed a satisfying smile, absorbing the last dripping liquid on the ganglou-like glans, and looked up to swallow the hot water in the mouth and my semen.

This makes me feel a strong shock. I didn’t want to taste the white mucus when I got a hand, and a woman was not only willing to help me blow, and I will shoot it. The ancient language said that a drip of fine nine bloods, maybe this is why her body is so good, the skin is also seductive.

After the body was cleaned, she gave a towel and walked into the bed. I held the chicken chicken that broke into a group, and strive to make it a lot of trends, but there is no color. Suddenly remembered the old unreasonable movement on the movie, facing the bed of beautiful little 姨 is too hard to drink blood, eat whip, but still useless, and make a little smile.

Oops! This is only ahead of the play, and the main dishes have not yet started to eat, and they can’t do things. It is just that you should not be excited to exudate, and the energy is exhausted.

It’s too old for a long time, it’s too shameful.

“First to bed, I will help you.”

The face was red, and she was looking into her mind. Putting a top towel, I am like a parent for the teacher who is afraid of being scolded by the teacher, sitting on the bedside. She hugged me from behind, said in my ear: “Are you the first time.”

I nodded, and the whole face was red, I was really shameful, I was so embarrassed, I can’t wait to find a hole in the cave.

“It doesn’t matter, I will teach you slowly.”

I really regret it, I shouldn’t find her in the first, and I don’t have a good night. Now I don’t have me, but I want to go to me, I really don’t know if I spend money to buy her, or she spends money to buy me, who is really cool. Who is it. The most pitiful is that I have been played, I have to pay her, I started hate her.

She wants me to lying on the bed, open the legs, volts in me, touch me in my body, facing this snake-like beauty, my little brother, still shrinks like a wrinkle.

“Let’s take a break, look at the A tablets.”

Sitting on the bed to open the TV, it is the Japanese A film, the heroine is also very beautiful. She is naked in my chest, one hand on my shoulder, walk in my lower body. Pinching her breasts, the energy seems to be gradually recovered, see the male protagonist pulls the girl’s bra, and the little brother suddenly grew up and grew up.

I pinched her body, pinch the breast, put my face into her cleans, then put her jade in my cheeks, feel this wonderful touch, greedily Sour from the beautiful breasts of rich flavor. With the breath up and down, the gradually expanded hemispherical breasts are open in front of my eyes, and the pink nipple is standing up in the ulterous dizziness, which strongly exits hungry radio waves. Although I have no experience in sex, but under her guidance, she holds my penis until her lower body, the hard meat stick is squeezed into her wet labie, and the soft meat stick enters the vagina. A touch sensation, coupled with a point similar to the palm of it, and there is a heat inclusion. The firm meat stick is inserted into the thighs of her close together, withstanding the thick fever and the glans clamped the kind of wisdom of the kind, I am more embarrassed to pinip the two pieces of flesimeters, violently make her private parts More tight. The hands of your hands are on her hips, making her thighs and tender skin hit my testicles. I keep speeding up, and finally I sent a shout, slamming her beautiful legs, but also rushing in, she rubbed my animal, so I just want to be crazy in her temperature In the body, I asceived, just want to bite her bloom, put it in the hungry mouth. Her face became a red, which is reflected in the dark lights of the bed, how fascinating, the pretty mouth is slightly, and the time is open, the model is blurred. I don’t know how long, my lower body came to a tightening, plus a nerve current from the spine, my more violently pinned her breasts, let my penis to pick up in her body, she also twisted the waist The use of women’s physiological advantages in the limbs, even more violently, hunting spring, this is the supreme enjoyment of heaven and earth, and men and women are all integrated.

I took the finished penile with her body, and a silk mucus reluctantly looked at each other, and the thick black further was covered with a smooth love, but she closed all the best. The breast has already been filled with my bite, and my violent point. My sweat is full of weakness and weakness, I am lying on her side. I went around her shoulder, one hand still walks in the breast, the hard nipple is gradually soft, the overfront is too slow, I will put my eyes, Shen Shen Go to sleep.

I don’t know how long, I feel a pair of slim hands on me, and a harma is also faint. I opened my eyes. She has already taken a shower, still naked by the whole body I chest.

“You can’t do it? Let’s come again?”

I have been moving, but the limbs are not listening at all, it is really excessive. I smiled and shook my head. She didn’t make a sound, and a hands had already slammed my chicken, any play. I am weak but the penis is rapidly erection in her, and even feels spicy and painful when I am erect. I can’t get it again. I am trying to think about some mountains, trees, small bridge flow, Even my most annoying electromagnetics, but all this is useless, just like she is in the body, numb is not allowed, but she leaves a place to do not give her a good time.

When her tongue is in the glans, an excitement is in pain, I really can’t say that happiness is still sad. She rode into me, and she uses her woman’s advantage to enter the body, and forget the self-lying, At this time, it is not pleasant to the penis, but a painful pain, just like the pain of playing his pistol. This is simply raped by her. I wonder.

Poor me in the world, actually after the first time I have given my president, the tragic woman is rampant, she is not pity in the rude. I don’t know how to be a woman who is raped by a man. I only know that after she twisted several times, my libido was once again burned, and she hugged her waist, let her leaned over to me, so let me absorb breasts. An airamid turned over and pressed her below.

OK! You want to rape me, let me do you well!

I bite her, grabby her, and I used it to slap a pair of jade milk. I suddenly bite the nipple made her a painful cry. I have no longer pity, I will open her strength to clamp the thigh, let The penis collide in her body, smashed the sophisticated noodles with a hard base, hit the most privacy of the testicles. I am fantasy. I am a rude worker, and I am raring, I am thinking about Zhang Manyu for a long time on the dirty site. Her screams have a pointed, and it has already been unclear is a happy name, or a painful beggar. Once again and again, the lower body is not separated, it is a pleasant, I only know that I want to do you, you are a woman, even if you are a great international superstar, I still call you in me. The masher is called the mother. This is rape, this is rape, every man’s dream, Zhang Mangyu is being violent by me, I want to do it. She seems to have a painful, and the pretty face is distorted, and begins to struggle in the resistance and double hand. But I have already lost reason. She is more exciting, but it is more exciting, just like exposure is to hear the woman’s scream, let alone, her body is so good, the face is beautiful, can rape Zhang Manyu But the affair that others can’t meet, it will be so easy to let go of life. Suddenly, she had a few slaps, and the fresh red five-pointer print immediately stained her cheeks. She cried even more, my potential beast is hot and burning. Snapped! A crisp sound hits her huge breast. “Don’t! I don’t want!”

Just kidding, you must first, I have been pressed by you, don’t you ask me, now I am dry, I don’t want it, it is so cheap. I have a more force to take her hands, let her move, the legs support her excessive tight thighs, and smashed her yukin with the meat stick, and squeezed her labip with the glans. Although I didn’t have violence anyone, I didn’t have love before today, but this is a man’s instinct, let alone, I have been playing in the cotton quilted while playing a lot of time. And she has been shouting into mourning.

“I beg you not! I can’t stand it! You put me!” Her face has already been covered with tears, and the limbs are no longer struggling. The face can’t help me.

No, no! This is, you are looking for, let alone I haven’t discharged it yet.

I put the meat rod once again slammed into the vagina. I heard her bleak screaming, but I burned my sexual desire. I am really a metamorphosis, holding tits more hard to swing the lower body, let her sound The crying, until the lower body is not tight, knowing that it is about to come out, tall and pull out the vagina, do your hands to pull her mouth, let the penis spray in her mouth, thick liquid filled with full mouth, only satisfied Take it out.

I smashed her face, she seems that she has not had the painful expression, but it is very intoxicated with her fingers, and then put it in the mouth. I know that she has just been installing, it must be refined by me, these women are independent, I also heard that some virgins have been raped, they actually unconsciously reach the climax, and they can’t be painful. Still cool, there will be endless afterwards, no wonder women have been rapidly reported, even one more, and then three are raped, the reason is that there is no more exclusive, and there is always a thrill of violence, but in secular rituals Yeamed. In particular, the more and more woman is lying in the bed, the reason is nothing, because it is depressed too long. Just like the flower Xiaoyu, I will fall in love with the rotten people in the class, but it is said that I will go to bed twice, I am in a loss, I will pay for a pure jade woman, so that I have a secret situation, it is no stock. Careful, I can’t think of it, I know that she is about her and then uses it like today, I can’t do it. She is now mine.

“It’s so cool! Helliff, I have never reached the same climax” My Zhang Manyu said.

I can’t help but feel the gods of my greenery, watching her enthusiasm, but I have a kind of pleasure, I really don’t know whether she is allergic or my metamorphosis. I suddenly hope that I can really rape Zhang Manyu, or Wang Zuxian, Xiao Yu, listen to them, and mourns. It is more exciting.

Light and walk down the bed, sitting on the chair and picked up a smoke, watching her eyes closed on the bed, there seems to be afraid to enjoy this, her body is really beautiful, towering breast fiber The waist, the thigh is slender, it is really a beautiful embryo, I really don’t understand why is it lack? Or is it really material to grow? I can’t help but feel sad. I want to think about it, in fact, those movie star models, Zhang Manyu, or Xiao Yu is not the same as their beauty to make money, only if we don’t know if they are sold, not good one night, the son, one million, fifty Wan, Lin Qingxia is like to take off the bed.

“You still have a student!” I suddenly curious.

“Ask what to do, do this, there is no background.”

“Nothing, don’t say, even if you look like this, it is like college students, and I am thinking of universities.

“I am very big in this year, the social department, surprised!”

“Nor, I am just curious, so beautiful, how can I come here?” “” The concept is different! I am not ambiguous, and I don’t miss the money, I don’t have the kind of the kind, the opposite, ” I have a scholarship in every semester. I just want to taste another look in my life, unlike college students being closed in the ivory tower, I don’t know all kinds of types in society. “

“How long is it?”

“For more than half a year, we have seven women living and rent a layer of houses. They are the first few students from all schools. We turn a person every day to pick up, and the rest can still read the book and Jiajia.”

“Other classmates know?”

“Of course, I don’t know, I am still a good student, a society, participate in the event, and many boys chasing me, but I don’t have a boyfriend, I really want to know the boys who chase my, if one day discovered his white snow The princess is available, I don’t know if it will continue? “

“Of course we will not pick up the bed and the general people, you have to pick it in advance, I am satisfied with Case, as the most important thing is to register with the real name of the identity, the driver’s license and other real names to avoid danger. Secondly It looks clean, don’t discuss, there is a legitimate occupation, we can rest assured. And the same guest only first followed three times, so as not to happen. “

“How long do you want to do?”

“Waiting for a while for a while, I will not pick up, I will not talk, I want to talk about a love.”

I suddenly wanted to know: “Do you really hurt just now?”

“Haha” she smiled and made me feel very embarrassed. “When you listen, you know that you are the first time. In fact, women do love the most happening, and the flesh is not a lot of fleshy, or the flesh is happy. Just like my first time and men, the hymen is a wave of a wave, let me be extremely satisfied and hard, that is the true climax pleasure from the heart Only women can experience this subtle feel. So I feel that your man is very sad, although a good color, but no one can get a happiness like a woman’s climax, that is just a vented of the beast, It’s sad. Your mask is just a tool that let me reach the climax, you really think that you have violent me. “

I went to bed to lay down to her, although it was already tired, but I couldn’t sleep, my heart is unlimited. She is not a general college student. On the contrary, she must be smart, understand her direction, also It’s hard to say that this is wrong or wrong. After all, it is the meaning of my own choice, but if she is my girlfriend, no matter how beautiful, I am absolutely reluctant.

I want to think about it, I will sleep, the next day is the sunshine, the sky, three o’clock in the afternoon, I tried to get up, my whole body is soft, the bones are unpredictable , Swaying the brain, thinking of last night, still like a dream, just in the dream, she has already left.

He turned, a big red red is reflected in the eye, God! It is a red envelope, this is the price of me, next to a small note:

I hope you sleep comfortably, I hope to serve you again.

Tel: xxx-xxxx


Holding a paper, you can’t help but the hair, finely all of last night, and her thin soft carcass and breasts, everything becomes so real, just a cost of 10,000 yuan, I am a month Rates, the living expenses, far less, I can bear, although she is also a college student, it makes her play very happily, so only half price will be 8% off, as long as four thousand yuan, but I am a meal for a month Money. Forget it, forget this! I have no money to squander, she will never belong to me. I took out the lighter to burn the paper, struggled and climbed up and put on the clothes and took out the hostel gate. Today, it is a new day.

Postscript: I believe that people who have seen this will never believe this is true. Before, I am also like you, always the legend of Shilin’s college girl is doing black, I always believe in half a suspect and listen. Moreover, before this, I won’t think that I will only call the computer. I will see the beauty of the beauty, and the ghost of the boy will go to the hostel. I dare to call, really unimaginable.

But the facts happened to me, I have to admit that there is this thing, no matter what you believe, don’t believe it, I only state a piece of my encounter, just regard it as another legend! Who cares?

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