Female teacher’s anal horn marry studied faculty courses in college. Because the same is the best classmates who have the literary school, she also following. At that time, Yuzi did not have the meaning of faculty after graduation, and students are also the same.

“Yuezi, what are you ready after graduation?”

Yuezi mother’s love, is also asking of the Chairman of the Construction Company. It is a night in the end of last summer. I said to Yugui. The fourth grade of the university is doing dinner in the kitchen. She is back to the dishes.

“Hey! Yuezi, didn’t you hear it? I am asking your university, what is prepared after graduation, you still haven’t heard it. Hey, turn your face.”

When the departure turned, the drunken Yajima laughed and started to play your mother completely exposed buttocks. It is completely to see the margin.

“Don’t do this …” Mother asked her to struggle with grief sound.

Yugui returned to the head and continued to cut the dishes: “” Not considered yet. “

Yuezi doesn’t like to stay in this family. After graduation, he can’t wait to leave Japan and find a way to reverse your life. Such hopes have been brewing for a long time. Although I know that I may be lonely, I still hope to go out of my own life.

I saw the book of the US society on the bookshelf, as well as at the evening to participate in the English conversation class, the mother got into the beauty of her daughter’s intention. Then when you want to go abroad, stay in the domestic work, the prince can’t bear to make your mother sad, only silently point the head promise.

Just talk to the mother’s four, five days later, the man is asked at home to have dinner.

“Yuzi, don’t want to be a teacher teacher?”

Then it seems to know a lot of faculty. The autumn in the yard is called in the room. Music half listened to the city, half of the cry of insects.

“Women will be more beautiful in autumn. The neckline of Mei Xi and Yuzi is more refreshing and beautiful.”

The colorful vision of the Island is not a sight on the beautiful mother and daughter.

“I have a good relationship with people and people of the Educational Committee.”

Yuezi thinks that he has this relationship to ask this matter.

“There is absolutely no problem. However, the results of the exam can’t be too bad. However, the probilization is very smart, probably does not need me to worry about this.”

“I will participate in the teacher’s duty.”

“So, you are equal to the teacher of the country.”

“Very good.”

It seems that the beauty is like a breather, watching the daughter satisfied.

Yuezi is completely abandoned at this time.

Preparing the team of teachers while preparing the graduation papers. No longer go to English tutoring class.

In this way, the Island is responsible.

So, in the restaurant invited K and Municipal Education Member B, the Municipal Education Committee B also died, and the beauty of the era and the red envelope was stuffed into the three pockets.

“The test score is not good, you will also find ways.” B quietly said in the East Ear.

County Members and Municipal Education Members have left early, but the principal T, Tianzhong’s Guardian also left big drink. Red colorful face is somewhat ill.

Soon, I said with a melancholy tone.

“I am divorced twice, it is single and hanies. This is because I have an abnormal relationship. I feel that I am inserting a woman’s ass hoist, so the general woman will hate. When I first married, I was not two The month is divorced, the first time is still less than one month. Ah, I am drunk, I should not say this. “

After saying that I want to go back, when I stand up, I don’t know if it is still fake. When I sway, I hug it, and I am sorry, I’m talking to the buttocks of the United States, so that the Yifu is smirk.

There are two taxi at the door of the restaurant, and after sending a taxi sitting by the principal, the chairman of the construction company and the beautiful second lady are sitting into the taxi. The appearance and the body have temperament to say the address with the driver with a young and beautiful voice.

“My heart is strange.”

I saw the green face of the Yifu, and there was a sweat on the forehead, but he still smiled and stretched his hand to touch the buttocks.

“Now, Yuzi’s things can be relieved. You can take care of her this, I am very happy.”

After the United States said, the hands were helped in the seat. The hand of the Yorum is immediately reached in the meat of the ass. I bite my teeth, afraid that the driver heard the voice.

“Oh … pain … ah …”

Mei Mei knows that it will be tortured this evening, but the sexy sexy makes her feelings.

“My life is a life of love.”

The wet eyes are more touching buttocks in temptation. Perhaps it is the meaning of God, and a strong love is produced by Yifu.

“Open … Open Hospital …”

Yifu hands have pain in the chest.

“Ah … my heart is so strange …”

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have lost … With this mood, the 52-year-old country center calls the Xiaogong Dynasty and thinks about her to have dinner.

The school has begun to make a holiday. Everyone is busy at the end of the year, but he is idle.

He lives on the eight floor behind the station. One side of the ringtone of the phone, looking at the rain outside the rain.

“Hey, I am a palace.”

It is difficult to divide the mother from the sound.

“I am a field.”

“Ah, it is Mr. Zheng.”

“Do you are Miss Yuezi?”

“No, I am her mother.”

“You must be very lonely, because the Chairman of the Island is suddenly ill.”


“About Miss Yuezi, I want to talk to you, do we have dinner together? I am waiting for you at the Aihua Cafe in the station building.”

“Is it now?”

“Yes, try as fast as possible.”

I hang up the phone. Then expose a smile alone. There is a cruel look in his smile.

Tian Zhong first to the cafe to have a bottle of beer and simple wine.

Soon, Xiaogong Dynasty appeared, the big eyes of the double eyelid took a sad look and made the field. I hope that on this happiness of this sentiment, enjoy the pleasure of anus, but also to teach anal sexual taste.

“I am late … I have waited for a long time.”

The beauty wearing purple suit can show the body’s curve, but white shirts are not only pure and more beautiful.

“Can you let me see your ass?”

Torn suddenly said this. There is a special emotion in the eyes.

I heard my eyes in my eyes, and the cheeks were ruddy.

“Mr. Zheng, how can it be …”

Mei-shame is slowly standing, steping on the side, then turning around. Tight skirt makes hips to expose round turficick heart shape.

“My ass is really hard to love.”

“Your ass is more full than Miss Yuezi.”

“Please don’t say this …”

I sat down again, and the cheeks were fever, the chest did not stop.

“I don’t know if you still remember, the last time you invite me, what I said, that is, I like a woman’s ass. That is my truth. I never said to anyone, because of drunk, I accidentally said. “

“I still remember, because you said that, I left a deep impression.”

When I saw the field, I met with the eyes of the field.


The waiter is coming late. Probably a lot of relationships in rainy days.

Mei Mei wants a cup of coffee.

“The chairman of the Island died, you are now equivalent to room. It is a pity. And do you have difficulties in the economy?”


Mei Mei admitted. There is indeed difficulties, and the Yifu is still difficult to in the economy.

“I have money. Keep a concubine is not a problem, but could not find the object. I want to find a woman for sex addiction can, in my professional position is very difficult. Processing libido can go to the Thai bath girl I bought ass, of course, but sometimes encounter terrible rogue Browne, an experienced extortion money. in short, I have unspeakable distress. “” Mr. president is not interested in a woman’s genitals, too? men, was not inserted into the vagina than anything else, okay? I say such things very sorry, but physiologically is not it? “

On behalf of the United States I would have thought he would be denied, but accidentally principal of the country nodded.

“Let a woman excited after the insertion of pussy juices flowing feeling really good.”

As a result, and just his own words completely contradictory. On behalf of the United States does not know what to say.

The waiter brought coffee.

“Said Yuko thing about the phone is anything at all?”

“No, your business is more important than Miss Yuko thing you such a beautiful, beautiful woman for the life of hard work, and I find it unfortunate, how? Can I help you in life?”

In the apartment bed widower of forty-eight, Komiya on behalf of the United States to see adult videos. It was sadistic program, men with a rope, whips, enema, electric dildo with props such as abuse, torture ferocious woman’s body, even after the enema excretion also use close-ups. Climax is the last man to a woman’s huge cock is inserted in the anus.

When the screen disappears, on behalf of the United States unable to hang shoulder, one hand on the chest, a deep sigh.

“How about? Excited yet?”

Tanaka said with a smile, with the index finger touch the behalf of the United States in the face. On behalf of the United States did not answer, just close your eyes. Because just insert the drain cock and anal scene caused great excitement.


Tanaka, president advised her to drink wine.

“To my ass that right? I do not want to ……”

Then on behalf of the United States, took to the front of the glass, red wine because of her shaking hands trembling.

“You are my mistress. If you take the attitude I am not satisfied, we must take off pants spanking from today in front of Miss Yuko, you must remember.”

“do not want.”

Frowned on behalf of the United States, the wine poured into his mouth.

“Play music culture of elegance it.”

Tanaka open sound, piano music sounded about five floors in the bedroom. Chopin’s Fantasy Impromptu.

“On behalf of the United States, you get up off of it.”

On behalf of the United States pale and nervous, but still stand up.

“Dark little bar.”

After Tanaka smile rotary switch.

Room lights dimmed. Mr. Tanaka sat on the sofa smoking, his eyes fixed on the body on behalf of the United States.

On behalf of the United States back to Tanaka, first remove the tops, so that the skirt falls at the foot off when petticoats, who only milky white bra and briefs. White back, forming beautiful curves, plump and slender thighs.

“Do not move bra, revealing only the ass to me.”

Tanaka tone quite severe.


It was a shame patience husky voice.

The briefs on behalf of the United States pulled the knee exposed buttocks.

“very good.”

Tanaka stood up.

“Nice butt. As white as snow, and sleek, sexy ass.”

After principals such praise, as if to comfort on behalf of the United States – like, slowly stroking on the meatballs.

“Ah! Really beautiful ass.”

Skin smooth and sensual. Young elastic ass.

“Inverted heart-shaped, your ass good-looking than the ass Yuko more.”

“You say such things too cruel.”


Tanaka smiled and remove the bra on behalf of the United States.

“I turned Come on.”

The naked female body turned, and the field immediately saw the dense black hair. He said that he really said. The sight moves up from the lower abdomen, seeing a hot and white breast, with the rush of breathing. Made in the United States is shame shame on the face with both hands. The light in the room returns to the original brightness.

“Don’t. I don’t want to light.”

“Turn your ass.”

“I want to go home …”

The United States suddenly issued a whimper to the ground.


Sudden butt was kicked, the body poured forward to form a dog climbing. At this moment, the butt is as hot as hot. That is a whip. There are also abuse of madness when playing buttocks. But the leather thunder push down is the first time.

The beauty of the United States, the pain of being hidden by the ass.

“You come to play my anus, but don’t use the whip. It will make me feel sad.”

Make a special crying. Double elbows, put on the dog climbing posture, is a very sexy beautiful beast pose.

“Take your ass.”

The field accidentally said with a mild tone.

Meiyi started the ass. The meat ball is separated to the left and sides, exposes the brown anus, and also exposes the dark red flesh of the neighborhood. Made in the United States is completely exposed to the principal of the new lovers. Her husband coated oil on her anus.

I didn’t talk in Mei Mei, I didn’t talk with my finger on the field of olive oil on the anus. Xiao Bang’s fantasy is to become a background music, which is full of obscene atmosphere in the bedroom.

The field is separated from the anus of the oil, and the beautiful pink is revealed.

“Your ass is the most advanced.”

The field said with a low voice.

Emotion or silence, just breathing more and more urgent. Dropped breasts slightly shaken.

“Before you get the saus, wash the rectum and then insert it.”

“Can you go in that small cave?”

I’m talking to the fearful tone.

“You didn’t see the video belt? Isn’t it completely entered? Raccoon in the bathroom, although there is a bit cold, but just like you.”

There is a small cabinet outside the bathroom. The principal squatted down, took out the raoacrosor and the goods from inside, and atrophe in the United States and the United States worps the body down to see the principal.

Enter the bathroom, see the toilet, and a raooa machine that is charged with one hundred cc. Mei Xianlian thought of the situation of the hospital, sit in the opposite direction of the naked ass.

The field is very skilled in the raoity. After injection of the glycerol one hundred cc, pull out the mouth of the raoine, and then sent it to the nose of the United States, the cold and trembling beauty, and the face immediately red.


Produce strong and custody, and the sound of scorpion is issued. The anus began to spasm.

“Please ask you, go outside …”

“Want to pull it? Is it sad? There is no relationship, pull it out.”

Toria was taken out when you were prepared, and ready to press the shutter.


The naked beauty made an unusual humming, couldn’t help but expand the anus began excretion.

At this time, the field was pressed down.

“Ah … You just get my anus, a temporary woman is seen in the shame, and is also taken pictures, self-esteem is completely destroyed, this is the feeling of rape.”

Gubei stood up with a towel.

“The master, please let my butt crack now!”

Bend your body, your hands on your toilet.

“You cried.”

“No, I didn’t cry. I am waiting for the owner to tear my ass.”

The field hugged the fairy buttocks from behind.

“Ah, no……”

I can’t help but tell me.

“Now I still say this … you don’t move …”

“It will hurt!”

“you do not need to worry.”

The erection of the meat stick is pressed on the wet session, making it a hot feeling. “My thing is quite big.”

I was crying at this time. On the side of a cry.

“Can you go in?”

The voice of a woman is shaking, which looks more exciting to the penis in the field.

“Mei Mei, you have to insert into the anus.”


“To say! Otherwise, you will use the whip.”

“Insert your ass …”

The beautiful face is red to the ear.

“Master, come …”

After the United States is determined, it is more high ass. In the exposed ass, start rubbing with a glans.

After playing on the anus, the hot glans falls.


Come to the meat hole below. I felt wrong, that is because her psychology has been reversed.

“Is it there?”

“You don’t talk.”


Spilling honey juice in the pussy in the United States, and it is very smooth to welcome the meat stick.


The fingers in the field enters the narrow anus.

“Call the proud of the prince, let her see the mother’s sensuality, is it good?”

“The owner, must not be like that.”

This era is also crying again.

“Is there a sexy in the United States, your ass?”

On the field, I asked the middle finger into the anus, and the two fingers bent in the anus while making a piston movement. The two meat holes are inserting.

“Amateur, have you been like this? Is there like this?”

“No … no … ah … Ah … ah … I am really shameless, is a mother who is shameful …”

“You are crazy!”

“It’s already crazy. Ammy … The skills of the fingers and meat sticks are too good …”

“嘿 …”

The fields were launched. The activity of the finger stops, but pulls the anus, this era is very nervous, the hair is scattered, and the forehead takes out oil-like sweat.

“Ah, no……”

At the end, I don’t want anal sex.

“Wait a moment!”

I cried in the pussy, but the thick and long meat stick had been pulled out, leaving a lonely meat hole, but the wet yoy and downtown, the laboot flipped, but also spilled the honey. The field is dip on the juice.


Inserting into the anus of the United States, the iron-general hard shelter is like a murder.

“Hey … pain … …”

After graduating from the University of Literature, Xiaogongu has passed the instructor. After the beginning of school, he served as a national teacher in the Mun Niki, as the president.

I have listened to the university classmate that the current boy is quite terrible. Some behaviors do not lose to hooligans, but that is half joke. A popular campus violence has almost disappeared in the N-country.

“Students are still very fun, because they are so good.”

Yuezi exposed a cheerful smile on the mother.

“Yuezi is already the youngest beautiful teacher.”

“Some male colleagues say that I am a woman, I am really embarrassed.”

“Your father is a smart person, you have his blood, must also be very smart.”

“The jealous day of the 12th year of this year is the third anniversary.”

“Yeah, the day our mother and daughter will come to make a rule.”

“Can I say the principal’s bad words?”


Achievan and a relaxed tone answer.

“After class, he often calls me to the principal. The name is to guide me this new teacher, and he will give me a lot of photos, or let me listen to the recording.” “Yuezi, you will take it.”

I was ashamed to say to my daughter.

“Because he is a metamorphosis … abuse is mad.”

“I have long known. However, my mother likes the kind of behavior, making me feel sad.”

“After being raooys, it will have any kind of slavery when he is still seen in the defecation.”

“Don’t say it. I shouldn’t talk about this. I still have something, I have to go out.”

“Yuezi, you have to protect your body in any case. He may transfer to other schools when the principal will move next year. He also said that he himself, so as long as you take a year.”

“I may be raped in the schoolmaster room.”

“Is there a kind of premonition?”

Yugui shook his head. Beautiful big eyes have a smile. When she lauga, there will be a girl’s expression.

“Will n’t, mother. Don’t worry. There are also a businessman after class, the students of the baseball team, practicing near the principal, as long as I scream, the principal is over.”

“makes sense.”

I know that the personality of the Yuezi is very strong, and the smile is revealed.

“Don’t you have a date with friends? Today is a good weather, go! Forget your mother’s photo or tape. How to do dinner?”

“eat out.”

After the departure of Yuezi left home, I feel more refreshing. There are fewer cars on the afternoon on Sunday.

Yuezi took the bus and got off at the third stop, here is the back alley of Happy Street.

Shabby buildings are crowded together, and the outside atmosphere is completely different.

Yuezi is to do a family visit, there is a long-term lack of students, a problem for a problem. Once I have been there, I still remember this road.

That student is in front of a dog, looking for a dog.

“Sichuan classmates.” Yuzi said.

“Is your dog?”

“It turns out to be a teacher. What are you doing?”

“Is your mother?”

“I don’t know, let’s go.”

“What about Dad?”

“I don’t know. He is not there. Two people are not. I haven’t eaten anything from the morning today. There is no money. This is not eating.”

“I will buy you.”

The road from Yuzi has returned to the nearby bus stop. Buying three things, it is the boy of the national three, probably one is not enough. Buy a wrap to the dog, so buy three.

The parents of Chuan Zhao did not have a fixed work.

“Do you have experience?”


“Is this still used? Don’t be stupid. Ah! I am delicious, this ham is really delicious, have you experienced?”


“Is the teacher a virgin?”


“There is no breast being passed or touched?”

“Teacher wants to shout, what will then have you know?”

“What are the consequences? You just shout it to try, shout!”

“You will be sent to the monitoring center.”

“You can also eat three meals there.”

“Please don’t rape you. Teacher wants to get married with a clean body, I have ideals, ask you to take it down.”

Yuezi brought back three times and entered the room of this boy. Originally made him eat as a persuaded work. However, when there is a nude magazine and a men’s odor, suddenly be set on the handcuffs of the steel, and then use the American knee with the dry knife to the neck, the margin is scared to make a sound.

“Teacher, sitting there, don’t move.”

The child has begun to eat when the child has finished. Already started to eat the second place. He is the leader of the bad boy who weighs more than 70 kilograms.

“Teacher, I will take the handcuffs, you will take your own clothes.” “I really want to make people.”

“I killed you.”

It was frightened and frightened.

“Take it off.”

From his eyes, you have an awkward and killing of terrible shiny.

“Do you want me to take off?”

Yuezi said with a weak voice, including tears stretched his hands.

“To take off, know?”

“Know. You are a terrible teenager, put the beautiful knife.”

The most important thing now is to be calmly fighting, and his parents may come back. Yuezi prayed in his heart, come back soon.

Remove the handcuffs.

The 23-year-old beautiful female teacher is in the palm of the chest, and the teenager is asked to let her.

“Can be evil! I have to cut your nipple.”

Sichuan said.

“It’s not going to take off.”

The female teacher’s butt is a palm.


Suddenly mothers exposed buttocks in the mind of the margins.

Yuezi began to take off her clothes.

“All clothes are taken off.”

The clothes taken off in Sichuan pushed into the closet.

“stand up!”

I played a pallet in the yue.

Turning the lights in the dark room.

Female teacher, marry, a naked naked, a beautiful scene.

“To do her … dream of dreaming of this teacher’s body of this teacher”

Evil boy produces evil excitement.

Teenagers’ eyes see the black hair on the white lower abdomen. The hair is relatively rare, surrounded by the straw roots.

Sichuan grabbed a plus hair and cut it with a US worker knife.

Use the hair cut in the breast. Hemispherical snow white breasts like girls. The nipple is light red, small like yicena. Sichuan was rubbed on the nipple in the nipple.


Use your own inclusions on the nipple, and the proud feels that his blood is boiling.


Yuezi suppressed his voice. Snow white chest does not stop.

“Are you a virgin?”

There is also a little hoarse in the sound of Sichuan.


She is now exposed to the students in front of students.

“To put my guys in.”

Yuezi thought that his movements move down. However, you will continue to play with nipples.

“This is the nipple of the teacher of the school boy yearning.”

Yuezi feels that the nipple begins to hard.

“I have to cut this nipple.”

Yuezi felt fear, I think this boy really has a cruel desire to cut the nipple.

“Teacher, you are masturbating to show me.”

Yuezi frowned and exposed a painful expression.

“Don’t do this, you spare me.”

The nipples on the left side of Sichuan. Yuezi felt the blade with a nipple.

“Teacher, farewell to the nipple.”

He seems to be really cutting the nipple.

“I promise masturbation. Don’t do this.”

Yuezi is divided into a long legs, stroking the flesh with your fingers, and picking up and down on the laborar.

The beautiful teacher’s masturbation is seen in the eyes of the fire.

Beauty knife flying in front of female teacher.

The female teacher separates the lips to the student. Then use the other hand to touch it in the yin.

“Do you do this every night?”

“No, or the first time.”

Female teachers blushing answer. “Do not lie to me, your teacher say something nice to lie!”

Kawakami roared after this, come up with wooden swords.

“You get on the ground, I will punish.”

“Do not be too hard.”

Young female teacher scared lying on the floor. Mujian playing in the snow-white ass.

“Teacher, I’ll torture you!”


“why are you not replying?”

“You have been torturing me.”

Twenty-three female teachers nude lying on dirty tatami. Was beaten wooden spears left traces on the ass. Full of sexy ass is about to hit the degree of bleeding, Yuko nerves and feeling have been paralyzed, unable to lie there gasping in the thigh or the back there are traces of wooden spears.

Kawakami side of the playing side said you wanted to guide me too simple. But you are a new teacher, also control such things, why we have such experience.

“You underestimate me I was really CPIC.” Added: “Teacher, I will protect you.”

What he means is that the school not to find other juvenile delinquent on Yuko.

Yuko pain in the ass and listen to clear this sentence.

Punishment butt end. But Kawakami still continues exposed to torture Yuko physical expression.

“Teacher, I have to say is torture you.”

Kawakami bend over and lie on the tatami mat naked female teachers ear.


Yuko’s voice was small.

“What? Clear.”

“I have been punished enough of it, do not torment me.”

Yuko Having to flip the body, as if to be raped on a little faster. Then, separate the beautiful white legs, hand on masturbation Roufeng had separated, exposing the inside pink Roubi.

“Come here inserted.”

Kawakami Diao lit a cigarette in his mouth, staring at the beautiful female teacher Roudong.

Silently staring look, not look like the kind of teenager, is entirely sadistic adults appearance.

At this time, due to a strong sense of shame Hiroko sexy. Roufeng overflow from sticky honey.

Used to pin Kawakami. Pierced nipple.


Pain fear maid teacher pale, his mouth issued a depressed hum. Cropped sweat on his forehead, frowned.

The bulk of acupuncture on Chiqiu, then the soft labia majora and labia minora. When the clitoris is also stuck to the Yuko completely into the whirlpool-like body and mind have a fire in the sense of being abused.

“Your pussy wet before.”

“Yes …… wet ……” Hiroko answered.

“Are you a virgin?”

“Virgin! I’m a virgin.”

Yuko Kawakami picked up in the white legs and knees pressing head attached to the breast. Bottom half in the air, Roufeng towards the ceiling.

Kawakami put all the pins to pull out, the labia majora bleeding, he put together to get licked blood and honey, that kind of looks like a very hungry, just know that desperately licking.

This time, the bad boy of the penis has an erection.

“Your parents come home, right?”

Female teachers are afraid of the mood of the students parents come back, if the adultery, it is better to take advantage of the time did not come back, nipples still itching.

“Rest assured, will not come back.”

“Ah, you have to abuse me ……”

Ass beaten student body bent or folded.

“Even nice ass. Each of the boys want to see your ass, you know?”

“Do not torture the ass …… you have to do your job right.”

Yuko twist was beaten white ass. Kawakami immediately Tuoku and panties, penis jumped out.

Yuko see.

“very scary.”

I didn’t think of the erect’s penis would be like this, and the margin felt fear. She is really afraid, that long and rushed to her gallbladder. “You are really big.” Yuzi’s voice trembled.

“Hold by hand.” Said in Chuan.

Beautiful snow-white hand war competition holds a huge meat stick. Silky finger is caressing above. The female teacher carested, and the breathing is urgent, urge to say: “Please try it.”

The sexual abuse of Sichuan has made him bleeding between the two nipples that spliced ​​the priest in the insertion, and then let the margin do the dog climbing posture from behind.


The nipple bleeding, the pale female teacher made a sorrowful voice for the pain of the pussy.

“Pain … pain … … 力 力 插 插 插 …………………


The breathing in Sichuan is also urgent, constantly muttering, go in! Go in! And the face also sweats.

“Ah … my thing is in the teacher’s body …”

“I am coming … still come in …”

The virgin of the twenty-three female teacher inserted from the direction of the ass, the hole and the inside are moist, but very narrow, the mucosa is closely rounded. Exeping the blood of the meat rod.

The teenage began to thrive.

“Pain … Don’t move, it seems to crack … ah … pain …”

“Teacher … twisted …”

“It is impossible for the first time …”

“Touch this ass …”

The ass to be there again.


Yuezi shakes his ass before and after. This is thrown into a huge meat stick with a melon blood.

“I have to turn! I have to turn!”

The female teacher who was hit by his ass, couldn’t help but cry, and hopped his ass. It seems that you have to eat the meat sticks inside, but your ass jumps out.

“Torson! Twist the butt!”

“I turn! I twist … Ah … I will twist the ass …”

“It’s necessary to force it.”

“forgive me……”

The teenager does not leave the teacher’s ass.

“Don’t hit …”

Beautiful female teacher’s ass dyed red. The huge meat sticks that violently conduct a piston movement have an angioplasty, and the honey juice with female teachers and the blood of the blood.

“No … ah … I can’t …”

Yuezi has a disorder in the cruelty of the cruelty. However, there is a sweet pleasure in the feeling of confusion.

“Zhao … Zhao … ok …”

From the fire, the hot meat cavity flows out of the new nectar, producing a climax of the margin. The twisted buttocks stopped, and the ass hocked by the teenager begins.

“Teacher … ah … teacher …” The teenager also reached a climax. This is the pleasure and conquest of insults and conquest.

咻咻 The amount of essentials that shoot it makes himself surprised, and the incomparable pleasure lasts for a long time.

After school, the campus was blown up, the leaves were blown to the distance, and the Xiaogongu was standing on the three floor music classroom, looking at the flying leaves, it was already autumn, and the autumn is sad for the departure. Season. The father died three years ago. The father is engaged in an electronic machine before his death, and the mother is a chairman. However, the father’s career follows him.

Mother is hard, soon, after the mother is being hurt by his father’s golf friends, it is also a cornimacher, and is his mistress.

The chairman of this island also died because of heart attack. The second love is the principal of the country and is an abnormal desire. Put the mother’s anus as a sexual device, enjoy the happiness of abnormalities, and the mother also embarrassing the kind of illiterate, the President Tianzhong is coming to the family, and he will welcome it in the field.

The day before yesterday, I also took the initiative. I went to the Yuzi in the front of the home. “I am often going out, I am sorry.”

Yuezi is using the student’s notes.

“Mom is going, there is no relationship.”

Yuezi has no inside, thinking in your heart … Mom I don’t know. Every day, the principal is forced, and it is psychologically to collapse. The President of Tianzhong is a very difficult person. Entanglery is not placed like a snake or ghost, you have to have her sexual intercourse. Mother still doesn’t know what her daughter of the new teacher has trouble. The principal will not tell the mother, and Yuezi also concealed his mother.

The President of Tianzhong appeared in the quiet music classroom.

“Yuezi, have you been waiting for a long time?”

Then look outside the window, it seems to be seen about what is the proud look?


The President of Tianzhong turned his head and looked at Yue Zi.

Yuezi nodded from the classroom, Tianzhong principal and young female teacher went to the third floor of the women’s toilet.

The sunset is illuminated on the washbatch.

“Yuezi, reveal the butt.”

There is a little hoarse, like a flower as a beautiful female teacher, seeing his beauty face, let the skirt fall under the foot, pick up the white lush, put a light brown trip to the ass Pull down. Tianzhong Principal immediately saw a beautiful buttock such as a big white peach, his penis was erect.

“This is your mistress of your hometown, the daughter of Yue Mao, the principal, the principal, then insert this ass to taste. The principal should get the mother and daughter, I can’t stand your entanglement. I lost. Please compare the taste of your ass! “

After the princes said this, it was strongly shameful to make the blood boiling. At the same time, psychological produces emotions who want to Missichuan. On the Sichuan, forgive me! Teacher like you, I love you. You wait for me, I will come immediately …


The butt was caught, the meat ball was separated. The genitals are in contact with the cold air, and the margins are completely exposed to the anus.

“Yuezi, your anal hole is very cute!”

The five-year-old principal can’t wait to apply the Vaseline ointment on the flower bud, and then slowly.

“I also said in the principal room, only this time. Never have a second time.”

“Yuezi, I know.”


Finger screaming inserted.

“Ah, no……”

“Oh! It is very tight inside. It is a confidential anus. Yuezi’s butt is really fresh.”

The fingers in the field do a piston movement in the anus.

“Hey … don’t …”

“Is it really feeling?”

“Ah … I have to play my butt by the principal of Tian Zhong. This kind of thing is best to end … Insert it …

“Wait a moment.”

The field is almost cruel, and then painfully applied to Vaseline, which started inserting.

Yuezi feels pain in the ass, the hot meat stick enters the anus in an instant, that is very skilled.

“Ah … ah … I finally put into my butt … I am like my mother …”

Insert it on the side of the butt on the meat stick. The anus of female teacher’s female teacher is insult.

The friction of the meat stick in the ass, wonderfully made the priests.

That is fearful, a sweet and pleasant feeling. The ass is shameful, the mother and daughter have the same feeling, and it has become pleasure in the margin.

“Principal, play my ass! You don’t have to be polite, get your ass!”

Yuezi holds the face, but also twisted when beaten.

Leave a red handset palm on your ass, so that the stimulating current reaches the anus and the uterus, and the nipple also generates pleasure.

Yuezi reached out to the jet core, and the honey is flowing down. The wet finger is more crazy.

“Ah! No … I can’t … the principal … I can’t …”

“I am also … it is shot … Yuzi … Your ass is the best.”

The principal’s hands grabbed the ass, looking down at the combination of the meat stick and the anus, desperately thriving.


The principal is in the pleasure of ejaculation, I feel that my mind becomes a blank. Principal and new female teachers continue. As long as the principal is asking, female teachers will not refuse. The mother has not found this. The principal enjoys the buttocks of the mother and daughter. However, he does not know that this female teacher and the third issue of the country also have adultery.

Because parents are often not at home, when female teacher Xiaogong Yue secretly comes to the dirty room in Chuanzhao to take off the clothes, the snow white naked is more beautiful, as a blooming white peony.

Let the Sichuan’s flesh with the snow, and after each other is satisfied, the proud attitude guides his homework.

“Zhao! You are not born is stupid, you have to cheer! Be confident!”

It is not just that she is a tutorial, English, and mathematics, etc., the subjects, etc. are also thoroughly guided.

“Thank you teacher, I will admit high school and will be college.”

One night, Sichuan contained tears.

“I am the worst female teacher in the world.”

Xiaogong Lang looked up at the stars on the way home.

“Although it is the worst teacher.”

In the heart of young beautiful female teachers, it is full of satisfaction of saving a person.


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