I am interested in women and Xu Niang, now because of my red sister. The red sister name is Zhang Hong. It is the female manager of my finance department in G City. She is around 37 years old, but it seems to be 30 out of the family, the family environment is good, so the reason is good, see It’s very charming, it is a mature taste that has experienced the wind and rain. Whenever she walked over, I always like to watch her big buttock, the sexy hip of the circular shares and The tempting body has always been my heart.

In my heart, I really want to enjoy her to enjoy her, but she is my leader, I have always controlled my mood. I just passed the second week of April, I remember that the weather was also touched. The climate change made people feel that it is hot, and the red sister wears a tight skirt, professional suit, show two white tender Seductive legs. Going up, a hip of a rush, 38-year-old mature woman’s charming figure made me see some heart, the whole morning, my heart has been in the fantasy body, I don’t know what?

Her elegant temperament plus middle-aged women’s mature charm, 167 height, plump chest to generate unable to resist attractive charm. At that time, I didn’t know if the red sister has a good sense of me. When I got her flesh in her bed, I saw that she saw that she continued to steal himself, my heart reversed, proved that I have At the age of 38, the body charm still strongly attracts the eyes of young men. So her heart is not very unhappy, but I hope that men will sigh her.

In the evening, please dinner, we booked a box in Fuja Hotel, entered the hotel, the heating inside is still open, the room is very hot, I see the red sister to take off, inside is a soft cotton sweater, half When I opened the collar, I just sat in her neighborhood. I took the opportunity to look down on the red sister’s crisp, and smashed the white tender skin and the tempting cleans, although there were not many peaks. It’s really a slum of soul, so that I have been working hard.

Suddenly, my chopsticks fell to the ground, I bent down and went to you, I saw me next to me, although she was holding her knees, but the two snow whitened beautiful legs were mostly naked. I can see the skin of the thigh. Running skin, this Temptation is too exciting. My eyes are constantly sight down on the table. Red sister woman’s instinct is immediately clamped with his legs, and I don’t lose my state. Others are drinking, I secretly read Zhang Hong, which knows that she also looked at me, I am afraid that she knows my intention, knowing that the red sister is just a smile to me, the face is a little red, did not say what . The eyes didn’t blame the meaning, my psychology was excited. Next, I can’t drink wine.

At the end of the fast, the red sister seems to be more than drinking, says to the boss, the boss see me, says that I have two ways, so let the driver send us, I said, take a taxi, it is not actually I look like it, the boss will let the red sister send the red sister home, I will not ask, I support the red sister to the car, straight home, I got on the building, her home is 6th floor. The red sister opened the door. I thought she was really drunk. I felt that her flesh was on my body, and I attacked me. I steal the manager’s sexual mature body. The desire is mad, but the meat is hard, but Just don’t dare to invade.

The red sister will close the door, return to the front of me, I feel quite soft and smell them.

Her eyes were scattered, the manager’s powder was shy, and the saying: “Do you help me?” I looked at her sexual intelligence, and I looked at Red Sister. At this time, I felt her little hand hooked. My waist, the other hand is in my lower body, I know what will happen tonight, I can’t help it at this time, I hold Zhang Hong’s body, my face is pressing the sky. My big mouth hungry sucking Zhang Manager’s soft lower lip, tongue to explore her teeth.

Her teeth were closed, and a pair of bright wilders, but the tempting lips were sucking. She struggled in her heart, and she wants to maintain the clerics of a good woman, and the heart of the young man is teasing. I lick her tongue, and the two were nosus. Red Sister said that she had a child relative to a man outside her lips and felt that she was unpleasant but sweet. When I want to make the force, my tip of my tongue has been explored. I opened her tooth, and the tongue dried straight, stirred the red sister manager’s tip, the lips were tight, and the fragrant tongue was unable to resist. alley. Www.jkforum.netjkf Czech Forum My tongue can’t stay wrapped in her sweet and fragrant tongue, and then suddenly succumb to the manager’s tender tongue into his mouth, bite fine, and sucking her tip of her tongue. Although she is a last middle-aged, the wind rhyme matures, but she has always been self-love. After the marriage, she has been so kissing such a young man after being married. I only give almost dizziness, the whole body is hot, and the defense is gradually disintegrating. I took the red sister’s incense tongue, and I spit it, and the two tongues were entangled out in both sides.

At this time, Zhang Hong wants to open it, and the mouth is divided into a large amount of saliva. The fragrance can’t help but go deep into my mouth. Let me suck it, my saliva has also been over, and I can’t wait to meet me to explore my mouth. Wet tongue. The two neck is loud and scholars. I took the right hand to explore it, rolled up her jacket hand into the skirt, and took the hips of the manager in the small panties. Red sister is concentrating on sucking my tongue, there is no psychological meeting is already disappearing. My finger picks up the lace edge of the underwear, touching Zhang Hongfeng’s tightening ass, touching and tenderness. The finger is in the edge of the lace in the panties, and the palm is touched in front of the lace, and the palm has lived on the fat and beautiful, the palm of the palm offead, and the middle pointed to the mysteriousness. The fine seam has been wet. My middle finger is lightly plugging in the charming hole. She said she didn’t expect that I was so bold to be so bold. I didn’t accept the holy private part. I didn’t accept the nourishing the nourishes of the nourishes.

Middle-aged women have a strong anti-aulle. She can’t help but raise her head, I caught my mouth, my eyebrows, my eyes blurred, I sent a soul, and then the soft and weakness was in Zhou Liang, and she was placed. My left hand is fell by Red Sister’s waist butt, five fingers, rushing up the narrow skirt, the palm of the palm is taken into the shares from the three-trigger, and the fingers will pass around the chrysanthemum buds, and the left and right will catch her round. Butter, and then try to go forward in her reflective clamping buttocks, explore the fenometh of the sachet, the right hand still holds the red sister’s fat, the smart five fingers, the labia, the skeptopion Out, wet wet muddy.

From time to time, it passed the wonderful and tender touch of the roots of the thigh, and the right hand slipped through the meat to explore the chrysanthemum bud. At this time, the hands have not faith, but their hands are pressed in the glory and chrysanthemum buds, and the food refers to the wet skull, such as the whole end of the body by the meat. A long time a long time is so stimulating so stimulating.

Burning red face is buried in my chest, Zhangqi Ping, and the tongue micro. The lower body is trembled, the hole is convulsive, the whole body is hot, and the fire is full of power.

I can’t believe that it is so easy to succeed, and the red sister is slightly tender and tender, and it is very popular, and it is really moving. And the mysterious private parts were invaded by men, the reaction was sensitive, the line immediately ruin the bank, the rapid spring heart, the ethics of the ritual The lack of men’s loneliness is desire, in fact, anyone will try to try, then take the opportunity to peeze her mask, enjoy her mature, skin.

I feel that I am really beautiful, and I can play, I can play such a beautiful, charming middle-aged middle-aged woman. More exciting is that she is a typical good woman. It is not like a general survival, she can catch, seeing her ice, jade, jade, jade, jealousy, gentle, spring love, more variability A sense of accomplishment.

I leaned back, looked at her tender and sliding tongue, and the beauty of my neck was hooked. The hot face stretched out the tip of the tongue. The two tongue tipped each other in the air. The tip of the tongue, then swallow my tongue into the mouth, and lick my tip of my tongue, or bitten my lower lips. I will leave the lips to her, I am concentrating on the hands of Li Hui and the extremely delicious flesh and hip grooves, and her underwear is also facing the lower edge of the hip.

The two tacitated, one tube, a guild, until she didn’t breathe when she didn’t breathe. I looked at the sole whitening chest and breathed. The tempting of the unconscious, the whimsan never exposed was many men, and they were only voyeur, and they were only in front of them. They are about to do their desired. I knead, I have a hard penis, more meat. After the left hand reached into her tulle shirt, I wanted to unlock the lace bra, and the red sister was ashamed: “Front.”

I took out my right hand, unlocking her shirt button, fingers in the middle of the bra, unlocked the lace bra, and looted a pair of trembling white. Wow, a good pair of big tits, 35 吋, let me think of the leaves, two hands holding her breasts, vigorously rubbing, tender and tender, soft. The food napper pinchs the small and micro-tuning nipple, and the twist rotates. Red sister sometimes will be difficult to blast, and fantasy in private masturbation is in a rough and strict. Nowadays, a pair of men are really frozen in their own breasts, and they are a young man who is ten-year-old. The long-term depressed fantasy comes to the stimulating beauty of the first red apricot out, let her can’t help but spit out a long The elderly people.

I bowed down to the tip of the tongue. She lied the lower left of the left milk. She licked the breasts in the lower part. The tip of the tongue passed the nipple, and then opened the big mouth to put the woman in half a white tender left. Suck, and smash the nipple in his mouth, the left hand still does not stop right milk. She can’t stand it anymore, her arms hold my head, tightly squeezing her breast. My lip is crowded, deeply buried in her, and the teeth are ringing, the teeth are getting awkward, and the red sister pets the sound: “… um … pain …” but the arms are still tight My head, I don’t have to let go. My lip is a little, the cheek is bullied by the clever ditch. Attacking the same rigorous right milk, and the free right hand once again detects her sedation. Only one of her wet yin, the woman itching the tip of the milk and the excitement of the small hole, a wave of a wave, it is already a knee, standing, I can’t stand, I am busy holding her into her. The bedroom is fragrant, and the eyes are lying on the bed. The eyes are fascinating, and the shirt is separated. The bra shoulder strap is still hanging on the arm, the cup falls on both sides of the breast; the short skirt pulls to the waist, lace underwear slippery to the knee, two The thigh snow is seductive, the thighs are soft and thick, thick, and the dark wet is bright, and the labia is delicate, and the holy flesh is wet.

I took off her jacket, I looked at this, the Mature Middle-aged Beauty clothes were half-naked, lying on the picture of the rape, no longer slow, quickly took off the trousers in the trousers, and he was hot and penis, kneeling the body, one Pulling the lace underwear pulling down the Red Sister, then hold the penis with the right hand, and send it to the wet meat. The glans first touched the delicate labipings and soft and soft.

I have gripped the penis, with the glans to flip the labied label plus the pod, make the red sister desire to high, the lower body burst, the first left, the eyebrows, the small hole, the small hole, the small hole Uncomfortable, both hands ten fingers scratch the carpet. The clerbishness of a good woman has long been forgotten, only looking forward to the man’s penis to insert your head as soon as possible. I saw her so hechy, the penis couldn’t help but force it, the glans held the lips, slowly tapping the wet and tight flesh.

I only feel that the red sister is really a good woman. Although it has been middle-aged and has a child, although the vagina is not like a young girl, it is still tightly tightening his penis. The penis is full, and the top of her tenderness is deep, and after the shades of her vagina, they will start unrecognizable. The Red Sister first let the husband put the big dick into his little meat, can’t help but half-closed, two rich snow-white powder actively climb my waist, concentrate on the shape of fresh penis Rhythm.

I am a shot of the rain, see the poetry, and the beautiful manager is lying in my own, I am completely distinctly different from my own, and I am extremely satisfied. I was so beautiful that she was so charming, blood is more Zhang, the cock is more defensive, with a force forward, the whole cock is inserted into her moisturized meat hole, I can’t think of the red sister’s small hole as the thin cherry.

“Hey!” She double herb herb, fraudulent, two labipings tightly hatred his big cock, my big dick completely inserted her little Sao, I am so comfortable, I am excited Site: “Manager … I finally got you … I love you … Do you know … I have been waiting for a long time …” “” “Ah … dead things … is also called the manager, ah … you, your dick is so rough … so big … so thick … … “She couldn’t help but scream, the feeling of the big chickens, the feeling of the big chicken is really so full, good, so full, she Watching the eyes, the cherry is slightly inserted!

I pitifully inserted the jade, and the red sister hole twice is like the two pieces of the two cherry in her powder face. The sandy head is sucking, sucking the throne I have a stream of my heart. I can’t think of Zhang Hong actually is a natural thing! “Wow … really cool … Zhang Jie … I really have you … I can’t think of you appearance … The hole is even more wonderful … Like a loud mouth … sucking my big chicken 趐 趐 无 …” I Tune

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