This soft white hands holding a narrow thong, silk fabrics also revealed a hint of fragrance, as if my thoughts went back to that happy affair years.

Yuxian, a pleasant little woman, her warm savory meat, still continue to emerge in my mind ……


That summer we just bought a house, the house extra two bedrooms, we decided to send Iran to the cat near the University’s ad, put a bedroom rented to students there, advertisement says Asian women priority, hope recruit a woman student, one can facilitate communication, two boys to girls is also relatively clean of some.

After the issue in accordance with the cat, ask a lot of people, and then we chose one over from Hong Kong postgraduate students Yuxian, ask her to our house to see. She did not own the car, I said: “Then I went to the school gate to pick you come to see a good house.” After saying good, I drove to her university entrance where to find her.

Got there I saw from afar that a Chinese girl standing on the roadside under a tree, a tall, I parked in front of her, tentatively asked: “? You are not Yuxian,” she immediately grinned with pleasure replied: “Yes Shi Shi.” I said: “! that on the train it,” put her home up.

On my way and Yuxian chat up, parents did not know that she turned out to be the original inhabitants of Hong Kong, she grew up in rural New Territories, Hong Kong, of course, the so-called village is a very urbanized, no earthy, but than the average Hong Kong urban people who grew up on a little more healthy atmosphere.

Yuxian 171 centimeters tall, appears to have about 27 years of age, the body is full, bulging breasts and buttocks are wearing spectacles and looks great sense of Scholars kind of elegance and spoke with the girl that is Hong Kong the soft-spoken endemic.

Yuxian went to a park to see our house after the 15-meter swimming pool liked, and it would settle down to rent our bedroom, she said she liked to swim in the hometown of the time it was brought up as partners with water of. See her beautiful body askew knew she was a mermaid, we are pleased to accept her made our tenants.

After Yuxian moved in, her family in Hong Kong, has several times sent the laptop and printer she needed to learn, and so on, when the installation and connection of a number of problems, she is not likely to get, to me for help, I was alone, some of their IT knowledge to help her out properly eleven, she was very grateful.

During our conversation, I learned that she probably would have been known for years in Hong Kong boyfriend, her boyfriend and his family in the understanding of the company work, then they reluctantly parted for some reason, she was sad to under sad to leave, he came to a foreign country to pursue further studies.

She said it was lucky we came here to do so easygoing family tenant, untie the knot of her heart a lot. In life we ​​always give a lot of care and convenience Yuxian, sometimes after class she came back late, we called her and eat with us, and if the family stayed up good soup will certainly leave a big bowl to her, as we I know Cantonese liked to drink the old fire soup.

After Yuxian stay in our house for some time, and we get along has become more and more easy-going, just like a member of the family.

Usually at home when she was wearing shorts, you can see her skin was very white and smooth, and young girls is not the same, I also secretly for the home landscape more than happy.


Particularly hot summer of that year, the garden Jiulixiang advance of bloom, bursts of lush flowers delivered from the small white buds into the air.

Yuxian back to school every afternoon in the garden of floral stroll in the clear blue water, a lot of times I came home from get off work saw her fit body in the water churning, choppy, traditional costumes everywhere. Sometimes his wife inside the kitchen to cook, I’m out on tour with her, each other’s bodies can not help but talk and play a little collision at the time, and such light contact often bring a lot of imagination for me.

Once Yuxian small earrings do not know how to breathe pool pipes, and she cried and told me face, said she left her mother passed away, and very memorable. Anxious to see her like that, I’ll pull out all the stops to find a bottom in the clear over and over, but found no trace of the earrings.

I thought it must remain in the inside of the pipe, if not to import live every small basket, it will probably mercury in the air to keep a small basket. Swimming pool water to go through the daily mercury electric drive loop filter a few hours, sucked into a mouth, a mouth spray, through the middle of a sand traps, garbage isolated in the sand, and then use the backwash function to drain, I hope Yuxian earrings do not sand the tank to breathe, so very troublesome.

I checked the imported basket, then opened the lid on the gas agury, smoke the small plastic basket in the inside, when I fell out of the leaves, it was, really there, one with gold Clause earrings of crushing diamonds. When I put the earrings in the hands of Yuxi, she was happy in the water, I was so happy to hold me in my face, and the round breast did not care about my chest and panic. I don’t know where to put it, I am embarrassed to shoot on her abdomen on her abdomen.

This is good, give her such a stimulus up and down, the disappointing younger brother’s condition reflects, and takes a tent in front of my narrow swimming pants, exposing the water in the water. Yuxi discovered that I changed in the water, flying on my face, smiling and hurried, I went to take a shower quickly.

From then on, I usually don’t go to the water when I am in Yuxi. I am afraid that I caught unnecessary trouble. I tried to take the water after Jade Water.

One day, I went home a little later. After Yu Yan swim, I took a shower and watched TV in the hall. I also didn’t take a dozen rounds of water, and then I got a shower in the bathroom.

When I entered the bathroom, I went off the swimming trunks. I saw a white small panty on the iron hook. I was surprised to take a look at it. It is a very thin thorn underwear, or wet, I will guess. It’s jade, because I know that my wife didn’t have such underwear, my heart was a little surprised: I just saw Yuxi, she was so Sifu, and she was still wearing such a sexual demon briquette!

I think this pants may be passed through the jade swim, and I will forget to stay here. When I think this, I will get up, I am dry, holding the clippage in my hand and then look at it: The part of the middle pocket is slightly yellow.

I look at it four times, I am sure that I am alone in the bathroom, put on the thong with a strong curiosity, when the narrow wrap is put on my hip, a strange feeling is The bottom is straight, and the masher is getting straight at this time, and the front of the punch pants has an arrow shape.

I pulled a few times with my hands, a burst of pleasure with the rubbing of the cloth and glans from the end of the masher, I feel shot, I am afraid to stain her pants, just put the thong After taking, the part with Yuxi pale yellow liquid was held in front of the nose, closed his eyes and breathed, and there was a forefront of Yuxi.

I am inxicating, fantasy, I am in the hip and small hole, I am more exciting, I am eager to put the trousers in my mouth and my nose, I can’t help but hold one hand. I have expanded the mask in the jump, the heart is in the “”, the brain is fever, Dantian is shrinking, the stimulus is getting stronger, I am raped in the spirit. Jade.

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