The female teacher has been a painful experience in the past. The first chapter regained the whip in a wind and Japanese, a beautiful woman is facing the mirror, holding the clothes of themselves.

Chen Huifen, Fang Jing 28 years old, has been married to husband for three years! And it was still a baby girl.

Huifen she is facing the mirror, look at myself, although it is a mother, but the body is not going well! Instead, it is more full than the girl! She recalls while she is looking at it. After marriage with Guoliang, she has not come out for more than three years. Always passing, all have a day.

pity! Since the beginning of the year, the freight business operating by the husband is not as good as before, but the freight company he opened, but also over two months, due to the turnover of the turn, it is still arrears a little money under the bank! Although the two couples have sold all the furnitures, they still have enough debts! Fortunately, Guoliang has found a new job immediately after the company.

Although it works for people, the salary is not high. However, the two bits are used, and it can also be supported. Moreover, Huifen himself is also a university student who graduated from a teacher! Now that the family is not good, I have to bring my children back to my family hosted. I will come out again when I will be a teacher! Huifichen has been hired by a middle school with a certain experience.

Huificen thought about it, as long as the couple worked together, it quickly could pay attention to those arrears! Huificen looked at myself in the mirror, she wore a white suit dress, she bought it earlier! Although the color is not the latest, it should not be alone! At this time, her husband is in the country, and she holds her from Huifichen.

Guoliang said: “Ah! My wife, I can’t get late.”

At this time, Huifen said with Xiaozui: “Husband, you see that this dress seems to be not fit! Will it take a little?”

During the country: “That will! My wife is so beautiful, what is the most beautiful.”

Huifen is indeed a big beauty, and the classmates are called a school in the graduate period! Although it is already a girl’s mother, it is still beautiful. She is like a melon-like noodle, putting a pair of waterwangwang, tall nose, ruddy small cherry, white and red skin, 168cm height, after birth, becomes 35C, 24, 35, it is better than the charming body that has come and come, and she has added a ripe young woman with a mature young woman. It is still fascinating in the street!

At this time, under the urgency of the country, it is not too early. And Huifen is also going to work in the first day today, which is really tight! At this time, Huifen has taken care of whether this dress is very fit. Then, the couple had been out of the door, the couple kissed the other party after the station, and they went to work.

Not more than ten minutes of drive, Huifen has arrived at school on time.

At this time, Huifen is looking at the bowl of table, sometimes it is a bit! I complained that my husband also urged so anxious to do it?

When Huifen stepped into the building in the school, surrounded by silence, there should be no time to come back to class! At this time, Hui Fen looked around and see if there is a faculty member to ask? Just as Huificen looked around, she suddenly came back to a man’s voice behind her!

The man said: “This lady! Who is it coming?”

Then Huifen went back, she saw a mid-year man who was burly, dark black, about 50 years old! The long phase is a little fierce, but looks like the person’s dress. I believe it is the school’s school’s school. At this time, Huifen smiled and stepped to the person.

Huifen smiles: “Morning! Hello! Sorry, my name is Chen Huifen, the teacher who came today.”

After listening, he said: “Oh! Is it a teacher? On the first day, you can’t come so early.”

Huificent also said: “” Mr. I don’t know how to call it? “

That man said: “Ah! There are people here to call me to make Dur, and I will call me my uncle.”

Huifen said again and said: “Hello,” De Shu! May I ask the principal to come back? “

Shu: “Ah! May most of the principal is not so good! Don’t take it to the teacher room, waiting for them, wait for them, I will pass it!”

After arrogant, Huifichen was in the leader of De Sh, and Huificent Shu is sitting down.

At this time, Huifen thought that although the scale of this school is small, but also a female school, but it is not bad here! There should be no difficulty in drying it. Huificen is stayed in the teacher room, and the other teachers have come back to school. At this time, there is a man in the year of about 30 years, with glasses, and a man in a suit. It is stepped into the teacher’s room, and he is fine to see him, and the man is still smiling.

The man also said to Huifen: “Hello! Is Chen Huifen teacher? I am the educational agent of the school, Zhao Yuchang.”

Huifen immediately stood up and introduced each other with the director of Zhao, and then, the director Zhao gave Huifichen to the principal.

At this time, Huifen has entered the office of the principal with the director of Zhao. Inner, just behind the big office, it is a middle-aged man in the age of 40, fat, and the same gerberics, the length of the length is much longer than the director of the Zhao. At this time, the director of Zhao stood aside.

But it is first, respectful to Huificen: “Teacher Chen, this is the principal of this school, Mr. Wang Weiren.”

At this time, the President of the Wang said to Huifen: “Ah! Is Chen Huifen Teacher? Welcome to teach it here.”

Huifen also answered immediately: “The President Wang is welcome, you can teach here, it is my glory.”

After Huifichen and Naith, the principal told each other, the principal of the king looked at the bowl of table, and the director Zhao immediately arranged the office to arrange the office, and took her to the school to patrol. In the matter, Hui Fen followed the director of Zhao in the school building in the school building, listening to all things in the way of the road in the road, he suddenly passed for a long time.

Finally, the director of the Zhao was in the office of Huificen and let her learn from each other with other faculty members. Huificen is arranged in the school, and it is her expertise!

The second chapter is busy for a long time, Huificen can only be idle, and it is still in the class. She began to organize her own office, and her office position, although it is not good, it is deviated from other teachers. All of them, but they are also very spacious.

Other teachers have gone to the classroom, only Huificen is alone in the faculty in the faculty. At this moment, the school’s Director is holding a cleaning appliance, preparing to do his weekly cleaning work.

At this time, De Shu also said to Huifen smiled and said: “Teacher Chen is really diligent, what do you want to do it?”

Huifichen immediately smiled and replied: “Shu Shu is very polite, this little thing, let me go, still don’t bother you work!” .

At this time, the uncle is cleaning the office of other teachers, and the side of the beautiful female teacher who is just going down and the beautiful face, which is long because of her delicate and beautiful face. The micro-curling hair, although it is wearing a suit, but De Shu still can see that Huificen has a charming body of a pool, which is a fenced breast, stand firmly. It’s almost in the chest.

There is also a fascination of De Shu, it is under the short skirt of Huifen, and it is tightly packaged, and it is slightly uploaded. It looks that it is full of flexibility, and that order People want to enter non-non-non-unparalleas traces, and they are also clearly imposed on that round curve! There is also a pair of white tangered happiness of the skirt, under the high-side shoe, more beautiful and extra charming.

I am busy organizing the horses of the things, keeping over the body, showing her curve exquisite, full of sultry body, so, Director, Director, can not help but lick their own lips, of course , In this school, there are not many teachers, female teachers are smaller, and some have been forty or not very much! It’s rare to come to this beautiful, beautiful and moving female teacher today, don’t make Decades look at both eyes!

Don’t see that De Shu is already a middle-aged man of the year, his desire is far more than the general young people! Although he has incorporated meager, he still needs to go to the flow of fireworks, go to find some prostitutes to retreat for him to fire! This person is a unclosed old prosthesis.

Uncle Dee is swept away, and he is sneaks Huificen from time to time. Unconsciously, he has cleaned to Huifen’s position. Huifichen also noticeable, De Shu’s pair is full of obscene eyes, I have already gave up on my body greedily!

At this moment the office location of the old stuff, Yiba Huifen made fragrant perspiration dripping, and she put that thing in suit jacket off down, so that his cool a little, then she bent over the body, finishing the drawer in the debris. Huifen just yet unaware that their own way, in the spring they leaked the collar! And just before Uncle De of her body, of course, we will be able to read the positive with it!

At this time, Uncle De Yin Jian eyes that have been in the wars in Huifen greedily picking up the clothes that.

Huifen piece of white and deep cleavage, and one pair will soon make any man looked excited plump breasts, was wrapped in a white lace bra, and a pair of Breasts, more rocking with her finishing debris NS! This straight Deqing t see the blood boiling in his crotch, also immediately raised a piece of great things to come.

But just as Uncle De being amorously peeping Huifen, he did not even see saliva also heavy Tsui horn leak out when that annoying classroom bell, the feast for the eyes he was awakened! Then Uncle De wake up to it, peeping themselves to the front of the newly appointed beautiful female teacher, while Tam missed a bit of effort. At all, he had to fight back with Uncle De looked away, heart pick up a good mood, but to quickly pack up their things to go back to their posts.

Finally after a day, and finally also to the get out of class of the! A large number of young female student, is slowly step away from the school building, school and went home. In front of the campus, and that Zhao forehand on the back, standing solemnly, as some heads of state reviewed the soldiers like, and he cried from time to time some female students were taught that to stop some of it!

He looked at the front side of these groups of female students passing the body, and that Zhao, more often lit to look to play some high-grade female students, watching them exudes youthful and lively, especially those sixteen seven years old, had grown slim female students who, like most of the set in the sailor dress uniforms set off, the white skin and the first fruits of development have just figure, is filling youthful charming color.

Zhao face smile demonstrated, the real is an instantly be able to see, but the wretched of kinky stolen! Zhao has been standing until after the school’s female students are the majority of the get out of class to go home, back to the point where he slowly went inside the school building.

Next, Zhao and stepping up to the faculty room, at the moment he just entered the staff room, and his eyes, he was immediately attracted a pair of legs. And to have such an attractive, of course, is sitting to the side, he was busy preparing the subject of Chen Huifen teacher. This time, Huifen, sitting position in the office, but her office table below can also see she was crossing the pair of legs folded it!

Indoor instructor, in addition to Huifen, there are one or two teachers still at get off work, they were all busy with their own work. Not far away, there was cleaning the place Uncle De. The time of Zhao, has been revealing his trademark smile wretched, come Huifen office location here.

He was smiling wretched Huifen said: “!. Chen ah, how they forget the first day off work that way.”

Huifen also in their heads replied: “!! Yeah Zhao, the first day I teach, there are many places lack, of course, be diligent that can not affect the progress of the students ah.”

Zhao then graciously said: “Do you have problems in that regard to see if I could help it on a??”

Zhao Huifen more around to the side, leaned over and looked at her subject. Zhao’s move has given in to clean the place not far from the German-tert-see! He’s an old traveler, one will be able to see through that Zhao, but coveted Huifen of beauty, an excuse to get close to it!

At this time, Uncle De I was thinking: “Hey! Zhao this goat, go again to help him was bullshit!?!”

It is true that at this time of being close to the Huifen Zhao, he is feeling the nose, from Huifen who circulated faint female body fragrance! However, Zhao even more reluctant to leave, that is, at the moment he leaned perspective, just from the collar can Huifen mouth, and peeping at her breasts too!

Also in the clean and not far from the German uncle, also gradually moved closer to the front office position Huifen, while his pair of kinky eyes, then stared at the table in the office, Huifen one pair being exposed outside that short an outer skirt, cross legs folded tight.

Just at this time, I do not care Huifen in the overlapping pair of legs up, slowly converting a trip like this is, straight Uncle De almost cried out!

At the end of a pair of legs, Huifen charming triangle within a short skirt, she wore today that white lace panties, income Uncle De done the eye. Although it is a glimpse, it has made Uncle De inexplicable excitement.

Poor Huifen, are busy working, but totally do not know, in the work place Yuying material which, even were two shameless pervert spy on his body. Fortunately, this time Huifen’s mobile phone rang, and it was her husband Guoliang calls! The purpose of his call, just come timely, and Germany put Zhao Shu, this two being a peeping pervert awakened the people’s!

After Huifen hang up the phone, pretending that Zhao also look forward to a decent bowl table! Next to Huifen said: “! Ah u time is late or go home early before work tomorrow to continue it can not all of a sudden they did finish it and remember not to ruin the work of the body ah.!!!!”

Zhao tapped to Huifen sweet shoulder, then back again behind the handle, slowly leaving the point where the staff room, they left the staff room during his teaching, Zhao also with his enthusiasts! After Germany t-called face to face, they also glanced at each other toward each other, then nodded in greeting, then Zhao left.

At this time, Huifen had hurried to pack a bag, ready to leave. Before her departure, but also against Uncle De smile to say goodbye! Then rushing to leave. Then, Huifen will meet her husband, along with their parents back home to visit, and to see her little girl yet. That night, when Huifen Yu Guoliang return to their home, their grooming is preparing on the pillow when Guoliang being gently holding his wife from behind.

Guoliang happy said: “His wife, tell you one thing I can put it this tour kick the bad luck!.”

Huifen then turned and hugged her husband and said: “What makes you so happy?”

Guoliang said: “Today, I was named promoted within the company and in the near future, the company will also be eligible to go to the United States recommended practice it u say I can not kick out the bad luck too.!!”

The Huifen is unhappy with a straight face: “The internships in America that we are going to do since it is not to be separate???”

Guoliang then immediately said: “Hey it just three months until the completion of the internship, I can be right back, ah then, I will be entitled to enter promoted to manager of it this way, we will soon be put now!!!! improve the situation coming. and nor u need that physical exertion ran outside to go to work ah! “

Huifen is charming, she said: “So, you want me sleepy when you cook woman do?”

That Guoliang replied: “improper cooking woman, lunch my pride and joy of it!” Then, the couple will kiss up tightly! And the next, of course, is the couple affectionately loving it ah! Qinmi lingering, far better than a thousand words!

However, on the other hand, the night of Uncle De, being in the school dormitory sleepless nights, he was lying asleep in bed, pondering the kind of scene when peeping Huifen who took office just to pretty female teacher today.

Uncle De edge thinking, where did that number of years, layers of Huifen seen anything like this beautiful young female teachers too! At the moment, Uncle De dreaming of moving Jiaoqu Huifen that, while he is also being put naked, she pressure in the crotch violent dry up! T want to get ecstatic Germany, also pulled out from inside the crotch of his huge cock in constant Taonong up, the mouth is also constantly whispered words with!

He softly said: “Chen ah ah I Just let me fill Mixue I want to speak of it u die u This tart ah!!!!”

After the old Uncle De Yin Chong, this night ever imagined and Huifen lingering, because of the recent shortage of money, not pocket the remaining money in something he can only own masturbate several times, that is the pressure vent out the desires in order asleep too!

Early in the morning the next day, Uncle De long ago already doing the cleaning job in a school. At this time, he was cleaning the stairwell, and just test, Huifen also returned to school at this time, and Huifen today, but wearing a black skirt suit, light blue shirt with the costume, and than long pants or a skirt Teng’s loose than yesterday her view, add a little more end Zhuangqing Li. And of course Uncle De noticed last night to make their own sleepless nights dreaming to be a pro-Hong Ze beauty back.

This time, Huifen, was holding a bag of stuff, slowly walked into the staircase, moving towards the top instructors in that room to go, and when she met the then clean the inside of the staircase Uncle De when, toward her Huifen also responded with a sweet smile, more softly, Uncle de shouted morning, but also courtesy of Uncle de Huifen return to the morning soon after, with the passing convenient.

Uncle De more immediately took a deep breath, because since Huifen who exudes a faint fragrance, at the moment is nostrils, this air cloudy original staircase, immediately becomes scented, this women’s unique body fragrance, can evoke the world of male desire.

This is the first Uncle De lecherous old Yin Chong was underway will miss it! He kinky pair of eyes, also this beautiful female teacher immediately lit up and down in the fight.

Huifen certainly did not notice, she continued to slow down. And Shuzi is fascinated by Huifen’s back, his eyes, but also staring at Huifen’s back, looking up, under the short skirt of the loose body, black tall root, slender Beautiful legs, keeping the Huifen lining more beautiful, and moving. De Shu Na’s color is fascinating, of course, it will not only sneak this pair of legs as simple, with Huifen step to the upper floor, under the swing of her loose skirt, the eyes of De Shu, more greedy along The pair of legs have been moved soon. When Hui Fen stepped up high, De Shu finally saw it, from the tilt angle in the ladder, Huifen’s skirt, has been seen by De Shu Hold, Huificen, she wore a pink lace small panties today, the small panties, can’t wrap her full of beautiful buttocks, the two groups of snow-white meat, with Huificent’s elegant step Positioning, on the left and right Dana’s twist.

Such beautiful scenery, the tende is still staying, and his saliva is once again blocked from the angle of Tsui. Unfortunately, Huifen still didn’t know, De Shu actually peeked with his skirt in his skirt in the stairwell! Of course, Deman is in this regard! He is often in the school ladder, but also voyes female students, of course, will not be so easy to notice!

Just as De Shu made a god, he hurriedly cleaned the ladder, and then walked into the teacher room, he certainly had to see the beautiful female teacher. At this time, the de unconssed, while the position is close to Huifen, I saw Hui Fen putting a two-piece thing, put it up to Zhuzi.

Shu, Shu, I asked Huificen: “Ah! Teacher Chen, what is coming, there is a very good!”

Huifen replied: “There is nothing special, just some families!”

Huificen also puts some of the family photos that are already in the picture, hand it to the Shu Shu, all the photos of Huifen and her husband and daughter, she also introduces her husband and daughter to Deman. !

Uncle Dee is looking at it, just like the couple of couples, but also praise Hui Fen’s daughter beautiful and cute!

After they told, they returned their own position to continue to work.

The third chapter of the despicable teachings, the Shu, who ran to the school’s auditorium, and he thought about it, this beautiful female teacher is already a wife, but also is a mother. NS.

After learning the family situation of Huifen, this makes De Shu more interested in Huifen! Because of his young, it will take a few people’s wife! The feeling of stealing the wife, and the unique style of mature young women, have always made the Shu Shu’s aftertaste! He thinks, Tsui is even more exciting to show a landscaping! At this time, Huifen, looked at the happiness photos of her with the country and daughter on the table, prompting her to work more force.

On this day, it was a third month of Hui Fen to this school. This day, she got up early in the morning, and her parents and daughters, her husband Guoliang, arrived at the airport. Because of this day, it is Huificen’s husband’s country, starting to the days of American internship. Although it is just a few months! However, after the two couples have been married, I haven’t tried it too much!

But in order to work and in the future, I can only bear the 绪 in the two places! After Hui Fenmu sent the country, her tears, slowly slowly from the corner of the eye. Fortunately, in the care of the parents, the support of the little daughter’s cute pretty face, Huifen quickly recovered the mood. Then, after she gave her daughter, she rushed back to the school, and she continued her teacher.

In the eyes, I have been over half a month. In these days, Huifen has to rely on long-distance calls, email, and maintain contact with Guoliang. She has been waiting for the days to go home, and she is getting closer. This makes Huifen to work hard, but because she is in the school, it is also a teacher, so she is also very popular. In the class of the class she teaches, two students are special with her special approval.

Lin Kaiqi, this year, this year, Zhou Xiaomei, this year, these two female students are all talked to Huifen. They will take out outside the holiday! Huificen, also happy in this day, there is a companion of these two young girls.

A female student in the middle, also because of the special care of Huifen, and the results of the results flew! And another female student Kaiqi, but not only did not progress, the opposite, the score is getting worse. This makes Huifen also take her no law, but she has to try to teach.

This day, unfortunate things have finally happened.

On the same day, because Kaiqi’s annual examination scores were not ideal, he was punished by several teachers, she was fined after class, and her friend is small, and her friend is small, but it is a bit of physical discomfort, but as a friend Classics, more hard scalp, accompanying Kareqi, staying with Kareqi. Huificen on the day, also because she wants to go back to her family to see her daughter, and have left it when get out of class. Time is a bit dropped.

At this time, it was half a bit in the evening. The students have left the eight nine, in the class, only Kaiqi and Xiaomei still have left, so, we must have the evil teaching director, Zhao Yuchang.

Xiaomei, which is unsuitable, has begun to feel the head. And she did not notice that ordinary mouth fluttered, the lively Kaiqi, these two days have always become more silent.

At this moment, the worst Zhao Director has entered this room. He didn’t say that he had two female students.

He said to Kai Qi: “Lin Kaiqi classmates, I will get the thing, come to my room, the teachers have something to tell.”

Then, a lot of fiercely said: “Zhou Xiaomei classmate, I didn’t leave it! Why didn’t you go home?”

This has already felt that the body is not suitable, so I have to pack the textbook, go home first! Kaiqi, also following the director of Zhao left.

Just when Xiaomei is going to the school gate, she suddenly vomited. Fortunately, Xiaomei can also support it, she stopped, sitting on the stones chair on the sports ground in the campus, turtly. After a while, she woke up, why not go to the medical room in the school, go to the medicine to eat, or call home, notify the family to come! I thought here, she went back to the school’s building.

At this time, the school is like already empty, and some lights have been extinguished, and the school has made a disturbing feeling, Xiao Mei also calm down, she is more straight to the upper floor The medical room is going.

Just as she walked to the door of the medical room, there was a light! The door is just a hidden.

When Xiaomei came to the medical room, the scene of his eyes was scared to have a few coma.

In the medical chamber, there is a clothing on the ground, and there is a school uniform wearing a female student! There are still some underwear! It is even more frightened that there is a doctor in the medical indoor, and there is a girl and a man, and the two are also naked in the same place! When Xiaomei is clear, when you look at it, you! I really can’t really! These two people, the woman is not Kaiqi? And that male, is the director who is disclaimer!

Xiaomei only saw the head of the director of the Zhao, buried in the middle of Kareqi’s legs, he seems to be kicking, and Kaiqi just closed his eyes, Zhang opened his legs lying.

Director Zhao has raised his hard meat sticks in his crowd, and the vagina of Kaiqi is alive and slowly inserted. The director of Zhao then started to pick up. And Kai Qikou sent a gently scream.

Xiao Mei looked in the eyes, I have understood what they doing! She is already seventeen years old.

At this time, Xiaomei has been scared by this scene, she has repeatedly retired, then I rushed out of the school gate.

Xiao Mei has been running home, she has been in the scene of the situation, scared to the endless body is not forgotten. When Xiaomei returned home, took a shower, so dinner did not eat, ran back to the room to jump into the bed, cover the quilt over the body, curly down. After a while, she was tired to sleep.

The next day, Xiaomei was sick and did not go to school. The next day, Xiaomei has no innocent. I have to go to school in my heart.

When she returned to the school classroom, Kaiqi was coming back earlier than her. Xiao Mei only looked at Keqi at a glance, returning to his sitting position, and two of them, all the times he sounded, and did not talk to half a sentence! Kaiqi is still silent with the same day, and Xiaomei, it is more important than her!

At this time, Xiaomei’s constantly asked himself, what should I do if this thing goes to arrive? On this day, they didn’t talk about it all the way, and I didn’t say half a sentence with the other party.

And Xiaomei thought of a whole day, she finally thought of the magazine, she decided, when they were under get out of class, I ran to find Chen Huifen teacher, told her, and then handed it to Teacher Chen to deal with it. NS. Xiao Mei is also just a student, she wants to have this way!

On this day, Xiaomei finally waited until the clocks of the get out of class rang. At this time, Kaqi left. Xiaomei wants to call it! At this time, Xiaomei sat down and thought of a long time. She went deeply and went to Huifen’s teacher room. When Xiaomei ran to the teacher room, she saw Huifen, she still calmed, and she ran near Huifen. Xiaomei is more fond of Hui Fen: “Teacher Chen, can you come with me? I have something to tell you!”

Huifen also smiled and said: “What is the matter? So what is mysterious?”

Xiao Mei also said: “It is about Kaiqi, it is very important, you will come with me!”

At this time, Xiaomei has been embarrassed to cry. Huifen also noticed it was a bit wrong.

Then, Xiaomei took Huificen, and found a get out of class that had been left behind. At this time, Xiaomei has crying Huificen. Huificen also hugs with a small charming, so, Xiaomei will tell her what night, completely telling Huificen.

Huifichen learned that after this matter, he was shocked! She can’t believe that the director of Zhao actually tried to Kaiqi. At this time, Huifen took a small charm after thinking about a while, and went to find the president.

Next, Huifen and Xiaomei have arrived at the office of the President. Huificen, more angry, telling Kai Qi and Zhao Director’s matters.

However, after the President Wang heard the matter, it was surprisingly calm? He also refutes to Huifen, but also points to a small mimery lying! This, Huifen is really a bit anger, she is sure to believe that Xiaomei said. At this time, Huifichen saw that after the programs of the Wang President, she was even more likely to tell the police station, in the matter, she took the telephone handset, at this time, the hands of the President of Wang stretched the phone The machine is pressed, and the lane button is pressed.

He also said to Huifen quietly: “Teacher Chen, don’t worry about things! This will seriously affect the school reputation.”

In this way, Huifen has brought the fierce debate with the prime minister, and the atmosphere of the office has become deadlocked. However, Huifen and Xiao Mei did not notice that after they were, two people had quietly joined the Wang President’s office. What is even worse is that these two have slowed back to Huifen and Xiaomei behind him.

At this time, Huifen has argued that the principal of the king is full of red ear, just under her, a rough arm, has never tightly led her neck, and then, there is a more filled medicine The hand is covered with her nose, and it is a dizziness. It is just that Huificen is fainted, she only saw Xiao Mei, she also received the same kind. After Huificen, he felt a black and coma in front of him.

I haven’t known how long it has been, Huifen has gradually awakened. After Huificen woke up, she found that her hands were tied up, and her whole body, she had been hanging, and she only stood in the foot, and this When she glared around, she seems to have a secret room in the school, and it is bright and very bright, but the silence is silent, but teach people feel awkward.

At this time, Huifen immediately looked around, looking for a small mortgage, and at this time, the small might did not wake up people, and it was less than her side. She had two hands, and she was bundled by people. . Huificen is even more powerful, and trying to strive to take off the bundle of your hands.

Just then, he came to a few men’s sneer, this laughter, heard Hui Fen also creepy, but she still turned to the body and went. what! The laughter of the man is the chief of the fat, and the wretched Zhao Director. There is also the burly De Sh, then the three of them have walked toward Huifen and Xiaomei. NS. Poor Huifen, this is a surprising accident, teaching her nothing. How can things like this?

And the truth is, the principal and the director of the Zhao, have always made a female student who is not ideal in the school, and trying to get some of the girls who don’t want to get some achievements. There have been more than ten female students have been getting up by them. Kaiqi is just an example, she is also because of a bad result, but they are impressed, to remove her student status, and threaten that Kaiqi uses the body to exchange academies.

This kind of thing, when the school’s Decades are also the first to find, however, with the old old prostitution of De Shu, it is even more smelling and double investment, and it will become a guy.

Today, hate is also because of De Shu’s knowledge, their evils are not immediately exposed. The reason is that when the night, Director Zhao is insulted with Karechi in the medical interior, in addition to seeing the smash in the unintentional, De Shu has already made it in a early morning. Because he stayed in the school, he also knew that the director of Zhao, the director of the night, was very happy in the medical room. Just as Xiaomei’s body is not suitable for the school, when I met a piece of medical outdoor, she was also discovered by Deman. And this day, De Shu has also monitored Xiaomei’s activities until Xiaomei is looking for Huificen, and their dialogue is all discovered and monitored by Shu Shu.

Therefore, this group of Demai can be awarded the opportunity to stop their evils in time. What’s more, Demai’s old obscenity, and the old man has made a color heart to Huifen’s beautiful female teachers. It is just that it is really difficult to get started in this regard. And this just test, it can both stop the evils, and at the same time, it has also been involved in Huifen.

Therefore, the group of Demai is more tone, and I don’t do it. And innocent Hui Fen, is even more than 10,000 prey that he has become a mirror. At this time, Huifen is surprised when he is a more wretched Director of Zhao, which is more wretched than usual.

He said to Huifen, I said: “Teacher Chen, how is it? Don’t you tell me to the police?”

At this time, Huifen also angryly said: “You are the slag, no way to do this, I have to give you to the policeman.”

At this time, the principal of the king is more cold to Huifen: “Teacher Chen, this matter is nothing to do, but you have a good tube, so you can’t blame us!”

And the director of Zhao then said, “Yes! I want to blame, I will blame this female student! It is she embedded in it!”

Ju Xi Zhao Director and Wang President said, their eyes have fallen on the small eyes that are pushing into the ground. And when Hui Fen was observed to be a gang, she shouted right away, I hope that someone else can hear her help! However, let her shout, it is also in vain, because of her coma, all students and teachers in the school have left!

At this time, Huifen has more drinking them: “You are rogue, is it a teacher? Block, shameless, let us! How do you go to?”

Director Zhao smiled more and smiled.

Then, he really came with the prime minister. In front of Huificen, smiling and smiling in a clear body of a coma. At this time, Huifen looked in the eyes, but also anxious and angry. And she once again drunk with Director Zhao and the President of Wang.

Hui Fen is awkward: “You are rogue, you … don’t touch her!”

At this moment, the Shu, who is standing on the side, slowly relying on Huifen, more than Huifichen’s body, but also shamelessly reached out to Huifen’s face. Gently sweep And laughing!

He said: “Teacher Chen! Do you want to touch this cute female student? Cheng! However, we have to touch this beautiful female teacher.”

Decades, really put Huifen panic from the bottom of the heart. At this time, Huifen is really a real thing, and she has never thought about it. How horror will happen to himself. She thinks it is, I don’t dare to think again! She only panicked, and she called again.

And at this time, Xiaomei has also been wake up. Just when Xiaomei woke up, I found that my body was, and I was so stroked by the director of Zhao and the President of Wang, and scared this little girl on the spot. She continued to cry, still watching Huifen, which was bundled, shouting.

Xiao Mei shouted: “Teacher Chen, come to save me!”

At this time, Huificen is indeed unprotected, she can only look like a small, shouting.

Suddenly, De Shu did so loudly to the director of Zhao and the President of Wang.

He called: “Okay. Temporary, let this little girl!”

After Demai called, Director Zhao and the President of Wang, but did not have a small feet to Xiaomei. At this time, Demai is slowly surrounded by Huifen, and he is lighted with Huificen with the pair of eyes, while it seems to be as if it is like it? He looked at Hui Fen. Today, he only wears a thin shirt, and a loose body skirt that does not come to Teng, as the end of the past is beautiful. And the people present at the time were quietly waiting for his will. At this time, De Shu suddenly took a bottle of things in the trousers bag, then opened. Delivered to Huifen.

He also said: “This is! We just want to punish it, just want to do this, don’t make this matter! We are not embarrassing to be inevitable, not, you will give me a few mouthfuls. Wine, then we will let two people go home, and it is flat! “

At this time, it has been scared to the flowers that have been colorful, and it is unknown to Huificen. After listening to Demai, it seems that there is a turn.

She also asked Demai: “Is there we agreed? You will let us go?”

De Shu immediately replied: “Of course.”

Huificen is afraid that he will also react, then said: “Then you let go of Xiaomei first!”

Uncle De Shu took a while, then replied: “Of course you can!”

Then, he would show the director of Zhao, he wants him to make Xiaomei, and Director Zhao, and really immediately let go. At this time, De Shu handed the bottle to Huifen, and more showed her drink. If there is no choice, Hui Fen, who is going to leave, is not anti-fraud, really drink it. A few mouthfuls!

After Huificen Drink, Nad Shu took the bottle, and he handed a small to the front. However, Xiaomei did not want to drink! This, De Shu can be anxious, he took a small and charming, and forced the bottle of wine, and put it in Xiaomei. And Xiaomei’s ability to arrived in De Shu, she finally knew a few mouthfuls! At this time, Demai, they suddenly laughed. Then, the principal of the king lived in the sky.

He said to Xiaomei said: “Little sister, I really believe that, can I go home? I haven’t given me a good!”

At this time, Huifen has known it. But unfortunately, this is too late. At this time, the principal of Wang and Director Zhao have once again put on the ground. The principal of the king, can’t wait to kiss the smashing cheeks, and the director of Zhao, more handed over her hands. The tight pressure is on the ground, and Xiaomei is even more screaming again.

She still worked hard: “Meet … Meet, no … don’t! Just ask you! Teacher Chen! Save me … don’t …”

When Huifen learned the later, he went to them: “You … you … you don’t trustworthy this class … Ah … you … you don’t touch him … I put us. what……”

And Demai was also close to Huifen again, he reached again and stroked Huificen’s face.

He smiled more and said: “Don’t say that we are rogue? If there is any words, do you really believe it true? How is this teacher?”

And Huifen is more surprised and angry: “How do you go to how to let us go?”

At this time, the face of De Shu has become gotten. After he once again wrapped in Hui Fen, he reached out to her long and micro-curly hair, then, then, he hugged Huificen.

More in her ear: “Highm … 嘻 …! 嘻 在 怎 How can I let me go? Well! I said to listen, wait for the old child to take the way.”

Then, a pair of hands in De Shu, it is more unfareful to touch the clothes in Huificen. Huificen has been pressing the fear in the heart, and the release of the bottom is out. She is more tangled, keeping the body, hoping to flee the dirty hands of De Shu.

However, her resistance certainly can’t get up!

At this time, De Shu’s magic, slowly stroked her chest, and took her strong breasts, which made Huifen feel very shy, and makes her shake the whole body , It is behind her, it has already been felt, there is a huge hard thing that is close to her hips.

At this time, her tears have also banned to start from the corner of the corner. At this time, Shu, is enjoying the beauty of warm and fragrant soft meat. He is coming back in Huificen’s neck and ear beads, and the mouth is more can’t help but make a lustful voice.

De Shu Road: “Meet … I am really fragrant, very fragrant! … …, met … Meet, … …!” Another side, with the tear of the clothes The split, the small uniforms of Xiaomei have been broken by the principal of the king, the upper body, but also revealing a white bra, with a small skin of white and white. At this time, the shot is unable to make a constant pleading, yelling, but, Wang President and Director Zhao, these two color wolves, will hear it in the ear! Then, Xiaomei’s bra has been tellified by the Wang President, a pair of delicate and white, but also developed the breasts that have just been richer, they are present in front of these two wolves. Looking at Xiaomei’s colorful milk tip, the principal couldn’t help but show satisfied smiles, and he said to Director of Zhao, who is in Xiaomei!

Wang Zhu said: “The previous one is not a woman, but I will see this, this is definitely!”

Then, the president looked down in the body, kissed in Xiaomei’s body, which made Xiao Mei shouted, and it came to a more complaint.

She is constantly called: “Just ask for you! Don’t this … ah! Mr. Chen, come to save me!”

At this time, Huifen, who is not far, is also helplessly insult, and the uncle of Shu has sent a sin to the smell, kissed to her cheeks, and Nuru, more shameless Extended his tongue and licked to Huifen’s cheeks. This makes Huifen disgusting faces. At this time, Deman, more forced to turn Huifen’s cheeks.

Said smile and said to Huifen: “Ah! It’s very fierce! Hey! I still do it! I will be very gentle.”

And Huifichen is angry: “Hey! You are so rogue, give me a big!”

At this time, De Shu has laughed around to Huifen’s positive. The Huifen Wolf is staring at the dog face of De Shu. She is more angry, and she will put the Tengku, and she hits to the important part of De Shu. At this time, although De Shu can detect in a timely manner, it is immediately to avoid it. However, it also gave Huifen’s raid, just wipe it to the key, although I didn’t hit a positive, but I also made the uncle’s pain got up, and I went to open.

He looked more: “Hey … 唷! Mom, 妳 This owe a stinky mother.”

At this time, Zhao Director who was bundled once again, immediately ran to Huifen, and fell to Huifen’s ear.

He is more like Huifen, and “” 臭, 妳 娘, 是 是 想 想. “

When Director Zhao still wants to be in Hiben, it has stopped from the De Shu who has returned to the emblem, and De Shu is more drinking to Director Zhao.

He said: “Who told you to move her? I will give it to me. This is my mother is mine.”

After the Director Zhao was drinking, he returned to Xiaomei and Wang President. At this time, the principal of the Wang Mei’s delicate nipple is sucking in Tsui, looking at the eyes of Zhao, in the eyes, he put the grievances of the stomach, venting the little body to Xiaomei Go down.

He is crazy to kiss on the small cheeks, and his hand, and the little breasts are gripped in the palm of the palm. Poor small, miserable by two-headed wolf, straight to her almost suffocated. Just called the shout, I can’t call it.

At this time, De Shu’s pain has been retired. In the case, I once again closer Huificen, but also reached a rough hand, holding Huifen’s face, when Hui Fen saw De Shu’s look, could not help but hair. Because of the Shu, a face that was more than the face, more daunting, especially the anger of the red blood vessels.

The fourth chapter is shameless to invading this time, Shu is more embarrassing to Huifen: “The stink, I am eating it. But I don’t know how to lift, then, then, I will be behind. “

Indeed, Huifen really feel a little behind, but at this moment, she has not been supplemented. At this time, De Shu has roughly torn it. Huificen’s pink lace bra, and the white cleansing, the Demai has been born more beast. Huificen At this time, more focused, crying while crying.

But soon, her crying is static, and it is just a weak and sad sound from the throat. Because of this, Demai’s evil sniffed Daxie, has closed Huifen’s cherry Qiazui, a pair of rough sharp, more like a beast in Hui Fen’s delicate body.

And at this time, the skirt has been tall by the leaders of the king. Her white and yellow small fragments have been present in front of Wang President and Director Zhao. And the principal of the king, smile and praise!

He laughed: “Hehe! This little sister’s small underwear is really cute. Ah! Lao Zhao! You see it!” Director Zhao is even more laughing: “Ah! Ye! This small Saima is originally Wet. “

And the principal of the king, reached out, and all his lips were allocated to her lips across the pants. And Director Zhao is even more excited to suck her a pair of breasts. And Xiaomei, at this time, he found his body. It is now constantly fever. This is the feeling of she has never been, the whole body is soft, confused and idling, but God is also awake. And the principal of the king, Xiao Mei, also can’t help but make a generous snoring. And her feelings, and also produced at the same time.

At this time, De Shu is putting his tongue from Huifen’s mouth, licking on her cherry, and kisses her nicknion. Then, De Shi went around Huifen, crazy kissed her white back.

At this time, Huifen has already felt the warmth, it seems that it is a feeling of emotion from his own body! But it is still awake, but it has an outbreak of this feeling.

It turned out that the wine and Xiaomei were deceived, and they have already been trivied by Demai. Those processed drugs have now emerged. Huificen, I have already felt that my body is getting more and more soft, so that she even crying is lacking, and she can only whisper.

At this time, she can’t help but plead: “Hey … Meng! Please let me let me! I have a husband and child. I beg you not to touch me!”

De Shu, even more proud: “Hey! Laozi is the beautiful wife who likes to furture others, especially like teachers, good goods like this!”

After De Shu said, it was even more crazy. At this time, Xiaomei is even more rough. Her white smashing flower in white, I didn’t know when I was taken off. Moreover, it is more sniffed by the wretched Zhao Director! And the fatty king principal, more small school skirts, also gave him off.

Now, Xiaomei is already a short. A girl’s delicate and white body, a pair of flexible breasts, colorful milk clams, white slippery, the middle of the beautiful legs, the sparse yin, attracting the director of Zhao and the priest to stop, then Two pairs of greedy eyes, due to this perfect artwork.

At this time, there was a lot of time, and Huifen’s mourning. Because, this time, De Shu has explained Huifen’s bra hook, and he returned to Huifen’s front. At this time, Huifen has been smashed, a beautiful face of a crying of pear and rain, Chu Chu pitiful. And she is more constantly twisted, making a final battle before the crash.

However, now is now mad Deman, and will be pitiful! On the contrary, Huifen appeal at this time, so that Shu is more excited! At this time, De Shu is more energetic to pull Huifen’s bras, Huificen’s pair of milk, jumping out in front of De Shu. Sale of Tead is a big truce.

He also could not help but praise: “ah damn, it’s beautiful pair of tits ah!!”

And after him say, even in the side of the car, being attracted significant Xiaomei Jiaoqu two satyr, and President Wang Zhao, also ran together over the shameless Huifen containment up. Huifen pair of rounded firm, plump white breasts and nipples that maroon, see these satyr head, saliva oozing from the nozzle straight horn came.

And that Zhao, more wretched, said: “! Ah really can not think of it, my wife has done other people, also given birth to a child, can actually have such a beautiful breast good ah!”

President Wang also then said: “For ah sister than that, but also much ah!!”

The Huifen was staring at these head pervert their bodies remarks about them! Making her feel a great insult, but now, she only shyly bowed crying.

At that moment, President Wang more immediately ran back to the front of Xiaomei. He is desires hearts and minds, and he quickly put his clothes off, revealing his whole body fat, and his meat stick, also had stands up.

Look in the small flirtatious, scared her straight up again shrill cry. And that President Wang, more Fuxia Shen son, the Xiaomei legs open, he saw that delicate pussy Xiaomei, two thin labia closed, more liquid since there is little promise in Nenxue overflow. This makes President Wang horse head buried in the middle of the legs of Xiaomei, toward that tender kiss crazy pussy licking up.

The Xiaomei then again shouted: “Do not ah ah ah …… …… Please ask it …… Chen Chen, fast …… Come and save me ah!!!!”

But this time, the de-t-n-hand surface Pangtuo Huifen up, then, goes stench of Juba, Huifen again put the lips closed. Uncle De also got into the oral tongue Huifen, followed by more hard to suck the saliva Huifen, and that his pair of rough hands, has also been tightly holding Huifen pair Breasts rub up . Then, Uncle De of Juba down more slowly kiss, go straight Huifen pair Breasts, he also shameless tongue out, licked the Huifen that delicate nipples. And Uncle De hand, also not idle, Huifen another one nipple, while Germany has been fiddled with tertiary fingertips.

In that Uncle De shameless play, Huifen though disgusted, but those physiological responses, and aphrodisiac effect, so a pair of her nipple, was not under their control, hard cocked to. But Huifen reason, still drove her to compete wearing, screaming. This scenario, the Zhao had been standing next to, to see the blood boiling.

At this time, he heard the cries Qi Yuan, have shocked the entire chamber, but also like really like shaking. This is the voice of Xiaomei ah! Because, at this time that President Wang fat, Yiba entire body against the mast Xiaomei bodies. And his cock, the whole root has also been deeply inserted into the vagina Xiaomei’s delicate! Poor Xiaomei, her precious virginity, so this will be the first President Wang fat pervert brutal killed. And that President Wang, more gently pumping after a few, they have loudly toward Gao Qing Zhao cry out.

President Wang shouted: “!! …… ah ah ah Jintang Zhao quickly come to this little girl really was a virgin to ah!!”

And that Zhao, like a dog looks like a very, President Wang immediately returned to the side of the car. At this time, President Wang being shameless pants are holding within the Xiaomei, Xiaomei is seeping out of the wipe that delicate vaginal opening to the Virgin bloodshot, also sent a very satisfied smile to. Then he broke down in tears Xiaomei not care now, and then again put his cock Flanagan, inserted Nenxue Xiaomei’s go, once more relentlessly pumping up. This is just to take away virginity Xiaomei, which makes the pain loudly groaned.

At this time, Zhao has also seen feverish, he quickly put his clothes off himself, and more kept on holding the hand of Xiaomei, Flanagan hard cock toward his grip down, but also up and down Taonong up. Flanagan and his cock, even more than that the king came thick worsted! And these two predators, but each person holding a breast Xiaomei, in constant rubbing with. Pervert the two add up to the sound of Yin Xiao, was also flooded Xiaomei painful moans built.

The other hand, Germany is more tertiary holding Huifen Breasts, crazy kiss licking, kissing his breathing suck, goes Juba, like really want to swallow the entire breast Huifen belly like, when he was not put into Huifen nipples with Tsui in throughput Tiannong about it, goes on wet Juba, arbitrarily kiss back and forth between the armpit to the chest from Huifen, enjoy the contaminated saliva to Hui Finland’s body go.

And although the Huifen eyes tightly shut, to escape the horrors of the front, however, that his own body, but told her, more terrible things, will immediately come ah! Because, when Uncle De bird clutches, has touched her on the thigh, more slowly along the inner thighs, got into the inside of her skirt.

This does not however make it Huifen tremble more intense swinging body. However, Germany t-bird clutches, Huifen that has touched the most sensitive parts.

Then Huifen up more convulsions. Tsui, the more uttered mourning. The German hands, more ruthless Huifen across the thin underwear, squeezing her pussy. Uncle De edge of the veneer to Huifen ear, but Yin Xiao said Uncle De Yin Xiao said: “!! Ah really full of peach ah I really love this tart the kill u”

At this time, he with the fingertips, press back and forth across the underwear in the middle of two full Huifen Tiaonong the labia, clitoris more exploring Huifen that position, and although Huifen is Yinru with, but in the physical under force the reaction, and those aphrodisiac, her sexual secretion, also has long underwear made wet. But at the moment Uncle De, of course, you can also feel ah!

And Uncle De and shameless against Huifen said: “! Hey, what are divine female teachers pretend it u only get a few erupted, but not wet up!.”

The Huifen also resentment replied: “! Beast I will send you to the police station impunity.”

Uncle De away the more immediate Yin Xiao faces more grim again and said: “Well if I die operation Zhejian Ren u, u went to ah!!”

Then, Uncle De again made a big beast. He frantically toward Hui Fensuo kiss, from small Tsui, Fenjing, breast, Tripe, thighs, calves have been to, but more to Uncle De Huifen pair of heels flying off, after they held out her leg, stretched out licking tongue kiss back and forth. At this time, when more and more German t get more sick. He squat body, but each of the toes of Huifen also contain up into the suction nozzle. This disgusting kinky get so Huifen felt both fear and disgust.

She also angered: “You … you have a changelessness! I am so fast!” She said that she said, and put her legs. However, Huifen’s pair of legs have quickly wiped the hands of De Shu. And Shu has opened her pair of legs, more greedy leaned over to Huifen’s skirt. He is still laughing, and he is more shameless to use his tongue to get his own tribe. His move is deliberately giving Hui Fen. At this time, Demai is not just a rape. And he is even more humiliated.

At this time, the other side, can’t hear the little painful snoring. Because of her Xiaojsui, she has been stuffed by Director Zhao. Director Zhao, more grasping the shortness of Xiaomei, shaking hard, stimulating his own beast, and the fat principal, also in a positive asthma, like a cow, and smashing a small vagina.

Not far, she has already passed Huifen’s hardships, she is more silent: “Oh … 喔! Jasked you! Stop! Don’t stop this!”

Shameless De Shu, then kissed, along Huificent’s thigh, straight into Huifen’s skirt. And the shadow, uncle’s eyes, is Huificen’s wet pink small panties, tightly packaged her fatty pussy. The aroma of the body has been coming. All of this has pushed the desire of De Shu to the vertex. Then, De Shu wipes the nose to Huifen’s pussy, and smells the hardships of her underwear. His hands are more embarrassed, and even the small pantry caught the beautiful buttocks.

Shu is more muttered: “Meet … Meet … Very fragrant! Beauty! You are really fat and beautiful! It is very delicious! Laozi is trying to taste!”

Shu Shu is insulted to Huifen, and he deliberately speaking swearing. He deliberately strengthened the humiliation of Huifen. A small and pleasant voice of Xiaomei again came again.

Xiao Mei is pleasing: “Oh … beg you! Don’t do this … 喔 … … ah ……”

At this time, after a round of rapid delivery in the President of the President, he interchanged with the director of Zhao. Then they changed their position. The principal of the king, but also put the meat stick into Xiaomei’s Tsui, and he kept grabbing the head of Xiaomei. And Director Zhao, even the little legs, looked at Xiaomei by the Huang President just smashed, and there was a little red. After he reached out, he would raw his big meat stick and slowly rub the small pussy.

And the principal of the king is astishing like a cow, “Ah … ah! Comfort! Ah …”

In this way, the President Wang squirts the thick semen in Xiaomei’s Tsui. He also satisfied smile, like a delicious meal. Then, he slowly took the meat stick from Xiaomei’s Tsui, and his semen, it is still like a silk to take a small punt with his glans.

The director of Zhao is even more exciting, and it can’t help but press it. In the case, he slowly put the big meat stick, inserted into the small vagina, but his roots were only inserted into half, just by the Wang President, the squad, the people, still just Take it, and that can have to endure it again! She painfully screamed. Her shouting and once again shocked the entire secret room.

At this time, Huificen, heard that Xiaomei’s mileage was called, did not care about his situation, but also carefully looking at Xiaomei. She, so that she has taken her clear uncle, it is very unpleasant, which is like a small shame, so that he anger. He once again and beast, and he reached his hand and grabbed Huificent’s skirt, and he was taking off.

Demai, this move, make Huificen immediately felt that his situation is never bad than Xiaomei! At this time, she saw De Shu in front of him, he was already a short!

Deassea burly body, a rooted muscles, really teach some people who are far more than his young people, and make Huificen frightened, that is, the huge meat sticks that have been tall, the huge meat sticks have been tall. It’s really great, then the purple black glans has been oozed out of some sticky liquids.

This is scared immediately, and it is more constant, and the time, the German, watching the remaining underwear, and a mature young woman’s pantry, and that has been The sweat has made a bright white skin. He is more skilled. He also deliberately smiled more down, more embarrassing, then, De Shushu tightly hugs Huifen to kiss, his hands, It is also ruthlessly crashed on Huificen’s pair of milk, a few fingers, and more deeply caught in two groups full of flexible beauty, which made Huifen’s mourning, and smashed The whole seat.

And Xiaomei, she is suffering from the deposit of Director Zhao. Director Zhao is even more inserted with a small vagina, and she rubs her twin breasts. The principal of the king of Xiaomei, then lying on the side of the fat pig, and laughing at the director of Zhao. Hui Fen’s mourning sound, listening to the Demu ear, will only add his animal. He is incorporated into the nipple of Huifen, and his hand, and his hand, more smooth belly of Huifen, and explore the underwear of Huifen, at this time, the uncle tentacles It is the thick and soft incapacity of Huificen. After he swept away, he stretched his fingertips. In Huificent’s two fat and beautiful laps, he put it back to the fingertips, and the fingertips explored Huificen’s wet. In the sake of the sake of the sake of the sake, Huifichen can’t help but send a snoring between the throat, and the head of De Shu, then inserted into the vagina of Huifen, start slowly Touching.

Although Huifen is unwilling, her lascivious water is not controlled at the moment, and it has spilled from the vagina. And De Shu, of course, also feels a lot of warmth from Huifen’s vagina, at this time, he is more slow to take the finger out, and the point of finger, then it is wet, sticky Sliding liquid is covered with finger. And Shu is more flowing to Huificen in front of Huificen.

He also said: “Look! It’s still not swaying, it’s still a look! Waiting for the show, I will show it more than the little sister.”

At this time, Director of Zhao, who was inserted in a small charming vagina, with his rapid gasping, his actions, and the same rapidly.

He also muttered: “Oh … … Hey! It’s really tight! No.”

At this time, Director Zhao was spasculus, and he spurted a deep semen in the small vagina. With the shortage of Zhao’s drain, Xiaomei’s mourning is still still still. Now Xiaomei, there is no moment to scream, she can only wonder. And the director of Zhao, holding a small might, like it is still not willing to take his big meat stick, from Xiaome’s compact vagina, he is still constantly kissed in Xiaomei’s body.

The fifth chapter is not far from the banquet, and it has come to Huifen’s pleading channel: “Just ask you! No … don’t! Let me let me!”

She sorrows like this because, Demai, she had taken the last shield of Huifen, and the pink lace panties slowly took off. At this time, De Shu stayed, he looked at Huificent’s thick and shining, and neatly arranged in front of him. And De Shu also took Huificen’s underwear, and he smelled the nose.

Deashers still laughed at the road: “Ah … met … Meet … Meet! Hey … Hey … Hey! The teacher is really fragrant!”

Then, he even more made Huifichen legs, he greedily looked at Hui Fen’s pussy, two fat and beautiful labians, and opened a slightly opened, and the middle is delicate and fresh red, now It has been filled with obscene, and De Shu has been watching, and Huifen can only use the only strength, twisted the body, and hope that it can fight the old-high-colored wolf in front of the eyes, but she is their corrupt, this is also I can’t get rid of the wolf’s margin.

Shu Shu is more muttered: “Ah! I can’t think of it, I have already had children, it can be so beautiful here!”

De Shu is ignored that Huifen’s constant pleadings, he has shameless Zhang Daba, kissing toward Huificent’s pussy. At this moment, the uncle, and like a hungry wolf, the big tribe, put Huifen’s entire pussy, he also succumbed to Huifen’s obscene. The shameless sound of “Snow … Snow …” is also issued.

There is also a laughing road: “Meet … Meet … Meet, my beauty! You are really juited here! It’s sweet and sweet, really delicious.”

De Shu once again kissed the pussy of Huificen. With Hui Fen swing, and the snoring of the grievances, the other two-headed wolf, the principal and the director of Zhao, also attracted it, and also watched Deman how to Sample insulting Huifen.

After Deman kissed a crazy kissed, he stretched his tongue. It took a time to make Huificen’s yuki, and then drilled into her flesh, which made Huifen’s yum, a lot of vagina Out of endocrine, these yums, more than Shu Shi immediately sucking in Tsui. In this way, De Shu has been kissing Huificen’s pussy, and I don’t know how long he got.

Long, De tert Juba Huifen only from the middle legs, slowly moves upwards, until the front face Huifen. Uncle De looked at by this time in tears Huifen, even more excited, he went on, the more goes already covered Juba Yin Ye and saliva again toward Huifen lips to kiss it, while Huifen pair of original beautiful appearance of the breasts, but relentless pair being de-t clutches, to grasp refining changed shape. At this time, Uncle De breathing, has become increasingly heavy, his desires, has the time to vent a. At this time he also spoke light Huifen ear! He said: “!! …… hee hee hee …… beauty ah I want to come, I let that cannon fill Nina sweet Mixue it whom you want to feel good ah!!”

Uncle De These words, Huifen listen into the inner ear, has no heart to know, and they have to be raped. She could only hope for a miracle to happen, but the reality, but it is no wonder, then, Uncle De will be carrying his huge penis, also pointed Huifen pussy and put Huifen Na Liangpian quite humid labial open top, with sad Huifen cries of Li, t Flanagan de cock has a pop Zhiyi Sheng, half a thick cock has been inserted into the vagina within Huifen. At this time, Uncle De long breath!

He was more excited, said: “!! Oh …… ah ah teacher is very tight birth to a child, u here still so awesome Jinzhai ah ah ah awesome!!”

Uncle De straining forward one, and then poof Zhiyi Sheng, his huge cock Flanagan, Huifen has been completely inserted into the vagina, while the dance goes on teeth caught the glans, more relentlessly hit the womb Huifen go.

Uncle De rough kind of occupation, so that Huifen head back, opened his small Tsui issued a helpless cries of pain, poor Huifen, since their birth date, in addition to her husband, I believe that in addition to giving birth when doctors and nurses who touched the body, but never more than the male cock husband entered within their vagina, but her chastity, and now he was Uncle de this is the first old Yin Chong ruthless killed.

At this time, Uncle De enjoying, bring within Huifen vaginal his pleasure, the warm and moist, delicate compact vaginal wall, wrapped himself Flanagan cock, and in front of this woman, but he coveted, the number of nights not sleeping, thinking about doing beauty, but also to his wife or someone else’s, that with only her husband can enjoy fully fledged young woman Jiaoqu, and now he has a real possession of someone else’s wife! A dream come true. Thought of this, Uncle De not help but laugh out of joy, but at the same time he began slowly pumping up.

In this way, Uncle De this old satyr heads, they stood Choucha Huifen the vagina, after he slowly thrusting dozens of times, in the Huifen vagina, quite moist, that Uncle De root thick cock thrusting has also see the more smooth, and then, raising his Uncle de Choucha speed, but also the more hard. And was de-t Huifen such violent rape, so that she burst to sad groaning.

Uncle De anxious panting now, he was staring at the Huifen, a beautiful young woman, he had been raped was covered with fragrant perspiration dripping, plump Jiaoqu has been contaminated shiny with sweat, and a pair Breasts firm, but he was under intense shaking Choucha drive, but also coupled with his cock in and out of the Okanagan generated in Huifen vagina pop squeak, squeak pop sound, with those sad and Huifen moans. All this to make Uncle De more excited, more vigorously to put through rape Huifen.

This scene, but also the other two satyr, and President Wang Zhao, desires to see rising up again, although they had suffered all the vices of a trip in Xiaomei body, but also could not withstand the seductive scene in front of me.

The Huifen reason, also continued to gradually resumed gradually up the confusion. Today, she burst out crying with only also, in addition to this, she also asked what happen then? But this time, Germany is getting on even more t see crazy. His violent thrusts the Huifen side of the vagina, and then her hands still on Jiaoqu four poking, he goes on Juba, the cable is kept kissing on Huifen Jiaoqu. This is the first Uncle De lecherous old Yin Chong, really quite strong and healthy as an ox, he still has standing to Huifen cuddle up Menggan.

President Wang fat that he had seen the antsy. That cock his crotch, also head up again, his hungry eyes, watching the trains going again in Xiaomei not far from the body. Then he side Yin Xiao, he went to the side to side Xiaomei. President Wang that, just look at how Uncle De Huifen adultery, lust really have been extremely high. At all, he put Xiaomei legs again open to, carrying his cock again inserted into the inside of the Nenxue Xiaomei.

Also being confused with the crying of Xiaomei, vision is sometimes lower body pain for a while, then up again groaning. And that President Wang, of course, did not bother to feel Xiaomei, he simply vent their vices, he thrusts the edge of the vagina Xiaomei, Xiaomei side of the grip into the hands of a pair of breasts and rub with.

The whole room is only filled with Huifen and Xiaomei’s pain, and it is turned into a wholly, and the grievances are mourn. However, these brakes did not make the illusory of the two women stopped. I don’t know how long it takes. At this time, the yellow principal put the fat body, pressed into the small body of the squat, a burst of convulsions, the principal once again put the semen, sprayed into the vagina. Then, he is more like a fat pig, soft on the ground. Xiao Mei, after the rape of the prime minister, it is already even crying, and I don’t know if she has made a coma.

Huifen’s painful snoring has not stopped, she still suffers from rude wild prostitution. And De Shu is getting more and more energetic. His big meat stick, every time I also insert the deepest place in Huificen’s vagina, he also hits the huge glans and heavy hits to Huifen’s uterus. Nowadays, the ultra-crazy beast is, and she is more adultery, she is swearing to Huifen.

He drunk: “… 嘎! I will die, this is the goods, 喔 … 妳 This sakage, really dry! I … I … I don’t know how long I want to do. 妳 … … 妳 那 骚 穴 老 老 老 真 啊 啊 啊 爽 货 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 吧 吧 子 子 吧 子 子 子 妳 妳 吧 吧 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 … 操 妳 婊 操 操 操 操 操 操 操 操 操 操 操 操 操 操 操 操 操 操 操 操!. Overnight. “

De Shu is constantly increasing the strength of the thrush and speed, he has now astishing asthma. Then, Demai has grown a head in Huificent’s cleansing.

He also called: “… 妳 … 妳 This stinking scorpion is really … I am really ah! Really … I am really dry! …, Na Shuo cool … cool death NS.”

Dec Shu took his big meat stick, and he made a strong in Huificen. He had a breath, and he twitched his heat, and the strong semen was sprayed into Huifen’s uterus. Go go inner. After the departure of the beast has been ventined, he also hugged Huifen, enjoying the pleasure at this moment.

De Shu turned the rope of Huificen’s hands, but she still didn’t take Huifen. He slowly lie on the ground.

At this time, De Shu took his big meat stick that was not soft from Huifen from Huifen’s vagina. Then, he immediately opened Huifen’s legs, and the Shu is satisfied. He just spurted a lot of semen in the hometown of Huifen, and he was slowly slowly flowing from the vagina of Huifen. This makes him smiling!

He also shamelessly said to Huifen: “Hey! It’s really fragrant. Beauty, Laozi will teach your husband to be more cool!”

Huificen has lost her sturdy and talking about her prostitutes. Now she can only lying on the ground to have astasting. Then, De Shu has extended a point, allocated on the labipings of Huifen, and then gathered on her jellyfinder. This makes Huifen sensitive to convulsions.

And Shu is even more laughing, plus the root finger to two, inserted into Huificen’s vagina, he keeps digging the vagina of Huificen, which makes Huifen are full of semen Inside, the sound of “… …” is issued.

Huifen can only be slightly suggesting: “Hey … Hey! Please … beg you! Rao … all! Don’t … Don’t … Don’t get it again.”

De Shu took the finger to his fingers, and his two points have been covered with milky white liquid. Demai, when it was more powerful, put the two points, stuffed into Huifen’s Xiao Tsui.

He is still laughing: “Beauty! How is it? Delicious? Let Laozi give a more delicious thing!” De Shu grabbed Huifen’s hair, put his big meat stick. Huificen’s face, that showed a purple black glans, and the deep smell of odor, has been blowing up.

At this time, Shu Ban said to Huifen: “Skinning, I will succeed for me, or if I have a kind of sister, I will kill it with the little sister!”

Shameless De Shu, he did not wait for Huificen, and rubbed the glans to Huifen’s cherry, he made her more grasped the cheeks of Huifen, making her Xiaotou Zhang, then, De Shusi hard The birth of the big meat stick and stuffed into Huificen’s cherry. At this time, I picked Huificen’s underwear, and I stood it to my nose. He also grabbed Huificent’s head and kept shaking.

He also muttered: “Ah … ah! Snow … I am so comfortable! Meet … Meet … Meet! Very fragrant!”

Then I drink it again to Huifen: “Soland! Let’s use your tongue!”

He said, and the wolf’s wolf has draped Huifen’s hair. Huifichen is also awkward, and she has only closed her eyes and sticks out the tip of the tongue.

De Shu is staring at Zhao, who has standing again, he is greedily killing the body of Huifen, and he has a meat stick, and has already been hard to stand upright. Shu is looking at the eyes, he is like an extremely richetic dog, and he can smile. He said to the director of Zhao: “Lao Zhao, what happened. Is it very anxious? You also want to do this!”

Director Zhao replied: “Ah! So I … can I?”

SH Shu said: “It’s coming soon, otherwise, wait for the time to have no chance.”

The director of Zhao heard that Demai said, he ran to Huifen, except for the uncle, he had already coveted Huificent Beauty, now, Huifen is lying naked in him. Before the body, this made him excited. Then, the director of Zhao fell to Huifen’s positive body, he didn’t stop, he couldn’t take care of Hui Fen’s positive body, still left the saliva of Uncle Uncle, and he only took care of the kiss. And a pair of hands, it is ruthful, and a pair of beautiful milk.

Although Huifichen feels, another wolf will follow himself, but she is being made by the drug to the whole body and weak, let alone her body, being pressed by two wolves! And in the mouth, it is also stuffed with a big meat stick! Now she can only make a mourning between the throat and make a helpless complaint.

Director Zhao has asthed the airway: “Beautiful pair of milk! This dress is really beautiful! I don’t know how long it is.”

Director Zhao is holding Huifichen’s pair of milk, Zhang Kai Tsui, contains Huifen’s nipples into Tsui, suck it hard. Then, Director Zhao had been in a hurry. He opened Huifen’s legs, and he took the Huificen’s clothing on the ground, wiped the liquid to her pussy, and raised his meat, screaming, and inserting Hui Fen in the wolf. The vaginal is within the vagina. At this time, the director of the Zhao was finally tasted!

He can’t help but say: “Hey! This is still so narrow! It’s so beautiful.”

Just still like the Director of the dog’s model, in this face, there is a wretched laugh again, and he is more slowly started to pump. Poor Hui Fen, she now even thinks of painful rights, and is also exploited by these two adultery her colorful wolf. The other big meat stick in Huifen Tsui also gradually fell hard.

Dec Shu took the big meat stick from Huifen Xiaozui, and he was shamelessly put the meat stick in Huifen’s cherry lips and his face.

Shu Shu said: “Beauty! What happened? Is Lao Zhao to do?

Director Zhao heard that Demai said, but also angry. Then, he made the exclusive crazy to put the vagina. Huificen has just been dried over by De Shu, at this moment, the director of the Zhao is tightly. With the madness of Zhao’s crazy, and the effect of drugs, Huifen’s gods have begun to blur. Today, she only feels in vaginal, there is a male meat stick to quickly pumped, blocked, and the soft feeling of the uterus is hit, so that she can’t help but send a snoring from the throat.

When Demai, the slow arrived at the front of the sky. He looked at the naked little, put on the ground, seems to have been sleeping.

Demai is still laughing to Wang Zhu: “Lao Wang, the little beauty is so beautiful to make you so fast?”

President Wang replied: “Hey! You are worried about my little! What happened?

Shu Answer: “The female teacher is great. But Laozi also wanted to do this little beauty.”

The principal of the king also laughed: “Then you have to make your hand! This little beauty can’t stand your big thing!”

When I was not far from Zhao’s Hui Fen, I will continue to issue the snoring of the grief. I am ringing, how much it is called!

De Shu said to the principal of the king: “Lao Wang, do you want to taste the female teacher?”

President Wang replied: “Hey! I am waiting! Of course I want to taste what she is really awesome!”

Then, the principal climbed up and ran in the direction of Huificen. And Shu has also reached the magic and started to go upstairs in Xiaomei’s body, and his Tsuka smashed a small breast into Johi. And Xiaomei was succumbed by De Shu, and also sent a dream.

De Shu saw that Xiaomei was still fainted, he was happy to raise his thick meat stick and stuffed into Xiaomei’s Xiao Tsui. The big meat stick of De Shu, a few close to Xiaomei almost suffocated. At this time, the President Wang has come to Director Zhao and Huifen. He looked at Zhao Director Zhengguan’s legs and frankly. The Huang President stared at the Huificen who was panting with Zhao, and a young woman with a small woman with Xiaomei, but he had more mature and full of mature.

The principal of the Wang looked in the eyes, and the meat stick was again, and it was still moving again. And the director of Zhao, who is rapidly popping Huifen vagina, after seeing the President Wang, like a dog!

He also said: “Ah … ah! Want … to be a long time to wait. Still … it is almost …….

The president immediately said to Zhao’s shoulder shot: “Lao Zhao, don’t worry! Let us play together!”

Wang President reached out to stroked in Huifen’s body, he touched him for a while, so excited to grasp a pair of beautiful milk in Huifen, desperately squatting.

He also excited to say to Director Zhao: “Ah! This pair is really beautiful! This is really great!”

If you say, you will be a big trumpet, and you will go to Huifen’s pair of milk kisses. At this time, there is no longer a little bit of pain, which is of course Xiaomei’s mourning! Because of this, De Shu has raised his huge meat stick, inserted into a small vagina. He also inserted one of three, Xiaomei had hurt.

In the small vagina, although there is still no short adhesive liquid, it should be quite smooth? However, Deman’s meat stick is really great. This is a little bit of eating! What’s more, she is just a few more than two color wolves.

However, De Shu did not produce pity to Xiaomei, but the opposite is that he is a big ranking at the moment. I saw that he completely cares about Xiaomei, and the wolf’s wolf put the meat stick in a small vagina. However, what kind of movement of him, his huge meat stick, can only be trapped in a larger.

At this time, the German who has already burned and bits the beginning of the teeth. But he started to insert a few times, Xiaomei was really coma after several tragic screams. This is a cold, and he immediately reached out his fingertips. Fortunately, Xiaomei still breathed, and she was just unbelievable.

At this time, Demai also said: “Mom, I just started to come, I didn’t have the smell, my mother, the mother,” “

He is in his mouth, but he did not stop because Xiaomei was coma. At this moment, De Shu still plays a small vagina. At this time, the principal of the king is tightly holding Huifen’s breasts, and the Huifen’s nipples are sucking into Tsui, and they continue to reach out the tip of the tongue.

At this time, Director Zhao has been getting more and more anxious. He is rapidly plugging in Huificen’s vagina. He is going to vent. Director Zhao took the meat stick into the vagina of Huificen and sprayed a deep concentrate. Director Zhao was satisfied with the desire, she retreated to the side, softly relying on the corner of the wall and sat down.

Huifichen was tragically attacked by the two-headed wolf, and the gods had been once again. She only feels that the whole body is doing seems to be as if she is, she is unwilling, but the drug and physiological drive, it has also made her a few times. At this moment, Huifen felt again, his legs were opened by the third head.

And the principal of the king, it has been unfortunate, and the meat stick is aligned with Hui Fen, it is still overflowing the sperm. Looking at the father’s fat body forward, his sorrow, his meat stick, has been completely inserted into Huifen’s vagina. He immediately took Huificen and slowly pumped it.

After the uncle, De Shu, I felt that it was a small and charming, and it was really boring. When he abandoned the little, immediately ran back Huificen’s side. De Shu looked at the president of the pig model, and he took Huificen’s beautiful and delicate.

He laughed: “The old king, what happened, is this Saima good?”

The principal of the king also breathed: “… 嘎, yes! This … this is quite … It’s quite clip, I’m tight … Tight, when … really do it!”

De Shu also laughed: “I didn’t say anything! This market is more fun than those little sisters!”

The President Wang also replied: “… …, I … my home … The old wife in my house, with her … she really … I have to be better!” Demai, laugh, laugh: “Of course, the old king, you didn’t listen to people, the wife is still someone else?”

After saying, he raised his huge meat stick. It was stuffed to Huifen’s Xiajiz. He still cracked Huificen’s hair, shaking hard, and he also reached the rough hand Holding Huifichen’s pair of shameless.

After a long time, the President Wang was in the vagina of Huifen. Huificen is fortunate to come down when it is calm, and the old lapse of De Shu once again put his thick meat stick, embarked into Huifen’s vagina, he immediately launched a crazy smoke Plug.

Under the uncle’s rude pump, the sound of “… …” is constantly issued, and the painful snoring with Huificent’s gradual hoarse. But very quickly, Huifen’s hoarse snoring disappeared. Because Director Zhao, now has returned, it is stuffing his big meat stick that is hard to fill it again, and stuffed into Huifen’s small Tsui. After a while, the principal of the king came again and kept grabbing in the Huificent fairy.

These three-headed wolf, saw Hui Fen in front of him, with a full of sweat and spousedress, was smashed with fiercely swaying a pair of milk, making them crazy to pole. Huificen under their crude crazy siege, the whole original whitening the body, now has been full of red scratches.

After a small graphic, these three-headed wolf concentratedly vented the beasts to Huifen, Director, Director Zhao, Wang President, one of them, turns the meat stick into Huifen’s vagina, each A small wolf, not only once their semen, sprayed into Huificen’s uterus, and fill her vagina full of milky white liquid, and some sprayed into her small cheek, or sprayed to her cheek superior.

Poor Hui Fen, did not expect himself to be a teacher, earn a little salary, help the family, and you can also learn what you have learned, good education next generation. But she can’t expect it. Because of her own, I caught in the palm of these wolves, and suffered their gangs. This night, I don’t know these three-headed wolf, and it’s time to turn Huifichen.

This is a slow night, time is a bit dropped. Also until every white wolf, I also have a desire, and the leather is exhausted.

At this time, the entire secret room has returned to calm! It has been made to get a full semen, and it has not been unconscious.

Chapter VI for the stress conspiracy experience this horrible one night, and I don’t know how long she is coma? When Hui Fen woke up, she found that the whole body was scattered, she didn’t move, and she immediately felt that the lower body came from pain.

At this time, after she gradually woke up, she remembered the terrorist experience before coma. Let her not drink, but she still climbs up.

At this time, she found her body or even faced with some liquids. Some although they were dry, but some also slipped on the body, but the whole pussy, it was more covered with slippery. Liquid.

It has been a wife’s Huificen, of course, knows what these are coming, she saw that she became whimped into this, and she was crying.

She cried for a long time, I found out that I didn’t see the traces of Xiaomei. At this time, an awareness but taught people feel scared, and suddenly appeared in this secret room. This is not someone else, this is the uncle, who has passed the animal desire in Huificen. At this time, he smiled and went to Huifen. This Huifen was scared immediately to pick up the broken clothes immediately, obscured himself. Naked body. And Shu is going to talk to her!

Shu Shu said: “What happens, Mr. Chen! I have seen what I have done last night, I have played. I am really awesome! What is it?”

Huifichen cried and angry: “Hey …

Listening to Huifen said, De Shu immediately fierce, he more reached out, and he took Huificen’s hair. He took the things in Hand to Huifen, this is Huificen in office The whole family in the table is coming!

Shu is a fierce to Huifen: “Hey! Omelet, dare to go to the police station, Laozi wants to have a good day.”

After Huifeng listened, it was even surprised and afraid: “You … you have this beast! You … don’t touch my family!”

De Shu said: “If you dare to mess, you will not only the family, even the female student, Laozi will also pass the you!” De Shu deliberately said that the family and Xiaomei’s life is threatened. NS! This really scared Huifen.

At this time, Huifen is crying and looking at the face: “Ah! You … how do you put Xiaomei? You … don’t touch them! I beg you!”

De Shu immediately replied: “The little sister is still a little worry! Do you think about your family!”

Huifen is more fearful: “Meng … Ming, please don’t hurt my family! Meng … Ming, what do you want to do?”

Shu Shiwen Huifen has begun to fear. Then I said: “Hey! Last night, I was smeared. I have been filming. If you come, you will open this body! Think about your family! I don’t want these things. How do you do it in the future, you want to know yourself! “

After a long time, De Shu has repeatedly thoroughly impressed Huificen, she takes care of her family and Xiaomei’s personal safety. Although I have suffered from the group of Dres, the process is also recorded, but Huifen finally promised to agree with the conditions of De Shi! Then, De Shu has put a suit from the clothes from there, fell to the ground. More shameless, picking up Huificen brain and underwear, and also sent to Huifen to Huifen!

De Shu said: “Hey! Nice underwear! Meet … I still spray, this I like it! Let Laozi make a commemoration!”

Said that the uncle De Shi did not return to the door. This deepe, of course, is still not so simple, he is now hiding behind the door, and looks at Hui Fen who has been scared to him, she is crying and sweeping. Lloyd. Deman looked at the eyes, not even smiling.

He is more important to say: “Hey! What is the female teacher! It’s still not playing two times, I was intimidated!”

Of course, play this means, De Shu, they haven’t known that they have done more than those who have gotten them. Really, you can easily you! And I have always been very effective! Make those female students, even if they are got by them, they don’t dare to say more people!

Poor Huifen, but really afraid of De Shu, really will be unfavorable to his family! After Demai looked at Hui Fen, she hid, she hid, and she continued to monitor Huifen’s move. After Huificen worn back into the clothes, he took the door that was left away from Deman left.

Huificen ran to the bathroom and cleaned it, he immediately fled the school’s building. She just stepped out the school building, she found that it was the morning time. The people in the street were extremely rare, which made her feel more helpless. She had to call a taxi, go home, leaving this campus that she is committed to her.

After Huifeng returned home, she immediately jumped into the bathroom, putting the hot water full of cylinder, and put a bottle of sterilized cleaning, the whole bottle of the bottle, then she took her own Jump into the bathtub. Today, Huifen feels the dirty dirty, and I hope to wash your own silence by bathing. But the innocent body has been stained by others! How to rinse it is also not going back, she is crying, she thinks about her family, and I am also sorry, I am more loved to my husband.

Since Hui Fen, it is more intimidated, which makes she hysterically. She is like crazy, and she kepts her body. I don’t know how long she took it, she could calm down. At this time, she only looked at themselves, looking at myself, looking at my original white tender and slippery body, now gave a disturbance, A pair of breasts is serious! The lower body is even more red to the red wolf. She looked at it, and she cried again. She rushed back to the room, she pulled it in the bed! Until she cried tired, she fell to sleep.

This day, it was the third day after the incident. Huificen has been in the day of the day, and he has not returned to the school. After being intimidated by De Shu, she didn’t dare to face others. I didn’t even tell them if I was afraid to drag my family. I didn’t know what to do. I told her husband this shy thing. In this day, she is calm, but still drinking, but today, she thinks that she wants to face the reality, I don’t want to happen, she still needs to take care of her family, take care of her daughter. It also needs to be a good mother.

In the matter, today, she decided to go to the parents’ home to see their beloved little daughter! She also deliberately selected a light red shirt, a dark basket, still faint powder, she wants to wear light, don’t give my parents, I will have a lingerie, she also picks it. A new set of white lace bras and underwear are put on. Just as she is ready to go out, the phone in her home sounded. At this time, Huifen also estimated that the husband’s national is called back, in the matter, she is more flying to pick up the phone, who does not know, the sound came from the phone, but taught her that the mood of the already flat, once again The ground is sinking to the bottom of the valley.

At this time, the telephone handset came, it was a terrible voice that she hadn’t forgotten! That is the voice of Shu!

He is shameless to eat and eat a smile: “Teacher Chen? How to make a few days without coming back school! Yellow glash me! I really miss you!”

After Huifen listened, although it was still afraid, but she replied to the scalp: “Hey! I will not come back later, please don’t harass me again!”

De Shu immediately replied: “If you don’t come back, you will not tighten it, but you can’t come here today! Someone is waiting for you.”

Huifen replied: “Hey! Who waits me not.”

De Shu also said: “So, Teacher Chen ignored the female student, hehe! The little sister is really pitiful.”

Huifen immediately heard a jewelled girl voice, and the voice of this girl, still calling: Teacher Chen, come to save me! After listening to Huifen, it was stiff to stand, I really can’t, this is a small voice coming, it is a small shouting, saving her! At this time, I heard the shot of Xiaomei, Huifen was again urgent, because she was in this day, I always wanted to contact Xiaomei, but I can’t find it!

Huifen urgently said: “Ah! Xiaomei, what’s wrong with you? What do you want?”

At this time, the phone handset once again came to De Shu’s voice, he said: “How do you think about this little sister? After half an hour, you will go downstairs, and the old Zhao will come to you, when you are, you I will know with him. If you can’t come, the Laozi is only kill her, then fell into the sea. “

After Decheng said, he did not wait for Huificent’s response, and then hanged the line. This makes Huificent’s hand, she is more worried about the safety of Xiaomei. In the midst of helpless, she only got downstairs. Huificen is waiting for a long time, in the absence of, there is really a car to drive her.

The door of the car opened, Huifen saw that driving a car is the wretched Zhao Director, and sitting in the back seat, and that fearful De Shu. At this time, I was worried about Hui Fen, who was Xiaomi-dan-dangerous, holding the attitude of Anzhi, I didn’t say it in the car.

Shu Shu looks at Huifen today, wearing elegant and generous, and the pretty face is pangted, and it is more fascinating. He looked at the eyes, but even secretly.

He also reached out to make Huificen’s hair: “Ah! Teacher Chen, didn’t see it several days, I still seem to be more beautiful today!”

Huificen dismsively avoided the gas of De Shu, she roared: “Hey! Roll fast, don’t touch me, Xiaomei is there? Say!”

De Shu said: “Teacher Chen really loves! Don’t worry! Now I will take the little sister now!”

The car has been slowly opened. In the carriage, Huifen is sitting in a lower head, and there is a good time in the heart, and at this time, the car has driven a road, and it has begun to move forward, and it has gradually stayed away from the city. At this time, Huifen began to feel a bit uncomfortable.

She asked morely: “Do you want to bring me there? What happened to Xiaomei now?”

Director Zhao, who is driving the car, more from the mirror, with De Shu to change the eyes, and the uncle, quietly took out an early tapping, and took out a drug. He suddenly took his body to Huifen, and immediately looked tightly!

He also said: “Teacher Chen, there is still a distance, you still sleep first!”

Then, De Shu took the hand to the nose of Huifen. He actually had to be technically hard, and Huifen was so sudden attack, and he said that she was more panic. There is no time. That thick medicine is coming. She can only move the body, and she has a black and coma. Soon, the car has left the road, transferred to a roundabout mountain, and the car has been driving up. It is arrived at a gorgeous villa and the car will slowly go.

This villa is a property that belongs to the President of the king in the suburbs. Although there is a very luxurious loader, it is just a tool that hides their evils. The truth is that the female students have been impressed with the ugly cave that the gowsseners have spoken. And this, the purpose is that fear defense will finally expose their evils, so they are decisive to come here to come here. These few colorful wolves, with the beauty of Huificen, but also Heads of Huificen on the bottom of Huificen. It’s been yellow. However, there is no view of the sunset oblique scene, the opposite is more dark clouds, but also started heavy rain. Rumbler, mixed with whistling wind, slamming the villa, seem to accusive the evil of these shameless wolves.

At this time, Huificen is gradually awakened. She opened her eyes and found that she was in a spacious bedroom. I was lying on a big amazing bed. At this time, she is thinking about climbing up. At the time, she suddenly felt weakness, her body is soft, and I don’t listen. At this time, De Shu and Zhao Director, and the President of the Fat, I have pushed the door.

Although Huifen feels spinning, she still has a great effort to ask Demai them asked!

She asked: “Small … Xiaomei is there … there, I … I will take her right away!”

The yellow principal opened the plasma TV that hangs on the wall. On the screen, play the picture of Xiaomei, when he was treated by him, and the shouts in the screen were still painful. Come to save her! President Wang, which is more interested in playing the sound of the playback!

It turned out that Huifen had just hearded in the phone’s handset, that Xiaomei called for help, just taking the zip of the treacherous, and then through the high-level equipment of the king, the voice played. ! The truth is not here, all of which is all the beautiful wolves, the purpose is just to lure Huifen.

At this time, the President Wang talled the screen to Huifen’s blind picture. They looked at Huificen who was painful on the screen, but also visited the taste of Jinjin.

Huifen knows that he is again. She is more exciting and ruined: “You … you … you are not a come, you … what do you want … What?”

The three-headed wolf, did not pay attention to Huifen’s scream, they still looked at the fragrance of the scenery on the screen, and more in the Sitted Character discuss the scene of the night, the terrorist experience of the night, once again Presenting in the brain, the humiliation, so that Huifen is so excited to cry.

She still suffer and pleading: “Hey … Meng, ask … ask … beg you, don’t … don’t look again.”

When Huifichen was climbed again, she suddenly felt a dizziness, her limbs were weak, and they fell back to bed again. She now except for a dizziness, she feels that she has begun to heat up, and God is gradually blurred. Of course, De Shu, when Huifen had just fainted, it has taken a lot of aphrodity. The amount is more than the previous one! This is the ghost idea of ​​De Shu, he wants Huifen to be difficult to stop, and he will exceed the Hui Xian.

Huificen can only see it, this three shameless colorful wolves have not made it to her back. At this time, the director of the Wang and Director Zhao suddenly left, leaving only the uncle, and the Huificen in the bed. When De Shu, I was slowly moved away. He looked at Huifen in your bed. Dressed up more beautiful and moving more beautiful than the previous one.

At this time, Huifen has sent a dreamy voice, and even gently said: “Oh … very … very hot! You … you, you … you want … What do you want?”

De Shu has climbed to bed. He pressed Huificen, and he was going to Huifen’s cherry, and Huifichen also felt that he was infringed, but now she can only make Small embassy! And De Shu, at this time, Huifichen is hugging, he constantly drilling the tongue into the mouth of Huifen, plout Huificen’s stocus, and drinking Huifen’s Jinluo.

Huifichen is tightly pressed against the burly body of De Shu, but also has a whole body, the whole body is hot, and the gods have gradually caught in the blurred. Huifen has no resistance! Only the old prostitution of De Shu is what I want! And De Shu, at this time, like Huifeng as a US point, constantly in her cherry, cheeks, and kiss. At this time, in the breathtaking breath, it also mixed the helpless voice!

She is pleading: “Ah … ah! Very … very hot! No … don’t … don’t! Please … ask … Please! No … you want!”

Oh now Huifen gas, such as blue, make Germany even more t-excited. He kept to Hui Fensuo kissing, feeling self Huifen who comes out of the faint fragrance, but also enjoying a Fu curvy, plump young woman mature body, he was clinging to the wonderful feeling squeezed. At this point, the remaining two satyr, has again back into the room, as if they had just had a shower like, bare upper body, lower body Yizhi wrapped in towels, they are smiling reached the edge of the bed. President Wang more to Uncle De said: “! Oh such a hurry why we have plenty of time to do why not wash ah?!!”

Uncle De immediately replied: “Hey! I was to keep the sweat odor, so that the tart taste good ah!”

President Wang then pointed at times in bed Huifen said: “! Oh Since it is so, then we will come.”

When he finished, and President Wang Zhao, climb into bed together. At this time, the Uncle De Huifen help them, and President Wang, also occupy the position immediately behind Huifen, from the Huifen hugged full, a Juba, also started between Huifen neck kiss up . Zhao, also toward Huifen lips kiss crazy licking. And Uncle De, but Yin Xiao side, while the Huifen coat clothing New Zealand, one by one, to untie.

Huifen that white plump cleavage, and wrapped in a pair of white lace bra Breasts, also with New Zealand is off his clothes, revealing in these first satyr’s hand. At this time, one of the more President Wang Huifen off the shirt, but began to kiss licking her white shoulder. Uncle De also buried his head between the Huifen cleavage, constantly kiss. While Zhao is being Huifen Xiangshe sucking his hand, but constantly walk around on Huifen Jiaoqu.

Chapter VII of the beast devoured three satyr who Yiba Huifen up clouds of containment.

Those heavy breathing breath, constantly sprayed Huifen who have been made to this body heat, she felt even more uncomfortable. At this point, Germany is more tertiary smiling, holding Huifen the hand, to his crotch, crotch press in that Yiba holding up high places to go, but the hand holding Huifen, where the rub stand up. And Zhao, he goes on Juba just left Huifen lips, down the kiss, but followed by President Wang Da Juba, again Huifen lips closed up.

He kissed the side edges, said: “! Times …… …… sip sip this tart is really sweet and fragrant slippery ah …… sip sip.”

Zhao immediately echoed: “!!!! For ah she really beautiful …… sip sip compared to those female students, this tart better play with.”

More Uncle De said: “I had never wrong, this is good stuff, only to leave her husband exclusive, how the line ah.!”

Uncle De Huifen again in one leg up, beat more along the Juba between the thigh and calf, back and forth kiss licking, and his eyes, also aimed at the same time within Huifen skirt.

Huifen the white lace panties, tightly wrapped her plump pussy, moreover, that small underwear, has also been a wet one. Germany t see very excited, but also constantly straining to Huifen bird in the hand toward the crotch squeezed.

But this time, BU is heard, President Wang Huifen open the bra clasp. And Zhao, also with his actions, one of Huifen took off bra. Huifen pair Breasts, Zhao with more action, jumped out. At this time, I looked at a few head satyr Huifen pair of rounded firm, plump white attractive Breasts, more Yin Xiao issued to.

Zhao, more praise, said: “This tart breasts really beautiful, ah!”

President Wang also said: “! Oh I just love this tart pair of tits ah!”

Uncle De Yin Xiao said: “Hey! In this tart who is a fun place multi-ah!”

So President Wang Huifen kissing lips, also he has reached out to grip rub up Huifen of a breast. And Zhao, is widened Juba, put Huifen other breast and also containing feed nozzle sucking life. Uncle De At this time, Yiba Huifen pair of heels took off, he goes Juba, Huifen more along the leg, kiss on her slender ankles, and his hands more slowly since the inner thigh, pull up into his Huifen the skirt.

Zhao nor lazy, his hands, but also from the other leg Huifen, slowly stroking into the inside of the skirt Huifen. At this time, Uncle De hand, has been extended beyond its borders on the buttock Huifen, underwear rub across the United States and two groups with a rubbery meat. And Zhao hand, more direct touch to the intermediate Huifen legs, panty via stroking Huifen vulva.

At this time, President Wang Yi Ba skull from Huifen armpit licking up to kiss her nipples, he held out his tongue Tiannong Huifen sinking has been a hard tilt to the nipple.

Huificen, even a gentle snoring in the dark. Today, Huifen has no ability to resist the violation of these three-headed wolf. And her call, and put the three-headed wolf to the fire more high. Under those rumors, they also added the skilled tributary Tsuka, and the six greedy majors.

At this moment, Huifen has been made in spring. She has a lot of overflow, and she has a lot of wet. And at this time, I was touched by Pantye, and the director of the two full labips!

He said with a laughed: “Hehe! It is noted that Teacher Chen, who is not asged during the day, itch, even more water!”

SH Shu also said: “Hehe! The teacher is really full of juice!”

The President Wang also said: “So beautiful tits, there is a juicy full of peach, Mr. Chen, I really want to eat your stomach!”

After a laughter of the three-headed wolf, the sound of the clothes was teased. Because of this, De Shu has taken away Huifen’s skirt, now, Huificen only has only a white lace small panties. At this time, nearly naked Huificen, her seductive body, white skin, has made these three-headed wolf, more exciting. Their Tsuki is also riser in Huifen’s beautiful body, their saliva, kicking in greed, arbitrarily contaminated in Huifen’s delicate body.

Director of De Shu and Zhao, each one is also holding a leg of Huificen on the left and right, and the open kiss is licking. And the principal, both hands have never left Huifen’s pair of milk. He stretched out the pointer to the nipples of Huifen, and he had grown it again. It’s all over. In addition, Director Director, Director of Zhao, the hands of the two, are also concentrated in the middle of Huificen’s legs, and touch the pants of Huificen, while De Shi is laughing at this time. stand up!

He said to Director Zhao: “Lao Zhao! Are you not going to try this beautiful peach? Do you still have a good job! You don’t eat, you will be eaten by Laozi!”

Director Zhao immediately responded right away: “So full of juicy peaches, how can I let me let go! I have already tasted it. This is good, I should leave me!”

The principal of the king also said: “Yes! I have to taste the taste of the peach!”

De Shu also said: “Hehe! Two, since the two, Laozi has only given the two first taste.”

The principal of Wang Huifen, she got a bed. He immediately solved the bath towel on the body. Under a pile of fat, his meat stick, has already been towering. And Durch, John, is also from Huifen’s thigh, and slowly kisses her pair of milk, De Shu is big, and immediately put Huifen’s milk tips into Tsui sucking.

In addition, the President Wang has also returned to bed again. He immediately took Huificen’s leg kissed. Looking at Hui Fen’s legs was opened, she had a thick scribe, and there was a small way to the side of the underwear.

Director Zhao climbed in Huificen’s legs. He didn’t use his fingers with his fingers. I said with a smile while eating.

The principal also said: “Oh! Of course. Take a look at the teacher now this is true.”

Director Zhao issued a more wretched laugh, he smiled and slowly took off Huificen’s white small panties.

Director Zhao also picked up the wet underwear, and she smelled in the nose.

He can’t help but say: “Ah … ah! Meet … Meet … Meet, fragrant, wet, very fragrant!”

Director Zhao took the Huifichen legs to be more open, and those who were stuck in dyeing were neatly arranged, and the two fat and beautiful labs were slightly separated as the thighs opened. The fascinating freshly flesh, and the fascinating meat, but also overflows a lot of slippery.

This situation, direct Zhao Director and the two-color wolf, also squeezed the head in the middle of Huificen’s legs, greedily watched Huifen’s charming.

Sur Shu is busy with Huifichen’s tip to kiss the cherry, and there is no stop in Huifichen. At this time, Director Zhao has been posted near Huifen’s pussy. He has smells from the nose, smelling the strong taste of self-Hui Fen, and the smell is even more excited. He immediately opened the big Tsuka, and he went to Huifen’s pussy. The director of Zhao is crazy, and kisses the kiss and smashed, and the head is shaking, and the sound of “snow … snow …” is issued. This makes Huificen also can’t help but make a charming snoring.

The President Wang also took Huificen’s underwear, smelling him, rubbing his meat stick to Huifen’s thighs.

At this time, Director Zhao also stretched out his tongue, drilling into the meat, licking the 芬 阴 阴 阴, 从 大 水 水 水 水 水…. 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水At this time, De Shu has taken his own pants, and he has a huge meat stick, and it has been bloated and rigorous.

At this time, the principal is also unbearable! He tried to take the head of the husband in the middle of the legs, and hungry, the wolf is like Zhang Daba, and he will go to Huifen’s pussy. He actually kissed Huifichen’s pussy with Director of Zhao! These two-headed wolves, climbed in the middle of Huificent’s legs and rushed to each other, like two dogs to fight for it, De Shu looked at the eyes.

However, he has no time to pay attention to the two avatars. He looked at Hui Fen who was smashing by two color wolves, she was slightly smashed. What kind of sultry is also her kind, teach people are excited.

After returning to the bed, he said to Huifen after returning to bed: “Come! I also let the teacher taste delicious things!”

Then, he held his big meat stick, put the purple black glans, and wipe it on the cherry of Huifen. Although Huifen is embedded in a chaotic, but the big meat stick is close to Tou, which makes Huifen naturally excessively over. However, De Shu has gripped her cheeks, putting the smell of meat sticks, and the wolf is stuffed into Huifen’s small Tsui. De Shu did not pay attention to Huifen’s dislike, he also grabbed Huifen’s hair shake her head violently.

When Director Zhao, I had sent Tsuka to Huifen’s hip. He is not stopping, kissing the two groups filled with flexible. The principal of the king is still sucking the yin nuclei of Huificen. He also stretched a head and slowly inserted into the vagina of Huifen.

Director Zhao also wanted, and he also inserted a finger into the vaginal vagina. They seem to have a tacit understanding, and the director of Zhao took the fingers into the flesh, and the president of Wang took the fingers. After the principal of the king, after inserting the finger into the flesh, the director of Zhao took the finger.

Their headings continue to be inserted in Huificen’s vagina, which makes the sound of “… …” in the flesh of the fumed water.

Shu is close to the wet warm feeling that Huificen Xiao Tsui brings him. He also grabs Huificen’s beautiful milk. Poor Huifen has suffered such obscenities, and also adds those who want to have a hypervisible drug, which makes she can’t help but explode a soft warmth, a milky white prostitute, a large number of poured from the vagina.

Make Wang President also excitedly: “Ah! Teacher’s climax is coming. True is hurt! Ah …”

After saying this, the rest of the two people also stopped, and even the uncle is also immediately drawn from Huificen’s Xiaozui. At this time, the three-headed wolf opened Huifen’s legs, their eyes were greedily stared at Huifen’s fatty pussy, and looked at the milky leaks. Out.

At this time, De Shu first has been banned, he reached his finger, he didn’t say it twice, inserted into Huifen’s vagina, and immediately pumped the buckle and excavated. Shu was inserted, and his point turned full of prostitution. Every finger is pushed, and those prostitutes are also dragged with his finger.

The director of the wretched Zhao is even more exciting. He is like crazy, once again Zhang Da Hiba, he fell to Huifen’s pussy crazy sucking, he also greedily reached out his tongue and put those prostitutes and joined Jin Tsui. And De Shu was quite satisfied with the finger of yourself, then, he actually put the finger of the prostitute into Johi sucking, seeing him still sucking very intoxicated, like a taste of food .

At this time, he also climbed to Huifen’s chest. He desperately smashed the beautiful milk. He saw the two hard tips of Huifen like the nipple of the buds, and Wang President excitedly The big mouth is so sucking. At this time, Dec Shu made the trend of Huifen’s body, and he smiled on Huificen’s beautiful butt, then he leaned over the body, crazy in the two groups of snow and flexible Look up. Director Zhao was, the more crazy, he took the tip of the hidden ribbons, and inserted a finger into the vagina’s vagina that did not stop, like a honey juice in the meat. It is an opportunity. At this time, Demai was roughly rough and opened, he stretched out the tip of the tongue into Huifen’s ditch, and more along the dividenda.

Huificen is being smashed by the three-color wolf, and the fragrant sweat is breathed. Her kind of snoring, listening to the three-headed wolves, is the teach people excited. This makes them more crazy, and the saliva spreads the saliva to Huifen’s body.

Director Zhao has been excited that it can’t help it. He climbed up and looked at Huifen’s fat and beautiful. Now it has been wet and slippery. This teacher, Director Zhao, torn it immediately, and the big meat stick is ready to go. However, when Director Zhao is holding a gun on the horse, De Shu Na Tsui is first grabbing his way.

Because Dec Shu is kissed along Huifen’s vitamin to her yin, the director of Zhao can be anxious. But he didn’t dare to Zhang, helplessly silently stayed on the side. And De Shu is not to abandon the saliva that has been covered with others. He also sucked his mouth, it is delicious, and he also puts his fingers into Huificent’s vaginal to rejection, do not The Huificent’s vagina once again overflowing a milky white prostitute.

Demai turned and turned to the director of Zhao, “Lao Zhao! Now inserted in it!”

De Shu said, let’s lie down, let the position give to the director of Zhao, and Director Zhao immediately pocked back to bed, and opened Huifen legs, he reached out to Huifen’s yin house. Next, he issued his signature wretched and laughed, he would raise his big meat stick, rub the big glans to Huifen, and then slowly insert into Huificent’s vagina. He only insert the meat stick into the small. Shameless laugh.

He laughed: “Ah … ah! Clamps! Little … Not like to have children! I am so beautiful! Teacher’s Sao! Clip … Come, I am cool!”

Director Zhao said, he struggled forward, hey, he was completely inserted into the vagina of Huifen.

Huifichen can only dream of dreaming: “Hey … Hey! No … don’t!” Ask … ask … you! 喔 … ………….

Director Zhao, of course, will not pay attention to Huifen’s unconscious, he is enjoying the kind of warmth, moist and compact pleasure brought by Huifen’s vaginal wall, his glans, has also arrived in Huificen’s uterus. After Director Zhao gave a deep breath, he began slowly pumping.

De Shu and Wang President, lying down in both, and rewarded the good play of Director Zhao. These two-headed wolf, looked at Huifen, which was gently screaming, a curled long-awaited to bed, the beautiful and moving face, and the red powder flying on the cheek, a pair of beautiful The eyebrows, the brown crumples, the blushing cold lips are slightly opened, a sweet scorpion, is from the throat, there is a ripple, and the young woman with mature mature curve is beautiful, and the sweat is The beads and saliva make the white skin, a pair of high-spirited beauty, being throttled by Zhao, driving a rhythmily throwing.

In the eyes of this fragrant scene, even the old rivers and lakes, but also to see the horse. He also can’t help, catch Huifen’s jade hand, holding his hard and unparalleled big meat stick. He also took Huifen’s jade hand, up and down.

The principal saw it, and immediately followed – from the other jade hand of Huifen, bringing to the jade rod to make up.

At this time, Director Zhao has moved from slowly pumping into violent thrust. He is pressing the body to Huifen, a pair of hands have not pitiful rumored jade on Hui Fen’s pair of milk. Under the violent pump of Director Zhao, Huifen also slammed it.

The three-headed wolf, put the Huifen Group’s surrounding group, rapidly breathed, and was confused by the Huificen of Huificen, plus the rape laughter of the colors, just with the room windows The mad rainstorm forms a scene of a relatively quite fit. However, how can they pay the mad rainy rain outside the room! They are not staged in the raining of mad rainy rain. At this time, Director Zhao has drawn red ear. With his rapid and fierce sprint movement, Director Zhao has also reached the most exciting moment.

He also excitedly called: “Ah … ah … old … teacher … really … I am fine! Let me … I exercise … I am going to smoke … Shui Yan … Bar!”

Huifen fiercely smoked in Zhao, and he couldn’t help but scream this: “Yeah … ah … ah … … … … ah …”

After the director of Zhao, after a round of rushing, the Director Zhao suddenly sounded, and the meat stick inserted into the vagina of Huifen, spurting a hottest liquid. At this time, Director Zhao also hugged Huifen tightly, intoxicated the wonderful pleasure. For a long time, Director Zhao Yi reluctantly pumped the soft stick that started soft from Huifen vaginal. He also breathed, and he took Huificen’s legs. He looked at the semen that he just leaked. I have been able to get it, and I will then issue the wretched laughter.

The leader who has been lying on the side is also an impressive. He has immediately climbed to Huifen’s legs. It is not too dirty to carry the meat stick, and the wolf is inserted into the vagina that is full of semen. Look at the look of the king, the temper, breathless, no! It should be said that it is like a pig, and a fat is pressed to Huifen, and it is crazy. And just by Zhao, Zhao’s hustle and disgrace, the sensitive body is still too late, and then be violently violated by another wolf, which makes her again.

The principal is laughing: “… …! Teacher Nao … Sao Gao is great! Really … really … I don’t do it! Clip … I have me … I am very … … very tight! “

One of the presidents said, a desperate delivery, got his fat, stirring like a waver, a lot of “… …” sound, mix with the king principal The root of the roots in Huificen’s “… …” sound, and Huifen now is fascinating, and the wolf is still more exuberant. If you are desirable, your breathing is also more heavy, and you look at it, and you will continue to issue a shameless laugh.

Just sent to the Director of the Beasts, he looked at the death of the priest to the death of the king, in his hand, and he was able to smell his nose before the nose. Wandering is laughing.

He also slammed the whispers who said: “Ah! Oh …!”

And Shu also said: “Ah! Beauty is beautiful! You said such a voice, Laozi really likes to listen!”

Shu Shi said, he opened the tribe, and a breast of Huifen contained in Tsui. After the President Wang took a crazy pump, it was already sweating. Seeing that he constantly increases the speed of the throduction.

At this time, the principal said he loudly: “… …! Teacher … Teacher … really … I am really dry! I … I … I can’t. Ah!”

The President Wang was twitching. He inserted the meat stick into the vagina, a milky white semen, sprayed into the vagina of Huifen. Huifen has also been made to open Xiao Zhujiao. But at this time, a strong smell is immediately attacked by Huifen. Because of this, De Shu has mentioned his thick meat stick, stuffed into Huifen’s Xiao Tsui. Poor Hui Fen still has no time to breathe, and the mouth is bold in the mouth of De Shu, and a hair is more written by De Shu, but also roughly shaking her head.

At this time, the President Wang is in the pain, and it is soft and soft. At this time, the big meat stick of De Shu, after a while in Hui Fen, he smoked the meat stick, laughing, and smiled, while putting the meat stick in Huifen’s face.揩.

He also said: “Hey … Hey … Hey! Nothing? Delicious? My beauty! Only Laozi can make you get the fastest, I am coming.”

Then, De Shu opened Huificen legs, his pair of eyes stared at Huifen’s pussy, looked at the white semen, and slowed down from the flesh to overflow, two tender little labiars, Under the two-piece wolf, it has been opened outward, highlighting the blushful jerk, which is blooming outward like delicate quarry. Shu Shu laughed, and slammed his finger to Huifen. Then, inserting two fingers into Huificent’s vagina to dig up, so, immediately put Huifen It’s ackless to squat.

After Decheng quickly took the finger, his two fingers were covered with liquid. I don’t know that the semen just leaked in two days? Is it a Huifen’s episode? Dec Shu also didn’t pay attention, he only took a smile, and stuffed the two fingers, stuffed into Huifen’s Xiao Tsui.

He also said: “What is it? How is these tastes? Teacher wants to have a clean point.”

Huificen can only send a weak snoring between the throat. Just when De Shu took the finger from Huifen Xiaozui, Huifen screamed soon.

Because of this, De Shu has put his huge meat stick, and the whole roof wolf into Huificent’s vagina.

He also praised: “My beauty! Is it more harmful than just a more interesting?”

At this time, the huge glans of De Shu, have been to Huifen’s uterus. And Shu is more hands to hold Huificen’s beautiful buttocks, make Huificen’s hips to a rotating swing, so that his huge glans is more friered with Huifen’s uterus.

After a round of swing, De Shu immediately launched the thrush of the wolf, and he is also inserted into the vagina’s vagina in Huifen.

In this way, the grievances of Hui Fen have succeeded: “Oh … oh … no … no … don’t … …”

This kind of scream, listening to the Demale Ear, making him more beast, which is more crazy. De Shu’s meat stick is really huge, plus his wolf, and make Huificen to work hard to grasp the bed, whisper, to the violent delivery of the Mussen beast.

At the next two-headed wolf, Director Zhao and the President of Wang, seeing this scene, in addition to being excited, I am also sighful in my heart! At this time, the two-headed wolf looked at De Shu pressed Huifen, and the thick meat stick fills the vagina of Huifen to crack. The two fat labs, mixed with mucus, swallow the giants, keep tightening outward. Coupled with the dark skin color of De Shu, it is pressing Huificen’s snow white and joy to form a strong contrast.

This scene, taught the director of Zhao, who has taken a while, seeing his meat sticks, and once again, it is stupid. At this time, the de unconscious plug-in, while the beautiful wolf wolf, the beautiful wolf wolf, and the ten points are also embedded in the two gains. In addition, Director Zhao also can’t help it. He also climbed back to bed again, and raised the mince stick that had been bloated again, and he was stuffed into Huifen’s puzzle. Director Zhao also grabbed Huifen’s hair and kept shaking her head.

Director Zhao also said that he couldn’t help but say: “Snow … Snow! Ah! Teacher! I will give me your strength … Yus! Ah! Snow … Snow!”

The poor Huifen vision is from the ruthless thrush of De Shu, but it is stuffed in another wolf’s meat stick, and she is really almost suffocated. At this time, Demai, but suddenly took the meat rod from Huifen’s vagina. At the same time, he turned the body of Huifen, but also made the hips of Huificen to high, so Huificen climb It’s on the bed.

Director Zhao also cooperated, he kneelted his body, grabbing Huifen’s hair, and then put his meat stick into Huifen’s Xiao Tsui. At this time, I also mentioned the meat stick, and I opened it again into the vagina in Huifen. It is more pioneered immediately. In the Shu Shu plugged down, the sound of Huificen’s beautiful butthal hit the sound of “… …”, mix with the meat stick in the vagina “… …” sound.

The remaining wolf king principal, looked at Hui Fen’s beautiful milk, now like the appearance of the bell, and even more fiercely swayed, seeing him immediately, he immediately ran to bed, It’s even more lying down, and put the skull into Huificent’s chest. He opened the Tsuka, and Huifen’s milk tip was sucking into Tsui.

De Shu said that he said: “Hehe! Beauty! Have such enjoyment, how can you give you a good!”

Director Zhao also said: “Yes! Then we let the teacher enjoy it!”

The President Wang immediately said: “Ah! Meet … Meet! This is so beautiful, I am happy to give her a good enjoy!” These few color wolves, you said, I spend it, The extremely insulting swearing, and then goes home to Huifen’s husband. And Guoliang, at this time, I was working in the distance, I hope to do a little achievement, let the wife and my family have repeated some more comfortable life. During the country, there is certainly don’t know, the wife who has been hidden, now Pubang, it is actually surrounded by the three-headed wolf, and it is still in the eye.

This side, I don’t know how to be more than a few, and I have already smashed the big sweat. As he hurriedly pumped, De Shu’s desire, has reached the vertex. He took the meat stick to the uterus of Huificen, and he spurted the fine semen, all sprayed into Huifen’s uterus.

For a long time, De Shu slowly took the meat stick from Huifen’s vagina. He looked at his semen, and his vaginal is full of vaginal, full of slowly, and he is shamelessly showing A complimentary smile.

At this time, the director of the Zhao immediately took the meat rod from Huifen’s Xiaozui, and he ran behind Huificent, and once again trocked her ass. He is not allowed to ban him, and he can’t take care of the semen of other people in Huifen. When you make meat sticks, you will put into the vagina in Huifen again, and you will start crazy thrust. He is like not to lose to Demai, and the intensity of the pins and wolves, and will never let Dresbe than, the same, the beautiful buttocks of Huifen hit “… …” !

Huifichen can only climb in bed like a bitch, and I don’t know if it is painful or loop. But very quickly, her snoring disappeared, because of her Xiajiz, she has been stuffed with the martial art of the king. In this way, the three-headed wolf turned Huifichen again, until a few hours, the last head was sprayed into Huificen, and the whole room was still quiet.

软芬 芬 芬 in the bed, is not only the entire pussy, it is full of semen, and looks by the thighs to the lower abdomen until a pair of milk, but also give the sauce after venting, put the semen like painted Apply to her! And a playful and hair, it is more like it all! After a moment, a few pieces left the room one by one. Abandoned a hairdressing and full of Huificen in bed. Huificen was also taken in the past. After this rape rape, will the three-headed wolf will give it here?

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