Zhang Jingxiang, a school language teacher, 24 years old, unmarried, Ningbo people, quiet, the skin is very white and full, has changed from the university, and the men around me look at her fullness and snow white skin, refuse Loading feelings only to solve sexual desires, as long as she is impulsive, she also has impulsive, and she is wearing a hot pants, the part is very fond, and many meat, from the back of the waist, the part is two The snapsome meat drums, and she is getting used to this kind of sex life. This year, it is not good, and there is no boyfriend with my boyfriend, and I have a hunt of sexuality, in order to solve the only masturbation or adult products. Another protagonist, Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang is his son’s class teacher. He made a color heart on Zhang Jingxiang early morning. He is intentionally touched by his hand or looks at her cleans, and Mr. Zhang also felt This guy is interested, maybe Teacher Zhang has not done for too long, I feel itchy in my heart, I really want to give him an important part, slowly, Mr. Chen’s movement is more and more, more and more bold, Teacher Zhang did not escape. It didn’t touch him, and once a teacher took a bus to buy something. In the car, I met Mr. Chen, they chatted together, the people were very much, very crowded, They are stuck together, Mr. Chen passed on her sports tights, pack it very tightly, handless in the jade stock, see Zhang Jingxiang’s big breasts to the middle armrest column, he deliberately Holding the handle pillar against her breasts, the jitter of the bus makes her breast touch his hand, he looked at the soft cotton’s double breast collision to hit his hand straightforward addiction, and encountered The place is the nipple, Zhang Jingxiang feels very comfortable but not too big, can’t let him know, but it is more difficult to endure the pleasure brought by the breast, then collide with more frequent, especially when the brakes, she deliberately The breast is going to, and the hand hits the whole breast. It is like a balloon. It quickly returned and repeated it, and finally the nipple was hard, the Yin Department was also wet, and Mr. Chen thought she was deliberate. On the evening, Zhang Jingxiang sex is difficult to hold the electric false shader to insert his own obscene … After a Friday, Mr. Chen came, because his son’s key fell to the classroom, let Mr. Chen Come, it has been 10 o’clock, because many students and teachers have returned Friday, the whole school and dormitory call no one, Mr. Chen knocked on the door, very quickly Zhang Mr. Zhang, Mr. Chen’s first eyes After reading the half of the teacher, the hair was wet, it seems that I just took a shower, wearing a relatively sexy, wearing a white half translucent tights, bumping the double breast, blowing the clothes, wearing a dark body Tight hot pants, genital excitement trenches, tight stocks.

“Hello, Teacher Zhang, I am sorry to bother you so late.”

“Hello, Mr. Chen, come in and sit”

When Mr. Chen, she looked at her bumding and genitals. Mr. Chen was unbearable. Mr. Chen chatted with Tea and chatted with Mr. Zhang. The tea was going to the toilet. I went to the bathroom to turn the door. I saw a plate. I haven’t washed it. Underwear, he picked up the baby’s bust in the plate, especially! It is obvious to be bigger than your wife! I smelling, such a teacher’s body, and then found a teacher’s underwear, obviously with the bust, the small cloth bag, the small cloth, also with white liquid and yellow urine stains, this is After the bathroom, I came out again, and he put it in the bed to continue to chat. Suddenly he caught a stick in the pillow, and took it out. It was an electric fake mask. At that time, Teacher Zhang was shocked. Stay, don’t know what to say.

Chen “Actually … this … this is normal, everyone needs, you can find a boyfriend”

Zhang “I have been with my boyfriend for a long time … so …..

Chen “Nothing, I will help you introduce one”

Zhang “This is not used … Let’s go … Actually, I … I …”

If you didn’t say that Mr. Chen took Mr. I kissed, Zhang Jingxiang was put on, and I just put it. Lao Chen kissed her in bed. Zhang Jingxiang took the initiative to store the tongue to the mouth. Old Chen contains her tongue, the two tongues are stirred together, and the hand grabbed her breasts, really very full! When I can’t finish it, my hand is caught in the clothes, my hand is not stopped, and I am very hard. He takes off Zhang Jingxiang’s clothes, revealing a pair of big and white breasts, hands arrested I got a big white milk, and the milk was drunk with a mouth, the lubricated tongue kept rubbing the nipple and absorbed, at this time, Zhang Jingxiang took a deep breath and sent it … ah … the sound, she is booted in bed, Give old Chen play her breasts, “Teacher Zhang actually likes you in the morning …”

“I am also, I have a good impression to you, come and love you with me”

Lao Chen stretched into pants. It turned out that her B was already wet. He used the middle finger to go up and down in the humid ditch, and taking the clitoris, Zhang Jingxiang taking off the hot pants to open the legs, the whole B They are covered with prostitutes, and the old Chen is using two fingers to open the fat labips, revealing the pink clitoris and slightly open meat holes “Ah … don’t look … I’m shy …” Lao Chen began to enter He stretched out the tongue and licked the abalone of Zhang Jingxiang. The lips flap came to lick. At this time, Zhang Jingxiang has become very sensual, unlike the peaceful quiet, Zhang opened his mouth, ” what…

… ah … so comfortable … ah! ! ! ! It is this, that is, this is

Old Chen with the tongue of the tongue, picked the clitoris, and the transparency of the transparency, “good fragrance! Zhang teacher is clean”

He opened the hole, inserted in the tongue and stirred the tender meat inside. There were many water in the meat, the tongue was like a water in it, and the flow in the bed was in bed. “Ah … ah … too comfortable. !Give me!

Give me! “

Old Chen dials his tongue, holding the meat stick that has already been documented, inserting in the poaciety!

“Ah !!!! Insert it, fast!”

Old Chen moved the waist to make the meat stick in the small hole, and “Mr. Chen, you don’t have a set …”

“Not afraid, I have allocated it. Come, open the leg Zhang”

Zhang Jingxiang felt that he opened his thigh to put his own small hole. She didn’t feel too long for too long. She felt that the small hole rose, looked up, and the old man’s meat stick is very fat. ! Very dark, all of her boyfriend did not have such a large meat stick, blame a bit of rising, she looked at this big black stick and kept in the hole in the small hole, support the small hole very round, this feeling is really comfortable died! Old Chen billed her meat, plugged in the little mouth of the prostitution into the small mouth of Zhang Jingxiang, and she was blowing, the big rod put her mouth very wide, the meat was very hot in the hand, ” Clean the eggs and put the whole mouth in your mouth

Zhang Jingxiang was very obedient. He stirred with a double finger into the small hole until the double finger filled with the transparent prostitute, dialed into the mouth of Zhang Jingxiang, and licked the prostitution. It has been covered with obscene, began to kiss, they use the kinky liquid to lubricate, full of smell, Lao Chen kisses her small hole, let her more intense, she holds the old Chen not put the tongue Stirring … “Chen Ge … I …

I can’t stand it, ah … don’t! do not want! “

Lao Chen’s double finger stopped with a small hole, stirring with the tender meat inside, Zhang Jingxiang screamed “ah !!”

The small hole sprayed a white spring, she climbed! Very powerful! Spray it on the wall. Old Chen hands grabbed Zhang Jingxiang’s jade leg Zhang opened the body completely revealed, and the thick and black meat stick inserted into Zhang Jingxiang, and immediately screamed “Teacher Zhang, enjoy it!”

“Ah … ah … you … you are bad, so comfortable! Don’t stop, do it! Insert me!”

What is unexpected is that this is a real side of Zhang Jingxiang, usually can’t see it! Zhang Jingxiang Zhang Dakou is called, hands with his own breasts, “I … I really can’t stand, ah … ah … ah … insert a deep point! Give me!

Give me! “The old Chen is using the waist to the top, hit the rose on the thigh, every hook of the breast milk, Zhang Jingxiang gives the big JJ to die, the old Chen Yue, the more, The big black rod crazy inserted the small hole friction, about more than ten minutes, Zhang Jingxiang Xue white jade legs became pink, “Ah … ah … Chen Ge, I am going to be climax … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … “

Old Chen strives to take Zhang Jingxiang to dry with the whole body, the whole body is crazy, and the whole bed is not stopped, and the sound of “” is very fast. The milk is constantly shaking.

“Ah !!! I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it, too comfortable, I am coming to climax … ah !!!!”

Lao Chen took more than ten seconds in it. It opened the meat stick, inserted in the mouth of Zhang Jingxiang, shot in her mouth, full of semen, Zhang Jingxiang lying Breathing in bed, Chen, “Sorry, I just turned too much?”

Zhang “Ah … you are so fierce, do you like me?”

Chen, I like it early. “

They steal the feelings, the next day, Saturday and Sunday, Lao Chen took a walk to the teacher, and every time Zhang Jingxiang was very full, the climax was once again, for this sexual partner Zhang Jingxiang is very satisfied and comforted.

In the next week, the old Chen is going back to Friday. During the business trip, they use mobile phone greetings, and I will make love together on Friday. Finally, on Friday, the old Chen took a child to school. When I was studying, I played a child with another classmate to play Zhang Jingxiang’s office. I saw no one in the office. He took the door with Zhang Jingxiang kissed, and held her breast. I kissed her ears, Zhang “I miss you,” Chen “I am also”

Zhang “Do you want to do it now?”

Chen “I thought, I thought I”. “

Zhang “Can you come tonight?”

Chen, “Well, now eat a snack first.”

Old Chen smashed the skirt of Zhang Jingxiang, revealing on white underwear, with his hand to enter the underwear, touched the yin, suddenly someone knocked on the door, they stopped, opened the door, the master teacher “fragrance, close the door ? “

“There are mice, we are playing mice”

“Is it noted?”


Teacher Zhang’s small hole is already very wet, suddenly not doing it to make her very unsatisfactory, they still agree.

At about 10 o’clock, Lao Chen is coming, I only see Mr. Zhang is sitting on the playground. I saw that Lao Chen came, she walked in the direction of the dormitory, because the security booth didn’t want to let the security guard, wait until there is no The place of the person, Lao Chen grabbed Zhang Jingxiang’s abundant stocks, she took the initiative to rely on the wall, and she raised her old Chen to grab her breasts, and unlock the button and then pulled it off and revealed a pair of big white milk, old Chen’s hands grabbed the milky and absorbed the nipple. Zhang Jingxiang kept taking off his underwear to take off the underwear in the skirt, let the old Chen touched, soon, the old Chen took off his pants ready to use the standing posture. When you enter the small hole, Zhang. “Don’t do it here, or go to my dormitory!”

Because the whole school is very quiet, Zhang Jingxiang did not deduct the breasts to the dormitory. When the stairs were on the stairs, I looked at Zhang Jingxiang didn’t wear underwear. I can’t stand it. I have to go to her hostel to go to 4 The building of the building is only to the dormitory through a corridor. When the third floor, the old Chen took off her skirt from behind!

“Ah! Are you can’t help? I am going to the dormitory.

“Fragrance, I miss you too much, anyway, no one here, I have not tried it in the school.”

“I am also very itchy, I will destroy our good things to the math teacher, come on the afternoon.”

“I have left a lot of semen to you!”

Zhang Jingxiang stood to bend his waist, and his hands held the stairs to raise the jade stocks to let the old Chen from behind, and the old Chen hands grabbed the huge meat sticks in the shares. ” !

“Ah … ah … ah … then do you dry!”

Zhang Jingxiang stands to separate the legs to let him smash, about more than ten minutes, Zhang Jingxiang is so weak under the giant stick, I want to lying down, but I don’t clean it. “Ah … Chen Ge, I want to enter the classroom Reject

Old Chen put the meat stick and dialed it out. There were many water in the small hole, and she blowing! The whole body is shaking, she opened the three-year-old door, sitting in the table in the first row, opening the legs and fingertips, separating the big lone lips showing the small hole said “Come! I can’t stand! Quickly insert!”

The big meat stick is inserted in the legs. Lao Chen has grabbed jade legs, and the legs can be done very open, and Zhang Jingxiang is supported by the big meat stick in the legs … Lao Chen opens the mobile phone video and the LED lights are waiting next to “I will see it clearly”

“Ah … ah … good … so comfortable … Do you do more … ah …”

Zhang Jingxiang didn’t know that this is a video, I thought it was only to open the LED light. At this time, her scream is very sensual, and the opening of the mouth is not awkward, the mobile phone takes the process, inserted about 8 minutes, Lao Chen put the phone On the way, let Zhang Jingxiang open his leg to the mobile phone, let the mobile phone put her breast milk, beauty b and obscenity, and Lao Chen put the double-finger petal fertilizer and lips. “I took Teacher Zhang Plug in white pulp, beautiful beauty, so tender and wet

After that, the double finger inserted into the pocket, stirred the tender meat inside, inserted a few times and found her G point, soon she reinforced, about that position, he slowly turned out, the small hole嗒 声,, Zhang Jingxiang’s expression feels uncomfortable “Ah … ah … good comfort … I will come to the climax. Am I …

Old Chen began to speed up the speed, the whole lower body is shaking, and the snow-white skin is red “Ah … I can’t stand it, don’t … I will come climax! Top! Too hard!”

Old Chen fell into the inside, and quickly sprayed out, sprayed the phone, and the mobile phone was spurt. The entire podium is kinky, Zhang Jingxiang has not returned to God, and the old grasping giant is inserted into the wet I took a journey, my legs touched together, pushing big, the table is playing together, the classroom is lively, the legs of the legs, the collision of the table Zhang Jingxiang’s screaming sound together, she took the legs on the shoulders of the old Chen, and the old Chen saw her legs together, so that it is tighter, from the side, Teacher Zhang The legs are full of snow, the hips are hypertroph, the legs give old Chen Cuts, this posture is maintained for ten minutes, Mr. Zhang started climax “喔 … 喔 big meat stick plug me so comfortable, so fierce … ah … ah … I seem to have a climax, don’t stop don’t stop … I want! I want! Ah … a … “

Zhang Jingxiang once again, the whole body is tap, but the old Chen did not stop, grabbed her legs opened, and the hard-opening legs were exhausted, and he looked at his wet meat stick in a bunch of clouds. It is very enjoyable, and the tenderness of Teacher Zhang is too comfortable, and it is wet and hot and slippery. It is really unable to stop, Zhang Jingxiang restored the lascivious state, Zhang Kaikou … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … 的 淫 着 “Chen Ge, you are so fierce …

Are you coming to do me in the future? “

“As long as you need, always do it”

“Chen Ge, shot me!”

Old Chen grabbed her open legs to start the last trick, the small hole shot in the meat stick, Zhang Jingxiang felt a warm flow into his body, and the more she was more satisfied, the old Chen put the meat stick After they were allocated, pick up the phone, I saw that Zhang Jingxiang’s genus has been wet, the hair, the thigh, the butt is water, the pink meat hole is moving, out of the moving White semen … that night, Chen Chen opened the video and appreciated, if the video flows out, she is over!

After a few days, the principal has been in the past few days, and the old Chen is coming, and Mr. Zhang secretly uses electric masks to meet themselves. One night, the principal suddenly called Zhang Jingxiang, saying to come to the principal room, she came to the schoolmaster, I saw the principal in pouring water “principal, have you still gone? Is there anything so late? “

“Sorry, I will call you so late, you should drink it first”

Zhang Jingxiang took over and drank half a cup. The principal saw her drink, and the heart has been premedited because the cup is under the cup!

“Fragrance, in fact, this time, it is said that some embarrassing things, you have made a bad thing in the school.”

“Bew wrong? No!”

The principal played the mobile phone to Mr. Zhang, she was shocked, it was a video with Lao Chen in the classroom!

The principal “This is the sneak shot on the night, you do it too much! I want to expel you!”

Zhang “I am sorry, I don’t think about it, just Mr. Chen … too,”

The principal “I don’t care, you are doing too much in the classroom, I will not talk to others, you are still low-key!”

Zhang “Sorry, I will not have a chance to have a chance?”

The principal “This matter is no one knows, only me! Unless you are willing to give me your body!”

“How can I do this? Impossible”

The principal “then you will go! I only ask you to love you once, you watch the video, you are too susceptible! I guarantee that I haven’t happened from tonight.”

Teacher Zhang hesished, the principal rushed to hold Teacher, grabbing her big white milk kissed, she wanted to push, the principal is too tight, “the principal … don’t … don’t do this”

“What can I don’t work, the parent can enter your body, why can’t I?”

“Ah, no!”

One of the principals reached into her hot pants, touched her pants, rubbed the cavity in the middle finger, and pulled her clothes down a pair of big white milk, “fragrance, your breast is beautiful, and big White

He pushed Mr. Zhang to the sofa. He grabbed his breasts. The use of mouth contained the nipple, pressed against her, and the pharmacuation was sent! She felt fever, entered the state of thinking love, but she is still very disgusted on this matter, trying to resist the principal, so really, don’t like this … “

“It’s just one night, I will make you, hehe …”

The principal took her hot pants, and the snowy jade legs and black clouds were revealed. He grabbed the jade legs opened. Zhang Jingxiang’s genitals exposed to the principal “good beauty!: Principal’s extended The tongue licks up, opened the fat big lips, stimulating the clitoris with the tongue, slowly wet, Zhang Jingxiang did not know how to be good, weak, the heart is afraid to expel with pharmacokine attacks and other factors “Xiangxiang’s beauty is so beautiful! It’s clean! Pink, you have a lot of water, you are good,” Zhang Jingxiang “ah!”, The principal put the tongue into the vagina, taste the taste inside, His tongue was stirred up and down, itching her obscenity DC, the principal took off his pants in the small hole, revealing the meat stick that had been documented, Zhang Jingxiang saw the principal’s giant, very coarse! Mr. Chen is bigger! She is a little fear, “The principal is asking you, don’t … I really don’t have anything else …” The principal grabbed her legs, the thick meat stick went to the small hole, Zhang Jingxiang pushed open He, “The principal is really don’t … I will help you blow, put the semen into my mouth … Please don’t plug in” “You have a baby, you have a lot of semen! I want to shoot you! The small hole is filled! It is like the parent. She had to open his legs and pushed him with hand. There is also 8 cm away from the hole … 7 cm … getting closer “Don’t! Don’t! Ah … don’t … I beg you not to do this” 5 cm 3 … Zhang Jingxiang Bite the teeth with your talents, the glans encountered the hole, the principal felt to the soft thing, half a glans went in “Ah !!!!!!! Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!” Zhang Jingxiang The meat stick slowly inserted into your own body, the whole glans inserted, the small hole became a round, she was weak, her hands were soft, I had to start “fragrance, you can rest assured, I will make you comfortable stand up”

The thick meat stick is inserted into half. She saw her little hole swallowed with this thing, and slowly inserted it. Zhang Jingxiang felt that the lower body rose, but the vagina supported this giant. It is very pleasant. The more you rose, the longer it, the principal has dial it out, the vaginal will be loose, and the empty, soon slowly plug in “fragrance, your small hole is very tight, I slowly inserted, put it slowly It’s a penetration inside, it’s used to it, just like a warm-up movement. “I really rose, slow down, slow down”

The giant is slowly out of the small hole. Zhang Jingxiang has to open his legs to this thing to invade his own body. There is more wet in the small hole, and the vaginal mouth has been covered with transparent prostitution “fragrance, you see, you see, My meat stick is covered with your prostitution. Your small hole is very wants? Come! I want to hang! “The meat stick has quickly throttled, and Zhang Jingxiang really wants the thrill of meat sticks to stimulate the thrill, when inserted With the entire vagina, the kind of rising feeling is very satisfied, the empty feeling of the empty feeling is inserted, and the effect of this action makes her very enjoyable, plus the meat stick friction when the vaginal wall is pulled up. The tender meat is not much female, and it is directly climax.

“Fragrance, like it? Don’t be embarrassed, everyone has sex, you are so strong, I have to feed you!” Zhang Jingxiang’s heart wants to resist, but it has been accepted, it is unbearable The rare, the thick meat stick is too comfortable. She really wants to use the power point, but she is embarrassed to say, her open legs look at the meat sticks uncomfortable, the cave, the depths of the vagina have been it The limit, it is very necessary to have a strong stimulus “very comfortable in the small hole! I am here!”

Suddenly a giant has accelerated, quickly in the meat, a strong stimulus is a teacher who wants to be, the vagina has been secreted after this stimulus, inside Get more and more wet! It’s good! It’s so good! The small hole of fragrance is tight, there is more and more water, you must be very comfortable!

Come … Don’t endure, show your lascivious face, just think that night, in the classroom, you love the Zhang Jingxiang, this is the principal wants to hear, both hands grab a big white milk, Let her feel more comfortable, almost inserted, he put Zhang teacher, let her stand in the back of the back! I am fighting with my buttocks, “Xiangxiang, let’s stimulate”

The principal hugged the master to put the giant stick to the depths, two should be attached together, open the door and slowly walked to the corridor, Zhang Jingxiang bent his hands and holding the front block, facing the teaching building “to improve your ass” Point, legs separation “

The principal has gripped the jade stock with the waist, and she did not dare to call. I was afraid to hear it, but the meat stick was getting more and more fierce, she couldn’t stand it, one hand It is not called, the principal is obeying, and I will go to the top, hit the buttocks, a pair of big white breasts are very awkward, and each of the bodies of the scent will be pushed forward, repeatedly “Come on! Call it out, let your obscenity echo the whole school”, in this strong stimulation, she finally couldn’t help, Zhang Kaikou … Ah … ah … 的 来, “fragrant, you Called really! Good lascivious voice, put a raise on the railing! “

The principal lifted her legs on the railing, the other is standing, open the legs to make the giant plug, at this time, Zhang Jingxiang has echoed in the teaching building, “principal, I … I can’t stand it, I am coming to the climax … Ah … ah … “The principal bucket for more than ten, poured in the small hole, and he dial out, a fountain spurted, slapted, from The small hole flows to the legs, the ground is all obscenity, because the meat stick is too big, the vagina has been strongly stimulated and incontinent. “I put you in the tide, I feel very cool! Come!” The principal put the giant into the small hole I started to do it, and I took a few minutes in it. “Xiangxiang, you are so lassed, how much water is you? Dry tired? Let’s go to the office” them back to the office She sat on the sofa “Come, open the legs, open the hole, let me plug in!”

He holds a giant to rush to the two legs, and insert all!

“Ah !!!!! Um … um … ah … ah …”

Zhang Jingxiang opened his mouth, she didn’t expect the small hole to swallow this giant and normal sex, she did her very comfortable, in the violent pumping, the principal wanted “how, give me a good Comfortable? I am shot, shot inside “” Ah … don’t shoot it is very dangerous, don’t! Don’t! Don’t! Ah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The principal stopped, and the vagina felt a warmth spray. After dialing out, the white semen did not stop in the small hole. The geniosis was covered with white pulp. After the teacher, Teacher Zhang was busy with her clothes and cleans contraception. Although the night There is still a little pain, but the thrill of that day has never been encountered, she is disgusted on what happened tonight, but the climax of giant brought, and the little hole loves the feeling of giant fill. After the matter, the principal is certainly not so easy to let her, can’t stop harassment in the school, pat the abundance stocks, and catch her breasts and paters when there is no one, and put her wet and pick her sex. And let her do it at night.

When there is no lesson, lunch break, at night, in the morning, read the time, etc. I know that the night will give the old Chen, sometimes the principal is unbearable, and it will wait until she is convenient to dry, two times in one night, plus the small hole. But after a long time, Lao Chen wants to work back to his hometown, can not be with Zhang teacher, the principal knows this, and directly put Zhang teacher as yours, and taught her very sensuality, it will play, let the principal are placed, If you want to make love, you don’t let go of any time. Directly take your pants away from the lubricating liquid directly into the body, 20 minutes’ fast food is not let go, completely seeing the mirror, quiet, and estrus It is so sensual.

In the fierce field on the beach For a while, the principal left the school for a while, and Mr. Zhang was lonely, using the previous electric bar to pocket, and found that the big meat stick without the principal is comfortable. I only throw away after it. After about two weeks, the principal finally came back, and Teacher Zhang did not actively find the principal to make love, but the principal has already died other women in the business trip, asking to wait for her safe period to go to the beach holiday, then wait After four days, I finally waited until the safety period, that day is the most intense! When the principal of her inclusion, the principal was shaped, and the sexy white tights did not wear a bust. Because the clothes were relatively small, the double milk supported two jade balls, the light red nipple visible, the middle is a Zipper, as long as the zipper pulls the whole breast, it will be revealed, the lower body is a set of tights, white and semi-transparent tight hot pants, because the number of codes is small, the jade stocks have broken the trousers, very close, The vulva is very strong, it looks very strong, the ditch is clear, and the entire shape of the genus is not worn. The principal drives to the beach vacation together, came to the early rental house, because it was 11 o’clock in the evening, Mr. Zhang was waiting to do, they stopped the car, take the backpack directly to the beach Field, because this is a relatively remote place, I hope that I can’t see someone. I can have a black, they can make love, because there is no one in the road, the principal puts the zipper in front of the chest. Out of a pair of big white milk, when walking, go up and down, then come to a lot of boulders, take off her tight hot pants, take out wear vibration butterfly masturbation, or wireless remote control, “fragrance , Put this belt, to ensure that you fall in love with it “” This itch is dead, so bad … “

First insert the fake mask into the vagina, the Ykam’s Y, the Ykuo is in the clitoris, and the vibration is really worthy, don’t you understand? Taobao is looking for it, then I want to take a butterfly in the genus, I only see a butterfly with two ropes. It is very stable. I will not fall or hurt. The principal tries the remote control, vibration Get up, the fake mask a motor and Y fork a motor, after the startup, the vaginal and clitoris will vibrate at the same time, Teacher Zhang clamps the legs “Ah … so powerful, this thing is too bad”

“Let’s find a right one, we have to do one, put your hole inserted” “You can stick to an hour is very good”

“Reassured, this time you do a few hours!”

Turn the vibration to the weakest gear, but Teacher Zhang will take a lot of way, and that butterfly is too itchy. After about 8 minutes, I found a place where I didn’t borrow, and there were huge stones around them, I was not afraid to see others. They climbed the highest stone, let Zhang Jingxiang sat down, face the sea, the principal grabbed her legs! The butterfly and the anus directly opposite the sea, the shake is high, and the shock is shocked. “

It’s itchy, this thing is so good. “

The principal grabbed her snow-white jade milk, stimulated with two fingers, the fake hook in the vaginal, the Y-Zun’s vibration stimulated, and made Zhang Jingxiang, ” Ah … ah …

喔 … um …! what! what! Too stimulating, I can’t, he shook me inside, I want to use your big meat stick to plug in, put it full, itchy itching “principal after catching the breast, remove the butterfly When dialing the fake mask, the prostitute in the small hole is now flowing soon, the two legs are wet, and Teacher Zhang has become very humid, the meat is firm, the pink clitoris is like a jade bead “Wow … Xiang, you have flowed a lot of water, I want to know how much you want. “Don’t say it, come! I want, let me have more water” “Let me lick you. Mei points, sitting on the legs to open “

Zhang Jingxiang sat on a stone, opened his legs to reveal the bare cavity without the happing, saying “My legs are very open, let my fat b are cleaned”

The principal can not reach out of the tongue, the tongue is like a paper towel to wipe the prostitute just wet, itch is lying on the stone, the flap is open, the lips are licking, “Ah !!!! !Um……

Ah … you have a good comfort, ah … ah … continue! Zhang Jingxiang did not stop, the tongue slid in the ditch, the tip of the tongue picked up the clitoris, let her swearing big, “fragrance, you are very fragrant, very clean, pink is very beautiful Oh “” Then you have to have a few mouthfuls. “

Zhang Jingxiang is taught, and it is completely two people, and the principal is inserted into the vagina. Zhang Jingxiang is more excited. The tongue is constantly changing, and the sound of the tongue is nothing. Stop out “fragrance, your prostitution is a bit salty, I have to dry inside”

The principal’s head kept swinging between the M-shaped jade legs, got almost, using two fingers into the vagina, one-way, “inside is so wet! I want you to spray water”

The double finger is more, the rough finger rubs the pink tender meat. The entire vaginal mouth turns a flat round, revealing the urethra, until it is covered with prostitution, starting to top, hop! despair! … “Ah! Ah! It’s here, ah, ah, ah …”

In the small hole, it is hot and wet. The two fingers gave the tender meat and lascivious water. I saw it, the more the sound of the smash, and the sound of the small hole was more than “Ah! Ah! Don’t! Don’t! I … I can’t stand it, I am so comfortable!

Ah … ah … so comfortable! “Is it? Is it still?”

“Have ah! Yes! Continue! Don’t stop!”

The principal’s hand goes to the top, the whole arm is hard, and the whole body is in the whole body. “Ah !!!!!!!!!!!!! I will come to a climax! Clama! Ah !!! “

The principal dials his fingers, hey! ! ! ! ! A water column is shot in the small hole, sprayed very much!

“I want! I want! 叼 我! 叼 我! Come to plug me!”

“Wait until you, you will help you so cool, do you want to help me?”

Zhang Jingxiang immediately got up to unlock the belt of the principal and took off his pants. A whispered meat stick came out. She quickly grazed the meat stick to the mouth, and the huge glans made a small mouth very round, her head one before Swing, keep swallowing, then grab the testicular Zhang Dapping in the mouth with the tongue rubbing the testicular skin, then use the tongue from the testicles to the glans, a little, “the principal, more semen, heavy”

“There are many days, tonight, I will fill it in your point tonight!” “” I want! One drop is not leaking! “

After saying that Zhang Jingxiang is striving to lick your fertilus, this great root is dial, the principal has helped her head to fix her head, and the big meat stick inserted into the mouth.

The principal moved on the waist and held a small mouth, supporting a small mouth and width, not stopping out of the mouth, um!

Um! Um!

“Okay, I want to fuck your meat”

Put the meat stick, from the meat stick to the testicular whole mouth, the principal takes out the medicine in the backpack to spray in the meat stick, at this time, “the principal,” you cheated, actually use this “

“It is not enough to insert a few hours in the small hole, you have to be ready, can’t say not, come!

Open the legs “Zhang Jingxiang is very obedient, and the petals open the lips to show the vaginal mouth waiting to be inserted, the principal has gripped the meat stick in the ditch, and I am rushing to Zhang Jing,” Right , Fragrant, inserted in you so comfortable, is it to thank me? “” Well … Thank you principal, hurry! Go! I want “

“It’s better, I have to say thank you, dialect and put it again and say thank you, do you?”

“Well, just give me, I will do it”

The big talent is aligned with the small hole, slowly put the whole glans in, and the principal puts the whole meat stick into it.

“Ah! Thank you”

predict! The meat stick has dials out, and! Inserted into it, Zhang Jingxiang is so cool, I have forgotten, thank you, come! Come!

Come! You forgot to say thank you, or I don’t move. “Thank you!”

predict! squeak! “Thank you”, Bu! squeak! “Ah Thank you” … “Xiangxiang, I want to start it”

“Come! Come! Plug me! Dry me! Ah … ah …”

The principal began in the small hole, the small hole was very wide, the glans were inserted from the hole to the low, kept repeating, expanded the tender meat in the vagina friction, and made the secretory of immortality inside. ” Ah … ah … ah … so comfortable, don’t stop! Don’t stop! Point … Ah … ah !!!!! Don’t … ah …

Don’t, I have to go to “fragrance, it is very wet, my meat stick is a good meat, very hot, very lubricated, the meat stick is so cool, I want to insert for a long time Point, I won’t let you, I am welcome! “The principal suddenly launched a strong success, the big meat stick crazy quickly insert the meat hole, Zhang Jingxiang hit the meat stick in the legs in the legs, Zhang Experts!

“Ah! A! Ah! Ah! I … my little hole is so comfortable, I can’t stand, continue to insert me, do me!

do not stop! what! Oh! ! ! ! ! Oh! ! ! ! Zhang Jingxiang sat on a tall stone loudly called, the whole beach only had a survey sound, and now she is crazy, she is too cool, she can’t control, she doesn’t care, enjoy the meat stick The pleasure, “fragrance, I want your holes to be tighter” “You want to use that, too excitement! Come on!”

predict! Put the meat stick, the principal took out a long arpier in the backpack, and the lively discharge into the anus. The thing is wavy, the beginning is relatively small, the next end is big, the position in the small hole is The biggest, longer than the meat stick, the last end is recessed into the anus, and there is a small handle to make it out, slowly insert it into “, he puts the entire vagina, pressure Very powerful, come in inserting my tight and wet points “The whole bottle is more than before, especially the location of the small hole, the principal holds the meat stick, the glans are covered with the vaginal mouth of the prostitute, but it is difficult to go in, really change It’s too tight, he took force to top, the glans slowly went in, but gave the small hole, slowly inserted in the beginning to enter “…

Tight, good, so the beauty is awesome, not easy, in the extrusion, too comfortable! “”what!!

slower! Slow down! I have risen, but the depths of the small pockets want, slowly insert “” The principal is slowly pushing, looking at the Zhang Jingxiang of the opening of the legs from the back to the principal, see the pink anal plug Insert a small hole with the meat stick, “It’s so cool! So! My meat stick feels below, so hard, vaginal and sliding” “I can’t stand it, ah … ah … the small hole rose and squeezed, the top of me , 喔 … 喔 … “The principal is trying to go to the top, hit the sound on the legs, and insert it for more than ten minutes in the small hole in the tender, Zhang Jingxiang has become accustomed to the existence of the anal plug, the hole is also used to it. Such a bad “… 喔 … 好 comfortable, the principal is hard to do, insert a deep point. Ah … ah …” The principal uses all the best to do it, the small hole has been fully stretched, such a crowding has not just stimulated “fragrance” Xiang, I want to use secret weapons! “

The principal took out the wolf tobacket, on his own big meat stick, now it has become a longer and more thick giant, and there is a massage collar and adhesive. Zhang Jingxiang is very fearful, such something I have already tried it, I don’t have to stop, this time, and swallow this monster in the crowded vagina. “Don’t use this, it’s too horrible, it will inject my little hole” “” last time no Doing stretching, this time, I put it in a wide enough, I slowly insert it “The principal has a lot of lubrication into the wolf tobacket, and there are many in the small pocket. He grabs and rough The sinking wolf tooth stick is ready to insert the gantry, the glans with talne met the small hole, Zhang Jingxiang’s fear is a little fear, the glans will go to the top, because the anal plug puts the small hole mouth, such a big glans It’s hard to go in, the principal has a lot of lubricants, re-examination, this time, the whole hole is top, “Ah !!!!!!!! Don’t … don’t, so scared, How can I stuff into such a metamorphosis thing? “Xiangxiang, relax, don’t go, the last time is not okay, put the leg Zhang open, the small hole relax” principal grabs the wolf tooth stick to go to the top, slowly insert intosert into the top Half!

“Ah !!!!!!!!!!! No … No … It is inserted.” The glans succeeded in, it is still very empty, the borders are relatively easy to go in, slowly inserting!

“Ah !!! !!! Slow down, rising, so rising

“Has pain?”

“Don’t feel pain, just feel good, no last hard, it seems that I can swallow, you tried to slowly move” The principal will gently promote a few centimeters, and Teacher Zhang did not stop, he slowly I’m inserted into “fragrance, I started to have”

“Ah !!!! !!!! Good! 喔 … 喔 …”

The principal started slowly, when the whole root inserted in, the genitals will be slightly drums, open the big lips, revealing the diaper mouth and the httie “!!!!!! Too much stimulating, I can’t stand, I really can’t stand it, I feel that the small hole is split, stopped, … ah … ah … “The principal did not pay attention to the vagina, at this time, Zhang Jingxiang’s prostitute has been completely out of control, and it is called, called There is a point in the sound, but the soul is touched in the boulder, the principal has went to the bad sunset, and the hands of Zhang Jingxiang have separated the jade leg to go to the top, so quickly Zhang Jingxiang Snow white skin She wants to come to the climax, “principal, I … I am so comfortable, come to the climax, ah … ah …” Zhang Jingxiang full body red, the principal is mad, and the transparency liquid is sprayed, he put Teacher Zhang was blowing, “Ah … a … I really want to die, this is a good luck, I want! I want!” “You don’t have it? It’s so comfortable! But it presses me. The meat stick is a bit uncomfortable. I put it in the back. “Zhang Jingxiang’s legs stand separate, bending the waist, holding high abundance, holding the stone in front, this kind of standing is trying to put her very standard, in the moon The weak light is a constitution of Zhang Jingxiang, and the lotus of the full of meat clearly saw the pink anal plug, vaguely saw the ditch of the cavity, “fragrance, your posture is too tempting, see it Dry you “” I will insert it in. I have to just now gave me! Give it to me! Give me! “He is right for the place where the hole is exhausted several times. He touched his hand. Touch the cavity to determine the position of the hole, the tenth of the rubble is on the door, and there is a conception, the glans will enter again, the principal is holding the hard work of Zhang Jingxiang, waist, the wolf tooth One out of pump, then Zhang Jingxiang has been strongly stimulated, no longer paying, there is no obscene, echoing on the beach, “Ah … ah!!!! Ah! Ah! Ama! …… Strong, the collapse on the set massage my vagina, so comfortable, ah … ah … Dry me! “” You are cool, but I am not cool, the meat stick with this thing I don’t feel, still don’t put it inserted! The meat stick is rubbing the pink tender meat, and it is wet and slippery. I have to take off. “The principal is inserted into the wolf tooth stick. It is covered with white pulp, flowing into the legs, he uses a double finger into the small hole, and the two fingers beat before and after the meat, and the small hole is emitted. At this time, Zhang Jingxiang is more Soul “Yes, it is here, you hit G point, continue to, don’t stop … don’t stop this … Ah …” The principal is trying to go, and the fat stocks and thighs are shaking, and her legs are shaking. , Come to a climax, ah! ! ! ! There was a small hole sprayed out of the transparent liquid, and the flow came out, and the legs were wet. Zhang Jingxiang’s legs kept shaking “喔 … 喔 … so cool, cool, I have been still worth it for so long , Principal, I have a lot, don’t shoot so fast, I want more climax “” I will give you, meet you “

“As long as you can give me, what do you want to do, ask you, insert me! Insert me!” This time has been 1:30, the principal holds the Zhang Jingxiang to the sea, go to the thigh to stop In the sea, I love, Zhang Jingxiang stood up the jade stocks to let the principal inserted into the back, the giant sticks and put into the vagina that starts to shoot Zhang Jingxiang’s constitution, “Still not standing, the small hole is very hot, It’s very tight, too comfortable! “The principal slammed the breasts while slamming the breast, and Zhang Jingxiang lifted his head and continued to call. At this time, the sound of the jade stocks followed the sea and the sea, sounded, sounded More intense.

“Ah … ah … ah … the principal, this is very comfortable, do not wear any clothes in the wild seas, do not wear any clothes, do we often come back?” “Good! Meet your kinky baby”

The principal’s madness is hitting the full leg, the water flowers of the sea are in the thighs and jade stocks. Under the moon, there is a reflection of their love, how small in the sea, after a while, there is a distance in the distance The cargo ship, although far but can see the container on the ship, “fragrance, we will go to the stone there”

The principal took out a piece of cloth on the backpack on the beach, lying down, showing the giant stick, Zhang Jingxiang saw that he would like to sit up, she opened her legs, she slowly squatted, holding the meat stick Sit down, waist and make a twist, look very enjoyable, slowly, she bounces up, the hole is constantly swallowing the meat stick, the principal opens the flashlight, seeing her to play. Intense, the legs of the legs are jumped, and the holes can’t swallow the meat stick, “fragrant, take you with you, let the front of the boat see your lascivious look and full of jade body” ” Where to see us? “

She put his flashlight in front of himself, she gaked the cargo ship, the whole body did not stop up and down, the breasts were so tired, and she was tired. She lie down her hands and supported the top, the principal used to take the top, Zhang Jingxiang Zhang opened a big mouth, as if to call the boat to listen to the front of it, the snorkerage’s breasts and open legs were seen very clear, but the far boat could see ? The principal is also tired, and he asked Zhang Jingxiang to stand a leg raised on the stone next to it. One leg stood, he was inserted into the small hole, inserted in such a piece of pumping Calling the soul to the extreme, didn’t have long, she was incontinent, the urine did not stop, the meat rod dial out … The spurt, plugged in and dialed it, her legs and the ground were wet. The principal feels almost shot, dig the anal plug, let her sit on the stone, highly just parallel with the big meat stick, the principal grabbed her leg Zhang to form the M word, the minced meat stick, the principal is violent, The giant intense plugging with the tender hole, the meat stick is inserted from the door to the end repeating this action, the whole vagina has a full expansion and rubbing, “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Good! My little hole gives you Pick up “

“Give me! Give me! I am all shot, ah … ah … ah … I don’t have it, I want to stop, don’t stop! Let me go to the climax … Ah … ah … ah!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I came to the climax. “After screaming, Zhang Jingxiang’s full body snow white skin became red, and the legs were powered hard, but the principal did not stop, I feel that it is not enough, my hands are very open, and the meat stick is not stopped. The smashing hole, soon Zhang Jingxiang began to excite, continue to open his legs to the principal, smashing, smashing “ah …

Ah … Ah … I didn’t expect you to be so fierce, so comfortable, too comfortable, tonight, I have to do it, you continue to do it, shoot the semen into my uterus, do me! Dry me! Ruth! … ah … ah … ah … ah … “The principal uses the last strength to be fragrant, and the principal plugs the meat stick to the deepest poem, a warm flow in the vagina, the penis keeps the semen strives to ask the last drop.” Ah … ah … you shot a lot, I am all fine. “

The principal dials the meat stick, and a milky white semen flows out, flowing into the anus and then flowing to the stone, “I am very satisfied, I am very satisfied, I have never tried so much climax, I love you, I have to stop me in the future. “Is it full? Your small hole is really comfortable, in the future, your small hole is my” “Well, my little hole only gives the principal, only give the principal’s meat stick, my holes are completely principal, as long as the principal wants Keep ready to use “

“You should remember”

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