These days have always been very back. It is always because of the various reasons to be found by the school. Even, yesterday’s discipline secretary and me said: If you dare to look at the yellow novel, fight with others, we will expel you, tomorrow, on Saturday, Sunday, there is a reflection of the province, and write a 5000-word review , Monday, remember, Wang Xiahai, one less word is not. When you say this, his face is like a tiger.

I went to my home this evening. I think about the 5,000-word review, I want to die.

So there is no mood to eat, and I climbed the bed early. Mom asked me how did I not eat, I just said that I was not hungry.

She gave a lot, then said, Xiaohai, tomorrow, I will go to your dad, do you go?

Not going. I fell to her. If she realizes, I say, okay, then you are at home tomorrow, look at the book, you will have to college entrance examination.

When I woke up the next day, the sun has been playing in the window, after a night’s rest, look at the sun and the sun, the mood seems to be better. I saw the following table, 10 points. I want to sleep, I have been sleeping. I slept for a few hours.

Wear your clothes quickly and get up. Then sit on the chair, watch around, and put the mother on the dinner table to prepare for breakfast, the house is quiet. I think they must have gone. It seems that I am really only my home today.

After the review wrote 500 words, he can’t write it again. I hate this kind of false text. There are nine sentences in ten sentences. That is the stupid leader to see the flavor of these false air. They are willing to treat them as a means of punishing students. A group of silly, I think.

When I can’t write it, I can’t tell the pen holder on the table. Through the window, at this time, a red lace’s sexy underwear is hung on the clothesline, and it is incorporated into the eye. The strong red suddenly made me feel excited. The lower body gradually drums. I know that it is a young woman in the neighboring home.

Shu Mei, very beautiful name, listening to a lady, but in my eyes, she is a standard winds. Young woman.

A pair of big tits, and the mound of the mound, and the hook of the eyes, it is all of her impression. Each time this name appears in my ear, she often thinks about her hunger and thirst. I know her husband – that is my husband, my uncle’s child – can’t eat her. I remember once, when I stayed in front of the window, I accidentally hit her eyes on the other side. She is full of hot and dangling desires. Look at me like that. At that time, I thought, if I can do her once, it is fine. I will definitely do her. Unfortunately, at that time, it was almost impossible. Her husband is at home, and my parents are also at home.

At this time, I will kneel on the table and look at the lingerie underwear, caught in a hot.

I have been jumping in my heart, I stand up, I hope to her, eager to meet her eyes again. But soon I was disappointed. I saw her family quietly, the door is far away, although I can’t see it, I think it is tight. I think, probably she and her husband are going out.

“Small sea, you are here”, just when I was thrown, a voice passed into the ear, accompanied by, it was a navigation.

“Oh, I am, who, you wait. I will open the door”

Then I went to open the door, opened the door, turned out to be Shu Mei. I really want to think about anything. Say Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived. But only Cao Cao can’t, I hope to fare to her.

My eyes are inadvertently staring at her body. At this time, Shu Mei worn too much. A low-chest red and a slightly transparent T 桖, tightly cover up. A pair of white big tits to come out. I know that I didn’t wear a bra inside. Denim short skirt below. The short skirt is too short, so that the red lace’s thong is in the short skirt, if there is a hidden. I thought in my heart, this woman is really fucking too much.

“What are you looking at you, hate? She said that she said.

I am slow, some are sorry. I’m busy, “I’m, what are you doing, and I still hold a notebook, it’s too strange.”

“Yeah, what is the scorpion, I am very old? Just call my sister, Shu Mei sister, or call me Xiaomei sister, this is good”

“How is this, you will always be my nephew, what is the sister?”

“You don’t call me, you are gone, named I am too old, but I am clear that I am 28 years old.”

“Xiaomei”, I took the opportunity to call it, I thought, this Semous woman is so taking me, what is it? I can’t walk.

“It’s like this, my computer just watched a movie, suddenly bad, I can’t open the machine, you see what is going on, I heard that you are here.”

“Of course, in this area is expert, come, give me a look”, in fact, I mean, I am hipster in bed. This is a sentence in one way.

“Yes, then you will help me see, where is the problem,” said, she lost my computer to the bed, and then a pair of hands on my chest, my heart suddenly had a fancy feeling.

I put the computer on the table, click the boot key, wait for a while, the computer started. I have no problem in my heart. Could it be … I am excited when I am.

“Oh, Xiaohai, you have repaired my computer at once, thank you, you are awesome”, she said to me. That sound, sweet simplicity is old.

“Let’s say, Xiaohai, how to say Xiaomei, how to repay you, Xiaomei is all in you,” she said.

I caught the hair, I feel very embarrassed, the computer is not what I am practicing, you have to say that I am repaired. As the saying goes, I don’t worry. However, I have changed again, my mother, the computer is not bad, this sorrow is not letting me repair the computer, wear this, clearly, let me fuck her, send the meat, don’t eat fool.

But I have to be modest first, busy, “Xiaomei, how is this, it is what I should do.”

“Sorry”, the words have not been finished, this young woman pushed me to bed, grabbed my hand and took her below.

“Small sea, Mei sister wants you to fuck me, express me”, she said, like a mother tiger, the darkness of the wind is not harmful.

I still want to think about it, pushing her saying, “Oh, Xiaomei, how can this, I will come back, I am discovered, I’m not found.”

“Hey, the boughtful man, is not afraid of him, no one can satisfy me. Again, he is in business, today is not coming back, I don’t know which woman is blending outside. She knows outside,” This woman said, and slowly grabbed it.

“There is also my parents, I will come back, Xiaomei, you don’t want this,” I deliberately said that this is my last time I retired, and then I will die.

“Oops, Xiaohai lie, Xiaohai, you are bad, your parents go home, I met them when I went out, I asked them, lindered my sister, so bad, really bad,” this time, she I grabbed the big cock I have already raised.

“It’s great, the small sea, ah, good,” said, just smash it.

At this time, I can’t stand it, and my heart is uncomfortable. I grabbed this soya, turned over, put her down, said, “Xiaomei, I am coming, in fact, I also want you, I have long thought …” I took her Red T-shirt is torn down. Suddenly, the two big tits were revealed. Extraordinary.

I grabbed two big tits, and I took the right pin left. Then lick quickly in her neck. She gently closed her eyes and groaned.

“Ah … ah, good … comfortable, small … sea, I want … you, I … you want … you … you touch … … Sister is good … comfortable”

“I will give you a more comfortable … Xiaomei, I finished, I took her big tits, one hand touched her cowboy shorts.

“Ah, you are wet, you have a lot of money, a lot of water,” I repeatedly in her vagina.

“Ah … ah, touch people … small points … so comfortable … so cool … Xiaohai, I … love … you, good … Shu … service … ah, so cool … ah, ah”

While pinching her nipple, I touched her vagina with her hand and was extremely excited.

“Said goods, the following is too wet, I will help you lick, cool you”, I didn’t finish it, I took her shorts and threw it. Red thong, suddenly revealed.

Then, I picked up the scissors on the table and slowly cut the thong. A perfect small hole is presented in front of me.

“Wow, your small hole is big, my sister, mostly, I am sure to be very cool than my ex-girlfriend.”

“Hate, necrosis” she Jiaochen soon. I came to the mouth of her beautiful yin Chen, repeatedly licking tongue, I saw her body shrunk, Yichanyichan land, while large outflows Aiye. Then she shouted: “Ah …… ah ……, …… your tongue … well … Li harm ah, a small sea … tongue … head … amazing ah, to lick my sister was going to die, …… fast, … so … fresh lick, lick … lick me … “

The swing of goods, can really show.

I continued licking and find her G-spot, tongue repeatedly slide.

She called more loudly than before, the body repeatedly swing. A pair of big breasts shaking back and forth, the bushy pubic hair all covered Aiye.

“… ah … I want to, ah … ah … I want to die … cool … I … I can not stand it … ah ah ah ah ah small sea, ah … what a great family man than I am … … … stick more people, … I beg you insert a small sea … … me, I can not stand … ah ah ah ah “this passionate young woman, really scream sensuality.

“If you want to be inserted, Well, how can there be so easy, come, first lick my big dick. I would also comfortable.”

I stood up, straight bulging dick, then a small Mui, has been climbed before my dick, repeatedly rubbed by hand.

“Well, ah small sea, Xiaomei sister really want to eat.”

“Then eat, tart, good to eat.”

Before I finish, that tart on a mouth latch onto my big dick, I felt like there was like an electric current, inadvertently ah cry.

“Small sea, some big dick wet, a good slap on my sister’s sexual secretion bad,” Then she started for under their labia and touched dipped some sexual secretion, and then coated on the dick. And one containing down.

“Ah, ah, thrilled, tart, fast food.”

As she ate, while Sao swing with the eyes looking at me. Her greedy look, it is very tempting. Very coquettish.

“Good eat, a small sea, I love to eat your big helping of chicken, ah ah, good taste,” she said, while there is semen from her mouth.

“How does it taste, tart, delicious to eat.”

At this time, this tart picked up speed, latch onto your dick with his mouth, repeatedly throughput up. Glans lick tongue sometimes, sometimes the whole root latch onto, repeated spin around dick. Zizi sound coming out of his mouth.

“Ah, ah, thrilled … thrilled tart, faster, fast lick, I am almost an orgasm.”

Then she suddenly stopped. His mouth flowing semen. Hook people say, “small sea, you plug it Xiaomei sister, my sister really want big dick pussy small sea-ah, you put me ah.”

“Tart, is not, could not, ah, ah want to be inserted.”

“Come plug it tart, tart, could not ah, hard to plug me.”

At this time, this coquettish woman has been lying on the bed, large white ass jutted her, a red labia to shrink a shrink, not out of time and sexual secretion. This coquettish young woman, my sister Xiaomei, well prepared is inserted.

Koyanagi my hands on her waist, dick in her vagina, repeatedly sliding, constantly flirting with her.

“Ah, ah, small sea is good or bad, I beg you insert Come on, insert the pussy … … rotten, insert Come on, I beg you, to your sister … ah ah ah”

At this point, my two hands away from her waist, were caught both her big breasts, straining a big dick look into the roots of the tart.

“Ah … ah … ah … ah, insert it, insert hard … I, fuck me, I’m doing this … dead … tart ah ah ah … well … big dick big top … I was so comfortable, plug … I”

I did not expect her pussy so tight, this tart, a pussy shrink a shrink, tightly to latch onto my dick, I started violently thrusting up. The inserting shouted, “says Fuck you want to be? You are not a tart?”

“I … was … tart, I … want … is a small sea. Fuck, I … want to be small sea. Exercise. Die … I, ah.

Ah ah ah … a small sea … dick. Well … large and small dead sea … you … speak to me, my sister Chasi it. “

This time, my hard thrusts, while patting her big ass and said, “Say it, tart, I do not have much your husband, your husband’s dick had my life?”

“Small … Sea … Li harm than my husband … … … times a thousand times, a small sea of ​​… dick … than … I am old … Kodai thousand times ten thousand times … ah ah ah ah ah ah ah small sea … . dick. I was thrilled …… you inserted. Chasi me. I love you pussy … “

At this time, I suddenly slammed. This slap, not when I was inserted, my scrotum and her butt collision were sent to the sound, nor the shouting of the climax, and the door suddenly was pushed open, and the sound was sent.

At that moment my big cock is still on the vagina. We were stupid there. I thought in my heart, I’m finished, how did my parents come back so early? This is dead. Or is her husband to knock my house.

When the door was opened, a sun shook in the door, and then a red high heel took the lead in entering the eye, and then look at the Yangguan’s floating, standing is my teacher, Li Yanhong.

This Li Yanhong is my class teacher. It is also the most beautiful teacher in our school. Height is one meter seven, with a pair of long thighs, the most belonged, is the pair of crisps on her little waist. Every time I go to the next road, I sway, not only the students of the school, even those teachers, colors, are coveted three points.

Our students, at least our class, the male students, I like her class. In the summer, there is no air conditioning in the class, every time she lectures, hot sweat is hot. Results The clothes were wet and wet and her tits. Every time this time, our eyes stare straight to her. Then don’t consciously touch your bottom.

“Teacher … teacher, what are you doing, this is my new girlfriend, I …” I trembled, such a situation, I really don’t know what to explain.

The sashimi under my body, Shu Mei, also stiff, moved. Packed loudly.

At this time, I noticed that the teacher pant, the breath is very uneven. Is she running over, or …?

“Small sea, you also fuck me, one piece with your girlfriend … also doing the teacher is good?” At this time, she actually said this. I really scared me.

“Teacher, this …” I don’t know what to say, don’t understand how this is something.

“Xiaohai, the teacher has always been outside, watching you …, the teacher can’t help but”. ” At this time, my teacher has already walked through us. When I walked down her blouse, when I came over, I had only a laceful bra.

I changed to great realization, it was so. It turned out that the teacher just stood in front of the door, through the door, seeing my fucking. Until her, I couldn’t help it, I want to spend it, I will pushed the door.

When I react, Teacher Li has already rushed to us. Look at the teacher, I have long thought of her, and I finally gave me the opportunity. And one time two beautiful young women. Really cool.

I took my big dick from my sister’s vagina, and I stuffed into the mouth of Mr. Li. And thrown. Teacher Li’s tongue turned repeatedly on my dick.

“Two Said goods, this time I meet you, do two of you two”, “At this time, I took Li Mr.’s stockings like a wolf. If you don’t have the expected, the genitals have already wet a large piece.

“Teacher, rush, you can’t help it outside, it is wet, very eager to insert a small sea”

“Well,”, the teacher covered my dick, he said.

“Xiaomei, come over, you also lick my teacher’s small hole, seeing her, do you not?”

At this time, I saw Shu Mei, turned her tongue, and a teacher’s governor. The tip of the tongue is tall, inserted into the teacher’s governor, turns repeatedly.

“Ah, ah, ah, no … I want … Fly …”

It’s really two play!

“Xiaomei, my teacher’s rush is good, I don’t even” touched Xiaomei’s small hole.

“Even delicious, as delicious as big cock,” said it and said.

“Teacher, Xiaomei’s tongue you can’t cool?”

“Ah, ah, ah, so cool, small … sea … you … female … friends … Friends … 舔 … Di … Zhen … cool”

“Oh, my girlfriend? She is not my girlfriend, she is my neighbor’s neighbor, her husband went out, I took her out and played, just tell you that she is my girlfriend, I am going to lie to you. Forced. Say, are you rushing? “

“Ah, ah, yeah, ah, it is me … it is a big buzz, the old … teacher … is a big buzzer, the teacher said.

At this time, I looked at the little Mei, who is licking her labony. This is forced, and I will eat the teacher’s little Sao. She will always be unable to satisfy. At this time, I pulled Xiaomei, and then used my big cock and drove directly, I took into the teacher’s small meat. It is full of obscenity. Slee greas is very.

At this time, Xiaomei, this soya, come over, lick my nipple.

I pushed the teacher, one wave of waves, and shouted, “Say, you have a shopping, what are you doing?”

“Ah, ah, so cool … fast … do … I, do … death … I. Let me go with my husband … come … come … take the road here. Ah. Ah … ah. Ah Bile Be your .. ah ah ideology … ah ah ah ah, the principal let me come … see … you review … How do you write …? Your parents … Talk … Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

“Relying on, I also do my thoughts, and talk to my parents. I see you still don’t do my thoughts, and I still talk to my parents?” I made a strong, I suddenly came to the bottom. Then take the chicken to the vaginal mouth of the teacher, and then insert it.

“Don’t do it … don’t you with your parents … talk about … words, Xiaohai … is … the best child … most. Good …

Student, ah … ah, plug … get the teacher is the most comfortable ah ah … ah … Dry dead … I am fast … dry. “

The teacher shouted loudly.

“My wretched mathematics teacher can not meet you? You come out, he? Is it looked at me outside?” I asked her. Ports.

By the way, my mathematics teacher is her husband, people wretched, and it is very refined.

“No … can you, ah, ah, you can’t … I am … a queue, he … satisfaction … can’t … he … he is going to do … The teacher yelled.

“Hey, do things, outside, I want him to listen, take a look, I am stealing with his wife, listen to his wife is dried more cool, fast call, rush, call loudly ,yell loudly”

I took this unbalanced ass side. It is getting more and more effort.

At this time, on the side of Xiaomei, I said “Xiaohai, your teacher is really Sao, I am still more than I have been worked. Quickly, let her, do her, I will die.”

“You are all playing goods, I will kill you two. Yes, teacher, my 5000-word review hasn’t written, what should I do? How to do? Otherwise, I kill you” I suddenly remembered. Review this matter.

“Don’t write … No … write Xiaohai … Ah, ah, ah, the teacher helps you write … You put me inserting me … assault … 插 …” Teacher Dating.

“It’s almost like this, I am so angry, I will put it in the fifty fifty fifth.

Her small hole is getting tighter and seems to be climax. There are also more and more obscene, then I took her ass, and I touched Xiaomei’s big tits. I asked the teacher. “Say, how many men have been done?”

“I am … one hundred … male … people … I have done … I am countless man … dried … Have ah ah … ah

“Is it done by the principal?

“Dry too … was taken by the principal … teacher … is …

“Do you have a doctor who was disciplined?

“Dry … I have done it … was … small … sea … do … you … Nostalgia … Chicken … Bar’s most … Big …

Pulling … I have … I … I am dead. “

At this time, the little Meijie next to him, driven by the teacher’s discourse, and it is more sensual.

“Small sea, don’t just insert your teacher. Xiaohai, please do you, you have to plug me. Insert me …”

“Ok, I am also tired. Come, teacher, I am lying, you are sitting on my big dick. Xiaomei, you sit on my mouth, I will help you.”

At this time, the teacher held my big cock and sat up. Xiaomei also sat on my mouth, I constantly lick her clitoris. She wows her place.

These two sorrows, in my body, more powerful swaying.

“Ah, ah, small sea, plus well … good … Shu … Service” teacher’s small willoward crazy swing.

“Ah … ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, licking people is so comfortable, ah … ah ah, ah … ah, ah.” Xiaomei sister. “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.”

“Ah … ah ah, ah … ah, ah … ah”

Two young women, like the game, in my mouth and the chicken, the called one is loud, one is more waves.

I also lick it. At the same time, the lower body is slightly, and the cock is touched so that it can make the scholastic behind it deeper.

The two were crazy, everyone touched her big tits, swing crazy. Loud scream.

Suddenly, the teachers behind them added to the maximum speed. The small hole clamps my dick repeatedly.

I know that she is alive. My tongue is also very flexible at this time. Fast around the pink lips of Xiaomei, quickly. There is from time to time in her laborary.

Three people also loudly. My deep semen, when I shot in the teacher’s small hole. Three people, at the same moment, reached a climax. Everything in the world is like a virtual.

At this time, the two of them slowly slowly. Xiaomei slowly took out my dick from the teacher’s small hole, and then two people slowly helped me clean. The last three people are like the bed.

I looked at the window, several birds were standing outside the clothes rope outside the window, screaming. The red lover under the foot of the birds is extravagant.

I think this is a beautiful Sunday, I have two people who have both bold and delicate. Moreover, the 5000-word review of the headache is not written. Teacher said, as long as I can meet her, all the reviews will help me. There is a violation of discipline to help me.

Is this wrong with me? Is that right?


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